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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   January 31, 2002
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  December Inquiries

The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
e 2403 USA: Retail: Please quote for White Chameleon granite for use as Kitchen countertop. I live in the Washington D.C./Virginia area. Jan 29. Contact
BU: e 2402 USA: Please quote for Bulgarian white and Bulgarian yellow limestone 16 x 16 Bulgarian limestone 3/4"inch thick. Please include information as to cleaning and maintenance and usage. Looking for a supplier from USA. Jan 30. Contact, See Offers
e 2400 USA: I am a builder / developer looking for Noce Limestone 16" x 16" 1200 sq, ft in California. 
Jan 30. Contact 
e 2399 USA: Retail:  Quote for 3cm. slab in Rosa Salmon Dark. Jan 30. Contact
e 2398 USA: I want Azul Platino 12 x 12 granite tiles, polished need 105 Maine, USA Jan 29. Contact 
IN: e 2396 Russia: Please quote prices for the following types of marble:
  Verde Guatemala
  Columbo Juparana
  New Imperial
  Black Absolute

We are interested in tiles 300 x 300 x 10, 300 x 300 x 20, 300 x 600 x 10 - 20, 400 x 600 x 10 - 20mm and in slabs  (please, mention the size) as well. Jan 28. Contact, See Offers 
BG: e 2395 USA: Please quote for Bulgarian limestones. Jan 28. Contact, See Offers
e 2394 USA: Artifact / Retail: I was looking for some stone and granite basins for a Japanese garden and entry area for my home. Jan 28. Contact, USD 30
e 2393 UK: Retail: Please quote for 30sq mt absolute black marble in 300x300x10 mm tiles. Jan 28. Contact
e 2391 Latvia: Project: Please quote for 60 x 120 x 3 cm, flamed finish brown and black granite slabs. Qty. 1 container. We need the material in 6 weeks for a project. Payment will be done by LC or through bank remittance. Jan 28. Contact, See Offers 
e 2390 Australia: Please quote for Giallo Veneciano slabs in 20 mm and 30 mm. Jan 27. Contact, See Offers 
e 2389 Italy: We want polished 1,6 cm slabs Ivory Rawsilk Light - 600m. Jan 26. Contact,See Offers  
ALL: e 2388 Denmark: Quote for yellow or gray limestone (or gray concrete). It should be honed with facet edge. Size: 30X60X2 CM and 60X60X2 CM. Quantity 2000 M2. The tiles are to be used for a floor in a store. Please notice that the amount is not fixed as such. The above is just the first possible order. We may place a continuous order of 2000 M2 pr. year depending on the quotation and service we receive from the supplier. Jan  26. Contact, See Offers 
CN: e 2387 USA: I am looking for a 4" x 4" x 1.5" - 2" Chinese cobblestone in the tan shades. Jan 26. Contact, See Offers 
e 2386 USA: Please quote for 1200 sq ft of 12x12 Uba Tuba tiles. Delivery to Anaheim, California, USA. Jan 26. Contact, See Offers 
e 2384 USA: Please quote for finished granite counter tops on wholesale basis. Jan 26. Contact
See Offers
e 2383 USA: Please quote for lava rock. Jan 26. Contact
e 2382 Palestine: Please quote in USD for Wanshan Red, Sesame Red, Evergreen 2, Concubine, Peacock Green, Pingshan Red, China Pink, G439, G640, G603, G633, Padang Dark. We want slabs of the following sizes: 200cm x 300cm x 2cm, 120cm x 220cm x 2cm, 150cm x 250cm x 2cm. Jan 25. Contact 
e 2381 USA: Machinery: I am looking for a hydraulic stone splitter as I do quite a lot of  work using mountain stone found around my central Pennsylvania home. Jan 25. Contact 
e 2380 Italy: We are interested in granulates of these granites; Verde Pearl, Blue Azul Bahia, Sodalite, Verde Amazonas and other tone of Verde. Jan 25. Contact, See Offers 
IT: e 2378 Germany: Please quote along with sample for Silver quartzite dark or light gray in the size of 500 x 500 x 15 mm. Qty. 500 m2. We are furniture manufacturers and also construct houses in Germany. The material is to be delivered to Rhede in Germany. Jan 24. Contact, See Offers 
e 2377 USA: Please quote for 3 cm slab granite in Verde Argento. Jan 24. Contact 
IN: e 2375 India: Retail: Please quote for Black granite slabs and tiles flame finish. The quantity and size is still not confirmed( but will be on higher side). Jan 24. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2373 USA: Retail: Please quote price and availability on the following six pieces of  Giallo Veneziano suitable to face fireplaces and delivered FOB: Falls Village, CT USA 06018
