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Aug 13, 2004




There are 2 ways to contact the buyers below: 

A) Join any Subscription Plan at www.findstone.com/subscription.htm   
B) Buy individual contacts at USD 25 each.
    - pay $ 25 via www.findstone.com/payment.htm  
    - ask your questions (do not send offers)
    - when buyer replies, inform if you want the contact or not
    - if you do not want contact or if buyer does not reply, your $ 25 will be kept in credit for another inquiry of 
      your choice

Previous inquiries have been sorted by product, country, and month in
www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm. They are still valid.

www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998.

e 14177 USA: Interested in receiving a catalog and listing of all your flamed granite tiles for outdoor use only. Much appreciated if you can include all sizing and prices. Aug 13, Contact

e 14172 USA: I am looking for granite countertop blanks to use in home construction........the 26" x 96" with bullnose edge. Need a small quantity to start out (around 30 lineal feet). If fabrication goes well with the first batch, I may be looking for larger quantities. I am located in central Florida near Orlando. I could pickup at any location in FL, or Ship to zip code 34711 business address. Very flexible on color. Aug 12, Contact

e 14078 USA: Please send a price list and catalogue to Texas 78676. Aug 8, Contact


e 14047 Finland: I am interested in importing and retailing granite tiles and slabs, etc. My contact no. is +3584054.....Aug 6, Contact  

e 14039 Canada: I would like to get a better idea of price and availability of granite countertops for Toronto FOB. I require QTY 10, 96 x 26 x 3/4 Absolute Black. Please confirm cost includes full bull nose edge on two sides and back splash, Expected deliver is 60 to 80 days. We are ready to place an order today and reorder 60 days.  Aug 6, Contact 

e 14027 USA: We are looking for a thick black granite (3"-6") so we can used to produce monuments, gravestones, headstones. We just recently open our business and are looking for a wholesaler where we can purchase black granite the size that we need at reasonable price. We are located in Salem, Oregon. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14017 UK: I would like to purchase a large amount of granite and marble. I want to be able to buy any quantity from a good reputable Stone company at competitive prices. What costs other than the cost of the rock will I incur? Aug 5, Contact

e 14027 USA: We are looking for a thick black granite (3"-6") so we can used to produce monuments, gravestones, headstones. We just recently open our business and are looking for a wholesaler where we can purchase black granite the size that we need at reasonable price. We are located in Salem, Oregon. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14005 USA: I am looking to purchase large quantity of Granite Slabs the following are dimension guidelines 
Thickness: 2-3 cm, Width: .9-1.5 meters, Length: 3 meters plus. Please send me color photos, grade specification, price per square meter, the cost of shipping to USA and Telephone and fax information? I am in NM. Phone: 505-31.....Aug 4, Contact

e 13996: We want to import good quality blue chalcedony. Can you send full information price specifications, pictures wholesale prices?   Aug 3, Contact

e 13963: Please quote with ready availability for granite tiles. See ready stock 348. Aug 2, Contact

e 13934 Germany: Looking to buy natural stone slabs and tiles. Please quote. July 31, Contact 

e 13916 UK: We are looking for new suppliers of granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) for direct supply to England. Our requirement is for approx 350Meters square per month. We presently Import directly from other countries. 
July 30, Contact 

e 13914 Korea: We would like you to quote us your granite with CIF KOREA and send us some samples etc. by mail ASAP. The room in which we need the stone is of dimensions as follows:
* The bottom of it : around 900 square meters x thickness of 30mm.
* The wall of it : around 1,000 square meters x thickness of 20mm.
Our tel. no. is 82-55- 342-5451 fax: 82-55-34..... July 30, Contact 

e 13906 USA: Looking for exporters of tiles and slabs. We are an import-export company, based in New York City. July 30, Contact 

e 13888 USA: I am looking to order a 20 ft. container of first quality mixed granite slabs and finished countertops - 96"x26", 3/4" with 1 1/2" laminated bullnose on three sides with matching back splashes. I also need matching granite slabs to go with countertops - approx. 5' x 9'. Would prefer granite form China or India. Price range between 13,000 - 25,000 USD. Can order immediately. Must be insured shipment. My tel. no. is 715-42.....I am in Wisconsin.  Please make offers in ft./inches. July 28, Contact

e 13880 USA: Please send me your latest pricelist for 20mm granite slabs. My tel. no. is 858-39..... July 28, Contact 

e 13878 USA: Please send price list for granite slabs and 2" bluestone slabs. I am in PA 18901. July 28, Contact 

e 13873 USA: I am interested in marketing your stone product in the USA Southwest.  I would like to begin continuous ordering for upcoming building projects at latest by 9/1/2004. I prefer imported stones as to increase my selection; variants of Red, Green, Black and Yellow in the shapes of tiles, slabs and blocks without regard to size but quotes stated in inches please. To begin with, I require a selection of hard polished stones (tiles and slabs) and soft rough stones (blocks) for my different uses. In the future I also need hard unpolished blocks for further processing once they arrive at my location. Samples of your product are greatly appreciated. Please send your brochure and business terms. We are in NM. Our tel no. is (505) 23..... July 27, Contact 

e 13871 USA: I am considering various granite and commercial granite slabs, predominantly from Brazil. I would like a salesperson to be able to offer me imbibition coefficients or hardness Mohs for the stone they are showing me? Santa Monica. July 27, Contact 


e 13788 India: We want to import marble and granite slabs and tiles for reselling in India. We are based in Surat, Gujarat. July 24, Contact 

e 13749 MALDIVES: Please send a brochure of your stone products. My tel. no. is 009607......July 22, Contact

e 13720 USA: Our company is working on a project in Switzerland. We have to find a local distributor for stone and granite for exterior of the building. Our tel. no. is 212.63.....July 20, Contact

e 13710 UK: We are importers and distributors of kitchen & bathroom ceramic tiles. We have a substantial customer base and are supplying trade & retail customers. We have regular orders of 30mm Granite countertops in 2.4mtr & 2.8mtrs slabs in 6-7 different colours. These are used for Kitchen Worktops. We are looking for a good Granite supplier/exporter from India. We can buy container loads. 
We are planning to visit Bangalore for sourcing Granite and Quartzite on 8th August 2004. Please note we are not looking for any ceramic tiles suppliers. Our contact no. is 00 44 7980 8.....July 20, Contact

e 13703 Puerto Rico: Please send us more information about your stone products. July 20, Contact 

e 13699: Please send us quotes of your available collection of marble and granite. July 20, Contact 

e 13696 Canada: Please send a complete prices by the container load for stones. We are in Calgary. July 20, Contact 

e 13677 Iran: We are one of the leading companies in Iran dealing with importing and exporting Stones. We deal with different suppliers worldwide. If interested please send list of your products along with your price list allowing us to detail our enquires. Mobile no. is 0098 912 11...... July 19, Contact 

e 13662 South Africa: Please quote for granite per sqm. Our tel. no. is 011 52.....July 19, Contact 

e 13659 Saudi Arabia: We are one of the leading construction materials trading company in the Middle East. We are interesting to add products of natural stones to our trading materials. 
Please send us a list with quotes of all your products from granite to limestone and other kinds of natural stones. Quantity will be ten containers. Sizes of interests are: 20 x 30, 25 x 30, 25 x 40, 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 60, 30 x ... x 3, 25 x ... x 3. We can be an agent of your esteem company in Saudi Arabia. Our tel. no. is  +966 2 69.....July 19, Contact  

e 13650 USA: I am looking for a supplier for granite slabs and fabricated vanities for large projects. July 18, Contact 

e 13645 Uganda: We are interested in purchasing 40 container of tiles. Payment will be by Sterling Pounds Cheque. Please quote CIF is Mombasa Port. My tel. no. is +256756.....July 17, Contact

e 13635 USA: Please can you give me prices for granite slabs (various colors). I am in NY. My fax no. is 718 89.....July 17, Contact

e 13622 USA: Looking for container load of stone that is larger than 12" x 12" for delivery to Arizona. What are your largest sizes and lead time? See ready stock 379. July 16, Contact

e 13588 South Africa: We need 2000m2 of DUSTY WAY 600 X 600. Please quote. My cell no. is 082 41.....July 14, Contact

e 13583 Japan: We are a company that imports all kind of stone in bulk quantities. Please send us your catalog with price list. July 14, Contact


e 13571 Canada: I would like to replace the quartz granules we currently use in our composite flooring systems by another mineral. Ideally, it should be relatively hard (hardness of 6 or higher), light-coloured (white is ideal), and as low-priced as possible. Please quote with more info. Our tel. no. is 819 84......July 13, Contact

e 13567 Portugal: Venho por este meio solicitar-lhe um pedido de orçamento para o seguinte material.

Nº de Chapas







Favaco” Corrente”






Favaco “Corrente”






Pedras Salgadas






Pedras Salgadas *






Rosa St.ª Eulália






Rosa Monção *






Negro Impala *






Alpenina Atlântida *






Lioz Abancado *






Creme Marfil *






Azul Valverde






Estremoz Branco






As chapas a 3 cm de espessura destinam-se ao fabrico de balcões/tampos com medidas comerciais não superiores a 1,25/1,30 m de largura. Conjuntamente com os valores solicitados para quadro acima, agradecíamos a seguinte informação:
· Preço discriminado
· Prazo de Entrega
· Condições de Pagamento
· Preços a saída da fabrica.. My tel. no. is 291 2..... July 13, Contact 

e 13512 Netherlands: I am in the process of setting up my own company specializing in selling of Indian 
Stones. Interested suppliers of granite tiles & slabs, monuments & artifacts, marble & sandstones can contact me. My mobile no. is 0031 6 536..... July 9, Contact  

e 13467 USA: I would appreciate information on some of your surplus granite. Also interested in vases,  benched & the monument sets. Are any of the vases Mahogany & also Jet Black? Any info about the benches & Monument set...would also like info on "serpentine" tops. July 7, Contact 

e 13462 UK: I am renovating an apartment house and will require about 200m2 of marble and granite.
Please send me a catalogue of your special offers. My phone no. is +49-6173-94.....July 7, Contact 

e 13452 Poland: I am interested in granite and marble slabs and tiles. We are producers of pavement blocks. We want to use our position in the market to start selling granite and marble. I am interested in granite and marble in slabs and tiles. I’m looking for a material that is high-quality in low prices. I am looking for a big stone supplier.  July 6, Contact 

e 13440 USA: I represent a company in North Hollywood, California. Our company name is a Granite & Marble trader. We have been in business for 18 years. I would like to contact sellers of granite slabs, tiles and countertops. Please contact me at 626-61.....July 5, Contact 

e 13439 USA: I would like to purchase 2 cm granite slabs. I am in CA. My tel. no. is (818) 84.....July 5, Contact 

e 13433 USA: We are just starting to build our first spec home and we are looking for a quality supplier for granite slabs, travertine tiles and marble. What is involved in importing these goods. Eventually we are looking 
to become a supplier in our area. July 4, Contact

e 13430: Please send to me pricelist of granite and marble (polished slabs and blocks). July 3, Contact 

e 13429 Ireland: Please forward a catalogue of your products including prices, quantities, shipping charges, import/export duties. July 3, Contact 

e 13427 Croatia: We are importers and manufacturers of marble and granite. We are interested in importing granite and marble tiles and slabs. Please send us prizes for polished slabs (280-300cmx160-180cm) thickness 2 and 3cm and polished tiles (30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm; 40 x 40 x 1.2cm; 45.7 x 45.7 x 1.2cm). All materials in first class. Please send us prices for all materials for both granites and marbles. We would also like to know paying conditions and delivery dates. July 3, Contact

e 13394 USA: I am looking for sources for Labrador Granite - described as "black witt flecks of green, silver and grey". Please provide any information regarding this stone. I am in ME. July 1, Contact

e 13370 Italy: I am interested to acquire marble and granite on stock prices for several Russian building companies. June 30, Contact

e 13348 Nigeria: We are interested in Tiger Skin grantie tiles. Required size is 600x300x10 mm. We need these stones in Nigeria. Please do quote the price in USD FOB Indian Port. June 29, Contact  

e 13347 USA: Please send us a pricelist of natural stones. June 29, Contact  

e 13346 Australia: We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact  

e 13338 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite, pls send your samples and price list. We are 40 year in this Business. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81.....June 28, Contact

e 13312 USA: Please send us information on your granite slabs and the Price List. We are Based in California and Central-East Europe. June 26, Contact

e 13306 USA: Need significant amount of granite tiles for a large distributor in the East coast. Need to ensure exact thickness 3/8" on all colors ordered, along with "beveled edges". Need samples. My tel. no. is 412-40....June 26, Contact

e 13273 USA: We are Granite retailer. Please send me your granite slabs price list. We are in CA. My mobile no. is  925-25.....June 24, Contact

e 13258 Malaysia: We are one of the leading marble and granite contractor (installer) and seller in Malaysia. We also export and import granite & marble. Currently we have a project which uses 4000 sqm white granite. Product Specification: Polishes, unpolished, 1.2m x 2.4m x 30mm thick and 1.8m x 0.6m x 30mm thick. Telephone no. is 603 49.....June 23, Contact 


e 13220 UAE: Please quote for red, brown, coffee, yellow and blue color marble and granite in slabs thickness 2cm and 3 cm, length and width 2.5m height 1.5m and up. Our tel. no. is 00971-6-54..... June 21, Contact

e 13116 Germany: Please quote with samples for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Need them for a building site. Approx. qty. is 350-500m2. Our tel. no. is 081-32......June 15, Contact

e 13108 Bangladesh: We are interested to slabs & Blocks of both Marble and granite. June 15, Contact

e 13084 Taiwan: We are looking for one granite called Agora Beige or Angola Beige. Please send quotes and images. Our fax no. is 886-2-229.....June 14, Contact 

e 13059 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite from Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Morocco..., Interested parties can send there samples and price lists. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81......June 12, Contact 

e 13057 : Please send me wholesale price list for natural stones. June 12, Contact 

e 13053 Philippines: I am in marketing and installation of granite / marble for the past 14 years. I am hoping if your good company can consider me as your distributor here in the Philippines. My cell phone number is 6391950.....June 12, Contact 

e 13047 USA: Looking for verde gauguin granite. Do you have stock of the version with the lighter green background, rather than the more grayish appearance? If so, please call 312/33.....June 12, Contact 

e 13032 South Africa: I am looking for granites for cladding, cobbles & tiles for South African market, please help with product info, prices & application methods. My tel. no. is ++27 32 94.....June 11, Contact

e 13012 Australia: I am in Melbourne. I would like marbles, granite and sandstones. To be more accurate I am looking for good exporter who can be very competitive and can provide me with best material. My contact no is 04234..... June 10, Contact

e 13010 SAUDI ARABIA: We specialize in designing & operation of all kinds of Interior & Exterior Decoration works. We are very much interested in your product line. Please send us full package of your products with the latest price list for evaluation. Our tel. no. is +966 1 46..... June 10, Contact

e 12996 West Indies: Our company is interested in purchasing granite tiles for the purchase for resale. 
Also could you please send us pictures of those products? Our tel. no. is 473 44.....June 8, Contact

e 12971 Sri Lanka: We are interested to import immediately for our new housing project floor and wall tiles in a 20' FCL/FCl container load. Please quote your best price and few photos of the tiles enabling us to consider the same. The prices should be quoted as FOB Value, Freight and Insurance. Our tel. no. is 0094-11-53.....June 6, Contact

e 12951 USA: We also fabricate our own granite. We have been dealing with a company out of Denver. We are looking for a new connection. Please contact me as soon as possible. My contact detail no. is 406-25.....June 5, Contact

e 12905 Mexico: We are interested in buying marble and granite from Asian countries. My tel. no. in (52) 559.....June 2, Contact

e 12890 USA: Please quote - FOB San Diego, CA for granite counter tops as attached. May 31, Contact


e 12836 Hungary: We need marble / granite for outside covering accordingly: 
- color of stone would be light gray, 
- max thickness of stone is 20 mm, (10-15 mm would be preferred), 
- the stone needs to be cut but one of its surface needs to be smashed/broken/split/hammered 
- requested dimensions and quantity as follows: 
- 300x100x10mm, 5.000 pieces x 0,03= 150,00 m2 
- 200x100x10mm, 1.000 pieces x 0,02= 20,00 m2 
- 200x200x10mm, 25 pieces x 0,04= 1,00 m2 
- the latest delivery date is end of July. 
Please send your offer in EURO with the name of stone, pictures of stone would be appreciated. With price in EUR. In case you could arrange the transport also pls. attach an offer of fright charge - destination is Budapest. My mobile no. is +36-20-82.....May 27, Contact

e 12780 USA: I am a fabricator in OK and I am seeking suppliers of marble and granite. Please send me a price list. My tel. no. is 417-75.....May 23, Contact

e 12759 USA: I represent a granite and marble store. I want to find some new stones for my company so I need prices and photos of all slabs. My tel. no. is 201 44.....May 21, Contact

e 12752 USA: I am looking to purchase 2cm and 3cm granite slabs in containers. Could you please send me a price list for all the granites you carry and can get.  I am particularly interested in seeing the granites that are exclusively from your quarry. Could you please send me a price list for all the granite that you carry and can get and contact me in reference to seeing your quarry granites? I am in Houston. May 20, Contact  

e 12729 USA: Please quote on per container basis for granite and marble slabs and tiles delivered to Willmington port, North Carolina. Please inform of how is the product cut and the quantity per container. 
My tel. no. is (704) 24.....May 19, Contact

e 12696 Denmark: What is the cost of Portoro-Rose? How do I get a sample? Tel. no. is +45 60 6......May 18, Contact

e 12692 USA: Would like to start granite business in USA and import the stones from India...any information in this regard is really appreciated. My tel. no. is 414-74.....May 18, Contact

e 12627 Canada: I wish to enter into business of Granite, Marble and Tiles in Toronto by opening showroom.
I need to get samples and rates from various suppliers to compare prices with local wholesalers. My tel. no. is 905 27......May 12, Contact

e 12607 USA: I own a construction company in San Jose, CA. We are experiencing an increasing demand for granite countertops and are considering expanding our business to include retail and wholesale sale of countertops. We are interested in container quantities of countertops mostly of China origin (light in color), but I would like to also stock some popular colors such as Baltic brown, Absolute black, Blue pearl etc. 
We would like countertops polished in 3/4 inch thickness with laminated bullnose approx. 26 in. wide and 78 to 99 in. long. 
For our first order we would like a full container of approx. five or six colors. I'm not sure how many countertops will fit into a container, so please advise. I have price list 572 which seems to have what we are looking for. Please contact me with current pricing, materials, sizes, shipping cost, minimum order payment information and delivery time. My tel. no. is 408-26.....May 12, Contact

e 12603 Nigeria: please quote for granite tiles in the sizes 30.5 x 61 x 1cm. My contact no. is 23480565.....May 11, Contact

e 12595 USA: I am a small distributor of granite counter tops and I am seeking a new supplier. I am looking to purchase approximately 240 slabs of 26"x96"x3cm in various colors. I would like three edges bull-nosed and polished and the top polished. I will be needing to order these before 6/18/04 and would like to know what options I would have costing under $70.00 USD. I have no problems importing from any country if it will give me more competitive pricing. I am in TX. May 11, Contact

e 12592 Portugal: Please send price and catalog of granites. May 11, Contact

e 12578 USA: Please quote for 3 cm granite slabs by the container. My shop is in Mobile AL. May 10, Contact

e 12566 Georgia: Please quote for Granite prices of slab and tile materials in thickness of 40x40x1cm. My phone no. is +99577 4.....May 8, Contact

e 12540 Saudi Arabia: Please send more details of the marble & granite tiles. My mobile no. is 9665054.....May 7, Contact  

e 12514 USA: We are building a 26 unit apartment in Olympia. We are seeking pricing for a 26 unit apartment in Olympia Washington. We are currently 2 months from completion. Slab Granite Counters 3/4" with 3/4" bull nose edge. 4" backsplash and sides polished with eased edges. Include Installation. Sink cut outs to be field cut by installer. We can order immediately. All Dimensions in inches: 
1 each 30x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
14 each 45x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
6 each 48x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
2 each 33x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash 
3 each 54x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
1 each L shape 26sqf
2 each Parallel 29sqf
6 each U shape 42sqf
12 each U shape 39sqf
2 each parallel 31sqf
3 each U shape 41sqf
Bar tops
2 each 102x18x3/4
6 each 90x18x3/4
12 each 84x18x3/4
2 each 120x18x3/4
3 each L shape bar top 17 sq ft. His no. is 1 253 27......May 6, Contact  

e 12455 USA: I need from my supplier: 
The very best quality of pre-finished countertops. I also need to know that my supplier can keep up with my demand, which could be as much as 4000-5000 pre-finished countertops a month once it gets rolling and organized. Also, I need to know that I can get all the dimensions and edges that are common in a kitchen and bathroom and the ability to order custom cuts.

