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Buyers: Email us your inquiry giving your location, but do see the pricelist and ready stock before doing so.

Below are the latest inquiries. The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
e 3424 USA: Retail: I want Rosa Guaratinga from Bahia, Brazil. Is this granite available in L.A. area? I need to large-size slabs (enough for 80 sq. ft. of counter space). July 11, Contact. US $ 5
e 3421 USA: Retail: I want a piece of granite that is 40"x80" called Shivakaski. I am an architect. July 11, Contact US $ 2
e 3419 USA: Retail: I want Vyhara 12x12 granite tiles. July 11, Contact US $ 2
e 3417 USA: Retail: I want black galaxy tiles - 1500 sq ft. I am looking for someone who can supply me at a rate cheaper than US $ 8.30/sq. ft. July 11, Contact
e 3410 USA: Retail: I am looking for 2,000 square feet of 24x24 cream/beige honed limestone or travertine tiles for under $2.50 sf delivered to San Francisco Bay Area. Prefer to buy locally. July 11, Contact US$ 10.
e 3399 USA: Retail: I want two slabs of Giallo Agora. The stone is marbled with black and gray set against a background of off colored white, but not yellow as the name would imply. It is sprinkled with a deep dark red (oxblood). I live in Sherman, Texas. I need it immediately. July 10, Contact Free
e 3391 Canada: Retail: Please quote for Azul marbles like Blue Pegaso, Amerelo Bangu. Prefer to buy from Canada. July 10, Contact US $ 5
e 3390 Canada: Retail: I am looking for 24 sq ft, slab 2" thick 6ft x 4ft. I believe to come from Egypt. It is reddish brown in color and is made up of fossilized animals (dinosaur era), has plants skeletons etc. I have only seen this slab once before but have not been able to track down a piece. Believed to be fossilized dead sea mud. July 10, Contact Free
e 3389 USA: Retail: I like Labrador Antique. Prefer to buy it in CA. July 10, Contact US $ 2 
e 3388 USA: Retail: Looking for Amarillo Nigrais. July 10, Contact US $ 2
AR: e 3377 USA: Retail: PLEASE SEND ME PRICING AND SIZES ON EXSTRA. July 9, Contact US $ 5
e 3376 USA: Retail: I want 150 square feet of Azul Bahia, and slabs as well. I am in Woodmere, New York, July 9, Contact US $ 5
e 3369 USA: Retail: I want honed granite countertop for my kitchen. I am interested in whatever colors can be honed. I need enough for a large kitchen island - I can send exact plans if needed. My delivery location is in Montclair, NJ. Prefer to buy locally - somewhere in Northern NJ. July 8, Contact US $ 5
e 3364 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a white marble for a dresser top, (I didn't know there were so many different varieties), approx. 3/4" thick or more, measuring 4' 2" x 2'. I live in Oklahoma, USA. July 8, Contact US $ 5.
e 3355 USA: Retail: I'm looking for Azzurro Acquamarino. Can you tell me which country it's from and where I can locate it in the US...preferably the West Coast? July 7, Contact US $ 2
e 3354 USA: Retail: I need one box of 10 tiles +/-, 12"x12" each of Bardiglio Nuvolato Apuano or something very similar to complete a project. I am in Connecticut, near New York (Westchester County or NYC). July 7. Contact Free 
e 3352 USA: Retail: I want four slabs of California Gold slate between 3/4" to 11/4" thick to be used as the stone around my fireplace opening. 
3 Slabs approx. 48" x 24", 1 Slab 84" x 24" (this can be made into two slabs if needed)
- Thickness can be from 3/4" to 1 1/4"
- Delivery to Zelienople, Pa 16063. 
- Buy from anywhere available.
- Stone details: California Gold is in FindStone's Stone Album
- Project finished except for fireplace surround and hearth, will be 
purchasing a.s.a.p., decision will be based on availablity and price. July 7, Contact US $ 5
e 3348 USA: Retail: I am looking for a supplier of the Indian Autumn stone. July 6, Contact US $ 2
e 3347 USA: Retail: I'm interested in purchasing man-made marble. I am in Emerson, NJ, July 6, Contact US $ 5
e 3346 USA: Retail: We are trying to locate an Italian marble called Caribbean or Caribbean Beige. July 6, Contact  US $ 2
e 3344 USA: Retail: Please quote for Chinese stone ZH-G001 along with a sample. July 5, Contact  US $ 2
e 3341 India: Retail: We want Granite Black Galaxy 100 sq. ft. for kitchen platform and Kashmir White  Granite 80 sq. ft. for flooring. We are in Mumbai. July 5, Contact Rs. 50.
e 3336 USA: Retail: I want Breccia Onicita marble slab. I prefer a seller from Northern California, USA. I would like to see a picture or a sample before I place an order. I have heard it is the same as Breccia Damascatta. I need 1 - 41" x 25" piece, polished on the ends and top. This is for a fireplace hearth.
1 - 48" x 25" piece, with a bull nose front and splashguard sides and a sink cutout (~ 15" x 15"). This is for a wet bar counter. Please note: Exact measurements and templates will be available later.
Delivery location is Los Angeles. Prefer to buy locally. We wanted to purchase it last week. Price and delivery time will be purchase criteria. I live in California. July 5, Contact US $ 5
e 3329 USA: Retail: I want Pietra Greigio. I saw a beautiful blue countertop with white marbling. The stone feels soft like soapstone and has a blue/grey hue with streaks of soft white. The store owners told me that it was Pietra Greigio, which may not be correct. 
I am looking to buy three slabs for the kitchen, each 2 feet wide, one 8 feet long, one 6 feet long and the third 11 feet long. I would prefer a dealer who can cut the stone and instal the counter in New York City. 
July 4, Contact US $ 2
e 3328 Germany: Retail: I want 25 sqm, 2 cm thick Polished Slabs of Azul de Macaumbas or Azul Imperial. Only best quality in Europe/Germany. July 4, Contact US $ 5
e 3324 USA: Retail: Carolina Blue Granite is the state stone of South Carolina. I was wondering if it can be used for countertops? If yes, then how do I find a source? July 3, Contact US $ 5.
e 3323 USA: Retail: We want silestone. July 3, Contact US$ 2
e 3322 UK: Retail: I am looking for a supplier in UK for a marble kitchen worktop, preferably SW London. 
July 3, Contact US$ 2
e 3316 USA: Retail: I am looking for a pink, rose or red marble tile. The color should not include any other colors except for white. July 3, Contact US$ 2
e 3315 USA: Retail: We want Uba Tuba 1300 sq ft of 12 X 12 tiles. July 3, Contact US$ 10
e 3311 USA: Retail: I would like Bahia Blue in slabs, tiles, treads, whatever you have it in, for varied amounts. The tiles are for 300 sq feet, the slabs I am not sure. July 3, Contact  US$ 10
e 3308 UK: Retail: I am looking for either 5 sqm of nero assoluto granite or something similar to carrara marble for a worktop so it needs to be in big pieces. I am also looking for 19 sqm of limestone in tiles. I am an interior designer in London. July 3, Contact US$ 2
e 3304 USA: Retail: I am looking for Bouredeux granite from Brazil. July 3, Reply US$ 2
e 3303 USA: Retail: I would like some 12 x 12 tiles of Rojo Florida for my bathroom. It is dark brownish red with what looks like white veining. I have attached a scan of my sample...hope it helps. I would really like to find this tile or something very similar to it. I prefer the earthier dark red/brown tones and do not want anything that has pink tones in it. 
I would like to use this in a bathroom on the floor and shower walls. I need 180-200 sq ft of 12 x 12 tiles. I would prefer to buy locally in the Johnson City or Knoxville, Tennessee area. I also have close access to Asheville, NC, too. I would want the tiles delivered to Unicoi, Tennessee, where we are building in the mountains. We will be ready for these tiles sometimes in the next 2-3 months.
Regarding price, I was quoted a price of $5.91 / sq ft by the Home Depot. I would very much like to get the same price, or close to it, from your source. July 3, Contact US$ 5
e 3299 USA: Retail: I want to use Espenrz Auldstone - Rosa Zarci stone tile in my kitchen. July 3, Contact US $ 2.
e 3292 USA: Retail: I would like to know about Silestone. It is available in Grand Junction, CO and how much does it cost a foot? June 30, Contact, US $ 5.
e 3290 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Azul Imperial. I will need several slabs. I would also like to know the price. June 30, Contact, US $ 2.
e 3289 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of Absolute Black of the highest quality. Do you know of anyone in San Diego, CA that might have it in stock? June 30, Contact
e 3285 USA: Retail: I need two 1" slabs of galaxy black. Could you send me a price and lead time? June 29. Contact US$ 2.
e 3283 Canada: Retail: I am looking for Amarello slabs for counter tops in British Columbia area. Does it come in many colors? June 28, Contact US$ 5.
e 3280 USA: Retail: I need granite slabs for Kitchen / Bathrooms. Please quote in sq ft. June 28. Contact, US$ 2.
e 3276 USA: Retail: I want 500 sft of Jura Beige Limestone Tiles to be shipped to Chicago. I need 16"x16 x 5/8" size. I have an eight week leadtime, but I need a lot sample for approval. It is very important that it is TOSCANA or a distressed finish. It would be preferable if someone had it in stock now in the U.S. I am not interested in importing this stone. The application is for flooring. June 28, Contact
e 3275 Australia: Retail: I want 250 sqm of Kashmir White granite. June 28, Contact, US$ 10.
e 3270 USA: Retail: Your stone of the week, Orange Onyx from Iran is the color I want to do my home porch and walkway in. I was looking for a color called "California Gold" which I had ordered. They didn't have the item and I'm back to looking. I think my original order was for 12x12 pieces, @260 square feet. Is orange onyx readily available?- in the east? in the USA? Want to do my small porch and walkway in slate set in concrete. I need about 260 square feet of the product. My phone no. is 718 978 ----. June 27, Contact
US$ 5.
e 3268 USA: Retail: I want 500 sft of Jura Beige Limestone Tiles to be shipped to Chicago. I need 16"x16 x 5/8" size. I have an eight week lead time, but I need a lot sample for approval. It is very important that it is TOSCANA or a distressed finish. It would be preferable if someone had it in stock now in the U.S. I am not interested in importing this stone. The application is for flooring. June 26. Contact US $ 5.
e 3266 USA: Retail: I am looking for Villa De Leva - Travertine honed 12 inch tile. Quantity - 75 sq ft - 12 inch travertine tile delivered to: Parkville, Missouri. I'm not sure but I think the stone is from Mexico. Our new home is due to close on July 16, 2002. I need this tile as soon as possible. It is to be used on the Master Bath floor. June 26. Contact US $ 5.
e 3265 USA: Retail: I am a stone fabricator for the local Hernando, MS and Memphis, TN area. I am looking for a company from whom I can buy Dakota Mahogany granite 3 cm thick slabs preferably 6' x 12'. I need the slabs delivered to Hernando, MS 38632. I prefer the stone to come from the United States. I need the slabs as soon as possible. My decision criteria for purchase is as necessary for Dakota Mahogany in the U.S.. The stone is to be used for a kitchen's counter-tops. June 26. Contact US $ 10.
e 3262 USA: Retail: I want Dark Emperador - 74" x 22" - for a tabletop. I am in Dallas, Texas 75287. 
June 26. Contact US $ 5.
e 3260 USA: Retail: Looking for a stone called "Oyster Pearl." I need 3 slabs. June 26. Contact US $ 20.
e 3259 USA: Retail: I am looking for Jerusalem Gold Masada or Jerusalem Gold. Do you have photo image to attach in e-mail to me? I am interested in approximately 120 square meters in small 30.5 x 30.5 size (12" x 12"). And possibly more considerably more for walls. Location is California, USA. June 26, Contact US $ 10.
e 3254 USA: Retail: I want Jersey "ironstone". I believe it is a sandstone in the southern part of New Jersey. June 25. Contact US $ 2. 
e 3250 USA: Retail: Want 180 sq. ft of Jerusalem Bone or something similar in 24" x 24" x 5/8". June 25. Contact US$ 2
e 3244 USA: Retail: We want immediately 16x16 Crema Nuovo polished marble tiles. I need a supplier in the San Francisco / San Jose area. June 24, Contact US$ 10.
e 3241 USA: Retail: Looking for Vyara Granite - 36" x 60". June 24, Contact US$ 2.
e 3238 USA: Retail: Looking for companies that sell and fabricate marble and granite in Orlando, Fl. 
June 24, Contact US$ 10.
e 3234 USA: Retail: Looking for small quantity of 12 x 12 Fioro di Pesco Classico for use in Diablo, California. Color range for the stone is lighter lilac, light purple, mauve veins with gray and white. NO deep reds or maroon. Need 50 sq. ft. 12 x 12. Delivery period: Now, (urgent). Will need additional 150 Sq. Ft. 16x16 by 7/15/02. Send digital image if possible. June 22. Contact US$ 5.
e 3229 USA: Retail: Do you have 180 sq. ft of Jerusalem Bone (or something similar) in 24" x 24" x 5/8"? June 21. Contact US$ 2
TR: e 3228 USA: Retail: We want White Ibiza Limon from Turkey. We need about 3,000 sq. ft of 24x24 and about 1,600 sq. ft. of 18x18 or 16x16. We need a source here in South Florida as we cannot wait for a container to be imported. June 21. Contact. US $ 50
e 3224 USA: Retail: I want a nice medium blue granite tile. The size of the tile doesn't matter. Blue pearl is too dark, I love Bahia Blue but it's expensive. The area I need to cover is 300 sq feet, maybe less. The price will depend on the beauty of the tile. I am flexible if the material is superior. I need counter top slabs for my kitchen too, I don't know if that will work here because those need to be cut to order. June 20. Contact, US $ 2, See Offers 
e 3214 USA: Retail: Looking for 2 or 2 and half slabs of rainbow sandstone ---immediate need for bathroom vanities---either I can buy or my fabricator will buy in Miami Florida. June 19. Contact
e 3213 USA: Retail: We want 24" X 70" finished (polished with polished edges) marble green (verde). 
June 19. Contact
e 3207 USA: Retail: We want Marble slabs: roja or similar. Typical dimension: 3' wide by 6.5 to 8' long. Mirror finish: one-face only. Ship to: Avon, Connecticut. Desired delivery: 90 days. Quantity required is 300 sq. ft.  June 19. Contacts
e 3205 Australia: Retail: I am trying to track down suppliers of soapstone (for craft use) in Sydney. June 18. Contact
e 3200 USA: We want Deleware River Stone. I am willing to drive as far as 55 miles, if I must. I am in Hornell, NY. June 18. Contact
e 3190 USA: Retail:  I am looking for Alabaster Accessories, in particular those shaped as a ball. I am just an individual consumer trying to locate some accessories for my home. I am not in the stone business. June 16. Contact
e 3184 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing granite tiles for a new construction. I would require the following two types granite tiles for floor covering: BIANCO ROMANO AND TUMKUR PORPHERY
I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please tell me if you ship abroad and how much would be the charge for
shipping tiles measuring 12 inch by 12 inch, with thickness of about 3/8th of inch (USA standard tile) for floor tiles. I am thinking that my total would be about 2000 square feet. I am interested in Bianco Romano as well as Tumkur Porphery. I may also consider other types of granite tiles. But for now, these are the main two colors that I will be needing for my new house. 
If you do not mind, please give me an estimate in US Dollars, the price of these granite tiles per given square foot. Also for an order of the magnitude of 2000 square feet roughly would there be any discounts? How much would the total shipping costs? 
Turkum Porphery is mostly reddish with streaks of black grains going through it. I need about 1800 square feet of Bianco Romano and about 200 Square feet of Tumkur Porphery. If you have free samples to mail me, I would also appreciate it. The samples needed of course would be the above two granite types. Please email me your response. Also my final address for shipping will be different. That will be my new house in Las Vegas. But the above address can be used for any correspondence.
ALSO do you have MEDALLIONS that measure from 30 to 40 inches in diameter? June 14. Contact
See Offers
e 3182 USA: Retail: Looking for Decomposed Granite supplier in Portland, Oregon area. June 14. Contact, USD 4, See Offers 
AU: e 3178 USA: Retail: I saw Verde Fuoco granite at a warehouse in Denver. Can you tell me about it? I want to use it for kitchen countertops. It seems limited in availability. Also what should the pricing be on this granite slab? June 14. Contact
e 3175 USA: Retail: I am trying to find suppliers that would be able to work
with me in regards to supplying to me in Raleigh, NC 27603 (USA), so it could be either local or import. I am not trying to fill a specific project specification at this time, but rather obtain brochures and samples of what a company has to offer. The stone would be utilized for flooring, interior decor and structures. 
For now, I am not locked into a specific price structure. Again, I am trying to set up a supplier base for myself. June 14. Contact
e 3165 Canada: Retail: I want prices for granite floor tiles (polished) in the larger sizes 18 x 18 and bigger. June 12. Contact
e 3164 USA: Retail: I am looking for irregular slate (dark color) for a fireplace to create a stone look, not squared edges. I need around 22 sq. ft of material. Please let me know if you are able to supply such to me and the cost. If you have other material that you think would also look good in a family room with a hardwood floor, dark navy leather couches and 55" TV in a black case next to fireplace, please let me know the price on that material as well. June 12. Contact
e 3160 Australia: Retail: I am looking for 100 - 150 sqm floor tiles of an orange-pink marble that I believe comes from the Philippines. (Someone advised it was called Indonesian Orange but someone else told me it comes from the Philippines). June 11. Contact
ALL: e 3158 Australia: Retail: We want 250 linear metres of 500 X 200 X 1000 mm 6 sawn side dark gray granite. I am in Melbourne, Australia. I am willing to purchase now. Price is the main purchasing criteria. The stone will be used as a base stone and window surround for a sandstone house. Local costs are far to high. The color I have chosen is G653 from China. No preference in country although freight cost may decide that.
The current price I have is US$100 per linear metre. June 11. Contact, See Offers, US $ 100.
e 3156 USA: Retail: I am looking for a price on Chiampo Mandorlato. Polished with straight edges unpolished. I need a price for 300 square feet and 500 square feet. Using the following dimensions: 12" x 24" x 3/4". Also, could you supply the lead-time. I am in Wood Dale, IL. June 11. Contact
e 3155 USA: Retail: I am in need of price information for 2 slabs of either Royal Blue Sodalite or Blue Macaubas - A marble for a burial marker. The type of stone pictured in your China monument style #03 would also be a adequate match for what I have in mind. The slab dimension would be 2.5' across 2' high 6" thick and a base stone of proper dimension to go with it. June 11. Contact
e 3154 USA: Retail: We want Unifort Italian floor tiles 34 x 34 cm, color 35. June 11. Contact 
e 3151 USA: Retail: We want Marinace Red or Red Sierra Chica granite tiles. 100 sq feet. We are in Maitland, FL. June 11. Contact 
e 3144 USA: Retail: Im looking for decorator stones or pebbles the size of aquarium rock. June 10. Contact
e 3141 India: Retail: I am a student and am constructing my house in Chandigarh (India). I want to use marble for flooring but I don't have any knowledge about the quality of marble. Kindly let me know the best quality of marble which is affordable too and from where do I get the marble and how do I check the quality of the stone. June 9. Contact
e 3137 USA: Retail: What is the price of Bardiglio Nuvolato for 100 Sq ft in 2 cm? June 8. Contact 
e 3133 USA: Retail: I like stones from Argentina. I am located in Fresno California and require about 200 sq ft. of stone. June 7. Contact
e 3113 USA: Retail: We need 1000 sq. ft. Imperial White granite tiles, prefer 18" x 18" but 12" x 12" may do if no larger sizes avail., need 16 sq. ft. Blue Pearl tiles 12" x 12" and 16 sq. ft. Black Galaxy 12" x 12" tiles. Please quote price, availability, and shipping to Davis area, CA area. Can pay cash, credit card, or check. June 6, Contact
e 3095 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a slab of Azul Guanabara for my kitchen. June 5. Contact
e 3093 Belgium: Retail: I need 20 M2 Rojo Alicante tiles 30,5 X 30,5 X 1cm. Please send me as your best price and your delivery time. I am in Beerse, Belgium. June 5. Contact, See Offers 
e 3086 USA: Retail: Want table top, approximately 3 feet x 5 feet, of a green marble or marble with green accents. June 2. Contact
e 3076 USA: Retail: We we are looking Cambrian Black or similar granite slab 128" x 3/4". We are  located in Cleveland, OH. June 1. Contact
e 3073 USA: Retail: I'm looking for Soapstone. Not large pieces or amount of either (20lbs and 10-12lbs). I'm looking for the lightest blue possible AND (if it exists) I'm looking for orange (mottled, etc., as long as I can make it look like fire). May 31. Contact
e 3071 USA: Retail: I am looking for 2-3 tons of (snow) white quartz in 1/2" to 1 1/2" size, USA or Canada only, Colorado, USA preferred. Price willing to pay: $100-150/ton (looking for two tons @ $150 or three @ $100) + shipping. Sale contingent on per ton cost, shipping cost + quality of stone (seller to provide photo of merchandise or URL to site where I can see the stone).
Quartz to be used as decoration for a rock garden. I am in Loveland, CO. Project status: On hold until stone is found. Looking to create several rock gardens (personal use). Looking for delivery summer/fall 2002, but can take delivery as soon as price/quality agreed upon. May 31. Contact US$ 20
e 3070 UK: Retail: Will anyone supply kitchen worktops in black granite to England, will need fabricating & polishing etc. drawing / fax available. May 30. Contact, See Offers 
e 3069 USA: Retail: Is there an Egyptian Black Gold Marble slab. We are looking for a slab that will allow a 60 inch x 22 inch by .75 inch thick finished piece. May 30. Contact
IN: e 3068 India: Retail: Kindly send me images of Indian green granites available for floorings, as also their prices. the requirement is about 600 sq. ft. at Bangalore. May 30. Contact
e 3058 USA: Retail: I am in search of Jerusalem limestone in slab quantity of 50-100. I need the stone prefab. Looking for samples of Jerusalem Gold. I am in Nampa, ID. May 29. Contact, See Offers
e 3056 USA: Retail: Looking for Verde Issorie slab. Is it available anywhere in U.S. (Calif.)? May 29. Contact

e 3049 Canada: Retail: I am looking for someone in the Toronto area who does slate kitchen counters. May 28. Contact

e 3048 USA: Retail: I am trying to find the price on crushed brick in Charleston, SC. May 28. Contact
e 3046 USA: Retail: Wanted 54" approx. round marble or granite, ogi polished edge. Neutral colors; Carrara marble a plus. May 28. Contact
e 3045 India: Retail: I am from Coimbatore, India. I want to buy marble for 2000 sq. ft. for my house. We would also like to know the dispatch details. May 28. Contact
e 3039 USA: Retail: I want email me relevant information regarding stone slab for counter tops. May 24. Contact 
e 3037 Australia: Retail: A Brisbane, Australia company is looking to buy a Large Slab of Yellow Toned Veined Onyx. May 24. Contact 
e 3016 USA: Retail: I want Ramon Gold polished limestone 12x12 tiles. Need 250 sq. ft. I am in Washington DC. May 21. Contact, See Offers
e 3015 USA: Retail: I want Lilac Moresque Marble Slab for Northern California. May 21. Contact 
e 3013 USA: Retail: Looking for pricing on 24" X 24" X 1 1/8" flamed . Also looking for border 12" - 15" X 4', 6' , or 8' lengths also 1 1/8" thickness flamed. I would like to get pricing on Black Impala and Black Absolute. All pricing should be NYC delivered. May 21. Contact 
See Offers
e 3002 USA: Retail: I am a home owner and want to use granite and marbles from your stock. How can you supply me in Texas, USA? May 17. Contact, See Offers
e 2998 Canada: Retail: I want to fabricate a wall waterfall and the products is called slate waterfalls. Some of these units are up to 60 " high x 18" / 24" wide piece of slate with water running down them and they just look fabulous. What type of slate would I have to purchase to make my piece of art a cut above? May 17. Contact
e 2992 USA: Retail: I want 1 piece blue lapiz stone like the background picture an oval shape and the dimensions of 50mm x 50mm the color can be darker if needed but I want to have that clean clear see through look. May 16. Contact
IL: e 2988 USA: Retail: I was happy to find your site. I am looking to buy small pieces of rough stone (8" or so) as close to Bethlehem as possible and as close to the Sea of Galillee as possible. Do think you could help me to find those pieces to buy. Also, I need a nice piece of Eilat Stone as well. May 16. Contact
e 2987 USA: Retail: Looking for suppliers of regular shaped thin quartzite tiles. Can they used as roof tile. Say 16" x 16". How would it stand up to being walked on? What would be the cost relative to slate? would it be installed the same as slate? I have in mind a diamond pattern. May 15. Contact
ES: e 2986 USA: Retail: We are interested in 46 sqm Creme Marfil premium tiles 40x40x2cm. These tiles will be for a bathroom floor and shower. We are also interested in 3 cm slabs for kitchen countertops. May 15. Contact
e 2982 USA: Retail: I want 3 pieces of granite in the red family of colors. 1piece 36. in x 38 in. (or 1 square meter would be ok), 1 piece 12 in. x 38 in ( or 12 in. x 1 meter), 1 piece 1in. x 23.25 inches. I am in Walnut Creek, California. May 15. Contact, See Offers
e 2974 Canada: Retail: I'm looking into pricing for slate pieces for an art project I'm contemplating. I would need something in the .500 to .750 thick range or what ever the standard thickness is. Approx. 18" to 24" wide by 60" to 72" long. Or maybe you could advise an alternative stone. With out getting into too much detail it is similar to an interior water fall and would have water running over it, so the stone should look good under water. May 15. Contact 
e 2972 USA: Retail: ooking for a marble called Lila Rosado in 12x12 tiles - we have a sample that is several years old. Need approximately 30 sq ft for a fireplace. Have been told this marble could also be called Lilac Rose or St. Thomas Rose. May 14. Contact
e 2973 USA: Retail: I am looking for a source of chocolate travertine around  100 sqft, 16x16 x1/2. May 15. Contact
IN: e 2965 USA: Retail: I would like to contact the supplier of Cuddapah. I'm a home owner looking for stone for my house. How do I find your stone in the USA? I need a couple of slabs. May 12. Contact
IN: e 2959 UK: Retail: Require kitchen worktops in ruby red granite 605x30, approx 12m total. Need honed and cut out aperture for sink approx 495x 800. Worktop will be in four sections, full specification will be supplied. Also require 40m2 of limestone tiles in 30x60, 30x30, 30x15, 20mm thick. Please quote for price shipped to London, England. Delivery required NOW. May 11. Contact
e 2958 USA: Retail: I want a slab of 1 1/4" Black Galaxy with a length of 133" usable. May 11. Contact
US: e 2956 USA: Retail: I want an engineered stone product called Silstone. Looking for a supplier in Nashville area. May 11. Closed
e 2938 USA: Retail: I will need a slab of Black Granite, 3" thick. 28" x 18", shipped to North Illinois. Polished one side. May 9. Contact, See Offers
e 2935 USA: Retail: I want 75 sq. ft. of Baltic Brown 12x12 Near Houston, TX, USA. May 9, Contact, See Offers
e 2933 USA: Retail: We want 16" x 16" tiles in Mura White. We will need 400 sq. ft. Are trim pieces available? May 8. Contact, See Offers
e 2925 USA: Retail: Where can I find Carmel Stone? May 6. Contact, See Offers
e 2922 Canada: Retail: Would like to buy Branco Polar Granite. How much it costs and where I can come and see it? May 5. Contact
e 2916 USA: Retail: We have a small pottery in MN and we find it very hard to obtain powdered granite that we use in a glaze. We want to buy a few pounds of granite powder. May 4. Contact
e 2901 USA: Retail: Please quote for three cubes or marble, granite, or other stone, measuring 18 inches in height, length, and width. May 3. Contact
e 2899 USA: Retail: How do I find a distributor of decomposed granite? I am interested in someone east of the Mississippi. May 3. Contact
USA: e 2896 USA: Retail: I'm looking for marble bases for bronze sculptures, For example, my latest piece requires a piece 14 1/2" long x 6" wide x 1" thick, preferably and yellowish or red marble with a routed edge. What kind of price are we looking at? I am a sculptor who works in bronze. As a finishing touch, I mount all of my work on marble bases. The problem I run into is that very few marble / granite shops want to take on a job so small. Normally I have to wait until they have left-overs from a larger project in order to get my piece. Is there anyone out there who does smaller jobs and still has a good selection of marble? May 2. Contact
e 2895 USA: Retail: I like Dakota Mahogany & Sultans Mahogany. I am in Michigan. May 2. Contact
IT/CO: e 2892 USA: Retail: I am interested in Grigio Perla (Italian granite), coral stone and sahara for kitchen countertops. how does this stone perform in such an application? how  easily does it stain, etch, crack, chip? May 2. Contact
US: e 2891 USA: Retail: I am looking for a small amount of Texas fossiliferous limestone in the form of sealed tile (accent) or edging for a bathroom remodel. May 2. Closed, See Offers
BR: e 2884 USA: Retail: I like Santa Cecilia granite from Brazil. I checked out your website and noticed several types listed as "Santa Cecilia." I have been to several show rooms and the one that I am looking for was labeled "Santa Cecilia group II" and that is the one I am interested in. Do you have distributors in the US? May 2. Contact
e 2882 USA: Retail: I want Rosa Chiara Slate. May 1. Contact
e 2881 Belgium: Retail: I would like to get in touch with suppliers of Perlato Olimpo. May 1. Contact 
e 2874 USA: Retail: I need to purchase good quality granite tiles - absolute black or marble-gray look - I am located in Long Island. I need 100 tiles 12x12 with good thickness (5/8??). May 1. Contact 
e 2873 USA: Retail: Want Blue Pearl 12x12 tiles for kitchen floor. I am in MD. May 1. Contact
IN / CN: e 2867 USA: Retail: I have looked a number of the offerings on your web site and many of yours could satisfy the requirements for the slate I would like to buy - which are: Multi-color Chinese or Indian (reds, brown Orange, yellow, etc.) in 12 x 12 which are machine cut on all surfaces, with natural cleft top surface and a gauged back. Some of the names I found were Chinese firestorm, Chinese multi-color, golden 1, peacock, etc. The problem is that it is hard to tell what a floor will look like from a picture of one tile as most of those I am interested in vary a lot from tile to tile. I do not know if more examples are available, or if samples can be purchased, or not. It would be good to talk to the vendors who hold these slates to see what their impressions of them are a a bulk lot. I need something around 600 square feet and price is important. The second concern is the shipping cost. I do not want to have to pay hundreds of dollars to ship stone from large distances. May 1. Contact

IL: e 2863 Israel: Retail: Need Ramon Yellow, 11 sqm 33x33 & 49 sqm 33x16. Sellers must be in Israel. April 30. Contact
e 2859 USA: Retail: I would like to find a supplier of Arissan Blue rough river granite. (finished with a wire brush/water) I saw a sample at a Denver dealer, but they are unable to get the product for at least 4 months if not more. Any information on rough river tiles/slabs is appreciated. April 29. Contact
PK / TR / IR: e 2856 USA: Retail: I am looking for fifty tiles of dark green onyx in 12 inches by 12 inches. I am also looking for 4 slabs in 5 feet by 10 feet. Could you let me know your price and availability? April 28. Contact
e 2854 USA: Retail: I am looking for a honed pewter marble. A soft grey with very little white. People have called it Bell Bianco Candra or Pacific Pewter. People have also told me these is something from 15 to 20 years ago and it is either Greek or Chinese. The "veining" is very thin. Any ideas? I am in Chicago, IL. April 27. Contact
US: e 2845 Australia: Where we can buy Bethel White granite in Australia? we only need a small amount 1-3 slabs. April 26. Contact
NO: e 2844 USA: Retail: Looking for 135 square feet of Blue Pearl Royal Granite tiles. I am in Cincinnati, Ohio. April 26. Contact
NO: e 2843 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase 1 slab of Emerald Pearl granite polished. This will be made onto a kitchen countertop. I would like to pick it up with my truck. I live in central Pennsylvania USA. Willing to travel to pick it up. April 26. Contact
e 2830 USA: Retail: I want Black Granite chat (broken granite chips-1/4"-1/2" fines) 3-4" depth to cover an area of 70 sq. ft. I am located in St. Louis MO, USA. April 25. Contact
e 2824 USA: Retail: I am looking for a 18 3/4" x 58" x 1 1/2" think piece of Labrador Antique with an Ogee edge on three sides. I live in Chicago, any ideas? April 24. Contact
IN: e 2822 India: Retail: I would like to know the price and availability of following colors in Kerala: Kalima White, Platinum White, White Galaxy, Kuppam Green, Black Galaxy, Levendor Blue. I am staying in Kerala State, Kannur district. I am planning to buy granite for flooring of my house. Please let me know the price and availability in Kannur and Calicut district. April 24. Contact
e 2820 USA: Retail: I have a patio that is about 25 years old. It is made of flagstone. Some of the pieces around the out edge have broken and I cannot find new ones anywhere. They are six inches square, 1/2 inch thick, and the color is brownish-red (my description). Can you tell me the nearest place to Greenwood SC to find this type of material? April 23. Contact
e 2818 India: Retail: Thin white sandstone slabs 2' height needed in Mumbai urgently. April 23. Contact  
e 2813 USA: Retail: I like Fancy Green Indian marble. What size floor tiles does it  come in and what is the price and delivery time? April 23. Contact, See Offers
e 2811 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a jade green granite without a lot of black. My appliances are stainless steel and my cabinets are Golden Oak. Is there a jade green granite with gold flecks and little to no black? I want to buy granite but am having trouble selecting the proper color. April 23. Contact
e 2808 USA: Retail: I want to purchase slate for my house. I live in Pacifica, CA. April 23. Contact
e 2794 UK: Retail: I am interested in purchasing around 12 square metres in total of Jerusalem Gold calibrated 305 x 305 mm tiles ( Honed) suitable for a kitchen floor and have some questions you may be able to answer for me.
1. What would the estimated delivery charge be to send this order to London, UK?
2. How are the tiles packed?
3. Is there an additional charge for insurance to cover damages?
4. Are tiles often damaged in transit and if so, how much extra should I order to allow for damages?
5. How long would it take for the order to be delivered?
6. Do you accept credit card payments, and what other payment methods do you accept? 
7. Do you know if import duty payable on the stone at this end?
8. Can you give me an indication of price for the above order? April 20. Contact 
e 2793 USA: Retail: I am looking for 12x12 or 16x16 green onyx tiles, do you know where can I find them here in the USA? April 20. Contact, See Offers
e 2788 USA: Retail: I need small (5 to 11 lbs) of Blue Sandstone, a soft (easily carved) stone. My location is in southern Florida, I am willing to pay shipping if necessary. April 20. Contact, See Offers 
e 2785 USA: Retail: Looking for the installation of soapstone in my kitchen. A total of 30 sq. ft. North Dallas w/ installation. April 19. Contact, See Offers
e 2777 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a blue soapstone that I saw (I thought) on this site. I'll need from 5 - 10 lb. pieces. April 18. Contact
e 2776 USA: Retail: I am looking for some Amazon Green in 18*18. Could you please e-mail as to where this might be available. I only need about 42 s.f. April 18. Contact
e 2775 USA: Retail: I'm looking for small sizes / quantities of stone slab to make a sink. I'm looking to experiment with the material. I am looking for a supplier in DC/MD/VA area locations. April 18. Contact, See Offers
e 2771 USA: Retail: I am in immediate need of Montana Flagstone for a residential fireplace. April 17. Contact
e 2769 USA: Retail: I'm interested in Nubian Rose. I need a slab big enough to get the following pieces for a kitchen countertop..... Approx sizes: 
32" x 25" - 2 pieces like this
108" x 25" - 1 piece like this
65" x 30" - 1 piece like this
Questions: How much to be delivered to New Jersey? What is the lead time with an immediate order? What are the terms? April17. Contact
e 2761 USA: Retail: Need 117 sq. ft. of 3 rise split face Bedford stone. I am in Hagerstown In. Please send price for stone and delivery. April 15. Contact
e 2759 USA: Retail: I'm looking for approximately 50 sf of 18x18 very light Diano Real marble. This is not a large quantity but would appreciate any leads. April 15. Contact
e 2758 USA: Retail: I need Uba Tuba material and footage for my kitchen. I found a local Stone Shop in Houston that will sell tiles @ $8.40 per sq. ft if you want tiles and does some price break for the larger 18 x 18 tiles. I would like to do a solid surface though and unable to find anyone willing to sell the Uba Tuba to a do - it - yourselfer. April 15. Contact
e 2754 USA: Retail: I want non-porous granite counter tops. I am not too particular about the color. April 14. Contact
e 2745 India: Retail: I like limestones. Where I can see these varities in Pune.. Maharashtra state? 
April 13. Contact
e 2739 USA: Retail: I am looking for onyx with satiated lines. I have found some called 'Maven' that is a twelve inch square tile. I would like a larger tile, slab, or block. An eighteen inch square tile would be closer to what I need. April 12. Contact
e 2732 Netherlands: Retail: I am a visual artist and am looking for a black marble slab for a new work. It should be approximately 180 x 80 cm and about 10 to 15 cm thick. It is to be used in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Could you please let me know the approximate price and weight? April 11. Contact
e 2729 USA: Retail: I am interested in slate for my floors and kitchen backsplash. How are these ordered? Do they come in various sized tiles? I would like to get this info to my designer, as we will be beginning our home building project shortly. April 11. Contact
e 2726 USA: Retail: I need to buy and have installed a kitchen counter top and sideboard top with Maya marble, Can you provide me with the name of a vendor in the Cancun-Playa del Carmen area of Mexico? 
April 10. Contact
e 2725 USA: Retail: I am looking for a good REASONABLE supplier of marble countertops in the Connecticut area. I need to pick out a slab for my kitchen and can travel as far as New Jersey or New York if the price is right. April 10. Contact 
e 2724 USA: Retail: Want to buy Marron Emperado marble. Please quote per sqm basis. April 10. Contact
e 2719 USA: Retail: I am looking for a source to buy terrazzo tiles in the Atlanta area. We recently saw a terrazzo tile countertop in St. John, U.S.V.I., and fell in love with it. The owner said that it came from Miami and was terrazzo tile, but that was all the information he had. This particular tile had a tan background, and brightly colored specks of chips imbedded in it. April 9. Contact
e 2716 USA: Retail: I need information on a stone or gem, not sure which it is. The name is called Gomedak and it originates in Sri Lanka, a brownish color. I'm looking for it in the US but no one knows it, maybe it has another name here? April 9. Contact
e 2714 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of Carrara marble to serve as a kitchen island that my husband would build cabinetry underneath. I'd like something that I could roll out dough with and would love something with a blue hue that would compliment a weakness for cobalt blue. I live in the New Hampshire seacoast. April 8. Contact
BR: e 2697 USA: Retail: I am a home owner, doing my kitchen over and want granite countertops. There is a granite from Brazil called "Verde Uba Tuba", I would need 60 square feet, is there any way that I would be able to purchase through a dealer here in the United States at a discount? April 3. Contact
e 2681 USA: Retail: I want some cheap colorful material for my patio, size 20 x 6 ft. I would prefer slate. Please quote accordingly. Would slate take New York temperature changes? April 1. Contact
e 2677 USA: Retail: I am looking for a deep, rich green granite counter top to compliment my cherry wood cabinets. How can I see, or where can I see some of my 20 to 30 selections from your very extensive catalogue? April 1. Contact

e 2671 USA: Retail: I'm looking for two very different types of marble. One is called Italian Vanilla, I would assume from Italy, is in the Breccia Onicitia family. The other one is called Oro Capri. I need 250 sq. ft. My fabricator will be purchasing for me. It would be nice to find something in northern Calif. so I can go and look at the slabs. The marble is for my home in the master bathroom. March 29. Closed
e 2666 Canada: Retail: Looking for approximately 90 sq. ft. of 1 1/4 inch counter tops
to be picked up at Canadian fabricator. Color: Emerald Pearl. Finish: pencil edged, have drawings to submit for pricing. March 29. Contact, See Offers
e 2655 USA: Retail: I like a granite that was called "Ivory Tapestry", very similar to Ivory White. March 27. Contact
e 2654 USA: Retail: Looking for Goshen Stone it is quarried in the Berkshires in MA, but having terrible time finding it, and would like to know about it's qualities as a patio material. March 26. Contact
e 2652 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of Collenandina Rosso; 11.5 inches X 58.5 inches X .75 inches thick. It must be polished on the top and all sides, and the top edges must be rounded off. I am in New Jersey. March 25. Contact
e 2628 Canada: Retail: I need 350-400 sq.ft. of Giallo Siena. I would like the marble shipped to Montreal Canada. How much would shipping be? What would be my total cost for this quantity of Giallo Siena, how long would it take to get here and can I purchase samples of the slab I would be getting? March 20. Contact
See Offers
e 2625 USA: Retail: Need approx 2 slabs of Imperial Blue Quartzite. We are located in Midwest USA. March 19. Contact
e 2616 USA: Retail: Please quote for 25 pcs. Silver Sea Green Granite tiles. March 16. Contact
BR: e 2600 USA: Retail: I am looking for 4 polished slabs of Rosa-Beatriz. March 13.  Contact
e 2598 USA: Retail: I want to buy Guatemala Verde slab in California. March 13. Contact, See Offers
e 2591 Australia:   Retail: Please give me pricing of Azar Shahr lemon stone. March 12. Contact
IN: e 2576 USA: Retail: I am looking for Gold Vyara from India. March 8. Contact ,See Offers
BR: e 2574 USA: Retail: I want a granite from Brazil called Giallo Capaca (sp?). The sample I have obtained from a local supplier is a predominately olive/sage green background with terra cotta/taupe flakes. Local sources in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, do not have any slabs in stock. I need three 3cm-thick slabs from the same lot, and I need them quickly. I will need a sample to confirm color ASAP. March 8. Contact
e 2572 Germany: Retail: We are interested in about 20-25 square metres limestone 40 x 60 cm. Please quote. March 8. Contact
e 2471 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a supplier of Sivakashi granite from India, in the New York City area. 
March 8. Contact 
e 2470 USA: Retail: I am building a home in Kansas City, MO. I have an arched mahogany front door with arched "sidelights" around it. In the sidelight windows I wish to install thin (~3/8") Honey Onyx tile which has a decent finish on both sides. I want to create a nice backlit effect, both from outside (daytime) and inside (nighttime). I can locate the thin Honey Onyx tile but it has deep grooves in the back (~1/16") and I am having great difficulty finding anyone that can hone the backside without charging tremendous amounts. Do you have suggestions as to a better source for the tile, or someone that can hone the back at a decent price, or some way I could do this myself? March 8. Contact 
e 2567 USA: Retail: Please send sample or picture and price of Black Martini Marble. The Stone is from Ecuador. Also if you can give me a brief information about the properties of this material. I live in Winter Springs, FL. March 7. Contact, See Offers
e 2546 USA: Retail: I am looking for engineered stone: stone surfacing for countertops that looks like limestone and is made from old crushed stone and polymers. Evidently it comes in about 10 colors, is 93% quartz and agates and 7% resin (holding it all together). I have contacted 14 businesses in the state, only one of which knew what I was talking about. I am located in Vermont and need an estimated range for this product by square foot, with and without installation, if possible. I have  44.55 square feet to cover in my kitchen. My understanding is that the product is more durable than granite and does not  have to be sealed at installation. March 2. Contact
e 2542 USA: Retail: I want Silver Sea Green granite 12x12 tiles. March 2. Contact
e 2535 USA: Retail: I am in need of a couple of pieces of Dakota Mahogany for a fireplace project.  Just a couple of pieces cut to size. (1/2 bullnose on 1 piece, straight edge on the other pieces.) Could you give me ballpark pricing on the following pieces.  64" x 14" (top), 13" x 31" (left), 13" x 31" (right), 71" x 16" (bottom/floor). USA: (eastern) Massachusetts. Feb 28. Contact
e 2534 USA: Retail: I want White Galaxy granite slabs, I am looking for a supplier from New York or New Jersey area. Feb 28. Contact
e 2526 USA: Retail: I am interested in putting your Morning Star in my kitchen. Where can I buy this in my area (Lafayette, LA 70504)?. Feb 26. Contact
e 2525 USA: Retail: I like 1.Maple Red from Ukraine; 2.Rubia Red from India; 3 Chilli Red from India; 4 Brindle Blue from India; 5. Porfidio acido-robrato from Italy; 6. Mountain Rose from USA; 7. Lacdubonnet from USA. I live in the Boston Area. Feb 26. Contact
UA: e 2521 USA: Retail: I need 4 slabs 3cm of Volga Blue. Feb 25. Contact
e 2520 USA: Retail: I like Korneria C. I need a small quantity of 10nos 12x12 tiles. Feb 24. Closed
e 2519 USA: Retail: I am building a new home and I am interested in either granite or marble for my bathroom countertops. I have been searching for White Itaunas Granite 160 linear inches. Feb 24. Contact
e 2509 USA: Retail: I am building a home near Naples, FL and I am looking for a local soapstone distributor and installer for soapstone kitchen countertops. Feb 21. Contact
e 2507 Brazil: Retail: Please quote for Green Forest / Tropical Guarani polished and calibrated tiles 18x18x3/8 100 sq. ft. & 12 x 12 x 3/8" 50 Sq. Ft. Feb 21. Contact
e 2503 USA: Retail: Please let me know the price of a slab of Labrador Antico 10 ft x 6 ft. I am not aware of the country of origin of this material. I am looking for a supplier in Suffolk County, New York. Feb 21. Contact
e 2500 USA: Retail I am looking for some kind of attractive stone that can be fairly easily drilled to create tabletop fountain pieces. They can be irregular in shape, with dimensions from 3" to 8", and I am looking for a rectangular piece(s) that would be the size of a brick. Can you direct me to any suppliers in the U.S. Feb 20. Contact
e 2498 USA: Retail: Please quote for Salmon Pearl & Pink Diamond granite 12X12 tiles from USA for flooring. Feb 20. Contact
e 2496 USA:   Retail: I am looking for 12" x 12" marble floor tile. The marble is called Temple Pink and Gray. It has a cream background with veins of blue / gray and pink. We need about 100 sq. feet for a decorative medallion in a bank branch. Feb 19. Contact
er 2494 USA: Retail: Please quote for Pietra del Cardoso. I need the stone for kitchen countertops. Our new construction project is in Boston Massachusetts. Feb 19. Contact, See Offers 
BR: er 2480 USA: Retail: Need 140 Sq Ft 12x12" or 18x18" tiles shipped to Seattle WA USA. AZUL BAHIA OR AMARELO BANGU. Payment by cash / cashier's cheque. Delivery period 12 weeks, material will be self inspected. I am a builder / developer. Feb 17. Contact
er 2474 USA: Retail: I am building a kitchen and am interested in Carion. Feb 15. Contact
FR: er 2473 USA: Retail: I want to locate distributor for Bretigny or Beauhama limestone from France, here in the United States. Would prefer somewhere close to Texas. Feb 15. Contact
er 2466 USA: Retail: Where can I buy the Blue Pegaso Granite? I am very interested. I live in Salem, NH. US. Feb 14. Contact
e 2465 USA: Retail: I am looking for granites which contain green, black, and white all on the same stone. Can you tell me which countries contain granites that match these colors. Feb 13. Closed, See Offer
IT: er 2462 USA: Retail: Please quote for the following: 300 sq. ft. 12"x12" polished, filled, beveled, Navona Travertine (or similar) 150 sq. ft. 16"x16" polished, filled, beveled, Navona Travertine (or similar). Delivery & insurance to New Orleans, USA. Feb 12. Contact
er 2461 USA: Retail: Quote for Pietra del Cardosa. Feb 12. Contact
TR: e 2459 USA: Retail: I am looking for a Turkish marble called Manyas. Feb 12. Contact
e 2457 India: Retail: I am building a house and want to buy Pink Onyx. Feb 12. Contact
er 2456 USA: Retail: We want to buy a whole lot of Fancy Rocks; the kind Discovery Store in the US sells. I guess it's basically crystal formations of quartz, jasper, etc. I am just looking for some decoration pieces for use in a mural. Please quote. Feb 12. Contact
ES: er 2455 USA: Retail: I need 700 sq. ft. Crema Marfil. Feb 12. Contact
er 2454 USA: Retail: I would like to have some of the sunset-colored limestone (as seen on the Texas State Capital Building) for use as a memorial marker. Looking for a flat slab around 8.5 x 11 x 4" - don't know where I can buy, if this will work out or how to go about getting it engraved. Feb 12. Contact, See Offers

er 2453 USA: Retail: Where I can get Rockwell Granite material? Feb 12. Contact

ES: er 2451 USA: Retail: I need to purchase two pieces of polished  Marron Imperiale. Each piece needs to be 3" wide x 20" long, polished on the top and all side edges, but not on the bottom. Feb 11. Contact
er 2448 USA: Retail: Interested in Verde Pearl Granite for residential use. Please quote on square foot basis. Feb 11. Contact
er 2444 USA: Retail: I want a granite slab that is more gray in color an its dimensions must be 2 x 5 ft x 4 inches thick. I need it in California and am ready to travel to Nevada to purchase it. Feb 10. Contact
er 2442 USA: Retail: Want all white kitchen counter, any material, white marble, white soapstone, etc. Feb 10. Contact 
e 2439 USA: Retail: We need Verde Laguna. Need +/- 15 slabs (3/4") for residential interior use. Fabrication date: May, 2002. Feb 7. Contact
ALL: er 2434 USA: Retail: We are looking for sandstone cut in brick-size pieces and varying lengths for use on a fireplace face. It  would be nice to find this in the Tacoma, Washington area. Feb 7. Contact
ALL: er 2433 USA: Retail: Want granite slabs for countertops. I need approximately 48 sq. ft for my kitchen project. I live in Ellwood City, PA. Feb 6. Contact 
IN / ZW: e 2430 USA: Retail: I am interested in finding Absolute Black in 11 ft (eleven feet) or 11.5 ft slabs. Needs to be a company in Miami, Fl. Feb 6. Contact
BR: e 2428 Australia: Retail: Want Blue Macauba for a bathroom project. Feb 5. Contact, See Offers
IN: er 2424 Canada: Retail: I am looking for Mokalsar Green light granite for countertop. I want a supplier from Toronto area. Feb 4. Contact
ALL: e 2419 USA: Retail: I am looking for biege granite or marble, preferably granite in 1x1 or 1x2 ft tile. The quantity is app 550 sq ft. at present. In next 6-12 months we would require 5000 sq ft. Is this available in US or in another country. Feb 2. Contact,See Offers 
er 2418 USA: Retail: I'm looking for an inexpensive supplier of granite tiles (24 x 24) or full counter tops for my Kitchen. Feb 2. Contact, See Offers 
UA: e 2416 USA: Retail: Looking for someone in USA who has White Chameleon granite from the Ukraine? Feb 2. Contact
IN: er 2410 USA: Retail:  I live in Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC. I am looking for a retailer who carries an Indian granite called Black Galaxy. Feb 1. Contact, See Offers 
er 2408 USA: Retail: I'm interested in finding a Los Angeles or Orange County company that sells Basaltina Granite for a kitchen countertop. Feb 1. Contact
er 2406 USA: Retail:  Wanted granite landing slab. Dimensions 5' 3" x 9' x 7" thick. Lighter shade of gray preferred. For reproduction colonial home, so must have "rough" or "split" look on top and front (9' length). Sides (5'3" length), back and bottom can be sawn as they are hidden. Feb 1. Contact, See Offers    

e 2403 USA: Retail: Please quote for White Chameleon granite for use as Kitchen countertop. I live in the Washington D.C./Virginia area. Jan 29. Contact
e 2399 USA: Retail:  Quote for 3cm. slab in Rosa Salmon Dark. Jan 30. Contact
e 2394 USA: Artifact / Retail: I was looking for some stone and granite basins for a Japanese garden and entry area for my home. Jan 28. Contact, USD 30
e 2393 UK: Retail: Please quote for 30sq mt absolute black marble in 300x300x10 mm tiles. Jan 28. Contact
e 2377 USA: Please quote for 3 cm slab granite in Verde Argento. Jan 24. Contact 
IN: e 2375 India: Retail: Please quote for Black granite slabs and tiles flame finish. The quantity and size is still not confirmed( but will be on higher side). Jan 24. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2373 USA: Retail: Please quote price and availability on the following six pieces of  Giallo Veneziano suitable to face fireplaces and delivered FOB: Falls Village, CT USA 06018
 one 3/4" x 9" x 48"
 two: 3/4" 16" x 60"
 one 3/4" x 13" x 54"
 two: 3/4" 12" x 35". Please quote the same with one face and one of the long sides polished on each piece. Other face, long sides and short sides do not need to be polished. Jan 23. Contact or Buy at USD20 
ALL: e 2368 USA: Retail: I am looking for a granite supplier near Baltimore, Maryland. I would like to install new countertops in my home. Jan 23. Contact or Buy at USD20  See Offers 
e 2367 USA: Retail: I am looking to replace a green marble polished slab that broke. The dimensions that I require are as follows: 7.5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, 3.5 inches thick. Jan 23 Contact or Buy at USD20   
BR: e 2357 USA: Retail: I am building a house and am looking for US source Juparano Gold granite 3cm thick. Juperano or Juperana Gold is from Brazil. It is primarily shades of gold with black flowing thru it--usually other colors such as garnet, beige are present in smaller amounts. I have seen it installed on several counters and table tops in US but I cannot find any wholesaler or dealer in US that has 3 cm in stock. 2 cm is not acceptable. Need enough for a kitchen. About 3 slabs. I have seen many Juperano/Juperana's such as Juperano/Juperana Ultra Gold but it has too much rusty red in it. Delivery would be to Dothan, Alabama so prefer but do not require a Southeast source. Jan 21. Closed, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2352 USA: Retail: I like Phoenix green. I'm looking for a piece 18 1/2" x 58 5/8". I live in So. California. Jan 21. Contact or Buy at USD20 
BR: e 2341 USA: Retail: I would like quotation on the following slabs of Granite for  my house that I am building which is going to be featured in magazines. I am looking for blue granite to cover a wall. Need 6 or 7 slabs depending on the size of the slabs. I prefer Azul Bahia, Blue Pegaso, Amarelo Danju, Azul Guanabara. I will purchase the material immediately. Prefer to import because I can save money. Trying to buy directly to reduce costs. Please indicate port of shipment and hopefully quote CIF Miami, Florida. Jan 19. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2338 USA: Retail: Need one large slab of Costa Smeralda (sp?) granite at least 103"-105" in length for use on a kitchen island. Color is critical. Need soft pastel sagey green color with white veining...no rust colored spots. Jan 18. Contact or Buy at USD20
US: e 2328 USA: Retail: I am looking for a good resource for Tennessee Pink Limestone. The color range I am looking for is towards the beige, with occasional deep veining. This stone is to be used in a Historical renovation of an existing building in San Francisco. I am looking for a small quantity (approximately 20' x 6" x 2"), comes from Tennessee in USA, will be used indoors and will need to be cut to match an existing profile. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20 , See Offers
US: e 2326 USA: Retail: We are looking for a source (preferably local source) for Texas Red Granite. We are located in San Antonio, Texas. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20 , See Offers
e 2325 Canada: Retail: Please quote for Golden sandstone 72" x 22' piece for a counter top for residential purchase. Jan 17. Contact or Buy at USD20 
NO: e 2318 USA: Retail: We are looking for a price of Baltic Brown granite for a kitchen countertop. It is a u shape and in inches. Starting with the left side it is 60 x 25, 150 x 25, and 51 x 25 with a 25 x 27 piece to finish off the other end of the stove. Please provide a price with shipping, installation. Also, please provide the same for the Blue Pearl granite. We would need the granite shipped to Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. Jan 16. Contact. See offers or Buy at USD20
CN: e 2313 Italy: Retail: Please quote for fireplaces.  Jan 15. Contact, or Buy at USD20 
e 2299 USA: Retail:  Please quote for Agate Granite from the USA for counter tops for a new construction project. Jan 11. Contact, See Offers
e 2297 USA: Retail: Please quote for metal table legs. Jan 10. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2293 USA: Retail: I'm looking for sandstone for a bathroom vanity. I need a 6ft. piece that is like fossil, pinkish in color. Jan 11. Contact or Buy at USD20 
IT: e 2283 Germany: Retail: Please quote for 10 to 20 sq.m Rosso Verona antique stone. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 
e 2280 India: Retail: I am a retail buyer and I want to enquire about the fossil natural stone. The tile size should be 30 x 30 cm and the thickness should be 10-18mm. Please quote.  Jan 8. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2273 USA: Retail: Please send price on item A 0007. Thank you. Jan7. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2272 USA: Retail: I want to put a natural Georgia stone fireplace in my house which is currently under construction - where can I find it or how do I find it? I need ceiling to floor (9 foot) with a 42" opening. or Buy at USD20 
e 2269 USA: Retail: I was curious to find smooth river rocks less than a foot wide but more than 2 feet tall in the Portland OR metro area. Jan 7, Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2256 USA:Retail: Please quote for natural slate. We live in Reno Nevada. Jan 4. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20
e 2255 USA: Retail: Please quote for a White Cherokee / Georgia 15x18 inch replacement table top. I live in Hetherington, Avon, CT, USA. Jan 3. Contact or Buy at USD20
e 2252 USA Retail: Please quote for natural stone for facades - residential house to be located in New Jersey. Jan 3. Contact or Buy at USD20 
e 2242 USA:Retail: I am a sculptor and am looking for template material to make granite counter tops. Jan 1. Contact or Buy at USD20 

For any clarifications send an email to info@findstone.com.                                          www.findstone.com