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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   June 30, 2005
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178 inquiries in June

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 17954 UAE: Machinery: I am looking for used asphalt paving equipment, one piece. FOB, Dubai. Fax: +971 4 27.....June 30 Contact 
e 17953 Italy: I am interested in getting the prices (to sqm) for 3 cm slabs of white marbles italian (Carrara, Acquabianca, ...) and Sivec. June 30 Contact 
e 17952 USA: We are a architectural stone producer and supplier and are very interested in some exotic stones slabs and tiles. June 30 Contact 
e 17951 Ireland: We are trying to source Blue Topaz to be used as a centrepiece in a project. Our tel. no. is +353 45.....June 30 Contact 
e 17950 India: We are building our own houses in Kerala. We would like to buy a truck load of marble and transport it to Kerala. Could you please suggest how to go about it? (what would be the approx cost of transportation and cost of marble)? Also if you could suggest the marble that will be best suited for Kerala. Kerala has a lot of rains and is very humid, the marble should be the kind which is water resistant. June 30 Contact 
e 17949 India: We are interested to get price list for granites slabs and tiles fob Chennai. June 30 Contact 
e 17948 Indonesia: I am looking for marble. particularly in beige colour. In quantity of minimum of one container. Mobile: 62-21-085611..... June 30 Contact 
e 17947 Iraq: Please quote for machinery to manufacture CONCRETE BLOCKS of length (40)cm, width (20)cm, thickness (15)cm and MIXER with Compressing Machine, ITALIAN exclusively according to the our specifications. Our tel no. is 009641 54...... June 30 Contact 
e 17946 Ireland: I am trying to source Turquoise Onyx tiles for a project. Size 12"x12" and 18"x18" Thickness 10 and 12mm full container load.
Tel +353 45 8.....June 30 Contact 
e 17945: We are interested in annaba ivory. The quantity could be larger, it is not decided yet. It depends on its price and its look. Please send its quotation per metre square and photo. Tel: 0090 272 34.....June 29 Contact 
e 17944 Australia: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for a Caterpillar as displayed in ready stock 563. June 29 Contact 
e 17943 Italy: We are a leading company in the field of marble & granite in Verona. And now we are about to import a big quantity of lime stone "beige" color from Egypt. So please if you are producing lime stone kindly provide us with your best prices f.o.p. Blocks gang saw cutting. And slabs 3cm thick. Tel no. : +2012 32.....June 29 Contact 
e 17942: Could you please let me know the price of 60 x 60 x 2cm Antlaya Dynasty beige marble tiles from Turkey. June 29 Contact
e 17941 USA: Retail: Can you give me a "per square foot" price on the absolute black granite and a comparable vein less black marble? Also, what are the minimum orders? June 29 Contact
e 17940: I will like you to please send me pictures of the Nissan dump trucks V8, single axle along with price in US currency. June 29 Contact
e 17939 Ireland: Need 50000 pieces of BLACK SLATE ROOF TILES 250x500cm. Tel. no. is +353 71 91.....June 28 Contact
e 17938: I need to find the marble known as royal oyster. June 28 Contact
e 17937 UK: Email me relevant information on used pavement tiles machinery/suppliers of machinery. My tel. no. is 00447708-0......June 28 Contact
e 17936 India: Please quote rates for gangsaw polished granite slabs: b.galaxy, black, tan brown, steel grey about 3mts x 2mts x 2cm and 3cm ex-factory.  June 28 Contact
e 17935 Turkey: I need price of bottocino semiclassico marble sized 40 x 40 x 2 cm and 40 x 40 x 3 cm polished tiles for a Project. The amount is about 400 sq/m. Also I need Noir saint laurent, 40 x 40 x 2 and 40 x 40 x 3 cm with the amount 600 sq/mt. I also need jerusalem about 1200 sq/mt. with the same sizes. I need urgent prices. I need CIF prices, for Turkey. But if it is not possible, FOB prices are also fine. Tel:+90-232-46.....June 28 Contact
e 17934 Singapore: We are sourcing for natural stones products from Indonesia. Items include marble slabs, tiles and carved items like sandstones, etc. Hardscape natural stones are also in the list of items we want to buy. Please give more info of the suppliers details and websites. June 28 Contact
e 17933 India: We have an urgent requirement of GALAXY GRANITE of 60 cm X 40 cm, thickness 18mm. The sample order shall be for 4000 sq. mtrs and on successful completion, we shall place repeated orders -- each order being of about 25000 - 30000 sq. mtrs.
