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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   November 30, 2002
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Retail Inquiries   October Inquiries

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Most images are in the 
stone album
e 5028 USA: I am looking for a granite supplier in Mumbai, as I will be in Mumbai on Monday, Dec 9 & can visit you to select, pay & buy:
Granite slabs 2’-6” wide for Kitchen counter
Black Galaxy – 30 running feet
Steel Grey – 30 running feet
Dark Green any- 25 running feet
Maximum length to reduce seams / joints.
Tiles: Dark green granite 250 sq. ft. (12” x 12” or 24” x 12”)
All well polished, no cracks or fissures.
Quote in rupees. Mention weight, packing, shipping estimate to Boston, USA.
FindStone is coordinating for me. Nov 30, Contact 
IN: e 5026 USA: I want 1000 slabs of Jasper Marble. My contact no. is 734 51.....Nov 30, Contact USD 50
Total quantity: 400 sqm 20 mm thick slabs. Please quote FOB price. We need the material for our 5 floor office building in Varna. We are ready to purchase it immediately. Nov 29, Contact  USD 100
FR: e 5020 Malaysia: We need FRENCH LIMESTONE (56 items) in FindStone's stone album. Quantity: 10000 M2 for a project. Please quote for BLOCK & RANDOM SLABS 30MM Thick CNF Shanghai Port. Also mention lead time for delivery of the stone upon confirmation of order. Nov 29, Contact  USD 100
e 5017 USA: I want Rosso Bordeaux Marble or Exstra tiles. I am looking at some other magnificent stones like Verde Pearl Granite or Amarello polished 6 slabs 2' x 6' x 3cm for kitchen countertops. Need 12x12 or 24x24, 2500 sq ft of floor tile and 170 sq ft of counter top slabs 6-10 ft by 2-4 feet wide. Material to be used for floor, bath wall tiles, and possibly some counter tops. I would like sort of semi polished material for floor. Couter tops I would like polished. Looking for a supplier/fabricator in NJ 07960. My contact no. is +1-973-60.....Nov 29 Contact USD 50
e 5012 Lebanon: I am an architect looking for "Grocca Chiaro". Also give some information regarding this stone. Nov 28, USD 20
CN: e 5011 Israel: We are a stone distribution company. We want Carnelian stones from China. Nov 28, Contact  USD 50 
e 5009 Taiwan: I want a supplier of ironstone pieces in South China. Nov 28, Contact
e 5008 Vietnam: We are a stone trading firm wanting high quality marble images (less 150 dpi). Nov 28, Contact 
e 5007 USA: I want Absolute Black Marble 12 x 12, 1,000 sq ft. Deliver to Orange Co, CA or Phoenix, AZ.  Need ASAP. Would like to see sample. Willing to pay for sample. Please state availability and location. Nov 28, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 5004 USA: I want Coral Rubble in the state of Florida. We need it to be in the max form of 8 inch clumps. 
You may contact me on 561-68....Nov 28, USD 20
NO: e 5002 China: Blocks: We are stone co. involved in international trade. We urgently need Blue Pearl from Norway. Quanitity:700M3. Size: 3000 x 1800 x 1600 cm up. Price: CNF Xiamen. We intend to import within 3 months. The material should be of the same color and blue points clear and bright. The larger specification, the better. Processed slabs of the material should have the same quality as showed by the photos attached. Any suppliers has interest in cooperating, please send your pricelist. Nov 28, Contact 
See Offers
TR: e 5001 Vietnam: I am a trader in Pumice stone. Currently, I have an inquiry for Pumice stone from Turkey. Size: 1-2cm/ 3-5cm. I want a price lower than USD 67/Ton FOB Mersin. Please quote with information on delivery schedule. We would also like to know time take to ship from Mersin port to Hochiminh Port, Vietnam? - Which shipping company can delivery to Vietnam and how about their freight? - I would like to payment by D/P, is it O.K by you? Nov 28, Contact USD 100
CN/FR/RU/NB/AR: e 4998 Lebanon: I want Peony stone from China, Green and Red Moby Dick from Russia, Blue Sodalite from Namibia, Cielo Azul and Limay Mahuida from Argentina and Breche Nouvelle, Breche de Benou and the Bois Jourdan from France. Please quote for blocks and slabs with their sizes. Nov 28, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4997 USA: Please quote with image for 3000 sq. ft. of Rosy Pink granite or light pink with black dots for a motel in IL 61111, contact no. +1 815-96..... We need the stone by December end. Looking for cheap granite. Nov 28, Contact  USD 50 
CN: e 4996 Czech Republic: I am an agent in Czech Rebublic. I want Chinese granite. Please quote for:
1. Tiles - paving polished, bevel edges, format 305 x 305 x 10 mm, material G603
2. Tiles - paving cut with skive, format 600 x 300 x 15 mm, material G603, 
3. Tiles - paving, ground surface, format 600 x 300 x 15 mm, material G603, 
4. Tiles - paving, singe surface, format 600 x 300 x 20 mm, material G603, 
5. Slabs - granite, 250 x 70 cm, thickness 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 cm, materials G603 a G623, polished surface 
6. Slabs - granite, 250 x 70 cm, thickness 2 and 3 cm, material G682, polished surface 
7. Slabs - granite, 250 x 70 cm, thickness 2, 3 and 5 cm, material G682, singe surface 
Material G603 - paving polished:
Non-formatted tiles about 243x63x3 cm total 2,600 square meters
Non-formatted tiles about 250x70x2 cm total 31 square meters
Non-formatted tiles about 243x63x4 cm total 2,600 square meters
paving 120x60x3 cm total 2,600 square meters
paving 120x60x4 cm total 2,600 square meters
All prices please calculate CIF Prague - Czech republic. Nov 28, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT: e 4995 Switzerland: I want 100sqm of Perlato Sicilia 1st quality polished tiles 40x40x2 cm and 100sqm of Botticino 1st quality polished tiles 40x40x2 cm. Please indicate all prices excluding transport and VAT. 
