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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   June 30, 2002
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  May Inquiries

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
e 3292 USA: Retail: I would like to know about Silestone. It is available in Grand Junction, CO and how much does it cost a foot? June 30, Contact, US $ 10.
1. 30cm by 60 cm w/ 1.5 cm thick with 4 kinds of color GREEN, WHITE , WHITE GOLD, MOONLIGHT WHITE.
2. each kind with the quantity of 100 sqm 
3. Delivery period is 45 days from now
4. this material is using in Hadyai southern of Thailand. The most convenience port is PENANG port, northern of Malaysia or by trans-shipment from Singapore.
We also accept some more quantity to reach yours requirement such as a full container.
JUNE 30, Closed, See Offers
e 3290 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Azul Imperial. I will need several slabs. I would also like to know the price. June 30, Contact, US $ 10
e 3289 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of Absolute Black of the highest quality. Do you know of anyone in San Diego, CA that might have it in stock? June 30, Contact 10
e 3288 USA: We manufacture a line of decorative designs in borders and medallion among other products that we distribute. The demand within our clients has increase significantly hence we would like to import materials from the countries of origin, and form a partnership to fulfill demands.
We are looking for materials like onyx, botticino or similar, yellow and red colors and any interesting material for creations of new designs, also we will buy materials already cut to sizes so we only have to assemble as per customers requests. The companies contacted should be Mosaics processors or tumble stone manufacturers. Quantities will depend on materials and prices. We distribute in all USA. We are in FL. June 29, Contact, See Offers US$ 50
IT: e 3287 India: I am interested in Italian marble BRECCIA AURORA, let me have more details of this product, its prices and the quarry details. June 29, Closed
ALL: e 3286 UAE: Please e-mail us your product range of high quality sandstones (for cladding purposes) inclusive of availability, lead time for manufacture and supply, and also price list for projects in the UAE. June 29, Contact, See Offers US$ 10.
e 3285 USA: Retail: I need two 1" slabs of galaxy black. Could you send me a price and lead time? June 29. Contact US$ 10
CN: e 3284 Lithuania: We need polished granite G654 30x30x1cm - 460m2 and 30x60x1.5cm - 100m2. We need the price & the loading period. June 29. Contact US$ 50, See Offers
e 3283 Canada: Retail: I am looking for Amarello slabs for counter tops in British Columbia area. Does it come in many colors? June 28, Contact US$ 10
e 3282 Canada: Landscape: WE HAVE SERIOUS DEMAND FOR Cobble Stones from regular stone of gray color: QUANTITY: 20,000 MT CIF PORT OF NEW YORK 
Indicative price: USD 64.00 / MT CIF NEW YORK. Quote has to be CIF not CNF. June 28. Contact, See Offers
ES: e 3281 Italy: We are looking for the following material: Crema Valencia polished, sizes: 300 x 600 x 20 mm, 600 X 600 X 20 MM. Qty: 3 CONTAINERS FOB SPANISH PORT. June 28. Contact, US$ 50.
e 3280 USA: Retail: I need granite slabs for Kitchen / Bathrooms. Please quote in sq ft. June 28. Contact, US$ 10
ALL: e 3279 USA: We are a stone wholesaler in Georgia, and I would like to get information on your company. We may be expanding to a second location in the next 18 months and are looking for North American suppliers (USA,CAN and MEX). Please send a price sheet first. Contact, See Offers, US$ 100.
AR: e 3278 India: We want Exstra coming from Argentine. Please email me a picture. June 28. Closed
ES: e 3277 Turkey: We are looking for 1 container: 1x30x30cm polished/honed left over, 2x30x30 cm. polished/honed left over, 2.8x30xFL rough. thickness left over tiles of Spanish red travertine for the production of mosaic. Our preferred country of import is Spain. June 28. Contact US$ 20.
e 3275 Australia: Retail: I want 250 sqm of Kashmir White granite. Quantity and sizes 250m square, 20cm x 20cm and 60cm x 60cm. Delivery location NSW, Australia. I wouldn't mind importing the material if it is cheaper. Kashmir white should not brown specs in it. Purchase date November, price approx AUD50 inclusive of all costs. June 28, Contact, US$ 10.
e 3274 Syria: Abrasives: We are interested to get your offers for grinding and polishing stone for granite for manual machines, so please send us your offers for all grits that you have. June 27, Contact, US$ 25
e 3273 USA: Landscape: We want cut Michigan field stone. June 27, Contact
e 3272 China: We are in need of Bethel white granite. June 27, Contact
e 3271 USA: Blocks: I want a block of ZIMBABWE ABSOLUTE BLACK or BELFAST BLACK granite, to ship to New Mexico, USA. Size = approx. 8' X 5' X 6' for sculpture. (If I get commission). Want to discuss price, size, delivery costs, lead times. June 27, Contact US$ 10.
e 3268 USA: Retail: I want 500 sft of Jura Beige Limestone Tiles to be shipped to Chicago. I need 16"x16 x 5/8" size. I have an eight week lead time, but I need a lot sample for approval. It is very important that it is TOSCANA or a distressed finish. It would be preferable if someone had it in stock now in the U.S. I am not interested in importing this stone. The application is for flooring. June 26. Contact US $ 10.
ALL: e 3267 USA: I am seeking to buy 2 to 4 containers per month of granite slabs. Please provide prices and freight to Los Angeles, CA. June 26, Contact See Offers US$ 50.
e 3266 USA: Retail: I am looking for Villa De Leva - Travertine honed 12 inch tile. Quantity - 75 sq ft - 12 inch travertine tile delivered to: Parkville, Missouri. I'm not sure but I think the stone is from Mexico. Our new home is due to close on July 16, 2002. I need this tile as soon as possible. It is to be used on the Master Bath floor. June 26. Contact US $ 10
e 3265 USA: Retail: I am a stone fabricator. I am looking for a company from whom I can buy Dakota Mahogany granite 3 cm thick slabs preferably 6' x 12'. I need the slabs delivered to Hernando, MS 38632. I need the slabs as soon as possible. The stone is to be used for a kitchen's counter-tops. June 26. Contact US $ 10.
e 3262 USA: Retail: I want Dark Emperador - 74" x 22" - for a tabletop. I am in Dallas, Texas 75287. 
June 26. Contact US $
FR: e 3261 UAE: We want SARAN COLIN OPERA & SARAN COLIN VERSAILLES. Please quote C&F container load. Also request you to send us samples & prices of all types of marble, granite & stone available. June 26. Contact
e 3260 USA: Retail: Looking for 3 slabs of "Oyster Pearl." June 26. Contact US $ 20.
e 3259 USA: Retail: I am looking for Jerusalem Gold Masada or Jerusalem Gold. I am interested in 120 square meters in 30.5 x 30.5 size (12" x 12"). And considerably more for walls. Do you have photo image to attach in e-mail to me? Location is California, USA. June 26, Contact US $ 10.
BR: e 3258 Australia: We are an Australian firm owning 5 warehouses. We do wholesaling business. We would like to sell Brazilian Stones. Kindly send your profile and pricelists. June 25. Contact US $ 100.
ALL: e 3257 Israel: Landscape: I want Pumice for agricultural purposes - about 3-5 mm (3/8 inch) in diameter. About 80 liters quantity to be shipped to Rehovot, Israel. June 25. Contact US $ 10.
e 3256 UK: Landscape: I want extremely smooth white pebbles. They have to be quite flat -
ideally no more than 20 mm deep. Their width/length can vary as long as they are no deeper than 20 mm. I'd like a price including delivery to London. June 25. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10.
IT: e 3255 Qatar: Please quote for the Perlato Sicilia 1st Choice:
Steps 130 X 33 X3cm. 150 LM 
Riser 130 X 30 X 2cm. 150 LM 
Tiles 60 x 30 x 2 cm. 500 Sq.m 
Tiles 60 x 60 x 2 cm. 150 Sq.m. June 25. Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3254 USA: Retail: I want Jersey "Ironstone". I believe it is a sandstone in the southern part of New Jersey. June 25. Contact US $ 10
e 3253 Netherlands: Blocks: We want at least 40 m3 of Paladio Light fabricated in several block sizes and tiles:
580 pieces of tiles 87,5x87,5x5 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled.
- 192 pieces of strokes 175x40x5 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled
- 108 pieces of block steps 175x63,5x13 cm, top & front side flamed - 'chanfrein' between top & front side.
- 70 pieces edge elements for lawn 175x40x13 cm, top & front side flamed - 'chanfrein' between top & front side.
- 4 slope pieces 175x80x5/13 cm, top flamed.
- 16 pieces edge elements 200x40x15 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled.
- 16 pieces edge elements 160x40x15 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled.
- 16 benches 160x60x50 cm long, all sides polished.
We enclosed an attachment of Paladio (not light). We want to import or buy where ever on stock. June 25. Contact US $ 20.