. Please quote your rock bottom rates on C&F ALMAITY PORT - KUWAIT and UM-QASER - IRAQ. We are in a position to place the order within 48 hours after receipt of your price and acceptance of quality. Hand Phone: 0091 - 94310.....June 28 Contact
e 17932 USA: I am looking for a supplier for mainly brazilian granite to be purchased and sold in the USA. I am looking for containers / slabs. Need supplier in Brazil. Please contact me at 941-53.....June 28 Contact
e 17931 USA: Can you supply white marble to custom builders in Sarasta, Florida?  June 28 Contact
e 17930 USA: Retail: Please quote for 150 sq ft bianco carrara 'd' 24"x24"x3/4". I am in Phoenix, AZ. My tel. no. is 480-62..... June 28 Contact
e 17929 Kuwait: We are looking for Kato or Tadaano Crane, model should be 1996, 1997,1998, 1999 carrying capacity 40 or 50 Tons. June 28 Contact
e 17928 Canada: I would like to have a quotation on 13,000 sq/ft of Kinawa Rose or Paradiso Bash granite tiles - 24 x 14 - 1/2" or 5/8" thickness. Anything that would have a mixture of grey/burgandy veining would be acceptable, Material require about 8/10 weeks. I am in Ontario. Tel. no. is 905-84.....June 27 Contact
e 17926 USA: We specialize in the importation of products for builders. Do you have your complete price list available on a spreadsheet such as MS Excel?  It is much easier for our sales individuals to have the pricing on a consolidated sheet. At this time we are actively seeking the most popular styles of Granite for Kitchen counter tops. Our business is in serving the Contractor or Builder but in many instances the owner is allowed to select which style they prefer. We will be ordering both slabs and pre-fabricated tops from our supplier. Eventually we will be offering styles from all over the world to the client. The more exotic the better. Currently Granite is imported from Brazil and China. Our tel. no. is 251-75.....June 27 Contact
e 17925 Germany: Please quote for travertine and basalt from Armenia. June 27 Contact
e 17924 USA: I am interested in the Breccia Oniciata 1st quality tiles. I need the cost, etc converted to US currency. June 26 Contact
e 17923 USA: I am looking for the above stone distributed by a German Company called Solhofen. June 26 Contact
e 17922 UK: Retail: Can you please find me the best price for 60 x 40cm unfilled classic travertine floor tiles? I will need about 33 sqm and I will need them delivered to me in St.Albans, Herts, England by the beginning of August 2005. My tel no is: 01727 8.....June 25 Contact
e 17921 India: Please quote for Opal Pink. June 25 Contact
e 17920 Taiwan: We are looking for Alta Quartzite stone /green 60*30*2. We might need 5000 sqm for our indoor construction work. Welcome to offer us detailed information with pictures. Tel. 886-2-238.....June 25 Contact
e 17919 USA: I need approximately 800 sq ft of Botticino Fiorito in 18" x 18" with some small tiles for cladding in bathroom. I am in GA. Tel. 912 36.....June 24 Contact
e 17918 USA: Please quote for flagstones as displayed in price list 1192. June 24 Contact
e 17917 USA: Retail: Looking for a supplier in New York city for juperana persia. My tel. no. is 212-60.....June 24 Contact 
e 17916 Canada: I am sculptor working in Canada. I am looking for price for black granite block approx 1m 30cm x 1m 30 x 1m. Could you give me a price on this? June 24 Contact 
e 17915 India: Please send me your brochure and prices for granite / marble slabs/tiles. June 24 Contact 
e 17913 Australia: I am looking for a stone by the name of Pietra Beige or Isernia I believe it is from Italy. June 24 Contact 
e 17912 USA: Please quote for crema marfil tiles. My tel. no. is (503) 2 - 27.....June 23 Contact 
e 17911 Georgia: We are building-architectural company DOKI and our main activity is importing building materials from all over the world. We are interested to place in order natural stone mosaic from China. In connection with that we are looking for company or factory who will supply us with such material with a very competitive and acceptable price. In connection with it we would like to have following information:
fob prices (for minimum order quantity)
- minimum order quantity
- sample availability/cost
- delivery time
Particularly we are interested in: 
1. handmade ceramic tiles
2. terracotta tiles
3. mosaic field tiles, liners and borders from natural stones and ceramics
4. field tiles from natural stones/travertine, tuff, felsite, marble, basalt, granite, onyx/5. decorative art mosaics from natural stones and ceramics.
6. tiles, liners and decos from river rocks/beach pebbles/please, manufacturers only, contact us as soon as possible. Need good manufacturer to place regular orders. 
Please kindly let us know the following details:
* best price FOB poti Georgia.
* different packaging ways available for choice.