Please quote with shipping cost to Geneva. Nov 28, Contact USD 50
e 4990 USA: I want Savana Brown polished tiles, 24" x 24" x 2cm. - 10000 SF. Nov 27, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 4988 UK: Please quote for Agglomerate stone, marble and granite slabs. We are a stone trading company. Nov 27, Contact USD 50
ES: e 4985 Lebanon: We want slabs of Creme Marfil, good quality polished 2 cm qty. 1000 m2. Nov 27, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4984 USA: Please quote for 2300 sq. ft. 16x16 tiles of Botticino, Beige Antico & Italian Creme. Please include shipping charges. Delivery to Guam U.S. Territory. Tel: 671-47.....Nov 27, Contact
ALL: e 4981 USA: We are a stone trading company in CA. We want sample to give our clients. Please send me  prices and picture samples, or real live samples. Send 12" x 12" samples. Brochures are also welcomed. 
Nov 26,  Closed
NO: e 4980 USA: I want Blue Pearl granite. Please quote for slabs and tiles. Nov 26, Contact USD 50
e 4979 USA: I want to contact a company polishing slabs in the U.S. Nov 26,  USD 20
e 4978 Canada: I want Kashmir Gold light tiles. We are looking for distributors in British Columbia. Nov 26, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4976 Canada: I want Kota Brown 1100 sq.ft. and another for 50,000 sq.ft. Please quote for good quality material as we only purchase good quality material. If we do not buy a full container load of Kota then we will mix colors. Nov 26, See Offers USD 100 Close
e 4973 USA: I want 1200 sq. ft. of Sumie and 4 slabs 10 ft x 4 ft of Lapiz Lazuli for kitchen counters as mentioned in Prized Category of FindStone.com's stone album. I also want Slates 500 sq ft. Also please quote for Azul Paramirim from Bahia, Saffaire Blue, Paradiso Light, Himalayan Blue, Mangalguda Red, Lillet and Raw Silk from India. We are in the business of building Custom homes in Phoenix and soon in Baroda, India. The floor plans of the first house are finalised. ^500 sq ft. We are in the process of determining the internal details such as floorings and embellishment. Plans are to use Granite on most horizontal surfaces in Kitchen and four baths. 
Travertine and slate on floors (int and ext). Idea is to purchase in India and ship. We realise the difficulty in quality control and shipping. For this reason we will fill a container with all sorts of items. Am open to suggestions from within USA. Uniqueness and price are the major considerations. Pls have your rep call me on 847.31..... We plan to be in Mumbai around Jan 5th.
Nov 26, USD 20
e 4971 Italy: I am looking for a stone probably quarried in the Middle East by the name "Supani" (I don't really know how to write it). I am looking for suppliers in Italy. It is yellow in color. Nov 26, Contact USD 50
e 4970 France: I want to granite tiles that are ready to ship. See ready stock 234 for reference. Nov 26, Contact See Offers USD 100
CN: e 4969 France: We need Pink Peoni 30 x 60 x 2 flamed. Qty.: 19000 m2. Please quote. We are in Marseille. Our phone no. is +33 491 5....... See ready stock 232 for reference. Nov 26, Contact  USD 100
e 4958 USA: I am an architect Connecticut. I want a pure black granite (like Ratnalisa Black) to be used as a fireplace surround. My client likes Soapstone but is not in favor of the worn look it gets overtime. The G.C. has provided samples of Slate and Absolute Black Granite but they were too gray or have allot of quartz. My client wants something "jet" black without any quartz (or a low percentage of quartz) or gray haze to it.
I was thinking of a Honed Absolute Black Granite. Can you send me a sample and any cost information and what minimum quantity would be required if applicable. Nov 26, Contact See Offers  USD 20
e 4957 USA: I want Pietra Serena in 24"x24" tiles.  I am a contractor. Nov 26,  USD 20
e 4955 Canada: Blocks: I am an artist looking for a black granite, Zimbabwe granite or Swedish Ebony. Please quote for boulders and blocks. Nov 25. Contact USD 50
e 4953 Norway: I want Black Marble and travertine 10 x 10 x 1 cm. Refer to ready stock 209
Nov 25, Contact See Offers USD 50
CN: e 4948 Singapore: Urgently reqd. for a project 1000 sqm 300 x 600 x 20mm and 400 sqm 600 x 600 x 20mm Desert Rose. Nov 25, Contact See Offers  USD 100
US: e 4947 Singapore: We are a stone trading company looking for Salisbury Pink full size slabs. Qty. reqd. is 1000 sqm. Payment by LC. Material reqd. in 4 weeks and will be self inspected. Nov 25, See Offers  USD 100 Close
e 4946 USA: Please quote for a project. 
Absolute Black Granite - Gauged & Polished Tiles 110 pcs 24" x 24" x 3/8" (440 sq ft)
Absolute Black Granite - Gauged & Flamed Tiles 40 pcs 18" x 18" x 3/8" (90 sq ft)
220 pcs 12" x 12" x 3/8" (220 sq ft) OR
Black Limestone - Gauged & Honed Tiles 110 pcs 24" x 24" x 3/8" (440 sq ft)
Black limestone - Gauged & Flamed Tiles 40 pcs 18" x 18" x 3/8" (90 sq ft)
220 pcs 12" x 12" x 3/8" (220 sq ft) OR
Belmont Limestone - Gauged & Honed Tiles 110 pcs 24" x 24" x 3/8" (440 sq ft)
Belmont Limestone - Gauged & Flamed Tiles 40 pcs 18" x 18" x 3/8" (90 sq ft)
220 pcs 12" x 12" x 3/8" (220 sq ft). Jobsite delivery zipcode is 95023, needed by 12/9/02. Nov 25, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4945 Australia: We are an interior design firm based in Melbourne. We are interested in any new stone finishes available. Nov 25,  Closed
PT: e 4944 USA: I need a container of gascone beige 24x24 and slabs. What is the cost? Nov 25, Contact See Offers  USD 100
CN: e 4940 USA: Would like to hear from any company in China that would like to do business with a US firm for import and sales of stones in USA. We will need all information on your production and what is on your mind for growth in the USA market place. We are in CA. Our contact no. is 760-40..... Nov 24, Contact 
See Offers USD 50
ES: e 4939 USA: We are looking for Spanish stone suppliers on partnership basis in the USA. We would like to here from you as to your plans for USA, what is your production rates and what type of products can you 
offer for sale and transport to the USA? If we move to a point that both parties want to work with each other we would need to meet face to face and see your production area's. Please send information ASAP. We are in CA. Our contact no. is 760-40..... Nov 24, Contact USD 50
IT: e 4938 USA: We want second hand machinery and slabs and tiles from Italy. We are setting up a fabrication shop for countertops and cladding in California. We are in CA. Our contact no. is 760-40..... 
