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This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for Brazilian Stones  . 

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Year 2006

e 21514 USA : Retail: Need 4-6 slabs (approx. 200 sq ft) louise blue brazilian granite (van gough) in North America . Tel: 781 72.....Oct 5 Contact

e 21502 Australia : Currently researching the availability of Cafe Olinda - Brazilian granite for a project in South Wales .
Approx. area: 300m2 (3100sqft)
Thickness: 20mm
Tile size: 800x400mm
Use: Floortile in reception areas
Finish: Polished. T +613 866.....Oct 4 Contact

e 21386: Interested in Intigo Fantasy granite that we are led to believe comes from Brazil . Sept 13 Contact

21317 Oman : We are a leading Construction Company based at Muscat , Oman . We are looking for 100 sq. mts. of 20 mm thick "Blue Macumba" Marble or Azul (Greyish Marble Slabs) - Country of origin " Brazil " for our ongoing project at Muscat . Material is required by us in three to four weeks time. We are looking for suppliers who have this material in stock and we also attach the photographs indicating Marble shades that we are looking for to enbale the supplier to narrow down on the product shade needs. Supplier should also e-mail photographs of the material available with them for our preliminary check. Tel: 00 968 245......Sept 3 Contact

e 21309 USA : Interested in Brazilian granite. See price list 29. Sept 1 Contact

e 21264 India : We are manufacturers/ importers of Natural Stone material and are interested in the Brazilian material as well. Could you please send us the price list along with payment terms & the colors that are in stock? Aug 25 Contact  

e 21180 India : We are looking for suppliers of Spanish & Brazilian granite, enclosed please find the stones and the quantity which I require:
1. Verde Acquamarina 1200X330X30mm polished steps, risers- 1500 m2
2. Worktops of AMARELLO REAL of Brazil 2600X600X25 mm with skirting and backsplash- 120 nos
Crema Valencia 1900 m2
2. Emperador Brown: 700 m2
3. Crema Valencia- 350 m2
4. Brecha Maron- 350 m2
Tel No: 91-294-32.....Aug 8

e 20896 USA : Please quote for 3,600 Sq Ft of Brazilian Copper Canyon 3CM Slab and 1,500 SF Copper Canyon 12x12 Tiles. Phone number is 303-67.....June 23 Contact

e 20834 USA : Do you have a Brazilian Granite by the name of Dali's Dream? June 15 Contact

e 20822 Trinidad and Tobago : I reperesent a wholesale buyer established in Trinidad and Tobago . We have seen Brazilian granites. Would like your prompt quotation on following brasilian granites: 
50 m2 brasil flower
50 m2 butterfly green
25 m2 carioca gold
50 m2 giallo antico
50 m2 goias pink
50 m2 indian black
50 m2 itaipu red
50 m2 kinawa
50 m2 santa cecilia classic
Also please send price list of other brasilian granites. Telephone: (58-281) 26.....June 13 Contact

e 20780 New Zealand : We are a company in New Zealand and we would like to import container load of 3cm granite slabs from Norway and Brazil . Please send us your most competitive product and pricelist per square meter. Also include slab dimensions. We are interested in importing a 20Ton container load of 3cm thick Brazillian and Norwegian granite slabs. The granite from Norway that we are interested are Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl and more. The brazillian colours that we are interested in are Biancco Paris, Bianco Romano, Bianco Sardo, Californian Brown, green marinache, giallo santa Helena and other popular colors. Phone: (649) 52.....June 8 Contact

e 20752: We need quotation on the following Brazilian blocks (FOB US$): Giallo Veneziano, Giallo Vencenza, New Venetian Gold, Butterfly Gold. Above Min. size should be 2.5mX1.5m. My phone no. is 001 954 31.....June 5 Contact

e 20665 USA : I am interested in purchasing Brazilian Quartzite for pool coping and decking in white and/or yellow...any info you might have on durability and where I can purchase this stone? I can be reached on my cell phone at 203 - 98.....May 25 Contact 

e 20492 Vietnam : Please send us the price for unpolished slabs (Butterfly- Green of Brazil) in 1 container 20'. May 8 Contact 

