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October 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for  Iran Stones  

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Year 2006

e 21607: Interested in Iranian marble and granite slabs and tiles. Oct 18 Contact

e 21524 Pakistan : We are a Pakistan base company. We have large numbers or consumers here and our most selling qualities are BOTTICINO CREAM, VERONA and some white marbles. Due to shortage in minning process of botticino cream we are looking forward to introduce IRANI MARBLES marbles in our market because most of our rocks are located on the same belt. All we know your good marble quality names are "ROYAL BOTTICINO" AND "DEBHID CREAM" if there are any more best qualities are available in botticino then plz let us know (BOTTICINO CREAM MARBLES WITH BLACK DOTS, CRYSTAL LINES AND DARK GRAIN IS NOT IN OUR FIRST CHOICE). We need samples of all above mentioned names with their rate lists.
24" x 24" x 3/4 (POLISHED AND UN POLISHED)
12" x 24" x 3/4 (POLISHED AND UN POLISHED)
12" x 12" x 3/4 (POLISHED AND UN POLISHED)
Kindly send us proper size and samples that show whole variation. Contact no:(021) 25......Oct 6 Contact

e 21507 : Please quote for Iranian marble and travertine. Tel: 00-965-74......Oct 4 Contact  

e 21483 Russia ; Our company is interested in purchase of marble NERO BELGIO, NERO MARQUINA, IRAN M225:
1. 60*60*2 cm polished tiles 1500 m2
2. H=3 cm polished slabs 1500 m2
Inform please an opportunity of delivery, term of manufacturing and the price for a tiles and slabs. tel. +7 495 22......Oct 2 Contact

e 21463 UK : Please send details of Iranian marble and travertine. Tele 0044 1463 2......Sept 29 Contact

21459 Cyprus: We shall be interested to receive your product catalogues and export prices for Iranian cream travertine filled and polished/ Iranian Red travertine/ and Limestone Gohareh in slabs of 2cm+3cm thickness / also cut to size 60x60x1.8 mirror polished. We are importers of marble and granites for the Cyprus market and we are based in Nicosia . Tel. no.+357-224.....Sept 29 Contact

e 21454 Australia : I am interested in Iranian marble and travertine samples and catalogues. Sept 28 Contact

e 21453: I am interested in Iranian marble and travertine samples and catalogues. Sept 28 Contact

e 21452 Pakistan : Please send details and catalogue of Iranian marble and travertine products and any information re terms and conditions of export to Pakistan . Sept 28 Contact  

e 21450 USA : Please quote for Iranian marble and travertine. Tel. no. is 612 73.....Sept 28 Contact

e 21237: I need more information about iran travertin type: snakeskin. Aug 20 Contact

e 21223 China : We are interested in White Jade origin in Iran . Please quote us the best CIF Shanghai Port price. Tel: +86-28-851.....Aug 16 Contact

e 20999 China : Please quote us the best price at Onyx of Iran in name Sirdjan Green and send us photo (large than your post at web site) a.s.a.p. Size: 900x900x20mm (polish), Qty.: 2,500sqm, Destination: Hong Kong . TEL.: 852-213.....July 10 Contact

Year 2005

e 19304 Latvia : We are engaged a granite from Italy and Spain . Please quote with more information on Godarsiyah green Onyx from Iran . Tel: 8-10371-91..... Dec 27 Contact

e 19287 : Please quote for marble travertine onyx limestone granite blocks, slabs and tiles from Iran as per pricelist 1096. Dec 23 Contact   

e19146 Australia: We are looking for the best price to purchase approximately 5220m2 of Iranian ‘Pompeii’ Shade A light unfilled cross cut Travertine’ marble to be shipped to Queensland, Australia. Further details regarding tile sizes and exact areas can be achieved with a response from serious suppliers only. We would like shipping ‘on board’ costs to be included in the price please, and this enquiry is urgent and we require a response by December 13th at the very latest. Phone: (07) 543.....Dec 9 Contact

e19080 USA : Attached is the picture of Mahogney Quartz granite I am looking for. This can be either from Brazil or Iran . I am looking for some 7000 sq ft of this granite. Tel: 203 57.....Dec 5 Contact

e 18903: I would like a quote and pictures of your 16x16 and 8x8 scabas rosa travertine from Iran please.  Nov 17 Contact 

