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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   December 31, 2005
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309 inquiries December 2005

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 19344 USA: I am a builder in Michigan. I have a customer who wants to put Blue Luise on her hutch. That would require (3) small pieces. Two at 26"x19" finished size and one at 42" x 22" finished size. The only Michigan supplier I have found that has it only has a very large (42 sf) slab and wants to sell me the whole thing. I don't need that much. Does anyone out there have remnants that would do what I need? Let me know. Phone: 517-29.....Dec 31 Contact
e 19343: I am a landscaper. Where can I see the field stone? Do you deliver large quantities and what is the cost? Dec 31 Contact
e 19341 USA: I am looking for bluestone slabs in ¾”, 1.5” and 2”. I need them delivered to NJ. Dec 31 Contact
e 19340 UK: Looking for a Portuguese stone supplier. Dec 31 Contact
e 19339 UK: We are interested in importing your products into Scotland please forward information and prices. Telephone number 00441314...... 
Dec 31 Contact
e 19338: Could you kindly quote us your price for granite floor tiles.
40x60 cm 1.5cm thickness
40x40 cm 1.5cm thickness
40x60 cm 2.0cm thickness
40x40 cm 2.0cm thickness.
Dec 31 Contact
e 19337 USA: Retail: Looking for a granite countertop supplier in Jacksonville, FL. Dec 31 Contact
e 19336 USA: I would like to know more about the old granite blocks as displayed in ready stock 418. Tel & Fax: 802-25.....Dec 31 Contact
e 19335 USA: Interested in carvable Indian Sandstones.  Please send pictures and specifications of stones with colors. Dec 31 Contact
e 19334 USA: I’m trying to find out all I can about Navajo White Stone. This Company that I’m bidding this job for needs this particular stone for all there vanities in there 224 unit hotel/condo that’s going to be done in the spring. I found out that a company in Britain has it. I was trying to find out if anyone in the U.S. has it.  Dec 31 Contact
e 19333 USA: Retail: Please send me your best competitive price for Blue Pearl Royal granite tiles. I need 50 s.f. in a larger size (18 x 18 or 16 X 16) and 35 s. f. in a smaller size 12 x 12. I live in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and am willing to travel 50 miles to pick up. I will be using them for kitchen backsplash and counter. Project will start within 30 days. Contact at 410 3.....Dec 31 Contact
e 19332 Fiji Islands: Would you be able to give me some information on what kind of marble tile or basin, countertop etc. on what kind price? I am interested to find some good price marble for my two house extension and future construction of building in Suva, Fiji. Tel: (679) 33.....Dec 31 Contact
e 19331 Pakistan: We are interested to import Bath Room & Floor granite and ceramics tiles in 5x20' full container load from China. Tel: 0092-42-63.....Dec 31 Contact
e 19330 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: PLEASE I WILL LIKE TO KNOW THE PRICE OF THESE ITEMS BELOW. 
CAT...330..1999,98,97 AND 96
CAT...325...1999,98,97,AND 96.
Tel: no. is 250-83.....
Dec 30 Contact
e 19329 Greece: We are interested for your granite tiles in 40x40x1cm. Also please give us images and FOB prices for Peacock slate. Tel 003023510..... Dec 30 Contact
e 19328 France: Please quote for Indian Sandstones. Dec 30 Contact
e 19327 USA: Looking for Indian Sandstones. Have you sold these stones in the USA before and do you have pictures? Tel: (310) 96.....Dec 29 Contact
e 19326 India: We are exporters of marble & marble products. We have a order of Peacock Slate. Size : 6" X 12" , 8" X 12", Thickness: 8 - 10 mm. Please quote your price. Tel: 91-11-55.....Dec 29 Contact
e 19325 India: Please send us your best competitive price in Indian sandstones in handcut / machine cut finish. Dec 29 Contact
e 19323 USA: I need 2900 sq ft of limestone color: Sea grass in an 8"x16" tile!!! Tel: 404-35......Dec 29 Contact
e 19322 USA: Can I get a price list of Turkish stones? Dec 29 Contact
e 19320 Syria: We are importer of stones to Syria. Please how can I find suppliers in worldwide? Tel: 009632122.....Dec 28 Contact
e 19319 Sweden: We are a Swedish contracting company working with natural stones. We have been asked to give an offer for a new warehouse in Stockholm-Sweden. The project consists of 3 parts concerning natural stones. 
1 Inside flooring, skirting and Stairs in Indian Slate "peacock". Quantities and formats as below 

1a: Staircase the stair shall have some threads in different coloration. Mentioned is a limestone, color - hyd. black. Is this a material you can supply? 
Peacock Slate threads 30 *300*1250 60 pcs only front edge visible
risers 15 *143*1250 50 pcs 
risers 15 *140*1250 20 pcs 
Limest. hyd. black threads 30 *300*1400 2 pcs only front edge visible threads 30 *300*1250 10 pcs only front edge visible. 

1b Flooring 
Peacock Slate 10*200*300 300 sqm 
Peacock Slate 30*200*300 50 sqm 

1c Skirting: skirting as below 
Peacock Slate 10*100*300 150 pcs one long and one short end visible
10*100*175 150 pcs one long end visible

2 Outside cladding . Quantities and formats as below. Visible surface is sandblasted. Suggest sandstone name 
SANDSTONE, 4 color variation 30*340*500 350 pcs= 60 sqm 
SANDSTONE, 4 color variation 30*410*500 20 pcs= 4,1 sqm 
SANDSTONE, 4 color variation 30*800*500 10 pcs= 4 sqm 

3 Outside cladding . Quantities and formats as below. Visible surface is FLAMED. 
Black Granite, flamed/sandblasted 30*500*random length 50 sqm
Black Granite, flamed/sandblasted 60*265*random length 15 sqm

Please give item prices and delivery time after order for items as above. Phone +46-8-583.....Dec 28 Contact
e 19318 USA: I am looking to buy marble chess boards in bulk from Mexico or other countries. Dec 28 Contact 
e 19317 India: We are particularly interested in buying all types of New & Used Industrial Machinery, CNC, Laser & Water jet Machinery, Machine Tools & Equipments with CE, “Charted Engineers Certificates”. We are doing the Business of New & Used machinery in India since long. And wishes to offer our services as representative of your company in India. Please send us and emails one copy of your illustrated catalogue and a price lists (If any), with C & F charges, Payment Terms & Conditions. Please quote the discount offered by your company for foreign trade. Also send us an auction details and the date & time at the following office address regularly. Office: +91 265 26.....Dec 28 Contact 
e 19316 : We are interested in Peacock - kund multi slate. We need to see a picture.  Dec 28 Contact 
e 19315 China: We are interested in Peacock - kund multi slate. Dec 28 Contact 
e 19314 China: We are interested in Peacock - kund multi slate. 
Could you tell us the following questions:
