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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Australia. 

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Year 2006

e 21502 Australia : Currently researching the availability of Cafe Olinda - Brazilian granite for a project in South Wales .
Approx. area: 300m2 (3100sqft)
Thickness: 20mm
Tile size: 800x400mm
Use: Floortile in reception areas
Finish: Polished. T +613 866.....Oct 4 Contact

e 21475 Australia : Please quote for Indonesian stones as displayed in profile sp1230-id. mobile 00161-4399......Sept 30 Contact

e 21454 Australia : I am interested in Iranian marble and travertine samples and catalogues. Sept 28 Contact

e 21432 Australia : I am very interested in the siltstone products you have advertised re your price list 1145. Ph: 0428 7......Sept 22 Contact

e 21370 Australia : I am currently sourcing TRAVERTINE 610 * 610 * 12 or 15 mm. Cement Filled Cross Cut Honed. Must be very light in shade with little movement and (High quality only). Quality must be consistent from ctnr to ctnr will visit factory first. Purchase from Turkey or Iran . Ph Fax 8 944......Sept 11 Contact

e 21271 Australia : I am inquiring about limestone from Bali . Would like to import to Australia . My phone number is 02 66 7......I would like a faily dense limstone in various sizes, smallest being tile size to largest 2x1x1 metre I would like to know what colours are available I would like to know prices before determining amount. Aug 26 Contact

e 21239 Australia : Need a 20 ft fcl of Black flamed (nero) impala stone..precut to size. Phone 61(0)3 958......Aug 20 Contact

e 21220 Australia : We would like to etch our company logo on a stone sphere. We would be interested in a bluestone sphere of at least 30cm (a foot) diameter with horizontal white veining as per the logo or as close as possible. A suitable stone plinth with a depression to hold the sphere would also be of interest. Examples not completely matching these criteria would also be looked at. Will buy from: Almost anywhere. Phone: (02) 811.....Aug 15 Contact

e 21215 Australia : We are interested in granite and intend to purchase a 20' container and ship to Europe per month or some of them to Australia . If you would like to quote us your best price in FOB China Port. All granite slab is in same size 3000x2000x30mm for Europe and 3000x2000x20mm for Australia for following colours:
Black Galaxy, Multicolour red, Absolute Black, Shanxi Black, Leopard Gold, Giallo Veneziano, Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl, Baltic brown, Tropic brown, Tan Brown.
Please let me know how many square meters for the sizes above to fill 20 container and your delivery time as well. Please also let me know the origin of the granite above and your payment conditions. Aug 14 Contact

e 21209 Australia : One of my client is looking for a distributor for highest quality Koalin Clay, used for Tiles, Vanities, Toilets, Pavers, Bricks, Makeup, and natural Remedies. The product is from Australia . Please contact me on 0011-61.04214......Aug 13 Contact

e 21196 Australia : We need to source approx 2 slabs of "white galaxy", an Indian granite, for a kitchen currently under construction. Largest piece required 3000 x 1100. Hopefully we can find some locally ( Adelaide , South Australia ), but anywhere in Australia would be ok. Aug 11 Contact

e 21058 Australia : Please send me more info on the wire saw and its condition and the state it is located. Photos would be appreciated.  July 16 Contact

e 21033 Australia : I would like some samples of Chinese granite for large Australian stone import company. Samples are Laoshan Gray, Bamboo leaf green, golden diamond, wave white, full river red, ocean green, afg64 and go21. Mobile 0448 8.....July 13 Contact  

e 20971 Australia : I am looking for small (maximum dimension 40mm) Red Japser and Green Aventurine they must be very smooth and highly polished. Initially I need only around 100KG. Ph : 1300 7.....July 5 Contact

e 20965 Australia : I am interested in purchasing stone splitter. Telephone +61-402-1......July 4 Contact

e 20887 Australia : I am looking for lapis stone slabs of 4cm x 10 cm x 2cm , 6cm x 8 cm x 2 cm, and 4 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm to begin. Tel: phone + 61 407 3.....June 22 Contact

e 20787 Australia : Could I get a picture of the stone cutting machine that you have in price list 1175 the specification number is RQ300 Code number 3101. June 8 Contact

e 20783 Australia : Need 300 sqm of 600 x 600 white limestone floor tiles from any area. Need to buy NOW. Approved samples required and will send representative to inspect product when being packed. Expect to place an order within 3 weeks. Tel: 61 – 04145.....June 8 Contact

e 20756 Australia: We require a quotation to supply the following: 
1) Venetian Gold Granite Wall Cladding - Size 600mm x 1200mm x 30mm - Volume 600M2
2) Venetian Gold Split Face Cobbles (rough finish) - Size 100mm x 100mm x 50mm - Volume 300M2
Project starts in 2 months. Phone: +61 2 882.....June 6 Contact 

e 20735 Australia : We are interested in a price for Palimanan Stone. June 2 Contact 

e 20733 Australia : I am interested in finding the Angola Gold quarry. June 2 Contact 

e 20707 Australia : I am currently looking to buy one container of Bali Rock. The stone is Black to Dark Grey in colour is almost a basalt as rough in finish. The same stone the Balinese use to make columns and Friezes in there Temples. Please send info regarding the different prices for different sizes. Tel: 0418 9.....May 30 Contact 

e 20706 Australia : I am looking to purchase INDONESIAN SANDSTONE from the Yogjakarta area. The stone is very light in colour almost white, with some variation of light grey green. Please send me more info on size of Slabs & Tile form available. Tel: 0418 9.....May 30 Contact 

e 20611 Australia : Our company is an importer of Indian stone products to Australia . We specialise in sourcing stone for large multi level commercial and residential developments. I shall be visiting India to make new contacts with stone exporters and wish to meet with you and view your products. Apart from marble and granite tiles, my particular interest this trip is stone for exterior landscaping (sandstone, kota , limestone) and granite and marble tops for kitchens and bathrooms with cut outs for basins and taps, carved baths and basins. 
I shall be returning in November for 2 months. 2 weeks will be spent in Rajasthan and the balance in southern India investigating granite stone. Phone/Fax 61 7 547..... May 19 Contact

e 20600 Australia : Retail: I am trying to find 3 boxes of tilestar mayorka bone floor tiles in Australia , preferebly in Melbourne .  May 18 Contact

e 20584 Australia : I am looking for Volokas White Marble or similar in white with grey colouring. Sizes are 400mm x 400mm in a honed finish. Quantity will be 1 container for first order, either 20ft or 40ft. I am happy to buy from anywhere but would prefer Asia region. Am looking at purchasing in June/July this year with a delivery date around August/September. Will prefer samples but will settle for photos prior to purchasing. Tel: 61 0417 2.....May 16 Contact

e 20580 Australia : We are currently undertaking a 135 apartment project which has just commenced construction and would like to source a composite stone or ceramic material for kitchen and bathroom bench tops. We are specifically looking for a material that looks like calcutta or carrara marble. May 16 Contact

e 20556 Australia : Retail: Could you please let me know what bluestone you have available to replace sleepers around a driveway - size and price? May 14 Contact

e 20498 Australia : Please quote for G640 granite slabs. Qty. is a 20 ft container. Phone no 04175..... Size 900-1000 wide // 650 wide x slab lenghts 2400 long or lomger would be ok Can you supply sizes and amounts on the stock 463? May 8 Contact  

e 20493 Australia : I intend renovating my kitchen in a flat in India (Chennai - Kilpauk) I live in Australia and the project will be managed by good contractors and relatives. I am thinking of replacing a long cudappah slab with granite providing 19mm (or less ) thick Jet Black / Tan Brown granite top for the Size: 15'0"x2'0"
I would also need separately for additional table top size 3.5 " x 2 ". I would also be interested in Granite tiles to cover a column support roughly 10 by 8 inches and 4 feet tall. 
I would look at local suppliers who can deliver to site in Kilpauk, Chennai. The project is most likely to start June 1, 2006. I am also updating my floor tiles in living and bath areas and other fixtures. We already have a quote for granite slab. I am looking for better deals. If you can initiate a contact and provide show room / phone or other details. Phone: Australia (612) 0407.....May 8 Contact

e 20472 Australia : Looking for the following machinery for processing small sandstone blocks into paving and walling stone. 
1. Stone Block saw 1600mm to 2000mm diameter, programmable cuts
2. Hydraulic Splitter maximum opening 300mm, minimum width 700mm 
Prefer new but would consider secondhand if in good condition. I am in Tasmania , Ph 03 624.....May 5 Contact

e 20265 Australia : I am looking for a stone (single piece) for carving. I live in southern coastal NSW. April 6 Contact

e 20174 Australia : What is a container of your basalt cobble stone worth shipped to Brisbane , Australia . Also some pictures available? March 28 Contact

e 20173 Australia : What is a container of your granite cobble stone worth shipped to Brisbane , Australia . Also some pictures available? March 28 Contact

e 20168 Australia : Could you please send me the brochure on white marble. Telephone: 0061-4028.....  March 28 Contact

e 20003 Australia : I would like to know the price of the sandstone crazy pavers of 40 or 50mm thick. I live in Sydney . Tel: 0414 6.....March 10 Contact

e 19958 Australia : I would appreciate if you can provide me with your price list. I am interested in yellow travertine, in Blocks, slabs and tiles of different sizes. Filled and not filled. March 5 Contact 

e 19930 Australia : I require 720 m2 of Albastrino Rustic Travertine 610 x 405 13mm honed ansd unfilled . CAN YOU ADVISE PRICE POINT AND DELIVERY TIME.Immediate order for the right price. FOB Izmir or nearest port. March 2 Contact 

e 19926 Australia : I am living here in Australia but I'm a Filipino and I am building a house for my parents & they like a marble's flooring etc.... I'd like to know how much per piece in any sizes & different kinds. Please give me a quote. March 1 Contact 

e 19907 Australia : We are serious buyers for serious projects in Australia and NZ. We are also in the market for approx 5000sqm of Omani marble called Chocolate light or Chocolate Dark. Phone 07 559.....March 1 Contact