Nov 24, Contact USD 50
IN/ZW: e 4937 USA: We want black granite. Please quote for slabs and tiles. We are in CA. Our contact no. is 760-40..... Nov 24, Contact See Offers USD 20
BR: e 4934 USA: I want Bahia Blue. Need pricing for 2800 sq.ft. in 12"x12"x3/8" tiles and also slabs. I am in CA. My contact no. is 760-40..... Nov 24, Contact See Offer USD 100
ALL: e 4932 UK: Please quote for Marble and granite slabs and fireplaces surrounds, mantle, bases in different colors and design. Also quote for bathroom and lounge accessories in marble and granite. Nov 24, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES/EG: e 4929 India: We are builders in Delhi. We have a regular requirement of beige marble. We are currently using Crema Marfil, but would also like to use Galalla. Qty. reqd. 23000 sq. ft. Please quote with images and also explain the difference between first quality and commercial varieties. We are planning to use galala beige or crema marfil in the living room /dinning room of the apartments we are constructing in Delhi. The marble has to be delivered to Delhi by the mid Jan 2003. See Pricelist 395 and 110 as reference. 
We would ideally go in for Full size unpolished slabs or
gang saw blocks and would like to import the material from the country of origin (preferably). Nov 24. Contact USD 50
ALL: e 4927 Norway: I want marble and granite tiles. Please mention sizes and thickness available in your offer. Also give min. order quantity. Nov 23, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4926 USA: We want a HIGH SPEED DIAMOND GANG SAW MACHINE MODEL HT-80. Plese send us a catalog. Nov 23, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 4925 USA: We want Green Granite. Please quote with images. Nov 23, Contact See Offers USD 20
IN: e 4922 India: FindStone has been retained to advise regarding renovation of the flooring of a 16 floor office building in Mumbai.
Details are as follows:
Total quantity: 36,000 sq.ft.
Material: polished granite block-cutter slabs
Colors: light brown 16000 sq.ft., dark brown 2500 sq. ft., red 8000 sq.ft, yellow 1500 sq.ft, black or black galaxy 8000 sq. ft.
Scope: Only supply of material, not installation.
Delivery: will buy from anywhere in India. Delivery to begin end January 2003. You can send one truckload at a time.
Payment: no credit needed
Design: There will be 80 such designs i.e. 5 per floor. The balance area will be normal slabs. Click here to view the design layout. 
If you can supply each design module as a ready-to-fix module, it would be very nice. Otherwise, it will be cut at site by the contractor.
Please quote for random slabs, cut-to-size slabs, pieces cut as per design whichever is convenient for you.
Please quote for whichever color you can supply. Also mention your full contact details. 
The steps are as follows:
1. Send your quote for each shade that you suggest.
2. Then send your samples to the buyer.
3. Negotiate and finalize with the buyer.
If you can supply through a Mumbai based distributor or agent that would be better. Nov 30, Contact
GR/IN: e 4921 South Korea: Blocks: We are a stone trading company looking for PURE WHITE MARBLE FOR SCULPTURE (EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP, NO VEIN REQUIRED). 
SIZE : 1M X 1M X 1M (BLOCK) - can be negotiable
QTY : 300 CBM / YEAR - want long term base contract. 
  See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4919 USA: Blocks: Please give price & size list for the granite blocks. Nov 22, Contact  See Offers USD 20
BR: e 4914 USA: I want 12" x 12", 3000 sq ft of Uba Tuba granite tiles for a hotel lobby. We are looking to buy it locally. Please quote delivered price to Virginia 23950. Telephone No (434)955-.... Nov 22, Contact 
See Offers  USD 100
BR/IN/FI/IT: e 4911 USA: We need UbaTuba, Baltic Brown, Giallo Light, Saturnia, Blask/gray (black impala) & Gray Sardo in slabs of 117"x70"x3/4". Also need these other colors to alternate with lesser demand G green, Black Absolute, Blue Pearl, Tropical Brown, Giallo Veneziano & Gold Leaf in the same sizes. Please quote FOB Santos, Rio or Vitoria or CIF Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Qty. reqd. is one container once a week, we have a large contract. Payment will be in Letter of Credit. Nov 22, Contact See Offers 
USD 100
ES: e 4909 USA: Please quote for 7000 sq. ft. 12 x 12 x 10mm pink rose or rojo alicante. Nov 22, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT: e 4906 France: I want polished Italian granite slabs 2-3 cm thick about 1000 sqm per month. Please quote with any availability. Nov 21, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4903 Kuwait: We need polished marble/ granite slabs 2 cm thickness size 30 * 60 cm and different sizes also. If you have available stones polished & rough, thickness 2 - 3 cm, sizes: 30 * 60, 40 * 80, 50 * 50. We would like to know more details about your products. And would therefore request you to send us a copy of your catalogue & Specifications, current price-list C & F Kuwait and if it is possible to send us sample. Contact no. is (965) 246..... Nov 21, Contact See Offers  USD 50
e 4900 USA: I have 18"x18" onyx for sale. The color is Cappucino. I am also interested in buying or trading for tiger stripe yellow granite in 18"x18" floor tiles. My contact no. is 210-383..... Nov 21, Contact USD 50
ES: e 4895 USA: I want Crema Marfil 2cm slabs, 40 cm X 40 cm and 60 cm x 60 cm tiles. We are looking for the select and commercial quality. Also, we like Capri limestone and some Dark Emperador and Rojo Alicante. This is for a business that we are going to open in Mexico and our projection is to buy at least 18 containers. As you are aware, Mexico is driven by price. Please send price list and delivery schedule. Nov 21, Contact See Offers USD 100