e 20460 USA : I would like to introduce my company as an importer and wholesaler of natural stone. We are located in Minnesota USA and are searching for first quality Brazilian stones. We are looking for 3cm slabs and slab size must be greater than 150cm x 275cm. Stones of particular interest are: Brazilian Gold/New Venetian Gold, Carioca Gold, Giallo Fiorito, Giallo Vicenza, Yellow Capri, Yellow Ornamental, Yellow Santa cecilia, Yellow Santa cecilia Light, Giallo Antico, Golden Vinhal, Juparaña Fantástico, Juparaña Mantena, Juparaña Yellow River, Varnish tropical, Yellow Sun, Butterfly Green, Eucaliptus Green, Labrador Green, Peacock Green, Peacock Green Light, Ubatuba Green. I am looking for a steady supply of Brazilian Granite, requiring a monthly supply of 3-6 containers. Can you please provide me with a price list? Please also include your terms for payment, along with shipping availability of your stones. I am looking to place an order as soon as 2 weeks. April 30 Contact

e 20428 UK : We are architects, could you send a sample of the Pau Brazil marble? April 26 Contact

e 20369: Please quote for Brazilian marble. April 18 Contact

e 20352 USA : I am interesting in and looking for a granite called Mombasa , from Brazil . I would need 3 blocks or chunks at the following sizes: 30"x24"x8" This would be used to fabricate into residential sinks. Would require a picture and sample before payment. Tel. 425-27.....April 15 Contact

e 20348 Belgium : I am a manufacturer of fireplaces and I am looking to find slabs of steatite (+/- same as in finland ). Can you give me addresses of carriers in Brazil , Canada , Italy ,..Tel: + 32 61 2.....April 14 Contact

e 20339 USA: We would like to receive bids from Indian and Brazilian quarries for the immediate shipment of 5 containers of 3cm 1st quality granite slabs with a minimum size of 6'x9'6". 3-5 colors in each container. Please send us pricing and availability. We will be importing about 2 containers per month after this with the right company. We would like to complete the first order by 4/20/06. 
Brazilian Colors: Verde Peacock, New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia, Four Seasons, Giallo Venecia, other
Indian Colors: Saphire Blue, Kashmir Gold, Madurai Gold, Black Galaxy, Lady Dream, Silver Pearl , Paradisio Bash. Tel: 719-26.....April 13 Contact  


e 20195 USA : We are searching for Brazilian marble called "Bambu" in size of random slabs, polished, 20mm thick. Tel : 852-283.....March 30 Contact

e 20109 USA : I am looking for 1st choice of Ouro Brazil (New Venetian Gold) 3cm slabs. Phone: 770-45.....March 22 Contact

e 20061: We are looking for containers of granite slabs from brazil please advise. Tel. 828-49.....March 15 Contact

e 20007 USA : We are looking to buy the following from BRAZIL & ITALY . Direct container shipments on approval of price and sample. 
BRAZIL : Santa Cecelia...3cm, New Venetian..3cm, Uba Tuba...3cm, Giallo Veneziano..3cm
ITALY : Tropic Brown...3cm, Giallo Veneziano..3m 
Please offer your best fob or cif USA port prices? Tel: 713.66.....March 10 Contact

e 19960 USA : Please send me info for availability of a Brazilian stone in 3cm slab material the name is Santa Barbara or French Brown. I am also looking for 3cm slab Durango or Caesar travertine. Tel: 501-76.....March 6 Contact

e 19561 USA : I would be interested in importing 2 containers of clean ornamental, or buying domestically. My tel. no. is 678-75.....Slab Size for countertops approximately 114" X 72, Brazilian material. Need ASAP. Need a picture of the material & a sample if possible. No dark veins. 
Please provide pricing on 1 container or 2. Polished material. 1st grade, Preferred non resined. Jan 24 Contact  

e 19526 USA : We are designing a Condo Tower in New Jersey , and the client wants to use a Brazilian granite called Van Gogh green. How can I get two samples of this product? Do you have a rep. in the East coast of USA ? Phone number: (703)-77.....Jan 19 Contact 

e 19476 Canada : Want 4 containers of Brazilian mixed color slabs of 2cm and 3 cm. Please quote FOB your port and cif Vancouver for the subject. Ph: 778 37..... Jan 15 Contact

