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 BUY INQUIRIES!   July 31, 2002
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  June Inquiries

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Most images are in the 
stone album
AU: e 3654 Australia: Retail: We are Melbourne and are renovating a house. We expect to commence our renovations late 2002, early 2003. The kitchen will be completely rebuilt with either granite or Saturnia cross cut stone on the kitchen benchtops. We will have a long L shaped kitchen with cooktops and sinks as well as one big bench which will measure approximately 3.3 mdetres long x 1.2 metres wide. Ideally I would like to have the big bench made out of one piece of stone. 
We would be looking to purchase from a local retailer and at a location that we could view the slabs. My real concern is that I like the look of Saturnia cross cut stone, but do not know anything about the durability and longevitity of using such a product in a heavy traffic area such as the kitchen. 
Alternatively, I have viewed your Stone Album and am interested in the granites from Australia. Can you advise if there is a retailer in Victoria, Australia who has these granites on display? I also like the Grigio Perla, which is from Italy. Is this granite available in Australia? I have found that we are very limited in our granite selection and all the wholesalers and stonemasons seem to carry the same, very boring and often seen everywhere granites. I am after a different look for my kitchen and do not want to use the same old granites that have been done to death in kitchens and homes Australia wide. July 31, Contact, See Offers,
US $ 10
IN: e 3653 USA: I want Absolute Black and Galaxy Black Granite slabs, polished one side, no buff marks or scratches, all 30 mm thick, minimum 5 ft x 8 ft (up to 8 x 10), sides unfinished okay, quantity - 2 containers to begin. July 31, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
GR: e 3651 Pakistan: Blocks: We are interested in THASSOS SHOW WHITE from Greece. We want confirmation of following points:
1. If this stone is 100% pure white with no color mixing or shading.
2. Kindly inform its hardness.
3. We can buy finished / unfinished big blocks. Dimensions 4x4x6ft, 4x4x4ft, 3x4x4ft or whatever standard size available which please advise.
4. The stone should be A quality, without any pin holes.
Shipment in bulk in open top containers would be ok. Payment would be through L/C. We are based in Karachi. July 31, Closed, See Offers,
US $ 100
MY: e 3649 Korea: We are one of the leading manufacturers of surfactants and raw materials for cosmetics industry in Korea. We're interested in naked Sericite, Talc, and MICA for cosmetic products. We prefer sellers from Malaysia. Please quote CIF Busan, Korea and Xingang, China for each item. July 31, Contact
US $ 50
ALL: e 3647 UK: I want to import marble and granite fireplace surrounds, hearths and tiles to the UK. Do you offer a sample container facility so we can test your products in our competitive market? July 30, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
ALL: e 3646 Ecuador: We are one of the biggest granites importers in Ecuador. We would like to market your products. Kindly send us a pricelist of all your products. July 30, Contact US $ 100
e 3645 USA: Retail: I am an architect from Minnesota. I need Sandstone for a commercial application, 2-3" thick, red/tan. Random flagstone pattern on concrete base. Large pieces preferred, such as 30" x 40". Approximately 2000 sq.ft. required. Please quote for sq. ft and per ton basis. I need a photo for my client. July 30, Contact, See Offers, US $ 20
e 3644 India: Retail: I am a resident of Kerala, South India and want Viscount White Granite for the use of flooring of my newly build house. Quantity and sizes -- About 900 or 1000 Sq. Feet a size of 3 feet length 2 feet width. I prefer to buy locally. Stone details - country, trade name or description, image: it is in FindStone's Stone Album. -  Viscount White. Status of project: Ready to start, Mid of Sept. 2002 & decision criteria would be price and quality. July 30, Closed Rs. 250
e 3643 India: Retail: I want 12" x 12" Imperial Brown Light Granite tiles. July 30. Contact Rs 250
IN: e 3642 India: I NEED 1325 NOS. OF 22" X 22" 20 MM UNPOLISHED TILES OF KASHMIR WHITE OR KASHMIR GREY. July 30, Contact, See Offers, Rs. 250
IT/ES: e 3640 Indonesia: Please quote for marble slabs as per specification, terms and conditions noted below: Rojo Alicante, Carrara, Dark Emperado, all full 40 ft. container load.
Terms and Conditions:
1. Price quoted shall be CNF Jakarta port
2. Request quotation for two different types:
a) Polished
b) Unpolished
3. Packaging export standard
4. Delivery as soon as possible or otherwise, best recommendation from your end. 
5. Payment preferable by L/C. July 30
We are interested to purchase between 700-900 square meters of DARK EMPERADOR CAT 1° polished 2 cm thick, so please give us your best firm fixed price. Please give us information about the quantity in square meter for one container load or number of slabs for one container load. Please offer us if you have smaller size of slabs i.e. Width: 60 or 70 or 80(max ) x standard length. Aug 9, Contact, See Offers,
US $ 100
ALL: e 3639 UK: We are an aquatics company. We currently produce an orbital fish tank and will soon be releasing a cylindrical shape as well. We are looking for a granite or similar stone to cover the filter base in our tank. The attachment shows the basic shape and dimensions. The shape does not have to be accurate as it represents the floor of a pond or sea. We will be looking for the manufacture of several thousand of these so we are looking for a good price. We prefer supplier from UK or anywhere else in Europe. July 30, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3638 USA: Retail: I want some tan color sandstone. I am an architect. July 30, Contact, See Offers,
US $ 10
SW: e 3637 China: We will be visiting Sweden in August and would like to arrange a visit to quarries at Swedish Black and Swedish Mahogany. Are there any quarries interested in the business? July 30, Contact US $ 100
e 3635 USA: Retail: Two slabs of Giallo Veneziano, 3cm x 124" in length. July 30, Contact US$ 10
e 3634 USA: Want soapstone and alabaster in its least expensive yet of highest quality form for carving. Remnants of varying table size pieces 40-150 lbs. Preferences: translucent orange and raspberry alabaster
and pitch black soapstone. I am in Hawaii. July 30, Contact
e 3633 Hong Kong / Australia: Retail: We are looking to use a black granite for a kitchen counter/ island sink top in an Australian house we are building. Is the local product - Austral black "granite" as reliable as "nero assoluto" from South Africa, particularly from the point of view of avoiding stains
Sizes - island sink about 1m x 2m, kitchen counter about 3m x 1m + back splash
Delivery location - Western Australia (no phone yet)
Project completion - 1 to 2 months
More interested in reliability than price. July 30, Contact, See Offers
BR: e 3632 Australia: I am visiting Vittoria from 4th to 6th August to identify new suppliers who have captive quarries or strong processing capacities. We want to meet medium size enterprises who can supply material first choice and have been exporting to other countries. There are many cos. who process but do not export. I do not mind talking to good local companies who can also sell in local currency for us to export out. Our agent in Brasil can handle the forwarding. Colors: All yellows, greens. Thickness: 20mm and 30mm . Quality: First choice & commercial. Slabs sizes: min 2.7 x 1.6 m only. Email price list first. July 30, Contact 
No payment, no commission.
IL/IT/FR: e 3631 Korea: I want: 
1. Jura Beige 600 x 600 x 20 & 30mm Polished & Honed Qty: 800m2
2. Corton Beige (from France) 600 x 900 x 20 & 30mm Polished & Honed Qty: 2000m2
3. Bianco Puro 550 x 1900 x 20mm Polished Qty: 1000m2. Please qoute C&F Busan, Korea. July 29, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
BR/US: e 3628 Taiwan: Blocks: We want some Brazilian and American granites rough blocks: 
1. Cafe Bahia (50M3 per month)
2. Giallo California (Pinkish type) 50 M3 per month
3. Solar White 50 M3 per month.
Size requirement: 60x120 up for all three materials. July 29, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100 
IN: e 3627 Australia: We are one of the largest importers of marble and granite and are currently looking for supplies of first quality 20mm & 30mm one side polished Indian Jet Black and first quality 20mm & 30mm one side polished Black Galaxy, both of at least 1500 x 2800 mm or larger. We are wholesalers and the majority of our stock is made into kitchen benchtops. Please email your current rate list. Send us samples and catalog. July 28, Contact, See Offers, Rs 2000
e 3626 USA: Retail: Please quote for Uba Tuba 12" x 12" tiles with delivery time. July 28, Closed
See Offers
, US $ 10
IE: e 3625 Ireland: I am building a guesthouse and require a granite worktop for kitchen island unit. Size is 6ft x 3ft 30mm thick. July 28, Contact See Offers US $ 10
e 3623 USA: Retail: I want 70 sq. ft. 12"x12" tile of black granite. I live in Missouri, U.S.A. July 28, Contact  US $ 10
VN: e 3622 USA: I am searching for pink and other color marble and granite slab suppliers from Vietnam. I will be traveling to Vietnam starting next week. From Hanoi to Da Nang to HCMC. We have a market for Granite and Marble slabs of interesting patterns, 6' x 10' x 30 mm. I am going to purchase Container quantities with interesting patterns. July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
ALL: e 3620 Bangladesh: We want to import dolomite and zeolite continuously. Please offer price/mt container basis C&F C Chittagong by sea. July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3617 USA: Retail: I want marble tiles, 100 sq ft. in S-California (LA area). July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
US: e 3616 Australia: Looking for supplier in US. Please send me catalogs with pricelists for your products. I install kitchens in CT. Now living in Australia. July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
ES: e 3615 USA: I want CREMA NAVADA Slabs from Spain. July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
IT: e 3613 UAE: We are granite and marble factory owners and traders from Dubai. We want Perlato Sicilia, Perlato Royal & Botticino. Size: 60 x 30 x 2 cm, quantity: 800 M2 each. Our contact no. is +971 738....We wish to import the material. Our Target price is US$ 10 MT CNF DUBAI. Kindly quote C AND F DUBAI. July 27, Contact, See Offers,  US $ 100
e 3612 India: Retail: Please quote for:
Kalima White Granite or Kashmir White Granite slab for kitchen counter.
