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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   September 30, 2002
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  August Inquiries

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Most images are in the 
stone album
e 4312 USA: We want 16" Jura Beige & Jura Grey Polished to stock for ongoing projects. We prefer to buy locally FOB USA. Sept 30, Contact USD 50
e 4311 USA: Retail: I want 3 slabs of a granite called Seafoam. Delivery location Sacramento, Calif. (916) 64.....No one seems to have slabs locally. I am remodeling a kitchen. Sept 30. Contact FREE
ALL: e 4310 USA: We are in process of starting a granite monuments business. We like additional info like price, etc. Sept 30. Contact USD 20
PT: e 4309 Singapore: We are a granite and marble trading company. We need Rosa Aurora marble from Portugal. Size: 1200 x 1200 x 30mm, Quantity: min 10000 sqm. Sept 30. Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4307 USA: Retail: I am building a house and am looking for US source Juparano Gold granite 3cm thick from Brazil. I cannot find any wholesaler or dealer in US that has 3 cm in stock, 2 cm is not acceptable. Need enough for a kitchen. About 3 slabs. I have seen many Juperano/Juperana's such as Juperano/Juperana Ultra Gold but it has too much rusty red in it. Delivery would be to Fort Worth TX. Please also include pricing. 
Sept 29, Contact FREE
ALL: e 4305 Korea: We are one of the newly established stone importing and building company in South Korea. We have 25,000 sqm of stone order per month. We need price list with CNF PUSAN for marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. The payment will be T/T or L/C. Sept 29, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4304a China: Blocks: We want to contact quarry owners of American Bethel White and Camilla White Granite. Sept 29. Contact USD 50
e 4304 USA: Retail: I want wholesale prices on 1600 sq ft blue pearl granite tiles 12 x 12 or 18 x 18. Please contact me at 800-875 .....Expected purchase date is immediate. Delivery location will be Kansas 67214.  Sept 29, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4303 USA: We want mosaic supplies in Arizona. Sept 28. Contact FREE
TR: e 4301 USA: I want 4" x 4" and 3/8" x 3/8" pink travertine from Turkey on a mesh. Sept 28, Contact  See Offers USD 50
TW: e 4300 Libya: I want marble from Taiwan like Empress Green, Hualien Dark, Hualien Medium, Jet Green, Light Green, Medium Green, Peace White. Slabs size 1.70 x 2.60 mtr; thickness of 2cm. Delivery to Tripoli. Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 50
TR: e 4299 Germany: I want to contact firms who trade in marble and granite in Turkey. Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4298 USA: I want blue color cultured marble slabs. Size: 8ft x 4ft. Thickness: 2cm or 3cm. Quantity: 10000 sq. ft. Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 100
IR/IT/TR: e 4297 Macedonia: Wanted for a country in Balkans, 6000 sq. meters of travertine tiles 40x20x3 non polished. Searching for best price and conditions of payment. Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 100
CA: e 4296 USA: Landscape: We want Kingston Cream sandstone from Canada. We want finished 4 - 5" thick capstone material for a wall. Sept 28, Contact USD 20
PK: e 4295 China: Blocks: We want marble and onyx blocks from Pakistan. Sept 28, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4294 USA: Landscape: Please quote for pink and gray granite cobblestones from India. Our company stocks and distributes natural stone throughout the United States. We are based in Miami, FL. We need 100 tons per month in the summer and 200 tons per month in the winter. Also tell us how the product is packed for shipment. Our phone number is 305-43..... and my cell no. is 305-43..Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT: e 4293 USA: I want 12" x 12" Rosso Verona tumbled marble tiles. Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4292 USA: I want stone sink like the one on your website 0014 - 0001. Sept 28, Contact, See Offers 
USD 20
ALL: e 4291 Nigeria: We want Deep blue shade cultured marble or man-made marble (bluish violet in shade). 2cm and 3cm thickness. Size for now: 1.2 x 0.75m slab. Please send your brochure and samples in 2 pcs of 5 x 5cm of each shade of blues. Also fwd to us your import/export sales procedures as we resides in Lagos. Sept 28. Contact  See Offers USD 100
BR/CN: e 4290 USA: I want pre-fabricated countertops from Brazil and China. I would like to know colors available, price, and any additional costs (i.e. transporting, tax, etc.), and minimum volume, if any. I am in Dallas. I can be reached at 214-59.......  Since the colors that I am interested in are not from one country the amount of prefab tops will vary. I am interested in Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Baltic Brown, Santa Cecilia, Tan Brown, Venetian Gold, Verde Butterfly, Verde Labrador, Dakota Mahogany, Giallo Anitco, Giallo Venetiano, Golden Leaf, Tropic Brown, Blue Pearl. I would like for it to be 3cm prefab countertops 31" x 96", with edges to choose from, . I have heard from Chinese companies but would like to hear from Brazilian companies as well since some of these stones originate from there. I am located in the U.S., Dallas, TX specifically. So I am also looking into transport company but its hard to find the right one. I am interested in buying containers with mixed colors. Sept 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
NO: e 4289 India: Blocks: I want good quality Blue Pearl Blocks (cutter size) from Norway. Purchase by self inspection. I want quotes from quarry owners preferably. After receiving the price for different sizes we will be able to decide the exact size we need. I would prefer the option of barter i.e. export of black granite blocks from our own quarries to import Blue Pearl. Sept 27, Contact USD 100
ZA: e 4287 India: Please send price and stock list for Rustenburg granite. Sept 27, Contact See Offers, USD 50 
ALL: e 4285 Canada: Blocks: I do landscaping, walkways and retaining walls and such, and use quite a bit of natural flagstone and some cut stone. It is mostly limestone so far, but have had requests for large sandstone blocks and some different garden boulders. I would be interested in prices as you probably have types of stone that aren't available here. NB. Sept 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4284 Netherlands: Blocks: I would like to contact quarry owners of Anrochte, Dietenhaan Rot, Liebetal, Sand Gruen & Uder. I would like to receive as much information as possible about quarry's in the whole world. Especially quarries in Europe. I would like to know what kind of material they have and what colour. We are especially interested in natural stones in the size 1-3mm, 8-16mm, 100-300mm and bigger. I would also like offers for green stones. See attached images for what I want. Sept 27, Contact See Offers  
USD 100
ID: e 4282 Vietnam: We are a trading company distributing ingredients, feed additive for animal and aquaculture. We have a strong relationship with livestock farms, feed mills and customers with a wide distribution network across Vietnam. We want ZEOLITE GRANULAR from an Indonesian mining company. Specifications as in pricelist no. 118 . Please quote CNF Ho Chi Minh port, L/C at sight. The estimated quantity 200 MT. Sept 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4281 UK: Monuments: We are importers of black granite gravestones, plaques and vases. Please quote with more info.  Sept 27, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4279 UK: We are distributors of tiles. We want Cotta Weiss sandstone. We want 600 sqm tiles of 600 x 900 mm of the thickness of minimum of 45 mm. Sept 27, Contact  USD 100
IN: e 4278 UK: We are distributors of tiles. We want White Mist, Mint Sand or Dholpur Beige sandstone. We want 600 sqm tiles of 600 x 900 mm of the thickness of minimum of 45 mm. Sept 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4277 UK: We are distributors of tiles. We want for one of our clients a sandstone called Yorkstone. It has a sandy color. The quantity required is over 800 sqm. Sept 27, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4276 USA: Landscape: I want large boulders. Please quote with images. I am in Virginia. Sept 26, Contact See Offers USD 20
CA: e 4275 USA: Block: I want a piece of Kingston Orange sandstone of Canada. Size 20" x 20" square block. What would it cost to ship it to Virginia? Sept 26, Contact USD 20
e 4274 Ireland: Retail: I want 15m of Green and Orange onyx for a bar top and must be, durable and translucent as a light source will be shone from underneath the counter. Sizes are: orange: 9m x 600mm wide; 1500mm x 630mm wide and Green: 3m x 700mm wide; 11.5m x 600mm wide. The delivery location would be Dublin. Sept 26, Contact  USD 50
e 4273 Romania: Machinery: I want a complete plant for marble tiles, beginning with quarry equipment (wire saw). I saw a complete line for processing marble (located in Belgium). Can you send me more information about the individual machines? Alternatively, can you configure for me, with your used but good equipment, such a complete line beginning with quarry equipment? If yes, please send me technical documentation and the quotations. Sept 26, Contact See Offers USD 100
