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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   October 31, 2002
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  September Inquiries

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Most images are in the 
stone album
BR: e 4640 Spain: We want slate, quartzite, limestone and sandstone from Brazil. We would like to receive catalogues and pricelist. Oct 31, Contact US $ 25
NO: e 4639 USA: I need 800-1000 Sq Ft of Marina Pearl or Silver Pearl or Blue Pearl GC, SLABS or blocks.  Special cut 1 5/8" thickness. We need a variety of samples in order to match the existing building. You can  also email me pictures to initially confirm. I am in NY 11205, tel:718-85....... Oct 31, Contact  US $ 100
e 4637 USA: We are a construction company. Please quote for 1,000 sq.ft. 18x18 Travertine honed and filled, light or medium beige color. We will use these to distribute as samples. Delivery to Deerfield, Illinois within 3 weeks. We wouldn't mind importing, but want replacement guarantee for broken pieces. I have bought locally in the past, but the prices are too high. I already have a price of $2.15 per square foot 
and $600 for delivery.
I am a genuine buyer. I am a builder who is looking for a long term relationship - many orders. My contact no. is (847) 44..... Oct 31, Contact See Offers US $ 100
See Offers US $ 20
e 4627 USA: I am an architect. I need 2000 sq. ft. 24"x24"x1/2" Black Granite for remodeling of an old 1917 mansion. I will need the material in next 3 weeks. Material to be shipped to Florida 32726. My contact no. is 352 48.....Oct 31, Contact US $ 50
e 4625 USA: We need Royal Cream marble. we are stone traders. Oct 31, Contact US $ 50
CN: e 4623 Portugal: We are a stone processing company in Portugal specialized in furniture of faades elements. We want Padang light G633 and Padang Dark G684 from China. Qty reqd. is 100 cbm each. Please quote CIF Vigo, We want the material by end of this year. Our contact no. is +351 933 9......Oct 30, Contact See Offers USD 100
ZW/IN: e 4622 Estonia: We want Nero Africa Impala and Nero Assoluto 3cm slabs. We buy 10 containers per year. Tel no.: +372564.....Oct 30, Contact See Offers USD 100
UK: e 4620 Denmark: We want Black Basalt from UK. We need this material in slabs and tiles as it is used as counter tops and also on floor. We need the material to be of uniform appearance and honed finish. Size reqd. is Running lengths x 400 x 20mm cut to size. Our contact no. is (+45) 46 78.....Oct 30, Contact USD 20
e 4619 China: We want Belfast Black & African Red blocks, size: 180 x 80. Our final product size is 60  x 180. Please quote CNF Kaohsung port, Taiwan. Oct 30, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 4618 USA: I am a wholesaler. I want information regarding architectural profiles, columns, balustrades, fireplace surrounds, etc. with pictures, if possible. I am in WA. 98040. My tel no. is 206-60.....Oct 30, Contact See Offers USD 20
IN: e 4611 USA: Block: Please give us pricing for blocks of Black Galaxy. Shipment to Xiamen, China. 
Oct 29, Contact USD 100
e 4609 USA: Where can I buy Chois Brown? Oct 29, Contact USD 20
IT: e 4608 USA: We are direct importers for construction projects. I want Navona Travertine, Silver Travertine, Alabastrino Travertine and Romano Bianco Traverftine honed & filled tiles 40 x 40cm and 
60 x 60cm. Qty reqd. is 1750 sq ft priced ex-works. Oct 29, Contact See Offers USD 50
PT: e 4607 Spain: I want 
1. Moca Creme Grao Fino unpolished slabs 2cm thick. Quantity 400 m2. 
2. Moca crme, unpolished slabs 2cm thick. Quantity 300 m2. 
3. Rosa Portugallo, all qualities that
you can offer me. If the quality is good should be a regularly order. Please mention the delivery time in your offers. Destination to Novelda- Alicante. Oct 29, Contact USD 100
IN: e 4606 Singapore: We want a supplier on a 5 years contract basis for granite slabs / tiles if the price quoted are reasonable and the required colours are available. Kindly see attachment for the type of granite reqd. Also send your offers in the same format. Our contact no. is +65 62......Oct 29, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4605 Ireland: Monuments: Please quote for headstones in all types of granites. My phone no. is 28-71-39...... Oct 29, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4602 USA: I want Black Mexican pebbles. Qty reqd. is 48000 lbs or truck load. I need it for massaging. Oct 29, Contact USD 100
e 4601 Greece: Please quote F.O.B. Thessalonica for Persian Green, Rosa Porrino or Cherry Flower from China or Desert Pink. Dimensions are 40x40x4, 20x40x4 flamed tiles. Quantity: 5000 m. Could you please Mention delivery time. Contact no. +30 510 3....... We are a stone factory in Greece. Oct 29, Contact  
See Offers USD 100
e 4598 Belgium: We are fabricators of marbles & granites. We need Perlato Olimpo. Sizes are +/-130m in 3cm, +/-70m in 2cm & +/- 360 m in paving. Oct 28, Contact USD 50

IN: e 4597 India: We are a company engaged in the field of exports of several minerals from India. Our existing customers are now demanding materials like Granite, Slate, Sand Stone and Marble. We want:
Granite tiles of 305 x 305 x 10, quote ex-works including calibration, chamfering, grooving and packing.
Slate tiles of 300 x 300 x 10, quote ex- works including calibration, gauged and packing.
Marble tiles of 305 x 305 x 10 and 4" x 4", quote ex- works including calibration, chamfering, grooving and packing in case of tiles measuring 305 x 305.
Sandstone tiles, quote ex- works including calibration and grooving and also separate rates for polished and un-polished tiles. Send brochures. Oct 28, Contact See Offers Rs. 1000 

IN: e 4596 Indonesia: We need 6000 M2 of unpolished 60 x length x 2 cm Black Galaxy for commercial project. Please quote CIF Jakarta. Oct 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
PK: e 4593 Korea: We need Green and light green Onyx for table to Busan port, Korea. Size reqd. is  1.2m x 2m x 2cm, quantity one container. Please give price and delivery time. Oct 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4592 India: Landscape: We want Pebbles in various sizes for exports. Please quote FOR Mumbai along with product catalogues. Our contact no. is (022) 69.......Oct 27, Closed See Offers
US: e 4591 China: Blocks: We want AMERICAN GREY. Please quote for blocks in USD/ton or USD/m3 (both FOB and C&F Qingdao port China). Oct 27, Contact USD 100
e 4588 USA: Artifacts: I want marble mantles as listed in your Online Stores. Oct 27, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 4587 UAE: Landscape: WE WANT WHITE COLOUR RIVER BOULDERS. SIZE REQUIRED: length - In between 30 - 50cm, Width - In between 25 - 30 cm, Thickness - In between 20 - 25cm. Click here to see image. Oct 27, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES/IN:  e 4586 USA: PLEASE QUOTE FOB RATES FOR: SAHARA GOLD 12x12 & 16x16, CALCUTTA GOLD 12x12 & 16x16, CREMA MARFIL 16x16 & NEGRO MARQUINA 16x16. Oct 26, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4584 USA: I want Golden Peach & Absolute Black Granite in slabs with min 1.4 m x 2.4 m x 2cm. What is the price? Oct 26, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 4583 Cyprus: Landscape: We want 1000M2 of light gray granite cobblestone pavers 150 x 150 x 100mm natural cut and 450 M of matching kerbstones. Please quote C&F Limassol, Cyprus. Oct 26, Contact
See Offers
USD 100
ALL: e 4582 Iran: WE ARE A COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN 1985. WE WANT STONE STATUES. OUR CONTACT NO. IS +98-21- 27.....Oct 26, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4581 USA: I want 200 slabs of 3/4 inch, polished, Kashmiri Gold. It will be a cash deal. Oct 26, Closed USD 100
IT: e 4580 Sri Lanka: We are traders and installers of granites, marbles & other tiles in Colombo since 1999. We are engaged in big projects & import material from India. Currently, we have 3 Projects Scheduled to be started in early 2003. The total area is 170000 Sq. ft. The decision criteria to purchase depends on price and quality of the tiles. The size of the tiles are 24" x 12" and 24" x 24".  Colors reqd. are multi red & black. Please quote for granite and marble originating from Italy and also advice the suppliers to courier the samples for us to take the decision asap. We also need 4000 sq. ft. Bianco Carrara Vaneto. The size of the tiles are 24" x 12". We have start the project asap. Oct 26, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4578 USA: I want Tan Brown granite displayed  as in pricelist no. 323. Please send me an image with the quote. Oct 26, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4577 USA: I am a building contractor interested in discounted interior granites and marbles. I need any and all legitimate/honest Broker or wholesalers to contact us. We are in TX 76181. Contact See Offers 
USD 50
e 4575 USA: Landscape: I want medium sized, beach-type smooth rocks/pebbles to place around a garden goldfish pool. Oct 26, Contact USD 20
e 4574 USA: Monument: Please quote for a double-heart cut monument in Jet Black or comparable color. The stone size is 3-6 (L) x 0-8 (Th) x 2-2 or 2-4 (H). We are a monument company in Washington, PA. 