 one 3/4" x 9" x 48"
 two: 3/4" 16" x 60"
 one 3/4" x 13" x 54"
 two: 3/4" 12" x 35". Please quote the same with one face and one of the long sides polished on each piece. Other face, long sides and short sides do not need to be polished. Jan 23. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2372 Germany: Wir bentigen ein Angebot von Ihnen ber:
50 m Sandsteinplatten 40*40*2 cm, geschliffen,
50 m Sandsteinplatten 40*60*2 cm, geschliffen
Material Sandstein "Pietra Serena". Preisstellung frei Heidelberg. Jan 23. Contact, See Offers 
ALL: e 2371 UK: a) Please quote for Marble blocks to slabs, etc. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2371 UK: b) I also import readymade mosaic designs. Jan 23. Contact, See Offers
e 2370 USA: Project: Please quote for Chocolate Flagstone. Jan 23. Contact,See Offers 
ALL: e 2368 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite supplier near Baltimore, Maryland. I would like to install new countertops in my home. Jan 23. Contact or Buy at USD20  See Offers 
IR: e 2365 Iran: Please quote FOB Bandar Abbas port for Iranian marbles and granites. The maximum quantity for each would be 300 sqm. Jan 23 Contact, See Offers  
IT: e 2364 China: Please quote for Nero Portoro blocks 30 M3. Please quote price CNF Huangpu, China. Jan 22. Contact
CN: e 2363 Germany: We are looking for Chinese granite G682 (Tan) and G623 (Counter White). Jan 22. Contact ,See Offers 
IN: e 2362 Lithuania: We need polished slabs 1,6 cm thickness Kashmire white or Ivory Rawsilk light 500m. Jan 22. Contact, See Offers
IN: e 2360 China: Please quote for the following stones from India: 
JK C Black
YA C India
India C KVR

India C Y-1. Jan 22. Contact
ALL: e 2358 UK: Please quote for granite tiles polished, calibrated and beveled 305x 305 x 10mm and 610 x 305 x 10mm. Granite and marble wall tiles (cladding) 20mm & 30mm per sqm. Floors 20mm per sqm. Kitchen tops 600 x 30 mm. We are also interested in purchasing tombstones. Are there any charges on top of the price for cutting the materials to size and finishing? If so, please detail the charges. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers USD50 
BR: e 2357 USA: Retail: I am building a house and am looking for US source Juparano Gold granite 3cm thick. Juperano or Juperana Gold is from Brazil. It is primarily shades of gold with black flowing thru it--usually other colors such as garnet, beige are present in smaller amounts. I have seen it installed on several counters and table tops in US but I cannot find any wholesaler or dealer in US that has 3 cm in stock. 2 cm is not acceptable. Need enough for a kitchen. About 3 slabs. I have seen many Juperano/Juperana's such as Juperano/Juperana Ultra Gold but it has too much rusty red in it. Delivery would be to Dothan, Alabama so prefer but do not require a Southeast source. Jan 21. Closed, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
CN: e 2356 USA: Please quote for a stone called serpentine or false jade. I am looking for a source for highly polished thin pieces to make into tops for wooden boxes. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 

e 2355 India: Please quote for 300,000 sq. ft. Imperial Red granite. Mode: By Sea Freight. Port: San Francisco, USA Quote: Both C.I.F & F.O.B Rates. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2354 India: Please quote for 400 square meters each of Granite and Marble, to be chosen. Mode: By Sea Freight Port: Felixstowe, U.K. Quote: Both C.I.F & F.O.B Rates. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers
CN: e 2353 India: Tools & Abrasives: Please quote for SMD 35+ SYNTHETIC DIAMOND POWDERS of Chinese origin for Diamond Tools. We want to have 5,000 carats of 40/50 grades. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers
e 2352 USA: Retail: I like Phoenix green. I'm looking for a piece 18 1/2" x 58 5/8". I live in So. California. Jan 21. Contact or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2351 Yugoslavia: Please quote for the below given tile dimensions in all available colors that may be purchased in USA. (My customer insists on the goods purchased in USA). Furthermore, please state the port of loading in USA. The final destination for the purchased goods is Valencia, Spain. 