e 3252 USA: Artifacts: I want 120 meters of complete balustrade - balister, top rail, pillar. To meet building codes here in the U.S., the total height of the balustrade must be 36" (or 950mm). Can you supply a balustrade in which the bottom and top rail plus balister are 950mm? Please quote with delivery to Rochester, Michigan 48306. June 25. Contact, See Offers US $ 50.
e 3251 USA: I want stone sinks. Quantity depends on interior decorator advice. I have 15 sinks total in the house. So the number will be some number up to that. Delivery to Rochester, Michigan 48306. Please send me some pictures and prices. I am willing to buy them from Mexico or Texas. Purchase date will be in 2-4 months.  Are these sinks good for high-use sinks like those in a kitchen? 
Please price four 18" oval sinks in limestone, travertine and marble. I need your advice on which material is best for sinks. Also price the sinks in a 24" rectangular shape if you have them. Can you email me pictures of color samples? June 25. Contact US$ 50., See Offers
e 3250 USA: Retail: Want 180 sq. ft of Jerusalem Bone or similar in 24" x 24" x 5/8". June 25. Contact  
e 3249 USA: Landscape: I need to make 2 sets of outdoor steps, 4'-6' wide, with 12 treads each. I am in Alfred, Maine. June 25, Contact
US: e 3248 USA: Landscape: We are seeking a source of supply for 25 tons of Tennessee crab Orchard or Pa. blue stone or similar. Also 5-10 tons river rock (8"-16") stack for delivery to Pensacola, FL. June 24, Contact, See Offers, US$ 10. 
ALL: e 3247 Ireland: Monuments: We are a headstone retail company in Ireland. We would be interested in finding out about importing European style memorials. June 24, Contact US$ 100., See Offers
ES / TR: e 3246 China: We are Taiwanese invested company located in Beijing and Shanghai, China. We are looking for long term supply of high quality marble from Spain and Turkey. Our usage per month would be 4000 /sq metre for Spanish Crema Marfil (S. Puerta). We are now consider to expand our new line of product to Turkish Travertine (white or yellow preferred). We would appreciate pricing for other beige materials. 
uantity and sizes: 4000 sq metre each / Blocks or Slabs / month. Delivery location: CIF Shanghai & Beijing.
We prefer to buy the material from the source i.e. quarry or factory. We have a factory with gangsaw and polishing line + warehouse. We do direct sales. Our price target for white travertine is RMB 200. 
Regarding Crema Marfil we want selected unpolished slabs. Will 3~4 containers per month be stable in supply?
Is it possible to take 4 cntrs of Select and 4 cntrs of Standard per month
Since Spain will soon be on long holiday next month, We would like to visit your factory during August? We would like to purchased both slabs and blocks of Crema Marfil S.Puerta. Possible to send us pictures of Slabs (SELECTED) and Marble blocks.
Please kindly give pricing for bigger blocks (200 - 260 x 150) and smaller blocks (185 x 90 - 150 cm), at select and at standard each. June 24, Contact, See Offers, US$ 100.
US: e 3245 USA: Landscape: I am looking for quarries in Tennessee that produce flagstone, preferably Tennessee Crab Orchard. June 24, Contact, See Offers, US$ 20.
e 3244 USA: Retail: We want 16x16 Crema Nuovo polished marble tiles. I need a supplier in the San Francisco / San Jose area. June 24, Contact US$ 10.
IN: e 3243 USA: Landscape: I would like prices of stone products: paving slabs for interior / exterior / garden home products. We buy container shipments. June 24, Contact US$ 100., See Offers
IN: e 3242 Bahrain / India: Please quote for Royal Cream granite. Also let me know the following:
1. The availability of royal cream 60 X 30 X 2 = 50 M2, 40 X 40 = 2 200 M2, Slab 50m2 with 20, 30mm thick.
2. The availability of Hassan Green slab 20, 30 mm thick, 50 m2 each, 40 x 40 x 2 x 50m2
3. Suggest some shipping lines which can provide prompt service with the ports of departure and the most earliest delivery time.
Considering the urgency of the project, I hope you will get me the answers in detail so I can immediately proceed with the project program and order confirmation. If required we can meet at Bangalore after your answer for the present consignment. I have some more requirements which will be informed. June 24, Contact US$ 50.
e 3241 USA: Retail: Looking for Vyara Granite - 36" x 60". June 24, Contact US$ 10
e 3240 USA: Landscape: Where to buy sandstones for crops roughly 0.5 cm (cubic) volume in Iowa? The closer to Ames city the better. Such stones need to be applied on top of field earth to produce better quality of certain crops. June 24. Contact, See Offers, US$ 10.
e 3239 USA: Block: I am a sculptor, trying to find a block 36"x36"x36" of fine grain granite black, red or pink. June 24, Contact US$ 10
e 3238 USA: Retail: Looking for companies that sell and fabricate marble and granite in Orlando, Fl. 
June 24, Contact US$ 10.
e 3237 Canada: Machinery: Email me relevant information about photo medallion equipment and supplies for  manufacturing. June 23. Contact. US$ 20.
e 3236 USA: We are looking for 3000 sq feet of travertine floor tile. It needs to be of consistent thickness and in dimension. Can you recommend any available inventories for immediate shipment? We are in Auburn, CA. June 23. Contact, See Offers, US$ 100.
ALL: e 3235 Israel: Landscape: Quote for Basalt paving cobbles size 100 by 100 by 6 mm upper face flamed or bush-hammered sides natural cleft. Also interested in any kind of bricks, old bricks, resistant cobblestone, tiles and curbstones suitable for public and private jobs. Please send me small samples and catalogs by mail, technical specifications, references, price list and discounts. Prices should be reasonable and competitive. Packaging needs to be crated or bulk bags. June 22. Contact See Offers US$ 50.
e 3234 USA: Retail: Looking for small quantity of 12 x 12 Fioro di Pesco Classico for use in Diablo, California. Color range for the stone is lighter lilac, light purple, mauve veins with gray and white. NO deep reds or maroon. Need 50 sq. ft. 12 x 12. Delivery period: Now, (urgent). Will need additional 150 Sq. Ft. 16x16 by 7/15/02. Send digital image if possible. June 22. Contact US$ 10
IN: e 3232 Korea: Please quote for Golden Galaxy or Black Galaxy and Jet Black granite, 130 x 270 x 2 cm or 60 x random x 2 will be fine. I would like know the delivery period as well. Also please send me your quotation of other stones you carry (name and price/sqm). I have decide to buy the stones and I want to keep long term business relationship once I open L/C. The target price for Jet black / Absolute Black is $26 and Black Galaxy is $31 60 up x Random x 20mm thick.  June 21. Contact. See Offers Commission only.
US: e 3231 UAE: Please quote C & F, Abu Dhabi, for Bianco Pensilvania Marble Slabs 3 & 2cm thick & Bianco Pensilvania Marble 30 x60 x2cm. June 21. Contact. US$ 100
IT: e 3230 UAE: Please quote C & F, Abu Dhabi, for Bianco Statuario Marble Slabs 2 cm & 3cm thick. Bianco Statuario marble 60 x60 x2cm thick. June 21. Contact US$ 100
e 3229 USA: Retail: Do you have 180 sq. ft of Jerusalem Bone (or something similar) in 24" x 24" x 5/8"? June 21. Contact US$ 10
TR: e 3228 USA: Retail: We want White Ibiza Limon from Turkey. We need about 3,000 sq. ft of 24x24 and about 1,600 sq. ft. of 18x18 or 16x16. We need a source here in South Florida as we cannot wait for a container to be imported. June 21. Contact. US $ 50
e 3227 USA: Artifacts: Please indicate Prices (USD) for Assorted Colors. 
5,000 Polished STONE Eggs 30 X 40 mm. no stand (pedestal).
10,000 Polished STONE Balls 30 mm. no stand (pedestal). Indicate shipping weights FOB your Port. June 21. Closed. Commission only., See Offers 
e 3226 Singapore / USA:  My firm is responsible for the design of the renovation of Terminal 2 of the Singapore Changi Airport. I am trying to locate quarries and/or distributors for granite (or appropriate alternate stone) for the project. 
Our overall quantity is over 35,000 square meters of stone. This is to be comprised of four different stone colors, one of which is to match an existing stone. Generally the stone sizes should be 60 x 60 x 2 cm. 
delivery location is Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2. Please note that the client is not to be directly contacted. All contact regarding specification of stone is to be through the architects. We prefer to buy either locally or from a geographically nearer source, e.g. China or India. We are searching for light to medium-dark colors within a warmer color palette. Our preferred color is similar to Jura Beige limestone. However, most yellow/beige granites we have seen to date are much to "busy" with contrast from darker colors within the stone. We prefer something more monochromatic, but with enough movement to convey visual texture. 
Project is currently entering tender documents phase. Final decisions regarding stone selection shall be made by the end of July. Decision will be made based on aesthetic, availability, location of granite supplier, performance of stone, and cost. The stone is to be used for flooring throughout the arrivals and departure levels of the Singapore Changi Airport. June 20. Closed.  No Commission.

