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Landscape Inquiries! Nov 30, 2002
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The coding is Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer.
e 5021 USA: Landscape: Please quote for random cobblestone per ton. What is the range of thickness. I want material to cover 2000 sq.ft. See ready stock 264 for reference. My contact no. is 704-54......Nov 29. Contact USD 50
e 5006 Australia: Landscape: I need paving stones of 400 x 400 x 30/50/70 mm sawn / hammered / chiseled / natural / honed surface. Colors preferred are golden / beige / dark brown - chocolaty / green / gray. Will buy one container load - of any size / surface / color combination. Thereafter regular purchase of container loads monthly. Nov 28, Contact See Offers 
e 4999 Canada: Landscape: I want cobblestone as per stock no 264 in ready stock section of FindStone.com. Please quote accordingly. Nov 28, Contact USD 50
e 4992 USA: Landscape: We want container load quantities on an ongoing basis of the smaller diameter Polished River Stones (the size and type used in vases, terrariums, etc). Our ship-to location is Wisconsin, USA 54643. Nov 28, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4989 India: Landscape: We are a construction firm involved in many government projects. We have been recently allotted work of beautification project in Mumbai. This prestigious project is to be started from first week of next month and completed within three months thereof. We require cobble stones of yellow & gray color (20000 Sq Ft), Granite of ruby red & black colour both flamed and polished  ( 15000 Sq Ft) and Jaisalmer stone unpolished 3500 Sq Ft. We request your best possible prices for the mentioned item. My contact no. is 566...... Nov 27, Contact See Office Rs 5000
ALL: e 4983 Malaysia: Landscape: I want garden decorate stone size 20mm -60mm, polished or unpolished, minimum order 40 mt, delivery to port Klang, Malaysia. Nov 27, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4963 USA: Artifacts & landscape: I want garden products and artifacts to be used inside and outside homes. Please quote with images. Refer to pricelist 330 as reference. I am in Charlotte, NC 38377. and my phone no. is +1-704-54.....Nov 26, Contact See Offers  USD 50
e 4959 UK: Landscape: I want brochures and any other relevant information from suppliers in the SE of England. I am in the trade and am particularly interested in exterior flooring and all other hard landscaping products. Nov 26, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4920 India: Landscape: WE REQUIRE GREY GRANITE COBBLES NATURAL FINISH OF SIZE 150 X 150 X 150 AND 150 X 150 X 100, QTY: 5700 M2. PLEASE QUOTE. WE ARE STONE TRADERS. Nov 23, Contact 
USD 100
ALL: e 4910 Canada: Landscape: We want 3000 sq. ft. 4x8 granite cobblestones as laid in the streets of Montreal.  Please quote ton. Also let us know the area covered by one ton. Nov 22, Contact See Offers 
USD 50
e 4880 USA: Landscape: We want riverstone. We need it in bulk. We our located in Lake Wales, FL. 
Nov 20, USD 20
e 4873 USA: Landscape: I want rubble stone for house walls in browns, tans, ...the 'Provance' feel-like an old winery. It will be in Sonoma County, CA. Nov 19, Contact See Offers USD 20  
e 4778 USA: Landscape: I am with an architecture firm in Colorado. We want pebbles from China. Is there a minimum order quantity? What is lead time? Can we get a sample of pebbles before placing an order? See pricelist 383 as reference. Nov 13, Contact, See Offers, USD 50
e 4771 USA: Landscape: I want tiles & crazy paving stones. I would like some more info on this stone, like what kind of stone, sizes, etc. See pricelist 548 as reference. Nov 12, Contact See Offers USD 50 
e 4766 Taiwan: Landscape: I want pebbles for hot stone therapy. I am looking for a wholesale supplier. My phone no. is 886-4-225......Nov 12, USD 20 
e 4763 USA: Landscape: Our landscape architecture firm is interested in locating any stone suppliers that sell Texas Shellstone. Nov 12, USD 20 
ALL: e 4754 Belgium: Landscape: I want cubes. Kindly advise me on material and colors with pricing. We are a stone importing company. Nov 11, Contact See Offers, USD 50 
e 4683 USA: Landscape: I need Kennesaw Mountain Flagstones and Tiles. I am a stone trader. Nov 5, USD 20 
e 4666 USA: LANDSCAPE: I want soapstone boulders. I am a mason from New England. I would use the soap stone to make boxes and bowls. I will use as much as I can get of these boulders as soon as I get them. My phone is 978 35....... See stocklist 235 for reference. Nov 2, USD 20 
IN: e 4592 India: Landscape: We want Pebbles in various sizes for exports. Please quote FOR Mumbai along with product catalogues. Our contact no. is (022) 69.......Oct 27, Contact See Offers Rs. 1000
ALL: e 4587 UAE: Landscape: WE WANT WHITE COLOUR RIVER BOULDERS. SIZE REQUIRED: length - In between 30 - 50cm, Width - In between 25 - 30 cm, Thickness - In between 20 - 25cm. Click here to see image. Oct 27, Contact See Offers USD 50
ALL: e 4583 Cyprus: Landscape: We want 1000M2 of light gray granite cobblestone pavers 150 x 150 x 100mm natural cut and 450 M of matching kerbstones. Please quote C&F Limassol, Cyprus. Oct 26, Contact
See Offers
USD 100
e 4575 USA: Landscape: I want medium sized, beach-type smooth rocks/pebbles to place around a garden goldfish pool. Oct 26, Contact USD 20
e 4570 USA: Landscape: We want pebbles or river stones or landscaping stones in all colors for
decorative cement flooring in
South Florida. Oct 25, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4548 USA: Landscape: I want black cobblestones. I am a builder. My contact no. is 708-25.....Oct 24, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4531 USA: Landscape: I am a landscape architect working with the University in California. We are working on a project that will use large slabs of stone for informal seating and a fountain. The project must use stone quarried and fabricated within 500 miles of Sacramento CA. We are looking for earth toned colors of granite or other stone. Oct 22, Contact USD 50
