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Onyx Inquiries September 2006
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Sept 2006

e 21310 China: We are a stone contracting company in Hong Kong. We are doing a residential project specifying the following onyx marble:
Name of Onyx: Persian Onyx
Finish: Polished
Size: 600 x 1200 x 12mm thick
Quantity: 2,800 m2
At this moment, we need urgently to place a order of 40 m2 for the mock-up flat. The bulk order to be placed upon the architect's approval for the mock-up flat. Please quote the best unit price and the delivery period. Mobile phone: 852-931......Sept 1 Contact

Aug 2006

e 21292 China: We are a stone contracting company in Hong Kong. We are doing a residential project specifying the following onyx marble:
Name of Onyx: Persian Onyx
Finish: Polished
Size: 600 x 1200 x 12mm thick
Quantity: 2,800 m2
At this moment, we need urgently to place a order of 40 m2 for the mock-up flat.
The bulk order to be placed upon the architect's approval for the mock-up flat.
Please quote the best unit price and the delivery period.
Mobile phone: 852-931......Aug 29 Contact 

e 21156 USA: Retail:  Looking for honey onyx slabs. Looking for two roughly 5x8' slabs, ideally matched, and preferably from a supplier in the Bay Area. Tel: 415-38......Aug 2 Contact 

e 20833 USA: I am looking for white onyx slabs at least 100x200x2 cm and am willing to buy from Italy, Iran, India, China, Turkey, South America, or Africa. I need 45 slabs in the above size or comparable sizes to equal 600 square feet. I am ready to buy NOW. I need prices, delivery options, and lead times to finalize a supplier. I would like to finalize this within 1 month. Direct Cell Phone: 001-480-25.....June 15 Contact

May 2006

e 20711 France: can you give me information to reach yellow or orange onyx in blocks. I am stone carver in France. I look for 2-5 m3 - blocks for sculpture-carving depending on transport or i can pick up until 1 ton myself. 1 block or smaller. May 30. Contact  

e 20705 Canada: I am looking to import wholesale quantities of marble and onyx from Pakistan. May 30 Contact  

e 20659 China: We a Chinese stone co are looking the onyx produced in Mexico like the dragon jade, we would like to buy blocks 500 tons per month. Please check the attachment for the photo for your ref.  We need to buy 500 tons of blocks per month. But for sure this onyx is produced in Mexico not in India. My mobile 008613825......May 24 Contact  

e 20517 USA: I need 180pcs honey onyx polished chair rail (ogee1 or ogee2) and 170 pcs. pencil or bullnose. Also I need 170 sqft. 1x1 honey onyx polished tile. My phone number 201 88.....May 10 Contact  

e 20476 USA: I am looking for a specific type of onyx tile. It is light in color (almost white) with a small amount of yellowish/amber-ish color. I believe it used to be called "honey onyx" and now it is called "opal onyx". Telephone: 703-55.....May 6 Contact 

April 2006

e 20330 China: We need some stone materials products now. They are listed in the below, please quote: 
1. Boulonnais Collection Limestone Chaumont Honed 923m2
2. Henry IV 4375 179m2
3. Giallo Siena 235m2
4. Blanc Dore 280m2
5. Blue Savoy Light 236m2
6. Golden Onyx 292m2
7. Crema Oro 543m2
8. Brenche De Vendome 291m2
9. Noir St. Laurent 908m2
10. Giallo Elena 323m2
11. Rouge Du Roi 222m2
12. Lake Pearl 372m2
13. White Onyx 292m2
14. Staturio Extra 814m2
15. Absolte Black 113m2
16. Flammet Quartzite 4m2
Telephone: +86-595-225..... April 12 Contact

e 20299 USA: Looking to purchase marble, onyx, travertine, limestone under mount sinks, rimmed sinks & vessels. I am in Berlin, MD. My contact no. is 44337....... I am open to all geographic areas for purchase-delivery to Berlin, MD. Would like to place initial order ASAP for onyx sinks, oval or rectangle, rimmed 14 x 17 (oval) 14 X 17 to 19 (rectangle) then more to follow. Please provide pricing to include shipping prices to Berlin as well as photographs of the product and dimensions. Please provide pricing & availability (shipping to US) for all sinks from suppliers. April 9 Contact 

e 20286: I am look for:
1 - white and orange Onyx block size 250X150X150. Cm (six side cut) more or less
2 - white -light gray -beige- normal marble 250X150X150.Cm (six side cut) more or less. Please give as your price offer and if we find your price suitable with our market we will ask for sample to see the quality.  April 7 Contact 

e 20276 Tunisia: Please send us the price list of all sorts of marble, granite and onyx blocks that you produce, with some pictures of those blocks. Tel:+216 71 8.....April 6 Contact 

e 20227 Syria: Please provide us with your best prices for marble and onyx blocks taking into consideration the competition because there are importers from Turkey which is near to Syria. April 2 Contact

March 2006

e 20134 Germany: I would like to receive sellers offers of Onyx & slate. Phone number 0049160962......March 23 Contact 

e 20122 Canada: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel:- (905) 56.....March 22 Contact 

e 20117: I am looking for white Onyx tile 12x12x3/8 fob USA, need 500 s/f. Also looking for white Onyx 3/4x3/4 Mosaic ..need 150 s/f. March 22 Contact 

e 20107: Please quote with images for onyx tiles. Phone: 00 90 536 72..... March 21 Contact 

e 20106 USA: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel: 760.60.....March 21 Contact 

e 20105 USA: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel (781) 93.....March 21 Contact 

e 20104 USA: Please provide price for Dark Green Onyx Slabs & Multi Red Onyx Slabs. Tel: 631-29.....March 21 Contact 

e 20086 USA: Retail: I might be interested in your onyx and granite tile, but I live in Southern California. What are your prices? This is for three small bedrooms...only about 400 square feet each. Tel: (909) 89..... March 19 Contact 

e 20053 : Please quote the prices of onyx tiles each category per sq.ft. March 15 Contact 

e 20044 Tunisia: I am an importer, exporter. We want price and information about , travertine , marble , Onyx, granite , all sorts tiles, 30*30*2 ; 40*40*2; 30*60*2, 30*30*1.5 ; 40*40*1.5; 30*60*1.5. Phone number: +216 71 8.....March 14 Contact 

e 20042 Ukraine: We are interested in onyx of different colours, so please give us all the variety of colours of your onyx and quote your best prices. We need tiles of 305x305x10 mm and 300x600x20 mm and slabs of 2150x1400x20 and 30 mm, 2400x1500x20 and 30 mm. And especially at the moment we are interested in the polished tiles of Honey (Gold) onyx with 1 mm thickness. If it is available, then please let us know the price for m2, and the quantity and the size you have. Tel: +380642 5.....March 14 Contact 

e 19959 USA: I am interested to purchase your White 3 cm 60 X 120 Mugla White Mermer, onyx, sandstone pillars, etc. I am located in Memphis, TN- First Quality tiles. Tel: 662-56.....March 5 Contact  

e 19916 USA: We are in the market for marble tiles. Please email to us your price list and catalogue also. Please inform if you have small swatch samples in order that our company may view your onyx and marble tile quality. March 1 Contact 

Feb 2006

e 19814 USA: Retail: Do you sell slabs that are large enough to be dining tables? We are looking at Red Onyx/Multi Onyx slabs from Pakistan. We were wondering if a slab large enough. The size should be approximately 85x40 inches in length/width. We do not know how thick it should be to accommodate a slab this size. It would be for 1 dining table seating approximately 8 people, so a piece  about 85 inches long and 40 inches wide would be sufficient. Ideally, it should be a Red Onyx or Mulit Onyx colored stone. Tel: 703-98..... I live on the East Coast of the United states, so if you could also estimate the total cost from the cost of the stone to delivery. Feb 21 Contact  

e 19803 USA: Retail: We are searching for Queen onyx. I need twin vessel sinks, 5' counter and two shelves and possibly step for tub.
Feb 20 Contact  


e 19772 USA: I am seeking granite, onyx commercial and exotic. I am also seeking limestone for roads and infrastructure. Tel: 851-21.....Feb 16 Contact  

e 19628 Pakistan: We need Pure White Onyx in the slab size 600x600x20mm on urgent basis. Can you supply us? We will be needing it by by Iran Pakistan Border and we need the samples to look at. Tel: 0092-42-75..... Feb 2 Contact  

Jan 2006

e 19543 India: Below is our requirement of Various imported stones / marble. Please quote your best FOB / CIF Price up to New Delhi (India) also indicating delivery period.  

