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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   February 29, 2008
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158 inquiries in February

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 24547 Mexico: We are a firm of architects that develop luxury departments in the beaches of Mexico, right know we are interested in find a reliable supplier of Blue Bahia granite. Please send me a quotation of it and please be kind and send me sample of this stone and also of all the exotic stone you have or Brazilian origin. If you want to know more about us please feel free to visit our web page. Please send samples to the following number Tel: 37.7.....Feb 29 Contact
e 24546 UK: I wish to purchase cobbles 8 x 4 x 2 inch, tiger skin colour. price f.o.b india. Telephone: 079424.....Feb 29 Contact
e 24545 UAE: We are one of the medium business group in India and Overseas, basically from India..., and having our own offices in India and Dubai, U.A.E. We are hereby attaching the list of presently required items for our ongoing and new projects. So kindly Quote your lowest price including Transportation, C&F from your Factory, showroom/Godown to Dubai Free Port, UAE. Cell # 00971-50-94.....Feb 29 Contact
e 24544: Please give me more information about Naranja Cantera Stone tiles from Mexico. Who do I contact about details? How can I see a sample? Feb 29 Contact
e 24543 USA: I am looking for white marble or basalt stones that can be used for massage. Stones must be smooth polished and preferably from a sound and safe environmental source. I would like to have order between 500-1000 stones to use in training sessions for resale. Tel: 414-26.....Feb 28 Contact
e 24542 Spain: Hello, my name is Julio and I live in Spain now. I want to buy some items: 1 item of 009 - 0023 reference, 1 item of 009 - 0024 reference, and 2 items of 009 - 0025. Could you give me some information about the products? Prices, transport's costs.  Feb 28 Contact
e 24541 USA: We need approximately 1300SF (or 121 Square Meters). Can you kindly send me a sample of the product. PLEASE let me know Today the estimate for this product and the availability. Feb 28 Contact
e 24540 UK: I am interested in granite, granite paving sets, sandstone and limestone. My telephone number is 004479396.....Feb 28 Contact
e 24539: We need the following mentioned Spanish/ Italian Marbles for our ongoing Luxurious Villa projects in Dubai. U.A.E
Note – All "extra selected" slabs 18 to 20 mm thick (1st Quality)
Name- Quantity in Sq.mts.
Crème Marfil 2500
Light Emperador 800
Dark Emperador 400
Red Alicante 200
Rosa Valencia 200
Marron Dark 200
Bateig Blue 200
Amasillo Triane 150
Rosa Quipar 150
Negro Maskina 150
Caliza Capri 150
Blanco Carrare 150
Kindly send us your prices on " C & F Dubai" basis. Also please give us optional price for the above mentioned Marbles in tiles of 60 x 60 x 2 cm
Please send us your quotation by fax to 04-39.....Feb 28 Contact
e 24538: We are interested in importing wall tiles form you in these sizes which are given below:
Send me the catalogue of designs and colours of tiles, and quote the rates of products in C/F karachi port paksitan. I will use L/C at sight as payment mode and whatever consignment you will send please send it through Foshan Gunjing because anti dumping is 4.85%. Feb 27 Contact
e 24537 Kenya: I am interested in buying ceramic tiles for a residential house for kitchen and bathrooms. Feb 27 Contact
e 24536 South Africa: Please forward all information with regards the terrazzo tile plant which is for sale in the UK including best prices. Tel : (021) 53.....Feb 27 Contact
e 24535 : I want dozer komatsu. Tel: 0096 279 68.....Feb 27 Contact
e 24534: We are interested to buy a motor grader. Please send inside pictures of cabin and other sides. Feb 27 Contact
e 24533 China: I want to get some black galaxy slab to sell in North China such as BeiJing and TianJin. I want to know the price as following:
* Black Galaxy, 1st quality Wooden bundle packing
1) 18mm polished small slabs(width 62mm up ,length: 1200mm up) - @USD??/M2
2) 18mm unpolished small slabs(width 62mm, length: 1200mm up) - @USD??/M2
3) 30mm polished small slabs(width 62mm up ,length: 1200mm up) - @USD??/M2
4) 30mm unpolished small slabs(width 62mm, length: 1200mm up) - @USD??/M2
* Price term: CFR TianJin port, China and FOB Base Port,India
* Payment: L/C or T/T
Tel: ++86 22 583.....
Feb 27 Contact
e 24532: Kindly send us your suggestions with your best offer for the following to our projects in Nigeria:




