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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   May 31, 2005
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212 inquiries in May

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 17775: Earthmoving Machine: Do you have any Caterpillar 836 landfill compactors in stock? Can you send me some information on this and any other items you have in the heavy construction equipment area. May 31 Contact
e 17774 Mexico: Looking for a supplier of diamond tools and segments. May 31 Contact
e 17773 AUSTRALIA: diamond tools:  Please quote for diamond tools and segments. I am interested in receiving information, pricing & samples on your tools.Our tel. no. is +61-2-973.....May 31 Contact
e 17771: diamond tools: We are interested in acquiring tools to process marble, granite, and other stones. To cut concrete asphalt. We need discs of size 300 to 1800 mm for such processes. Please quote. May 30 Contact
e 17770 Mauritius: diamond tools and abrasives:  We are dealing in granites for the past three years. We are interested to import grinding cup wheels 100mm x 22.2 bore hole (coarse, medium & fine), flexible polishing discs in different grits 100 x 22.2 mm. Our tel. no. is +230 21.....May 30 Contact
e 17768 USA: Retail: The classic grey (TD-UM1) is a likely choice. What would the cost be for the stone in a rose color for the slab, stone,  engraving, delivery & placement be? Mother is buried on her own plot in Lone Pine, CA (Inyo Co.). May 30 Contact
e 17767 Ireland: diamond tools and segments: Please quote for diamond tools and segments. May 30 Contact
e 17766 Jordan: Earthmoving Machine: We are the Komatsu dealers. We are interested in D155A-1 excavator. Please advise year of manufacture, engine type and model. Tel. 00 962 6 58.....May 29 Contact
e 17765 SWEDEN: Would like to import small amounts of black lava stone to Stockholm. We are looking for small stones, a variety from about 4cm to 7-8cm or bigger. It should work as decoration stone (like coal) in a flame decoration, but in Sweden we only have white or brown lava stone. Can you help us? Phone +46 8 545......May 29 Contact
e 17763 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are the importer of construction machines (used). If you have any of them in your stock, please let us know:
1. Wheel Loaders ( Shovels ) Models # 950, 950B, 950E,966E,966FII (All: CAT ) 
2. HITACHI EXCAVATORS Models # EX100WD-1,WH05D,WH04,EX200-1 and UH07-7 ( All: HITACHI ) 
3. HAMMERS Models # NPK7,NPK10XB 
4. BULLDOZERS Models:: 1) D8K(CAT), 2) D155-A(KOMATSU), 3) D85-A18(KOMATSU), 4) D85-A21 (KOMATSU), 5) D6D (CATERPILLAR) 
1) Dynapac CA 25D (Year 1985 till 1995) 
2) Dynapac CA 251D (Year 1990 till 1998) 
3) Dynapac CA 252D(Year 1997 or UP) 
4) Dynapac CA 301D(Year 1990 till 1998) 
5) Dynapac CA 302D (Year 1996 or UP) 
6) Dynapac CA 30D ....................
7) Dynapac CA511D or CA512D
Models # 
1) GD405A-1 ( KOMATSU ) 
2) GD405A-2 ( KOMATSU ) 
3) GD505A-3 ( KOMATSU ) 
4) GD605A-1 ( KOMATSU ) 
5) GD605A-2 ( KOMATSU ) 
6) GD605A-3 ( KOMATSU ) 
7) GD605A-4 ( KOMATSU)
7. NISSAN DUMP ( HYDRAULIC )  Models # 1) L6, V8, V6 TEN WHEEL
*6 cylinders and 8 cylinders required. Contact no. is + 92 0333 23.....
May 29 Contact
e 17762 Lebanon: I wish to buy Italian marble. Please I need to have a catalogue of Italian marble that contains all the images of Italian marble. I am looking for a good price for perlato marble and perlatino (7000sqm) and I need a catalogue with good variety of marble for my other inquiries, like beige, arabescato, michael angelo... Tel. no. +96134.....May 29 Contact
e 17761 USA: I would like to buy Eastern Kentucky sandstone; "yellowstone".  Please send me details. My tel. no. 859 58.....May 28 Contact
e 17760 USA: I would like to start a bullnose company. Please email me info. Would also like to know where I can buy yellow polishing paste? My tel. no. is 949 38.....May 28 Contact
e 17759 USA: We would like to purchase JAUNE MONTON Limestone 6,750 s.f. (patterned or random sizes). We need this material in Southern California by July 6th, No other alternative limestones will be considered. Our tel. no. is (805) 49..... May 28 Contact
e 17758 India: Kindly send me price list of the White Marble blocks from Vietnam along with its pictures and specs. Ph: +9122261.....May 27 Contact
e 17757 India: Kindly send me price list of the entire Philippines blocks and slabs, along with their respective pictures and specs. On acceptance of your material we are definite on importing huge quantities, so kindly quote me your best rates for the above blocks. Ph: +9122261.....May 27 Contact
e 17756 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: Please send me details about d 85 with complete photo, price. My phone no 009230053..... May 27 Contact
e 17754 UAE: We are a company based in Dubai. We are looking for a Cement Block Manufacturing machine made in IRAN. Tel +9715075.....May 26 Contact
e 17753 Colombia: We are a company with 18 years of existence. We are importers of granites and marbles from Brazil, Spain, Italy, India. We are interested in knowing its prices present Brazilian Granites in polished plates, commercial quality and 2cms of thickness. We can buy a container every month, of two or three granites by container. Our tel. no. is +57 4 36......May 26 Contact
e 17752: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for D 85 A komatsu dozer. May 26 Contact