VT Pink Granite slab for kitchen counter.
Andhi Pista Marble 800 sq. ft. 2' x 2' tiles from one stack.
I would also like to know the cost for imported marble: 
Tea Rose, Ordinario Orto Di Donna, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Grigio Carnico, Fiorito Dalia, Bordu Griso, Laguna Rosso, 
Tinos Green, Egeo Rosa. Click here to see the shades of the stones selected from FindStone stone album with the sizes. Tea Rose and Fiorito Dalia are alternatives for Andhi Pista featured in the first table.
The others are alternatives for VT Pink also featured in the first table.
Please quote a price for cashmere white too. It is considered in the place of Kalima White. July 27. Contact Rs. 100
ZA: e 3611 Switzerland: We want a complete pricelist of South African granite slabs in sqm. We also want Verdite a marketable stone in slab form. We have understood that it is strictly for carvings and handicrafts. July 27, Closed See Offers US $ 25
BR: e 3610 China: I am looking for amber stone and Brazilian Onyx for interior works. July 27, Contact 
US $ 25
e 3609 USA: Retail: We want a Marble fireplace surround in Botticino or other off-white stone. Price of range $1000-$3000 for 36 inch masonry firebox. July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
SE: e 3608 Hungary: We want Bararp 1st quality slabs in 12 and 15 cm, different sizes and length, for our production of gravestones. July 27, Contact US $ 50  
e 3607 Italy: We are looking for a Chinese Granite called Night Rose. The size requested is 110x60x3 cm polished  220 sqm. July 27, Closed, See Offers
IR/CA/GR/CN: e 3606 USA: I want 12 x 12 tiles and 4 x 8 slabs of: 
Persian Green marble from Iran 
Green of Xiropotamos Drams marble from Greece 
Alex of Volos marble from Greece 
Fog Green marble from China 
Moss Green marble from China 
Ming Green marble from China 
Aqua Mist Beige granite from Canada 
The quantity is more than 1000 sq. ft. 
It would be only ONE of these colors based on client's choice plus the aqua beige for the kitchen countertops and flooring. We would like to know what samples you can provide me and how long etc. it will take to get them to me with pricing per square feet of each sample you can provide. We don't mind importing the material as long as we get the colors we want. We are developers seeking product for client of custom home in Montana. July 27, Contact, See Offers, US $ 25
e 3604 USA: Retail: We want Crema Valencia slabs. July 27, Contact US $ 10
e 3603 Netherlands Antilles: Artifacts: Please quote for pillars from Italy. July 27. Contact US $ 20 


e 3600 USA: Retail: I want Blue Pearl slabs and please give prices with dimensions. July 26, Contact 
US $ 10
TR: e 3599 Malaysia / Bangladesh: We are an established company dealing with International Trading and Export/Import Consultancy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are interested in having a full catalogue as one of our client is to establish a hotel in Bangladesh plus want to promote the items in Malaysia. Kindly send us catalogues with export pricelist as: 
C&F price for Bangladesh port & Port Klang/Malaysia for 20' & 40' containers. After we receive the catalogues, we will decide what to buy and the quantity. I am looking for only Turkish stone producers. July 26, Contact, See Offers,  US $ 20
ALL: e 3597 USA: We want BLACK GRANITE TILES 18" (40cm) size, 2,000 square feet or more. I am a serious buyer in Florida. Preference is to suppliers who can ship FOB Port of Miami and to those who can ship product quickly (product is needed in August). July 26, Closed, See Offers
e 3594 USA: I want to earth tone color flagstones for a 300 sq ft patio. I am located in Long Island, New York. I prefer to buy locally. July 26. Contact US $ 10
e 3593 UK: I want Coliseum Stone slabs up to 1800 x 500 x 30 mm. I am in London. July 26, Contact
See Offers, US $ 10
US: e 3590 USA: I want "Alabama Veined Limestone", honed. The quantity needed is 700m2. Please quote for slabs, and standard cut to size. July 26. Closed
e 3589 USA: Retail: Please quote for five Shiv Yellow (Sivakasi) cut-to-size granite slabs with different sizes 30mm thick. I want it in Tucson, USA. July 26, Contact US $ 10 
e 3587 USA: Retail: I need a small slab 3/4" thick 42"x60" of Yellow Wood Tissue. My contact in Michigan is 248 375.... July 25, Contact US $ 5
CN: e 3583 USA: We are a large wholesaler in building materials. Currently shipping Stone Products in the western U.S. We ship 400 tons per month in various Granite and Basalt in all types of applications. We want to contact suppliers of Granite in China as a source of supply for granite for our Building Materials and Lawn and Garden business. We are in Portland. July 25. Contact, See Offer, US $ 100
CN: e 3582 Switzerland: Please quote for "NIGHT ROSE" granite for a building project. My tel. no. is +41 26 ... .. .. July 25, Contact, See Offers US $ 100
MY PHONE IS 903 5..... July 25. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10 
e 3579 USA: Granite dealers please email me your pricelist of the colors you process. July 24, Contact
See Offers, US $ 10
MX: e 3578 USA: I am in the process of opening my own business. I will be traveling to Cancun, Mexico and wanted to drop in a couple of places to see what they have to offer. I'm in the process of decorating a
DaySpa and in need of some ceramic tile and ideas for the project. July 24, Contact, US $ 20
NO: e 3577 USA: I want Emerald Pearl & Blue Pearl GT 3/4 inch and 1 1/4 inch slabs. One full 20 ft container of 21 1/2 tons for each stone. July 24, Contact US $ 100
e 3576 Latvia: Fireplace manufacturer is looking for San Miguel limestone (yellow) slabs. July 24, Contact US $ 100
e 3575 USA: Retail: I want 12 x 12 tile of Royal Mahagony Granite. July 24, Contact US $ 10
IN: e 3574 India: Blocks: We are traders in granite rough blocks. We need Edapadi White & Raw Silk granite gangsaw size blocks. July 24, Contact Rs. 2000
CN: e 3573 Germany: Please quote CIF Hamburg for 3x40 container for:
           G603   G682   G654 
3CM       9.71   10.91  10.91
5CM      13.10   14.30    14.30. July 24. Contact,
See Offers, US $ 100
TR: e 3571 Bahrain: We want marble from Turkey - 20 different varieties to select from. We are one of the leading contractors in the country and regularly import marble and granite. Our contact details are 00973 6.....July 24, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
MX: e 3569 USA: Retail: We want to purchase stones in Mexico. My location is Louisiana at this time. Considering a move to Texas. Somewhere near Del Rio. July 24, Contact US $ 10
ALL: e 3568 USA: Retail: I want a white granite without any beiges or grays. I have looked through most of your amazing Stone Album and the only thing I saw in white is White Lanka from Sri Lanka. Is there any similar with even fewer inclusions -- I like the look and feel of granite but can't use color. This is for an L-shaped kitchen countertop. Measurements are about 8' x 2' and 5' x 2' for the other part of the L. I live in NYC (Manhattan) and am about ready to make a purchase. I would be interested in receiving a photo as well as a sample of the granite. July 24. Contact, See Offers, US $ 10

FR: e 3567 Hong Kong: We have a project in Hong Kong looking for a French granite "Lanhelin". Quantity and sizes around 1,500m2 of 2cm slabs. Delivery location is Hong Kong. We prefer to buy from France. This stone image is in FindStone's Stone Album. The status of project is still under tender. It is to be used for a government project. July 24. Contact, See Offers US $ 100

e 3566 USA: Retail: I want a 31" bathroom vanity in granite or marble, do you have any surplus? My contact no. is 312-49..... I am in Chicago, IL. July 23, Contact US $ 10
e 3565 USA: Retail: Where can I get the best price on Granite? I live in Omaha, NE. July 23, Contact, See offers, US $ 10
e 3564 USA: We want beige or light brown color 2500 sq.ft. 18x18 polished marble. We have the closing for the new house in 29th of August, anytime after that date. We are looking for the best price. I would like to purchase locally. Delivery in Florida. My contact no. is (954) 730-....  July 23, Contact, See OffersUS $ 20
e 3562 USA: Please quote for Summer Sky 2 cm slabs. July 23, Contact US $ 10
PT: e 3561 Spain: We want Cascais stone from Portugal. July 23, Contact US $ 100
ALL: e 3560 Canada: I want to buy decorated tiles and terracotta items to sell here in Toronto, Canada. July 23, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
CN: e 3558 Netherlands: We want 500 sq. meters of Rising Sun or equivalent granite. Free lengths 1ft wide. July 23, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
IN: e 3557 India: We need first choice 2cms & 3cms granite slabs polished in size 275 x 170cms and up. The materials are: Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Raw Silk, Colombo Juprana, Sivakashi Yellow/Gold, & Kashmir White. Please quote ex-Chennai / Mumbai port. We will do self inspection. July 23, Contact Rs 2000
e 3556 Germany: Retail: I need 20 sqm Kashmir White polish (30 cm x 30 cm x 10mm or 15 mm) urgently. Delivery to Frankfurt. July 23, Contact US $ 10
e 3555 USA: Retail: Need marble for antique cabinet top. 1 1/2" to 5/8" thick. Primary color green, with black, white, brown or any other accents. Size 14 1/2 x 12 1/2 with shaped dimensions. We will supply pattern. Must be shipped to Columbia. Contact me at 573-87. .... July 23, Contact  US $ 10
e 3553 USA: Retail: We want Black Galaxy granite for a dining room floor. Qty. reqd. is 81 square feet 12"x12" tiles. Delivery location is Albany, California. I am looking for a supplier anywhere within 100 miles. 