Block Cutters

Icaro BC 650 or equivalent


Tel: + 961 6 4.....Feb 27 Contact

e 24531 USA: I need Ivory vein cut select honed about 4,000 square feet for quick delivery in 16 by 24 but would consider 24 by 24 for field cutting. Can you provide pricing and delivery information? Telephone: 415 39.....Feb 27 Contact
e 24530: We are interested in buying 4000 m2 of black slate tiles 16 X 16 X 13mm or 15 mm. Feb 27 Contact
e 24529 Iran: Would you please quote me about all available sizes of thassos white marble FOB Bandar Abbas. We need 4000 sqm.  Feb 26 Contact
e 24528 Korea: We are looking for the Italy bottichino Marble size?60*60*20cm & 60*120*20cm for importing it for our client. If you can supply us it, pls let us get the best quotation base on CIF Busan Korea by 20ft x 1 container quantity. When you give us the quotation, please be added our commission 10%. Feb 26 Contact
e 24527 Canada: I am looking for granite tiles about 2,500 sq ft for a low price. I would like to know what colors you have and price. How much for tiles? Where is it being shipped from? Weight of shipping? How much is shipping to Canada. Are there any duties taxes and brokerage fees? Feb 26 Contact
e 24526 UK: I am currently looking for a supplier for basaltine stone, fixed on honeycomb system. What slabs size could you suggest me? Do you know if you can fitted an honeycomb system on these, the stone shall be 5 to 6 mm thick and in with the honeycomb : 20 mm thickness in all. We do need about 5700m². how much would it cost, to obtain this product honey on honed slabs with honeycomb? What would be the necessary time to produce such amount? Could we receive from you a sample of your basaltyne stone? Cell: +44 770 30.....Feb 26 Contact
e 24525: Can you provide me a quote on the following:
Crema Marfil
Finish: Polished
Size: 600 x 600 x 20mm
Quantity 250sq/m.  Feb 25 Contact
e 24524 USA: Where can I buy a granite slabs or tiles? My phone # 860-74.....Feb 25 Contact
e 24523 Benin: We are business consultant a sourcing agent. We have client here that is interested in buying Marble and Granite from your company, send us all specification of your Marbles & Granites including prices to enable us forward it to our clients. If your price is okay with my client payment will be made in person over there in your country before shipment. Tel: +229 97 4.....Feb 25 Contact
e 24522 USA: Looking for wholesale stone suppliers that I can buy bulk from for our retail/commercial landscape supply yard located in Delaware. Please include types and sizes of stone available as well as pricing. Feb 25 Contact
e 24521 New Zealand: We require different shades of Marble tiles for different projects. We’ll be ordering 2 container fulls of different shades. It could be as soon as next month. We’ll prefer to import from India. However, if we can get a better price and quality from else where, we don’t mind. At this stage we need samples of the following:
Andhi Pista, Andhi White, Banswara White, Fancy Brown, Verde – classico, Sea Green, Abu Black, Fancy Forest, Golden Yellow, Onyx, Saturated White, Taj White, Green Plain, Garnet Rush, Milky Opal, Mansoon Pearl, Pinky Pearl, Moon Rock, Gold Sky, Green Sky, Silver Sky, Black Marble, Copper Rose, Peach River, Brown deer, Makrana Albeta, Makrana Brown. Phone: +642122.....Feb 25 Contact
e 24520 USA: Looking for reasonably priced stone ($3.25 sq ft or less) to purchase within the next few months. Travertine tiles 18" x 18" beige/ivory, honed and filled for interior floors, bathroom walls -2500 sq. ft. Travertine pavers for pool deck - 3500 sq. ft. Coralina stone for pool deck - 3500 sq. ft. (could be irregular sized if price is right.). Slate (Autumn colors) - 1500 sq. ft. for interior flooring. Looking for suppliers from Puerto Rico and Florida - shipping costs must be considered. Tel: (340)77.....Feb 25 Contact
e 24519: Interested in 980C excavator. Tel: 250 59.....Feb 24 Contact
e 24518 Greece: We are interested in buying 2000 m2 of these granite cobble stones 10 X 10 X 10 cm. We are a construction company in Greece. Please give us your offer F.O.B. any port. Tel:0030 21036.....Feb 25 Contact
e 24517 Algerie: We are very interested of the surplus of slabs of granite from Brazil or any part of the world. price in ton or marble in slabs  and block. Please send us your best offers. Telephone: +213 77 66.....Feb 24 Contact
e 24516 Canada: Retail: Want to Buy:
location: Vancouver
contact: (250) 65.....
quantity: up to 50 tiles
size: 18"x18"x1/2" (45mm x 45mm x 12mm or 15mm ok)
alternate size: min 18"x9"x1/2" (30mm x 60mm ok)
colour: Nero Assoluto, Shan Xi Black, other pure blacks (no Galaxy)
detail: min. 1-4 edges eased and polished by machine (not hand polished, 4 edges preferred) Feb 24 Contact
e 24515: I am looking for a supplier of travertine, cantera and marble products. We are located in Corpus Christi. Feb 24 Contact
e 24514 USA: I am looking for 400 sq ft of the Blue Bahia 16” x 16”. Phone (800) 50.....Feb 24 Contact