e 3225 USA: Landscape: I need about a dozen granite boulders, 1' to 1.5' in diameter. Color about 3 to 1 ratio between light and dark minerals, no specific type Preferably from Monterey Bay, California or of a similar blend (65% light colored minerals, 35% dark). I plan to purchase within next 2-3 weeks. The material is going to be used for intertidal research. Delivery location Monterey, CA. June 20. Contact, US$ 10

e 3224 USA: Retail: I want a nice medium blue granite tile. The size of the tile doesn't matter. Blue pearl is too dark, I love Bahia Blue but it's expensive. The area I need to cover is 300 sq feet, maybe less. The price will depend on the beauty of the tile. I am flexible if the material is superior. I need counter top slabs for my kitchen too, I don't know if that will work here because those need to be cut to order. June 20. Contact, US $ 100, See Offers 
ES: e 3223 Spain: Please quote for 4 containers of 20' with Crema Valencia polished 30x30x2. FOB any port of Spain. June 20. Closed, See Offers
ALL: e 3222 b Kuwait: Our company is one of the best corporation in Kuwait with a strong connection around the world like Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Portugal, Brazil. We have different activity first: General trading and contracting & second importing Marbles and Granite & market it in the local Kuwait market.
I would like to contact companies to deal with and if they can send their catalogues and list price for various products that they export. June 20. Contact US$ 100.
e 3222 a Kuwait: Rosa Santos Granito (slabs 2 & 3 cm) 5000 sqm polished and flamed. We need this for a project. June 20. Contact, US $ 100
e 3221 Korea: Want White marble
Size : 40 x 60 x 1 or 2 cm
Color : No mineral vein and very close cell and small grain / snow white color. 
Shine : very good condition (polished).
Usage and purpose : Marble artcraft.
Quantity: 3000m2 per month. 
Price Terms: CnF Pusan, Korea 
Packaging: wooden box. 
June 20. Contact, See Offers  US $ 100

e 3220 USA: Want Indian marble Fancy Green. June 19. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10

e 3219 Canada: Landscape: Very helpful website - well done. I am looking for a pea gravel supplier in Toronto (Canada) but have had no luck with local Home Depot, White Rose Nurseries, etc. This is a small residential job, so not sure what a good price is for a truckload of pea gravel (?). I am looking for local suppliers. June 19. Closed, See Offers
e 3218 Portugal: Blocks: Portuguese company is looking for black marble and granite blocks, sizes for gangsaw. June 19. Contact See Offers US $ 20
e 3217 India: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a well established export house based in Bombay. We are engaged in export of several items including stones to Europe & Middle East countries. 
Presently we are in receipt of a large order for granites, details of which are given below. We are looking for reputed suppliers of Granites to procure our requirement. We request you to give us your best quote along with complete information about your company, delivery time and other products (colour) available with you.
50000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
20000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
40000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
40000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
38000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
50000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS ) 
50000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
20000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
20000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
35000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
Export packing, calibrated, water cut, polished. For slab give prices for both ‘ Gangsaw size & Cutter size’. Export will be done by us. Kindly give prices for other colour granites also. We have enquiries for Granite Blocks also. If you are in a position to supply Granite Blocks then you may quote the prices for Block on FOB, Mumbai basis. June 19. Contact Rs. 1000
ALL: e 3216 UAE: We are one of the leading marble & Porcelain Tiles traders in India (operating from United Arab Emirates). We would like to know more about your products & Price details. Delivery Location: Cochin Port, India. We are distributors, we need prices for all item. We are looking for Ceramic Tiles / Marbles / Porcelain Tiles. Quantity will be 10-15 containers per month. June 19. Contact US $ 100.