e 17751 USA: Would you be able to supply a quote for a 10' x 4' x 3' block of black Granite? Please include shipping to Oberlin, Ohio, USA. My tel: 440-77.....May 26 Contact
e 17750 USA: RETAIL: I am looking for a vanity top with classic marble veining. I would like the base colour to be pink and the veining to be Black/charcoal. Size 60 by 24 inches. Tel. no. 847-30..... Chicago area. May 26 Contact 
e 17748 India: Looking for natural stone suppliers from Pune and Hyderabad for selling their product in Solapur. May 25 Contact 
e 17747 Chile: Want to buy Single Cab Truck Cranes. Phone / fax +56 57 4.....May 25 Contact 
e 17746 USA: Retail: My cabinets are white, counter top is a salt and pepper granite, the accessories chrome. What should I use for a warm back ground. May 25 Contact 
e 17745 Canada: We have a brand new cottage in the Haliburton Highlands, in the heart of the Canadian Shield. I would like to replace the Corian counter and island tops with a natural local granite. There is an abundance of grey, green, black and pink granite as far as the eye can se. Is there anyone local (Toronto, Bracebridge?) who carries local granite. Tel. 416 36..... in Toronto. I don't know exact quantity as I will have to measure but my guess is about 2 standard size slabs. I would like to find something that has the natural colours of the Pre-Cambrian Shield, Greys, pinks, blacks, greens. May 25 Contact 
e 17744 UAE: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for Hitachi EX200 C&F Dubai Port as displayed in ready stock 548. My mobile no. is +9715044..... May 24 Contact 
e 17743 USA: I am looking for Breccia Pernice to do a small job in the Houston, Texas area. We need about 5 boxes of tiles and possibly 2 samples to test our product on. Phone: 713-95.....May 24 Contact 
e 17742 Poland: I need quotation per sqm for granite, black, tiger rusty destination port - Gdynia, delivery cost. My tel. no. is +48 32 78.....May 24 Contact 
e 17741 Uruguay: Earthmoving Machine: We are looking for CAT 561 C or D Pipelayers. Please send your offer with complete information, pictures and FOB prices. May 24 Contact 
e 17740 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: I WANT TO BUY ROAD ROLLER & CATERPILLAR. PLS QUOTE ME PRICE FOR ISLAMABAD. May 24 Contact 
e 17739 Australia: Earthmoving Machine: Please send me full detail of your Krupp570 bucket wheel. Our tel no. is +61 8 935......  May 24 Contact 
e 17738 USA: Please send us prices for marble tiles and mosaic products from India. Our tel. no. is 773 80......We are in Chicago. May 24 Contact
e 17737: I want to buy stone processing machines. My phone no is 0020101.....May 24 Contact
e 17736 Turkey: We are interested in breton polishing line, marble gangsaw and breton edge polishing line. Our tel. no. is +90.532.34.....May 23 Contact
e 17735: Earthmoving Machine: I Want To buy caterpillar loader used model 936e from 1989 to 1993 and I Want To buy caterpillar used model 225 dlc from 1989 to 1993. Please send to me the prices and the dealers in Texas U.S.A.  May 23 Contact
e 17734 USA: Need honed carrara marble (white) slabs--- 1 1/4 inch 120"X40" one slab and three smaller matching slabs. also need a 40"X40" honed slab that is at least 4" thick as a companion piece. My tel. no. is 248 92.....May 23 Contact
e 17733 USA: Retail: I am considering  lava rock for landscape needs. Please quote. May 23 Contact
e 17732 Egypt: We are one of the leading co. works at stone field in EGYPT. We interested in the BLACK GRANITE LIKE: 
ABSOLUTE BLACK, SHANXI BLACK & MONGOLIAN BLACK. Pls. confirm your best price per cubic meter for the blocks following dimensions. 
Blocks Dimensions: 
100up x120up x240up (cm).
120up x120up x240up (cm).
Also pls. confirm us the price of 2cm polished slabs& tiles. Pls. send small samples 15x 15 x 1 cm for our reference. Also Pls. confirm us the price and send small samples for Red & Brown Marble, if you can supply big blocks. May 23 Contact
e 17731 UK: I require large squared blocks of Verona Beige marble. May 22 Contact
e 17730 West Indies: Looking for slabs of Costa Smerelda. Tel 649 94......May 21 Contact
e 17729 Libya: I am interested in a Gang saw as well as the polishing line. Would please give me your price for this and some more information about the machines such as year of manufacture, some spares replacement, pictures of the machines if possible and other related information. Please give me the price c&f Tripoli, Libya. May 21 Contact
e 17728 Bermuda: Please quote for Seaweed Green, Granston Protea and Silica White Polished slabs. May 21 Contact
e 17727 Nigeria: Would like to get information about the price list of blue pearl granite 30 x 60 x 2cm and white carrara marble 30 x 30 x 1cm,  30 x 30 x 1cm perlato royal. My phone number is 0177.....May 20 Contact
e 17726 Germany: We are interested in stone processing machinery as displayed in ready stock 351 of findstone.com. Our tel. no. is 
+49  (0)17365.....May 20 Contact
e 17725 Italy: We are an Italian company interested in the Pellegrini turning machine, in the Breton packing machine, and in the Breton polishing machine. Send us photos and technical details. May 20 Contact
e 17724 Turkey: We are preparing a tender document about limestones. We need 3500m2 "azul valverde" 3 cm thickness and 500m2 "massangis jaune clair" 3 cm thickness. We want slab prices and the payment conditions and also the shipment company wants the weight of the stones (kg/m2) in order to give the container prices. TEL: +90 212 22.......May 20 Contact
e 17723 Pakistan: Please quote for second hand machinery.