Oct 26, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4572 USA: I want 16 X 16 Nova Blue Honed Limestone. I am in OK 74146. Oct 25, Contact USD 50
IT: e 4571 USA: I want travertine and marble tiles from Italy. I would like to know whether you will ship product in smaller lots for single home construction to Denver, Colorado. Quote with shipping costs. Also please define unit - weight and sqm. Oct 25, Contact USD 100
e 4570 USA: Landscape: We want pebbles or river stones or landscaping stones in all colors for
decorative cement flooring in
South Florida. Oct 25, Contact See Offers USD 20
IT/OM/BR: e 4569 Cyprus: We are a stone trading firm. We want Perlato Royal marble from Italy, 2 & 3 cm marble slabs and 60 x 30 x 2cm tiles from Oman. We also want polished granite slabs and tiles from Brazil. Please quote per m2. Oct 25, Contact USD 100 
IT: e 4568 Italy: Please quote for Calacatta Vagli 240 x 90 x 2cm honeycomb. Quantity 10 pieces. 
October 25, Contact See Offers USD 50
IN: e 4567 China: We are a leading import company. We want Indian granites, such as:
Ruby Red, Black and White Galaxy, Tan Brown, Multicolour, Fish Belly (blue without pink spots) & any other new type. Please quote, payment terms and possible supply quantity per month. Oct 25, Closed 
See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4566 Cyprus: Our is a US$ 12 million company is established in 1982. We deal with various merchandise mainly on markets of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Yugoslavia. 
We want POLISHED MARBLE & GRANITE SLABS & TILES (305 x 305 x 10/12mm, 305 x 610 x 10/12/15mm, 400 x 400 x 15mm and 20mm, 500 x 500 x 15/20mm, 300 x 600 x 15 and 20mm, 600 x 600 x 20mm), SLABS 20, 30mm & BLACK color slabs 40, 50, 80, 90mm. Oct 25, Contact See Offers USD 100
PT: e 4565 USA: Our company is engaged in stone processing. Please quote for gray granite blocks from Portugal as in www.findstone.com/matph.htm (No. 25 & No. 26). From USA Barre Gray and Argentina Gray los Menucos. If the price quoted is reasonable, we  use it to process slate, tile and other special products. The size is as follows: L 2.5-2.8m, W 1.5-1.8m, H 1.2m and above. Oct 25, Contact  USD 100
IT: e 4564 UK: Please quote for Carrara veined - white D or C. Quantities are: 305 x 150 x 10mm tile qty. 360m2, 305 x 305 x 10mm tile qty. 210m2, 720 x 500 x 30mm slabs, 1.1 x 0.36 x 30mm slabs & 690 x 110 x 30mm slabs 30 nos each. We need the material beginning January 2003 for a contract that we have won.  We are in Essex, CM2 6BT. Our contact no. is 01245 6...... mobile 077717......Oct 25, Contact See Offers 
USD 100
BR: e 4563 Canada: I want Tiziano granite from Bahia, Brazil. Please quote C&F Toronto with specifications and availability. Oct 25, Contact See Offers USD 50
IT: e 4560 USA: I want 6000 sq ft of Pietra Rustica Dark Limestone in 18" x 18" or larger tiles. Filled or not filled, I will look at all options. Delivery ASAP and definitely sooner than Feb. 30, 2003. I can accept F.O.B. Northern California, near Oakland, or arrange shipment from Italy. My contact no. is (925) 284-......Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 20 
ALL: e 4559 USA: Monuments: I want flat grave markers. Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 20
FR/IT/ES: e 4557 USA: I want: 
5900 sq.ft. 2'x5' 2cm Winter Cloud Slab
550 sq.ft. 3'x7' 2cm Winter Cloud Slab
5300 sq.ft. 12"x12" Winter Cloud
6200 sq.ft. 3'x7' 2cm (new) St. Laurent
700 sq.ft. 2'x5' Dark Emperador
1500 sq.ft. 12"x12" Dark Emperador
1300 sq.ft. 2'x5' 2cm Porto Beige Limestone. Tel no. (404) 23.......Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4556 Malaysia: We want in bulk of food grade quality mineral stones (tiny stone) for our water filter/purification project:-
(1) ELS Sand 28 - Ionic form of volcanic rocks.
(2) Taichoseki Mineral Stone.
(3) Mineral stones with 30 types or more Ionic minerals.
(4) ELC Ceramic - temperature treatment of ELS sand and other reactive materials. Acts with magnetic resonance to produce bacterial resistant water. Produce rich hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions, which neutralize free radicals.
(5) Bakuhanseki mineral stone.
(6) Magnetite stone.
(7) Materials which can produce Alkaline water with PH 10.
(8) Material which produce and purify water, water with low surface tension and small molecule cluster; Chlorine free; anti bacterial; neutralize or rid of heavy metal or toxin. Wish to produce a super good quality drinking water for domestic use with clinical standard. Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4555 UAE: We are quoting for a large project in the UAE for which a large quantity of sandstone and limestone will be required for external land landscaping. Please let us know the range, colours and rates. If you have an agency office in Dubai please let us know so that we can collect samples from them and if not, please arrange to forward samples of your range. Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4554 UAE: We want river pebbles:
1. Light Brown to Brown - 100mm to 150mm Dia. 442 M3
2. Light Brown to Red - 5mm to 10mm Dia. 16 M3
3. Pale Brown - 20mm to 30mm Dia. 10 M3
4. Ferro/Red - 40mm to 60mm Dia. 7 M3
5. Black - 30mm to 50mm Dia. 3 M3
6. White - 20mm to 30mm Dia. 25 M3.
Total: 503 M3.
Quantity are expected to go up but at the moment the requirement is as above.
Please quote C&F Dubai and specify your delivery schedule for the whole quantity. Please treat this enquiry as urgent. We are quoting for a large project in the UAE for which a large quantity of sandstone and limestone will be required for external land landscaping. Please let us know the range, colours and rates. If you have an agency office in Dubai please let us know so that we can collect samples from them and if not, please arrange to forward samples of your range. Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4550 India: Blocks: We want Chinese white marble block from China. Oct 24, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 4549 USA: I am starting a stone distribution business in Texas. I want reliable suppliers who can provide a high quality products at a competitive price to establish a business relationship. Please give a brief introduction about your company and the origin of the materials with pricing. I want granite and marble floor tiles, sculptures, mosaics, and all other natural stone products. Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4548 USA: Landscape: I want black cobblestones. I am a builder. My contact no. is 708-25.....Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4546 USA: I am a builder. I want Colonial Dream granite in the San Diego area. Oct 23, Contact USD 20
e 4545 USA: I want Verde Italia. Oct 23, Contact USD 20
e 4544 USA: I want Nembro Rosato (image attached) from a supplier in USA. I am a fabricator in Seattle, Washington. It is  specified for a yacht project I am working on. I need it in both slab and 12" x 12" tiles. I could not locate it in the States. My phone no. is 206-76.....Oct 23, Contact USD 100
IT: e 4543 USA: Block: I want Carrara Marble block 2' x 2' x 4' of a quality similar to Statuario Venato H for a sculpture commission I am working on. My studio is located in the Northeast area of Pennsylvania, so a supplier located in PA, NJ or NY would work best for me. Oct 23, Contact See Offers USD 100
EG: e 4542 China: We are one of the leading importers in China. We have a firm inquiry for marble slabs from Egypt. We will open the related sight L/C by the end of Nov 2002. We want: 
Soft beige galala, high beige galala, beige classico galala/giallo selvia/giallo sunny unpolished marble rough slabs of supper class, 1.8m X 2.7m / 2cm thick min. No apparent changes for color & coming off. Quantity we need: 12000 sqm by Nov 2002 (30 X 20 FCL, 400 sq meters / 20 FCL)
12000 sq meters / every other month if there is no change from our buyers. 