* defective rate and quality policy. Please send us catalogue as well. Phone/fax: + (99532) 9......June 23 Contact 
e 17910 USA: I am looking for approx. 600 sq/ft of a 16" x 16" Andino Light Travertine w/ a honed finish. Looking for a West Coast source. June 23 Contact 
e 17909 USA: retail: I am looking for a reddish brown fossil marble with orthoceras and nautilis fossils to display behind my cooktop above the backsplash, approximately a 3' x 4' area. I haven't been able to find any in the San Francisco Bay Area slabs or tiles. June 23 Contact 
e 17908 Canada: Looking for stone medallions, stone sinks, marble inlays. June 23 Contact 
e 17907 MAURITIUS: We are looking for a water jet cutting machine. Tel. 230 2...... June 22 Contact 
e 17906 Ukraine: We are looking for the company - manufacturer, which could supply us MARBLE road -metal decorative white color fraction 40-60 mm at quantity of 180 MT monthly. Could you kindly inform us about possibility to supply us this product, the certificates of quality and price with your conditions of delivery? tel. 38 0562 3.....June 22 Contact
e 17905 Spain: We are looking for buy +/- 1000 m2 of Marble called American Gold. Tel. No. is 00+34+6209.....June 22 Contact
e 17904: We are in need of 20,000 cu.m. Basalt stone J-I, 3/4, 3/8 . Please send quotation per cu. m. as soon as possible. Or call us at 0919-81.....June 22 Contact
e 17903 USA: Retail: Interested in doing kitchen & back porch and approximately 600 feet of terrazo or a non slip good looking surface. June 22 Contact
e 17902 Israel: Send to me catalog for diamond tools. June 22 Contact
e 17901: Looking for a water-jet cutting machine. June 22 Contact 
e 17900 Belgium: I a a sculptor looking for French Limestone. Looking for very low quantities compared to industrial consumers: I'm a Brussels, Belgium-based sculptor looking for Pierre de France - or Pierre de Caen. Not sure what the industry name for these stones is - they're typical French creamy-white (slightly ochre sometimes) fine grained limestone. Semi-firm Pierre de Caen is what I'm really looking for as it's ideal for sculpting - I just want to know where I can find some. June 21 Contact 
e 17899: Earthmoving Machines: I am looking for d6h bulldozers. June 21 Contact 
e 17898 USA: I AM LOOKING FOR OSSO TRAVERTINO 12X12. June 21 Contact 
e 17897 UK: I am interested to contact a marble company from Spain that sells the following marble colours: Amarillo, Crema marfil, Verde macael, Bianco and Negro. Also interested in medium beige travertine. The phone number is +44 7802 2.....June 21 Contact 
e 17896 Russia: We are interested to buy Chinese slate and quartzite. Kindly send your price-list, web-link, company info, etc. Our company specialized at slate and quartzite, we are direct buyers of slate worldwide: Brasil, India, Italy, Norway, S.Africa. Now we are searching for the reliable supplier from China. Tel./fax: +7 095 41.....June 20 Contact
e 17895 Saudi Arabia: We are in the field of contracting and construction, plus we have a specialization in the interior designing, and we are operating in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. We found some beautiful marbles, especially Tea Rose. A, B, C. Further, we would like to add, that we have a Hotel Project. Therefore you are kindly requested to quote us for the (Tea Rose A B C). We required these marbles in the size of (60 x 60 x 2cm). And, please send us the samples for the same as we have to represent them in our presentation for the Hotel Project. We look forward to see an appropriate way to acquire these above mentioned item. Find enclosed the Images of Marbles in above attachment. Tel: 00966 3 89.....June 20 Contact
e 17894 Philippines: Please quote on our requirements supply and delivery to Manila for the following items:
1. KERB Stone 
My requirements is 
125 x 300 x 1000 = 500.00 pcs.
200 x 300 x 1000 = 300.00 pcs
The color is cement color. My telephone no. is 632- 92.....June 20 Contact
e 17893 Pakistan: We are interested in polishing machine. Please send us information about an marble tiles polishing machine. Tel: 00924376.....June 19 Contact
e 17892 Egypt: Looking for used marble quarry machines in good condition. Prices to be FOB in US Dollars. Tel :+20 2 27.....June 19 Contact
e 17891: Monument: retail: I am looking for granite or marble obelisk for a cemetery head stone, wish to have it approx 4 ft tall with 1 ft square at the base. If there are other sizes that are standard please let me know as this will be my marker and set in place prior to my death. June 19 Contact
e 17890 USA: Stone Processing Machine: We are a new shop in the Virginia area seek a used gantry saw for immediate purchase. Please contact me with any available saws. Tel. no. is 804-23..... June 18 Contact
e 17889 USA: I am interested in the T Bar diamond wheel dresser. Please send photograph and price. June 18 Contact
e 17888: I want to know the prices of all types of marbles blocks per tons F.O.B port.  June 18 Contact 
e 17887 Egypt: We are very much interested in purchasing 5-10 containers of each item of the following Marbles and Granites in 2 and 3 cm slabs (Polished or unpolished). I hope you can provide us with your quotation of price for these products at your earliest convenience. Prices could be FOB at a seaport of your choice. The items are: 
1- Rojo Alicante Marble (from Spain).
2- Rosa Portogallo Marble.
3- Perlato Sicilia Marble (from Italy).
4- Ruby Red Granite (from India).
5- Grigio Sardo Granite (from Sardinia).
