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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   April 30, 2002
www.findstone.com    March Inquiries
The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
RU / UA: e 2866 Egypt: Kindly send offers for blocks, slabs, tiles in USD / sqm and ton / FOB for: Green Moby Dick, Red Moby Dick, Volga Blue & Blue Drop. Kindly give me some information about the dimensions of available blocks and big slabs. April 30. Contact US$ 50.
CA: e 2865 Canada: We are a retailer of natural stone products. A customer of ours is looking for granite building stone to be used on outside of his house and inside for a fireplace and some granite flagstone on floor. We have seen in the stone album under Canada granite 3 colors of interest Nara Brown, Triple Red, Polychrome. Please advise if these colors are available in building stone and flagstone. What is the availability and price and shipping options? Our location is near Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. April 30. Contact, See Offers US$ 10
e 2864 UAE: Please we need your best price C & F, Abu Dhabi for Rossa Lepanto slabs 2cm thick, Qty. 200 sqm. April 30. Contact, See Offers US$ 50
IL: e 2863 Israel: Retail: Need Ramon Yellow, 11 sqm 33x33 & 49 sqm 33x16. Sellers must be in Israel. April 30. Closed 
IN: e 2862 India: We are an export oriented company based in Bangalore, We have order for Rosy White Rough Granite Block. Kindly reply if you have this material. April 30. Contact Rs. 2000
e 2858 USA: We are looking for a supplier of granite and marble. April 28. Contact US$ 10
e 2854 USA: Retail: I am looking for a honed pewter marble for a kitchen countertops (1" 1/4"). A soft grey with very little white. People have called it Bell Bianco Candra or Pacific Pewter. People have also told me these is something from 15 to 20 years ago and it is either Greek or Chinese. The "veining" is very thin. Any ideas? I am in Chicago, IL. April 27. Contact US$ 10
TR: e 2853 Egypt: Machinery: We are looking for some machinery supplier From Turkey, for items like : gantry crane, overhead crane bridge cutting machine, block cutting machine, slabs & tiles polishing machine, calibration machine, oven for resin treatment, etc. April 27. Contact US$ 50
IN: e 2851 India: WE NEED IMPERIAL GRANITE SLABS 4000 SQ. FEET & ONIDA ORANGE SLABS 1500 SQ. FEET. April 27. Contact, See Offers Rs. 2000
ALL: e 2850 USA: My husband and I are joining the ranks of marble and granite professionals, and we would like some advice from those who have been there, done that. We are establishing our business in the eastern US. April 27. Contact US$ 20
IN: e 2847 Australia: I am looking for regular suppliers from India and Brazil who can supply me quality slabs in 2cm and 3cm in various colors at agreed rates. Please advise if you could organize something. I need good suppliers only. 
Currently, I am looking for suppliers out of India who can give me good Indian Jet Black, Tan Brown & Galaxy. April 26. Contact
e 2845 Australia: Retail: Where we can buy Bethel White granite in Australia? we only need a small amount 1-3 slabs. April 26. Contact US$ 5
e 2844 USA: Retail: Looking for 135 sq ft of Blue Pearl Royal Granite tiles. I am in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
April 26. Contact US$ 10  
e 2843 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase 1 slab of Emerald Pearl granite polished. This will be made onto a kitchen countertop. I would like to pick it up with my truck. I live in central Pennsylvania USA. Willing to travel to pick it up. April 26. Contact
e 2840 USA: Machinery: I'm seeking a used wet saw in good condition that will rip 16" tile and at least 12" diagonal rip of 16" tile. Will be cutting Travertine. I am in Austin, Texas. April 26. Contact US$ 20.
PT: e 2839 Korea: We are interested in limestone from Portugal as  in your stone album.
We'd like to get best price, delivery, samples for Azul Cascais and Red PF Antique urgently. 
Qty: about 260 M2
Size: Slab (not confirmed).
Application: commercial building. April 26. Contact, See Offers, US$ 100.
e 2838 USA: I am an architect in Hawaii and we are looking for an exterior finish stone for a current project. The following stones from your website looked similar in tone to what we are looking for. Please send us samples of the following: 
Croatian Limestone: San Giorgio W
German: Jura Beige, Cotta Weiss
Greece: Limestone- Beige of Ioannina
India: Sandstones: Modak, Jaselmer Yellow, Dholphur Beige,
Israel: Jerusalem Gold antique, Massada Gold, Jerusalem Gold Light, Desert -all in Glammedo finish
Portugal: Brecha Perola, Amarelo Negrais
Prized: Santana, Sao Tome Yellow
Your website is very nice! April 26. Contact, See Offers US$ 25.
