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Limestone slabs and tiles January 2007
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This page lists Limestone Inquiries. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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For limestone slabs and tiles inquiries from Jan 2004 to Jan 2003, please see www.findstone.com/tilimestone1.htm 

Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm. Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm

Year 2007

e 21981 UAE: We are looking for regular suppliers of LIME STONE, preferably from MUSCAT or MID EAST COUNTRIES. Jan 2 Contact

Year 2006

e 21412 USA: We are in the process of opening a shop in Guadalajara, Mexico we would also like to become a supplier we would like for you to inform us about your prices on granites, marbles, travertines, limestones, slabs, and tiles. We would like the price of sq ft delivered in Long Beach , California . Sept 19 Contact

e 21271 Australia : I am inquiring about limestone from Bali . Would like to import to Australia . My phone number is 02 66 7......I would like a fairly dense limestone in various sizes, smallest being tile size to largest 2x1x1 metre I would like to know what colours are available I would like to know prices before determining amount. Aug 26 Contact

e 21198 USA : Retail: I'm interested in a 60x30x2' french limestone top for a table. Phone: 212.88.....Aug 12 Contact

e 21193 Korea : I am planning to open a business outdoor limestone sculpture studio in Seoul . I like white creamy limestone for sculpture. I would have the approximate price for the stone and delivery charge with following example 1370x 1215x660 (mm), 20 FCL full (guessing 12 pcs for 20 feet container). Aug 11 Contact

e 21192 USA : Retail: Could you direct me to a source for Seagrass limestone tiles and slab (also called fossil green)? Phone: (907) 34.....Aug 10 Contact

e 21190: I am looking for 80 -90m2 of brushed limestone approx 20mm thick. i need the stone cut to size in random sizes for flooring. Ideally I would like the sizes to be larger 600 x 1200, 800x1200 but will need a mixture for a random floor pattern. Aug 10 Contact

e 21159 USA : We are contractors and looking for 1800 sq ft of limestone in a Slab Color Crema Europa or similar. Must be delivered to the job site in North Jersey . Aug 2 Contact

e 20783 Australia : Need 300 sqm of 600 x 600 white limestone floor tiles from any area. Need to buy NOW. Approved samples required and will send representative to inspect product when being packed. Expect to place an order within 3 weeks. Tel: 61 – 04145.....June 8 Contact

e 20566 USA : We need 3000 square feet of limestone for exterior veneer and interior fireplace hearth and veneer. The lighter the color (white would be great), the better. I don’t know enough about limestone itself to give you stone name or type. I am ready to finalize and make an order by May 31, 2006. I am the builder, the homeowner’s budget is flexible so please just give me the price per square foot for the material (delivered). However, they would like to go this route as their first choice. The jobsite is in Jasper , Georgia , USA . We don’t care what geographical area the stone comes from as it is the color we are looking for and meets budget requirements. Tel: 678 99.....May 15 Contact

e 20307 USA: Retail: Need 120 sq ft (60 tiles) 12” x 24” (305mm x 610mm) bush hammered limestone for fireplace surround -- off-white, light yellow, or sandy color limestone preferred. Prefer to buy from west coast, USA but would buy from anywhere in USA or in the world at the right price. We need the stone within the next 3 – 4 weeks (by May 15, 2006). Need price quote and sample to finalize a supplier. 
Would place order immediately. Tel: +1-925-93.....April 10 Contact

e 20302 USA : Retail: Seeking 120 sq ft (60 tiles) must be 305mm x 610mm bush hammered limestone. Off-white, light yellow, or sandy color preferred. Need ASAP. April 10 Contact

e 20297 USA : I am looking for Olive Green/Sage Turkish limestone. Either 12x12 or 18x18 tiles. I need 250 sq. ft. April 9 Contact

e 20284 USA : I am interested in the Vidraço Ataíja Creme limestone from Portugal . I need about 1,200 square feet. Tel: 858-45.....April 7 Contact