I will need pre-finished countertops ranging from 18'' wide all the way to 48'' wide. The most common that I will need are the 26'' and the 36'' and a length of 96''. I need the guarantee that the finished product will be of top quality so I know the home owner will be satisfied. I also need the option of custom cuts. If I send you plans of 300 houses with exact dimensions of the kitchen and vanities, it would be nice if I can get the cuts exactly to match the plans of the kitchen. I plan on using the granite in tract homes and the non-expensive homes.
I need samples of these 10 cheapest granite colors for I have 1000's of customers ready to order. 

I just want you to know that I need a very dependable supplier because I am running a multi-million dollar company and plan on buying 10's of thousands of pre-finished countertops and vanities a year. If this is an opportunity that you might be interested in undertaking, please email me back as soon as possible so we can talk a make agreements on price, quantities, payments, and shipping. 

I live in AZ so I would like to know the shipping costs for my materials and also, I need a supplier that guarantees their quality and their shipping. I also need a supplier that can negotiate payment terms, for example, 50% up front and 50% when the material gets here. Please get back to me as soon as possible for I am looking to order within the next week. Looking for a supplier that will be dependable enough to keep up with my fast expansion. Send me sample pictures of their 10 least expensive granite colors and a price list for all of their materials. 

I was looking of the price list on FindStone's website, I was seeing 96''x26'' pieces for 20 to 30 dollars pre-finished. I was seeing 96x36 for under 50 and 96x46 under 70. I am interested in these prices. I am interested in any country that can provide in prices like this. I am willing to pay more for the more expensive colors but I want the option of buying the cheap granite for around 20-30 dollars a pre-finished counter. Please find me the very least expensive that can handle large quantities, the country doesn't matter.
The buyer is very serious and will pay FindStone commission. The first step is to send FindStone the price list
. May 3, Contact

e 12422 Korea: We are going to execute a project of a Condominium in the coming year. We consider using stones of Granite and Marble slabs for exterior and Interior slab. At this time for our budgetary plan, wish to have a price idea on: Indian marble & Granite stone on base of 30 mm thickness, 1 sqm slab. The same size, same stone from Italy, Turkey and Pakistan. All surface polished and finished at above size. We do not at the moment designate the stone pattern name as it will be decided later part of this year along with building area to be constructed. The amount of stone order will be fixed later time upon drawing comes out. Our tel. no. is 82-2-47.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12416 USA: Is there a location in Houston to see samples of the granite counters? Our tel. no. is 281-86.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12414 USA: I am looking for a good deal on a few slabs of neutral granite--beiges, creams, taupe's, etc. I am in the Seattle area. My contact no. is (206) 81.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12359 Trinidad and Tobago: We are interested in Golden Sea Granite Tiles 24" x 24" x 3/8" thick. At present we need 10000 sq. ft. Our telephone number is (868) 62.....Apr 24, Contact

e 12273 USA: Please quote for granite tiles. Our tel. no. is 845 42.....Apr 19, Contact

e 12253 Denmark: I own a tiles shop where I sell ceramic tiles from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. Please quote for marble and granite tiles. My tel. no. is +45 39 2..... Apr 17, Contact

e 12179 USA: We have a customer wants a dark color granite. I need samples or catalog with pricing. Custom size or bulk. I am in Texas 77450. Apr 12, Contact

e 12146 USA: Please quote for black point white, golden leaf, red pink granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 412. My contact no. is (860) 23.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12104 USA: We are in needs of constant supply of Granite. Please refer to the attachment and quote us the price CIF Houston, USA for 100 pc of each color available. Apr 7, Contact

e 12101 USA: We have a remodeling business and wish to get into the granite counter top business. We already install kitchens and bathrooms. Our phone number is 609-56.....I am looking for wholesale prices. 
Apr 7, Contact

e 12005 Egypt: Please quote for granite tiles that you have surplus stock. Our tel. no. is 002-02-7......
Apr 1, Contact

e 11964 USA: I am looking for granite countertops. I am a contractor in Utah. Mar 30, Contact

e 11784 Lithuania: We make tombstones and we want to expand into granite and marble plates, slabs and others products made from granite and marble. We can be representative enterprise in Lithuania. We have 10 years experience. Mar 17, Contact

e 11765: We want to buy granite 1000 sqm monthly. The size slabs of 160 cm high and up X 250 cm wide x 2 cm thick. Also require slabs 80 cm high x 220+ wide x 2 cm thick. Please quote FOB Morocco for all colors available in ready stock. Mar 16, Contact  

e 11761 Turkey: We are a multinational trading and construction company, and have been aware of a rather new product in the industry which is extremely thin cut granite slabs of appr 0.08” (2 mm) epoxied on aluminium or steel surfaces for exterior and interior wall siding. The absolute advantage is of course the weight. We need to find out the producer(s) of this product and surely the technical specs, applications…etc. We can be a wholesaler, distributor or agent of these manufacturers. It is rather premature to speak of any quantity at this stage, but it will surely be somewhat considerable if we decide it on a commercial project to begin with; however, it will build up gradually if it is what we assume it is. Mar 16, Contact  

209 36.....Mar 16, Contact  

e 11759 Singapore: We seek long term supply of natural Black Granite custom cut and Polished to specific sizes for use in high rise building construction. Please quote for finished products per square meter, cost and freight, Ports of Los Angeles and Charleston South Carolina, USA. Suppliers can use Min Quantities of 5,000 sq meters as target quantities for initial pricing calculation per port. Detailed information as to provider, quarry location, maximum lengths and widths available along with packing methods and material required. Our tel. no. is 65 - 656..... Mar 16, Contact  


e 11754 Spain: Please quote for yellow granite with fine grains in slabs. Also quote for black granite. Mar 16, Contact   

e 11740 USA: We are looking for granite for counter top and tile. We are located on MA and have computerized wet jets for cutting. We are very interested in getting pricing. Mar 15, Contact  

e 11726 Japan: Send me a price list of granite tiles/slabs. Mar 13, Contact 

e 11685 Morocco: We are a Moroccan company that specializes in the distribution of Granite / Marble slabs and  tiles to the Moroccan market. We are inquiring about commercial quantities of Granite/Marble slabs of dimensions about “3m x 2m x 2cm” and Marble tiles of dimensions about “40cm x 40cm x 2cm”. We want to import few containers a month from good quality Granite and Marble for the best price available. This would be just a first order; If the price is right other orders will follow. We would need to receive samples of the available stones to choose from. First image samples then physical ones when needed. Please let us know if you have other specials and promotional offers in your inventory and send us a price list of your stone products that match our stated criteria. Our fax. no. is (+212) 22 9.....Mar 11, Contact 

e 11620 Iran: We want to be your exclusive agent, for your stones like granites, sand stones & other Chinese rocks in Iran. Therefore we want to have your samples. After your samples received, we will order you after a month. (We want this 1 monthly time to study your samples quality & prices). All of the members of our company are geologists & petrologists and qualified for stones trading and studying. 
We want to import building stones in this types: Granite & sand stones in tile forms & slabs. Size:40 x 40 x 2cm or 60 x 60 x 2cm For tiles. Surface: polished, Quality: First & commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. We attach pictures of stones that we want to import. Phone: +9841133.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11592 Egypt: Please quote for marble - granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact

e 11582 India: We are looking to buy Calibrated granite surface plates. Mar 6, Contact 

e 11581 USA: Please quote for Granite and Marble. I am actively looking for Granite and Marble tiles, Granite Vanity and Counter tops. Quantity depends upon price; one 20' container to start with. My phone no. is 770-51....Mar 6, Contact

e 11578 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact

e 11472 USA: We  are starting a granite countertop business. We are looking for a supplier. Please send a pricelist and shipping costs to the US. Mar 1, Contact  

e 11469 Jordan: We are interested in importing 25000 sqm of gray granite (see image) 60X60X2 cm. Our tel. no. is +962 6 55......Mar 1, Contact 

e 10265 Sweden: We need 1200-1300 m2 marble or granite for flooring. Please quote with delivery period. Dec 29, Contact

e 10261 Greece: You are kindly requested to send us your best FOB and C+F Piraues port prices for "Venetian Green". Sizes are:
                                        Length              Width           Thick      Qty.
Venetian Green Polished        cut to size          15                2         23,98m2     Max. length 137cm 
Venetian Green Pol. skirting   free                    30               2           7,6m2 
Venetian Green polished        101                   121              2          32,25m2 
Venetian Green polished        225                    44               2           1pc 
Venetian Green polished        225                    44               3           1pc 
Venetian Green polished        100                    70               2           27m2 
Venetian Green polished        100                    70               3           27m2 
Venetian Green polished         130                   51               2           120,38m2 
Venetian Green polished        slabs                                  2 & 3cm 
Our tel. no. is 30210 34.....Dec 29, Contact

e 10258 UAE: We are general trading company. We are looking for all kind of stock. Please tell me if you have any products in stock with competitive prices. We only buy in wholesale, so we need wholesale price and we request urgent samples. We are in Abu Dhabi. Our tel. no. is +971 50 66.....Dec 29, Contact

e 10251 Brazil: I am interested in the green pearl granite. Delivery to Sao Paulo. Please quote with terms. Dec 29, Contact

ALL: e 10233 UK: We are UK based company. Please send us brochure as we are expanding our trading in granite and marble and are in search for new supplier with good quality and competitive price. Dec 26, Contact

e 10228 USA: We are interested in buying Granite slabs as well as tiles in different sizes for the USA market. Dec 26, Contact

ALL: e 10184 USA: We are a contract company in Chicago that deals with a lot of government contracts and contractors. We need a lot of different products to show our ability to bid for job for our clients. We would like some samples and brochures of your products, so that we can show to our clients to win the market share. 312-84.....Dec 21, Contact

ALL: e 10180 Egypt: I own a company for general contractors & decoration. I am an architect & interior designer, working on building up my database of companies and samples to use in my career. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me any info you have on your products (Brochures, catalogues, samples,...etc.). My tel. no. is (202) 74.....Dec 21, Contact

ALL: e 10176 Malta: We are a turnkey contractors. We want to buy marble and granite slabs as well as polished and cut to size according to drawings supplied like stairs and kitchen countertops. Dec 21, Contact

e 10172 USA: Please quote for marble and granite slabs. Dec 20, Contact

e 10165 USA: Would appreciate receiving info on the color and size of granites available in roughly squared shapes. The thickness is 4 to 5 inches. Dec 20, Contact

ALL: e 10088 Ukraine: We want granite and marble slabs and tiles. Size of tile should be 300x600x20, 600x600x20, 300x600x30, 600x600x30. Thickness of slabs should be 20 and 30mm. Our tel. no. is +38 0532 5.....Dec 15, Contact

ALL: e 10067 India: We are mines owners of Indian Marbles and we have our own GANGSAW PLANTS. We are interested in importing marble & granite blocks as well as slabs. Please quote with images. Our phone no. is +91-98200.....Dec 13, Contact

ALL: e 10059 South Africa: I am an interior designer in the Eastern Cape - specializing in Kitchen & Bathroom design &  project-management. I have a big demand for Granite & Marble slabs, & tiles. Please send me the relative info. Dec 12, Contact

ALL: e 10057 Australia: I am in a process to open up a new display and retail center in one of the state of Australia. This center will have a large display about all types of natural stones, marbles granite, lime stones, sandstones and all others related slabs and stone tiles, that can be used with in the different areas of homes, buildings and construction industries.
I wish to have a unique place for different types of these materials from all around the world suppliers, and start to run the educational programs and encourage visitors to use this in booming construction Industries.
This would gain its momentum very fast as there is great potentials in Australian market for the orders of such natural stones in these days.
I instantly look forward to be in touch of all the major suppliers of such materials around the world especially country wise. I wish to be in contact without any delay with all these producers and suppliers on a priority basis and wish to finalize the term of achieving such samples. I am pleased to work out the cost involved with the relevant bodies to achieve this objective as quickly as possible. As great marginal orders would be expected after this display. I would require at least 2 samples for each type of such materials for this purpose. Ph. 0061-7-337.....Dec 12, Contact

e 10037 Singapore: We need 16,000 m2 600 x 300 x 20mm Majan Marble for our Project in Singapore. Our phone no. is 65-900.....Dec 11, Contact



e 10013 Sweden: Please quote for black marble for engraving photos. My phone no. is 0046 914-......Dec 9, Contact

e 10011: Please quote for granite table tops. Dec 9, Contact

e 9998 USA: I am an art teacher at a small boarding school in upstate New York near West Point. I am in need of some low grade marble, or other types of stone. I have very little money to budget toward these materials. I need to know more about prices and locations where I can get stone. My phone no. is 845.53..... Dec 9, Contact

ALL: e 9995 South Africa: We need granite and marble for a 4 star hotel we are constructing. Details should include types/prices/quantity of building stones we could use for finishing. The break-up of rooms is 100 single rooms, 100 double rooms, 50 Apartments and 25 Suites. We are more interested in placing orders with Italian firms. Dec 8, Contact

e 9991 Australia: Please quote for Granite slabs and tiles. My fax no. is 61.7.325.....Dec 8, Contact

ALL: e 9989 New Zealand: Please quote for granite stone and the size that we can order for manufacturing kitchen bench tops. Dec 8, Contact

ALL: e 9969 Mexico: We are looking for a reliable supplier of marble and other stones to export to Mexico and Central America. We are currently buying others products in India and we have space in our containers for others products such as marble. Please let me know if you can sell in small quantities, i.e. 10-20 tns per sale and send us a price list. Dec 6, Contact

e 9959 Russia: We are interested in buying one 20 ft. container (300 – 350 sqm) of granite tiles, 2 cm thickness. Please quote for your products depending on their sizes and colors? How much would the ocean freight to St. Petersburg, Russia cost?  My tel / fax no. is +007 812 33..... Dec 5, Contact

e 9953 South Africa: Looking for a supplier preferably in the Western Cape or Cape Town for “Forrest Blue” or “Blue Silk”. My tel. no. is +27 021 51.....Dec 4, Contact

ALL: e 9951 Malaysia: I would like to import granites on a large scale. Please quote. Dec 4, Contact

e 9938 USA: Please quote for pre-made granite countertops for future projects, but also for custom counters for a kitchen remodel I'm starting in January 2004 in Redlands, CA. I have detail drawings available. My cell no. is (909) 85......Dec 4, Contact

e 9929 Tunisia: Please quote for Marble waste in white color. Qty. 1000 Tons / month. We want stone it for self use. Payment by Letter of Credit. Delivery within 10 days weeks. Our fax no. is 74 4..... Dec 3, Contact

ALL: e 9922 Jordan: We are traders and are interested in purchasing all natural stone slabs and tiles. Please send quotes with images. Our contact no. is 00962642.....Dec 2, Contact 

ALL: e 9417 USA: Please send pictures and pricelist of Marble tiles. Dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 1.0cm 
Also how is the right angle, beveling, polishing, thickness variance, color variation? How many sq. ft. per container, how is it boxed and the colors names and numbers? Orders From 6000 sq ft & above. My contact details are 602-43.....I am in Phoenix 85053. Oct 30, Contact  

e 9391 Malta: We are presently reviewing our product ranges. We are interested to receive more information and samples with regards to your products. We are recognized as being the market leaders for 'hard' flooring, so this would be our main interest. We are also one of the largest retailers in Malta for wall and floor tiles, bathrooms, etc. We would also require some indication of prices. Our contact no. is +356 994..... Oct 28, Contact  

ALL: e 9350 Ireland: We wish to import granite headstones, surrounds also granite hearths for fireplaces. Oct 24, Contact

ALL: e 9319 Australia: I am looking for supplier to supply us in Sydney 1X 1 foot marble slabsWe are a construction company. Send me the types and rates of your products as well. Oct 22, Contact

ALL: e 9293 USA: Looking for stone manufacturers across the world that can provide their products in large quantities and on a regular basis. I seek manufacturers that need distributors for their products in the U.S. I am in CA 92075. My contact no. is 858-72..... Oct 20, Contact

ALL: e 9284 Syria: We are a regular buyers of all kind of marble blocks. Kindly inform us your complete list of production of marble blocks. Our tel. no. is +963 31 2......Oct 20, Contact

e 9273 USA: I have a buyer for a large amount of Granite; the granite will be used for Kitchen counter tops in Apartment units. I need slabs of granite that are prepared (polished) in a specific size, they don't need to be cut for sinks or things of that nature just be the right size. I don't have the sizes right now but it would be around 1600 sq ft of granite cut into specific slabs. I need quote urgently. 
The Granite Slabs will be used as Kitchen counter tops for a 65 Unit Condo Complex. I am not sure off the color yet, but it would be 3/4 inch slabs that are double edged. The price would be basically on a finished product, I don't need you to cut out the holes for sinks or things off that nature, but I do need the slabs to be 3/4 inch Thick Beveled, Polished and with double edge. Please let me have the best price per square ft, If the price is right we would order a whole truck load worth. I also need you to include the best price for getting the Merchandise to Laredo, Texas. I am in Texas 78045. 
I need 3 pieces a Right, a Middle, and a Left. They need to 3/4 inch, Bull Nosed, Double Edged, Beveled, and Polished. It would be 66 of each piece. 66 - Left, 66 - Middle, 66 - Right. Please give me the best price possible and it needs to include shipping to get to Laredo, Texas. I would also like some samples of your most popular colors to show my buyer. I also need to know how much Granite you can fit in a full container. How long would it take to get to Laredo, Texas? And any other costs. I will await a Quote and please remember that if everything goes well we will continue to buy large amounts of Granite. Oct 18, Contact

e 9254 USA: We would like some photos and pricing on fireplace mantels and surrounds. We spend a little over $2 million dollars per year on tile, counter-tops stone, etc. We are looking for suppliers who are reputable as well as price understanding of what it takes to buy the product, ship it, pay taxes, truck it to our warehouse. See ready stock 366. Oct 17, Contact   

e 9239 USA: I would like to get bulk prices on the stones mentioned in pricelist 127 (50 kilos and up). I also would like to get information on representation in Israel of this supplier. Oct 15, Contact  

ALL: e 9237 Canada: I am looking for a supplier who can offer competitive price, quality and service. We sell an average of about 25 to 30 containers a month of granite slabs and marble. We sell throughout the USA and also within Canada. Please send quotes with images. My contact no. is (514) - 80......I am in Montreal. 
Oct 15, Contact

ALL: e 9223 Brazil: I am interested in marble, granites, onyx and stone tiles and slabs. Please quote. We will be in New York on November 5, we would like meet some buyers. We are interest in all products specially in onyx. Our phone no. is 5511-374.....Oct 14, Contact  

e 9208 Australia: I am a stonemason in Sydney. I am looking to purchase around 400 sqm of roofing slate either in shield or rectangle shape. Please supply a price CNF Sydney on LC 60 days. Also let me know roughly how many pieces and weight. Oct 13, Contact  

e 9172 USA: We are a granite distributors in Boston area. We want Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Please send price list on slabs and counter top and vanity tops. There are several different sizes we import from China and maybe Brazil pretty soon the most common size is 26" by 96" and 3/4" thick. They are bull nosed on front and either left or right side depending on the kitchen, it also comes with a 4" by 96" back splash as a set. Vanity tops the most common size is 25" by 22" and 3/4" thick with 17" by 14.5" sink, hole cut out and 5/8" hole 4" on center for faucet and 4" by 25" back splash. See pricelist 706. Oct 10, Contact  

e 9170 USA: My client is a buyer of more than 100 container per month from world wide sources. I speak Portuguese and can help him. My contact no. is 925-21......Oct 9, Contact  

e 9166 Latvia: Can you send us color pictures of marble suitable for cladding for country side 600 years old mansion house? It is 3 floors 1500 m3 each floor. What about marble for the floors, on top of the wooden floors? My contact no. is Fax / Ph + 371 72.....Oct 9, Contact  

