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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   June 30, 2006
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227 inquiries in June

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 20947 Vietnam: We specialize in processing granite. We want to purchase immediately granite blocks with Black and Red color (dimension : 180cm x 65cm ). We are interested in New Imperial Red and Imperial Red and Black Galaxy. Pls, quote best FOB or CIF Ho Chi Minh (In rough Block). Could you send us samples? Could you give us your quotation and relevant information of your granite. Tel: 84 8 86.....June 30 Contact
e 20946 Canada: I am looking for a Vancouver Island supplier of smooth flat light coloured pebbles with a diameter of approx 1 ½” to 2”. Telephone # 250-6.....I am looking for light beige, white, pale yellow, cream or light grey stones that must be smooth but not polished. A smooth flat stone about 1 ½” diameter is desired. I require about 500 pounds annually and would initially require samples to determine suitability.  June 30 Contact
e 20945 Belgium: I am planning to start an import business in natural stones in Belgium .So I am looking for a few good suppliers for marble and granite for floors (in-and outside), borders etc. June 30 Contact
e 20944: Could you please give us your best prices for our following Agra Red Stones sizes as below:
30x30x2, 30x30x3, 60x30x2, 60x30x3, 60x60x2 & 60x60x3 . Please note all the sizes above are in Cm. Kindly quote your best price urgent. June 29 Contact
e 20943 Ireland: I need a supply of granite to cover a shop front, but delivery has to be before the end of July.  
To request a quote for COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of stone, inform:
phone number:  00353 21 42.....
approximate quantity: 20 linear meters of plinths & 20 sq. meters of cladding panels 
Import from britain or mainland europe in order to meet schedule
Shop front plinths and cladding, shop drawing will be issued
Plinths 60mm thick with chamfer, cladding panels 30mm thick with bevelled edge. June 29 Contact
e 20942 Jordan: I would ask about the PUMICE STONE. Chemical analysis:
SiO2 = 72%
Al2O3 = 12.75%
k2O = 4.3%
CaO = 0.7%
and the size = 3-5 cm 
Bag = 25Kg
Real Density =2.35 gr/cm3
please send to me price offer about this kind. June 28 Contact
e 20941 USA: Want Slate for Flooring. Color: Grey to Black. Preferably without any other coloration, a little gold or green tones are ok if the price is right. Size: must be 12 in. x 12 in. Amount: 600 s.f. Willing to buy from anyone if we can get it within a week. Pricing: Must be $1 or less/ft. Need to purchase ASAP. Phone: 718-38.....June 28 Contact
e 20940 Bangladesh: We introduce ourselves as a biggest importer of pumice stone in Bangladesh. Presently we are interested to import 3 FCL of pumice stone, size 3-5 cm. Tel No: 880-31-7......June 28 Contact
e 20939 USA: I am searching for osso navonna straight cut travertine tile in 18X18 for a repair on a floor. June 28 Contact
e 20937 USA: Please send the finest grades of pumice you produce. We currently use a .05 grade. Also include pricing in bulk, 45lb bags, shipping 50 bags per pallet, minimum 2 pallets. Tel: 314-77...... June 27 Contact
e 20936 USA:  Please send me a brochure and price list of marble inlays. June 27 Contact
e 20935 Ireland: Please send me a brochure and price list of marble inlays. I am particularly interested in the gold lanterns - are they solar? June 27 Contact
e 20934 USA: Please quote for 4,000 sq.ft. of Crème Marfil slabs of 2 cm and 3 cm. June 27 Contact
e 20933 USA: I own a company in Omaha, NE, and am looking for a truckload of moss rock boulders (24 ton) - various sizes from 8-12", 12-18", 18-24" and 24-30". Brownish in color. I will need this within the next two weeks before July 15, 2006. I will buy if price including delivery is no more than $140 - $150 / ton. Please let me know what I need to provide in order to get a bid. Tel: 402.87.....June 27 Contact
e 20932 South Africa: We require 250 metric tons per month of Silica lumps & fine forms (to be used in the Metal Industry). Port of discharge: Durban, South Africa, Price : CIF Durban. Telephone: 27 21 67.....June 26 Contact
e 20931 Yemen: We are a for trading and marketing company. One of the Yemeni leading companies in the markets. We are seeking for black galaxy slabs from India. Would you kindly please let us know if our required in your range of products, send us full information about the prices list FOB and term of payment, we buy through L/Cs. June 26 Contact
e 20930: I am looking for sunshine gold granite. June 26 Contact
e 20929 USA: I am associated with hardscape dealer. We are currently considering opening new product lines. I would appreciate receiving any information and/or brochures that you have on your company, products, or suppliers. June 26 Contact
e 20928 China: We are a Marble Company in Hong Kong, looking for thousands feets of Basaltina, could you give me the quotation and size of slabs of Basaltina. Telephone: 00852 949...... June 26 Contact
e 20927 Bolivia: Please quote for motor grader caterpillar. Telephone: (591) 773.....June 26 Contact
e 20926 India: We want Perlato sicilia with chips (superior quality). Tel: 99200......June 26 Contact
e 20925 Cyprus: We are doing a project and we URGENTLY require YELLOW JUPRANO. Tel: +971 4 25.....