e 24513: I am looking for 24"X24" 1" thick dark slate tiles for outdoor use. Other options could be mountain mist quartzite in the same size. Also looking for 1,000 square feet of tumbled marble in antique white, plus an additional 60 tiles 3" thick of the dark slate or quartzite 24: tiles. Feb 24 Contact
e 24512 : I want to import tiles & all kind of bathroom fittings in Bangladesh. Could you please send me your product list & price brochure. Feb 24 Contact
e 24511 USA: retail: I am seeking 150 square feet of white marble or other polished white stone in mosaic form (mesh mounted!!!!!!!)
Prefer hex or round to square. I am ready to purchase immediately and would like shipped as soon as possible. I am also interested in picking up myself if within a 250 mile radius of Buffalo NY, USA . Tel: 716-83.....Feb 24 Contact
e 24510 USA: I need prices for the granite you have with shipping to CA. Telephone: 818 85..... Feb 23 Contact
e 24509 China: I have interest of best offer for several stone blocks that is described bellow. Please send me your offer to my email.
Name: Emil Adamec
Proffesion: Sculptor
Location: Hong Kong
Phone: 852-980.....
1. China Pink raw block 130 x 80 x 60 cm (Quantity: 1) 2. G623 raw block 90 x 90 x 90 cm (Quantity: 1) 3. Full River Red raw block 120 x 120 x 230 cm (Quantity: 1) 4. Shan Xi Black raw block 130 x 45 x 100 cm (Quantity: 1)
1. Lotus Green raw block 190 x 190 x 100 cm (Quantity: 1) 2. Negro Oriental 270 x 90 x 90 cm (Quantity: 1) 3. Moss Green raw block 320 x 120 x 120 cm (Quantity: 1) 4. Green Fog fine cut block 180 x 30 x 30 cm (Quantity: 1) 5. Baoxing White fine cut block 100 x 40 x 40 cm (Quantity: 1)
Geographical area of stones: China
I need stones in Hong Kong in beginning of April 2008
Please send me price and other informations about these stones. Feb 23 Contact
e 24508 Kuwait: I am Interested Your Products of Perlato Royal Perlatino & Perlato Royal Nocciolato Chiaro & Perlato Sicilia. Quantity as Below: Slabs 3Cm & 2Cm, Tiles 50x50x3Cm,
Perlato Sicilia
Slabs 3Cm & 2Cm
Tiles 60x30x2Cm
Steps 110x160x3Cm
Frame 110x160x2Cm
TELEFAX: 00965 - 47.....Feb 23 Contact
e 24507 USA: Would like to get some information and I am looking to buy some stone.  Telephone: 410-37.....Feb 23 Contact
e 24506 USA: I am looking for a good deal on stock/overrun that is ready to ship latest by 3/10. This is for my personal home.
Stone Type: Marble, Onyx or Limestone Flooring Tile (no travertine or slate)
Finish: Polished, Brushed, Hammered, Antiqued, or Chiseled Edge
Color: Gold/Beige/Cream/Off White -- the more movement the better, but open to all (no green, gray)
Size: Versaille/French Pattern, or 16"x16" or larger (please specify thickness)
Qty: 1800 Sq Ft
When: Immediately - by 3/15 at latest
Where: Mesa, AZ 85215 (you can quote FOB my delivery zip or FOB your site and we will pay freight)
Tel 480-21.....Feb 23 Contact
e 24505 USA: Looking for Mixed Poiseul, 9 pc. pattern tiles. need 1000 square feet. Telephone: 504-45..... Feb 23 Contact
e 24504 : Attached (image 1, image 2, image 3) you will find a set drawings for countertops that we use for tables in restaurants and hotels. We would like to receive your best offer based on FOB for these table tops with decorated edge. Kindly sent us your offer as soon as possible base on material G684. Tel. 0527 - 6.....Feb 23 Contact
e 24503: Please send us pictures of the Crema Marfil Marble Blocks and the quantity you can deliver. Your prices are to be C&F Ghazaouet port of Algeria. Feb 23 Contact
e 24502: We are a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We would like to order some of your products (1st class, category).
Those are :
Red Multi Color Tiles at dimensions: 30,5 x30,5x 1 cm = 100 sq. meter
Kashmir White tiles at dimensions: 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm = 380 sq. meter
Red Multi Color Slabs at dimension: 260 x 160 x 2 cm = 80 sq. meter & 260 x 160 x 3 cm = 40 sq. meter
Kashmir White slabs at dimensions: 260 x 160 x 2 cm = 30 sq. meter & 260 x 160 x 3 cm = 30 sq. meter
Absolute Black Blocks at dimension: (as much darker colour of this material is possible) 240 x 120 x 120 cm
Please can you give us instruction for payment and how much time it is going to take for delivery and what is your home port. Feb 23 Contact
e 24501: We are interested in slabs granite from brazil. We want to know payment terms. Telephone: +2137766..... Feb 22 Contact
e 24500: Looking for a Komatsu D375A-2. Feb 22 Contact
e 24499 Australia: All measurements and sizes are metric!
· Delivery to Melbourne, Victoria Australia Contact tel No. +612936.....
· Moonlight Head Properties is ready to place an order in February for April Shipping.
· Require 230m2 of cut bluestone - approximate quantity?
· Prepared to import. Purchase decision led by quality and cost to supply.
· Application of stone is flooring, internal and external.
· Igneous Bluestone. (lavastone)
· Product to be supplied for use as floor tiles
· Size of cut bluestone tile is 600mm by 300mm. Tolerance for thickness is 20mm +/-2mm
· - surface? Fine sawn, natural
· shade variation in the stone is to be minimal. Colour is important. Pores (vesicles) to be no larger than 5mm.