e 20257 Netherlands : I am in urgent need of information about limestone tiles. Qty. is 400 m2 in tile 25cm x 120cm x 2 cm (or 150cm length). I am willing to buy all over the world. This quantity is approx standard sea-container. Will buy after receiving samples. Price range is from US$ 14 – US$ 25 excl. freight cost. Hereby I include a picture of an example. Phone +31 172 4..... April 4 Contact

e 19770 USA : I am looking for 6500 sq. ft. of classic Beaumaniere limestone 18" x 18". Feb 16 Contact

e 19357 USA : I am in need of 300,000 sq ft of yellow limestone going into a hotel project in Mexico . Phone number is 619.81.....Jan 2 Contact

Year 2005

e 19323 USA : I need 2900 sq ft of limestone color: Sea grass in an 8"x16" tile!!! Tel: 404-35......Dec 29 Contact

e 19287 : Please quote for marble travertine onyx limestone granite blocks, slabs and tiles from Iran as per pricelist 1096. Dec 23 Contact 

e 19242 Ireland : We are seeking suppliers of marble & limestone tiles for export to Ireland . Tel: +23480558.....Dec 17 Contact   

e19199 USA : Retail:  I urgently need 18x18 Sinai Pearl Honed Limestone. I cannot find it anywhere in California , and need to get this material VERY quickly. If you can please tell me where I can find this in the U.S. would be great. Tel: 805-65..... Dec 14 Contact]

e19121 USA : We are interested in a quote for a 30" X 48" Polished limestone slab, do you do edges on them? Dec 7 Contact 

e 18996: Please quote for white limestone tiles from UK . Nov 27 Contact 

e 18800 Australia : I require approximately 820 M2 of limestone (fossilized) Philippines   in 60 x 60 cm tiles in honed finish plus assorted cut pieces, bullnose and some 60 x 30 cm tiles. Can you email me an image of the tile? Nov 4 Contact 

e 18788 UK : Please price 40 mm moleanous limestone (white cream) honed finish 800 sq m approx exterior use in random slab & cut to size. tel no 00442843...... Nov 2 Contact 

e 18780 UK : We want to order approx quantity 100m2 Import or domestic ( Europe only) Floor tiles Honed Limestone 500mm x random length 
White Moleanos. We are a UK design & construction company. Nov 1 Contact 

e 18765 Saudi Arabia: You are kindly requested to send us your best quotation for urgent supply of LIMESTONE (SIZE 5Cm) qty. 100 Kg. Ph.# +966(3)34.....Oct 30 Contact

e 18602: Need a light color 24" limestone 2000 sqft. Please send info asap as I am way behind on this project. Oct 14 Contact 

e 18583 USA : I am looking for 4000sf 24x24 Kota Brown Limestone/slate, 250sf 12x12 18583 USA : I am looking for 4000sf 24x24 Kota Brown Limestone/slate, 250sf 12x12 Red Travertine Polished. Tel: (626)79..... Oct 12 Contact . Tel: (626)79..... Oct 12 Contact 

e 18176 Germany : Please send us an offer for Rosal Limestone Slabs 2 or 3 cm thick. We need 2 slabs of about 5 square meters, best quality for reception desk. Please send best price and conditions as delivery time. July 21 Contact

 e 17759 USA: We would like to purchase JAUNE MONTON Limestone 6,750 s.f. (patterned or random sizes). We need this material in Southern California by July 6th, No other alternative limestones will be considered. Our tel. no. is (805) 49..... May 28 Contact

e 17757 India: Kindly send me price list of the entire Philippines blocks and slabs, along with their respective pictures and specs. On acceptance of your material we are definite on importing huge quantities, so kindly quote me your best rates for the above blocks. Ph: +9122261.....May 27 Contact

e 17724 Turkey: We are preparing a tender document about limestones. We need 3500m2 "azul valverde" 3 cm thickness and 500m2 "massangis jaune clair" 3 cm thickness. We want slab prices and the payment conditions and also the shipment company wants the weight of the stones (kg/m2) in order to give the container prices. TEL: +90 212 22.......May 20 Contact