CN: e 4272 China: Landscape: I want kerbstone of G603. DIMENSION are in (W X T x L) 150 x 150 x 1000mm, 200 x 250 x 1000mm and 200x300x1000mm.  QUANTITY: 10,000 PCS IN EACH ITEM (diagrams available). Sept 26, Contact See Offers  USD 100
e 4271 Italy: We are a company from Verona. We want CREMA MARFIL and BEIGE MALLORCA (CREMA MALLORCA) in tiles and slabs. Sept 26. Contact  See Offers USD 100
e 4270 USA: I want red marble, travertine or other red stone quarried in Puerto Rico. Sept 26, Contact USD 100
IN: e 4269 USA: Landscape: We want 25 tons, 10"x7"x4" 1600 pcs. minimum of gray granite cobble stones and a smaller quantity 10 tons of 9x4x4 stones. I need them for driveway edging and stocks. We do not have experience importing from India or how to determine the total delivered cost of the material. Please provide information regarding: Cost of the stones. Cost for transportation to USA east cost - preferred port is Richmond, VA, (alternate Baltimore, MD or Charleston SC). Method to send funds to India. Estimate of total time from order date to delivery in USA. And other probable expenses if known. Refer to pricelist no. 720. Item #1 Sept 25, Contact See Offers  USD 100
ALL: e 4268 Morocco: We are trader and want marble tiles 40*40, 40*30, 30*20 from India. Also send us a complete catalog of products that you deal in. We are searching to locate an exporter of marble to place immediate order. We are in contact with promoters of buildings, the order placed is discussed with promoter and confirmed in advance with sample and price, we will import directly to the building site, the order will be 2000 m² and up. The marble that we want is for flooring of apartments and villa in building, unpolished tiles and polished slabs. We need marbles in cream, beige and green color. At this time we need for one promoter 3500 M² of unpolished tiles of Crema Marfil 40*40*2. Quote us FOB. Sept 25, Contact  See Offers  USD 100
e 4267 Pakistan / UK: Machinery: I want two Excavator Hitachi EX100 WD. Please quote FOB and  C & F value.  My contact nos are: 09230094....... & 092425......... and UK no. is +4479606......... Sept 25, Contact USD 100
ZA: e 4266 Turkey: I own a granite tile business in Turkey and would like to make contact with suppliers of granite in South Africa. Sept 25. Contact See Offers  USD 50
e 4265 USA: Artifacts: I want fountains. I am looking for something wider than are in www.findstone.com/artistic.htm? . Also email me pricing on 008-0072 to  Georgia 30004? Sept 25, Contact See Offers USD 50
BR: e 4264 USA: I want a Brazilian granite named Acqua Lux White also called as Silver Blue (click here to see image). Qty. reqd. is 10,000 sq ft  of 24" x 24" x 2cm pavers. I am trying to identify a specified granite for a large project in the SE U.S. that is bluish-gray with large white crystals and silver ore. Sept 25, Contact USD 100
e 4262 USA: I want 3000 sq ft light Beau Maniere limestone saw-cut 12" widths random lengths 12", 16" & 20". Delivery in CA, 92651. Sept 25, Contact See Offers US$ 100 
IN: e 4260 Australia: I want Kotah Blue limestone. Sizes of interest are 500x250, 400x400, 600x300 sizes in natural split and honed finishes. Please quote in $Aus including shipping. Sept 25, Contact See Offers US$ 50
ALL: e 4258 USA: We are interested in purchasing Ceramic Tiles and Natural Stones (Tiles, Slabs, and Decorative pieces) from Spain, Italy, Turkey, India, UAE, Brazil, and producing countries for our Warehouse in California. We are selling directly to contractors and the general public at discounted prices. We are anticipating to have an initial purchase of 65000 sq. ft. of tiles. Thereafter, we are anticipating purchases of 10 to 15 thousand sq. ft. every 10 days. Please us your price list for immediate selection. Sept 25, Closed See Offers  US$ 100
e 4257 USA: Retail: I want 1500 sq ft of tumbled travertine in a gold or Turkish yellow. Sept 25, Contact See Offers US$ 20
e 4256 USA: I want tiny Basalt stones or Mexican Beach Pebbles. They come from Western USA or
I am a massage therapist who does massage with hot stones. I also sell sets of stones and I need to find the tiny ones. My contact no. +1 215 364........ Sept 25, Contact US$ 50
e 4255 USA: Retail: I want Labrador Antique slab (Soft medium dark brown with blue (and white?)
iridescent parts) for a seamless counter top on a kitchen island. I need 76" X 99" usable finished product. (Details 8' long, the first 3' needs 6' width and the other 5' only need 4" width.). Delivery to Des Moines,  Cannot find large enough slab locally. Sept 25, Contact FREE
ALL: e 4254 USA: I want a container of granite and marble slabs. Sept 25, Contact See Offers  US$ 20
e 4253 USA: We want tumbled mosaic stone 1/4"x1/4", 1/2"x1/2", 3/4"x3/4", 1"x1". Various colors for mosaic art projects: floors, counters, and wall installations. Sept 24, Contact See Offers US$ 100
e 4252 USA: Blocks: We want granite blocks in New England to be sent to MA. Sept 24, Contact  
See Offers US$ 20
ALL: e 4249 Australia: Blocks: I want granite blocks. Please quote with block size, FOB price per m3? I am a potential buyer for export if colors are suitable. My contact no. is +61 419-6........ Sept 24, Contact
See Offers US$ 20
e 4248 Pakistan: Machinery: We want Hitachi excavators: EX100WD, WHO4D & WHO4 WITH (out riggers or blades) Please send us some detail information and photos as engines, hydraulic pumps, wheels, drums, out riggers, blades, pocket. Price base on C.I.F Karachi port. Sept 24, Contact See Offers US$ 50
e 4247 USA: Artifacts: I am designing three restaurants in Washington D.C. and for the first I need Onyx hanging pendant lamps and sconces. My contact no. is 202 58...... Sept 24, Contact See Offers US$ 50
e 4246 USA: Retail: I want Indonesian Green pebbles, 1-2". I need 300-400 pounds, and I live in Santa Fe New Mexico. Sept 24, Contact US$ 20
e 4245 USA: Retail: I want Australian Verde Marinachi granite or Switzerland Andeer. Quote per sq. ft for slabs. I need two slabs of 50. sq. ft. each. I am located in San Marcos which is half way between Austin, and San Antonio. I am looking for a supplier from Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. I have the resources and have planned for granite so my budget is not an issue. Sept 24, Contact See Offers US$ 20
e 4244 USA: Artifacts: I want a 4" black marble ball code# 0010-0009. I only need one. I'm having a very hard time finding one locally. No one seems to have one small enough or the right color. The ball is part of center piece for a sculpture/lamp that I am making for my friends graduation present. The graduation party is Sat. the 28, THIS WEEKEND!  I want to engrave lettering on it. Will I have any trouble doing the engraving? Do you do engravings? I need it fairly soon. I am in Cleveland, Texas. Sept 24, Closed See Offers US$ 20
e 4243 USA: Retail: I want 350 sq. ft. 12"x12" Manyas white marble tiles for kitchen/dining room and living room floor. Please quote per sq. ft. If not, can you recommend a similar marble white tile, with little to no veining. Delivery location is NY 11725. I am trying to save a few $$$ so purchasing locally would preclude me from doing so and cause me to go over budget of ~ $2500. Sept 24, Contact See Offers  US$ 50
ALL: e 4242 USA: We want Sandstone tiles 30 x30 cm, 30 x 25 cm and slabs. Qty. 2500m2. Quote C & F Pusan Korea and C & F Los Angeles USA. Sept 24, Contact  See Offers US$ 100
e 4241 USA: I am a contractor looking for 1200 Sq Ft polished 12 x 12 marble at a blow out price. I'm in the Chicago area. You can call me at 847-69......... Sept 24, Contact See Offers US$ 20
IT: e 4240 India: We want 10000 sq. ft. good quality Statuario big slabs. Please quote with images. Refer to pricelist no. 648 for price range. Sept 23, Contact See Offers US$ 
e 4239 Bulgaria: Machinery: Please quote for granite slab polishing machine and granite cutting gangsaw. Preferably the machines should be situated near Bulgaria. Send some pictures of the machines along with prices. Sept 23, Contact US$ 50
TR: e 4238 USA: A client of ours would like to regularly import Turkish travertine, veins, brush and filled to Hawaii. Send your price list. Sept 23, Contact See Offers US$ 100
ALL: e 4237 Bangladesh: We want to import detergent grade dolomite. Please quote CIF Dhaka along with specification. Sept 23, Contact See Offers US$ 20
CN: e 4236 USA: We want information and prices about G 682 from China. Sept 23, Contact See Offers 
US$ 20
e 4235 Pakistan: Machinery: We want Hitachi ex100wd excavator. Please quote with details and picture. Sept 23, Contact See Offers US$ 50

IR: e 4234 UK: I want to import marble and granite from Iran. Please email me your pricelist. Sept 22, Contact See Offers US$ 50

e 4233 Pakistan: Machinery: We want to import machinery for our production line of marble tiles, stone tiles and handicraft. Please reply along with further details of machinery for our consideration. Sept 22, Contact US$ 50
IN: e 4232 USA: I am a builder/developer. I want prices on a small lot of Forest Green Indian marble tiles. Sept 22, Contact See Offers US$ 20
ALL: e 4229 Nigeria: We supply and purchase marble, granite, terrazo, texture, mosaic patterns, etc. from Brazil and Europe. We also sell to both government and private companies in Lagos.
