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 TODAY'S bUY INQUIRIES!   February 28, 2002
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  January Inquiries

below are the latest inquiries. The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
IN: e 2540 UK: We need black Cudappah for belgium . Sizes are 28x28 and 33x33 cm with sawn edges and also with hand  machined edges. It is finished flat for flooring tiles, but it has indentations which are left rough. It gives off an antique appearance. belgium is full of Indian stones, because there is a huge flooring market, but there are only a few main importers, but lots of smaller companies who buy from them. I have a lot of contacts, an available showroom and workplace/storage. What we need are samples and prices from good suppliers. Please quote inclusive of transport charges to belgium (Antwerp) or belgium (Gent). 
There is no standard thickness, they usually arrive in crates with one cleft side, and the top surface rough sanded. Thickness of 1 - 2.5 cm and 5 cm tolerance on hand cut. The thickness vary in the same crate from 1-2.5 cm. They are only good for laying in a sand and cement bed. If we could find a supplier who manufactures milled standard thickness at say 1cm, it would be very interesting. Application is mainly Floor tiles. The slab material is used for sawing steps and window sills. It is only used in internal situations, as it loses its colour, and goes a dusty gray when used outside. Feb 28. Contact, See Offers 
e 2539 Germany: Looking for a supplier of Rouge Incarnat for 7000 m2 base plates in the color red/white 75*75*3cm polished. Delivery time somewhere between Oct - Dec 2003 Feb 28, Contact, See Offers
e 2538 Turkey: Please could you quote for Kanfanar Selina Limestone. Size : 3x50x100 / 3x100x100 / 3x70x190. Quantity:1131m2. size:5x30x100, Quantity:291mt. Price: CNF budapest, Hungary. Feb 28. Contact
ID: e 2536 Malaysia: Kindly quote the following items from Indonesia and it also known as Tulungagung / beige A Flower (Medium).:- 
600 x 1100mm x 19mm 125pcs 82.5sq.mtr
500 x 1100mm x 19mm 80pcs 44sq.mtr
600 x 800mm x 19mm 164pcs 78.72sq.mtr
800 x 1020mm x 19mm 16pcs 13.06sq.mtr
300 x 1300mm x 19mm 16pcs 6.24sq.mtr
300 x 800mm x 19mm 16pcs 3.84sq.mtr
150 x 1300mm x 19mm 48pcs 9.36sq.mtr
150 x 800mm x 19mm 16pcs 1.92sq.mtr
Marble slabs - 1220 x 2438mm x 19mm 9pcs 26.77sq.mtr. Feb 28. Contact
e 2535 USA: Retail: I am in need of a couple of pieces of Dakota Mahogany for a fireplace project.  Just a couple of pieces cut to size. (1/2 bullnose on 1 piece, straight edge on the other pieces.) Could you give me ballpark pricing on the following pieces.  64" x 14" (top), 13" x 31" (left), 13" x 31" (right), 71" x 16" (bottom/floor). USA: (eastern) Massachusetts. Feb 28. Contact
e 2534 USA: Retail: I want White Galaxy granite slabs, I am looking for a supplier from New York or New Jersey area. Feb 28. Contact
CN: e 2533 Israel: Please quote for Cherry Flower, Misty Peach Pink and China Pink. We are looking for very cheap material. Also the price should include holes for anchors. Click here for color. I need 6000 m2 90 x 90 x 3, 45 x 90 x 3. Feb 27. Contact, See Offers
1. Plate - 300x300x40 mm. Light yellow color granite. Surface is simple cut, not shined. No lines of from cutting process. Qty: 8500 m2
2. Plate - 200x200x40 mm. Light yellow color granite. Surface is simple cut, not shined. No lines of from cutting process. Qty: 5200 m2
3. Plate - 300x300x40 mm. Light yellow color granite. Dark red color granite or basalt. Surface is simple cut, not shined. No lines of from cutting process. Qty: 4800 m2
4. Cub. Edges can vary from 40 to 60 mm, but not allowed less than 40mm or more than 60 mm. Granite. Colors: Gray, Dark gray, light yellow, red. Qty: 550 m2 each (sum 2200 m2). Feb 27. Contact, See Offers 
PK: e 2531 Korea: Our interested material is black Gold slabs from Pakistan 20mmT (shown in the photo
of your web site