Stone Code

Name of Stone


Qty (Nos / Sqm / Mt)


Thickness (mm)











Uncut Slabs Honed



































Uncut Slabs Polished







Uncut Slabs







Cement Filled & Polished












6 (A)


Uncut Slabs



















6 (B)


Uncut Slabs




























Uncut Slabs










































Honey Onyx







Tiger Onyx












Telephone (D) : +91 11 413.....Jan 21 Contact 

e 19516 Fiji Islands: Email me relevant information on ceramic tiles, stone/marble both tabs, onyx, nature stone slabs from Indonesia. I am looking for white & black marble floor tiles for at least 100m2 or more, depending on the price. My contact is 679-33.....Jan 19 Contact  

e 19409 USA: Do you have any Tumbled Onyx? Tel: 866-47.....Jan 7 Contact   

e 19407 USA: We are urgently looking for a slab of Cappuccino Onyx. Tel: 562.79.....Jan 7 Contact   

e 19370 Egypt: I want know your prices about all these type of marble blocks and slabs . 
A- from albania .1- rosso carpazi.. B-argentine . 1-blue sky 2- puelen 3-exstra 4- limay mahuida 5-marble dolomite 6-cielo azul 7- dolomite..... C-france.
1-francia rosso 2-rouge griotte 3-breccia novella 4-bereche de benou... D-guatemala 1-verde mare 2-verde quetzel 3-verde saltan... E-greece- 1-pteleos pink 2-carnis beize 3-vergina red 4-coral pink F-INDIA 1-fancy browen 2-red 3-fancy forest 4- garnet rush 5- green sky 6-marble001 7-rosa volcano 8-rosadeer 9-multicolor waves... G-IRAN 1-orange onyx 2-sirdjan green 3-naghadeh pink...... H-ITALY 1-perlato sicilia 2-perlato de sicilia 3-arabescato orobicorosso 4-pericia pernice 5-rosso verona 6-calacatta fantasia 7-calacatta vagli rosata 8-dove 9-bianco carrara c 10-bericia aurora 11-bericia dorada 12-rosso rubino 13-calacatta 14-bordu griso...... I-MAXICO 1-rosa salmon dark 2-negro 3-orange jade.......J-PORTUGAL 1-rosa aurora 2-rosa portugal 1. 3-rosa portugal 2. 4-rosa portugal 3. 5-estremoz rosa 6-trigaxes claro 7-rosa pardais...... K-SPAIN 1-emperador chiaro 2-imperator 3-duquesa rosada 4-anasol macael 5-rojo quipar.... L-TURKEY 1-afyon 2-sfyon yellow 3-aegean browen 4-afyon sugar . Tel: 002 01050...... Jan 3 Contact 

Dec 2005

e 19304 Latvia: We are engaged a granite from Italy and Spain. Please quote with more information on Godarsiyah green Onyx from Iran. Tel: 8-10371-91..... Dec 27 Contact 

e 19292 USA: We are looking for 12x12 golden white Onyx for delivery to PA, USA- approx. 600 sq ft. Dec 23 Contact  

e 19287 : Please quote for marble travertine onyx limestone granite blocks, slabs and tiles from Iran as per pricelist 1096. Dec 23 Contact  

e 19221 Turkey: Please quote for a project about 450 m2 as polished slabs 2 cm of yellow-green-white Onyx 450 m2 each. Geographical areas of purchase is not important. We have the project, we will buy the right material for good price. We can place an order in 2 weeks we must order, Payment 120-180 days L/C. Phone number: +90.216.57.....Dec 15 Contact  

e 19217 USA: Please inform of the suppliers of onyx and what type of inventories are available. Dec 15 Contact  

e19182 USA: Retail: I am looking for local source for a richly veined green onyx slab to have built as an illuminated coffee table. Tel: 91788..... Dec 13 Contact 

e19069 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of onyx for a table top. Finished piece will be 2 cm thick X 1 meter diameter. Do you have any small slabs that will work? I don't want to buy a whole slab and waste half. Please email pictures.  Dec 4 Contact  

e 18961 India: Material required : ONYX, Shade / Color : Ivory, Beige, Peach or similar, Area required 4,000 to 5,000 square feet, Time : Immediate or as soon as possible. Cost indication : Not a consideration for good quality material. Phone +91-93240.....Nov 22 Contact  

Oct 2005 

e 18762 Saudi Arabia: I am opening new shop for natural stone. I am interested in importing natural stone for floor and wall looking for granite, marble, travertine, Onyx, sandstone large slabs 2 meter x 2meter x 2cm thick, surface polished with excellent shinning finishing. Tel. +966384.....Oct 30 Contact 

e 18750: I want to receive latest price list of Italian marbles (Slabs/Tiles, Slabs, Tiles, Blocks, Onyx) been handling in your company to construction materials. Oct 28 Contact 

e 18740 Turkey: Please quote for Marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, granite blocks, slabs and tiles Iran as per pricelist. Oct 27 Contact 

e 18652 USA: Retail: We are interested in the honey onyx sink shown in ready stock 376 at US$300.00, and how much it would be to courier one to Maui asap? Oct 20 Contact  

e 18642 USA: I am a builder in Atlanta and want a supplier for onyx table tops and counter tops. At present I want approx 6' round beveled dining room table and a counter top measuring approx 8'X6'. I also want a thinner version to put in the ceiling in sections of approx. 5'x8' I will need at least two of the ceiling pieces. Oct 19 Contact 

e 18598: I am looking for marble or onyx chess boards only, with a min. of 2 inch playing squares. That would be a 24 inch board. Imports or local would be fine. Oct 13 Contact 

e 18573 USA: Retail: I am looking for Fire Oak Onyx Tiles about 90 sq ft. I think it may also be called Timber Wood Marble. It is a rust orange color with brown veining that looks like cross sections of a tree. I was given a sample by a supplier but they are no longer able to get it from their vendor. Do you know what this is or if it is available under another name? I am in Louisiana. Oct 10 Contact 

e 18538 Japan: Do you have white onyx coasters 10cmx10cmx1cm? If so please send me a estimate, including freight to Japan, for an initial order of 18. Phone: 092-92.....Oct 1 Contact 

Aug 2005

e 18298 : Need price on Dark Green Onyx tiles from Pakistan Qty 400 16x16. Aug 17 Contact 

e 18295 USA: I am looking for 120 square feet of green onyx tile. I am in KY. My tel. no. is (859) 49.....Aug 16 Contact