e 19431 USA : Email us relevant information Ipanema Beige granite from Brazil . We are a hotel company interested in using this granite for our guestroom renovation in one of our hotels. Please send me information and if possible a sample of the granite. Tel: 415-39.....Jan 11 Contact 

e 19394 Norway: I am a Norwegian distributor (also involved directly in architectural projects) looking for quotes for container loads (700-800 sqm) of: Black Brazilian slate
- Cleft calibrated
- 30x30cm / 60x30cm 
- 1cm thick
Please provide me with a quote for these two requests. Please inform me of the exact quantity in a container. If you have shipping costs available, it would be highly appreciated. At least I need the price to FOB at the port in Rio . I am looking to complete the purchase within 3 months. I would need samples sent before I can finalize anything. Please send to the address below. I know what I am looking for, so two samples of 30x30cm will be sufficient. I am looking for a potential business partner for the future as well. If the product and price is right and the supplier is a serious, AND has a wide products range, I wish to discuss further business cooperation. Phone: +47 930......Jan 6 Contact  

Year 2005

e19162 USA : Looking for an Brazilian supplier for Granite slabs. Tel: 84367...... Dec 11 Contact

e19161 China : We are an import export company in China . Our customers need rough block gang saw size from Brazil and South Africa , 120~150 cbm each  customer needs each month. Please quote. Tel: 86-0592-60.....Dec 10 Contact 

e19093 USA : Retail: I need Brazilian VERDE BUTTERFLY (1-1/4 inch thick )for exterior wall application. Please quote an option for any retention pins etc. in each slab. I would like 12 pieces each 28 inches by 24 inches with polished beveled edges. Sides do not need to be polished. Commercial quality, minimum shade variation. To be delivered to Illinois . We are in construction NOW so purchase will be ASAP. Tel: 847-63.....Dec 6 Contact

e19090 USA : Please quote for Brazilian granite as displayed in pricelist 1252 and 619. Dec

e19080 USA : Attached is the picture of Mahogney Quartz granite I am looking for. This can be either from Brazil or Iran . I am looking for some 7000 sq ft of this granite. Tel: 203 57.....Dec 5 Contact

19043 Russia : We are interested in quartzite. What kind of quartzite do you have? We need brazilian,  if it is possible please send to photos and what size you can cut? Dec 1 Contact

19004 USA : I am a granite countertop supplier in Wisconsin , USA looking to place an order for a full container of granite. In regards to pricelist #807, granite slabs Brazil . Could I please get a quote for Santa Cecilia Gold and pictures of all your granite? Can you fabricate the slabs to backsplash pieces to 2cm x 4 inches x 96 inches with one side polished and slabs cut 3cm thick x 26 inch width (full length of slab) with front side polished with a straight edge? Please let me know what shipping charges would be. Business phone: 715-23.....Nov 28 Contact 

e 18998 USA : I am looking for supplier for Brazilian granite in Brazil to furnish 3cm slabs. I found price list 619 interesting. Tel: 84367.....Nov 27 Contact 

e 18978 I was wondering if you could send me some price lists on granite slabs (3cm). I am in Locust, NC. I would like to buy at least a crate at a time. I am mainly interested in buying from Brazil . I would like to buy within the next few weeks. I just need some quotes to see who has the best granite and who is the best company to buy from. Nov 24 Contact

e 18966 USA : Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs as displayed in pricelist 1152. Tel: 818-60.....  Nov 23 Contact 

e 18954 USA : Need 190 sq m. green ubatuba 3 cm and 190 sq m. santa cecilia (yellow) 3cm from Brazil . Phone: 202-25.....Nov 22 Contact 

e 18928 USA : I import polished tiles from Brazil and I am interested in importing pre-fabricated countertop slabs also. The supplier I use now only processes a limited selection of colors. I am interested in many of the exotic colors you had listed on findstone. PH 001 503 23..... Nov 18 Contact

e 18915 USA : I would like a quote for Brazilian granite slabs as displayed in price list #1152. Tel: (602)-42.....Nov 17 Contact  

e 18825 Costa Rica : Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs. Phone number is 506 48.....Nov 8 Contact  