NOV 20, Rs 1000
e 4893 USA: I want some large pieces of granite to build an Indian monument. My father is a Mason and there are thousands of places to look! He wants to buy it from a wholesaler getting different quotes. We are in Montana. Nov 20,  USD 20
e 4887 Taiwan: Blocks: We want Impala Black first choice, color of average medium, size 200 x 100cm up. Please send us a block list for reference. See price list #737 as reference. Nov 20, Contact USD 100
BR: e 4886 China: Blocks: We want 40M3 of Bianco Cardigan granite blocks of Brazilian origin. Please quote in CNF Xiamen, China and indicate the delivery time. Nov 20, Contact USD 100
FR: e 4884 USA: I am architect interested in Pompignan - honed finish. I believe it comes from France. Can it be delivered to New York, NY? Nov 20, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES: e 4883 USA: I Azul Noche from Spain. Looking for a supplier in New England. I am an architect from LA. Nov 20, USD 20
CN: e 4875 Italy: Blocks: We want PURE WHITE MARBLE (JADE WHITE), MOSS GREEN, SHANXI BLACK and ZHM 113 & ZHM 114 from Northern China. Please let us know of monthly yield, price of block CIF Italian Port (Trieste). Nov 19, Closed See Offers USD 50
ALL: e 4874 Bangladesh: We are a trading house. Please quote for Marble & Granite Tiles. My contact no. is 01711.....Nov 19, Contact USD 50
e 4872 USA: Send me relevant information for swimming pool decks & patios. Nov 19, Contact See Offers 
e 4871 USA: I want prefab granite counter tops, with bull nose. Nov 19,  Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4865 France: I am an artist from Australia. Having just arrived in Paris, I need a source or quarry where I can buy limestone slabs and blocks. Nov 18,  USD 20
IN: e 4862 Australia: I am in transit at Singapore on my way to Jaipur. I would like to meet suppliers and quarries. My hand-phone no. is +61 409 9......Nov 18, Contact
TH: e 4861 Germany: I want stones of Thailand. Nov 18, USD 20
e 4858 USA: I want Portero stones in sizes 12x12, 16x16 and slabs. Nov 18, USD 20
ZW/IT: e 4857 UAE: I want Rosa Beta and Nero Africa slabs. Please quote. Nov 18, USD 20
EQ: e 4852 USA: Local flooring contractor wants Black Martini marble tiles as in pricelist 68. My contact no. is 559-43.....Nov 18, USD 20
ALL: e 4851 USA: I work with ceramic tiles and granite (slabs and tiles) in Anaheim, CA. If you have interest I can sell your products here, especially Brazilian. Please email me your profile and products. Phone (714) 77.....Nov 17, Contact See Offers USD 50
CN: e 4850 UK: We want marble fireplace surrounds from China and marble and granite columns. Please send pictures, sizes and prices. We are stone suppliers, our contact no. is +44 (0)1282 6....
We are planning to expand into these areas, Corinthian columns, pillars, fireplaces, inserts in marble and granite. Also any artifacts i.e. crystal skull's small marble or granite figures and marble lamp stands, book ends, also tables in marble, granite and cast iron. 
We currently hope to buy a single pair of columns and single fireplaces in at this moment in time, but we are hoping to buy in large quantities in the near future. At the moment we can not afford to order container's there we have to order in pair's. We are looking to import, the product's into this country, we would like to import from India or China, Nov 17, Contact See Offers
USD 50
TR: e 4848 India: We are a company engaged in mining of Granite and Marble in India. We are one of the biggest producers of Galaxy Black and Absolute Black. We want blocks of Red Fire, Black Marquina, Pistello & Onyx. Please quote F.O.B. per ton and send photographs of the products. I am planning a visit to your country in the first week of December. Nov 17, Contact, USD 50
e 4847 USA: We want UbaTuba 6 slabs, 3cm. We are contractors in PA. Nov 17, USD 20
e 4846 USA: Machinery: I want used waterjet. Please quote. Nov 17 Contact 
e 4845 USA: I want corals and turquoises. Quote wholesale prices inclusive of taxes. Nov 17, USD 20
ALL: e 4843 Canada: I want 4x4 tumbled marble. Please email picture with quote. I am in Vancouver, BC. 
I have no problem buying through a local
distributor. There is no local quarry here and I would rather purchase direct from the quarry or importer. This is for artistic use, not architectural. I am looking to make a first time order of 10,000 pieces in the next 6 months and then a minimum of that monthly. My decision criteria is price as there is a good local selection. My contact no. is 604-83...... Nov 16, Contact, See Offers USD 100 
e 4842 Israel: I want to expand my business in granite/natural stone and diamond tools. I sell a lot of diamond tools. I have many connections with clients that are looking for doing business in the field of granite, so I am looking forward to get the latest prices of your granite types on both slabs and tiles of 60cm width. 
I would like to be your exclusive agent in both Israel and Palestine. I have ready clients who are looking to get granite slabs and waiting for me to quote them. My contact no. is 00972-2-27..... Nov 16, Contact
See Offers USD 50
IN: e 4840 India: We export to Bangladesh. We want Jet Black & Black Galaxy tiles & slab, ruby red, green marble, tan brown granite, banswara marble and mosaic stone: lemon & white. Expected purchase date Dec. 02. Quantity and sizes- for marble and granite - 2 x 2 & 2 x 1 tiles, quantity - 3200 sq. ft. each month. For mosaic stone - Qty is 35 tons per month. Delivery location Kolkata, ph + 91-33-51......
