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October 2006





This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from Greece. 

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Year 2006  

e 21465 Greece : Please let me know what colure of travertine you can supply and the prices of them CNF Thessalonikis port. We would like also to know the dimensions of your blocks and if you can guaranty for your material. Please let us know the terms of payment that you can accept. Sept 29 Contact

e 21403 : I am interested in purchasing a large quantity of sandblasted Himalayan sandstone: 600 x 600, 600x 300, 400 x 400. Their destination will be Athens , Greece . Sept 17 Contact  


e 21241: I am trying to find a source for a cretan stone for a project in greece . Aug 20 Contact

e 21203 Greece : Kindly quote availability, specs and price for long reach packages for CAT 375, CAT 365 and CAT 345 excavators. Tel: +30 210 65.....Aug 12 Contact

e 21181 Greece : Please quote for Premium black and black galaxy slabs of of 2 and 3 cm. Tel. 0030 2351 0.......Aug 8 Contact

e 21078 Greece : We are a large importing company in Greece , and we are interested in buying ceramic tiles at low prices in 40x40 cm. We are mostly interested in mat surface in beige marble looking colors. Pls, send us photos. Our target price is 2.00 usd/m2. Tel :0030 27220......July 19 Contact  

e 20403 Greece: May I have a quotation regarding a slab of Absolute black granite or marble (solid black), 10 cm thick x 70cm x 100 cm as
well as its shipping expenses to Athens, Greece? Studio: +30 210 8.....April 24 Contact

e 20186 Greece: I don't know the quantities yet, but i need the best quality of lava stone for ceramization.I mean,i want plaques round,rectangular,square, in different sizes, for table top, ready( in smooth surface) in order to decorate it with ceramic colors and afterwards, to glaze it and finally to fire it at about 1000 C". At first i need some small pieces - samples- to test them.The first order at the beginning will be at least one container. TEL.0030 2610 4..... March 29 Contact  

e 20136 Greece : Could you please inform me about KATO 500 Crane and especially about the model and the price of the machine, etc. March 24 Contact  

e 19943 Greece : I am interested for quantity from 70 until 150 sqm. in colour I would prefer white, beige, yellow portuguese stones. March 3 Contact

e 19392 Greece : We are based in Athens , Greece . Since our creation (1973), we are dealing with industrial representations, against an agent commission of 5%, of various items. For a customer of ours we have an inquiry for Bulgaria stone (gneiss), with irregular shape. If you can supply this material to us please give us your best prices including our 5% agent commission. We prefer prices to be CIF Piraeus port, Greece . Our normal way of payment is L/C. If you have to propose any other way of payment, which secures, as well, both parties we are going to follow you. Please also let us know the delivery way and time. Tel. No:(0030 210) 88.......Jan 5 Contact  

  Year 2005

e 19329 Greece : We are interested for your granite tiles in 40x40x1cm. Also please give us images and FOB prices for Peacock slate. Tel 003023510..... Dec 30 Contact

e19136 Greece : We are import & export company. We are interested in importing 1000 ton cubes of granite 10x10x5 cm & 10x20x5 cm. Tel. +30 2810 2.....Dec 8 Contact 

e 19023 Greece : I am interested to buy Aurora Estermoz about 300 sqm. Nov 29 Contact 

e 18358 Greece : We are interested in Marmara semi-white blocks any dimensions, quality of 1st choice and quantity of 1 vessel for price 170USD/m3. We are visiting Turkey tomorrow and we are staying there for two days so we need to know the suppliers data in order to contact them and inspect the material. We intend to place an order immediately. Telephone number: 0030 23940......Aug 29 Contact

e 18193 Greece : We a marble processing company in Greece and we import a lot of Turkish materials. One of these is also Marmara White. We would like to have your offer for these material in blocks (big and small) and for different qualities (A and B). Also can we have an offer for 30 x 60 x 2cm unpolished around two containers. July 23 Contact  

e 18142 Greece : We are a marble and granite company in Greece and we would like to import Chinese granite. We would like to have your offer for a full container with the Chinese granite G603 (if it is available) in 40x40x1cm polished. July 18 Contact