e 19901 Australia : I am from Australia , building my own home. I would like to find Antique tumbled stone with yellow/red tones in multi-size. Feb 28 Contact 

e 19879 Australia : We require 2000 sq m of Premium Crema Marfil tile 600 mm x 300 mm x 20 mm. We require 700 sq m of Premium Crema Marfil tile 305 mm x 305 mm x 20 mm. A sample would be required and FOB nearest port price of $20.50 and 24.50 USD would be acceptable. mob +614197..... Feb 25 Contact

e 19846 Australia : I am looking for an urgent purchase of CREMA MARFIL marble from Spain . I need to see sample at your cost. I need this tiles within 4 weeks. 
Polished 400mm x 400mm - 195 square metres
Horned 400mm x 400mm - 100 square metres
Polished 400 mm x 200mm - 200 square metres.
Telephone no. 617 337.....Feb 22 Contact 

e 19792 Australia : I would like some prices on Philippine Marble of which you have 12 different types on www.findstone.com site. The sizes I am looking for is 40x40inch (400x400mm), polished and calibrated. Please price in sqm. I will buy by container load. I have a couple of major projects coming up and I need some polished marble and thought I should try a new contact. I have been to the Philippines a few times and have a very good knowledge of the marbles. I have had a few different quotes from different countries and I look forward to seeing yours. Tel no.: 61 4320.....Feb 19 Contact 

e 19773 Australia : Please quote for galala marble to Australia , i need the price CIF. NO c & f. Feb 16 Contact 

e 19685 Australia : Could you please send me some details on the wire saw as displayed in Ready Stock 395. Feb 8 Contact

e 19663 Australia : I am looking for river stones to cover an area of around 100 sqm. Can you estimate what square metre coverage one 25kg bag of your 20-33 mm pebbles would achieve? Do you have a picture of the pebbles? What would delivery costs be? I am in Albany in WA. Mobile : +61 439 9.....Feb 6 Contact 

e 19630 Australia : Require availability of all granite and marble products from India . Also need prices. I am entering the Australian market. Telephone: mobile 04132.....Feb 2 Contact

e 19510 Australia : We need a lot of marble to build our home. Can you send us your prices and some samples and how much it will cost us per square. Telephone: 951.....Jan 19  Contact

e 19496 Australia : I am seeking a good quality white granite floor tiles both for both internal and external use. Specifically I am after a 60 x 60 x 1.5 or 61 x 61 x 1.5. I am prepared to purchase a pallet, but would prefer to only buy 350 square metres. I would like to buy in the next week or so, for delivery in a couple of months. I have no budget but am seeking quality and a good price. The tiles will be adhered to concrete. The tile needs to be predominately white (the whiter the better).  Tel: 61 407 3......Jan 17  Contact

e 19482 Australia : I have been looking for granite tiles (no marble tiles) or man made granite tiles. I am from Brisbane , Australia . I am looking for man made granite tiles for my new house. Tiles for floor and wall. I prefer natural colours. I prefer antislip, heat, scratch and stain resistance. I prefer not to use marble as they are soft and scratch easily. 
I wish to import please provide samples and quotation:-
polished tiles for floor 400mm x 400mm - 195 sq. metres
polished tiles for wall 400mm x 200mm - 200 sq. metres
flamed tiles for exterior floor 400mm x 400mm - 100 sq. metres
Total sq. metres = 495. My tel no. 07 337......Jan 15 Contact

e 19473 Australia : I want to enquire about the terzago bridge saw. My phone no (08)92.....Jan 14 Contact

e 19417 Australia : I am currently specifying/sourcing the architectural finishes for a hotel development I am working on and am interested in using some of the stones in your product range. Could you please advise me how I can get samples of the stones. Tel: 61 2 933.....Jan 9 Contact

e 19401 Australia : I am trying to locate a supplier here in Perth Western Australia of White riverstone pebbles. All the companies I have  
found only supply bagged pebbles; however I am looking for companies that supply (to the public) trailer quantities. Any help to find such companies would be GREATLY appreciated. My mobile is 0415 3..... or (08)940.....Jan 6 Contact  

e 19362 Australia : Could you please advise of price CIF of Kato NK500 to Melbourne Australia . Phone 613527.....Jan 2 Contact

Year 2005

e 19232 Australia : I would like to get some samples of the marble from Egypt I would like some of the crema, beige marbles. Dec 16 Contact

e 19231 Australia : Could I please get a price for a block of galaxy black and a price for 15 slabs of galaxy black 1.7 x 3.0. and also can I get price for shipping it to Brisbane . My contact details are phone number 00614012.....Dec 16 Contact

e 19207 Australia : Earthmoving Machine: I am looking for machine monitor for a Komatsu PC 120-6, Can be second hand, can you please get me a price? Telephone: +614024...... Dec 14 Contact 

e19180 Australia : I am interested in Carrara marble chips, please email me your price list. I need pebbles less than 20mm in diameter for a landscaping project. Tel : 02 981...... Dec 13 Contact 

e19178 Australia : Please email quotes for Carrara marble chips. I require container prices for all sizes (5mm to 100mm). Tel: +61-2-973.....Dec 12 Contact

e19146 Australia: We are looking for the best price to purchase approximately 5220m2 of Iranian ‘Pompeii’ Shade A light unfilled cross cut Travertine’ marble to be shipped to Queensland, Australia. Further details regarding tile sizes and exact areas can be achieved with a response from serious suppliers only. We would like shipping ‘on board’ costs to be included in the price please, and this enquiry is urgent and we require a response by December 13th at the very latest. Phone: (07) 543.....Dec 9 Contact

e19104 Australia : I am starting a granite and marble company mainly doing bench tops and bathrooms. Please quote for second hand bridge saw. Dec 6 Contact

e19092 Australia : We are interested in in Chinese granites. We are in Queensland . Phone no: 07 559.....Dec 6 Contact

e19077 Australia : I am constructing a house in Brisbane , Australia . I am planning to go for granite flooring in my house. I require a good  supplier. I am looking for a light coloured granite tiles for wall and floor for my new house phone no. (07) 337....... I prefer a light colour or beige at a very reasonable price. Please provide samples at your cost. I am looking at importing granite tiles a total of 495 square metres. Polished 395 square metres and flamed tiles 100 square metres. Dec 5 Contact

e 19041 Australia : I am an interior designer looking for quartz based stone and basalt stone as well as brushed sandstone slabs. Dec 1 Contact

e 19032 Australia : I have been in the tiling industry for 12 year in Melbourne , Australia . I am more keen on pursuing marble and marble products from other countries as my business is expanding. I am interested in creating a work relationship between us to import marble into the Australian market. Please answer a few simple questions:
1. Are you able to send Samples of your product?
2. Detailed outline of costs including shipping and relevant taxes?
3. Availability of the products?
Tel +61 04257.....  Nov 30 Contact

e 19031 Australia : Our company is situated in Australia and we are regular importers of marble tiles for various projects. Current project requires Indonesian marble tiles of the type MK-2A / MK-2AM / MK-3M, preferably in 457x 457 x 12 sizing. We request additional information to lead time / terms. Please fax details on 61 - 7 - 32.......Nov 30 Contact

e 18984 Australia : I need a 2.9 tonne telescopic crane to mount on my 7 tonne Mitzubishi truck. I would prefer 10 metre but 7 metres is acceptable. I would like to know price and transport cost to Fremantle port in Western . Nov 25 Contact

e 18945 Australia : I am interested in purchasing a machine that will engrave directly into granite. Phone: (03) 958.....Nov 21 Contact 

e 18921 Australia : Email me relevant information of shell stone from Philippines . Tel: 61 7 556.....Nov 18 Contact

e 18906 Australia : Please quote with image of Serena Pietra Stone. Tel: +61 2 966......Nov 17 Contact

e 18839 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Komatsu as displayed in ready stock 564 with the following details: 
1. What Year Manufactured.............199?
2. No of Machine Hours..........................
3 Components Hours a) Engine.......................
b) Transmission..............
c) Torque Convertor.........
d) Final Drives................
e) Track Gear..................
$. Price Expectation. Nov 9 Contact   

e 18832 Australia : Email me relevant information on diamond segments and cup wheels. We do all major contracts for polished concrete and are seeking pricing and brochures on available products for this industry. Nov 8 Contact

e 18800 Australia : I require approximately 820 M2 of limestone (fossilized) Philippines   in 60 x 60 cm tiles in honed finish plus assorted cut pieces, bullnose and some 60 x 30 cm tiles. Can you email me an image of the tile? Nov 4 Contact 

e 18787 Australia : We need to complete a swimming pool on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. 
Bam Bluestone (BBS) Sawn 995x495x40mm SE Coping 30 pieces
Bam Bluestone (BBS) Sawn 495x495x40mm Pavers 32 sqm
Bam Bluestone (BBS) Sawn 150x500x15mm Water line tile 6 sqm (150x300x15mm also acceptable). Tel: +61 (3) 593......Nov 2 Contact 

e 18749 Australia : Please quote for wire saw machine. I am in Sydney . Oct 28 Contact

e 18689 Australia : Could you send me some details regarding this wire saw machine as displayed in ready stock 395. Oct 22 Contact

e 18687 Australia : Could you please send me an image of creama nova and creama europa limestone/marble. Oct 22 Contact 

e 18674 Australia : We are setting up a new venture here in Western Australia and would be most interested in your product range. Can you please email me with any details about Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone products especially photographs and technical data. Oct 21 Contact 

e 18667 Australia : Please quote for Indian marble, granite, slates and sandstone. Oct 21 Contact

e 18608 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a second hand caterpillar dozer model D8R,D8N or D0k and Excavator model 325 or 330. Oct 15 Contact

e 18592 Australia : I am trying to track down a supplier of crushed pumice, aggregate size 12mm minus. I am located in Castlemaine Victoria , so a Melbourne supplier would be very handy. Oct 13 Contact 

e 18582 Australia : I am looking for pricing on 70 sqm of granite, dark grey or equivalent. Could you please provide an indication of cost per sq metre plus delivery to Brisbane . Please provide wholesale and retail price.  ph 02 620.....Oct 11 Contact 

