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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Finland. This has been compiled till September, 2003, only on an experimental basis. If you want such enquiries to be emailed, inform us at info@findstone.com

Buy the buyers' contacts individually by paying the price stated or through a subscription scheme or deal on a commission basis as explained in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm which also contains enquiries before and after this period. Do see those including the categories at the bottom of that page. Please do not simply click all the enquiries if you are new to FindStone. 

a) Price of individual contacts is at the end of each enquiry. All buyers are serious. That is our guarantee.
To pay, go to www.findstone.com/payment.htm When you buy a contact, the inquiry is then closed for others. (Inquiries marked as 'open' have been deliberately priced low and remain open for others. You can close the inquiry by paying 5 times the amount.) If you feel a contact price is too high, make a counter-offer.
b) Use Subscription schemes to get contacts on a per month / year basis or at 20% cost.
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All emails come to FindStone first. Happy Selling!

Year 2006

e 21435 Finland: Can you also offer pillar for stair with handrail also stone. Size ab 90 cm high. Sept 23 Contact

e 21417 Finland: We are looking for counter top of absolute black. 1000sqf, immediate requirements. Size 122cm x 270cm x 30mm. Please offer best price. Tel: +358 6 43.....Sept 20 Contact

e 21404 Finland: We are looking for 10x10x10 cm grey cobbles granite stone 3x20' container with each loading 30mt (30000kgs) this is immediate requirements, please send prices and other details. Tel: +358 6 43.....Sept 17 Contact

e 20550 Finland: Please quote for black granite boulder from Australia. Tel: +358 400 4......May 12 Contact

e 20102 Finland: Please quote for
COBBLE STONES grey - 3000m2, 140x80x250mm
COBBLE STONES grey and dark red - 1000m2, 140x140x250
COBBLE STONES grey - 500m2 80/100
Granite, marble, slate slabs and table tops. Tel: +358 19 37.....March 21 Contact

e 16453 Finland: I want to buy a block of white carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. This stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Please quote. Jan 15, Contact

Year 2004

e 15743 FINLAND: We would need a block of white carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. The stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Tel + 358 9 68.....Nov 22, Contact

e 15568 Finland: We would need a block of white Carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. The stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Tel + 358 9 68.....Nov 11, Contact

e 15224 Finland: Please send more information on the Waterjet machine. My tel. no. is +358 6 76.....Oct 16, Contact

e 14047 Finland: I am interested in importing and retailing granite tiles and slabs, etc. My contact no. is +3584054.....Aug 6, Contact

e 12599 Finland: II want AURORA granite from India. We are marble and granite wholesalers in Finland. My tel. no. is +358-40-84.....May 11, Contact

IT: e 9695 Finland: Please quote for BOTTICINO FIORITO marble 2cm thick/m². Also send me a sample. My phone no. is +358 (0) 9 413.....Nov 18, Contact

Year 2003

FI: e 9016 Poland: We want granites from Finland. We are a stone marketing company from the North of Poland. We have been dealing with granite and marble blocks for 10 years, now. Our work capacity and experience helped us to conquer the market and create a sell in Poland. Our contact no. is 0048 58 68.....Sept 25, Contact

AR/FI/IN: e 8251 Nigeria: Please prices in USD/m2 for the following granite tiles in size 30x60x2cm polished: Blue Mara, pink mara, white san marcos, brown pearl, black galaxy, brown siena, cardoba grey - from Argentina and red balmora and baltic brown, lappia from Finland. I am in Lagos. My tel. no. is 234 080371.....Aug 1, Contact