ALL: e 9162 Germany: I annually sell 25 - 30 Container 20 ft. granite tiles, marble tiles and ceramic tiles. I am looking for suppliers globally who can offer cheap prices for natural stones. My tel. no. is +49 30 43.....Oct 9, Contact

e 9154 UAE: We want to represent as agent for your products in Middle East, particularly entire United Arab Emirates. Our area is covering Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah. Kindly forward your products list along with prices. Our tel. no. is 00971-2-64.....Oct 9, Contact    

ALL: e 9149 USA: We want to introduce ourselves as a USA based granite and allied products, importing and selling company. The company is buying its present requirement from countries like China, Taiwan and some South American countries. In this respect we would like to you to send the rates for the colours, from various countries, being offered by you for export quality granite slabs and tiles. Please send us your terms and conditions for payments etc, it would help in deciding. Could you also give us the Ocean Freight charges for 20 feet container (Open and Closed top both), from your closest port to Savanah, Georgia. Oct 8, Contact  

e 9148 Uganda: Please quote CIF Mombasa for a 20 ft container of Labrador Amostra, Rosa Lucira, Black and Red Arara. Oct 8, Contact

e 9125 USA:  I would like to import and stock granite and marble slabs to my shop in Colorado. My phone no. is (970) 84.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9122 Mexico: I am interested in importing granite countertops to Mexico City. Please send brochures or catalogues and price lists including freight to Mexico City. My tel. no. is  (52) 55 565.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9121 Canada: I have a client that is looking for a particular white travertine (image). It was given to me by fellow at a stone show last year. He did not recall where it came from, but he thinks it may have been Iran or the region. Have you seen this travertine before? I may need plenty of it. The pattern looks like bird feathers. At first I thought it was a limestone because it was so dense, but most people say it is a travertine.
The travertine in this photo looks fantastic, I am looking for the specific " bird feather" pattern. It appears this pattern is very hard to locate. Perhaps this may show up on a crosscut section of your travertine. In any event, could you please send me 6" x 6" samples of this travertine in both vein cut and crosscut. I will present them to my client. Oct 7, Contact  

e 9118 USA: I am looking for slate, travertine, granite and marble for my house. I want large quantities. See ready Stock 434. My phone no. is 318-54.....Oct 7, Contact  

ALL: e 9104 UK: I am looking for a buff colour stone for patios and pavings for a job in England. I am happy to consider random sizes or in 400x400, 500x500/600x600 with a thickness of 30-40mm. I need genuine suppliers who are willing to respond to my needs. I need to finalise the right product and the purchase of the product within 4-5 weeks. All deliveries to a UK port in Felixstow / Harwich. 
I need the potential suppliers to provide me with photos, prices inclusive of delivery/shipping and insurance, followed by samples prior to purchase when required. I hope to hear from all serious suppliers from India, China, Pakistan or any other country who can supply the goods that matches my specification. Buff colour is similar to Indian teakstone. Sort of creamy yellowish colour similar to limestone. Please forward any stones that comes anywhere close to my description. Oct 6, Contact  

e 9089 USA: Want granite counter tops. Please quote mentioning slab consistency and shipping. See pricelist 1161. Oct 5, Contact  

OM/PH/LB/IR/EG/IT: e 9082 Kuwait: Please quote C & F rates for marble and limestone for slabs of 
2 & 3 cm, Tiles 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 in different colors from Philippines, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Oman, and Italian Carrara. Oct 4, Contact  

ALL: e 9077 Netherlands: We are General Trader in Marble and Granite in Rotterdam. We would like to know more about your production-line with prices and samples for further promotion of your products in BENELUX. 
Also we like to ask you that in case you do not have any sales points or contacts in Benelux to be your sales agent. Our tel: +31-181-4.....Oct 3, Contact

ALL: e 9076 Turkey: We need 11500 m2 gray granite and 650 m2 pink brown granite (60 x 30 x 4 cm). Our phone no. is +90 232 46......Oct 3, Contact  

e 9071 USA: Please quote for one container load of slate - 4,000 sq ft, preferred multi colored broken / crazy paving shapes. Container would be for export to the Cayman Islands. Cost can be delivery to Port of Miami or direct to Cayman. Oct 2, Contact

e 9070 USA: We are looking for cross-cut travertine in the lighter colors in square tiles, 10x10, 30x30, and 45x45 with standard thickness. Colors are known as Cappucino, Antique Noche, and Desert Sand. Quantity: 5000 m2/year. Shipments: containers. Please quote. Our phone no. is 678-9.....Oct 2, Contact

e 9038 USA: We would like Marbles, Granite, Limestone, Travertine/Onyx. E-mail your most recent price list for retailers. We are based in Tracy, CA. My contact no. is (209) 83.....Sept 27, Contact  

e 9037 USA: We need granite and slate for bath vanities and kitchen cabinets. Please send pricing 3 or 4 containers plus for the flooring tiles. Our contact no. is 727-65..... Sept 27, Contact

e 9019 USA: We are looking for a quarry which mine these white color granites. Click here to see images.  Sept 25, Contact

ALL: e 8950 India: We introduce ourselves as a big Commercial / Import House. We are interested in range of IMPORT OF CERAMIC WALL & FLOOR TILES - MOSAICS-LISTELIOS-BORDERS. Presently we are importing materials from Italy, China, Korea, Taiwan Malaysia. 
We are in the distribution business with chain of Self Owned Retail outlets in major cities throughout India beside a well established dealer network to cater to the needs of our customers/dealers fully backed up by highly educated-motivated & aggressive Sales & Administrative staff resulting in Multi Million Turnover annually. 
We request you to provide us with your DETAILED PRINTED CATALOGUE - CD ROM - EXPORT PRICES (THE BEST YOU CAN OFFER FOR INDIAN MARKET) ALONG WITH PAYMENT & SELLING TERMS enabling us initiate further steps in joining hands with you. Should YOU require any more information on us feel free to ask for and we shall be glad to provide U with the same. Our tel no. is 0091-0161-24.....Sept 20, Contact  

e 8939 USA: We are interested in "Spray White Granite" for use in a high-rise condominium project. Want a sample ASAP. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 626-9......Sept 19, Contact

ALL: e 8933 Egypt: We specialize in office furniture. We would like to know the price of all kinds of granite available in 4 cm thickness. Sept 18, Contact  

ALL: e 8928 USA: I am interested in purchasing granite plates / tiles / slabs. Desired dimensions are 24"x12"x1-3" and 24"x18"x1-3". The most beautiful available would be great. I know this is subjective, but I have no idea what the availability is in these off- sizes. These are to be used as non-resonating platforms for audiophile grade high fidelity stereo equipment. Quantity....depends on price and availability. Minimum... 3 plates. If the price and availability is good, I'll make the platforms and sell them, so by the crate would be great. I am currently overseas, so email is the most practical form of communication. I am based in Florida. My phone no. is 772-33..... Sept 18, Contact  

e 8927 USA: I am an owner of a construction company in San Francisco, California. I have a project coming up that needs 32" x 32" squares of a green colored slate. Looking for suppliers. Sept 18, Contact

ALL: e 8906 Italy: We are an Italian company interested in purchasing marble for flooring and covering. We need tumbled and/or patinati marbles in 10 x 10 x 1 cm, 15 x 15 x 1 cm, 20 x 20 x 1 cm & 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm. Please send us samples and pricelists. +39.0321.....Sept 17, Contact  

ALL: e 8900 Yemen: We want Ceramic wall and floor Tiles From China. Sizes are: Wall Tiles 20x30 and 25x33, Floor Tiles 30x30 and 40x40. We prefer to have Designs Matching - Wall and Floor Tile in RED BODY. Our tel. no. is +967 3 2.....Sept 16, Contact  

e 8877 Macedonia: I am a representative of a company that is dealing with marble blocks and slabs. Please quote with available dimensions and also send your catalog. Sept 13, Contact  

e 8849 Pakistan: We need blue and white marble slabs for floors. Commercial use unpolished and preferably in 4'-0" x 4'-0" size. If there is a huge cost difference between 4' x 4' and 2' x 2' then we will go for the 2' x 2' option. We would want the pieces to be sealed from underneath by glass fiber or some other water proof chemical because of the porous nature of the marble. In case this can't be done at source, we will manage here. The pieces will laid and polished on site. We are in Lahore and our contact no. is +92 42 73.....Sept 11, Contact  

IN/BR: e 8841 Canada: I am a granite importer and wholesaler looking for granite slab, tiles, fireplaces, table tops and prefabricated counter tops. I am located in Toronto, Ontario, my contact no. is 905 8...... 
Need materials from India and Brazil in all available colors, shapes and sizes. Will buy container loads with appropriate terms. I have established contacts with area builders and developers. Several large condo projects have been negotiated as well as several hundred new housing projects. I am in urgent need and I am looking for suppliers in Canada, USA and Brazil who stock Indian and Brazilian granite slabs.

With regards to the counter tops we will require a double bull nose on one long side and some with double bull nose long side and right side and some double bull nose long side and left side. To clarify we refer to these as front finished, front left finished or front right finished. All counters will have mirror polished tops and bull nose. These counters will all be ordered in a standard size of 110" x 25.5" x 3/4 with double bull nose. If we should be successful in negotiating a deal, you can expect orders of 2-3 containers every 4 months. This along with tiles and slabs should generate 5-6 containers every 4-5 months. Please provide pricing in your available colors as soon as possible for we have a desperate need to order and someone will get our order within the next 4-6 days. On going contracts with new home builders and 3 condo developments have provided us with a huge opportunity to sell granite products. Please be advised that price will not be the determining factor rather the terms for payment will win our order. Looking forward to your price list and stock list. 

Requirements for our first order

Please find below the materials we will be requiring for our first order:
Note: counter tops will be ¾ thick with full 1 ½ laminated bullnose. Straight pieces will have bullnose one long side, right pieces will have bullnose on long side and right side, left pieces will have bullnose on long side and left side. All counter tops to come with matching in length an 18 inch back splash. These will be referred to as sets eg: 1 right set will have one counter top with full bullnose along front and right side and one matching 18 inch backsplash. Counter tops will be no less than 96 inches in length and 25 ½ inches in width, back splashes will have edges polished. 

JET BLACK ( black absolute, shanxi black ) Tiles:  1000 pieces 12x12x3/8 & 1000 pieces 18x18x3/8 
50 pieces 24x36x1/2 & 50 pieces 36x60x1/2. 
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right 

TAN BROWN Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8 
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right 

BLACK GALAXY Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8 
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right

BLUE PEARL Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x3/8
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right

UBA TUBA GOLD Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 7straight, 3 left & 3 right

BUTTERFLY GREEN Tiles: 250 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

GIALLO VENEZIANO Tiles: 250 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

SILVER BLUE Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

CORAL RED Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

SAPPHIRE BLUE Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

SAPPHIRE BROWN Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

The following colors will all be counter top sets, as follows: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right


e 8835 Turkey: Being one of the major construction material supplier of TURKEY, we look for opportunities of importing granite tiles from all over the world. Please forward us your conditions and approximate price and discount rates (F.O.B) for the following measures, please also send us if possible, your full catalog and samples. Granite tiles of size, 30*30 - 30 x 45, 30 x 60, 60 x 60. Sept 10, Contact  



e 8804 USA: Please send info on your stone products and prices. We have a stone yard and sell stone in middle TN. Our phone no. is 931-87.....Sept 6, Contact

e 8801 Australia: Want to buy commercial quantity in the following tiles: 
Budget - depends what it is. Options: 
1. Black sandstone large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality honed/polished.
2. Limestone large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality Zafiro or similar white colour honed/polished.
3. Reconstituted quartz based stone predominantly white large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 
4. Grigo Ercolano black large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality honed/polished. As above in 300X 300 and 300 X 100. Minimum Quantity: 
600 X 600 or 600 X 400 = 330m2 / 300 X 300 = 55m2 - 125 m2 / 300 X 100 = 100m2 - 120m2.  
These quantities will probably be substantially more. We are also looking for: 
1. marble tile predominantly white or bone colour can have beige or caramel veins- pol
2. marble tile blue crystal or silver beige or sunset or beach-pol 300 X 300 = 70 m2;
We are also looking for in solid block, white marble - sculptural quality first top shelf approximately 60 cm X 60 cm or 50 X 60 4 blocks need not be perfectly square for sculptural use. We can supply a phone number upon request. Sept 6, Contact,

e 8800 USA: Monuments: I am searching for someone who can make marble Urns for human and pet cremation. I have a laser etching business and wish to expand into the funeral industry in the USA. I am seriously looking for someone to flood the US funeral market. I need to know what the total cost is including shipping to the US. Also how much for 4"x4" tiles? I own a laser etching business and need to see how the etchings will look on the different colors. I am very interested in black. 
I am trying to do is sell to the largest funeral home chains in the US. One in particular owns 3500 funerals 
throughout the US. I also know what they have to pay for urns from their suppliers and I am trying to get them to buy exclusively from me as I can offer them a better price on the urns and personalized etchings as
well. I have already spoken to them and they are very interested in what I have to offer and the price. But
I don't want to compete with any other people trying to sell your urns here that's why I want to be your
only distributor in the states. 
As for the 4 inch tiles, they are for me to etch to see how it look on the different colors. Not all colors etch well and only the black allows me to etch photos. I need to know what it will cost to get one or two urns in the different styles and colors along with the tiles so I may show them to my contacts here. Then, I will work with you on the styles and colors before ordering a container. 
Do you produce any urns right now? If so, please send photos. If not let me know and I will send my designs
to you. The urns should be 180 to 250 cubic inches in volume inside. The pet urns are from 40 to 150 cubic
inches. Sept 6, Contact

e 8797 USA: I am searching for rough slate slabs, (Charcoal color). Dimension from 18" x 32" to 24" x 48" with a 5/8" to 1" thickness. I would like to locate at least 3 identical slabs, but would consider larger quantities if prices are competitive. May also consider other material of similar color Marble, granite, etc. (Unpolished). I would appreciate a price listing and product description. I represent a construction firm. 
Sept 6, Contact

ALL: e 8774 Pakistan: We are a 50 year old trading company based in Pakistan. We require about 10000 sq ft of BIANCO CARRARA UNITO marble or from the following marbles BIANCO LASA (Italy), BLANCO MACAEL (Spain), PENTELIKON, PIGHES, VERIA, PAROS MARBLE, NESTOS WHITE and THASSOS (Greece), SIVEC (Macedonia), AGARIA and AMBAJI WHITE (India), AFYON WHITE and MUGLA WHITE (Turkey), ALABAMA WHITE (USA); BIANCO CARRARA VENATO: BIANCO VENATO VAGLI and BIANCO VENATINO STATUARIO (Italy), partially ULIANO VENATO (Italy), MAKRANA ALBETA (India), ROYAL DANBY (USA) or any other white marbles which is similar to the above. Please quote your best prices for Blocks, Unpolished Slabs and/or Unpolished Tiles 2x2 feet thickness at least 2 cm, grade A / B / C, quality should be good, water absorption in weight should be 0.1%, thickness at least 2 cm or above, NO Shade variation, Price Idea US$ 1.5 / sq ft, My budget is around 10 euros/m2. Payment Terms L/C at sight, Pictures of the actual marble to be emailed. Needed within 2 months, can order, inspect and pay as soon as price and marble agreed upon. What is your best price for 60x60x3cm unpolished tiles 930m2 (sqm). The price idea that I have in mind is US$10/m2(sqm) for A quality and no variation in color. Sept 4, Contact

e  8770 Maldives: Ceramic Tiles: We are currently developing our resort with new 30 Over Water Rooms in the lagoon. This is a 50 room resort in operation and some developments are taking place. 
We are interested to find a reliable supplier who can supply us with porcelain tiles. The required quantities are stated below. 
Total Bedroom floor area 9,750 sq. ft (906 sq. m)
Total Toilet floor area 7,800 sq. ft (725 sq. m)
Total Toilet wall area 15,450 sq. ft (1,435 sq, m)
Total Sitting Room floor area 7,800 sq. ft (725 sq. m)
For your kind information: 
Please inform us the shipping routes and possible shipment dates. We would like to select some design if you can send us some samples or email photos. We prefer a look of a rustic or marble design in light or pastel colors. Also look of timer designs would be suitable. The sizes should 60cm X 60cm. Please advice us the best application method for your tiles whether we need any additional or specialized applications. Most importantly we need a very good price – preferably not above USD 5.00 (Five) per sq. m (including shipping/insurance). Sept 4, Contact,

e 8765 USA: I have a buyer for a large amount of Granite; the granite will be used for Kitchen counter tops in Apartment units. I need slabs of granite that are prepared (polished) in a specific size, they don't need to be cut for sinks or things of that nature just be the right size. I don't have the sizes right now but it would be around 1600 sq ft of granite cut into specific slabs. I need quote urgently. 
Each Apartment will use about 45 sq ft of Granite. What I need to know is the about the prices you provided. Do those prices include beveled egdes and polishing or is it a raw product. Also mention shipping costs here to Laredo with any Import Tariffs. I am in Texas 78045. Sept 4, Contact

e 8764 USA: We are in the process of opening a large granite and marble shop in the N.Y.C. area and are looking for distributors of granite and marble. Sept 3, Contact

e 8761 Sudan: We are producer of mill stones and we would like to import emery grains. For this matter, we feel its necessary to obtain some information about your emery grains. Specification : the approximate chemical analysis of emery that we use in our mill stones as follows:
SiO2: 8.40%
AL203: 62.30%
Fe203: 25.60%
CaO: 1.20%
MgO: 0.20%
Loss on Ignition:2.20%
Quantity : 300 tons of emery grains for mill stones. Geographical areas are not important. I am ready to buy in October and Iam expecting to place an order in the first week of October. We would like you to quote a quantity of 300 tons of emery grains for mill stones C&F Port Sudan.My phone no. is 00249 121.....Sept 3, Contact,

e 8747
USA: Looking for 2000 sq ft 12'' x 12'' granite tiles in a blue gray color ship to Newark, New Jersey. Sept 2, Contact

e 8743 Greece: I am looking for petrified wood for wholesale purpose, whole logs. Who can supply this item. Tel. +30-25210-.....Sept 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8737 USA: We are looking for stone manufacturing companies where we can purchase granite, marble, stone, etc. Please contact us any time with your price lists and description of the products you sell. We are in CA. Sept 2, Contact  

e 8719 USA: I am interested in slabs cut to 1/4" thick x 4" wide x 8" long of honey comb calcite. And am interested in rough stone but need some idea of sizes. Sept 1, Contact  

e 8711 Portugal: We want pink color unpolished granite, marble or quartzite slabs and tiles. Send quotes and images. My price range is USD 5 to 10. Our phone no. is 234-7.....Aug 30, Contact  

e 8709 South Africa: We are a well established developer in the luxury homes market in South Africa. We are looking for 2000M2, 50 x 25mm, 40 x 25mm 7 to 10 mm thick. Colors: Blue, Black, Heather Blue, Multi color Brown roofing slates. Please quote price per sqm, price for packing, price for pre-holes, mention time of delivery and terms of delivery. Aug 30, Contact