e 17713 Korea: I need information of Relvinha Portugal limestone. May 19 Contact 

e 17704 UK: Email me relevant information regarding Jura stone. We are importers and retailers, we also specify for commercial projects. May 17 Contact 

e 17700 USA: I need 2500 sqm of polished and finished limestone in slab form. I am looking for 2 cm thick 30 cm X 60 to 90cm slabs in a beige color. Please email me your best price. I am in CA. Tel: 415 61.....May 17 Contact 

e 17696 Italy: We deal with Sandstone, Limestone & Quarzite. We import stones items from China, Pakistan & India. As we are an established company and doing several projects in Italy we are looking to order from Albaina. We would like to get your company catalogue, samples and price list in Euro , including CIF transport to La Spezia in Italy. We are looking for the product which can be used for exterior purpose in sandstone and limestone but they must be strong stones i.e. gel and pressure resistant. May 16 Contact 

e 17666 Australia: Looking for supplier of Indian slate, limestone, sandstone, etc. Tel. no. is 61-2-973..... May 12 Contact 

e 17650 USA: We are importers and fabricators serving South East Michigan. We have our own warehouse and production facility all under one roof. We are interested in importing slate, sand stone and lime stone tiles. Please give additional details pricing, sample pictures etc. Also if you have new colors of granite slabs esp (Northern Indian) Please send details. Phone no. 248 47.....May 10 Contact 

e 17630 Saudi Arabia: Please provide samples with different finishes such as rough finish, honed, polished or polished with transparent or colored resin includes your price list for Amarillo Fossil stone. Fax +966 2 22......May 8 Contact 

e 17618 Mauritius: Please quote for Amarillo Fossil stone from SpainMay 6 Contact 

e 17617 El Salvador: We are importers in El Salvador, Central America of travertine, limestone and slate. Our products are imported from Turkey, Jerusalem, India and Brazil. Please forward all information regarding Amarillo Fossil stone. Our tel. no. is (503) 27.....May 6 Contact 

e 17615 USA: Please send us a sample, a price list, sizes and specifications of amarillo fossil. Tel. 212.22.....May 5 Contact 

e 17610 Italy: We would like to know more about Amarillo fossil, please provide us with the following: Price for Blocks, Slabs 002cm / 003cm , rough , cement filled and clear resin filled, Tiles all sizes, Pavers 60cm x 40cm x 3cm, Cobbles 10cm x 10cm x 10cm natural finish. Please indicate loading port. May 5 Contact 

e 17607 Qatar: We are interested in Amarillo fossil. May 5 Contact 

e 17606 South Africa: Please quote for amarillo fossil stone with image. May 5 Contact

e 17605 USA: Please send us a sample, a price list, sizes and specifications of amarillo fossil. Cell: 954-49.....May 5 Contact

e 17601 Australia: Please provide more information about your amarillo fossil. Are they granite or limestone? Are they porous and durable? May 5 Contact

e 17598: Please quote for AMARILLO FOSSIL Stone. May 5 Contact

e 17590 Malta: Please quote for AMARILLO FOSSIL Stone. May 4 Contact


e 17587: Please quote for AMARILLO FOSSIL Stone of size 10mm X 305mm X 305mm or the size you produce?  Phone: 419 86.....I am in Ohio. May 3 Contact 

e 17586 UK: Interested in purchasing AMARILLO FOSSIL STONE BLOCK. Please send details. May 3 Contact 

e 17574 USA: I am interested in specific quotes for specific slabs of Argentinean azul for a current project in Yucatan, Mexico. I have immediate needs, but I need to see photos of sets of matching slabs for "book matching" floors. May 3 Contact