July 2005 

e 18222 Sri Lanka: I am looking for 2000 sq. ft. yellow onyx immediately. I need the shipment from Singapore. Delivery to Colombo. My tele number 00947776..... July 30 Contact 

e 18218 USA: We are interested in you Onyx product line, such as wine cup, wine glass, wine barrels, goblets and such. Please kindly inform us of availability, pricing per dozen, how you take your payments. We also appreciate pictures of available merchandise.  July 29 Contact 

e 18216 Malaysia: I am interested in onyx blocks. If yes, please specify size and price. Do you supply green onyx from Afghanistan. July 28 Contact 

e 18145 USA: Please tell me the size of the honey onyx sink. Height? Do you have 2? If the color doesn't work can it be sent back? Tel. 785-53.....July 19 Contact 

e 18110 Poland: We are stone installing company and we are looking for Iranian onyx cappucino in Versus Cut. We need around 2500 m2 (during 2006 year) in 3 cm thick in elements or in slabs. tel +48 12 41.....July 15 Contact 

e 17963: What is the weight, FOB price, dimensions, packing costs, and opening hole for this sink basin 0035-0001 sink from Taiwan? The sinks are color verde (green onyx) I am a designer, and member of a condominium association with 10 units in the building. We would be looking for between 5 and 10 pieces, priced FOB with and without bases. My number is 001-212-76.....July 2 Contact   

June 2005

e 17946 Ireland: I am trying to source Turquoise Onyx tiles for a project. Size 12"x12" and 18"x18" Thickness 10 and 12mm full container load.
Tel +353 45 8.....June 30 Contact 

e 17911 Georgia: We are building-architectural company DOKI and our main activity is importing building materials from all over the world. We are interested to place in order natural stone mosaic from China. In connection with that we are looking for company or factory who will supply us with such material with a very competitive and acceptable price. In connection with it we would like to have following information:
fob prices (for minimum order quantity)
- minimum order quantity
- sample availability/cost
- delivery time
Particularly we are interested in: 
1. handmade ceramic tiles
2. terracotta tiles
3. mosaic field tiles, liners and borders from natural stones and ceramics
4. field tiles from natural stones/travertine, tuff, felsite, marble, basalt, granite, onyx.

5. decorative art mosaics from natural stones and ceramics.
6. tiles, liners and decos from river rocks/beach pebbles/please, manufacturers only, contact us as soon as possible. Need good manufacturer to place regular orders. 
Please kindly let us know the following details:
* best price FOB poti Georgia.
* different packaging ways available for choice.
* defective rate and quality policy. Please send us catalogue as well. Phone/fax: + (99532) 9......June 23 Contact 

e 17810: Is there a company with dark honey onyx mosaic 12"x12" production? June 6 Contact 

e 17787 USA: Retail: I am interested in 4000 sq ft slate, onyx tiles and a fireplace. Please quote with images. Please contact meat: (860) 50......June 2 Contact

May 2005

e 17690: Please note that we have an urgent order for HONEY ONYX, Quantity : 400 Sqm. Size : 40 x 100 x 2 cm (the maximum size you can produce). You are requested to quote your best/competitive prices (after discount) along with your other terms and conditions, noting that an order will follow immediately if your prices are found to be more realistic/competitive. Tel. no. is 009661-20.....May 15 Contact 

e 17683 USA: Do you have 16"x16" yellow onyx tile? May 14 Contact

e 17632 USA: Please email or mail me a catalog of your services. I am looking to sell approximately 3 skids of semi-precious onyx stone that I have stored in my warehouse. Our tel. no. is 718.81.....May 9 Contact 

April 2005

e 17556: Please quote for Pakistani Onyx and marble tiles. Apr 30 Contact

e 17499 USA: I AM LOOKING FOR ONYX. I AM IN NY. MY TEL. NO. IS 516-67......Apr 25 Contact

e 17469 Nigeria: I am looking for marble and onyx distributors. Send us full details. Tel. no. is +234-1-81.....Apr 21 Contact 

e 17449 USA: Please send us a few email photos of the transparent golden onyx. Apr 19 Contact  

e 17443 UK: We are interested in becoming distributors for Onyx and Italian Marbles.  Apr 18 Contact

e 17442 USA: Please send images by e-mail and also an idea of your prices for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17441 USA: Please quote with catalogs for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Our tel. no. is (757) 46.....Apr 18 Contact


e 17438: Please send prices for Onyx and Italian Marble slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17437 Canada: We would like to see pictures and samples of ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17436 : Can I know what colors and prices for ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX  in 30x30, 60x40. Apr 18 Contact

e 17435 Korea: I am an importer of Onyx and Marble but mostly Onyx. Please send me your price list. Apr 18 Contact

e 17347 Australia: We would like to buy slabs of onyx and handifcrafts. Looking for a distributor in Australia so that I can show my people the quality of the onyx? My tel. no. is 050-53.....Apr 7 Contact

March 2005

e 17153 Ukraine: We are very interested in supplies into Ukraine of different goods in particular onyx slabs. Please submit the relevant  information on products of your company, in particular onyx slabs size 300 x 300, 300 x 600, terms and conditions of supplies. Mar 17 Contact

Feb 2005

e 16987 Turkey: Please quote for onyx slabs. Feb 28. Contact  

e 16926 USA: I am looking for a reputable company to buy mainly travertine and other stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx Slab/tiles. I am also interested in Fireplaces, Inlays / Medallions, Arches and Pavers. My first order will be approx. 7,000 sq. ft. Feb 24 Contact  

Jan 2005

e 16564 Korea: I need Light Green Mono Onyx size are 1) 700mm x 850mm x 20mm (thickness).
2) 700mm x 566mm x 20mm (thickness)
3) 490mm x 590mm x 20mm (thickness)
Quality should be without red vein and crack. Tel No : 82-2-227.....Jan 21, Contact

e 16470 Canada: I own a granite & marble manufacturing company in Toronto. We manufacture all custom work such as kitchens, vanities, fireplaces, columns, tables, etc. from scratch. We currently import slabs for this work. I am very interested in importing (at an excellent rate), tiles of all sizes. Different unique pieces, in limestone, marble, & granite, and any other types of stone you can suggest, (slate/tumbled?). Is there a price list you can forward to me? With a list of tiles, textures, stone types, etc.? I am also interested in importing small desk/floor sculptures or pieces (vases, abstract, etc).
We are researching this information for a project in mind. A retail store in the prime area of Toronto, where we can sell any home furnishings in stone including back splash pieces, tumbled mosaics, fireplaces (modern & classical), vases, abstract statues, etc. specifically for a shop and buy store. We would be storing our large crates/quantities of material at our prime location (Onyx Marble) where from this new showroom want to only expose samples to be ordered and delivered within 1 weeks time (so material must be locally stored regularly). We definitely need samples of products. In saying that, I would need brochures/samples to decide which ones I would want to order. All sizes are welcomed. I am very interested in exclusively importing specific products for our company only. Please forward as much information as possible to enable me to have a wide selection of choices. You can reach me at 416 73.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16412 Austria: We are looking for Turkish companies who can supply cut to size forms in yellow onyx for architectural use. TEL / FAX : +43 1 99.....Jan 13, Contact

e 16316 USA: I am looking for 12 X 12 Onyx Tile. I am not certain of the name, but I think it is "Breche de Veron" (Pakistan?). The tile is Maroon in color with green and gold streaks through it. I need 1300 sq. ft. I need the stone immediately. Delivery must be by 1/31/05. I am in Texas and my phone no. is 214-80.....Jan 7, Contact 

e 16023 Austria: I want Onyx-Pattern Yellow, Green or Orange in 3cm. The size is 90cm x 90cm - 3cm. Dec 13, Contact

e 16017 USA: I am searching for slabs of either onyx slabs in light blue or sfumatto quartz. Dec 13, Contact


