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October  2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Germany. 

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Year 2006

e 21391 Germany : I am looking for Pumice stone. Please, send me the information. Tel. 0049 296.....Sept 14 Contact

e 21185 Germany : Please quote for Premium black and black galaxy tiles. Aug 9 Contact

e 21121 Germany : Please quote for CAT 950B excavator. Tel: +49176-251......July 25 Contact

e 20838 Germany : We are looking for the following machinery: 
1) one used Excavator Cat 320 1995-2000
2) one Wheel Loader Cat 966 1995-2000
You may please tell us the following question 
1. availability of machine.
2. Year of construction of machine 
3. If any technical inspection certificate e.g.OSHA exist with the machine.
4. Exact location to visit
5. Final price
6. Type of payment i.e. L/C, cash
7. Type of delivery, FOB or Ex-Location
8. Their interest to ship the machine to Caracas
Phone: +49-2166-1......June 15 Contact

e 20485 Germany : We are the largest granite, marble and ceramic dealer and fabricator in Cologne , Germany and we looking for new supplier for our ceramic tiles showroom. If you are interested in an cooperation please be so kind and send us your product information, prices and delivery terms (payment and delivery time). Tel: +49-2203.....May 7 Contact 

e 20134 Germany : I would like to receive sellers offers of Onyx & slate. Phone number 0049160962......March 23 Contact

e 20082 Germany : Please quote for 60sqm free length (30 x 1,5 x free) Madura Gold. March 18 Contact

e 19747 Germany : Please quote for Rosa Portugal Salmone, 30 ea. sawed natural stone elements in the masses need: 20 x 20 x 30 cm. Further we need a sample. Tel: +49 30 308......Feb 13 Contact

e 19680 Germany : Please quote for Crema Marfil as per readystock 432. Tel: 0049-170-90.....Feb 8 Contact  

e 19420 Germany : I am looking for manufacturers of granite grave stones and other products from granite in Indonesia . Jan 9 Contact 

e 19408 Germany : We are interested for your CREMA BELLO - LIME STONE AND WHITE MUGLA MARBLE BLOCK. See ready stock list 533. Send me please more Information, the Sizes from the Blocks and Photos. Jan 7 Contact

e 19373 Germany : Can you also offer CAT 988G excavator upto 5000 hours? Phone:+49/4176/9.....Jan 3 Contact

e 19359 Germany: Please be advised that we have an request from one of our customers in Africa who are interested to buy a Mobile Crane Kato NK500-BV, with the following specs.: 
- Model: KATO NK500-BV
- Year : 2000 or 2001
- Capacity: 50 tone
- Specs: 40M Boom, 5 Section Boom, 15m Jib, Right Hand Driver Mitsubishi carrier.
So kindly quote us your best price for the delivery of the above mentioned crane, the delivery country will be confirmed to you upon the confirmation of our customer for the offer. Payment to be by Irrevocable Letter of Credit issued by German bank. Jan 2 Contact

Year 2005

e 19279 Germany : We seek Supplier for Quarzite in the different Colors worldwide. Full Containers deliver for a long Time Business. Dec 21 Contact 

e 19253 Germany : We seek always Tiles 1cm Thickness, all Sizes of Indian Granites like Black galaxy and Kashmir white. Full Containers 20 feet, long time business. Only best Prices. Dec 18 Contact

e 19246 Germany : Please quote for Bulldozers. Tel. No: 00387 63 .....Dec 17 Contact  

e19204 Germany : We seek a Supplier for kashmir Tiles 61cm x 30,5cm x 1cm, watercut, bevelled edge, first Quality, Full Containers CFR Hamburg or FOB Indian Port. We are interested for a long time Business. Dec 14 Contact

e 18842 Germany : Looking to buy coulor slate. Qty. is appox. 65 m2 to Hamburg ? I would send you pics of our entrance hall and kitchen floors which are to be extended within the living room area. I attach photos (image 1 & image 2) of our entrance hall and kitchen floors. It seems that our slate is "rich autumn", but I am certain that you will check it out. Please advise total cost including delivery and time needed for same. Tel: 40 89..... Nov 9 Contact 

e 18630 Germany : Our company is looking for large quantities of special stones, originating from the Philippines , described as white natural hole rocks, look-a-like as shown at the posted picture. We need these stones for garden decoration and as aquarium ornament and are very interested in this material. Tel.: 0049-40-399.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18629 Germany : We are on look for a yellow-orange-red cobble-stone, the material looks mixture colored. So far we buy this stone at the company in Bremen . The problem is that this dealer can sell us only cobble-stones in size 9/9/9. We intend to offer further sizes of cobbles as well as plates and stages and other one. The company calls the material "Indian-gold". On an Indian InterNet side we found pictures, which seems to be very similar the granite. On one Side there the granite is called "Ivory chiffon". Another picture saw the material also very similar to the granite is called "madura gold". We would like to manufacture gladly a direct contact for the producer and to experience the possibilities of production. Enclosed you receive some pictures (image 1, image 2, image 3) from the cobbles, which we bought at the company in Bremen . Tel. no. is 0049-3328-3.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18522 Germany : We are interested to contact a supplier of Indian sandstone. Sept 30 Contact 

e 18487 Germany : We are interested for Slabs, half Slabs and Tiles in Chinese Granite G 603, G633, G361, G 623, G 654 and other Granite. Full Containers 20 feet. Prices please FOB. Sept 22 Contact

