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Basalt Inquiries September  2006
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This page lists Basalt Inquiries. 

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Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm.

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Basalt inquiries for year 2006

e 21332: I am looking for basalt gravel 4.8 to 8mm in size. I need 20 to 50 lbs. of this gravel. Sept 5 Contact 

e 20928 China: We are a Marble Company in Hong Kong, looking for thousands feets of Basaltina, could you give me the quotation and size of slabs of Basaltina. Telephone: 00852 949...... June 26 Contact 

e 20849 USA: Need Basalt rock dust or # 10 Sand (although not limestone dust) that has a high mineral content - used for gardening purposes
Ideally, I could pick up bagged samples or small quantities myself; when we've determined this is the right product we will order larger
quantities - like truckloads. I want to buy from the Georgia or Tennessee area. I want to buy NOW! I can finalize a supplier immediately. I can place an order as soon as Monday the 19th June. Tel: (727) 44.....June 17 Contact 

e 20815 USA: Do you have pre-drilled basalt columns for water fountains? If so, could you let me know the price with shipping to zip code 84501?  June 12 Contact 

e 20707 Australia: I am currently looking to buy one container of Bali Rock. The stone is Black to Dark Grey in colour is almost a basalt as rough in finish. The same stone the Balinese use to make columns and Friezes in there Temples. Please send info regarding the different prices for different sizes. Tel: 0418 9.....May 30 Contact  

e 20475 Netherlands: We are looking for a supplier for 20 ft containers table tops in natural stone, spec. Basalt en Blue stone fossil, with the following measurements 180x90x3 cm & 240x100x3 cm. We would like to receive prices for bush and pin hammering of table boards and surface per m2. tel: 0416 2.....May 5 Contact 

e 20455 USA: I am looking to purchase a basalt rock dust for the purpose of organic gardening. It has to be a 200 fineness. Do you produce such a product or know who does? I need to pick this up in Nashville, Chattanooga, or Knoxville, preferably bagged. Tel. no. and address (727) 44......April 29 Contact 

e 20355 Bahrain: We are tendering a project and looking for companies to Quote us for Basalt Column, basalt quartz. April 15 Contact 

e 20310 Canada: Retail: Can you advise who in the Vancouver BC Canada Area would have a supply of dark (almost black) Basalt for a modest kitchen counter top?  Tel : 604-98.....April 11 Contact 

e 20174 Australia: What is a container of your basalt cobble stone worth shipped to Brisbane, Australia. Also some pictures available? March 28 Contact 

e 20019 UK: Do you sell massage basalt stone sets? Tel: 01698 3..... March 12 Contact 

e 20006 USA: I am interested in the drilled basalt columns and basalt benches. You can call me at (419) 92......March 10 Contact 

e 19891 UK: We would like to buy black basalt tiles, approximately 400mm square and 50mm deep. The stone is to be used as a cooking surface. We are willing to buy from any area dependent on price. We are currently researching appropriate materials and supplier options.
To finalise a supplier we need to get a sample and arrange a final quantity price. We expect to make our order by May 2006. As we are planning to buy tiles, we would be willing to opt for close standard sizes, however we need to have at least 50mm of depth. Tel: (+44) 77067.....Feb 26 Contact  

e 19863 Saudi Arabia: Please quote us the price for Basalt Tile (1000mmx600mmx30mm)=45m2, the price should be quoted c&F Dammam. Telephone: +966-1-40..... Feb 23 Contact  

e 19695: I am trying to find out where I can purchase polished basalt in a 19x17x2 pieces for anti vibration for sensitive equipment? Feb 9 Contact 

e 19687: We are developing an inhabited island on the Caribbean region. The construction will start next year but in the mean time we are going to decide for the various suppliers. We require lots of stone, including marble, granite, alabaster, basalt, slate and travertine. Tel: +1 646 41.....Feb 8 Contact 

e 19594 Belgium: Is it possible to give us a FOB-price for basalt cobblestones in 20x15x12 cm. How many are there in one 20 ft. container? How many are there in one square metre? Tel 00324...... Jan 28 Contact

e 19588: Do you carry smooth basalt lava stones? We need stones ranging from 1" -5". Our telephone number is 416-71.....we are looking to order around 1000 lbs on a monthly basis. Jan 27 Contact 