We want to get into business transaction with your company, as we are prepared to open negotiations with your team in the area of purchase of your products, because the demands for Granite like blue Pearl, Multicolor, Rosa Beta and Tiger Skin and Marble like Royal Perlato, Perlato Sicilia, etc. Please send catalogs and prices of your products. Sept 21, Contact See Offers US$ 100
e 4228 India: Machinery: We are in the business of trading granite for the past 10 years. We are trying to diversify into manufacturing diamond tools for cutting granite. We want a sintering machine to make diamond segments to cut granite. Sept 21, Contact US $ 20
TR: e 4227 USA: I want 120000 sq ft of Turkish travertine 18x18 filled and honed (the lightest travertine available). My contact no. is (407) 24....... Sept 21, Contact See Offers US $ 100
BR: e 4226 USA: I want granite slabs and tiles (16X16 or larger) in the color New Paveo (green) a green granite with white spots, somewhat lighter than the original Paveo. Please quote for 1700 sq. ft. in tile and 2-3 slabs. It is a relatively new stone here in New York. We would be willing to import it if the price is reasonable. It will be installed in a new residence. The owners are willing to wait for delivery 2-3 months, if necessary, sooner would be better, they are ready to buy now. This is a serious inquiry. We may also need additional colors. We are marble & granite traders in NY. Sept 21, Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 4224 USA: Retail: I am an interior designer looking for slab of BC Jade for kitchen counter top:168" x 45" (smaller pieces ok). Use would be kitchen and bar (or bar only counter top). I am in Seattle, my client is in San Juan Island. Sept 21, Contact US $ 20
e 4223 USA: Retail: I need limestone for a science project. Where can I buy limestone since we do not have limestone in Florida? Sept 21, Closed See Offers FREE 
NO: e 4222 India: Blocks: We manufacture monuments for export to USA/Australia and need Blue Pearl Blocks. Please quote for 8 cbm size blocks CIF Indian Port basis. Sept 21, Contact US $ 100
ALL: e 4221 USA: I am a trader. I want Baltic Brown Granite. Email me the price with your ready stock for disposal. Sept 20, Contact See Offers US $ 50
e 4220 Iran: Technology: We manufacture stone & abrasive-polishing tools. We need new technology to produce abrasive & polishing tools with synthetic bonds on base Sic for abrasive and polishing Marble, Granite. We are looking for a material or additive that needs to be added to our abrasive tools that gives shine to the stone. Sept 20, Contact US $ 20
ALL: e 4219 India: We want Quartz to manufacture Ferro Silicon. Qty: 300 Tons/month. Size: 50-100 mm. SiO2: minimum 97 %. Any supplier source will do. Delivery in Rajasthan. Sept 20. Contact See Offers Rs. 5000
ALL: e 4218 USA: Artifact: We want to import carved Onyx sinks in bulk. Onyx sink must have hole for overflow of water in USA this is required by law especially if being installed in an apartment bath. Please give me your price C.I.F. NY, USA for custom shaped Onyx basins. Sept 20, Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 4217 India: Machinery: We want to import some marble and granite cutting (Gangsaw) machines. Please send prices with catalogue with terms and conditions. If it suits us, we will import few machines. 
Sept 20, Contact US $ 20
IN: e 4216 UAE: I need Imperial Red granite polished slabs of 2 & 3 cm thick. Quantity one container 20' CIF Dubai-U.A.E. My phone number 98-21-22....., Sept 20, Contact See Offers US $ 100 
IN: e 4215 Netherlands: Retail: I'm looking for Shivakashi, Shiva gold or Kashmir gold granite tiles of 12" x 30", 12" x free or 18" x 18". Quantity: 1500 sq ft. I am in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I need it for floor in kitchen, family room and foyer. Budget prices: 3 Euro / sq. ft. Sept 20, Contact See Offers US $ 25 / 
Rs. 1000 
e 4214 USA: I am a general contractor in Florida interested in 1000 sq. ft. 16" x 16" and 18" x 18" honed and filled first quality light Saturnia. I would like to purchase it locally in Florida. The Saturnia I would like to purchase comes from Italy unless I can get a good quality from Turkey. The Saturnia is going into a residential project we are remodeling. The price range I am seeking is between $2.00 to $3.00 per sq. ft. 
Sept 20, Contact See Offers  US $ 50 
US: e 4213 USA: We are a design company. We want cut red sandstone panels, in various sizes, probably 5 or 6 ranging from about 12"x12" to 24"x24" about 3" thick so that they can be set without a crane. Total will be on the order of 2,000 SF. Delivery to CO. Prefer to buy local. Expect to need this fall/winter. Project is a hospital entry remodel that is nearly through design. Sept 20, Closed See Offers
e 4212 USA: I want to use Basalt Stone as an exterior cladding for a building. What is the maximum sizes that I can get?  Are there further classifications of Basalt Stones? What finishes can you give me? Also guide me whether I should use this stone for exterior cladding? I am in New York. Please quote. Sept 20, Closed See Offers
BR/ES/GR: e 4211 Germany: For a building in Qatar we need Marble and Limestone tiles, 600x600 mm +/- 0.3 mm. Thickness nominal 13 mm to 19 mm +/- 0.3 mm, Tolerance of angle +/- 0.3 mm. Quantity: 5600 sqm Material: Cabra Limestone - Cordova, Rojo Coralire Marble,  Macauba/Bahia Marble, Athos Marble
Finish: polished, alternative C120
Delivery: Würzburg, Germany.
Delivery time: January 2003
Please give me an offer about this materials. We need the offer by 26.09.2002 latest. Price include insurance, transport & packing. Sept 20, Contact See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 4209 Australia: We have been engaged by a leading group of designers and architects for sourcing natural stones for a major project of a huge Mansion been built in Australia.
After careful consideration, we want to narrow our choices to:
- natural stones with creamy yellow tone to it, like Ramon Yellow from Israel or similar. I am sure material coming from Middle East may be of interest. 
- Travertine or any other material in tones of brown or green either tumbled, honed, unfilled or filled or any other stone that can be used for outside pool paving.
I would like to discuss with any potential suppliers from Iran, Turkey or
Middle East who can supply me stones in the yellow tones in either marble or limestone. The project will involve containers of cut-to-size in this material. Quality is very important and price should take this into consideration.
We would like to finalize the selection by end of next week and release orders in 4-6 weeks time for
Jan-Feb delivery. I would be interested in Jura Limestone too from Germany or similar. Sept 19, Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 4208 ETHIOPIA: Machinery: We want new or second hand machinery from Italy for CUTTING and POLISHING Marble & Granite in Addis Ababa. Please send us catalogues. We will contact you immediately after getting the right specification from the catalogues. Sept 19, Contact US $ 20
IN: e 4207 Kenya: I want prices of Fossil, Rainbow, Teakwood, Kher, Jaiselmer yellow, Mint Multi, etc. tiles in various shapes and thickness. The price should be FOB or CIF to Mombasa, Kenya. The applications are for internal and external residential and commercial buildings of various types. We are currently using stone found locally and not trimmed to sizes (random layouts) and we are looking on trying to improve the appearance as customers are demanding shaped stone. I can't give you dimensions cause I don't know exactly what you have in production. Sept 19, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4205 USA: Artifacts: We want marble dragons. Sept 19, Contact USD 20
IN: e 4203 Uruguay: I want 1' x 1' x 3/8" tiles of Absolute Black and Black Galaxy granite, Quantity required is container loads. Sept 19, Contact See Offers USD 100
BR: e 4202 China: Blocks: We are an industrial supplies company located in Hong Kong. Our client in China who is looking for the raw block of Imperial Brown granite or marble from Brazil. Please quote for a quantity which can fit for one 20" container. Sept 19, Contact See Offers USD 50
US: e 4201 USA: Landscape: I want suppliers for landscape stone for a retail landscape outlet in the Dallas Texas area. The stone I am interested in are landscape boulders (moss rocks 50#-1500#), flagstones, and chopped stone in 4" and 6" widths. The types of stone I need are Oklahoma, Austin, Millsap and Colorado. I will need all stone delivered. Sept 19, Contact See Offers USD 50
DE: e 4199 UK: I am trying to source a supplier of Basalt lava stone in Germany (not actually Weserhart sandstein but the same stable!). Sept 18. Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4198 USA: I want pure black marble tiles 12"x12" (no veins or mottling in tiles). We do laser etching.  We are looking to order one crate of Pure Black Marble, but we want to see samples of such marble first. Please quote with shipping info. Sept 18, Contact  See Offers   USD 50
e 4197 USA: Machinery: I want cutting and polishing machines. Could you send me some information on the types available and the prices as well as the cost for shipping overseas to Brazil. Sept 18, Contact 
USD 20
e 4196 USA: Landscape: I want large rocks of limestone, sandstone or marble, in large enough size and quantity to have replacement steps made for a row house in Baltimore City. Sept 18, Contact  See Offers USD 20
e 4195 USA: Retail: I need black (jet black) granite 13 pieces of 3.5" x 3.5" x 5" with all sides polished and custom etched. I can supply drawings and artwork for etching. Our required date is Sept 27, 2002.