We require the following quantities
Total QTY: 1400 Pieces Dimensions: 1500mm x 900mm x Thickness 19mm 
Total QTY: 50 Pieces Dimensions: 1500mm x 750mm x Thickness 19mm
Total QTY: 82 Pieces Dimensions: 1300mm x 900mm x Thickness 19mm 
Total QTY: 130 Pieces Diam. 1200mm x Thickness 19mm
We are looking to buy from anywhere? Urgently purchase. We expect to finalize in one week. June 26 Contact
e 20924 USA: Now starting a new business and need some help in Tiles and Tile accessories. Telephone: 1-868-67..... June 26 Contact
e 20923 USA: I see that you sell absolute black granite an Indian stone yourself. I am interested in tiles either 12 x 24 inches or 24 x 24 inches. Can I get pricing on 3000 sq feet please? Tel: (713) 57.....June 26 Contact
e 20922 USA: We are looking at buying 12,000 sft for TAN BROWN 12MM panels 72" x 30" & 200 vanity tops 2CM full bull nose edge with sink cut out & 4" back splashes. I would like to get the order shipped within 4 - 6 weeks. Will order immediately if the price is right. PHONE: 806-20.....June 26 Contact
e 20921: Email me relevant information on spider yellow and grey garito stone. June 26 Contact
e 20920 USA: I am looking for a manufacturer of stone promotional desk items. I have a client that wants to get a particular item and I cannot find anyone who can make it in solid stone rather than fabricated. I just talked to our local granite guy and he says it is probably Vermont green marble or serpentine. Do you know of any companies that I can contact that might be able to manufacture this. Tel: 360-30..... June 26 Contact
e 20919 Israel: Please quote for marble, granite and quartzite slabs, 2 cm thickness, polished. Tel: 972-9-86.....June 26 Contact
e 20917 USA: Interested in purchasing Granite dust for his lawn to use as fertilizer. Number is 313-36.....June 26 Contact
e 20916 Israel: Please quote for Turkish marbles as displayed in ready stock 398. Tel: 9725055.....June 26 Contact
e 20915 USA: Retail: We are moving into a new home in the next week and are on the look out for a few absolute granite slabs. We need roughly 4 slabs 8' x 2'4" and and island slab that is probably 3'x3' polished and bullnosed. Can you tell me what that would cost us with shipping? June 26 Contact
e 20914: Can you give us used tiles plant (complete)? Mobile no :017111.....June 25 Contact
e 20913 South Africa: Send your catalogue and samples of your current most popular products. Also different sizes, as well as custom made products from personal designs and preferences can be made. Tel: +27 (0)11 31.....June 25 Contact
e 20912 USA: Please send me information about your products and also the price list. I do a lot of stone work in California and am looking for a supplier with some unique products. June 25 Contact
e 20910 USA: I am looking for a grout aggregate called "Texas Grit" I do have a small bag of it as a sample. Tel: 248-51.....June 24 Contact
e 20909 USA: Please send me the info on Marble inlay work. Tel: 419 86.....June 24 Contact
e 20907 Canada: retail: Could I please get some samples of cobble in Grey Jerico granite color or any stone appropriate for cobble stone driveway in a dark grey color. June 24 Contact
e 20906 Israel: I am Turkish resident living in Israel. For a project we need 13000 m2 Travertine medium colour, Filled, 30x1.2xFL. We can pay only 7.5 $ FOB. Cell: 00 972 544 8.....June 23 Contact
e 20905 India: We are interested in Black Marble or similar hard stone with lines /patterns on it similar to Bhainslana Black. We are looking for similar patterns on Black Marble with different types of designs. The ideal combination we are looking for is Black Marble with patterns of white lines or Black Marble /lime stone /quartzite in similar shades. The ideal will be Marble. To give you further idea we have seen in a showroom in Delhi 4 big slabs of white marble with black horizontal lines scribbled thus making a pattern of rhombus (book matching). We are looking for similar design with Black Marble and white pattern on it. We are also looking for Black Marble with patterns like Black Gold, Black marble, Abu Black, Bhainslana Black. I need 2 samples of each of these along with what you can offer in this patterns as shared above. Each sample should be of 2 types one polished and one unpolished. 
Please let-me know size in which available, thickness, quantity available , lead time to deliver after placement of order, price of various options. 
One sample of each will be sent to New York to our designers and one kept with me. Hence your samples should have code nbrs and name of the supplier and name of the product. In case anything similar is available in stones line Lime stone, quartzite it will be great. For further discussion you can call me on +91-120-43.....June 23 Contact
e 20904 West Indies: Now starting a new business and need some help in Tiles and Tile accessories. Telephone: 1-868-67.....June 23 Contact
e 20903 South Africa: We require 250 metric tons per month of Silica lumps & fine forms (to be used in the Metal Industry). Port of discharge: Durban, South Africa, Price : CIF Durban. Telephone: 27 21 67......June 23 Contact
e 20902 India: Please give me the rate of 40 * 40 copper red, silver shine, jeera green. Telephone: 91-294-24...... June 23 Contact
e 20901 : We are starting to lay our own terrazo flooring and need a polisher to finish off. These are usually electrical and use water as well. Tel:00-260-1-2.....June 23 Contact
e 20900 India: PLEASE GIVE US THE 3D ENGRAVING MACHINE DETAILS. Telephone: 0421-22..... June 23 Contact
e 20899 : We are interested in buying granite/stone counter tops. I currently have two projects that require this. How do I go about getting exactly what I require? What measurements do I need to give and how do I measure so that when it is shipped here, it actually fits? Tel: 416 70.....June 23 Contact
e 20898 UK: Could you please send me a specification for a Kato NK 250E 25 ton telescopic crane? June 23 Contact
e 20897 USA: I want the Isaboor Brown granite and want to know where I can purchase it in the Orlando Florida area. Telephone: 407-36..... June 23 Contact
e 20896 USA: Please quote for 3,600 Sq Ft of Brazilian Copper Canyon 3CM Slab and 1,500 SF Copper Canyon 12x12 Tiles. Phone number is 303-67.....June 23 Contact
e 20895 Ireland: We have had a request for Graniti Fiandre Quarzite 400 x 400 x 9.5 mm thick 748 sqm. June 23 Contact
e 20894 India: We are based in Bangalore and deal with all kind of stones. Please send us the Jerusalem stone details along with samples. Mob.- +91-98862..... June 23 Contact
e 20893 Ireland: I would like to receive a catalog Marble inlay work. June 22 Contact
e 20892 Qatar: I am trying to start a small excavation job soon, I am seeking a cheap excavator made after 1999 and in good working condition, must be with hammer-line and more than 20tons capacity. Please provide me with a good competitive price, for I am on a limited budget. Mobile: +974-58.....June 22 Contact
e 20891 South Africa: We are looking to import various components for our property developments, e.g.. polished porcelain tiles and sanitary ware. Please send us your catalogue and prices urgently. Also let us know whether you produce/supply slate roofing tiles, travertine etc.  June 22 Contact