CA/RU/IR: e 8705 Korea: We are looking for reliable suppliers of Nephrite Jade and Onyx from the whole over the world. To help you and the supplier understand our requirements exactly, we would like to provide you with the following information.
Slab Size Specification : 720 x 870 x 20mm
Application : Home Furniture
One side should be polished but bevelling not needed.
Also wanted Onyx in Orange or Yellow and Green color. 
Marble: (1) India: Emerald Green, Fancy Forest, Golden Green (2) Taiwan : Light Green (3) Ethiopia : Sabian Multicolor (4) Guatemala : Verde Mare, Verde Saltan, Verde Quetzal (5) China : Moss Green (6) Turkey : Teknonix
Granite: (1) Australia : Sydney Green, Forest Green (2) Canada : Abyss Green, Peribonka, Prairie Green (3) China: Evergreen 1 & 2, Jade green (4) Colombia : Sahara (5) India : Verde Fiorito, Hassan green, Yak (6) Iran: Pi Granite, G531 (7) Taiwan : Green Butterfly
4 pieces of the stones will be used as one set and therefore at least the colors of 4 pieces should be same and consistent. But the colors of remaining stones should be same or very similar. Any hairline crack or other ugly colors will not be accepted. If the prices are acceptable to us, we will need actual samples to check up the quality. And the quality is ok, we will visit the supplier to place an order. The inspection will be done by us before shipment. Basically we do need the jades of Canada and/or Russia and the Onyx of Iran. But those of other countries could be fine provided the quality and quantity could meet our requirements. Price, FOB any port of the supplier country. In case of the nephrite jade, please quote as per grades A, B, C or in other way to show the differences ,and we would appreciate it if the supplier could e-mail us the photo of each grade of the stone to see the quality. This is very important. 
Quantity depends on the quality and price. But if the quality and prices are good, the quantity will be one 20 foot container load per each stone at regular base. If the foregoing sizes are not available, please let us know the possible sizes. In the meantime, if they could produce the bigger sizes, it will be welcomed. Aug 30, Contact  

e 8702 USA: I want 12x12 tiles of travertine, and also interested in granite countertops. My contact no. is
(619) 33.....Aug 29,

e 8701 Pakistan: I am interested to import to USA ONYX AND MARBLE HANDICRAFT. I am in Pakistan. Please send me a colour brochure with pricing. Aug 29,

e 8695 USA: We are wholesalers and importers of all kinds of granite and marble. We are looking for people who can supply slabs. Specific first choice or commercial. We also want one container of 18 x 18 f/h cross cut in one container 70% first choice and 30 % commercial travertine. See ready stock 434. Aug 29, Contact 

ALL: e 8694 UK: We are working on a large shopping centre contract and require samples and prices for a dark grey granite, like Nero Impala, but it can be something else but similar, cut to size 600x600x20 mm. We are at proposal stage of submitting samples to architects. This granite has to be of the best quality and very consistent, no veining and a regular gramulometry. Prices for 3000 - 5000 plus sq m. 3 small samples are required in polished, honed and structured ( say flamed) finishes. Initial samples can be 100x100 and sent at suppliers cost (postage), if acceptable, we will be asking for 600x600, which is the required size for this contract. Physical performance tests are definitely required with submission. We are open to proposals from anywhere in the world. We need sample of the dark grey. We are at the stage of submitting samples for architects approval. Aug 29, Contact 

ALL: e 8673 Nigeria: I want to import 3000 sq. ft marble / granite tiles from Italy. I represent a trading firm. I want the stones for trading. Payment will be by LC. I am in Lagos and my contact no. is 2348042......Aug 28, Contact 

ES: e 8660 Indonesia: We need to find out the price for blocks for Creamy Marfil, or White cream terrazo. Shipment to Indonesia port. Aug 27, Contact 
e 8649 India: Looking for a software which helps in designing floorings as per customer choice. Aug 26, Contact

e 8642 Israel: Please quote for white limestones 30/30 and 40/40 natural 1/5mm - 2mm. Can you send me pictures to see the color variation of your limestone. Aug 26, Contact  

Definition: Tile includes ceramic, granite surfacing units made from high quality porcelain stoneware.
Quarry floor tiles: 200 x 200 x 12 or as shown on drawings, color as per Engineer on site and shall include base and trim units as required. Bases shall be of the cove type, set flush with floor tile.
Colours, Textures and Patterns: For tile and other products requiring selection of colours, surface textures or other appearance characteristics, provide products to match characteristics indicated or, if not otherwise indicated, as selected by Engineer from manufacturer's standards.
Definition: Tile includes ceramic surfacing units made from clay or other ceramic materials.
Vitrified Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile: 200 x 200 x 6 color as per Engineer on site
Vitrified unglazed ceramic floor tiles: 300 x 300 x 8 mm or as shown on drawings. Color as per Engineer on site.
Terrazzo tiles and fittings shall be 300x 300x 30mm for floor tiles, 30mm thick for treads with non ship nosing, 20mm thick for risers, 15mm thick for skirtings, and shall be precast pressed tiles.
Colour Pigments for Topping : Non-fading mineral type. TOTAL QUANTITY: 324 m2. Aug 25,

e 8636 Belgium: Searching for good quality Combe Brune and Buxy in slabs and tiles. Aug 25, Contact  

ALL: e 8566 Gambia: We are a multi dimensional company based in Gambia and deals in building and construction materials. We want to buy goods from your company. It might also interest you to know that we have branches in some other West African countries like Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria. Phone 220-9..... Aug 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8562 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs. I want to buy slabs in large quantities for my granite shop. Aug 19, Contact

e 8557 Suriname: We are interested in marble tiles for resale in our showroom. We are European building material trader in Paramaribo. Our tel no. is 597 4.......Please send us catalogue and pricelist by email and courier. I will be in ITALY in 1st week of September. Aug 18, Contact  

e 8552 Australia: Please email information on Mt Gambier Limestone. I would like to know if there are any suppliers in Victoria. Or if we can source the stone in South Australia and have it delivered? The project we are working on is in Portsea and we are investigating the use of limestone block and block veneer. Please also quote. Aug 18, Contact

e 8544 USA: I am looking to purchase granite slabs. I need a pricing list and samples if available. My tel. number is 239-36.....I am in Fl. 33972. Aug 17, Contact  

e 8525 Morocco: I am an owner of a virgin quarry (5 hectares) of black granite in south of Morocco. The quarry is close to Port of export Agadir. I am looking for a partner or a tenant for working. Interested people to partner please contact. Aug 15, Contact  

ALL: e 8524 Germany: Looking for granite slab suppliers. See price list 76. My contact no. is +49171 62......Aug 15, Contact  

e 8518 Zambia: I am a Zambian living in South Central Africa. My country has got mineral deposits and my friend I have found a place in bush which has mineral deposits and geologists in my country are saying the type of mineral found on the area we got a shoot is emerald. 
I am looking for some one who would provide technical information and if possible some to make a partnership any part of the world. Right now I am in process of acquiring a Mining License and Registering a Company. My other option was find ready market were I can sell these stones once I start mining if I can not find some one to partner with. I could start digging though it is a tough job and I am aware that the process would be quite slow more especially when you are digging without proper tools. Aug 14, Contact  

ALL: e 8516 USA: Our catalog client needs products for this coming Christmas season. Please send us product catalogs and pricing immediately. Our call me immediately at 954-23.....Aug 14, Contact  

e 8502 Congo: We are a import and export company. We would like to pursue our business relationship with you. We would like to have a broad idea on the design. So please send us a catalog by mail so that we can study and decided on what we would like to purchase. Our contact no. is 243- 8150.....Aug 14, Contact 

ALL: e 8497 USA: I am a custom home builder in East Texas. I am trying to locate sources for building stone that is not available in my market. I would like to be able to buy direct from the quarry. Aug 13, Contact  

e 8491 Spain: l need granite Mishy Peach Pink about 3000 sqm size 12" x 12" Polished. Need the price and time of delivery. Aug 13, Contact  

e 8487 Australia: I am looking for approx 700 sqm of limestone in a cream/beige colour (with some veins), between 400mm to 700mm. Has to be first grade quality. Delivery to Sydney in Jan 2004. Aug 13, Contact  

e 8464 Ireland: My company are interested in buying some stone products. Please quote. Aug 11, Contact  

e 8461 Poland: Please send me samples and price list of marble, granite and other stones. Nearest port to me is Szczecin. Aug 11, Contact  

e 8460 Saudi Arabia: We have a prestigious project in our hand in Riyadh. We need many different type of marble & granite. We need first quality material. Aug 11, Contact  

ALL: e 8436 Nepal: One of our company is dealing with marble, granite, tiles and other sanitary products through its exclusive showrooms in Nepal. We have two exclusive showrooms in the heart of the city and strong sub dealer network all over Nepal. Our showrooms are importing many branded sanitary products from India and abroad and are looking for an International company to be associated with our line of Marble products. Quantity is two to three containers. Size Range should be greater than 6x5. Application is for flooring. We request you to send us your samples with prices and other terms and conditions for supplies of your range of products for our showrooms in order to cater an exclusive range to our customers. Our telefax is 00977-1-42.....Aug 10, Contact  

IT: e 8434 Australia: I would like to buy Two large blocks of Carrara. I also need the blocks to be cut into pieces, each piece to be 500 x 500 x 170 mm. I need at least 70 pieces. Price based on Ex factory if Malaysia or if any other destination FOB and please state port of Origin. Payment can be any way you like, payment will be in RM or USD. The requirement is for Malaysia. Phone no. is 61 89 4.....Aug 10, Contact

e 8426 UAE: We are an importing and exporting company of granites and marbles mostly in the form of floor and wall tiles and need more sources of Marble and granite. Please send us your price list. Our fax no. is 00971-7-26.....Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e 8422 USA: I want granite slabs. Please send prices and catalogs. See pricelist 435. I am in MI 48145. Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e 8420 Palestine: I want to buy marble and granite slabs. Please send prices with images.  Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e8417 Palestine: We want for trading Braganza, Jacaranda, pink Goteberg, New Paradiso, Serizzo, Multicolor, Blue Pearl and other colors for granite slabs of 2 cm thickness. Please give FOB price in USD and mention your country of shipment. Send samples and images too. I want to know the price of BARAGANZA sample A. Also I have a request about the Delivery to be 60- 90 Days after receiving LC copy. I buy Braganza open top from Brazil 2cm thickness with 42 USD from Brazil to Ashdod port finishing also Jacaranda red first quality 40 USD finishing to Ashdod port. Our contact no. is 00972-824.... Aug 9 Contact,

e 8416 USA: I am the President of a stone company in CT, USA. We have been in business for over 15 years and we are one of the largest fabricators in the area. I need to purchase 5 to 10 slabs of Blue King preferably 3cm but will consider 2cm. My office no. is 203-8...... Aug 9, Contact  

e 8413 India: We are looking for Cast Basalt (Cast Stone) products. The requirement of the material will be around 50 metric tons per month. We prefer to import cast stone from China. We need this material in basic form i.e. either dry clay or stone. Aug 9,

e 8392 USA: Our client in China is a major consumer of Marble and Granite. He is seeking to expand his sources and the varieties of stone. He is already consuming Chinese product, is seeking new colors, patterns, etc. He has recently closed a large construction contract with the Chinese government, and urgently requires sources of marble and/or granite. 
Here is some additional information regarding the stone we seek, which I hope is helpful: 
Quantity: 300-500 cubic meters/month average: Some months up to 1,000 cubic meters.
Price range: Our client has paid as much as US $600/cubic meter and as little as US $100/cubic meter. It simply depends on the stone. 
Minimum/maximum size of blocks: Between 5 to 7 cubic meters. 
Unacceptable shape types: None, as long as blocks can fit in a shipping container.
Unacceptable defects: Cracks in the blocks. 
Quality: Identical to sample accepted. 
Inspection: Either upon delivery at a Chinese port, or as negotiated with supplier. 
We have no preconception about countries we wish to purchase from. It is the stone that is important to our buyer, not the country. That's why we are requesting samples. If you look at the size of the orders we wish to place, I would think it is worthwhile to a supplier to send samples and quote prices. Otherwise, how else can we make a determination as to whether we want his product or not? He is not able to discern from pictures online. Therefore, samples are imperative. 
However, I can attest that this is a serious purchaser, one who will move fast when we locate the appropriate product. We are ready to place standing order immediately. I am in Virginia 23453, USA. Aug 7, Contact  

e 8378 France: I am looking for a block of marble or travertine (red) yellow or white, or beige unpolished cut to size after I view samples. My contact no. is 00 33 5 46 9.....Aug 7, Contact  

ALL: e 8373 South Africa: I am looking 2 import marble scrap/off-cuts into South Africa. Please advise me if you can source raw material for our company. Ideally we would be looking for material which is 20mm thick and from pebble size upwards. The marble is required for manufacturing pebble tiles and marble artwork. With our local resources we are currently producing 3000m2 per month and are needing to expand, our local resources are unable maintain at our current demand. My cell no. is +27-72-15.....Aug 7, Contact  

e 8361 USA: We are importers of 3cm granite slabs located in the state of Virginia, USA and interested in starting a long term business relationship with dependable suppliers for European granite. Currently we are interested in the following for immediate shipping: Baltic Brown (Baltic Brown 3 cm slabs polished resin and first grad quality for US$ 4.25), Blue Pearl, Volga Blue, Blue Eyes & Spectrolite. We also need Giallo Venziano 3cm first grad or commercial quality available for immediate shipping. 
We are also interested in the following item for immediate delivery, so kindly supply us with your price and availability of materials: All 3cm polished slabs, First grad Quality.
Kashmir White, APP Black (Impala Black), Chiffon White, Indian Juparana, Royal Brown, Shivakashi, Black Galaxy & Tan Brown. Please have prices in US$ per square foot FOB or C&F Baltimore or Norfolk whichever is less in cost. Open Top container. Please send us your full price list to enable us place our first container order soon. We are in VA 22152. Aug 6, Contact

ALL: e 8349 USA: I have been fabricating granite and other stones for 2+ years. I have been buying granite from other sources, but I feel I could improve my profit margin if I started buying in bulk. Please quote for granites and other stones on bulk basis.  Aug 5, Contact  

e 8339 USA: I am looking to design a vanity top and flooring for a resort in the West Indies, in the following "Cretaceous volcanic and Eocene diorite". The native to the islands there have heard of this type of stone. I am in IL 60616 and my contact no. is 312.22.....Aug 5, Contact  

ALL: e 8334 UK: Please quote with samples for granite, marble, paving slabs, etc. Color specification is buff colour stone in 30mm/499 random sizes or 600x600/400x400. Import location is India/China. Ready to purchase now if samples can be seen and price can be negotiated. Method of payment is Letter of credit- FOB. Date of completion is prior to end of August if possible!! Our tel. no. 01476 8.....Aug 5, Contact  

e 8327 Turkey: We are importers of granite. Please quote for polished granites of size 150-170 cm x 280-320 cm x 2 cm. Our contact no. is +90032435.....Aug 4, Contact  

ALL: e 8321 Canada: I am from Vancouver & I am running flooring business for 15 yrs. I would like to buy granite. I am looking for all kinds. I will buy big volumes. Aug 4, Contact  

e 8305 USA: I own a stone and tile shop in Id. We purchase a variety of stones. Would like your wholesale price list. My contact no. is 208-65..... Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8279 New Zealand: Want to find information about black galaxy granite for 1 ton any other figures that may be of interest 15mm thick and sizes 2400mm x 630mm or 900mm wide. We are also looking for granite monuments and tiles sizes and colours any info will be much appreciated. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8278 Sri Lanka: We are importers and distributors of tiles in Colombo. Please send us your pricelist. Our phone no. is +9413.....Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8272 USA: We are starting a new "small" factory in Southern Ohio. Please send any info that may help us. Aug 2, Contact  


ALL: e 8270 Saudi Arabia: Please send your catalogues and price lists. We are a firm dealing in Electrical, plumbing, wood, Decore, furniture, and Painting Goods. We have many branches in KSA. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8263 Korea: We are an importer-exporter of construction materials, having a business background of more then 10 years. We are looking for the most competitive and reliable supplier of the Natural Marbles.
Please be informed that the Natural Marbles will be used for the special hotel construction project. We need BOTTICINO (1st quality) from Italy. If you can offer the same or similar ones, kindly send me some photos and your best P/I quoted on CIF Busan. SIZE: MM 600 X 600 X T.15, MM 600 X 600 X T.10, MM 550 X 700 X T.15, MM 550 X 700 X T.15. Mention PACKING, DELIVERY, QTY is 20' X 1 INCLUDING GROSS WEIGHT: KGS/PC.
Our tel. no. is Tel.: 82-2-267.....Aug 1,

ALL: e 8261 USA: Need pricing on granite slabs. I am an owner of large granite firm wanting to stock slabs for retail and internal use. Large in counter top and structural business. Aug 1, Contact  

ALL: e 8253 Mexico: Please quote for stone tiles and slabs and other products for our new ultra hip design 100 room hotel in Acapulco. We need samples of travertine armenia 1and 2, argentina santa cruz, argentina travertine beige 1, bulgaria vratza marble, green fog china, royal botticineok iran, atashkuh and beige classic iran, arabescato corchia italy, calacatta delicato and macchiaoro italy, statuario ravaccione italy, travertino montecarlo rustic italy, travertino romano italy, crema nevada spain, limestone boreal spain, bilecik pure beige turkey, olympos withe turkey, denizli turkey. Our tel. no. is 525 55 525.....Aug 1, Contact  

AR/FI/IN: e 8251 Nigeria: Please prices in USD/m2 for the following granite tiles in size 30x60x2cm polished: Blue Mara, pink mara, white san marcos, brown pearl, black galaxy, brown siena, cardoba grey - from Argentina and red balmora and baltic brown, lappia from Finland. I am in Lagos. My tel. no. is 234 080371.....Aug 1, Contact  

e 8195 USA: Please quote per square foot price for Black Galaxy and your top 10 sellers of granite per container for my granite shop. I own 20000 s.f. of shop to produce high quality tops for the public. How many slabs per container and how many s.f. per slab. Include shipping fees if applicable. Send me your bottom dollar figures for five containers of granite. You will only get one shot at this, so make me one offer. July 29, Contact  

e 8193 USA: Please quotes for broken tiles for a mosaic project. Is there a minimum quantity? How is it shipped? Is is a mixed lot or can we select certain colors? I am in San Diego. July 29, Contact  

ALL: e 8156 Canada: I am interested in importing granite polished 2cm / 3cm slabs to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Phone:403-88.....We are manufacturers and installers of granite and marble products. July 26, Contact  

e 8155 Nigeria: We want granites and marble slabs about 300000 sqm. of 40 * 40 * 2cm in sizes. 
Delivery Port: Tincan Island. City: Lagos. Country: Nigeria. Duration of project: October 2004. We need suppliers from Spain, Italy, Turkey or USA. We will like the supplier to name the colors he has so that that we can make our choice. My tel. no. is 234-1-8......July 25, Contact  

e 8130 USA: I am inquiring about marble dust (powder), mineral sand, in the corn size of 0.005 mm to 0.35mm. 
The material composition should preferable be about: Na 0.5%, Mg 13%, Al 5%, Si 45%, K 0.3%, Ca 15%, Fe 21%, Ti 0.2%.
The powder is for a new project but quantities can not be predicted. However, we feel 300 LB per month may be a number we can use for pricing. I am in MI and my phone no. is (248) 82.....July 24, Contact  


US/ALL: e 8104 Hong Kong: One of our current project requires Bethel White Granite. Please also quote for other granites that is similar to Bethel White. 
Qty: 250m3 or 4000m2 (approx.)
Size: Blocks or 20mm thickness slabs
Price: FOB Hong Kong
Shipping time: As soon as possible. 
Our tel. no. is 852-23.....July 23, Contact  

ALL: e 8103 Saint Martin: Please quote for slate, honed finish:
- BLACK SLATE BLOCK 20CM THICKNESS: approximately 4m²
- GREEN SLATE BLOCK 20CM THICKNESS: approximately 4m²
Our tel. no. is 590.590.......July 23, Contact  

ALL: e 8096 Lebanon: We are a commercial company in Lebanon. Please quote for Granite tiles (board) of 1.8 - 2  x 3m for each. We want a large quantity if you have a 2" choice please send it to us and all quantity. July 22, Contact  

ALL: e 8089 China: We are a state-operated corporation, dealing exclusively in both import and export of building materials. Also operate metals, kitchen, hardware, furniture, tiles and arts and crafts products. Now, we are importing High-technology building materials from USA and EURO at this moment. So if you can supply any good standard building materials. July 22, Contact

ALL: e 8087 Malta: We are a company specializing in granite works, tiling and laying for local households and hotels. The company has been established for over 95 years and is renowned for its quality in its work.
We are current in search for suppliers for Marble and Granite. Could you please send us a some samples and a catalog with measurements and prices by post. July 22, Contact  