- 1 marble gang saw Hensel with tensioner (1979)
- 1 Breton packaging machine for tiles (dimension till 60 x 60 cm) (1992)
- 1 Pellegrini turning platform with A-frame for 40 t slabs (1991)
- 1 automatic Pellegrini loader for slabs (max dimensions 3,5m x2mx5cm) (1991)
- 1 Breton polishing line 13 heads KGS (slabs max dimensions 3,5m x 2m x 22cm) (1989)
- 1 gantry crane capacity 8 t (distance between rails 16m , high under hook 8m , total width 22 m)
- 1 Breton slab over turner for big slabs until 22cm (1989). Tel no: 92-21-25......May 20 Contact
e 17722 USA: Do you manufacturer travertine pool coping and pavers. I am looking for several containers of 10cm x 30cm x 3cm (4" x 12" x 1 1/4") coping and 15cm x 60 cm x 3cm pavers. Also 30cm x 30cm x 3cm. Tumbled finish with 1 side bullnosed. Light and Medium color travertine. Please send price and availability. Direct - 817-91.....Quantity is a minimum of 2 containers per month ( 7500 SF OR 700 SM) of pavers 6 x 12 & 1 container of coping 4 x 12 & 12 x 12, 3cm thickness. Material needs to be Light Travertine to Medium. Tumbled edge pavers & Chipped edge pavers are both needed. The coping needs to be bullnosed. May 20 Contact
e 17721 USA: Please quote for Spanish marble and travertine slabs and tiles. Tel: 786-31.....May 20 Contact
e 17720 Australia: Please quote for Seaweed Green, Granston Protea and Silica White Polished slabs. May 20 Contact
e 17719 Israel: Stone Processing machine: We are looking for a gangsaw. We need more information and it is important to see photos of the machine. Our tel. no. is 009705992......May 20 Contact
e 17718 Pakistan: Please quote for second hand machinery.
- 1 marble gang saw Hensel with tensioner (1979)
- 1 Breton packaging machine for tiles (dimension till 60 x 60 cm) (1992)
- 1 Pellegrini turning platform with A-frame for 40 t slabs (1991)
- 1 automatic Pellegrini loader for slabs (max dimensions 3,5m x2mx5cm) (1991)
- 1 Breton polishing line 13 heads KGS (slabs max dimensions 3,5m x 2m x 22cm) (1989)
- 1 gantry crane capacity 8 t (distance between rails 16m , high under hook 8m , total width 22 m)
- 1 Breton slab over turner for big slabs until 22cm (1989). Tel no: 92-21-25......
May 20 Contact
e 17717 USA: Looking for a good used pro edge machine. My tel. no. is 707-79.....May 20 Contact
e 17716 Belgium: Please quote for Seaweed Green, Granston Protea and Silica White Polished slabs. May 19 Contact
e 17714 Pakistan: Please quote for second hand machinery.
- 1 marble gang saw Hensel with tensioner (1979)
- 1 Breton packaging machine for tiles (dimension till 60 x 60 cm) (1992)
- 1 Pellegrini turning platform with A-frame for 40 t slabs (1991)
- 1 automatic Pellegrini loader for slabs (max dimensions 3,5m x2mx5cm) (1991)
- 1 Breton polishing line 13 heads KGS (slabs max dimensions 3,5m x 2m x 22cm) (1989)
- 1 gantry crane capacity 8 t (distance between rails 16m , high under hook 8m , total width 22 m)
- 1 Breton slab over turner for big slabs until 22cm (1989)
- 1 Breton edge polishing line for skirting. My tel. no. is 0092-333-22.....
May 19 Contact 
e 17713 Korea: I need information of Relvinha Portugal limestone. May 19 Contact 
e 17712 USA: Diamond Tools: I want DIAMOND SAW BLADES 60pcs. Please quote with shipping costs to Brooklyn, New York. May 19 Contact 
e 17711 USA: Retail: I want to put smooth stones like these in the entryway to our newly built tree house. Where can I get about a ton of these....and ....how much would it cost? May 19 Contact 
e 17710 USA: I am interested in the used granite blocks that has been advertised in ready stock 418. Please quote. My tel. no. is 603-23.....May 18 Contact 
e 17709: Looking for bulk purchase of New Zealand beach pebbles, from south island. Have to be flat pebbles. May 18 Contact 
e 17708 USA: I need 6000 m2 of wiscont white size 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 1 cm. Also 1400 m2 beige sandstone 120 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm natural cleft for a large project in Acapulco Mexico. I am in Texas, tel. 956 38.....May 18 Contact 
e 17707: Please quote for block extracting machines like the one displayed in ready stock 557 of findstone.com.  May 18 Contact 
e 17706 USA: I am need of Botticino Fiorito 24x24x5/8 -- 1150 s.f. May 17 Contact 
e 17705 USA: We are looking to buy approx. 70M2 of Sodalite Blue Granite 3cm in Random Slabs Polished. Please price f.o.b. your warehouse per SF or M2 in USD. This request is urgent as we must finalize the pricing today. My cell. phone at 819-43.....May 17 Contact 
e 17704 UK: Email me relevant information regarding Jura stone. We are importers and retailers, we also specify for commercial projects. May 17 Contact 
e 17703 Iran: I need to one crane tadana or kato 25 tons 1990 +.. and please give me price list. May 17 Contact 
e 17702 USA: We need around 20 slabs of blue Bluestone - prefer 1" thick, single color, natural cleft finish, with dimension of 2'x30" - slightly larger or smaller may be ok. These will be used for rustic table tops (we have been using these for over 10 years but now need more). Also need 7'x2' x 2" slab of bluestone that is thermal treated or honed. Would like price to include delivery. We are in Seattle.  May 17 Contact 
e 17701 USA: Please quote for giallo florito. May 17 Contact 
e 17700 USA: I need 2500 sqm of polished and finished limestone in slab form. I am looking for 2 cm thick 30 cm X 60 to 90cm slabs in a beige color. Please email me your best price. I am in CA. Tel: 415 61.....May 17 Contact 
e 17699 Qatar: Please send for me the prices of granite GREY SARDO, G603 and G 623 that measure 90 x 90 x 2 cm. Quote both CIF and FOB. Our fax. no. is 0097444.....May 17 Contact 
e 17698: Looking for georgia blue granite. May 17 Contact 