e 17346 Greece : Looking for Indian sandstones in color yellow, green, mint. Thickness 3-4cm and size 170cmx70cm. Please quote in US$ per sqm C&F Thessaloniki port. Apr 7 Contact

e 17220 GREECE : We are a company which produces cast iron fireplaces. We would like to cooperate with Egyptian suppliers in order to have smooth marbles like Golden cream and Galala in actual size 
1. 230UPX120UPx 3cm. (SLABS)
2. WE NEED 2 CONTAINER (20 Ft) HOLDING CAPACITY 233 Sqm per Cont. 
3. First Cont. has Golden Cream second Cont. has Galala.
4. How much time will it take for the slabs to arrive in Thessaloniki 's port?
5. We would like you to inform us about the total cost. Our tel. no. is 0030-2310-7.....Mar 22 Contact

e 17196 Greece : We are interested in wall and floor ceramic tiles. Please offer one trial container of 20 ft. Mar 20 Contact   

e 17166 Greece : Please quote for sandstones color yellow, green, mint. Thickness 3-4 cm, 170cm x 70cm. Price : US$ sqm C & F Thessaloniki  port. Mar 18 Contact

Year 2004

e 16173 Greece : Looking for approx 450 sqm Jerusalem stone, light gold, tumbled, 4 sizes, for installation in Greece . Dec 26, Contact

e 16149 Greece : We are importers/wholesalers of semi-precious stones and relevant items. We are already importing from Brazil and from South Africa , but we are always looking to expand the products we can offer to our customers and to become more competitive in our prices.
We would like to ask you if you could kindly send us the catalogues / pricelists of the products you can offer and of course your terms of trade and your discount policy. our tel. / fax: +30 210 46.....Dec 22, Contact  

e 16025 Greece : We are interested to see your range of available tumbled stones. We are not interested in beads but in tumbled stones in pebble form. We are importers/wholesalers of semi precious stones & crystals in worked and rough form. Dec 13, Contact  

e 16005 Greece : We are a Greek Company that we have quarry of natural stone and we are interested in importing sandstone and lime stone. We are interested for 2 containers of sandstone. Mint, Agra Red, Dholpur Pink. Dimensions: 150 / 170cm x 70cm, Thickness 3 - 3.5cm. 
Also, we are interested for 1 container of lime stone Colors: Kota Brown, Lime Pink. Dimensions: 150 / 170cm x 70cm. Thickness 3 - 3.5cm. Please send prices in US$, FOB Nhava Sheava or Mumbai or Bombay .  Dec 11, Contact

e 15870 Greece : We are interested for the stones with the following attributes: 
Color: Esmeralda Bahia, Azul Macaubas, Rosa Corallo, Rosa
Dimensions: 120/150/170cm x 35/70cm.  Thickness: 3-4cm.  Surface Natural and Edges Machine Cut. Please give us a price in $, C.I.F. Pireus ( Greece ). We are interested for 1-2 containers. Dec 2, Contact  

e 15747 Greece : We are interested in buying scrap of semi-precious stones as: Amethyst, Agate, Sodalite, Quartz, Turquoise and Carnelian. The sizes can vary from 0.5cm. to 3cm. and should be rough. Also want scrap Marble from: 
Argentina : Cielo Azul
Brazil : Azul, Blue Aquamarine, Pau Brazil , Flamingo, Rosa , Azul Macaubas, Esmeralda Bahia.
China : Moss Green
Turkey : Rosa Levanto
And scrap Granite from India : Kyadikuppa Red, Imperial red. Marble, Granite and Slate must be in broken pieces and the thickness should be from 1cm. to 3cm. Nov 22, Contact  

e 15579 Greece : Please quote for supplying around 200 sq m. of 60 x 60 x 2 cm tiles of polished Portuguese Light Pink Rosa Aurora marble, shipped to Athens , Greece . Nov 12, Contact

e 15526 Greece : Send me information regarding engineered stone and in particular quartz-based. Nov 9, Contact

e 15509 Greece : We are one of the leading marble and stone companies in Greece . We are interested in purchasing 470m2 Granite Nero Assoluto or Nero China , thickness 2cm polished dimensions 40X40 or 60X60 calibrated edges. As well as Star Galaxy black with golden pearl-spots dimensions 60X60 thickness 2cm quantity 170m2 calibrated edges. The delivery time is set to 10 days. Please send your best prices. We are interested in purchasing from all geographical areas. Our tel. no. is 30-210-6.....Nov 8, Contact