Tile dimensions: 
305x305x10mm / 15mm, 
The catalogs (if possible 2 sets) including the price list you can send by courier mail. We would like to establish long term relations. Jan 21. Contact  
CN: e 2350 Italy: Please quote for China Pink granite slabs and blocks. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers
BR: e 2349 USA: Please quote in US dollars FOB supplier's port for 2 cm and for 3 cm Blue Bahia polished slabs (first quality). Details are as: 
5 slabs 2 cm polished first quality Bahia Blue granite (common lot)
4 slabs 3 cm polished first quality Bahia Blue granite (common lot)
4 slabs 2 cm honed first quality Bahia Blue granite (common lot)
The above three amounts do not have to be from the same common lot. That is, each amount needs to be from its own common lot only. Price quote: in US dollars FOB suppliers address. Quote for each line item. I am in Santa Barbara, CA. Jan 21. Contact ,See Offers
e 2348 China: Please quote for blocks of Camelia White, CNF Xiamen, China Jan 21. Contact, See Offers
YU: e 2347 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Sivec from Yugoslavia. Jan 21. Contact , See Offers
OM: e 2345 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Royal Beige & Opal Pink Light from Oman. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers 
GR: e 2343 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Delfi White from Greece. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers
BR: e 2341 USA: Retail: I would like quotation on the following slabs of Granite for  my house that I am building which is going to be featured in magazines. I am looking for blue granite to cover a wall. Need 6 or 7 slabs depending on the size of the slabs. I prefer Azul Bahia, Blue Pegaso, Amarelo Danju, Azul Guanabara. I will purchase the material immediately. Prefer to import because I can save money. Trying to buy directly to reduce costs. Please indicate port of shipment and hopefully quote CIF Miami, Florida. Jan 19. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2339 Portugal: Prices for Sivec marble. Jan 18. Contact. See offers
e 2338 USA: Retail: Need one large slab of Costa Smeralda (sp?) granite at least 103"-105" in length for use on a kitchen island. Color is critical. Need soft pastel sagey green color with white veining...no rust colored spots. Jan 18. Contact or Buy at USD20 
GU: e 2337 Korea: Please quote for White Marble - 200m3 from Guatemala (for sculpture). Jan 18. Contact, See Offers
ES: e 2336 Korea: Please quote for Saint Rouis - 50m3. Jan 18. Contact.
FI: e 2335 Korea: Please quote for Caleria Red - 300m3, Carmen Red - 100m3 & Baltic brown - 100m3. Jan 18. Contact, See Offers
ZA, ZW: e 2334 Korea: Please quote for African Red - 200m3 & Zimbabwe Black - 50m3. Jan 18. Contact
e 2333 USA: Waterjet: I am a designer and am looking for an Aqua Blue - more blue than aqua granite tile. What is available and about how much per sq ft? 