e 15945 Ukraine: We are interested in suppliers of Onyx and marble slabs of big dimensions from Pakistan. Our quantity will be about 1 container of slabs. Dec 7, Contact

e 15852 USA: Looking for a reliable source for translucent Mexican onyx panels (+/- 12" x 12" square). My tel. no. is 323.63.....Dec 1, Contact


e 15794 USA: We wish to purchase in quantity, multi colored translucent onyx tiles in sizes: 12" X 12" X 3.8" or: 305mm X 305mm X 10mm. We will consider other sizes available for sale. The onyx tiles are to be polished on one (1) face and all four (4) edges. We will buy onyx from different regions in different colors as long as they are distinctly patterned and translucent. Our phone no. is 201-82.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15707 USA: We are in need of 8 slabs of Green onyx. My tel. no. is 60266.....Nov 19, Contact

e 15582 Poland: We are stone installing company from Poland and in this time we looking for big contract white or yellow onyx. We need slabs in 4, 3 and 2 cm slabs, quantity around - 2000 m2. Please send us answer as soon as possible about prices and delivery time. Nov 12, Contact 

e 15581 USA: We are interesting in importing bulk quantities of marble and onyx for major, multi story construction projects, in the UAE. 
Please provide us with individual quotations per sqm for the following types, including cost & freight charges to Sharjah:
Verona Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Botticino (fancy) Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Gold Tiles 30x30x2cm
Black Gold Tiles 80x12x2cm, 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Deep Green Onyx Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Medium Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Light Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Green Uncut Onyx Block / ton
Note that the bulk quantity will be in excess of 30,000 sq. meters. Further details will be furnished based upon your positive response. Modes of transportation should be specified in your quotations. Tel. no. + 971 6 55......Nov 12, Contact 

e 15469 Germany: please quote for 150-200 sqm Onyx cream from Iran. Offers only with a image of the tiles 30 x 30 x 1 cm. Nov 4, Contact 

e 15351 Italy: We need to import large quantities of SNOW WHITE ONYX blocks from Iran. We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. My tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 26, Contact

e 15347 USA: We need onyx slabs and tiles. Oct 26, Contact

e 15323 USA: We are interested in honed orange, white onyx slabs, tiles. Oct 24, Contact 

e 15218 India: We import marble AND onyx from all over the world namely, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, etc. We saw mexican white onyx blocks in Italy during a fair. We are interested in buying the same in big quantities. I plan to visit Mexico in the 1st week of November for purchases. My tel. no. is 91-11-266.....Oct 16, Contact 

e 15099 Singapore: We are interested in your Serishabad White Onyx, Iranshahr White Onyx & Persian Orange Onyx. We require these three type of Onyx tiles (Polished) for our project which will be starting in Singapore soon. 
We would appreciate if you could kindly email or fax us your quotation in 300X300X20mm, 300X600X20mm, 600X600X20mm ( based on CIF Singapore ) and send us sample of these three material by the size of 300X300X20mm at your own cost, so as to enable us to confirm order soonest possible. My tel. no. is (65) 629.....Oct 8, Contact 

e 15080 USA: Could you offer a quote for 550 sq. ft. on each of the following Cappucino Onyx, Orange Onyx and Yellow Onyx. The order would be delivered to CT 06437 late this year. Also what are the thicknesses and what are the available sizes in each stone? My tel. no. is 516-43.....Oct 7, Contact 

e 15003: We would like to import white onyx from Turkey. Please provide price FOB Mersin, block size, block pictures and a small sample. Oct 1, Contact

e 14990 USA: Searching for pink onyx approx 800 sq ft 12x12 polished. Sept 30, Contact

e 14964 Australia: Please quote for white onyx from Iran. Sept 28, Contact


e 14882 Australia: I am presently re-structuring my marketing to be exclusive in regards to exotic materials. I feel every designer wishes to signature their work with an individual material. 
Popular colours in Australia at present are Chocolates, Charcoal greys and Taupes. Earthy materials are also popular, hence Travertines are having a strong resurgence. Marbles, Onyx and limestones are what I am interested in, gentle flowing grain textures are popular. Smooth silky feel is also popular. Busy Materials (eg. Imperial Brown) are less popular. Are you able to suggest materials which can assist me in providing the 
exotic materials I require? One material I am presently very interested in is "Lucia" from Croatia. I have presented a "prototype" sample to many of my clients and the immediate response has been strong. My contact no. is +61421 3.....Sept 23, Contact

e 14853 Portugal: Please quote with sample for green onyx. Sept 21, Contact 

e 14846 Germany: We need your best price for:
Onyx white 200 m2 - 30,5 x 30 ,5 x 1 cm, 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 60 x 40 x 1,8 cm polished
Travertine red, Persia 150 m2 - 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm, 40 x 40 x 1 cm, 40 x 60 x 1,8 cm polished filled
Please send your price in sqm as well as delivery time and a photo of the offered material. Sept 21, Contact

e 14835 USA: I am a tile/stone retailer in New Jersey. I am looking for a supplier of herringbone onyx mosaics. Please contact me at 908-20..... Sept 20, Contact 

e 14750 Puerto Rico: We are in the granite and marble tile and countertop business. We are looking to expand our product line. We are looking for onyx tiles / slabs and were wondering the prices of such items C.I.F at San Juan port in Puerto Rico. Sept 14, Contact 

e 14493 Canada: Need a supply of honey and orange onyx. Slab and small boulders. My contact info. is 416 87.....Aug 28, Contact   

e 14422 Ukraine: Being the glass and stone processing company we are interested in onyx slabs with thickness 20 mm and 30 mm. Please, we would like to ask you the catalog, price list for this kind of stone. Aug 25, Contact

e 14348 : I am interested in Urns. Would like to have all designs and prices of light green Onyx, or maybe a catalogue too. Aug 20, Contact 

e 14322 Turkey: We are looking for white and yellow onyx 40 x 40 x 2 cm tiles. Aug 19, Contact

e 14257 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for Onyx suppliers from Pakistan. Aug 16, Contact 

e 14237 USA: We are interested in purchasing a 3"x3"x3" cube of green onyx. The stone doesn't need to be polished or finished it can even just be raw stone within those dimensions if you have it. If you can sell this or something equivalent what would be the price? How long would it take to get? My tel. no. is 208-28.....Aug 15, Contact

e 14001 USA: I own a big marble and granite business supplier, I am looking for a company that can supply me containers of light green onyx 18 x 18 and 12 x 12.  Aug 4, Contact

e 13994: I want onyx from Pakistan. Please send to me price list.  Aug 3, Contact

e 13887 China: Inviting offer from the IRANIAN PRODUCERS for all kinds of onyx. July 28, Contact

e 13735 Lebanon: We are interested in purchasing a 20 foot container load of raw onyx. Please send us an offer c.i.f. Lebanon. July 21, Contact

e 13715 USA: I am interested in buying wholesale honey onyx tiles. I would like a price quote and the earliest delivery date to New York City. July 20, Contact

e 13694 USA: We are a builder in Miami, FL looking to purchase transparent stone slab. Specifically, the new material of thin marble bonded to glass which allows light to pass through. We need 3 slabs, each 77" x 48" . Client prefers Honey Onyx but will see what is available. We prefer a domestic supplier but will import if necessary. We need to purchase as soon as possible, in the next few days. Contact no. is (954) 30.....July 19, Contact 

e 13576 USA: I need onyx tumbled bull nose to line my wall 4x4 tumbled hone onyx (crème color) tile. Please let me know if you can email some pictures to me. Need within 30 days.
I have 3 walls & 1 shower enclosure to bull nose. My shower enclosure is Orangina 12 x 12 polished tiles and the 3 walls are hone tumbled 4x4 crème color onyx. My floors are 4x4 tumbled honey & crème onyx.
Hope to hear from your soon. I am in California. July 13, Contact

