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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from France. This has been compiled till September, 2003, only on an experimental basis. If you want such enquiries to be emailed, inform us at info@findstone.com

Buy the buyers' contacts individually by paying the price stated or through a subscription scheme or deal on a commission basis as explained in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm which also contains enquiries before and after this period. Do see those including the categories at the bottom of that page. Please do not simply click all the enquiries if you are new to FindStone. 

a) Price of individual contacts is at the end of each enquiry. All buyers are serious. That is our guarantee.
To pay, go to www.findstone.com/payment.htm When you buy a contact, the inquiry is then closed for others. (Inquiries marked as 'open' have been deliberately priced low and remain open for others. You can close the inquiry by paying 5 times the amount.) If you feel a contact price is too high, make a counter-offer.
b) Use Subscription schemes to get contacts on a per month / year basis or at 20% cost.
c) To work on a commission basis, you MUST quote as explained in our home page.
Do see the Frequently Asked Questions. New inquiries are posted daily in www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

All emails come to FindStone first. Happy Selling!


e 21512 France: I need to know the price for:
25 M² of White Onix 30,5 X 30,5 X 2 polished
10 M² of Nero Portoro 30,5 X 30,5 X 2 polished
80 M² of Calacatta Carrara 40 X 40 X 2
80 M² of Crema Luna 30 x 30 x 1
20 M² of Fossile 30 x 30 x 1
TOP 300 x 60 x 2 of Granit Brown Antica
Let me know the price to deliver in France : Nizza and the delay. Oct 5 Contact

e 21442 France: We are search 170 m2 rosa porino 30x60 40x40 60x60 x thickness 3 cm. Tel: +336258.....Sept 25 Contact


e 21067 France: We are interested in black pebbles. Please quote with specs. July 18 Contact

e 20711 France: can you give me information to reach yellow or orange onyx in blocks. I am stone carver in France. I look for 2-5 m3 - blocks for sculpture-carving depending on transport or i can pick up until 1 ton myself. 1 block or smaller. May 30. Contact 

e 20599 France: Our company looks for new stone suppliers in Egypt. We seek especially for tiles, about beige, yellow, black marbles...We look for rustic ( antic) stones in Egypt : sunny beige and other rustic stones. The tiles must be about 2 cm thickness and opus sizes ( 30X60; 30X30; 60X60 and so on) Tél : 0033 8 72 4.....May 18 Contact

e 20499 France: We would like to import granite slabs in the following colours: 
Red himalayan blue, Dark himalayan blue, Red multi colour, Paradiso, Orion blue, Visag blue, Moss blue, Rose pearl, White galaxy, Kashmir white, Indian Aurora, Rainbow, Indian Juparana, Colombo Juparana, Andhra brown, Black galaxy, Absolute black, Shivakasi Gold. Please confirm your prices DDU (delivered duty unpaid to our warehouse). Please also send us samples and your catalogue. 
Slab sizes are 1) your standard gang saw sizes, 2) 2.50 x 0.75 ( one side along the length with half bull nose ). Slab thickness - 2 cm and 3 cm.
Tel : 33.(0) 5 59 6.....May 9 Contact  

e 20414 France: I am looking for marble to do a hallway, kitchen and bathroom in an apartment. I need white not very expensive white marble tiles for the bathroom floor and walls and kitchen floor and another light colored, inexpensive tiles for the hallway. The dimensions are white marble = 22 m2, another light inexpensive = 8 m2. I am in Nice, France. April 25 Contact

e 20399 France: Could you send me the catalog of your products with prices. April 23 Contact

e 20356 France: We are agent in France and we search Forest Brown marble polished 60/60/2. Quantity 390 000 pieces for a customer. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 7..... April 15 Contact

e 19665 France: I require 100m2 of Beige Limestone flags any size for a living room and kitchen. I would like to receive information on price and delivery and samples of the stone or where I can see it. If possible a pic by email would be a good starting point. Tel: 00 33 (0)553 3......Feb 6 Contact 

e 19640 France: Looking for earthmoving machines like CATERPILLAR 325, CATERPILLAR D7H, CATERPILLAR 973, JOHN DEERE 670. Tel: 00.33 (0)3 23 0.....Feb 3 Contact

e 19632 France: I am interested in buying One unit used Komatsu D155A-1, EROPS Cabin, Straight Blade and 4 piston single shank ripper. U/C 98% in very good working condition. Feb 2 Contact

e 19472 France: I would like to buy at the best price a large quantity of micron-size (or coarser) synthetic diamond powder (Ib type). Could you tell me where I could find that? Tel: + 33 6 78 6......Jan 14 Contact

e 19415 France: Our company is looking for a new granite supplier. We can win a lot of time, if you can send us an idea of your prices/quality/thickness. FOB OR C&F. for 20’ container. We have a China’s trip in project. Jan 9 Contact  