IN: e 2836 China: I am looking for a material called Urban Gray or something similar. It comes from India. April 25. Contact US$ 20
e 2833 USA: I am looking for a marble called Michael Angelo, I am in Winter Springs, FL. April 25. Contact US$ 5
e 2832 USA: I need information on a granite called Verde Waterfall it is mostly white with green and brown. April 25. Contact US$ 2
US$ 5
e 2830 USA: Retail: I want Black Granite chat (broken granite chips-1/4"-1/2" fines) 3-4" depth to cover an area of 70 sq. ft. I am located in St. Louis MO.  April 25. Contact US$ 5
e 2828 USA: Name all quarries in Tuscany. April 24. Contact US$ 10 
IR: e 2827 Korea: We need one material named "Opal Cremo" and we are enclosing the photo of this sample. The required size & qty is, polished & bevelled edges 600 x 600 x 20mm, 688 M2. The delivery is by 15th of June in Busan port. We guess that this material is Royal Botticino A, Royal Botticino B, Ardebil Cream or Sand Botticino from Iran. April 24. Closed, See Offers 
CA: e 2826 USA: Retail: We are looking for a gold or brown colored granite. Product was seen used in British Columbia. April 24. Contact US$ 2.
e 2824 USA: Retail: I am looking for a 18 3/4" x 58" x 1 1/2" piece of Labrador Antique with an Ogee edge on three sides. I live in Chicago, any ideas? April 24. Contact US$ 10
IN: e 2822 India: Retail: I would like to know the price and availability of following colors in Kerala: Kalima White, Platinum White, White Galaxy, Kuppam Green, Black Galaxy, Levendor Blue. I am staying in Kerala State, Kannur district. I am planning to buy granite for flooring of my house. Please let me know the price and availability in Kannur and Calicut district. April 24. Contact, See Offers Rs. 1000
e 2820 USA: Retail: I have a patio that is about 25 years old. It is made of flagstone. Some of the pieces around the out edge have broken and I cannot find new ones anywhere. They are six inches square, 1/2 inch thick, and the color is brownish-red (my description). Can you tell me the nearest place to Greenwood SC to find this type of material? April 23. Contact US$ 5
e 2819 USA: Retail: Can you help me locate 125 sq ft of 12" x 12" granite tile in "Costa Esmeralda"? I am in the San Francisco Bay area. April 23. Contact US$ 10
e 2818 India: Retail: Thin white sandstone slabs 2' height needed in Mumbai urgently. April 23. Contact  
e 2817 Singapore: We have confirmed on a condo project and would like you to quote us your best CNF Singapore. As for the payment terms we would like to request for  L/C 90 days after last bill of landing and here are the following. 
Panda Black Marble (polished), Size 300x300x20mm, Qty 200m to 500m. 
Black Marble (polished), Size 300x300x20mm, Qty 200m to 500m.
Ardebilcream (polished), Size 600 x 600 x 20mm, Qty 2000m.
Royal Bottocino A, Size 600 x 600 x 20mm, Qty 2000m.
Royal Albotticineok, Size 600 x 600 x 20mm, Qty 2000m. The developer has ask us to submit the marble samples 300 x 300mm for them to confirm the material. We would appreciate if you would send us 2pcs of samples 300 x 300 x 20mm and 2pcs of samples 600 x 600 x20mm for us to submit to the developer. April 23. Contact, See Offers
TR: e 2816 Spain: We require Burdur Beige (light) blocks to manufacture tiles 700 sqm of 30.5 x 30.5. x 1cm. April 23. Contact, See Offers US$ 100 
ALL: e 2815 Saudi Arabia: I am looking for good quality 60x60, 750 m2 white / silver, yellow, pink marble tiles for self use. Payment will be done by cash and inspection by an agent. Delivery period is 9 weeks. April 23. Contact US$ 25
IN: e 2813 USA: Retail: I like Fancy Green Indian marble. What size floor tiles does it  come in and what is the price and delivery time? April 23. Contact, See Offers US$ 2.
IN: e 2812 India: Please quote cbm basis for the following: Desert Bloom, Tan Brown, Bl Galaxy & Pearl, Colombo Juprana, Tropical green, Paradiso, Baltic Brown or any brown  shade of Indian Granite, Mahagony & Tiger skin. We are merchant exporters. April 23. Contact, See Offers Rs 2000
ALL: e 2811 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a jade green granite without a lot of black. My appliances are stainless steel and my cabinets are Golden Oak. Is there a jade green granite with gold flecks and little to no black? I want to buy granite but am having trouble selecting the proper color. April 23. Contact US$ 5
IN: e 2809 USA: First of all let me commend you on the incredible web site of yours. It is awesome. I am interested in importing stones from India , kindly advise the most popular stones which are exported to the US of A in the recent past. Kindly advise the price list for tiles (10mm) & slabs (20/30mm). April 23. Contact US$ 50 
e 2807 Singapore: PLEASE QUOTE US C&F SINGAPORE FOR ROYAL BLUE POLISHED GRANITE 565 SQM 600 X 600 X 20MM. April 22. Contact US$ 50
e 2805 Vietnam: Interested in buying 6 slabs of Crema Europa limestone (dimension 117 x 66 cm). If your company is able to export them to us, please kindly provide us a quotation soonest possible. April 22. Contact
e 2803 Australia: I am looking for Rosa Mahan marble tile of 300 x 300 x 10mm. April 22. Contact US$ 5
IN: e 2802 Singapore: We need 650 m2 of Desert Cream granite for kitchen tops, for one of our project in Singapore. Size required: 650 mm wide strips or random slabs 20mm thick, one surface polished. If order random slabs, will require 750 m2. Please provide your best quotation for both solution, with delivery time and form of payment require by return e-mail. We are willing to import the material, the decision criteria will depend on quality and price. We want the material at the earliest. April 22. Contact, See Offer US$ 100
PT: e 2801 Belgium: I'm interested in where I can buy Pedras Salgadas, visit the quarries, and contact names. I would need approx. 4000 square metres of "mozaiek", 9cm x 11cm, and 4000 sqm tiles of 30 cm width, length variable. April22. Contact, See Offers US$ 100
e 2799 USA: Retail: I like Conquistador about 822 Sq ft. 16"x16" tile top grade quality. Buying at the end of May. Requesting quote for FOB somewhere between Austin and the border of Mexico. April 21. Contact 
US$ 20 
ALL: e 2798 Australia: Please send price lists on granite tops for kitchens and bathrooms. I am also interested in reconstituted stone option. April 21. Contact, See Offers  US$ 10
AU: e 2797 USA: We need 1500mm x 2700mm, saw cut, polished Verde Fuoco 76 slabs for trading. Prior to purchasing lab tests must be submitted. We may need a block, as well, for balusters and special items. Payment will be made against delivery. Delivery period 4-6 weeks. April 20. Contact US$ 50 
e 2796 Pakistan: Machinery: We are interested in new and used marble convertible into granite machinery. Our requirement as follows:
A. 40 blades gang- saw
B. horizontal vertical 100 mm dia to 150 mm dia.
C. Monolama.
D. Bridge cutter machine variable adjustment, Sizing machines.
E. Manual cutting machine.
F. Hand polishing machine for slabs.
Polishing Machines.
G. Auto polisher 3 diamonds + 8 polishing and grinding heads 24" width.
H. Conveyor belt machine for edges chamfering auto-change
I. Splitting machine multi blade.
J. Table top edge profiling machines with Template also able to make round table tops as well as inner hole in slabs.
If you can give us complete 12"x12"x 3/8" tiles up to 16" width comprising polishing line 3 + 10 heads belt chamfering both sides of the tiles and trimming machine (5 discs) oven with wax dispenser good for marble and granite. Please note we need tropicalized 220 volt motors with 50 to 55 hertz. April 20. Contact US$ 50 
e 2794 UK: Retail: I am interested in purchasing around 12 square metres in total of Jerusalem Gold calibrated 305 x 305 mm tiles ( Honed) suitable for a kitchen floor and have some questions you may be able to answer for me.
1. What would the estimated delivery charge be to send this order to London, UK?
2. How are the tiles packed?
3. Is there an additional charge for insurance to cover damages?
4. Are tiles often damaged in transit and if so, how much extra should I order to allow for damages?
5. How long would it take for the order to be delivered?
6. Do you accept credit card payments, and what other payment methods do you accept? 
7. Do you know if import duty payable on the stone at this end?
8. Can you give me an indication of price for the above order? April 20. Contact, See Offers  US$ 5
e 2792 USA: Can you quote price and availability of 4500 sq. ft. of 12"x12"x1" Tea Rose or Hazar Pink Marble? April 20. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2791 Yugoslavia: Blocks: We are interested in granite blocks. Dimensions of blocks that are attractive for us are between 150 x 80cm and 250 x 130 cm. The prices in your price list section are acceptable but we are not very sure how we can arrange transportation. The problem is, if we buy stone from you, the first time would be a small quantity of granite because it is still experimental material for Eastern European market. The option for the first consignment would be only if you have already arranged shipping to some of Bulgarian harbors in Black Sea (Varna, Dunajsk) so we can just add our material on board. Please consider our solution and tell me what do you think about that. (This inquiry was previously e 2501 in Feb'02.) April 20. Contact  US$ 50
e 2790 Italy: Blocks: I am looking for Oconee granite blocks. April 20. Contact US$ 20
TR: e 2789 India: I am interested in companies from Turkey for marbles and travertine. April 20. Contact
See Offers  US$ 20
e 2782 USA: Machinery: I am interested in the Water Jet Cutting Machine. Please send me all the information. If you have pictures, please include them as well. April 19. Contact  
PK: e 2780 Spain: I am looking for Pakistan marbles to import an sell them in Spain market through our selling network. I wish to contact producers of marble to supply tiles, polished and rectified, if possible calibrated. Our special interest is in stones like Black Gold, Silver Gold, Sahara, Suttoe, Golden, etc
April 18. Contact US$ 100
e 2778 USA: Abrasives: Please quote and send catalogs for 4" Flexible Polishing Pad for Granite. April 18. Contact US$ 20
e 2777 USA: Blocks: I'm looking for a blue soapstone that I saw (I thought) on this site. I'll need from 5 - 10 lb. pieces. April 18. Contact US$ 10
e 2776 USA: Retail: I am looking for some Amazon Green in 18*18. Could you please e-mail as to where this might be available in Concord, MA. I only need about 42 sq.ft. April 18. Contact US$ 2
e 2775 USA: Blocks: I'm looking for small sizes / quantities of stone slab to make a sink. I'm looking to experiment with the material. I am looking for a supplier in DC/MD/VA area locations. April 18. Contact
See Offers
US$ 5
BR / TR / IT: e 2774 China: We are in urgent need of blocks from Brazil, Turkey and Italy. April 17. ContactSee Offers US$ 100
e 2773 Pakistan: Diamond Tools: Please quote along with additional info for marble blade for soft marble cutting 450mm 40x4Tx10H, U shape slot, teeth 32, inner dia 60mm. Laser welded & silver welded. April 17. Contact US$ 50
EG: e 2772 Italy: I like Yellow Selvia, Sinai Perl, Filetto Elhasana, Botticino Chocolate. We are interested in big quantity of blocks. I am looking for a good price as I want to purchase good quantity. 