e 18535 Australia : Please send us details on Chinese granites available. We are designing large hotel projects in SE Asia , Australia and Pacific region. We are looking for cost effective supply sources and new materials. Our clients are more amenable than ever to consider importation of materials from mainland China .  Oct 1 Contact

e 18534 Australia : We are Property Developers and Builders. We are setting up a new Building Materials Supply company and we are interested 
in the possible supply of Chinese Granites please send more information. We are planning a future trip to China to set up contacts and the supply of various building products and would possible like to view your products and operations whilst we are in the country. Phone + 613 937..... Oct 1 Contact

e 18480 Australia : Please quote for Indian granite blocks. Sept 22 Contact

e 18440 Australia : We are trying to source a Chinese granite called "blue fontain" in Australia . This may not be the correct name, the colour is a black with just a hint of blue veining. Material to be 20mm thick. We are looking for 150 sqmetres of 20mm thick slabs. Also, we would like information on "arabascato" 50metres of 20mm thick slabs, And "calcatta oro" 150metres of 20mm thick slabs. Ph : +61 7 556.....Sept 16 Contact 

e 18439 Australia : We are interested in purchasing diamond tools for our intermac granite and marble cnc machine. We are looking for diamond edge tooling for 20mm thick stone. Ph : +61 7 556.....Sept 16 Contact

e 18430 Australia : I AM INTERESTED TO IMPORT SOME CHINESE GRANITE TILES AND SLABS TO BUILD A HOUSE FOR MYSELF. PLEASE QUOTE. I AM IN BRISBANE . Approximately 250 square metres of tiles. I want to build my new house for personal use. I am looking for a very reasonable price that I can afford to buy. My home telephone number is (07) 337.....Sept 13 Contact


e 18315 Australia : Please quote for white pearl 600x600x20 mm tiles fob in USD. Also 305x305x10mm white pearl, 305x305x10mm black pearl, g684. Aug 21 Contact 

e 18278 Australia : We have a stone retail outlet in Australia and are interested in wall cladding products. Aug 11 Contact

e 18238 Australia : Please quote for dry stacked walls. Tel: +61-2-974.....Aug 1 Contact

e 18120 Australia : I have some kitchens on order with granite benches so I need to contact you to maybe organise it. Please send me an email with price list and do you do all the cut to size. My mobile 04118.....At the moment I have 8 kitchens on order, colours are not to important.  July 16 Contact

e 17995 Australia : Quarry Machine: Please send me information on diamond wire saw machines available for cutting quarried granite blocks. I need full specifications, pictures, price and firm delivery time.  My phone number 04389.....July 5 Contact  

e 17991 Australia : Please quote for Galala extra (pure white) for export to my company in Australia . We are ready to open the L/C. You can contact me on 01233.....July 5 Contact

e 17990 Australia : I am a landscaper putting in a garden in Los Angeles and need to find a) Bluestone or greystone (b) pumice stone (c) cast stone in grey. Any of the above in a grey/blue colour preferably rectangular 12" x 8" x 1" - to be used as a paving stone for a Japanese themed garden installation. I am not familiar with standard US sizing but this would be the minimum needed. Approx 200 sq.m in one area but we have been requested to fix up another larger area - difficult to assess until we know the size of the product. Mainly, I need to know what your standard dimensions are and what you have in the grey/blue colours and whether you can deliver within 7 - 10 days. We would require quick delivery as we have a deadline within which to execute the work. We will also be installing water features and would need granite/edging/coping etc. Can you help? Sizes? Prices? Delivery situation etc. My tel. no. is 02 933.....July 5 Contact

e 17979 Australia : Please can you send some information black galaxy four kitchen benches.   July 4 Contact 

e 17944 Australia : Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for a Caterpillar as displayed in ready stock 563. June 29 Contact 


e 17913 Australia : I am looking for a stone by the name of Pietra Beige or Isernia I believe it is from Italy . June 24 Contact

e 17885 Australia : Looking for quality porcelain tiles suppliers from Indonesia , Malaysia , Thailand or any other country other than china for a large project. The requirement is about 100,000 sq.m of tiles. The colors required are biege, whites with patterns and stone look. June 17 Contact 

e 17869 Australia : I need to now prices per sqm for raw silk ivory, quarella beige capri and shanxi black with 600mm thick 20mm. June 14 Contact

e 17827 Australia : Quote for Basalt & Bluestone. Sandstone (Grey, Black, Yellow, Green.) from China . I am looking for quality stone, sizes 400 * 400 * 20 mm, 600 * 600 * 30 mm 800 * 400 * 30 mm Honed and or Flamed finish. 150 * 150 * 40 mm Tumbled, Natural face or Flamed finish. FCL, FOB. USD please state port of origin. I would expect to visit production upon ordering. June 8 Contact 

e 17773 AUSTRALIA : diamond tools:  Please quote for diamond tools and segments. I am interested in receiving information, pricing & samples on your tools.Our tel. no. is +61-2-973.....May 31 Contact

e 17739 Australia : Earthmoving Machine: Please send me full detail of your Krupp570 bucket wheel. Our tel no. is +61 8 935......  May 24 Contact 

e 17720 Australia : Please quote for Seaweed Green, Granston Protea and Silica White Polished slabs. May 20 Contact  

e 17666 Australia : Looking for supplier of Indian slate, limestone, sandstone, etc. Tel. no. is 61-2-973..... May 12 Contact 

e 17602 Australia : I am interested in importing some granite tiles and slabs to Brisbane , Australia . I am going to visit KL in June please email your website address and to see your products. My tel. no. is 07 337.....May 5 Contact

e 17601 Australia : Please provide more information about your amarillo fossil. Are they granite or limestone? Are they porous and durable? May 5 Contact

e 17595 Australia: Please advise on the availability, price and size for the following 20mm thick polished slabs of BLACK GALAXY, 
. May 4 Contact

e 17593 Australia : Please be advised that I am enquiring about availability and price of 1 full container each of Rustenburg & Zimbabwe Black 20mm Polished slabs. My telephone number is 61 3955.....May 4 Contact

e 17542 Australia : We are interested in locating a reliable supplier of unique and up market pebbles and stones. Tel: 0438 6.....Apr 28 Contact 

e 17495 Australia : I have a stone fabricating business in Australia and we are looking to update some of our equipment. Looking for contact details for reputable companies dealing in reconditioned stone machinery. Apr 24 Contact

e 17470 Australia : We are building a new church and looking for PURE WHITE MARBLE BLOCK FOR SCULPTURE and a new altar (EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP, NO VEIN REQUIRED). Block of "Bianco Sivec", Carrara " or "Bianko P" size 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m. Apr 21 Contact 

e 17459 Australia : LOOKING FOR ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX DISTRIBUTORS. Phone: 61 (0) 2 978.....Apr 19 Contact 

e 17454 Australia : We are looking for good suppliers of quality marbles for Australia and perhaps for India too. Apr 19 Contact 

e 17433 Australia : I only need 300 sqm of India sandstone or slate for my house.  Apr 18 Contact

e 17430 Australia : We are in search of Crema Marfil tiles - polished. Kindly forward information we have a project due which requires at least a container of same Marble in 3 different sizes (400 x 400 or 450 x 450) / 600 x 300 and 300 x 300. Phone 61 - 7 327.....Apr 17 Contact

e 17405 Australia : I need Beige Oman marble slabs in 2cm for India . Looking for good suppliers from Muscat . Apr 14 Contact

e 17347 Australia : We would like to buy slabs of onyx and handifcrafts. Looking for a distributor in Australia so that I can show my people the quality of the onyx? My tel. no. is 050-53.....Apr 7 Contact

e 17284 Australia : We are importers of marble, granite, sandstone and limestone in slab and tile form. We have a particular interest in grey or charcoal marble. We already work with Grigio Carnico from Italy , Grey Valley from Israel or Jordan and also the Azul Valverde from  Portugal . Until recently we were working with a charcoal sister material of the Grey Valley , (it also has a little tint of a terracotta colour here and there) which has now been discontinued. So this is the particular type of colour we are specifically looking for. Our tel. no. is (08) 938.....Mar 29 Contact 

e 17232 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Please send best price for the 5x 980G loaders FOB. I am in Brisbane . Mar 23 Contact

e 17227 Australia : Please quote for Botticino / Gioia venatino marble from Italy . Can you arrange samples or we can see the samples locally? We are in Brisbane . Mar 23 Contact

e 17224 Australia : I am a distributor of tiles and slabs in Australia . I am looking for yellow limestones in all finishes and sizes. Please send me your details and prices for consideration. My tel. no. is +61 2 981.....Mar 23 Contact

e 17120 Australia : I am trying to find soapstone that is available in Australia . Preferable in Victoria . Mar 16 Contact


e 16638 Australia: I am building my house in Brisbane, Australia and like to import engineered stones for my kitchen counter tops, floor and and bathroom wall. I prefer white or beige colours with some gold or brown dots. The total floor areas will be approximately 250 square metres. Please quote your wholesale price and samples. Jan 27, Contact


e 16588 Australia : Where can one buy Australian Marble & Granite in Australia ?  Jan 22, Contact

e 16578 Australia : I wish to purchase approx. 400 meters of green and or cream granite floor tiles. How I can cet samples and price listI am in NSW. Jan 22, Contact

e 16516 Australia : I am in the process of setting up granite business. I wish to import granite slabs, glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles. I am looking to import granite slabs from Brazil , India , China . Colour is not an issue as I need a good mix of colours. Initially 10 containers from 3 different countries. Catalogue and pricelist required. With regards to glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles colour again is not an issue. The price is the main concern. However, I would like catalogues and pricelists from China , Indonesia , Spain and Italy . My tel. no. is 61 08 947.....Jan 19, Contact 

e 16498 Australia : We are after 5 calacatta marble slabs 3050 x 1850 X 2cm polished to Melbourne Australia . Will need to see prior to purchase. Would consider out of Italy . Please advise cost of export. Jan 18, Contact

e 16478 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: What is the FOB price of 1987 Caterpillar 623E Motor Scraper. Please send more photos of the bowl and several close up's. Our tel. no. is 03 503.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16471 Australia : I am building a tennis court which will have a concrete retaining wall of up to 2.5 metres high. I am proposing to finish the wall with a stone veneer. I am considering 70 sqm of bluestone. Phone number is 949.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16378 Australia : I am arriving to India in February and am interested in landscape supplies, furniture, stones and pebbles, etc to import back to Australia . Jan 11, Contact

e 16248 Australia : Earthmoving Machine:  I am interested in purchasing the 623e Cat scraper. I am in Melbourne . Would it be possible for
you to organize the shipment of the machine here? Jan 3, Contact