Our firm bid: galala is about USD 7/ m2 CNF XinGang, China. 
Selvia is about USD 6.5/m2 CNF XinGang, China. 
Sunny is about USD 7/m2 CNF XinGang, China. 
Please note that the sea freight should be below USD300/20FCL from Egypt to TianJin, China, or you could take bulk vessel if possible. 
Packing in lashed on wooden case. 
You should send us the full set of specifications including the radioactivity for the above goods.
Material will be self-inspected at your producing sites or sea port before we open the L/C. 
The final payment of the L/C should depend on the Certificate of quality & quantity issued by the governmental authorized inspection organization at XinGang, China, certifying that the whole shipped goods have been inspected according to the stipulations of the L/C and Contract. Oct 23, Contact
See Offers
AU: e 4541 Australia: We want a pallet of rock - alabaster or soapstone, although preferably alabaster. We sculpt in a private capacity and exhibit on a small scale. The color is immaterial, as long as it is workable - white, grey, pink, mixture, whatever. We are in Victoria, South-East Australia. My phone number is 03 542..... We would prefer to source the rock from within Australia, however if this is impossible a source as close to this side of the world as possible would be considered. Oct 23, Contact See Offers USD 20
ALL: e 4540 Indonesia: Blocks: We want small black granite and green marble blocks, could be your waste blocks. Any size between 0.5-1 cubic meter. Oct 23, Contact See Offers USD 50 
e 4535 USA: We need one ton or less, 1/4"-3/8" crushed aggregate for special cast stone project. No salt content. We are in NJ USA. Preference for local supplier as we need it by December 2002. Oct 23, Contact  
See Offers
ALL: e 4534 Ireland: I AM AN IMPORTER. I WANT FIREPLACES. OCT 22, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4531 USA: Landscape: I am a landscape architect working with the University in California. We are working on a project that will use large slabs of stone for informal seating and a fountain. The project must use stone quarried and fabricated within 500 miles of Sacramento CA. We are looking for earth toned colors of granite or other stone. Oct 22, Contact USD 50
ES: e 4530 Germany: I want Crema Nevada slabs for interior application, size 2490 x 1290 x 20 mm. Thickness tolerance 20-22 mm but not less than 20 mm. Quantity: 20 slabs. Quality: A-grade without any fissures, constant colour. Please quote price and delivery time with a picture of the slabs. Oct 22, Closed
ZW: e 4529 USA: Blocks: What is the cost for 20' x 6' x 6' block of Red Rose from Zimbabwe? Oct 22, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4527 USA: Monuments: I want granite monuments from India. Please give information on the type of monuments preferred frequently in Bay area. Oct 22, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4523 USA: Landscape: I am a contractor interested in Black stone pebbles or cobbles. Oct 22, Closed
See Offers  USD 20 
ALL: e 4521 Costa Rica: I am an architect looking for coral stone, beige and almond marbles like Crema Marfil from Spain for floors and accessories for construction. We are in San Jose. Our company is developing two residential condos. We want to install white-off colors on floors and bathrooms. Qty reqd. anywhere between 300 to 700 sqm. Sizes 30x60 cm2,  40x40 cm2 or similar, thickness between: 1.5 - 2.0cm. We also need for kitchen and bathrooms countertops sealed materials, like granite, marble and stones. Linear meters 40 ml. We want to know the list prices of the different surfaces available. Our contact no. (506) 288....  We would also like to know:
1-If the seller could export the product to San Jose, or not.
2- How we have to do to import the product to Costa Rica, (could you recommend us some transport agent).
Purchase date
February 2003. Oct 22, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4519 USA: We are wholesalers looking for 3 slabs of granite referred to as either Emilio Santo or Juparana Golden Extra. Or three slabs of granite referred to as Jurassic Gold. Would like them from the same lots and to have wave pattern with browns, blacks and rusts. Prefer 3cm thick slabs.  I am in AZ 85226. Oct 22, Contact USD 20
BR: e 4517 Brazil: I need granite from Parana. Oct 22., Contact See Offers Free
ALL: e 4514 USA: We are stone traders having a showroom in Charleston, SC. We cater to the interior design and architectural community only. We deal exclusively with high-end jobs and products, and we prefer to buy locally but will import if necessary. Our brand new high-tech state-of-the-art showroom will be opening early 2003 and will be fully functional (kitchen area, bathrooms, bar area, etc.). I am in the process of finding and selecting samples for our showroom and would like 12x12 (or larger) tiles of: 
Italian Travertines:
Travertino Etrusco Scuro, Travertino Colosseo, Giallo Venata, Zebrato, Scuro Noce. 
Mexican Travertines: Conquistador, Cuervo, San - Diablo, Tabasco, Veracruzstones.
We need these samples for our showroom. How can I get them to SC? Our tel. no. is 843.96.... Oct 21, Contact See Offers USD 50
IT: e 4513 USA: We need a sample kit of Marble from Italy to show our clients. Pls. advise if you send free sample kit? We are a stone trader in NY 11042. Oct 21, Contact See Offers USD 50
IN/BR/IT/CN/AR/ID: e 4512 UAE: I want marble from Brazil, Italy, India, China, Argentina and Indonesia. Please quote. I am an architect holding a responsible position in the Works Department in UAE. My contact no. is +971 (0) 240........Oct 21, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4511 Greece: I like Mystic Coffee, Grey Waves, Pacific Rosa, Negro Oriental, Imperial Crown and Golden line Red. Please quote. Oct 21, Contact See Offers USD 20
IR: e 4510 Morocco: I want unpolished tile of  40cm x 40cm x 2cm of Ardebill cream, Arya Filletto Rosso, Abadeh, Royal Bottocino (A), Royal Bottocino (B), Royal Botticineok, Dehbid, Star botticine and Persian Marfil from Iran. I want 3500 sqm of each material mentioned. Delivery to Casablanca port. We would prefer to import from Iran. Images are there in FindStone.com stone album. Oct 21, Contact  
See Offers USD 50
e 4508 USA: Landscape: I want boulders weighing around 20 tons at $45 a ton. See pricelist 344 as reference. I am in VA 22407. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4507 USA: Artifacts: I want Sodalite spheres. Do you have larger size spheres? I am in VA 22407. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4506 USA: Landscape: I want rocks as mentioned in stock list # 190 in ready stock section of FindStone.com. Please quote with pictures. I am in VA 22407. Oct 20, Contact USD 50
e 4505 USA: Artifacts: I want mosaic and inlay products. Oct 20, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 4504 Israel: We are a engineering and contracting company in Israel. We need large quantities of marbles & granites to finish our project here in GAZA STRIP. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4503 Netherlands: Looking for bulk suppliers of Hydrostone, casting marble, and other casting materials
I'm looking for LIQUID materials that can be poured into moulds, like carrara marble & hydrostone (in liquid form) as well as other types of (liquid) crushed or cultured marble, rock-hard plasters, etc. Am replicating a variety of bronze & stone artifacts, skulls & skeletons, Mesopotamian, Meso-American, & Egyptian artifacts. Need pourable materials that will give the impression of marble, stone, bronze, etc. that can be poured into silicon moulds. Also need a source for bulk mould-silicone, hard (dental quality) plaster, as well as a source for bronze for casting and a small bronze furnace. I do not sculpt, so hard stone is of no use to me. I am a mould-maker in need of CASTING materials. 