Year 2005

e 19328 France: Please quote for Indian Sandstones. Dec 30 Contact

e19103 France: Interested in Chinese granites. Please quote with catalogs. Ph :00 33 148 7.....Dec 6 Contact

e 18833 France: Please quote for 2000 sqm of SERPEGGIANTE ZEBRATO in differents formats (7x20 / 18x55 / 35x70 / 35x90 / 35x105 / 70x100 / 70x120 / 70x140...) with 780 mm of plinthes. Tel: 02.54.4......Nov 8 Contact

e 18594 France: We need to buy for France between 1000 and 2000 sqm of calcareous paving stone 8/10 or 10/13. Oct 13 Contact 

e 18474 France: Please quote for galaxy and absolute black granite slabs & tiles. Sept 21 Contact

e 18025 France: What would be the shipping cost for delivery to France of your marble tiles? July 7 Contact 

e 17608 France: Earthmoving Machine: I want to know the price of 966d, 966e excavator. May 5 Contact 

e 17581 France: Stone Processing Machine: I am looking for a marble / granite gangsaw like the one listed in pricelist 470 and 436. 
Phone: 00336797.....May 3 Contact 

e 17557 France: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for a Caterpillar and also give specifications. Apr 30 Contact

e 17341 France: We are looking for material from Malaysia: limestone, granite, sandstone and marble. We want to buy all types of granites , marbles, limestones, sandstones, basalt.... for our business. We sell all over France : pavers, slabs; kerbs,tiles etc..... We are looking for important quarries producing in a short time and giving us good FOB or CNF prices in containers. Tel. No. is 00333282.....Apr 7 Contact

Year 2004

e 15906 France: We are importers and distributors of Turkish Stone located in France, Since the demand for pure white travertine is high and prices are low, we are looking for a new sourcing quarrying companies. Our best selling product from which we import large quantities from Turkey is pure white travertine. We came across a nice purely white (Ivory) Travertine product from Iran. We are looking for a long term relationship with a stable producer that we can get recommendations from. Please send me photographs of your material. Please note, I am not interested in creme or white travertine. I am looking for pure white travertine product. Dec 5, Contact

e 15866 France: We are an interior design company and are looking for rock crystal blocks in order to have 2 basins and 1 bathtub made in a bathroom : the quality must be perfect according to the transparency ( as clear as possible ) and the homogeneity of the blocks. The sizes are bath tub  200cm x 100 cm x 60 cm and 2 solid lavatories 65cm x 50cm x 12cm each. Find herewith our project and a picture of a sample of the quality we are looking for. This is very urgent and we could order right away if it meets our demands. Let us know also if you could provide the manufacturing of the basin and how you intend to do them : carving and ( or ) gluing. Our tel. no. is 00.33(0)4.93.8..... We are interested to buy a block of quartz crystal  Dec 2, Contact

e 15863 France: Please quote for a block of transparent quartz 210 x 120 x 90. I need this urgently. Send pictures also. Dec 1, Contact

e 15820 France: I need a Caterpillar Wheel Loader 950E. I need it in France. Nov 29, Contact

e 15805 France: I am looking for a supplier for a long term relationship for marble, granite and natural stones. I need to know prices in the different formats available (tiles and slabs). Nov 27, Contact

e 15542 France: I am searching for Bianco Asiago urgently. The quantity is approx. 500 sqm of 80 x 80. My tel. no. is 06757.....Nov 10, Contact

e 15491 France: We are manufacturer of laboratory furniture and we have interest for artificial marble. Can you sent us more information on your product (size of sheets, thickness, colours, design, package, prices, ...). May be we can be your distributor for Europe or France. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15373 France: We are a French company specialized in tombstones and kitchen work platforms made out of granite. We are looking for new suppliers who could be able to deliver us granite blocks. Oct 28, Contact 

e 15103 France: We are specialized in antique materials and we provide antique flagstones for the grounds. We are looking for information regarding the stone Veselje in Croatia, that is close to the stone we can find in our area in France (in the beige colour). Where can we buy this stone coming from the Island Brac in Croatia? Oct 8, Contact

e 15068 France: We are presently living in southern France and are searching for a supplier of granite to be used not only in our own house but also to supply to other UK nationals living here. Please send me further information regarding cutting and finishing of granite for kitchen work surfaces and would like some indication of prices and delivery here to Ariege (09). Oct 6, Contact  