e 18434 Germany : We are looking for supplier of Turkey Afyon Honey White marble. We want to make a first trial order of calibrate and polished plates 30x60x2cm. Please inform us about minimum order and send us an offer including all costs besides (freight-charge etc...). We are located nearby Munich/Germany. Tel. +49 844......Sept 14 Contact   

e 18355 Germany : Please send us your offer for used machinary for TERZAGO press and Polishing. Mobile : +49-162-26......Aug 29 Contact 

e 18210 Germany : Please send us your offer for used machinery for TERZAGO press and Polishing. Mobile : +49-162-26......July 27 Contact

e 18200 Germany : I am looking for Vizag Blue granite blocks from India . Block Size: 250up x 120up x 120 up. Shape: well-dimensioned, rectangular (cubical), NO CRACKS! Color: no defects (like different colored veins, or big black spots). Terms: CNF Hamburg . Quantity: 25 to, roughly 8 square meters, 2-3 Blocks. Phone: +49 40 6......If Price is okay we will purchase immediately. July 26 Contact

e 18176 Germany : Please send us an offer for Rosal Limestone Slabs 2 or 3 cm thick. We need 2 slabs of about 5 square meters, best quality for reception desk. Please send best price and conditions as delivery time. July 21 Contact

e 18104 Germany: We are a trading company from Germany, searching for a new supplier of black-glaxay granite tiles in 30,5x30,5x1 cm, calibrated, polished, ready to floor, best possibly quality, first choice/grade. For a first trial order we need 1000 sqm. Fax: 0049 6372 5.....July 15 Contact   

e 18092 Germany: We are a trading company from Germany, searching for a new supplier of black-galaxy granite tiles in 30,5 x 30,5x1 cm,  calibrated, polished, ready to floor, best possibly quality, first choice/grade. For a first trial order we need 1000 sqm. Fax: 0049 6372 5.....
July 13 Contact  

e 18053 Germany : Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for Volvo L60 loader. Tel.: 05139 7.....July 10 Contact

e 17925 Germany : Please quote for travertine and basalt from Armenia . June 27 Contact

e 17879 Germany : we look for a very bright Roman Travertine Size 20 cm broad, 30.40 +50 cm long, thickly 10mm. Qty. is 45 sqm. Tel. no. is 07131.7.....June 16 Contact

e 17726 Germany : We are interested in stone processing machinery as displayed in ready stock 351 of findstone.com. Our tel. no. is 
+49  (0)17365.....May 20 Contact

e 17365 Germany : Stone processing Machine: We need urgently your offer for: 
1 off Used granite polishing machine preferably of Italian origin. 
Please inform your interest to quote per return. Your offer with max. reseller's discount will be highly appreciated. Please provide us with your offer: 
- Technical data sheets in English.
- Packing details (weight & dimensions) & 
- Normal price as well as discounted price separately. 
Tel.: + 49 228 6......Apr 11 Contact  

e 17246 Germany : I am in search for a producer of first class tombstones from India which is able to deliver part loads of 5 tons+. I want to give first order quite fast. Mar 24 Contact 

e 16609 Germany : Please quote for travertine Classico 20 cm for 30-40-50 cm, thickness 1cm Qty. approx. 45 m2. My tel. no. is  07131-7........Jan 25, Contact 

e 16585 Germany : We are interested in Brown and Black Fossil Marble (Container loads). See pricelist 579. Kindly give us your best price for the supply of blocks and slabs 2 cm & 3 cm.  Jan 22, Contact

e 16477 Germany : Earthmoving Machinery: We want to get info. about Hitachi ex 200-3 Excavator. Please quote for this machine. My tel. no. is 0049 176 280.....Jan 17, Contact

Year 2004

e 16086 Germany : Please provide the cost and images for agates. Our tel. no. is +49 89 255.....Dec 17, Contact

e 16072 Germany : Please quote for agates. Dec 16, Contact

e 15999 Germany : I am in search for 30 alabaster blocks of the quantity 20cm x 20cm x 30cm. For the beginning I would bring approx. 30 pieces. Dec 10, Contact  

e 15969 Germany : Please quote for Chinese G603 polished tiles of 30.5 x 30.5 x 1.0 cm, qty. 900 sqm. Dec 9, Contact

e 15964 Germany: Please send us your best prices for polished slabs 2cm and 3cm thickness and prices for Tiles 1cm Thickness in Indian Juparana Colombo, Imperial White, Kashmir white. 20 Feet Containers, FOB. Have you a good Shipping Company lower 1300 USD incl BAF and CAF CIF Hamburg? Have you also polished Half Slabs for a lowest Price?  Dec 8, Contact

e 15936 Germany : Please quote for slate plates 40 x 40. Dec 7, Contact

e 15807 Germany : Please send a pricelist of all your monuments and bordueren. Please write all the stones in cm. Nov 27, Contact

e 15796 Germany : We are interested in Lemon travertine as displayed in pricelist 1216. Qty. is 100 sqm. My tel. no. is +49 33205.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15774 Germany : We are interest in Telescopic Cranes
Tadano 25 ton. - to upwards 1972-2000 
Kato 25 ton. - to upwards 1972-2000 
Grove 80 ton. - to 160 ton. 1972-2000 
Crawler Cranes
Manitwc 150 ton. - to 500 ton 1968-1992 
American 150 ton. - to 500 ton 1968-1992. Nov 25, Contact

e 15759 Germany : I need Azul Extremadura 100 m of polished tiles 610x305x10 mm. Nov 23, Contact