). The size is up to 2300x1200mm. The qty : 1 container x 20'. The requested delivery date is 5th of Apr. in busan, Korea. So, it means that the shipment from Karachi before 18th of Mar. through the vessel "bahamian Express V.009" (Dongnama Line). Feb 26. ContactSee Offers
ALL: e 2530 Holland: Landscaping: We have to supply and install paving stones made out of natural stones. The sizes and quantity required are 14 x 20 x 10 cm - 22000 sqm (5500 tons). Top surface sawn, after sawing the surface must be sandblasted other sides natural cleft. Delivery schedule is 4000 sqm before August 1, 2002 and 18000 sqm in December, 2002 and July 2003. Please quote CIF Rotterdam. For more details click here. Feb 26 Contact, See Offers, USD 50 
EG: e 2529 China: We want to import marble blocks of GALALA light, Sunny, and Silvia. Please quote EX-WORK & F.O.b. Feb 26. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2528 India: Project: I want to import one container of beige marble for my house. The material I am looking for is 3500 sft of Perlato Di Sicilia or Cosmic beige. I am looking for a supplier from Italy or bombay. Please recommend any other quality also, I understand beige from Turkey is very good. Let me know the prices C&F India - Chennai Port. Feb 26. Contact, See Offers
e 2527 USA: Production: I am opening a slab distribution business, I want a accounting software to track inventory of slab product incoming and sales. Feb 26. Contact
e 2526 USA: Retail: I am interested in putting your Morning Star from Ukraine in my kitchen. Where can I buy this in my area (Lafayette, LA 70504)?. Feb 26. Contact
e 2525 USA: Retail: I like 1.Maple Red from Ukraine; 2.Rubia Red from India; 3 Chilli Red from India; 4 brindle blue from India; 5. Porfidio acido-robrato from Italy; 6. Mountain Rose from USA; 7. Lacdubonnet from USA. I live in the boston Area. Feb 26. Contact
IN: e 2524 India: Tools: I need prices for Sawing blade: 2 Mtrs / Cutting Surface: Flat. Dimension: 24 x 10.5 x 13.5 and 24x10.5x15.0. Material: bl. Galaxy, Paradiso, Tan brown. Quantity: 5500 to 6000 sft. Feb 25. Contact
UA: e 2521 USA: Retail: I need 4 slabs 3cm of Volga blue. Feb 25. Contact
e 2520 USA: Retail: I like Korneria C. I need a small quantity of 10nos 12x12 tiles. Feb 24. Closed
e 2519 USA: Retail: I am building a new home and I am interested in either granite or marble for my bathroom countertops. I have been searching for White Itaunas Granite 160 linear inches. Feb 24. Contact
e 2518 USA: Project: Looking for UbaTuba or Verde Veneziano 20sq ft with price for each shipping to Holand, Michigan. Larger order later for rest of project. Feb 23. Contact
e 2515 India: Production: Quote me for 14'' diamond blades, and diamond segments along with the type and specs for granite. I am located in Tamil Nadu, India. Feb 23. Contact
e 2514 USA:  We are interested in buying a marble quarry. Feb 23. Contact
IT / ES / bR: e 2513 bahrain: Please send us prices for Perlato Sicilia, botticino, Filetto Rosso, Verdi Isori, Aquamarina Azzurro, Alicante Rosa, Verona Rosa, Gialo de Sieyenna, botticino Semi Classico, Colanantina Rosso. Sizes are  60 x 30 x 2, 60 x 60 x 2, slab x 2cm and 3cm. Feb 22. Contact
e 2512 USA: Project: I am looking for light gray limestone 24" x 24" (3000sq ft) & polished travertine 12" x 12" or bigger (4000 sq ft). What the price for Limestone from Texas? Do you have something else in good price? I need it in Las Vegas , NV. Please send me samples soon as possible. I hope my customers will like it. If not, I will have it in my show room so we can work together in near future. Feb 22. Contact
See Offers
e 2511 Ireland: Project: I want a firm to supply 15 cut stone window surrounds for a restoration project in Ireland. These have beveled edges and a profiled drip moulding but no sculptured features. Dimensional accuracy is of utmost importance. Feb 22. Contact
IN: e 2510 USA: Please quote for Absolute black Granite tiles 6000 sq ft 18" x 18" x 1/2" & 2000 square feet of 12" x 12" x 3/8" calibrated, polished, chamfered, grade 1, what is delivery lead time. Include freight to Philadelphia, Mississippi, USA / FOb Jobsite. Closest port of entry to Philadelphia, Mississippi will be New Orleans, Louisiana. Feb 22. ContactSee Offers
bG: e 2508 Germany: Please quote for Lolova Gneiss tiles, slabs and blocks from bulgaria. We are willing to import it. Feb 21. Contact
e 2507 brazil: Retail: Please quote for Green Forest / Tropical Guarani polished and calibrated tiles 18x18x3/8 100 sq. ft. & 12 x 12 x 3/8" 50 Sq. Ft. This material is from brazil and I would like to buy it for USA. If I found it locally in USA, would be better or am ready to import. Feb 21. Contact
bR: e 2505 USA: I would like to have prices for polished brazilian granite slab 2 CM thickness. Feb 21. Contact 
e 2504 USA: Project: I am building a house and would like to put Coliseum Stone throughout. I need approx. 2800 sq. ft. I would appreciate a cost inclusive and exclusive of installing. Feb 21. Contact
e 2503 USA: Retail: Please let me know the price of a slab of Labrador Antico 10 ft x 6 ft. I am not aware of the country of origin of this material. I am looking for a supplier in Suffolk County, New York. Feb 21. Contact
ALL: e 2501 Yugoslavia: We are interested in granite blocks. Dimensions of blocks that are attractive for us are between 150 x 80cm and 250 x 130 cm. We would very thankful if you would send the approximate price list of your materials that match with those that I just described. Feb 21. Contact
e 2500 USA: Retail I am looking for some kind of attractive stone that can be fairly easily drilled to create tabletop fountain pieces. They can be irregular in shape, with dimensions from 3" to 8", and I am looking for a rectangular piece(s) that would be the size of a brick. Can you direct me to any suppliers in the U.S. Feb 20. Contact
e 2499 USA: I want tumbled stones in San Marcos, USA. Feb 20. Contact, See Offers
e 2498 USA: Retail: Please quote for Salmon Pearl & Pink Diamond granite 12X12 tiles from USA for flooring. Feb 20. Contact
e 2496 USA:   Retail: I am looking for 12" x 12" marble floor tile. The marble is called Temple Pink and Gray. It has a cream background with veins of blue / gray and pink. We need about 100 sq. feet for a decorative medallion in a bank branch. Feb 19. Contact
e 2494 USA: Retail: Please quote for Pietra del Cardoso. I need the stone for kitchen countertops. Our new construction project is in boston Massachusetts. Feb 19. Contact, See Offers 
e 2491 USA: Project: I need a price on tiles for a project coming up soon. I will need 388 Sq. Ft. of black Galaxy polished; 1,100 Sq Ft of American Mahogany; 2,020 Sq Ft of Flamed American Mahogany; 713. Sq Ft of flamed Absolute black. I will need this shipped to job site in bay St Louise in Mississippi USA. Feb 18. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2489 France:  Please quote for the following 
12 x 12 x 100 cm light gray color granite. All sides bush hammered. 
12 x 12 x 100 cm light gray color granite natural treatment (no cut). 
40 x 40 x 3 cm light gray color granite, 270 sqm, all face sized, flamed finish 
Quantity needed: 2 containers. Feb 18. Contact, See Offer
IN: e 2488 India: Please quote for Raw Silk granite tiles on truck load basis to sell locally in Chattisgarh, Raipur. We are looking at a price of Rs. 53 / sq. ft. Feb 18. Contact, See Offers
ZA: e 2486 China: Please quote for 150 cbm Verde Fountain granite blocks. Also email us the picture and later courier the sample. After which we will send our representative to finalize. Feb 18. Contact
IN: e 2485 India: We are seeking for quarry owners of Jet black granite rough blocks. We have ready Euro buyer interested in Joint Venture. Feb 18. Contact, See Offers
e 2483 USA: Project: I want to purchase a "chunk" of granite about the size of a bushel basket. It doesn't have to be anything special. I have a special "garden" project this year. I would prefer "black". 
My questions....can I get it in the Southwestern Part of Pennsylvania, like the Pittsburgh area...
Question #2...How much would it weigh?
Question #3...How much would it cost?
Question #4...Could I carry it in a pickup truck? Feb 18. Contact
IT: e 2481 USA: Project: I am an interior designer looking to import 4000 square feet of high quality 24" X 24" Saturnia (for example, Navona Extra, Venato Navona or Ondama Rina) honed and filled for inside and outside (terraces) project in Miami, Florida USA by September 2002. I also need 6" Saturnia baseboard with OGE edge to match tile.Feb 18. Contact, See Offers 
e 2480 USA: Retail: Need 140 Sq Ft 12x12" or 18x18" tiles shipped to Seattle WA USA. AZUL bAHIA OR AMARELO bANGU. Payment by cash / cashier's cheque. Delivery period 12 weeks, material will be self inspected. I am a builder / developer. Feb 17. Contact
ALL: e 2479 China: We are a stone manufacturer and exporter in Fujian China. We need stones to manufacture products which we export . We are also building a stone exhibition and trading center where traders from all over the world will do business. please email us the prices and send us samples so we can display your material. Feb 16. Contact USD 50
e 2478 USA: Project: We are bidding a project for in North Carolina At Wilmington NC and the specification calls for Crema David Limestone Treads and Risers on a big ornamental stair. We also need quotes for supplying and installing. Feb 16. Closed
MX: e 2477 Saudi Arabia: Please quote in USD for Marbles from Mexico: Dragon Jade 100 SQM 40 X 40 CM 2CM Feb 16. Contact
RU: e 2476 Saudi Arabia: Please quote in USD for Russian marbles: Green Moby Dick 50SQM 40X40CM 2CM & Red Moby Dick 50SQM 40X40CM 2CM. Feb 16 Contact
e 2474 USA: Retail: I am building a kitchen and am interested in Carion. Feb 15. Contact
FR: e 2473 USA: Retail: I want to locate distributor for bretigny or beauhama limestone from France, here in the United States. Would prefer somewhere close to Texas. Feb 15. Contact
IN / ES: e 2471 Indonesia: Please quote us for the supply of black Galaxy and Rojo Alicante. Will you please also state your earliest delivery date, your terms of payment, and discounts for regular purchase? As our annual requirements in marble & granite, perhaps you would also send us your catalog and details of your specification. Feb 15. Contact, See Offers
bR: e 2468 USA: Please quote for Giallo Veneziano granite, 1 FCL. Feb 14. Contact, See Offers
e 2466 USA: Retail: Where can I buy the blue Pegaso Granite? I am very interested. I live in Salem, NH. US. Feb 14. Contact
e 2465 USA: Retail: I am looking for granites which contain green, black, and white all on the same stone. Can you tell me which countries contain granites that match these colors. Feb 13. Closed, See Offer
e 2464 USA: Production: What relative software for monuments is available. Also what CNC machine is the best for cutting out monuments? Feb 12. Contact
e 2461 USA: Retail: Quote for Pietra del Cardosa. I want 60 sq. ft. for kitchen countertops (project in Massachusetts). Feb 12. Contact
e 2459 USA: Retail: I am looking for a Turkish marble called Manyas. Feb 12. Contact
e 2458 USA: Retail: Please quote for Antique blanc Rose - Quantity for 2 rooms sizes 13 x 20 and 13 x 13 (ft). Also bulgarian limestone approx. 200 sq. feet. Feb 12. Contact
e 2456 India: We want to buy a whole lot of Fancy Rocks; the kind Discovery Store in the US sells. I guess it's basically crystal formations of quartz, jasper, etc. I am just looking for some decoration pieces for use in a mural. Please quote. Feb 12. Contact
e 2455 USA: Retail: I need 700 sq. ft. Crema Marfil. Feb 12. Contact

e 2453 USA: Retail: Where I can get Rockwell Granite material? Feb 12. Contact

IN: e 2452 USA: We are in need of about 2 container per month granite slabs and tiles of various fast moving variety of granite slabs and tiles. We are basically looking for 2 and 3cm thick slabs with 9' x 5' sizes around. Prices needed to be quoted in FOb India port. Feb 12. Contact, USD 50, See Offers
e 2451 USA: Retail: I need to purchase two pieces of polished  Marron Imperiale of Spain. Each piece needs to be 3" wide x 20" long, polished on the top and all side edges, but not on the bottom. Feb 11. Contact
e 2450 USA: I am a builder / developer. Looking for prices on natural stone / coping stones. Feb 11. Contact, See Offers,
e 2449 USA: We are looking for a supplier of PSV 68. PSV 68 is a gritstone, a granite or a gneiss with a polished stone value of 68. We require this from Western European sources. Feb 11. Contact 
e 2448 USA: Retail: Interested in Verde Pearl Granite for residential use. Please quote on square foot basis. Feb 11. Contact
ALL: e 2447 USA: I am interested in starting a business in stones in Florida. Please email me prices and subsequently samples. Feb 11. Contact, USD 50
e 2446 Pakistan: Project: Require Agglomerate Marble Tiles & Slabs for fabrication in Pakistan. Qty. about 400 M2. Thickness: 12mm or 20mm. Feb 10. Contact
e 2444 USA: Project: I want a granite slab that is more gray in color an its dimensions must be 2 x 5 ft x 4 inches thick. I need it in California and am ready to travel to Nevada to purchase it. Feb 10. Contact
e 2443 USA: Want Tropical brown (tropic brown) blocks and slabs. Feb 10. Contact, See Offers
ES: e 2441 USA: I want Duquesa Rosada or Duquesa Media from Spain. I have been given to understand that the quarry closed 6 years back. Feb 10. Contact
TR: e 2439 USA: Retail: We need Verde Reade Orientale. Need +/- 15 slabs (3/4") for residential interior use. Fabrication date: May, 2002. Feb 7. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2438 India: I would like to purchase limestone blocks. Send prices CIF Mumbai port. Feb 7. Contact
e 2436 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Ebano black or Ebony black. Feb 7. Contact
e 2435 USA: I am looking for Filetto Rosa slabs. I need three countertops. Is there a certain minimum number of slabs that can be shipped? I'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Feb 7. Contact
e 2434 USA: Retail: We are looking for sandstone cut in brick-size pieces and varying lengths for use on a fireplace face. It  would be nice to find this in the Tacoma, Washington area. Feb 7. Contact
e 2433 USA: Retail: Want granite slabs for countertops. I need 48 sq. ft for my kitchen project. I live in Ellwood City, PA. Feb 6. Contact 
TR: e 2432 Spain: We need burdur Champagne beige Light from Turkey 3 containers. Sizes are 30.5 x 30.5 x 1,  30.5 x 15.2 x 1, 15.2 x 15.2 x 1. Feb 6. Contact, See Offers
IT: e 2431 Egypt: Please quote for the following: 
 Italian botticino Marble (polished) 75 x 25cm & 75 x 40cm 2&3cm thick qty 6500 sqm each
 Rosa Zarzi 75 x 40 cm 2&3cm thick, qty. 2500 sqm. Prices should including CIF any Egyptian port, packing. Samples is necessary. System of payment should mentioned in your offer. Feb 6. Contact, See Offers
e 2430 USA: Retail: I am interested in finding Absolute black in 11 ft (eleven feet) or 11.5 ft slabs. Needs to be a company in Miami, Fl. Feb 6. Contact
ES / IT: e 2429 Mexico: Please quote preferable FOb Italian or Spanish port for: 
Fior Di Pesco Carnico marble 100 x 100 x 20mm. tumbled tiles, qty 120 sqm. 
Fior Di Pesco Carnico marble 300 x 300 x 20mm. tumbled tiles, qty 150 sqm.
Crema Marfil Perlado Marble or Rosa Aurora Marble 400 x 400 x 20 mm. tumbled tiles, qty 1300 sqm.
Rosa Valencia Marble 100 x 100 x 20mm. tumbled tiles, qty 480 sqm. 
Yellow (Ochre) Travertine 300 x 300 x 20 mm, qty 1250 sqm. tumbled; 100 x 100 x 20 mm, qty 620 sqm. tumbled; 600 x 600 x 20 mm, qty 350 sqm. tumbled. Feb 5. Closed, See Offers
bR: e 2428 Australia: Retail: Want blue Macauba for a bathroom project. Feb 5. Contact, See Offers
IN / ZW: e 2427 Australia: Please quote with delivery time for 1 FCL 20' box container of 20 mm thick polished random slabs of Absolute black. Feb 5. Contact
CN: e 2426 China: Please quote for the following items: POLISHED Chinese granite G684
1 piece 105x66x3
1 piece 105x65x3
1 piece 72x65x3
1 piece 72x66x3
1 piece 93,2x65x3
1 piece 93,2x66x3
We need these items in Italy, in belgium or in Germany. Feb 5. Contact
e 2424 Canada: Retail: I am looking for Indian Mokalsar Green light granite for countertop. I want a supplier from Toronto area. Feb 4. Contact
PT: e 2423 USA: Please quote: Castelo branco White, Monforte Pink, branco Rei. Feb 4. Contact 
CN: e 2422 USA: Please forward availability and prices for the following stones: Cherry Flower, Misty Peach Pink, Misty Dusk. Feb 4. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2421 Saudi Arabia: Project:  We have a project, for which we need the following: 
  Cream Marble as similar or blotchy 4000 sqm.
  blue Marble as similar or shello 1000 sqm.
  Yellow Marble as similar or marketa 500 sqm.
  Gray Marble as similar or Salome 500 sqm.
Kindly send samples and price list as the first step. Feb 3. Contact 
CR: e 2420 Kuwait: Kindly quote for Lucia, Korneria & Valtura Unito or similar marble (gray) from Croatia 2 & 3 cm thick slabs to be supplied for a huge project. Feb 2. Contact 
ALL: e 2419 USA: Retail: I am looking for biege granite or marble, preferably granite in 1x1 or 1x2 ft tile. The quantity is app 550 sq ft. at present. In next 6-12 months we would require 5000 sq ft. Is this available in US or in another country. Feb 2. Contact,See Offers 
er 2418 USA: Retail: I'm looking for an inexpensive supplier of granite tiles (24 x 24) or full counter tops for my Kitchen. Feb 2. Contact, See Offers 
e 2416 USA: Retail: Looking for someone in USA who has White Chameleon granite from the Ukraine? Feb 2. Contact
e 2414 USA: Need about 4000Sq. Ft. 3/4" polished slabs of Verde Orezza. Please quote Feb 2. Contact
e 2412 Uganda: Production: Looking for technology for production of terrazo chips, dimensional stones (tiles) from dolomite; 2. The cost of individual components and the entire plant including support services. Feb 1. Contact
IN: e 2411 USA: Quote for Teakwood and Fossil sandstones. Feb 1. Closed, See Offers 
er 2410 USA: Retail:  I live in Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC. I am looking for a retailer who carries an Indian granite called black Galaxy. Feb 1. Contact, See Offers 
ALL: e 2409 Nigeria: We are one of the biggest distributors of natural stones and architectural fittings in Africa. We would like to include good companies in our list of esteemed suppliers. Please send us your detail pricelists along with photographs. Feb 1. Contact
er 2408 USA: Retail: I'm interested in finding a Los Angeles or Orange County company that sells basaltina Granite for a kitchen countertop. Feb 1. Contact
IN: e 2407 India: Machinery: I am starting a granite factory in Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu. I want cost of polishing machines and edge cutter and huge cutter with diamond blades. What would be the cost of a 5 year old machine and cost price of 10 ton crane and 2 ton crane? Feb 1.  Contact
er 2406 USA: Retail:  Wanted granite landing slab. Dimensions 5' 3" x 9' x 7" thick. Lighter shade of gray preferred. For reproduction colonial home, so must have "rough" or "split" look on top and front (9' length). Sides (5'3" length), back and bottom can be sawn as they are hidden. Feb 1. Contact, See Offers    
e 2405 belgium: Quote for Pasha White tiles and slabs. Feb 1. Contact
e 2404 USA: Machinery: Please quote for a new Caterpillar excavator CAT 320C year 2001. The machine is for bolivia, but you have to make the quotation up to the port of Arica, Chile. Feb 1. Contact

Other inquiries are in the Project Inquiries section or in the General buy Inquiries section under different payment schemes.  

For convenience, the above inquiries are usually in the following sections also:

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Thank you for your e-mail. I discovered your site through one of the companies which I represent located in Italy. It is a useful site and will help many companies and individuals understand better what is available. The use of stone in North America and the processing of it remain very new. We have approximately less than 90 gang saws while brazil alone has over 1200. The Cararra region in Italy has over 700 gang saws of which today only 400 are active. We have a long way to go here in North America so your forum is important. Regards, Steve

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