1. How many piece in one container?
2. How many piece in one case?
3. The weight of each kind of thickness? Dec 28 Contact 
e 19313 USA: Retail: I am looking for 12"x12" tiles of Tinos Green. Assuming 12 tiles to the box, I would need two boxes. Is this available? Telephone: 305-66.....Dec 28 Contact 
e 19312 USA: We are trying to locate Turkish tumbled marble 3 cm thick of 15 x 54 slabs to be used as stair treads for our condominium project. We are interested in samples that have a slight pinkish tone, but that does not contain shell in it. Can you send us samples or advise us as to which colors you would suggest we look at ASAP. Tel: 410-20..... Dec 28 Contact 
e 19311 USA: I am interested in buying a full container of Gauged peacock multi slate in January, 06. Tel: 916 50.....Dec 28 Contact 
e 19310 USA: Retail: I need 366 sq ' of Provenza "Pangea" in 16" x 16". Color Aqua. Tel: 740-26.....Dec 27 Contact 
e 19309 Please quote for Cantera Stone tiles from Mexico as displayed in ready stock 379. I am also interested in white marble from Vietnam, see ready stock 441. Tel: 480-99.....Dec 27 Contact
e 19307: Earthmoving Machine: Please send me more info on Bulldozer CAT D8L. My phone no. is 00387 63 3.....Dec 27 Contact
e 19306 Slovenia: We are interested in Peacock - kund multi slate. We import slabs, tiles, from China. Let us know your production and pricelist. Dec 27 Contact
e 19305 India: Require 100000 sq. ft of ceramic & vitrified tiles. Please advise best quote. Tel: 0091-11-305.....Dec 27 Contact
e 19304 Latvia: We are engaged a granite from Italy and Spain. Please quote with more information on Godarsiyah green Onyx from Iran. Tel: 8-10371-91..... Dec 27 Contact
e 19303 USA: Retail: I was looking for rocks to build a garden pond with. I live in Central Florida. My pond is 14' 1/2 x 8 1/2 kidney shaped approximately, when I build it. I am just looking for some field stone or the cheapest I can get a hold of in about 1 foot size or mixed to go around the edge, and maybe slightly down in a few areas. Does it sell by the ton? This is a home project I am doing on my own, and not familiar with rocks at all, if they go by the piece or ton, but probably need a good 100 or so rocks I am guessing. Tel: 407-30.....Dec 27 Contact
e 19302: Retail: Looking for a soapstone dealer. Dec 26 Contact
e 19301 USA: Please provide pricing and delivery times for 20 units for the bathtub as displayed in 0049-0004. Tel: 469-95......Dec 26 Contact
e 19300 UAE: We want to know about your 950B Loader price that can you send us some more pictures of this machine and tell us the last price. We can offer you this price C&F Dubai if it is acceptable for you. Tel: +971-6-53.....Dec 26 Contact
e 19299 Oman: I would Like to have a price lists with photos of dumpers different models. Mobile : 00968995.....Dec 26 Contact
e 19298 USA: I would like know what is the cost for Gangsaws, Cutters, Polishers, Waterjet, CNC / Engraving, Terrazzo Tile and Other stone processing machinery. TELEPHONE: 078863.....Dec 25 Contact
e 19297 USA: I am building a barn out of blocks of sand stone 2 feet by 1 foot by 1 foot. I need 12150 square feet. How much if bought in the USA? Tel: 443-99..... Dec 24 Contact
e 19296 China: We are a buyers from China we want to buy rough block of Galala Beige. Dec 24 Contact
e 19295 Latvia: Need granite rocks 15000 tons in 2006 starting approx. April-May. Fraction 5-20mm (5/8, 8/11,11/16 OK). Strength exceeding 1000 kg/cm2. Dust content less than 1%. Dec 24 Contact 
e 19294 USA: Need to find Bianco Nova White Marble for countertops for residential kitchen & master bath. I have heard this marble is harder and more durable as a countertop for kitchen than Carrera White. Phone number is 94949..... Dec 23 Contact 
e 19293 Canada: I am looking for about 3000 sq ft high quality, uniform, gauged, graphite [not pure black] slate tiles 12"x24" [=30x60]. Please specify terms. I am looking to install for floors, patios and outside walls in April 2006. Tel: 250.65......Dec 23 Contact 
e 19292 USA: We are looking for 12x12 golden white Onyx for delivery to PA, USA- approx. 600 sq ft. Dec 23 Contact 
e 19291 USA: Retail: I am looking for White Galaxy granite tiles 12"x12"x3/8" 150 sq.ft. Tel: 410-64.....Dec 23 Contact 
e 19290 : Please quote for CAT 950G as per ready stock 553. Dec 23 Contact 
e 19289 Saudi Arabia: Please quote with photos for Komatsu D155A. Dec 23 Contact 
e 19288: Interested in purchasing 7 slabs of blue pearl, volga blue or Baltic brown also interested in a small quantity of floor tiles in these materials, or in Blue Polar. Tel: +1 845 23..... Dec 23 Contact 
e 19287 : Please quote for marble travertine onyx limestone granite blocks, slabs and tiles from Iran as per pricelist 1096. Dec 23 Contact 
e 19286 Nigeria:  REQUEST FOR QUOTE FOR MARBLE TILES & GRANITE SLABS. TEL : 234-80511......Dec 23 Contact 
e 19285 India: Could you give us a price quote for the "Opal Beige" Marble? Dec 22 Contact 
e 19284 Pakistan:  We are the one of the leading construction firm in Pakistan and we are looking for the reconditioned construction machinery for polishing for diff. rocks (marble, granite, etc.). We want complete quote of these material we will send further details on your contact. Tel: 0092-0345-40......Dec 22 Contact 
e 19283: Please quote for soapstone as displayed in supplier profile 908-us. Dec 22 Contact 
e 19282 USA: Retail: I am very interested in 12 x 12 tile of Sierra Brown granite, this will be used for master bathroom. How do I view a sample (jpg is ok) and get this shipped to USA. Fax. 281.96......Dec 21 Contact 
e 19281 USA: I have to place a bid in New York City. They are looking for Limestone in 50 pound Burlap Bags Stones. Must be 2-1/2" or larger. Is there anyone in my local area that can help me find this exact product and I need 300, 50 pound bags.  Tel: 718-98.....Dec 21 Contact 
e 19280 Brazil: I would like to know the price of MARRON EMPERADOR, NERO MARQUINA, TRAVERTINO NAVONA, BRANCO AIRESTONE, CORALITO, VERDE ALPI, CARRARA GIOIA marbles per sqm, as well as payment terms. Tel: 55 41 998......Dec 21 Contact 
e 19279 Germany: We seek Supplier for Quarzite in the different Colors worldwide. Full Containers deliver for a long Time Business. Dec 21 Contact 
e 19277 India: I am marble trader in Mumbai. I wanted to know about crystal white marble, who are the suppliers in Italy and what are the prices, import formalities, payment terms, samples etc.? Tel: +91-98671.....Dec 21 Contact 
e 19276 India: We are basically landscape architects and we request you to send the pricelists of 20mm and 40mm thick various granites for landscape scheme. Dec 21 Contact 
e 19275 UK: Could you send more details on the JOHN DEERE 548E? Tel 00 44 1794 3.....Dec 21 Contact
e 19274 Hungary: We are interested in following: 
Soapstone Slabs 30 mm thickness for use in decorative parts of fireplaces (tiles as a wall or floor surfacing etc.). Annual demand: qty. 3000-5000 sqm (more in the future). We are an Hungarian company for engineering and trade supplying the fireplaces manufacturers in the region with heat resistant and technologies for their application. Tel. +36 94 5......Dec 21 Contact
e 19273 Italy: I need urgent information and photos for dark brown jura limestone. Tel: 0039 80 44.....Dec 21 Contact
e 19272 Philippines: We would like to request for a quotation of perlite ore. Please send us your best price. Tel No.: +63280.....Dec 21 Contact
e 19271 Japan: I am interested in Uruguayan granites. Please inform me the following: 
1.If you can supply the following size of blocks. 1) 200cm X 150cm X free size and 2) 300cm X free size X free size, (free size means length of 15cm or more). 2. Please explain to me the situation of the production of Uruguayan granites? Can you continuously supply the granites to us? 3. Time span: How quickly can you ship to us? Which port do you use? 4. How the granites have been used? (e.g. for the wall of building, gravestones, etc.) Which country(s) have you shipped to? 5. Please send me some pictures of granites by mail (if you have some). Dec 21 Contact
e 19269 USA: Any idea where I could source Palo Gold Granite? Please email contact, price, color picture of stone. Phone: 937-43..... Dec 21 Contact
e 19268 Argentina: I am looking to find a supplier for a client of mine. He needs Galala marble, about 1 container of 20 feet monthly. I would like to get a F.O.B. and a S.I.F. price of this product. The port to send is Mar del plata - Argentina. The measures are the longest you can, width 60 cm, and 1 " thickness.  Dec 21 Contact
e 19267 Vietnam: please quote for second hand gang saw. Dec 20 Contact
e 19266 USA: Need Azul Platino, 30 pcs, 5' x 10'.6" = 50s/f., pay with cash. Would like to buy in-country if possible. I am ready to buy NOW! To finalize I will need price (shipping included) and lead time. Would like to finalize purchase A.S.A.P. *THIS REQUEST IS TO FINISH SUPPLY FOR ONE TOWER/COMPLETE PROJECT TOTAL OF FOUR TOWERS WILL BE BUILT. Tel: 702-64......Dec 20 Contact
e 19265 Iran: We are one of leading consulting engineering companies in the field of feasibility studies in Iran. In our projects we need to suggest our customers for different CNC and water jet machine. So, we are looking forward to receiving your kindness and send us your products catalogue along with their prices. Dec 20 Contact