I need some water jet cut border (12" tile) work done. I have a grape and flower design. Jan 18 Contact
IT: e 2332 China: Please quote C & F Xiamen port, Botticino semi-classico marble blocks. Jan 18. Contact. See offers
e 2331 China:  Please quote for Verde Pearl Granite. Jan 17. Contact
e 2330 Taiwan: Please quote for Fantasy Oyster. Please advise the picture and details. Jan 17. Contact
OM: e 2329 USA: Please quote for Royal Beige from Oman. I want 10,000 sq.ft. Jan 17. Contact. See offers
US: e 2328 USA: Retail: I am looking for a good resource for Tennessee Pink Limestone. The color range I am looking for is towards the beige, with occasional deep veining. This stone is to be used in a Historical renovation of an existing building in San Francisco. I am looking for a small quantity (approximately 20' x 6" x 2"), comes from Tennessee in USA, will be used indoors and will need to be cut to match an existing profile. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20 , See Offers
IN: e 2327 USA: Please quote for 7000 sq. ft. 18x18 polished tiles of Absolute black granite. Jan 17. Contact. See offers
US: e 2326 USA: Retail: We are looking for a source (preferably local source) for Texas Red Granite. We are located in San Antonio, Texas. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20 , See Offers
e 2325 Canada: Retail: Please quote for Golden sandstone 72" x 22' piece for a counter top for residential purchase. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2324 b Jordan: Please quote for plain white marble (snowy in arabic). Large quantities in stock prices of all cuts and thickness. We are an importer and wholesaler in Jordan and Iraq. Jan 17. Contact
See offers
ALL: e 2324 Jordan: We are looking for the following: 
- abrasive stones (stocks for sale).
- diamond disks (without diamond) of all sizes (stock quantities sale preferred). Jan 17. Contact. See offers
BR: e 2323:  We are looking for a  granite originating out of Brazil called Bianco Antico. This is more than likely a generic name. The stone has a Carrara white base with  a heavy medium brown veining traveling through it. The quantities required are 24 x 24 x 3/4  tiles x 2000 sq ft. Also there are 18-20  treads and risers. The expect purchase date is immediately. We prefer to buy it direct from Brazil. We are a Marble and Granite Company specializing in supply and installations of office buildings. We have been in the business for 11 year. Jan 16. Contact
e 2322 USA: Please quote for 20 slabs of 3/4" White (Persian) Onyx. Jan 16. Closed. See offers
IT: e 2321 USA: Please quote for White Venatino marble 18x18 Polished tiles. Quantity required 3000 sq.ft. Delivery in Houston, Texas 77008.  Jan 16. Closed. See offers
CN: e 2320 USA: Please quote for Pacific Pewter Chinese marble. Quantity is 10,000 sq. ft. 12x12 Polished. Jan 16. Closed
IN: e 2319 Italy: Please quote for 20 slabs of Tan Brown granite 3 cm thick polished one surface along with the dimensions, price for goods delivered ex factory Italy in euro. Jan 16. Contact. See offers
NO: e 2318 USA: Retail: We are looking for a price of Baltic Brown granite for a kitchen countertop. It is a u shape and in inches. Starting with the left side it is 60 x 25, 150 x 25, and 51 x 25 with a 25 x 27 piece to finish off the other end of the stove. Please provide a price with shipping, installation. Also, please provide the same for the Blue Pearl granite. We would need the granite shipped to Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. Jan 16. Contact. See offers or Buy at USD20
ALL: e 2316 USA: Please quote for 18x18 polished absolute black granite  7,000 sq. ft. We are based in Atlanta GA, USA. Jan 16. Contact . See offers
ID: e 2315 Hong Kong: Please quote for blocks & slabs of Indonesia marble Cafe Bungaro. Jan 15. Contact
See Offers
CN: e 2313 Italy: Retail: Please quote for fireplaces.  Jan 15. Contact, or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2312 Saudi Arabia: Machinery: We are manufacturers of artificial stone since last 10 years and are looking forward to modernize our production line, Please quote for artificial stone manufacturing machinery. Jan 15. Contact
ALL: e 2311 USA: Please quote for slabs of natural stones as we want to establish ourselves as leading distributors in Santa Cruz,  California including Monterey - Carmel. Jan 15. Contact, USD50

CN, SG: e 2310 Ghana: Tools: We want: 
1. diamond segments for various saws- 350mm dia. to 1000mm dia.
2. diamond in resin polishing abrasives for hand tools.