Goods will be purchased from
India. Nov 16, Contact USD 50 / RS 2500. 
e 4838 Indonesia: We want limestone from Indonesia for domestic flooring purposes. We are building a house in Sydney. I am only buying locally if there are considerable cost savings to be made, as often there is when buying building materials in Indonesia compared to Australia. I plan to ship back to Australia as I happen to have room in a container. The timing is critical as the shipping must be ready to go in 5 weeks. The quantity is smallish, perhaps 250 sqm (must confirm) ... budget not a constraint as i'm looking for high quality, hard, probably honed limestone. However if you think I'm better off buying this in Sydney upon return, then I'm open to ideas. My phone no. is 62 21 76..... Please see readystock 259 and 96 as reference. Nov 16, Closed
See Offers
USD 20 
e 4834 USA: I am starting a retail enterprise in Tucson, Arizona and am looking for quarries and wholesaler of South African granite blocks and slabs. Blocks would be 3 meter cubed, slabs will be various sizes. Please quote with availability, freight costs and transit times. Nov 16, Contact, USD 50
e 4832 USA: Please quote 1/4" absolute granite slabs with polished faces. Quantity is 70 sq ft. Please inform us of minimum orders, delivery time, etc. Location is in Medina NY, closest cities are Buffalo or Rochester. Contact no. is 585-79..... Nov 16, USD 20 
e 4831 UK: Care Products: We own a natural stone company in UK and would like to have information on stone maintenance product range, the relevant applications of your products and where we can purchase them. Nov 15, Contact, USD 100
BR: e 4830 Australia: I want a Brasilian material called "Millenium Juparana" in 2cm for our office in USA. I want container loads for stock. I would like to buy one container in the beginning. I would like offers from direct suppliers and no wholesalers. Will buy as soon as the slabs are available. Nov 15, Contact
TR: e 4828 Ukraine: We want Turkish beige marbles of sizes: 
SIZE 600 X 600 X 20 mm. OR 300X300X20 MM
ON SQUARE = +/-0,3 mm
ON PLANE (600 x 600 x 20 mm) = +/-0,3 mm
DAMAGE IN ANGLE: UNDER 1 x 1 mm. Our contact no. + 380 562 3...... Nov 15, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4821 Taiwan: I am currently working on a residential project in Taiwan and I want 1,000 Sqm of uniform limestone or travertine (no vein) no.1 (select), 3.5 cm thickness for exterior use. The average of dimension will be 40x80 & 60x120cm. Because it will be used on exterior under our rainy climate. We are looking for more uniform and high density limestone. Nov 15, ContactSee Offers, USD 50
CN: e 4814 USA: We want Chinese granite vanities in large numbers for hotel applications. We import stone from Italy in containers now but we are looking for prefabricated Vanity tops. Nov 14, Contact See Offers USD 50
TR: e 4807 China: Blocks: I have an inquiry for a marble from Turkey. Attached please find the picture. The project requires 10000 sqm, but we prefer to buy blocks. The final destination is Shanghai. We would like to import from Quarry. Nov 14, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4806 Canada: Monument: I want black granite or black with yellow granite slabs for a monument being built in Ontario. The pieces are listed below.
Overall - 144"w x 98"h. The outside edge of the two side panels angle forward to the front of the base.
1 - Header - 144"w x 14"h
3 - Main Panels - 40"w x 60"h
2 - Side Panels - 14"w x 84"h
1 - Base - 24"h x 16" at the base. The front side to angle from the bottom of the main panel to @ 4" from the bottom edge. I will need it pre-cut and polished. I am unsure of the thickness but require the strength to fasten large bronze plaques to 4 of the slabs. Please provide me with a suggested thickness and cost estimate based on materials and shipping no later then November 20th. Nov 14, Contact free
ALL: e 4805 Spain: We want marble & granite polished floor tiles. Nov 14, Closed
ALL: e 4804 Australia: I am doing a development in Sydney of 8 luxury apartments and need some stone plates for the facade. Please contact me on 0412 9......Nov 14, Contact, See Offers  USD 50
TR/ID: e 4803 India: We are leading garment exporter in India and we cater to major labels in USA as well EUROPE. We consume 250 tons of Pumice stones a year. Please quote. Nov 14, Contact, See Offers
USD 100
ALL: e 4801 USA: We want to deal in granite and marble slabs. Please send us a detailed list with indication of your company, materials, prices and payment conditions. We are searching for a future partner business in Florida, USA. Our tel. no. is +1-954-96......Nov 14, Contact, See Offers, USD 50 
ALL: e 4800 Canada: I represent a granite and marble company in Montreal with an office in Boston. I am looking for a supplier who can offer competitive price, quality and service. We sell an average of about 25 to 30 containers a month of granite and marble slabs. We sell throughout the US and also within Canada. 
You can reach me at (514) - 80......Nov 14, Contact, See Offers USD 50
IT: e 4796 USA: Needed for IMMEDIATE PURCHASE 700 sq. ft. of 18x24 Honed Botticino tiles (Classico, Semi-classico, or Fiorito). If you have it, we will buy it immediately! We are stone traders. Nov 13, Closed 
See Offers
USD 100
FR/ES/PT/IN/TR/IT/DE/NO: e 4794 UK: I am the manager of a granite factory England. Granites and marbles I am interested in are: 
French Marble: Francia Rosso, Antic Meuse, Breche De Benou, Cihigue Black, Languedoc Red and Savoian Blue.
French Granite: Argoat, Coraille, La Clarte pink and Verde Orezza.
Spanish Granite,Azul Platino, Burgillos, Cadalso Grey,
German Granite: Demitz Thumitz, Oberkaina, Bayerwald Rosa ,Etzing Granzland, and Kaltrum.
Portugal Granite: Rosa Arronches, Rosa Monforte, Amarelo De Fonte de Arcada,Azul De Alpalhao, Azul De Evora and Blanc Perle. 
Turkish Granite, Aegian Bordeaux & Pergamon Gray.
Indian Marble: Fig White, Emerald Green, and Forest Green.
Indian Granite: Ratnasila Black, Lilac Hassan Green, Lavender Blue, Red Multicolor.