e 20890 USA: Please send catalogs for inlay work done in marble. June 22 Contact
e 20889 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing 50 6"x6" x 6-7' rough cut granite "fence" posts. Must be deliverable New England (New Hampshire). Phone number: 603.64..... June 22 Contact
e 20888 USA: Please quote for Giallo Santa Cecilia granite slabs. Please see ready stock 551. June 22 Contact
e 20887 Australia: I am looking for lapis stone slabs of 4cm x 10 cm x 2cm , 6cm x 8 cm x 2 cm, and 4 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm to begin. Tel: phone + 61 407 3.....June 22 Contact
e 20886 USA: Looking to purchase aventurine marble rocks for landscape project. June 21 Contact
e 20885 NIGERIA: We would like to know the price and availability of: 
1. 36' CRUSHER 250ton per hours
2. Used CRUSHER not more than $30,000 
Telephone: 23480330...... June 21 Contact
e 20884 Iran: I would be pleased to have your catalogues of Jerusalem Stones. June 21 Contact
e 20883 USA: I am wanting to buy 375 Komatsu. Tel: 66133..... June 21 Contact
e 20882 China: We need to buy used, junk Inserted teeth drilled bits & used PDC bits, Oilfield Drilling Tools and Equipments. If there is any information from you, please contact us. Tel :86(22)-264.....June 21 Contact
e 20881 Canada:  Please locate gris di savoie light. What is the stock status? Tel: 416 28..... June 21 Contact
e 20878 India: I want to know that which colours are ready in Aventurine & the best rates. Tel: 0141-24.....June 20 Contact
e 20877: I would like to order for some Ceramic Tiles and I would like you to tell me the styles and colours of Ceramic Tiles (Dahl/tivo ) that you have in stock or available with it cost for a carton.. I would like to order for the size 13x13. May I please know your forms of payment so so that I can place my order in time. June 20 Contact
e 20876: Kindly assist with would be suppliers of terrazo floor polisher. These are usually electrical and use water as well. Tel: 00-260-1-2.....June 20 Contact
e 20874 Russia: We are interested in French Limestone that looks more yellow-beige respect of Beaumaniere on your web site ready stock 484. Could you advise me if you have just "Limestone French" slabs of Italian origin? June 20 Contact
e 20873 USA: Please quote with catalog for Golden Jerusalem Stone. Ph# 516 33.....June 20 Contact
e 20872 China: We are a company specialized in project, we now need the samples of Rosso Laguna, if anyone can sell this stone please connect me. Tel: +86-21-689......June 20 Contact
e 20871 Kenya: Please quote for a block excavating machine from quarry as displayed in ready stock 557. My telephone no. is 254 7254.....June 20 Contact
e 20870 Portugal: I am interested in being directly contacted by Sivec suppliers (quarry owners and transformation factories that regular work with this marble and that are from Macedonia or from a nearby country – no “italian agents”) OR to be able to contact them directly. My interest in Sivec is for a regular supply of blocks and slabs in 2cm and 3cm polished for stock at our warehouse. I am at the beginning of the buying process. Making contacts, receiving prices and contacting several enterprises to see how can I be better served in both price and permanent attention and reply. Before I make my first order I will have to know the company, receive brochures and eventually sample variation and to receive various information on the marble. Eventually I will visit the supplier. I do not know when I will put my first order, I just know I will put it because we do not have this material in stock and we must have it and start having it as a regular stock material. Tlf. +351 26..... June 20 Contact
e 20869: We are a well reputed importer of Granite and Marble Products in North America. Kindly send me the price list for the products you are exporting to North America and the terms & conditions. Tel: (732) 77.....June 20 Contact
e 20868 Pakistan: We are interested in Importing Marble Block Cutting Machines and Edge Polishing Machines. Kindly manage to send, your best Export Prices, along with catalogue, and Descriptive Leaflets about different models, Brand Names and their functionality through Air Mail.
We would also like to know about your terms of sales and delivery. June 19 Contact
e 20867 Canada: Retail: I am in need of a supply of Shirakawa Sand for my garden. I am located in the Toronto. June 19 Contact
e 20866 UAE: Please send price for bulldozer (komatsu, D 55) second hand. Telephone: 00971 2 55.....  June 19 Contact
e 20865 USA: retail: Would you please send a sample of “Top Quality Tufa Stone”. If the stone matches what I have already, I am interested in purchasing a large stone approximately 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide or larger.  Tel: (360) 57..... June 19 Contact
e 20864 USA: I am looking for a moss rock quarry to supply my retail yards. Cell: 832-24.....June 19 Contact
e 20862 UK: We are looking for suppliers of ceramic wall and floor tiles. For your information, please find attached the pictures of the tiles are looking for: Specifications: 
Colourful Mosaic like bathroom wall tiles 
Length: 200mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 10mm
1) Long bathroom wall tiles 
Length: 590mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 10mm
2) Long wall tiles
Length: 665mm
Width: 330
Thickness: 10mm
3) Square wall/floor tiles
Length: 332mm
Width: 332mm
Thickness: 10mm
4) Square wall/floor tiles
Length: 315mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 10mm
Mobile: 079717.....June 19 Contact
e 20861 UAE: We are looking for suppliers for CNC Router machines. Tel: +971434.....June 19 Contact
e 20859 USA: Looking for a supplier of 9x5 Belgium blocks for such a price ($119/ton)? I plant to do my driveway and I would need 24 tons from somebody. tel: 201-96.....June 19 Contact
e 20858 Jordan: Please quote for PUMICE STONES. What about the price of this stone. I am ask the price about two sizes 2-3 cm & 3-5 cm. The bag equal 25Kg and send to me the chemical analysis about this stone, the real density = 2.35 gr/cm3. June 19 Contact
e 20857 USA: I would like to obtain info on buying equipment needed to engrave stones for a hobby/business. I have seen stones at a Garden Center with pictures / artwork & lettering. June 19 Contact
e 20856 USA: I am looking for 12x12 marble in Chios Brown and Carnis Venato. 290 Chios Brown 36 bull nose and 220 Carnis Venato 28 bull nose. Tel: 201 97......June 19 Contact
e 20855 India: We are Indian based Transport Company. Wanted to buy 2nd hand Mechanical Crane in good working condition. The Boom size 35/40 Feet length. Can move Right & Left with 90 degree angle. Capability 25/30 Ton. The crane must be movable one place to another place. Please send us your best offer for C/F Bombay Port. Tel :91 98670.....June 19 Contact
e 20854 Pakistan: Kindly want to import Ceramic wall tiles 200 x 300 and 250 x 330mm and also 400 x 400 and 500 x 500 Ceramic Floor tiles. 