e 13548 USA: We are developers in need of medium green onyx for a fireplace surround and hearth. Our client specifically does not want light green onyx or dark green onyx, but MEDIUM green onyx. My phone no. is 847 29.....July 12, Contact 

e 13526 Australia: Please quote for onyx and alabaster, I use marble and sell to other sculptors. July 10, Contact  

e 12917 China: Please quote for white onyx lock. Our tel. no. is 0086-136010.....June 2, Contact 

e 12904 Panama: We specialize in importing and selling of all kinds of cut stones. At the moment we import from several countries. 
We are very interested in buying and more interested in bringing a full container to Panama with many samples of them in 60x60x2 in different finishes, together with slabs of other materials. 
In particular from India at the moment we are importing Dolsey beige, Rain Forest, Teak Wood, Pink Onix, Kashmire White and others...
Please send a complete price list of the materials (marbles, slates, quartzites, granites, onyxes, alabaster). Our tel. no. is 507 21.....June 2, Contact

e 12791 Korea: We are continuous supplier of Green Onyx tiles in size 700mm x 586mm x 20mm (thickness), one face polished, without veins and cracks. Our contact no is +82-2-0227.......We will buy 20 feet one or two container per month. 
Supplier should be close relation to Mining process. I know Onyx has naturally veins and cracks so purchasing without inspection is impossible for me. I want to meet suppliers so that I can give them explanations about my business. I have no office and no agent in Pakistan. May 24, Contact  

e 12782 USA: I am interested in purchasing Onyx and granite slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 561 70.....May 24, Contact  

e 12700 Brazil: Looking for Onyx suppliers in Brazil. I need 1000 sqm, 40x40cm Onyx tiles from for residential covering. My tel. no. is 55-11-386.....May 18, Contact  

e 12573 USA: Please send me photo, thickness of onyx slabs and price list. May 9, Contact  

e 12492 USA: We are a manufacturer of lighting fixtures looking for a reliable source for translucent Mexican onyx panels (+/- 12" x 12" square). May 4, Contact  

e 12307 USA: I am presently buying is Multi-Green, Black w / gold / orange, red, but I deal in carvings in any color I can find. Current order sizes ranges from 500 to 7000. My imports from South America have been 3K-7K Range, but I have not been in the Onyx near as long, although I expect it to actually work into a range much higher. I am currently trying to add wholesale to my retail in the states, so volume should increase. Please email pricelist. My phone no. is 256.88..... Apr 21, Contact  

IR: e 12197 USA: Please quote for Botticino and Onyx from Iran. I also need samples. I would like to get a quotation from whom ever out there to go to China. My need currently is for a 20' container approximately 18 tons and I need this stone in a slab shape polished however not fabricated. I am in Reston, Va. 20191. 
Apr 13, Contact  

e 12181 Slovenia: I would like to get offers of Onyx slabs and tiles. We are looking for larger quantity of ONYX of all colors and sizes. Apr 13 . Apr 12, Contact  

BR/IR/PK/IT: e 11972 Indonesia: I am interested in purchasing Azul Macaubas slabs, Onyx and Carrara. I want all first quality material. +62-81-89.....Mar 30, Contact  

e 11865 USA: I am setting up a new product production facility and need a source for Black and honey onyx as well as other unique stone tile of any dimension but with a thickness of 1/4". I am in VA 23451. Mar 24, Contact 

e 11736 USA: We need Granite for counter tops min 3 cm, unusual colors from India and China. Prefer earth tones. Marble Tiles: 40 cmx40cm...light colors like Crema Marfil, China & India. Onyx: Slabs any colors except greens. Quality: Zero tolerance on fitting tiles! CLOSE OUTS (in US also) welcome. Mar 13, Contact  

e 11683 USA: I am interested in the Honey Onyx sink. We are in Fargo. Mar 11, Contact 

TR/IR/PK: e 11247 Panama: We want to buy some Onyx Stone. The qty. depends on a price. My customer need 1,000 sqm. in floor and 200 sqm to wall. Let me know sizes in your price quote. Feb 20, Contact   

IR: e 11182 New Zealand: We are interested to purchase the following products from Iran. Please quote us your best FOB as well as C+F Auckland price and delivery time ASAP. 
1- Light beige Travertine Hajiabad Tiles Size 45.7 X 45.7 X 1.2 Cm, 250 Sqm, Honed/ Filled/ Bevelled edge/ Cross Cut.
2- Arashkoh white Travertine Tiles size 60 x 60 x 1.8 cm, 200 Sqm, Tiles should be, Honed/ Unfilled/ Bevelled edge/ Cross Cut. 
3- White Onyx, WXQ Tiles size 60x60x2 Cm, Tiles Should be polished, Qty 120 sqm 
4- Marble Leopard Tiles size 60X60X2, Tiles should be polished, Qty 120Sqm. Our tel. no. is +64 9 27.....
Feb 17, Contact  

e 10997 Singapore: I would like Orange Onyx from Iran. Is this available in Singapore? Feb 6, Contact  

e 10733 Pakistan: I want to buy Godarsayah Green Onyx, Persian Green, Rosabaji, Royal Boticinok,  Najafabad Black, Sirdjan Chini, Sandaj Red and Semirom Cream from Iran in size of 12" x 12"  tiles. Each 10000 pcs. My phone no. is 0092-81-8..... Jan 23, Contact  

e 10577 Russia: We are the company in Saint-Petersbourg. Our director is going in business-trip to visit India in February to have a clear idea of Indian stones, quarries and companies and to make an order of marble and granite from companies situated in Delhi State, Rajasthan State, Chennai City and Mumbai City. 
He mostly interesting in marble, onyx and granite slabs (1200x2400x20 & 30mm) with beautiful and rare colours (not green colour), beautiful mosaic and art products from bronze. 
If you can send to us your contact information and catalogue to have a clear idea of your company we would be very grateful. tel. (812) 32.....Jan 15, Contact 

e 10571 India: Please quote in US$ (fob Indian port) for the following: 
Rose Onix - 150 sqm. of slabs 20 mm, 50 sqm. of slabs 30 mm.
Rain Forest Green (Bidasar Green) - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Rain Forest Golden (Bidasar golden) - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Rain Forest Brown (Bidasar brown) - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Blue Fantasy - 50 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 30 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Brown Fantasy - 100 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 30 sq.m. of slabs 30 mm.
Onix Pink Fantasy - 100 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 30sq.m. of slabs 30 mm
Onyx Green Fantasy - 150 sq.m. of slabs 20 mm 50sq.m. of slabs 30 mm. Jan 15, Contact 

IR: e 10191 Russia: Looking for a supplier of orange onyx from Iran. Dec 22, Contact

PK: e 10174 Spain: We want the price list of marble from PAKISTAN like BADEL, ONEX, MULTY ONYX. Dec 20, Contact

IN: e 10171 Ukraine: We are interesting in marble. We intend to buy constantly. Please quote for first quality material. Could we get samples for white/pink onix and green marble (the kind of green marble we need we will inform later). Dec 20, Contact

e 10145 USA: Need 600 sq ft Iranian orange onyx and 100 sq ft Moroccan black fossil. We are in VA 22150. Our tel. no. is 703 86..... Dec 19, Contact

e 10092 USA: I am an architect from Philadelphia. I am doing a project in the U.S. and need about 3,000 s.f. of 3/4" translucent onyx. I also want to know all the different colors that are available, and their prices. 
Also can you identify all the various stones that are quarried from within the state of New Mexico? 
The project is for the state of New Mexico, and using an onyx from North America would be preferable over using one from the Middle East. We are looking for about 2,500 s.f. of onyx in cut panels. I can go into more details regarding the exact sizes, finishes, etc. Also I would like to request two samples of each of the colors that are available. Pictures are not as successful because since the application is for the onyx to be translucent, it is helpful to have the actual stone in hand to see how the sunlight affects it.
We are doing a project there, and our intent is to try to use local materials, and would like to know what all the local stones are. My phone no. is 215 97.....Dec 15, Contact