Year 2004

e 16210 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for a Dozer. Please quote with details. Dec 29, Contact   

e 16188 Australia : We are requiring 3000-4000 sqm of Crema marfil for a project. Can you assist? Dec 28, Contact

e 16138 Australia : I want to buy some granite tiles and slabs at wholesale price. I want this tiles for my new house to be built next year. I am interested in white galaxy and imperial white. Dec 22, Contact

e 16065 Australia : I am interested in receiving information, pricing & samples of the agates. My phone no. is +61-2-973.....Dec 16, Contact

e 16061 Australia : We are interested in agates of 3-5mm size only. Please send images and prices. Dec 16, Contact

e 16023 Austria : I want Onyx-Pattern Yellow, Green or Orange in 3cm. The size is 90cm x 90cm - 3cm. Dec 13, Contact

e 15985 Australia : I would be interested in buying a waterjet cutting machine for floor tiling patterns. Thickness of max. 30mm, on tiles to a maximum size of 6000 x 600mm. Computer software and accessories details plus some prices. I live in the Melbourne area. Dec 10, Contact

e 15961 Australia : Retail: Looking for a distributor in Australia for Iranian marble rosso bona or similar marble from elsewhere? Dec 8, Contact

e 15943 Australia : Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking for equipment capable of lifting and laying paving bricks straight from the pallet. Our tel. no. is 08 930.....Dec 7, Contact

e 15937 Australia: Can you please email current stock availably and prices on 20mm polished slabs and 303x305 ,30x30 or 60x60 polished tiles of Indian marble and granite CIF Melbourne Australia. Dec 7, Contact

e 15811 Australia : We are interested in importing granite, marble and sandstone tiles. Please let me know how we can get some samples of your products. Nov 28, Contact

e 15680 Australia : We would be interested in viewing your product like decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. Please forward a catalogueMy tel. no. is 04144....Nov 18, Contact

e 15650 Australia : Earthmoving Machine: Machine Required: CAT D3G LGP or D3C LGP Series 3, from any country. Required immediately. Please send photos and details such as hours, location of machine, etc. Phone no. is (61 8) 945.....Nov 17, Contact

e 15593 Australia : Please give me a quote for some sandstone and slate containers. Nov 12, Contact

e 15574 Australia : Looking for a supplier of South African granite slabs as displayed in pricelist 990. Nov 12, Contact 

e 15572 Australia : We ask about GALALA pure white from Egypt . We need about 5 containers per month. Please quote with samples. Our tel. no. is 01233.....Nov 12, Contact 

e 15556 Australia: I require 2 containers of Zimbabwe slabs, 2cm and 3cm. Slab sizes 270cm x 130cm or greater. I am only interested in premium quality. Nov 11, Contact 


e 15520 Australia : I have a potential customer and am looking at importing a container of polished pebbles from India . My requirement is to have them packed in 20kg bags and may be even 10kg bags in black and potentially 4 other colors. They will have to be packed in pallets, please advise how many bags per pallet (ideally 50 x 20kg) and in addition many pallets will fit in a 20' container. We may elect to also fill small part of the container with other samples, eg pavers, etc. Please advise me of the following:
Cost of packing & local handling 
Local charges 
Shipping cost to Adelaide South Australia 
My tel. no. is +61 8 827.....Nov 9, Contact

e 15464 Australia : Need some information on your water cutting machines. We are located in Sydney . Our tel. no. is (02) 960.....Nov 4, Contact 

e 15332 AUSTRALIA : Earthmoving Machine: We are very interested in your Cat D8L and Cat D6H. Could you please send photos and details of these machines? Oct 25, Contact

e 15303 Australia : We have a project which requires 15000sqm of flamed finish Indian granite of the type shown in the photo attached herewith. I have been given to understand that it is Indian Stone. My tel. no. is +61-2-974.....Oct 22, Contact

e 15295 Australia : We are a reputable auctioneering network of company. We are seeking Asian manufactures willing to market their goods on consignment through our faculties. Our mobile no. is 041 99.....Oct 21, Contact

e 15293 Australia : We are based in Sydney . We will be opening in office space in Asia and Europe within the next 6 months. We are looking for stone suppliers in Malaysia , Thailand and China at the moment. Any contacts you can supply would be of great assistance. Oct 21, Contact

e 15266 Australia : Landscape: Email me relevant information on loose decorative pebbles. I am looking to import into Australia a range of bagged pebble products. Please send me with prices and availability. Oct 19, Contact 

e 15121 Australia : We require Azul Val Verde. Size: 600x600x20 or 610x610x20. Quantity: 400m2 in Honed and 400m2 in Bush hammered (800m2 in total). Quality: 1st. Country of origin : Portugal or Spain . Samples required asap. We are ready to place an order. . My tel. no. is  +61-2-973......Oct 10, Contact 

e 15096 Australia : I urgently need several slabs of Darkest Indian Black Granite. It is very important that the granite is absolutely black...no grey speckles, but more importantly the stone should NOT be dyed. Oct 8, Contact

e 15048 Australia : Stone Processing Machiney: Email me relevant information regarding stone cutting saws for slate (phyllite). We can also polish our phyllite to a high quality finish and I would like info on polishing equipment. We are based in New South Wales Australia. Oct 5, Contact 

e 14964 Australia : Please quote for white onyx from Iran . Sept 28, Contact

e 14942 Australia : Please provide details and prices on jade block. Sept 27, Contact

e 14924 Australia : Information on seashell limestone tiles is required please? I am in Sydney . My tel. no. is
61- 2- 637.....Sept 25, Contact

e 14922 Australia : I would like more information on machines and any tile lines you have available suitable for producing paving stones. Sept 25, Contact 

e 14906 Australia : Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14883 Australia : I am trying to track down limestone and soft sandstone in southern NSW or northern Victoria. I want this for sculptural purposes and am most interested in the larger ends rather than block form. Sept 23, Contact

e 14882 Australia : I am presently re-structuring my marketing to be exclusive in regards to exotic materials. I feel every designer wishes to signature their work with an individual material. 
Popular colours in Australia at present are Chocolates, Charcoal greys and Taupes. Earthy materials are also popular, hence Travertines are having a strong resurgence. Marbles, Onyx and limestones are what I am interested in, gentle flowing grain textures are popular. Smooth silky feel is also popular. Busy Materials (eg. Imperial Brown) are less popular. Are you able to suggest materials which can assist me in providing the 
exotic materials I require? One material I am presently very interested in is "Lucia" from Croatia . I have presented a "prototype" sample to many of my clients and the immediate response has been strong. My contact no. is +61421 3.....Sept 23, Contact

e 14802 Australia : Retail: I am writing from Australia seeking a US based granite supplier or perhaps yourselves, to provide samples of the following granites to someone in Berekey , California in the US . The stones we seek are: Giallo Veneziano, New Venetian Gold, English Brown, Giallo Fiorito, Tan Brown, Giallo Florentino, Santa Cecilia Dark and, Santa Rita. The owner of this new kitchen is currently travelling in the US whilst the renovation is taking place in Australia and needs to see the look and feel of these granites before selecting the type they want to use.  Sept 17, Contact

e 14739 Australia : We are looking for granite similar to the AFG114 on FindStone.com website and would like to contact the supplier. We are looking for 7500m2 made up of:
80% 597 x 297 x 40mm Exfoliated finish
20% 297 x 297 x 40mm Honed finish
and another 1500m2 made up of various sizes in a honed finish:
1800 x 800
1400 x 800
1200 x 800
800 x 800
Our tel. no. is (07) 327.....Sept 12, Contact

e 14715 Australia : Looking for a used gangsaw or a multi block wire saw.  Sept 11, Contact

e 14611 Australia : I am interested in importing marble tiles and slabs as one of my companies manages construction. I am located in Sydney Australia and my telephone number is 61 2 962.....All quotes must be on first quality. Type of stone required is CREMA PACIFIC from Indonesia . Size required for tiles 600mm x 600mm x 20mm and 470mm x 47mm x 13mm Colour v-1 through to v-6. Width required for slabs is 30mm. Orders will be by the container. I am ready to visit a quarry or agent to check first order. At this stage quality, price and delivery are most important. Please contact asap with prices and photos of samples. Sept 6, Contact

e 14592 Australia : I will be visiting Turkey in late September early October and would like some information on your products and maybe a connection to visit in Turkey . Sept 4, Contact 

e 14585 Australia : I am interested in sourcing a range of stone products from Indonesia . We currently import product from the US and China to Australia . We are looking for a reliable supplier of quality product in Sandstones and slate for paving and also wall veneer finishes. Our tel. no. is 07 326.....Sept 4, Contact 

e 14544 Australia : Please quote for salt crystal lamps. Sept 1, Contact

e 14506 Australia : Please send some info on edge polisher, made in China , and reconstituted material in slab form also made in China with an fob price. Aug 30, Contact

e 14485 Australia Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me info on D9R dozer. Aug 28, Contact

e 14481 Australia : Please quote for stone sinks as displayed in www.findstone.com/supplier19/sink.htm.  Aug 28, Contact

e 14449 Australia : I am looking at starting a pebble, stone and outdoor décor business in Australia . I am looking for a supplier of these products to do business with, so could you please send me a pricelist and product catalogue (pictures). Aug 26, Contact 

e 14272 Australia : I require information and sample tiles in both marble and travertine. Sizes to be 400mm x 400mm x 13mm. Must be first quality. Will be ordering in containers. Please respond with costing in AUS$. Aug 17, Contact