CN / BR: e 3215 USA: Retail: Could you please tell me price per sq.ft. for the granite from China color Blue Diamond & Brazil colors Amarelo Blue and Blue Pegaso? I am in Dorchester, MA. June 19. Contact
See Offers US $ 10

e 3214 USA: Retail: Looking for 2 or 2 and half slabs of rainbow sandstone ---immediate need for bathroom vanities---either I can buy or my fabricator will buy in Miami Florida. June 19. Contact US $ 10
e 3213 USA: Retail: We want 24" X 70" finished (polished with polished edges) marble green (verde). 
June 19. Contact US $ 10
EC: e 3212: We need marble from Ecuador. We need two containers of 30*30*1 and two containers of 30*60*1.5cm. June 19. Contact US $ 100
ALL: e 3211 South Africa: Need sandstone tiles sized 600x600x20, 1 20 feet full container. June 19. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
EG: e 3210 Finland: I need a list (and pictures) of all available types (and colors) of sandstone and good quality limestone in Egypt. The limestone should be durable so it should be "dolomitic limestone / dolomite" if possible.
What I am seeking:
1) the stone has to be from Egypt (and would also be used there)
2) the stones have to be hard (sandstone or dolomitic limestone), as hard as possible. Granite is not possible. Black "Gabro Aswan" or basalt will be also used in the project, but other stones can not be granites. 
3) there should be three or at least two colours, one grey (or two greys: one dark and one medium) and one light colour, almost white (light beige or light grey or white).
And some questions:
1) Is basalt much cheaper than "black aswan"?
2) Is "black aswan" harder than basalt? (the amount that would be used is enormous...). June 19. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3209 Africa: Machinery: We are a construction company and we would like to be supplied with machinery for crushing stones. We would prefer you supplying the machinery plus other related machines. June 19. Contact US $ 20
e 3207 USA: Retail: We want Marble slabs: roja or similar. Typical dimension: 3' wide by 6.5 to 8' long. Mirror finish: one-face only. Ship to: Avon, Connecticut. Desired delivery: 90 days. Quantity required is 300 sq. ft. June 19. Contact US $ 10
e 3206 India: Machinery: Please quote for High Speed Diamond Gang Saw and any other cutting machine you have. I am in Rajasthan. June 18. Contact  Rs. 2500
e 3205 Australia: Blocks: I am trying to track down suppliers of soapstone (for craft use) in Sydney. 
June 18. Contact US $ 10
e 3204 USA: Landscape: Can you tell me your price for installing flagstone around a swimming pool with 141 sq. ft in total? June 18. Contact US $ 10
e 3203 USA: Landscape: I am a builder in Seattle, WA. I am interested in some of your flagstone. I prefer a supplier from my area. June 18. Contact US $ 10, See Offers
e 3202 Lebanon: We want to import talc stones to Lebanon to produce talc powder for use in cosmetics and shampoos. Kindly advise best price C & F Beirut, Lebanon. We are importing 75 USD and producing powder and selling at 107 USD. June 18. Contact, See Offers
e 3201 USA: Retail: I am looking for a small piece of black granite; the same type that was used to make the Vietnam Memorial Monument in Washington D.C. Preferably from the same quarry. I understand that the granite used was a deep fine grained black granite from India. I wish to have the piece engraved with a poem entitled "Black Granite Battalion" which I wrote for the fallen veterans of the Vietnam conflict. I was looking for some thing approximately 11X17 inches and approximately 1" thick (for portability ease) with the following engraved in a font similar or exactly like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (see attached). 
I would like to leave off the "Unpublished Work (c) 2000" and just put my name on the bottom right in a smaller font, say 1/2 of the text font size. My name would appear as David P. Elfert. 
Let me know of a price including shipping and handling for such an item. I would like to donate to a local VFW and/or local war memorial. I am looking for a local dealer in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A area. Can you also recommend any and all tips and procedures for engraving/etching of the stone so that I could relay any pertinent information to the monument company that I will choose to do the engraving? June 18. Contact, See Offers US $ 10
e 3200 USA: We want Delaware River Stone. I am willing to drive as far as 55 miles, if I must. I am in Hornell, NY. June 18. Contact US $ 10
e 3199 USA: Landscape: Looking for small boulders. June 18. Contact, See Offers US $ 10, See Offers
IN: e 3198 USA: I am interested in tumbled stones from India 10mm to 30mm all colours types as much colour as possible. The stones have to be highly polished. Approx 1 tonne required immediately with regular shipments to follow. The stones must be highly polished - the sort that are used for decorating. The rate I saw listed in the pricelist section is 120 Indian Rupees per kilo polished, 80 Indian Rupees unpolished. June 18. Closed See Offers
e 3197 USA: Landscape: I am looking for ~ 2 ton of white pebble in 2 ~ 3 inches size and delivered to San Diego, CA by July 2002. June 18. Contact US $ 10, See Offers
VN: e 3196 France: Landscape: We are an import company and we are looking for some factories in Vietnam able to produce granite paves or cubes. We are studying the opportunity of developing the paves import business to France. Could you please give me some quotations on paves 10x10x10 cm and 8x8x8 cm paves in grey BIS 08 and yellow BIS 04. June 18. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
BR: e 3195 b Australia: We are looking for the following materials in slabs for stocking in USA.
1. Costa Esmeralda - Not sure if it is Iranian or Brazilian
2. Golden Beach - Brazil
3. Juparana Royal. June 18. Contact, See Offers Commission only
e 3195 a Australia: I am also looking for pre-fabricated kitchen tops as running lengths with full bullnose or half bullnose pieces. I understand some Chinese companies are doing good work with imported and Chinese materials. June 18. Contact, See Offers Commission only
e 3194 Pakistan: Machinery: We want a used horizontal boring machine (4 inch to 30 inch). Please send the price list. June 17. Contact US $ 10
e 3193 India: Tools & Abrasives: We require diamond cutting tools (granite segments). Please send me the product price information. June 16. Contact US $ 25
e 3192 Canada: Landscape: I'm looking for around 300 - 400 sq. ft of flagstones 2", sand color for a backyard patio and walkway project desirable this summer/fall. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. June 16. Contact, See Offers US $ 10
GR/AR/IN/IR: e 3191 Mexico: We are building a complex of several office buildings in Mexico. We are interested in all marbles in green &/or blue colors. Please send photos & prices of slabs. June 16. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3190 USA: Artifacts: I am looking for Alabaster Accessories, in particular those shaped as a ball. I am just an individual consumer trying to locate some accessories for my home. I am not in the stone business. 
June 16. Contact US $ 10
e 3189 USA: Artifacts: I am an Architect/Builder. Please e-mail photographs of Marble Fireplaces. I need 5 high quality Fireplace fronts for a project I am about to begin in Rochester Hills, Michigan. June 15. Contact
See Offers US $ 50
CN: e 3188 Italy: We are an Italian Company. We are interested in the following stones 603 - 606 - 617 - 623 - 633 all 20 mm Thick and 30 mm Thick. June 15. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3187 USA: Blocks: I am looking for Pacific Pewter marble blocks to carve bathroom sinks. June 15. Contact US $ 20
e 3186 USA: Artifacts: We want to purchase immediately fireplaces. Please send us image photos of color and size description and prices. Shipping to Central Pennsylvania. We are expanding current business. We have planned a grand opening in July. We supply to contractors, builders, etc., hence quantity undetermined. June 14. Contact See Offers US $ 50
e 3185 India: Artifacts: Please quote for water fountains, etc. as in www.findstone.com/artistic.htm
June 14. Contact US $ 20
e 3184 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing granite tiles for a new construction. I would require the following two types granite tiles for floor covering: BIANCO ROMANO AND TUMKUR PORPHERY
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please tell me if you ship abroad and how much would be the charge for
shipping tiles measuring 12 inch by 12 inch, with thickness of about 3/8th of inch (USA standard tile) for floor tiles. I am interested in Bianco Romano as well as Tumkur Porphery. I may also consider other types of granite tiles. But for now, these are the main two colors that I will be needing for my new house. Turkum Porphery is mostly reddish with streaks of black grains going through it. I need about 1800 square feet of Bianco Romano and about 200 Square feet of Tumkur Porphery. 
Please give me an estimate in US Dollars, the price of these granite tiles per given square foot. Also for an order of the magnitude of 2000 square feet roughly would there be any discounts? How much would the total shipping costs? 
ALSO do you have MEDALLIONS that measure from 30 to 40 inches in diameter? June 14. Contact
See Offers
US $ 10
BR/IT: e 3183 Singapore: We are an Interior Design firm. Please quote for:
Stattuario 1°ch. 200 sqm polished slabs 2 cm th. (no yellow spot)
Malachite Green 100 sqm polished slabs 2 cm th.
Giallo Siena 150 sqm polished slabs 2 cm th.
Carrara White 250 sqm.polished slabs 2 cm th. Please quote your best FOB price. June 14. Contact US $ 50, See Offers 
e 3182 USA: Retail: Looking for Decomposed Granite supplier in Portland, Oregon area. June 14. Contact, US $ 10, See Offers 
GR / TR: e 3181 Jordan: I want Plain White Marble 100% white. No stains, spots or leaves. Large quantities (above 1000 SqM). Price required CIF Aqaba - Jordan. Quote for all cut sizes. Send pictures by email, samples after reply might be needed. It is for a government client buyer in Iraq.  June 14. Contact
See Offers
US $ 100

