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 TRADE INQUIRIES!                                             July 20, 2001
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    Services Wanted                                               June Inquiries      
Below are some inquiries of buyers. Email your price / price list, delivery times, stock list or ask for specific clarifications or give an alternative choice.  
For convenience, the same inquiries are in the following sections also:

e 1686 India: We urgently need 10 containers random slabs 20 mm thick granite of Golden / Yellow colour such as (picture no. 8 without name) of granites from India in www.findstone.com/INDgran1.htm. Delhi,
July 19. Contact
e 1684 USA: I need a source for an order for black slate in India to be cut for stair treads. Also, a source for multicoloured Kund slate. July 18 Contact
e 1682 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We also import a lot of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like your Kingston Orange which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from South Africa (www.findstone.com/SAFsand1.htm). Kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact
e 1681 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We import lots of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like Pietra Del Cardosa which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from Italy (www.findstone.com/ITAsand1.htm). Could you kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact
e 1679 Canada: We are large suppliers of residential and commercial granite, for condos, lofts, hotels, townhouses and home exteriors. Please advise us of your company's capabilities of supplying slabs approx.
4' x 4' x 2" for flooring, or slabs approx. 2' x 4' x 3/4" for wall cladding.  We are also interested in standard
12" x 12" floor tiles either polished or thermal finish and 18" x 18" tiles same finish. Please advise as to pricing per sq / ft. as well as delivery time to Toronto.  These will be very large orders requiring top of the line quality, finish and uniformity of colour. We display our granite samples to a large group of architects, developers and project managers for commercial buildings at the Builders Convention Centre.  Each of our granite suppliers will have their samples exhibited in the same manner.  We are affiliated with one of the largest marble/granite distributers in North America and we have exclusivity to special orders as mentioned above. Looking forward to hearing from you and doing business with you in the immediate future. July 17, Contact
e 1677 China: We want Tiger Black and AP Grey granite blocks of first choice quality with medium color and dark base in large volumes - 30 cbm up per month.These materials are very suitable for Japanese Tombstones. If you can supply steadily with good product and service, we wish to cooperate with you in a longterm business.Pls quote us your best price on USD/m3 CFR XIAMEN CHINA by L/C 89 days in container and in break bulk. July 17, contact
e 1676 Italy: We are an italian firm working in marble field since 20 years. We ask you your availabilty and price for green marble polished tiles 305x305x10 broken corner choice. By broken corner choice, we mean the rejects, waste of your standard production. July 16. Contact
e 1675 USA: I am interested in following granites:
Aquamarina Azzurro (Italy)
Kitledge Tapestry (USA)
White Lanka (Sri Lanka)
Lapiz Lazuli (unknown)
White (Canada). July 16, contact
I 1006 India: Shahbad Stone 
Sizes: 2’ x 2 - 5" – 72 nos, 
            2’x 2’ - 9" – 72 nos, 
            2’x 2’ - 0" – 36 nos, 
            2’ x 2’- 3" – 36 nos, 
            2’ x 3’- 3" – 36 nos, 
            2’ x 2’- 6" -- 36 nos
Quote your most competitive offer for the items specified below, indicating clearly the price, discount, levies if any, packing & forwarding, taxes, transportation, loading-unloading, delivery and payment terms. to be delivered in Bombay. July 14. Contact
I 1005 Hungary; We are looking for slate slabs:
Dimension: 729 / 384 / 5 mm, tolerance +/- 0.5 mm (alternatively 2 x 364.4 mm length).
Thickness alternative 8 mm.
Surface: Have to be smooth, one side is visible (using as a top on a table)
All edges and corners have to be carved with 1 mm x 45 degrees.
Colour: Grey
Quantity per year approx. 60,000 pieces
Delivery: to our factory in Hungary. Price to be quoted per piece basis.
Packing: In wooden boxes max. 500 kgs. (each box), between the slates cardboard sheets.
July 14 contact
e 1673 USA: We have a job that require river washed pea gravel, or bantam egg; or washed sea shore stone, 8-10 tons color in the beige, light tan family. To be delivered in Pennsylvania. July 14, contact 
e 1672 USA: I am looking for marble type landscaping stone that I can purchase by the truckload in or around Jackson MS. July 12, contact

e 1668 USA: Have you got a granite whose name is grisardina? July 11 contact

e 1667 USA: Who is the supplier of Rosa Egeo?  I like this marble very much so please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you. July 11 contact
e 1666 Colombia: I'm interested in Indian marble. Colors of preference: Andhi White, Ambaji White, Abu Black, Crocodile Green, Red Emerald Green. Both tiles and slabs. July 10 contact

e 1665 USA: I need to locate quarry for German limestone Jura Beige (light). July 10 contact

e 1659 Singapore: I am trying to locate experts in the supply and installation of slate roofs in Singapore. Any assistance or recommendations that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. July 8 contact
e 1658 Canada: We're involved in import of building stones globally like as slate, sandstone and ceramics tiles mostly, but recently we had started to add granite as well in our regular import items. We request you to email us your price list for the under given shades and details:
Shades: Black Galaxy / Juparana / Seaweed Green / Ivory Chiffon / Multi red / Saphire Blue-Brown / Gold Shivakashi / Golden Oak / Indian Juparana and Paradiso Bash.
Sizes: 305x305x10mm and 457x457x12mm
All tiles made only in water. Could you notify us about your packing details, quality assurance and ocean freight up en route for Quebec? July 8 contact
e 1657 USA: I want some Canadian, Gull River marble for carving. July 7 contact
e 1656 USA: I am looking for a natural limestone for wall veneer application. I need the colors to range in the green/gray combination. Any ideas? Please let me know. I am located on the Central Coast of California. July 7 contact
e 1655 USA: I am searching for a wholesaler of quality granite pet memorial markers; preferably located in the Mid Atalantic region or the South Eastern US. July 6 contact
e 1654 USA: Am looking for Beccia Vandome (or Breche de Benaux) in tile form 12" or smaller.  Any idea how I can find?  I have exhausted many sources.  I know it's available in 2 or 3cm slabs but I need in tile.  Thanks! July 5 contact

e 1652 Indonesia: I am interested in some of the Slates from Brazil such as : Azul Imperial, Azul Macauba, Black Diamond, Flamingo, Rossa Corallo and Rosa as I see in the site. Would you please send me export price CNF Jakarta Port - Indonesia. July 5 contact
e 1648 UK: We are interested in all types of stone statues - Lady figures- Nude - partly nude etc. Medium to full sizes. Are you able to locate good suppliers? July 3 contact
e 1647 USA: I am looking for 3,000 feet Crema Marfil, now, and possibly more later.  Can you lead me to a  wholesale source? July 3 contact
e 1646 USA: I am a sculptor in search of sources for cut blocks of high quality  limestone for carving.  Specifically, I am searching for the warm, buff-colored limestone used by Alan Houser for many of his Native American sculptures.  Many of his works using this type of limestone are identified as "Indiana limestone" but no other information is given (e.g., quarry). If you can provide any specific leads for the type of limestone I am
searching for it would be most welcome and appreciated.  My carving work is for indoor display and is generally created from blocks that are less than 3' x 2' x 2'. July 1 contact

B490 UAE: We are under process of making a 26 storey building having internal and external marble & granite and also another prestigious hotel project having around 35000 sqm of marble & granites works.
and many more inquiries are there.

B (buyer) enquiries can be seen by clicking on 'Buy Inquiries' button on the home page.
E (enquiries) are enquiries that we have received by e-mail. These are put together in the 'Urgent Orders' link on the home page.
We can negotiate on your behalf. So email us your offers or ask for specific clarifications.
Or buy the contact details at $ 25 for each ad. If you pay $ 100 at a time then the cost of each contact would be $ 20 only. You can pay by credit card also. See www.findstone.com/payment.htm 
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