e 15469 Germany : please quote for 150-200 sqm Onyx cream from Iran . Offers only with a image of the tiles 30 x 30 x 1 cm. Nov 4, Contact

e 15453 Germany : Please quote for granite tiles 610x305x10 mm, polished, first choice AZUL EXTREMADURA. We need 100 m in a short time. Nov 3, Contact

e 15449 Germany : Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a used polishing machine for Marble and Granite built around 1980. Manufactured by: Terzago or Breton / Mermak/ Dalpreti. If you have any available pls. let me have your best offer with pictures and technical description. Our tel. no. is +49-4431.....Nov 3, Contact

e 15330 Germany : We look for lava granulates and pumice granulates, as light-grey as possible in dry condition and for possibility in the size to 30mm. We want this granulates (alternative lava or pumice) as replacement for Rindenmulch on patches to yield. Oct 25, Contact

e 15324 Germany : Earthmoving Machinery: i am interesting to buy wheel loader 950b and 950e,Please send me the fair price list and photos. 
Tel: 004930979.....Oct 24, Contact 

e 15283 Germany : Stone Processing machinery: Please send me more information about BLOCK CUTTER and BRIDGE CUTTING MACHINE FOR MARBLE & GRANITE. Our tel. no. is 00-49/(0)17365.....Oct 20, Contact

e 15156 Germany : We are interested to import soapstone slabs and tiles. Oct 12, Contact 

e 15097 Germany : We are a German company interested in soapstone plates, for building fireplaces. Oct 8, Contact

e 14846 Germany: We need your best price for:
Onyx white 200 m2 - 30,5 x 30 ,5 x 1 cm, 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 60 x 40 x 1,8 cm polished
Travertine red, Persia 150 m2 - 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm, 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 40 x 60 x 1,8 cm polished filled
Please send your price in sqm as well as delivery time and a photo of the offered material. Sept 21, Contact

e 14773 Germany : Earthmoving Machinery: I am urgently looking for Hitachi WX 100 WD Excavator or Ex 160 WD or Hitachi WH04 Grader Cat G14. My tel. no. is 0049-40-890.....Sept 15, Contact

e 14340 Germany : Stone Processing machinery:  I am looking for a Marble tiles polisher with the following spec: 8+2 mean's 8 Polishing heads and 2 celebraters in a single machine polishing range with 1m wide belt. Please give me your best resale prices. Aug 20, Contact 

e 14279 Germany : We are a German architect firm seeking for a 45 sqm of Moleaons Crme in the size of 40 x 80 cm. Delivery date is as soon as possible because of store opening on October 8th. Our tel. no. is +49-711-2.....Aug 17, Contact 

e 14213 Germany : Please quote for Cubic boron carbide (cbn) powder and slabs made thereof. Please inform me which grades you can supply and mail me quantity budget prices. Moreover, can you supply polycrystalline cbn pins of dimension diameter 3,0 mm x length 5 mm? If yes, lease quote details about binders temperature characteristics. The needed quantities range is 1.000, 100.000, 1.000.000 pieces per year.  Phone +49-2645-9.....Aug 14, Contact  

e 14009 Germany : Please quote for Bianco Perlino 80 sqm, 40 x 40 x 1,0 cm alternatively 50 x 50 x 1,0. Our tel. no. is (0049) 04181 - 23.....Aug 4, Contact  

e 13957 Germany : I am searching for a Marinace red. Please send me an image of this stone. Where can we order this stone in Germany or Italy ? My tel. no. is 08669 8.....Aug 2, Contact 

e 13956 Germany : We are interested to get into relationship with Brazilian exporters of roofing slate, mainly concerned red slate.  Aug 2, Contact 

e 13934 Germany : Looking to buy natural stone slabs and tiles. Please quote. July 31, Contact

e 13862 Germany : Please quote with photo and price for Komatsu wa420 wa450 wa470. Our tel. no. is +49-69-586.....July 27, Contact   

e 13861 Germany : Please quote with images for a Telescopic Crane Truck, KATO ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE. Our tel. no. is +49-69-586.....July 27, Contact 

e 13853 Germany : I am working on a project in Germany and I need samples of a very light limestone, as stair steps 3 cm, contra steps 2 cm, and floor tiles 2 cm thick. On FindStone website I saw an Iranian limestone called "cream limestone". I am not sure if it is the right stone but could you send me a sample or let
me know who delivers very light limestones without any structure. The architect of the project told me the stone comes from Jerusalem , Iran or perhaps Egypt . My tel. no. is +49 611 20......July 27, Contact  

e 13838 Germany : We have a customer who is interested in Danby Marble from USA . Please send us a photographs. July 26, Contact

e 13812 Germany : Please quote for a Terrazzo tiles press machine, I would like to plant in Africa . Also details like press ability, min and max size of the tiles to produce. July 25, Contact

e 13722 Germany : We need slabs of 1st quality Brazilian Granite and Marble Polished Slabs of 2 and 3 cm thick. Qty. is 1 mixed container per week. Need the following colors Peacock Green, Golden Butterfly, Golden Leaf, Absolute Black, Andies Black Brazil, Santa Ceclia, New Venetian Gold, Galio Nepolean, Blue Pearl Royal, Emerald Pearl, Ubatuba Green and Gold, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Ubatuba and Green Butterfly. Need in next 3 weeks. Payment by LC 120 days. We will import. We are ready to pay for samples. Our tel. no. is 0049 172 66.....July 21, Contact