ALL: e 3180 USA: Artifact: I am interested in purchasing high grade marble fireplaces. Please send me the price list. June 14. Closed

IR / TR / IT:e 3179 USA: I am the owner of a marble shop located near Dallas, Texas. Please send me your prices and availability of TRAVERTINE. How soon can you ship Travertine for swimming pools and building construction. June 14. Contact US $ 25
e 3178 USA: Retail: I want to use Verde Fuoco granite for kitchen countertops. Also what should the pricing be on this granite slab? Denver. June 14. Contact US $ 10
e 3177 USA: I am trying to locate Bois Jordan Marble that was quarried in Vermont, USA about 60 years ago. It came from the Vermont Marble Company. 
a. Quantity and Sizes - We are looking for 2" thick slabs for fabricating vanity tops and Kitchen countertops. The sizes of the slabs would need to be as large as possible. 
b. We would need the slabs delivered to Orland, Maine. 
c. We will purchase the stone locally, or we can import if necessary. 
d. Project is underway currently, and we would like to buy the stone and have it in our shop by the end of July. 
e. This would be used for vanities and Kitchen Countertops.
f. We do not have any prices on the stone. June 14. Contact US $ 10
e 3176 Uganda: Machinery: Please can you give me a list of prices of machinery and equipment used in marble and granite processing. I would specifically like to know the prices of the following machinery.
1. A hydrated lime plant, used to process LIMESTONE into lime for different purposes.
2. A terrazzo unit.
3. A combined marble and granite block cutter
4. A powder grinding plant.
The project we want to carry out here in Uganda is in two phases, the 1st phase is in powder, marble, granite, and terrazzo. The second phase is in Limestone. This is a small- scale project. Please give me also your opinion on the capital cost of such a project. June 14. Contact See Offers US $ 20
e 3175 USA: Retail: I am an interior designer trying to find suppliers that would be able to work with me in regards to supplying to me in Raleigh, NC 27603, so it could be either local or import. I am not trying to fill a specific project specification at this time, but rather obtain brochures and samples of what a company has to offer. The stone would be utilized for flooring, interior decor and structures. For now I am not locked into a specific price structure. Again, I am trying to set up a supplier base for myself. June 14. Contact US $ 10
DE: e 3174 USA: I am an architect in Honolulu, Hawaii. I want German Greenstone slabs that are 1 1/4" thick. Please quote. June 14. Contact US $ 20
e 3173 Pakistan: Machinery: We were looking for old machinery which can process slabs and tiles both. June 13. Contact US $ 50
e 3172 Canada: Miscellaneous: I am in Canada and looking to start a business making photo medallions for memorials. Do know where I can find a wholesalers and the knowledge I need to start such a venture? There is a real need here for this service. June 13. Contact  US $ 25
ALL: e 3171 UK: Landscape: I have 2500 sqm of granite paving (as black as possible) to lay in Coventry, England; some of it radiused. Please send me quotes. June 13. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3170 USA: Landscape: I am trying to locate some black granite rubble to split and clad a garden wall with flat edge finish. I am attaching a photo of the type of wall I am trying to achieve which I took in Langkawi Malaysia and is apparently made from splitting unmatured black granite rocks.
The colour is important so if you have any information or alternatives I would be very pleased to hear from you. I understand I would be requiring about 30 tons of stone for my project. June 13. Contact, US $ 10
IT: e 3169 HongKong: Please quote your best price for a tender for renovation work of 15 floors of a prestigious hotel in HongKong. The materials required are:
Branco Polar granite, flamed 
  option 1) 300 x 300 x 20 mm 
  option 2) 600 x 600 x 20 mm 
Nero Assoluto
  option 1) 300 x 300 x 20 mm 
  option 2) 600 x 600 x 20 mm 
Statuario Venato polished
  option 1) 300 x 300 x 20 mm 
  option 2) 600 x 600 x 20 mm. June 13. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
IN: e 3168 India: We have a specific requirement as given below for a project in Brunei. 
QTY: 5000 SQM, SIZE : 600 X 600 X 20, POLISHED
We are the exporter and we want to buy and export it. We need Indian material only.  We need a competitive quote FOB Any Indian port. June 12. Contact US $ 50
e 3167 USA: Landscape: Looking for a retail supplier of broken flagstone in the DC/MD area. June 12. Contact, US $ 10.
e 3166 Lebanon: Machinery: I want reconditioned machines for my factory.
I need all information and final price for:
1 - block cutter 4 columns-vertical disc diameter 120 cm and horizontal disc diameter 45 cm.
2 - gangsaw machine-with 40 or 60 blades 
3 - crane-over railwith capacity of 25 to 30 tons 
4 - cross cutter 
5 - horizontal splitter-two motors or vertical with 4 disc
6 - hammering machine 
7 - edger trimmer. 
I need this information urgently. Please send me a proforma invoice. June 12. Contact US $ 100
e 3165 Canada: Retail: I want prices for granite floor tiles (polished) in sizes 18” x 18” and bigger. 
June 12. Contact US $
BR: e 3163 USA: Blocks: Can you give the pricing per Cubic Meter FOB Brazil for the following granite blocks:
1. Labrador Green
2. Gold Canoca
3. Giallo Fioritto
4. Ubatuba Green
5. Kinawa Classic. June 12. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3162 USA: Landscape: I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am interested in buying some flagstone for a small do it yourself job. June 12. Contact, US $ 10
IN: e 3161 China: Blocks: I am interested in Indian black granite, so could you answer me the following questions:
1. What do you call Indian black? 
2. Do you own the quarry of Indian black? How about your production capacity?
I need quotation on Indian black blocks, quantity required will be more than 100m3 per month. June 11. Contact, See Offers US $ 100