e 19264 Sri Lanka: I want to buy a stone / soil crushing machine (Aggregate Crusher by which aggregate could be crushed to produce soil for building construction works). The gravel that is available in Sri Lanka contains 10mm to 100 mm stones 60 % to 75%. The balance is finer material of clay soil. Tel: 94 11 55.....Dec 20 Contact
e 19263 USA: Retail: Need 25 sq ft of Emser Autumn Lilac. Dec 19 Contact
e 19262 Syria: We are interested in purchasing a complete ceramic tile plant. Would you please send us your offers including the prices and delivery to Dubai? Tel: 00963 94 5.....Dec 19 Contact
e 19261: I need urgent information and photos for dark brown jura limestone. Tel/fax 0039 80 4......Dec 19 Contact
e 19260 Saudi Arabia: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for following equipments - Truck mounted cranes (Tadano, Tadano faun, kato, P&H), Caterpillar wheel loader, Komatsu Dozers. If you have available please give details and condition of the equipment. Tel: +9665558..... Dec 19 Contact
e 19259 Nigeria: We are interested in buying perlato marbles. Please show us the picture of the marble you have and the price. We will need it in this size; 30 x 60 1.3cm thickness. Or 30 x 60 x 1.5cm we will buy a container load. Tel: 234-1-32.....Dec 19 Contact
e 19258 Ireland: I would like to make enquiries about a used waterjet machines.  Tel: 00353 506..... Dec 19 Contact
e 19257 Poland: Earthmoving Machine: I am interesting about caterpillar 428C or better but no more than 5000 motor hours. Dec 19 Contact
e 19256 China: I am writing from an event organiser from Hong Kong and I need to source for 200 pieces of pebbles to be engraved on. The details are within the attached file. Tel: +852 213.....Dec 19 Contact
e 19255 USA: We are in immediate need of small quantities of basalt slabs (100 - 200 sq feet). They must be dark grey to black in color and in the following thicknesses: 2 cm, 3 cm, 5 cm. Slabs should be either saw finish or honed finish. Slab size is not important as most of the stone will be cut to smaller than 12" x 12" for the finished products at our facility. We will require a sample and upon approval, will be ready for immediate purchase. We would prefer prices for 100 square feet of each thickness product delivered to Arlington, Texas. Tel: 817-89.....Dec 19 Contact
e 19253 Germany: We seek always Tiles 1cm Thickness, all Sizes of Indian Granites like Black galaxy and Kashmir white. Full Containers 20 feet, long time business. Only best Prices. Dec 18 Contact
e 19252 USA: We are interested in distributorship opportunities for products displayed in supplier profile sp0493-us. Tel: 469-95......Dec 18 Contact
e 19251:  I am interested in jungle yellow granite urgently. Please quote for 60x60x2cm, about 1 container. Also advise the delivery lead time you require. Do sent us your existing sample of colour for this delivery if confirm by us. Tel: 603-772.....Dec 18 Contact
e 19250 Israel: We are interesting to know more details about your offer of Rustenburg slabs in 20 mm thickness polished from one side. We can buy minimum 2x20” of this material. Please send more details for first quality slabs big sizes and confirm the prices as per price lists: 809, 990, and 999. Tel: 00 972-462.....Dec 18 Contact
e 19249 Qatar: Please forward your quotation for supply 3,000 sqm of Rolite Brown granite 30mm thick polished finish C&F Doha. Tel: +974 55......Dec 18 Contact
e 19248: We are looking to buy low budget waterjet cutting machine. Dec 18 Contact
e 19247 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite that has several different names: Blue Louise, Van Gogh and Luis Blue. Can anyone offer any information about whether it would be good for kitchen countertops? I understand that it is cut thinner than most granites. Dec 18 Contact  
e 19246 Germany: Please quote for Bulldozers. Tel. No: 00387 63 .....Dec 17 Contact  
e 19245 Canada: I want to know if Bordeaux crema stick is more than ¾ inch 1 ¼ thickness and the price for a slab 12 feet x62 inch. Dec 17 Contact  
e 19244 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested in Motor Graders & Rollers. Price needed based as CNF KARACHI, PAKISTAN. Dec 17 Contact  
e 19243: We need tadano or Kato truck mounted crane 25 to 50 ton capacity. Please send me price list and other details. Dec 17 Contact   
e 19242 Ireland: We are seeking suppliers of marble & limestone tiles for export to Ireland. Tel: +23480558.....Dec 17 Contact   
e 19240 India: I would like to buy marble tiles for my home construction purpose. Could you please send me the price list of all varieties of marble and also send price list of Doongri Marble at the earliest plus also tell me the transportation cost from your place to Patna, Bihar. Dec 17 Contact  
e 19239 Cyprus: We await for your quality samples, specifications, and best prices CIF LIMASSOL PORT - CYPRUS of the granite tiles, size 
600x300x20mm, polished, first choice. Dec 17 Contact  
e 19238 Canada: Require Black Basalt stone 1700m2. Flamed face, sawn all other sides. Open to options on finishes. Units should be 10cm x 9cm x 56cm. Ph: 204-22..... Dec 17 Contact  
e 19237 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested to import of used road rollers static 10 ton to 15 ton all models, Used Vibration Road roller, Dynapac all models, sakai all models, Ingersoll rand sd100 & other, vebroxmix, rageo ,used motor grader, komatsu , GD605, GD655, GD37-6-H , MITSUBISHI champion , cat12G,14G ,120G,140G Ect . as it is in working condition from your company. Please send us photos of:
In this connection please let us know complete information. Prices C&F Karachi Pakistan and photos of machinery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiry or information. We are looking forward to your reply and long term business cooperation.  Cell Phone no: 00923002......Dec 17 Contact  
e 19236 USA: We are interested in importing some marbles from Spain. Dec 17 Contact 
e 19235 USA: I was interested in your bridge cutter. Dec 16 Contact 
e 19233 Denmark: Please forward me technical specifications of Granites stones like Paradiso (Indian), Red Multi Colour (Indian), Kuppam Green (Indian). Wanted technical specifications like: Flexural strength, Breaking load and Water absorption. Dec 16 Contact 
e 19232 Australia: I would like to get some samples of the marble from Egypt I would like some of the crema, beige marbles. Dec 16 Contact
e 19231 Australia: Could I please get a price for a block of galaxy black and a price for 15 slabs of galaxy black 1.7 x 3.0. and also can I get price for shipping it to Brisbane. My contact details are phone number 00614012.....Dec 16 Contact
e 19230 India: Earthmoving Machine: Urgent requirement for the following used or new machinery: 
04 Excavator Caterpillar 200 
04 Loader Caterpillar 4³ 
02 Bulldozer Caterpillar 2³ 
04 Dump Truck Nissan UD 15 Tons 
02 Escalator Kobelco 330 
We are based in Cochin. Tel. no. is 0091 484 25.....Dec 16 Contact
e 19229 USA: In need of six slabs of blue bahia. Dec 16 Contact
e 19228 India: We are interested in Black Galaxy 3cm and 2cm Premium material. We have requirement of 1st choice all clear material with zero defects. Dec 16 Contact
e 19227 USA: We are looking for a direct supplier for our retail / wholesales stores.  Please call: 1-541-77......Dec 16 Contact
e 19226 Netherlands: We are looking for beige sand color tiles min. 30x 30 cm for bathroom flooring and walls. Tel: 075-62.....Dec 16 Contact 
e 19225: I would like to know if its possible to obtain a sample of Italian Marble Bardiglio Imperial. Tel: 503 75....., the qty depends on the material we are trying to match an exsisting item the backgroound needs to be a med grey with as much black veining detail as possible. Dec 16 Contact 
e 19224 USA: Earthmoving Machine: I am interested in Komatsu D155A-1. My phone no. is 808 52......Dec 15 Contact 
e 19223: Please send your brochure & price list for CNC router. Dec 15 Contact 
e 19222 UK: Retail: We want Shirakawa gravel from Kyoto, Japan. I am looking for a 40' container load, which will be about 40 tons. Color preference - white, 2-4 mm. diameter. Tel: 07796-2......Dec 15 Contact 
e 19221 Turkey: Please quote for a project about 450 m2 as polished slabs 2 cm of yellow-green-white Onyx 450 m2 each. Geographical areas of purchase is not important. We have the project, we will buy the right material for good price. We can place an order in 2 weeks we must order, Payment 120-180 days L/C. Phone number: +90.216.57.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19220 USA: Please quote for Black granite tiles and Black galaxy tiles. Dec 15 Contact 
e 19219 India: Kindly arrange to send your competitive offer for Parlato Ivory (Egyptian) Marble –Thickness 18mm for flooring in one of our Housing Projects. Our total requirement is 50,000 Sq. Ft ( 5000Sqm).  Please arrange to send your most competitive CIF Mumbai/Delhi by Sea Price to the undersigned on top priority. Fax no. 91 (11) 261...... Dec 15 Contact 
e 19218 India: WE are granite manufacture & Exporter from India, for further expansion of our business we are looking for Granite gangsaw machines at least 2, recondition gangsaws & one line polishing machines. Please send the details ASAP like make of machine, year of manufacturing, dimensions of machines etc. Tel: 0294-24.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19217 USA: Please inform of the suppliers of onyx and what type of inventories are available. Dec 15 Contact 
e 19216 USA: We would like to purchase: 
50 125 mm 5" Turbo Blade, 22.23 inner dia, 2.4 thickness of teeth, height of teeth 7, body thickness 1.4, gradeAAAAA $3.33. 