e 17524: Looking for fabricators in Cantera Stone for Window and Door frames located in Baja California. Quantity? Just thinking of building my own home on ranch --- note extensive use of Cantera Stone trim in Los Cabos, and wonder where it comes from in that shipping of stone from mainland would be expensive. Must be quarries or fabricators in Baja. Apr 26 Contact    

e 17504 USA: I am curious about the Cream Supreme Limestone from Turkey. Apr 25 Contact 

e 17412 Singapore: We are tendering a project using Tunisian Limestone Beige colour. Country Origin Thala, Tunisia. Size 1300 x 400 mm, thickness 40mm, Qty 7000 sqm. This is for external facade and must high-density Limestone with following requirement: -
Density - 2550 kg/m3
Max. Water Absorption - 3.86%
Porosity - NA
Abrasion Resistance - 11.0
Compressive Strength - 248 Mpa
Pls quote best price. We have to submit price by 18th Apr 2005. Our tel. no. is Tel: 65-638.....Apr 15 Contact

e 17408 USA: I am trying to locate Villebois Jaune re. LM-HONED. Looking for 12"X12" tiles. I need pricing and also need to know who I can get this tile from. Apr 14 Contact

e 17389 USA: I am on the market for Marble, Travertine, and Limestone. Apr 13 Contact 

e 17348 USA: Please quote for Beaumaniere light limestone. Please provide pricing for cut blocks, 3/4", 2", 4" slabs. Apr 7 Contact

e 17341 France: We are looking for material from Malaysia: limestone, granite, sandstone and marble. We want to buy all types of granites , marbles, limestones, sandstones, basalt.... for our business. We sell all over France : pavers, slabs; kerbs,tiles etc..... We are looking for important quarries producing in a short time and giving us good FOB or CNF prices in containers. Tel. No. is 00333282.....Apr 7 Contact

e 17303 Indonesia: Looking for a Lime stone and natural stone supplier. See price list 780. We are actually looking for the supplier for the natural stone based in Indonesia for our project here. Apr 1 Contact 

e 17239 UK: Looking to buy 150 sqm (each size mentioned) White Limestone 1st grade tiles of size 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm; 40 x 40 x 1.5 cm'; 40 x 60 x 1.5 cm; 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm sizes. Please quote. Mar 24 Contact 

e 17224 Australia: I am a distributor of tiles and slabs in Australia. I am looking for yellow limestones in all finishes and sizes. Please send me your details and prices for consideration. My tel. no. is +61 2 981.....Mar 23 Contact 

e 17125 Indonesia: Need Ceramic flooring for a facility to be built in East Timor. Quantity approximately 100,000m2. Some need for marble tiling as well for reception areas in the different departments. May also require limestone cladding for the exterior of all structures still to be confirmed by architect. Tel 0062 815752...... Mar 16 Contact


e 16979 Israel: I would like to get information about limestone from china ZH-M114 prices 60 * 60 tiles as well as availability. Feb 28. Contact  

e 16927 USA: We looking for 5000SF of 16x16 or 18x18 Beauharnais light lime stone. Let us know if it is 1st or second material? 
Feb 25 Contact  

e 16926 USA: I am looking for a reputable company to buy mainly travertine and other stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx Slab/tiles. I am also interested in Fireplaces, Inlays / Medallions, Arches and Pavers. My first order will be approx. 7,000 sq. ft. Feb 24 Contact  

e 16913 USA: I am looking for Jerusalem Antique Gold Honed in 16x16 tiles - about 800 sq ft. Feb 23.  Contact

e 16785 UK: We are looking for a wholesale supplier of limestone/travertine. We are a new business supplying limestone/travertine floors with under floor heating in the Cheshire area of England. Please contact me on 01695 6.....Feb 9, Contact

e 16774 Turkey: We want visit the quarry in order to buy b/m JM White Limestone in blocks for our customer. Kindly send us quotes and pictures. Our tel. no. is 009021636.....The sizes are in blocks 150x150x100+/-. Quantity:1000+-/Month. After the visit of the quarry in the mid of Feb. we can finalize the procurement. Feb 7, Contact