e 13686 Germany : Please quote for 15 sqm Welshman slate, 1cm thick 30 x 15cm or 30 x 30cm alternatively: 15sqm Tauerngruen. July 19, Contact  

e 13509 Germany : Landscape: Please inform me about pebbles like colors and prices. My phone no. is +174 81.....July 9, Contact

e 13455 Germany : We are looking for some products out of granite material. In detail we are looking for Vietnam granite / porphyry red, the material is known in Germany as Akiuco red
Out of this material we need prices for the following doings: 
1000 m Cubes all sides handmade split upside picked measure 17x17 cm, in a thickness of 15 cm
100 m Cubes alls sides handmade split measure 17x17 cm, in a thickness of 15 cm 
72 m Blocksteps all sides sawn upside and front side flamed measure 15 x 35 x 100 cm
440 m kerbstone 14x25x100 cm all sides sawn font and upside picked alternative: kerbstone like before but handmade split. If you can give us prices for the material please give us them CIF or CFR port Hamburg , Germany . July 6, Contact 

e 13297 Germany : Please quote per sqm for Birdjan Green Iranian granite. Size:40 x 40 cm x 1 cm. Delivery to Hamburg including tranport. My tel. no. is +49-7621-41.....June 25, Contact

e 13149 Germany : We are interested in all sorts of marble and granite. Most wanted marble is 'kavala', 'berrocal' and ' rosa beta' granites in tiles and special cut sizes. June 17, Contact  

e 13138 Germany : I am looking for lapis lazuli rough or chips or cutting left over for powder production.  Should have dark colour quantity up to 200kg. June 16, Contact 

e 13116 Germany : Please quote with samples for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Need them for a building site. Approx. qty. is 350-500m2. Our tel. no. is 081-32......June 15, Contact

e 13022 Germany : Please send me a complete pricelist for used machines for cutting and polishing of marble and granite. My tel. no. is 004.....June 10, Contact

e 12993 Germany : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with details for 950c and 966c caterpillar. Our tel. no. is 0734.....June 8, Contact

e 12928 Germany : Please quote for red color sandstone slabs, quantity as seen below, each format (30x30, 30x60, 60x60, 60x90) about 45 square-meter. My tel. no. is +49 173 32.....June 3, Contact USD 20 

e 12860 Germany : Please quote for CRESTA BLACK marble from Greece or BLACK GOLD from Pakistan or 
something similar. We need rough blocks with dimensions 50cm x 55cm x 25cm and ready polished blocks of height 55cm x 50cm. offer price with shipping to Munich . Our tel. is ++49 179 53..... May 29, Contact USD 50 

e 12843 Germany : We are looking for reliable granite-/marble suppliers in China who can our existing clientele in Germany and surrounding countries with the following articles:
1. Tiles and Slabs
2. Tailor made cornered, round and oval tops for kitchen, bath, counters
3. Pattern 
3. Carving Sculptures 
4. Grave-Stones
5. Garden Items
We would like to know your FOB-prices of all granite types in the following sizes and qualities:
Material: Granite Tiles
Thickness: 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm
Sizes: 30.5 x 30.5 cm, 30.5 x 61.0 cm, 40.0 x 40.0 cm, 50.0 x 50.0 cm, Bigger than 50 x 50 cm ( tops ) as requested above under 2. Surface: Polished. Edges: a)45 degrees cut and polished, b) round edges
Backside: a) With sawing structure, b) 2 Tile Fix Grooves. Use: Floor and Wall Tiles. Qty. p.a.: Min. 120 - 150 containers. Qty. monthly: Min. 10 - 12 containers. Delivery Time: Start up December 2004 / January 2005. 
Packing: Please advise. Pallet: Please advise (Euro pallet 80 x 120 cm). Prices / m2: C&F Port Hamburg , Antwerp , Rotterdam . Payment: L/C at sight. 
Also email us sample with your presented G 603 a. Please be so kind and fill in all requested figures and data concerning our 4 requested sizes and 3 thickness, here especially regarding weights, packing and container quantities etc.. Please be so kind and transmit photos of your packing and loadings. Regarding our further demand concerning garden, carving, pattern etc. we will provide our demand after receipt of your quotations. Our tel. no. is ++ 49 711 80.....May 28, Contact USD 50

e 12718 Germany : We are interested in a stone material called CREMA LUNA. We need this type of stone for a big project in Germany . We need prices & a stone sample. Our tel. no. is 0049 - 513.....May 19, Contact USD 50

e 12691 Germany : We would like to get in touch with companies producing red, white and yellow travertine in their own quarries. Can you please send us photos and prices. We also would like to have samples to be sent to Izmir . My tel. no. is +49(0)241.55.....May 17, Contact USD 50

e 12643 Germany : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for Liebherr HS 882 HD, Komatsu WA 420-3H Active, Komatsu WA 500-1, In addition we are looking for used wheel loaders of Komatsu WA 470. We like to ask you if it is possible to send us some pictures of the machines. Our phone no. is +49511 85.....May 13, Contact USD 50

e 12588 Germany : Earthmoving machinery: We are looking for 1 unit wheel Excavator, Komatsu 200 or 210, manufacturing year 2000. Please send us an offer with pictures. Our telephone no. is +49 - (0)711 - 12.....May 10, Contact USD 20

e 12576 Germany : I need a supplier / manufacturer for Israeli Jerusalem gold. You see my inquiry in the attachment. I need an offer asap. Payment: L/C and Delivery time asap. May 10, Contact USD 50

e 12499 Germany : Please quote for Chinese granite tiles. See pricelist 514. May 5, Contact USD 50