Kindly send me the regarding information, about these sizes. If possible, CD or Catalogues. And prices in FOB ad CNF Karachi old port. Telephone: 92-21-43......June 18 Contact
e 20853: I am looking for volga blue from Ukraine, interested suppliers can send me the price list. June 18 Contact
e 20852 Nigeria: We are in urgent need of chain-saw block extraction machine at quarry as well as diamond wire block cutting machine at quarry. Tel. 2348025......June 18 Contact
e 20851 USA: We are a importer of roofing slate and tiles. We are based in Houston, TX, USA and are interested in a reliable source of high quality roofing slate meeting ASTM standards. Please e mail me info so we can proceed.  Need 12 x 18" , 12 x 20 or 12" x Random roofing slate in following colors: Grey, Green, Purple, multicolor, black. FOB Port Of Houston. 5 containers at a time. June 18 Contact
e 20850: I am interested in Italian granite/marble Tea Rose, Italian Rose, Breccia Pernice. My home number is: 512-77......I am not sure on the amount of granite I'll need yet. I am trying to get rough estimates together for when we start building, which should be within about 4 months. June 17 Contact
e 20849 USA: Need Basalt rock dust or # 10 Sand (although not limestone dust) that has a high mineral content - used for gardening purposes
Ideally, I could pick up bagged samples or small quantities myself; when we've determined this is the right product we will order larger
quantities - like truckloads. I want to buy from the Georgia or Tennessee area. I want to buy NOW! I can finalize a supplier immediately. I can place an order as soon as Monday the 19th June. Tel: (727) 44.....June 17 Contact
e 20848 India: We are dealers of marble situated at Kanpur, India. We require imported marble but f.o.r. Bombay or any other port. Ph:09336......June 17 Contact
e 20847 USA: Retail: Can you please quote a price for two 12" diameter black marble balls? My phone number is 419-29.....June 17 Contact
e 20846 USA: Retail: Need 1 slabs of Giallo Santa Cecilia - what is the price for one slab shipping to the NW Seattle dock? One slab. 3 cm x 96" x 48". Tel: (425) 33.....June 16 Contact
e 20845 Korea: I want to know the price for marble st.thomas lila 2cm random slabs. Telephone: +82-2-224..... June 16 Contact
e 20844 Canada: I am a stone carver in Canada who is looking for black granite boulders. I am interested in prices for a container and per boulder. I am interested in rocks that have one flat level side to stand on and are approximately 6 ft tall x 3 ft x 3ft. My phone # is 250 88.....June 16 Contact
e 20843 USA: I have a construction materials distributorship. At present I am looking for absolute black marble. Could you please send me a price quote of 2cm and 3cm slabs for Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Please send me specifications. If the pricing is competitive, I will need a sample of the material. June 16 Contact
e 20842: My company would like to buy CAT325 or CAT320B accordingly. Could you please send us the details of the machine? June 16 Contact
e 20841 USA: Retail: We are trying to find a piece of black granite to use as a stand for a piece of sculpture. It needs to be approximately 12” x 4” x 4”. Tel: (407) 93.....June 15 Contact
e 20840 USA: Retail: I found a tile that I like. It was more than I want to spend. I need 275sq. ft. Can I buy wholesale on that size? 12X24 Tile color is M210 crema Marfil select. My phone number is 301 29.....June 15 Contact
e 20839 Syria: Send my catalog for working water jet machine. Tel: 00963935......June 15 Contact
e 20838 Germany: We are looking for the following machinery: 
1) one used Excavator Cat 320 1995-2000
2) one Wheel Loader Cat 966 1995-2000
You may please tell us the following question 
1. availability of machine.
2. Year of construction of machine 
3. If any technical inspection certificate e.g.OSHA exist with the machine.
4. Exact location to visit
5. Final price
6. Type of payment i.e. L/C, cash
7. Type of delivery, FOB or Ex-Location
8. Their interest to ship the machine to Caracas
Phone: +49-2166-1......June 15 Contact
e 20837 Ireland: Retail: I am trying to source Sahara White Granite in 3cm for a Counter Top. Do you know of any suppliers in Ireland. Telephone: 056-77.....June 15 Contact
e 20836 India: We need two containers of South African Nero impala granite rough blocks. Please send your block list and price list to us at the earliest. Telephone: 94433..... June 15 Contact
e 20835: I am interested in hardscape / Landscape stones. We are located in Southeast Asia, may we know if your respective office got a regional agent/office in southeast Asia as it is more convenient during shipment. Tel : 67324.....June 15 Contact
e 20834 USA: Do you have a Brazilian Granite by the name of Dali's Dream? June 15 Contact
e 20833 USA: I am looking for white onyx slabs at least 100x200x2 cm and am willing to buy from Italy, Iran, India, China, Turkey, South America, or Africa. I need 45 slabs in the above size or comparable sizes to equal 600 square feet. I am ready to buy NOW. I need prices, delivery options, and lead times to finalize a supplier. I would like to finalize this within 1 month. Direct Cell Phone: 001-480-25.....June 15 Contact
e 20832: We are looking the cat 966E. Kindly send the photos and the best price.  June 15 Contact
e 20831 USA: Retail: I am trying to locate about 150 sq feet of verde quetzel, honed, 12" x 12". Please advise if you have this item in stock and the price, including shipping to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Tel: 603 33.....June 15 Contact
e 20830 Pakistan: We are interested Laser Wire Cutting. Interested supplier may contact without any hesitation. Mobile: 0092-321-40..... June 14 Contact
e 20829: We are interesting in buying Caterpillar 950E and 950B. Kindly send me the detail information with pics. June 14 Contact
e 20828 CZECH REPUBLIC: Our company produces fireplaces stoves. We buy from Finland´s company Speckstein / talc for our stoves and we have interest of other company which producing speckstein/talc too. TEL: 00420 412 3......June 14 Contact
e 20827: I want to purchase used machines for tiles, if you can supply let me know. Phone 00291.1.1.....June 14 Contact
e 20826 USA: Do you have some of this material available. I need what we call 5/8 inch rainbow rock. Is this the same as Colorado river rock? I need about 840 pounds. Cell: 210-55......June 14 Contact
e 20825 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a granite supplier in the Boston area who sells Tropical Green, Hassan, Yak and Seaweed from India. I am re-doing my kitchen and need a dark green. Telephone: 781-64......June 14 Contact
e 20824 UK: We need:   
Specification 1: Crema Marfil tiles 305x305, 400x400, 600x400, 600x600 & 900x600 
Specification 2: Crema Moca tiles 900x600x20mm 
Specification 3: Crema Moca Slabs 20mm thick, 30mm thick, 40mm thick and 50mm thick 
Geographical purchasing area: any where in Europe but preferably country of origin. 