· Quality is best.
· - stone trade name: Bluestone
· date needed by? May/June 2008.
· will pay for postage cost of samples. Feb 22 Contact
e 24498 USA: We are looking for Jet Mist / Virginia Mist in Tile form ONLY. Telephone: 212-68..... Feb 22 Contact
e 24497 USA: I am looking to buy containers of a few select colors from brazil. 3 CM==New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ornamental, Uba Tuba, Verde Butterfly, Brazilian Black, Santa Cecelia. We are located in USA Montgomery Alabama. I would like to receive the finest quality stone at the best possible price. I am ready to buy stone immediately. I need a quality and reputable Brazilian supplier. My direct phone number is: 334.22.....Feb 21 Contact
e 24496: I am interested in ordering 1500 square ft of the the 18X18 Porcelain tiles of either the grey or beige colors. Feb 21 Contact
e 24495: We need a emerald pearl tiles to turkey can you contact us? Telephone: 009024234..... Feb 21 Contact
e 24494 Morocco: We are looking to import Marble Chess board in black and white Colour only.
Total 64*squares
The size of each Square is: (sides) 3*3cm
The outside border width is: 5cm
The Thickness or Height is: 1cm
Only the Chess board base is required without the Pcs.
The board should be used as double sided
The quantity required is: 20 000 Chess board base
The Fob price offrte has to be very competitive. Tel: +212636......Feb 20 Contact
e 24493 USA: I am looking for an extra clear, minimally veined, Statuary White marble about 10 to 12 slabs.  Telephone: (816) 78.....Feb 20 Contact
e 24492: We are interest in your (10,000 ton of African Red Granite). Feb 20 Contact
e 24491: I am an architect wanted to know about flooring for hospitals especially in entrance lobby where it has to be appealing as well as non slippery also. New trend of virtified tiles like marbonite are very glossy and slippery so, please suggest the alternatives. Feb 20 Contact
e 24490 USA: We are a design/build contractor in southern CA. and will be needing approx. 250 tons of colorado moss boulders 2' to 5' diameter in March 2008. The project is in southern CA. We have purchased rocks in the past from other vendors but thought we would give you a shot. Give me a call at (951) 23.....Feb 20 Contact
e 24489 USA: Need pre-cast stone window surrounds i.e. sills headers and jambs. Telephone: 70439.....  Feb 20 Contact
e 24488 Canada: Need granite slabs different colours full containers. Telephone: 519 42...... Feb 19 Contact
e 24487 USA: Need a quote on 1000 sq ft of Ramon Gold Tumbled. Minimum size of 12" x 12". Telephone: 504-45.....Feb 19 Contact
e 24486 USA: I am looking for 2400 # of 24 x 24 crema europa limestone polished from Spain. Need this product for customer within a few weeks. Lives in Florida. Tel: 941-30.....Feb 19 Contact
e 24485 : We're granite manufacturing company. Every month we import a lot of granite blocks from many countries. We're interested in your Giallo California granite blocks, can you kindly provide us your price with best quality, base on 310cm*300cm*250cm, FOB HONGKONG? Feb 19 Contact
e 24484 Russia: We need
1. African Red: Sizes60x60x2cm, Polished 350 m2
2. Giallo Sicily: Sizes60x60x2cm,Polished 350 m2
Mob.: +7 906-26.....Feb 19 Contact
e 24483 India: We are interested to purchase Limestone Lumps, CaCO3 powder, Soapstone Lumps & powder, Kaolin washed and unwashed in bulk from Vietnam. Fax: 0091-265-23.....Feb 19 Contact
e 24481 Germany: We are interested to buy polished slabs in all Indian Granite. Send us please your Offer - Pricelist FOB Indian Port or CIF Hamburg.  Feb 18 Contact
e 24480: Have you blue bahia granite board? Tell us the price. Feb 18 Contact
e 24479 USA: I would like to buy 18x18 turkish travertine. Telephone: 1 210 47..... Feb 18 Contact
e 24478 : I am interested in CAT 950B, please forward details on the equipment and your contact information. Feb 17 Contact
e 24477 USA: Need 80 blanks various colors 2cm and slabs various colors 50 slabs. Contact: 330-48..... Feb 17 Contact
e 24475 UAE: We are looking CAT Wheel Loader 966D ,966C and CAT Dozer D8K please quote your price with complete detail of machine and also some picture of Machine.  Feb 16 Contact
e 24474 Turkey: We are one of the biggest importation company in Turkey about Granite Tiles, our imp. capacity is 2,300,000m2/year in a different countries, I would like to inform you that our order details as follows;
600*600cm Granite Tiles
Color & Quantity: Black 300000m2
Color & Quantity: Super White 300000m2
Color & Quantity: Ivory 450000m2
Payment: Cash Payment L/C or TT PAYMENT
Shipment :Ex-work
Tel:+90312.49.....Feb 16 Contact
e 24473 Vietnam: I have some projects in Vietnamese. My projects need the crema valencia marble. Feb 16 Contact
e 24471 USA: Retail: Need 5 sq ft (5 pieces) of Bianco Romano granite tile, 12" x 12" x 10mm". Phone: 214.67.....Feb 15 Contact
e 24470: Do you know where I can find some 13” x !3” Arizona Perla ceramic tile? Tel: 713-23....Feb 15 Contact
e 24469 Korea: We are looking for the light color marble such as Bianco Avorio or Bianca Signora. The customer doesn't like the Vein on the surface.