Delivery location is Santa Maria, CA 93455. We need this item in 8 business days, our local granite companies cannot meet our required date. We would take care of installation. It will be used as a component to a sculpture/trophy we are creating. Budget anywhere from $100 on up. Sept 18, Contact
BR: e 4194 USA: I want Santa Cecelia Mystic or Giallo Light from Brazil. I require 62"x16"x6" & 48"x20"x4", one no. each and two nos. of 18"x14"x4". I am looking to have these slabs delivered in early November to Orlando, Florida. My phone number is 407 37......This stone is not available in slab thickness locally. I will take care of the installation. This is for a bench and ground marker. The main criteria is color that is why I asked for Santa Cecelia Mystic or Giallo Light. The next considerations are delivery time and cost. If I can find the slab material, I can e-mail drawings and discuss cut and finish issues with a supplier. Sept 18, Closed 
See Offers USD 10
IT: e 4192 Libya: PLEASE QUOTE FOR WHITE CARRARA MARBLE, BIG SLABS & TILES 30X60X2CM, 40X40X2CM. WE NEED CONTINUOUS SUPPLY. PRICES SHOULD BE CIF TRIPOLI. Target Price should be less than USD 25, as we are getting at this rate in Tripoli. We also have to pay 65% import duty. Sept 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4191a UK: I want tumbled marble wash basins for a bulk order. Preferably beige in color. Can you quote for 50 basins to start with?  If I am satisfied with the product I will increase the next order by tenfold. Is their any chance of a sample, if so how much, including shipping? Please quote in Sterling Pounds and for a bulk order, etc. Are their any hidden costs? Please can you contact me with more information as I have many outlets for this type of product. Sept 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4190 UK: I want black floor tiles. Can you give me a price in Sterling Pounds for 1000 sq. ft.? Sept 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4189 USA: We are doing two dormitory buildings in Western Massachusetts and are looking for a stone to be used on their exterior. The stone would be cut on four or six sides with a 4" bed depth and a range of 4" to 6" in height (running bond). We are looking for a gray stone which can have some blues or greens in it and most importantly that it have horizontal lines/striations. We have looked at schist and quartzite, but are not limited to this. We would need 30000 sq ft of stone. I am in Boston. Sept 18, Contact See Offers  USD 100
BR: e 4188 Greece: We want Verde Marinace and Quarzite Rossa slabs of 2 and 3 cm. Inform us in what dimensions can be provided. Sept 18, Contact See Offers  USD 100
e 4186 Switzerland: Retail: I want gray quartzite or kind of for the floor of my house. Living in Switzerland but very close to Italy. Sept 18, Closed FREE - with price list / stock list
e 4183 USA: Retail: I want 500 sq ft of 18x18 Brushed Jeruselum Gold sandstone in Connecticut for a great price. Sept 18, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4182 Germany: I will be visiting Pakistan shortly. I am interested in wholesale granite to serve the UK & German market. Sept 18, Contact, See Offers USD 50

IR/TR/CN/VN: e 4181 UK: We are a wholesaler of stone flooring looking for additional suppliers of sandstone granite & marble of all colours. We await offers from interested parties on CIF UK port for full containers. I would prefer importing from Turkey, Iran, China and Vietnam. Please also indicate delivery times and terms of L/C required. Sept 18, Contact, See Offers USD 100

ALL: e 4180 Ireland: Please send me photos and quotes of fireplaces in marble or granite. I would take one container load (50 fireplaces) every 3months if your designs and prices are satisfactory. Sept 18, Contact See Offers  USD 100
ALL: e 4179 Bolivia: We are an import company located in Bolivia, South America. We want marble in 1 cm thick. Any size or color. Must be cheap. Starting quantity 1 20 foot container, maybe more. Quote CIF Port Of Arica or Iquique, CHILE. Sept 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4178 Yemen: Machinery: I want heavy duty saw machine for mountains, which can move on the mountains. Please quote with catalogs. Sept 18, Contact USD 20
IN: e 4177 Pakistan: Blocks: We are very much interested to start import business of Indian origin granite blocks to Pakistan via Dubai i. e. L/C will be opened by a Dubai company. We are leading importers of marble and granite in Pakistan. We import slabs and cut to size from Italy, Greece, Iran and occasionally from Turkey. We import raw blocks from Norway and Spain. Recently we have added to our list of machineries a brand new granite block cutter of Italian origin. Now we feel that we can push new colours in Pakistan. We intend to import the blocks, cut them here and stock them for retail business in Pakistan. Sept 17, Contact See Offers US $ 100
IN: e 4176 India: Retail: I am constructing a house of 1800 sq. ft. and so is my friend. Together we want 6000 sq. ft. marble for laying on the floor and staircase. Please mention also the cost of transportation to Bhubaneswar, Orissa. 
The local retailers are too expensive so, I think it will be economical for me to buy a truck load through you. Moreover, I am buying it for my own use. How much tax I have to pay for that matter? How much is the carrying capacity of a truck/lorry? If I order from here with stone details, what are the terms of payment? How can I ensure a sure, exact and safe delivery? Suggest me few marble varieties within Rs. 20-40 range, preferably white base with gray, green, pink or black cloud / vein formation. My expected purchase time is second half of October (post Navratri). In case I go personally, I will let you know my exact date of arrival. I will buy around 6000-7000 sq.ft. of 1 sq.ft. and 2 sq.ft. size. Which is your nearest sells counter to Delhi? please let me know. Sept 17, Contact See Offers Free with pricelist
e 4175 Poland: Machinery: Please quote for DERRIC CRANE type 2DEPA40 E70 (40 Tons Capacity -70 mtrs. Span). Delivery country - Poland. Sept 17, Contact US $ 20 
CN: e 4174 Croatia: Blocks: I want ShanXi Black blocks and slabs polished 1 side in thickness 3, 6, 8, 10cm. Also want Blue Diamond blocks. Please give prices with dimensions. What is the maximum size of blocks and slabs that you can offer? Our company is specialized in production and manufacturing of stones. Our technology is based on European achievements, offering to our clients
complete service regarding projects. Sept 17, Closed See offers  
e 4173 USA: I want pumice stone in a small pieces of 6" x 3". What is the cost per stone? I need it for cleaning pool tile at wholesale pricing. Delivery will be in Palm Springs, California. I do not know what quantity as of yet, I just need to find a supplier in the US to buy bulk. Sept 17, Contact US $ 50
HR: e 4172 : We want Croatian stone. Can you please supply us with a price list. We have a project requiring the stone from this country. Sept 17, Contact US $ 100
ALL: e 4171 USA: I am looking for a particular Italian sandstone. I have attached images of the honed and the bush-hammered stone. We are building a private residence in Hawaii and want to use this stone throughout. We are currently framing the house and are planning to order the stone in the next 30 days. We are looking for 13 sqm tiles of 60x30x2 cm. In addition, we also want 2cm thick pieces in the following quantity and sizes: 
8 - 213.36 x 25.2984
1 - 350.52 x 121.92
2 - 320.04 x 121.92
3 - 320.04 x 25.2984
15 - 106.68 x 30.48
2 - 152.4 x 30.48
Delivery location would be either Princeville, HI (or vicinity). If this delivery location is impossible, please advise and we will consider shipping to another location. We heard this stone is from Italy, but are interested in anything that looks similar from any country.
Please send prices. Sept 17, Contact, See Offer US $ 50
e 4170 UK: I want Spanish Marble Rojo Daniel preferably in the United Kingdom. I need the material turned into two pillars, 750mm in length and 150mm diameter. Sept 17, Contact US $ 50
ALL: e 4169 USA: Landscape: We are looking for small (1" to 2 1/2") flat with rounded edges "Skipping" stones also call river stone flats. Color: Black, Gray, brown or red but can have an assortment. My company will engrave images on these stones. Also, these stones will be polished so quality is very important. Our projected volume will be around 2 tons per month. Our company is located in Auburn, Nebraska. We would be more than happy to import. We currently import a great deal of products from Southeast Asia. We only request that the supplier ships very timely and backs their product. Standard LC's do not protect the buyer.
Have been using Black Mexican Beach Pebbles. Please feel free to call me at 402-2......Sept 17, Contact  
See Offers US $ 100
e 4168 Kenya: Machinery: We want block cutting machines. The machines should run on rails and be powered by diesel engines. Majority of the blocks shall be 9x9x15 inches but the machine should have facility for adjusting the size of each block. Each quarry will be about 100x100 meters. Sept 16, Contact US $ 20
e 4167 USA: Retail: We want a granite countertop for our new kitchen. The kitchen will have simple with Shaker-like cabinets, with brushed silver pulls, hardwood floors, butcher block island, stainless steel
appliances. We had planned to use honed Impala Black granite for the counter tops. I am in Baltimore, MD. The kitchen counter is going to be L-shape. My total budget is USD 2000. Sept 16, Contact See Offers 
e 4166 Latvia: Please quote for Green 7 slabs of 4 cm cut surface. We also need price for the 6 cm thick slabs of gray granite, cut surface 600 m2. How much time it takes to produce them? Refer to pricelist 203. Sept 16, Closed See Offers (refer to e 4137)
IT/ES: e 4165 Egypt: We are working in the final sessions of our project of a huge shopping mall in Alexandria. We intend to finish it in the end of November. We need stones for the outer interface of a commercial mall, and we are so interested to have an attractive and valuable interface. So no restricting budget have been determined yet. We are interested in the Italian stones to import it to Alexandria, Egypt. We need quotes of stones CIF Alexandria, Egypt. Please find attachment for stones images and names that we wish to use. Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4164 India: We want white marble chips of 2 - 6 mm size for our trial/testing. We require them in bulk quantity. First we need it for testing. If it found successful, then we will go for bulk 100 - 200 MT/month Lab scale. Delivery: in Bombay factory. Expected purchase date: immediate. Sept 16, Contact USD 100 / Rs. 5000 
ES: e 4163 Italy: Blocks: I want Caliza Capri blocks. Please price for first choice fob Carrara. Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
ALL: e 4162 USA: Landscaping: I want 9 large 300 to 1500lb boulders of Dakota Suis Rock for landscaping. 
9 total boulders: 2 boulders 1750lbs, 1 boulder 1300lbs, 6 boulders 300-700lbs range. Budget Prices: looking to accomplish above for roughly $1000. I am looking for boulders with a reddish brown color. Boulders would be used in backyard, placed on the grass simply. Please email me a price for this. I am in Florida 33328. 
Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
IN: e 4161 UK: I am a monumental stone wholesaler based in Glasgow, Scotland, very much interested in bringing Marble and Granite from India. Please provide me with pricing. Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
CN: e 4160 USA: Landscape: I want the pricing of polished and un-polished pebbles FOB China for 30, 50 and 100 containers. Let me know if the pricing of un-polished & polished. We are also looking for rocks that are 15-20 cm and 20 - 30 cm if you carry this size please send me pricing also. If we place an order, we need to know if you will be able to deliver that many containers of pebbles in one shipment. Please e-mail pricing or fax them to me at 503-5........ Sept 16, Contact  See Offers USD 200
ALL: e 4159 USA: Artifacts: I want flagstone fireplaces that have built in compartments for televisions and dvd players and so forth. Sept 16, Contact See offers USD 20
ALL: e 4158 USA: We want to import various colors and sizes of travertine and marble tiles and slabs on regular basis. Please provide all the necessary details as fast as possible for requirements of two container of each item monthly basis. Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 100
TR/NO: e 4157 Netherlands: I want Elazig cherry, Black Pearl, Rosa Levanto, Afyon, Cremo Sugar
Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4156 USA: Landscape: I want 1500 sq. ft. quartzite dimensional stone, calibrated. I see there is a yellow and a rosa. I think I have seen only the yellow which I like very much. I see yellows, beiges and blues in the large area I viewed. I want to use it as a pool surround covering about 1000-1400 sq.ft. I am interested in the best price I can find delivered to Houston, Texas 77030. Sept 15, Contact See Offers 
USD 50
ZA: e 4155 UK: I want Bon Accord slabs 20mm & 30mm one face polished. please email us over best prices on dark / Impala only. We are based in London. Sept 15, Contact USD 50 
ID: e 4154 Indonesia: I want Ujung Pandang Marble. Email me pictures, cost for 1 FCL tiles of 30 x 30 x 1 cm. Color based on white, Processing time for 1 container 20 feet. Sept 15, Contact
BR: e 4153 USA: Monuments: I am an importer of tombstones. I am interested in granites from Brazil. Currently I import tombstones from China and India. I am in Ohio 44240, Sept 15, Contact See Offers USD 50
TR: e 4152 Australia: I want granite, marble tiles and slabs. I will visit Istanbul and Kayseri next month. Sept 15, Contact See Offers USD 50
ALL: e 4151 Brazil: Landscape: I want black pebbles. Please give more information like size available, price, packing specification, minimum quantity, etc. Sept 15, Contact USD 50
e 4150 Maldives: We want marble tiles. Our closest and most convenient place would be Singapore. 
Sept 14, Closed See Offers Free against pricelist 
IN: e 4149 Greece: We want Verde Rajasthan i.e. green marble in Blocks and Slabs. We would like offers from quarry owners of this stone. Sept 14, Contact See Offers US$ 100  
e 4147 : Machinery: We want Excavator ex100wd. please tell us about price and condition. Sept 14, Contact See Offers  US$ 100
e 4146 USA: Retail: I want Royal Blue - deep blue field with veins of dark red and brown. I used this granite in 12" X 12" squares in a home I built five years ago near Vail Colorado. I am in Princeton, New Jersey. Sept 14, Contact Free
ALL: e 4145 USA: Can you please send me a price list for the triangles and other shapes that you have for building mosaics as per the items in your online stores. Sept 14, Closed See Offers Free with pricelist
e 4144 USA: Retail: I want 600-700 sq ft of 12" x 12" polished crystal white or crystal white select marble (click here to see image) floor tile for my residence. Delivery location: Encinitas California 92024. It is to be used in hallway, bedrooms, living room, closets. Expected purchase date is September or October 2002. Decision criteria for purchase is lowest price for good quality/good match. Sept 14, Closed See Offers  
IN: e 4141 China: Blocks: Our clients seek Indian suppliers of Tan Brown and Taj Red rough granite blocks. Sept 13, Contact See Offers Rs 2000
ALL: e 4140 China: We are a trade company, we need black basalt , size: 12/12/50-120, split finish. 1 container minimum. Pricing terms FOB any MAIN PORT. Sept 13, Contact See Offers US$ 50
IN: e 4139 China: Blocks: I want 5 containers of Black Galaxy granite with big flecks small blocks. I will buy blocks even smaller than 120 x 60 cm but I need good quality blocks as I make counter tops for American furniture companies. This is just an initial order but will increase the quantity if the quality and price is good over a period of time. I can buy immediately. Please quote CIF Haikou. Sept 13, Contact See Offers US$ 100
e 4138 Ireland: Retail: I am currently building my new house. I have a design plan drawn up for my kitchen, and have chosen a Scandinavian Pine for my units and a Black Range-master Cooker with Black Hood. I am very interested in sourcing a Red Granite worktop for same. As I would need to source either in Ireland or import into Ireland, can you tell me firstly what types of Red granite are out there (or maybe you can suggest another colour granite that would look good with Scandinavian Pine) and which countries if any would ship to Ireland in the small qty that I would be looking for. I know nothing about granite, and even less about where to begin to look! I am really taken with the Indian Granites.....in particular the English Teak. I would like to know the price and supplier for this stone, and whether or not they will ship to Ireland. Other stones I liked were: Indian: Kyadikuppa Red, New Imperial Red, Tumkur Red, Ivory Chiffon. Italy: Alicante Rosso. Argentina: Redios Menucos, Rojomar, Red Imperial Riojana. Sept 13, Contact See Offers FREE

e 4137 Latvia: We have a burning project for private customer for paving of a road. Please quote for: 
1. Any Dark-Grey granite slabs with small black grains or points (like Chinese G-654), 600m2, 6cm thick  random size of slabs, rough or flamed. 
2. Pieces 24 x 12 x 6 cm or 22 x 11 x 6 cm of the same dark-grey granite with upper side flamed and  chamfered (about 5-10mm) 600m2. 
3. Give the price appropriate time for preparation and delivering to Riga, Latvia. I was given a  price is USD 60 from Poland. Please see the attachment of what I want. Sept 13. Contact See Offers US$ 100

IR/TR: e 4136 Singapore: We want honey onyx or yellow crystal. I am looking for suppliers in Singapore, China, Malaysia or Indonesia so that I can view them before I pay up. Size: 600 x 600. Qty: 100 pieces. 
Sept 13, Contact  See Offers US$ 50
VN: e 4135 China: Blocks: We want Vietnam Yellow Granite blocks. Sept 13, Contact See Offers US$ 100
IN: e 4134 UK: I am a builder developer. I need 700 sqm of 10mm 305x305 granite tiles. Lot will be split into 50 to 150 mtr amounts of the following colours: App Black, Daisy, Kashmir Gold, Imperial White, Emerald Green. I need price and availability to include shipping to UK. Sept 12, Contact See Offers US$ 50
e 4133 UK: Retail: We need 45m2 of pale honey coloured polished limestone tiles (30x30 or 60x60) suitable to floor a kitchen and bathrooms. I would prefer to have something with variation of colour. Could you please let me know things like minimum orders, expected cost of stone and importing, etc. and whether you know whether there would be any importing taxes into the UK. Could buy locally but it is extremely expensive and I am looking for a cheaper source by cutting out the middle man. 
As for specific stones I liked:
French stone : Beaharnais, Bretigny and Chassagne
Spanish stone : Desietoit
Portuguese stone : Margaco, Lioz Pero Pinheiro and Banco De Baixo. I am in Hampshire. Sept 12, Closed 
See Offers FREE
e 4132 Pakistan: Machinery: I want Hitachi Ex100 Wd 11B-1154. Please provide me with total details regarding this machine. Sept 12, Contact See Offers US$ 50
IN: e 4131 USA: I want Black & grey colours for polished, bush hammered (if you have) granite in 2 thickness 20mm & 30mm & length of 2.9 by 1.3, 1.4, 1.85 metre. Materials desired: BLACK GALAXY, ABSOLUTE BLACK, IMPALA BLACK, WARRENGAL BLACK, TIGER BLACK, SILVER BLACK, Any other kind of black & grey. I would like to have the following information:
1. How do you guarantee even thickness over a slab? I will be looking at tolerance of + or - 1mm. Do you carry out calibration? What machines do you use for calibration?
2. How do you carry out polishing? Again how many processes do you carry out & what machines are used for the same? I want this in bulk on a monthly basis. Sept 12, Contact See Offers US$ 100
IN: e 4130 USA: We want to import Marble, Granite, Sand Stone, Slate Stone Tiles from India. Sept 12, Contact See Offers  US$ 20
e 4129 USA: I want Baltic Brown Granite Tile , sizes 12 x 12, 16 x 16 and 18 x 18 all matching. Delivery to Austin, TX 78746. Immediate need and purchase. Counter top usage. Sizes larger than 12 x12 not available locally, The tiles will be self installed.  Min Qty Size: 8 nos. 12 x 12, 21 nos. 16 x 16 & 9 nos. 18 x 18. Please provide prices per tile or per foot. Sept 12, Contact See Offers US$ 50
BR: e 4127 USA: We need 2 to 6 slabs, Azul Bahia/Blue Bahia in 3cm for a kitchen in North Carolina. I have a very large center island raised bar that I need either 1 slab 122x61 inches, or 2 slabs 61x61.  We are unable to find the size in the high quality that I want locally. I need the material immediately. My only criteria for the stone is that I want an exceptionally beautiful stone with a lot of dark blue. My contact no. is 919-8......