Buying process stage we are looking for a supplier for the above specifications when we find a supplier to work with we want to move very quickly as we have a customer who wants to order 1 container a month of each of the crema moca items. 
Before we can finalise a supplier we need to agree on pricing and receive samples. We hope to place an order by the 7th July. Tel: 0870 33.....June 14 Contact
e 20823 Kuwait: We want to buy some cranes. Telephone: 009652.....  June 13 Contact
e 20822 Trinidad and Tobago: I reperesent a wholesale buyer established in Trinidad and Tobago. We have seen Brazilian granites. Would like your prompt quotation on following brasilian granites: 
50 m2 brasil flower
50 m2 butterfly green
25 m2 carioca gold
50 m2 giallo antico
50 m2 goias pink
50 m2 indian black
50 m2 itaipu red
50 m2 kinawa
50 m2 santa cecilia classic
Also please send price list of other brasilian granites. Telephone: (58-281) 26.....June 13 Contact
e 20821 Singapore: I have a few inquiry for granite for a project here in Singapore, hope you can give me a your most competitive prices. 
Green Maritaca Granite
1) 600 x 600 x 25mm (Honed) (Flamed) - 4,000m2
2)1800 x 1800 x 350mm (Polish) - 5 nos
3) 300 x 300 x 50mm (flamed) - 200 m2
4) 600 x 200 x 100mm (Flamed) - 200 m2
5) 600 x 150 x 20mm (Honed) (Flamed) - 320m2
Giallo Veneziano Granite
1) 300 x 300 x 20mm (Flamed) (Honed) - 1,450m2
Ruby Red Granite
1) 300 x 300 x 20mm (Flamed) - 150m2
Capao Bonito Granite
1) 300 x 300x 20mm (Flamed) - 250m2
Giallo Reale
1)300 x 300 x 20mm (Flamed) - 1500m2 
Tel: +65 902.....June 13 Contact
e 20820 USA: We are a retail and wholesale dealer with 2 locations. We have a store in South Carolina and in Maine. We sell natural stone of all types both domestic and foreign as well as a variety of concrete landscaping products. We are continually looking for new sources for stone and would appreciate any help in this area. Tel: 864 24.....June 13 Contact
e 20819 USA: I am a Project Manager with a Marble and Granite shop. I need Five 2cm Missouri Red Slabs delivered to St. Louis. Polished would work but sand blasted is preferred. Please let me know what options we have. Tel: 314-57.....June 13 Contact
e 20817 USA: I'm looking for information on brand name/model lathe for turning marble stone. The lathe ideally would handle columns (4' length, 2' diam), as well as  spheres (up to 16"). Call (970) 96..... June 13 Contact
e 20816 USA: Can you get white & pink marble tiles, sometimes called "Cherry Blossom," "Cream Jade," "Grey Cloud," "Bordo Grizo" or "Arabescato" This tile marble has a very white background, not grey, not cream-colored. It's from the earlier quarrying of the site, and is maybe 10 years old. Please let me know where, how much, etc., preferably in Northern California, U.S.A. I can actually see (before purchasing) this marble tile.  June 12 Contact
e 20815 USA: Do you have pre-drilled basalt columns for water fountains? If so, could you let me know the price with shipping to zip code 84501?  June 12 Contact
e 20814 Portugal: Please quote for Waterjet machine. Tel: (351) 2143.....  June 12 Contact
e 20813 USA: I am looking for stone panels and flagstone mats made of quartzite, slate and sandstone. June 12 Contact
e 20812 India: We are interested to buy one second hand Gangsaw for marble and granite. Please quote. FAX: 033 224.....June 12 Contact
e 20811: WHAT IS THE WHOLESALES PRICE FOR 00460009 FLOATING BALL FOUNTAIN. Telephone: 93764..... June 12 Contact
e 20810 Malaysia: We are interested to purchase fine quartz powder of white colour. The size we are looking for is 15 microns,30 microns and 45 microns. Can you quote me ex works or CIF Pasir Gudang in Malaysia. Kindly let me know your full detailed specifications as well. If it meets our specifications. We would like to have about 200 gms sample each for full analysis. Office Tel: 65-686.....June 12 Contact
e 20809 India: PLEASE SEND RATES FOR ROSSO LAVANTO BLOCKS. Telephone: 0091 98980.....June 12 Contact
e 20808 China: We are Chinese trading company producing stone products. We are looking for Oman origin marbles and would like to make a contact with this company. TEL: (0086) 595-22...... June 12 Contact
e 20807 Pakistan: We want to purchase following machinery on FOR Peshawar basis. Kindly send us budgetary prices as soon as possible for incorporating in the Project Proposal/PC-I and oblige: 