e 17697 South Africa: Please forward me pricelists and contact details for marble and travertine. We are a design/development company in South Africa that does large upmarket homes and comercial developments. We are currently requiring approximately 3000sq.m. of tiles and slabs for two of our projects. The products we are looking at are Marble: Crθme Marfil, Navonas. Travertine: Sultan light, Beige. Denzili, Crosscut polished & filled, cross cut honned & filled. May 16 Contact 
e 17696 Italy: We deal with Sandstone, Limestone & Quarzite. We import stones items from China, Pakistan & India. As we are an established company and doing several projects in Italy we are looking to order from Albaina. We would like to get your company catalogue, samples and price list in Euro , including CIF transport to La Spezia in Italy. We are looking for the product which can be used for exterior purpose in sandstone and limestone but they must be strong stones i.e. gel and pressure resistant. May 16 Contact 
e 17695 Tanzania: I need a machine which can help me to cut a blocks of quartzite. Cell +2557443.....May 16 Contact 
e 17694 Nigeria: Can you give me the price of Air Compressor pumps for sand blasting. Tel +234 1 2......May 16 Contact 
e 17693 Taiwan: We are very interested in ELAZIG CHERRY (ROSSA LEVANTO)  blocks. Would you advise us what are the difference between your price ranks A, A/B, B, C? Would you please send us the pictures for our reference? Our tel. no. is +886-2-298.....May 16 Contact 
e 17692 USA: We import natural stone tiles. What are your current prices for Crema Marfil in 12x12"x3/8"(1cm)? If you have a couple different grades please quote in each. Also, do you supply Marron Emperador and Rojo Alicante? If so, please quote these in 12x12x3/8". May 16 Contact 
e 17691 USA: Looking for huge quantities of  18"x18"x1/2" Turkish Multicolor Travertine honed and filled at a budgeted price of USD 0.95 / sq.ft. May 15 Contact 
e 17690: Please note that we have an urgent order for HONEY ONYX, Quantity : 400 Sqm. Size : 40 x 100 x 2 cm (the maximum size you can produce). You are requested to quote your best/competitive prices (after discount) along with your other terms and conditions, noting that an order will follow immediately if your prices are found to be more realistic/competitive. Tel. no. is 009661-20.....May 15 Contact 
e 17689 USA: Please quote for gangsaw. My tel is 708 23.....May 15 Contact 
e 17688 India: We are exporters of Indian stones and are looking for suppliers of Indian sandstones, marble, granite, etc. in India. Please email us your details. Mobile:+91-98400..... May 15 Contact 
e 17687: I am an interior designer. I am looking for grey steatite stone for fireplace material. May 14 Contact 
e 17686 Syria: We are looking for Automatic Grinding & Polishing machine for Granite, Marble, etc. Please send us catalogue and a complete list of models and price list in addition to the specifications (number of heads etc.). Tel. no. is +963 33 4.....May 14 Contact 
e 17685 USA: We are looking for a wholesale Supplier for massage stone products. We have not been able to find any specialty suppliers (wholesale or retail) in our area that can meet our needs. Please send us information on your company. Product lines, $ Lists, Samples, Brochures, etc. Anything you are willing to send we are willing to look at. Phone: 309-31......May 14 Contact 
e 17684 Yemen: We are planning to buy different new/used machines for MARBLE Quarry and Factory. We saw your adv online and we would like to get full information, technical specifications, photos and FOB prices about these following machines: 
WATERJET Cutting, Hydraulic cutting and polishing machines for stone, Pelegrini Cutting and Pantografo. Our tel. no. is +967 1 5......May 14 Contact
e 17683 USA: Do you have 16"x16" yellow onyx tile? May 14 Contact
e 17682 Vietnam: Need to contact quarry machinery manufacturers. May 14 Contact
e 17681 Saudi Arabia: I want Jadeite (Commercial) from Russia. My no. (+966)50541..... May 14 Contact
e 17680 USA: We would like to have 3 containers of granite and marble slabs. We are looking towards are Italy and Brazil. Our location is CA. Tel. no. is (510) 66..... May 14 Contact
e 17679 Malaysia: We import stone blocks for our factory in China to process and sell in Chinese and Malaysian markets. We are looking at beige / cream marble ,for granite will be yellow or black. Please quote with colors of stones available. May 14 Contact 
e 17678 USA: Retail: How much is a slab of green onyx and how do I get it to Miami Florida? My tel. no. is 305-36.....May 13 Contact 
e 17677: Please quote for Turkish stone products with catalogs. May 13 Contact 
e 17676 Switzerland: Looking for a granite called new orientale. May 13 Contact 
e 17675 Canada: I am looking for a bridge saw machine to cut granite slabs & marble slabs, thickness ranging from 2cm to 4 cm. Pl. give me details & quote. May 13 Contact 
e 17674 USA: Interested in blue bahia granite, send prices. May 13 Contact 
e 17673 USA: I am attempting to import slate from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, from a family mine. Tel. 650-35.....I am in CA. May 13 Contact 
e 17672: Please send us information about your travertine tiles. May 13 Contact 
e 17671: I am looking for Azalea or Stacia Rose Slabs. I want to bring a container directly from Brazil to Puerto Rico. I'm looking for slabs in Carmen Red, Silver Green Sea, Tabaco, Black Labrador, Blanco Romano. 3/4" and 1 1/4" thickness. I need prices delivered to Puerto Rico. I live in Florida but my business is in Puerto Rico. Phone # 954-59.....May 13 Contact 
e 17670 USA: Retail: I want to inquire about granite steps. How thick does the cement base have to be? Can a supplier come to the site to measure and quote? Do they deliver and set up? I am in Maine. My tel. no. is 207-62.....May 13 Contact 
e 17669 Ireland: Please quote for the following: 
Ex works - Packed and ready for collection by my Spanish agent or any European country. 