IR: e 9913 : I am interested in marble, travertine and onyx.  See price list 1096. Dec 2, Contact  

e 9879 USA: Retail: I want onyx tiles for a small restoration project 3/16 - 1/4 inch thick. I need two matching pieces measuring 5 x 3.75 inches. Nov 29, Contact  

e 9805 Pakistan: Please quote for Botticino Delux, Tro-vera, Shametin, Red Zebra, Onyx, Gem-Stone, Jetblack, Botticino Fancy, Chocolate, Golden, Black Zebra, Ziaret white. Nov 26, Contact


e 9744 USA: I am a landscape architect in California. I am interested in getting info regarding all kinds of onyx stones like orange, red, green and acro onyx or any translucent stone materials on wholesale basis. I do residential custom homes landscape architecture and would need maybe 30 square feet up to a couple of hundred. I will be incorporating the onyx within masonry structures such as bbq's, spas, pools, fireplaces, walls and using the translucent qualities of the onyx to back light it. I will buy the onyx anywhere if the price were right. I am ready to buy right now. I have various jobs at different stages of the process. I will probably be ready to buy depending on shipping time, about a month to two months. I live in Orange county, CA 92661 and my contact no. is 949.88.....Nov 21, Contact

e 9730 France: We are a company based in Paris producing furniture and lamps, mostly re-edition of the  
beginning of the 20st century. For a new lamp we are looking for small pieces of white onyx, or any white stone, 60 x 80 millimetres, polished, and very thin: only 2 millimetres thick, perhaps 3 mm. Quantity could be around 200 pcs per order, re-orders possible. Could you provide the pcs? Nov 20, Contact

e 9687 USA: I need a 12-20" round white or golden hue 3/8" piece of onyx for a light fixture. Where can I get onyx in the Los Angeles, Cal. Area? Nov 17, Contact

e 9671 UK: Interested in buying 89 sqm white onyx at USD 80.00 / sqm but need it shipped to London. Can you provide more details and photos if possible? Nov 16, Contact

e 9606 UAE: I am a sculptor. Would like to know which is the softest Chinese marble and onyx that I can use for carving. I like colored ones, must be a little softer, but harder than Carrara Statuario. My works are not with many details. My cell  no. is is 05036..... Nov 12, Contact

e 9599 USA: Retail: I am looking for a 16 x 16 inch white onyx tile. Nov 11, Contact

e 9516 Portugal: Please quote CIF LISBON, for ONYX. Qty. is 396 m2, Onyx stone 5mm + glass 6mm. Nov 7, Contact

ALL: e 9489 Egypt: Please quote for marbles and onyx as we have a good market for these stones. Our phone number is  0020240.....Nov 3, Contact

PK: e 9482 Pakistan: We need Pakistani origin white Onyx. We need in lumps of minimum 3' x 3'. Order is one container on regular basis. We would require price per ton, quality white. We would also require one to two kg samples. Nov 3, Contact

e 9442 UK: Artifacts: I want to buy onyx vases, marble fireplaces, etc. Firstly how much on top of a quoted price would you expect to pay for shipping, post, etc, (I am in England), perhaps an example would be nice. Also do I need an import license? and what form would delivery be, how long on a typical delivery from say Pakistan? Oct 31, Contact

e 9303 Sweden: Please quote for onyx items along with images. Se price list 993. Oct 21, Contact

e 9266 USA: Please quote for 200 sq ft of 6" x 6" Tumbled Honey Onyx. The golden color must be fairly consistent with little or no browns. Material needs to be available at a wholesale price. Please phone at 505-98.....I am in Santa Fe, NM 87505. Oct 17, Contact

e 9256 : Retail: I work for an interior design firm, and we are trying to source an image for Onyx marble (specifically white onyx). I was wondering if you would be able to forward to me the largest image you have. My contact no. is 416.53......Oct 17, Contact

ALL: e 9223 Brazil: I am interested in marble, granites, onyx and stone tiles and slabs. Please quote. We will be in New York on November 5, we would like meet some buyers. We are interest in all products specially in onyx. Our phone no. is 5511-374.....Oct 14, Contact

e 9220 USA: Retail: I am an interior designer. I would like to know the soundness rating of Onyx. Oct 14, Contact

IR: e 9195 USA: Please quote for White and Green Onyx from Iran. What are the dimensions of tiles? I am in Miami, FL. My phone: (786) 52.....Oct 11, Contact

e 9129 Ireland: We are a small granite-countertop business in Ireland. I have had a lot of inquires about ONYX counter-tops. Looking for a supplier close by. Also need some info on how to work with Onyx, that is  is it similar to granite cutting, polishing, drilling, etc.? Oct 7, Contact

e 9038 USA: We would like Marbles, Granite, Limestone, Travertine/Onyx. E-mail your most recent price list for retailers. We are based in Tracy, CA. My contact no. is (209) 83.....Sept 27, Contact

IR: e 9022 USA: I am interested in purchasing wholesale green and orange Onyx from Iran and importing into the United States. I have buyers that are ready to purchase large amounts of finished Onyx tile. We would like to see samples of all of your finished onyx tile product. Please send me some samples of your green and orange tiles to GA 30329. Sept 25, Contact

IR/TR/PK: e 9009 Mexico: We are marble manufacturers and are interested on your products. We would like to have more info about onyx and also know if it is possible that you send us samples to check the quality and texture of your white, orange and green onyx. My phone no. is (52 33) 312.....Sept 24, Contact

PK: e 8991 USA: Please send a sample of the green onyx tiles. I am a builder / developer in WA 99337. Sept 23, Contact

PK: e 8963 Italy: Please quote FOB per sqm for Pakistani ONYX to be used for wall covering. Terms: C&F Italian Port. Thickness 1cm or 2cm, sizes 1mt x 1mt or your standard size. Type of Onyx: Antique Onyx, Cappuccino onyx, Caramel onyx, Miele onyx or White onyx. Our contact no. is 0039 06 4345.....Sept 20, Contact

e 8941 India: We are a Bangalore based jewelry company and are looking for good quality onyx stones for our product development. Please send us your catalogue of onyx or other semi precious stones which we can order. Our phone no. is 080-56.....Sept 19, Contact

e 8909 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy at this time 120 sq ft of onyx tile to be used as a wall covering in a bath/shower enclosure. The preferred color is called honey (or pina -- or rayado). The preferred size is 6 inches by 12 inches... but 4"X4" or 12"X12" would also do -- or any size in between (that is -- say-- 9"x 9"). The material will be ordered through a contractor and delivered to Austin, Texas. My contact no. is 512-47.....Sept 17, Contact

e 8869 USA: Artifacts: I want honey onyx sink as displayed in ready stock 376. Can you quote with dimensions? Sept 12, Contact

e 9038 USA: We would like Marbles, Granite, Limestone, Travertine/Onyx. E-mail your most recent price list for retailers. We are based in Tracy, CA. My contact no. is (209) 83.....Sept 27, Contact