July 23, Contact 
US $ 10
BR: e 3552 USA: I want Brazil Granite Juparana Mento. I have seen this granite in Minneapolis, MN. Slab thickness should be 1 1/4". July 23. Contact US $ 10
e 3551 USA: Artifacts: I want a stone bowl for the coffee table. July 23, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
ES: e 3549 Canada: Looking for a wide variety of Spanish limestone ARRIA I am in Montreal, Canada. I would need a sample as quickly as possible. Overnight delivery would be preferable. I would like to have 2000 square meters of this stone for a project here in Montreal. July 23, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3548 USA: Retail: I am considering honed limestone counters for my house and am looking for the densest, best performing ones. I was told French Beauharnais was a good one. July 22, Contact US $ 10
IT: e 3545 Germany: We want Etrusco Rosso or similar stone. July 22, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
IN: e 3544 USA: I want paving stone from India. We are a property development company and have a swimming pool some 40/50 sqm we wish to pave with Indian Stone similar to English York (see stone album). We are based in Kent. July 22, Contact See Offers US $ 10
e 3543 Australia: Machinery: We want stone cutting equipment. We are suppliers of sandstone. Our main products are pavers, blocks and tiles. We wish to cut sandstone only, but this may be expanded to limestone and bluestone in future. Pavers are usually 30 & 40mm, while blocks are 100mm thick, tiles are 20mm. July 22. Contact  US $ 20
TW: e 3542 Australia: I will be visiting Taiwan 30th July for a few days. I am very interested in meeting companies who cut and process overseas granites in all colors. Please email me your pricelist and stock list. I can finalize containers of mixed slabs in my trip. July 22, Contact
e 3541 USA: Retail: I am looking for tiles in a terra cotta sort of color for my kitchen countertops. Can you suggest a color & give pricing? I will need 20 – 25 sqft. I am in Columbus, OH. July 21, Contact US $ 10
e 3540 USA: Retail: I want Caledonia Green or Silver Sea Green (Saudi Arabia?) or Kenoran Sage (Canada). I would also like the look of "green" listed under Saudi Arabia granites, too. I live outside Washington, D.C., my contact no. is 703-318-.... July 21, Contact US $ 10
ID: e 3539 UK: I want to import Palimanan limestone from Bali for use as flooring for dry areas in my home in the UK. July 21, Contact, See Offers US $ 100
e 3538 USA: Retail: We want man made stone. July 21, Contact US $ 5
e 3537 USA: I need 2800 ft 24" x 24" Crema Marfil select polished and 2 matching slabs. I also need 1850 square feet of powerstone porcalion 24 x 18. July 21, Contact, See Offers US $ 20
e 3536 USA: I want slate for countertops and flooring. Quartzites: YELLOW & GREY. Sizes: 40x40x2, 30x30x2, 30x15x2, 20X20x2, 20X10x2, 10X10x2 (All measurements in cm.). I am an agent and I have customer who is taking bids on house. July 21, Closed  
e 3535 USA: Retail: I want marble tiles 12x12 in Creme Marfil, Green empress (Deep Green with white veining) and Emperador (a deep rich brown with spotting). I'm located in NY. My contact no. is +1 631 9......... July 21, Contact, See Offers US $ 20
e 3534 Egypt: Machinery: I am a factory owner. please email me the cost of marble and granite gangsaw and processing machines. July 20, Contact See Offers US $ 20
CN: e 3533 Poland: I Want Granite from China like: GN-1, GN-2, GN-3, GN-4, OT-1, OT-2,OT-3, OT-5, OT-6,  OT-11. FOR QUANTITY 1000 M2 IN ONE COLOR. FINISH: TILES TO ENTIRELY PREPARED TO ARRANGEMENT. SURFACE ONE-SIDE POLISHED, FLAMED. DIMENSION 100 X 50 X 2 CM OR 100 X 50 X 3 CM. July 20, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
US $ 20
e 3531 USA: Retail: I am looking for a dealer who sells Unifort SL141C59 or SL141059  ceramic tiles. July 20, Contact US $ 10
ALL: e 3530 USA: Monuments & Machinery: I want to start a business in monuments. I would like to know the cost of entire range of machinery that is used to manufacture monuments. Machinery such as lasers, sandblasting machine, layout machine, etc. I also want to know about carving, cutting, and setting headstones, monuments, measuring, purchasing, etc. for a business. July 20, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3529 USA: Retail: We want stone countertops, something light colored (white or blue maybe). We are looking for shops near New York City. July 20, Contact US $ 10
e 3528 Pakistan: Machinery: We are IMPORTER/ STOCKIEST of different type of TOOLS / EQUIPMENTS and MACHINERY. We are looking for: GANG SAW COMPLETE, FOR THE SIZE OF SLABS: 6'X6', 6' X 8', 6' X 10'. Also send us your product literature on total range. +92 21 23..... July 20. Contact US $ 20
e 3526 USA: Artifacts: I need travertine or marble polished table tops. July 19, Contact US $ 20
ID: e 3525 New Caledonia: Artifact: We want a stone product or pebble tiles patterned on mesh from Indonesia. Give me a quote for a 20 feet container load and packaging with pebble and marble/stone mosaic on mesh backing sizes 300x300- FOB Indonesia. Please email photos.July 19, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
PH: e 3524 Malaysia: Want Black and Grey Stone from Philippine, and the best offer price. July 19, Contact US $ 20
TR: e 3522 Korea: Blocks: I need Cremo Bello Limestone blocks. I am from Korea and will be in Turkey from July 22 to 27, 2002 to see and inspect the Limestone Blocks. July 19, Contact US $ 100 
e 3520 Lithuania: We want AMARILLO SIERRA light slabs, 2 cm thick, polished about 40 m2. We know that this material is assorted but we need this material to be white. We process natural stone. Please quote with delivery terms. My contact no. is +370 37 22..... July 19, Contact US $ 20
ES: e 3519 Australia: I want materials from Spain like Creama Marfil slabs. I am interested in first quality only. If the color is right, I will definitely order a container to try with different colors. Let me repeat , it has to be first choice only as I have a project wherein I will need 200 sqm of Creama Marfil and will fill it with Rojo Alicante or Emperador Brown, etc. My contact is +61-2-923..... July 19. Closed, See Offers
e 3518 Pakistan: Machinery: Please quote FOB price for the following:
Cat No: 523 - 005 
Cutting disc dia: 254 mm 
For cutting specimens up to: 65 mm 
(e.g. ceramics, crystals, fossils, glass, metal, minerals, petrification plastics, stones) 
Voltage: 380V 
Frequency: 50 Hz 
Make: Wirtz (Belgium) OR equivalent 
Cutting Discs: 
Model #: 523-050, Type-A, 250 mm outside dia, 32 mm bore 
Model #: 523-051, Type-B, 250 mm outside dia, 32 mm bore 
Model #: 523-052, Type-C, 250 mm outside dia, 32 mm bore 
Estimated sea / air freight charges should be shown separately. 