6- Rosa Porrino Granite (from Spain). Tel: +2-02-26......June 17 Contact 
e 17886 USA: I need to find a supplier of white and blue flat pebbles (007-0015) in large quantities. What would be the cost to with shipping to my business in North Alabama, USA? June 17 Contact 
e 17885 Australia: Looking for quality porcelain tiles suppliers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand or any other country other than china for a large project. The requirement is about 100,000 sq.m of tiles. The colors required are biege, whites with patterns and stone look. June 17 Contact 
e 17884 Pakistan: Quarry machine: I am looking for partner to modernise my quarry of marble and granite in Pakistan. Tel. no. is 51.44.....June 17 Contact 
e 17883 USA: We are a new company located in New York Queens. We are looking for two slabs of Juparano Florencia, and two of shivakashi. Can you please let us know the price and the time to take for deliver? June 17 Contact 
e 17882 India: I want to purchase a waterjet cutting machine for vitrified tiles cutting. I want the size of machine is 24"x24"x25mm depth. June 16 Contact 
e 17881 Philippines: Where can I find Basaltina Stone supplier in Asia Pacific? June 16 Contact 
e 17880 UAE: Earthmoving Machine: We need urgently Wheel Loader Caterpiller 950E. Please contact me and send me its complete information with FOB Karachi Prices and Manufacturer list of Turbo Charger only in Taiwan. June 16 Contact 
e 17879 Germany: we look for a very bright Roman Travertine Size 20 cm broad, 30.40 +50 cm long, thickly 10mm. Qty. is 45 sqm. Tel. no. is 07131.7.....June 16 Contact
e 17877 UK: I am seeking a supplier of basalt sand, with a specific gravity of 3.0Kg/L, Average grain diameter 260 microns. Can you please send us the price, supply time, payment terms etc. To begin with, we require less than 10L but in the future if all goes well, we will require several hundred litres. Tel: 0207 62.....June 15 Contact
e 17876 China: We need India White granite blocks about 130M3 in urgent. Ecl: Indian white photo. Tel: 0086-532-850.....June 15 Contact
e 17875 Canada: Quarry Machinery: Looking for hydraulic stone splitter. Tel. no. 604-55.....June 15 Contact
e 17874 USA: Retail: I live in Houston, Texas and I am looking to put 800 feet of Crab Orchard Stone in my home. Where do I find this stone and can a regular tile guy install it and is it going to hold up to three wild boy's? I was going to use Travertine but I am worried about the keeping it up. June 15 Contact
e 17873 Nigeria: I am interested in buying large quantity of nero absoluto tiles for personal use, not business. June 14 Contact
e 17872 Sri Lanka: I have an urgent requirement for Pedras Salgadas around 10000 sqm of 60 x 60 x 20 cut to size. Also need San gabriel 60 x 45 x 20 around 4000 sqm. Geoprano Cienna type granite for counter tops. Need some information about lime stones has got a requirement for 3000 sqm. Please send for all above the pictures and the prices with the country of origin. Its one project full project. I need reply top urgent. Mobile - 00947776.....June 14 Contact
e 17871: I am starting a search for lava rock to build a BBQ Grill. Is there anywhere in the Tampa, Fl area I can purchase Lava rock. The size I need ranges from softball to football size lava rock. My tel. no. 813-68.....I am looking for softball to football size rock (nothing small). I think I will need may be 250 pounds but I am not sure because it will depend on the size of the rocks. I am looking for volcanic rock to build an IMU or underground oven that Pacific Islanders use to cook pig underground. I have heard that some rock may be poisonous. I did get an inquiry back that told me any volcanic rock will do. Basalt is a good choice but any think I can use will be good for me. June 14 Contact
e 17870 Vietnam: Earthmoving machine: We are looking for PC450-6, PC750-6, PC800-6...Please advise. Tel: 0084 4 93..... June 14 Contact
e 17869 Australia: I need to now prices per sqm for raw silk ivory, quarella beige capri and shanxi black with 600mm thick 20mm. June 14 Contact
e 17868 Russia: We are stone processing company in Russia. We need the prices from the possible suppliers from China for the diamond segments for the solid granite cutting. Tel. (34-22) 2......June 14 Contact
e 17867 India: Please quote for diamond cutting tools. June 14 Contact
e 17866 Canada: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles. June 14 Contact
e 17865 USA: I need one block of MARBLE 1.5 X 1.5 X 2 FEET. How much is the price for one block, of the following types (plus shipping to California USA): ege brown, rosso laguna, rosso carpazi, verdello trento. I am an artist who got an order to do something from a red/brown marble. The stone does not come from the USA, so I have no place I can obtain one. Maybe somebody would consider selling just one blockI am in CA. Tel. no. is 650 34.....June 14 Contact
e 17864 Pakistan: Earthmoving machine: We are looking to buy following equipments immediately:
1) Used Hitachi EX200-1 Crawler Excavator, Should be 40000UP Serial number. Buying range JPY 2.85 M C&F Karachi. U/C should be more then 50%
2) Used Hino or Nissan Dump Trucks. Should be 6 Cylinder Engine. Must be 1987 or UP models. 
3) CAT 950B WHEEL LOADER. If you have above units or can source kindly offer us with photos and C&F Karachi prices. 
TEL: +9230020.....June 14 Contact
e 17863 Egypt: Please quote for marble blocks:
Greece: Santa Helena, Travertine Light, Travertine wall nut, Sky Ros sun rise, Golden Spider, Peatelican, Ego Rosa.