BR: e 3159 Germany: Landscape: Please send prices in US $ for Verde Camacho from Brazil
3000 sqm pavement 50 x 50 x 2cm, honed carb.120.
120 sqm pavement 60 x 40 x 3cmm, honed carb.120.
800 sqm steps 4cm,honed carb.120.
450 sqm steps 3cm,honed carb.120.
900 sqm risers 2cm,honed carb.120.
1500 lin.m skirting-tiles 8/1cm, honed.
1800 sqm tiles 40x40x1cm, polished, calibrated + bevelled. June 11. Contact, See Offers, US $ 100

ALL: e 3158 Australia: Retail: We want 250 linear metres of 500 X 200 X 1000 mm 6 sawn side dark gray granite. I am in Melbourne, Australia. I am willing to purchase now. Price is the main purchasing criteria. The stone will be used as a base stone and window surround for a sandstone house. Local costs are far to high. The color I have chosen is G653 from China. No preference in country although freight cost may decide that. The current price I have is US$100 per linear metre. June 11. Contact, See Offers, US $ 100.
e 3157 Vietnam: Machinery: We want to invest in a complete line of machinery from Italy for cutting and polishing GRANITE in middle of Vietnam. Kindly send us catalogue set for studying. June 11. Contact US $ 50
e 3156 USA: Retail: I am looking for Chiampo Mandorlato. Polished with straight edges unpolished. I need a price for 300 sq. feet and 500 sq. feet for 12" x 24" x 3/4". Also, could you supply the lead-time. I am in Wood Dale, IL. June 11. Contact, US $ 20.
e 3155 USA: Retail: I am in need of 2 slabs of either Royal Blue Sodalite or Blue Macaubas - A marble for a burial marker. The type of stone pictured in your China monument style #03 would also be on adequate match for what I have in mind. The slab dimension would be 2.5' x 2' x 6" and a base stone of proper dimension to go with it. June 11. Contact US $ 10
e 3154 USA: Retail: We want Unifort Italian floor tiles 34 x 34 cm, color 35. June 11. Contact US $ 10
e 3152 USA: I am interested in Italian marbles in cream colors. Please contact me for products and pricing. We are based in the USA. June 11. Contact, See Offers US $ 50
e 3151 USA: Retail: We want Marinace Red or Red Sierra Chica granite tiles. 100 sq feet. We are in Maitland, FL. June 11. Contact US $ 10

CR: e 3150 Italy: Blocks: Want blocks of Veselye Unito (lighter shade) from Croatia.  I need them to make slabs of 270+ x 130+ cm. June 10. Contact US $ 100