1. Laser Engraving Machine for making of printing cylinders 1 No.
2. CNC High precession universal cylindrical grinding machine 1 No.
3. CNC Lathes 2 Nos.
4. CNC Turning center with milling attachments 1 No.
6. CNC machining center 1 No.
7. CNC heavy duty surface grinding machine with permanent magnet size 600 x 400 mm 1 No.
8. Planner size 20’x6’ 1 No.
9. Tool and cutter grinding machine 1 No.
10. Gas-fired Heat Treatment Furnace 1 No.
11. Induction Hardening Furnace 1 No.
12. Electrostatic Painting Machine with baking oven 1 No.
13. Surface Treatment Plant for Chrome plating 1 No.
14. Fork Lifter Diesel 1 No.
15. Hydraulic Hand Lifter 1 No. 
Cell: 0300 83.....June 11 Contact
e 20806 USA: Retail: We are also looking for Skyros B Marble Tiles, only need a few (or as many as 100 sq. feet). Do you know where these might be available? They have a very, very white background, with purpleish/ pinkish veins, some grey also, but mostly start white. Tel: (916) 96.....June 11 Contact
e 20805 USA: Retail: I am looking for the material that Disney uses in their animal kingdom park Boneyard playground. It appears to be a polished pea gravel. I need enough to fill a play area. June 11 Contact
e 20804 India: Want External Router machine to make 3D engraving of both male and female type dye in metals and wood. Telephone: 2413......June 11 Contact
e 20803 Bangladesh: We are readymade garments washing plant in Bangladesh. we do all kind of garments wash (enzyme, bleach, sweater dyeing & stone, batik etc) wash. We need pumice stone 2-3, 3-5 . we are interest business with you. Please send us sample as soon as  possible. Phone :880189.......June 11 Contact
e 20802: Please quote with images and specks for Kawasaki loaders. My tel. no. is :0096478010.....June 10 Contact
e 20801 Bangladesh: We introduce our self as a renown marble, Granite & natural stone importer from abroad. Please offer us your best price for White marble and beige colour marble. Terms of price C&F Chittagong, Bangladesh. Our required size of marble Tiles 60x30 cm thickness 12 mm/20 mm & 70 mm and slabs thickness 17 mm/20 mm. Phone: 00 88 02 81.....June 10 Contact
e 20800 USA retail: Looking for a 40x18 brown with white flecks marble top for a dresser I have. No beveled edge and it is 3/4 inch thick.  Ph. 812 66..... June 10 Contact
e 20799 USA: We are interested in finding 5 slabs of Verde Peacock with a large amount of gold veins. We also prefer a lighter shade of green, such as evergreen---not the dark, blue green. My phone number is: 602-58.....June 10 Contact 
e 20798 USA: Please quote for marble and granite slabs and tiles. Please provide us with the type of stone sizes prices and production time. Phone 323 93...... June 10 Contact 
e 20797 USA: Looking for 1 inch Black granite By at least 4" by 6" Pieces looking for prices & contact person.  June 10 Contact 
e 20796: I am interested in purchasing a block of limestone. The size specifics are not fixed at this point but are somewhat contingent on a price estimate. I need to know, in rough terms, what the given volume of a block means in weight.  June 10 Contact
e 20795 USA: I am looking for 10 to 20 slabs of Kota Blue, polished, depending on the size. Do you have any in the northeast states of USA? I need the slabs as soon as possible. June 9 Contact
e 20794 Vietnam: We are a trading company in Viet Nam, specializing in trading construction equipment, we are looking for some kinds of below mentioned equipment for our customer: 
- wheel loader 1.7 CBM and 2.2 CBM bucket, year 1986-1994 ( 02 units)
- Excavator 0.3 CBM and 0.5 CBM bucket year 1986- 1994 ( 02 units)
- Dozer please introduce more details 4 models you have posted on internet.
** other equipment if you have, give us your list for reference. Please give us your basic information , pictures price CIF to Viet Nam soon as you can. Tel: ++84-8-51.....June 9 Contact
e 20793 Mozambique: Please quote us the following equipment: 
Please, quote us second hand machinery, as mentioned on your website, the following reference:
2(two) Drilling machines (MOTORIZED) with 300 or 500mm diameter and 1300mm length 
Granite Block cutter PEDRINI-M530- Reconditioned machine
Granite Calibrating machine PEDRINI-M541/400- Reconditioned machine
Marble and granite slabs polishing machine TERZAGO- PG 212- Reconditioned machine
Granite slabs polishing machine Breton-LIVIBRETON KG 200/17-Reconditioned machine
Bushammering /Flamming machine pellegrini -FBT 25 
Tel-Fax +258 242.....June 9 Contact
e 20792 Singapore: We urgently require GD305; GD355; GD405; GD505; GD605. Mobile No: +65-963.....June 9 Contact
e 20791: I WANT TO KNOW PRICE OF 80 DISC GANGSAW. June 9 Contact
e 20789 USA: I am looking for a granite called Macadamia. A customer has a little sample which they think looks like Santa Cecelia. Tel: 325-48.....June 8 Contact
e 20788 USA: Retail: I am looking for 16 square feet of lagos azul (lagos blue) limestone tiles. I would prefer mosaic size 2"x2" or smaller but 4" would also work. I am in the San Francisco California area and ready to buy immediately. Tel: 415-99......June 8 Contact
e 20787 Australia: Could I get a picture of the stone cutting machine that you have in price list 1175 the specification number is RQ300 Code number 3101. June 8 Contact
e 20786 India: I would like to get details of a Sile stone distributor in India. We are a developer based in Bangalore, India. June 8 Contact
e 20785: Please quote for Chinese marble and granite. June 8 Contact
e 20784: We are looking for blocks of tropic brown material. Tel: +3021066......June 8 Contact
e 20783 Australia: Need 300 sqm of 600 x 600 white limestone floor tiles from any area. Need to buy NOW. Approved samples required and will send representative to inspect product when being packed. Expect to place an order within 3 weeks. Tel: 61 – 04145.....June 8 Contact
e 20782: I am interested to know the price of DR8 machine. Can you send the description? June 8 Contact
e 20781 Saudi Arabia: Can you quote us your best price for the attached marble quantities? Tel. 00966 1 4......June 8 Contact
e 20780 New Zealand: We are a company in New Zealand and we would like to import container load of 3cm granite slabs from Norway and Brazil. Please send us your most competitive product and pricelist per square meter. Also include slab dimensions. We are interested in importing a 20Ton container load of 3cm thick Brazillian and Norwegian granite slabs. The granite from Norway that we are interested are Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl and more. The brazillian colours that we are interested in are Biancco Paris, Bianco Romano, Bianco Sardo, Californian Brown, green marinache, giallo santa Helena and other popular colors. Phone: (649) 52.....June 8 Contact
e 20779 USA: I am interested in a Chinese granite called bain brook brown. How can I see a photo, obtain sample, find out pricing, shipping, quantity available, etc???? What tile sizes is it available in? Tel: 941-35.....June 8 Contact