Italy: Ambrato, Botticino Classico, Nuvolato, Serpentino Mermifera
Iran: Scabas Rosa, Persian Red, Golden
Spain: Emperador
Photo and including ton price, cubic meter price from stone pit and free on board (F.O.B). Tel: 57 .....June 14 Contact
e 17862: Please quote with details for francia rosso marble blocks. June 14 Contact
e 17861: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote with photos for excavators DCAT D8L & CAT.D6H LGP.  Tel. No. is 0023480370.....June 13 Contact
e 17860 USA: I am an interior designer putting together a new product file. Please send me all brochures on each and every product you sell. I am in Chicago. June 13 Contact
e 17859 PUERTO RICO: Please send me catalog of you products. June 13 Contact
e 17858 Nigeria: We deal in granite tiles and and slabs. Please quote for tan brown and columbo juparana. Size is 30.5 x 61 x 1cm. We will buy two containers. Chinese granite: G623, G617, G682, SURF WHITE AND TIGER YELLOW THE SIZE IS 30 X 60 1.3CM thickness. THEN TELL US THE PRICES IN SLABS 65 X 240 X 1.8CM. HOW MANY SQ M2 CAN YOU LOAD IN A 20FT CONTAINER? WE WANT TO KNOW THE PRICE IN BOTH SLABS AND TILES. Tel. no. is 234-80341.....June 13 Contact
e 17857 Brazil: Honey Comb: Looking for a supplier of special products for application in elevators, that is with thickness of stones of 4 millimeters, and with reinforcement in aluminum. My tel. / fax no. is 055-11-327..... June 13 Contact
e 17856 Singapore: Ceramic: I am looking for big speckles homogeneous tile manufacture in Indonesia. The material is also known as Granito in Portugal. Please reply if you have any information about the material mention above. Tel : ( 65 ) 6 29.....June 13 Contact
e 17855 Saudi Arabia: I am interested in blue eyes granite tiles 30x30 or 40 x 40 1cm thickness and 2 cm thickness for quantities between 300 sqm to 400 sqm depending on price. I need this granite to Dammam. My tel. no. is 00966-3-83......... Tel: 00966-3-83.....June 13 Contact
e 17854 Singapore: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for:
5 x used 1996 Sakai HV60
4 x used 1996 Taikyoku TMR65YD
4 x used 1993 Taikyoku TWR750RD. Tel no. is Tel: 65-686.....June 13 Contact
e 17853 Nigeria: Please quote for a waterjet cutting machine. Also please let me know if there is any other machine (portable) that can polish granite too. We also need abrasives. Our tel. no. is +234-872.....June 12 Contact
e 17852 India: We require diamond powder, sizes: 0-1, 0-2, 2-4, 4-8, 6-12. Please quote. we want the finest quality diamond powder for gems polishing & finishing. Our initial order would be around 20000-25000 carats ,please send samples of the mention microns, Do you manufacture diamond lapps/polishing plates? June 12 Contact
e 17851 Palestine: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in Gregori Diamond Marble Gangsaws -Year 1980 - 80 blades. 
Tel: 0599 2.....June 12 Contact
e 17850: We are interested in counter tops 26"x 96" or more. Quality is venetian gold, santa cecilia, juperana columbo, baltic brown, juperano fantastico, tan brown, uba tuba. All 2cm with 2 cm laminate full bullnose. Qty. is full 20' foot container. Tel. no. 760-78.....June 12 Contact  
e 17849 Saudi Arabia: WE LIKE THE MARBLE "ROSA AURORA" and other Portuguese marble from Portugal. WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE PRICE FOR THE FOLLOWING Size: 120x80x2, 50x50x2, 45x45x2, 20x40x1. We would like to buy from Portugal. Expected date: 3 weeks from today. THE QUANTITY WE NEED IS 4000-5000 SQ METER. Phone no: 00966432.....June 11 Contact  
e 17848 Singapore: We need the quote for the following in FCL's: 
TILES IN 600 X 600 X 20MM
TILES IN 600 X 300 X 20MM
Our tel. no. is +65-976.....
e 17847 USA: Retail: I am trying to find out the best light-colored granite for a kitchen that gets heavy use. We like the look of Desert Amarillo but can't seem to find anything about it on your site. How does it compare to Espirito Santo? St. Cecilia? Cell phone # 602-61.....
June 11 Contact  
e 17846 USA: We are an installation company. We need 6 boxes 12"x12" Breccia Tavira dark. I can email a picture. Matching for a repair. Our tel. no. is 727 85.....June 10 Contact  
e 17845 UK: Please quote for First grade Granite thickness: 30 mm. Terms: CIF Felixstone. Mode: 20" Open to top containers. Finish: Fully polished surface. Edges: Quarry finished edges. Sizes: Minimum length 2700 mm. Maximum length 1350 mm. Colours: 40% Black galaxy, 40% Jet black, 20% Blue pearl. Tel: 01257 2.....June 10 Contact  
e 17844 : Looking for a Marble water jet cutting machine complete range. June 10 Contact  
e 17843 India: We are exporters of South Indian slate. I want details of rates and available sizes and finishes. Tel. no. is 094402......June 10 Contact  
e 17842 Iran: Looking for MCW crystal white marble slab from Vietnam in size 180x60x4 cm. My min first order is 400 Sqm (180x60x4 cm cut to size). Tel : 0098 912 14.....June 10 Contact  
e 17841 Colombia: Please quote for green marble. The quantity may be more than 800 m2. Send a picture to see the color by email. My tel. no. is 57-3008.....June 10 Contact
e 17840 USA: Please send me a catalog with your different Indian sandstone, marble, granite, slate and limestone and their prices. I am in St Lucia. tel. no. is 75845.....June 10 Contact
e 17839 USA: Our fabrication & installation company is located in Austin, Texas (Central, Texas), U.S.A., but we are in the process of opening a wholesale distribution center in Texas (South Texas). It should take us about one (1) month to finish up the final touches on the warehouse. Therefore, we need to speed up the process in purchasing granite slabs by the bundles, imported and/or domestic. Most of the granites we use are from India, others from countries such as: China, Brazil & even the U.S. Depending on who carries the colors we are most interested in, we are actually willing to buy from anyone who has them. The budget we are working with at this time is Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000 USD). We are hoping to buy a mixed variety of polished (9 x 5 ft) slabs. Some of the colors are listed below: 