Basalt inquiries for year 2005

e 18797 Chile: Please quote with  details like dimensions, colors and technical specifications for basalt, bluestone and lime stones. Nov 4 Contact 

e 18151: Looking for suppliers of basalt. July 19 Contact 

e 17765 SWEDEN: Would like to import small amounts of black lava stone to Stockholm. We are looking for small stones, a variety from about 4cm to 7-8cm or bigger. It should work as decoration stone (like coal) in a flame decoration, but in Sweden we only have white or brown lava stone. Can you help us? Phone +46 8 545......May 29 Contact

April 2005

e 17485 USA: I am looking for basalt rocks for landscaping. I need 400-500 lbs of wild basalt rock in fist size pieces for sauna stove. I am in NC. Tel. no. is 336-36.....Apr 22 Contact

e 17341 France: We are looking for material from Malaysia: limestone, granite, sandstone and marble. We want to buy all types of granites , marbles, limestones, sandstones, basalt.... for our business. We sell all over France : pavers, slabs; kerbs,tiles etc..... We are looking for important quarries producing in a short time and giving us good FOB or CNF prices in containers. Tel. No. is 00333282.....Apr 7 Contact

March 2005

e 17247 Canada: I am looking for a supplier of basalt lava stones. I would prefer direct contact with a quarry company. I would prefer stones that have been tumbled and semi screened for specific size and shape. The stones are typically flat and round or oval with a diameter no greater than 7 inches or 18 centimeters. The stones will be resold to the aquatic and health industry. My tel. no. is 613.72.....Mar 24 Contact 

January 2005

e 16642 USA: I am looking on information on Lava. Jan 27, Contact

e 16494 India: Our customers whom we represent are interested in sourcing some Marble / Granite products from India in Full Container Loads. We are looking for Manga Red / Black Basalt and Grey Granite qualities
Please find herewith details of our enquiry pertaining to our customer's requirement for Europe, please could you send us your reference samples along with best possible price offers for these items :-
Manga red and grey granite material and black basalt
1. Cubes 15/17 ( 16x16x16 cm ), 8/10 ( 9x9x9 cm) 4/6 ( 5x5x5 cm)
a) completely handcut only
b) completely handcut, one surface fine picked
c) top/bottom sawn, edges handcut and under cutted not more than 1 cm at one side
surface flamed
surface fine picked
2. kerb stones (W x H x L)
8x20x100 cm 
10x25x100 cm
3. square kerbs 12x12 and 15x15 x 50-200 cm, (various fix length) 
a) completely handcut and all six surfaces fine picked
b) completely sawn and all six surfaces flamed
4. slabs 20x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x60 x 3, 4, 6 , 8 and 10 cm thickness
a) completely sawn, surface flamed
b) completely sawn, surface fine picked
5. block steps 15x35x100, 120 and 150 cm lenght, completely sawn, five sides flamed, all edges 5 mm chamfered 
Our tel. no. is 011 241.....Please also advice what is the FOB Port from where you normally export these goods. Jan 18, Contact   

e 16347 USA: Inquiry for commercial quantities of Basalt.  
Specifications: MOHS Hardness of 6.0 minimum
US Sieve Size              % Passing
No. 4                               100
No. 8                               97-100
No. 12                             3-30
No. 20                             0-3 
Maximum aggregate moisture shall not exceed 0.5%
Aggregate shall be supplied in bags (2,000 lbs preferred, smaller would be acceptable)
Sieve analysis and certified test reports shall be required
Approximate Quantities: 14 to 20 tons 
Delivery to western South Dakota
Timeframe: sometime between April and June of 2005
Material is to be used for Bridge Rehabilitation Projects for the South Dakota Department of Transportation, several project will be let every year, so a supplier would see repeat business on this material. My tel. no. is (605) 34..... Jan 10, Contact   

e 16281: I am an architect looking for Basalt stone. Jan 5, Contact

e 16043 Singapore: Please quote best C&F, Singapore for Black Lava Stone, size 900 x 450 x 20mm qty 250 sqm. My tel. no. is (65) 981.....Dec 15, Contact

e 15898 India: I am an exporter of Indian Natural Stones from Bangalore, India and one of my buyer was enquiring about Indian basalt stone tiles. Perhaps from the Deccan? I would like to know whether it is quarried for building stone? I would be interested in finding more information about the basalt stone and my customer wants immediately 500 Sqm in the size 1500x600x30mm and another 500 Sqm in the size 600x300x10mm.  My customer is looking for basalt with "character", so flaws, bubbles, veins and fissures are not a problem. If you are a supplier or Manufacturer, please send me the details of your products with Pictures if you have any. My tel. no. is +91 80 569.....Dec 4, Contact