CN: e 11986 Germany : We are interested to purchase 50000 sqm Chinese G 603 granite slabs. Size 40 x 40 x 3 cm, sawn, top flamed. Prices required fob Xiamen alternatively c+f Bremen/Germany. Our phone no. is 
0049 421 61.....Mar 31, Contact

IL: e 11880 Germany : Please quote for Stone Jerusalem Gold (honed). Quantity 330 sqm, size 60x30x2 cm and 35 sqm, size slabs (2 cm + 3 cm). Please give us your best price, delivery time and freight to Frankfurt . My phone no. is 060215.....Mar 25, Contact

IN: e 11843 Germany : We are a wholesaler of ceramic and natural stone. We regularly have customers for granite tiles Kashmir white in 30 x 30 x 1 cm and 30 x 60 x 1 cm. Demand appr. 2 - 3 Cont/month. Our tel. no. is  0049 634.....Mar 24, Contact

e 11824 Germany : Landscape: We need about 80-100 tons, size: 7/8cm alternatively about 15/15 size granite cobblestones. See ready stock 305. We would like to buy ASAP. Our tel. no. is 0049-8085-1.....
Mar 21, Contact

e 11820 Germany : Artifacts: I am looking for transportable marble art, like small figures, sculptures, etc. from Vietnam and other countries. These should not be heavier than 1-5 kg. I am not interested in historical Asian marble art but more in everyday goods like modern ashtrays or other cutlery. My phone no. is 004941317.....Mar 20, Contact

e 11812 Germany : Retail: I am looking for basalt massage stones. Please send me some samples of your stones and a price list including the costs sending them to Germany . I may probably need bigger amounts in the future. I am in Hamburg . My minimum quantity is a set of 50 Stones. Mar 19, Contact

e 11475 Germany : Artifacts: We are Interested in Marble balls. Can you send us a pricelist? We are looking at black and white marble. We are also interested in marble inlays. Please quote. We are in Berlin . Our fax no. is 0049-030-695.....Mar 1, Contact

ZA: e 11433 Germany : I am an interior designer working on a luxurious apartment in Cape Town . I am looking for natural stones that would be suitable particularly for the bathrooms, floor and walls, as well as some of the other areas. Is the Golden Dawn sandstone suitable for the bathroom? I am living in Munich , Germany , and would like to see a sample of this sandstone. Is there an agent in Germany which sells South African natural stones? Furthermore, would you have a better picture (jpg, tif or bmp format if possible). My mobile no. is +49160-948.....Feb 28, Contact

BR: e 11400 Germany : We are a natural stone company. We are searching for sellers for Brazilian Quartzite. Please give us an offer on quartzite plates, gravel, split, etc. Feb 26, Contact  

EG: e 11330 Germany : Artifacts: Please quote FOB or alternative CIF Hamburg. The Stone for the bowls is Sunny from Egypt . Pls. see the attached file. Feb 23, Contact  

CN: e 11241 Germany : We are looking for a supplier for the material "Golden Diamond" from China . Our phone  +49 9826.....Feb 19, Contact  

IL: e 11108 Germany : Where  can we buy Jerusalem Lime Stone Gold Light in Europe/ Germany ? Feb 12, Contact

IN/TR: e 11041 Germany : Please quote for marble in 30x60x2cm, 60x60x2 cm, 220x30x2 sizes from India and Turkey . Feb 9, Contact  

e 10986 Germany: Stone Processing Machinery: We are interested in a used Cold Milling Machine (cold milling) LANDLORD GENE W 2000 and/or LANDLORD GENE W 2100 DC year of construction until 1992, in the export to Syria. Please quote with your trading conditions and your terms of payment and supply. Our phone no. is +49 (0) 40 419.....Feb 6, Contact  

e 10816 Germany: We are looking for 100 sqm or 250 sqm of PIETRA SERENA min. 40 x 40 cm, better: 50 x 50 or bigger, thickness 2cm. We need the stone for our new exhibition-room. Our phone no. is +49 - (0) 8022.....Jan 28, Contact USD 100

ZW: e 10738 Germany : I am trying to source sand stone blocks in Zimbabwe for the building of a house in South Africa . My contact no. is +49 0622 77.....Jan 23, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10715 Germany : We need prices for random slabs of Salisbury Pink, 1 st choice / light - orange
21000 sm 3 cm thickness and 1700 sm 4 cm thickness. Supplements for honed surface and flamed surface. Delivery April 2004. Please give us your best prices ex factory loaded on trucks or in containers. Our tel. no. is +49 711.....Jan 22, Contact USD 100 (open) 