IR: e 9022 USA: I am interested in purchasing wholesale green and orange Onyx from Iran and importing into the United States. I have buyers that are ready to purchase large amounts of finished Onyx tile. We would like to see samples of all of your finished onyx tile product. Please send me some samples of your green and orange tiles to GA 30329. Sept 25, Contact

IR/TR/PK: e 9009 Mexico: We are marble manufacturers and are interested on your products. We would like to have more info about onyx and also know if it is possible that you send us samples to check the quality and texture of your white, orange and green onyx. My phone no. is (52 33) 312.....Sept 24, Contact

PK: e 8991 USA: Please send a sample of the green onyx tiles. I am a builder / developer in WA 99337. Sept 23, Contact

PK: e 8963 Italy: Please quote FOB per sqm for Pakistani ONYX to be used for wall covering. Terms: C&F Italian Port. Thickness 1cm or 2cm, sizes 1mt x 1mt or your standard size. Type of Onyx: Antique Onyx, Cappuccino onyx, Caramel onyx, Miele onyx or White onyx. Our contact no. is 0039 06 4345.....Sept 20, Contact

e 8941 India: We are a Bangalore based jewelry company and are looking for good quality onyx stones for our product development. Please send us your catalogue of onyx or other semi precious stones which we can order. Our phone no. is 080-56.....Sept 19, Contact

e 8909 USA: Retail: I am looking to buy at this time 120 sq ft of onyx tile to be used as a wall covering in a bath/shower enclosure. The preferred color is called honey (or pina -- or rayado). The preferred size is 6 inches by 12 inches... but 4"X4" or 12"X12" would also do -- or any size in between (that is -- say-- 9"x 9"). The material will be ordered through a contractor and delivered to Austin, Texas. My contact no. is 512-47.....Sept 17, Contact

e 8869 USA: Artifacts: I want honey onyx sink as displayed in ready stock 376. Can you quote with dimensions? Sept 12, Contact

e 8715 Netherlands: Please quote for green onyx tiles of first quality. What is the delivery time? Delivery to Rotterdam (the Netherlands). What is your best price? Can you send me a picture? Aug 31, Contact

e 8701 Pakistan: I am interested to import to USA ONYX AND MARBLE HANDICRAFT. I am in Pakistan. Please send me a colour brochure with pricing. Aug 29, Contact

e 8621: We would like to find out the price and availability of 500 sf green onyx. We only consider either 16 by 16 or 18 by 18 for each piece. Aug 23, Contact 

e 8492 USA: We want to buy (2) 46 X 34, and (3) 34 X 22 table tops in yellow onyx, flat edge no polish on sides. Sealed and polished on top. We are a custom metal furniture manufacturer in El Paso , TX. We use about 3-5,000 tops annually of various sizes and types of stone. We seam to have the volume supply side worked out but are having major difficulties finding a competitive supplier for the small runs. We are looking into cutting stone ourselves and would entertain any help you could provide in that direction. i.e. equipment , slab etc. Need ASAP. Aug 13, Contact  

e 8344 Korea: We are one of the largest marble, stone importing companies in Korea which is rapidly growing in the world stone market. We have been supplying and decorating Korean prestigious buildings including luxurious department stores, hotels. We would like to request the availability and quotation on white onyx. See  Our phone no. is 82-2-54.....Aug 5, Contact

PK: e 8298 USA: I am trying to find some physical property data on Green Onyx from Pakistan, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I am particularly interested in: water absorption, thermal expansion coefficient, resistance (or otherwise) to freezing and approx iron content. IF the properties are OK, we could require as much as 2000m2 of material, but we can't progress the design without the data, and it will take time to measure it. Tel: +81-3-57...... IF we get the product specified, we will be purchasing stone in early Sept. 2003 for immediate delivery (not later than end Oct 2003 for the  material)- hence the hurry to get the data. Aug 2, Contact

AR: e 7701 Spain: We are checking the material Exstra which looks like Green Onyx. We would like to know the possibility for a big job for this material, +/- 7700 m2 big tiles. Is it marble? June 26, Contact

e 7630 USA: I want Onyx to match this, the size of the sides are 6" x 1 11/16", the size for the back is 10" x 1 11/16", the front is 3" x 10" at the widest point. Please quote. June 21, Contact

PK: e 7378 USA: I want Pakistani Onyx. I am looking for someone who has tiles and slabs in stock in the U.S.A. Do call us at (831)59..... June 4, Contact

e 7371 Singapore: Retail: I want orange / green onyx sheets for my wall. Looking for a supplier of these onyx sheets in Singapore. June 4, Contact

e 7342 UK: I would like to contact the supplier of Green Onyx. Our fax no. is +4420828.....June 2, Contact

e 7044 USA: Please quote for Golden or Yellow Onyx, 5.75" or 6" squares, polished on top and 4 sides, quantity of 250 to 1000 pieces (TBD), deliver to San Francisco, CA in June/July 2003 (TBD), to be used in a decorative box. My contact details are 415.86.....May 6, Closed

ES/IT/TR: e 6957 India: Please send catalogues & prices FOB INDIA for BRAZIL WHITE, BRIYANE BEIGE, LIGHT EMPERADOR, GREY WILLIAM, PERLATO ROYAL, YELLOW VALENCIA, WHITE ONYX, GOLDEN ONYX, SPRING ROSE, GOLDEN PATORIYA, ALKANTA, GREY CHIKNEY, DOMIKATA, ROSA PISTALA and SETORIA WHITE. This is urgently required for our various housing colonies & departmental stores. Our contact details are 033-22......April 29, Contact

e 6755 USA: We want 450 sq ft Tumbled Honey Onyx 12" x 12" tiles. We are stone traders in Texas. Our contact no. is (972) 24....April 17, Contact

e 6688 USA: Looking for Dark Green or Yellow or Green or white or Orange or Cappuccino or Red or Brown or multy color Onyx tiles 12x12 or any light color. I will need pictures of what you have to offer me. Qty is 1000 sf in New Jersey U.S.A. My contact no. is 917-80..... April 11, Contact


PK: e 6313 USA: I want to import Onyx from Pakistan. Please quote with sample that is available for export.
I represent a stone trading firm. See ready stock 173. March 5, Contact

ES: e 6187 USA: I want to import premium quality Crema Marfil and Rojo Alicante. We are importers of marble, granite, and carved stone from all over the world. Please quote for container loads; and if possible, please send me samples of your different colors of Onyx. I am in NY 11040. Feb 25, Contact

IR/TR/PK: e 6186 USA: I want to import Onyx to USA. We are importers of marble, granite, and carved stone from all over the world. Please quote for container loads; and if possible, please send me samples of your different colors of Onyx. I am in NY 11040. Feb 25, Contact

e 6156 USA: I WANT ONYX TILES 12" X 12" AND 18" X 18". PLEASE QUOTE WITH PICTURES. Feb 22, Contact

e 6149 USA: I need Black Onyx 12"X12" tiles. Where can I get that. We are a natural stone seller in Chicago and our contact no. is 847-8......Feb 22, Contact

IR/PK/TR: e 6117 USA: We are trying to specify yellow onyx on our current project. We are an international interior design firm in RI. Our no. is 401-73...... We request any onyx samples. (most important yellow onyx). We are Feb 20, Contact

TR/IR/PK: e 6114 USA: Please quote for Yellow / Honey Onyx in a netted mosaic, quantity - 20' FCL. We are in NJ 07670. Phone no. 201 56..... Feb 20, Contact

e 6106 USA: Please quote for yellow, red and orange onyx 12x12 tiles, 300 sq ft delivered to Chicago. 
Feb 20, Contact