e 18754 USA : Please quote for Brazilian granite and marble. Oct 28 Contact

e 18698 USA : Need multiple containers of granite tiles 12x12x3/8" and 18x26"x1/2" from Brazil , China , Italy , Brazil , India . I import many containers each month. I am looking for high quality producers of granite tiles with competitive pricing. I am especially looking currently for a quality granite tile producer from Brazil . I need to be provided with specific information about the production equipment of the factory and the various colors of granite tiles they process. Once I am convinced the factory is a high quality producer and we can work out the pricing I will place orders. Tel. no. 503 23.....Oct 23 Contact 

e 18692 : We were interested in purchasing Giallo Ornamental Stone from Brazil . Do you stock that particular color? Oct 22 Contact 

e 18648 USA: I am looking for a good price on 12" x 12" x 1/8" Brazilian or Argentine marble tiles for new construction sites in the Gulf Coast area to be shipped via the Port of New Orleans. I require 5,000 sq. feet of anything similar to your Argentine Exstra and or Limay Mahulda, and Brazilian San Antonio. I am not interested in Italian or other very expensive marble, but I'll consider all types of marble tile for future shipments. Tel. no. is 985 89.....Oct 20 Contact 

e 18634 USA : I am in need of 2 or 3 slabs of exotic yellow granite from Brazil . I would like to know if you have any on stock and how much it will cost. Tel: (805) 93.....Oct 18 Contact 

e 18343 USA : I am currently trying to contact red sandstone quarries from all over the world for a large scale artist's project in the States that will incorporate red sandstone from many countries. We are looking for raw blocks of red sandstone. I have been looking at the following stones on your website: 
Pink brazil sandstone and rosa bahia from Brazil 
S 1808 from China
Peirre De Jaumont Blanc Lacour from France
Dietenhaan Rot, Frudental and Kyllburg from Germany
Red sandstone from Italy (no name on site beneath the red coloured stone image)
Golden from Pakistan
African Sun and Rich Autumn from South Africa
At the moment I do not have specfic measurements, but am looking for an approximate cost of 20 tons (one sea carrier) of red sandstone, to be imported to the USA. Is there any way that you can tell me each of the costs of the above mentioned stones? if 20 tons is too vague, perhaps you could tell me how much the quarries charge for one cubic metre (m3) of each stone. We are looking for raw blocks. Aug 26 Contact

e 17932 USA : I am looking for a supplier for mainly brazilian granite to be purchased and sold in the USA . I am looking for containers / slabs. Need supplier in Brazil . Please contact me at 941-53.....June 28 Contact

e 17753 Colombia : We are a company with 18 years of existence. We are importers of granites and marbles from Brazil , Spain , Italy , India . We are interested in knowing its prices present Brazilian Granites in polished plates, commercial quality and 2cms of thickness. We can buy a container every month, of two or three granites by container. Our tel. no. is +57 4 36......May 26 Contact

e 17680 USA : We would like to have 3 containers of granite and marble slabs. We are looking towards are Italy and Brazil . Our location is CA. Tel. no. is (510) 66..... May 14 Contact

e 17671: I am looking for Azalea or Stacia Rose Slabs. I want to bring a container directly from Brazil to Puerto Rico . I'm looking for slabs in Carmen Red, Silver Green Sea , Tabaco, Black Labrador, Blanco Romano. 3/4" and 1 1/4" thickness. I need prices delivered to Puerto Rico . I live in Florida but my business is in Puerto Rico . Phone # 954-59.....May 13 Contact 

e 17530 USA : I am interested in buying containers of granite slabs (Indian, Brazilian granite) from Miami port. I am interested in various granite colors thickness 2 and 3 cm. Please send me all possible offers and contact information. I am looking to place order within next month. Apr 27 Contact  

e 17251 USA : Retail: Looking for Aquelirela du Brazil granite. I think I shall need one slab, as it is for a kitchen island. I will be confirming that this morning. By the way, I have also seen this stone referred to as Black Marinace. Mar 24 Contact

e 17226 USA : We are looking for a company, hopefully in the US to provide us with Brazilian Slate, something that is  close to grey slate. We are in OR. Tel. no. is 541-83.....Mar 23 Contact 

e 17201 USA : Retail: We are about to purchase 48 sq ft of Verde Peacock "granite" countertop. I noticed that the visually similar Uba Tuba is considered a true granite. Is the Verde Peacock also a true granite ? The slab indicates Brazilian origins. Mar 21 Contact 