Quotation must be valid for at least 120 days. July 18. Contact
US $ 20
IR: e 3517 Spain: Blocks: We are a Spanish Co. having a warehouse in China.  We are looking for suppliers of White Travertine Blocks from Iran. Min. size: 240 x 120 x (cm), 200m3 per month of first quality. We are going to visit Iran in August. Our fax no. is 0034 96 56..... July 18, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3516 USA: Retail: Looking for a granite named Green Pearl. Please email me a picture. July 18, Contact 
US $ 10
e 3514 USA: Landscape: What a great site! I am looking for 12"x12" or 16"x16" slate pavers at wholesale. preferred colors are Jade green or natural gray guaged one side or two. I live in Gulfport, Mississippi and my contact is (228) 896 ....  I am looking for a source within a radius of ~200 miles. July 18. Closed
e 3513 USA: Retail: Please quote for per sq. foot and delivery time for Flamenco from Brazil. July 18, Contact from Brazil. July 18, Contact US $ 10
e 3512 USA: We are in urgent need of 4000-7000 sq ft of 12x12 Botticino Fiorito Commercial. The materials must be in the U.S. or Canada. The price that I have currently is $2.25 FOB East Coast. I would buy tomorrow if you have anyone that has this in stock, in the US or Canada. I take care of my own deliveries. I am in new Orleans. My contact via cell phone as I will be traveling is 504.416..... July 18, Contact US $ 50
IN: e 3511 UK: Please quote a container load for Indian stones to be used for external paving. Colors are to be green / gray with a riven finish. Delivery to Hertfordshire, England. July 18, Closed, See Offers
I was looking generally at becoming a wholesaler but other things have taken over. I may contact you in the future. Aug 31.
ES: e 3510 Austria: Please quote for Crema marfil 40x40x2 and 60x30x2, Blanco (Macael) 60x30x2 and Emperador 10 x free length x 2. We are consulting for a project. Our contact nos are: ++43 1 505.......
July 18, Closed, See Offers
EG: e 3509 UK: I need Imperial Red Porphyry from Mons Porphyrites Eastern Desert of Egypt from this long disused mine in Egypt. I need a small piece for two cubes of 10 cm. July 18, Contact US $ 10
e 3508 Ireland: Retail: I want 'Emerald Black' granite for my kitchen. Looking for a retailer in Northern Ireland. July 18, Reply US $ 10
SA: e 3507 Germany: We a stone company looking for granite from Saudi Arabia, July 18, Contact US $ 20
e 3506 USA: I want a counter top and tiles of either granite or marble. The counter top size is 25.5" x 96" with bull nose 1.5" including 6"x 96" back-splash. Tile size is 12"X12" or 15"x 15" or 18"X 18". I would prefer door step delivery. I am a builder in California. July 18, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3505 USA: Retail: I am doing large fireplace and would like to find some dramatic slabs to use as a piece of artwork. A local supplier had beautiful "Rain Forest Brown" slabs but unfortunately, they were not book-matched. Looking for book-matched slabs. July 18, Contact US $ 5
ALL: e 3502 Ukraine: Kindly quote for granite tiles. July 18, Contact US $ 100
BR: e 3501 New Zealand: I am the sales manager of a stones company in New Zealand, and I am trying to match a sample of stones from Brazil given to me by an Architect. July 18, Closed, See Offers, US $ 20
e 3500 USA: Retail: I wish to purchase a small quantity of 12"x12" Light Paradiso tiles for my home. July 18, Contact US $ 2
e 3499 Poland: Please quote for Green shade granite:
A/First room has the area of 934 m2 
B/ Second room has the area of 100 m2
C/ Third room has the area of 124 m2 
All in all - 1158 m2
In addition, we will need granite plates to build stairs of size:
1. 87 m x 0,33m x 0,03m / elements 1,5 m – 2,0m x 0,33m x 0,03 m / total 28,71 m2
2 . 87 m x 0,15x x 0,03m / elements 1,5m – 2,0m x 0,15 m x 0,03m / total 13,05 m2
3. 51 m x 0,33 x 0,03 m 42 elements x 1,2m x 0,33m x 0,03 m total 16,63 m2
4. 51m x 0,17 x 0,03 m 42 elements x 1,2m x 0,17m x 0,03 m total 8,57 m2 
total elements 0,03m…… 67 m2 
In the first room of the size 934 m2 there will be many people walking and the floor will be heavily rubbed by people and sand on their shoes.
The most suitable size of plates for us is: 100 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm.
On the area of 700 m2 the stone will be very visible. On the area of 400 m2 there will be different objects standing on the floor so the stone will not be so visible as on the other area. 
We do not have to use the size of 100 cm x 100 cm x 2 cm
We can use as well the size 100 cm x 50 cm x 2 cm. July 18, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3498 USA: Block: I want a block green stone preferably granite that can be carved and polished. Would like a 2'x 2'x 4'. July 18. Contact US $ 10
e 3497 Malaysia: Retail: I want sandstone decorative blocks of size 12" to 18" square shape for my new house. July 18, Contact US $ 10
IN e 3496 India: We want Seaweed Green granite gang saw slabs on local sale basis. July 18, Contact 
Rs. 2500
CA: e 3494 China: We want Bethel White slabs
2.5 cm thick 600 x 600 mm 1700 M2; 
2 cm thick 800 x 800 mm 960 M2; 
1000 x 1000 310 M2. We also need 9 cbm Bethel White blocks
Delivery location is Qingdao Port, China. Phone no.:+86-532-575.... We are traders. July 17. Contact  
US $ 100
EG: e 3492 Romania: We want Red marble from from Egypt. Need 2 cm polished slabs. July 17, Closed
See Offers
e 3491 Canada: Retail: We want a very dark or black Canadian Marble. July 17, Contact US $ 2 
BR/NA/AR: e 3490 USA: Please quote for a container along with delivery charges for Blue Bahia, Sodalite Blue, Ciello Blue or other Azuls but not Blue Pearl. I am in New York. I would prefer some slabs and some tiles. July 17, Contact, See Offers  US $ 100


e 3488 USA: Landscape: We want rocky mountain granite flagstone in the 1" to 2" size. We are in California. July 17, Closed, See Offers
e 3486 USA: Retail: I need 500 sq. ft. of 12" x 12" Ming Green marble tiles for walls and floors & 45 sq ft of 4" x 4" tiles for the shower floors in my bathroom. All tile to be tumbled and honed. I will also need solid pieces for sills. July 17, Closed, See Offers
e 3485 USA: Landscape: We want some river rocks in San Diego area. Smooth ones, to form a river in the garden from stones. Don't want to buy from Home Depot. July 17, Closed
e 3484 USA: Retail: We want Samba White stone. July 17. Contact US $ 2
e 3482 USA: Retail: I want Azul Macauba for a 58" vanity counter installed in a bathroom. Is it a suitable stone for a bathroom vanity counter? July 16, Contact US $ 2
ALL: e 3481 UK: We are a company specializing in fireplaces and wanting to enter marble/granite tile market. If you have a UK operation please send us a trade price list. We will be looking for various sizes and types of stone depending on our customers' requirements. That is why we want to find someone in the UK with large stock levels as we will not be ordering full containers and therefore do not want to import direct. The projects will be private ones. The decision criteria will mainly be based on price however standard of service and speed of availability will have a large bearing on our decision. Our company make prestige to order marble fireplaces. July 16, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100 


e 3479 USA: I am an architect wanting Amarello Negrais marble. July 16. ContactUS $ 10
IT/ES/IR: e 3477 India: We are leading Marble Mosaic Manufacturer in India, we are in need of 8000 sq. ft. Broken Tiles (1cm thickness) of Crema Marfil, Botticino or any beige color from Italy, Iran. Required Immediately. July 16, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3476 USA: Price request 1"x2" white marble tile. July 16, Contact US $ 2
e 3475 USA: Machinery: Please give prices for machinery used for granite and marble processing, gangsaws, derrick crane, etc. July 16, Contact See Offers US $ 20
IN: e 3474 Australia: We need 350 sqm Indian Jet Black & Black Galaxy each month. Sizes we need are
2.800 x 1.600 minimum upto 3.200 x 1.900 in 20 mm thick.