e 15864 USA: We are looking for a supplier for large quantity of Black Lava Stone. Please contact me with per ton Pricing and delivery cost to Santa Barbara CA. My tel. no. is 805 89.....Dec 1, Contact

e 15766 UK: I am looking for basalt producers in South America as well is their such a stone produced from there? Nov 24, Contact

e 15735 Fiji: We are interested in Lava Stone none polish 300x300x20mm and 300x300x50mm. This is for a hotel project - 5 star hotel. Total qty 12000 sqm.  Nov 21, Contact 

e 15183 USA: Email me relevant information regarding Basalt for use in countertops. I am in San Juan. My tel. no. is 787.72......Oct 14, Contact

e 15161 Singapore: Looking for 200,000 m3 of basalt / granite stones 75 mm / 125 mm / 250 mm. Delivery - Bombay Harbour by April & May 2005. . Our tel. no. is Phone + 65 632.....Oct 12, Contact 

e 14576 USA: We are a high-end exotic stone dealer in the United States. We currently are trading polished stones, beach pebbles, and unique basalt columns. We have a national distribution network of retailers and warehouse companies. Landscape supply, hardware supply, pet stores, Home and Garden centers are just to name a few of the industries we are in. We ship in 50lbs bags and tote (super) sacks. Would it be possible to get more information on the smaller products you can supply (under 8 inches)? Sept 3, Contact 

e 14365 Italy: Can I have same information about basalt lava? Aug 21, Contact

e 14097: Please quote for granites of 2cm thickness verde abyss, anatolian grey, antico d'italia rosso, anatolia black, basaltina. Qty. is 100 sqm each. Kindly quote for grade A and B. Our Manager will be visiting Italy for the purchase. Also quote for floor tile of Verde Marina for 700 sqm. The size should be 40cm X 40cm X 10mm. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14015 UK: We have an enquiry for Basalt. We are looking for a stockist in the UK or would you be able to provide us with prices relating to this rock? We only know that our client wants 20mm. thickness and we are unsure of the colour this material would be available in. We are aware that it is volcanic and comes from many countries but we understand that our client is thinking of Spanish Basalt. We are in Essex. Our tel. no. is 020 850.....Aug 5, Contact

e 13573 Syria: Looking for suppliers or quarry owners of basalt aggregate stones in Syria (Middle East) to be used for construction purposes. We are a Lebanese company. My tel no. is 00 961-1-5......July 13, Contact

e 12960 Australia: We are looking for volcanic stone with spec 40cm x 40cm X 8cm and polished surface. How many colors do you have? First order would be 1000 pieces. Please be sure this stone board must be volcanic stone and can stand high heat at least for three or four hours during BBQ. The mobile phone no. is 04232...... June 5, Contact

e 12816 Canada: I am looking for black or reddish basalt stones, sizes 1/2 inches up to eight inches. I am in Toronto, Ontario. My phone is 416-26.....May 26, Contact USD 20

e 12436 USA: We would you like to buy some sculptured basalt from 2 x 2 to 10 x 10. My phone number is 208 73.....Apr 30, Contact USD 50

e 12434 USA: Landscape: We need giant black lava rocks about 12" or larger. My contact no. is 281.30.....I am in TX. Apr 30, Contact USD 20

e 11630 Australia: I am looking for lava stone to make a bench top in Sydney. Mar 9, Contact USD 20 

e 11473 USA: We are a wholesale/retail nursery and landscape business. We are interested in buying lava rock to use in landscaping. We need prices, shipping and size of the bag information. Mar 1, Free Contact (against images)

e 10684 USA: I am interesting to by Basalt slabs from Mexico. I am in New Orleans. Jan 21, Contact USD 40 (open) 

e 10321 Netherlands: I am looking for 65m2 Premium Black Granite or Basalt tiles 45 x 45 x12-15mm. for my living room. Please send  quotations. My phone no. is 00 31 6 55 7.....The specs. are texture: Fine Grained, honed finish, standard shade variation. The tiles should be calibrated. Jan 2, Contact USD 50

e 10270 Turkey: Please quote for basalt. Our fax no. is 90-262-330.....Dec 30, Contact