e 14265 Australia : Please provide us details of what colors you are producing and prices for various sizes of Indian limestone and sandstone. My tel. no. is +61-2-974.....Aug 17, Contact   

e 14249 Australia : Please send details for fossilized marble. Would like samples. Would like to discuss exclusivity for Australian Market. Aug 16, Contact

e 14233 Australia : I am planning on importing 5 metric tons of carving grade soapstone with the possibility of another 20 ton later. It is to be delivered to Melbourne . Aug 14, Contact 

e 14230 Australia : Please send info. such as availability, slab sizes, tile formats, finishes for chocolate marble from Pakistan . Aug 14, Contact 

e 14225 Australia : Please send information of Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14217 Australia : Quarrying machinery: Could you tell me if you have water cutting for quarrying out Sandstone blocks from the quarry benches. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14154 Australia : I am looking to buy some slate panels about 610mmx152mm and the stone mats. Can I please get some brochures of some kind of the stone I am looking for? Aug 11, Contact 

e 14141 Australia : Please send info for etching - engraving machines with images. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14124 Australia : We are a company. We are interested in Malaysian and Indonesian products. Please send information on contact details by fax on 02 978..... Aug 11, Contact

e 14108 Australia : We are an Australian based company and are interested in importing your products to Australia . Kindly send some information about contacting you through phone or fax on 02978.....Aug 10, Contact 

e 13978 Australia : Please quote on ivory travertine 600 x 600 x 12, qty. is 900 sqm. We are in NSW. My mobile no. is 04144.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13951 Australia : Please quote for glazed ceramic floor tiles 400x400, black colour and white colour tiles. My tel. no. is 617 384.....Aug 2, Contact 

e 13827 Australia : Landscape: Please quote for 3-6mm pebbles, 1000kg bulker bags. 20ft container lots. Please reply what you can offer us.We are in Melbourne . July 26, Contact 

e 13821 Australia : I want to import 800 sqm of Indonesian Palimanan Stone (see attached) 40 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm to Perth Western Australia . July 26, Contact 

e 13810 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a Bucket wheel excavator. Provide details like location, machine details, etc. July 25, Contact

e 13777 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Do you have any stock of Cat D7H, D6H and D6H rippers?  July 23, Contact

e 13751 Australia : Retail: I am in the process of organizing a new kitchen and want to go with a really rich red/mahogany coloured stone. Our kitchen company showed me a small sample of Imperial red, which I like. Are there any other rich mahogany coloured granites worth looking at? In terms of application, is there any one which is better than the others? I am yet to visit the stone yards, but want to have a good idea before I go.I am in NSW. My tel. no. is +61 2 989..... July 22, Contact

e 13706 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with additional info for Cat CB335D & CB334D excavators. My tel. no. is +617 387..... July 20, Contact

e 13637 Australia: Retail: I am urgently require a Brazilian Ceramic Tile called "Mitre Biege", 33cm x 33cm, very bevelled rough edge, off white in colour with a smear of biege randomly on it, very light to look at. I need at least 60-80 sqm, shipped to Australia . July 17, Contact

e 13569 Australia : Landscape: Please quote for Australian sandstone and bluestone pavers for landscaping. July 13, Contact 

e 13542 Australia : I want to import tiles from China . We are interested in the Wall and Floor tiles in Ceramic and Porcelain. Can you please send us a catalogue on your range of products. Our tel. no. is (61-7) 328.....Also, perhaps a range of small samples (porcelain Wall and Floor tiles) in White, off-white, light-tan, light brown, darker brown etc. (marble-look) as well as Wall tiles in porcelain and ceramic. (I have seen some in brown colour with Gold in them - very nice) . July 12, Contact

e 13542 Australia : I want to import tiles from China . We are interested in the Wall and Floor tiles in Ceramic and Porcelain. Can you please send us a catalogue on your range of products. Our tel. no. is (61-7) 328.....Also, perhaps a range of small samples (porcelain Wall and Floor tiles) in White, off-white, light-tan, light brown, darker brown etc. (marble-look) as well as Wall tiles in porcelain and ceramic. (I have seen some in brown colour with Gold in them - very nice) . July 12, Contact


e 13437 Australia : I would like to know what is "Rainforest Brown Marble" from India is it a marble? July 5, Contact 

e 13384 Australia : Need approx 100 m2 10to15mm kota stone 800x400 split face where can I find in Melbourne . July 1, Contact

e 13360 Australia : Landscape: Looking for clean natural bluestone blocks. Preferably fairly uniform in size (about 300 X 200 X 200mm). I've allocated $500 but if I get a bargain I could use more. Please quote no. of blocks for $500 or price per cubic meter and include delivery to Belgrave , Victoria . It's for a private landscaping job. June 30, Contact 

e 13346 Australia : We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact  

e 13192 Australia : We would order Chinese green and black granite tiles. About ten containers per year. My phone no. is (61 2) 833...... June 19, Contact

e 13177 Australia : Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a hoisting winch and send me a photo of it. My tel. no. is +61 2 966.....June 18, Contact 

e 13164 Australia : I am the owner of a Granite processing factory in Melbourne looking to pricing of pre-made granite benchtops in set sizes to be shipped to our Melbourne port. I wish to get pricing on the following 2 types of stones; Shanxi Black 1st grade,and Ubatuba. Sizes and quantities as set out below: 
Shanxi Black 1st grade:
25 off pieces 3metres x 900 with 2 sides having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 3metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 2.5metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
Ubatuba Granite: 
25 off pieces 3metres x 900 with 2 sides having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 3metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 2.5metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
Can you inform me how many pieces can be shipped in each container and form of packaging as to minimize breakages. Lamination stripes to be calibrated at 38ml and are to be a standard return underneath of 35ml. 
Quality is to be of the highest as my Company is looking at regular containers on a monthly basis. Can you please provide pricing based on all costs included for container landed in Melbourne Port. Pricing to be on a per piece basis. Please also list your payment terms for our consideration. June 18, Contact


e 13099 Australia : We are trying to source Ipoh Crystal White Marble sizes 30x30x10 & 40x40x12. We require a FOB price for 2 x containers - Sydney.  June 15, Contact

e 13079 Australia: I am trying to locate a source of a stone I saw in Bali some years ago, it was used as a coping paver on the edges of a lot of swimming pools there, it is yellow, grey and white in colour with a rounded front edge, it looks like sand stone but I don't think it is. It may be lime stone. June 14, Contact

e 13069 Australia : Please quote for any Rough Terrain Cranes of a 20 - 30 Tonne Capacity, no older than a 1990 model? We prefer a Tadano, Kato, Komatsu or Kebelco brand. June 13, Contact 

e 13012 Australia: I am in Melbourne. I would like marbles, granite and sandstones. To be more accurate I am looking for good exporter who can be very competitive and can provide me with best material. My contact no is 04234..... June 10, Contact

e 12967 Australia : Landscape: Sourcing Black Polished Pebbles 35 to 50 mm in Diameter. Price in USD. FCL. FOB. Please state port of Origin will purchase at least one Ctn per month and the same as polished but honed in black. All packed into 20 Kg plastic bags. Currently purchase same for $200 USD per ton, need to keep up with demand. My phone no. is 61 8 944..... June 6, Contact

e 12960 Australia : We are looking for volcanic stone with spec 40cm x 40cm X 8cm and polished surface. How many colors do you have? First order would be 1000 pieces. Please be sure this stone board must be volcanic stone and can stand high heat at least for three or four hours during BBQ. The mobile phone no. is 04232...... June 5, Contact

e 12924 Australia : Please quote for 300 sqm of Italian Bardiglio Imperiale tiles 400 mm x 400 mm x 12 mm. FOB. My tel. no. is 61 7 320.....June 3, Contact

e 12842 Australia : Diamond Tools: My company specializes in supplying high quality diamond products to many industries. We are currently looking for new products to add to our range. Contact me to discuss distribution rights for your products in Australia . Phone: (02) 975.....May 28, Contact USD 50

e 12747 Australia : Please quote for 350 sqm of Spanish Crema Marfil stone. Our tel. no. is 614032.....We are in Melbourne . May 20, Contact USD 50

e 12722 Australia : Landscape: We want Polished River Pebbles in Black colour, 35 to 50 mm in Diameter, packed into 20 Kg per Plastic bag, one Ctn per Month. Also the same as above but in Honed finish. My mobile no. is 61 418 9.....May 19, Contact USD 50

e 12679 Australia: I want Crema Marfil Classico - Polished 400 x 400 x 15mm 150 sqm. Please quote with shipping costs. I am in QLD. May 16, Contact USD 20

e 11990 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: I AM LOOKING FOR HITACHI EXCAVATOR 15 TON OR COMPATIBLE. I NEED COMPLETE UNIT. MUST BE 15 TON ONLY. MY PHONE NO. IS 61-4036......Mar 31, Contact

e 11901 Australia : Diamond Tools and Abrasives: I work for a contracting company that specializes in polished concrete. For this we use diamond segments and polishing pads. Please send me prices for medium metal bond #16,30,80,200 grit at approx. 40mm x 10mm x 10mm (physical size). Mar 25, Contact

TR: e 11837 Australia : I am from a company that deals in stones & ceramics, located in Melbourne . We are currently seeking prices and availabilty on "Afyon Sugar" from Turkey . Please quote for tiles of 305, 400 or 610 in size. Mar 23, Contact