e 14766 France: We seek 400 M2 of granite slabs 25x35x2 ( Polish Shinning ), to quote on ten colours. Sept 14, Contact

e 14452 France: Loking for suppliers of SHANXI BLACK. Format 50 x 50 thickness 3 cm. 
- finitions flammée = 6 m2
- finition polie = 15 m2
- plinthes = 6 ml
My tel. no. Tél. 01 69 3.....Aug 26, Contact 

e 14431 France: I work in the architecture firm in Paris. For one of our project, we need to buy some Azul Bateig, can you send me as soon as possible a quotation with the following elements:
20 mm thick stone : 5.025 sqm
30 mm thick stone : 14.351 sqm
50 mm thick stone : 67.281 sqm
75 mm thick stone : 14.205 sqm
My tel. no. is (33).1.53.4.....Aug 25, Contact

e 14320 France: Interested in Brazilian marble / granite. Please send photos, pricelist. Aug 19, Contact

e 13436 France: I am a small import / export company. I have a potential buyer who is interested in Rock Crushing Plant. My fax. no. is 00 33 (0)2 33 5.......July 5, Contact

e 13391 France: Artifacts: We are fireplace resellers. We need more information about dimensions, quantity for carrying. Can we send plans for unique models? July 1, Contact

e 13391 France: Artifacts: We are fireplace resellers. We need more information about dimensions, quantity for carrying. Can we send plans for unique models? July 1, Contact

e 12625 France: Please quote for Azul Boquira Levigato 40x40 or 30x60 Qty. is 15 Sqm shipped to France. Our tel. no. is +33(0)4 94 4.....Ready to buy now and finalise order by end of Monday 31st May. Possible new business (large quantity required). May 12, Contact USD 20

e 11935 France: Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote for a grader champion 760. Mar 29, Contact

ES: e 11823 France: We want Caliza Europa stone which is very similar to Chauvigny stone from France. We also want some Crema Marfil. Please quote. My contact no. is 00 44 207 22.....Mar 21, Contact

BG: e 11778 France: Please quote for Vratza limestone light slabs and tiles. What is the quantity available per month for slabs in 2 and 3 cm, polished /mat. AND AVAILABILITY / QUANTITY per month quantity available per month for polished tiles. Tile size: 40 x 40 x 2 and 60 x 60 x 2, 30.5 x 30.5 x 1, 40.6 x 40.6 x 1 and 
30.5 x 61 x 1. Our tel. no. is 01424..... Mar 17, Contact

e 11434 France:  Retail: I want to know the price for your Marble Negro Marquina. I need only 15 m². Feb 28, Contact

e 11123 France: I am looking for a supplier of natural stone to supply my clients with rustic outdoor paving in a mixture of dimensions. Limestone is of particular interest. Feb 13, Contact  

e 10985 France: Earthmoving Machinery: We are searching for two dumpers VOLVO A 30C, maximum 2 to 3 years old. Tel. no. +33(0)3 23 7....Feb 6, Contact  

e 10953 France: Please quote for royal purple slate. Where does it come from? What is the precise color? Feb 4, Contact  

e 10940 France: Monuments: We are a new company specialized in the granite importation for the funerary business. For the moment, I currently work with Chinese companies. I also wish to work with Indian companies. Can you forward me free samples of Indian Mahagony, Himalaya Blue, Paradiso Classic, Black and Sapphire Blue granites. Can you give me your various quotes if I send various manufacturing drawing? My phone no. is (33) 02988.....Feb 3, Contact  

e 10908 France: Retail: I would be interested in obtaining some Sivakasi or Kashmir White granite for a kitchen counter top. I will need around 3.5 m2 within 2 months. The price should be less than 500 euros. Feb 2, Contact

e 10785 France: Stone Processing Machines: Please quote for cutting and polishing machines for marble and granite. Jan 26, Contact

e 10770 France: Please quote with carving characteristics of Belgian Black, Noir de Golzine and Nero Belgio from Belgium, Blue Aquamarina from Brazil, Gull River Marble from Canada, Rhine-Blue marble from China, Gallala Classic Marble from Egypt, Blue Savoy light Marble, Fontenille Royal from France, 
Sand Gruen and Anrochte Sandstone
from Germany, Luster Green and Lime 1 (Kota) Limestones from India, Thassos Snow white, Thassos White and Ariston Marble from Greece. Jan 25, Contact