CN: e 10675 Germany: Please let us have your quotation as follows: 
tiles: 30,5x30,5x1 cm / 61x30,5x1 cm / 40x40x1 cm (calibrated and bevelled) 
surface: polished / honed / brushed 
Slabs: 2 cm / 3 cm / 4 cm thichness 
Surface: polished / honed / flamed / brushed 
flooring: 40x40x3 / 50x50x3 cm 
Surface: flamed, edges bevelled 
flooring: freex30x1,5 cm / freex30x2 cm 
surface: polished / honed / flamed/ brushed 
For shipment CIF Hamburg
Chinese granites: G603, G635, G640, G654, G682.
Scandinavian granites: Blue Pearl , Emerald Pearl , Red Balmoral, Baltic Brown 
Our tel. no. is +49 56 0.....Jan 20, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 10656 Germany : As a German distributor of natural stone goods we are interested in suppliers from the Asian area. Our phone no. is 0049 727.....Jan 19, Contact USD 50 (open) 

e 10568 Germany : We want to import granite slabs and tiles from China . Our phone no. is + 420 732 3.....Jan 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 10567 Germany : I am searching for business partners in India , who can deliver antique-looking fountains of marble or granite or the raw materials for these fountains. Which other kinds of marble and granite (raw materials) you can deliver. 
Is it also possible, to deliver ready made fountains? Their form can be round, square, rectangle or hexagon. The stones should be treated, so that the fountains look like antique. Approx. measurements: diameter from 1 m to 3 m, height of the basin approx. 55 cms, thickness of the ground panels approx. 7 cms to 30 cms. I can send you drawings, etc. Please send us your detailed price list, if possible with drawings and photos of your products. Prices can be calculated FOB or C&F/CIF German port. Jan 15, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 10418 Germany: We are looking for re-export to Caribbean and West African Markets the following: CERAMIC WALL TILES in sizes of : 15x15 cm 15x20 cm and 20x20 cm. Colors mainly WHITE, but also uni in cream, yellow, beige, pink, green, blue and black packed in printed cartons of abt. 1 m and than on pallets in 20' box container. Please quote in US $ per m FOB Chinese Port for 1st quality and also for 2nd quality. Phone no. ++49-40-83.....Jan 8, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 10371 Germany : Please quote for soapstone blocks, slabs and tiles. Our phone no. is 0049-2065-9.....
Jan 6, Contact USD 40  (open)

Year 2003

e 9854 Germany : We are architects and interior designers. We have worked with well-known European companies and realized, in cooperation with them, many interesting and exclusive projects, where we were put into charge of doing the complete arrangement, including the planning and realization. 
As we are always looking for new companies which produce design-products, which have something to do with furniture, light, candle or interior design, and which might be involved in our projects helping us realizing our work, we would be glad to establish business relationships. Please send us your price lists and catalogs. 
Nov 28, Contact  

e 9852 Germany : Please quote for Black and Labrador Amostra in tiles 30 x 60 x 1,2 or 40 x 40 x 1 cm. 
Nov 28, Contact  

e 9850 Germany : We want AMARELLO 2 plates 3 cm thickness approx. Size a 250-300 cm x ca. 130. Our tel. no. is 0043176..... Nov 28, Contact 

e 9782 Germany : I need marble, granite and glace tiles. I am Collenandina Rosso, Bianco, Alicante Rosso, Antique Gold, Jerusalem Gold, Star Galaxy, Rosso Carpazi Azul Macaubas. My phone no. is 0711-51......Nov 23, Contact  

CN: e 9283 Germany: I want to import granite, marble tiles, etc. from China. Please send a catalogue for tiles and other products? I need this for my potential customers in order to place orders and get quotes. We would be interested in importing Chinese products such as tiles, granite slates, etc. Need prices for slabs (40 x 20 x 20/ 30 cm grey granite) in full container. Need prices for FOB and CFR Hamburg or Antwerp/Rotterdam.
I would need quotation from your side. We would kindly ask you to quote on FOB Chinese port basis as well for FCL to Rotterdam /Antwerp and for LCL shipments to Hamburg. Oct 19, Contact, USD 40 (open)

e 9252 Germany: Please quote for Calizia Luna limestone slabs of thickness 3 cm, 4 cm.... 20, 30cm sawed. Our fax no. is 0043 (0) 2164.....Oct 17, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9162 Germany: I annually sell 25 - 30 Container 20 ft. granite tiles, marble tiles and ceramic tiles. I am looking for suppliers globally who can offer cheap prices for natural stones. My tel. no. is +49 30 43.....Oct 9, Contact USD 40 (open)

PT: e 9027 Germany: I want Negro Fino granite from Portugal. Please quote for slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 069 4......Sept 25, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8934 Germany: We need PERLATO marble. Please find enclosed our enquiry for export to North Africa for office, colony and factory. Kindly quote separately each quantity. We are looking forward to receiving your best possible offer including: price fob, approx. packing details and samples. Our contact no. is (++49) 6196-5.....Sept 18, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8905 Germany: We need Jerusalem Limestone in the size of approx. 40x40 cm or approx. 20x40 cm and about 2 cm thick. And we need about 40 sqm. How can we import that from Israel? Sept 17, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8792 Germany: I am searching a white colour Marbles tiles, 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm polished - calibrated - beveled. I need yearly 13 Container. Please offer me 20' Container, CNF Port Hamburg, Tiles on wooden crates in Poly boxes. Please mention the sqm and no. of crate per Container. I need samples from your best white marble, first choice material. See stock list 441. My phone no. is ++49 30 43.....Sept 5, Sold

e 8523 USA: Please forward the source for Laguna Rosso. My phone no. is 641-47.....Aug 14, Contact USD 20 (open)

US: e 8509 Germany: Please quote with delivery-time and payment-terms for granite "Salisburry Pink", surface polished (C120 / R9) - calibrated, edges. Qty. is 7000 sqm. size 48,7 x 48,7 x 2 cm. It's very urgently! Tel. 0049 654......Aug 14, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8388 USA: I am looking for tufa to build a large grotto similar to the grottos of old Italy. I can send a photo of the type work i'm trying to create. If any of your suppliers carry this type stone, please send information about availability, sizes, cost, etc., as soon as possible. The grotto will be built in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Aug 7, Contact USD 40 (open)