e 4508 USA: Landscape: I want boulders weighing around 20 tons at $45 a ton. See pricelist 344 as reference. I am in VA 22407. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4506 USA: Landscape: I want rocks as mentioned in stock list # 190 in ready stock section of FindStone.com. Please quote with pictures. I am in VA 22407. Oct 20, Contact USD 50
IN: e 4501 UK: Landscape: I need Tumkur porphyry hand finished cobbles in sizes 150 x 250 x 80 mm and 250 x 450 x 80 mm, 100 x 100 x 60mm and 150 x 100 x 60mm. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4496 USA: Landscape: I need 6,500 Granite Cobble Stones in the 5" x 9" x (t) to be used for a driveway in New Orleans. Located the stones in Canada and am willing to purchase the same type as Ready Stock 264 in Canada/USA. Oct 20, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4410 USA: Landscape: I am a stone mason and am looking for weathered granite corner blocks and posts or lanterns available in New England. Any type of granite will do. Oct 12, Contact See Offers USD 20
e 4401 USA: Landscape: We need 5000 sq ft of limestone or granite cobblestone pavers. Contact no. 407 38.......Winter Park, Fl. Oct 11, Contact See Offers USD 50 
ID: e 4392 Australia: Landscape: We want Indonesian pebbles in various colours and sizes. Please  send us brochures with pricing. Oct 10, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 4373 USA: Landscape: We are a landscape company in MD . We want Mahogany Dakota cobblestone in 4 x 4 x 4 & 4 x 8 x 4. Oct 8, Contact USD 50
e 4364 USA: Landscape: I want pea gravel for landscaping. We are in Tennessee and wanted to buy in bulk. Oct 8, Contact See Offers US $ 50
e 4363 USA: Landscape: I want antique gray sandstone blocks for a outside wall 4' high and 1'.5'' wide  with sandstone cap. Product will be use in walkways, landings and pools. Please quote per unit + shipping. I am looking for a supplier in the south-east who specializes in this material. I am looking for a company to start a working relationship. My number is (904) 75..... please call or e-mail picture of product. Oct 8, Contact See Offers US $ 50
e 4357 UK: Landscape: We are a UK company looking for smooth round gravel 2-5 mm in size and also 1-3 mm in size. We require 2000-3000 tons per year. Oct 7, Contact See Offers US $ 100
e 4347 Malaysia: Landscape: I want pebbles. I would like to know the colors and specific sizes of pebbles that are available. Please refer to pricelist no. 254. for reference. Oct 5, Contact See Offers Free with images and pricelist.
CA: e 4296 USA: Landscape: We want Kingston Cream sandstone from Canada. We want finished 4 - 5" thick capstone material for a wall. Sept 28, Contact USD 20
IN: e 4294 USA: Landscape: Please quote for pink and gray granite cobblestones from India. Our company stocks and distributes natural stone throughout the United States. We are based in Miami, FL. We need 100 tons per month in the summer and 200 tons per month in the winter. Also tell us how the product is packed for shipment. Our phone number is 305-43..... and my cell no. is 305-43..Sept 28, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 4276 USA: Landscape: I want large boulders. Please quote with images. I am in Virginia. Sept 26, Contact See Offers USD 20
CN: e 4272 China: Landscape: I want kerbstone of G603. DIMENSION are in (W X T x L) 150 x 150 x 1000mm, 200 x 250 x 1000mm and 200x300x1000mm.  QUANTITY: 10,000 PCS IN EACH ITEM (diagrams available). Sept 26, Contact See Offers  USD 100
IN: e 4269 USA: Landscape: We want 25 tons, 10"x7"x4" 1600 pcs. minimum of gray granite cobble stones and a smaller quantity 10 tons of 9x4x4 stones. I need them for driveway edging and stocks. We do not have experience importing from India or how to determine the total delivered cost of the material. Please provide information regarding: Cost of the stones. Cost for transportation to USA east cost - preferred port is Richmond, VA, (alternate Baltimore, MD or Charleston SC). Method to send funds to India. Estimate of total time from order date to delivery in USA. And other probable expenses if known. Refer to pricelist no. 720. Item #1 Sept 25, Contact See Offers  USD 100
US: e 4201 USA: Landscape: I want suppliers for landscape stone for a retail landscape outlet in the Dallas Texas area. The stone I am interested in are landscape boulders (moss rocks 50#-1500#), flagstones, and chopped stone in 4" and 6" widths. The types of stone I need are Oklahoma, Austin, Millsap and Colorado. I will need all stone delivered. Sept 19, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4196 USA: Landscape: I want large rocks of limestone, sandstone or marble, in large enough size and quantity to have replacement steps made for a row house in Baltimore City. Sept 18, Contact  See Offers USD 20
ALL: e 4169 USA: Landscape: We are looking for small (1" to 2 1/2") flat with rounded edges "Skipping" stones also call river stone flats. Color: Black, Gray, brown or red but can have an assortment. My company will engrave images on these stones. Also, these stones will be polished so quality is very important. Our projected volume will be around 2 tons per month. Our company is located in Auburn, Nebraska. We would be more than happy to import. We currently import a great deal of products from Southeast Asia. We only request that the supplier ships very timely and backs their product. Standard LC's do not protect the buyer.
Have been using Black Mexican Beach Pebbles. Please feel free to call me at 402-2......Sept 17, Contact  
See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 4162 USA: Landscaping: I want 9 large 300 to 1500lb boulders of Dakota Suis Rock for landscaping. 
9 total boulders: 2 boulders 1750lbs, 1 boulder 1300lbs, 6 boulders 300-700lbs range. Budget Prices: looking to accomplish above for roughly $1000. I am looking for boulders with a reddish brown color. Boulders would be used in backyard, placed on the grass simply. Please email me a price for this. I am in Florida 33328. 