e 10129 USA: Looking for a source who has the capabilities of making a custom healing stone otherwise known as a worry stone. 
I'm not sure of the type of stone it appears to be a type of Marble (Ivory color). I would need the size of an egg but round not egg shape. One side to have the indent for the worry stone thumb size and the other side to be domed with the Logo incised into the stone like etched with antique in the detail to show better detail. The stone is smooth in texture. Qty from 100 pcs & up. Need estimated shipping time and costs. Dec 18, Contact

e 9754 USA: I am looking for basaltina, medium grey color, honed and filled, cut to size pieces, approximately 800 sq ft, largest size, 4'-8" x 4'-8". I need the material very quickly, will probably get it air shipped to the US. I would also need a sample fedexed to me immediately. I am in NY and my contact no. is 914 69.....See pricelist 1083. Nov 21, Contact

e 9692 USA: Please quote for basalt stones on wholesale basis. We are in FL 33324-1065. our phone no. is 954.47......Nov 18, Contact  

e 9295 USA: We want 20 solid blocks of basalt 250 mm X 250 mm X 500 mm. Oct 20, Contact 

e 8937 UK: I am looking for a stone supplier to provide one set of stones in the short term then the possibility of a number of sets. I require 54 basalt stones smooth and rounded and in various sizes. I also require 18 Marble stones smoothed and in various sizes. I am ready to purchase but will require images of the stones, prices, shipping costs etc. Contact no. is + 44 2476 3.....Sept 19, Contact

e 7616 USA: Landscape: I am looking for small basalt smooth stones. June 20, Contact

e 7467 Australia: Retail: Looking for suppliers who sell basalt in South Australia, or Adelaide, if possible. June 10, Contact

e 6350 Belgium: I want basaltina. Would like to know main producers and any distributors in Belgium. Please quote. march 8, Contact

CN: e 6304 Germany: I want basalt lava from China. Currently I require 27 tons. March 4, Contact 

e 6904 USA: Landscape: I am a landscape architect in San Antonio and need Basalt boulders large enough for a seating area on a project we are working on a design development phase of courtyard project
Smooth surfaces for seating. Edges can be more of a cut look. 
3 @ 3.5'w x 3.5'd x 2.5'h, 2 @ 2.5'w x 2.5'd x 2'h, 5 @ 1.5'w x 1.5'd x 1.5'h
Preferably buy locally, from south Texas location or distributor. We want to hand select them, so not to much travel distance. Will pay for courier cost of samples (small sample), Our contact no. is (210) 73.....April 27, Contact

e 6738 Spain: We design design bathing elements and distribute to prestigious firms. We are starting to make our own edition. We want basalt stone. Please quote with images. Our tel no. is 0034 84......April 16, Contact

e 6679 Singapore: Landscape: We are looking for small basalt stones or pebbles that would be sized appropriately for hot stone massage. We would want them to be smooth and dense. Preferably, we want three sizes, from small (to fit between the fingers and toes), medium (slightly smaller than palm size), large (roughly size of a hand). 
I would want a dark black colour with a very shiny surface. I've attached some pictures for your reference. 
I would want various sizes for different applications as shown in the pics. From 1 inch to 2 inches; 2 inches to 3 inches; 3 inches to 4 inches; 4 inches to 5 inches. I would want the shapes to be flat in general, rather
than round ones and thick ones. I would also want elongated shapes. Please refer to attached pics.
My initial order will be one ton if the the stones fit our requirement. Please advise on the shipping and handling fee for one ton of ZH-P421. We are looking for a bulk order if it fits our requirements. Please send pricing and types available. April 10, Contact

e 6649 Spain: We want sandstone called pietra basaltina. We prefer a supplier from Spain or Italy. Qty. reqd. is 60 square meters. We are in Madrid. My mobile telephone no. is +346090.....April 7, Contact

e 5719 Australia: We want Basalt Stones. Jan 28, Contact

e 5498 USA: Block: I am a stone carver looking for a source of Basalt blocks. I am having no luck with my usual suppliers. Qty. reqd. is 100-300lb blocks only. Jan 11, Contact

e 5279 Romania: We want Basalt. Dec 19, Contact

e 4670 USA: I want basalt or anything that is made from basalt. Nov 3, Contact See Offers

DE: e 4199 UK: I am trying to source a supplier of Basalt lava stone in Germany (not actually Weserhart sandstein but the same stable!). Sept 18. Contact See Offers