I am willing to purchase good material if offered at USD 60 for Indian Jet Black 20 mm & USD 75 for Black Galaxy 20 mm. Inspection once goods are ready.
Payment by letter of credit.
Delivery to Sydney. July 16, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
UA: e 3473 USA: I am a builder wanting Volga Blue granite from Ukraine. July 16, Contact US $ 50
AR: e 3472 USA: I want Schnee Flocke and Balmoral Granite. July 16, Contact US $ 5
ALL: e 3471 USA: I request a catalog on consumables and slabs. I am in Brighton, MI. July 16, Contact 
US $ 10
ALL: e 3468 Venezuela: We want granites slabs polish in some colors. Quantity is 1500 m2 per month. 
July 16, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100

ALL: e 3467 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor looking for a large 7'+ in one dimension carving stone that has an earth brown/red color and will hold details, but not too hard. This will be a figurative sculpture & the stone can't have veining/features that would interfere with the form. July 15, Closed

CN: e 3465 USA: I want a granite that is Maroonish called "Cooper Brown". I think it is from China. I am in Newton, KS. July 15, Contact US $ 10
IN/ZW: e 3463 UK: Block: We are UK wholesale company in need of granite blocks like Absolute Black from India, Belfast, etc. from Africa. We need prices from companies who can work these blocks. Felixstow will be CIF port. July 15, Contact See Offers US $ 100
ALL: e 3462 USA: Blocks: I am a stone sculptor in New Mexico, USA. I am about to propose a sculpture of an African Mountain Gorilla. What is the size (in inches please) of the standard block you ship to the US? It will need to be be at least 7' X 4.5' X 4.5'. It could be as large as 9' X 6' X 5'. Is there someone in the US that I can deal with directly, who may already have blocks on hand, rather than ordering a block? It would have to be shipped to New Mexico. Part of the decision process will include cost of the stone plus shipping costs to New Mexico plus cost of shipping the final piece to South Carolina plus other costs such as insurance etc. July 15, Closed, See Offers
IL: e 3461 USA: Looking to purchase best quality honed finish very light uniform bone color Jerusalem Stone  18 x 18 tiles 6000 sq. ft. Slabs for stairs. We are in Miami, Florida. July 15. Contact, See Offers 
US $ 100
TR: e 3460 USA: We are interested in purchasing 24 x 24 and slabs to match a uniform white light color, uniform HONED AND FILLED CROSS CUT NOVONAS TRAVERTINE or Trani or Botticino tumbled 18 x 18. Quality is a priority. Quantity of tiles is 7,000 square feet. With slabs for a 22 high foot stair which will be 3 feet 8 inches wide. Slabs MUST match tiles. Can we would like to have a third party inspect in Turkey? Delivery to Miami. July 15. Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
IN: e 3459 India: Kindly quote for Gray color Kota stone 35,000 sq ft, 2 x 2 feet 25 mm thick, mirror finish, export quality material. We are looking at a price range below Rs. 80. Please quote FOB Mumbai. We will export the stone. The stone is to be used in our office in Finland. July 15, Contact, See Offers, Rs. 5000
e 3457 Poland: We want Verde Eucalyptus for a commercial building project. 
We are looking for many types of stone for a variety of buildings we are project and cost managers we operate globally through over 85 offices. I am the façade and systems consultant and I am currently specifying several large buildings.
Currently we are looking for a granite for a project (25 storey building) 6,000m2 of stone façade including three types of stone each approximately as below:
Beige 2,000m2 , Brown 2,000m2 and Darker Brown 2,000m2 (we will also require entrance lobbies and pavement stones however this is still being designed) the granite must look similar to the three local sandstones in Warsaw our project will go to tender September this year appointment will be to start excavation by January 2003.
Construction will be no longer than 18 months for practical handover. Stone order should be placed as firm for 12 months from now.
We will advise the investor to purchase the stone direct and not through the future appointed General Contractor.
Stone should be tight grained approx 0.15% absorption for the local climate 40mm thick. We will require full quarry certification including petrographic test with chemical analysis.
Please let us know your budget price ex-works finished. July 15. Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
ALL: e 3456 Sudan: We are Japanese purchasing agents' for a UK company. We are looking for granite
to be used for hotel interior wall, bathroom floor, wall, etc. 
Please quote for granites of various colors C&F Port Sudan (Africa). Quantity reqd. will be container load per shipment. The end users are construction company and hoteliers in Sudan. Can we have printed catalogs or literature for a few typical granite so that we can show our potential buyers in Sudan who have yet to install computers. July 15, Contact US $ 100
IN: e 3455 India: I immediately want to purchase 10,000sq. ft. Makrana / Morwad White marble slabs without patches. 2000 sq. ft for Hyderabad and remaining for Bangalore. Delivery has to be immediate. Will visit wherever available. July 15, Contact Rs. 250
TR/OM: e 3453 Singapore: We want marble tiles such as Annaba Rosado (Turkey), Lubana Light (Oman), etc. for direct selling. The preferable sizes are: 300 x 600 x 20mm thick or 600 x 600 x 20mm thick. 
We have just open a representative office/showroom in Vietnam. We are in the beginning stage of operating business and need some special quality marble tiles to display in our showroom, in order to attract
interested party to purchase from us. We would appreciate if you could send us some samples in the form of 300 x 600 x 20mm thick and 600 x 600 x 20mm thick and catalogues together with your quotation for us to review. July 15, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50 
ALL: e 3452 USA: We are setting up a very large show room in NY would like more information on material and prices. July 14, Contact US $ 100
e 3451 USA: Retail: I want to buy 100 pieces 12" x 12" Absolute Black (G024) granite tiles in NY or have them shipped to me. My price range is $ 3.99/4.99 sq. ft. July 14, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3450 USA: Retail: I want 3 to 4 tons of Rocky Mountain Granite 1 to 2 inch. Please quote along with delivery charges. I am a builder / developer in Sacramento, CA. July 14. Closed
e 3449 USA: Machinery: I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am looking for a diamond faceting and polishing machine at a good cost. I am looking to purchase this equipment very soon and would like to use them in my own home. I am also looking for larger diamond rough single pieces. July 14 Contact US $ 20
e 3448 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for stone arches as in http://www.findstone.com/arches/arches1.htm . Also mention details such as material, time to ship, etc. Also quote for other items available etc. I am in Portland, Oregon. July 14. Contact, See Offers, US $ 20
e 3447 Netherlands: Retail: I'm looking for a supplier for Iranian TRAVERTINE in a light (white, yellow) colour.
Quantity: 70 sq. meter
Sizes: various sizes; i.e. 15 x 15; 30 x 30; 45 x 45 and 15 x 45 cm.
Delivery location: Holland. 
No preference for local buying or import; depending on overall price and quality.
Stone details: this is the most difficult. I have seen a desired stone, which is called "Gresline Sabbia, but I don't know the quarry.
Status of project: just starting. Stones are needed at the beginning of November 2002. Application: Needed for a floor in the living room. July 14. Closed, See Offers, US $ 20
e 3446 USA: Retail: I want Crema Marfil window sills in sizes of: 
one - 12" x 5"
five - 25.5" x 5"
five - 36" x 5"
one - 38.5" x 5"
one - 48.5" x 5"
seven- 52" x 5"
one - 72" x 5". Also, need 2 slabs of Baltic Brown granite. Please include shipping to Satellite Beach, FL. 
July 14, Contact US $ 10
IT/ES: e 3445 UAE: We have been in operation for the past few years having a factory and a showroom in UAE. We procure material locally and from India. As we are expanding now, we are planning to import a major source of Marbles and Granites from Spain and Italy as our projects and growing higher each day.
We are interested in slabs and tiles of Cararra White, Perlato Sicilia, Perlato Royal, Botticino, Blue Pearl, Marina Pearl, Crema Marfil, Rosa Alicante, Brown Emprador, Pink Porino, etc. Kindly send us prices along with brochures of your materials both marble and granites in US dollars, C&F rates and thru irrevocable letter of credit. July 14, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3444 Yemen: We want 1000 sqm Rosa Beta of 3m x 2m x 1.6 cm. July 14, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3443 India: We require Blue Pearl, Gold Galaxy, Gold Juprana, Kashmir Gold & Shiva lt. Quantity 10000 sq.ft. & size 12" x 12" x 10 mm each duly packed in container. Please quote FOB Chennai / c&f  New York. July 14. Contact Rs. 500 
IN: e 3442 Saudi Arabia: I wish to tie-up with reputed stone companies from India either by becoming their partner or represent them as an agent. July 14. Contact, See Offers, Rs. 5000
ALL: e 3440 USA: Landscape: We have currently signed a national advertising agreement, and are looking forward to greatly increased sales. Our product will be on air on national TV late August or early September.  I want rocks 4 0z. clear poly bags by mass not weight, 1" or less Lava, 1" or smaller white marble, pebble size round river rock- quantity and sizes. I will need 20,000 pieces a month. Simple landscape stone is what we currently use.  We are in Texas. The closer to S.A., Texas the cheaper the freight. We have a 2-3 week lead time on all orders. We wish to stock; based on orders pending. We look forward to sales soaring well over 10,000 units per month.  We would need this amount per rock type- application. July 14, Closed, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3439 USA: Retail: I want 4 legs to put on kitchen island with a granite top. Want it to look old with square top and bottom. Need 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 or 3x3 in white or red oak. July 14. Contact Free
e 3438 USA: Landscape: I want quality outdoor stones that will provide a relatively flat and durable patio. I am in Orange County, CA. July 14. Closed, See Offers
ALL: e 3437 Libya: I own a marble and granite company. Kindly quote for granite slabs in ivory color. 