e 17093: We are looking for the supplier who manufactures ubatuba and pink brazil . Also we want to know the price information about other granite. Our tel. no. is +82-18-23......We will visit them and see the color. We are interest in granite and marble from Brazil . Mar 15 Contact   

e 17084 USA : I am an interior designer in the Sacramento , California area, and I am working on a very large residential design project that I would like to correspond with you about. We are interested in several Brazilian granite stones for this project, including Crema Bordeaux, Polar White, Piracema White, Kinawa and possibly other granites, marbles and other types of stone. The fabricated products that we will need include interior and exterior columns from 6 to 12 feet tall, fireplace mantels/surrounds, countertops, vanity tops, table tops, tiles, window and door mouldings, etc. We would like to work with a local contact who knows the stone industry in Brazil and who can help us to locate the stone that we want, to help us ensure the high quality of the rough stone and the finished products, to negotiate the most favorable price, and to assist us with the details of export/import. My tel. no. is 916-70..... Mar 13 Contact 

e 17021 USA : I am looking to import container loads of 3cm polished granite slabs from Brazil . My tel. no. is 516-52..... Mar 4. Contact 

e 16683 UAE: We are in need of 3000 m2 of Kinawa marble (origin - Brazil ), please call back on 0097150-66.....  Jan 30, Contact  

e 16655 USA : I am looking to get samples of Brazilian conglomerates. Please send 4 samples of Tiziano and 4 samples of Rhodium BahiaI am in Cincinnati , OH . Is there anyone here who might have stock of these materials?  Jan 28, Contact

e 16651 USA :  We require a Brazilian producer of Santa Cicilia 18"X18" tiles. Approx. qty; 4,000 sq. mts. Jan 28, Contact 

e 16650 Mexico : I am interested in purchasing Brazil Yellow Color Granites. Such as Giallo Antico, Giallo Neapolitan, Yellow Santa Cecilia, Juparana Gold, Giallo Vida, Yellow Carpi, Yellow Fuego and Yellow Sun. Each one in 1 x 20'ctnr load. Size: 240up X 120 up x 2cm Polished Top. My tel. no. is (52)333-12..... Jan 28, Contact 

e 16648 USA : I am currently looking for sizes ranging from 18 x 18 to 12 x 12 in either marble or Porcelain 50,000 sq ft. Looking for Crema Marfil or similar in color. Using for showers and bath room floors.  Also need approx 271 tub decks Crema Marfil or similar color. I am willing to buy from Brazil , Italy and Spain . Currently at 50% construction Documents and receiving bids. I would like to be able to travel and see the product and factory. As well as pick the variance in colors. This is just the tip of the iceberg I have several other area that need tile or marble as well. We also have close to 13,000 Linear ft of granite. I will be looking to finalize the deal by the end of Feb to Middle March 05.    My contact no. is 727-42..... Interested buying bulk for projects in Tampa , FL. Jan 27, Contact   

e 16525 Pakistan : Our Company is one of the importers of Marble, Granite & Limestone in Pakistan . We have a high volume of import on monthly basis. We are already importing containers of Marble & Granite from different countries of the World. If we get a suitable & positive response from your end than we would like to visit your factory for further understanding & negotiations. Our company is interested making a long term relation with your esteemed organization. Kindly also provide me the info of gangsaw slabs 2cm OR 1.8cm (Random) if you deal in:- 
(1) Italian Carrara type C, CD & D. (2) Sahara Beige (3) Silvia Beige (4) Brazilian white. Also quote the best FOB prices with pictures at your earliest. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16516 Australia : I am in the process of setting up granite business. I wish to import granite slabs, glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles. I am looking to import granite slabs from Brazil , India , China . Colour is not an issue as I need a good mix of colours. Initially 10 containers from 3 different countries. Catalogue and pricelist required. With regards to glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles colour again is not an issue. The price is the main concern. However, I would like catalogues and pricelists from China , Indonesia , Spain and Italy . My tel. no. is 61 08 947.....Jan 19, Contact 


e 16397 Canada : We are looking for supplier of BRAZILIAN LIMESTONE - Tiles & Slabs as follows: 
(a) TILES (thickness 10mm): sizes, 30x60cm, 45x45cm @ Honed finish
(b) SLABS (thickness 20mm): @ Honed (Please advice Minimum/Maximum size of slabs)
Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB Fortaleza and /or CIF TORONTO). We also required the full size sample of Honed finish to take your offer in consideration. Our fax: (416) 53.....Jan 12, Contact

e 16357 Vietnam : We are a company in Vietnam specializing in producing & trading the natural stone products and want to import some Brazilian granites which has black colors. Please send us price list of Brazilian granite Blocks. How are the payment terms? My tel. no. is 84 8 86.....Jan 10, Contact