e 15484 Greece : We are one of the leading marble and stone companies in Greece . We are interested in purchasing 470m2 Granite Nero Assoluto or Nero China , thickness 2cm polished dimensions 40X40 or 60X60 calibrated edges. As well as Star Galaxy black with golden pearl-spots dimensions 60X60 thickness 2cm quantity 170m2 calibrated edges. The delivery time is set to 10 days. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15478 Greece : We are a Greek company producing and trading abrasives, mainly for marbles & granite, since 1970. We produce coated abrasives, mastics, polishing stones, cut off and grinding discs etc. We are interested in buying Silicon Carbide black & green (Grits 12-1200).
Please inform us about technical details & the cost. Our tel. no. is +30 210 24.....Nov 5, Contact 

e 15432 Greece : We would like to visit India in order to find marble, granite, slate, etc. However, we would like to visit an area that we will find the more possible materials. Looking for an area which has all the Indian manufacturers of stone. We are interested to find a place like Shuitou in Fujian in China for example that attracts all the manufacturers of China . Nov 2, Contact 

e 14919 Greece : Landscape: Please send offer for 12 x 12 x 9 grey basalt cobble stone and also for dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 and 20 x 10 x 5. I am interested for 3500 m2. Our tel. no. is 0030-69445.....Sept 25, Contact   

e 14388 Greece : I represent a Greek marble company. We require Indian Granite Orissa Blue for a project. Attached are the exact dimensions. Please send me your prices CNF Greece. Also would like to how we can arrange to receive a sample of Orissa Blue. My tel. no. is 0030-21068.....Our budget price is less than USD 57 CIF. Aug 23, Contact

e 13921 Greece : I represent a Greek marble company. We require Indian Granite Orissa Blue for a project. Attached are the exact dimensions. Please send me your prices CNF Greece. Also would like to how we can arrange to receive a sample of Orissa Blue. My tel. no. is 0030-21068.....July 30, Contact

e 13366 Greece : Artifacts: I am looking for a supplier for a central garden fountain with pool in neoclassical style, stone or marble. June 30, Contact 

e 12737 Greece : Please send me information on Spanish Pierre de Bourgogne used in kitchen flooring. I need 30 sqm, for a kitchen and small laundry area. May 20, Contact USD 20

e 11441 Greece : We are interested in a small quantity of Verde Rajasthan about 30-40 m2. We would like to receive some offers and some photos of this stone. Feb 29, Contact

IN: e 11062 Greece : I want best quality Black Granite slabs (like Ratnasila Black). The qty. is 7000 sqm. Please quote for 40 x 80 x 2 cm - 6534 sqm, polished 600 and 40 x 80 x 2 cm - 505 sqm polished 800. We would like a sample of polished 40 x 40 cm tile urgently. Also send us the physical and chemical properties of this granite. Treat this as URGENT. We would also like to know the delivery period, and payment terms. Our contact no. is 0030-210-68.....  Feb 10, Contact  

e 10527 Greece: Please quote for AZUL PARAISO POLISHED, qty. 3,200 sqm 15 X 5 X 2CM & 6 X 5 X 2CM.
20PIECES 118 X 125 X 2CM
20PIECES 105 X 125 X 2CM. Our tel. no. is (+30) 210 3461275. Jan 13, Contact USD 100 (open)

GR: e 10289 Poland: Please quote CIF Gdansk (port in Poland) for Golden spider marble in 2cm & 3cm slabs. The sizes are 38x160x2 - 350 m2, 38x200x2 - 100 m2, 60x125x2 - 850 m2, 160x38x3 - 335 m2 and 160x16x2 - 115 m2. Dec 31, Contact

e 10206 India: Please quote for blocks of Thassos White from GREECE and Galala from EGYPT and Sicilia from ITALY. Dec 23, Contact

IF WE CAN CUT THE FLOOR PANELS 120 x 60 x 2 cm. 
WHAT IS THE AVERAGE SIZE OF THE SLABS? Mob: + 48 602 4..... Dec 21, Contact