Sept 16, Contact See Offers USD 50
CN: e 4160 USA: Landscape: I want the pricing of polished and un-polished pebbles FOB China for 30, 50 and 100 containers. Let me know if the pricing of un-polished & polished. We are also looking for rocks that are 15-20 cm and 20 - 30 cm if you carry this size please send me pricing also. If we place an order, we need to know if you will be able to deliver that many containers of pebbles in one shipment. Please e-mail pricing or fax them to me at 503-5........ Sept 16, Contact  See Offers USD 200
e 4156 USA: Landscape: I want 1500 sq. ft. quartzite dimensional stone, calibrated. I see there is a yellow and a rosa. I think I have seen only the yellow which I like very much. I see yellows, beiges and blues in the large area I viewed. I want to use it as a pool surround covering about 1000-1400 sq.ft. I am interested in the best price I can find delivered to Houston, Texas 77030. Sept 15, Contact See Offers 
USD 50
ALL: e 4151 Brazil: Landscape: I want black pebbles. Please give more information like size available, price, packing specification, minimum quantity, etc. Sept 15, Contact USD 50
e 4121 USA: Landscape: WHERE CAN I FIND TUMBLE WHITE CARRARA MARBLE, 8" X 8"? Sept 11, Contact See Offers  US$ 50
NZ: e 4108 New Zealand: Landscape: Where to buy white or other bulk river stones in New Zealand? I would prefer to buy locally (i.e. NZ) but any part of the country is fine. Expect it will be in 100kg plus 
amounts, probably larger but depends on the size and quality of the stones Sept 11, Contact See Offers  
USD 20
ES/PT: e 4104 France: Landscape: Please quote for 8/10 yellow and grey cobbles all side natural from Portugal Or Spain only. Qty. reqd. is 24 tons. Price Ex works per ton. We are a granite products manufacturing company in Saint-Carreuc and need the material for stocks as we don't manufacture this kind of product. Sept 10, Contact USD 100
e 4101 USA: Landscape: We want pebble stones you have listed in your online stores. They are #383 pebbles China, # 301 Stone pebbles China, # 664 Landscape Stones and gravel Indonesia, and # 302 Stone pebbles from Malaysia. I am in San Antonio, Texas. Sept 10, Contact See Offers USD 50
e 4089 USA: Landscape: I want natural white granite cobble stones for a 13,500 sq. ft. street. Located as close to Indianapolis as possible. I have my own shipping. How much per ton? Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 100
ALL: e 4088 Germany: Landscape: Please quote for 25 x 45 x 15 cm of yellow cobbles packed in wooden crates. Price CIF HAMBURG / GERMANY per 20 ft. container. Sept 9, Contact See Offers USD 100 
e 4080 USA: Landscape: I need green stone, gravel or pebble for a simulated golf hole in the back of my yard. How expensive would 3 cubic yards be? Delivery location is CA 92201. I cannot find anything but green quartz locally. I am making simulated golf hole in back yard and need green for fairway. Purchase date is next 10 days, decision criteria is ability to locate fairly dark green small rocks or pebbles. I am looking for about 300 cubic feet. Sept 7, Contact USD 20
e 4071 USA: Landscape: I want river rocks. We need it to fill concrete pool decking and aluminum fencing around an in-ground pool. No one seems to know what I am talking about here in Michigan. Coverage area is 360 sq.ft. with dept of 2-3" deep. The rock should be no more than 2 - 3" in size and should be round / smooth. What would be the cost? Sept 5, Closed, See Offer
e 3990 USA: Landscape: I want small black granite cobbles/blocks to be used for a driveway, 400 sq ft total (+/- 40 sqm). The type I'm looking for is often used for small streets in Italy and sometimes in intersections in the U.S. I would guess the size to be roughly 1 1/2 inch square by 2 inches deep. I might also be able to cut pieces from rough leftovers. Please quote in $ and shipping cost to Los Angles. Aug 29, Contact US $ 20
e 3986 USA: Landscape: I live in North Carolina. I want decomposed granite within NC and surrounding states. We'd like to do our driveway. It is approximately 1/2 mile long, one lane wide. We would use this application as a trial, to see if we'd like to do others. Planning for an October/November application, located in Polk County, North Carolina. Aug 29, Contact FREE if you send price list
e 3956 USA: Landscape: I want 2100 sq ft of irregular NY Bluestone for patio / walkway - to be shipped to Detroit area MI. Aug 27, Contact US $ 50
e 3953 USA: Landscape: I want wholesale distributors of marble and granite statuary, basins, urns, lanterns, fountains and planters. Mostly garden ornamentation but also some indoor rocks as well, like pedestals. I currently own and operate a monument / garden art company and sell in my large local market. I will be looking to stock some/most items. I need prices per item along with freight charges and any discounts if large orders are sent in bulk shipments. Delivery to Memphis. My contact no. is 901-7..-.... Aug 26, Contact US $ 50
ALL: e 3897 Ireland: Landscape: I want granite cubes / sets of 4-6, 6-8, 7-9, 10-10 cm delivered to Dublin. Aug 21, Contact See Offers US $ 25
ALL: e 3889 USA: Landscape: I want Pebbles 1''-3'' Black or Dark Grey Flat pebbles un-polished. Granite 9''x6''x4'' in grey, and pink delivered to New Haven, CT. Port USA. Aug 21, Contact See Offers US $ 20
e 3864 USA: Landscape: I want 20-40 tons PA Sandstone. Let me know what's available. My contact no. is (301) 2..-.... Aug 18, Contact  US $ 10
e 3857 USA: Landscaping: I want sand stones tiles, limestone tiles and volcanic rock sculptures, sculptures for table legs or garden landscaping. Aug 17, Contact US $ 20
ID/IN: e 3856 Singapore: Landscape: Require river pebbles ranging in size from 2" to 10" from either Indonesia, India or other South East Asian countries. Require large volume to be shipped to Australia. Aug 17, Contact US $ 50
ALL: e 3855 USA: landscape: I need several large pieces of different kinds of volcanic rock / pumice / igneous / obsidian etc from different regions of the world. Aug 17, Contact US $ 20
e 3854 USA: Landscape: I want dark colored river or creek rock about 14" to 20" in diameter. I would prefer these stones to be more flat in shape than round. They are going to be used in a 24' X 24' rock garden on an island property here in the Savannah, Ga area. Aug 17, Contact  US $ 20
e 3852 USA: Landscape: I want stones best suited in water. I need them in NC. Aug 17, Contact  US $ 10
e 3832 USA: Landscape: I want pebbles such as those in your online stores. Aug 15, Contact, See Offers US $ 10
e 3830 USA: Landscape: I'm looking for about 20 tons of lava stone or rock. I live in NH and am making a trip to Texas, and on the way back I'm looking to bring some back with me. Aug 15, Contact US $ 10
e 3804 USA: Landscape: What are the prices for palletized flagstone, boulders, & stack stone? Is this sandstone? Aug 13, Closed See Offers FREE with pricelist.
ALL: e 3760 USA: Landscape: I want prices for entire rock line, and if you can furnish a catalog or provide pictures. I would be doing several projects in the Los Angeles area within the next couple of weeks and would like this information as soon as possible. Also, it would be helpful if you can provide the time it will take to receive these items. The majority of the rocks I will be utilizing will be of a smooth river rock style for Japanese garden design. I am an architect in CA. Aug 9, Contact See Offers US $ 50
US: e 3744 Canada: Landscape: We want 1600 sq ft of Colorado Red Flagstone -- random, 3/4" or less. We are a general contractor building a 'south western' style home in Toronto. Would prefer buying locally. 