July 14, Contact See Offers US $ 100
MX/EG/IT/GR: e 3436 USA: I represent a company in Boston. We are interested in expanding our stock incorporating more companies from all over the world. Currently we are importing from India, Norway & Brazil. I am specifically interested in importing from Egypt, Italy, Greece and Mexico. July 13, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
IN: e 3434 Australia: We need the following for a project here in Australia.
Imperial Red slabs 1000 x 500 x 30mm cut-to-size 550 panels
Imperial Red slabs 2000 x 1000 x 30mm random 
Kitchen counter tops in Imperial Red and Jet Black with sizes 2700 x 600mm x 20mm with one long edge polished, profile of the edge will be either pencil round or half bull-nose. The actual qty. of each color will not be decided now till the project gets started. Need this in 6 weeks from now. July 13, Contact, See Offers
No Commission & No Payment.
IN: e 3433 Australia: Need first choice materials for big slabs: Kashmir Gold, Yellow Fantasy, Jet Black - with no color enhanced treatment or any surface treatment. Container loads only. Inspection will be through our office in India. July 13, Contact No Commission & No Payment
IR: e 3432 Italy: Blocks: I want Orange Onyx blocks FOB Bandar Abbas, Iran. We do not trade in slabs and tiles. July 13, Contact US $ 50
e 3431 India: I want to start a new business of a retail shop at the marble market in Hyderabad. I am interested in selling tiles and slabs. July 13, Contact Rs. 1000
IN/BR: e 3429 Australia: We are also looking for first commercial quality material in all Indian and Brazilian colors for a our warehouse in Africa. Please advise best prices. Please do not offer materials with cracks. I am asking for first commercial not totally commercial. July 13, Contact No Commission / No Payment.
e 3427 USA: Retail: I am furnishing my modern contemporary house. 
What is the best marble and where to find it in Los Angeles?
Table top of 12 seat dining table (1 Big Slab) with best grains. 
Stone for my stair case (Is travertine okay?). 
Stone for Master Bathroom (Black with best grains). 
Accents on Floors in Big Slabs (Maybe an Onyx?). July 12, Contact US $ 10.
ES/IT: e 3426 UAE: We are a leading marble, granite & stone supplier in Dubai. We supply and install various types of stones including marble, granite, sand stone etc. We are interested in you products for our own use and also for distribution. We want 1st choice selected Creama Marfi, Brown Emperador, Red/Rojo Alicante and Creama Valencia, Perlato Sicilia, White Statuario, Botticino, etc. Please quote C&f Dubai for 2 & 3 cm thick slabs; 50x50x2 cm & 60x60x2 cm tiles. We request you to send us your catalogue and prices for all your products. July 12, Contact, See Offers, US$ 100
ES: e 3425 Qatar: We are looking 10000m2 of Cabra (Spanish marble) to export in Arabian Gulf Bahrain and Qatar. Please quote C&F Doha and FOB separately. July 12, Contact, See Offers, US$ 100
e 3424 USA: Retail: I want Rosa Guaratinga from Bahia, Brazil. Is this granite available in L.A. area? I need to large-size slabs (enough for 80 sq. ft. of counter space). July 11, Contact. US $ 5
SA: e 3423 USA: I am looking for a stone named, "Silver Taupe" I have a sample of the stone in my office and the best description of this stone would be the same grain structure as of that of the Tropic Brown from Saudi Arabia, but with a light gold color. 
At first, I thought that this sample may be the Saudi Arabian stone that most people call Gold Leaf, but the color and grain structure is a little different. I have a stone in my warehouse that is called Giallo Cabassa, which has the identical grain structure, but is more orange-pink than that of the Silver Pearl. Would you have any other cross-reference names for the Silver Pearl. I feel strongly that this particular stone is Saudi Arabian. I am in Ft. Collins, CO. July 11, Contact
 US $ 50
e 3422 UAE: Machinery: We are a marble factory Dubai. We want gangsaw machine, either used or refurbished. We were wondering if someone has a used machine which is not made in Italy. I am aware that some companies in Turkey and China make gangsaws. July 11, Contact See Offers US $ 20
e 3421 USA: Retail: I want a slab of granite that is 40"x80" called Shivakaski. I am an architect in New Orleans, LA. July 11, Contact US $ 5
e 3420 USA: I am a ceramic tile and natural stone retailer. We want white granite with navy or blue specks slabs or tiles. Phone is 334 ... .... July 11, Contact US $ 5 
e 3419 USA: Retail: I want Vyara 12x12 granite tiles. July 11, Contact US $ 2
GR: e 3418 UK: Blocks: We want marble blocks from Greece. Please quote along with dimensions. July 11, Closed, See Offers
e 3417 USA: Retail: I want black galaxy tiles - 1500 sq ft. I am looking for someone who can supply me at a rate cheaper than US $ 8.30/sq. ft. July 11, Contact, See Offers
US: e 3416 USA: We are an architectural firm working on a project where we will be using Texas limestone on interior and exterior floors, and for interior and exterior walls. Also guide me how to describe the different surfaces I want in general terms. We are in MN. July 11, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
SA: e 3415 USA: I am looking one container load of 3cm Tropical Brown granite slabs. I am in CA. July 11, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100 
e 3413 Holland: Please quote for Giallo Dorado flamed granite 300 m2 tiles 30 x 11,5 x 6 cm. July 11. Contact US $ 25
ID: e 3411 Bangladesh: We are a leading indenting house in Bangladesh. We express our desire to import Dolomite. Please send us your product specification and company brochure immediately. Please quote CNF Chittagong for Dolomite mentioning packing, FCL quantity & port of shipment. July 11, Contact US $ 100
e 3410 USA: Retail: I am looking for 2,000 square feet of 24x24 cream/beige honed limestone or travertine tiles for under $2.50sf delivered to San Francisco Bay Area. Prefer to buy locally. July 11, Contact US$ 10.
CN: e 3409 Belgium: I like Zhangqin Black. Quantity will be 1 block per month, cut in slabs of 2 cm (30%) and 3 cm (70%). Tiles: 40 X 40, 30 X30; thickness: 2 cm (+/-).
Delivery location and phone no.: Belgium - Antwerp. I prefer to import either from China, Brazil, South Africa, or India. The stone is in FindStone's Stone Album. Price is most important + quality - purchase date = September 2002. I'm wholesaler - I sell to people who make finished products in marble and granite: e.g. kitchen tops, floor tiles. July 11, Contact US $ 25, See Offers
IN: e 3408 India: We are planning to export 8-10 containers of granite from Mumbai to Lagos
What will be the price for a slab of size 1+ m X 2+ m for Black Galaxy & Ruby red for a thickness of 18-20 mm. Also for tiles of this colour for the size of 30x30x2 cm and for 30x60x2cm. July 11, Contact Rs. 2000.
e 3407 Indonesia: Machinery: Please send us complete information (spec and price list) about marble machinery for cutting, shaping, polishing, etc. July 11, Contact US $ 20.
ALL: e 3406 UK: Artifact: Very interested in some of the artefacts of the type that you have in 
Online Stores
. Could you send me a brochure or some information. July 11. Contact US $ 10.
US: e 3404 USA: I am interested in 7500 sq ft of Connecticut Bluestone or similar, 3/4" to 1" thick, cut in the following sizes for a project in Los Altos Hills, California. The sizes would be 24" x 24", 12" x 12", 12" x 18", 18" x 18", 12" x 24" and 18" x 24".  We expect to purchase the stone next month, preferably from within the US. Quality and price will determine where we purchase. Our best current price is $5.00/sq. ft. delivered. The stone we have seen is called Connecticut Bluestone, 3/4 to 1 inch thick, split cut. I think several stones look and feel similar, primarily from New England. It is grayish-blue with traces of brown. July 10, Contact US $ 100.
e 3403 Pakistan: Machinery: I want to import marble machinery for my small size factory. July 10, Contact US $ 20.