* Light Color Marble
1) Color: Very Light Color (Ivory or Straw-yellow) without Vein
2) Usage: Floor (Main entrance)
3) Finish: Hard honed
4)Slabs in bigger than 240*120*2 cm
5) Qty: 5,000 sqm
We are looking for the Bianco Avorio in 5,000m2.
And it has its own color of Bianco Avorio (White Ivory).
Recently, our customer is thinking about the other material of Platinum Grey marble as well as the Bianco Avorio.
Can you find out this marble??
s6) Delivery term: FOB-Port. Feb 15 Contact
e 24468 Pakistan: We have a client interested in buying marble Slabs & Tiles. We will be highly obliged if you provide us your rates C&FC 3% by sea USA ports (east & West) on 120 Days sight LC basis. Telephone: 92-300-79.....Feb 15 Contact
e 24467 France: Please quote for 5000 sqm of Kota stone in 15 mm thickness. Tel: +33 149 8.....Feb 15 Contact
e 24466 USA: I am looking for 40 granite tiles for a client in any of the following:
Arcobaleno Blue
Fashion Gaugine
Blue Louise
Imperial Blue
Azul Macubas
Giallo Monet
Azul Imperial
Golden Armony
Golden Lightning
Green Esmerelda
Ocean Wave
Tropical Leaf
Waterfall Green
Labrador Madagascar
Ora Venato
Golden Shadows
Green Peace
Iran G154
Verde Bamboo
Masi Quartzite
Verde Borgogna
Silver Green
Verde Italia
Verde Clama
Verde Sequoia
Verde Santiago
Blue Barracuda
Verde Valdivia
Verde Oro
Verde Fantastico
Any other light green or blue with veining, not speckles
Please let me know if you have availability of anything she might go for, and an idea on price, warehouse, shipping, etc. Tel: 513-67.....Feb 15 Contact
e 24465 USA: retail: Need 3 slabs of tropic brown 2cm in Cleveland, Ohio. Feb 14 Contact
e 24464: We are interested price list gantry cutting machine & marble gang saw machine. Feb 14 Contact
e 24463 Kenya: I am looking for supply of used or new cutting machine for coral building blocks to be used to extract from an open quarry. Tel: +254-736-5.....Feb 14 Contact
e 24461 USA: I am looking for a 12” x 12” piece of absolute black granite to be used as a memorial in which a laser engraved image will be applied. Can you tell me if this granite is available? We are looking for a piece 0.5 to 1” thick. Tel: 814-36.....Feb 14 Contact
e 24460 Germany: We need a good Supplier for polished Slabs in Chinese dark Granite G 654m in 2cm and 3 cm Thickness. Fob Xiamen or CIF Hamburg. Feb 14 Contact
e 24459 Canada: I am looking for a 3cm polished slab (min size 5'x8') of either Juparana Delicatus or Juparana Persa (Golden Beach). I am not currently setup to handle full slab size, so I need 1 cut down the length of approximately 28" width. I am willing to pickup anywhere in Eastern or Southern Ontario. I expect to place an order within the next couple of weeks. tel: 613-62.....Feb 14 Contact
e 24458 Indonesia: Stones processor in Indonesia need exclusive and sophisticated quality marble big block, square and good quality. Indian materials would not be interested , I looking for new marble & Onyx from European , Africa and Australia. The quantity according to the materials that suitable for our market. Now we buying average 50 – 100 containers monthly. Contact: +6281212.....Feb 13 Contact
e 24457 USA: I am a designer/builder seeking a slab of Biancone marble for a residential Master Bath installation. I am located in San Francisco Bay Area & hope to locate a local supplier. This material is needed for fabrication in 2 -3 weeks.  Telephone: 925-330..... Feb 13 Contact
e 24456 USA: What is the approximate cost of 80 sqft Yasmin Blue granite slab. It is from Brazil. Tel: Work (337) 26.....Feb 13 Contact
e 24455 USA: Retail: I just purchased a condo and the previous owner started a tile job but didn't finish. the tile is 18'' x 18'' gres forte (dakota biege). I need 400 sq ft. The condo is in florida. Feb 13 Contact
e 24454: Is the CAT 996c excavator still available.  Feb 13 Contact
e 24453: I need 1000 sqft of Turkish Travertine. Please advise on how to place order. Feb 13 Contact
e 24452: Need 2 - 3 Slabs of blue bahia, preferably, west coast? Tel: 925-67.....Feb 12 Contact
e 24451 UAE: We are a trading firm engaged in export and import of heavy equipments based in Dubai, UAE. The following are the machines that we are looking for:
1-Excavator: Cat 330, 320,325.
2-Bulldozer: Caterpillar D8N, D8R.
If these machines are available with you, kindly send us photo, complete specifications and your best price for these machines.Mobile: +971 50 482.....Feb 12 Contact
e 24450: I do not want to use straight edged cubes but want a used look, either genuine salvage or a good tumbled mock. I require BASALT COBBLES sets to cover approx 30 sqm of my driveway. Approx 210x100mm on the face, any depth between 60 and 260mm. In scotland we call them whinstone sets. Phone number: 077367..... Feb 12 Contact
e 24449 USA: Please quote with photograph for Piertra de Cardoso slabs. Tel: 845-62.....Feb 11 Contact
e 24448: We are forwarding the following information for Stones required for our ongoing Project.                                         