ALL: e 8085 Vietnam: We specialize in processing granite. We are planning to purchase granite blocks with Black and Red color (dimension : 160cm x 260cm up). We are interested in New Imperial and Ruby. And Black be used for Wall. Pls, quote CIF Ho Chi Minh (In rough Block). Could you send us samples? Could you give us your quotation and relevant information of your granite. Our contact no 09181......July 22, Contact  

ALL: e 8064 India: One of our counterpart in U.S. A. is interested to purchase annually 60000 sqm. of granites slabs and tiles in various sizes and shades depending upon their requirements from time to time. The current requirements are in sizes of 6x12, 12x12, 12x8 in various thickness for floor and wall in various shades. Tel. no. is +91 265 23......July 21, Contact  

ALL: e 8058 Poland. We are wholesalers of stone tiles. Please send me offer about travertine and marble tiles on container load basis. We focus on these two kinds of stones. We import and distribute in Poland the stone from Turkey, Italy and China. Main part of our sale represent slabs and tiles but we are looking for new kinds of products like sinks, mosaics. Send me the offer of standards sinks. Please add to offer technical dates (measures). Please send me samples of colours your materials. Send me quotations on tiles 305x305x10/20mm & slabs 300x125x2/3 cm. Write to me something about pick up port. We are import materials from Turkey, Italy and China. My mobile no. is + 48 603 1.....July 21, Contact

ALL: e 8050 USA: I have an architectural, interior design, and a general contracting business in Florida. We are beginning to incorporate granite sales in with our other companies. please send pricelists. July 19, Contact  

IN / ALL: e 8047 Moldova: We are a construction company that builds residential and corporate building in Moldova. Currently we have a project for which we need granite and marble listed below:
GRANITE: IVORY CHIFFON (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), INDIAN JUPARANA IVORY (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), AMARALLO GOLD (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), ROSA BETA (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), RED MULTICOLOR (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), PARADISSO (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm)
MARBLE: BEIGE (60x40x1cm) and 40x30x1cm & ROSA (60x40x1cm) and 40x30x1cm. 
Please specify:
1. The price of Franco 
2. The price of transportation to Chosonau, Moldova,
3. What kind of payment you accept.
4. Delivery terms and schedules.
5. Any additional costs, if any.
If necessary, I could come to Istanbul to negotiate the terms. The quantities could be larger than the ones specified. Please send me a contact sample (in Romanian or Russian) as well.
My  contact no. is + (373) 2-4.....July 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8044 USA: I want slate boards with wood frames apx. 8" X 10" for a pioneer school and foir selling also. The ones we have now were made in Portugal. I think that the name on them might be Raco. July 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8041 USA: We are a Sales & Marketing company of natural stone products. We represent various factories from different countries and sell by the container. If you provide finished stone tiles & stone products, we would like to hear from you regarding representing your factory. We would need specific pictures, prices and any available catalog materials to be able to promote your products to our customers. We do not warehouse or distribute, we only sell to our clients by the container. We would need to develop a working relationship that would be exciting for both companies. If you are interested in expanding your sales in this market, please contact us. Our Phone no. is 954-52..... July 19, Contact

e 8040 USA: Artifacts: I own a company that is interested in selling stone products listed in your online stores. We currently have two locations looking to open third in a few months in Orlando. You can reach me at 407-29...... I am looking for a table top stone with some pattern inlayed like #0021-0016 (from supplier 21). I am looking to purchase one to begin with. The geographical area does not concern me. I would make a purchase today if i like it. The steps needed to finalize with a supplier is I don't know what supplier and how much it would cost and what colors are available. I am looking for a finished size of 34" square. July 19, Contact 

ALL: e 8024 Portugal: Please send a consolidated price list of tiles and slabs of granite and marble. We are interested in acquiring a large quantity of granite and marble. July 18, Contact  

e 8013 UAE: Kindly quote for the following material:
(1) Light Yellow Travertine slabs 2 Cm. Thickness unpolished, 60 Cm. Height
(2) Light Yellow Travertine 90 X 60 X 2 Cm. thickness filled with cement and if possible sand-blast finish.
Required quantity is : 2000 M2. Please inform us for the delivery schedule. We are in Dubai. Tel no. +971 4 33.....July 17, Contact  

e 7997 Canada: Please send quotes and images of any BLUE MARBLE TILES (3/8” thick only) – no granites please. We are mosaic art & design studio in Quebec and my contact no. is 51428......July 16, Contact  

NO: e 7993 Australia: I want Norwegian Granites namely Blue Pearl GT, Blue Pearl Gc and Emerald Pearl. looking for suppliers from Norway. I am an importer of granite slabs located in Melbourne and interested of importing large quantities. My phone no. is +61 03 946.....July 16, Contact  

e 7944 USA: Artifacts: We are a chain of retail stories from United States that would buy container loads of Marble Sinks, if your company makes hand made marble sinks, please email me back with container load pricing. We would like to see pictures and prices of your different types of sinks and other products your company offers. We are in Tennessee. July 14, Contact  

e 7943 UK: Artifacts: Please send me a brochure of stone columns. July 14, Contact  

e 7934 China: I am a manager of a company importing stones, located in Guangdong Province. We want alabaster stone, which can be made into transparent lamps.  July 14, Contact

e 7929 USA: Looking for exporters soapstone. I would like to contact soapstone quarries to establish a relationship. I am in Miami. July 13, Contact  

e 7922 USA: I need GRANITE, not marble! Can you send me some granite tiles in the traditional gray color??. Please send samples in approximately 6" x 6" slice(s). I am in Florida 32935. July 11, Contact  

e 7904 Spain: We are a company that supplies material for construction and our specialty is marbles, granite. We would like to know your price list and to have some more information about your factory. July 11, Contact USD 100

ALL: e 7891 USA: Send me your marketing brochure and everything that you can about your marble, granite & slate as soon as possible. I want to buy in the less cheaper area but, I want a good quality. So I will buy from India, Korea &  China or Turkey. I am in CA 90505 & my contact no. is 310 37....July 10, Contact  

ALL: e 7886 Algeria: We are an import company in Algiers, dealing in construction products. We are interested in marble granite tiles and slabs. We would be very grateful if you could send us your full catalogues by express mail. We are looking forward to doing business with you. Our orders would be regular and important. Meanwhile, please indicate what models do you keep regularly. We want free size slabs and tiles of 400x400, and 500x500.  Our tel. no. is 00 213 21 2....July 10, Contact

e 7884 Turkey: Please quote for ROSA PORINO, ROSA BETA, NERO ZIMBABWE, B. PEARL, STAR GALAXY and 30x60x2cm prices, plate prices, 40x40x1cm prices. July 10, Contact  

e 7865 USA: Our construction company is planning the building of a new winery in California and we will require the purchase of approximately 25,000 to 3,000 sq.ft. of either limestone or travertine in slabs approximately 3 cm thick (1 1/4") to be mounted on the exterior surface of the building. We will need earth tone stone as the design of the building is that of a medieval castle. We will purchase the stone in slabs. We wish to purchase directly from a quarry to maximize value. Please provide the following information: 
1. Company information
2. Product description
3. Prices to be quoted CIF Los Angeles, California
4. Estimated weight
5. Estimated slab size
6. Delivery: October 2003. 
We are very serious buyers and have every intention to acquire the stone as construction of the project will commence next week. We do not have an existing supplier and therefore are dealing in complete good faith.
We are looking to purchase approximately 25,000 s.f. (+/- 2,800 m2) of limestone or travertine for the construction of a winery in California. Are are some details about our project:
1. We need slabs of approximate dimensions 6'X10' (1.8mX3m).
2. The slab thickness needs to be 3 cm.
3. The port of entry can be Los Angeles or San Francisco, whichever is less expensive.
4. We are looking for cream/beige colors, honed finish. 
5. We will require approximately 10,000 s.f. (1,150 m2) by the end of September and the balance by December 2003. 
6. Please let us know if we can receive a sample as soon as possible. We are looking at samples in the low $3.00/s.f. range CIF Los Angeles. Please quote us the cost of this stone to any of the ports I mentioned above including freight and insurance. July 10, Contact  

e 7861 USA: I want granite circles - 60" diameter x 4" thickness - color Black or very dark - course finish. Please quote with shipping to DE. My project is in the planning stage. The project involves 8 granite circles with center circles of 8" cut out. Size is 60'x 4" thick with 8" center circle cut out. Finish is rough not smooth or polished 'both slightly textured'.
1 circle needs immediate pricing and delivery approval by client other to come upon approval. Granite color may vary white to black between the 8 circle, but must be from the US or Canada. The sample should be a brown/gray color overall with quartzite throughout. 
The project can be finalized as soon as I can get pricing. The pricing should be broken as granite cost, cutting of diameter circle and center circle and shipping cost for the sample and and also a separate price for the additional 7 circles. I'm trying to locate this material now as well as determine costs. July 9, Contact  

ALL: e 7859 New Zealand: We want to import Marble and Granite for the domestic market. Kindly send your FOB and CIF quotes along with your catalogue. We are based in Auckland. July 9, Contact

e 7855 Bangladesh: We would like to import some stone product as listed in pricelist 395. Please provide me following information of the products:
1. Price to ICD Kamalapur Railway Station- Dhaka
2. Product specification including weight and size.
3. Shipment time to ICD Kamalapur- Dhaka. July 9, Contact

e 7846 UK: We are a firm of Architects working in London on a prestigious residential project and are looking at using a blue slate in a health club area. We have identified the Charcoal Blue slate sample as compatible with the design concept. My architectural practice is trying to find a stone suitable for the lining of a swimming pool. We are hoping to find something dark with a blue coloration. The stone we want to find will not be negatively affected by the chemicals in the water. We wish to find a stone which has some color and patterning variation in it, and to lay the stone
slabs/tiles in a random pattern. In our research we have found some wonderful UK slate, but the trouble is is that the color ranges are green. Welsh slates which we have found don't really seem to have much or any blue hue in them. Are there any marbles which would suite the purpose? 
In addition we would like to put limestone on the pool deck surround but are worried that the chemicals in the water may deteriorate or stain the stone. What should our considerations be? Would a sealer and/ or 
scotch-guard treatment solve the problem?  We would like to procure a sample for presentation to our client. Our contact no. is 020 727..... July 9, Contact  

e 7844 Nigeria: We market ceramics, tiles, marbles, lime stones in Nigeria. Our company was founded in 1997. 
In furtherance to our quest in filling our stock for very liable and virile marble and ceramics, we have found your products of immediate interest for purchase. 
Please, kindly confirm in earnest the availability of the above mentioned products still in stock for sales as we intend sending two of our staffs to your company for physical inspection of these products and also make purchase.
It is in the company's policy to first send a member of the technical department and the chief accountant to where intend to make purchase prior to shipment. Our contact no. is 234 1 48.....July 8, Contact  

e 7839 Canada: I am a Mason with more than 15 years installation experience here in Western Canada. I want to  exclusively and nationally represent new countries, their quarries along with their line of stone products to the Canadian public. If you are interested in your company and products being represented to the vast multicultural society here in Canada, please contact me. 
I am interested in looking at more information on your products. Please send me the following information:
All of your brochures and price list so that I may have a better idea of what you can offer the Canadian public. 
Please make sure you send me the dimensions and weight of each items for shipping costs. 
Please make sure that your price list is converted into Canadian or USA dollars so that I may know what my cost would be. 
Please explain your methods for payment. 
What is your minimum order amount before the shipment can be sent? 
Do I arrange shipment or do you and if so, what Canadian port can it arrive at? (Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver) 
What freight and cargo shipping company do you deal with? 
What are the costs from your shipping company? 
Does your company cover the shipment insurance or is that exclusively up to myself? 
What is the average waiting time period between the shipment leaving your company and arriving at the Canadian port? 
Can you make specialty items on demand?
If there is any other information that you can think of sending me I would appreciate that too. 
July 8, Contact

e 7837 Australia: Artifact: I want 1 marble floating ball 1.2m dia for shipping to Australia. July 8, Contact  

e 7831 Hong Kong: We are a trading and contracting company specialized in landscape and recreation products in Hong Kong and involved in many projects for the government departments. Our clients base ranges from government departments, architects, engineers, landscape architects and private property.
We are interested in distributing your stone products to our local market since we have found the products offered by your company are what our clients are seeking for.
It would be our pleasure to promote your products in order to achieve mutual benefits for both of our companies. Please provide us the details of the terms and conditions and how could we cooperate with each other.
By the way, would you mind informing us about the job references of your company in the past? And which countries have you sold your products to? They are very important to us as a proof of quality and reasonable price, nothing is better than job reference. A list of job reference and picture are welcome.
Lastly, please kindly send 10 copies of your catalogue for our sales activities on your product, also with your price list for our quotation for end user. Our contact no. is (852) 261.....July 8, Contact

e 7830 USA: We want Black Marble Base Pieces with White Grain/Polished for 500, 2500, 5000 & 10000 Pieces. 
Black Marble Base Pieces with White Grain and Laser Engraved Text/Polished for 500, 2500, 5000 & 10000 Pieces. 
Sizes are 3 1/2" Dia. X 1" H, 3/8 Dia hole through center. Rubber pad backing put on by you and pads supplied by us. Please see attachment - this shows where the hole is and the print. Give lead time, quote F.O.B. Tampa, Florida. I am at the final stage for buying. Will place an order with the best supplier to my needs NOW. 
I also sent a attachment with text, text may change when putting in order. Please let know if you can see this attachment OK. (If not I will fax print to you, let me know your fax number.)
If possible to get a sample of a piece of marble that you sent in the attachment with the text sand blasted so we can show our client the finished product from you.
At the same time can you give me a quote for the following of the Black Zebra Marble as shown from your attachment. This would be sent by sea to Tampa, Florida.
500pcs without text 500pcs with text
1,000pcs without text 1,000pcs with text
2,500pcs without text 2,500pcs with text. Contact no. is (941) 48.....July 8, Contact

ALL: e 7818 USA: I am a US importer of granite stones. I am looking for stone exporters from all over the world. Please send me your pricelists. My contact no. is 314-51..... I would like to set up business with you right away. July 5, Contact  

e 7815 Bahrain: We URGENTLY want "Wearing Coarse Aggregate" confirming to the following specifications:
Medium Polish Stone Value: (pvs) >60 (according to BS 812)
Los Angeles Abrasion: < 30% (according to ASTM 131-81)
Aggregate Impact Value: (AIV) < 30% (according to BS 812,Part 112, 1975)
Water Absorption: < 0.5% (according to BS 812)
Dust Content: < 1.0% (<0.075mm)
Flakiness Index: < 12% (according to BS 812)
Delivery requirement: IMMEDIATELY. 
Target Price: US$ 13.00 per Ton CIF Bahrain Port.
Requirement: for the racing track surfacing of the newly built Formula One (F1) circuit in The Kingdom of Bahrain.
All Costs to parties outside The Kingdom of Bahrain to be charged to the suppliers. July 5, Contact  

e 7814 India: We introduce you our self as a Big Commercial House Importer's & Exporter's of building construction material with Head Office at Ludhiana & Branch Retail Outlets at Chandigarh - Manimajra - Solan & Delhi. We have a strong standing of 30 Years with a strong network of Dealers/Distributors in whole of India.
We are Importing Sanitary wares/Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles / Porcelain Tiles - Borders / listello's from China - Malaysia - Indonesia- Spain & Italy and now entering in Exporting the materials also.
Please quote for:

May I request you to provide us with your detailed Printed Catalogue along with your Price List / Discounts offered with Payment & Selling terms. If you have any existing Sales Network in Northern India provide with the contact information. Our tel no. 0161-50.....July 5, Contact  

e 7806 Hong Kong: We are a public listed company in Hong Kong. We want Onyx and Creama Marfil tiles 400 x 400 mm for one of our major project in Hong Kong. Kindly send us specification with prices. Our cointact no. is 852 266.....July 4, Contact  

e 7804 USA: We are interested in learning more about your company. We are looking for a good source of material supply. We are located in the US. Can you give us further information on your company? My cell no. is (574) 53.....July 4, Contact  

e 7798 UK: We want to import marble tiles. Please e mail photographs, sizes and prices in Euros & USD of all colors. July 3, Contact  



e 7748 Singapore: Please quote CIF Singapore price for 30 x 30cm (12-15mm thick) of your full range slate and limestone products and appreciate if you arrange to send us by courier one sample of each in 10x10cm size and catalogue. June 30 Contact  

e 7745 : I want to purchase marble slabs and tiles. Please provide information on product specifications like what is the minimum quantity, what sizes you have and what is the price for each? I also want pictures of marbles. June 30 Contact  

e 7740 UK: Landscape: We wish to import a 20ft container of Beige sandstone paving slabs
Sizes: Assorted square & rectangle x 25/35mm thick
Loading: Please advise total weight, dimensions, & no. of pallets
Price: Please advise best price for a full container
Delivery: Felixstowe, UK
Lead time: Please advise earliest
Payment terms: Please advise
Quality: Please advise guarantee of quality. June 30, Contact  

e 7718 South Africa: Would like to contact producer of slabs of GRANITE AND MARBLES from India, Egypt and Canada. June 27, Contact  

e 7712 Mexico: I am an importer. I want first quality granite slabs 2 cm. June 27, Contact  

e 7711 Australia: Please quote on container basis the following size panels: 
920mm x 2900mm long 20mm panels finished edges on 2 long & 1 end.
610mm x 2900mm long 20mm panels finished edges 2 end & 1 long. 
Two style edges : 20mm 180degree round
40mm 180 degree round
Colours mixed range. June 27, Contact

e 7693 Portugal: After having contacted you by telephone, I send request of budget for the following materials:
Cladding fossil yellow honed with the thickness- 30, 40 and 50. The quantities are:










Fossil Yellow

Honed and Sawn



1 (Option)



Fossil Yellow

Honed and Sawn






Fossil Yellow

Honed and Sawn


Please send price for this cladding of Long Edge and:

Bill duck: 

Please quote FOB & CIF Lisbon. We also need samples of 15x15x3 cm. Our contact no. is +351 262 9.....
June 26, Contact

e 7685 Scotland: We are importers of Granite, Marble and Slates in Glasgow, Scotland. Please send us some small samples of polished marble and granite. Our contact no. is 0141 42.....June 26, Contact

e 7657 Cyprus: I am opening a spiritual shop and I am interested to learn about your prices on tumble stones. June 24, Contact  

e 7648 Turkey: We want 2500000 metric tons of segmented / granule limestone in 5 years time. 
Some technical information are as follows:
The specification of limestone. The chemical and physical specifications of demanded 2500000 metric tons of limestone for a plant.
CaCO3 : Minimum %95
MgO : -----------
R2O3 : -----------
SiO2 : Maximum %0.56
Grain size : 0-700 micron (% 99.9 in weight)
<_30 micron (%5 in weight) 
Grain size micron
Cumulative under sieve