e 20778 USA: I am looking for a distributor of rhyolite – do you know of any? At the moment I would just like a sample, but we are considering the stone for the 310,000sf for a courthouse we are designing. tel 212.62.....June 7 Contact
e 20777 Bosnia: We are the company from Bosnia and Herzegowina (south east Europe) and we are dealers of construction equipment. We are interested in used machines of only Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hyundai manufacturers. We want offer with costs of transportation to port in Croatia where these machines could be unloaded (under paritiy DEQ) or prices offer under parity FOB some port in Japan. Tel: 00387 39 6.....June 7 Contact
e 20776 QATAR: You are kindly requested to send us your best price for CREMA MARFIL 90 x 90 2cm and 3cm polished (1st choice). Qty. 2000 sqm. Telephone: 0974-46..... June 7 Contact
e 20775 Turkey: One of our customers is looking for used BULLDOZER D8R. Could you please advise more information about this machine and the price? tel: +90 216 36.....June 7 Contact
e 20774: I import Natural Pebble Tiles and loose Pebble Stone for landscaping and I would like information on suppliers. Currently I purchase through Indonesia but I am looking to diversify my suppliers. The following is a recent order and I would be looking for the following quantities every 3 months. Please advise your contacts I am looking for pricing and availability and shipping costs to Portland, ME USA. I am open for suppliers to respond with pricing. Please also have them indicate length of time for shipping and cost of a 20 foot container. Phone: 603-79.....June 7 Contact
e 20773: I need relevant information on all the quarrying equipments & pictures of these equipments for a standard quarry plant. June 7 Contact
e 20772 Egypt: We are interested in white marble blocks (2nd or 3rd quality). Please send us your price list. Tel.: 002 03 38.....June 7 Contact
e 20771 : Need 50,000 sq ft of tunas green 12x12x3/8. Please send your best price. June 7 Contact
e 20770 USA: We are a distributor in Peoria, Arizona U.S.A. We are looking for a new supplier of travertine Dark, Medium and Light 1st quality only Honed and filled 18 x 18 / 24 x 24. We would like to see photos of your stone as well as production time and pricing. 2 containers of each- 8 containers to start. Then 5 to 7 containers per month FOB your port- Turkey. We will provide our Fed-Ex account number for samples. Please email me if you can supply some or all of these tiles, as we would like to schedule an appointment to meet with you at your facilities next month. June 7 Contact
e 20769 Pakistan: We are in the market for used good condition or complete new Terrazzo/Mosaic Tile Plant, tel: +92-42-66.....June 7 Contact
e 20768 USA: I am looking for 'river washed' or 'brushed' granite tiles for my great room remodel. I am mainly interested in lighter colors with beige tones. I am near Seattle, Washington USA. Phone is 425-83...... I want about 800 sq foot. I would prefer buying from the Seattle, Wa area but would consider Oregon and California. I am still trying to locate this product and would want to see samples and company info before purchasing. I need to have the product available by late 2006. June 7 Contact
e 20767 Vietnam: We are looking for Pumice Stone from suppliers experienced exporting to the Asia market. We have a big order on that item that look like a good feature for developing and controlling this market. High quality standards and reliable delivery schedules are both very important to our company. We ask that you provide us with a formal quotation (CIF HOCHIMINH City) along with your latest product catalog. Prefer to receive the following information:
- CIF prices (for minimum order quantity)
- Delivery time
- Minimum order quantity. June 7 Contact
e 20766 India: I want to purchase White Makarana marble. What will be per sq. ft price? June 7 Contact
e 20765 USA: Could you recommend a source for the Jura limestone's from Germany? I am working on a specification for special dimensions and need to make contact as soon as possible with a supplier. June 7 Contact
e 20764 USA: retail: I am interested in purchasing some Mexican marble. I have bought a house that has an existing marble that is called ROSA SALMON-light. I need to make some repairs the existing marble is 16" x 16". I am looking for 20 or so pieces. June 7 Contact
e 20763 USA: Trying to find a limestone source within 500 miles of San Francisco. Phone: 925.37.....June 7 Contact
e 20762 USA: Looking for supplier for a big landscaping job involving cobbles, pavers and steps. Telephone: 631 54.....June 7 Contact
e 20761 USA: Retail: I am looking for 1 1/4 thick or 3/4 thick pietra di bordonia, in NewJersey or New York. June 6 Contact
e 20760 Cameroon: I am looking for a very good condition D8 CAT Bulldozer to be shipped to Douala port in Cameroon – Northern Africa. 
This machine should ideally have Low Mileage – about 3000hrs and must have swap tires which must also be in a good condition. Please advise what your price would be on this vehicle as we need to purchase it ASAP. Tel - +27 (0) 21 55.....June 6 Contact
e 20759 Sri Lanka: We are interested on the Canada. June 6 Contact 
e 20758 Ghana: We deals in imports of ceramic wall & floor tiles, we have interest in doing business with your company, however we are looking for 20ft container trial offer of ceramic wall & floor tiles to see how your products can move faster in our market to enable us come in for big order. Sizes of our interest are wall tiles: 20x30 
floor tiles: 12''x12'',13''x13'',16''x16'',18''x18'' 
We would be happy if you could send quantity of 1500square meters for wall tiles and 1500square meters for floor tiles, we hope to hear a good response from you. Tel. 2332446.....June 6 Contact 
e 20757 Iran: Please inform me rate stone Absolute Black with dim:180 x 60 x 4 cm if you have this stone. We have a request for buy a kinds of stone with the following: 
Stone Name: Black Galaxy
1 container 20 feet 
Dim: 120*60*2 cm and 120*80*2 cm 
Stone Name: Absolute Black 
1 container 20 feet
Dim: 180*60*4 cm 
Stone Name: Blue Pearl
1container 20 feet
Dim:40*40*2 cm 
Medium green marble stone
Dim:60*180-220*1.8-2 cm
Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stones. Tel: +9821 441.....June 6 Contact 
e 20756 Australia: We require a quotation to supply the following: 
1) Venetian Gold Granite Wall Cladding - Size 600mm x 1200mm x 30mm - Volume 600M2
2) Venetian Gold Split Face Cobbles (rough finish) - Size 100mm x 100mm x 50mm - Volume 300M2
Project starts in 2 months. Phone: +61 2 882.....June 6 Contact 
e 20754 USA: My company designs and installs cantera stone in Arizona. We are looking for fabricators who can handle sending 2-3 trucks of carved product per month. Tel: 480-99.....June 5 Contact 
e 20753 USA: I need about 11 to 13 yards of pea gravel delivered. I live in Hickory Creek, Texas 75065. How much would that cost delivered? June 5 Contact 
e 20752: We need quotation on the following Brazilian blocks (FOB US$): Giallo Veneziano, Giallo Vencenza, New Venetian Gold, 
Butterfly Gold.