Aug 8, Contact  US $ 20
e 3740 UK: Landscape: WANTED NEW /OLD YORK PAVING OR SIMILAR FOR PATIO APPROX 50M^2 (POSSIBLY 100M^2) ALSO 22 M^2 YORK CRAZY PAVING in LONDON SMALLER SIZES PREFERRED i. e. 600x600, 600x300, 300x300, etc. ANY COLOUR, DELIVERY TO KENT. Aug 7 Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3735 USA: Landscape: I want green river rock (3/4-1"). Preferably in Northern Calif. Aug 6, Contact  US $ 10
e 3734 USA: Landscape:  I want 350 sq. ft. of stones. Most likely flagstone as it will make an outdoor patio in front of our house. I am guessing 1 or 2 tons depending on the thickness. It does not matter where the stones come from as long as they are durable, attractive, and affordable. We are looking for earth tones, reddish, brown, or maybe a grayish style, I am not exactly sure. Whatever will look nice among trees, small plants, brick wall, and patio benches, etc. The price is important to us and we hope to get started within one month. I am in CA. Aug 6, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3705 USA: Landscape: Please quote per sq. ft basis for flagstones and bricks. Aug 3, ContactSee Offers, US $ 10 
e 3691 USA: Landscape: We are an architectural company looking for 2-3" Cream White pebbles (similar to the pricelist-china-pebbles-#5 picture, refer to pricelist 383) for a retail project in NYC. We would need to cover 250 sq.ft. of space with the rocks (probably about 2 layers). Looking for a white river rock. Please give us an approximate lead time on the product. My contact is 212... .....Aug 2, Contact US $ 20
e 3685 USA: Landscape: I want 650 sq ft of flagstone to be set on gravel/sand for a patio. 1-2" thick stone, about 6 tons of rock, perhaps a little more. I'm not particular about the color but should be consistent in the lot, the size should be 1-3 sq ft per stone. I am in CA. I saw one price that was $115/ton. I'm open to prices up to about $150/ton and can accept an "odd lot" if it covers at least the 650 sq ft. Will purchase at any time over the next 3 months. Looking for less than $1000 all up delivered, tax, etc. Would prefer to deal with American company or pay COD somehow if overseas. Aug 1, Contact US $ 20
e 3679 UK: Landscape: I am a small garden design company based in South East England. I need 40kg of black polished pebbles, preferably uniformed in rounded pebble shape (20-40mm). I would prefer to buy locally or through a builders merchant that can do local stock transfers. Project is due to go ahead in the next couple of weeks. Very small quantity required therefore small bags required with low delivery costs. It will be used for a pebble mosaic in a garden. Aug 1, Contact US $ 10
IN: e 3641 India: Landscape: Want Reddish Brown Granite cobbles stones in size 20x25x15cm and the same in pavers in size 100x30x15cm. I have confirmed order in hand for two containers at present and many more will follow once the chain is started. July 30, Contact, See Offers, RS. 5000
e 3601 USA: Landscape: Want Bluestone for use near pool and outside patios. July 27, Closed  
e 3602 Netherlands Antilles: Landscape: We want Bricks outdoor tiles of stone. July 27, Contact US $ 20
e 3601 USA: Landscape: Want Bluestone for use near pool and outside patios. July 27, Closed  
e 3584 USA: Landscape: I WANT MOSS ROCK PA. WALL STONE. July 25, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
CN: e 3559 Malaysia: Landscape: Please quote for the pebbles from Weihai, size from 50-80mm for white, pink, black , grey and red color. July 23, Contact, See Offers US $ 50
e 3546 USA: Landscape: We want small basalt stones that would be sized appropriately for hot stone massage. We are wholesalers and work with a manufacturer who is creating a stone heater especially for this spa treatment. Most spas prefer polished basalt stones or river rock. Sizes are small (to fit between the fingers and toes), medium (slightly smaller than palm size), large (roughly size of a hand). Each hot stone kit is comprised of a mixture totaling 30-55 stones depending on the kit. We are willing to accept a bulk delivery - send pricing and types available. My contact no. is 1-877-2.. ....July 22, Contact US $ 100
e 3521 USA: Landscape: Looking for dealer to supply and install garden boulders on Long Island, NY. 
July 19, Contact
US $ 10
e 3487 USA: Landscape: I want landscaping rocks. I own a business in London, KY. July 17, Contact 
US $ 10
e 3478 Cyprus: Landscape: Kindly quote for supply C.I.F. Cyprus for:
3,238 sq.mtr Natural Paving flagstone red color (Ferruginous Sandstone Si, Fe, A1).
300x300 minimum thickness 30-40mm maximum
- Abrasion resistance: < 23 Test methods pr En 1341
- Absorption: Not to exceed 2.5% per weight
- Strength: 2400kg/m3
- Hardness: Not less that 6
- Crushing Strength: 350kg/sq. cm. July 16. Contact US $ 100
ALL: e 3396 USA: Landscape: I need cobble stones in Black, gray and red colors. Please send price list and pictures by email. July 10, Contact US $ 10
ALL: e 3392 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 5500 sq ft of cold gray European cobbles like you would see paving in the streets of Europe. July 10, Contact US $ 25
e 3383 USA: Landscape: Where can I find 18x18 inch flamed granite for a deck. I need 1300 Sq ft. I'd like absolute black. I found a source through my installer but it is expensive and would like the chance to shop.  I live in NJ. July 9, Contact US$ 10.
e 3381 USA: Landscape: Where can I purchase Flagstone tiles for an outside patio? I live in San Antonio. Qty reqd. is 300 350 sqft. I prefer to buy locally. I need the material ASAP and price should be reasonably cheap. July 9, Contact 
e 3375 USA: Landscape: Please provide pricing on retaining wall paver blocks delivered in Louisville, KY. July 9, Contact US $ 10
e 3374 USA: Landscape: I live in the Northern California area of Sacramento. I am looking for some folks who can properly install a flagstone patio. July 9, Contact US $ 5 
e 3365 Switzerland: Landscape: We want polished river stones/pebbles in Europe (ideally Switzerland or Germany). At a later stage, we would also look for a supplier directly at the source (e.g. China). July 8, Contact US $ 100 
IN: e 3338 India: Landscape: We want to place an order for Pebbles with Indian Suppliers. July 5, Contact Rs. 2000
e 3335 UK: Landscape: We are a UK company looking for smooth round gravel 2-5 mm in size and also 1-3 mm in size. We require 2000-3000 tonnes per year. July 5, Contact  US $ 200
e 3326 USA: Landscape: I'm an artist in the Myrtle Beach area, looking for rocks to use in my art projects. Mainly I use river rocks and other smooth rocks of various sizes. The only place I've found to buy the kinds of rocks I need, in quantities under a ton, is in Mebane, NC -- which is quite a distance from here. I need a supplier within 123 miles or so that might sell me small quantities of these kinds of rocks. July 3, Contact US $ 10
e 3298 USA: Landscape: We are looking for sources within the DFW area for flagstone to repair/redo our pool decking. 