1) Nero Marquina 40x40 POLISHED 15.5 sq yards 
2) Greca Geometrica Nera 30x15 6 units 
3) Greca Geometrica Nera 20x40 10 units 
4) Greca Nera Listello 20x40 34 units 
5) Greca Nera Angolo 20x20 6 units 
6) Greca Nera 30x15 18 units 
7) Greca Nera Angolo 15x15 4 units. Tel: +353 1 87.....May 12 Contact 
e 17668 Bolivia: Earthmoving Machine: I would like to receive more information about KOMATSU PC200-6 HYD. EXCAVATOR like hours, Under carriage, year and outside and inner pictures. I am interested in buying the following kind of machinery: Cat 320B, 320BU and 320C. If you have them available in your stock please let me know it. Phone Number: (591)-(3)-33.....May 12 Contact 
e 17667: We want to buy granite from China: Rose Beta & China black - polished 2.5 cm thickness 65-70 cm width 250 cm length. May 12 Contact 
e 17666 Australia: Looking for supplier of Indian slate, limestone, sandstone, etc. Tel. no. is 61-2-973..... May 12 Contact 
e 17665 USA: We are looking for a granite fabricator in Hong Kong who can cut countertops to order (complete with sink holes and finished edges) in dimensions according to the templates we provide. We are looking for a supplier to work with for many years.
Our requirements:
*Granite stone fabricator.
*Hong Kong location.
*Business registered with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
*Ability to cut and polish countertops according to our templates.
*First quality polished granite with finished and polished edges.
*Ability to handle LCL orders.
*Companies only. No brokers or non-company salesmen.
Please contact quickly if you can meet all of the requirements listed above. We have orders needing to be filled right away.  May 12 Contact 
e 17664 USA: Retail: I am looking for 16X16 Travertine Autumn Blend Hand Rubbed Tile at the best price. I live in NJ. I am looking for 500 sq ft of Travertine Marble 16 X 16. My phone # is 973-27.....May 12 Contact 
e 17663 UK: Please quote for travertine, marble and onyx tiles and slabs. If is possible send those products pictures also. The tile sizes are 305 x 305, 406 x 406, 457 x 457, 610 x 610, 406 x 610. Our phone number 004420843.......May 11 Contact 
e 17662 Portugal: We are interested in Chinese granite to Europe and Africa in 20' containers. The sizes are 60x60x2 cm or 40x40x1 cm.
Please inform if you can supply 20`containers of granite; if yes tell the capacity of the containers, the quality/type and other specifications. Tel: 351-234 6.....May 11 Contact 
e 17661 Italy: We are searching slabs  of a French material called "gris unie".  Phone 0039 0131 2......May 11 Contact 
e 17660 India: We are in need of CNC-3-D Engraving and Milling machine. Kindly send us your quotation with the product catalogue with all the terms. Tel. no. is 044-265.....May 11 Contact 
e 17659 New Zealand: I was looking at slab rates in 30mm in Rustenburg Grey and Stargate. Can you please forward your extensive price list for all 30mm granite and marble, we purchase by the container load. Tel. no. is 03 35.....May 11 Contact 
e 17658 USA: Would you please sent me price list for 1 container of azul macauba by slab 2cm and 3cm. And if you can provide a plank of azul macauba I have seen in some trade shows. They are fix width and length to customer request. Please include some picture. If the prices are on whole sale base we are looking to do more business. Tel. (206)78......May 11 Contact 
e 17657 USA: I am looking for a source for Alabaster Panels of 36" high and 16 1/4" wide with 1" bevel. I have specifications I can fax in order to get availability and pricing. Phone no. is 817.33.....May 11 Contact 
e 17656 USA: Our company has a job that specifies “Dark Green Slate Tile”. We are needing this ASAP. The sizes of the tile that I am needing: 3,000 pieces – 6x12x1” and 140 pieces – 12x12x1”. I am in Texas. phone no. is (806) 37.....May 11 Contact 
e 17655 USA: I am looking for a stone called “Pietro Griegio” it is from Italy and has a look like soapstone. I am in Ohio, but could pick it up anywhere in the Midwest. I would appreciate any info on locating this stone. My Tel. no: 614-20......Qty: 20 to 25 linear feet 2 to 3ft in Depth. 