50 125mm5" segment dry blade, 22.23 inner dia, 1.8/2.0 thickness of teeth, height of teeth 7, body thickness 1.2/1.4 gradeAAAAA $4.11 
How much is freight air freight to Seattle Washington USA, and how quick can it get here? How do we pay? My cell phone is 71438.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19215: I have been searching for a flagstone called Emerald Forest. Dec 15 Contact 
e 19214 Egypt: I need an used komatsu bulldozer D355 in a very good working condition. Year from 1977 to 1985. Please send to me all of details about it with photos & price. Mobile phone:- +201273.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19213 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested in your product HITACHI EX-100-WD. Please send the details and pictures kindly also quote us CNF Karachi, Pakistan. Tel: 0092 32147.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19212: Earthmoving Machine: I am interested in Ready Stock 571 CATERPILLAR 320C. Tel: +974-55.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19211 India: We require South African Granite Rough Block Material Impala for manufacturing of Monuments (Memorials) of the following Size: 
Length 200 X Width 100 X Free size = around 10CBM - 2 Container. Kindly furnish FOB Rate and also CNF Chennai. Tel: 091-44-261.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19210 Pakistan: We are processors of granite we need segments only for our blades for verticals our granite is most hard type of strength from 9 to 10 strength you are requested to send quotation price on C&F by air on the most competitive rates along with Performa invoice enabling us to open LC forth with at this stage on trail basis one set of 64 size for segments for vertical blade on trail basis order is to be pleased open LC through any Bank. Ph:(92-51)22.....Dec 15 Contact 
e 19209 South Africa: We are looking for a diamond cutter. Can you please give us some details and prices? Tel. + 27 11 47......Dec 14 Contact
e 19208 Sudan: Our company is seeking to purchase a complete 400 ton / h crushing plant to crush auriferous quartzite rock in their site at Northern Sudan, Africa. Can you please provide us a detailed description of your surplus plant so that our management can take the right decision. Mobile phone : 00249123.....Dec 14 Contact  
e 19207 Australia: Earthmoving Machine: I am looking for machine monitor for a Komatsu PC 120-6, Can be second hand, can you please get me a price? Telephone: +614024...... Dec 14 Contact 
e 19206 Canada: Earthmoving Machine: I am looking for a second hand CAT shovel Model 634,635 E built in 1988-1991. Could you kindly quote the price delivery Toronto and DUBAI (UAE). Tel: 905-60.....  Dec 14 Contact
e19205 Nigeria:  We wish to set up a SMALL SCALE GRANITE CUTTING AND POLISHING FACTORY. THAT has a capacity of producing 37,500m2/year in various types 20/20 25 /25 30/30 40/40 with spare parts. Please forward quotation, specification, production process and pictures of equipment.  Dec 14 Contact
e19204 Germany: We seek a Supplier for kashmir Tiles 61cm x 30,5cm x 1cm, watercut, bevelled edge, first Quality, Full Containers CFR Hamburg or FOB Indian Port. We are interested for a long time Business. Dec 14 Contact
e19203 China: Please quote for Aegean Brown blocks of 20T & 30T. Tel: +0086-135991......  Dec 14 Contact
e19201 USA: Please email with quote of carrara window sill 6 and 5 inches wide and 36, 52, 54, 56, 74 long by 5/8 carrara white and any beige solid not travertine. Tel: 1342 69.....Dec 14 Contact
e19200: We need price for aprox 2000 sq ft of JERUSALEM GOLD in TUMBLED - PATTERN- (SALE AS ONE UNIT WITH ALL 5  SIZES) DIMENSIONS 4X4, 8X8, 16X16, 16X24, 8X16. Tel: 908-52..... Dec 14 Contact
e19199 USA: Retail:  I urgently need 18x18 Sinai Pearl Honed Limestone. I cannot find it anywhere in California, and need to get this material VERY quickly. If you can please tell me where I can find this in the U.S. would be great. Tel: 805-65..... Dec 14 Contact
e19198 USA: I would like to know if we can get granite in 0.75 inch thickness. The sizes are 7 x 3 feet (1 piece), 2 x6 feet (3 pieces). I am interested in Multicolor or Vyara. Could I know what sort of finish is available and the price. I am looking for one piece of 7x3 ft, and three pieces of 2x6 feet in either the Multicolor or Vyara granite in 0.75 inch thickness.  Phone: 573-88.....Dec 14 Contact
e19197 USA: Retail: Please quote for counter top with bullnose for emperador dark. Dec 14 Contact
e19196 USA: I am an interior designer. Email me relevant information about Thasos marble coloration, consistency, different types or variations, uses, types of sealers, grades of, etc. Dec 13 Contact
e19195 USA: We are currently looking for 2 gang saws with a minimum of 40 blades @ 3/4" at this point our budget is fairly open. We are  looking for used equipment. Tel: 1-800-30.....Dec 13 Contact
e19194 Iceland: I live in Iceland and are planning to buy marble for my building can you give me some idea about price for Semi-White / White floor and walls marble tiles. My tel is 0354 69.....Dec 13 Contact
e19193 USA: I am looking for commercial quantity granite other than my current supplier. Large pieces: 5 x 10 or larger if possible. Tel: 616-88......  Dec 13 Contact
e19192 USA:  I am looking for cutting equipment for large granite. Over 10 foot cutting. (Commercial use). Dec 13 Contact
e19191: I am an interior designer email me relevant information on Cambrian Black Antiqued Granite. Dec 13 Contact
e19190 : Kindly send us the picture + price of blocks of Rolite Brown. Tel: +(961) 9 8.....Dec 13 Contact
e19188 URUGUAY: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for: 
5 units TRUCK HEAD 6x4 400 HP LHD may be with dumper 20 m3 to 25 m3
3 units CATERPILLAR 330 BL or KOMATSU PC300 
2 units CATERPILLAR 140H with rear ripper
1 units KOMATSU D65 with ripper or CATERPILLAR D7R wit ripper
2 units SINGLE DRUM COMPACTOR 12 Ton we prefer with changeable drum 
10 units DUMPER TRUCK capacity 12 m3 untill 15 m3 6x4 LHD 
All equipments and trucks offered must be uper year 1995 
Please send me complete information with pictures and FOB prices. Tel: 00598 2 40......Dec 13 Contact
e19187 Ireland: Can you please supply us with a price list for your Bianco Carrara Pebbles & Chips. What transport methods do you use for transporting goods to another EU Country. Also do you supply Giallo Siena Chips? Tel.: 09064.....Dec 13 Contact
e19186 UK:  Could you kindly email me the current price list for granite and marble tiles and slabs. Tel: 0044 07886...... Dec 13 Contact
e19185 Iran: Earthmoving Machine: We would like buy komatso bulldozer C&F in Dubai or Bandare Abbas. Please send us your prices list & more information. Dec 13 Contact
e19184: where can I find good prices for countertops for a dry cleaning business? Dec 13 Contact
e19183 USA: I am interested in a large number of matching slabs from same block(s) of "Dragon Jade" marmol for condominium projects in Cancun, Mexico. My cell phone in Mexico is 001-210 8......Please send via email several photo images showing color range of variability of this type of marmol. Dec 13 Contact
e19182 USA: Retail: I am looking for local source for a richly veined green onyx slab to have built as an illuminated coffee table. Tel: 91788..... Dec 13 Contact
e19181 USA: We need tourmaline powder. We want the powder to go to Shangahi to our factory. We only need a small quantity, maybe 10kg.  Dec 13 Contact
e19180 Australia: I am interested in Carrara marble chips, please email me your price list. I need pebbles less than 20mm in diameter for a landscaping project. Tel : 02 981...... Dec 13 Contact 
e19179 USA: I am biding on a project that requires your marble. This project is located in New York City. The materials need is your Bianco Carrara Mosaic 3cm x 3cm, marble saddles, and 3/4 inch slab for vanity tops . I would like to buy this materials direct from you so I can keep the price down for two reasons, one I do not want the owners to go with another product like a ceramic tile that looks like your Carrara they all ready have an look alike option for the floors, second I would like to get this project and keep my price down. This project has 420 bathrooms. 