Approximate square footage to repair/replace pool decking: 450 sqft
Approximate square footage to replace walkway and small patio: 130 sqft
Primary goal is to renovate/repair the pool and decking; then when we've replenished the budget, finish the patio and walkway. Right now the budget max is about $6000.00 for the entire project. However, depending on finding the "perfect" stone, the extra expense may be justified, but currently we are not finding anything noteworthy.
We have been looking at several varieties and styles of "coping". Originally we wanted a brick coping but are not finding the colors we want. So now we're thinking of a flagstone coping. The latest installer gave an estimate for replacing ONLY the decking of $4500 (does not include any coping or tile replacement). We may choose to have them only redo the coping and us relay the decking. We are hoping to not spend over $200 per ton (average coverage of 80 sq ft per ton). I realize there is some variation in the numbers due to the thickness of the flagstone, but I took the best average I have at this time.
Therefore, we're also looking for a seminar on how to lay flagstone.
Another consideration are stone tiles. We have not priced any of these tiles but are hoping they will be close to the outdoor porcelain tiles we have looked at.
We have not picked a specific stone yet, but are looking for light gray hues. 
We have only begun our research into the use of flagstone for our project. We are located in north Arlington, Texas. 
The idea is to buy locally (a bit cheaper) and get the entire pool done at one time. Since our budget is rather tight, we may have to limit our project or do some of it ourselves. One pool renovation company gave us a quote to install flagstone should we find something we like. We're hoping this weekend to scout out several places and decide on a stone. July 3. Contact US $ 15.
e 3282 Canada: Landscape: WE HAVE SERIOUS DEMAND FOR Cobble Stones from regular stone of gray color: QUANTITY: 20,000 MT CIF PORT OF NEW YORK 
Indicative price: USD 64.00 / MT CIF NEW YORK. Quote has to be CIF not CNF. June 28. Contact, See Offers
e 3273 USA: Landscape: We want cut Michigan field stone. June 27, Contact
e 3257 Israel: Landscape: I want Pumice for agricultural purposes - about 3-5 mm (3/8 inch) in diameter. About 80 liters quantity to be shipped to Israel. June 25. Contact US $ 2.
e 3256 UK: Landscape: I want extremely smooth white pebbles. They have to be quite flat -
ideally no more than 20 mm deep. Their width/length can vary as long as they are no deeper than 20 mm. I'd like a price including delivery to London. June 25. Contact US $ 10.
e 3249 USA: Landscape: I need to make 2 sets of outdoor steps, 4'-6' wide, with 12 treads each. Are these stepping stones suitable? I am in Alfred, Maine. June 25, Contact
US: e 3248 USA: Landscape: We are seeking a source of supply for 25 tons of Tennessee crab Orchard or Pa. blue stone or similar. Also 5-10 tons river rock (8"-16") stack for delivery to Pensacola, FL. June 24, Contact US$ 10. 
US: e 3245 USA: Landscape: I am looking for quarries in Tennessee that produce flagstone, preferably Tennessee Crab Orchard. June 24, Contact US$ 20.
IN: e 3243 USA: Landscape: I would like prices of Indian stone products: paving slabs for interior / exterior / garden home products. We buy container shipments. June 24, Contact US$ 100., See Offers
e 3240 USA: Landscape: Where to buy sandstones for crops roughly 0.5 cm (cubic) volume in Iowa? The closer to Ames city the better? Such stones need to be applied on top of field earth to produce better quality of certain crops. June 24. Contact US$ 10.
e 3235 Israel: Landscape: Quote for Basalt paving cobbles size 100 by 100 by 6 mm upper face flamed or bush-hammered sides natural cleft. Also interested in any kind of bricks, old bricks, resistant cobblestone, tiles and curbstones suitable for public and private jobs. Please send me small samples and catalogs by mail, technical specifications, references, price list and discounts. Prices should be reasonable and competitive. Packaging needs to be crated or bulk bags. June 22. Contact See Offers US$ 50.
e 3225 USA: Landscape: I need about a dozen granite boulders, 1' to 1.5' in diameter. Color about 3 to 1 ratio between light and dark minerals, no specific type Preferably from Monterey Bay, California or of a similar blend (65% light colored minerals, 35% dark). I plan to purchase within next 2-3 weeks. The material is going to be used for intertidal research. Delivery location Monterey, CA. June 20. Contact, US$ 5
e 3219 Canada: Landscape: Very helpful website - well done. I am looking for a pea gravel supplier in Toronto (Canada) but have had no luck with local Home Depot, White Rose Nurseries, etc. This is a small residential job, so not sure what a good price is for a truckload of pea gravel (?). I am looking for local suppliers. June 19. Contact
e 3204 USA: Landscape: Can you tell me your price for installing flagstone around a swimming pool with a 141 feet in total? June 18. Contact 
e 3203 USA: Landscape: I am a builder in Seattle, WA USA. I am interested in some of you flagstone. I prefer a supplier from my area. June 18. Contact, See Offers
e 3199 USA: Landscape: Looking form small boulders. June 18. Contact, See Offers
e 3197 USA: Landscape: I am looking for ~ 2 ton of white pebble in 2 ~ 3 inches size and deliver to San Diego, CA by July 2002. June 18. Contact, See Offers
VN: e 3196 France: Landscape: We are an import company and we are looking for some factories in Vietnam able to produce granite paves or cubes. We are studying the opportunity of developing the paves import business to France. Could you please give me some quotations on paves 10x10x10 cm and 8x8x8 cm paves in grey BIS 08 and yellow BIS 04 to make some calculations and see if it's possible to enter the French market. June 18. Contact, See Offers
e 3192 Canada: Landscape: I'm looking for around 300 - 400 sq. ft of flagstones 2", sand colour for a backyard patio and walkway project desirable this summer/fall. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. June 16. Contact, See Offers US $ 10
e 3171 UK: Landscape: I have 2500sm of granite paving (as black as possible) to lay in Coventry, England; some of it radiused. Please send me quotes. June 13. Contact, See Offers
e 3170 USA: Landscape: I am trying to locate some black granite rubble to split and clad a garden wall with flat edge finish. I am attaching a photo of the type of wall I am trying to achieve which I took in Langkawi Malaysia and is apparently made from splitting unmatured black granite rocks.