Am located in the Netherlands and cannot find these materials here. I know that 3M & DuPont manufacture these materials, but cannot find distributors for them here in Holland. Even the few suppliers who DO deal in 3M & DuPont are unwilling to place special orders for materials or quantities that they do not stock. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4502 Yemen: We want good quality White Carrara steps, risers and slabs. 
Steps 33x3.cm (budgeted price Euro 21.00/sqm) 
Risers 1,5 cm (budgeted price Euro 18.00/sqm)
SLABS 2 CM (budgeted price Euro 24.50/sqm) 
SLABS 2.7CM (budgeted price Euro 33.25/sqm). 
We will buy if your offer meets our budgeted price. Oct 20, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 4501 UK: Landscape: I need Tumkur porphyry hand finished cobbles in sizes 150 x 250 x 80 mm and 250 x 450 x 80 mm, 100 x 100 x 60mm and 150 x 100 x 60mm. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT/ES: e 4500 UK: I want 2600m2 of Cabra limestone and 2000m2 of rosa beta granite. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4498 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor looking for talc. Oct 20, Closed See Offers USD 20
e 4496 USA: Landscape: I need 6,500 Granite Cobble Stones in the 5" x 9" x (t) to be used for a driveway in New Orleans. Located the stones in Canada and am willing to purchase the same type as Ready Stock 264 in Canada/USA. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT/IN: e 4493 Kuwait: We are engineering consultants and project managers in Kuwait. We have a project in Kuwait that needs: 
Rosa Beta granite
slabs, 2.3 cm thk 5000 m2 & 

Rosa Beta granite tiles
40 x 40 x3 cm thk 300 m2 both bush hammered finish. 
Indian red granite 10 cm height x 2 cm thk 800 MR, 20 cm height x 2 cm thk 500 MR both for skirting. Indian red granite 15 cm height x 2 cm thk 300 MR & 13.6 cm height x 2 cm thk 600 MR both stair risers. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100 
IT/RO/TR/PT: e 4492 Syria: We are a building company in Damascus. We want marbles from ITALY, TURKEY, PORTUGAL & ROMANIA. Please quote CIF Lattakia. Application floor & stairs and also for trading. Our contact no. is +9631188.......Oct 19, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES/IT: e 4491 Kuwait: I represent a trading & contracting company in Kuwait, established in 1970. We are seeking: 2000 sqm of Rosa Beta Granite, 40 x 40 x 2 cm, polished and square cut edge. 2600 sqm of Caliza Capri Limestone, 60 x 60 x 5 cm size thick. Any standard size available will do. My contact no. is + 96524......Oct 19, Contact See Offers USD 100
IR: e 4489 Korea: We are a Korean company in China sourcing natural stones like granite, onyx. We are searching for Iranian onyx tile / slab to be supplied to Korean market. We are much interested in Godarsiyah green, Orange Onyx, Orange Onyx2, Orange Onyx3 without any brown patches and veins (click here to see images). The slab size is 283 mm x 280 mm in an area, 20mm in thickness with the best quality. Please quote CNF Pusan, Korea in sqm. If the quality is good we can import this product 5 loads of 20'FCL, totally counting as tile/slab pieces about 24000 in a month. Oct 19, Contact See Offers USD 100
IR: e 4488 Canada: Blocks: We are processor and contractor. We want KH ( Khoramdareh) and Zanjan Golden granite from Iran in 2cm slab and block. We are in British Columbia. Our contact no. is (604) 27...... Oct 19, Contact  USD 100
BG: e 4482 Bulgaria: I want Roman Sandstone (click here) from Bulgaria. Please quote with some more information in order to start negotiation with the other side. Oct 18, Contact USD 20
IR: e 4480 India: Blocks: We need medium price ranged cream color Iranian marbles blocks. Delivery to Kandla Port. Oct 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT: e 4479 USA: I want for large project 10000 sqm of Perlatino Royal. Size: 12x12x3/8" Polished. Deliver to Miami Florida. I prefer to import. Material must be inexpensive. For image of Perlatino Royal see Findstone's Stone Album. Oct 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4476 Australia: I am an importer of granite and marble and most sandstone products from India for Australian market. I recently discovered your web site and was amazed by its contents. Oct 18, Contact 
See Offers USD 50

CN: e 4474 UK: Monuments: I want ShanXi Black polished granite grave stone bases in OGEE design 75 mm {3"} thick. Quantity up to 1 container per week. Initial order to place 2 containers. Oct 18, Contact  
See Offers USD 100 

e 4473 USA: Blocks: I want jade blocks. Please quote with sizes, polish and availability in US. Oct 18, Contact USD 100
e 4471 Singapore: We need Serpengiante Silvabella (click here to see image). Dimensions reqd are 300x300x20mm thick polished qty. 400m2 &  20mm polished slabs, qty. 200m2. Both items polished. We need to place the order ASAP. Please mention delivery time with image. Also, we would prefer a supplier close to Singapore. If the price is right, we will place order once we confirm on the samples. We need to place order by next week. Our contact no. is +65 689......Oct 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4468 USA: I want quartz slabs suppliers & fabricator in Tuscon for new home projects. I also need installers. I am an interior designer. Oct 17, Closed USD 100
IN: e 4467 USA: I am an independent sales agent in Central New Jersey, one of my client needs Black galaxy tiles 12x12x3/4, qty 30,000 sq. ft. My cell no. is (732) 31......Oct 17, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4465 Hong Kong: Machinery: We are a company established for 10 years. We have been building Industrial zones and also supplying our customers used construction machinery. We want EXCAVATORS: CAT 321B & 
e 4461 USA: Blocks: I need blocks of a smaller size 20-50 pounds. I like Tuquin, Laga Vena Oro,  Crema Elba Antique and Trani Avorio. I also need Alabaster. I am in Austin, Texas. Oct 16, Contact USD 20
e 4460 UK: I want 30.5 x 30.5 cm size tile of Cream color limestone for kitchen floor application. Delivery will be to London. Qty is 13 m2 - first stage of project almost finished, purchase is trial. Will purchase more to follow. Expected purchase date 22nd Of October. Would prefer UK supplier. I am an architect, contact me on +44 0208....... Oct 16, Closed FREE 
ES: e 4459 Georgia: We are a construction company. Currently we are constructing a Business Centre and a Hotel. We want the following: 
Maroon Imperial - 670 m2 (slab 3 cm) - polished.
CREMA MARFIL -1188 m2 (slab 3 cm) - polished. 
Valencia -1035 m2 (slab 3 cm) - polished. Our contact no. is (995 32)........Oct 16, Contact 
See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4458 Ukraine: We regularly buy marble. We would like to know what you have to offer. Please send us price lists for all your products. You must take into consideration when quoting a price that we are paying high customs duties. If possible send us brochures in English. We usually buy Marble tile 300x600x20, Marble slab 20 & 30 mm thickness. Oct 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
CN: e 4457 Finland: We want granite named VIOLETTA from China. Please give a price indication. Oct 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
PT: e 4456 UAE: We are a Dubai based trading company dealing in marble, granite, slate, sandstones, etc. We have an urgent requirement of FORTE ROSA granite from Portugal in flamed and polished finish. We need prices and delivery for 2 cm and 3 cm random slabs as well as 60 X 30 X 2 CM TILES. We need 1 FCL of each. Quote C & F Dubai basis. Our contact no. is +9741 33........Oct 16, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 4455 Norway: We are engaged in the business of crafts in Norway. We want marble products & wrought iron items. Please email me prices along with pictures and complete product list. I foresee long-term business with you in this field. Oct 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES: e 4454 Lebanon: Blocks: We are a marble and granite factory. We want Crema Marfil Blocks Gangsaw and Block-cutter size. Quality : Standard and Commercial. Quantity : around 2500 M3. Please quote prices EX FACTORY, and if u can provide us with your exact address as I might be in Spain next week. Please do not hesitate to contact us +961 9 2........Oct 16, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4453 USA: I want 2500 Sq ft of Ivory Gold. Supplier should be preferably on the east coast of the US. I am a wholesaler. Oct 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES: e 4452 USA: I want 35,000 sq ft of Crema Navada. My contact no. is 251-96.......Oct 16, Contact 
See Offers USD 100
e 4451 Cyprus: We want 4,500 sqm Red Sandstone (may be called CHERVEN PIASACHNIK). Please quote C.I.F. Limassol. Send info as per following:
1. Paving slabs 320 x 500x 40mm
2. Absorption will not exceed 1% according to ASTM C97.
3. Weight not less than 2,200kg/cu.m according to ASTM C97.
4. Crushing strength not less than 50N/sq.mm to ASTM C170.
We are in Nicosia and our contact details are  227......Oct 16, Contact
See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4449 Qatar: We are one of the leading marble dealer in the state of Qatar. We want quality granite and glazed tiles. Oct 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
ES: e 4448 Indonesia: We want first grade (premium) Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante and Dark Emperador. Please send pictures by mail and quote CNF Jakarta port of Slabs min. 130cm x 250cm up 20 mm thick slabs, quantity reqd. is 1000 m2. Inspection should be allowed. Would appreciate samples. Oct 16, Contact  
See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4442 UK: We are a new company opening in the UK specializing in only stone products. We seek all types of best quality stone. Please email or fax prices of all available stones to +44 1277.......Oct 15, Contact See Offers USD 50
IT: e 4441 Jordan: Please quote for first quality Italian marble Azzurro Aguamarina of dim 600x600x30 mm. We need the material for new construction in Amman. The prices should shipping to Aquaba in Jordan (the quantity is about 240 m2), the material needed is in curved shape. Can supply drawing. Can you please send the rough estimate, because we heard it is very expensive (over 500 $ per m2). Oct 15, Contact USD 50 
IN: e 4440 UK: I want 400 sqm (one container) of cream or light beige sandstone tiles for internal flooring  building. Sizes to be a mixture of 600x900, 600x600, 600x450, 450x300mm approx. 25-35mm thick, natural finish both sides and hand-finished edges. Please give:
1. price per square metre in USD or EUROS
2. Delivery time from placement of order
3. Cost of shipping to the UK. Oct 15, Contact
See Offers USD 100
e 4439 Canada: Monuments: I want monuments. I am in Ontario L7E 1C9. Oct 15, Contact See Offers 
USD 50
e 4438 USA: I want pumice stones. I don't need a lot but would like to have them made in certain sizes and shapes. Like a 6" x 2" x 3" blocks. Oct 15, Contact USD 20
CN: e 4437 Singapore: We are granite supplier currently looking for G653 from China. Quantity 2000m2, sizes 600 x 600 x 18mm. Oct 15, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT/IR: e 4436 Singapore: We are granite supplier in Singapore, presently we got a project and we are looking for TEA ROSE from Italy and Iran. Quantity is 11,000m2, size to be cut to 1800 x 900mm. Please quote. 
Oct 15, Contact
See Offers USD 100
PT: e 4435 Singapore: We are granite supplier in Singapore, presently we got a project and we are looking for ESTREMOZ ROSA from Portugal. Quantity is 11,000m2, size to be cut to 1800 x 900mm. Please quote. 
Oct 15, Contact
See Offers USD 100 
e 4433 UK: I want regular and reliable deliveries for sandstone / limestone flags-stone troughs, artifacts, etc. Qty reqd. is container loads. I also require information as regards to shipping. My contact no. is +441254.......Oct 15, Contact See Offers USD 100 
e 4432 Bermuda: I want Sultans Mahogany Granite measuring 22w x 18 7/8d both 3/4" thick two sides polished & one side 1 1/2" double bull nose.. Oct 15, Contact Free
IN: e 4430 USA: I want Jasper Red Marble from India. Oct 15, Contact See Offers USD 20 
e 4429 USA: I was looking for a domestic source that has dark green onyx in 2 or 3cm slabs. You can contact me at  (504) 83....... I am in LA. Oct 14, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4428 USA: I want BLUE DIAMOND from China (click here for image), random slabs polished big sizes in 20 and 30 mm. If the price fits in the budget I can order 50 containers per month. I need the material for counter tops ( 20 & 30mm) and flooring (1" thick). Finalization by March 2003 and order as work for a multi storied building in Illinois State. Quantity 125000 sq ft delivery Chicago port. The price should be very less compared to Blue Pearl Super A quality of Norway. We would also like to know the production capacity of the suppliers of this material. Oct 14, Closed See Offers USD 100
BR/IN: e 4425 USA: We are a stone trading company. We want 1 FCL of 3 cm thick slabs. We want Absolute Black (z), Blue Peal (GT), Gallo Veneziano, Gallo Sta Cecilia, Golden Beach, Venetian Gold, Sapphire Brown, Tan Brown, Ubatuba Verde. We need one bundle i.e. 7 slabs of each quality mentioned. We are in GA 30340. Our contact no. is +1 770-2........Oct 14, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4424 Turkey: We are traders of Turkish material for the past 25 years. We would like to trade in granite. Kindly quote for granite slabs. Please price for each brand name. Oct 14, Contact See Offers 
USD 50
IT: e 4423 South Korea: I want Golden Green, Botticino Fancy and Botticino marble. Please quote for 1000 sqm, 1 M x 1 M x 20mm polished slabs, 1 FCL, CNF PUSAN PORT, KOREA. We need the material from INDIA and ITALY. We also need some catalogs and samples. Oct 14, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4422 Singapore: We are traders of marble & granite. We do projects. Our company is based in many countries in the Far East. We want business partner for projects or trading in Australian (Sydney) market. 
Oct 14, Contact
See Offers USD 100  
ALL: e 4421 West Indies: We want marble tiles 60x60 1.8cm. Oct 14, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4420 USA: I want a stone which a stone company that I originally found the stone called it, "Papeete Blue". They said that it was a granite, however it had a transparency similar to an Onyx. The color was mainly different shades of green, with black, and small blue flashing. They are no longer able to find it and are not sure which country of origin it comes from either. I want a container load of this material. Oct 14, Contact USD 100
FR: e 4419 France: I want suppliers of French Limestone. Oct 14, Contact USD 100
e 4418 India: We want limestone as per following specifications: Caco3 = Min 98%, Sio2 = Max 0.5%, Qty.:20000 tons. Size 50 to 80mm, Delivery at Tuticorin Indian port. Oct 13, Contact See Offers USD 100
BR: e 4417 UAE: We need C & F Abu Dhabi price for Azul Bahia Granite slabs 2cm thick, Qty. 250 M2. Our Company has been awarded with prestigious projects for supply and installation of marble and granite. granite is not used for stock. It is used for project in Abu Dhabi. Oct 13, Contact See Offers USD 100
TR/GR: e 4414 Turkey: We want Olympos White Marble tiles and slabs. Kindly quote FOB prices. Oct 12, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4413 India: I want Red crushed granite 1-2 mm & 1-3 mm dimensions. I am looking for suppliers from India. We would like prices in FOB Indian port terms or in ex-factory/location terms. You can let us know which port you will supply. Payment will be made locally. Since our buyer wants credit, it is better that we get credit from supplier as well. Packing needs to be done in 25kg/bags. 1 container to start with (I think about 880 bags). Samples wanted so that we can send to the buyer for approval. Instantly, if the photographs can be sent, it would help. Oct 12, Contact See Offers Rs. 5000  
IN: e 4412 Greece: We want Indian granite called Blue Orissa. Oct 12, Contact USD 50
e 4411 Iran: Blocks: We want 2000 tons Black Granite for our customer in Germany. Please quote C & F with relevant terms and conditions. Oct 12, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4410 USA: Landscape: I am a stone mason and am looking for weathered granite corner blocks and posts or lanterns available in New England. Any type of granite will do. Oct 12, Contact See Offers USD 20
OM/EG: e 4409 Singapore: We are working on a project that requires Omani Light Beige marble or Asian Yellow polished marble. The size required is 300 x 100 x 20mm, 1200 sqm and 300 x 300 x 20mm qty 5433 sqm. We need to place the order in 3 weeks time. Our budgeted price is C&F Singapore USD 16 / sqm.  