Sept 12, Closed
ALL: e 4126 UK: I want gray marble for a restoration project. Sept 12, Contact See Offers US$ 50
ALL: e 4125 Italy: We want 10000 sqm of slate roof tiles, green or grey colour, hand cut natural cleft both side, size 90x90 or 80x90 or 100x100 (best 90x90), thickness 3 cm (tolerance 1/1,3 cm). There should not be any rust on tiles and no Pyrites inside. Please send offer CIF Genoa Port Italy. Quantity in one container (max 25 Tons Gross weight). Sept 12, Closed See offers
ALL: e 4124 Pakistan: Diamond Powder: We are chemical processors, we timely required waste BLACK & WHITE Diamond powder in our processing works in huge quantity. Sept 12, Contact US$ 100
NO: e 4123 Korea: I want Blue Pearl 400sqm with the size of 60xrandom and 1.3 up x 2.5 up. Please quote CNF price not FOB. I am looking for a consistent supplier. I need it for my stock. We have upcoming projects this month. If the price is right I will open L/C right away, the destination is Manila. Quote me FOB based... it would be around 450sqm for first transaction. Let me also know the price of 60up x random and 1.3 up x 2.5up slab. If I am not mistaken, Blue Pearl from Sweden is cheaper than Norway. Sept 12, Contact  
See Offers US$ 100
IT/ES/OM: e 4122 India: Blocks: I want to import marble blocks for use in India from Italy/Spain & Oman. I am an importer of various products from China, Switzerland, UK, South Korea, Japan & Singapore. Sept 11, Contact See Offers US$ 25
e 4121 USA: Landscape: WHERE CAN I FIND TUMBLE WHITE CARRARA MARBLE, 8" X 8"? Sept 11, Contact See Offers  US$ 50
FR: e 4120 USA: I need French limestone for a residential project. I am an architect who will be working with a fabricator. The fabricator will order the limestone needed. The owner has expressed a desire to find limestone similar to St. Panteleon, Menerbes, and Bretignac (samples which we had in our office). These may be described as open grained minutely pitted stones which are very consistent and of a warm cream to light golden tint. We must find a wall material and a more durable material for a fireplace hearth. These materials should be compatible. Do you have a list of the different kinds of limestone available? Prices would also help, as well as sources in the San Francisco area. Sept 11, Closed See Offers  
IT: e 4119 Spain: Blocks: I want Statuario & Carrara marble blocks. I need them to be of uniform colour and without fissures, suitable for sculpture. Is it possible to buy, e.g., five cubic meters in blocks of different sizes (I would, of course, try to adjust my needs to the sizes available)? Also inform me about the general terms of the procedure, such as shipping dates and terms of payment. Sept 11, Contact See Offers US$ 100
ALL/ES: e 4118 USA: I want marble tiles in quantity. I am in Chicago. Sept 11, Contact See Offers US$ 20
FR/AT: e 4116 Netherlands: We want Gneiss (French or Austrian). We have a big project for it. If you have photos please email along with prices. Sept 11, Contact US$ 50
e 4115 India: We want CHINA CLAY POWDER of various grades. Kindly send us offers and , specifications for all available grades etc per return. We are in Tamil Nadu. Sept 11, Contact US$ 100
e 4114 USA: I need 3700 sq ft Crema color limestone honed, unpolished. Also need about 100 sq ft  Michael angelo. Size is 18 X 18. Will also need slabs in same color for stairs. Currently have price of $2.20 per/sf on tiles, $4.00 per/sf for slabs. Delivery in So. CA. Do not wish to import. Expect to purchase in next 7-10dys for flooring. My contact no. is 714-694 .... Sept 11, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4113 USA: Please quote for 6,000 cubic meter 30-40mm size of pebble stones for covering optic fiber cables laid across seabed. Attached is the picture of stone that I need. Also, if you have any other suitable types of stones for laying seabed after covering the optic fiber with sand, please quote me as well. The key factor is that it has to be round must not have any sharp corner. Size required is 30 to 40 mm. Please quote FOB price. Sept 11, Closed, See Offers  USD 100
IN/GR/TW: e 4111 Pakistan: One of our customer is interested in importing Marble Slabs. Please offer prices on CNF Karachi basis. Green Marble 2 CM Thick Slab, Polished, Packing Wooden Cases. QTY 1 FCL. Upon receipt your quotation will decide to visit you for long term business. Sept 11, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4110 China: I want these materials shown in attachment for a very big project. 
1) picture 412/413. is DARK green color, but have some silver light (the picture look like white)
2) 406 is grey and white (NAME MAYBE IS BADAL GREY). 
It will be used for a big project. Need about 10000M2, the three materials. Need blocks. Must have prices to offer my client. Country preferred for importing from is Italy. Sept 11, Contact See Offers USD 100
US: e 4109 Malaysia: Blocks: We want Jet Mist Granite / Grey Mist Granite / VIRGINIA MIST GRANITE. Qty. 300m3 of Gang Saw Sized. We are in the midst of tendering for a project that has specified the above Granite. Kindly provide us with
(a) Please quote in BLOCK or Polished Random Slabs 20mm thk.
(b) Most competitive price based on CNF Penang Port Malaysia.
(c) Lead time for delivery of the stone upon confirmation of order. Sept 11, Contact USD 100
NZ: e 4108 New Zealand: Landscape: Where to buy white or other bulk river stones in New Zealand? I would prefer to buy locally (i.e. NZ) but any part of the country is fine. Expect it will be in 100kg plus 
amounts, probably larger but depends on the size and quality of the stones Sept 11, Contact See Offers  
USD 20
DE: e 4106 Greece: We want price per sqm for German Sandstone called "Anrochte". We require a large quantity. Sept 10, Contact See Offers USD 100
TR/IR/IT: e 4105 USA: Please quote for travertino classic 60x60 per container. Budgeted price fob turkey around USD 1.75/sq.ft. Sept 10, Contact See Offers USD 100 
ES/PT: e 4104 France: Landscape: Please quote for 8/10 yellow and grey cobbles all side natural from Portugal Or Spain only. Qty. reqd. is 24 tons. Price Ex works per ton. We are a granite products manufacturing company in Saint-Carreuc and need the material for stocks as we don't manufacture this kind of product. Sept 10, Contact USD 100
e 4103 USA: Job Work: I want marble fabricators in S. California (CA 91767) that can cut marble into cylindrical shape. These marble tops are three quarter of an inch thick, approx 14.5 inches in diameter, and have a bullnose all the way around. I can supply the marble for this. I can by large pieces of marble, but I need smaller quantities, roughly 15 x 15 inches in size. This will be used in high-end furniture designs. I currently pay $ 70.00 to have a piece of 15" x 15" x 3/4" square piece of marble or granite cut in a circular shape, with a bullnose all the way around. Only one side has to be polished. The purchase date is a ongoing thing, based on the client's delivery of our product. I would like to see a 1 week turn around, after we provide the material, or purchase from the marble/granite fabricator. My issue is finding smaller runs of material, and finding a  fabricator who will do the cutting and edge profile, and polishing. Most of them want only to do
larger jobs like a kitchen. Even though my quantities a low right now, we expect this to change as the product line ramps up in sales. I currently use white travertine, Green Impress from Taiwan (green verde), Galaxy black granite, Greco - a white marble with gray veining, I am looking sodalite marble (a very blue marble with white veining), which is hard to come by. It really depends on what the customer desires. 

Sept 10, Contact USD 50.
IN/ZW: e 4102 USA: Please send us prices of Assoluto Black granite based on a container load 20 ton, cut and polished one face, 80% in 30mm and 20% in 20mm. The slabs should be of same thickness and size required 3mts+ x 1.8mts+ . Sept 10, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4101 USA: Landscape: We want pebble stones you have listed in your online stores. They are #383 pebbles China, # 301 Stone pebbles China, # 664 Landscape Stones and gravel Indonesia, and # 302 Stone pebbles from Malaysia. I am in San Antonio, Texas. Sept 10, Contact See Offers USD 50
ALL: e 4100 USA: We want powdered limestone, or similar, in 100lb bag quantities. It must be pure white, with no specks of any other color. Sept 9, Closed See Offers  
e 4099 USA: Looking for info on Giallo Fiorito like crossover names, whatever, particularly country of origin. Sept 9, Contact USD 20
TR: e 4098 Mexico: We deal in construction and real estate business, We are interested in Afyon fine marble. Please provide us with information about marble sizes, colours and prices. Sept 9, Contact  
See Offers USD 50 
e 4097 Spain: We want prices for granite "Almond Mauve" of polished tiles of 305x305x10 mm & 300x600x12 mm, and polished slabs. Sept 9, Contact USD 50
e 4094 USA: Retail: I need a small amount of limestone for a science experiment. Where can he find some in the Detroit area? Sept 9, Contact FREE  
FR: e 4093 USA: I want prices for a residential home we are specifying for. The marble we plan to use is Rouge Griotte, Breche Nouvelle, Breche De Benou. Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 50  
e 4092 USA: We want price list - granite and marble tiles. Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4091 Ireland: Monument: I am looking for a place in Dublin or the surrounding areas where I can by a headstone and have it placed on my fathers grave in Clonee. Sept 9, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 4090 USA: I am establishing my own business of custom mosaics in Florida. I have not yet gone public, but will be doing so this Winter. I thought it would also be nice to offer people pre-made mosaics also. The mosaics could be for any floor or wall application and the sizes will vary. Anything from 1 square foot on up to 9 square feet. The mosaics I am interested in can be made from any type of stone. Mostly marble. 