April 17. Contact, See Offers
US: e 2771 USA: Retail: I am in immediate need of Montana Flagstone for a residential fireplace. I am in Northwest, US. April 17. Contact US$ 2.
e 2769 USA: Retail: I'm interested in Nubian Rose. I need a slab big enough to get the following pieces for a kitchen countertop..... Approx sizes: 
32" x 25" - 2 pieces like this
108" x 25" - 1 piece like this
65" x 30" - 1 piece like this
Questions: How much to be delivered to New Jersey? What is the lead time with an immediate order? What are the terms? April 17. Contact US$ 5
BR: e 2767 USA: Retail: I am looking for a smaller piece of St. Cecillia Yellow, to use as a table top 32"x32", approx 2" thick, 2" radius edge, polished, flat bottom and a bull-nose top. I live in the Chicago, IL area. April 17, Contact  US$ 10
EG: e 2765 Singapore: I want Egypt Marble called 'Sunny'. The tone is pale yellow. Qty : +/-2500 m2. Please quote CNF Singapore for 600 x 600 x 20mm, polished. April 16. Contact, See Offers  US$ 100
IN: e 2764 Philippines: Kindly quote us for selected gray, red and pink Indian granites, based on US$ per sq.m., CIF Manila Phils., polished random slabs, 60 x 60, 60 x random length, 20mm thickness, 20' FCl Load. April 16. Contact, See Offers US$ 100
SL: e 2762 UAE: Looking for a supplier for Sri Lankan Colonial Dream granite for a project in Dubai around 1500 sqm in 500x500 tile size. Required by July 2002. April 15. Contact, See Offers US$ 100
e 2761 USA: Retail: Need 117 sq. ft. of 3 rise split face Bedford stone. I am in Hagerstown In. April 15. Contact US$ 5
IN: e 2760 USA: I need 16 X 16 Kashmir Slate. April 15. Closed 
e 2759 USA: Retail: I'm looking for 50 sf of 18x18 very light Diano Real marble.   April 15. Closed
Bought the material at $3.95/sf. Customer only needed a small amount. They had to settle for a look alike.

I believe you are serving in the best manner possible. Thanks for the forum and the opportunity to have a place to go when looking to buy or sell, and thanks for staying in touch with us when we have stone needs. Linda. 
e 2758 USA: Retail: I need Uba Tuba material and footage for my kitchen. I found a local Stone Shop in Houston that will sell tiles @ $8.40 per sq. ft if you want tiles and does some price break for the larger 18 x 18 tiles. I would like to do a solid surface though and unable to find anyone willing to sell the Uba Tuba to a do - it - yourselfer. April 15. Contact US$ 10
e 2757 USA: Retail: I am looking for a stone wholesaler in Wisconsin. April 14. Contact, See Offers  
US$ 10
e 2756 USA: Want to purchase a large qty for local imca and az tile. Please quote m2/ m3 etc. also typical shipping charges to Phoenix AZ for containers. April 14. Contact US$ 100
IN: e 2755 Poland: We would like to buy Lettuce Green and Green Forest granite (see http://www.findstone.com/IRAgran1.htm) plates originating from Iran of size 100cm x 100cm x 2 cm ready to lay on the floor. Quantity required is 1080 sqm. 
Date of purchase: January / March 2003
Form of payment: L/C
Please give us your price with delivery to the port in Iran with ships going to Europe.
The break up of 1080 sqm is:
First room has the area of 930 m2
Second room has the area of 70 m2
Third room has the area of 80 m2
In addition, we will need granite plates to build stairs of size:
200 cm x 35 cm x 3 cm - all 136 m =48 m2
200 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm- all 40 m = 24 m2
In the first room of the size 930 m2 there will be heavy foot movement, lot of foot traffic.
The most suitable size of plates for us is: 100 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm.
On the area of 700 m2 the stone will be very visible. On the area of 400 m2 there will be different objects standing on the floor so the stone will not be so visible as on the other area.
It is not necessary that we need 100 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm. We can also do with 100 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm. 
The purchase will be in 3 containers at once or in 3 deliveries, one container per month.
We would like a guarantee that the granite plates we buy will come from one rock and the granite will be processed and packed in such a way that particular plates created from cutting a block of rock will be packed beside the other and signed in such a way that we are able to lay them on the floor in a natural turn. We need the veins to match, it should look as if the whole slab is laid and not tiles (no zigzag formations). Our aim is to lay a uniform floor from stone in a few large representative rooms.
When you send us your prices and samples, we will inform you the quantity of stone of particular colors, that is Lettuce Green and Forest Green we want to order. On the whole it will be at least 1128 m2.