e 7179 China: Blocks: Please quote CIF XIAMEN PORT AND FOB YOUR MAIN PORT for Karelia Red, Carmen Red and Baltic Brown blocks. We would like to know if you have Karelia Red, Carmen Red and Baltic Brown quarry. We want to order the quantity: each type about 200 m3 (cubic meters). We urgently need the three above blocks. If you can supply us and the price is suitable for us, we will immediately place an order to you.  
We want to import the granite blocks including carmen red, karelia red, baltic brown, tan brown, india red, white star, black galaxy (another name is twinkle star). If the price and quality is suitable for us, we will import them immediately. Carmen red, karelia red, baltic brown blocks must be provided by finland company.if the company has the quarry, it would be better. 
Tan brown, india red, white star, black galaxy (another name is twinkle star) must be provided by india company which must have their own quarry. QUALITY: good and ordinary. Tel: 0086-592-56.....Dimensions: depending on the suppliers. Samples request: we need the samples to confirm the quality and we don't pay any costs. May 16, Contact

US/NO/ZW/FI/IT/BR: e 7016 UAE: We have been awarded the contract to supply & install stones for landscaping works. We need the following quantities:
17890 sqm Salisbury Pink Granite - USA
7385 sqm Capao Bonito Granite - Brazil
14035 sqm Carmen Red Granite - Zimbabwe / Finland
6765 sqm Cotton White Granite - Brazil
16630 sqm Grey Sardo Granite (Grigio Sardo) - Italy
155 sqm Blue Pearl Granite - Norway
62860 sqm Other granites. Kindly quote CIF Abu Dhabi prices for the materials as per attachment. Advise the delivery schedule. Provide us with samples of your Products. May 3, Contact

FI: e 6611 USA: I need Baltic Brown 30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm. I need 2800 sqm for immediate delivery in 5 x 20' containers. Please quote best price, and stock on hand or date of 1st container shipment and following 4 containers. Need delivery to the Port of Los Angeles, California USA. Please quote C&F LA, or clarify FOB port. Ship Date: ASAP.  See pricelist 340. My target price is less than USD 24.80 per sqm. What additional discounts can you offer? April 4, Contact

e 6779 USA: I want to import soapstone from Brazil or Finland for kitchen and bathrooms. I have plans to build several hundred houses. I am in Dallas. April 18, Contact

e 6519 Vietnam: We have been asked to fabricate vanities in Southern Baltic Brown. Please quote with images. March 25, Contact 

e 6398 USA: I am looking for a vendor who can deliver the following stones to Kansas city, KS, USA. Initially we want one container with combination of the following stones. If we like the quality we need a container load of each variety in future. Presently we are getting stones at 104x68 slabs with 2 and 3 cms thick ness. Please be specific on the prices for each stone. In future we need 95,000 SFT for commercial buildings. We need Forest Green, Ubatuba, Santa Cecilia, Blue Pearl, Giallo Laranjeiras, Tan Brown, Giallo Veneciano, Black Galaxy,  Absolute Black, Giallo Florito, Giallo Antico, Baltic Brown and Venetian Gold. (Urgent Need approximately 3200 sq ft). Looking for Slabs of 104 x 68. Current order – 54 kitchens approx 61 sq ft. If they like the quality they need a container load of each variety. Presently they are getting stones at 104x68 slabs with 2 and 3 cm thickness. Please be specific on the prices for each stone. In future they need 95,000 SFT for commercial buildings. Should you have any questions please call me at 913-23...... March 13, Closed

IN/FI/NO/BR: e 6344 a USA: We want the following granite. Please quote.  
Unless otherwise indicated, quantity requested in bundles of (1)
(2) indicates quantity of (2) bundles.
Sapphire Brown, Sapphire Blue, Uba Tuba (2), Gialo Veneziano (2), Santa Cecilia (2), Gialo Real (2), New Gialo Veneziano, New Venizian, Viara, Kashmire Gold, Jade Green, Tropical Brown, Blue Pearl, Green Pearl, Juparana Colombus, Juparana Classic (2), Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Impala Black, Black Absolute (2), Gialo Antico, Café Imperial, Silver Pearl. Please provide payment terms and delivery options. We are in California. March 7, Contact See Offers

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