PT: e 3402 Spain: We want AZUL CASCAIS limestone. Quantity and sizes are 195 m2, 60x60x2 cm.
Delivery location is MADRID. We prefer to buy from PORTUGAL.
The stone is in FindStone's Stone Album. Expected purchase date 15 AUG 02.
We need the stone for flooring. July 10, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
e 3399 USA: Retail: I want two slabs of Giallo Agora. The stone is marbled with black and gray set against a background of off colored white, but not yellow as the name would imply. It is sprinkled with a deep dark red (oxblood). I live in Sherman, Texas. I need it immediately. July 10, Contact Free
e 3398 USA: I want a piece of Marble Slab 4'-00" x 2'-6" x 2" (in metric 120 X 70 X 4 or 5cm). It will be placed on a Stainless Steel table and will be used for Chocolate work in our pastry shop. Preferably a lighter gray color, light color in general. Let me know please about the price and shipping to Washington DC. July 10, Contact US $ 5. 
e 3397 India: Artifact: I want a 6-8 seat dining table as per the attached design. I am based in Bombay. Kindly quote along with relevant/proportionate dimensions. July 10, Contact Free
e 3395 Korea: We want Brandy Crag honed and water jet finished. 
Quantity : 700m2
Size: Slabs, with 20 or 30mm thickness
Delivery location : Seoul
Status of project : a governmental organization's head office remodeling project. 
Contractor and importing agent are consigned.
We are now under designing process.
Expected purchase date : not decided yet.
Decision criteria for purchase : Type of stone, price, and delivery
Application : Flooring. 
July 10, Contact US $ 50
CN: e 3394 Canada: I want Blue Diamond stone from China. July 10, Contact US $ 10
SL: e 3393 India: We want details of quarries and availability of material for Sri Lankan Granites like Colonial Dream, Colonial Dream1, Tuareg, Juparana Colombo and White Lanka. July 10, Contact  
US $ 100
e 3391 Canada: Retail: Please quote for Azul marbles like Blue Pegaso, Amerelo Bangu. Prefer to buy from Canada. July 10, Contact US $ 5
e 3390 Canada: Retail: I am looking for 24 sq ft, slab 2" thick 6ft x 4ft. I believe to come from Egypt. It is reddish brown in color and is made up of fossilized animals (dinosaur era), has plants skeletons etc. I have only seen this slab once before but have not been able to track down a piece. Believed to be fossilized dead sea mud. July 10, Contact Free
e 3389 USA: Retail: I like Labrador Antique. Prefer to buy it in CA. July 10, Contact US $ 2 
e 3388 USA: Retail: Looking for Amarillo Nigrais. July 10, Contact US $ 2
e 3387 Germany: Please quote for 60 sqm Kashmir White granite in 40 * 40 * 1. I am an architect. July 10, Closed, See Offers
FR: e 3386 USA: Blocks: We wish to purchase 60 cbm blocks of Noyant Fine. July 9, Contact US $ 50.
ALL: e 3385 USA: Artifacts: I am a small manufacture of key stone and would like to see if I can import balusters, columns, and fountains. We are located in Florida. July 9, Contact See Offers US $ 100
US: e 3384 France: Working for an architecture agency based in Paris. We want Honed New York Bluestone / Honed Indiana Limestone. We are looking for a distributor in the States or even better in Europe! 
Starting from surfaces of 40m² (it's for an international shop concept, shops will be renovated). It will be used for shop floor. Delivery location: Europe, USA, South America, Asia. Prefer to buy locally or import depends on the shop location and the costs.  Expected purchase date is starting 2003; decision criteria for purchase: price. July 9, Contact, See Offers, US$ 20.
e 3383 USA: Where can I find absolute black flamed granite for a deck. I need 1750 sq ft 18x18 inch and 360 sq ft  of 1.25 inch slab. I am looking for a rate cheaper than US $ 9 / sq. ft. I am also looking for a reliable installer and/or installation supplies. I live in NJ. July 9, Contact, See Offers
e 3382 USA: Artifacts: We have started a small home and garden decor business and are looking for manufactures of concrete statutes which sell their products at reasonable wholesale prices. We are in the Texas area but will pay shipping from anywhere in USA. July 9, Contact US$ 100
e 3380 Germany: I want Crema Nacar slabs in a size of 2490 x 1290 x 20 mm (cut to this size or random slabs). The thickness of 20 mm is very important. The quantity is 15 slabs or more. July 9, Contact US$ 20. 
ALL: e 3379 Korea: We want: 
1. Sea black natural pebbles round type size of 1-5 cm well selected in size. Quantity about 10-20 container per month.
2. Colored pebbles: sending you some photos of natural sea pebbles which I am looking for. Sizes: about 10-20cm. We don't need the same stone but you can get an idea what I am looking for. Quantity, whatever quantity you can provide. July 9, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
OM: e 3378 Singapore: I want Royal Beige Omani marble. 
Sizes: 30x30x1; 30x30x1,5; 30x30x2; 60x30x1,5; 60x30x2; 60x60x2; 2cm polished random slabs.
Order Qty: A trial order = usually 1 container minimum;
Order for project supplies = 5 ~ 20 containers per project. July 9, Contact US $ 100
e 3376 USA: Retail: I want 150 square feet of Azul Bahia, and slabs as well. I am in Woodmere, New York, July 9, Contact, See Offers, US $ 5

IT: e 3373 USA: I want one 20 ft. container load of grade B Perlatino or Perlato Sicilia. I’m trying to get a feel for the pricing and I will probably be buying during first quarter of 2003. July 9, Contact, See Offers
US $ 50

PT: e 3372 UK: Please quote for 40 mm slabs approx 2m x 3m. I have a small fireplace design studio in Edinburgh and require a Portuguese limestone. Any other information you have on six sided limestone pieces would also be appreciated. Also could you if possible send some samples. July 9, Contact US $ 20.
NO: e 3371 USA: I need Emerald Pearl for a project I am presently working on.
I need 2,500 square feet of 1 ¼” thick slab, 1,700 square feet of 12”x12” tile, 270 Square feet of ¾” thick slab. I am ready to make a decision and would like your quotation as soon as possible. FOB Nearest port, Norway – Going to Long Beach, California. July 8, Contact US $ 100, See Offers
e 3370 USA: I am wondering about the shipping and minimum order for tumbled stones which are US $ 10 per kilo F.O.B India as in your online stores. Also the buying process, payment, etc. My starting qty. would be only about 4 or 5 kilos and mixed colors/types. For use in pebble mosaics. July 8, Contact Rs. 1000
e 3369 USA: Retail: I want honed granite countertop for my kitchen. I am interested in whatever colors can be honed. I need enough for a large kitchen island - I can send exact plans if needed. My delivery location is in Montclair, NJ. Prefer to buy locally - somewhere in Northern NJ. July 8, Contact US $ 5
BR: e 3368 Italy: I want Esmeralda Bahia by square meter, size 15x15 cm thickness 30/40 mm, natural cleft, machine cut, 2000/sqm. Please send your offer CIF Genoa Port/Italy or FOB Bahia. July 8, Contact 
US $ 100
IT: e 3367 USA: I want Bianco Statuario Venato marble. July 8, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10.
IN: e 3366 UK: Please quote for Budhpura Grey, Raj Green, Duskyway, Mint Fossil on FOB Nava Sheva / FOB Kandla Basis. Material should be packed in wooden crates and each crate should contain sizes as follows:
300 x 300mm - 14 Nos.
300 x 600mm - 12 Nos
600 x 600mm - 12 Nos
600 x 900mm - 12 Nos
The thickness of the stone should be approx. 30mm (-7/+10). Each crate should contain approx. 14.22 sq. meters. Please offer your prices FOB Nava Sheva / FOB Kandla or CIF Felixstowe UK. We are in Hampshire. July 8, Contact Rs. 2000, See Offers
e 3364 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a white marble for a dresser top, (I didn't know there were so many different varieties), approx. 3/4" thick or more, measuring 4' 2" x 2'. I live in Oklahoma. July 8, Contact 
US $ 5.
OM: e 3362 UAE: Kindly quote for Omani marble slabs. July 8, Contact US $ 20
ALL: e 3361 Australia: We want polished black granite slabs 20mm thick, 600mm wide and 1800-3000mm in length. 