TR: e 3149 Italy: Blocks: Want Turkish marble blocks. Baba also know as Champain 200 tons and Breccia Dorate 100 tons to make slabs of 270+ x 130+ cm.  June 10. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
IN: e 3148 Bangladesh: We have a potential customer in Bangladesh interested to import good quality marble and granite slabs in bulk quantity at regular intervals from India. If you do not have any exclusive arrangement for selling your products in Bangladesh, kindly let us know so that we can arrange a meeting. June 10. Contact, See Offers US $ 10
AU: e 3147 Australia: Landscape: I am interested in purchasing flagstones in Australia, specifically North East Victoria. June 10. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10.
FR: e 3146 China: We're a Interior Design Company in Shanghai. Now we are looking for a supplier of the Marble French Vanilla as a main stone material abt. 2000 SQM for a local project. We need the prices 
(size: 305*305*10mm). June 10. Contact US $ 100
CA: e 3145 Canada: I need about 1550 2-3 foot pieces to build steps in the Brockville, Ontario area. June 10, Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3144 USA: Landscape: I’m looking for decorator stones or pebbles the size of aquarium rock. I make floral oil lamps and use about ¾ cup per bottle. Am looking for an assortment of unique colored stone. June 10. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3143 Canada: Retail: What kind of granite and specifications should we look for in replacing our kitchen counter tops, and who would you recommend to supply and install it in the Vancouver, Canada area. 
We are interested in 2 cm thickness with 4 cm full bullnose edging, and a 4 " back splash. Our counters are a total of 25 feet x 24" wide with a double sink and slide-in range that is flush with the counter top. The kitchen counter is U-shaped with sharp corners. There is also a bar counter top 8 feet x 14" long that runs the length of one side of the kitchen that is open to the family room. It will need full bullnose edging on each side. June 10. Closed, See Offers 
e 3142 India: We are interested in rectified (preferably) or vitrified polished tiles of sizes 30*60, 60*60, 50*50 and 40*40. Kindly send us your catalogue and price list for the same. Please quote your rates C&F Calcutta Port, India. This is reqd. for a project due in about two-three months. June 9. Contact US $ 50
e 3141 India: Retail: I am a student and am constructing my house in Chandigarh (India). I want to use marble for flooring but I don't have any knowledge about the quality of marble. Kindly let me know the best quality of marble which is affordable too and from where do I get the marble and how do I check the quality of the stone. June 9. Contact Rs. 500
e 3140 USA: Retail: Please quote for 700 sq.ft Kastoris Pink or Rosa Aurora. June 9. Contact US $ 10
e 3139 USA: Artifacts: I am an importer and wholesaler. Please send us the complete price list of the marble items of: 
1. Marble / onyx sphere all sizes 
2. Marble / onyx chess boards all sizes 
3. Marble / onyx Matki Jar all sizes 
4. Marble assorted animals all sizes 
5. Marble pyramids all sizes 
6. Marble / onyx eggs all sizes 
7. Marble / onyx egg base stand. June 9. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
IT: e 3138 Yemen: e 3138 Yemen: We want Italian White Carrara Marble Tiles, Slabs, Steps and Risers. The sizes are: 
Slabs: 200x120x2 cm, 200x120x3 cm. 
Steps: From 100 - to 150x33x3 cm
Tiles: 40x40, 40x80, 30x60x2 cm,. Kindly send us catalogue of your products along with prices per sqm C&F Hodeidah Port and C&F Aden Port. June 9.
We want small samples by Offer no. 2 and 3 or any other Italian company who can match these offers.
We will display these samples to our customers and will open the l/c to the supplier. June 27. Contact
See Offers
US $ 100
e 3137 USA: Retail: What is the price of Bardiglio Nuvolato for 100 Sq ft in 2 cm? June 8. Contact US $ 10.
ALL: e 3136 Cyprus: We are interested to receive more information about your company products. We are dealing with ceramic tiles and sanitary wares and wish you produce such products. June 8. Contact US $ 25
e 3135 Germany: Artifacts: Please let me have the price for CIOTTOLI 100x100 mm, Triangle 100x100 mm, ORTONI 1030x1030 mm marble polished. June 7. Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
ALL: e 3134 Lithuania: We are selling ceramic tiles for past 5 years. Our main field of activity is industrial and public objects. Currently we are interested in
1. 800x400x100 mm or 400x400x100mm light grey, warm, small grained granite tiles, flamed - 4600 m2.
2. 200x100x100mm black granite tiles, flamed - 200 m2.
3. 750x800x120 mm red tiles - 400 RM (running meters)
4. Red granite tiles - element measurements till 0.04 m2 410 RM (running meters). 
We would like to receive your answer with prices and technical data EXW as soon as possible. June 7. Contact US $ 100
e 3133 USA: Retail: I like stones from Argentina. I am located in Fresno California and require about 200 sq ft. June 7. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
BR: e 3132 Hong Kong: We want to use Branco Polar & Ocean Fantasy from Brazil for a hotel project in Hong Kong. 
Branco Polar to be used for guestroom shower floors, flamed, in 60 x 60cm tiles, 4 tiles per bathroom, approx. 300 rooms. Qty. 5000 sq. ft. approx.
Ocean Fantasy to be used at a Tapas Bar, size 30cm x 30cm, flamed, area is 18 meters square.
Please quote for slabs and tiles. June 7. Contact US $ 50
ALL: e 3131 France: Artifacts: Please send your price list for inlay table tops. June 6. Contact
See Offers
US $ 100
TR / IR / IT: e 3130 Canada: We want 46000 sq. ft. of Beige Travertine tile, light beige or cream colour, filled and honed, size 3/8" thick, 18" x 18" square. Packed for Export. Please quote in US dollars. 
June 6. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 3129 France: Monuments: One of my customers in France, active in the funeral business, needs Granite Slabs with thickness of 10, 15 and 20 cm polished one side. Preference is colored and dark colors (including blue, green and red tones)
Also interested in Granite Blocks all colours. Also would be interested in quotes for limestone (tiles) polished and unpolished in 30 x 30 and 40 x 40 cm, 3 cm thick (Yellow, beige and brown tones preferred). June 6, Contact, See Offers  US $ 100
IN: e 3128 India: We are a merchant exporter of granites. At present, one of our associates in Europe is interested in importing Black Galaxy slabs. June 6. Contact, See Offers, US $ 25
IT: e 3127 India: I am a builder and am looking for good quality Perlato Sicilia / Botticino / White Carrara / Statuario polished marble slabs for my residential project in Mumbai, India. The quantity required is 5000 sqm. Please quote prices in US $ / Euro dollars along with your stock details urgently as I am planning to visit Italy by the 14th of this month. June 6. Contact, See Offers US $ 100 
e 3126 USA: Retail: I am looking for a US distributor of a Tumbled Turkish stone/paver. It comes in 8x8, 8x16, 16x16 & 16x24. It is 11/2 thick and comes in 4 colors. June 6, Contact US $ 10
AR/EG: e 3125 China: Blocks: Please quote CNF Xiamen -China port for Cielo Azul (blue-colored),  Alabastrino Egiziano (cream-colored with some white stripes) and Arco Iris (light -yellow -colored with some white stripes). The block size should be 120 X 80 up. June 6, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
TH: e 3124 Singapore: Landscape: Do you carry Thailand product of chips in beige colour size approx: 2-3mm, qty about 80 tons. June 6. Contact, US $ 25.
PK: e 3123 France: I would like BRONA marble tile from Pakistan. Please quote in Rupees. June 6. Contact US $ 10
CA: e 3122 Canada: Blocks: I would like to get a price on a block of Rideau Dark Red sawn 42"x42"x35" or 36" x 36" x 36" shipped to Vancouver, B.C. Is this stone fine grain as I am going to carve it in some detail? June 6. Contact US $ 10
e 3121 USA: Artifacts: Please provide more info, price, color, material, shipping, assembly, etc. regarding item no. Fountains 002-002 to Zion, Illinois. June 6. Contact US $ 10
ALL: e 3120 India: Please send me quotations regarding marbles to reach Chennai port, India. June 6. Contact US $ 20
UK: e 3119 UK: Landscape: I am looking for large boulders and stones to make a rock garden. I have looked through the UK suppliers but they all seem to supply finished products and not really what I am after. I will fetch from a quarry in the UK. June 6, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3118 USA: Retail: I would like to contact companies in Northeastern PA that fabricate flagstone Kitchen countertops? I think this place was in or near Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. June 6. Contact US $ 10
e 3116 USA: Retail: I am interested in travertine tabletops. June 6. Contact See Offers US $ 10
e 3115 USA: Tools & Abrasives: Please email or mail information about your company and products. We want to add to our diamond blade line. We are in Lisle, IL. June 6. Contact US $ 50
IL: e 3114: We are interested in Petrified- wood in Raw form. Size may exceed one feet in length. Diameter and other features depend on availability. Preference to visibility of growth rings. Please quote for what is available with you. June 6, Contact. US $ 50 
e 3113 USA: Retail: We need 1000 sq. ft. Imperial White granite tiles 18" x 18". Need 52 sq. ft. Blue Pearl tiles 12" x 12" and 16 sq. ft. Black Galaxy 12" x 12" tiles. Please quote price, availability, and shipping to Davis, CA. Can pay cash, credit card, or check. June 6, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50 
ALL: e 3112 USA: We are a design/builder in Montana looking for the following: 
Marble from Russia - Green Moby Dick 
Marble from Brazil - Pinta Verde; Moss Green; Ming Green & Green Fog. Are there marbles good for flooring?
Granite from Canada - Aqua Mist Beige (for countertop & possible floor). If you carry this stone as pictured on findstone.com's website, please contact me ASAP. 
Marble from Greece - Green of Ziropotamos Drama; Alex of Volos
Marble from Iran - Persian Green. Is marble good for flooring? 
I would also like to see the exact color of Verde Marina. Do you have a picture to can e-mail me or describe this product in more detail. We are looking for a mint to light green granite. If anyone has these products in stock, please contact me & send a sample & pricing information. June 6, Contact US $ 20
e 3111 Uganda: Machinery: We request you to send us a catalogue of the various machinery you have in stock which can be used to process stones into polished tiles & slabs. We are in Kampala, Uganda. June 6. Contact See Offer US $ 50
e 3110 Turkey: I am an architect in Turkey. I want granite called VIZON. June 6. Contact US $ 10
e 3109 USA: Retail: I want to contact all stone retailers & importers in Michigan, USA. June 6. Contact  
US $ 10
e 3108 USA: Project: We are in need of 15-20 slabs of red marble, possibly "Rojo Crystal" or a more defined rectangular colored Rojo Alacante...a true reddish not orange or brown. Need within 2 months for Midwest project. June 6. Contact US $ 100
ALL: e 3107 USA: We are interested in buying anorthosite for building purposes, and we need to know the prices and characteristics of it. June 6, Contact US $ 20
e 3106 USA: Retail: I am a contractor and was wondering if you could tell me if Tropical Green - Shangrila goes by any other names. Please see the attachment. June 6. Contact US $ 10
e 3105 USA: Retail: I want to buy marble dolomite of Argentina. June 6. Contact US $ 10
ALL: e 3104 USA: Landscape / Artifact: Our Company is an importer of stone products for use into the landscape & aquarium / pet industry. We are looking for:
1) Round polished stones in all sizes. Used for decorations in fish aquariums and on potted plants, flooring systems for patios and swimming pools, landscape ground cover, etc...
2) Colored sands and crushed gravels, sized and packed bulk and small polybags for retail. These are also used for aquariums and flooring systems.
3) Stone furniture, bird baths and material to build fountains. 
What is your best product (price, quantity, quality) you can offer us in relation to the landscape aquarium industry? I am in Seattle, WA. June 6, Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 3103 USA: I am an architect. I am looking for precast integrated tread and riser step products
June 6, Closed  