FR: e 10159 USA: Please send pricing and availability for Napleon Tigre, Napoleaon Grand Melange and Napoleon Fleury from France. Dec 19, Contact

e 10138 USA: I want French Vanilla Marble. Please quote with image. Dec 18, Contact

FR: e 10108 Greece: Please quote for Beaumaniere Light with the following dimensions: 
a) 30.5x30.5x1cm 2200 m2 Flamed
b) 85x15x3cm 150 items 
c) Slabs 2, 3 cm 
d) 30.5x30.5x1cm 850 m2 Honed
e) 85x190x3cm 150 items Honed
f) 100x60x2cm 150 items Honed
g) 80x10x3cm 150 items Honed
We need 4 Samples 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm. Dec 16, Contact

e 8751 USA: We are stone contractors and fabricators in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. I have a job coming up and I need good pricing on Beamaniere French Limestone. I am interested in shipping containers straight from France. I do not want to by from a distributor here in the USA. I need the following:
34000 sqft of 36x60x2 inches thick
18000 sqft of 36x36x3/4 inches thick
8000 sqft of 12x18x3/4 inches thick 
If the price is right we will be putting the order within 12 to 16 weeks, and we might need an extra 55000 sqft to use as pavers around the pool area. I also need to now the production time as well as the delivery of the first container from the date I put the order. I have no problem visiting the Quarry or the factory in France. Sept 3, Contact,

FR: e 8431 USA: Please quote price per pound as well as the pounds per cubic foot of the stones, for French limestones Drom Chandolin, Drom Revermont, Montalieu Villebois, Hauteville, Farges, Pierre de Ruoms & Rochebelle. Also, please let me know what sizes are available, particularly up to 2"x2"x8". Aug 10, Contact

e 8378
France: I am looking for a block of marble or travertine (red) yellow or white, or beige unpolished cut to size after I view samples. My contact no. is 00 33 5 46 9.....Aug 7, Contact


e 7914 Germany: We are looking for fabricator for Rossl Languedoc in France. July 11, Closed

e 7877 USA: I am looking for Jaune du Roi marble, which I believe is French. I am looking for a picture and quarry source. July 10, Contact

e 7530 USA: Retail: I am in Phoenix, AZ. I am interesting in Rosso Bordeaux at $750/CBM, listed in findstone.com as Price list 363. Would please give me a rough idea how much the total cost would be including freight, tax. I also need some information about minimum quantity, product sizes, delivery information. I am a homeowner.
I will buy 2 CBM at their price (USD $750/per CBM) if the total shipping, tariff and tax less than USD $900;
I will also consider a negotiation to buy if those charge are slightly higher. I am a prospective homeowner who is building a 5200 sq.ft home on a over 1/2 acre lot. I can pay by credit card or personal check. I am a serious buyer on this product. My contact no. is 734-65....June 15, Contact

e 7402 France: We want very white Turkish limestone (Alhntas limra?) unpolished. We are private house builders and are interested in approx. 300m2 in 1m x 1m format. You can reach us under: +33 6 86 4.....
June 5, Contact

FR: e 7335 UAE: We seek suppliers for Creme Chambray (French Limestone) 300x300x20mm polished tiles, qty 1800 sqm and Tala Beige (Tunisia Origin) 300x300x20mm polished tiles, approximate quantity 1800 sqm. Please quote C&F Doha, State of Qatar. June 1, Contact


FR: e 7249 China: Please quote for Noir SAINT LAURENT unpolished slabs & blocks. We have an order in hand, and we need about 3000 sqm unpolished slabs (gang-saw, 2cm thickness) and about 30CBM rough blocks. Let us know the CNF XIAMEN, CHINA price and how many days you need to prepare above production. Our contact no. is 0086-592-60...... We can order after every details been confirmed, e.g. the price, payment term, delivery time etc. Size range is gang saw size e.g. 240 x 120 x 2cm. May 25, Contact

e 7141 France: Landscape: I want urgently (next couple of days) suitable paving stones for a swimming pool terrace. The quantity required is 160m2 and delivery is to SW France. Delivery would be required at the end of this month. We are looking for something very light in color and slabs no larger than 50cms2. Obviously it would have to be non-slip and suitable for use around a swimming pool. May 13, Contact

e 6976 UK: We want hard limestone for pier plinth fascia. Color: Light Buff/V. Light Grey. Size : 940 x 700 (oversized) x 30. We have selected Marmont or Fontenille Royal from France, Jura Grey from Germany and Biancone Light from Italy. Which of the stones listed below are hard limestones (porosity <5%)? Which UK suppliers can i get samples of these stones from? We are in London and our contact no. is 020 74......
April 30, Contact