The amount of Mosaic needed is approximately 53,800 square feet or 5000 metro quadrato. Also I may need an additional of Mosaic 13,000 square feet or 1200 metro quadrato for the floors. They may use something different. The amount of 3/4 inch slab is approximately 16,140 square feet or 1500 metro quadrato. The amount of saddles needed is approximately 450 pieces 36 inch x 5 inch two bevel. All marble with Honed finishes. Please provide me with prices per square feet or metro quadrato. Please provide me with how long it will take to get the this materials. Also please provide shipping pricing and amount of materials that can fit per containers or direct me to a shipping company. Cell 917 44..... Dec 12 Contact 
e19178 Australia: Please email quotes for Carrara marble chips. I require container prices for all sizes (5mm to 100mm). Tel: +61-2-973.....Dec 12 Contact
e19177 USA: I am looking for the following (if not by this name an cross-over information): 
1. Giallo Crystal
2. Romeo
3. White Spring
This is rather urgent. Direct: 503.60.....Dec 12 Contact
e19176 Turkey: Please quote for water jet cutting machine for marble and the other natural stones. Tel: +90-212-28..... Dec 12 Contact
e19175 Netherlands: Can you sent me a pricelist loose FOT for Carrara marble chips. Dec 12 Contact
e19174 USA: Please quote for quartz and fledspar as displayed in Ready Stock 461. Ph: 858-23......Dec 12 Contact
e19173 USA: Please quote for Black Galaxy slabs as displayed in Ready Stock 452. Ph: 858-23......Dec 12 Contact
e19172 Pakistan: We want Tile Manufacturing, pavers manufacturing, block making machines. Please send us the information. TEL: 00-92-42-58.....Dec 12 Contact
e19171 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for the below kind of equipment. We are kindly inviting you to please provide for us a quotation according to the given specification. 
Machine Required should be Petrol Engine Driven (PED) 
a. If both “task” could be provided by one “PED” machine will be preferable otherwise independedt units.
b. Depth of cut in very hard granite to be done at the mine site = 5cm.
c. Lenght of each cut = 10 meters.
d. Total length of cut = 8,100 meters by Diamond Saw Blades
e. Depth width of cut to be chipped off by PED chipping hammer = 5cm deep & 10 cm wide to a total of 4,000 meters of channel chipping.
f. Offer should include suitable diamond saw blades & chisels & moil points. Suitable for very hard granite prices and lofe / balde & moil points & chisel.
g. Offer should also include estimate production rate / 8 hour shift for PED chipping hammer & diamond saw cutter.
h. Offer should also include list of fast moving spare with price sufficient to cover 4K meters cutting / chipping.
Tel: 02-69.....Dec 12 Contact
e19170 Pakistan: I want to start new business small scale, for cutting sand stone blocks & tiles. Kindly Advise machinery used for it. Tel: 92-42-57......Dec 12 Contact
e19169 USA: Need price and pictures of columns and granite slabs. Tel: 140731.....Dec 12 Contact
e19168 Canada: We are a company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our nature of work is in the stone processing and manufacturing. We are looking for a Bridge Saw, so if you can give us details on the price and manufacture. Dec 12 Contact
e19167 USA: I am interested in purchasing granite and marble slabs, I do fabrication and installations in the Savannah area. Please mail or fax me a price list. Tel: (912) 92.....Dec 12 Contact
e19166 UK: I am very interested in buying a container of travertine tiles just wondering if you can send me a price list and some pictures. Dec 12 Contact
e19165 Canada: Could you please help me with a provider of Karin Grey/Kuru Grey granite? Also, does this granite need impregnator. I have a week to choose the granite. My phone number is 416-596..... Dec 11 Contact 
e19164 UAE: Please inform types of marble & granite available in your company, and the duration needed for supply a quantity of 500m2 of width of 60cm and length more than one meter to C & F .Basra Iraq or C&F Dubai. Our company mobile is 00324844..... Dec 11 Contact 
e19163 Canada: We are interested in your absolute black in sizes: Up150cm x 40cm x 1.8cm 2000sqm and 180cm x 60cm x 3.8cm 500sqm. 
This shipment going to the Middle East. Could you tell us about your price and availability. Phone:+1(604)72.....Dec 11 Contact 
e19162 USA: Looking for an Brazilian supplier for Granite slabs. Tel: 84367...... Dec 11 Contact 
e19161 China: We are an import export company in China. Our customers need rough block gang saw size from Brazil and South Africa, 120~150 cbm each  customer needs each month. Please quote. Tel: 86-0592-60.....Dec 10 Contact 
e19160 USA: We are currently looking for 2 gang saws with a minimum of 40 blades @ ¾”. With a cutting height of 6’ – 7’ & a cutting length of 8’ – 9’. We are hoping to stay in the 40 – 65 thousand $ range. We are located in California but saws to be ship to our plant in Mexico. Dec 10 Contact 
e19159 : I am looking for Gaya tile 25x33.3cm, Marfil, in white. Need to finish a bathroom project. Tel: 410-76.....Dec 10 Contact 
e19157 USA:  I want to buy around 80 tons of Red Rock Canyon building stone for a residential house. DO you know a quarry that carries that?  Tel: 847 69......Dec 10 Contact 
e19156 Netherlands: We want to place an order of around 30 containers in Indian Granite tiles/slabs and that may exceed to above 60 containers within in 2006. Manufacturers are most welcome to quote the best price of all the most popular colours of Indian Granite in the following sizes: 