Norwegian Granite: Emerald Pearl, Barents Blue, Blue Pearl GC, Blue Pearl GT, Marina Pearl
Italian Granite: Verde Aosta Montey, Beola Grigia, Grey Marina, Verde Marina, Diorite Di Brosso, Ghiandone Rosato, Grigio Malaga, Nubian Rose, Anatolian Grey, Raggio Di Luna, Sienite Della Balmas, Rosa Beta & Rosa Nule. Please quote with images. Nov 13, Contact See Offers USD 100 
ALL: e 4792 USA: I want to develop a supplier relationship with several well established, reliable, primary producers of full size 3cm polished granite slabs. Each slab to be approximately 60 square feet. Must high quality and free of cracks. Looking for all colors, especially BLACK, GREEN, BROWN, RED. Not interested in buying floor tiles so prefer not having to deal with extra emails that offer them. Nov 13, Contact See Offers  
IT/FR/IR: e 4791 India: Blocks: Send us price of Crema Imperial, Rossa Francia, Rossa Rubina, Travertino Rossa, Red agadir, Asiogob, Progoa and Rossa Alicante  marble block and slabs. Nov 13, 
USD 20
IT/IN: e 4790 Switzerland: We want 25 sqm White onxy slabs 100" X 200" X 2 cm and 100 sqm white vein Carrara marble (arabascato) for a project in Zurich. We are a design company in Switzerland. Purchase decision is on quality and price. We want to buy from Italy, because of the geographical location and our contacts for other material suppliers. See pricelist 242 as reference. Nov 13, Contact See Offers 
ALL: e 4789 New Zealand: I am in the process of building some apartments in island of Korcula. I am thinking of using Dalmatian natural stone on the floors and bathrooms-preferably white stone in big size. Please quote and also suggest alternate stones. Nov 13, Contact See Offers USD 50 
EG: e 4788 USA: Please quote for Light Cream Galala Marble from Egypt. Nov 13, USD 20 
ES/GR: e 4787 Philippines: We want a huge quantity of Ariston White, Jania Crema and Dark Emperador for flooring of an embassy in Philippines. Please provide us your contact details with fax no. to send the break up of the quantities needed. My contact no. is 671-64.....Click here to see the break-up of quantities reqd. Nov 13, Contact See Offers 
ALL: e 4786 USA: I want granite and other stone countertops. I am looking for a reliable supplier. I am a contractor in Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Nov 13, USD 20 
ALL: e 4785 Panama: I am a stone trader interested in buying all types of stone slabs and tile and other products. Kindly send me prices. Nov 13, USD 20 
ALL: e 4782 Canada: We want tumbled marble/limestone in an off white color (botoccino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. 
We will be looking for delivery in mid January 2003. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. 
The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a
Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. Nov 13, Contact, See Offers 
USD 100
IN: e 4780 India: Please send detailed price list of slabs and tiles for Multi red, Paradiso, Juparana, Black, Kashmir White. Nov 13, Contact Rs 500
e 4779 USA: We are a stone trading firm urgently needing 600 sq. ft. Rosso Levanto tiles for a hotel floor. Size reqd. is 18" x 18" or larger x 1/2" or 3/8" thick. Delivery to St. Louis, MO. Phone: 314-87......The hotel is currently being renovated and is within two months of completion. We are the installing contractor and have been unable to locate the tiles needed. Prefer to purchase locally, but have not been able to locate the material. We have not received any prices or availability or material previously. Please quote with availability. Nov 13, Closed See Offers, USD 50
ALL: e 4777 USA: Kindly email us your product pricelist. We are in Ohio 43035. Nov 12, USD 20 
IN: e 4775 USA: We are stone traders looking for SAVAN ROSE from India. Nov 12, Contact, USD 50
ES: e 4773 Spain: We want 30000 m2 of Crema Marfil Marble. Nov 12, Contact See Offers USD 100 
BR: e 4770 Netherlands: We are interior designers. We have a project in Brazil. We need Giallo California, Rosa Iris, Cobra Pink, Kinawa Pink, Amerello. Some marbles that we also want are: Pau Brazil, Imperial Pink and Rosa Patamute. Sandstones are Pink Brazil, Rosa Bahia. Please quote with delivery time and samples to decide the material. This project will commence in 2003. Nov 12, Contact See Offers USD 50
TR: e 4769 Pakistan: We are an indenting company. We want Pumice Stones 3-5 cm from Turkey. We need it for denim washing. We need one FCL 40' on C+FC10% Jordan. This will be our regular requirement. Our contact no. is 00-92-21-241.....Nov 12, Contact USD 100
IN: e 4768 USA: I want to start Granite/Marble Import business from India and selling it in USA. I am based in Texas. Nov. 12, US$ 20 / Rs. 1000
ZA/ZW: e 4762 UK: I want large quantities of granite and sandstone from Southern Africa. Nov 11, Contact See Offers USD 50
ALL: e 4756 Nigeria: I want 12" x 12", 12" x 24", 18" x 18" and 16" x 16" granite & marble tiles. Please quote in Euros for a container load. I will be going to Germany on 27th Nov, 2002 to make purchase. I will buy as much quantity as requested by my customers. So please send your price list. Nov 11, Contact  
See Offers USD 50
BR: e 4755 UAE: We want Gran Violet, Jupin, New Kashmir White and Acapulco granites from Brazil. Please quote for gangsaw size slabs and tiles. Nov 11, Contact See Offers USD 50
BR: e 4750 USA: Please send product list with prices for one container load. Nov 11, USD 20 
ALL: e 4746 Poland: I want one side polished Impala Dark, Green Forest, Multi color, Verde Bahia, Baltic Brown granite slabs sized 50, 60, 70 mm thick. Please quote with delivery cost to Polish border or Kielce. My contact no. is +48-41-36......Nov 11, Contact See Offers USD 50
IN: e 4744 Saudi Arabia: Blocks: We want Imperial Green granite slabs and blocks. Nov 11, US$ 20 / Rs. 1000
TR/ID: e 4741 India: We are importers looking to the large sector of Textile Industries requiring PUMICE STONE. Please quote with delivery schedule. Nov 11, Contact USD 100
SA: e 4740 China: We want Tropical Brown granite blocks from Saudi Arabia. We'd like to purchase the yellow base blocks. We would like to import several hundred cbm annually but first try an order of 50 cbm. Delivery port is Xiamen, China. It is in FindStone.com's stone album, but the color is some different, we'd like to purchase the yellow base blocks. Nov 10, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4739 USA: We want fireplaces, counter-tops, vases, inserts, and mosaics. Please send images along with pricing. We are a trading firm in Chicago. Our contact no. is 773-28.....Nov 10, USD 20 
BR: e 4737 Turkey: I am a civil engineer. We want granite slabs and tiles from Bahia, Brazil. I wish to resell them in Far East and Turkey. Please send us your pricelist with images. Nov 10, Contact See Offers US$ 50