We consider ordering the granite plates in three kinds of finish:
a) plates polished at one side - 100% polish.
b) plates polished at one side in half-polish 50% polish.
c) plates not polished; natural plates as cut with a saw from a block.
Before making a decision we would like to get a natural sample of the stone in the form of the most representative fragment of a granite plate in three kinds of finish: full polish - 100%, half-polish - 50%,natural from cutting a block with a saw.
We would also like to know:
a. Aesthetic Characterization - color and texture determinations using computerized image analysis.
b. Mineralogical and Chemical Composition - petrographic examination using Scanning Electron Microscope and material composition using X-ray Diffraction.
c. Physical, Mechanical and Technical Properties of the stones as per ASTM and other standards:
To sum up:
1. We expect to get Your best price in USD for Forest Green and Lettuce Green granite
a) for the size of plates 100 x 100 x 2 cm with full polish, half-polish and natural cut with a saw.
b) for the size 100 x 50 x 2 cm with full polish, half-polish and natural cut with a saw.
c) or for any different sizes suggested by you, or for the ones which are better for you because of technological reasons. With the finish: full polish, half-polish and natural cut with a saw.
3. Please give us the time and conditions of purchase.
We want to make a contract through FINDSTONE with the manufacturer. Contract should specify all exactly, so that there are no misunderstandings and complaints. Do you have to us of some question, or proposals ? 
April 14. Closed, See Offers
e 2754 USA: Retail: I want non-porous granite counter tops. I am not too particular about the color. April 14. Contact US$ 2
ALL: e 2753 Poland: Blocks: I would like to inform that my company is interested only in big granite blocks. If so I would like to know some details about the size and the color of the blocks. I would also appreciate the information about prices and receiving photographs of samples of the granite in your offer. We are planning to import a big amount of granite blocks because we are going to organize a customs storehouse in Poland.  April 14. Contact US$ 100
BR: e 2751 USA: I am looking for an agent in Brazil who either manufactures or carries Santa Cecelia.  
April 13. Contact US$ 50
ES: e 2750 Indonesia: We would like to buy first grade (premium) Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante and Dark Emperador. Please send pictures by mail and quote CNF Jakarta port of Slabs min. 130cm x 250cm up 20 mm thick slabs, quantity reqd. is 1000 m2. Inspection should be allowed. Would appreciate samples. April 13. Contact US$ 100
ALL: e 2748 Bangladesh: We need boulders for bridge construction and pavement with sizes from 12kg to 85kg/more. The Mongla Port is in the South West of Bangladesh and west of Chittagong Port direct by sea. Our quantity would exceed 100,000/M.T. to cover the supply assignment. Could we expect your participation to arrange break-bulk to make sure of the deal by rate. Our target price is US$11.00 / M.T. C&F Mongla Port which to be looked into for offers. (This inquiry was previously e 2227-Bangladesh). April 13. ContactSee Offers
e 2746 Sweden: Retail: I like Leonara hand chipped limestone tiles, antique finish . I' am interested in 130 m2. April 13. Contact US$ 50 
e 2745 India: Retail: I like limestones. Where I can see these varieties in Pune. Maharashtra state? 
April 13. Contact, See Offers Rs. 100
IN: e 2744 Ireland: I want granite Slabs or tiles 600 x 300 x 20 mm or 30mm thick. The 600 and 300 dimensions can be 610 or 305. The type preferably Kashmir White or a similar type which is close to this. 100 pieces initially required. April 13. Contact, See Offers  US$ 50
e 2743 USA: Blocks: I am trying to find Verde Lavras in block. April 13. Contact, See Offers US$ 50
e 2742 UK: Can you tell me how much/m2 costs the Servia-kozani white and  the Graniti-drama white? Including labor and transportation to Athens. April 13. Contact US$ 50
e 2741 USA: I am looking for Santa Cecelia slabs. I am in Longville, MN. April 13. Contact  US$ 5
e 2740 USA: We are trying to locate two types of granite tile called "Peaches & Creme/B" which has peach, pearlized peach, black specks, brown, beige and taupe coloring. The Verde Butterfly/ Equador Gold is dark green, grass green with gold veins and gold specks throughout. We will need 1,000 sq ft. Either 12X12 or 16X16. April 13. Contact  US$ 50
FR: e 2738 Italy: I am looking for a kind of "volcano stone" looking black brown, probably coming from France. Could you help me in finding it and suggest me if there is some agent in Italy for this? 
I am also looking for a Marble dark brown without evident veins, could you suggest me something? 