ALL: e 5940 Israel: We want snow white dolomite and onyx in powdery form, requested particle size 1-3 mm. I want container load in big bags. Our customer is ready to place immediate orders. My phone no. is (08) 94......  Feb 9, Contact


ALL: e 5895 USA: I am looking for the wholesale prices for fireplaces. I also need marble column 12" in diameter by 8" tall. What would the shipping costs to Minnesota, USA? Are there fireplaces and columns made from the Pakistani green onyx? Feb 6, Contact

PK: e 5893 Australia: I want onyx and marble products. Please send details regarding sizes, finishes, costs, quality, etc. Feb 6, Sold

PK: e 5869 USA: We are a tile and stone company in Chicago. We are currently looking to buy 550 sq. ft. of 12x12 Red Onyx tiles from Pakistan. Phone no. 312-6......Feb 4, Sold  

e 5855 USA: I need red onyx for a residential project in Denver. See ready stock 250. Feb 4, Sold 

IR: e 5793 Canada: I am a project coordinator looking for 350 sq.ft. Green Persian Onyx for Western Canada. My contact no. is (604) 2.....Feb 1, Closed

PK/IR: e 5691 Germany: We want offers for 680 m2 Onyx green both sides polished tiles: 250 m2 255 x 130 x 3 cm and 430 m2 170 x 100 x 3 cm. Please quote only: Onyx green from Iran or Pakistan. Please send an e-mail photo if possible. Jan 25, Contact

e 5672 USA: I want Iranian onyx, marble and travertine. See price list 656 and 476 as reference. Jan 24, Contact

e 5671 USA: I want honey onyx from Turkey. See price list 75 as reference. Jan 24, Contact

e 5666 USA: I want 12 X 12 tiles Orange Onyx 2 & 3 (click here to see images) for a home design. The material should be of good quality and in right angles. Currently I need 20 tiles (2 boxes) for samples. I will pay by credit card. Would prefer to buy locally. Could I have samples to see if the color matches what I am looking for? I am ready to pay for the samples. Material is needed urgently, I am ready to buy it immediately at a right price. I am a developer in IA 52556. Jan 23, Contact

ALL: e 5562 China: We are General Contractors, Builders and Interior Designers in Hong Kong, china. We have a lot of projects in China. We are interested in the following granites (all listed from FindStone's stone album):
1) Argentina - Balmoral
2) Australia - Sydney Green
3) Austria - Stainz
4) Brazil - Azul Barracuda Blue, Azul Macaubas, Azul Paramirim, Azul Bahia, Labrador Marron Bahia, Marrom Bahia, Verde Bahia Butterfly, Café Royal, Capao Bonito Red, Cinza Nova Roma, Eco Gold Guariba, Imperial Brown, Juprana Sunset, Lambada, Macerena 1, Marron Gaucho Negro Tropical, New Kashmir White, Ouro Brasil, Panama, Piracema, Preto Tropical, Red Brasil, Verde Amazonas, Verde Lavras, Verde Velasquez 
5) Canada - Autumn Brown, Blue Eyes, Maple Leaf Red 1, Maple Leaf Red 2
6) China - 3767, 3786, Blue Diamond, Camelfur 1, Golden Diamond, Hawthorn Red, Island Red, Night Rose, Rusty Yellow, Sichuan Red, ZH-G013
7) Colombia - Goldstone
8) Finland - Carmen Red
9) India - Bahama Blue, Bengal Blue, Chilli Red, Coral Blue Dynamic Blue, English Brown, Forrest Green, Green
Rose, Gulbarga Red Impala Black, Imperial Red, Kaddur Red, Kashmir White, Kerala Green, Monsun Rasi Blue, Saffaire Blue, Savan Rose, Sapphire Brown, Sea Weed Green, Seemankati Red, Silk Blue, Tumkur Red, Violet Blue, VT Pink 
10) Iran - Birjand Green, Burgundy, G531, Passwa, Persian Forrest Green, Piran Shahr Green 
11) Italy - Amadeus
12) Namibia - Sodalite Blue
13) Saudi Arabia- Najran Red, Silver Sea Green
14) South Africa- Africa Red, Cape Brown, Cape Tiger Skin, Forest Blue Green Tweed, Transvaal Red, Verde Butterfly
15) Spain - Dorado Conquistador, Gran Beige, Rojo Guadajira Rosavel
16) Sweden - Tranas Red
17) Switzerland - Andeer
18) Taiwan - Green Butterfly, New Imperial Red
19) Thailand - Dragon Eyes
20) Turkey - Aksaray Dune
21) Ukraine - Arctic Blue, Black Labrador, Maple Green, Maple Red Santiaso Red, Tatar, Verde Oliva, White Chameleon, Zelenitsa
22) USA - Agate, Rainbow, Royal Auburn, Salmon Pearl, Sunset Red, Texas Red
23) Vietnam - Orange Pink.
1) Argentina - Exstra
2) Australia - Blue Crystal, Dream Time, Opal Pearl, Pink Crystal, Silver Beige 
3) Canada - Crystal Green
4) China - Mystic Coffee
5) Egypt - Alabaster, Arco Iris, Red, Rosso Levanto
6) France - Breche De Benou, Languedoc Red
7) Greece - Green of Imathia, Fioume Claud, Hermes Dark, Karnis_mosaic, Vergina Red
8) India - Emerald Green, Green Sky Marble, Onex Indiana, Sea Green
9) Iran - Bajestan Pink, Kongolo Mera, Leopard, Onyx Godarsiyah Green, Onyx Iranshahr, Onyx Orange, Orange Onyx, Orange Onyx 2, Orange Onyx 3, Persian Green, Rossobona, Yellow
10) Italy - Bardiglio Nuvolato (purple), Bardiglio Nuvolato (g), Bordu Griso, Breccia Aurora, Breccia Medicea,
Calacatta Fantasia, Calacatta Vagli Rosato, Fior Di Carna Rosa, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Fior Di Pesco Classico, Giallo Siena, Macchia Vecchia, Palissandro Bronzo, Rosso Levanto, Rosso Magnaboschi
11) Mexico - Dragon Jade, Jasper Rose
12) Pakistan - Dark Green Onyx, King Gold, Multi Onyx
13) Russia - Blue Drop, Green Moby Dick, Red Moby Dick, Volga Blue
14) Spain - Coralito
15) Turkey - Aegean Brown, Afyon, Afyon Grey, Afyon Honey White, Afyon Sugar, Afyon Tiger Skin, Afyon Yellow, Bordo, Charcoal Rose, Crystal Rose, Eaoped Bordeaux, Fior Di Pesco Oriental, Grey Supreme, Laguna Verde, Mugla Lilac, Mugla Sugar, Rosso Laguna, Rosso Levanto, Salome, Salome, Salome Bordeaux Grizu, Suprem Salome,
Suprem Salome 1, Supreme, Supreme Leapord, Supren, Tekmar Dove, Teknonix, Yaykin Walnut, 
16) Uzbekistan - Breccia Asia
1) China - P001, P003, P007, P009, P010, P013, P014, P015 (Rustic Slate), P018, S 1104, S 1119 (Rustic
Slate), S 1120 (Rustic Slate), S 1121, Bashan Green, Charcoal Blue, China Black, China Grey, China Multi-color, Leaf Green, Violet 
2) India - Peacock
1) Greece, Iran, Mexico or Pakistan: Antique Onyx, Arco Iris Onyx, Cappuccino Onyx, Caramel Onyx, Dark Green Onyx, Green Onyx, Miele Onyx, Orange Onyx, Red Onyx, White Onyx, Yellow Onyx. 
We also interested in some slates from India in your album. We are ready to pay for samples. Jan 16, Contact