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Antico; 2 bundles/3cm Giallo Antico
2 bundles/2cm Green Uba Tuba; 2 bundles/3cm Green Uba Tuba
2 bundles/2cm Green Uba Tuba Gold; 2 bundles/3cm Green Uba Tuba Gold
2 bundles/cm Green Butterfly; 2 bundles/3cm Green Butterfly
2 bundles/2cm Black San Gabriel; 2 bundles/3cm Black San Gabriel
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Fioritto; 2 bundles/3cm Giallo Fioritto
2 bundles/2cm Giallo Oranamentale; 2 bundles/ 3cm Giallo Ornamentale
2 bundles/2cm New Caledonia; 2 bundles/3cm New Caledonia
2 bundles/2cm Green Jade; 2 bundles/3cm Green Jade
2 bundles/2cm New Venecian gold; 2 bundles/3cm New Venecian Gold
2 bundles/2cm Peacock Green; 2 bundles/3cm Peacock Green
2 bundles/2cm Tan Brown; 2 bundles/3cm Tan Brown
2 bundles/2cm Red Multi; 2 bundles/3cm Red Multi
2 bundles/2cm Sapphire Brown; 2 bundles/3cm Sapphire Brown
Our telephone number is 1-512-26...... June 10 Contact
e 17838 USA: I wanted to know if you have the Crema Perlino or White Perlino slabs? We areimporters, sellers, fabricators and installers. We need Crema Perlino or White Perlino in 2 cm thickness. Notify me if you have this material and send me pictures and price. Tel: 1-718-52.....
June 10 Contact
e 17837 Canada: Please send me pictures of your Indian limestone/sandstone & marble products. Do you sell blocks? June 9 Contact 
e 17836 South Africa: Our primary interest is in purchasing large blocks of Granite and Marble, as well as Quartzite, Travertine, Sandstone and Limestone. These blocks will be going to our workshops for the production of numerous materials, namely: Columns, Pilasters, Fireplaces, Tombstones, Tiles, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Landscape, Elements, Railings, Arches, Small Blocks, Frames, Outside Floor, etc. Because we can't produce all spectra of material, we have interest to buy today your ready/seamy ready products, to supply market.  
Today, our main interest is: 
1.) Granite & marble & natural stone
2.) Tile & slab & cut-to-size
3.) Counter top & vanity tops & worktop
4.) Sandstone & slate
5.) Sculpture & statue & carving stone
6.) Paving stone, stone table & bench, curbstone, landscaping
7.) Fireplace
8.) Monument & tombstone
9.) Stair Treads & Risers & skirting board

Different finishes: polished, honed, flamed, sawn, bush-hammered, pineapple surface, sandblasted, etc.  Colours: White, black, red, pink, green, grey, brown, yellow, blue, beige, golden, etc. 
Dimension: Thickness: 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, etc
Width: 30cm, 30.5cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 65cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, etc.
Length: 30cm, 30.5cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 250cm, 270cm, 280cm, etc. 
Please send us a complete and comprehensive price list (in: cm/ m/ cmt, sqm/m2), photos (on CD) and physical samples of all the different types and colours of: granite, marble, quartzite, travertine, sandstone & limestone, what you dell with, and able to supply to us. But at the end of the day if you can provide the cheapest prices, we will be very happy to deal with you. We would prefer to have your offers CIF /S&F Durban. We need a little lead time too place the order to you, because we are have more then 180 offers and we not resend all prices for work out the best and cheapest. Tel: +27 (0)51 92.....June 9 Contact 
e 17835: I am looking for golden color granite 3000 sqm slabs. I am interested for all your stones please send me your catalogs. Mobile no. is 00966 509 9...... June 9 Contact 
e 17834 India: We need following sandstone for our Dubai project. Please send us your lowest offer fob Bombay port and Mundra port also quote for cnf Dubai port. Dholpur pink 400x400 mm Avg. 20mm thick one side honed one natural finish 1550 sqm. Red Agra 400x400mm Avg. 20mm thick one side honed one side natural finish 1500 sqm. Jaisalmer yellow 400x400mm Avg 20mm thick one honed one side natural finish 650 sqm. PH.+9122 569...... June 9 Contact 
e 17833: We were in the business of diamond tools for marble cutting, segments, disks & others for years. We appreciate receiving your quotation, full information & origin.  June 9 Contact 
e 17832 South Africa: I am interested in Indian sandstone tiles, sizes 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 600 x 600, finish natural & honed. I require rock face as well. Our details 27 21 76......June 9 Contact 
e 17831 USA: We have a factory in North Carolina and looking to find aragonite (calcium carbonate) a rare mineral that's found in the Bahamas. My tele #973-89...... Our qty is a few truck loads. June 9 Contact 
e 17829 USA: I am interest in finding a supplier for granite counter tops / vanity tops for hotel bathrooms - 85 Rms, breakfast area and reception counter. PH # 502 44......June 8 Contact 
e 17828 India: Please quote for Waterjet machine. June 8 Contact 
e 17827 Australia: Quote for Basalt & Bluestone. Sandstone (Grey, Black, Yellow, Green.) from China. I am looking for quality stone, sizes 400 * 400 * 20 mm, 600 * 600 * 30 mm 800 * 400 * 30 mm Honed and or Flamed finish. 150 * 150 * 40 mm Tumbled, Natural face or Flamed finish. FCL, FOB. USD please state port of origin. I would expect to visit production upon ordering. June 8 Contact 
e 17826 Thailand: Please give us more info about Indian sandstone blocks. Mobile +66-1-87.....June 8 Contact 
e 17825 Singapore: I am looking for a lime stone material. It is known as Moca Cream Marble. Please quote me if you have the material in CIF Singapore. 