The colour is important so if you have any information or alternatives I would be very pleased to hear from you. I understand I would be requiring about 30 tons of stone for my project. June 13. Contact
e 3167 USA: Landscape: Looking for a retail supplier of broken flagstone in the DC/MD area. June 12. Contact 
e 3162 USA: Landscape: I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am interested in buying some flagstone for a small do it yourself job. June 12. Contact
BR: e 3159 Germany: Landscape: Please send prices in USD for Verde Camacho from Brazil
3000 sqm pavement 50 x 50 x 2cm, honed carb.120.
120 sqm pavement 60 x 40 x 3cmm, honed carb.120.
800 sqm steps 4cm,honed carb.120.
450 sqm steps 3cm,honed carb.120.
900 sqm risers 2cm,honed carb.120.
1500 lin.m skirting-tiles 8/1cm, honed.
1800 sqm tiles 40x40x1cm, polished, calibrated + bevelled. June 11. Contact, See Offers
e 3147 Australia: Landscape: I am interested in purchasing flagstones in Australia, specifically North East Victoria. June 10. Contact
TH: e 3124 Singapore: Landscape: Do you carry Thailand product of chips in beige colour size approx: 2-3mm, qty about 80 tons. Please send out sample for approval. June 6. Contact
UK: e 3119 UK: Landscape: I am looking for large boulders and stones to make a rock garden. I have looked through the UK suppliers but they all seem to supply finished products and not really what I am after. I will fetch from a quarry in the UK. June 6, Contact 
e 3104 USA: Landscape / Artifact: Our Company is an importer of stone products for use into the landscape & aquarium / pet industry. We are looking for the following:
1) Round polished stones in all sizes. These are used for decorations in fish aquariums and on potted plants, flooring systems for patios and swimming pools, landscape ground cover, etc...
2) Colored sands and crushed gravels, sized and packed bulk and small poly bags for retail. These are also used for aquariums and flooring systems.
3) Stone furniture, bird baths and material to build fountains. 
What is your best product (price, quantity, quality) you can offer us in relation to the landscape aquarium industry? I am in Seattle, WA. June 6, Contact
e 3100 England: Landscape: I am interested in both sandstone-limestone flags, stone troughs and anything else you might suggest for sale in the North West of England. Also please forward me a brochure or even better send me samples showing both the colours and finishes. I am in Lancashire, England. June 5. Contact
e 3090 USA: Landscape: We have a customer looking for bulk quantities of snow white slab, sheet or chunks of rock no more than 4 to 6 inches thick. The rock must be as white in color as possible. This would be used in making walls for a very large landscaping project. If you could quote us in bulk, by the yard, truck load, etc. We are located in Santa Clarita, California, USA. June 4. Contact 

e 3104 USA: Landscape / Artifact: Our Company is an importer of stone products for use into the landscape & aquarium / pet industry. We are looking for the following:
1) Round polished stones in all sizes. These are used for decorations in fish aquariums and on potted plants, flooring systems for patios and swimming pools, landscape ground cover, etc...
2) Colored sands and crushed gravels, sized and packed bulk and small poly bags for retail. These are also used for aquariums and flooring systems.
3) Stone furniture, bird baths and material to build fountains. 
What is your best product (price, quantity, quality) you can offer us in relation to the landscape aquarium industry? I am in Seattle, WA. June 6, Contact
e 3100 England: Landscape: I am interested in both sandstone-limestone flags, stone troughs and anything else you might suggest for sale in the North West of England. Also please forward me a brochure or even better send me samples showing both the colours and finishes. I am in Lancashire, England. June 5. Contact
e 3096 USA: Landscape: I need a vendor that can cut 200 sandblast resist templates for use in sandblasting yardage numbers into flagstone for a golf course. The individual templates will be approximately 16" X 16" and will have a 3 digit number approx 3" high (a different number for each template). Additionally, there will be a logo on each template. I currently need a quote and the fabrication lead time for the finished sheets shipped to San Diego CA. June 5. Contact, See Offers
e 3090 USA: Landscape: We have a customer looking for bulk quantities of snow white slab, sheet or chunks of rock no more than 4 to 6 inches thick. The rock must be as white in color as possible. This would be used in making walls for a very large landscaping project. If you could quote us in bulk, by the yard, truck load, etc. We are located in Santa Clarita, California, USA. June 4. Contact, See Offers 
e 3072 USA: Landscape: We want Mossy Boulders. May 31. Contact
ALL: e 3060 USA: Landscape: I am looking for pebbles that would be too large to get into shoes, but small enough to form a nice surface to walk on in bare feet. I am located in Chicago and am having a difficult time finding anything but expensive bags of pond pebbles or course and non uniform gravel. May 29. Contact, See Offers
e 3040 England: Landscape: We are a manufacturer of domestic heating appliances and are looking for a source of decorative polished river pebbles in England. Quantity 2500 x 500 gram packs of 35mm pebbles per annum. May 24. Contact
IN: e 3031 India: Landscape: We are interested in Grey granite kerbs with sizes 120-240 cm length, 35-40cm width, 15-17.5 cm thick. Please advice us the quantity a 20ft container does accommodate either in (sqm or tons) and the delivery period. May 23. Contact, See Offers
e 2984 USA: Landscape: I am a homeowner in Oklahoma, USA and am interested in stone for my  outdoor drive and patio. I am interested in a random ashlar pattern for the patio. I also would like limestone for several bathrooms. What is  the shipping time and so you have any brochures so I may choose the product. May 15. Contact
e 2929 USA: Landscape: I want red / burgundy rounded stone or gravel less than 3/4 inch. Looking for about 5 yards. Delivery location would be wading river, NY (long island). I have no preference on local or import just looking for a rounded burgundy color stone. Have not had any success finding it locally. It is to be used for pathways through my gardens and I want it to be easy on the feet (rounded) let me know prices. May 7. Contact, See Offers US$ 10
e 2860 Canada: Landscape: We are a natural stone wholesaler and are looking for a Canadian supplier of Granite Beach Pebble, preferably a quarry in Ontario. Please see attached picture of stone. Sizes: 1/4" to 8" depending on location of supplier we are capable of pickup at quarry. April 29. Contact 
e 2857 USA: Landscape: We are looking in the Columbus, Ohio area to purchase volcanic rock by the truck load. We would like to do the entire landscaping area around our home. Can you tell me locations to check out pricing? April 27. Contact 
ALL: e 2855 USA: Landscape: We are searching, on behalf of an Idaho client, for stone paving for use in a driveway and courtyard and for steps and wall veneer as well. the total surface quantity is approximately 3,400 square feet. we're looking for stone that can be cut 2" thick and 3" thick for paving, and 6" thick for steps and wall veneer. the paving stones will range in size from 6" by 18", to 18" by 42". darker tones are preferred or are aware of anything that might suit our needs. April 28. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2848 Switzerland: Landscape: We are looking for split green quartzite plates in wild forms with the sizes of about 100 x 120 cm and thickness of 2 - 3 cm.
We sell them to gardeners in Switzerland, which use them to produce places in the garden but also ways. 
For the first order we look for 1 container of this wild broken plates made out of the green quartzite. This might be about approximately 600 sqm.
My question is:
Is it possible to get samples of green quartzite you have?
Please give me a quote fob Hong-Kong (1 container of 40 tons)
How many square meters you bring into a 40 ton container? April 26. Contact
CA: e 2835 USA: Landscape: We live in New York City area. We would like to purchase 24 armor stones (rocks or boulders), from a Canadian quarry. We had a Canadian architect design our landscape and he included the rocks, however we cannot find it anywhere in the Tri State area. April 25. Contact
e 2834 USA: Landscape: I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am trying to locate places where I can get river stones or other small pebbles that I can use in my back yard. I have looked at some concrete mixing places and don't like the gravel. HOME DEPOT does not seem to give a good price on the river stones they carry. Where in and around NYC maybe within 50-100 miles radius could I find places to get such stones. I have a Pickup and could bring home 1 cu Yd at a time back. I believe I will not need more than 1 cu.yd of stones. April 25. Contact
e 2825 USA: Landscape: We are looking for a quarry supplier of granite riverstone (beach pebble). Sizes from 1/4" to 8". Please advise of source and price per ton picked up. April 24. Contact
e 2821 Canada: Landscape: I would like to find a supplier of basalt and/or river stones in Ontario, Canada. I live in southern Ontario. April 24. Contact
e 2781 USA: Landscape: I am trying to locate landscaping stones to edge around the perimeter of my back yard to form a continuous flower bed. I want the stones to be triangular shaped, and I want to alternate between terra cotta color and standard gray or taupe mortar color. So the design would be arranged something like this: /\ \/ /\ \/ /\ \/I'd like the base of each pie-sized slice to be about 5 inches wide and the whole slice to be about 2 1/2 inches thick. I project that I will need 50 of each color. April 19. Contact, See Offers
e 2768 USA: Landscape: Looking for Decomposed Granite ("D.G.") supplier for landscaping project in Portland, Oregon. April 17. Contact 
e 2735 USA: Landscape: Interested immediately in cobblestones for wall coping and as driveway and patio paver accents banding. I am seeking salvaged cobbles for 800 sq. ft. of patio for immediate delivery or pick-up in Los Angeles area. April 12. Contact
e 2711 USA: Landscape: I am looking for regular field stone suppliers in Tennessee. I am a contractor. I live in Georgia. April 8. Contact

e 2675 USA: I want to purchase / import container loads of 2" (5cm) green oval pebbles for landscaping. Other colors are fine by me. Respond with US$ per ton and location. March 30 Contact, See Offers  
e 2638 USA: Landscape: Does anyone know if there are faux type boulders available. I want to utilize large boulders in a landscape project. March 22. Contact
e 2612 Switzerland: Landscape: We are a garden design-company in Switzerland and are interested in natural-washed (river) stones of sizes around 1 meter long and around 50 cm thick. any kind, just washed naturally. Please send pictures! March 16. Contact, See Offers
e 2562 UK: Landscape: Quote for Basalt paving cobbles size 100 by 150 by 75mm upper face flamed or bush-hammered sides natural cleft. Requirement for 900m2. Packaging needs to be crated or bulk bags. March 6. Contact
e 2551 USA:  Landscape: I was planning on building a small koi pond in my backyard and I am hoping that you would have some helpful information on: 
1. The type of flagstone that would be best (I like gray)
2. Where to get it
3. How much it would cost. March 5, Contact
e 2544 USA: Landscape: I am looking for pebbles to set on mesh, preset on mesh in the color range of red's yellows and browns. March 2. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2530 Holland: Landscaping: We have to supply and install paving stones made out of natural stones. The sizes and quantity required are 14 x 20 x 10 cm - 22000 sqm (5500 tons). Top surface sawn, after sawing the surface must be sandblasted other sides natural cleft. Delivery schedule is 4000 sqm before August 1, 2002 and 18000 sqm in December, 2002 and July 2003. Please quote CIF Rotterdam. For more details click here. Feb 26 Contact, See Offers, USD 50 
e 2523 USA:   Landscape: I am seeking the price per ton of Limestone granules, not silica based sand, in 50 or 60 pound bags.  Purpose: children's play sand. Preferred color is white, but gray is acceptable. We are in San Francisco, California. But will gladly travel to neighboring states if it can't be found here. We would like to start out with 2 tons, and make arrangements for regular 2 ton purchases. Feb 25. Contact 
e 2522 USA: Landscape: Specialization: Ponds and streams. water worn, mossy outcroppings. Transport cost an issue. Feb 25. Contact
US: e 2517 USA: Landscape: I am a landscaper in So. California and always in need for flagstone, looking for quarries in PA. I am also searching for black oil flagstone table tops about 2" - 3"+ thick rough and smooth surface. Feb 23. Contact
ID: e 2497 USA: Landscape: We are looking for a quarry has the slate stone harder than granite from Java in Indonesia. It is called as Java Slate. They are slate but close to porphyry type so can be used for pavement. They are slate so they came naturally 1 cm to 2 cm thickness from mountain.  The color is gray, brown, green color. Looking for a supplier from Indonesia. We would like to know the information of your location, operation, production ability etc. We are a serious importer and distributor for US and Canada. We are in Santa Barbara, USA Feb 20. Contact, See Offers
US: e 2495 USA: Landscape: I am looking for a quarry in the USA that sells Dolometic limestone. Color: Gray to burgundy, some rust, some beige. Sizes: Ashlar, 2" to 9" high. random lengths. Quantity: 2,500 square feet of veneer. Schedule: 3 months. Feb 19. Contact
IN: e 2492 USA: Landscape: Please quote for 150 sq meters of red sandstone block, 100 mm bed. 
Feb 18, Contact
ALL: e 2484 USA: Landscape: We are looking for a quarry owner who could supply us stone that is harder than granite. The stones should have natural texture on both sides. These stones are so hard that they are used often for paving. In Europe, the kind of natural stone are used for a drive way, piazza, pavement traditionally. We would like to discuss on the particular sizes and thickness, cutting method, color etc... Since we are looking for pretty thin (about from 1.5 cm to 2 cm) on natural (not cut by diamond saw cutting machine), quarry have to select those thin slab and cut into the size of about 7 cm x 7 cm by old fashion cutting machine to make it natural look. We are importer, distributor, builder and developer and can import constantly. Feb 18. Contact 
e 2483 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase a "chunk" of granite about the size of a bushel basket. It doesn't have to be anything special. I have a special "garden" project this year. I would prefer "black". 
My questions....can I get it in the Southwestern Part of Pennsylvania, like the Pittsburgh area...
Question #2...How much would it weigh?
Question #3...How much would it cost?
Question #4...Could I carry it in a pickup truck? Feb 18. Contact
e 2482 USA: Landscape: I want to install a Zen Meditation oriental rock garden in condominium in Austin Texas. I am looking for high quality stones that could be used in this application. Feb 18. Contact
See Offers
e 2450 USA: I am a builder / developer. Looking for prices on natural stone / coping stones. Feb 11. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2445 USA: Landscape: I need 3000 square feet of natural granite cobblestones like you see in Paris streets. Feb 10. Contact, See Offers
IN: e 2425 b France: Landscape: We want to import natural paving cubes in sandstone Kandla Gray, Brown and Multi color. The finishing of these stones are: 2 sides machine cleft and 4 sides natural cleft (hand cleft) or 6 sides natural cleft. Following sizes and quantities are requested: 
 14/14/9 cm minimum 1700 m
 14/14/8 cm minimum 12000 m
 14/14/6 cm minimum 3500 m
 10/10/8 cm minimum 7500 m
 14/20/8 cm minimum 2500 m
 14/20/14 cm minimum 3000 m
 15/15/8 cm minimum 11500 m
 12/18/14 cm minimum 3000m
Please send us your prices fob India and CIF Antwerpen and Zeebrugge. Feb 5. Contact, See Offers
CA: e 2413 Canada: Landscape: Quote for granite from Canada, specifically wall & landscaping stone. Feb 2. Contact

We have not uploaded landscape inquiries between February 1, 2002 and Nov 16, 2001 in this section. Please refer to previous trade inquiries for landscape inquiries for that period.
B 605 Ukraine: I am into landscaping. I am looking for 300 x 300 x 10, 300 x 600 x 30, 300 x 300 x 20, tiles in red color stones for trading. Inspection will be done by an agent.  Nov 16. Contact
e 2036 USA: I want to purchase 50 pallets of granite blocks for a retaining wall project I am supplying.  The job is in north central new jersey. What can you do for me on a delivered price? Nov 16. Contact
e 2025 Ireland: I am interested in the following products which you can ship to Northern Ireland
Building Stone, Rockery Stone, Cobbles, Paving, Decorative Gravel, Stone Water fountains, Garden Products (stone & Wooden) etc. Nov. 13 Contact
e 2024 Germany: We are wholesaler for different sorts of stone, which we sell to pet shops for fish tank decoration. I urgently need is irregular pieces of red and green slate - container load. Nov. 13. Contact
e 2022 USA: We are looking for marble and granite that have colorful and intricate designs. The boulders should be either pure granite or marble, sizes of the boulders ranging in size. In a 20 foot container we need loaded:
   2 boulders roughly 2MT each
   4 boulders roughly 1MT each
   8 boulders roughly 500KG each
   16 boulders roughly 250KG each
   32 boulders roughly 125KG each
Total of 20MT per container.
The boulders could come in just about any size or shape, as long as they are solid, pure and will not break easily.
Preferably, we do not want them square or rectangular; we want them in more natural looks. Please price the boulders either ex works, Sea port or C+F Seattle. Please include a link to your web site that may contain pictures of your marble or granite. Nov 13. Contact
e 2004 USA: Interested in Black Granite, landscaping Stone (boulders), Armor stone for shore protection. Nov 10. Contact
e 1995 USA: I am an engraver and distributor of natural stones, that have English words, animal images, names, numbers, designs, symbols, carved upon them. Seeking small stones/pebbles 2.0" to 2.75" wide, tumbled, highly polished, multi-colored, engraved with English words and other languages, animal images, designs, symbols and numbers. Stones in the past have come from Brazil and China in a finished condition ready to sell. Nov 9. Contact
e 1678 USA: I want small tumbled oval stones in a beige color about 2-3" long and regular in size for paving the bottom of a fountain. July 17, Contact
e 1673 USA: We have a job that require river washed pea gravel, or bantam egg; or washed sea shore stone, 8-10 tons color in the beige, light tan family. To be delivered in Pennsylvania. July 14, contact
e 1672 USA: I am looking for marble type landscaping stone that I can purchase by the truckload in or around Jackson MS. July 12, contact
e 1671 USA: I am looking for Idaho quartzite paving material. July 12 contact.
e 1653 USA:  I am trying to find a landscaping stone to look good with my red brick house (accents of dark brown, cream and tan bricks) and yet set off the beautiful field stone step-terraces the put in as you go up the sidewalk.  Do you have any suggestions? We want something "permanent". July 5 contact 

Links to previous trade inquiries. All still valid.

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