The size of grain given above can be changed by demanding plant regarding to performance of plant.
Percentage of water / damp : Maximum %0.1
Structure : Amorf, reactive
Reactive (API) Indicator : Minimum 110 gram S / 1 Kg CaCO3
The reactiveness of limestone of delivered to plant should be minimum 110 Gr S / Kg 
If you are able to supply the amount of 2.500.000 metric tons limestone im 5 years period to the door of power plant; minimum 20.000 tons in first 3 months then following 45.000 tons in every month. 
To give at least 6 percent of agreement/ contract guarantee in power plant favour. (Bank guarantee letter ; cash ; debenture bond). You can get detailed help from your Embassy.
To give partner agency to Our company. (The conditions will be negotiated.)
Payments of the invoices are made according to contract. 
The delivery place is very close to sea. If you need more information you can come to Turkey and we study together. The price should be less than 30 Euro for plant delivery.
Our tel. no. is : ++ 90 312 2...... June 23, Contact

e 7633 Bangladesh: Blocks: Please quote with other information for marble block / crude marble for exports to Bangladesh. Rates must be C&F Ctg / ICD Komolapur, Dhaka. June 21, Contact  

e 7628 Japan: We are importer of building materials. Such as marble, granite, and various kind of stones. We import them from China. We now want to import Europe. We do landscape, building design and construction as one of our business. We are now working a project which will use GRIS PERLA. Please quote for 1000 x 1000 x 35 polished with beveled, qty. 800 sqm. Our contact no. is 075-21.....June 21, Contact  

e 7621 Canada: Please quote with shipping for marble slabs and tiles. June 21, Contact  

e 7618 UK: We are in the process of setting up business to supply and fit in the natural stone industry, here in Scotland. 
My partner and I have been searching the Web for some time now trying to find some sources for supplying stone in the UK, without much success. We then started looking in India & China with no success also, until we found your web site which is excellent. 
At present we are trying to source different products i.e. marble, Granite, Limestone & travertine for display purposes in the shop. For example we are looking for 2 metres square of different products. We are looking for suppliers who would be looking to do business long term once the business is up and running with regular orders.
We have been installing stone for different companies over here in the UK, but we are now at the point of opening an outlet from which we are hoping to supply and fit natural stone in the UK. 
We are serious in doing business with your company, but obviously until the business is up and running we are not position to order large quantities of one product. Can you assist in the initial set up? 
My mobile phone no. is: 00447976...... Tel. no. is 00447962.....June 20, Contact

e 7609 UK: I am a builder / developer. Email me relevant information for granite sets. June 19, Contact  

e 7605 Malta: We are a company specializing in granite works, tiling and laying for local households and hotels. The company has been established for over 9 decades and is renowned for its quality in its work.
We are current in search for suppliers for Ceramic Tiles and related material. Could you please send us a list of materials you can supply with measurements and prices? June 19, Contact  

ALL: e 7594 USA: I was wondering if you could tell me what are the most popular granites used in a retail sense, in the US? Have you ever seen any polls or studies, narrowing it down to maybe the top 10 or so? I'm thinking about starting my own business in that area, and any info you could provide me would be much appreciated. June 19, Contact  

ALL: e 7582 Pakistan: We want one face polish Marble & Granite, preference size 260cm x 150cm x 2cm thickness with 3" free cutting margin all sides. Payment against 90 days D/A L/C. Please air courier samples with rates Cif Karachi. June 18, Contact  

e 7572 USA: We are building some homes in Hawaii, USA and are interested in granite and marble. Would like to know  prices and shipping. We want to buy colors from Iran, Brazil and China. We are shopping the market to see the best quality and prices. But the best deliveries and customer service. We need our first shipment by Aug. as one home will be ready for the interiors, the next plan will start by the end of the year. We are building several homes and are interested in using the house as a model home. We also are interested in selling granites and marble, etc. to other contractors. My contact no. is 808 8.....June 18, Contact  

e 7568 USA: We sell stone of internal applications (tile, slabs, counters, etc.) and exterior applications (building veneers, landscape, etc.). Please quote for complete line of products you have available. June 18, Contact  

e 7556 USA: Landscape: Looking for River Stones that look like chicken eggs, but different colors, Black, Tiger, etc. Quantity:1/40Ft container x month. Delivery to Florida, USA. Phone no. is 561 30.....June 17, Contact  

e 7541 Portugal: We are interested in pebbles and white marble products. We wish visit you shortly. Please let us know the nearest airport in order to book a trip there. June 16, Contact  

e 7534 USA: Landscape: I am interested in cobblestone that could be used for driveways. The sizes I would like are "Regulation Blocks" (4"x5"x9"), or "Jumbo Blocks" (4"x7"x10). Probably, granite would be the best stone to use, either in pink or gray; however some other stones might work just as well. Here is a list of the materials I would be most interested in purchasing from your company to fill a 20' or 40' container:
1. Cobblestone blocks in granite, either in pink or grey, 4"x5"x9".
2. Cobblestone blocks in granite, either in pink or grey, 4"x7"x10"
3. Travertine that is often called "Royal Oyster Pearl" ( creme/beige color) size 18"x24"x3/4" honed/semi-polished.
4. Travertine that is often called "Jerusalem White" ( off-white color) six 18"x24"x3/4" or 14"x18"x5/8" honed/semi-polished.
5. Quartzite primarily green in color that is cut to 18"x24"xapprox.3/4",natural face/calibrated back.
6. Quartzite primarily white in color that is cut to 18"x24"xapprox.3/4",natural face/calibrated back.
7. Granite that is called "Spectrolite" or "Spectrolittii" (black with blue mother of pearl chips embedded in the stone) size, full slabs with one face polished.
If you could send samples of any or all of the above, I will gladly pay for your time and shipping. Also, if you can provide any or all of these stone products, please send quantity price information. I am in IN 46148. I will pay by check or American Express whichever is best. My phone number is 765-34.....June 16, Contact  

e 7520 USA: Landscape: I am looking for black pebbles (Something like Mexican pebbles, round and smooth) of the size 1 to 3 inches. I need to cover 1500sqft. So if you could tell me how many tons I need and how to order it. I am in Los Angeles and if it is possible the pebbles need to be delivered to West Covina. June 14, Contact  

ALL: e 7513 Pakistan: Please quote for commercial size granite marble in black and green color. Right now we have an enquiry for 1x20' container of granite 30x30x1cm commercial size tiles. The quantity may be 50-50 or one for 1x20 container. We have least rates from another one. After single container order may be increased. We are in Karachi and our contact no. is 49.....June 14, Contact

ALL: e 7503 Algeria: We are an import company interested in doing business on a long term basis. We are interested in granite tiles and slabs in sizes 400x400x10, 500x500x15, 600x300x15, 2200x700x20. Please quote your best offer with catalogs. Out contact no. is 00 213 212.....June 13, Contact

ALL: e 7497 Pakistan: I am an exporter of jewels and stones. I deal in major types of stones, tiles / blocks of all sizes and hand made animals of stones/marbles and all decoration pieces. I have big orders from Europe and America. So in order to fulfill my order I am in need of more suppliers. Interested suppliers please send your products specifications with their respective prices (in Pak Rupee). June 13, Contact

e 7495 South Africa: I am currently living in SA but relocating to the UK in July 2003, and am interested in distributing marble and granite products. June 13, Contact

ALL: e 7491 UK: I want to import marble and granite. I am relatively new to the industry and am interested in undertaking a short course which would teach me about the various method i.e. cutting polishing and the types of machinery used. June 13, Contact  

ALL: e 7490 UK: We wish to buy containers of Black granite worktops and floor tiles. Size is 2400 mm X 600 X 30 mm and floor tiles 450X450mmX14mm. Please email us pricelists with samples on container basis. We are a major importer of goods to Scotland. Material to be delivered to UK. June 12, Contact

ALL: e7488 Germany: I need yearly 20 Container loads of 20 ft of Granite tiles (like G682 , 633 , 654 , Shanxi Black, etc.), first choice, 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm  polished, calibrated, bevelled, light color. Quote CNF Port Hamburg under 8.8 USD / Sqm.
I also need yearly 8 Container 20 ft white color Marble tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm polished, We have an offer for 12 US$ CNF Port Hamburg for Shanxi White marble. Please quote in USD/ Sqm CNF Port Hamburg. June 12, Contact

ALL: e 7486 Poland: We specialize in production of window sills, stairs, floors and other natural stone product for big building companies. We buy marble and agglomarble from Italy and Egypt. We try to give to our customer the best possible service so that is why we would like to offer granite too. We would like to have constant cooperation with the best company, in particular with the most competitive and cheapest products and the prices. We are interested in granite slabs in size of approx. 2500 mm (length), 1400 mm (width), 2- 6 cm thick. Granite slabs, only first quality, one side polished! Please send us the prices per sqm in USD. Our contact no. is 48 56 65.....June 12, Contact  

e 7483 Indonesia: Please quote for white cream marble slabs. See pricelist no. 59. Sample will be
appreciated. My tel. no. is Tel 6221-62......June 12, Contact  

e 7473 Switzerland: We are manufacturers of hand made jewelry. We use many natural stones but with specific models. People can change the stones, so obviously every model is sold with at least ten different stones and what is important is the variety of the stones and the colors of the stones. It is important that the stones must have no holes and are exactly ten millimeters. See attached picture.
Knowing that India has many natural stones, we would like to know the price and the variety that you can suggest.
The quantity can be huge but first we need some samples or order few thousands to start with. We can also order some other kind of baroque stones, that looks very natural. I will send more pictures to give you a better idea.
We will first order 5000 pieces to start and see how people react on those stones and if they sell as good as the others that we already have then we will go forward by placing more orders. If the experience is positive then we will order in quantity of 20000 pieces at a time. Please let us know your payment terms. June 11, Contact  

IN/AU/IT/TW/PT: e 7471 Ireland: Can you supply Green Marble tiles like shown in the picture. Is it possible to be supplied in 60x40cm format? Honed finish? something similar to Tauerngruen Marble from Austria. Imperial Green from India, Portuguese Viana Green, Donai Verde Green & Cipollino Apuano, Italian Verde Vecchiachiesa, Bianco Ordinario Mondielle, Patrizia Verde, Bianco Statuario Venato, Ordinario Orto Di Donna, Verde Aver & Statuario Venatino, Taiwanese Hualien Medium & Empress Green. I would be interested in DISTRIBUTING these marble. I have an initial order for 95m2. My contact no. is +353 71 9......June 10, Contact,

e 7470 USA: One of my client wants Granite. My contact no. is 714.63.....June 10, Contact  

e 7469 Singapore: Landscape: Please quote CIF for 2 to 3 mm of white, red pebbles and whatever colors you have for 1 FCL. My contact no. is 65-636.....Please state down lead time and payment terms. Can you obtained this size? If you can obtain this size I will sent you an order immediately. Also please send pictures of the pebbles that I am buying. Can you courier me 250gms for evaluation? See pricelist 782. June 10, Contact  

e 7465 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase red lava rock for landscape business. June 10, Contact

e 7456 UK: Landscape: We want an inexpensive cream stone which will be suitable for commercial paving projects. We have many enquiries which we would like to introduce our own alternative stone. 
However the important things are of course the suitability, price and a material which will give us few problems in terms of quality and consistency of production for reasonable size projects. We recognize the fact that there has to be a range of colors and this can be demonstrated to the architect.
Please advise the best material you can offer that complies with this description. Please forward samples, test results and typical prices for the following size contracts so we can examine our options.
Typical paving stone 600mm x 600mm x 20mm thick honed finish.
Price 1 - Contract Size 50-200 M2.
Price 2 - Contract Size 200-500 M2.
Price 3 - Contract Size 500-1000 M2.
Price 4 - Contract Size 1000 + M2.. Our contact no. is 01626 3.....June  9, Contact  

e 7453 Pakistan: Please quote for Granite on size 40 x 40 x 2 cm for 400m2. See pricelist 531. June 8, Contact  

e 7450 India: Service: I want to get the Moh's hardness test done for my company's product - Synthetic Emery. The laboratory should be in Singapore or Malaysia. My contact no. is +91-228-27.......June 8, Contact  

e 7435 Germany: I am a mosaic artist looking for marble broken tiles / pieces 1cm thickness polished or raw cut. Colors:- Dark red, Light red, Dark green, Light green, White, Grey, Pink, Cream, Light brown, Dark brown, light blue, Black etc. For first order quantity is 10 sqm of each color. I am looking for relatively small amounts of each colour of marble, I have not specified each stone type. When a supplier is found with all the colours I am looking for I will then use these as standard for my work.  Please advise delivery to Germany, Lead time, Payment etc. My contact no. is Tel. +49 273.....June 7, Contact  

e 7432 Netherlands: I am an importer / Wholesale interested in the inlay design for floors and would like to know if you also produce fireplaces. Please quote for Nero Absoluto apomazado (honed) 65m2, 60 x 30 x 1,5. My contact details are 00317256..... June 7, Contact  

BR: e 7427 Hong Kong: Our company's main business is granite/marble supply, fabrication and installation for construction/landscaping projects in both Hong Kong and China, and we also provide made-to-order of stone products for local and overseas markets, import granite/marble blocks to meet the current market demand in China. We have our own stone fabrication factory located in Fuzhou (near Xiamen), China.
At present, we are looking for "IMPERIAL BROWN" & "CAFE BAHIA" granite rough blocks for our project in China, initial quantity is approx. 50M3. Actually, we would like to source the rough blocks directly from Brazil quarry owners to get the lowest / competitive prices! Our contact no. is 852-254.....
Please quote for 1st and 2nd class rough blocks in USD FOB - Brazil and CNF - Fuzhou port, China. Price range: Below USD700/M3 - FOB BRAZIL. Buyer's representative will fly to inspect the stone blocks
Buyer will pay the courier cost of samples. If the deal is done, courier cost to be deducted from the deal. June 7, Contact  

e 7425 : I want to import cut tile medallions and designs. June 7, Contact  


e 7417 USA: Looking for petrified wood. I am looking for around two tons. I am estimating 1 ton of stone would be equivalent to roughly a four-by-four pallet about three feet or so high. Is that correct?
The sizes are around one foot in diameter or larger. I know that the stone would not be round and typically would not be cross the grain but usually with the grain. In short, I want to mix petrified wood and red sandstone to make a chimney and four columns two feet square 6 feet high. The backs of the columns would not require any stone. The stone would be for the facade only. I can send pictures of what I want. That would take a couple of days. I am in Dallas, contact no. 214 82.....June 6, Contact  

ALL: e 7413 Pakistan: We are interested in Floor Porcleain and Ceramic Tiles. Sizes are 500X500mm, 600X600mm. Please send us complete range of catalogues and pricelist C&F Prices. 
We are very much interested in import of such tiles which are cheap and best for our local markets. Our tel. no. is +92-21-77.....June 6, Contact  

ALL: e 7410 USA: I am interested purchasing all styles of slabs for custom works. I am in N.C. and my contact no. is (910) 48.......June 6, Contact  

ALL: e 7399 Nigeria: I want to become a distributor of stone products in the Nigerian markets. We are in Lagos. June 5, Contact  

e 7396 China: Is there any one who can supply this kind of beige stone? Our contact no. is +86 (592)50.... June 5, Contact

ALL: e 7388 Canada: I am involved in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Toronto. Granite stone availability, samples and price lists would be of interest to me. Please send brochures and samples. June 5, Contact  

ALL: e 7386 USA: We are starting new tile distribution business in Sacramento, CA, Please send a price list of all your major export products. Also advise of any other legalities. June 4, Contact  

e 7362 Portugal: I need granite to lay on the floor of one house. The qty. is approximately 80 sqm, but it could be the double depending on the price. I need first quality material. Size range 40 x 40 (do you have a bigger size?). I am interested in following stones from Portugal Monforte Pink, Blanc Perle, Rosa Coral, Rosa De Arronches, Cristal Rosa, Rosa Monforte, Rosa Santa Eulália. My phone number is 
+351 91 84.....June 3, Contact

e 7358 Malaysia: Landscape: Need quotation for slates, polished stone, polished pebbles and garden accessories. June 3, Contact  



TR/IN: e 7340 USA: We are currently fabricators of granite, marble, and travertine, and are in the process of expanding into a natural stone showroom selling slabs, tile, and trim, and stone sinks. Can you provide photos, pricing, or other information? We are particularly interested in 2 cm full size slabs, 30.5" tiles, 45.7" tiles. We are looking at marbles or granites and travertine 12" x 12" & 18" x 18" tiles, but also slabs, sinks, and trims. Our tel. no. is 702-35......June 2, Contact  

e 7338 Spain: We want catalogue of quartzites and sandstones as well as your price list CIF Barcelona. Currently we are importing different types of sandstone from another factory in your country. Please, inform us about the name and address of your company to contact directly with you. Next August we are going to India and will be very pleased to meet you there to visit your quarries and factory. June 1, Contact  


e 7317 Canada: I require prefabricated marble in bathrooms and granite in kitchens for a condominium construction project in Montreal which will involve more or less 100 condo units. If you have dealt with this kind of project before, please reply and I will send you my specs for a price quote. We will definitely place an order at $1.00 - $6.50 USD per sq.ft. We will order as soon as samples are inspected and approved. Approximate quantity is 135 Kitchens, each w/ 40 sq.ft. granite countertops and 32 sq.ft granite tiles, 
135 Bathroom, each w/ 30 sq.ft marble countertops and 38 sq.ft marble tiles & 135 Entrance Halls. each w/ 73 sq.ft marble tiles. We preferably domestic purchase but would not mind importing if it cost less. Drawings of bathroom, kitchen are attached. Granite in kitchens, marble in bathrooms and entrance halls. Tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, halls. Countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Size range is tiles: 4”X8”, 6”X6”, and 12”X12” Countertops: 0.5 sq.ft. – 9.4 sq.ft. First quality material is needed. Will not pay for postage cost of samples. Our contact no. is (514) 87.....May 30, Contact

NO: e 7314 UK: We are a Marble & Granite wholesaler in London. We are looking for a company in Norway who would like to enter UK market to supply us with marble & granite slabs on a sale or return basis. We have large customer data base and are looking to expand. May 30, Contact

TR/ALL: e 7297 China: We are large manufacturer and wholesaler in China stone market, and many fixed clients who are engage in decoration in interior and exterior. Annual consumption quantity is more than 60000 sqm marble and granite from overseas for their projects. So we also would like to do business with importer all over the world, and hope to found long term trading relationship. In the near past years, we have purchased large quantity Turkish limestone for our demand. We are for suppliers who can offer first quality at a  cheaper rate. Please quote us your bottom price if we buy above 1000 tons every time. May 29, Contact  

ALL: e 7274 UK: We are an import company / distributor who are setting up a distribution facility in the north east of England. Please send offers for 2 & 3 cm Black Granites & all other materials that are currently selling well in the UK. 
I currently purchase Approx. 10 - 15 containers & 15 - 20 trucks of material per month. I buy containers of granite from China & micro material from Portugal. I buy trucks of slabs from Italy, Spain, Etc. I am looking for supplier who can give me a price that may make me change my current suppliers, as the material I currently purchase is stocked in hearths & backs in their feeders. Tel. no. 0044 19145...... 
I am flying to China on Friday this week to the Hebei province to meet my current supplier & attempt to gain a cost down on current prices, however I am looking for something better than USD18-55/sqm ex-factory China for black granite. May 27, Contact

ALL: e 7273 Denmark: We are a company selling slabs and tiles to the end user. We are seeking a company that can provide granite in almost any type of granite. We have our own production unit. We are going to order standard size of slabs and tiles 30.5x30.5x1 cm. Please mail us prices on slabs 3 cm of thickness (m2) and tiles in the same granite type (m2). Our contact no. is (+45) 46 7.....May 27, Contact  

e 7268 USA: We are an international wholesale hotel suppliers and have an export job for which we will need several thousand square feet of Travertine and or Marble or Limestone. Please email pricing for 3000 sq. ft. honed and filled 18" and 24" squares & unfilled tumbled 18" and 24" squares and also random sized or varied if you carry this cushion type in 18" and 24" squares and also random sized or varied. We would have merchandise shipped to our warehouses located in the Bay Area. Please send digital of colors of travertine if possible. We are importers and exporters of many products. Please quote prices loaded in the container and delivered to the steamship? How many square meters can fit in a 20' or 40' container? What is the weight per square meter of limestone and travertine? Is your limestone and travertine honed and filled? What is the quality of the limestone and travertine you have? May 27, Contact  

e 7262 China: Blocks: We are importers of all kinds of Granite blocks from different countries to China. Please forward your rates and supply position with sizes. We are very serious buyers and sellers dealing in all kinds of granite from India and China. After hearing from you we request for samples. Our contact no. is +86-592-57.....May 27, Contact  

e 7259 China: We want Bello Cremo Limestone blocks. We will buy more than 1000 tons the first time, and the total quantity of our consumption is not less than 8000 tons. May 26, Contact  

e 7247 USA: I am in New Jersey. I want to know prices for all GRANITE, MARBLE AND SLATE. How much do I have to order the first time because I just started this business? May 25, Contact  

e 7238 USA: Please send me a catalog of your different products. We are opening a custom store featuring granite, marble, paving patio, statuary, etc. I would very much appreciate any information you could get me on your products along with a price list. I am in GA. May 22, Contact  