Year 2004


e 16232 USA : Interested in purchasing Yellow Sun granite from Bahia , Brazil for a home project. Can you help me find a good reputable supplier. I am located in San Francisco .  My tel. no. is 415-81.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16151 USA : Retail: I am a homeowner in NJ that is going to be remodeling her kitchen and is in search of Brazilian granite-Blue Bahia - or something like it. I love the blue, white and black in the blue bahia, but don't always like the green that sometimes can show up. Is there any other stone that is like it? Where do you recommend I go to find the stone I am looking for at a great price, and what about should I be paying for it cut and installed? Dec 23, Contact

e 16143 USA : I need a quotation for 2 centimeters Brazilian granite slabs: dallas pink, amarelo venecia, dourado carioca, rosa iris, vermelho grena, butterfly, amarelo bangu and cinza nubia .  I need 8 of each quality mentioned. If you don't have any of the above, please send me a price list of the slabs that you have available right now. I also need a price list of the Chinese slabs that you have available right now. How long does it take to get to Longbeach , California ? How are the payment terms? Dec 22, Contact  

e 16036 USA : Retail: I would like to find out more about the Blue Bahia slabs. I need 2 slabs shipped to MI. Also would like images and quotes for the following:
2cm - Oasis Blue - 3 Qty - Brazil 62 X 98" 
2cm - Tan Brown - 2 Qty - india 69 X 126"
3cm - Cobalt Blue - 67 x 105 Brazil
3cm - Kota Brown - 71 x 114 India
3cm Nero Africa - 65 X 125 S. Africa. My tel. no. is 248-36......You may email availability, images and price.  Dec 14, Contact

e 15979 China : We are a trading company interested in buying granite slabs, countertops, tiles and other stone products from China , India and Brazil . Potential suppliers please send price list of all your products to us. Our tel. no. is 852-234.....Dec 9, Contact  

e 15957 USA : We are a granite distributor in the USA , and we're looking for a Brazilian granite supplier. I am interested in buying granite blocks and shipping them to our factory in China for fabrication. Could you please give me a list of the colors available and a price for each block. I am particularly interested in the Verde Uba Tuba and Verde Butterfly colors, but I would like to look at all the colors you can export. Dec 8, Contact

e 15896 Honduras : I need info immediately on slates and sandstone and granite slabs and tiles container loads from Brazil . Dec 4, Contact

e 15882: I am looking for a ASAP digital photo of "Blue Bahia" from Brazil would you please send the best quality photo (digital via e-mail) to see color range? Also I need to known the cost per square foot and at what quantities there are price breaks. Dec 3, Contact  

e 15364 Netherlands : We are a company importing all kind off stones from different countries. Now we are looking for a stone called Mustang from Brazil . Our fax no. is 013-51....Oct 28, Contact 

e 15250: I would like to contact the supplier of Brazilian granite slabs. Oct 18, Contact

e 15248 USA : Retail: Can you tell me the quality of New Caledonia granite from Brazil for kitchen counter tops? Oct 18, Contact

e 15149 USA : Retail: I am considering Giallo Beach granite from Brazil to use for my kitchen counters. Oct 11, Contact 

e 15130 USA : Retail: I am interested in buying granite to remodel my kitchen. Looking for a company from Vitoria , Brazil who can sell in small quantities. Oct 11, Contact

e 15120 USA : Retail: We are considering a granite countertop in our kitchen called "Yellow River" from Brazil . Can you tell me anything about this stone? There is very little information available on this type of stone. Oct 10, Contact 