01. 30 x free length (50 - 70) x 1.5 cm
02. 40 x free length (60 - 80) x 1.5 cm
03. Slabs in 2, 3, and 4 cm thick.
Please offer separate prices in polished and flamed/brushed finishes in tiles and slabs. Our client is one of the biggest wholesaler in Europe and in some regions enjoy No.1, position in natural stones. Mobile: 0031 6 197......Dec 10 Contact 
e19155 USA: I am searching for a 1995 Kobelco SK60 or newer. The machine must be in great condition and have 1500 hours or less on the hour meter. Dec 10 Contact 
e19154 USA: I am interested in a Capri limestone from Portugal sink for a guest bathroom in my house. Dec 10 Contact 
e19153 UAE: Please quote for cobbles. We are stone trader in Dubai. Tel 00971506......Dec 10 Contact 
e19152 Ireland: I have a query regarding granite tiles. Particularly I am interested in two physical features i.e.. Breaking strength and bending resistance. I want to apply granite tiles 20 mm depth in heavy traffic public area. Tel: 01 70...... Dec 10 Contact 
e19151: An Italian company would like to buy travertine blocks on a regular basis. Color White and walnut. Could you provide me a price FOB your quarry and/or including transport to Latina, Italy? Dec 9 Contact 
e19150: Please quote for slabs black, blue sky, vanilla, blue bahia, red, yellow thickness 3 cm. Dec 9 Contact 
e19149 South Africa: We are currently looking for Chinese granite. Tel: 032 94.....Dec 9 Contact 
e19148 Cyprus: We are interested in importing 2000sqm granite tiles. Size:60x30x2. May you please quote us some of your products prices CIF Limassol port, Cyprus. The items we are interested in Chinese granites G603, G623, G635, G655, G684. May you possibly provide us some little samples for above items in size 10x10 for our verifying, please! Dec 9 Contact 
e19147 USA: Please quote for Bavelloni 320-3 or other used CNC Centers. Dec 9 Contact 
e19146 Australia: We are looking for the best price to purchase approximately 5220m2 of Iranian ‘Pompeii’ Shade A light unfilled cross cut Travertine’ marble to be shipped to Queensland, Australia. Further details regarding tile sizes and exact areas can be achieved with a response from serious suppliers only. We would like shipping ‘on board’ costs to be included in the price please, and this enquiry is urgent and we require a response by December 13th at the very latest. Phone: (07) 543.....Dec 9 Contact 
e19145 USA: Please quote for 1 container of Black Galaxy. Can you please let me know what type of price and what deal you have for Granite and Marble Slab ¾” or 1 ¼”. We FL 33404. Tel +1-888-43.....Dec 9 Contact 
e19144 Somalia: We want to buy three to five quarrying machines that cut marble, granite, quartzite rocks right from he mountains into Cubic Blocks, vertically and horizontally.  We prefer Chain Saw and Diamond Wire Cutters and any other type you recommend for us, together with their related accessories, new or reconditioned, from UK, Germany or any other country of your choice. The dimensions of the blocks we want them to produce should be up to 3m long, 2m wide and 2m high. We like each cutter to produce daily 100 to 120 cubic miters. We are ready to buy them by middle/end of January 2006 at the latest. If you think that we will need block pushes, rotating drills etc. please include it in our requirements. Please give us FOB, C&F and CIF most attractive quotations and catalogues. Along with possible date of delivery. Mobile Phone 00252 21 4.....Dec 8 Contact 
e19143 USA: I am interested in soapstone slabs for countertops. Please contact. Dec 8 Contact 
e19142 Canada: We are looking for Balmoral raw blocks. We are looking for one block chosen from a block list. We prefer to buy from America, East Cost. We have the contract and we need to find the granite before February. Phone:418-83.....Dec 8 Contact 
e19141 Vietnam: Please quote for Pumice Stones. Our tel. no. is 84-8-84.....Dec 8 Contact 
e19140 USA: Please find the attached file for the stones that I need for Hawaii. We need for now 600 sq ft, end of January, pls inform of your prices, shipping cost, sea, bank details terms etc.  You can call me on 62-3674......Dec 8 Contact 
e19139 USA: Earthmoving Machine: WANT TO BUY WHEEL LOADERS, BULL DOZERS, BOMAG. WE ARE IN TEXAS. TEL. NO. IS 713-77......Dec 8 Contact 
e19138 UAE: Please quote for blocks excavating machines as displayed in ready stock 557. Dec 8 Contact 
e19137 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: Offers required immediately for following equipments: 
1- Hitachi UH07-7
2- Kobelco SK04WD
3- NPK 10XB Breaker 

If you are able to offer above equipments, please do send us photographs and details with its C&F Karachi.  Dec 8 Contact 
e19136 Greece: We are import & export company. We are interested in importing 1000 ton cubes of granite 10x10x5 cm & 10x20x5 cm. Tel. +30 2810 2.....Dec 8 Contact 
e19135 USA: Would love to hear more about the Naxos white, semi-white, delifi white and Limenas thassos white. Dec 8 Contact 
e19134 USA: Looking for a supplier, preferably in the USA, who can provide ultra thin marble tiles measuring 12 inch x 12 inch x 1/4"+/- thin or even thinner. Colors requested are Crema Marfil Select/Ivory, Emperador Light/Dark, Inca Gold, Giallo Reale, Rojo Alicante. Each color of stone will be purchased in crates at a time. Need material immediately. Tel: 714-28.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19133 South Africa:  We are looking for 1 container of CREMA MARFIL from Spain. Tel: 082 55.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19132 Saudi Arabia: We are interested in business to supply marble and granite. We will offer to you a proposal if you are interested to come to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to invest there as you know Saudi Arabia is huge market and these days there is a high demand in the market about granite and marble please let us know. Dec 7 Contact 
e19131 Poland: I want to open a wholesale place for stones. I am looking for cheap supplier of stone like granite, marble etc for cemetery monuments. Dec 7 Contact 
e19130 USA: Retail: I am looking for venetian gold granite 12" X 12" tiles. I only need 80 sq.ft. Tel: 540-89.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19129: I am looking for Taiwan polishing machine for marble slabs! My tel is   002 01035.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19128 UK: I am an architect based in Cambridge (UK). I wish to specify your Alor Black pebbles (code 007-0002) size Medium on a project I am currently working on. Are you able to send me a sample of these pebbles? tel: 0777 37.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19127 Canada: We are interested in buying Bridge Saw 800 machine. Needed immediately. Quote with installation at Vancouver. Call at 778 86.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19126 Canada: We are in market to buy two containers of Ubatuba, Gialo Ornamental, Santa Ceclia, Gialo Napolean etc. Please quote your best prices CIF Vancouver. A grade material. Slabs of minimum size 115" x 72". Deduction to be given on each slab. Tel: 011 778 ....... 