Moca Cream Marble (Polished) Size:600X300X20mm Qty:2850m2
Moca Cream Marble (Honed / Bush hammered) Size:1000X1000X25mm, Qty: 111 sets. June 8 Contact 
e 17824 Canada: Need price quote for BLUE PEARL GRANITE in 12x12 and 16x16 in 1cm thickness for polished finish based on FCL or Minimum order required. Tel. number 1-780-43.....June 8 Contact  
e 17822 USA: I am an importer of stone in Ohio. Please quote for Indian sandstone, slate and limestone. My fax no. is 419 86......June 8 Contact
e 17821 India: Please quote best prices for Indian sandstone, slate and limestone. June 8 Contact
e 17820 USA: Our fabrication & installation company in Central Texas, U.S.A. is interested in purchasing several bundles of different color granites in 2 & 3cm slabs. We need to know the basic information needed to purchase the granite slabs. June 8 Contact
e 17819 Bermuda Islands: Please e-mail me prices and sizes of Indian granites and sandstones. June 7 Contact
e 17818 Iceland: I am interested in getting information about  Indian sandstone, slate and limestone products. Tel/fax +354-56.....June 7 Contact
e 17817 Saudi Arabia: We need 770 sqm of 60 x 60 x 2cm & 330 LM 60 x 10cm skirting Crema Nova Marble from local market in Saudi Arabia. Our tel. no. is 00966 5042..... June 7 Contact
e 17816 UAE: We are in Sharjah. We are looking for Indian Marbles and Indian Granites polished, Size 30 x 60 and 60 x 60. Also quote for slabs. Please provide the price in Dhs or US $. Delivery time, Availability, payment method. Min. Qty order etc. June 7 Contact
e 17815 USA: Please send a catalogue of Indian sandstone, slate and limestone. I am a stone trader in Anaheim, CA. June 7 Contact
e 17814 India: Retail: I am looking for the pricelist of the various granite stones and marbles available with you. I am from Bangalore, India. 
I started my construction in HSR layout Bangalore. Kindly send me the price in Indian Rupees. I am looking for Indian suppliers. June 7 Contact
e 17813 UK: Email me relevant information on blue impala granite i.e cost and availability. Where to buy it? June 7 Contact
e 17812 Russia: Earthmoving Machine: We'd like to ask you to inform us about the technical condition and undercarriage wear of the bulldozers Komatsu D375A. Please send us the information about engine makes, the number of times it was repaired, photos of the units and undercarriage itself. Phone/Fax: (+7 8312)7.....June 6 Contact
e 17810: Is there a company with dark honey onyx mosaic 12"x12" production? June 6 Contact
e 17809 Bangladesh: We need some pumice stone sizes are 2-3 cm. What's your C&F price up to Chittagong? Please offer your rock bottom price.  June 6 Contact
e 17808 Nigeria: Kindly send in the picture and quotation FOB Nigeria for the granite crusher. Tel: 234-01-47.....June 6 Contact 
e 17807 USA: Retail: Looking to see how much for a 36"x66" slab for a countertop would cost. Plus, how much weight, and how much to ship.