I do not care where the mosaics come from so long as they are of good quality and pretty. I am looking for a company that has a catalog to send me, so I can show customers. Each mosaic I would order as needed. For designs that I notice tend to be popular, I would be willing to purchase many to keep in stock. Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4089 USA: Landscape: I want natural white granite cobble stones for a 13,500 sq. ft. street. Located as close to Indianapolis as possible. I have my own shipping. How much per ton? Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4088 Germany: Landscape: Please quote for 25 x 45 x 15 cm of yellow cobbles packed in wooden crates. Price CIF HAMBURG / GERMANY per 20 ft. container. Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 100 
e 4087 Ireland: Artifacts: I want fireplaces. Please send me pictures and price of fireplace designs  in US$ (marble and granite) you manufacture. I would take a full container each year (100 fireplaces). Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4086 USA: Sealants: I want flurocarbon sealers. Send info with pricing, safety, etc. Sept 9, Contact 
See Offers USD 20
e 4085 India: Machinery: I want secondhand laser cutting machine for cutting granite capacity more then 3 feet deep. Please send me the detail of the machine with price. Gujarat, Sept 9, Contact USD 20 
IN: e 4084 USA: I need container price for Shivakashi Gold granite 18 inch x 18 inch (457 x 457 mm). Delivered to New Jersey. Sept 7, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4083 Saudi Arabia: Retail: I want marble slabs for a floor for my new house. I want something fancy or not something that is not available before. I am ready to import. Please quote accordingly. Sept 7, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4081 USA: I own a home and a series of row houses, all built in 1890, with a substantial amount of Warrensburg, Missouri sandstone trim. Some of this has deteriorated. This is a fine grained light gray sandstone. The quarries at Warrensburg are long closed, although a substantial supply of stone remains under the over burden and also in the quarries, under water. Does anyone have a suggestion as to a suitable sandstone to use as a replacement? This stone will be used to restore weathered lintels, sills, belt courses,
and carvings, in addition to steps and wing walls. We do not need to purchase the stone locally, but restoration would likely be on going. We would want to purchase the stone from a source that could fabricate it or send it to a fabricator. Most is rock faced, some has smooth chiseled margins. Sept 7, Contact  
See Offers USD 100
e 4080 USA: Landscape: I need green stone, gravel or pebble for a simulated golf hole in the back of my yard. How expensive would 3 cubic yards be? Delivery location is CA 92201. I cannot find anything but green quartz locally. I am making simulated golf hole in back yard and need green for fairway. Purchase date is next 10 days, decision criteria is ability to locate fairly dark green small rocks or pebbles. I am looking for about 300 cubic feet. Sept 7, Contact USD 20
e 4079 USA: Software: I want a specific software package to control inventory, point-of-sale application and other industry related functions such as job estimates/quotation and job scheduling for the natural stone industry. Sept 7, Contact USD 100
IN: e 4077 India: We are a leading merchant exporter in Tamil Nadu and we have our associates in Brunei and Dubai doing the building materials business. At present our associate in Dubai is working on a new project for supply of yellow or pink marble in random slabs. Please quote for yellow and pink marble in Indian Rupees on Ex-factory or any nearest port city from the factory. Sept 6, Contact,  See Offer  USD 50 / Rs. 2500
IT/ES/GR: e 4076 Singapore: We want Rosa Alicante, Dark Emparado, Crema Marfil, Volkas or Volex, Thassos White, Crema Lotus Extra, Perlatino, Serpeggiante, Botticino. Sizes required 305 x 305 x 10mm, 300 x 600 x 15/ 20 mm & 600 x 600 x 20 mm. Sept 6, Closed, See Offer
ALL: e 4075 Trinidad: We wish to introduce ourselves as Manufacturer's Representatives seeking to solicit Exclusive Agency of your products. We operate a commission agency firm, booking orders on a direct indenting basis with buyers in our market as well as those in other West Indian markets. We are very well connected with the entire trade, and can, therefore, build up a good volume of business for you in these parts. Please send your full range of catalogues together with your best C.I.F.C. prices so that we can contact the trade without much delay. Sept 6, Contact, See Offer  USD 20
TR: e 4074 USA: I am an importer of stones from countries like Oman and China. I now want to import marble and travertine from Turkey. Please send me your pricelist. Sept 5, Contact, See Offer USD 50
e 4073 USA: I want 100 sq ft Antique Gold. I completed a large bathroom in Pennsylvania and we have a leak in the shower. I am being told by my supplier that they cannot get any more. Sept 5, Contact
See Offer  USD 20
e 4072 USA: Retail: I need Italian stone slabs with lots of grain, tan, tawny, lite brown or similar color for a coffee table counter top. Size 30"X30" with 1"-2" thickness. Delivered to Rapid City, South Dakota. Contact no. 605 3..-....Sept 5. Contact, FREE  
e 4071 USA: Landscape: I want river rocks. We need it to fill concrete pool decking and aluminum fencing around an in-ground pool. No one seems to know what I am talking about here in Michigan. Coverage area is 360 sq.ft. with dept of 2-3" deep. The rock should be no more than 2 - 3" in size and should be round / smooth. What would be the cost? Sept 5, Closed, See Offer
ALL: e 4070 Taiwan: We have opened our own office in Vietnam. We want to import and sell polished marble and granite slabs. No size or thickness or colour preference. We do need price around $ 25 / sq.m. i.e. $ 2.2 / sq.ft. CIF. We will buy container loads at a time. We will pay by l/c. Please give price cif HCM port Vietnam or your fob price along with 20 ft container costs. 
Send us prices and images. If we like that, we will need samples. We will then try to sell your material. If we succeed, we will open l/c. If not, your effort will be wasted. That is your risk. If you are willing to do this, only then send your offers. Sept 5, Contact, See Offers USD 100
e 4069 Poland: We want 6000m2 of Andeer (Swiss) as facade veneer, sizes 600 x 600 or 1200. Thickness 40mm polished and pre-drilled or as installed. Sept 5, Contact, See Offer USD 25
ALL: e 4068 UK: I want 10mm tumbled stone of good colour. Must be limefree. 24 ton lots to England. 
Sept 5, Contact See Offer  USD 100
PT: e 4067 USA: We want 15000 sq ft of limestone Lagoz Azul or Azul Valverde. We need stone 24" long with various widths, 6", 8", 9", 16". All at 2" thick either in flame or tumbled finish. Sept 4, Contact,  
See Offer
 USD 100
e 4066 Japan: We are an architect studio and looking for lava stone tiles with black and other colors for a court yard of our dwelling house project. Sizes are 200 X 200mm or more than 400mm square. Thickness 30mm. Quantity:80-90m2. Budgeted price: USD 50-60 / m2. Texture: solid and compact surface. Color: not gray but black. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer  USD 100
ALL: e 4065 USA: Artifacts & Monuments: We are in urgent need of: absolute black monuments 72"x12"x8" base die size 60"x6x30" & statues of holy family (Mary, Joseph & Jesus) 54"/60" height approx. We are in Florida & contact no. is 713 49...... Sept 4, Contact, See Offer  USD 50
e 4064 USA: Machinery: We need used or new marble blocks cutting machine. Sept 4. Contact, See Offer USD 25
e 4063 Italy: Please quote for one container of fiberglass net for the reinforcement of marble stones. My company is one of the oldest company in Italy which distributes a wide range of accessories, professional tools and whatever concerning the marble and granite field. Please quote CIF Livorno port basis. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer USD 50

e 4062 Turkey: Please quote for fiberglass nets which are suitable for epoxy and polyester resins. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer  USD 50

e 4060 Portugal: We want fiberglass net with 70 or 80 grs/m2, white color, in rolls with 50x1m, packed in cartons. We can buy two containers if the quality and price are good. Please quote CIF LEIXÔES. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer  USD 100
e 4059 Germany: Please send us information with pricing and delivery time for fiber glass net. We need a woven roving of 500 g/sqm and a width of 130 cm. Please send us also the price and delivery time. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer USD 50
e 4058 Australia: Please quote for fiberglass mesh. I am in Victoria. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer USD 50
e 4057 Turkey: We are mosaic producer company. We use fiberglass mesh net for assembling marble pieces. Our demands are 60 gr, 75 gr and 90 gr. Please quote per sqm. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer  USD 100
e 4056 UK: I want product details on fiber glass net for reinforcing stone slabs including prices. We are in LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer USD 50
e 4055 USA: I am looking for a source for mesh netting for custom mosaic work. I also need an adhesive system that is simple to use to bond the mosaic stone to the mesh. Small quantities needed. Sept 4. Contact, See Offer USD 20
e 4054 Germany: Please quote with detail information about fiberglass net. We have a use for a plant in India. Sept 4. Contact, See Offer USD 50
e 4053 India: We have a well established marble factory. We need about 5000 Sqm (or more) every 3 months of fiberglass net and we want to know the price to Bombay by sea or Delhi if by Air or FOB price in US$/ per sqm. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer USD 100
e 4052 Turkey: Kindly quote us the price of fiberglass nets. We have a granite tile line. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer USD 50
e 4051 USA: Retail: I want 12x12 tiles of a stone similar to the Dakota Mahogany. It is actually called Indian Dakota or Indian Mahogany. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer, US $ 20
IN: e 4050 Poland: We want sandstone in slabs 2 and 3 cm thick. Please provide prices for Teak, Rainbow & white sandstone. If the prices are good then we will immediately place one container order. We need this for our stock. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer, US $ 100
ES: e 4049 China: I want Crema Marfil / Emperador / Rossa Alicante, unpolished, sawn-cut-to-size 310x310x25mm. Quantity: open. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer, US $ 100
e 4048 USA: Retail: I am interested in the ground cover red stone bagged lava rock, as in price list 571. please let me know the cost for 2.5 lb and 5.0 lb bags and approximate cover in square feet. Sept 4, Closed, See Offer
ALL: e 4047 USA: Please email me a pricelist of your product range. Sept 4, Closed, See Offer
CA: e 4046 Canada: Retail: I want a variety of colours and sizes of polished granite and marble bases for my stone sculptures. I am a sculptor in British Columbia, and would very much like to find a supplier in the Lower Mainland. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer, Free 
IT: e 4045 Kuwait: I am a builder from UK. Please quote for Perlato Royal 60x30x2 cm, 2 & 3 cm Slab - 800 sqm each. Also quote for 2000 sqm of M. S. Amerillo polished 60x30x2, 60x30x3 cm and slab 2 or 3 Cms. Price for each item C & F Kuwait. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer, US $ 100
BR: e 4044 Brazil: I would like to contact suppliers of granite from Brazil. Sept 3, Closed, See Offer
GR: e 4043 Germany: We want Volakas White A or Volakas White B, ca. 230 sqm slabs in 3 cm polished & ca. 40 sqm slabs in 2 cm polished. We need to know the difference in looks, what sizes the slabs are, and how long is the time of delivery. (for price reference see 657) Sept 3. Contact, See Offer, US $ 100
e 4042 USA: Retail: e 4042 USA: I am looking for: 24 x 24 Saturnia - unpolished honed and filled (cross cut travertine). I prefer a uniform light delicate color with low porosity. I also like Cuervo from Mexico and Navona travertines or something similar. The delivery location will be long island, NY. I can be reached at 516-844-8848 (leave message - it's my direct line at work). I have someone to do the installation unless you have some better ideas. The Saturnia will be placed throughout the entire first floor (1300sq. ft) which will include, entry, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, closets, laundry room and living room. I am looking for a pretty smooth, clean piece - honed and filled. I don't have a preference if it is from Italy or Turkey. The color and smoothness of the stone is more important. I am ready to purchase fairly soon or am willing to wait for the right stone. The color should be a very light beige and I don't mind a swirl or two. Cindy Rosenfield. 