Oct 12, Contact
See Offers USD 100
e 4407 USA: We want inlaid  marble for floors, that would resemble the inlaid marble in the Taj for a bathroom floor measuring 12 feet by 6 feet. Colors would be those in the Taj, red, green and blue. We are interior decorators in Ohio 44266. Oct 12, Contact See Offers USD 100 
e 4406 USA: Retail: I want Red Onyx. Oct 12, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4404 Germany: I want to buy Pallisandro Bluette Chiaro. Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4403 USA: I want limestone for a sweat lodge in Southern, New Hampshire any suggestions. Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4402 USA: I want Lilac marble 2 cm slabs 500 sq ft, if there is matching tile I need 250 sq. ft of it as well. Please send me stock, size information, and lead time. This marble is going in a residential bathroom. I will purchase the material as soon as I find it. I am looking in the price range of $8.50 to $15.00 per sf for the slab. The tile price needs to be $8.00 to $10.00 per sf. The shipping price then needs to be discussed. I'm looking within a 45-60 day lead time, and I am in Aspen, CO 81611. Phone # to contact me is 970-92........We are a fabrication shop, and we do our own installations. I have contacted all our usual sources in Colorado with no luck. There is an image that matches what we need at http://www.findstone.com/TURmarb1.htm. My next option is the internet. Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4401 USA: Landscape: We need 5000 sq ft of limestone or granite cobblestone pavers. Contact no. 407 38.......Winter Park, Fl. Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 50 
IT: e 4400 Poland: We are a granite processing company from Poland. We want companies from Italy which could sell us polished 2 and 3 cm granite slabs. We are aiming at big volumes say 5 trucks of slabs a month. My contact details are: +48 41 2.......Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4399 USA: WE NEED 10000 SQ FT OF GOLDEN PEACH 1 SLABS. SEND PHOTOS AND PRICE. Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4398 China: We are processors and traders of Granite. We have been into granite import & export business for quite a few years. We are well established with good relationship with hundreds of clients located throughout Asia, North American, South American, Europe, Oceania, Africa. We want Camelia White & Camelia Black Granite. Qty reqd. 100+ M3/Month. Delivery location: FuJian Province. You can reach us on 0086-0592-56........Oct 11, Contact USD 100 
CN: e 4397 USA: Please quote for zh-m113 and zh-m114 Chinese Stones. My tel. no. is 720 87.... Oct 11, Closed See Offers USD 100
BR: e 4396 USA: We want 1 to 2 containers per month of Uba tuba; Gallo Veneziano; Verde Butterfly; Giallo Napolean; Verde Fiorto; San Gabriel Black; Giallo Antico; Various Juparanas. We would like to know the following; delivery port from brazil; shipping costs; history of company, and to who the letter of credit should be issued to; sizes of slabs; estimated time of delivery from date of purchase. 
We will be stocking as well as selling to several upcoming commercial sites in the future. We are looking to purchase as soon as we work some of these questions out. We know slab sizes vary but we would like to purchase slabs of 45-60 sq. ft. We are located in MS and we would like to have these shipments come into port in mobile AL. or New Orleans LA. You can contact us at 228 87
...... Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 100
TR: e 4395 USA: I want 10000 sqm Turkish limestone for facades of a building and an entertainment building that are both part of a complex, in Istanbul. We want stones similar to Adoucie, M.R. Jaune Clair, Azul Valverde, Blue Valley, Vilhonneur Marbier SP, Bateig Azul, Apomazzo Basto. The stone sizes will be max 90*120. If a similar match is not available then we would not mind Turkish limestone in earth tones. Local procurement is preferred but we are concerned about the local workmanship, thus importing is highly possible. The decision about the stone will be made based on the availability and the prices. Oct 11, Contact   See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4394 Germany: We are a trading company. We would like to market your products to our wholesalers in Germany. We are interested in G682 granite from China, Brazilian stones like - Amarelo Gaucho, Amarelo Persa Yellow, Amarelo Cachoeiro Yellow, Eco Gold, Juparana Creme Mara, Juparana Laranjeira Yellow and  Amarelo Veneciano Yellow. I would also like to contact suppliers of Vietnamese stones and Kremenje Limestone. We would need some photos with pricing. Oct 10, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4393 India: Retail: Please quote for Banswara white slabs for flooring. We need 1000 Sq. feet in Ernakulam Dist., Kerala. Also please forward me the image of it. Oct 10, Contact FREE
ID: e 4392 Australia: Landscape: We want Indonesian pebbles in various colours and sizes. Please  send us brochures with pricing. Oct 10, Contact See Offers USD 100
VN: e 4391 Australia: I am planning a trip to China, Vietnam and Thailand in 7-10 days and would like to visit some of the suppliers on your list. We shall be using internet for purchases however we feel we should view stock first. Interested suppliers please email us your contact details. Oct 10, Contact USD 100 
e 4389 Ireland: I want 17000 x 500 x 12 mm of dark / multicolour green and orange Onyx. I am also looking for 3000 x 700 x 12mm of each color respectively. Oct 10, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4388 USA: We are a natural stone fabrication shop located in MS. We want containers of polished granite slabs. Please give some information on shipping and pricing. Oct 9, Contact USD 100
e 4387 USA: Software & training: I want to know more about computer designs and graphics program available for Monument business establishments as in FindStone pricelist 690. Oct 9, Contact USD 100
IN: e 4386 France: We need 1600 m of Red Multi Color granite. Quote with delivery time and stock available. Oct 9, Contact See Offers USD 100 
IN: e 4385 France: Please quote for RED SANDSTONE from India. Dimension: 60 x 60 x 4.5cm. Qty.: 1500m.  Oct 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
NO: e 4384 Nigeria: I want Blue Pearl tiles 30X60X2CM, 30X60X1CM AND 30X30X1CM from Norway. I would like to purchase from Italy as Chinese suppliers are expensive. Please quote prices for various sizes. Oct 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4383 USA: Blocks: I want Kuru Gray granite blocks for processing in our manufacturing process. Oct 9, Contact USD 100
ZW: e 4381 USA: We are a granite & marble countertops design company. We want a bundle of Black Impala granite slabs. No one locally has any black impala, there is one supplier that has a couple lots but they all have spots on them & we cannot use them. We are in MI 48030. Feel free to call us at  (248) 54......Oct 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT: e 4378 USA: Please quote for 18"x18" and 12"x12" Italian marbles. I want Italian Creme, Beige Antico,  Sicilian Creme, Crema Mora, Calacatta Vagil & Perlato Fiorito. Oct 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
PE: e 4377 USA: We want Cream & Gold colored (Peruvian) Travertine. I have small sample of stone. Name is unknown. Qty is 4100 Sq Ft. The dimensions are:
1. 4100-SF, cut to size.
2. 3-cm
3. 3540-LF Kerf cuts.
4. 516-LF of Rebated Kerf cuts.
5. 600-each Kerf Stop condititions.
6. 769-LF Honed Edge. I am in California and my contact no. is (909) 392.... Oct 9, Contact
See Offers 
USD 100 
IT/ES: e 4376 UAE: We want white, beige and black marble from for construction Italy or Spain. Sizes 
30 x 30 x 1 cm.
First order is one container. Prices must be good somewhere between USD 15-20. Please quote FOB prices. Oct 9, Closed USD 100
e 4374 USA: Chemicals: We are a stone restoration and metal refinishing company located in Baltimore, MD. I have been trying to locate a supplier of paste wax used for marble walls: Santa Margherita, PW50, a paste wax made in Italy. We are looking for individual & case pricing and would like to buy locally. The phone # is 410-574......Oct 8, Contact  Free
IN: e 4373 USA: Landscape: We are a landscape company in MD . We want Mahogany Dakota cobblestone in 4 x 4 x 4 & 4 x 8 x 4. Oct 8, Contact USD 50
TR: e 4370 Jordan: Blocks: We are a marble and granite manufacturing company in Jordan. Our company is looking for Turkish marble in blocks with the best quality-price ratio. We are looking for suppliers of Turkish marble blocks who wants to build long-term business relationship with us. We want Marmara Grey, Afyon White and Marmara White. Would like to know yield of block, block dimension, and price per cbm or per ton F.O.B your port. Oct 8, Contact See Offers USD 100
TR: e 4367 USA: I want Denizli Travertine (tile cross cut and classic cut lightest white or cream) stone. I would like to know the last price and availability of that stone with information about the shipping. Oct 8, Contact See Offers US $ 20
IT: e 4366 Turkey: We are a natural stone company doing stone installation. For a project, we need: 
750m2 Calacatta Gold marble. Dimensions 3 x 60 x 60 cm. 