Tel.  no. is 606-29......June 6 Contact 
e 17806: Can you offer marble in black color suitable for monuments as follow:
50 x 1000 x 2000 mm two face honed
25 x 1000 x 2000 mm one face honed and 
25 x 600 x 1200 mm one face honed 
The price should be on parity FOB Chinese main port for shipping in 20 FCL. Inform for delivering and payment terms. Please explain can we obtain technical details and samples. Our Co is importer & distributor. Tel.no 00 389 31 4.....Fax no is 00 389 31 4.....June 6 Contact 
e 17805 Israel: We need 650 sqm of honed and polished Travertine in 405 x 405 x 10mm and 605 x 605 x 15mm in off white and classical beige. We are also interested in the fireplaces you have and produce. June 5 Contact 
e 17804 Egypt: We are interested in "Baltic Brown" granite. Please quote the best price for this material according the following specifications: 
slabs 2cm thickness please quote per sq.m
slabs 4cm thickness please quote per sq.m. June 4 Contact 
e 17802 Oman: Please let us know the details of the companies, where the Rosa Beta Granite Floor Tile 40x40x2cm is available in Italy. Tel:00968-232..... June 3 Contact 
e 17801 Syria: Stone Processing Machine: We are a stone company looking for gangsaws. Please give us its price and quality and special about the second hand gangsaws. June 3 Contact 
e 17800: I am an architect, looking for inexpensive granite tile, honed if possible, 2400 sq.ft., for a personal project. I am open to different colorations, but have an extremely limited budget. I would also consider altering sizes. I assume that most tiles are 12" x 12" x 3/8", but actually prefer larger stone. I generally prefer a more uniform granite, in a lighter grey or off white tone. Some browns are okay. The fact is, however, that I would consider other colorations because there are so many beautiful options. The total amount can also be broken up to different lots, if that would assist in allowing suppliers to get some left over lots out of inventory. I do prefer to have the same stone, but different lots can work well as the project has a number of distinct areas where such differences could not be perceived. So, I am really open to discussion. I am quite price sensitive because of the project, and I really prefer to use stone over the typical ceramic tile generally used for such conditions and pricing. My contact number 978-48.....June 4 Contact 
e 17799 India: We are importing Diamond segments of various sizes for stone cutting from Xiamen. If you are interested in starting business with us please try to send your company profile and other particulars of your material. If you are able to quote your price and other terms and conditions of your material we can market minimum Ten Thousand USD cost of material per month in my area. June 3 Contact 
e 17798 Kuwait: Earthmoving Machine: I am looking for dozer D8L with ripper in good condition & good price years up to 1986. Please quote CIF Kuwait port. Tel. 00965-90.....June 3 Contact 
e 17797 Egypt: WE ARE INTERESTED IN CREMA NOVA MARBLE BLOCKS. PLEASE QUOTE. Our mobile is 002-012-77......June 3 Contact 
e 17796 Austria: Please quote for PIETRA DURA Italian stone. June 3 Contact 
e 17795 Portugal: We are looking for a limestone beige flower. Pls. send us a photo of your product in order to see if your product is what we are looking for. Our tel. no. is +351 256 2.....June 3 Contact 
e 17794 China: We are interested in buying natural stone mosaic for our new distribution outlet in Hong Kong. Suppliers please send price list
preferably with digital photos for our consideration. Only excellent quality products and reliable suppliers will be considered. Tel: 852 234.....June 3 Contact 
e 17793 USA: Retail: I'm looking for 10 linear feet of black venato marble sink caps. My tel. no. is 818-31.....June 3 Contact 
e 17792 Chile: I am interested in stone processing machines as Bridge saw and polish edge machines. Tel. 56 9 22.....June 3 Contact  
e 17791: I am interested in finding out more about some of Indian granites as listed on Findstone.com's website. In particular, I'd like to know the trade names of three of the granites found on http://www.findstone.com/INDgran9.htm. Of the six photos on that page, I'm interested in the first, third and fourth. June 2 Contact
e 17790 Israel: Diamond Tools: We work in the field of Marble and Granite as importers and distributors besides the tools needed for manufacturing them, we are interested in all kinds of tools. Therefore, kindly provide us your web site in order to get an idea about your products, as we are looking for suppliers from China. June 2 Contact
e 17789 KENYA: We are consumer of Diamond Segments for cutting national quarry stone. We will be interested to have the contact of the diamond segments tools. TEL: 254 2 5.....Qty. 3000- 4000 per month. June 2 Contact
e 17787 USA: Retail: I am interested in 4000 sq ft slate, onyx tiles and a fireplace. Please quote with images. Please contact meat: (860) 50......June 2 Contact
e 17786 Brazil: Please quote with catalogs for diamond tools and other stone cutting tools. Phone: (0xx11) 453..... June 2 Contact
e 17785: Please quote with images for earthmoving machines. June 2 Contact
e 17784 Brazil: Please quote for diamond tools and segments. June 2 Contact
e 17783: I am a sculptor interested in 6" cubic blocks of marbles and limestones. Please quote. June 1 Contact
e 17782 USA: Diamond Tools: We are interested in diamond tools for basalt and marble stone. Is it possible to have a price catalog? We are in Phoenix. June 1 Contact
e 17781: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for:
1- Komatsu Pipelayers Sideboom D355C-3
2- Komatsu Pipelayers Sideboom D155C
3- Caterpillar Pipelayers Sideboom 589
4- Caterpillar Pipelayers Sideboom 594
5- Caterpillar Pipelayers Sideboom 583R
6- CRC-Evans Pipe Bending Machine PB48"-60"
7- CRC-Evans Internal line up clamp 56"
8- CRC-Evans Bending set 56"-60"
9- CRC-Evans Bendig mandrel 56"
If you have any available ones for sales please inform me about detailed information of your machine prices, pictures, model years, serial numbers, work hours. June 1 Contact
e 17778 Iran: Please send to me price list of:  
- Absolute Black 2000 sqm
- Tropical green or Kerala green 1000 sqm
- Copper silk 500 sqm
- Vizag blue 500 sqm
- Imperial red 400 sqm
All sizes Tile (30*60*2 cm) / (40*80*2 cm) / (60*60*2 cm) and Top Surface Mirror Polished. Delivery: Bandar Abbas or Chabahar port. For the first stage we request you to send us your real samples (usually 20 X 20) and catalogues enclosed with your price list to our address allowing us to reassure of the quality. Tel : 0098051184.....June 1 Contact
e 17776 Russia: We are greatly interested in Pebbles (crushed pebble, marble chips) with sharp adages. Different colors: Grey, red, white, light brown, green, yellow, and sizes: 1.0-1.5mm; 1.5-3.0mm. And we are looking for a long business relationship. Tel. 11 (3912) 4.....June 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.