e 16754 UK: We are a UK based construction company and require 1000m2 40 x 40 x 2cm Crema Marbella honed limestone. I would be grateful if you could quote me an FOB price. Our tel. no. is 0208 65.....Feb 4, Contact

e 16746 Hungary: We would like to buy limestone tiles (Travertino). Our phone no. is +36-20-95......We are willing to buy stone from the European Union. Please send details on prices and optionally on shipping costs. Feb 3, Contact

e 16743 Korea: I am responsible for importing stones from all over the countries. All kinds of stones like Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone and Agglomerated. If you give me a good quality and competitive Price we can sell your products in many fields through all over the country. Could you send your price list of Jura Beige Slab 20mm, 30mm, 600 x 600 x 20mm and Cut to size (Polished, Antiqued, Delievery CNF Unit Price)? And Could you send your samples? Our tel. no. is 82-2-99.....Feb 3, Contact

e 16714 UK: We are a company based in London Tel: +44 20 737......We want to purchase Marbella honed size area 400 x 400 x 20 250sqm and 600 x 400 x 20 250 sqm. Jerusalem Gold (light) size area 400 x 400 x 20mm 100 sqm. Quote FOB or CIF Spain. Orders can be placed immediately quality and reliability is established. Prepared to travel to see factory.  Feb 2, Contact

e 16713 Canada: I am mainly interested in limestone slabs used in house construction. Typically about 30" x15" flat. Also various architectural shapes for cornices, window surrounds, roman columns, etc. Please send a catalogue (by email or regular mail) showing your limestone products, colour and specifications, and what shapes you can supply. Also let me know what shipping arrangements you make and the charges for shipping to Toronto, Canada. Feb 2, Contact

e 16703: Price for zira grey limestone. Feb 1, Contact

e 16647 Belgium: Please send me CIF prices to Antwerp about all your Kandla limestone and sandstone products. Jan 27, Contact 

e 16643 USA: We need 2000 square feet of tumbled limestone floor tile. We need it in a rectangular size 16" x 24" or larger. We like Jerusalem Ramon gray or something similar. Other acceptable colors are off-white, bone, cream or beige but no gold. We are ready to finalize a supplier as soon as possible. We expect to order by February 7th. We are willing to buy from any geographical area. We are in CA , tel. no. is 707-34.....Jan 27, Contact

e 16591 UK: I am interested in purchasing 700 sqm of patio limestone and 1000 sqm of cobble/natural stone sets or a rumbled block paving for a courtyard and driveway. Can you provide competitive price? My mobile no. is 077477.....Jan 23, Contact

e 16397 Canada: We are looking for supplier of BRAZILIAN LIMESTONE - Tiles & Slabs as follows: 
(a) TILES (thickness 10mm): sizes, 30x60cm, 45x45cm @ Honed finish
(b) SLABS (thickness 20mm): @ Honed (Please advice Minimum/Maximum size of slabs)
Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB Fortaleza and /or CIF TORONTO). We also required the full size sample of Honed finish to take your offer in consideration. Our fax: (416) 53.....Jan 12, Contact


e 16368 UK: We are a stone importer and distributor to the construction industry. We are looking for approx. 300m2 of Crema Beida Limestone in 750x350x10mm sizes, or near to this size. Delivery would be to Leeds, West Yorkshire. Please can you quote for earliest delivery and prices. Jan 11, Contact 

e 16302 Switzerland: Please send us an offer for 140 sqm of Perryfield Whitbed. Dimension: Width: 40CM Length: varies. Surface: Smooth, polished, no shine. Location: Zurich. Our tel. no. is 0041 1 92.....Jan 7, Contact 

e 16240 USA: I will need approx 4000 sq ft of St claire remy or Beaumaniere in size 24x24 or 18x18 in San Diego in about 3 months. I am a retail buyer and am willing to import directly and to establish LC if required. My tel. no. is 85840.....Jan 1, Contact 

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