Dec 7 Contact 
e19125 Thailand: We are looking for around 250 sqm Sandstones for our garden. We are looking for yellow natural stones with a size of 30 x 60 cm and a sickness of 20 to 30 mm. The surface should be natural but not to rough. Please can you send us a quotation including  transportation. We need the parts urgent but we can accept also partial deliveries. Telephone: 0188.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19124 USA: Please tell me where I can purchase Perlatino Royal or Perlatino Blue marble tile. My cell phone number is (562)86.....I need about 30 sq feet 12x12 tile pieces. I am located in Southern California. Dec 7 Contact 
e19123 USA: I am interested in purchasing cut to size, polished granite units with bullnose on all four sides. Dimensions are: 26" x 50" as well as 26" x 26". Color: Absolute black. I would like to know the minimum order, as well as shipping costs. These will be used as surfaces for kitchen islands. Also, how can I get samples? Dec 7 Contact 
e19122 USA: I am looking granite from India chima pink- star galaxy –black pearl and from china long life red- z c rose red. Size is 12 x 12. Will buy mix or one kind 5000 sq.ft. Please send cost per sq. ft for 2000 to 7000. Dec 7 Contact 
e19121 USA: We are interested in a quote for a 30" X 48" Polished limestone slab, do you do edges on them? Dec 7 Contact 
e19120 USA: Looking for a supplier in USA for Afyon white 12x12. Phone: (214) 30.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19119 India: We are interested in a granite table saw as displayed in ready stock 267. Tel: +91-1746-2.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19118: We are looking for a polishing machine with 10 heads and can polished length of 70cm. Tel 009705223.....Dec 7 Contact 
e19117 Uzbekistan: My company needs Rock Crusher equipment (also Jaw Crusher). Could you be so kind to give me info in details about Rock Crusher equipment. We have a factory which products concrete materials. Dec 6 Contact 
e19116 USA: Interested in Santa Cecilia Granite. I am in Seattle. Can you give me a pricing? Phone is 206 38.....Dec 6 Contact 
e19114: I am looking for dark grey or black countertops. I want something reasonable priced & durale. Dec 6 Contact 
e19112: Kindly send us more pictures and best Price C/F Dammam Port KSA, with full technical details for Komatsu D155A-1. Tel 00962647.....Dec 6 Contact 
e19111 Israel: I am looking for blocks of crema marfil 15000 square meters small blocks, 2.5 meter cube total of 160 meter cube. Business number: 972 4 82.....Dec 6 Contact 
e19110 India: We are interested for marketing your production in India as a country representative, marketing franchisee / India operation partner. If your rate and quality matches then we can confirm for huge quantities. Dec 6 Contact 
e19109 Netherlands: Email me relevant information on Ceramic "wooden" fire blocks. Tel: +31-(0)73-65.....Dec 6 Contact 
e19108 USA: Retail: Would it be possible to find the actual quarry in Parana, Brazil that cut the slab that became a island top in my kitchen. The retailer selling and installing the stone can only tell me Parana, Brazil. I am just a homeowner interested in the mountain range that produced such a beautiful stone. Tel: 509-23......Dec 6 Contact 
e19106 Pakistan: Please quote for CAT 950B Excavator as displayed in ready stock 491. Dec 6 Contact 
e19105 USA: Please quote for beach pebbles as displayed in ready stock 511. Dec 6 Contact
e19104 Australia: I am starting a granite and marble company mainly doing bench tops and bathrooms. Please quote for second hand bridge saw. Dec 6 Contact
e19103 France: Interested in Chinese granites. Please quote with catalogs. Ph :00 33 148 7.....Dec 6 Contact
e19102 Cyprus: I am a builder / developer. Email me relevant information about ‘Crema Royal’ marble. Dec 6 Contact
e19101 Hungary: Please quote for block excavating machines that used in quarries. Dec 6 Contact
e19100 Indonesia: Looking for mobile crane telescopic cap. 50 ton. Dec 6 Contact
e19099 Singapore: Looking for Komatsu forklift 3 to 4 tons, low hours, model above 98 year, need 2 units urgently and D7G pipe (spare part). Tel: 0065-963.....Dec 6 Contact
e19098 Nepal: We are in construction material business and would like quotes for granite and marble tiles for flooring and wall as well as natural stone for exterior and interior wall. Fax: 977-1-44.....Dec 6 Contact
e19097 USA: I am in desperate need of a USED DIAMOND BRIDGE SAW....10 to 12 ft., SLABS TO COUNTERTOP...Power Gantry, Laser Light, Digital, Pendant Control, Preferred Tilting Turntable/ will settle for Standard, 10 to 15 hp motor......NEEDED ASAP!!!! Tel: 865-57......Dec 6 Contact
e19096 Peru: We are looking for a used hydraulic crane all terrain of 20 tns. It can be from 10 to 20 years ago. P&H, Kobelco, Lorain, Grove. Dec 6 Contact
e19095 Turkey: We are dealing in mine business as natural Stones (Travertine, Marble and Onyx) in Turkey. We need some stone cutting and drilling machines. While we were surfing in internet and we realized your used machine and we interested. Would you give us some more details about the machine? Mobile : 0090-536 34......Dec 6 Contact
e19094 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machine: We need 4 units MIXER TRUCK Year 1995 or more capacity 7m3 may be 6m3. 2 units CAT 330 year 2000 or more 2 units. 1 unit CAT 980F. We need equipments in good working conditions. Please send me your offer, with FOB price and pictures. Tel: 00598 2 40.....Dec 6 Contact
e19093 USA: Retail: I need Brazilian VERDE BUTTERFLY (1-1/4 inch thick )for exterior wall application. Please quote an option for any retention pins etc. in each slab. I would like 12 pieces each 28 inches by 24 inches with polished beveled edges. Sides do not need to be polished. Commercial quality, minimum shade variation. To be delivered to Illinois. We are in construction NOW so purchase will be ASAP. Tel: 847-63.....Dec 6 Contact
e19092 Australia: We are interested in in Chinese granites. We are in Queensland. Phone no: 07 559.....Dec 6 Contact
e19091 South Africa: We are interested to become agents of suppliers of Chinese granites in South Africa. Please send catalogs and proposals. Dec 6 Contact
e19090 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite as displayed in pricelist 1252 and 619. Dec 5 Contact
e19089 USA: We are based in California and we are interested in Chinese granites. Please send catalogs. Tel. 760-94.....Dec 5 Contact
e19087 USA: Do you make 1 ½” granite counter tops? My orders will be specials on one pc sets. That is I will have one stone for one set for one kitchen same as for the bathroom. Dec 5 Contact
e19086 UK: Please quote for Chinese granites. Please send catalogues. Tel: +44 (0) 17844......Dec 5 Contact
e19085 USA: Please quote for granite panels as displayed in ready stock 394. Tel: 203-41.....Dec 5 Contact
e19084 Kenya: Earthmoving Machines: What is your best price for a CAT 320 C&F Mombasa, Kenya? What kind of bucket is on the machine, we need excavation bucket? We are looking for a CAT320 machine 1997-1998 with less than 5000 Hours. TEL:254.20.44.....Dec 5 Contact
e19083 UK: I am looking for these quantities below in a Rouge griotte type (red wine colour Honed finish). Can you please quote me your best price and lead time for the items listed below? 
2nr 950mm x 1400mm
2nr 950mm x 1622mm
1nr 900mm x 100mm
2nr 1326mm x 877mm
1nr 750mm x 1150mm 
Tel: 01923 7.....Dec 5 Contact
e19082 Zimbabwe: We need crushed stones from 3mm up 30mm stone aggregate size. Please send us more data including quotations. Dec 5 Contact
e19081 Peru: I need travertine and limestone from Peru. I need to buy container loads for the US market. Tel: 425-26.....Dec 5 Contact
e19080 USA: Attached is the picture of Mahogney Quartz granite I am looking for. This can be either from Brazil or Iran. I am looking for some 7000 sq ft of this granite. Tel: 203 57.....Dec 5 Contact
e19079 Italy: I need these stones (see photos) but I also need the top hole 1mm. Please tell me if you have and the price kg.  Dec 5 Contact
e19078 USA: Interested in finding a wholesaler who sells natural, raw pumice stones in CA. Dec 5 Contact
e19077 Australia: I am constructing a house in Brisbane, Australia. I am planning to go for granite flooring in my house. I require a good  supplier. I am looking for a light coloured granite tiles for wall and floor for my new house phone no. (07) 337....... I prefer a light colour or beige at a very reasonable price. Please provide samples at your cost. I am looking at importing granite tiles a total of 495 square metres. Polished 395 square metres and flamed tiles 100 square metres. Dec 5 Contact
e19076 USA: I am looking for a caterpillar 950 E 1988-1990, price range $40,000 to $48,000 please send a quote. My tel: 1-718-28......Dec 5 Contact
e19075: We are a stone quarry company in Africa. we are looking for a stone cutting machine that cuts building block out of quarry. We would like 20 machines that have electric motors. The machine should be able to cut both vertically and horizontally at the same time. Each blade should have a 100hp motor for vertical cut, 100hp motor for horizontal cut, 30 hp motor for forward and reverse drive. The machine should run on rail to make straight cuts. The machine should be heavy about 6 tons. The machine should have hydraulic system to lift and lower the vertical and horizontal blade. We need 20 of this machines and we would like to contact a Chinese company to build them for us. Tel 254-7227.....Dec 4 Contact
e19074 USA: Retail: I am a retail buyer and am in need of retail samples of BRECCIA NOUVELLE, MARRON BROWN, BRECHE NOUVELLE, NEW ST LAURENT. I am in Tampa Bay, FL, phone no. is 727-84.....QTY 2 - 12x12x1/4" & QTY 10 - 16x16x1/4". Please provide offers in "inches". Tiles will be cemented to existing terrazzo flooring. Chamferring not needed as flush surface is desired. Price range or budget: $100.00 +/-. Needed by when: 1 - 2 weeks. Dec 4 Contact
e19073 Canada: I am a landscape supplier on Vancouver Island. I already carry a wide range of stone products and am looking to expand. Please feel free to contact me by phone @ 250-74.....Dec 4 Contact
e19072 Iran: Would you please send me price of 160~ 200 Ton Crane? Tel: +98 218 87.....Dec 4 Contact
e19071 Nepal: Email me relevant information with your stock list of used heavy construction equipments. Tel: +97798510......Dec 4 Contact 
e19070 USA: I am looking for a granite stone inspector / specialist, in and around Santa Cruz county California. With a lot of years of experience in the business of granite stone products. I need him or her to take a look at a granite countertop and wall in the kitchen. The granite is darker after been used for cooking food for a family of 5. And was normal cleaned after using the stove but the stain is still there. I rented a house and the owner say’s it was properly sealed. But after using it, it started to stained. She wants me to replace the countertop, and find me responsible for the stained. I think that the fault is the material. I don’t know if it is real granite or if it was properly sealed. That’s why I am in need of a granite inspector or specialist. Dec 4 Contact 
e19069 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of onyx for a table top. Finished piece will be 2 cm thick X 1 meter diameter. Do you have any small slabs that will work? I don't want to buy a whole slab and waste half. Please email pictures.  Dec 4 Contact 
e19068 USA: I am looking for a large boulder (2-3 feet high) for use as a grave marker. It must be a hard stone- like granite (no sandstone). Dec 4 Contact 
e19066 India: Give me price ex works for Rough Blocks gang saw size and less than Gang saw size also from India. This is required for Jet Black with bluish tinge and white specks and also Jet Black with Brownish tinge. My Contact no is 009193804......Dec 3 Contact
e19065 Pakistan: Our partner company in UAE is looking for following equipments: 