Sr. #


Co lour



Juparana Santa Cecilia  




Khaki Sand Stone




Roso Alicante




Roza Tea




Red Sand Stone




Grigio Malaga




Jhansi Red




Thassos White




Bethel White




Vmiz Tropical




Rajhastan Green




Ming Green

Green Lt-M






 Please quote the most competitive rates for the items mention. Cell +92 300 47.....Feb 11 Contact

e 24447: I am looking for crawler excavators with all sub titles from 1985 up to 1993, preferable with 4 cylinder, no paint good undercarriage.
If you have any please email me with full set of photos, serial #, location and your best price. Feb 11 Contact
e 24446: Need prices on slates from North India. Feb 10 Contact
e 24445: Located in Ocala FL, need 30,000 sq ft travertine tile honed and filed. Must be delivered now. Will take best delivered price. Feb 10 Contact
e 24444: I am searching for a specific granite I have seen. It is a lighter shade of blue and white with white shiny speckles. There is no black in the granite whatsoever. Do you happen to know which color granite this may be? Feb 10 Contact
e 24443 Kuwait: Searching for good quality of onyx or marble. Telephone: + 965 66.....Feb 10 Contact
e 24442 USA: Need quote for 21 pcs 1-1/4" X 4'0" X 6'0" black granite honed or flamed 400 pcs 1-1/4" X 4" X 8" gray granite honed or flamed. Telephone: 315-29..... Feb 10 Contact
e 24441 India: I am working with a landscape architect in private firm. I will be happy if you send me the price list of all the stones mentioned and if possible if you send me all samples in 4" x 4" format. Please do the needful. Telephone: 98674..... Feb 9 Contact
e 24440: Looking for "Arizon Perla" Ceramic Tile, 13" x 13", manufactured in China. Need 500 pieces ASAP. Does anyone have this or know where to buy these? Feb 9 Contact
e 24439: We are from Montenegro and we need about 8000m2 of travertino classico.
60x30x1cm 2800m2,
30x30x1cm 600 m2,
40x40x1,5cm 1200m2,
40x80x2cm 1800m2,
50x100x3cm 1600m2.
We also work only with marble and granite but only import. Tel: +382 69 8.....Feb 9 Contact
e 24438 USA: Retail: I also am looking for "Tropical Fashion" granite tiles. Feb 9 Contact
e 24437 USA: Retail: I am looking for White Fantasy granite for a bathroom countertop - a small piece approximately 20 inches x 40 inches with accompanying banjo top. I am told it is impossible to find. Does someone have it? Telephone: 630-79.....Feb 9 Contact
e 24436: We want to buy High speed diamond gang saw machine. Please tell us how do we contact the supplier? Mobile 094250.....Feb 9 Contact
e 24435 : I am looking a for a caterpillar grader for USD 60,000.00 maximum. Feb 8 Contact
e 24434: I am interested in purchasing container of granite for my fabrication shop. I plan to buy about 7 of the more popular and standard colors with 1 or 2 higher end colors.
For standard colors:
Gailo Fiorito
Baltic Brown
Tan Brown
Giallo Ornamental
Santa Cecila
Uba Tuba
Verda peacock
For higher end colors:
Yellow river
My phone number is 813-65.....
I want to place an order for one container at this time. Future orders will build from the success of that container. Please note quantity, and size that will ship. Obviously, I need pictures to preview colors. I use 3cm granite for countertops. Feb 8 Contact
e 24433 Turkey: I need to get info about ceramic tiles. Telephone: +9053277..... Feb 8 Contact
e 24432 Ethiopia: My company is very much interested in buying excavators. Telephone: 25109117..... Feb 8 Contact
e 24431 India: We require Marbles From Brazil or Italy for about 10,000 Sqf. Please send us Beige colour with minimum grains, along with photo and Price List. Telephone: 093623.....Feb 8 Contact
e 24430 USA: Please quote for White Granite Slabs. Phone:561-48.....Feb 8 Contact
e 24429 India: we want kota stone app. 5000 sq ft . size of material as follows.
4" x 10"
24" x 18"
24" x 24"
these are finish size.
Colours: Kota Blue, Lime 3 (golden colour shade), Luster Gray. Please send lowest offer. Tel: 99605.....Feb 8 Contact
e 24428 India: We have huge requirement of Italian Marble. Please send us your catalogues. Feb 8 Contact
e 24427 Czech Republic: I would like to know any company with production quartz based composite stone from Turkey and China. Could you help me and send me a few contacts for company special for this stone for counter top. Tel: 00420 603 5......Feb 8 Contact
e 24426 USA: We are a medium sized importer/distributor in the Washington d.c. area with 6 locations and we have been in business for over 25+years. We have a project requiring 1700s/f of 6x18 thassos extra tiles in the next 12 weeks. There is also some 18x18 in the thassos extra along with mosaics and absolute black granite in 18x18 all the items are to be in a honed finish. If you can supply one or any of these items I would appreciate the contact to discuss time frame, payment arrangements and delivery times. Feb 8 Contact
e 24425 USA: retail: My tile supplier is out of the tile I need to finish my remodel job. The mfg is in the Philippines. I am just trying to find enough tile, roughly 200sq ft to finish my patio. Here's the info of the tiles I bought from the store:
Product Code: LOO-CHSHEL
Description: CHIS S/CUT SHELLSTONE PATT (image)
It is sold in 8 Square Foot sets consisting of: (2) 8X8
(2) 16X16
(1) 8X16
(1) 16X24
Feb 7 Contact
e 24424 USA: We need a few slabs of Aurisina from Italy. Ph: 312-67.....Feb 7 Contact
e 24423: Kindly send us your suggestions with your best offer for the following to our projects in Nigeria:  