April 12. Contact, See Offers US$ 50
ALL: e 2736 Egypt: Looking for new suppliers of stones and stone products. Please email your pricelists and catalogs. April 12. Contact, See Offers US$ 50
e 2734 USA: I need Ashlar Stones for an upcoming project. Being that it is an addition to an existing building color is very important. Would it be possible to get a better idea of the range of colors in their average blend? April 11. Closed
e 2732 Netherlands: Retail: I am a visual artist and am looking for a black marble slab for a new work. It should be approximately 180 x 80 cm and about 10 to 15 cm thick. It is to be used in Amsterdam. April 11. Contact US$ 10
e 2731 USA: Production: We are interested in finding out cost information for testing equipment for our material we use for trenchless technology according to ASTM 1216. April 11. Contact   US$ 10
ALL: e 2730 India: Diamond Tools: Would like to contact suppliers of steel grit, grooved saw blades and abrasives for granite cutting and various contouring tools. April 11. Contact US$ 20
e 2728 USA: Retail: I am interested in finding a source and price for a split face granite slabs. They must be 2"-4" thick and at least 4' sq ft. I am looking for up to 4' square slabs to use for a patio. I can use rough, irregular edges but what are the price differences? April 10. Contact, See Offers US$ 2
ID: e 2727 Fiji Islands: I am designing a house in Fiji and am looking for limestone and flagstone for flooring and siding. I am interested in Paras Yogya volcanic limestone from Yogyakarta and hijau danau Javanese light greenish flagstone cut into 10 cm x 10 cm tiles. The quantities and sizes are:
Paras Yogya in aprox 50cm x 50cm x 2cm : 780m2
Paras Yogya in aprox 40cm x 60cm x 2cm: 490m2
plus assorted 5cm thick slabs for steps; moldings; small quantities of polished tiles.
Hijau danau in 10cm x10cm tiles: 200m2
As a reference: these stones where used in the Amanjiwo hotel in Yogyakarta. 

Delivery location:
The building site is on Wakaya island, Fiji. You will have to deliver at Suva, Fiji. As I am the design architect, not located on site and am enquiring in the name of my client who will make the purchase.
Status of project: I am in the detail design stage, the project has been approved and building will begin the first week of September. That would be the approximate purchase date.
Decision criteria for purchase: To have samples approved by client and check price.
Application: 50x50 paras yogya for flooring; 40x60 paras yogya for outside and inside siding; assorted pieces like slabs for steps, sofits, lintels etc. throughout.
10x10 hijau danau for swimming pool siding. 
Location: the specified stones come from Yogyakarta, Great Java, INDONESIA. April 10. Contact, See Offers
e 2726 USA: Retail: I need to buy and have installed a kitchen counter top and sideboard top with Maya marble, Can you provide me with the name of a vendor in the Cancun-Playa del Carmen area of Mexico? 
April 10. Contact US$ 5
e 2725 USA: Retail: I am looking for a good REASONABLE supplier of marble countertops in the Connecticut area. I need to pick out a slab for my kitchen and can travel as far as New Jersey or New York if the price is right. April 10. Contact  US$ 5
e 2724 USA: Retail: Want to buy Marron Emperado marble. Please quote per sqm basis. April 10. Contact US$ 2
NO: e 2723 Philippines: Please quote me the best price for Blue Pearl materials, size is 60 x random and 85 x random slabs. Quote in US$, C&F Manila for one container load. Please state delivery time upon confirmation of order. I need 2 cm thick. The Blue Pearl that I inquire is for our stocks. I would like to search a supplier who can supply me in a very good price and a very good quality which will be our partner in selling of imported granite. Order will be continuous. April 10. Contact
IN: e 2722 India: We are in continuous need for Kota stone. Kindly quote for the items listed below (With a commitment of a good volume.)
Thickness of stone: 1 to 1" " to 1" " to 1"
01. KOTA STONE (Un-cut) (Prices per Sq. feet)
Size 2' X 2', Size 2'X 1', 2'X 1', 3'x 2', 3 ' X 2', 4' X 2', 5' X 2', and above.
02. KOTA STONE (Cutting) Prices Per unit
Size 9"X9", 10"X10", 11"X11", 22"X10", 22"X11", 22"X16", 22"X22", 22"X14", 22"X15".
Kindly let us know about your other product line. Please clarify on Payment terms, Taxes applicable, freight, cartage, loading and insurance charges etc. April 10. Contact, See Offers Rs. 1000
ALL: e 2721 Netherlands: Blocks: My company, a wholesale and retail shop for amateur and professional artists, I am looking for a supplier of various materials for my customers. If possible I would like to receive information about minimum quantities, delivery time, price and conditions of the various products. A point of interest is colour, density (specific gravity) and size of the raw stone material. To be specific; the stone should be boulders. Approximately pieces of 25 up to 50 kg each (maybe your left-overs?) or, on specific demand of the artist, it should be of a specific dimension on order. Payment will be wire transferred. April 10. ContactSee Offers  US$ 25
IN: e 2720 China: Please quote C&F Xiamen Port for Absolute Black big and small size blocks. April 10. Contact, See Offers
e 2719 USA: Retail: I am looking for a source to buy terrazzo tiles in the Atlanta area. We recently saw a terrazzo tile countertop in St. John, U.S.V.I., and fell in love with it. The owner said that it came from Miami and was terrazzo tile, but that was all the information he had. This particular tile had a tan background, and brightly colored specks of chips imbedded in it. April 9. Contact US$ 2
e 2718 Poland:   Miscellaneous: Looking for information about company which produce blades for stones connect with aluminium, very light. I would like cooperation with this company. I want to buy this material. April 9. Contact  US$ 25
e 2717 Pakistan: Machinery: I am a quarry owner and we are in this business from the last 25 yrs but mining in Pakistan done through conventional methods. I would like  some information regarding the important machines which will be used to square a block. I am also looking for marble cutting machines new and second hand. April 9. Contact US$ 50
SL: e 2716 USA: Retail: I need information on a stone or gem, not sure which it is. The name is called Gomedak and it originates in Sri Lanka, a brownish color. I'm looking for it in the US but no one knows it. It's other name is Hessonite. April 9. Contact US$ 10
ES: e 2715 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Batieg Blue limestone tile from Spain. I noticed on your price list you indicated that it was available in slab, can I get it in tile and where? I am looking for 2 container loads of material. April 9. Contact, See Offers
e 2714 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of marble to serve as a kitchen island that my husband would build cabinetry underneath. I'd like something that I could roll out dough with and would love something with a blue hue that would compliment a weakness for cobalt blue. I live in the New Hampshire seacoast. 
April 8. Contact US$ 5
IN: e 2713 Turkey: Please quote for Kashmir White 2x50x100 and 2x40x80 polished tiles, 800 m2.  Delivery Location: Romania. April 8. Closed, See Offers 
TR: e 2712 Australia: I would like to buy White travertine 30.5 x 30.5 and Kale Bordeaux 30.5 x 30.5 tiles.   April 8. Contact, See Offers US$ 25
April 8. Contact, See Offers
e 2709 USA: Production: I am looking for a bridge saw, edger, polishing equipment, as well as any type of air ventilation equipment, that may be useful for containing the dust level in a fabrication shop. April 8. Contact US$ 50
BR: e 2707 Turkey: WE NEED BORDEUX MARBLE 2 x 60 x 60 TOTAL 742 M2. Delivery location Gemlik Port/Turkey. It will be used for flooring. It is a Brazilian stone. We want to buy it for a project. We prefer to import it. We want plaques @ 45$/m2. April 6. Contact US$ 100
e 2706 USA: I sculpt in soapstone and alabaster (at this point-just about to embark on a piece of pink marble). I live in Maryland and am looking for any  place that is close to me (let's say within 100 miles) who sells sculptable pieces of stone. April 6. Contact US$ 25
AR: e 2705 USA: Please quote for Cielo Azul. April 6. Contact, See Offers US$ 2
CN: e 2704 Ukraine: Project: We are a big corporation in Ukraine that builds commercial centers. We want to buy Chinese granite in huge quantity for our project. Please send price lists & specifications. April 5. Contact US$ 100
e 2702 India: We are interested in stone care products, please mail us your product details and the respective prices. We are based in Delhi. April 4. Contact US$ 50
e 2701 India: I would like to contact suppliers of Royal Blue Granite. April 4. Contact US$ 50
e 2700 USA: Project: We need 25 nos. 11" x 54" x 2" thick polished gray limestone slabs for a stairwell at a new office building. We also need 80 sq. ft. of matching 18"x18" tiles for 4 landings. We additionally need gray limestone for 10 thresholds 6" x 6'. Project is 6 months from delivery. I also need to know how soon you can get these pieces fabricated after receiving measurements. This project is also going to require matching thresholds. Do you have the ability to cut a 6" x 6' 3/4" thick beveled edge piece with a epoxy mesh backing? Our client would like all the limestone to come from the same container. Also you can provide me a list and pricing of other stones you offer because we've seen a huge increase in demand for it. April 4. Contact
See Offers
e 2697 USA: Retail: I am a home owner, doing my kitchen over and want granite countertops. There is a granite from Brazil called "Verde Uba Tuba", I would need 60 square feet. Is there any way that I would be able to purchase through a dealer here in the United States? April 3. Contact, See Offers US$ 5
GR: e 2696 Bahrain: Please quote for Verdi Alpi, Verdi Isorie, Verdi Fontain, Verdi Isogne  and Verdi Tinos for gangsaw random slab and cut to size as soon as possible. This is for  reputed project in Bahrain. We also want catalogs / brochures of the product and handicraft items you manufacture. 
It's our pleasure to inform you we have visited your site and found that few of your products full fill our requirement for an ongoing project in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
It's appreciated if you could send us your company profile, brushers and your range of samples to display in our showroom, which is one of the most prestigious and largest in the Kingdom. So that we will be able to promote your products along with ours through our professional marketing team. April 3. Contact US$ 100
ALL: e 2694 Australia: Please supply me with price list and delivery costs to NSW, Australia for Granite, Sandstone, Marble & Soapstone. I would be very interested. Particularly for Granite slabs 2.5m x 50cm x 20-40cm. I will need panels 2500x500x200mm. These do not need to be polished, laminated or edged since they will be joined together and carved by the sculptor. April 3. Contact, See Offers
MX: e 2693 USA: I am looking for a supplier in Mexico for the yellow red stone that looks like a limestone, also the yellow cantera. I am looking for 12x12, 16x16 or 18x18. April 3. Contact, See Offers 
IN / ES/ BR: e 2692 Malaysia: We would appreciate if you could kindly quote for prices for tender purpose for the following stones: AFRICAN RED, RUBY BLUE, EMERALD PEARL, BAHIA GREEN, AZUL ARAN, JUPARANA, NAJRAN RED, BLACK GALAXY, PINK PORRINO, GIALLO NAPOLEON. Please quote for 600 x 600 x 20mm and random slabs. April 3. Contact, See Offers US$ 50
TR: e 2690 Philippines: The Rough white limestone can be second quality as the surface finish will not be that important. We need the tile with holes or great color variation or stains. As long as they are of acceptable quality and cost less than USD$10.00. We can accept the offer. 
The client is concerned with the absorption of stain by the stone. Contact, See Offers 
This inquiry was previously e 2630 Philippines: Please quote for 60x60 or 30x60 rough white limestone from Turkey for 4 container. This inquiry was previously e2215-Philippines. March 20. 
IT / PT: e 2689 USA: Retail: I am interested in Limestone tiles 16" or 18" in Biancome Light from Italy and the Porto Beige from Portugal or a limestone tile that is similar in color and texture. I anticipate needing about 850 sq. ft. I am in Huntington, Beach Calif, and will take possession on the first of May and want to install the tile prior to moving in June. I want to finalize the purchase of the tile in the next two weeks. I have found several Newport Beach and Costa Mesa distributors who have quoted between $6 and $10 per square foot for 16 or 18 inch tiles. Some will deliver others want me to pick up or pay for freight. I would prefer to deal with a local supplier, but could work with an out of the area supplier if they can get samples to me and insure on time delivery. I am looking for the best price that I can get. I will be installing the material myself and should have the final measurements and determination of the quantity required by April 6th. April 2. ClosedSee Offers
BR: e 2688 USA: Please quote for Verde Arara and Verde Candeias from Brazil. April 2. Contact US$ 5
PT: e 2687 USA: I'm trying to buy Gascoigne Blue (Casgoine Blue indigenous name is Moleanos Azul) from Portugal 2cm slabs honed and 12 x 12 honed. April 2. Contact, See Offers
e 2686 Nigeria: Looking for technical partners to set up a Granite cutting and polishing industry. We have quarry sites for Black Granite and Marble. April 2. Contact
e 2685 Singapore: I need unusually big Traventine Blocks for sculpturing works. April 2. Closed
See Offers
e 2684 India: Diamond tools: We are having Marble processing plant in Banswara, Rajasthan. For our regular requirements of consumables, we need segments & blades of Marble Gangsaw, Block Dresser & Edge Cutting machine. Please provide us specifications & pitch for following technical & material specifications. 
Blade Length: Gangsaw Blade Length 4180mm, Block Dresser Blade Length 4180mm
Material Specifications: Banswara Marble (Rajasthan , India) 50%, Paloda Adanga (Rajasthan, India) 50%
Please send your quotations calculated in Indian Rupees with guarantee offered & all other terms. April 1. Contact, See Offers Rs 2500,  US$ 50
e 2683 Australia: We are a distributor of consumables to the natural stone industry located in Sydney Australia. We are looking for new products to distribute in Australia. We would like a catalogue of your products. April 1. Contact  US$ 50
IN: e 2682 India: I want Tan Brown 20mm & 30 mm, Absolute Black 20mm & 30mm,  Sapphire Brown 20mm & 30mm, Black Galaxy 20mm & 30mm, Green Galaxy 20mm & 30mm. All 20mm slabs 300 sq. ft, all 30mm slabs 870 sq. ft. Size: min 260 x 140 cm. I want first quality material without cracks, absolute good polish. April 1. Closed, See Offer 
e 2680 USA: Please quote for 16x16 Giallo DP limestone tiles. April 1. Contact  US$ 2
IN: e 2679 Netherlands: Please can you send us a up to date price list of tiles of sizes 305 x 305 x 10mm, 40 x 40cm x 12mm, 60 x 30 cm 12 mm thick, 30 x free length 12 mm thick, for the following products we are interested in: Absolute Black, Colombo Juperana, Indian Juperana, Raw Silk Pink, Kashmir White, Kashmire Gold, Imperial White, Paradiso Classico, Paradiso Bash, Red Multicolor, Viscon White, Sapphire Brown, Verde Marina, Hassan Green, Black Pearl & Vizag Blue. Also quote for slabs 2 cm & 3 cm. April 1. Contact, See Offers US$ 100
e 2678 India: Ours is a 100% EOU granite monument export unit in Tamil Nadu, India. We require white marble blocks for monument purpose. April 1. Contact, See Offers US$ 100
e 2677 USA: Retail: I am looking for a deep, rich green granite counter top to compliment my cherry wood cabinets. How can I see, or where can I see some of my 20 to 30 selections from your very extensive catalogue? April 1. Contact US$ 2
e 2676 India: Production: I need a machine that can write (by cutting stone to a depth of 5mm) on marble and granite slabs of 30 mm thick. I am an marble and granite trader from India. I have very least knowledge about these things, help me.
I want to buy from regular supplier. I just wanted to know what are best market prices. Machines that can engrave letters (English & Indian languages) and designs on marble and granite. I really need to buy this following machinery. Please send me the price list of the following machine models: 
1. INCISOGRAFO MC 1000/210.
2. INCISOGRAFO MC 800/210.
If you know any tools and machines other than this you can specify. As of my knowledge I know only these models. April 1. Contact US$ 10