ALL: e 7235 UK: We are manufacturers of kitchen furniture and wholesalers of kitchen appliances in UK. Having been established for over 15 years. Our specialty is marble flooring, we tend to buy on average 2000 sqm of Cream/Beige.  marble tiles every month. Size: 600mm x 600mm x 10mm. Finish: Polished. 
Our main customer base includes large multi-national corporations. Please send me a brochure of the products you offer together with prices, Please quote prices FOB and in US Dollars. If you also have conglomerate marble it is made up of small pieces of marble joined together with resin please quote prices on that too. Our contact no. is 07986 3..... May 22, Contact

e 7231 Sri Lanka: We want to represent your firm as agents. Please furnish us the details of products manufactured by your firm and the C.I.F. Colombo Prices of 2' x 1' x 20mm and 2' x 2' x 20mm Marbles including Pearl Blue and other Granite Tiles. Also, please arrange to send us a few samples to be shown to our Architects and canvass for orders. May 22, Contact

e 7228 Austria: We have to quote for 9000 m2 of tiles of 30 x 30 x 1 (or 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm) cm polished and of straight scales (120 x 30) x 3 cm and raised from 2 cm polish. Requirement is a Portuguese Marble called Estremoz2 color cream. We also need an  offer for Granite tiles 30 x 30 x 1 cm (or 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm) with Flamed finish like anti-slip. Type of Material to your choice (must Cost little). Quantity 700 m2. Please quote urgently with images. Looking for local suppliers too. Our contact no. is 0043 - 2672 - .....May 22, Contact  

OM: e 7218 Nepal: We import slabs from different countries especially India and Italy for the past 20 years. We import different blocks of marble from India as well as Italy and then cut it into slabs which are then traded in Nepal. We have even undertaken many projects in Nepal. 
Now to offer more competitive price to our customers we are looking forward to import marble blocks as well as marble slabs from Oman. We require beige colored blocks such as MONTE CARLO and other such blocks. Please send us the price for different kind of blocks as well as their samples with their dimension and weight mention. May 21, Contact  

e 7212 Africa: We are a small scale limestone processing industry, we would be interested to benefit from your technical and marketing experience by being your local representative here in the west Africa region.
We operate from a limestone deposit region in the country and would appreciate your visit for a better
appraisal of the industry. May 20, Contact

e 7210 USA: We would like to market stones. How soon can samples of slate, marble, and other natural stones be sent to our office? Our contact no. is (310) 55.....May 20, Contact

e 7198 Ireland: We are company based in the West of Ireland, and require 200 sqm of polished 60cm x 40cm limestone tiles of good quality and durability. Please quote with shipment details. We would also be interested in black granite worktop, could you price for this as well. May 19, Contact

ALL: e 7172 USA: I am planning a new granite fabrication shop in Houston. I would like to purchase granite and marble slab. Please send pricelist, colors, availability, etc. My contact no. is (281)36.....May 15, Contact  

ALL: e 7156 Germany: We are wholesalers of granite and marble. We are interested in your products. Please send us your latest pricelists. See pricelist 323. May 14, Contact  

e 7147 Canada: We are looking for a supplier of 1st quality Absolute Black granite tiles for use with our laser etching process. The most important things to us are that the mica flecks are small with as few abolitions per tile as possible.
We are purchasing this material on an ongoing basis. We can generally accept a 3 - 4 week waiting time. We have preference of doing our dealings in Canada but are willing to look at alternate means if we have to. As far as pricing goes, you will have to determine your selling price. We generally purchase these tiles in batches of 300 - 400 at a time. Tiles will be inspected upon arrival at our facility.
I would expect that you, as a potential supplier, would provide us with 1 or 2 samples of the material you are trying to sell at your expense. Perhaps the first thing we should obtain from you is a material cost. At that time, we will be able to better determine whether or not samples are required. PH- (403) 2......What would the approximate price be for a 12" x 12" polished tile? May 14, Contact  

ALL: e 7146 UK: We opt to market stones and related products. Please quote with terms and conditions. We also request you to send us your catalogues / printed brochures through postal means. We will appreciate samples through normal postal means. Payment will LC or Bank Transfers. Our contacts: (Tel) + 44 (0) 194......May 14, Contact  

ALL: e 7143 Italy: I have a company of marble and slates. I want suppliers of these materials. Please quote. May 13, Contact  

ALL: e 7138 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for a supplier for Granite & marble for one of our prestigious project in Riyadh. Please send us your catalogue and price list. Tel. +966 1 4.....May 13, Contact  

e 7118 Australia: Landscape: We are stonemasons in Sydney Australia. At the moment we need 2000sqm of flag stones and or slabs requested by a client. The client requires what we call a buff colour/ fawn colour. With this colour the client is unsure what he wants, he wants to see as many colours as possible. if need be we will pay for samples. May 11, Contact  

e 7111 Austria: Please send your pricelist (per square meter) for tumbled marble. Also let me know terms of transport to Vienna & payment conditions. Do you also provide mosaic marble in Europe usually damaged therefore mostly cheap? May 10, Contact  

e 7109 Australia: Required urgently bark brown granite tile approx 750 square feet. Must be shipped to Australia within 10 days. May 10, Contact  

e 7105 USA: I want Ocre Granite for flooring on format 12x12 inches. I need the price for 26000 sq ft CIF Georgia. May 10, Contact  

    TILE                                   METRIC SIZE                QUANTITY
1. CREMA MARFIL                         34 X 34                         17
2. VERDE INDIA                            34 X 34                          9
3. VERDE INDIA                            34 X 56                        32
4. LISTELLO ORLEANS                    34 X 56                        85
5. LISTELLO ORLEANS                      8 X 24                      145
6. CREMA MARFIL                          34 X 56                        40
7. SINELLER LISTELLO ORLEANS                                         80
8. ROMA COLOSSEO SABBIA            45 X 45                      200
9. AQUILEON BIANCO                    44.6 x 44.6                   390
Please provide information regarding the cost per each of the 9 group items and any discounts for the entire order without shipping. 
I will place an order if the price is below $9,000.00 USD. I will order within the next 30 days. I can send you the pictures via courier to confirm that we are talking about the same thing before you ship. Once you confirm price and image, color, size, I will assume you are honest and that you will send correct material or items. Otherwise I can appoint independent agent or even travel to Italy. I am ready to pay for courier charges. May 10, Contact  

e 7085 Belgium: We are general building contractors in Europe. We have a requirement of 
item 1: 7000M2 of Kandla sandstone (Jaipur), (red colour). Sizes 30 x 14 x 8cm, finishing: top surface sawn other surfaces hand dressed or alternative. Price including all surfaces hand dressed. mechanical requirements : compression 200N/mm2

item 2: 5750M2 of Kandla sandstone (Jaipur), (red / brown colour). Sizes length range 50/20/30/40 x 14 x 8cm, finishing: top surface sawn other surfaces hand dressed or alternative price including all surfaces hand dressed. mechanical requirements : compression 200N/mm2

item 3: 20700 M2 of granite tiles, (light gray colour). Sizes length range 50/20/30/40 x 30 x 8cm thick, 
finishing: all surfaces sawn 
mechanical requirements : compression 195N/mm2. 
Extra price for 20700M2 with top surface flamed. 

item 4: 29400 ML granite edge specification refer to item 3
Please quote FOB nearest port or cif Antwerpen port, and kindly specify your fabrication capacity. Phone no. 0032497.......May 9, Contact  

e 7081 Australia: We urgently require Desert sand granite in 1200 x 450 (wide) x 50mm (thick) Honed - 138 pieces, 1200 x 300 (wide) x 100mm (thick) Honed - 246 pieces. Please quote us your best price along with payment terms and delivery time. Contact no. 61-2-923......May 9, Contact  

e 7078 Australia: I own a fabricating unit. I want darkest green granite or darkest emperador marble for counters. Please suggest any other foreign materials you may also have – beige colour marbles like Botticino, Noce Travertine, Beige Travertine. 
i want the slabs to be calibrated and without any curves. I also want White marbles – Carrara / Statuario Bianco / Calcatta Orio and granites – Juparana / Black Galaxy / Blue Pearl – others.
Please send detailed list of all materials that you have in stock in block or slab/tile – as this will allow me to promote to a client what you have and order more quickly from this listing. May 9, Contact

e 7076 USA: Please quote for granite and gneiss or similar stones from Madagascar, Brazil and the Orient. 
May 9, Contact  

e 7073 USA: I want strips and blocks of grey granite veneer 65 tons approximately. I am in CT 06756. Phone 860 49.....May 8, Contact  

ALL: e 7071 Germany: We are a stone trading company in Berlin. We want granite slabs in 2 and 3 cm. See pricelist 76. may 8, Contact  

e 7070 Malta: Please quote for 75000 tons of uncut marble blocks. Minimum size should be 50cmx50cmx1m and maximum should be 1m x 1m x 2m. Please send us your best price, C & F Misurata port, Libya per ton as soon as possible. Our contact ni. is 00356 21 3......May 8, Contact  

e 7062: I want marble for the house I am building. May 7, Contact  

ALL: e 7058 Australia: We are looking to import big size marbles and granites slabs. Please quote with details. We are in Sydney. We want C&f UAE and Sydney on USD 15.00 per m2 for G002 and USD 16.00 per m2 for G005. If you agree to the price we can give trial order for 3 - 5 40ft container to start with and it can be pf big volume later on. also let us know if you have have Green, Black and Pink Granite. May 7, Contact  

e 7052 Lebanon: We need around 600 m2 of the brown material (photo attached), unpolished. 
The dimensions are:
1- 200 LM thickness 4 cm, free length, width 29 cm
2- 200 LM thickness 4 cm, free length, width 35 cm
3- 500 m2 thickness 2 cm slabs or free length with width 60 cm. Please inform if you can supply this material, and the prices. Tel: 961 - 1 - .......May 7, Contact  

e 7049 UK: I am planning to setup a Marble business in the UK providing marble to the European market and am looking for a reliable supplier from Asia. Provide me with a rough price list on the services you offer (Fireplaces, Kitchens, Floors..). I must emphasize I am looking carrying out research into suppliers over in Asia at the moment so I am expecting Asian prices and not European ones from you. May 6, Contact  

ALL: e 7035 USA: I want first quality polished marble and granite tiles. Size Range: 12" x 12" x 1/2 - 3/8". Material Quality: Variety of Shades. Quantity Estimate: 5 containers, Price Range: Marble - $1.50 per 12in x 12in x ½in. CIF Houston - USA. Country of Origin: Bulgaria, Egypt, Namibia, Pakistan, etc. Payment Terms: Letter of Credit. Local or imported will be price dependent. Will not pay for courier cost of samples. See pricelist # 825, # 998 & # 360. May 5, Contact  

ALL: e 7031 USA: My granite fabricating business is growing to a new facility and we would like to start importing Granite slabs to our new facility. Please email pricelists. May 5, Contact  

e 7015 USA: We import natural stone to the United States. We are in Arizona 85355. We want granite & marble slabs, tile, countertop, vanity of all sizes slab and tiles. Surface is polished, honed, flamed. We want good- the best quality material. Consistent shade as possible. Quantity estimate is 1-2 containers. Country of origin of material is China. Needed within 1-2 months. Payment terms letter of Credit, Wire transfer. We would like to import. We have workers in China, they would go to the factory and inspect. Our target purchase price is less than USD 1 per sq ft. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Our tel. no. is 623.53.....May 3, Contact  

e 7010 USA: We are considering a limestone water table for a building which would require about 5000 sq. ft. of surface area of stone. We are architects in PA 18705. May 3, Contact  


ALL: e 7006 Nigeria: We specialize in building material and are based in Abuja. Because of the fast development in building constructions in Abuja, we therefore, want to expand in the type of goods we sell so as to enable us satisfy our customers. Please send prices of wall and floor tiles
We are only going to concentrate on walls and floor tiles. Therefore find below the sizes of the tiles we shall need.
1:Floor Tiles. 20cm X 30cm. or 12''x12''.
2: 40cmx40cm. or 16''x16'.'
3:45cmx45cm. or 18''x18''.
4:50cmx50cm. or 20''x20''
Glazed & unglazed.
For Wall Tiles: Design & plain. 
1: 20cmx30cm or ''8x12''
2: 20cmx25cm or 8''x10''.
We would like to know if you are an agent or are we dealing with a company directly? It is very important.
Our phone no. is +234-0803-45......May 3, Contact  

e 6965 Canada: Please quote for 3500 sq ft of your best polished marble 18" X 18" x 1 cm thick.  For import to Vancouver Canada. April 30, Contact  

IT/ES/EG/IR/GR: e 6956 India: Please quote blocks and slabs for the following material: 
Italian Marble: Perlato Sicilia, Botticino Classico, Daino, Statuario, Verona Red, Breccia Travertino. 
Spain Marble: Roza Alicante, Brown Imperallo, Prima Nova, Yellow Valencia, 
Turkey: Classico Beige, Lavente 
Egypt: Galala, Golden Green, Silver Beige, Sitricu
Iran: Red Fire, Prima Nova, Onex 
Greece: Volacus, Venatino, Kaus. April 29, Contact  

e 6954 Turkey: We are granite traders. We sell two containers of granite in a month. We need quotes for granite slabs of dimensions length 2.70 - 3.20 x width 1.50 - 1.80. Our contact no. is +9003243......April 29, Contact  

ALL: e 6939 India: We want to import marble slabs and tiles to Kolkata in Eastern India. We want the FOB and CIF price in USD per Sq. Ft. Our contact no. is +91-33 247.....April 28, Contact  

ALL: e 6935 Canada: We want tumbled marble/limestone in an off white color (botticino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. 
We will be looking for delivery in mid January 2003. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. Currently we have quotes for $2.80 sq.ft on the 4x4 tumbled. We are ready to
purchase immediately. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. 
The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. April 28, Contact

e 6917: We want marble tabletops for a hotel chain in Scandinavia. We provide interior decorators with various kinds of items. Fossil marble is what we have in mind. We'd like to order some samples as soon as possible, 60 x 60 x 2 cm. Which colours are available at the moment and what is the delivery time you have for 400 pcs? April 28, Contact  

e 6895 USA: I want granite slabs wholesale mostly 2 cm and some 3 cm. We are located in Texas and sell to Mexico and USA (Texas). Our contact no. is (956) 32.....April 26, Contact

e 6877 Ireland: We seek samples of counter tops and marble tiles for delivery to Ireland. We manufacture 500 kitchens with granite counter tops per year and we seek to expand our business. Currently we have problems receiving the right quality and price from European suppliers in Spain and Italy. 
What we require initially are samples of black counter tops measuring:
Island Tops: 8’x 3’x ¾” with 20mm bull nose & 4’ x 4’x3/4” with 20mm bull nose. 
Counter Tops: 15’ x ¾” x 20mm Bull nose. 
Marble Tiles we seek are black marble and white marble measuring 600mm x 600mm. We currently buy from Spain and Italy and we are looking for better value. Would prefer Chinese or Indian material, can consider other countries if prices are better. First shipment needed for July. Inspection at port of delivery. Willing to pay for samples or alternatively willing to fill container with other building materials. We can order within two days of receiving the samples. We are seeking to place an order we are looking to place an order immediately. Please contact to discuss. Our contact no.  is 00353 87 41..... See pricelist 572. April 24, Contact  

quantity estimate = not more than one container load.
price range = not more than $25/sq mtr slab
stone trade name =None particular
country of origin = Not particular but Europe because of shipment cost
needed by (date) = as soon as possible because the project has started already. so i need competitive price to take it over.
payment terms = LC
how will inspection be handled = Govt approved inspection agent to handle that i.e. preshipment inspection
will you pay for courier cost of samples = if the company insist. i believe a serious company should be ready to pay for sending its samples to prospective exporter
at what price will you definitely order = at below $25/sqmeter. April 24, Contact

e 6855 Macedonia: We want Granite and Marble slabs of +240x+120x 2 or 3cm one side polished in Red, Black, green or any other good color. Qty. reqd. is 350 m2 for trading and monuments manufacturing. Payment will be by L/C. Our contact no. is 48 4..... April 23, Contact

e 6851 USA: I want prefab countertops in Los Angeles, refer to pricelist 903. My work tel. no. is (310) 24.....April 23, Contact  

e 6847: I am looking for a 1’ x 1’ sample of Owyhee Picture Jasper and a 1’ x 1’ sample of Walnut Jasper.
April 23, Contact

e 6822 Nigeria: WE NEED GRANITE & MARBLE FOR GOVERNMENT BUILDING PROJECT. WE NEED BLOCKS, SLABS, TILES AND CUT TO SIZE IN DIFFERENT SHADES OF COLORS. IT IS EXPECTED THAT THE PROJECT COORDINATOR WILL WORK WITH YOU TO SUPPLY OUR SPECIFICATION IN TERMS OF SIZES AND DESIGNS. We have won a contract to supply all Marble and Stone products needed to execute the project. The project design and drawing is available. The outside of the building in most parts is marble,a certain % of inside is also marble and tiles Product dimensions are of three sizes. The product is of high grade with reasonable price. PAYMENT BY L/C. Fax no. 234-1-26..... April 22, Contact  

e 6807 Iran: We are are quarry owners and manufacturers of granite tiles. We want to import red granite slab with thickness of 2 and 3 cm. Please send price list C & A BANDAR ABBAS. Granites wanted are Sumol Red, Xianjiang Red, Ruby Red, Kaddur Red, Seemankati Red, Tumkur Red, New Imperial Red, Baltic Pink, TJI Red. Our contact no. is +98 443-23.....See the images http://www.findstone.com/INDgran5.htm, April 22 Contact  

e 6805 USA: Starting a new business as an importer of marble and granite in Las Vegas. Please send me your product information and price list. Tel-702-614-.....April 21 Contact  

e 6798 Spain: We are looking for the good quality marble, granite & travertine tiles and slabs from Italy, Iran, Portugal and Turkey. Please send price list and catalogs. April 21 Contact  

e 6797 India: I require a CIF price for Limestone Chips / Slabs at Mumbai port. This is a monthly order.
Quantity: 20000 MT ( Spot purchase) , 
Payment: by LC
Other requirements:
1. CIF pricing at Mumbai port.
2. Inspection / visit to the mine before confirmation of order
3. Sample of 10 kgs to be sent to Mumbai
4. Mine certificate required
Source: UAE Limestone preferred 
CaO 54.5% Min
MgO 1.5% Max
SiO2 0.5% Max
Al2O3 0.3% Max
Fe2O3 0.20% Max
Phosphorus 0.010% Max
Sulphur 0.001% Max
Alkali content 0.10% Max
Water absorption capacity 2.0% Max
Description Index (%-15mm) 2.0% Max
Tumbler Index (%+6.3 mm) 
As per ISO –3271 92% Min
Abrasion Index (%=0.05 mm) 
As per ISO – 3271 5% Max
Moisture 2% Max
Size 30 to 60 mm (mean size 45-50 mm) Limit for upper size (+60 mm) 5% Max; Limit for lower size (-30 mm) 2% Max. Please quote. April 21 Contact

e 6796 UAE: We want granite tiles in 40 x 40, 50 x 50, 60 x 60, 30 x 60. Please quote CNF Dubai. Payment by L/C. Quantity 1000000 M2 per year. Quality reqd. is commercial. Tel: 0097 15.... April 21 Contact  

e 6795 USA: Looking for surplus stock in cream or yellowish Limestone tiles & also need rawsilk,  Cashmere white granite tiles in 18" x 12", 24" x 18", 16" x 16" or 16"x 8". Beshan Green slate from China & 18" x 12" or 24"x12" stone tiles to cover 2500 - 5000 sq ft. indoor floors. Please advice on price, images and availability/delivery to Staten Island, N.Y. April 21 Contact

e 6789 China: We are importers of all kinds of Granite and Marble from different countries to China. We will be interested in your product of new white sand stone, marble and granite.  Please forward your rates and supply position with sizes. We are very serious buyers and sellers dealing in all kinds of granite from India and China. Our contact no. is +86-592-57.....April 19, Contact  