IT: e 11835 Australia : I require blocks of marble for a sculpture. Please quote for Italian rose or Laguna Rosso 300mm x 200mm x200mm, Crema elba antique or Duna gold 500mm x 300mm x150mm, Nero Belgio or Ardesia 700mm x 400mm x 400mm, Bianco Statuario 4 pieces: 600mm x 400mm x 200mm, 400mm x 400mm x 200mm, 300mm x 250mm x 200mm and 250mm x 250mm x 100mm. The stone would need to be shipped to Melbourne . Mar 22, Contact

e 11830 Australia : I am an owner of a stone company. I am looking for a stone called PHU YEN granite. I would like to know more details like the size of the slab and other details. I am looking to import this color regularly. My phone no. is 61 -3- 931.....Mar 22, Contact

e 11818 Australia : We buy rough semiprecious stone for our cutting worldwide. We are looking for A grade jade. We are looking for a quality that is consistent good obvious bright green, not dark so it looks black ... no or VERY minimal cracks. Please give the technical name of your jade - eg. nephrite, jadeite, etc. - photos of the rough WET and best FOB price per kg, shipping port for an order of about 1,200kg to 2,400kg ... 4 to 8 200lt drums. We have NO interest in new jade/serpentine, only nephrite or jadeite. Willing to buy worldwide. My phone number is 61 3 948.....I am in Melbourne . Mar 20, Contact

e 11776 Australia : Stone Processing Machinery: I am seeking a machine that makes Ceasar Stone Quartz Surfaces. My phone no. is (02) 967..... Mar 17, Contact

e 11762 Australia : Tools & Machinery: I am a Importer of Machinery and Consumables for the Stone Industry. We are looking for Hand tools and Consumables for the Stone Industry from China . We are only Interested in Machines, Hand tools and Consumables to do with the Stone Industry. We estimate to import approximately 120,000 tons of consumables a year. If price fair and products good we will purchase. Our tel. no. is (03) 978..... Mar 16, Contact

e 11724 Australia : Retail: We are looking for some Tangian stone tiles 300mm x 300mm to match some existing floors, our previous supplier in Perth has gone out of business. Looking for other suppliers in Australia . Mar 13, Contact

e 11689 Australia : Could you please give some indication of pricing for various types of tiles. Tile sizes would be 300X300X10mm. Shipping will be by container loads. Pricing per square meter would be appreciated. 
Also required is an indication of order processing times. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11674 Australia : I am very interested to get some more information about Australian sandstone. I am interested in getting about 250m2 of 400mm x 400mm x 40mm, so if you could send me details of how long this type of order would take and costing. Also do you have sample pieces available. I will be in the Gold Coast area in the next 2 weeks. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11674 Australia : I am very interested to get some more information about Australian sandstone. I am interested in getting about 250m2 of 400mm x 400mm x 40mm, so if you could send me details of how long this type of order would take and costing. Also do you have sample pieces available. I will be in the Gold Coast area in the next 2 weeks. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11630 Australia : I am looking for lava stone to make a bench top in Sydney . Mar 9, Contact

e 11539 Australia : Artifacts: I want a 18" Green / White Onyx Chess Board (squares are 2"). Please quote including shipping to Sydney . Our phone no. is +61 (0)2 931.....Mar 4, Contact

e 11520 Australia : I am trying to find an architect with a flair for innovation. Just briefly, I am an opal gemstone manufacturer in Australia and I am about to produce an up-market opal tile and other opal gemstone accessories, that have the potential to create a new industry based around jewelry and gemstone features for the home. I am currently exporting to Spain and Dubai where mosaics are in demand, but I have not entered the American market yet. Mar 3, Contact

e 11510 Australia : I want sandstone from Indonesia . Here are the measurements: 
1. 300x600x100 sawn five sides and one side rock face
2. 300x600x20mm sawn all round
3. 2.3mx1.5mx50mm slabs
4. Please give prices according in Australian currency. 
We will start ordering a few containers and then increase accordingly. We are in Sydney . Our phone no. is 972.....Mar 3, Contact


ALL: e 11322 Australia : I am interested in importing natural stone tiles for the Australian Market. Please quote. Feb 23, Contact  

e 11263 Australia : Quarry Machinery: Please quote for Cat 330BL Excavator. Feb 20, Contact  

e 11164 Australia : Quarry Machinery: Interested in buying Caterpillar D8L Bulldozer from Japan . Phone no. 07462..... Feb 16, Contact  

ALL: e 11152 Australia : We are major traders in Australia . We seek supplies regularly. Please quote. Our phone no. 
08 920.....Feb 15, Contact

e 11120 Australia : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for with photos regarding Cat D8L Bulldozer made 1987 with Blade & Ripper. Feb 13, Contact  

IR/TR: e 11033 Australia : Looking for suppliers of slabs, tiles and pavers of limestone and Travertine's from Iran and Turkey . We are also looking for suppliers for Landscaping products and materials. Our tel. no. is +61-2-974..... Feb 9, Contact    

e 10972 Australia : Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a saw to cut sandstone blocks in Australia . Need to cut blocks about 1m long x 300 mm high x 300 mm deep. Our phone no. is +617-321.....Feb 5, Contact

e 10945 Australia : Please quote for Turkish Travertine. See pricelist 911. Feb 4, Contact  

ALL: e 10863 Australia : I am looking for serious suppliers from Iran , turkey and other countries for new materials like travertine, marbles and onyx. I would also like some serious suppliers from India and other countries for landscaping, pavers and sandstones. Jan 30, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)

e 10849 Australia: Stone Processing Machinery:  We would like a hydraulic bridge saw that cuts 0 to 90 degrees, has a laser and is automatic (to cut granite, marble and fabricated stone). We were interested in purchasing machine to open factory in Sydney , Australia . Jan 29, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 10817 Australia : I need some good suppliers of carrara and other marbles from Italy . I will need the following: Carrara C or CD 2cm and 3cm, Arabsecato 2 cm and 3cm, Calacatta Gold 2cm. Terms: L/c after inspection. Requirement: regular. Jan 28, Contact USD 100 (open) (buyer has paid deposit)

e 10767 Australia : I need polished basalt large stones for massage.  Jan 24, Contact USD 20 (open)  

ALL: e 10713 Australia : We are setting up a Granite discount warehouse outlet in Perth western Australia initially and planning to open in other regional center's their after.
We shall concentrate on supplying a range of standard size Granite tops for Kitchen Tops and table Tops. 
Edges to be (2 x 20mm ) laminated / Shaped bullnosed and other design's edges to give an appearance of 40mm thick edges to a 100mm depth.
Edges to be on 1, 3 and 4 sides 
We intend to move considerable quantity and seek to set up on going relationship with Companies capable of offering: Quality product, Competitive price, A range of colors and textures, Reliable quality control and consistency, Realistic production and shipping times.  
Could you please provide us with the following details: Color Range , $ Price per item, Standard sizes, 
Cost of bullnose lamination per Meter, Production Time, Shipping Time. 
Any other relevant information like: Container costing /capacity, Could you also send samples? What colors you can consistently supply and which are the ones you only have at present? Jan 22, Contact USD 50 (open) 

e 10709 Australia : Please quote for Jerusalem Grey and Sahara Beige limestone aztec premium/Prized opal pink and silver travertine all stones in honed finish. I would like samples of the above mentioned and could you please provide the relevant information? Jan 22, Contact USD 40 (open) 

TR: e 10693 Australia : Please quote for Denizli ivory limestone and Antalya Kemen 600x600 mm tiles, 15-20mm thick. Quantity 1000 sqm. Jan 21, Contact USD 50 (open) 

PT: e 10607 Australia : I am looking for approx 40sqm of Moca Cream Limestone from the above price list. Please confirm price and availability. Jan 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10591 Australia: Please quote in Australian Dollars for Polar Jade BC, Lotus Green from China, Campans, Tinos Green, Emerald Green, Plain Verde and Fancy Forest from India, Persian Green from Iran, Multi Green Grade from Pakistan, Jadeite Commercial and Jadeite Imperial from Russia. Please quote per kilo basis. My phone no. is (08) 820.....Jan 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

ES: e 10585 Australia : We are an import company and would like to import two 20 ft containers of Creama Marfil marble into Melbourne Port. Please provide us the marble information and price list for all Creama Marfil range. Our tel. no. is +61 3 964.....  Jan 16, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN: e 10518 Australia : Please quote for Black Galaxy kitchen bench tops supplied fob in the following size: 
610cmx2500cmx20mm & 910cmx2500cmx20mm, polished face and one long edge finished in reveres shark tooth profile.  Jan 13, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10509 Australia: Diamond Tools: Please send me one each of  the following:
[450mm] 18"        95.00 

[500mm] 20"        110.00 
And 10 each of the following
[125mm] 5"
300 grit              USD11.00  
500 grit              USD11.00  
1000 grit            USD11.00  
2000 grit            USD11.00  

Please advice how to pay. I have account with TNT express. Jan 13, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10386 Australia : I would like a price on the blue crystal marble. Piece dimensions are 38cm long(>) x 30cm high(^) 0.5cm plate thickness. Jan 7, Contact USD 20 (open)


ALL: e 10330 Australia : l am an architecture engineer. l would like to bring your kind attention of exporting your products to lraq or establish factory in lraq with my support, my father who is in Australia now he will be proceeding to Gulf might discuss all the aspects. My tel. no. is 612 881.....Jan 3, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 10313 Australia : Retail: Looking for a supplier of Bluestone in Sydney . Jan 2, Contact USD 20 (open)  

Year 2003

ID: e 9901 Australia : I am interested in finding more information on Palimanan stone like the cost and weight of Palimanan 40 x 40 x 4cm and sukabumi/ greenstone RTS 39 x 19 x 2cm and how much would fit in 20 ft container to Australia . Also if you have Bullnose style. Dec 1, Contact

e 9861 Australia : A construction materials dealer/importer wants to purchase more than 50 containers of rock-face stone in cream, white and off-white color. Kindly quote prices CIF Sydney, Australia per square meter. The sizes required are: 5 cm thick x 20 cm wide x 30 cm Length, 5 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm, 5 cm x 20 cm x 50 cm and 5 cm x 20 cm x 60 cm. The same party needs to buy Granite in Charcoal color and golden red color in the following sizes:  4 cm thick x 30 cm wide x 60 cm long and 4 cm thick x 40 cm wide x 60 cm long. Nov 28, Contact  

e 9795 Australia : We are Project Managers for a developer and are looking for suppliers of the granite & marble kitchen counter tops and vanity tops. The project is in the Dominican Republic to be developed over 5 years at a rate of 350 Units/Villas per year which are marketed fully furnished to the North American and European Market. We will make the completed Design Package and Specification available against your interest. Our tel . no. is +61 2 928.....Nov 25, Contact  

e 9708 Australia : Wanted Limestone Tiles from China , natural cleft one side, other side sawn, Colour bluish / grey, but would like to see color range. Size can 200 x400, 400x400 or 300 x 600. Thickness 20-25 mm preferably. 1st order 1 x 20 ft container approx 600 m2. Ready to purchase immediately upon finding satisfactory supplier for quality and price. Supply photo's and price, delivery time. Supply sample to buyer who will be travelling in China soon.
I want to finalize a supplier and order as soon as possible. I am in Brisbane . Phone no. is 67 7 320.......Nov 19, Contact  

e 9603 Australia : We are interested in marble tiles size 30 x 30 x 1. Please quote. Nov 12, Contact

e 9543 Australia : Please quote for bulldozers, Caterpiller D6H, D6R, D7H, D7R, D8N and Komatsu 375 and 475. Nov 10, Contact