Block Cutters

Icaro BC 650 or equivalent


Tel: + 961 6 4.....Feb 7 Contact

e 24422 India: Our requirements is white crystalline quartz powder urgent. So please send us following details with best prices.
A white crystalline quartz powder 1.M.T.
B packing require for export.
C. Payment terms.
D. Delivery position.
Tel. No. 91-022-280.....Feb 7 Contact
e 24421 Pakistan: PLEASE SEND ME SLAB RATE OF GRIGIO MALLAGA. Telephone: 00924258.....Feb 7 Contact
e 24420 India: I am looking for kota brown rough handcut stone for the flooring of my terrace which is 1000 sq. ft.. please tell me how to go about looking for suppliers with the best possible offers. Telephone: 98500.....Feb 7 Contact
e 24419 UK: Our architecture studio in England is currently designing a concert hall for Verbania, Italy. For our building design, we are looking to embed stone slabs within a concrete wall as well as use local stone aggregate within the concrete mix to give colour pigmentation. We were initially thinking sandstone for its porosity and weight but understand it is not available in the region, so we are planning to use red decomposing granite instead (which I assume the area produces).
We really appreciate your help with our research and therefore, would kindly ask you if it would be possible to send us some information on the following:
Types of granite and especially red decomposing granite that you produce and information regarding its weight, density, cost, cutting dimensions, decaying properties and structural stability, chemical reaction to concrete, weathering and colour deformations (the more the better really). Red granite to be used as an aggregate on concrete mix, for example, mixing conditions, colour charts (with different ratios of aggregate to cement etc).
Finally, some physical samples of granite (in particular red decomposing granite) to be used as both the embedded cut stone slabs and as an aggregate for concrete mix. Tel: 0044 207 83.....Feb 7 Contact
e 24418: We are looking for Ramon gold limestone. Size 60x30x3cm, top side fine bush hammered. Please send to us your offer as soon as possible. Tel./Fax +370 5 24.....Feb 7 Contact
e 24417: I will like to know do you carry Stone Cutting Machine instock and if yes let me know the types and prices on each unit to enable me choose the quantities I will like to purchase as well as the form of payment you accept. Feb 7 Contact
e 24416: Do you sell CATERPILLAR 330B. Feb 6 Contact
e 24415 Libya: Please send us your offers about cement making machines.
The size: 400 x 200 x 200 / 400 x 150 x 200 / 400 x 100 x 200. mobile:2189132......Feb 6 Contact
e 24414 Libya: Please I need to know what are the available materials, the colors and quote of slab 2cm thickness/M2. Tel: 0096267971.....Feb 6 Contact
e 24413 India: Need luster green kota tiles. Telephone: 0413-26.....Feb 5 Contact
e 24412 USA: I operate out of the USA (Southern California area) more specifically, and quite often I am asked to add/complete additional work that was already performed at some earlier date. This work then requires matching existing granite surfaces, and is more times than not less square footage than what is contained in a full slab. Is there a source for the remnant pieces that are not used in the initial work. Feb 5 Contact
e 24411: I need 2 slabs of Kerala green granite in melbourne, Australia. Can you put me in touch with a supplier? Feb 5 Contact
e 24410: I want to order floor Tiles size: 2 x 2 inches in your store do you have them in stock. What is the price of them? What type of payment do you accept? Feb 5 Contact
e 24409 India: Interested in buying:
Stone to Enquire: black galaxy granite slabs
Quality: 500-3500 sq m/month
color: all available Quantity:500-3500 sq m/month
Size: greater than 120 x ; 240 *2 and 3 cm. Feb 5 Contact
e 24408 Korea: I would like to have quotation for crema marfil premium.
- quantity : about 8000m2 (eight thousand square meter)
- cut to size, polish finished
- size : mainly 600 x 600 x 2cm and/or 600 x 800 x 2cm
-. delivery : April,2008~June,2008
-. price : C&F Busan US$/m2
Tel & Fax : 82-2-53.....Feb 5 Contact
e 24407: We want to buy bulldozer D355-A 1990 or 1993 year. Can we receive from you pic with this bulldozer and know about cost, delivery period, condition? Feb 5 Contact
e 24405 Ghana: We deal in imports and therefore wish to find a company who manufacture polished porcelian tiles, ceramic wall & floor tiles, to start business with. By the way we are looking a supplier who can give 120 days credit facility to make payment in the scheduled due-date agreed. The supplier who will agree given such opportunity should be reliable given requested items, that will give us the great opportunity paying back to the manufacturer in the agreed due-date. We hope to hear from an interested manufacturer who can give our request.  Telephone: 2332446.....Feb 5 Contact
e 24404: 70% 35mm - 50mm rounded river pebbles. 30% 50mm - 75mm rounded river pebbles. Feb 5 Contact
e 24403 USA: I am interested in purchasing 5500 square feet of travertine from Turkey called Nimara Chiseled and say it is the same stone as Troy. It is unfilled and chiseled around the edges. I am looking to obtain this stone in a french/versaille pattern. I believe it is quarried near denizli, turkey. I would also like the thickness to be 1/2 to 5/8". It is for a custom home that is being built. Telephone: 1-520-44......Feb 4 Contact
e 24402 USA: I am attempting to find a source of Quetzal Green granite in 12x12, 4x12 and 4x4. Feb 4 Contact
e 24401: I am looking for granite slab for approx. 250 sqm. the closest color to fit is the tea rose but the tone is darker. Tel: 0905.41.....Feb 4 Contact
e 24400 Korea: Please quote for:
NO ITEM   (mm) Quantity
Type (T) (W) (L) (ea) (m2)
1 ITALIAN CREAM polish 10 228 457 217 22.61
2 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 228 457 392 40.84
3 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 140 457 63 4.03
4 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 70 457 63 2.02
5 ITALIAN CREAM polish 10 305 610 2296 427.17
6 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 590 1,305 7 5.39
7 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 155 1,200 7 1.30
8 ITALIAN CREAM polish 10 480 590 7 1.98
9 ITALIAN CREAM polish 10 480 568 7 1.91
10 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 580 90 14 0.73
11 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 590 90 7 0.37
12 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 580 83 14 0.67
13 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 590 83 7 0.34
14 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 770 125 7 0.67
15 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 770 60 7 0.32
16 ITALIAN CREAM polish 20 600 1,412 7 5.93