TR: e 8367 Germany: We want Turkish limestone "mirus". Aug 6, Contact USD 40 (open)

CN: e 8325 Germany: Please quote for Chinese material. See price list 38. Aug 4, Contact USD 20 (open)

Flooring: Type of material: Jura marble thickness 20 mm. Sealed and polished finish
Other specs. 
Marble to be sealed both sides with non staining waterproof sealant. 2mm wide epoxy grouted joints.
Bathroom floor: 60x60 cm. smq.3400
Lobby floor: 70x60 cm. smq.2500
Skirting: 6 cm. h. lm. 5000
Walls: Type of material: mottled cream light beige porcelain tiles
Bathroom walls: 30x30 cm. sqm 9500
Please provide separate prices for material supply and installation. Sqm quantities are approximate and may vary.
Also looking for a local supplier for 
Vanity unit top in Jura marble thickness 40 mm. Sealed and polished finish dim. cm. 160x65 with circular hole for over top basin diam. 45 cm qty. 345 pieces
Luggage bench top: Type of material: nero absolute granite thickness 30 mm. polished finish dim. cm. 105x62,5 oval qty. 345 pieces. 
Nightstand top: Type of material: nero absolute granite thickness 20 mm. polished finish dim. cm. 55x70, qty. 690 pieces. Our tel. no. +90 212 32.....July 26, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 8095 Germany: Required urgently Bianco Carrara C/CD, CNF POrt Hamburg 20' Container or Truck to Berlin including freight cost. Qty. is 2500 Sqm of 15 x 30 x 1 cm polished tiles. Tel.++49 30 43.....July 22, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7914 Germany: We are looking for fabricator for Rossl Languedoc in France. July 11, Closed USD 20 (open)

e 7898 Austria: Please quote for 30 er Kashmir gold approx. 150m2 for internal area - 30 er tiles Kashmir gold approx. 50m2. Our tel. no. is +43,316 282......July 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

DE: e 7836 Netherlands: Can I get a price info for Anrochte from Germany 60x60x2 400 sqm polished. July 8, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7658 Germany: Landscape: I want cobblestones in yellow colour, size 8/10 cm. We do need about 210 sqm. Also want Yellow Quartzite big mosaic 15/25 mm thickness, about 4-7 pieces per sqm. Total amount about 124 sqm. June 24, Closed USD 50 (open)

DE: e 7573 New Zealand: I would like a price for Jura Beige & Jura Grey limestone tiles. June 18, Contact USD 50

e 7566 Germany: Blocks: Please quote with delivery time for Blocks Oasis beige 2x 12 tons. June 17, Contact USD 50

e 7435 Germany: I am a mosaic artist looking for marble broken tiles / pieces 1cm thickness polished or raw cut. Colors:- Dark red, Light red, Dark green, Light green, White, Grey, Pink, Cream, Light brown, Dark brown, light blue, Black etc. For first order quantity is 10 sqm of each color. I am looking for relatively small amounts of each colour of marble, I have not specified each stone type. When a supplier is found with all the colours I am looking for I will then use these as standard for my work.  Please advise delivery to Germany, Lead time, Payment etc. My contact no. is Tel. +49 273.....June 7, Contact USD 50 (updated inquiry)

DE: e 7351 Hong Kong: We are interested in Solnhofen Stone. Please send catalogs and prices as we are a dealing with developers and construction companies. My contact no. is +852 949.....June 3, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7312 Germany: We need Ceppo di Gre for a building facade in form of bricks with dimension 400/300/70 (more or less) and special dimensions for window surrounds. Complete quantity 300 sqm. May 30, Contact USD 100

e 7223 Germany: I want 200 sqm Onice Orange in 2 cm thickness. See Price list 77. My contact no. is 0049 261 96.....May 21, Contact USD 40 (open)

ALL: e 7156 Germany: We are wholesalers of granite and marble. We are interested in your products. Please send us your latest pricelists. See pricelist 323. May 14, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7087 Germany: I want Rosa Beta slabs 20 tons. Surface is diamond sawed. Qty is 200 sqm, bottom 30 cm. Different length. Thickness 1.5 cm. 
Rosa Beta, Surface honed. (if there are small diamond scratches it is ok)
120 sqm slabs, thickness 3 cm (size 150 - 175 x 280 - 310)
30 sqm slabs, thickness 2cm
240 m small border 8 x 1 cm.
40 qm bottom 30 cm, different length, thickness 2 cm. Please quote for Bianco Sardo also for the same specifications given above. Tel. no. +49 (0) 8723 9....May 9, Contact USD 200 

ALL: e 7071 Germany: We are a stone trading company in Berlin. We want granite slabs in 2 and 3 cm. See pricelist 76. may 8, Contact USD 20 (open) 