1200 m2 Fiore di Pesco marble. Dimensions 3 x 75 x 75 cm.
2000 m2 Porta Rosa granite. Dimensions 2 x 45 x FL cm (slab). Please quote with delivery terms. Oct 8, Contact  US $ 100
e 4364 USA: Landscape: I want pea gravel for landscaping. We are in Tennessee and wanted to buy in bulk. Oct 8, Closed See Offers  
e 4363 USA: Landscape: I want antique gray sandstone blocks for a outside wall 4' high and 1'.5'' wide  with sandstone cap. Product will be use in walkways, landings and pools. Please quote per unit + shipping. I am looking for a supplier in the south-east who specializes in this material. I am looking for a company to start a working relationship. My number is (904) 75..... please call or e-mail picture of product. Oct 8, Contact See Offers US $ 50
See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 4361 USA: I want stone chips for applying a stone and resin flooring to my existing basement and patios.  I am unable to find anyone locally that handles granite, marble aggregate. I am anticipate 50-75 jobs annually equating to 50000-75000 lbs of material. I want it ASAP as I have patios and pool to install before weather gets to cool. Criteria will depend on stone sizes i.e. 3/16" and smaller, colors, material wanted are granite, marble, etc., bag size (40 lbs).  In addition, can anyone offer any helpful advice? I am in Ohio. Oct 7, Contact See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 4359 USA: Blocks: I am a stone sculptor in New Mexico, USA. I am about to propose a sculpture of an African Mountain Gorilla. What is the size (in inches please) of the standard block you ship to the US? It will need to be be at least 7' X 4.5' X 4.5'. It could be as large as 9' X 6' X 5'. Is there someone in the US that I can deal with directly, who may already have blocks on hand, rather than ordering a block? It would have to be shipped to New Mexico. Part of the decision process will include cost of the stone plus shipping costs to New Mexico plus cost of shipping the final piece to South Carolina plus other costs such as insurance etc. Oct 7, Contact, See Offers US $ 20  
e 4357 UK: Landscape: We are a UK company looking for smooth round gravel 2-5 mm in size and also 1-3 mm in size. We require 2000-3000 tons per year. Oct 7, Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 4356 USA: I am interested in various shades/colors of sandstone, slate, granite, and marble to cover approx. 6000 sq ft of flooring. Also, slabs for countertops. 
Examples of tiles of interest: 
Light blue granite for floor tiles (12"x12"x1/4") and countertops of various lengths 1" thick, & semi dressed (2nds). 
Light brown granite for flooring, and semi dressed 12"x12"x2" (2nds). 
Light multi colored brown / tan / gold slate floor tiles 12"x12"x1/4". 
Light multi colored purplish / tans / gold slate floor tiles. 
Light green slate for floor tiles and countertops. 
Deep black granite with speckles for slabs approx 5"x38"x1/4". 
Light green marble for floor tiles. 
Gray granite for floor tiles and slabs. 
Wood looking sandstone for floor tiles 12"x12"x1/4"; and approx. 10"x48"x1/4". Pool tiles. 
Details: The general description of the type and color of the stone tiles was made based on the wall color of the rooms to be tiled, the formality of the rooms, and the over all impression that the room will make.
Formal Rooms: Granite and Marble (calibrated both sides for flooring). 
Informal Rooms: Slate, 1st, calibrated both sides
Outside walkways: 2nds ok, slate, calibrated one side, cleft one side.
Porches: slate, calibrated one side, cleft one side, 2nds ok.
Slabs: Blue granite, calibrated one side, polished one side
green slate, calibrated one side, polished one side.
I am interested in obtaining samples...maybe 2"x2" square of applicable tiles of stones matching characteristics of those stated in the first inquiry. I have seen only pictures of the stones and not any samples. The total floor tile order will add to approx. 6000 sq ft. The breakdown of how much of what kind of tile will be decided after review of samples...so that I may match the tile with my walls. 
The delivery would be made to: Cocoa, Florida.
Oct 7, Contact See Offers US $ 100
ES/IL: e 4355 Germany: We need Crema Marfil extra light, honed (not polished) 580 m tiles 62,5/62,5/2 cm, 12 m slabs 2 cm thick. We also want Jerusalem limestone, as per image attached. Oct 7, Contact 
See Offers US $ 100
IN: e 4354 Canada: We want Jet Black Granite for outdoor steps. Sizes: Length - 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' Ft. long each. Width - 16 Inches. Thickness 7" Inches (177.8mm). Cut - All sides Sawn-cut. Finish - Three Sides Flamed (2 Sides & Top) & 1 Side (Front) Split Face. Kindly send price per running ft. for 1 FCL. We are distributors of natural stone paving. If the price is good we can place the order within a week. Prefer to import in CANADA. Payment at sight by LC.  Oct 7, Contact See Offers  US $ 100
TR: e 4352 USA: I want Turkish travertine 18 x 18 and granite slab 2 and 3 cm. I would like to import containers of each. Oct 7, Contact See Offers US $ 100
IR/IT/TR: e 4349 USA: I want Travertine in ivory/beige color 16X16X1/2 honed, filled (Turkish Denizli or similar) 5,000 sq. ft. Need in about 3 months. If possible please provide image of material. Oct 5, Contact  See Offers US $ 100
e 4348 Turkey: Please send me a brochure with your prices for limestone bricks. Oct 5, Closed  See Offers US $ 10
e 4347 Malaysia: Landscape: I want pebbles. I would like to know the colors and specific sizes of pebbles that are available. Please refer to pricelist no. 254. for reference. Oct 5, Contact See Offers Free with images and pricelist.