ES: e 9541 Australia : Please quote for a container load of Crema Marfil Marble 20mm & 30mm. (Commercial and first grade). Nov 10, Contact

AU: e 10049 Singapore: Kindly quote for Australian DESERT BROWN GRANITE, QUANTITY 4500m2. SIZE UNPOLISHED SLABS SIZE 20MM THICK. POLISHED SLABS SIZE 20MM THICK. Please give price CNF TANJUNG PRIOK, JAKARTA / INDONESIA. Advise delivery time for above quantity. Our phone no. is 65 684.....Dec 12, Contact

e 9433 USA: I am looking for Verde Fuoca granite in slabs for fabrication of countertops. It's mined in Australia but manufactured in Italy (possibly Verona?). I am in WA 98382. My contact no. is (360) 68.....Oct 31, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9011 Australia: Need sandstone qty. is 1000 sqm. Contact no. is 61 2 981.....Sept 24, Contact USD 40   (Open)

e 9208 Australia: I am a stonemason in Sydney. I am looking to purchase around 400 sqm of roofing slate either in shield or rectangle shape. Please supply a price CNF Sydney on LC 60 days. Also let me know roughly how many pieces and weight. Oct 13, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9167 Australia: Please quote for our new project company operating from the USA. Please supply samples as a matter of Urgency and Professionalism to the details supplied in attached document. Oct 9, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)

ES/IT: e 9102 Australia: We want Italian and Spanish marbles on a regular basis for our worldwide offices. We buy Carrara white, Calcatta Oro, Emperedo Brown, Crema Marfil, etc. We require random slabs in size 2.7 meters x 1.7 meters x 20mm thick. We want only first quality free from defects. Please give us your best quotes and send us the digital images to enable us to place our order. Kindly also let us know the delivery time. Regarding payment terms we usually work on L/C at 90 days. Our contact no. is +61-2-92...... Oct 6, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)

IN: e 9005 Australia: Looking to import tiles made of Indian slate, limestone, sandstone and pebbles. Can you send us some details including price?  Sept 23, Contact Rs 2500 (Open)

e 9002 Australia: I am a builder in Sydney. I saw my own sandstone to suit my jobs and am looking for a reliable local suppliers of rough blocks of fine hard Hawkesbury Sandstone or equivalent. I have an immediate need for 60 cubic meters of golden brown sandstone. See pricelist no.1187. I am currently buying at $AUD100 a ton ex quarry gate (I pay freight).
I can order now. Need 10-20 cbm a month thereafter. Would like buy domestic. For the immediate job I will saw 200+ dressed blocks and use the larger balance for a rough coursed infill skin comprising 230 x 200 x 150 blocks. The blocks should be large, rough dimensionless blocks any shape. Size / weight should at least be 2+ ton each (in metric please). Shade variation: I have used Gosford Quarries Warrego golden brown shades but will accept a wide variation as I can mix and match but only light brown/fawn shades. I want a bulk density of 2.4 ton cbm (Aust Standard ASTM C97-83) and will have any offered product samples university tested against this standard. I will visit quarry to inspect and to discuss ongoing relationship. 
I am the owner/manager of small building business in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. We build upscale architect designed period homes. We are multi-skilled. After being thoroughly buggered around by our local stone masons we decided one afternoon to weld ourselves up a 1200mm circular saw/trailer combination and now are happily sawing up our own product on site. This is leading to increasing numbers of jobs using sawn stone and I anticipate a steady increase. Sept 23, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 8995 Australia: I need Rosso Levante marble. I need 12 sqm. This is for a property development. Sept 23, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8955 Australia: Please quote for Black Granite CFR New York, slabs and tiles 300 x 300 x 10mm and 457 x 457 x 10mm tiles 1 mm bevelled edge. Sept 20, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8801 Australia: Want to buy commercial quantity in the following tiles: 
Budget - depends what it is. Options: 
1. Black sandstone large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality honed/polished.
2. Limestone large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality Zafiro or similar white colour honed/polished.
3. Reconstituted quartz based stone predominantly white large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 
4. Grigo Ercolano black large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality honed/polished. As above in 300X 300 and 300 X 100. Minimum Quantity: 
600 X 600 or 600 X 400 = 330m2 / 300 X 300 = 55m2 - 125 m2 / 300 X 100 = 100m2 - 120m2.  
These quantities will probably be substantially more. We are also looking for: 
1. marble tile predominantly white or bone colour can have beige or caramel veins- pol
2. marble tile blue crystal or silver beige or sunset or beach-pol 300 X 300 = 70 m2;
We are also looking for in solid block, white marble - sculptural quality first top shelf approximately 60 cm X 60 cm or 50 X 60 4 blocks need not be perfectly square for sculptural use. We can supply a phone number upon request. Sept 6, Contact, USD 100 (open)

e 8773 Australia: Looking for a man-made stone called Bianca Crystal from Italy that is pure white with no markings, veins or flecks. Tel (03) 954..... Sept 4, Contact, USD 50 (open) (buyer has paid deposit) 

ID: e 8766 Australia: I require supplier of MARBLE, GRANITE AND SLATE from Indonesia white, dark green, red, grey and black. I buy 2 X 20' containers every month to Australia. I also live in Indonesia and can visit warehouse or factory. Export from Surabaya, Denpasar or Jakarta. The price must be low as for Indonesian market. My phone no. is +614386.....Sept 4, Contact, USD 40 (open)

CN: e 8750 Australia: I am looking for a supplier of Chinese granite kitchen slabs of 2200mm x 610mm 20mm thickness in 3 colours of black, medium grey (G654) light grey (G633). I will place a first order of 100 pieces in total to check quality, and need these to be delivered to a warehouse in Guanghzou for shipment to Australia. The finish to be polished 1 side and 1 edge. I need prices and samples as soon as possible, freight to be paid collect. I am looking to place this order within 3 weeks. My tel. no. is 02 989.....Sept 3, Sold

e 8645 USA: We are a supplier located in Colorado. Currently we are importers of Brazilian slabs and our buisness is growing quickly. We are looking to import Vyara (Indian Parana) granite, as well as Verde Fuoco (Green Fire), by container. We would like to request any links to suppliers who could provide us with information of their stock and shipping requirements. Aug 26, Contact USD 50 (open)

BR: e 8627 Australia: Looking for a supplier of quarzite rosa from Brazil. Prefer a darker peach colour. Size: 60 x 60 x 2cm, See price list 399. Will require sample before order placed. to ensure we get the right colour. Will pay for sample processing and mailing. Qty is approx. 250 m2. Please advise largest size available in tile form and the cost in $US. A slab price would be appreciated also. Advise different prices for different thickness. Keen to secure a sample of this tile and prepared to pay. Also, need to know price of the 200 m2 required. Will require delivery end October, early November. Aug 24, Contact USD 100 (buyer has paid deposit)

MY / IT: e 8574 Australia: Retail: We are currently building and would like to know if Crema pacific honed marble (from Malaysia) would be suitable for living area floors. We are worried about it staining and scratching. Also the suppliers have advised that it only needs sealing every 15 years - is this correct? We are also looking at Carrara marble for vanity tops - how often should this be sealed and will it absorb make-up?  Aug 20, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8552 Australia: Please email information on Mt Gambier Limestone. I would like to know if there are any suppliers in Victoria. Or if we can source the stone in South Australia and have it delivered? The project we are working on is in Portsea and we are investigating the use of limestone block and block veneer. Please also quote. Aug 18, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8487 Australia: I am looking for approx 700 sqm of limestone in a cream/beige colour (with some veins), between 400mm to 700mm. Has to be first grade quality. Delivery to Sydney in Jan 2004. Aug 13, Contact USD 20 (open) 

IT: e 8434 Australia: I would like to buy Two large blocks of Carrara. I also need the blocks to be cut into pieces, each piece to be 500 x 500 x 170 mm. I need at least 70 pieces. Price based on Ex factory if Malaysia or if any other destination FOB and please state port of Origin. Payment can be any way you like, payment will be in RM or USD. The requirement is for Malaysia. Phone no. is 61 89 4.....Aug 10, Contact USD 100 (Buyer has paid deposit)

e 8232 Australia: Blocks: I want limestone blocks suitable for sculpting. Required in Victoria, Australia. I am interested in is blocks of limestone 30cm x 30cm x 60cm suitable for carving/sculpting. If you could give me a price (per block), plus shipping costs to Melbourne, Australia, based on purchasing 5 of these blocks initially. My mobile no. is 0438 0.....July 31, Closed

e 8181 Australia: Pumice Stone: We are setting up our operation in producing a panel for building purposes which is light and strong at the same time. We want info regarding information pumice stone that could help us with our setting up. July 28, Contact USD 50

e 8034 Australia: Retail: I am currently negotiating a quote from a marble setter for installation. He looks like charging about $90/m2 to lay it !!! I am thinking this is a little expensive and will look further afield. Looking for suppliers interested in setting marble. 
I am still looking for a further 35 - 40 m2 of white marble (with a little grey if necessary) but it must be 300 x 300 x 10mm as this is the size of the marble I have already purchased. 
I live in Kariong, (about 80km North of Sydney, Australia). I am prepared to travel within the Sydney - Newcastle area to pick up if necessary. July 18, Contact USD 50