DE: e 7027 Israel: I want polished Strezelin granite from Germany, slabs 2 cm thick. Size range 150cm up X 250cm up X 2cm. Thickness tolerance 1mm. Material quality no crack, no veins, no shade variation. Quantity estimate one full container. Payment terms T/T or L/C. Want to import from Germany. Will not pay for courier cost of samples. I will definitely order at less than 25 USD. Phone no. 00972 8 28......
May 4, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 6976 UK: We want hard limestone for pier plinth fascia. Color: Light Buff/V. Light Grey. Size : 940 x 700 (oversized) x 30. We have selected Marmont or Fontenille Royal from France, Jura Grey from Germany and Biancone Light from Italy. Which of the stones listed below are hard limestones (porosity <5%)? Which UK suppliers can i get samples of these stones from? We are in London and our contact no. is 020 74......
April 30, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN: e 6846 Germany: We want the following: 
1) Granite tiles 12" x 12" and 18" x 18", calibrated and Champered in 1 cm thickness, no tolerances in thickness, and length, with and cross sizes in Black galaxy, Absolute black, Coast green, sapphire blue, Tan brown, black pearl, Kashmir Gold, Colombo Juprana, Golden Juprana, Vyara Gold, Lady Dream, Seaweed green, Tropical Green. Red Multicolour, Indian Juprana and Paradisso.
Granite surface: High gloss finish polished on a modern polishing line, Flamed, and Honed etc. other surfaces
2) Slabs in 2 and 3 cm in the above mentioned colors. Sizes 9' x 5'. Granite surface: High gloss finish polished on a modern polishing line. Please quote in Euros, fob Chennai or Mumbai and CIF Rotterdam. Our tel. no. is 
+49 2162 ......April 23, Contact USD 50 / Rs 2500 (open)

DE: e 6834 Spain: I am an architect in Madrid looking for some information and models of the Jura Beige limestone. We are looking for suppliers of this stone in Spain. Currently we want is a piece of 1,35 x 0,50 metres for the floor. How is the best finish of this stone for the floor? Could this stone support a big weight, say cars driving on it? April 22, Contact USD 20 (open)

CN/IT: e 6820 Germany: Please quote for granite:
Padang dark 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces
Rosa beta 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces
Pepper White 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces 
Pepper White granite tiles 31x60,5x1cm, calibrated, polished, phased 700 square m 
Rosa beta granite tiles 31x60,5x1 cm, calibrated, polished, phased 700 square m 
We guarantee a further continuous order by 20 container foot. Our contact no. is +49 6835 .....April 22, Contact USD 200

e 6806 Germany: We are German wholesalers and like to buy granite tiles from India. We are looking for 1st quality Absolute Black, Lilac, Star Galaxy, Black Pearl, White Galaxy, Ray Silk, Sk Fantasy, Kashmire White and Golden Fantasy. We like 10 mm tiles in 30,5x30,5,40x40 and 30,5 x61 Tel : 0049 2175 ...... 
April 22 Contact Rs 2000 (open)

DE: e 6776 Poland: We want German or French stone named Muschelkalk (polished finish) in Germany (see attached picture). This is for a very big project in Poland, it is about 34000 sqm in various tiles. We are interested in slabs, free length or tiles. Slabs of 3, 4 and 5 cm free length height up to 90 cm or tiles about 120x90 or less. Our contact no. is +48 22 8.....April 18, Contact USD 500 

e 6740 Germany: Blocks: Please quote for Giallo Napoleone, Ornamental, Venecian Gold, Giallo Fioritto, Amendoa Gold granite blocks. April 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

IN: e 6708 Germany: We want Kashmir white granite tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm , 30 x 60 x 1cm and 
40 x 40 cm. Qty reqd. is 1 container per month. Payment by LC. Our contact no. is 0049 2175 .....April 13, Contact Rs 5000

e 6634 Germany: I want Fontenille Royale or Marmont (60 x 60 or 60 x 30 or 40 x 40) qty. 220 m for a project in Spain. Please quote with information about available sizes and transport to Denia. Looking for a supplier in Germany (Cologne/Dssledorf area) where we can see samples. My contact no. is 0049-215.....April 5, Contact USD 50  (open)

ALL: e 6394 Germany: Please email catalogs, prices and samples of tumbled marbles, pebbles, and marble slabs and tiles. We are a agent and retailer in Germany. March 13, Contact See Offers USD 100

CN: e 6341 Germany: Please quote FOB XIAMEN in USD/m² for G 603 flamed tiles 60x30x2 cm and 40x40x3 cm Tolerance +/- 1,5 mm. March 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

IN: e 6339 Germany: We want Himachal Yellow Quarzite. We seek the same texture material like Shimla white but with yellowish streaks of colorations which give the material an yellowish shade. We look for container procurement for Polygonal slabs ( crazy paving) and flooring slabs. March 7, Contact Rs 1000 (open)

CN: e 6290 Germany: We are European wholesaler and want to buy granite tiles from China.  Size range is 30.5 x 30.5 or 40x 40, polished tiles of Shan Xi black, Padang 654 and Padang 633. Our 
price range is USD 11. Inspection will be handled by our agents. We will pay for courier cost for samples. Please send information like pricelists and catalogs. Our contact no. is 0217....... March 2, Contact See Offers USD 200

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

DE: e 2214 Australia: We want German Dry Grinding Stones 100mm and 130mm all grits from the manufacturer. Quantity about 100 pieces of each grit from 36 through to 220. Dec 20. Contact

e 2147 Ukraine: Quote for German sandstones. Dec 3. Contact USD50

DE: e 1805 USA: We are interested in sourcing a direct supplier of German limestone for projects and stock consideration.  We are interested in Solnhofen (golden), Green Stone, and Jura Beige.  Please send us immediately any information available, as we are presently sourcing for a project here in Hawaii. We need prices, availability, and payment terms. Aug 21. Contact

DE: e 1665 USA: I need to locate quarry for German limestone Jura Beige (light). July 10 contact

e 1402 USA: Goldback Grob German Limestone. Sizes available? Price? Shipping to Austin, Texas area? I'm looking for kitchen countertop material. Feb 18

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