GR: e 9265 Brazil: We are a trading firm looking for 2000 sqm of White Marble Pigues. We need about 21500 pieces (305 x 305 mm). Please quote C&F Santos Port/Brazil. We have an offer of Pigues white marble in 21,50 euros/m˛ C&F Santos Port/Brazil and payment with L/C 30, 60 and 90 days. Delivery time 40 days. If you have a better offer please send an email. Our phone no. is 55 12 396.....Oct 17, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9179 UK: I need 40 slabs in polished white marble each 450 x 450 x 20 delivered to Cambridge UK. Please quote. Oct 10, Closed

GR: e 8951 Egypt: We need 4500 sqm Volakas Slabs 2cm. See pricelists 309 and 657 as reference for pricing. We agree on that price for the slabs. The order is ready, awaiting quotes from suppliers. Our tel. no. is (202) 47......Sept 20, Contact USD 100 (open)  

e 8930 USA: Please quote for 24 x 24 size tiles of "Sky Line" and "Abu Figurative" Indian Marble Tiles. I need about 1250 sq ft of this product. Also quote for same size tiles of Volakas Classic and Volakas Cloudy. Price for 18 x 18 tiles of Elafochori Semi-White, approximately 1400 Sq ft. Sept 18, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8597 Spain: I am looking for Thassos slabs. I need 6 containers of good quality. I will be flying to Athens to visit some companies to buy 2 containers of white thassos in slabs. I will buy 2 containers during my visit and 4 weeks later I will buy 4 more. Next week I will visit companies with stock as I need to choose the material that my customer needs. Please send me some pictures of the best material that I can buy for 53 Euros. Also tell me how to contact you by phone and if you have a web page address please send it. Send me information, price list, stock and pictures if possible. My tel. no. is 00528180......Aug 22, Contact  USD 100 (open)

ES/GR/IR: e 8529 Yemen: We have an urgent requirement of a huge lot of marble for one of our prestigious project which is nearing completion. The materials are: Crema Marfil- Iran, Off white marble, Red Alicante & Dark Emparador - Spain, Volkas white, Grey of Alivery, Brown - Red of Fanary & Black of Damasta - Greece. Please quote with terms and conditions and the earliest delivery time to Sanna. Aug 15, Contact USD 20 (open)

GR: e 8060 Malaysia: Please quote for Volakas Marble Block with gray veins. We are in the midst of tendering for a project. Quantity reqd. is 300~500 M3. 
Kindly provide us with your: -
(a) Most competitive price based on CNF China, Shanghai Port.
(b) Lead time for delivery of the stone upon confirmation of order.
(c) Please send to us of E-photo as we need to present them to the client. 
Our tel. no. is +603-61.....July 21, Contact USD 50 (open)

GR: e 7998 USA: Please quote for Thassos (pure white) 12x12x3/8. July 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

GR: e 7772 Spain: I need price for white pighes 60x30x2 10000 m2 urgently. My contact no. is 34 950 4.....
July 1, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT: e 7683 Greece: I need rosa beta or bianco perla in dimensions of 90x90x3 polished - 800 m˛. June 25, Contact USD 100 (open)

CN: e 7675 Greece: I like more info. for Chinese granite Zhangqin Black. We are interested for 1000 sqm. 40 x 40 x 1 beveled 100 sqm 3 cm slabs & 60 sqm 2 cm slabs. Wanted granite similar to NERO AFRICA (gray black) in color. Black Shanxi is too high in price & too dark. We are looking for a color similar to Nero Africa granite in the level of 21 - 22 $/sqm. We also want white granite, trade name here ALASKA white something like color GLG 101. Quote CIF PIRAEUS Greece. Image & sample will be  appreciated. We are serious to put orders ' continuously for Chinese granites . We are well established Co. in the Greek market & are looking to cooperate with a good & big firm in China.   Our contact no. is 003210 - 96.....
June 25, Contact USD 200 (open) (updated inquiry)