e 15076 USA : We are looking to establish a serious business relationship with a reliable supplier of granite slabs. Currently we are seeking quotes for the purchase of two full containers of Brazilian granite. We are prepared to visit your site to inspect your product and processes. 
Please include the following information in your quote:
Company name and point of contact
Type and grade of granite with associated pricing
Availability of bulk buy discounts
Duration of the quote
Shipping information with time frame to fill orders. Our tel. no. is (972) 26.....Oct 7, Contact 

e 15072 USA : Please provide to us your best prices for Brazilian Granite Tiles 12"x12", polished. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 562 92.....Oct 6, Contact 

e 15058 USA : My partner and I are building a commodities import company and are looking for current price lists for Brazilian Granite in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. It is our understanding that Brazilian slabs are commonly shipped in approximately 5 feet x 9 feet size, with custom sizes available - one side polished and resined. Pricing for tiles of varying sizes would be helpful, too. We'd like to start with 20 - 30 colors and grow from there. Our tel. no. is 770.90.....Oct 6, Contact  

e 14987 Turkey : We need offer price for 2-3 cm all types of Brazilian Granite polished slabs. Sept 30, Contact

e 14960 USA : Retail: Like info on Emser/French Vanilla 16x16 guaged - need 253 sqft. Emser/Autumn Lilac 16x16 guaged - need 347 sqft. Emser/Brazillian Green 12x12 guaged - need 220 sqft. Ready to buy now, I live in Dallas , TX . Sept 28, Contact

e 14939 New Zealand : I am a wholesaler from New Zealand , importing the Granite Random Slabs from India . I would like to have info and latest prices on Granite slabs and tiles from Brazil , Italy , South Africa and Norway . My tel. no. is 0064927.....Sept 27, Contact

14720 USA : I represent a construction company. I am looking for Luisa Blue Granite also known as Van Gough to import directly from Brazil . Sept 12, Contact


e 14658 Netherlands : I am looking for companies who sell the black/grey/antracite Slate from Brazil . 1 cm thick or 1,3 cm thick, calibrated with nature-rough surface. In Holland it is called the Mustang or Black Slate. We are a small stone company in the Netherlands who want to import from Brazil .  Sept 8, Contact 

e 14594 USA : I want to use Oyster White granite for a project. I am the architect, I have the option of different sizes and thickness. I note that there are many different granites from Brazil that I would consider using. I am also interested in slab stock, but understand that the lots may be different. My tel. no. is 978-54......Sept 4, Contact

e 14564 USA : Retail: I am a retail customer looking to purchase a granite called "Blue Barracuda" which is/was mined in Brazil . This granite is for our kitchen. We have been told we need approximately 95 sq. ft., and they suggest getting 3 slabs. We can probably start with the remodel as soon as we get the granite. I have been told by a supplier in this area that this granite may not be mined anymore. So I'm wondering if there still might be some stock wondering around out there. We are in WI. Our tel. no. is (262) 24.....Sept 2, Contact

e 14560 USA : Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs and tiles. Sept 2, Contact  

e 14424 : Please quote for Brazilian black granite and black galaxy granite. Aug 25, Contact

e 14395 USA : Retail: We were looking for a Butterfly Green granite counter tops from Brazil . Our local kitchen provider (in NH) said that the vein is depleted and no longer available. Our designer has said that there is product from Spain , but the stone is not quite the same (smaller "butterflies" and more blue and less gold). Do you know of any of the Brazilian product that would still be economical? Our tel. no. is 603-87.....Aug 23, Contact

e 14394 Palestine : Please quote for granite slabs prices from Brazil with size 240up x 130up with 2cm thickness. We are interested in red vitoria, monte santo, juparana mantena, kinawa 2, kinawa pink, rosa raisa, okinana vd, jakaranda rosso, funil. Our tel. no. is 00970 9 23.....Aug 23, Contact  

e 14333 : Looking for Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian Marble and granite. Aug 20, Contact

e 14320 France : Interested in Brazilian marble / granite. Please send photos, pricelist. Aug 19, Contact  

e 14242 USA : I am interested in buying a container of grey brazilian roof tiles. Aug 16, Contact

e 14194 Netherlands : I am looking for Brazilian tumbled- stones in good quality. Please can you inform me all about your assortment, price-conditions etc. Aug 13, Contact 

13956 Germany : We are interested to get into relationship with Brazilian exporters of roofing slate, mainly concerned red slate.  Aug 2, Contact 

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