1. Komatsu Loaders: WA600-1.
2. Hitachi Excavator: EX200-2 & EX200-3.
3. Komatsu Dozers: D155A-1, D155A-2.
4. Cat Loaders : 966E, 966F &988B
5. Kawasaki Loaders: KLD80Z & 85Z
If you have in stock kindly quote us C&F Dubai prices and also please send us your latest stock list. Tel (cell) : +92 300 2.......Dec 3 Contact
e19064 USA: Please quote for Turkish travertine 1,000 sqft delivered to Dallas Texas, USA. 972-2......Dec 3  Contact
e19063 USA: Would like to purchase Indian slate as displayed in ready stock 457 of findstone.com. Tel: 972-22.....Dec 2 Contact
e19062 USA: I would like to buy pumice stones the size of oranges. My tel. no. is 701.77.....Dec 2 Contact
e19061 Spain: We are a construction company from Spain and we are interested in your products. Please send us your price lists.  Dec 2 Contact
e19060 Ukraine: Please quote for 20x30x1 beije marble from Turkey 800 m2 30x60x2 brown 400 m2 offers cif odessa or kherson Ukraine. Office:+38 055.....Dec 2 Contact
e19059: Kindly send Price List along with Technical and Commercial Details for the Engraving Machines of smaller scale. Dec 2 Contact
e19058 Ukraine: We need new or used machines for cutting blocs into slab to tiles and polishing line. Office:+38 0552 2..... Dec 2 Contact
e 19057 Malaysia: I am looking for 700 m2 Palimanan stone from Indonesia, for wall cladding size 300x150x20mm rough surface. Destination port - Port Klang, Malaysia. Price CNF Port Klang. Mobile : 00-6012-26.....Dec 2 Contact
e 19056 Nigeria: Kindly give me the most current list of prices of building material in Nigeria. Dec 1 Contact
e 19055 USA: Retail: I need 80 square feet of 4x4 multi rajah slate tile. I'm in Los Angeles, CA USA. Dec 1 Contact
e 19053 USA: I am a Retail Buyer needing a Quartz type material (maybe it is quartz—looks like it) that has been called GOLDLEAF. It comes in medium to larger pcs (2 sf ft to 6 sf ft) that might mimic flagstone pavers but this material is much, much stronger. I’m using it for facing stones and more predominantly paving stones for patios and walk ways, on top of concrete and soil.  
I need about 3000 more sq ft, and a ton will do about 150 sq ft at 1-inch thick pcs. I’ve had this material come in at about 2000lbs per pallet or about 300 sq ft per pallet. Therefore, I might need about 9 or 10 pallets at this rate. Might take more for future plans. 
I’ve paid about $.25 a lb for this material delivered to ZIP CODE 94020. I’ve come to understand that the quarry it comes from might shut down during the Winter, and I’ve also heard some people say that they think it comes from Idaho or Montana; don’t know for sure. I’ve seen some material very similar to this that was labeled Chinese Quartz, and one time I was told that it was stuck on a boat that was waiting “clearance” by customs inspectors after the 9/11 disaster. Again, I do not know the true identity, name or identity of this material other than to describe it as “very quartz” looking, somewhat translucent at times but significantly veined with dark orange markings, suggestive of oxidized iron. It is quite striking when wetted, and it seems to have enough stratification to it that slaps can be “separated” out of its original state. Again, the slabs/pcs are about 1-inch thick but can vary about ¼ of an inch to as much as ½ thicker; at least that is what I have received in the past. My phone number is: 650-74......Dec 1 Contact
e 19052 India: Require budhpura grey cobbles. Dec 1 Contact
e 19051 Canada: We are located in Toronto. Phone number for company is 905-66......We would like to order some 12"x12" or 16"x16" tiles for 
projects. the color include Blue Pearl, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Black Galaxy or Tan Brown. We would like to get a quote for those as soon as possible. Dec 1 Contact
e 19050 Lebanon: We are interested in marble tiles 600mmx600mm and 30mmx60mm. Tel: 00961-1-2.....Dec 1 Contact
e 19049 India: Please quote for unexpanded perlite. Dec 1 Contact
e 19048 USA: We are a fabricator in upstate New York, interested in bringing in several containers of 3cm Indian granite as per ready stock 240. We are looking for all colors, we like to have stock of less popular stones (the kind of stuff that clients won't see in home depot). Granites, quartzites, limestones, schists, etc. We are adding 8000 square feet to our yard, so we are looking for exporters who can provide a diverse supply of mixed continers. Tel 845-62.....Dec 1 Contact
e 19047 USA: Please quote for Giallo Santa Cecilia granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 551. Tel: 888-43...... Dec 1 Contact
e 19045: Earthmoving Machinery: Want a D 155 A. Please quote. Call me on 00966-5058.....Dec 1 Contact
e 19044 Iran: We are a well growing distributor of mining stone in Iran. We are looking for new kind of absolute black granite. Will you send us a 20 x 20 sample reception and your whole product catalogue. All our orders will be for preferably above 1/5M. height, 2 cm  thickness & 30 cm. width slabs. Well polished. Tell us about your terms & condition (fob bandar abbas). Tel: 009831138.....Dec 1 Contact
e 19043 Russia: We are interested in quartzite. What kind of quartzite do you have? We need brazilian, if it is possible please send to photos and what size you can cut? Dec 1 Contact
e 19042: I want get crusher machines catalog cost and price and look for types of crusher machines. Tel: +2189250..... Dec 1 Contact
e 19041 Australia: I am an interior designer looking for quartz based stone and basalt stone as well as brushed sandstone slabs. Dec 1 Contact
e 19040 Pakistan: I am interested in having the marble flooring in my house, I would like to know to purchase Pakistani marble. Please quote me the price per sq ft if you have these kinds of marble. Marbles I am interested in are: Indus gold, Silky black, Verona gold, Red Cherry, Pakistani green, Travera. Dec 1 Contact
e 19039 : PLEASE HELP TO FIND D5H MACHINE WANTED URGENTLY. Tel: 0065-963......Dec 1 Contact
e 19038: Your compound for restoring shine / polish to polished marble (light colored). Please send me info and pricing. Dec 1 Contact
e 19037 USA: Can you please help me find 1300 sq.ft traventine stone in the Miami area. Tel: 786-85...... Dec 1 Contact
e 19036 USA: I would like to purchase machinery for my shop. Tel: 78090..... Dec 1 Contact
e 19035 Canada: I am looking for local slab yards that carry quartzite slabs. I am in the southern California area in the Inland Empire (Ontario, Corona, Norco, Riverside). Please advise. Tel: 951.54....... Dec 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.