3. Polishing abrasives for continuous belt polisher, both diamond and synthetic.
4. Steel grit for gangsaw cutting.
5. Steel blades for gangsaw cutting.
6. Drill steel
7. Gun powder for bench quarrying.
We want the material as soon as possible. We quantity depends on price. We find our current suppliers expensive. We prefer suppliers from Far East. Jan 15. Contact 

FR: e 2309 Hong Kong: Please quote for limestone from France named Fontenille Royal in block form, please quote us the price C&F Xiamen China. Jan 14. Contact 
IN: e 2308 Iran: Please quote fob prices for any Indian port for 500 M/T granite in dark colors, green or black. Quote for tiled granite with max length about 2.5 m and thickness min 2 cm or bulk granite in pieces with max weight about 2.5 M/T. Jan 14. Contact
ALL: e 2306 USA: Machinery: Looking for an inexpensive floor warming system. Jan 14. Contact or Buy at USD20
ALL: e 2305 USA: Tools: Need diamond saw blades for continuous rim 10" diamond blade for Felker wet saw cutting tile, marble, granite on various different residential new construction sites. Jan 14. Contact, or Buy at USD20   
e 2303 USA: I am looking for a granite or marble (not sure which type of stone) called VERDE AQUAMARINA. Jan 14. Contact
ALL: e 2302 Taiwan: Please quote for 10 x 10 x 10 gray granite, 200 tons / month. Jan 14. Contact.
See offers
e 2301 USA: I am a new construction builder in Omaha NE, and need a reasonable priced supplier for granite floor tile and counter tops. Jan 11. Contact USD50
IR: e 2300 USA: Please quote for Daneshvar Birjand  (M 19) marble from Iran. Also email us a picture. Jan 11. Contact, See Offers
e 2299 USA: Retail:  Please quote for Agate Granite from the USA for counter tops for a new construction project. Jan 11. Contact, See Offers
e 2298 USA: I am looking for a source for small Pure black marble and Granite custom cut tile
I am looking for a variety of shapes in various thickness. All items would flat and polished on all sides except the back. Shapes would include: Rectangles, Squares, Rounds, Harts, Triangles, Clock faces, Desk sets, Animal shapes, and other custom shapes. The volume would be hundreds to start and the a blanket order for thousands. Price and packaging methods would be a top concern. A relationship directly with a quarry in India or China is preferred and upon receipt of samples (which we will pay for) would like to visit the factory. Jan 11, Contact See Offers
e 2297 USA: Retail: Please quote for metal table legs. Jan 10. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2296 USA: We need quotes for synthetic Diamond Powder of Chinese origin for diamond tool. Mesh size 100-120. Jan 11. Contact. See Offers
e 2295 USA: I am looking for pricing on 3 slabs of 1 1/4 DAKOTA MAHOGANY shipped to Virginia.  I don't have exact measurements because the home has not begun construction. Also can you make custom cuts? Jan 11. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2293 USA: Retail: I'm looking for sandstone for a bathroom vanity. I need a 6ft. piece that is like fossil, pinkish in color. Jan 11. Contact or Buy at USD20 
US: e 2292 China: We need Bethel White Blocks. The quantity we need will be 100 M3, minimum size: 2400 x 1500 x 1400 mm. Delivery: Huangpu, China. Jan 10. Closed See Offers
CN: e 2291 Israel: Please quote for Cherry Flower, Misty Peach Pink and China Pink. I need 6000 m2 90 x 90 x 3, 45 x 90 x 3. Jan 10. Contact, See Offers
e 2290 Israel: Please quote for Rosso Santiago, U3 and coral mist. I need 6000 m2 90 x 90 x 3, 45 x 90 x 3. Jan 10. Closed, See Offers  
BR: e 2289-USA: Please quote for 2000 square feet of Imperial Coffee granite 18X18 tiles. Jan 9. Contact
See Offers  
e 2288 USA: Please quote for Piracema white tiles. I need them in 16X16 and 18X18. 2000 sq. ft. Jan 9. Contact, See Offers
e 2286 USA: We are looking for tile & stone estimation software. Jan 9. Contact 
MY: e 2285 USA: Project: Please quote for crema or ivory marbles from Malaysia. We are looking for a material called Borneo Biege and need approximately 2700 sf. Jan 9. Contact, See Offers
IT: e 2283 Germany: Retail: Please quote for 10 to 20 sq.m Rosso Verona antique stone. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2282 USA: I am an architect and am looking for a dark gray or black limestone type stone. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers
IN: e 2281 Canada: I am interested in Blocks, cutter size as well as large size. It should be absolute black from Khammam. At present I am buying, Warangal Black, Chamrajnagar Black, medium black & would like to introduce Khammam Black, Please send me the prices per cb m, with app. sizes. I will then ask my inspectors to check their material & if it is good will place an order. Please ask them to courier a sample to me as well. Please quote for prices per cbm. 