ALL: e 4140 China: We are a trade company, we need black basalt , size: 12/12/50-120, split finish. 1 container minimum. Pricing terms FOB any MAIN PORT. Sept 13, Contact See Offers

e 3588 USA: Retail: I want basalt for a kitchen countertop. I want olivine or yellow color variation which would add interest to the black. I am in Yorktown VA. July 26. Contact

CN: e 3583 USA: We are a large wholesaler in building materials. Currently shipping Stone Products in the western U.S. We ship 400 tons per month in various Granite and Basalt in all types of applications. We want to contact suppliers of Granite in China as a source of supply for granite for our Building Materials and Lawn and Garden business. We are in Portland. July 25. Contact, See Offer,

e 3235 Israel: Landscape: Quote for Basalt paving cobbles size 100 by 100 by 6 mm upper face flamed or bush-hammered sides natural cleft. Also interested in any kind of bricks, old bricks, resistant cobblestone, tiles and curbstones suitable for public and private jobs. Please send me small samples and catalogs by mail, technical specifications, references, price list and discounts. Prices should be reasonable and competitive. Packaging needs to be crated or bulk bags. June 22. Contact See Offers

EG: e 3210 Finland: I need a list (and pictures) of all available types (and colors) of sandstone and good quality limestone in Egypt. The limestone should be durable so it should be "dolomitic limestone / dolomite" if possible.
What I am seeking:
1) the stone has to be from Egypt (and would also be used there)
2) the stones have to be hard (sandstone or dolomitic limestone), as hard as possible. Granite is not possible. Black "Gabro Aswan" or basalt will be also used in the project, but other stones can not be granites. 
3) there should be three or at least two colours, one grey (or two greys: one dark and one medium) and one light colour, almost white (light beige or light grey or white).
And some questions:
1) Is basalt much cheaper than "black aswan"?
2) Is "black aswan" harder than basalt? (the amount that would be used is enormous...). June 19. Contact, See Offers

e 3082 USA:  I want natural honed natural basalt tile 1700 sq ft. for the floor of a condominium in Sun Valley, Idaho. I need availability in two weeks in Idaho. I am flexible on size between 12" and 24" square. I am flexible on thickness, anything that is serviceable for a residential floor (light use). I want natural solid gray color. Please feel free to call about arrangements. I need this in a hurry, will gladly pay for Federal Express. I am in Palo Alto, CA. June 1. ContactSee Offers,

e 2821 Canada: Landscape: I would like to find a supplier of basalt and/or river stones in Ontario, Canada. I live in southern Ontario. April 24. Contact

e 2814 USA: We are mainly looking for a dark gray material called Basaltinal, oriental Basalt 300 m2 for flooring uniform with no veins. Payment will be done by L/C. Delivery time is 6 weeks as we need it for a project. April 23. Contact

e 2770 USA: e 2770 USA: I am a staff member at an ashram in upstate New York. I recently became aware of fused basalt products while researching materials for the reconstruction of our ritual fire pit. It occurred to me there could be a retail market for smaller cast basalt items, however, the only manufacturers I've found are solely industrial. Can you put me in contact with a company that is set-up for small scale basalt casting, i.e. figurines, incense holders, etc.? I am interested in cast black basalt. April 17.  Contact, See Offers

e 2821 Canada: Landscape: I would like to find a supplier of basalt and/or river stones in Ontario, Canada. I live in southern Ontario. April 24. Contact

1. Plate - 300x300x40 mm. Light yellow color granite. Surface is simple cut, not shined. No lines of from cutting process. Qty: 8500 m2
2. Plate - 200x200x40 mm. Light yellow color granite. Surface is simple cut, not shined. No lines of from cutting process. Qty: 5200 m2
3. Plate - 300x300x40 mm. Light yellow color granite. Dark red color granite or basalt. Surface is simple cut, not shined. No lines of from cutting process. Qty: 4800 m2
4. Cub. Edges can vary from 40 to 60 mm, but not allowed less than 40mm or more than 60 mm. Granite. Colors: Gray, Dark gray, light yellow, red. Qty: 550 m2 each (sum 2200 m2). Feb 27. Contact, See Offers 

e 2246 USA: I am looking for a source of black to gray volcanic basalt rocks for sculpting. Jan 3. Contact ,See Offers