MOBILE: 017-27......Feb 4 Contact

e 24399 USA: Retail: Small order - I am looking for 4 Copper Canyon Slabs 3cm/ 1 1/4". Please contact me at 732-24..... or by email. Located in NJ. Feb 4 Contact
e 24398 Canada: I would like to get more information about importing granite countertops for our customers. We would like to work with a company that we can email autocad images to, and have them ship cut and polished granite countertops so that we can provide product to our customers within 30 days of ordering. Telephone: 780-66.....Feb 4 Contact
e 24397 Malaysia:  Need Perlato Sicilia Marble, Color - Cream, for my counterpart in Doha - Qatar, hence we would request you to write to C & F basis from Italy to Doha. Measurement in CM:
1. 120 x 33 x 3 cm
2. 140 x 33 x 3 cm.
Telephone: 006 03 269......Feb 4 Contact
e 24396 USA: Please quote purchase price and shipping for 1000 to 5000 black stone balls. 2.5" diameter, top and bottom truncated (2"tall)
1/2" diameter through hole , centered on top. Top finished Edge of hole on top smoothed. Bottom can show machine marks. I also may
be interested in a variety of materials for the same design and a small amount of additional machining and possibly laser marking. Feb 4 Contact
e 24395 Morocco: We are dealing in many items, such as plywood and construction materials & equipment, which means we are in contact with many wholesalers and Real estate promoters. Recently, we have got an important market with one of the most important construction companies. This customer is interested in Marble whose thickness is 20 mm & CERAMIC, and we are willing to satisfy his needs for some projects which contain almost 6000 apartments. Therefore, we need to have an idea about your models, and for each model please send to us your best quotation USD/FOB.
Actually, I have the intention to make a business trip to your country, and i am looking for a supplier whose qualities are as follows:
- serious and trustful
- has a good quality and interesting prices.
- continuous goods flow and short delivery time.
Would you please believe me that the potential is so important, and I am looking not only for a supplier but also a partner for the supply chain management. GSM: + 212 77 1..... Feb 4 Contact
e 24394 Norway: All surfaces are bush-hammer or natural cut. Inquired material is G370A but we can choose G654 as alternative and give price for G654. Some of items we can choose between G602, G603, G633. If your prices and quality are competitive then my customer is going to order as soon as possible. The amount is approximately 540 tons almost 18 containers. Production time 1,5 month. my tel nr is 004791..... Feb 2 Contact
e 24393 USA: Need 3 - 4 slabs of Blue Bahia. Tel: 925-67.....Feb 2 Contact
e 24392 Hungary: Is there any chance to find 'sea foam green' granite somewhere in Europe? Telephone: 0036203.......Feb 2 Contact
e 24391 USA: Interested in naturally rounded pumice stone for use in health/beauty products. Feb 1 Contact
e 24390: I have been mandated to contact the company in confidence and as a matter of urgency. As the federal government wants to continue from the privatisation policy wants to embark on a supply of various tiles of all kind to the various governmental projects which was measured that, 100 60ft of container of tiles of all kind will be needed for supply from your company to the government federation. as you know, by making sure that this award of contract goes well, the company stands the chance of free custom duty of any services that the company will render to individuals apart from the government. So I was directed to contact the company, for more information. on your products, quotes, methods of payments and delivery, as regards to supplying this products.
However, you shall increase the prices of these products by 20% for officials that sees that this contract comes to your company as we start the transaction in earnest. The modalities of the supply of the products will be arranged when the company contact us. If the company is interested in this mutual benefit, though other tiles companies from India and even ceramic company from China had earlier long to offer some amount of money to ensure they secure the contract, but we have to look for the quality which we believe the company of your have. both in marble tiles and so on. Some is expected to be marble granite which the granite color should be black.
40 x 40 =20 60ft containers
50 x 50 =40 60ft containers
60 x 60 =40 60ft containers
tel:+23480635.....Feb 1 Contact
e 24389: Do you have Golden Persia 12 X 12 Tiles? Telephone: 617-45.....Feb 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.