IT: e 6819 France: We want marble Block and polished tiles of 400x400x20mm for the following Italian stones:

FR: e 6606 Italy: We want CHASSAGNE BEIGE FONCè or CLAIR from France. Our fax no. is +39.045.68.....April 3, Contact 

e 6601 Ireland: I want to use Rocheret Jaune for a project. I would like to see a physical sample of this
stone to decide if I wish to use this floor finish. April 3, Contact

e 6470 UK: I want 50 sqm of Botticino tiles 10x10 and mosaic and Molianos White (Beige if not) random/distressed in the South Coast of France. As close to Frejus as possible. I am visiting France on 25 & 26 March and would like to be able to see some suppliers whilst I am there. March 20, Contact
e 6385 India: We are an Architectural Firm in Mumbai. We want stones in shades of yellow, orange, red (Warm colors). We also need a stone called Beaumaniere limestone from France. Even at a temp of 130degree c. it remains at normal temp and is easy to walk on (for use around swimming area). 
To name a few of projects where we would need stones are:
Interiors and Landscape design - 20000 sq. ft and 1 acre respectively.
Restaurant at the Beach - 10000 sq. ft.
Bungalow - 21000 sq ft.
Commercial office - 13000 sq ft. 
Our contact no. is 98691.....March 12, Contact

e 6365 Canada: Blocks: We have a project here in Vancouver and are looking for Limestone to produce sills, lintels arches and columns. The owner doesn't want a Texas or Indiana or anything that "looks like concrete". Can you recommend some stones that are easily workable, similar to Indiana, that has movement and color in it. We predominantly work in French, American and Portuguese Limestones so something in the same hardness or softness would be appropriate. The quantity we are needing is approximately 1000 cu ft. March 11, Sold

FR: e 6326 USA: I am supplier and fabricator of the stone products and I need 3500 sq ft of Valdenod Clare French Limestone. 2500 in 3/4" 18x18 and 1000 sq feet in 3/4" slab. Please quote with lead time delivered to Seattle, WA. March 6, Contact

FR: e 2309 Hong Kong:Please quote for limestone from France named Fontenille Royal in block form, please quote us the price C&F Xiamen China. Jan 14. Contact 

FR: e 2232 UK: Retail: Quote for French limestone Rocheret jaune / Beauharnais / Bretigny. Our requirements between 40 to 25 sq meters in rectangular format. How much per sq meter in Sterling Pounds? Dec 31. Contact or Buy at USD20 

FR: e 2146 China: Please quote for Lanhelin Blue stone. Please be noted that what we want of Lanhelin blue should be of high class grade. (If the price is on FOB basis, please give us CNF Xiamen, China, terms as well.) Dec 3. Contact.

FR: e 2028 USA: Looking for slabs and tiles of French limestone like Hauteville, Ruoms, Villibois, etc.  Honed, brush or flamed finishes. Nov 16. Contact

FR, IN, US: e 1876 India:  I need of  Dakota Mohgany, Indian granite for a project in Africa. Send me a sample and an indication of price for 300 x 300 x 10mm tiles and random slabs in 20 mm. I also need a material called Chhassgne limestone. Quote for that too. Sept 17. Contact

AU, FR: e 1835 Indonesia: We want granite from Australia, they are: ARIAH PARLE GOLD; from France: JAUNE AURORA. Aug 31. Contact

ES, FR: e 1786 USA: Hello, I need a list of block sources of marble in France and Spain. I am looking for French marbles 'Rouge Griotte' and 'Noir Saint Laurant' in blocks only. I am looking for Spanish marble Brocatel di Spagna in blocks only. Aug 13. Contact

FR: e 1735 Indonesia: We are interested in products such as : Breccia Nouvelle, Sarancolin, Breche de Benou, Breche de Vinare, Breche de Tholonet. Please send export price CNF Jakarta Port - Indonesia. July 5. Contact

FR: e 1619 USA: I'm product consultant for a specifier company in Los Angeles who  wants quarries or supplier of 2 cm thick slabs of:

June 15 contact

FR: e 1554 USA: I would like to buy a piece of "Breche Du Tholonet" marble ... which is a French marble similiar to "Breche D'Alep" ... the size would be 30-1/2" x 46-1/2" ... the thickness could be anything from 1/2" to 1" or so. May 8 contact
FR:e 1525 Italy: Looking for "Pierre de Bourgogne". Apr 19

FR: e 1489 USA: I am looking for a limestone that seems to be discontinued... it is called Pompignon...it has been used on an architectural project that we are now renovating and we will need to match the existing. Mar 30

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