FR: e 4346 Malaysia: I need 300 M2 of Breche Nouvelle random polished slabs or 9 tons of the same in blocks. Oct 5, Contact  US $ 100
EQ: e 4345 Malaysia: I want Black Martini Marble from Ecuador. Kindly refer to pricelist no. 68 for reference. Kindly email me in pictures. Oct 5, Contact 
e 4343 India: Tools: We want Diamond Segments spares for 1000mm dia. for diamond segmented circular saw blade. Segment size: 23X7X12mm DI Center cutting for Lime Stone. Please quote with and without tax rates. I am in Andhra Pradesh. Oct 4, Contact Rs 1000 
e 4342 USA: Landscape: I want landscaping pebbles of different colors, perhaps mostly dark or gray, but not necessarily for my yard. Big yard, but not a gargantuan amount. I live in Horsham, PA. Oct 4, Closed 
US $ 20
SA: e 4341 China: Blocks: We want Tropical Brown granite blocks from Saudi Arabia. We'd like to purchase the yellow base blocks. We would like to import several hundred cbm annually but first try an order of 50 cbm. Delivery port is Xiamen, China. Oct 4, Contact US $ 100
IT: e 4340 USA: I want 12x12 marble tiles of Breccia Oniciata marble. For price reference see pricelist no. 158. My contact no. is 831-4........Oct 4, Contact US $ 20
e 4339 USA: We want pre-fabricated marble and granite tile display units. Oct 4, Contact US $ 50

e 4338 Sweden: Retail: I want 30 m2 travertine tiles and travertine mosaic tiles for my floor. Oct 4, Contact  See Offers US $ 20

CN: e 4336 USA: I want a container or 50,000 pounds of finished monumental grade granite in colors of China Black and China Gray 6" and 8" all polished. Also let me know if you can furnish finished monuments. I am a retailer in Kentucky 42141. Oct 4, Contact  See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 4335 Canada: I want granite tiles in various types of colors in a size of 12"x12". I am in Vancouver, want to start a granite business in Canada. Oct 4, Contact  See Offers US $ 50
e 4334 USA: I need 300 sq ft of Ming Green from a dark lot and 300 sq ft from a light lot. I need 12 x 12 tiles. I would like them tumbled but would consider having them honed. Is it possible to get Ming green in 18 x
18? I am an interior designer. Oct 4, Closed 
See Offers
ALL: e 4333 Caribbean: We are a stone wholesaler located in the Caribbean looking to expand our product line into Chinese, Brazilian and Indian slates. The slate will be used in floors and wall in residential and commercial projects. We will be importing around one container a month, in 12x12. The delivery location is San Juan, PR. Please contact us at 787-7.......... Oct 4, Contact  See Offers US $ 50
e 4331 USA: We want 2000 sq ft 16 x 16 Durango "light" tiles. The material will be used in a residential application. The job is ready now. The material is commonly known as "Durango" but the lighter colored version. Typical would be light beige / cream colors with clouds of white. I am a retailer and will be re-selling this. It will need to be delivered to N.H. Oct 3, Contact  See Offers US $ 50
BR: e 4330 Georgia: We want Azul Bochira 183 for a hotel project, size reqd. is 4650mm x 960mm x 20mm for the top of a low wall between two concrete pillars. The long edges of the granite must be covered with a 25mm radius half round nosing. Prefer to buy from Europe / Turkey / Middle East. Delivery to Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. Delivery time required approx 3-4 weeks. Order must be placed very urgently. Oct 3, Contact  See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 4329 USA: We are a leading importer and distributor of marble, granite and limestone in tiles and slabs into the United States. We want tiles in polished, flamed, honed, and tumbled in all sizes in both first and commercial choice for immediate shipment. We are presently paying between $5-15 per square meter for commercial and first choice materials for closeout or overstocked materials for immediate shipment. Please email us a list of all materials that you have. We are in NY 11021. Our contact no. is +1 516 4....... Oct 3, Contact  See Offers US $ 50
FI: e 4328 China: Blocks: We are from Fuzhou, Fujian. We have been dealing in granite and marble for many years. We want to import several hundreds of cbm, of Baltic Brown granite blocks. Our nearest port is Fuzhou Port. Oct 3, Closed US $ 100
OM: e 4327 Singapore: I want Omani Beige marble. Oct 3, Contact  See Offers USD 20
ALL: e 4325 USA: We want limestone blocks. We cut slabs into landscape products and accent decoration products. Please give info like price, size, location, color, hardness, etc. We are planning to wholesale products from stepping stones, pool decks, table tops, counter tops, window & door accent's etc.. Status of project: we are just starting. Quantity: up to a container at a time. Size: 3 x 3 x 10 feet. Delivery location: golf or east coast ports. Oct 3, Contact See Offers  USD 100 
UA: e 4324 Germany: I am a stone-cutter. I want White Chameleon or Real Gray (as in FindStone Stone album) for flooring and kitchen sill. I need 80 sqm tiles and 4 slabs of 3 cm thickness. I would like to buy in  Ukraine ex factory. My contact no. is +49 208 42.............. Oct 2, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 4323 UK: Artifacts: We are a U.K. company interested in inlay tables. Please quote wholesale pricing. We have a store in UK with plans to open another quite soon. Oct 2, Contact See Offers USD 100
BR: e 4322 USA: We are a stone contractor company located in Washington DC. We need 1100 Sq Ft of thick polished, thick 400 Sq Ft honed, 1-1/4 thick 950 Sq Ft polished Azul Guanabara for a negotiated job in DC area. Oct 2, Contact See Offers USD 100
GR: e 4321 USA: I want 700 sq ft of Thassos White AAA tiles for a project in New York Metro Area. Oct 2, Closed See Offers USD 100
IT: e 4320 Turkey: Blocks: Please quote for Grigio Carnilo / Carnico blocks. Oct 2, Contact USD 50 
ES/TR/IR/IT: e 4319 USA: I am a builder buying 10,000 sq. ft. or more of Travertine and Crema Marfil per year. Please quote with images for select, semi select, residential, commercial, good, better, best and worst. I am also trying to determine if there is any standard for grading and rating stone tile.  of different qualities available. Oct 2, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4317 USA: Retail: I want Yellow Onyx. I have searched throughout Chicago land area and haven't been able to find the type I am looking for. I have found honey, oneiche, cappacino, caramel, and "yellow" that is predominantly red, or green. I need it for bathroom countertops and shower. Depending on the size of the slabs, I will need between 5 and 8 slabs. My project is up and running, and I need the onyx ASAP. If it is 
the RIGHT onyx, and not astronomically priced, I'll buy it. I'm looking for a yellow onyx that is golden yellow, very translucent and three dimensional (not cloudy or opaque), and without other colors except perhaps some light / white veining. The correct yellow onyx I had seen (only 1 slab) was from China. I have two tile samples that I could courier to a distributor, if something sounds like a match. Oct 2, Contact See Offers 
USD 50
e 4316 Finland: Retail: I am an architect. I want tiles of dark brown or old leather color shade. The tiles can vary in color. I need 100 m2. Oct 2, Contact USD 20
e 4315 India: Machinery: We want a second hand gangsaw machine. We are setting-up our factory near Bangalore. Oct 1, Contact USD 100
IR: e 4314 UK: I am a trader based in London.  I want 10 containers of marble, granite, limestone and travertine from Iran. I would like to have a comprehensive price list (in form of a table) on all kind of stones that you can provide and detailed itemized prices for Slabs and cut sizes as follows: Limestone tiles 305x305mm, Travertine Tiles 456x456mm Honed and Granite Tiles 40x40x1cm. Delivery period: 4-6 weeks. Inspection will be done by an agent. Oct. 1, Contact See Offers USD 100
BR/CN/IN: e 4313 Latvia: e 4313 Latvia: We are in contest for a building facing project 4300m2 that consist of three colors of granite tiles 2cm thick, smooth grinded finish for a building facade. Please indicate the price for 2800m2 to be Red-Brown granite and 800m2 for Blue granite. The budgeted price for material to RIGA port is to be no more than 30 - 40 USD / sqm. Of course, the main price should be for the red-brown granite tiles, but it all depends on the color. 

The deadline of confirmation of the name of granite is 07.10.02. For the confirmation of color, we need granite samples 100x100mm - 300x300mm. Kindly courier the granite samples of 20x20 or 30x30 by DHL or UPS as we require them urgently. We are willing to pay the courier charges. In case the colors are acceptable, you will get the order. Do not hesitate to contact me for more details. My direct phone no. is: +371 91......

For RED-BROWN color reference: color similar to TINTORAMA- S4040-R10B, little grain without veins.
For VIOLET or BLUE-BROWN color ref: Color similar to TINTORAMA- S6020-R50B, little grain without veins. 

For GREY color reference: color similar to TINTORAMA- S6502-B, little grain without veins. 

The nearest colors from FindStone's stone album are: 
From Brazil: Blue Star Trek, Blue Barracuda, Brasila Red, Juparana Sunset, Cafe Brasil, Verde Itaquarapoca, New Ubatuba, Cobalt Blue, Creme Azul Bahia, Bordeaux Bahia, Marrom Bahia, Uino Bahia, Funil, Gran Violet, Nerovitoria, Labrador Marron Bahia and Amarelo Bangu.
From China: Pingshan Red 2, Coral Red, 3709, Blue Diamond, Laoshan Grey, Night Rose and, ZH-G016.
From India: Adoni Chocolate, New Rubin Red, Silk Blue, Brindle Blue, Rubin Red, Mangalguda Red, Indian Juperama, Paradiso (light), Red Multicolour, Colombo Juprana, Jhansi Red, Violet Blue, Sapphire Brown and Coral Blue. Oct 1, Contact See Offers USD 100.

Millions of congratulations for your site. It's the best I've found in the WEB. Please, let me know how to include my company in your directory, do ads and so on. Many thanks, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. - Mauricio, Brazil.