I am interested in Warangal black, however would like the material without any white sugar dots. The black grains must be very close knit. Please confirm if u can send me a sample for approval. Quantity - we imported 400 containers last year, black is the major colour we import. So far we have been getting Chamrajnagar black. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers
e 2280 India: Retail: I am a retail buyer and I want to enquire about the fossil natural stone. The tile size should be 30 x 30 cm and the thickness should be 10-18mm. Please quote.  Jan 8. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2279 USA: We have a project in Baltimore, MD, where we need to match existing stone on an old building. The owner thinks that the existing stone is Sparta Pink. Please quote for tiles and slabs. Jan 7. Contact
See Offers
ES: e 2278 c Singapore: Please quote for Cream Marfil, Polished, 600/300 x 600/300 x 20mm. Jan 7. Contact 
IT: e 2278 b Singapore: Please quote for Italian Cream, Polished, 600/300 x 600/300 x 20mm. Jan 7. Contact 
IT: e 2278 a Singapore: Please quote for Perlato Fiorito, Polished, 600/300 x 600/300 x 20mm. Jan 7. Contact
ALL: e 2277 India: Production: We require the following: used marble gangsaw segments, granite gangsaw segments, granite circular saw  segments, granite wire saw beads. We are looking at a price of US$ 10.00 per kg. The price of US $ 10.00 is the CIF price at Bombay but we can consider an FOB price of the same order. As regards the various segments and beads / pearls, the preferred are the gangsaw segments however if the price is right, but this refers only to the Indian products. We can pick up anything. Jan 7. Contact
ALL: e 2276 USA: Production: I am looking for second hand set for machines for granite stone cutting. Jan 7. Contact
e 2275 Australia: Please quote for 1000 sqm "Mayfort White". Jan 7. Contact
ALL: e 2274 USA: I own and operate a large distribution facility in New Jersey. I am interested in wholesale pricing so as to allow me to re-sell your materials. I would like to have mailed to me any information, photos, samples, etc. Jan 7, Contact USD50
e 2273 USA: Retail: Please send price on item A 0007. Thank you. Jan7. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2272 USA: Retail: I want to put a natural Georgia stone fireplace in my house which is currently under construction - where can I find it or how do I find it? I need ceiling to floor (9 foot) with a 42" opening. or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2271 Pakistan: Machinery: Please quote for marble cutting machines such as gangsaw, etc. Jan 7. Contact USD50
e 2269 USA: Retail: I was curious to find smooth river rocks less than a foot wide but more than 2 feet tall in the Portland OR metro area. Jan 7, Contact or Buy at USD20 
IN: e 2268 USA: Please quote for Indian Tropical Green granite big full size slabs 3/4" & 1 1/2" thick. Jan 7. Contact
IT: e 2267 USA: Quote for Trani Rosato marble with pink tint. Jan 5. Contact See Offers
e 2264 USA: Please quote for Imperial Red granite. Jan 4. Contact, See Offers
e 2263 Syria: Machines: I want to buy machinery for the manufacture of artificial stones that are used for covering (cladding) walls (facades). Jan 4. Contact
e 2262 Philippines: Please quote for Imperial Black stone for manufacturing toilet and bath counter tops. Jan 4. Contact
TW: e 2261 USA: Please quote for Green Butterfly from Taiwan. Jan 4. Contact See Offers
ALL: e 2259 USA: I need to buy about 75 tons of natural stones for a project involves pool decking, ledge, stack rock. Jan 4. Contact, See Offers
IN: e 2258 USA: We are looking for supplier of granite from India on regular basis to supply in US market. Jan 4. Contact USD 50
IN: e 2257 China: Please quote for Black Galaxy granite slabs, tiles and blocks. Jan 4. Contact, See Offers