Sept 3, Contact 
IN: e 4041 Netherlands: I am an architect, want a natural stone from Agra called Silver Gray. I want to know measurements and prices. Sept 3, Contact, See Offer, US $ 50 / Rs. 2500
e 4039 USA: I need 3 cm polished slabs of Supreme Black from China for residential kitchen countertop use. I am located in Maine and my usual suppliers do not carry this product. I need the stone for my customer. My contact no. is 207.46....... Sept 3, Contact, See Offer, US $ 50
e 4038 USA: Interested in 16x16 medium color travertine honed and filled. What is the cost for 1200 sq. ft. and how much extra for polished? Can you approximate shipping to zip code 78214. Sept 3, Closed
See Offer
ALL: e 4036 USA: I want brilliant Snowflake White Marble. What I want is white white with a definite glisten crystal structure almost translucent. I have seen this carved into small bears but not seen larger pieces. Rough, thick slabs, smaller pieces will do. My size requirements are for smaller, better quality not for architectural use but for sculptural use. Quantity depends on price. My contacts are 703-...-.... Sept 3, Contact, See Offer, US $ 50 
e 4035 USA: Retail:  I want 21 slate tiles, color gray or black, 20" x 20" square each x 1/2" thick. Can you quote me price fob Rockville, MD including specs, color, availability and timing. Sept 3, Closed, See Offer, Free
DE: e 4034 China: I want JURA STONE, unpolished, sawn-cut-to-size 310x310x25mm. Quantity: 5000 sqm yearly. Delivery to Shenzhen, China. Contact number +86 1360..........Sept 3, Closed, See Offer
IT: e 4033 Hong Kong: I want Botticino Semi-classico or Botticino Fiorito. Unpolished Sawn-cut-to-size 310 x 310 x 25mm. Quantity: 600sqm (2 containers). Sept 3, Closed, See Offer
IN: e 4032 India: A customer in Bombay needs 2000 sq.ft. of Makrana slabs. Top quality. 2000 sq.ft. Slabs 9'x5' or as big as possible. Thickness - preferable is 20 mm. Willing to come to Makrana if you can not offer in  Mumbai. Can buy immediately. Sept 3, Contact, See Offer, Rs. 1000
ALL: e 4031 Oman: I am a project engineer, working in Oman, I need good type of cladding stone. So I want your advice for selecting the stone (sandstone & limestone). Sept 3, Contact, See Offer,US $ 20
e 4030 USA: I want black absolute tiles 12"x12". I am a designer and I will be using the tiles for an entry way for a home. I would need about 150 sq of tile. If possible I would like to pick them up from your location. I am located in New Jersey. My phone number is 732-86.... Sept 3, Contact, See Offer, US $ 20  
IN: e 4029 a USA: Artifacts: I want columns that are 10' height including cap / base. In beige or teak sandstone. For shipment to Newark NJ, include price for 1-10, 11-20, 20+. Contact Sept 2, See Offer
USD 100 / Rs. 5000
IN: e 4029 b USA: Artifacts: I need Dolhpur Beige sandstone for exterior cladding as follows: 
18" X 24" X 1" thick honed/ natural (riven) - 3500 sq ft
9"X12"X1" honed/natural (riven) - 6500 sq ft. Sept 2, Contact, See Offer, USD 100 / Rs. 5000
ES/FI/IN/ALL: e 4028 Bulgaria: We want ROSA & BLACK GRANITE for our new office in Varna, Bulgaria.
1. Granite for staircase, lobby and main entrance with total area : 160 sqm
Therein stairs with dimensions:
0,165 x 1,20 m - 80 pcs,
Steps with dimensions:
0,310 x 1,20 m - 80 pcs,
Steps with irregular form - 24 pcs.
2. Granite for cafe, restaurant or club (private, luxurious) with area: 80,00 sqm polished, in combination: Balmoral Red ( 25 sq.m ) + Rosa Porrino (55sq.m) and polished, in combination: Blue Pearl (25 sq.m) + Blue Polar (55 sq.m)
3. Granite for office in the ground floor aimed at tourist agency with intense regime (outwear-resistant) with area: 80 sqm therein polished, in combination: Balmoral Red ( 25 sq.m) + Rosa Porrino (55sq.m) and
polished, in combination: Blue Pearl (25 sq.m) + Blue Polar (55 sq.m).

Quote delivery base FOB - Mediterranean Sea ports. Pls have in mind that we are able to carry out the transportation to Bulgaria via a vessel. Thereto we require packing in - 20'container. 
We enclose:
1. Letter of enquiry and table with the requisite elements. Click here to view.
2. Charts of the office complex (AutoCad file available on request)
3. Scheme 1 and Scheme 2 with dimensions of the elements to the staircase. Click here to view. Sept 2, ContactSee Offer, US $ 100
ALL: e 4027 USA: Artifacts: I am a builder. Quote for fountains, fireplaces and more. Sept 2, Contact, See Offer, US $ 20
e 4026 USA: I need 30 marble trophy bases. 6 are needed by 9/20 and the remainder by 12/1 but I will accept them all ASAP. All measurements are from an existing trophy and are approximate. I can fax a diagram or email a picture. The piece made of 3/4" dark green-black-white marble stock. Marble does not have to match exactly. Stone like dark green / black marble with some white. Examples from stone album which would be acceptable: Verde Patrizia from Italy, Serpentino Classico from Italy, Verde Acceglio from Italy, Zh-G013 Granite from China. It is four sided but not rectangular. It is 8" wide. The left side is 4 3/4" and the right side is 3 3/4". The two back corners are square, and the front edge is a straight edge making an angle. The top and four edges are polished. The bottom is not polished. The edges are very slightly beveled. Click here to see diagram. Delivery to WA 98292. Sept 2, Closed, See Offer, US $ 50
e 4025 Brazil: Machinery: I want American make wet sand blasting equipment (5 to 120 psi.). I need it for restoration and graffiti removal on the granite, marbles and other stones as in industrial sandblasting. Sept 2, Contact, See Offer, US $ 100
ID: e 4024 India: I want 5-7 cm pumice stones for garment processing industry. Preferred country will be Indonesia. Destination will be Nhava Sheva Port, Mumbai/ India. Purchase date will be immediate for one container. Sept 2, Contact, See Offer, US $ 100 / Rs. 5000 
IN/ZW/CN/IR: e 4023 Australia: Blocks: I want blocks of black granite, please price per cbm from your port. Currently we are doing a feasibility study. It could be 12 months or so, before delivery would be required... thus we do not need a fixed price but merely an indicative price.
We are looking at black granite blocks of nominal size 3.0metres x 2.0metres x 1.0metre+
As to quantity we would be looking at probably 5 blocks per month for 2 years
We would pay FOB. Freight cost and shipping would be at our expense and arrangement as we have established channels. We would look at proposals from virtually anywhere in the world, Europe, the Americas, Asia or India. We do not have a findstone colour chart to identify a particular stone type, so we can be broad in our requirements, at this stage. We are looking at blocks to process ourselves. I confirm again that at this stage we are only looking at indicative prices per cubic metre in $US. Sept 1, Contact See Offer, US $ 20
ALL: e 4022 Bahrain: We, are one of the leading groups in Bahrain, with several diversified activities. Our construction division, is one of the oldest civil construction companies in Bahrain and now one of the well respected building construction contractors in Bahrain. 
As a part of our expansion program, we are planning to add Building Materials in our Trading division. As per the present trend, Bahrain is going for massive construction projects. The government has already approved a budget of USD 4 billion to construct 50,000 houses and 4 new towns within the next 4 years. In private sector also, a very high boom for building construction is going on. So, we believe this is the right time to enter into Building Material line.
Now, we are looking for a reputed supplier who can meet our requests with the best products and quality service, specially for marbles and granites. We have gone through your website and found it is very impressive. If you are interested to deal with us, kindly confirm the following: 
1. Confirm that you have no commitment at present in Bahrain and are free to deal with us.
2. Send us few sets of catalogues/product guides with export dealer price list.
3. 2 or 3 sets of presentable samples.
4. Details of delivery method/terms.
We are looking forward to receiving the above and establishing a fruitful business relation with esteemed organization. Sept 1, Contact, US $ 100
IN: e 4021 India: We want export quality Seaweed green tiles chamfered and calibrated,  
size 12" x 12" x 10 mm, 2160 sq. ft. We have a factory in Tamil Nadu. We shall buy shall against H form.
Also willing to buy unpolished strips of tiles size 2' x1' x 11 mm thick as I will process in my factory. We need unpolished strips for Rs. 50 per sq.ft ex-manufacturers factory. My factory has a capacity of producing 20000 sq.ft every month, exportable quantity. I export tiles to USA & Germany. Sept 1, Contact, See Offer, Rs. 5000
BG: e 4020 Israel: WE WANT BULGARIAN STONE IN A SIZE OF 30 X 2 X FREE LENGTH CUT FINISH  ONLY. Sept 1, Contact , See Offer, US $ 50

Millions of congratulations for your site. It's the best I've found in the WEB. Please, let me know how to include my company in your directory, do ads and so on. Many thanks, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. - Mauricio, Brazil.

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