US: e 3102 China: We want Bethel White granite 200cbm/month. Each block should not less than 3 cbm June 6, Contact  US $ 100

e 3101 USA: Blocks: How much would an UNPOLISHED block of Absolute Black granite cost to have delivered to a site about 30 miles southeast of Austin, Texas, USA? The block would be 6 feet tall (or possibly 8 feet tall) by 38 inches by 38 inches. What would the weight of such a stone be? Please send estimates for both sizes. Also, how long after I order would it take to get to central Texas? How is payment handled? I need it for sculpting. June 6. Closed  
e 3100 UK: Landscape: I am interested in both sandstone & limestone flags, stone troughs and anything else you might suggest for sale in the North West of England. Also please forward me a brochure or even better send me samples showing both the colours and finishes. I am in Lancashire, England. June 5. Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 3099 USA: I am an architect. I would like to know how much it costs per sq. ft. to clad a facade with polished black granite 1" thick 1.5 * 1.5' on metal studs? June 5. Contact US $ 10
ALL: e 3098 USA: I am need of a supplier for the following colors of granite in polished slabs 3cm thick: 
Luna Pearl, Baltic Brown, Black Impala, Paradisio, Uba Tuba, Verde Butterfly, Dakota Mahogany, 
Toasted Almond, Giallo Veneziano, Black Absolute, Bianco Romano, Blue Pearl, New Venetian Gold,  
Golden Sand, Emerald Pearl, Bottochino Fiorito, Roman Travertine, White Italian.
Full containers quantities of mixed colors. I am currently in need of 2 full containers of product ASAP. I wish pricing provided to me my costs to my factory located in Michigan. June 5. Closed, See Offers 

I appreciate all the offers being made, however due to time constraint the customer I had that had requested these colors and larger quantities has decided to buy from another supplier. I am going to continue to actively pursue these larger accounts, and knowing I have FindStone to help me locate the suppliers I may need gives me confidence to able to take on such orders in the future. Thank you, Bill, USA

AR: e 3097 USA: Retail: I like Cielo Azul from Argentina. I am in New Port Richey, FL. June 5, Contact 
US $ 10
e 3096 Mexico: Landscape: I need a vendor that can cut 200 sandblast resist templates for use in sandblasting yardage numbers into flagstone for a golf course. The individual templates will be approximately 16" X 16" and will have a 3 digit number approx 3" high (a different number for each template). Additionally, there will be a logo on each template. I need a quote and the fabrication lead time for the finished sheets shipped to San Diego CA. June 5. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3095 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a slab of Azul Guanabara for my kitchen. June 5. Contact US $ 10
IR: e 3094 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Orange Onyx from Iran as shown in your stone album. June 5. Contact
e 3093 Belgium: Retail: I need 20 M2 Rojo Alicante tiles 30,5 X 30,5 X 1cm. Please send me as your best price and your delivery time. I am in Beerse, Belgium. June 5. Contact, See offers US $ 10
AU: e 3092 Australia: We want Australian sandstone for a 20 story commercial office block. June 4. Contact $ 20.
e 3091 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a wholesale supplier of veneer in the Rocky Mountain Region, i.e. Denver. We sell all types of stone and I am looking for new veneers to put into our inventory. 
Quantity and Sizes: If right product several hundred tons. Sizes I don't care so you tell me what you have!!
Delivery is to the Denver area. I want USA stone that I can get into the Denver area for $100 +/-.June 4. Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3090 USA: Landscape: We have a customer looking for bulk quantities of snow white slab, sheet or chunks of rock no more than 4 to 6 inches thick. The rock must be as white in color as possible. This would be used in making walls for a very large landscaping project. If you could quote us in bulk, by the yard, truck load, etc. We are located in Santa Clarita, California, USA. June 4. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
IT / BR: e 3089 Dominican Republic: We are a stone supplier for variety of different construction projects in the United States and are interested in an immediate purchase of 50,000 (fifty thousand) sq. meters of Italian marble. We also are interested in the purchase of Italian granite as well as marble and granite from Brazil. We are located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. June 3. Contact, See Offers US $ 100
IN: e 3088 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Jasper Red Marble from India. June 2. Contact, On Commission basis only
IR: e 3087 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Orange Onyx from Iran. June 2. Contact
See Offers
e 3086 USA: Retail: Want table top, approximately 3 feet x 5 feet, of a green marble or marble with green accents. June 2. Contact US $ 10
e 3082 USA:  I want natural honed natural basalt tile 1700 sq ft. for the floor of a condominium in Sun Valley, Idaho. I need availability in two weeks in Idaho. I am flexible on size between 12" and 24" square. I am flexible on thickness, anything that is serviceable for a residential floor (light use). I want natural solid gray color. Please feel free to call about arrangements. I need this in a hurry, will gladly pay for Federal Express. I am in Palo Alto, CA. June 1. ContactSee Offers, US $ 100. 
PK / IR / TR: e 3081 UK: We have a base here in the U.K. and some of our customers have requested that they would like tiles, quantity: one 20 foot container. I would like the best price, I would like both marble and onyx tiles. The price displayed is a little high. June 1. Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
ALL: e 3080 Ghana: We undertake a series of tomb projects using a lot of granite stones especially the black granite
As real estate developers, we use marbles for tiling and granites for kitchen tops, etc. The company wishes to do serious business. 
We would also like to train our two machine and tool operators concerning designing granite tombstones into different shapes and how to use the stone chemicals correctly.
June 1. Contact US $ 100
ES: e 3079 Netherlands: We are a wholesaler for the Netherlands, and are amongst other things, in need of 250 m2 of Crema Marfil first quality, 50 x 50 x 2 cm, honed. June 1. Contact US $ 100
e 3078 Pakistan: We are interested in importing first quality black granite in slabs and 65 cm running strips. Kindly let us have your best C&F Dubai price as early as possible. June 1. Contact US $ 50
IN: e 3077 India: We have a requirement of Brownish or yellowish color granite hand cut of size 80X120X20 cm, 80X120X15 cm. Quantity needed one container. specify how many sqm does a 20 ft container carry. Please quote us for FOB. Please mail us the pictures also to have an idea about the color. June 1. Contact US $ 20
e 3076 USA: Retail: We are looking Cambrian Black or similar granite slab 128" x 3/4". We are  located in Cleveland, OH. June 1. Contact US $ 10
e 3075 USA: Artifacts: Looking for fossil stone furniture. June 1. Contact See Offers US $ 10


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