e 2255 USA: Retail: Please quote for a White Cherokee / Georgia 15x18 inch replacement table top. I live in Hetherington, Avon, CT, USA. Jan 3. Contact or Buy at USD20
e 2254 USA: Please quote for Nero Assoluto / Absolute black 30 mm and 20 mm no flutes, even cut, dark grain qty. 30 slabs. Jan 3. Contact, See Offers
e 2253 USA: Please quote for manufactured veneer like Cultured Stone in a Texas Shell Stone or Fossil Stone look. Jan 3. Contact, See Offers
:e 2252 USA Retail: Please quote for natural stone for facades - residential house to be located in New Jersey. Jan 3. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2251 India: Diamond tools: Please quote for diamond segments 3.3 m x3.5 mm for limestone gangsaw. We are in in Shimla (HP), India. Jan 3. Contact USD50
ALL: e 2250 France: I have prepared a sample sculpture to be turned in gray marble with some veining, made in one piece, the detail is most important and should be respected. I would like a highly polished, natural finish with no use of varnishes or resins. Could you prepare a price for making, crating and shipping this piece to the port of Le Havre in France by sea. This will allow me to see how many of these kind of pieces I will be able to have made. They would all be different but of this type. This piece would measure 150 cm in its longest dimension and 90 cm in the shortest, if it would be possible for you to make it in a bigger size, could you make an estimate for the largest size possible for you to produce and specify what the largest dimensions possible are, height and width? Could you also send me details of the stone you envisage using, is it frost resistant? Could you also give me some idea as to how long it would take you to make such a piece. Jan 3. Contact, See Offers
BR: e 2249 USA: Please quote for Ubatuba granite slabs. Jan 3. Closed See Offers
ALL: e 2248 USA: We are a California based company, we want to import stones and stone handicrafts. Kindly quote for the same and also send us your catalogs. Jan 3. Contact USD50
ALL: e 2247 USA: I am looking for black marble slabs or rough stones 2-6" thick. Jan 3. Contact
MO: e 2245 USA: I want fossil material that has been fashioned into floor tiles and table tops from Morocco. Jan 3. Contact, See Offers
IN: e 2244 Vietnam: Quote for granite slabs, size length: 10 ft x 6 ft. (116 inch=294.64cm is also acceptable or 305cm x 65 inch=165.10cm is also acceptable or 182.88cm). Thickness: 2 cm and 3 cm. One side mirror polished. Materials required are: 
Black Galaxy, 
Absolute Black, 
Multicolor Red, 
Mokalsar Green, 
Rosy Pink, 
Tan Brown, 
Green Galaxy, 
Hassan Green, 
Sapphire Brown.
Quantity needed are 4 to 5 containers every month. Jan 3. Contact
BR: e 2243 UAE: Kindly quote for Honey Comb Panel with Napolean Red from Brazil. Jan 2. Contact, See Offers
e 2242 USA:Retail: I am a sculptor and am looking for template material to make granite counter tops. Jan 1. Contact or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2241 Panama: Please quote for marble and granite 2 & 3 cm slabs. And also for tiles of the following sizes: 15 x 30 cm, 45 x 45 cm, 30 x 60 cm, 40 x 40 cm and 60 x 60 cm. Our price target in marble is less than US$ 15.00 m2 (polish material in slabs & tiles). Also let us know all the materials and price list that you sell. Payment will be done by LC. Delivery is through 20 feet container (ship) in Panama, Cristobal or Balboa Ports in less than a month. We would like to be representative of your products in Panama. Jan 1. Contact USD50
e 2240 USA: Please quote for alabaster stone. I need it for sculpting. Want to buy in quantity. Quote should include shipping cost. Jan 1. Contact
NA: e 2239 USA: Please quote for slabs of Sodalite Blue granite, very concentrated with the blue. Jan 1. Contact, See Offers

For any clarifications send an email to info@findstone.com                                         www.findstone.com