ALL: e 4736 USA: I am an independent Business Consultant and have been retained by a US (Florida) based client to do a feasibility study for setting up a granite trading business in the US. I want suppliers who can offer competitive prices for granite tiles on CNF US East Coast and West Coast basis. Nov 9, USD 20 
CN: e 4730 USA: I need granite slabs from China. See pricelist 756 for reference. Nov 9, USD 20 
IT: e 4729 Kuwait: We want one side polished Carrara Marble and some beige marble. The sizes are:
21.5" x 44" x thick 0.8", 21.5" x 48" x thick 0.8", 21.5" x 32" x thick 0.8". Please quote for one 20 feet container CNF Kuwait. We would also like to know the number of pieces that go in one container for each size. Nov 8, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4728 India: I require Yellow Jubrana, cutter size slabs, qty 320m2, size 18mm or 20mm thick slabs. Please let me know of your stock positions as I require it urgently. My budgeted price is USD 35.50 CNF Dubai / Sharjah. Quote in USD (CNF) Sharjah or Dubai port including shipment time. You can call me at +91-98207...... or 022-261...... Nov 8, Contact, See Offers Rs 2000
EG/TR: e 4727 India: We want beige marble / limestone slabs from Egypt and Turkey. Please quote FOB and CIF Bombay. We assure continuous business. Nov 8, Contact See Offers USD 50
ZA: e 4725 China: Blocks: We need South African granite named Belfast, minimum size I am looking for is 2 meters. Qty. reqd. is 40-50 CBM (CFR XIAMEN, CHINA). Quote CFR XIAMEN, CHINA. Contact no. 0086-592-51..... We would like to import from south Africa before Feb 15 2003. Our plan only is buy, the best size, price and quality. We know little about the granite blocks, but we had bought it from other Chinese company. Now, we want to import. Nov 8, Contact See Offers USD 100
CN: e 4724 Germany: We are a natural stone-trading company from Germany. We are quoting for a job that requires cut-to-size material in Padang Light. My contact no. is +49 6144...... Nov 8, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4723 Thailand: Our clients in Europe needs any marble or granite 15Ft long X 3Ft wide and also standard size floor tiles and marble garden furniture. Please supply pictures with quotes. Need a 20Ft container load. Nov 8, Contact USD 100
IT: e 4719 Croatia: I want 400 sqm of 2cm UNPOLISHED tiles (any size) of BLANCO BERROCAL and some more 6 cm thick tiles cut to measure to fill one container load. Please quote with payment & delivery terms. Nov 7, Contact See Offers USD 100
DE: e 4718 USA: We want Petri Verdi or similar limestone tiles from Germany. We need it for a facade of our building. Nov 7, Contact See Offers USD 100
ID: e 4716 Indonesia: I want an Indonesian marble producer who is willing to export to Middle East Country. I have some potential buyers in Qatar for a good quality marble. Please send prices with company profile. Nov 7, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4714 China: Blocks: We want Indian Karahari stone (image). Please send me pictures of the quarry and stone Also tell me minimum order quantity and delivery time. Quote CNF Xiamen port. Nov 7, Contact  See Offers USD 50
IT: e 4713 Kuwait: I need Grigio Sardo granite. Sizes are 30 x 60 x 2 cm & 60 x 60 x 2 cm. I need a quote for both commercial and 1st choice quality, polished and straight cut edge. The granite is for several projects in Kuwait. Currently, I need a quote for a minimum quantity of 1000 sqm of either size. Nov 7, Contact  
See Offers USD 100
CN: e 4712 South Africa: I want Ocean green, Rusty yellow, Blue Diamond, Zh- G008. Please quote for a container load, FOB China. We require polished slabs, sizes 2700 x 1400 x 30mm. We will keep the material as stock. Please offer good prices as I am looking for a long term relationship and it should save me a trip to China. We are looking at importing at least 30 to 60 containers a year. Delivery to Durban. Nov 7, Contact  See Offers USD 100
CN/IR: e 4710 USA: I want Ming green, Yellow Onyx, Ocean green, Nero Royal Tumble, Beijing Pink" Blue slabs & tiles. I am a trader in NJ 07670. Nov 7, Contact USD 50
MX: e 4709 USA: We want Black Absidian. Guess it comes from Mexico. We are a stone trading company in CA. Nov 7, US$ 20
NO: e 4704 China: I want Blue Pearl & Emerald Pearl blocks. I would like to go to Norway between end of December or coming early January. I am a stone importer, I intended to import 200m3 each month, I prefer the big blocks which will be cut by gang saw. Please quote with details such as sizes. Nov 7, Contact 
See Offers (commission only)
e 4703 Venezuela: We are remodeling of one of our buildings and have selected Verde Lavras granite for the floors, the sizes are 45.7 x 45.7 x 1.3 cm. The qty. is 3000m². Please quote for 1st and commercial quality with delivery schedule and payment terms. Nov 7, Contact See Offers USD 100
CN: e 4701 USA: We want Chinese granite slabs. Sizes needed are 110” x 65”.  Not interested in 1200 x 2400, it is too small. We are looking for all colors from all provinces of China. Will take quotes FOB Fujian or FOB Qingdao. All slabs “MUST” be resin polished. We have a history working with certain quarries in China now and can give references. We are speaking of multiple containers per month, but hope to mix and match colors. Only serious prices please. Send your FOB pricelist to FindStone.com. We are aware that most Chinese quarries don’t have the machinery to do this size or larger. We have our own offices in China to handle purchasing and insure quality. You will be contacted directly by our Qingdao office. Nov 6, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4699 Australia: We manufacture marble & granite vanity tops, stairways, etc. We want a pricelist of marble & granite. We also have a retail store for tiles and would like to have samples of marble & granite tiles. We are in North Qld. Nov 6, Contact See Offers USD 50 
ES/IT: e 4697 USA: I want Pietra Etrusca Marble, Rosso Rubino and Porfido Rosso Granite. The project is for a museum gallery in New York. We are in CT 06517. Nov 6, Closed  See Offers USD 50 
e 4694 USA: I want Verde Pearl Granite. Kindly quote for 500 sqm. Nov 6, Contact See Offers USD 50
EG: e 4692 USA: Please quote for Galala Marble and Creama Bello 60x60x3cm, qty. 2500 sqm each. My fax no. is 001 965 48.....Nov 6, Contact See Offers USD 100
BR/ES/IT: e 4690 USA: I would like to receive quotes for granites from Brazil, Spain and Italy. I am a trader. Please send pricelist. Nov 6, USD 20 
IL: e 4686 USA: I want Israeli Limestone for a lobby and a social hall floor of 5000 sq ft in Maine. I am looking for for suppliers in this area. I am an interior designer. Nov 5, Closed, See Offers USD 50
e 4680 USA: Retail: I need 18" x 18" Exstra marble tile with matching slab. Qty. 800 sq ft. I am in Los Angeles, California 90266. Nov 5, Contact, USD 50 
ES: e 4679 Algeria: We are a company specializing in import and export of marble. We want NEGRO MARQUINA and ‘CREMA MARFIL’ tile of 30 x 30 and slab 2cm thick. Our contact no. is (+213) 021 ......