e 18843 Spain : Please e-mail your prices and pictures for Indian and Iranian limestone and sandstone. Mobile : +34 986 6..... Nov 9 Contact 

e 18477: I am an interior designer. Please email me relevant information on Australia silver beige, Iranian godarsiyah green and Iranian Iranshahrsirdjan green. Sept 22 Contact

e 18110 Poland : We are stone installing company and we are looking for Iranian onyx cappucino in Versus Cut. We need around 2500 m2 (during 2006 year) in 3 cm thick in elements or in slabs. tel +48 12 41.....July 15 Contact 

e 18010 China : Please quote for Iranian marble slabs and tiles. Tel. no. is 0086-20-812.....July 6 Contact

e 17998 Jordan : I have a big company for marble in Jordan , and I want to inquiry about Iranian marble blocks or slabs thickness 2CM, 3CM. for beige color. Please send me more information about you prices and sizes. Tel/Fax: +962539.....July 5 Contact  

e 17863 Egypt : Please quote for marble blocks:
Greece : Santa Helena, Travertine Light, Travertine wall nut, Sky Ros sun rise, Golden Spider, Peatelican, Ego Rosa.
Italy : Ambrato, Botticino Classico, Nuvolato, Serpentino Mermifera
Iran : Scabas Rosa, Persian Red, Golden
Spain : Emperador
Photo and including ton price, cubic meter price from stone pit and free on board (F.O.B). Tel: 57 .....June 14 Contact

17407 UAE: We are interested in importing marble from Iran . Kindly send us samples with price list & inform us of payment terms. Our tel. no. is 00971-6-76....Apr 14 Contact

e 17302 China : We need to import beige travertine qty. 400 sqm from Iran , and polished & unpolished beige travertine deposit (1200 sqm) panel. Please provide us the different price (CIF) from Iran to XIAMEN of China depending on different quality attached with relevant photos of different class sample. Tel: 0086-755-613.....Apr 1 Contact 

e 16601 USA : I need 300 sq ft of 8 or 12 inch tumbled beige or golden travertine. I am willing to import from Iran , Turkey or Italy . I need it immediate in 2nd week of February. I am in Cincinnati , Ohio . My phone no. is 435-64.....Jan 24, Contact 

e 16495 India: Require FOB price for Desert Eye Granite from IRAN in Rough Block's (Gangsaw Size's) and Polished Slab's in 2cm and 3cm 
and tiles in 12"x12"x10mm,16"x16"x10mm,18"x18"x12mm. Require 10 FCL/Month. Our tel. no. is 0091-44-243.....Jan 18, Contact   

Year 2004  

e 15961 Australia : Retail: Looking for a distributor in Australia for Iranian marble rosso bona or similar marble from elsewhere? Dec 8, Contact

e 15859: We want to buy many containers of Stone Tiles like:
Iran -- Travertine, Marble, Limestone
2. Syria -- Limestone
Egypt - Marble
We need good quality products , reliable suppliers and competitive prices for large volume. Dec 1, Contact

e 15391 Italy : We need to import large quantities of COSTA ESMERALDA blocks from Iran . We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. Our tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 29, Contact 

e 15351 Italy : We need to import large quantities of SNOW WHITE ONYX blocks from Iran . We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. My tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 26, Contact

e 14964 Australia : Please quote for white onyx from Iran . Sept 28, Contact

e 14873: Looking for suppliers of Iranian travertine and marble. Sept 23, Contact  

e 14716 Turkey : We are interested in the Granite products from Iran . We want the supplier of the Chocolate Granite 7238-H FOB IRAN . Our tel. no. is 0090 414 31.....Sept 11, Contact

e 14360 USA : We need Iranian/Afghan Jade/boulders for making decorative products. We need 400 tons now, 200 tons per month right after the first shipment, sizes are 2.2-3 x 1.2-1.5 x 1.50x1.75. Delivery to China . Our tel. no. is +1-310-39......We are willing to buy from Iran . Aug 21, Contact

e13853 Germany : I am working on a project in Germany and I need samples of a very light limestone, as stair steps 3 cm, contra steps 2 cm, and floor tiles 2 cm thick. On FindStone website I saw an Iranian limestone called "cream limestone". I am not sure if it is the right stone but could you send me a sample or let
me know who delivers very light limestones without any structure. The architect of the project told me the stone comes from Jerusalem , Iran or perhaps Egypt . My tel. no. is +49 611 20......July 27, Contact  

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