May 11 Contact 
e 17654 USA: Currently looking for a supplier for 3500 Sq' of Pennsylvania Bluestone for a project. I need delivery price and coverage per Sq'. Would prefer stone thickness to be 4" thick and come in irregular shapes. May 11 Contact 
e 17652: Looking for a limestone called Balzek 18x18 or 24x24. May 10 Contact 
e 17651 Saudi Arabia: I would like to be informed about slates, sizes, colours, textures and having catalogue with list of prices for FOB or Ex-Factory. I need information first quantity may varies between 300 and 600 m2. Mobile : 00966 5048..... May 10 Contact 
e 17650 USA: We are importers and fabricators serving South East Michigan. We have our own warehouse and production facility all under one roof. We are interested in importing slate, sand stone and lime stone tiles. Please give additional details pricing, sample pictures etc. Also if you have new colors of granite slabs esp (Northern Indian) Please send details. Phone no. 248 47.....May 10 Contact 
e 17649 Portugal: Send me price list for Indian white marbles and yellow marbles (in slabs 2 and 3 cm of thickness and tiles  30 x 30, 40 x 40, 30 x 60, 40 x 60, 50 x 50, 60 x 60 with all thickness that you use). Fax: +351 253 2.....May 10 Contact 
e 17648 India: What will be the price of your 355 crane telescopic truck? Please mention cif Kandla port price. May 10 Contact 
e 17647 Uzbekistan: We have a big project that requires marble as SIVEC A1 with thickness 2 mm and 3 mm, approximate quantity 8000 sqm. Please email us the price of this material with deliver time, payment term, transportation terms, etc. Later we can send you the object picture for which we are looking for a marble. Tel.: + 998 71 11.....May 10 Contact 
e 17645 USA: I am a builder on Cape Cod in Massachusetts looking for a small remnant of Verde Amazonas granite. I would like to work out a deal for about 10 SF for a bathroom vanity. Please contact me if you are interested. I am not looking to make anything on your granite. I just do not want to buy a whole slab. My tel. no. is 917-53.....May 10 Contact 
e 17644 Pakistan: We are interested to import Marine Blue Pearl Polished Granite 2cm thick slabs 6x20' full container load on most urgent basis against confirmed letter of Credit or advance payments. Please quote your best offer without any delay. Mob: 092-300-43.....May 10 Contact 
e 17643: Earthmoving Machinery: I am looking Hitachi excavator ex100wd. May 10 Contact 
e 17642: Do you have a second hand gangsaw? May 10 Contact 
e 17641 USA: I am looking to have 1000 linear feet of pure white marble, without dark markings for pool coping. The segments are 3" thick x 18" wide x 24" long. They are bushammered on the two sides indicated, with 2 edges with 1/2" radius and polish on the edges only. I can provide photos. I also will need pricing for 3" thick slabs of the same material. What size would these slabs be? And pieces approximately 24" long with an 8'-0" inside radius. Do you also do balusters with caps and bases for a balustrade? 
We are importers of stone products in the CA area, and import multiple container shipments each month. I am interested in knowing the pricing for the above items and what else you offer. Tel. no. is 707-74.....May 10 Contact 
e 17640: I want to buy used polishing machine for marble tiles of 60cm. Tel. no. is  00 34 96 58..... May 10 Contact 
e 17639 Nigeria: We are an importer of general merchandise with particular interest on ceramic wall and floor tiles of various size and colour. Please send us your catalogue and pricelist showing details of your products. Our tel. no. is 234-01-080330.....May 10 Contact 
e 17638 Oman: We are one of the leading company involved in Sandstone import for Oman. We are in this business last 8 years, and at this moment we are quoting for following project, and we would like to know, if you can supply us with JODHPUR crystalline pink stone in various size, shapes and carving.  Our tel. no. is 00968-244......May 10 Contact 
e 17637 USA: I am looking for a multiple mould machine to commercially produce concrete stepping stones, My phone number is 304 26.....May 9 Contact 
e 17636 Turkey: Please send your samples of beige marble, travertine and its price list. Tel : +90 (212) 77.....May 9 Contact 
e 17635 Algeria: We are a company specialized in Marble Extraction and Treatment in Algeria, and we are interesting to know your best price offer and technical specs. of a CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE.  May 9 Contact 
e 17634 Singapore: Earthmoving Machine: I am interested in Komatsu D375-2. Can you offer best price CIF Singapore? Advise location for inspection. I am also looking for Komatsu PC400-6-5 units and 3 units of 375-2. H/P 973..... May 9 Contact 
e 17633 USA: Please e-mail me the list of your discontinued tiles in Stock ASAP. Please indicate the quantities you have in stock with special builder prices. My tel. no. is 765-44..... May 9 Contact 
e 17632 USA: Please email or mail me a catalog of your services. I am looking to sell approximately 3 skids of semi-precious onyx stone that I have stored in my warehouse. Our tel. no. is 718.81.....May 9 Contact 
e 17631 USA: I need the price for one 20 ft container fob for various 3cm thick granite & marble slabs and tiles 12"x12" for the USA port Jacksonville/Miami for 30 mm. Tel no. 407-83.....Min. two container (approx. 4000-6000 sq. ft.) In various color and size. May 8 Contact 
e 17630 Saudi Arabia: Please provide samples with different finishes such as rough finish, honed, polished or polished with transparent or colored resin includes your price list for Amarillo Fossil stone. Fax +966 2 22......May 8 Contact 
e 17629 USA: Retail: Looking for Texas Grit sand which Disney World uses in sand boxes. I live in the St. Louis Area. tel. 618-23.....May 8 Contact 
e 17628 Canada: Please quote for a second hand gangsaw. I am in BC. My phone no. is 1 604 68.....May 8 Contact 
e 17627 USA: Retail: Please quote for Absolute Black 18 x 18 or 20 x 20. 130 sf. I am in Illinios. Cell 708-71.....May 7 Contact 
e 17626 UK: I would like to import Granite sets / cobbles for paths etc. May 7 Contact 
e 17625 India: We are one of the leading consumer product manufacturing company and we are also close related major foundries in and around Coimbatore city, India. We are interested in the product (Unexpanded perlite ore 0.8 to 2.5mm) and we would like to take the DEALERSHIP FOR SOUTH INDIA. May 7 Contact 
e 17624: I am interested in the pedestals shown, namely 002-0060, 002-0058, 002-0066, and the arch 004-0030. Can you please indicate the price of these items, and approximate shipping time. We are building an hotel, and are looking for stone products. We only need some columns. We are developers who build larger hotels and high end condominiums, usually more than 100 units at a time. We can foresee use of these products, along with marble and granite slabs and fireplace mantels. I am interested in pricing at various volume and delivery times. Phone (360) 69...... May 7 Contact 
e 17623: Retail: Email me info. on sourcing and using ‘peacock granite’ which is a dark green granite for a kitchen countertop. I am in Barbados what are my options in terms of suppliers and what are your recommendations with regard to our tropical climate and its effect on granite. May 6 Contact 
e 17622 USA: Retail: I am looking for building stone in TN. May 6 Contact 