Above Min. size should be 2.5mX1.5m. My phone no. is 001 954 31.....June 5 Contact 
e 20751 USA: Need 700 slabs of polished Uba Tuba 2 cm. or 3 cm. I need product asap if a proper price can be negotiated. Tel: 239-40.....June 5 Contact 
e 20750 UK: We are UK based company (details below) looking to source Granite worktops from China or India in the dimensions and materials listed below: we are looking for a full 20ft container price. can you please quote us FOB prices to felixstowe. 
Materials: Black Granite, Star galaxy, Emerald Pearl, Kashmir White and Kashmir Gold
3000mm x 750mm Slabs 30mm Thick, one face polished, 3 edges with flat polish 
2000mm x 1400mm Slabs 30mm Thick, one face polished, all four edges with flat polish
Tel: 0113 26.....June 5 Contact 
e 20749: I am interested in a  BRIDGE CUTTER. June 5 Contact 
e 20748 Philippines: We are looking for the supplier of fine and grits limestone. 
1. Pure limestone - no marble added and no foreign matter
2. Calcium Content - Not less than 36%
3. Mesh #8 and Mesh #20 much fine much better
4. ph - not more than 9%
5. Magnesium - not more than 2.5%
Landline : 049-81......June 5 Contact 
e 20747 China: I am the granite manufacturer in China. We need the information about your raw granite Absolute Black granite . Could you send me some information about it? We need the price to XiaMen, China. Telephone: 86-20-809.....June 5 Contact 
e 20746 Bangladesh: We are trading for our customer we are looking for pumice stone used in garments for washing denim material. Size :3-5
Qty: Each month 1x40 FCL, Payment : L/C at sight. Supplier credit report might required. Please reply with the best CNF Chittagong price. June 5 Contact 
e 20745 Israel: I would like to know what would be the price of the Rosa Portugal stone in 60x60 and 80x80cm. We would like to have the price for 150sqm and 300sqm. What colors are available? Tel: 972-3-93.....June 4 Contact 
e 20744 USA: Retail: We like the Canadian Flagstone, but are open to anything that has a nice color pattern or more important durability. We are looking to build a 24 X 14 or 16 patio. Phone number (614) 86.....June 4 Contact 
e 20743 USA: I am considering using Indiana Flagstone to edge around my house here in Central Illinois. I would need around 225 linear feet (tons?). The thickness should be around 2”. I need to figure in 30% wastage. I don’t want a special delivery but if a company is making a delivery in my area perhaps I could benefit from an economy of scale and have a few pallets dropped off.  Tel: 312.67..... June 4 Contact 
e 20742 USA: Need to purchase ASAP in the US a minimum of 720sf of Crema Marfil classic 12x12 HONED. Availability and price? Tel: 312.67..... June 4 Contact 
e 20741 UAE: Kindly advise if you are the manufacturer of the subject Terrazzo/Mosaic Tile Plant. We are in the market for used good condition or complete new plant. June 3 Contact 
e 20740 Singapore: I would like to find Greece Suppliers who could supply Olympos Stripped marble random polished slabs-First choice or optimized cut-to-size polished tiles for the Singapore Market. Could you contact me at 963.....June 3 Contact 
e 20739 Pakistan: We are interested in Importing Marble Block Cutting Machines and Edge Polishing Machines. June 3 Contact 
e 20738 USA: We are looking to find 24 to 30 tons on pallets of light grey select standup large flagstone 1" to 2" . Delivered to job site in Virginia Beach. Need material ASAP.  June 3 Contact 
e 20737 USA: I am looking for 4x4 blank sandstone tiles. June 2 Contact 
e 20736 USA: Please send me an email of up to date materials available and price list of container of granite. Tel 828-49.....June 2 Contact 
e 20735 Australia: We are interested in a price for Palimanan Stone. June 2 Contact 
e 20734: I would like information on your rock quarry machine. June 2 Contact 
e 20733 Australia: I am interested in finding the Angola Gold quarry. June 2 Contact 
e 20732 Mexico: Please quote for a CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE. Tel: 011-52-844-41.....June 2 Contact 
e 20731 USA: I am looking for a Chinese material called “royal light beige” possibly need blocks for a very large monument in Washington DC. 
Could you please forward an image & any technical specifications that are available? Tel: 903.53.....June 2 Contact 
e 20730 USA: We are looking for somebody who sells silver slate in the Chicago area. Tel: (850)65..... June 1 Contact 
e 20729 Canada: Please quote for Granite and marble slabs.  June 1 Contact 
e 20728 Pakistan: I have some orders right ahead to make some designs on marble. I need some stones which I have to insert them in those designs. the names of stones as as under: Rose Quarts, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Rock Crystal. Cell No. +92-300-94..... June 1 Contact 
e 20727: We are interesting by your productions of the Polished Porcelain and Ceramic floor tiles in the size : 300 X 300 - 400 X 400.
Pls send us your general catalogs and your best prices FOB. June 1 Contact 
e 20726 Iran: Please send us your Waterjet machines (High Pressure Pump) characteristics with price list. Telephone: +98 26238.....June 1 Contact 
e 20725 Kuwait: Pls quote for Komatsu D155A - with complete specs and availability.  June 1 Contact 
e 20724 USA: retail: I am based out of LA and need to order 35 sqft of the 12x12 black granite tile. I can be reached at 213-99....
June 1 Contact 
e 20723 Canada: Specs: Custom size such as 122cm x 244cm/ 122cm x 122cm/ Thickness: between 4 and 10 mm, from 3 mm thick if laminated on a ceramic. Application: floor/wall. Products from: Asia, Middle East, Turkey. We are ready to buy large quantity such as : Up to 10 containers per month. So we are looking for a very serious producer/manufacturer who must provide top quality marble responding to our specifications and delivered on a timely manner in Montreal. Depending upon the response to this request, we'd be ready to finalize/place 
an order within the next 2 weeks. Best regards, Ph: 1 514 .......June 1 Contact 
e 20722 USA: Retail:  Want Nero Black. Do you have a So. California, USA outlet for this granite? Telephone: 661-28.....June 1 Contact 
e 20721 USA: Retail: I am looking to do a pool decking of about 700 sq ft. I would like something in a lighter color like a Classic Oak (light tans and pinks).  Do you have this? How much would this quantity cost with and without shipping to Dallas Texas? Tel: 214-56.....June 1 Contact 
e 20720 Kuwait: Looking for a material looks very similar to Kashmir White. Telephone: +965-48.....June 1 Contact 

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.