GR: e 7412 China: Please quote CNF Penang for Golden Spider marble. We need: 
A) Block: i) Big blocks (for slabs)
ii) Semi blocks or "block cutter block" (for tiles). 
B) 300 x 300 x 15 mm, Quantity: 8,000 - 10,000 m2.
C) Rough slab i) Polished
ii) Rough sawn/unpolished. June 6, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7299: We are looking for a supplier of dramas white marble. May 29, Contact USD 20

e 7205 Greece: Landscape:  We want pebbles. They have to be durable (6-7 of 10 of MOH’s scale). 3mm thick with smooth surface without breakage. It must be natural (no manmade), no colored (natural pure white and blue) and natural shaped (oval, random shapes but pebble). If it is possible I want samples blue and white and the quality certificate. 
QUANTITY: 24 tones, pure white pebble in 20-kilogram bags, so 24 pallets of 50 bags each. 
12 tones, blue pebble in 20-kilogram bags, so 24 pallets of 50 bags each. 
PHONE NUMBER: +306947..... May 20, Contact USD 200

e 7039 Malta: I want Perlite from Greece or Turkey. Qty. reqd. is 20 FCL. Payment will be made by letter of credit. I will pay charges for samples. We are importers of peat in Malta and are exploring the possibility of adding perlite to our range if the price is right. Please quote. May 5, Contact USD 40 (open)

GR: e 6985 Philippines: I want 700 SQM of VOLAKAS WHITE, 240cm x 120cm x 20mm thick, polished on top, edges sawn, CNF Manila port, Philippines. We have the following prices:
VOLAKAS PINKISH - USD 15 per sqm. 
Looking for abetter quotes. May 1, Contact USD 100 (open)

TR: e 6692 Greece: We want Andesite from Turkey, 10 x 10 x 10 cm. 900 m2. April 11, Contact USD 20 (open)

GR: e 6586 USA: I want 30000 sq ft of 16" tiles and 11000 sq ft of 2cm slab material of White Thassos marble. Please quote immediately as this is for a project already in progress. Delivery is in Los Angeles. My phone no. is  352-74......April 2, Sold

CN: e 6503 Greece: We are a marble & granite industry. Please send us a catalog of your products and a price list for Chinese granite slabs or tiles. I may require a few samples. Our contact no. is 
+302 310 4.....March 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

MO: e 6403 Greece: Since 1987 we have been producing and exporting worldwide high quality marble from all the major marble producing areas of Greece. 
Recently and due to a large growth of the domestic market we started to import marble and granite from various countries. We want quotes and other info. for Moroccan materials like CREMA ANTICO, BROWN FOSSIL & SAHARA (slabs). Our contact no. is +30 210 94.... March 14, Contact USD 40

e 6320 Greece: I want blue color stone called AZUL ATLADICO stone. It is not a natural stone. I want it in slabs (0,03) and the quantity needed 100 sqm. March 5, Contact USD 100

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

GR: e 2343 India : Please quote for slabs or blocks of Delfi White from Greece . Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

GR: e 1981 Italy : We are reputed company in Italy looking for a supplier from Greece for CHIOS BROWN marble. Nov 6. Contact

GR: e 1954 Hong Kong : I want Thassos White Blocks & Slabs - Direct import from quarry owner. Oct 29. Contact

GR: e 1918 Hong Kong : We are tendering for a project and the product asked for is Capeo Bonito. The quantity is 2100 sq. m. Would appreciate a quotation (per sq. m.) Oct 5. Contact

GR: e 1885 USA: We're interested to buy Greek marbles (tiles 300x600,  300x300, slabs and blocks) Could you please send us a price with costs and samples (pictures) of marbles which you produce, also the terms and conditions of supply. Sept 19. Contact

GR: e 1861 USA : In the stones from Greece in your stone album we found Hermes Dark  -  need pricing and availability information. Sept 10. Contact  

GR: e 1584 USA : Interested in the following types of Marble (Rosa Egeo, & Thassos White)I am interested in sizes, prices, and do you offer custom cutting & finishing for vanity tops. May 31 contact  

  GR: e 1488 USA : I am seeking light coloured unpolished Travertine/Limestone from Italy France Turkey ie Europe for internal flooring so reasonably thin/light. This is for 2 residential houses only need about 400 sq metres. I liked in Limestone from Greece : Beige of Loanina      


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