NO: e 7993 Australia: I want Norwegian Granites namely Blue Pearl GT, Blue Pearl Gc and Emerald Pearl. looking for suppliers from Norway. I am an importer of granite slabs located in Melbourne and interested of importing large quantities. My phone no. is +61 03 946.....July 16, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7949 Australia: Retail: I am looking at purchasing approximately 85m2 of 305x305x10mm polished marble tiles. 50m2 in a blue/grey/white marble & 35m2 in a white marble. I am willing to bump this total to 100m2 if the price is right. Could you please quote on these quantities? July 14, Closed USD 20 (open)

e 7883 Australia: Retail: We are trying to find classic travertine honed floor tiles. Size 400 x 400 mm to 600 x 600 mm for an area 32m square. We live near Melbourne Australia. We can source cross cut tiles (450 x 450), but are after tiles with the cut along the grain to match a bench top. Ph. +61 3 525....July 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7711 Australia: Please quote on container basis the following size panels: 
920mm x 2900mm long 20mm panels finished edges on 2 long & 1 end.
610mm x 2900mm long 20mm panels finished edges 2 end & 1 long. 
Two style edges : 20mm 180degree round
40mm 180 degree round
Colours mixed range. June 27, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7652 Australia: Retail: I want granite bench top of approx attached. (approx 9m x 600mm). Happy to use 600 mm Tiles rather than slabs if not available. Colours of interest are off white/pink granites such as G635. Please email rough cost (eg per m2). June 23, Contact USD 50 

e 7574 Australia: Landscape: We require kerb stones in size 200 x 150 x 150 (thick) in either flamed or chiseled finish. Please quote for the following quantities 5000 pieces, 1000 pieces and 15000 pieces. We are after cheap rates. My tel. no. is +61-2-92......June 18, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7467 Australia: Retail: Looking for suppliers who sell basalt in South Australia, or Adelaide, if possible. June 10, Contact USD 10

BG: e 7457 Australia: We want Vratza Limestone for a project in Australia. Approx 3000 M2 of both 2 CM and 3 CM thick polished and honed face finish. We would appreciate the technical specification of the product i.e.: volumetric weight, co-efficient of absorption, porosity, flexural strength, etc. and any other information you have at your disposal. We require these to determine if this particular stone is suitable for our
particular application. we would prefer costing C&F and CIF Melbourne Australia.
We are unfamiliar with this product but understand it is a durable, medium to dense limestone suitable for both interior and external use.
We would like to know the following :-
1. What colours are available?
2. How consistent are the colours?
3. What are the nominal slab sizes in 20 mm thick and 30mm thick?
4 Are there different types?
5. Is it possible obtain consistent colour and texture for a project of approx 3000M2?
6. Paving sizes are 1200mm x 600mm x 20mm?
7. Wall cladding sizes are Approx 657mm High x 1200mm - 1500mm x 30mm
8. What are the Physio/ Mechanical properties? June 9, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

AU: e 7286 China: Blocks: We are looking for block supplier of Mulroy Green from Australia. What is the monthly production capacity of Mulroy Green? Is the material suitable for big project, say how many color shades would be in 1,400M3 blocks? May 28, Contact USD 100

AU: e 7280 Australia: Please could you send to me information about prices of all Australians' marbles & granites (slabs 20&30 mm thickness and a base size of tiles) and if possible a contact for quarries for each stone. I just would like to analyze a chance to establish a business as a wholesaler of Australian stone in Queensland. May 28, Contact USD 50 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7272 Australia: Landscape: Our purchase price is US$120 to US$160 per Ton. Qty is 4 x Container a Year. Would like to import. Want 2mm smooth pebble, white-black-green, etc. First & second quality is okay. Need ASAP. We are interested in 2mm to 4mm stone pebbles (not marble) only, would it be possible to E-Mail pictures of them and if suitable we can arrange for some samples. Would it be possible to forward a 1kg sample of the 2mm white pebble as well as samples of pebbles up to 6mm size? I will pay the freight. My contact no. is 08 940.....  See price list # 254, May 27, Contact USD 200 (updated inquiry)

IN: e 7264 Australia: I want Indian granite slabs. I wish to meet suppliers when I am in India shortly. See pricelist 195, 196 & 205. My contact no. is 0412 0.....May 27, Contact Rs 5000 (open)

CN: e 7153 Australia: I am a stone trader in Queensland. I want quotes for Chinese granite products. My contact no. is 61 7 32......WALL VENEER STONE, COBBLESTONES, TILES. Size range: 30X30CM, 30X60CM, 60X60CM. Surface POLISHED, HONED, BUSH HAMMERED, FLAMED. First Quality. May 14, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7118 (a) Australia: I trade in mint multi colour with yellow veins running through a whitish background (image). I also need several containers a year. The stone must be natural finish both sides at about 50mm thickness (say 45-60mm). we will pay AU$10 sqm FOB from Indian port including all packing and fumigation. May 11, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7118 Australia: Landscape: We are stonemasons in Sydney Australia. At the moment we need 2000sqm of flag stones and or slabs requested by a client. The client requires what we call a buff colour/ fawn colour. With this colour the client is unsure what he wants, he wants to see as many colours as possible. if need be we will pay for samples. May 11, Contact USD 150 (open)

e 7117 Australia: We require blue pearl in size 240 x 120. Please quote us your best prices. My contact no. is +61-2-92......May 11, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7109 Australia: Required urgently bark brown granite tile approx 750 square feet. Must be shipped to Australia within 10 days. May 10, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7081 Australia: We urgently require Desert sand granite in 1200 x 450 (wide) x 50mm (thick) Honed - 138 pieces, 1200 x 300 (wide) x 100mm (thick) Honed - 246 pieces. Please quote us your best price along with payment terms and delivery time. Contact no. 61-2-923......May 9, Contact USD 300  

e 7078 Australia: I own a fabricating unit. I want darkest green granite or darkest emperador marble for counters. Please suggest any other foreign materials you may also have – beige colour marbles like Botticino, Noce Travertine, Beige Travertine. 
i want the slabs to be calibrated and without any curves. I also want White marbles – Carrara / Statuario Bianco / Calcatta Orio and granites – Juparana / Black Galaxy / Blue Pearl – others.
Please send detailed list of all materials that you have in stock in block or slab/tile – as this will allow me to promote to a client what you have and order more quickly from this listing. May 9, Contact USD 100 (open)

ALL: e 7058 Australia: We are looking to import big size marbles and granites slabs. Please quote with details. We are in Sydney. We want C&f UAE and Sydney on USD 15.00 per m2 for G002 and USD 16.00 per m2 for G005. If you agree to the price we can give trial order for 3 - 5 40ft container to start with and it can be pf big volume later on. also let us know if you have have Green, Black and Pink Granite. May 7, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 6918 Australia: I want Black ice from Australia. How do I contact quarry or seller? April 28 Contact USD 20

e 6742 Australia: I am looking for a source of alabaster or soapstone in Australia, all in reasonably large blocks e.g. 500mm cu. and larger. Or just large lumps. April 16, Contact USD 50

IN: e 6731 Australia: Please quote for Indian granite slabs, size 2.135 x 1.2 m and 30mm thick. Black Galaxy and White Galaxy, one 20 ft container for each color. Polished surface, first quality. Thickness tolerance 
+ / - 1mm. Payment in USD. Can order in approx one month. No edge machining required. Fully packed and shipped to Fremantle, Western Australia. We would like to get into a possible business venture here in Western Australia 6066. My contact phone no is 61-089-........April 15, Contact Rs 2500 (open)


e 6697 Australia: Please quote for marble tiles, granite, monuments, etc of various sizes. The prices should be CIF Sydney Australia. All tiles must be polished. The sizes we want to import are 30 x 30 x 1 cm, 30 x 60 x 1 cm and 30 x 60 x 2 cm. Phone + Fax: +61-2-964.....April 11, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6670 Australia: Landscape:  Please quote for cube size cm 10x10x8thick and cm 15x15x8thick natural split cube CIF to Sydney Australia. The stone is JG 792. April 9, Contact USD 50

e 6600 Australia: I am looking for a supplier of marble and especially alabaster for carving. Blocks should range from 1 square metre to approximately 2m x 2m x 1m. I would prefer Australian marble if available but am interested in stone from any source provided the quality is there with minimal faults. I live in Melbourne. 
April 3, Contact USD 20 

e 6584 Bahrain: We are a well established company engaged in trading, fabrication and installation of natural stones. We have associate companies in other Asian countries as well. 
We want Australian pure white Sand Stone. Please quote with 10X10X2cm samples. Also mention sizes available, color variation range, delivery time for say 1000 sqm of 5 cm thick cut-to-size or slabs with terms, etc. Our fax no. is 00973 .....April 1, Contact USD 100

AU: e 6282 Australia: Please send us prices, availability, stone data, digital images on two types of Australian marble: Blue Crystal and Opal Pearl. We are in QLD and our contact no. is +61 747......March 1, Contact USD 100

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

AU: e 2053 USA: I am looking for an Australian stone that is quarried under water.  Its name in the US is Verde Fire.  Its green and red.  I want to import if possible. Nov 19. Contact 

AU: e 1979 USA: I am looking for the manufacturer of slabs of Verde Fauco / HARLEQUIN (Australian Granite) in Australia. We are importers of of all kinds of natural stone from all over the world in USA. I am interested in buying 4 to 5 containers in a month. Nov 6. Contact

AU: e 1888 Italy: We have seen the photo of granite stone from Australia called BLUE CRISTAL in "stone album" (www.findstone.com/matph.htm). We would like the supplier from Australia to contact us. Sept 19. Contact

AU, FR: e 1835 Indonesia: We want granite from Australia, they are: ARIAH PARLE GOLD; from France: JAUNE AURORA. Aug 31. Contact

AU, CN, IT: e 1681 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We import lots of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like Pietra Del Cardosa which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from Italy (www.findstone.com/ITAsand1.htm). Could you kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact

e1352 USA: I want Basalt massage stones. Jan 26.

Don't forget to see inquiries in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm