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137 inquiries so far in March, 158 inquiries in February

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 24685 USA: Do you deal with orange onyx as entire table top size pieces? I am interested in a size of 85cm x 260 cm. I probably would need a certain thickness as well. How much would such a piece cost? Tel.: +49 (0)89 7.....March 31 Contact
e 24684 USA: retail: Looking for the best prices on the following granite. Need 60 sq ft for kitchen counter.
Tropical Green, Costa Smeralda, Verde Bamboo, Tasmanian Green
Located in the Los Angeles area, either pick up or ship. March 30 Contact
e 24683 : I am interested in a waterjet machine. March 30 Contact
e 24682 India: We are constructing a shopping complex over 13000 sq ft. for that we need morward green sky marbles type. Telephone: 97863..... March 30 Contact
e 24681: We are interested in buying 40 x 40 x 4 cm red granite from China about 4000 sqm. March 29 Contact
e 24680 India: I am looking for some better Italian Marble with competitive rates. I am a retail buyer and looking for 2000 sq. ft. Tel: 093236.....March 29 Contact
e 24679 Ukraine: I am interesting in polishing machine. Do you have the pictures of it and technical specifications? March 29 Contact
e 24677 Italy: We are an Italian company dealing with import-export of marble and granite. We are interested in importing a quantity of 400 / 500 mc / year of blocks Grey Aswan Light and Dark. Could you please send us your best quotation F.O.B. Egyptian port for the above mentioned items? Tel + Fax 0039 011 98.....March 28 Contact
e 24676 USA: retail: I am finishing my patio and need conneticut field stone. March 28 Contact
e 24674 USA: retail: We live in San Diego and cannot find a suitable granite slab for our kitchen island which is 120 x 48. We need one large slab and another one or two for our counters.
In addition to the length:
We want something similar to Green bamboo that is not too busy but has gentle movement.
The color should be similar to those we see in the lovely trees outside our kitchen window.
If you have anything IN STOCK (or are getting something in within one week), please could you take a photo and email it to me. My husband and I will arrange to come and see the granite over the weekend. Please let us know your hours. Phone (858) 70.....March 28 Contact
e 24673 USA: retail: I'm looking to buy Jade Beach Pebbles - 1 - 3" I live on Long Island. Can you help? Tel: 516.81..... March 28 Contact
e 24672 USA: I need about 90 square feet of black galaxy granite. Can you please tell me how much do you charge? I need that shipped to United States. Telephone: 170347..... March 28 Contact
e 24671 USA: I am interested in buying 35 sets Wine Glass set (6 pcs.) 3x5 Medium green.
What is the procedure?
What is shipping cost to Annandale, VA 22003?
What is estimated delivery time?
Can I receive a sample in advance or an online picture? Tel: 571-23.....March 27 Contact
e 24670 India: I would like to know the manufacturers, suppliers the main source for supply of pebbles and I require tumbling machinery for making of polished and unpolished pebbles also. Telephone: 092259.....March 27 Contact
e 24669 India: We are planning to start a large scale Granite quarrying and processing plant near Tamil Nadu. We have acquired 500 acres of good quality granite mines. The proposed capacity of the quarry is 10000 CBM per month and the Processing plant for Monuments, Slabs and tiles is 6000 CBM per month. Rough Granite block size to be handled is 3 X 2 X 1.5 Mt. While processing we want to manufacture monuments, slabs and tiles. We are planning to use drilling; diamond saw cutting and water jet cutting for the quarrying operations. Please quote for the following new machines: You can also suggest best suitable models for our work along with their quotes. Products for quarrying:
Granite Mining Equipments
1. Air Compressors 45 HP capacity
2. Derrick Cranes, 40 MT capacity,
3. Diamond Wire Saw plant,
4. Hydraulic Jacks,
5. Hydraulic Splitting Machines,
6. Line Drilling Machine,
7. Rock Drills/ Jack Hammers
Granite Processing Machinery
1. Diamond wire saw machines,
2. Jumbo gang saw machines, 4EG/1100/SFO,
3. 13 head Grinding machine (KG-3000)
4. 21 head polishing line machines, with waxing, cross cutting and trimming machine
5. Flaming and bush hammering machine.
6. Gantry cranes 60
7. Twin beam bridge cranes with hoist.
TEL: 91-040-24.....March 27 Contact
e 24668: I am looking for COSTA ESMERALDA 2 CM THICK WHAT WILL FOB AND CIF DUBAI PRICE. Tel: 009715059.....March 27 Contact
e 24667 USA: Interested in 60x60x2cm chamfered tiles, Crema Marfil, 1000SF. Tel: 515-24..... March 27 Contact
e 24666: We would like to buy gangsaws. Please email details. March 26 Contact
e 24665: Interested in granite slabs. March 26 Contact
e 24664 USA: Retail: I am looking for 170 sq. ft of 12"x 12" marble polished of the ST. Thomas LILA Dark. It must be dark tile as I am trying to match some existing marble. March 26 Contact
e 24663 USA: i need 10 pellets of Indian Sandstone. March 26 Contact
e 24662: I would like to see photos of the ceramics you have and the pricelist. March 25 Contact
e 24661: Looking for a firm in San Diego who is importing travertine? March 25 Contact
e 24659: I want to make an inquiry of some Flooring slate. I need the black granite 400 x 400 x 15 mm. I want you to email me back with the price for each, so that I can know how much I am to Order. Also advise the forms of payment you do accept as well. I will like to know your contact phone number where I can reach to you to discuss much about this order. If you don't have such types like these let me know the types you do stock. March 25 Contact
e 24658:  I am looking for Verde" antique polished tiles that are quarried in Rochester, Vt. or the Canadian Version of the same. I do not want Verde' Mare or any other green marble. I will need 200 Sq. Ft. to start and more later. I cannot use any other tile or any India tiles. My name is Joe Paladino and my telephone number is 610-65......   March 25 Contact
e 24657 USA: I am interested in purchasing slabs direct. Please advise on price list and if they can be shipped to Dallas, Texas. O - 214.74.....March 25 Contact
e 24656 India: We require earthmoving equipments for land development and constructions. Telephone: 9197393.....March 25 Contact
e 24655 : Can you supply me with a free sample 350 mm x 1.5 mm x 25.4 mm diamond blades that you can give an absolute guarantee will cut gem stones up to 8 on the Moh scale of hardness. March 24 Contact
e 24654 China: We currently have an order for exporting, and now are in need of seeking for a cooperated company. We now e-mail you the specification, and the cooperation intention. If you want to cooperate with our company , you can check the unit price clearly and e-mail it to us so as to for our final decision.

Name   of Commodity



Specification & Model number


 AB level

50,000 pieces     

As to the illustration

2. Unit price of the product is FOB. Procedure for applying such as exporting, commodities inspection, apply to customs is charged of required said or entrust seller to manage on behalf of another.
3. Check before acceptance:when the contract is signed, seller should complete the sample of the product. The required should confirm the sample, we will check on delivery goods as the standard of the sample and the qualified rate should above of 98%.
4. Time limit: Time limit should be calculated from the date when you receive our product front money and confirm the producing sample; and lasts for 10 months. The seller must deliver 40,000 pieces per month.
5. Settlement: After the contract is signed, the required side should pay 30% of totally payments in advance as product front money. The other 70% of payments should be paid though the sight L/C .
6. The unaccomplished matter should be discussed in detail by face-to-face communication. TEL: 0086 -23- 608.....March 24 Contact

e 24653 South Africa: Interested in Marble and travertine tiles from other countries.  March 24 Contact
e 24652: I would like some more info on purchase of marble and granite slabs and tiles. I want to buy a container load plus the container itself. Tel: 306 28..... March 24 Contact
e 24651 South Africa: Interested in Iranian Orange onyx. Tel: 0027 83 38.....March 23 Contact
e 24650 Algeria: Interested in CREMA MARFIL MARBLE BLOCKS. phone number +213 77 66.....March 22 Contact
e 24649 Australia: I am looking to buy a quantity of Travertine floor tiles. Size 18" x 18" x 1.2 cm honed and filled Quantity : 1500 SqFt Delivery : CIF Perth/Fremantle Port - Tiles are needed at site within 10 weeks, therefore in a position to place an order immediately. I am prepared to buy from anywhere worldwide based on price and quality. Tel + 61 8 926.....March 22 Contact
e 24648 USA: We are looking for a licensed / bonded cantera installer that has good experience. We have a very large job and are having a difficult time finding the right installer. Is this something that you might be interested in? Our shipment is to be here in the next 3 weeks. Cell: (602) 36.....March 22 Contact
e 24647: What would a slab of Uba Tuba granite 118-120" long for a kitchen countertop cost? March 22 Contact
e 24646 Singapore: I am looking to buy 6400toones of black aggregrates. March 21 Contact
e 24645: I need 4.000 sqm 02 cm slabs of commercial Ubatuba Green. Please send me prices and photos of the slabs. My mobile no. is +34.676.4......March 21 Contact
e 24644 India: We have Required 610*305*10 mm Seaweed green tiles polished with chamfered, calibrated Packed in Thermocole boxes & wooden crates (Export packing). Phone: 0091-80-222.....March 21 Contact
e 24643: I would like 3,000 sf of 24x24 White Limestone Honed. please call me 530-75.....March 21 Contact
e 24641: Please write me prices for the following items:
1. Mocha Creme 30 x 60 x 1 ( cm) honed ca 20.000 m2
This material will be used in Department Store, the Total quantity is 23000 m2. Mobile +48 601 6.....March 19 Contact
e 24640: I am interested in your tea rose in blocks. Tel: 852282.....March 19 Contact
e 24639: I need 200 sf of mistic pearl granite immediately, I notice a price of $2.48 how soon can I get it. Do you have a supplier in U.S. in Brooklyn? Telephone: 718 52.....March 18 Contact
e 24638 USA: I am looking for a marble called Ruivina, it's dark grey with whitish veining. It's from Portugal. Need it for a countertop in 3-4 weeks. Do you know how I could find this in the Bay area (San Francisco, CA)? Telephone: 415-90.....March 18 Contact
e 24637: Can you send me the price by m granit tiles azul bahia. tel 00336 83 2.....March 18 Contact
e 24636 Saudi Arabia: We got your name and address from some reliable sources, that you are manufacturer and exporters of Marble & different kind of tiles. We are working as projects suppliers and Contractors we are dealing in this line more then 9 years, and very much interested to import your goods in Saudi Arabia. Kindly quote your best price for Black Galaxy Marble we have already urgent order with 20000 SQM.
40x40, 10000 SQM. 60x60 10000 SQM. therefore, please arrange to send us your illustrated catalogue, samples and best price list to enable us to study the marketing possibilities of your products in our market. Kindly let us know by return email, fax or mail that you are able to start business with us, and you are not appointed your agent in this territory. Tel:+966 1 20.....March 18 Contact
e 24635: I am looking for Kashmir White and Galaxy Star granite sheet suppliers in UK? March 18 Contact
e 24634: I am looking for a set of marble stones:
Ideally, I'm looking for the following size (in 17mm width)
4 round 100 mm
6 round 80 mm
4 oval 110 mm x 70 mm (or rectangular if simpler)
1 square 140 mm x 140 mm
2 wedges 140 mm x 60 mm
No sharp edges, everything has to be smooth. The color of the marble is not important.
Attached a photo of the set. I don't need the spheres ( 50mm)
Tel +41 22 36.....March 18 Contact
e 24633 India: I am interested in italian marble. Telephone: +91-98999.....March 18 Contact
e 24632 Australia: I am looking to but a container of Iranian honey Onyx 450x450 polished Calibrated. Phone 61 4320.....March 18 Contact
e 24631 USA: do you have access to any remnants of onyx? March 18 Contact
e 24630 SOUTH AFRICA: Please can you forward me the details of supplier White Limestone. Tel: 0027 83 38.....March 18 Contact
e 24629 UK: I am working on a large outdoor flooring project as part of the Peoples playground sea front regeneration project. This project requires a quantity of Granite slabs for water jet cutting at our custom built works which will then be assembled into large precast granite and concrete units. It is vital that all the granites contrast against each other hence the choosing of black, white, red and a quantity of blue and yellow. Here is a list of the names and types of granite required all 50mm thick slabs we are willing to take 75% of each colour as 1000x1000 x50mm sizes but the balance must be in large format slabs 2000x1500x50mm minimum size. All slabs only require a honed finish. Please state whether you could part supply (1 or 2 colours) as best colour contrast is more important than one country of origin supply cost of samples can be met. We will buy in Pounds Sterling or US Dollar and are sourcing plant and materials at the moment . we would expect to place an order aug/sept 08 for a nov/dec delivery. Please quote delivery to Port of Tyne or major northern port in England. Please quote for any of these granites but subject to samples and approval only one of each colour will be chosen from each set.
quantity = 2000m2
Microponto (brazil)
Bethel (USA)
White Lanka (Sri Lanka)
Namibian Pearl (S. Africa)
Branco Polar (Brazil)
Himalaia White (brazil)
G3030 Pearl White (China)
Imperial White (India)

quantity = 900m2
Rideau Dark Red (Canada)
Sichuan Red (China)
Red Gharda
New Imperial Red (Taiwan)
Tranas Red (sweden)
A frican Red (S. Africa)
TJI Red (India)
Ruby Red (India)
New Imperial Red (India)

Black = 900m2
Zimbabwe Black ( S. Africa)
G3072 ShanXi Black (China)
Ratnasila Black (India)

Yellow = 100m2
Tropical Sun (S. Africa)

Blue = 500m2
Azul Macaubas (brazill)
Sodalite Blue (Namibia)

Tel: 019122.....March 17 Contact
e 24628 USA: We are a quarry in Wells Me. We quarry pick granite and also look to buy various types of stone as well. Telephone: 207 64.....March 17 Contact
e 24627 USA: Need 8000 square meters of 2 CM Commerical Grade or Export quality red braganza. Tel: 001 508 36.....March 17 Contact
e 24626: 1. Please, send to us very competitive prices CIF quotation for STONE QUARRY MACHINES. March 17 Contact
e 24625: Can you please provide pricing per square metre of your G603,06,14,23,33,34,35,40,48,54,55,64,82,84,96, M3001 & G8300 range of granite tiles, your best possible price as we are currently importing similar tiles for approx $6.00USD per sqm. Telephone: 614322.....March 17 Contact
e 24624 Canada: Counter top granite delivery up to Toronto, Canada cost? all type of granite. sent me details. Telephone: 001 416 32.....
March 16 Contact
e 24623: We are one company in Turkey and we want to buy granite for kitchen bench. I want to know price your products. Can you send me your product price and send some photos about granite.
thickness: 2 cm
width: 60 cm
length: 2m, 2,5m, 3m, 3,5 m
Tel: 0090 554 39.....March 16 Contact
e 24622: I am looking to import Travertine Tiles to South Africa from Turkey. The colour must be light, size 457 x 457 and price the lowest possible. March 16 Contact
e 24621 South Africa: I am looking for Light Travertine Tiles size 457x457 best price possible to import to South Africa. Telephone: +27 83 44..... March 16 Contact
e 24619 Pakistan: I would like to know rates per sft as C&F, FOB basis of following stones for our ongoing projects.
Sr.# Description Size Thickness
1, Yellow Sand Stone 2'X2' , 3'X3' 20MM,30MM
2, Red Sand Stone 2'X2' , 3'X3' 20MM,30MM
3, Jhansi Red 2'X2' , 3'X3' 20MM,30MM
4, Rajhistan Green 2'X2' , 3'X3' 20MM,30MM
Cell; +92 300 47.....March 16 Contact
e 24618 USA: I am looking for Rojo Crystal slabs (12) consecutives. Can you help me? Tel: 973-77.....March 15 Contact
e 24617 USA: Retail: i was looking to buy Breccia Imperiale Marble for my kitchen island as well as different marbles for our bathrooms. March 15 Contact
e 24616 USA: We are interested in seeing your switch plate covers. Phone: 231 82.....March 15 Contact
e 24615: Retail: I am looking for 40 18" x 18" Imperial White tiles. Are these in stock? How soon could they be shipped? March 14 Contact
e 24614: i wish it you sell Granite and i wish you can send me an email with the pickup price for this {12 x 12 black galaxy } also i will needing 35 pcs including tax excluding shipping. also advice me with the method of payment that you accept. and as for the pickup i will recommed a freight company for the pickup. March 14 Contact
e 24613 Romania: I would like to get a price for your marble and granite slabs 2 cm and 3 cm. I have a granite shop over in Romania and I am interested in working with you. Telephone: +407520..... March 14 Contact
e 24612: We are interested in Marble and Granite. Could you send the catalogues of products (tiles and slabs) to us? We would like to know the prices of these products. Do you have possibility to pack and transport your products to Lithuania? How much does it cost? We would need about 30.000 sq.m., including outside and inside of building. March 14 Contact
e 24611: Please quote for CAT 14G. March 14 Contact
e 24610: How much would a 25 feet by 12 feet by 12 feet size granite block of Ruby Red? Telephone: 20331.....March 14 Contact
e 24609 Ukraine: Need 1 full container of Jerusalem stone for outdoor and indoor use (for external walls, steps, fence, some internal walls and floor, architect details) Tel. +380-50-31.....March 13 Contact
e 24608: You are kindly requested to provide us with your quotation for a quantity of 400,000 meter square on the basis of CIF Baghdad-Iraq or to um-Qaser port-Iraq as the following specification: 40cm*40cm*8mm. Kindly state all details regarding payment term, delivery, shipment, packing, etc. Tel: + (962 - 6) 55.....March 13 Contact
e 24607: As one of the leading property developers in Malta, we are currently seeking best prices to purchase China Made ceramic tiles for flooring/bathroom including sanitary wares for our grand project involving over 100 apartments. We therefore require your full brochures including prices + freight costs at your earliest convenience. March 13 Contact
e 24606 USA: We have a major hotel apartment project in St Thomas USVI. We need to order at least 65,000 sqft of 18 x 18 x 1cm thick Saturnia Travertine, honed and filled and calibrated for a direct thin set installation over properly aged concrete slabs. We need this material delivered to the dock in St Thomas CIF on or before July 15 2008. Please let me know immediately if you can source this and the CIF price. Tel: 215 63.....March 13 Contact
e 24605 Togo: We will like you to send to us the list of your dealing Granite, Tiles and Marble, your export packing, and prices, and other necessary information for the importation of this products to our country. We need the above information for our study and further negotiation with management, as we hope accumulate the sales here in our country and neighbouring countries. Note that you should select JPG when scanning the product photos or website. Phone: 0022 97.....March 12 Contact
e 24604 Iran: We are interested in your products. You are kindly requested to send us a complete set of your catalogues and price list by DHL courier soon. March 12 Contact
e 24603: What are the shipping costs if I order 2000 feet of travertine? Telephone: 91348.....March 12 Contact
e 24602: We need 1-3 palettes rounded river stones needed, smooth, 5-8" range, all colors ok. Willing to buy in New England. I need to see a photo of the product. I expect to buy within 2 weeks from today, March 11th. Tel 860 67.....March 12 Contact
e 24601: Need 10,000 sq ft Crema Marfil 12x12x3/8 Honed. Pricing ~ USD 3 - 5 / sf. Tel: 925-68.....March 12 Contact
e 24600 Nigeria: We are interested in a hard rock crushing plant. tel +23480338.....March 12 Contact
e 24599: I need to build an estate-styled fence about 1/4 mile long. I would need posts or columns made of stone, brick, rock or hopefully some pre-manufactured synthetic of rock, brick or stone. I will need about 200 of these 5-7' tall and at least 18"X18". Tel: 925 76.....March 12 Contact
e 24598: Please provide pricing for Beaumaniere French Limestone American USD for sizes available and quantities. Direct Line - 480.74.....March 12 Contact
e 24597: Our company registered under the Government Nigeria and an importers and Exporters of BUILDING Machine. We are interested in this items
4 Gang Saw GASPARI
2 Gang Saw BRA TG 1000 Mega
Kindly, get back to us with following information in these machine
Model of the machine
Year of production
price for each
While we are expecting your urgent reply, if possible today. kindly send us the pictures in details. Tel: +23408606.....March 11 Contact
e 24596: Could you please quote me for:
1.: 1200m of Imperial White Granite, in slabs, 120 x 60 x 3cm, thickness
2. 300m of Imperial White Granite, in slabs, 300x 180 x 3cm, thickness
3. 300m of Imperial White Granite, in slabs, 240x 120-150 x 3cm, thickness. March 11 Contact
e 24595: Our company is developing a 84 unit residential estate in Lagos. We will require about 25000sq meter of ceramic tiles for floor and walls. Telephone: +234 803 40.....March 11 Contact
e 24594 Bulgaria: I am interested in buying of the secondhand gang saw in very good condition. Please if have it send me more pictures on it and also same more information for this machine. Phone number: 003598947.....March 11 Contact
e 24593: We would like more information on this specific color, we need around 150 slabs, so what would be the price per SQ foot in 2cm commercial material, we are located in Calgary, Canada. March 11 Contact
e 24592 India: We are into concrete products manufacturing for over Two decades and would like to expand our product range with reflective pavers / tiles. We require moulds for reflective concrete paver blocks / tiles, chemicals and pigment colours used in production of the same. kindly send us your design catalogue and quotation of your product along with. March 11 Contact
e 24591: I am interested in obtaining two 'white', 'sculpture grade', marble blocks, quarry split or quarry sawn any side. (1) @ approx. 150 cm. x 210 cm. x 100 cm. (1) @ approx. 210 cm. x 120 cm. x 90 cm. March 11 Contact
e 24590: We are in the United States and have rare marble for sale. The marble slabs are Tennessee Grey in color. The slabs are approx. 135
sq ft broke down in 5 slabs.
Slab measurements:
1 slab measures 75" x 42" x 1 1/4" thick
1 slab measures 75" x 58" x 1 1/4" thick
3 slabs measure 64" x 57" x 1 1/4" thick
Please let us know if you have any questions or have interest in purchasing any of the marble slabs. March 11 Contact
e 24589 China: I am interested in the following product(s):
Marble tiles 600 x 600 x 20mm. Tel.: 0086134741.....March 11 Contact
e 24588: Looking for different granites. Telephone: 305-53.....March 10 Contact
e 24587 Czech Republic: We are searching for Visag Blue slabs of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 cm thickness, but first of all 6 cm. Other dimensions 75 x 240 cm, 90 x 240 cm, 120 x 240 and 160 x 250 cm. Telephone: +420 558 3.....March 10 Contact
e 24586 Yemen: We are a YEMENI company wants to buy a Marble factory one product line from A up to Z. We need to know UR quote CIF for all equipments are required for the Marble project (( Mid um Size & large sige)) send UR catalogs with price list CIF Hodeidah, Aden & Al Mukahallah Sea Ports. Tel: 00967 7000..... March 10 Contact
e 24585 India: I am looking for pebble stones for my house plants (home garden). Would like to know how can I source them - what are the rates? Telephone: +91 9845..... March 10 Contact
e 24584: I am interested in a price quote for the cost for a Skyros Golden tile 12 inch X 12 inch X 1/8 inch. Tel: 1.403.92.....March 10 Contact
e 24583: I am looking for kato crane 25 ston between (1986- 1990 years). March 10 Contact
e 24582 USA: retail: My husband and I are looking for 3 boxes (10 sq ft each box) of peach tumbled limestone, 4x4 size, as we didn't buy enough to finish our project 2 years ago and need more now. There is only one retailer of this product in Fort Wayne and they want $12.65 per square foot, too much. Also, what charges for shipping are involved? March 9 Contact
e 24581 South Korea: We would like to purchase French Limestone (tile or slab sizes).
We need this material in South Korea.
No other alternative limestones will be considered.
Our tel. no. is (82)10665.....

1. Specification :
Quality ='D' quality.
Usage : Lobby, Toilet, each Rooms at Trade Center building (68 stories) in South Korea.

2. Quantity
1) THK 50mm = 1,300M2
2) THK 30mm = 16,000M2
3) THK 10mm = 7,100M2

1) UNIT : USD / M2

4. How much should we be imported material of slab type? Concerning above Quantity (tile type) When will we be made tile type (cutting, grinding, etc. ) with slab type material at our factory in South Korea? How much slab type of material of limestone do we imported? March 9 Contact
e 24579 India: We have a requirement of around 20000 sq.ft. of marwar marble. Please let us know about the prices, terms & conditions. My phone no. is 098832.....March 8 Contact
e 24578 USA: I am interested in trailer loads of large boulders. I am interested in the Appalachian region, specifically in the Pennsylvania region. I am currently in the pricing stage, however, if the price is right, I will purchase trailer load quantities of boulders. Tel: 570-45.....March 8 Contact
e 24577 USA: We need a container of honey onyx 30 and 20 mm mixed. Please provide pricing and pictures. Also mention availability. Phone: 714.70.....March 8 Contact
e 24576: I need to find a price for granite countertops. I want a grade A or B in a neutral color-like gold or tan. March 8 Contact
e 24575 Nigeria: We deal on granite and marble tiles and slabs. We buy from Brazil, China and Italy. But we are looking forward to seeing a supplier of emerald pearl and blue pearl. Mobile number - 234-80-341......March 7 Contact
e 24574 India: Requirement of Black Granite for our project. Tel: +91 22 678.....March 7 Contact
e 24573 USA: we are looking for stone slabs from all over the world please feel free to contact on 253-94.....March 7 Contact
e 24572 USA: Need 2000 sq' chisel edges travertine light color. Telephone: 818-78.....March 7 Contact
e 24571 USA: Wish to order as soon as possible 40 of himachal white slate. Preferably Indian. Job completion July 1st. March 6 Contact
e 24570: To buy some recondition used Hydraulic Dumper. March 6 Contact
e 24569 Russia: We would like to know your particular price for monuments of Absolute black granite of different shapes:
1) rectangular shape
2) simple figurative designs
3) complicated figurative designs
We ask you to make your quotation in USD per cubic meter. We would also like to see your drawings and photographs of monuments, which you have already produced for Russia and Europe. March 6 Contact
e 24568 USA: I am looking for approximately 200sqft Crema Boudreaux Granite Tiles, 12X12 or 18X18. Tel: 870-79......March 5 Contact
e 24567: I would like to know you price per piece of Block, stone for the out side of the house and a small fireplace and your tile for a new house I am building. March 5 Contact
e 24566: I am looking for someone that can do some engraving of a phrase into a stone rock and mount on a base. March 5 Contact
e 24564: We are in need of large slabs of sandstone:
We would like stone that has no cracks, no face cuts, no seams and is relatively uniform in it's thickness.
the smallest stone we usually work with is approx 2 1/2' x 2 1/2' x 1'
We can definitely use larger stone, for example, 5' x 5' x 1 1/2' of sandstone or larger.
Tel: 585-92.....March 4 Contact
e 24563 USA: I am looking to buy 6,000 sq.ft. - 10,000 sq.ft. of travertine or a more affordable stone paver, that could be used on a driveway. It needs to withstand being driven on by a car. Tel: (928) 68.....March 4 Contact
e 24562 USA: We are a remodeler in Florida, USA looking for 1500 sq. ft. of absolute granite tiles 24"X24" X 3/4". March 4 Contact