e 6771 USA: We are planning to open a warehouse in Midwest USA, we are looking for vendors, who can supply us at good price, quality material, and direct from quarries. We are looking for 1st and commercial quality granites slabs and tiles from India, Italy and Brazil. We are planning to buy by container loads only. 2 cm and 3 cm Granite slabs and 12 x 12 & 18 x 18 Granite tiles. April 17, Contact  

e 6765 USA: I want 2500 sqm of green granite for a construction project. Size reqd. is 32mm polished typically 1500 x 800mm to match Verde Fontein from Russian Federation quarry. We are bidding a construction product and are looking for a Russian granite matching Verde Fontein. Happy to talk to any serious supplier but it must meet the criteria ie Russian source granite close color match to Verde Fontein 32mm thick approx 2500 panels. April 17, Contact  

e 6763 Bulgaria: Please quote for 600 sqm. Yellow Pearl granite polished and bush-hammered, CIF Bourgas for the following sizes of 1st and 2nd quality 60x60x3, 60x90x3 and 60x120x3. 
We will be responsible for supplying 600 sqm tiles - 30 mm and around 350 sqm tiles 20 mm. The tiles are with different dimensions - 150x84, 66x32, 29x200, 33x150. The complete specification will be send on an later stage, supplying insulation and dry montage of stone. 
Please specify the terms of payment and delivery. Please send us the same quotation CIF Thessaloniki. We also need the same offer for granite width 2 cm - approx. 400 sq/m. Our contact no. is 35927..... April 17, Contact  

e 6756 USA: I want information about Jerusalem stone for a religious project in CO 80202. I need to know if the properties of this stone will work in our climate, as well as what costs are. 
Also, I would like any recommendations you might have for alternative stones, that would achieve the same look as Jerusalem Stone. Our client would like to incorporate the Wailing Wall look into our project. Our contact no. is 303.44.....April 17, Contact

e 6754 Switzerland: We need St. Talino Limestone (source - DIN 52112). Finish - Bush hammered, size 
500 x 1200 x 30 mm - 3532 m2 and Finish - Honed, Random slab x 30 mm - 20 m2. Our contact no. is 
+41 1 80.....April 17, Contact  

e 6746 New Zealand: We are a stone trading company. We want Beige Fantasy Limestone, Blue fantasy and fossil stone. We also require a good supplier for x-cut travertine tiles. Stones are used for interior and exterior flooring applications, and especially exterior pool surrounds and copings. We intend on stocking these products within half a year to a year, and in brief we are predominantly and importer of Natural stone into New Zealand, with an emphasis on Sandstone and Honed products. Please price FOB, and we will arrange freight to New Zealand. Stones are listed on www.findstone.com/matph.htm, as Spanish Limestone. Contact no. 0064 21 6......April 16, Contact

e 6740 Germany: Blocks: Please quote for Giallo Napoleone, Ornamental, Venecian Gold, Giallo Fioritto, Amendoa Gold granite blocks. April 16, Contact  

e 6736 Brazil: I have a furniture factory. We make tables, columns, bookcases... made of stone (marble and granite). I was looking for other kinds of marble. I would like to know more details (such as price and trading conditions in general) about the following kinds of marble such as Pau-brasil, Bambu, Breccia Notre Dame and Preto Ametista first quality polished slabs of 2.80m x 1.60m (more or less). I am interested in manufacturing furniture made of these kinds of marble for exports. We would prefer to purchase it locally. Our conatct no. is +55-27-334.....  April 16, Contact  

e 6734 UK: We want Granite, Marble slabs and Limestone and Travetine tiles. Please quote we are in 
Gloucestershire. April 16, Contact  

e 6730 USA: I want granite slabs be used as tables for a fancy restaurant I am putting together. Quantity needed is at least for 100 tables. Looking for a quick sale if good merchandise is available with fair pricing. I am in MI, my contact no. is 313-93..... April 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6728 USA: We want to import a huge quantity of Mosaic Tiles every month. Size of Mosaic tiles are 15 x 15 mm or 10 x 10 mm, 8 colors, 500 kgs from each color. Material is ceramic or cement. Please quote FOB prices. I am in Michigan. April 15, Contact  

e 6726 South Africa: I represent a property developer in Cape Town. We are presently doing a high end development and are sourcing floor tiles and tops for the kitchen and bathroom. 
Our present needs are for Marble flooring- in particular Marble – Crème Marfil or Crème de la Crème ( or similar) 300 x 300, 400 x 400 Slabs of marble, Travertine –Crema Primara- beige – Crosscut honed and filled, We would be looking for 500 sqm. Granite tops – Capricorn or similar, Sand stone – Tuscany 400 x 400 and 600 x 600. We would also be looking for Sandstone cladding, Mosaic work for floors and tables, Decorating objects, Sinks and Wash basins. I would like to receive a product and price list for the above products. I would be really keen to see a sample and would be happy to pay for the costs. My tel. no. is: 27 21 93..... April 15, Contact  

e 6712 UAE: We are one of the largest and most diversified business leader in U.A.E. located in Abu Dhabi. We have been prime supplier of many Government departments, Multinational Contracting & Construction companies and other Private companies. 
We have undertaken two big projects (approx. $22 million). As the current project is predominant one, we request you to send the marble and granite product guide and catalog as soon as possible. We would like to establish a corporate identity and respectable product recognition in the market. Meanwhile to recommend products for this project, we are very much interested to be your sole agent in UAE to market your product in wider range. Our tel. no. is +971- 2-67.....April 14, Contact  

e 6697 Australia: Please quote for marble tiles, granite, monuments, etc of various sizes. The prices should be CIF Sydney Australia. All tiles must be polished. The sizes we want to import are 30 x 30 x 1 cm, 30 x 60 x 1 cm and 30 x 60 x 2 cm. Phone + Fax: +61-2-964.....April 11, Contact  

e 6694 Romania: Blocks: We are opening a very large plant and need suppliers for blocks of different stones, especially marble and granite. We want to import worldwide. Please send us samples and pictures of your products with pricing. Prices should be in US $, and the delivery port is Constanta or Odessa. April 11, Contact  

e 6687 Denmark: We are looking for a company that can provide about 19.5 tons of countertops, slabs and tiles every month. Most of our granite we gets from China but we are looking for other possibilities closer to Denmark. please quote with images. Our tel. no. is (+45) 46 7.....April 11, Contact  

e 6685 USA: I want a very large quantity of porphyry 4' x 4' x 1.5"-2.5" cubes. No dealers please. I am looking for factory direct prices. I prefer Italian but would also entertain other regions. The color is the red or brown ranges. April 11, Contact

e 6675 South Africa: I want Chinese Green Granite or green granite from any other country in tile and slab form. Please quote with images. We are a stone distributor and need to add to our range. April 9, Contact 

 ALL: e 6666 South Africa: Please quote for granite in blocks, slabs and tiles. I am in Johannesburg. April 8, Contact   

e 6665 USA: We are the wholesaler in U.S.A. and we are interested in purchasing different kinds of tiles and slabs from your company. Before we decide we would like you to send us some samples by air so that we can approve the quality of the samples. Our the phone number 916-38...... Along with the samples we would like your best prices. We would like the your response in a week as we are ready to proceed. We are in CA 95828. 
I have spoke to various retail distributors and they have all agreed to carry your product. Please send me some samples so that the storekeepers can see them and place the orders. Also send some brochures with unit costs so that we can show them to the local home developers. These builders are looking for foreign products that are unique to California. Need these as soon as possible as we are getting into the construction season. April 8, Contact  

+972 8 28....April 8, Contact

e 6658 UK: I am starting a business importing and distributing natural stone like tumbled and antique stones. I need full container loads in various sizes and products. I am in London. I want to fill it with quality products from around the world. I am having particular problems with the shipping any help in this department would be appreciated. Coming from a retail background I am confident in the distribution side of the business. April 8, Contact  

e 6655 USA: We want to import slabs & cut-to-size marble and granite into the USA. Please provide updated price lists. April 8, Contact  

e 6652 USA: I want prefabricated granite, marble and concrete  countertops. Sizes would be of standard length (96"), approx. 8 colors, and 3 edges styles. Looking for the most popular colors sold in USA. My contact no. is 801-95......April 7, Contact  

e 6650 USA: Please quote 3 slabs of Black Absolute and 3 slabs of Amarillo Monterey, 2cm first quality, CIF St. Thomas, USVI (or Miami if direct shipment to the Virgin Islands is not possible). We will need to arrange for an independent inspection. Please include all costs in your quotation and delivery dates. This is not one time purchase. My contact no. is (340) 69.....April 7, Contact  

e 6642 USA: I am in the construction business. I am looking to start a workshop for kitchen counter tops and bathroom's counters. Please inform me the names and types of the machines necessary to start a small volume production. April 7, Contact  

e 6641 USA: Please send your products lists and indicative price list for materials to the United States. I am in CA 90025. April 7, Contact  

e 6638 USA: I want to introduce granite slabs to my business in northern California for reselling. April 6, Contact  

e 6636 Canada: We want tumbled marble in off white color (botticino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. Kindly send the 3 samples that you have indicated along with pricing for both FOB Turkey and Vancouver, BC Canada. Also, please indicate your policy on what happens to tiles damaged in shipment. April 5, Contact  

e 6621 South Africa: We are builders / developers looking for quarry owners to buy stones. April 4, Contact  

ALL: e 6618 USA: I am the owner of a marble and granite company in Chicago. I am interested in importing granite and marble slabs from Brazil. I would like to know the cost of Uba Tuba, Black Absolute and other slabs that are  popular here. I am willing to start the operation if the price is right for me. Please quote with shipping. My contact number (708) 65.... April 4, 2003. Contact  

e 6617 Canada: We want tumbled marble/limestone in an off white color (botoccino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. 
We will be looking for delivery in mid January 2003. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. 
The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. Looking for a quote of less than USD 2.8 per sq. ft. April 4, Contact  

e 6600 Australia: I am looking for a supplier of marble and especially alabaster for carving. Blocks should range from 1 square metre to approximately 2m x 2m x 1m. I would prefer Australian marble if available but am interested in stone from any source provided the quality is there with minimal faults. I live in Melbourne. 
April 3, Contact

e 6596 USA: I am starting a granite and marble table design business and am looking for suppliers of granite/marble that will pre-cut stone into 22", 24", 28" round and square 24" x 24" and various other sizes with edges. I am in CT 06037. April 2, Contact See Offers  

e 6594 USA: I want Pure Black slabs and China Green slabs size is 96" X 26" X 2cm bullnose. See pricelist 341 as reference. I import these items for resale. April 2, Contact  

e 6589 Poland: We want white travertine & onyx. Please email me quote and more info regarding quality and sizes. See pricelist 242 and 412 as reference. 
I'd like to get slabs 2 and 3cm of onyx which you call ozonyx 1,2,3. Tiles are only for client order and I don't keep them on stock only slabs, Do you offer slabs ? what size and price? My mobile no. is +486004...... 
April 2, Contact  

e 6565 Israel: We are one of the oldest and the companies in the building and environmental development business. We want dark gray and yellow granites
1. 500 sqm tiles, no. 654 [(dark grey) (fj54)], 30x30x8 cm, flamed 
2. 500 sqm tiles, no. 654 [(dark grey) (fj54)], 30x30x6 cm, flamed 
3. 500 sqm tiles, no. 654 [(dark grey) (fj54)], 30x8 cm, free length 
4. 500 sqm tiles, no. 654 [(dark grey) (fj54)], 30x6 cm, free length 
5. 100 sqm tiles, no. 682 (yellow), 30x30x8 cm, bush hammered 
6. 100 sqm tiles, no. 682 (yellow), 30x30x6 cm, bush hammered 
7. 100 sqm tiles, no. 682 (yellow), 30x8 cm, free length bush hammered 
8. 100 sqm tiles, no. 682 (yellow), 30x6 cm, free length bush hammered 
Please quote including packaging, loading and delivering to one of the sea ports (Eilat, Ashdod or Haifa) in Israel. March 30, Contact  

e 6561 Norway: We want granite tiles and countertops. We are a trading company. I have made some sketches of wanted countertops. Sending them attached to this mail. Type wanted is Black Galaxy, Angola Black or Nero Africa. I would like to have half bull nose edges as specified on sketches, all items but one can be 3/4" thick with laminated edges, provided that the lamination is invisible and one should be solid 3 cm thick. As you see on the the sketches there are two joints on the bull nose side that I would like to have pre-cut. Would like to have an offer on these items and how long it will take to bee delivered. See pricelist 572. What is the price for edge processing, bullnose edge? Do you also supply tiles cm 30x30, 30x60 etc.? Is it possible to have countertops cut to exact fit? March 30, Contact USD 50 (open)

ALL: e 6554 India: Blocks: We want to import Rough Marble Blocks. March 29, Contact  

e 6552 Netherlands: I want 90 sqm 300x600x10mm premium black granite tiles and 140 sqm imperial white granite. Please quote with shipping charges to Holland (Port Rotterdam). See pricelist 512. March 28, Contact

ALL: e 6547 UK: I am major purchaser of Conglomerate and Micro marble fire surround components into the UK market. I am looking for an additional supplier who can supply large quantities of finished backpanels, hearths and mantels. I also require assembly work of various components to make up complete fire surrounds. I currently source material from all over the world to supply into the UK market annual turnover is £30 million (sterling). March 28, Contact  


e 6526 Australia: I want Efes Black. Please quote for 100 sqm shipped to Perth. March 25, Contact

ALL: e 6501 Moldova: I represent a building company interested in importing marble products:
- floor tiles: the total volume starting with 1500 square meters (beige, brown and green colors) 
- columns (classic style – Ionic and Doric, fluted, 3 and 7 m height),
- and also real marble sculptures (carved), decorative items like statues, vases, candlesticks, ash- tray, marble columns, wash- stands, balusters, steps, fireplaces, etc. and also monuments.
Please quote with images, we would like to know delivery cost and quantity per container for the tiles (30x30) and (separately) for the cut to size pieces (30x60). The loading (via Sea) to Odessa or Constantza (Black Sea). Also mention the minimum order value and volume. We are ready to bear all delivery expenses. Our contact no. is 373 2 2...... March 24. Contact See Offers  

e 6494 Russia: We are in the construction industry for the last 10 years. We need marble & granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Please quote. Our contact no. is 7-4236-6......For us preferred seller located in north China.  March 23, Contact

e 6490 Belgium: Please quote CIF Belgium/Antwerpen with custom tax of Belgium for 7200 m² white marble or white granite as pure as possible in 3 and 4 cm thickness for cladding tiles of 120 cm x 3 cm x 3 or 4 cm.  The edges must be light rounded or chamfered polished finish. Please specify packing, the quantity per container and the delivery and production time. We need also the physical and chemical test reports of these stones. The stones are used to cover the outdoor and indoor walls of 6 buildings of each 1200 m². Please send us a picture of your product by email. March 22, Contact See Offers  

e 6471 USA: We are a Design/Build firm in Seattle, Washington. Please send list of Materials and costs to compare to local Distributors & Fabricators. March 20, Contact  

ALL: e 6468 USA: We are interested in becoming a stone distributor. Please email pricelist or call at (973) 79.... March 20, Contact See Offers  

ALL: e 6454 Bangladesh: We are interested in importing tiles from Asian countries to minimize both cost and time. Could you get us some Asian suppliers, to name a few: Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, etc? 
What our intention is: We would like to import floor tiles (Homogeneous) from abroad for our newly constructed 100% export oriented apparel manufacturing industry located around Dhaka. Initially, we would import tiles worth 100000 sq. ft. Since the whole factory will be tiled, we would prefer relatively cheaper ones. We would like to see the pictures of tiles to choose color before placing order. March 19, Contact  

e 6450 Ukraine: Interested in a Charnockites stile stones (blocks) like Seaweed green, Orissa blue, Verde (labrador, bahia). Please quote with info. March 19, Contact  

e 6431 USA: I am a sculptor looking for stone suppliers. Please send info about your products. I am in 
VA 24060. March 17, Contact  

ALL: e 6394 Germany: Please email catalogs, prices and samples of tumbled marbles, pebbles, and marble slabs and tiles. We are a agent and retailer in Germany. March 13, Contact See Offers

ALL: e 6393 Romania: I want artificial stones. March 13, Contact  

e 6391 UK: Please quote for the following materials delivered to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
Marble Veselye Polished Brushed
Marble Traviertimo Classico Romano Polished Brushed
Marble Dark Verde Imperiale Polished
Marble Galala Beige Polished Brushed
Marble Crema Imperiale Polished Brushed
Marble Darkish Breccia Paradiso Polished Brushed
Marble Botticino Fiorito Polished
Marble Napoleon Red Polished Flamed 
Marble Rosso Campo Crème Caramel Polished/Jet washed
Limestone Light Limestone Honed
Limestone Jerusalem Honed N25
The prices should be based on 20mm thick/m2. March 13, Contact  

e 6389 USA: I am working on a commercial architectural project & wondering if there  is anyway to specify that the limestone used for interior wall cladding contain fossils or is it just luck of the draw? March 13, Contact See Offers

ALL: e 6377 Mauritius: We need Blocks, Slabs polished and unpolished. Please send quotes with availability. Our contact no. is  00212614.....March 12, Contact  

ALL: e 6370 Belgium: We are a company specialized in import and export of natural stones and ceramic tiles. We also do a lot of cutting to size, such as: vanity tops, bathrooms, stairs, wall cladding, chimneys, etc.
We have a large showroom of 2500 sqm. We want prices for Combe brune, Lagos blue, Cream limestone, Jerulasem gold light shade, Portland blue, Hartham Park, Coombefield Whitbed, Perryfield Whitbed, Westwood ground, Monks park, Centenaire, Coliseum stone, Font clair, Verde, Jaune Monton, Schoenbrunn, Black diamond, Casis blue, Cremo bello, Crema Nevada, Opal pink light, Negro, Perla Marina, Cream marble, Troy yellow, Zante limestone, Galala, Adria grigio unito, Gull River, Marlin black, Zimbabwe black, Negro intenso. Our contact no. is + 32 51 2…..March 11, Contact See Offers 



ALL: e 6340 Hungary: Landscape: We are a Hungarian company planning to create a 200 hector ranch and to this project we need a considerable amount of raw natural stones like stepping stone, river pebbles, rocks, abnormal stones. Please quote for these stones. We aim to purchase stones sized from 20-30 cm to several meters. The aimed amount would be several full truck load of stones. From 20-30 cm to several meters. Payment will be by bank transfer and material will be self inspected. My phone no. is  00-36-70-25.....March 7, Contact See Offers  

ALL: e 6336 Taiwan: We are a construction materials trading company in Taipei for last 12 years. Please quote for construction materials like glazed tiles, granite, marble, the scenery Stone material, cement manufactures, pebbles, and Old-style building materials. Send us a a complete catalog of products, their prices, and some samples. Each year we imports up to hundred containers. Our contact no. is +886-2-287.....March 6, Contact  

ALL: e 6335 USA: We are a granite fabricator and supply house. Want marble & granite slabs and tiles. Please send pricing info on your products. I am in Michigan, USA. March 6, Contact  

ALL: e 6330 Morocco: We are importer and distributor of marble and granite. We buy 2nd and commercial choices in very large quantities (up to 10000 sqm per month). We need suppliers for marble and granite for 30x30x2, 40x40x2, 30x60x2, Slabs (1.5, 2.0, 3.0 cm), Our target price is for commercial choice 3 USD per sqm & 2nd choice 7.0 USD per sqm. Payment by LC, inspection by agent. Our contact no. is + Morocco 22 9...... March 6, Contact  

e 6329 Malta: Please quote for Bordo Griso. March 6, Contact  

e 6315 USA: I am a USA material distributor. I want polished marble and/or granite materials in all color varieties from China, southeast Asia, Brazil and the Middle East. Please quote with contact information. 
March 5, Contact  

ALL: e 6284 India: We introduce ourselves as importers of Polished porcelain tiles and Vitrified tiles from China and UAE. We are now looking to enter the field of natural stone. Please provide prices of slabs, blocks, ready to use stone tiles, etc. We are in Gujarat, India. Phone no. +91-2622-2..... March 1, Contact 

ALL: e 6276 USA: We are a granite and marble supply company. Please email slabs and tiles prices is USD. 
March 1, Contact  

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm