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Monument Inquiries! June 24, 2002
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Below are the latest inquiries. The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
e 3528 USA: Monuments & machinery: I want to start a business in monuments. I would like to know the cost of entire range of machinery that is used to manufacture monuments. Machinery such as lasers, sandblasting machine, layout machine, etc. I also want to know about carving, cutting, and setting headstones, monuments, measuring, purchasing, etc. for a business. July 20, Contact
e 3464 USA: Monument: I am planning to open a cemetery monument business and need any info you may have concerning what engraving equipment and software I will need. I also need to find the best company to buy the granite from. July 15, Contact US $ 20
e 3458 USA: Monuments: I want to start a business in monuments. Kindly send me prices and relevant information. July 15. Contact US $ 20 
e 3454 India: Monuments: I want granite slabs of 1" thick and cemetery monuments. Size: 3 feet X 4 feet high X 6 feet long in black color with designs that I will supply. Delivery Port: Oakland. July 15, Contact 
US $ 10. Rs. 490

e 3247 Ireland: Monuments: We are a headstone retail company in Ireland. We would be interested in finding out about importing European style memorials. June 24, Contact US$ 100., See Offers
ALL: e 3129 France: Monuments: One of my customers in France, active in the funeral business, needs Granite Slabs with thickness of 10, 15 and 20 cm polished one side. Preference is colored and dark colors (including blue, green and red tones)
Also interested in Granite Blocks all colours. Also would be interested in quotes for limestone (tiles) polished and unpolished in 30 x 30 and 40 x 40 cm, 3 cm thick (Yellow, beige and brown tones preferred). June 6, Contact US $ 100

e 2877 USA: Monument: My family is exploring the possibility of having a boulder incised with a quotation as a memorial to our father and have it placed at in Southern Vermont where he was educated and was graduated in 1940. We hope to place this stone next to a tree. 
We wanted a stone, granite is ok, that would emerge from the ground rather than lay on it, and which would be large enough to be used as a bench. The surface would be best if relatively smooth. A boulder from a river would be ideal. 
The letters (probably 75 or so) would be sans-serif, like Hadrian or something Roman in feeling, and not much larger than 3". We know this would be possible but the costs are something we have to keep in mind: The stone itself (what would make sense?), The transportation and rigging,  the carving and finally, how much time is needed to organize this? May 1. Contact

IN: e 2823 USA: Monument: Wanted wholesale suppliers of Indian Coral Blue Monuments. April 24. Contact, See Offers 
e 2698 USA: Monument: We are looking for Monument Stone in Corry, PA. Please email us your quotes. April 3. Contact
e 2695 USA: Monument: Could you please send me an e-mail a sample of a monument made of granite and approximate cost to built it. April 3. Contact, See Offers
e 2691 Korea: Monument: My Korean client needs 4000 plaques. The client here is still undecided and wants to see samples. Therefore prepare 40 samples of 420mm x 257mm x 10mm thick with polish 5 sides and 2mm bevel all sides; real marble, jade, stone, or granite. Samples be delivered in Longkou before April 10. 
Samples 8 of each. Best price between $3.00 to $5,00 per plaque is OK. Colors preferred are white, off white, amber, light yellow, Beige, Marble, jade, granite, or synthetic stone is OK. Thickness 8mm. April 2, Contact
See Offers

US: e 2646 USA: I am also looking for a source for Roxbury Puddingstone. I want to use it as a marker for a grave. I am looking for something about 2-3 feet wide at the base and about 3-4 feet tall. The monument suppliers I called have never heard of it. March 23. Contact
e 2641 USA: Monument: I am planning to open a cemetery monument business and need any info you may have concerning what engraving equipment and software I will need. I also need to find the best company to buy the granite from. March 22. Contact, See Offers

e 2549 USA: Monuments: I am interested in finding price trends for imported Granite monument blanks, mainly imported from India. March 5. Contact

e 2516 USA: Monuments: Need a container of black 36 x 28 x 8 all polish serpentine top, USA prices. Feb 23.  Contact, See Offers
e 2460 USA: Monuments: We are interested in black granite monuments. Please send us some 
photos and pricing. Can you help my find this stone?  Feb 12. Contact

We have not uploaded monument inquiries between February 12, 2002 and July 6, 2001 in this section. Please refer to previous trade inquiries for monuments inquiries for that period.
e 1655 USA: I am searching for a wholesaler of quality granite pet memorial markers; preferably located in the Mid Atlantic region or the South Eastern US. July 6 contact
e 1648 UK: We are interested in all types of stone statues - Lady figures- Nude - partly nude etc. Medium to full sizes. Are you able to locate good suppliers? July 3 contact

Links to previous trade inquiries. All still valid.

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