e 17621 USA: Retail: I am looking for Ceramica Magica's bullnosed tiles. Do you by any chance have any available and if not do you know where I might be able to find some? May 6 Contact 
e 17620 Brazil: We are importers and distributors of ceramic tiles. We are now interested including high quality porcelain tiles in our distribution. Please quote for super white and beige colors, in 60x60cm and 80x80cm and 100x 100cm (if available). Also inform carton and container loading for each size. Consider a 5000 sqm initial order. May 6 Contact 
e 17619: Interested in marble or other stone pedestals. I am in CA. May 6 Contact 
e 17618 Mauritius: Please quote for Amarillo Fossil stone from SpainMay 6 Contact 
e 17617 El Salvador: We are importers in El Salvador, Central America of travertine, limestone and slate. Our products are imported from Turkey, Jerusalem, India and Brazil. Please forward all information regarding Amarillo Fossil stone. Our tel. no. is (503) 27.....May 6 Contact 
e 17616 USA: Retail: My family is looking for either purple or lavendar granite or other stone to be used as a cemetary monument. Where can we find a supplier for this? We have a design ready for the monument, and we live in Southeast Texas. My phone number is 281.51.....May 5 Contact 
e 17615 USA: Please send us a sample, a price list, sizes and specifications of amarillo fossil. Tel. 212.22.....May 5 Contact 
e 17614 Brazil: Please quote for persa blue granite. My tel. no. is 55 28 991.....May 5 Contact 
e 17613 Columbia: Looking for a supplier who would deliver cut size 50x50 x1.50 for a client who may be interested. What kinds of stones you produce? My phone no. is 30081.....May 5 Contact 
e 17612 Italy: We introduce ourselves as an Italian company and dealing with Sandstone, Limestone & Quartzite. As we are an established company and doing several projects in Italy. We are looking for the product which can be used for exterior purpose in sandstone and limestone but they must be strong stones i.e gel and pressure resistant. Our tel. no is 00 39 05 83 ......May 5 Contact 
e 17611 Italy: Please send price list of Amarillo fossil. May 5 Contact 
e 17610 Italy: We would like to know more about Amarillo fossil, please provide us with the following: Price for Blocks, Slabs 002cm / 003cm , rough , cement filled and clear resin filled, Tiles all sizes, Pavers 60cm x 40cm x 3cm, Cobbles 10cm x 10cm x 10cm natural finish. Please indicate loading port. May 5 Contact 
e 17609 Singapore: Please quote for Marine Blue Pearl Polished Granite 2cm thick slabs. Qty: 2 containers. My tel. no. is 65-638.....May 5 Contact 
e 17608 France: Earthmoving Machine: I want to know the price of 966d, 966e excavator. May 5 Contact 
e 17607 Qatar: We are interested in Amarillo fossil. May 5 Contact 
e 17606 South Africa: Please quote for amarillo fossil stone with image. May 5 Contact
e 17605 USA: Please send us a sample, a price list, sizes and specifications of amarillo fossil. Cell: 954-49.....May 5 Contact
e 17604 USA: Retail: I saw a sample of golden art that the granite place told me they no longer have and don't know when they are getting it in. I think they have their own name for this. Might this be listed on another name and possibly available through you. I need about 83 square ft. My phone # is 815-78.....May 5 Contact
e 17603 Pakistan: We are looking for the Indian green marble in the following size. Please quote us your rock bottom prices. All prices must be in sq meter for C&F Karachi Pakistan. Length: 100 inches and above Thickness: 20 mm wide: 57 and above to 60 inches. Also inform us about the marble filling (how much filling in one marble slab) as per the above size? Phone: +92-300-42..... May 5 Contact
e 17602 Australia: I am interested in importing some granite tiles and slabs to Brisbane, Australia. I am going to visit KL in June please email your website address and to see your products. My tel. no. is 07 337.....May 5 Contact
e 17601 Australia: Please provide more information about your amarillo fossil. Are they granite or limestone? Are they porous and durable? May 5 Contact
e 17600 USA: I am looking for an Ruff ballpark price on some stone to build a low retaining type wall around my wife's flower bed in front and along the sides of my house in Indianapolis. I don't know what type of stone I am looking for but it is white flat stone around 12 to 14 inches long and may be 6 to 8 inches wide and 2 to 3 inches thick. I use to see walls of this all the time not so much any more. Any way the wall will be 100 ft. long and 8 to 10 inches high just one row deep. May 5 Contact
e 17599 USA: Please send a catalog with prices on your marble tile. Include shipping details. I am in IL. My contact details are 1-630-23......May 5 Contact
e 17598: Please quote for AMARILLO FOSSIL Stone. May 5 Contact
e 17597 USA: I need 8 granite steps, rough cut. Dimensions are: 5 feet, by 15 - 18 inches, by 8 inches. Need delivery to Charlottesville VA. Can pay cash if need be. My tel. no. is (434) 22..... May 4 Contact
e 17596 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine:  Please quote for Caterpillar Wheel Loader 950B, 950E, 966D & 966E. Hitachi Wheel Excavator EX-100, WD & WHO4. May 4 Contact
e 17595 Australia: Please advise on the availability, price and size for the following 20mm thick polished slabs of BLACK GALAXY, 
. May 4 Contact
e 17594 : Please quote for emerald stone. May 4 Contact
e 17593 Australia: Please be advised that I am enquiring about availability and price of 1 full container each of Rustenburg & Zimbabwe Black 20mm Polished slabs. My telephone number is 61 3955.....May 4 Contact 
e 17592 USA: Interested in 4000 ft of 18x18 inch of Afyon marble. My tel. no. is 516-77.....May 4 Contact 
e 17591 USA: Looking for 22 pcs. of Giallo Beach or New Venetian gold or similar 24" granite tiles. Tel. no. is 859-48.....May 4 Contact
e 17590 Malta: Please quote for AMARILLO FOSSIL Stone. May 4 Contact
e 17589 USA: I am looking for Saudi granite (tiles) distributor on the West Coast of USA i.e. California. I am looking for small amounts of tile (boxes of 10 tiles... 3/8") All colors. Phone: 209-39.....May 3 Contact
e 17587: Please quote for AMARILLO FOSSIL Stone of size 10mm X 305mm X 305mm or the size you produce?  Phone: 419 86.....I am in Ohio. May 3 Contact 
e 17586 UK: Interested in purchasing AMARILLO FOSSIL STONE BLOCK. Please send details. May 3 Contact 
e 17585 Bangladesh: Stone Processing machine: Please quote for an 2nd hand Italian Marble Block Cutter. Please send us photos and more details like price and specs. Our tel. no. is +880 31 6.....May 3 Contact 
e 17584 USA: Please quote for granite cobble stones. Do not know what colors are available, and also am not sure of the exact scope of our project, but would be somewhere between 1000 and 3000 square feet. I am in NY. Tel. no. is 845 63.....May 3 Contact 
e 17583 Pakistan: Earthmoving Machine: We are interested to buying 3-used New Holland Combine Harvester in good condition. Please quote. If possible please forward us pictures & other details. May 3 Contact 
e 17582 UAE: Earthmoving Machine: WE NEED Vibratory Double Drum Roller Dynapac LP750-3pic, Manual Start Equivalent and a Bulldozer Caterpiller D7G. PLEASE SEND MAXIMUM INFORMATION & PICTURES OF SAID MACHINE ALONG WITH C&F KARACHI PRICES WITH AVAILABILITY. TEL: 971 - 6 - 53.....May 3 Contact 
e 17581 France: Stone Processing Machine: I am looking for a marble / granite gangsaw like the one listed in pricelist 470 and 436. 