Nov 4, Contact See Offers
, USD 100 
IN: e 4678 USA: I want Absolute Black Granite. Please quote FOB for slabs of 2cm and blocks. Nov 4, Contact, See Offers, USD 100  
EG: e 4676 USA: Please quote for marble slabs from Egypt. Nov 4, USD 20 
EG: e 4672 Palestine: I want 20 mm polished granite slabs of Nerow Aswan, Rosa Aswan Dark, Guandona and Black Aswan from Egypt. Quantity more than one container. Please quote CIF and FOB. Payment by L/C. Nov 3, Contact, See Offers, USD 100 
IL: e 4668 USA: I want 12x12 or bigger travertine or limestone as long as the color is LIGHT YELLOWISH / GOLD. My first choice will be Jerusalem Gold. We are building a house on the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and the total floor area (interior) will be 2665 sq.ft. We like honed for inside. The covered decks including the open pool area will be approx. 1215 sq.ft. I need 1600 sq.ft of 16" x 16" and 2823 sq.ft of 12" x 12" Honed, thickness: 3/8" or 1/2". Budgeted Price: $4.00 - $6.00. I also need Limestone Slab, same color, 14" x 60'. Thickness: 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" honed. We would like to have there a tumbled tile or an anti slip honed (if that exists). We need the tiles April/May 2003. The color is for me the most important. It has to be light yellow/gold. I received already many samples and most of them are beige or cream, which I don't like. My contact no. is +1-284-49...... Nov 2, Contact, See Offers, USD 50 
IN: e 4667 India: We want mix colorful agate tumble stones polished. Size: 30mm - 50mm. Qty: 20 Tons. 
Delivery ASAP. Nov 2, Contact, USD 100 
e 4664 South Africa: I want Black Marble. Nov 2, USD 20 
IN: e 4660 USA: We are builders in Orlando. We need light colour granite like Kashmir White or Kashmir Gold. Please quote for tiles and slabs. Nov 1, Contact USD 50 
e 4658 USA: I am a trophy manufacturer for the military. I want marble base plates of different sizes and shapes. Color preference is green onyx, green marble or black marble. Sizes will be assorted, 3/4 inch thick (flat) 3"x3" and up. I would like to have some type of champher or design on the top edges. Quantity is tough as I am just starting out. I estimate that initial orders will consist of 25 to 50 pieces of each type selected. There could easily be 6 to 10 different styles, depending upon availability. A sample price I currently have is (1) 3"x3"x3/4" thick=$2.50 (2) 7" x 9" x 3/4" =$12.50. My current supply is originating in Pakistan, via a U.S. distributor. I would like to start out with a distributor and if volumes reach a reasonable quantity, then buy direct. I am in WV and my phone no. is 304-27.....Nov 1, Contact See Offers 
e 4657 USA: We will be in Xiamen the 10th - 15th Nov to place container size orders for granite tiles and various stone products. We would like to meet with you at that time to discuss a possible relationship.  Please email your address and phone no. as we leave for Asia on 5th Nov. Nov 3, Contact, USD 25
e 4656 India: Blocks: we want KHAMMAM or Warangal Black granite blocks. Nov 1, RS 1000
CA: e 4654 USA: I want a granite called Magpie that comes from Canada. I am a builder in Columbus, Ohio and my granite installer/distributor is having trouble locating it in slab form to do a vanity top and tub deck. 
Nov 1, Closed
ALL: e 4650 USA: I am a contractor setting up a natural stone fabrication shop. Need prices for slabs and tiles. Nov 1, Contact FREE
EQ: e 4649 Nigeria: WE NEED 1000M2 OF BLACK MARTINI MARBLE OF 30 X 30 X 1CM. PLEASE QUOTE FOB AND CNF ABUJA, NIGERIA. See pricelist 68 for reference.  Nov 1, Contact, USD 100 
IN: e 4648 Nigeria: We need 3000m2 of pure white Indian marble tiles of 60 x 30 x 1.5cm and 
30 x 30 x 1cm. Please quote f.o.b. and CNF LAGOS. See pricelist 377 for reference. Nov 1, Contact
See Offers Rs 5000 
e 4646 USA: We want ROSSO LEVANTE 24X24 1000 Sq Ft. My no. is 205-65......Nov 1, Contact, See Offers USD 50 
e 4645 UK: We want for our floor light colored, natural cleft (but smooth) limestone of 1200 x 600,  1000 x 600, 600 x 600, 400 x 600 mm. Thickness 25-40 (mm). We require 100m2. Nov 1, Closed, See Offers 
e 4643 South Africa: I want granite for filling drains. Please quote with sizes of stone. My contact no. is (033) 26......Nov 1. Closed See Offers FREE