e 24561 USA: We are looking for about 1500 Sq. Ft. of 2 or 3" thick beaumaniere lime stone please give us price and lead time delivered to New York. Telephone: 631 54.....March 4 Contact
e 24560: I am wondering whether you can help me find a granite similar to the one in the attached picture. I rented a house on vacation with this countertop and absolutely loved it. I am beginning a kitchen renovation on my house and would love to find a slab like this. March 4 Contact
e 24559: I would be grateful if you could send me a quotation of various tombstones and grave markers. Would be glad if you could send pictures and volunteer any other valuable information. I am in Botswana and would like to import here.  March 4 Contact
e 24558 Canada: We would like more information on Giallo Andico granite 2cm, we need around 150 slabs, so what would be the price per SQ foot in 2cm commercial material, we are located in Calgary Canada.  March 4 Contact
e 24557 USA: I am looking for several different products which include:
1000sf of a tapered light colored limestone floor in a french pattern or possibly a light travertine in pattern.
Yellow Tiger skin granite counter top; 48" x 26" x 1 1/4", 126" x 26" x 1 1/4", 126" x 36" x 1 1/4" all with an ogee edge.
1 Stone farm sink
4 stone vessel sinks; 2 brown or beige, other 2 flexible looking to stand out
I will need these products by April 21, 2008. Tel: (989) 32.....March 4 Contact
e 24556 China: I have interest of best offer for several stone blocks that is described below.
Location: Hong Kong
Phone: 852-980.....
1. China Pink raw block 130 x 80 x 60 cm (Quantity: 1)
2. G623 raw block 90 x 90 x 90 cm (Quantity: 1)
3. Full River Red raw block 120 x 120 x 230 cm (Quantity: 1)
4. Shan Xi Black raw block 130 x 45 x 100 cm (Quantity: 1)
1. Lotus Green raw block 190 x 190 x 100 cm (Quantity: 1)
2. Negro Oriental 270 x 90 x 90 cm (Quantity: 1)
3. Moss Green raw block 320 x 120 x 120 cm (Quantity: 1)
4. Green Fog fine cut block 180 x 30 x 30 cm (Quantity: 1)
5. Baoxing White fine cut block 100 x 40 x 40 cm (Quantity: 1)
Geographical area of stones: China
I need stones in Hong Kong in beginning of April 2008. March 4 Contact
e 24555: I am looking for granite saw blades. March 4 Contact
e 24554: I am interesting for Regal black granite. March 3 Contact
e 24553 USA: We are specifically interested in the supplier listed below for natural pumice stone for use in a skin care line. We can be reached at 360-90...... March 3 Contact
e 24552 India: We are looking for 200 ton per hour granite crushing plant in India. Product capacity 200 ton per hour from blasted granite boulders of 650 mm. Product size 24 mm, 12 mm, and sand. Crushing plant may contain Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher and Vertical Shaft Impactor, conveyors and screens etc. You may configure either 3 stage or 2 stage crushing as per specification of your equipment. Mobile: +9199499.....March 3 Contact
e 24551 Belgium: I need a price for 100 m blue stone 15 x 15 x 2.5 mm.  March 3 Contact
e 24550 THAILAND: We are interested in 60x60cm floor tiles from china. 10 containers/month requirement. Colour plain white, cream and wood texture. Also Ceramic backed crystal cream and crystal white tiles. TEL: + 66 2 88.....March 1 Contact
e 24549 South Africa: I am a importer and would like prices of you India blacks in 30mm slabs sizes/ 2700 long/1300 high, need it as soon as u can, will be in India on the 4th April in Bombay 6th, 7th, 8th in Bangalore 9th to the 21 in China. March 1 Contact
e 24548 : We need a cat loader 950 b. Please send me best price c&f karachi and clear pics of this machine. Tel: +92-304-20.....March 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.