Phone: 00336797.....May 3 Contact 
e 17580 Kuwait: I am interested in the 3 container of dark color of the China Granite. Please send me the new color and the prices list of the same. May 3 Contact 
e 17579 China: We are a shop fitting company in Hong Kong. We would like to get a 150mm x 150mm sample of "Absolute Black Granite". Please send a sample. Our tel. no. is (852) 260.......Kindly inform the sizes available for the granite, and the delivery date if we order about 500 squared foot of granite. May 3 Contact 
e 17578 Korea: We need to find supplier of SINI PEARL from Egypt. The specification is 450 x 500 x 500 honed finish and quantity will be 420 pcs or more. Tel: +82 32 43..... May 3 Contact
e 17577 USA: Retail: I am looking for two pieces of basic gray color stone 3' x 1'8'' x 8" - ; front only polished and the base - 2' x 1' x 1'. It needs to be shipped to Long Island, NY. Please give me the price. May 3 Contact
e 17576: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for CAT IT28B excavator. I am in NE. Tel. no. is  (308) 76.....May 3 Contact
e 17575 USA: I have immediate need for a construction project for green jade slabs, matched and numbered for "mirror-matching". Please send maximum widths and lengths available, as well as photos of slabs with "organic" flow. Will consider A grade and/or B grade. Container quantities needed. May 3 Contact
e 17574 USA: I am interested in specific quotes for specific slabs of Argentinean azul for a current project in Yucatan, Mexico. I have immediate needs, but I need to see photos of sets of matching slabs for "book matching" floors. May 3 Contact
e 17573 USA: Retail: We were looking for first quality Verde fire/fuoco tiles (and potentially slabs). I am interested in about 60-70 sq ft in 12” x 12” tiles. My contact information is (858) 69.... I am in CA. May 2 Contact
e 17571 USA: Retail: Please quote for 10m sq ft golden quartzite random. Tel. no. is 972-33.....May 2 Contact
e 17570 Malaysia: We are in the mid of expanding our granite business. We want to be a stone importer especially in Indian stones instead of just being a local trader. We need your kind support to quote us the followings. Please give the pricing in USD for following stones.
Material Size 
1. Absolute Black 2500 x 1500 x 30mm ( slab) 
2. Black Galaxy 2500 x 1500 x 30mm ( slab )
3. New Imperial Red 600 x 600 x 20mm
4. Indian Green 600 x 600 x 20mm
For the slab size please give me what is the quantity for 1 container load. Quote me based on FOB port Klang. Mobile phone: 6012 - 30.......May 2 Contact
e 17569 USA: Quarry Machine: I am interested in posting an inquiry to buy quarry machinery. May 2 Contact
e 17568 India: Stone Processing Machines: We are interested to import stone processing machines. Please send me details by fax on 0091 141 23......May 2 Contact
e 17567 USA: Send your price list of all type granite and marble. We need 35 x 100 x 2 & 3 cm slabs. Quote your price FOB and CIF Rotterdam. 
A) SIZE 30.5X30.5X10MM
B) SIZE 400X400X20 MM
C) SIZE 600X600X20 MM
A) SIZE 30.5X30.5X10 MM
B) SIZE 400X400X20 MM
C) SIZE 600X600X20 MM
May 2 Contact
e 17566 UK: Please send us information on your products. We are starting to import materials for retail and wholesale. If you have any photographs of your products please send. Our tel. no. is 01626-3.....May 2 Contact
e 17565 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing a Patinato Oyster Beige threshold for my master bath. Do you know where I can purchase one? I can be reached at 314-49.....I am in MO. May 2 Contact
e 17564 Serbia: Please quote FOB Xiamen for 1 container for Granite 633 slabs and tiles (40 x 40 x 1CM & 60 x 31 x 1 cm) from China. My tel. no. 99381142.....May 1 Contact
e 17563 Saudi Arabia: Please let us have your prices and other terms and conditions, mentioning all types of Onyx material, noting that we have a big showroom of Marble, Granite and Stone in Riyadh. Also, please let us know if you have Night Rose Granite as we have an urgent order for the same. May 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.