Quantity: 5 or more full 20 foot containers per month. Polished top surface and at times, polished long front surface. No preferred country, best price is preferred. Mainly interested in dark black granite like
Shanxi, Mongolian, Jet, Absolute, China, Zimbabwe, Impala, Ukrainian, Belfast, Galaxy, Nero, San Gabriel, etc. Need the granite for kitchen counter tops. My prices range from 18-30 USD per square meter (20mm thick) CNF Sydney. July 8, Contact, See Offers US $ 100
ES: e 3359 Saudi Arabia: We want first grade (premium), Crema Marfil Slabs polished, min. 130 x 250 cm and up. Tiles polished and beveled, 305 x 305 x 10 mm. Tiles polished, 400 x 400 x 20 mm. Tiles polished, 600 x 300 x 20 mm. One container for each item. Please send us samples or pictures by email and quote your  wholesale price CNF Jeddah port. with terms, deliveries, brochure, etc. Inspection should be allowed. July 8, Contact US $ 100
e 3358 USA: Artifacts: One Large Fountain needed. Black Granite Chisel Finish (Split Face). Bowl Diameter 8 to 10 feet (+ or -). Base can be up to to 5 feet wide at bottom. Base also at least 8 to 10 feet tall. Typical "Bird Feeder" Style of look but very large. I am also looking for design ideas. Do you stock any large black granite fountains? Twelve weeks would be fine for lead time. I have all cranes, lifts needed Can be larger! In stock? Price? Location F.O.B. Denver CO. Any supplier would be fine. July 8, Closed See Offers 
ZW: e 3357 Swaziland: We are looking for Silver Star & Zimbabwe Black slabs in 30m and 20m thickness. July 7, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
VN: e 3356 Thailand: Blocks: e 3356 Thailand: Blocks: WE WANT TO IMPORT SAIGON YELLOW, RED VIETNAM AND PINK VIETNAM 
ROUGH GRANITE BLOCKS. QUANTITY 50 CBM, GANG SAW SIZE ONLY. We are interested to import block size 200x100x80cm up. Port of delivery Bangkok. 
We will import about 15-20 cbm of each for trial. Price for Yellow about USD 200/cbm FOB, Red Vietnam USD 400/cbm. Delivery as soon as possible. We stock, process and distribute the material into local Thailand market. July 7, Contact US $ 100
e 3355 USA: Retail: I'm looking for Azzurro Acquamarino. Can you tell me which country it's from and where I can locate it in the US...preferably the West Coast? July 7, Contact, See Offers, US $ 10
e 3354 USA: Retail: I need one box of 10 tiles +/-, 12"x12" each of Bardiglio Nuvolato Apuano or something very similar to complete a project. I am in Connecticut, near New York (Westchester County or NYC). July 7. Contact, Free 
IT: e 3353 China: Blocks: Please quote for Carrara marble blocks size 2500x1500x1500. July 7, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
IN/AR/IT: e 3351 India: We have two offices in USA, two offices in Europe and six offices in China. We are importers and distributors. We have an enquiry of Pink Onyx from Beijing office. I will not be able to tell you what quantity, and what size at this point of time. We prefer to buy it locally if you have local distributors otherwise import the same. Kindly let us have your Prices which would help us to further proceed on the requirement.
I am also interested in Exstra from Argentina, Breccia Aurora from Italy, Forest brown/green/yellow marbles, Teak and Rainbow sand stones from India. Meanwhile can we have your prices unpolished 2 cm slabs and rough blocks for the above materials? July 7, Contact See Offers US $ 100 / Rs. 5000 
e 3350 UAE: I am ready to place an order immediately to the right company who can provide the full service. Please quote for polished tumbled stones such as agates, jasper, quartz amethyst, like the fancy rocks in www.findstone.com/artistic.htm . Would like as many different colors as possible. It is the colors that are important. I am looking for an initial shipment of around 2 tons with frequent deliveries thereafter. I need an all in price for stones and delivery costs by ship to Dubai. I refer also to www.findstone.com/pl/98.htm . What is your price and what quantities do you have available right now? 
We are looking for a ready mixed variety of stones (so that a single scoop of the stones will include a variety of stone types and colors) and a set tonnage price. I do not want to be selecting and mixing myself. I have
already received offers of US$ 2300 / ton and am seeking a better price.
 July 6, Contact, See Offers 
EG: e 3349 China: We are one of the largest marble importers in China. Each month we import more than 100 containers from all over the world. We would like to do business with your company. We are also interested in Egyptian stones like Sunny, Silvia and Gallala marble. Could you please send us your quotation and delivery time, etc.? July 6, Contact US $ 50
e 3348 USA: Retail: I am looking for Indian Autumn stone. July 6, Contact US $ 2
e 3347 USA: Retail: I'm interested in purchasing man-made marble. I am in Emerson, NJ, July 6, Contact, See Offers, US $ 5
e 3346 USA: Retail: We are trying to locate an Italian marble called Caribbean or Caribbean Beige. July 6, Contact  US $ 2

e 3345 USA: Could you please send info about pricing and shipping of ONE CONTAINER 2 x 2 ft. MARBLE of various types to Houston, Texas. July 6, Contact, See Offers,  US $ 100

e 3344 USA: Retail: Please quote for Chinese stone ZH-G001. July 5, Contact  US $ 2
e 3343 USA: Looking for very thin stone pieces, unbacked (about 3mm or 1/8" thick), finished one side, at least 10"x10" in size, in a variety of materials. July 5, Contact  US $ 100

CN / IN: e 3342 Luxembourg: We are a company active in the stone industry & want to diversify our product range.
Quantity: Sizes: 3cm thick - approx. 240 x 120cm. Slabs equivalent to 150 cubic meters /year.  
Delivery location: Luxembourg, or Anvers port. 
We are interested to have local contact. 
Preferred countries: China and India
We are looking for granite slabs, completion flamed or bush-hammered; 
Colors: gray beige, gray, beige, blue gray. See in attached document a list with selected products from your prices lists; some have image in stone album, the others not.
Decision criteria: prices.
Application: outside pavements, stairs. July 5, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100

e 3341 India: Retail: We want Granite Black Galaxy 100 sq. ft. for kitchen platform and Kashmir White  Granite 80 sq. ft. for flooring. We are in Mumbai. July 5, Contact Rs. 50.
CN: e 3339 Australia: Please quote your best rate for a huge quantity of Golden Line Red stone from China. July 5, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
IN: e 3337 USA: We are a US based organization importing Granite to US. We currently have requirements for Tiles and Slabs in various colors and sizes, primarily focusing on the following Indian colors only.
Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Vyara Original, Tan Brown, Indian Dakota, Mahogany, Paradiso, Juparana, Pine Green, Gibli in tiles of 12" x 12"  and slabs of 3 cm x 275 cm x 25 inches and 30mm x 180 cm x 25 inches. Purchase is immediate. Quantities are first container will be assorted of at least 5 colors (1000 sq ft each).
All prices should be in Indian Rupees and FOB Chennai. If you have any conditions or contractual obligations including payment terms and conditions, please do list them as part of your quotations. Also please include information about time of delivery from the date of order. It would also be helpful if you can send in all the details of other colors being handled by you involving various sizes. July 5, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3336 USA: Retail: I want Breccia Onicita marble slab. I have heard it is the same as Breccia Damascatta. I need one 41" x 25" piece, polished on the ends and top. This is for a fireplace hearth.
one 48" x 25" piece, with a bull nose front and splashguard sides and a sink cutout (~ 15" x 15"). This is for a wet bar counter. Please note: Exact measurements and templates will be available.
Delivery location is Los Angeles. Prefer to buy locally. We wanted to purchase it last week. Price and delivery time will be purchase criteria. July 5, Closed  
IN: e 3334 India: We require: 
Raw Silk slabs 2500 sq.ft
Multi Color 2500 sq. ft
Ruby Red 10000 sq. ft. & 2 x 1 tiles 10000 sq. ft.
Black Galaxy slabs & tiles 1000 sq. ft.
Paradiso slabs 2500 sq. ft
Multi color tiles 250 sq. ft
Black slabs (width 25") 20000 sq. ft
Vetrified Ceramic tiles 5000 sq. ft
Green marble (without white) 50000 sq. ft.
Please send rates. July 5, Contact Rs. 5000
IN: e 3332 India: We want Indian granites like raw silk, kashmir white, kashmir gold, pallava yellow, tiger skin, siva gold. July 4, Contact See Offers Rs. 500
ALL: e 3331 China: e 3331 China: We are one of the biggest Marble Mosaic Manufacturer in the world. We import more than 100 containers of Broken Tiles from all over the world every year. 
Now we are interested in White Carrara Broken Tiles (1cm thickness). Please give us the last price. July 4, Contact, See Offers 
ALL: e 3330 Swaziland: We are a stone wholesale company in Swaziland. We want to stock and sell to our local companies. Type of stone we want is different stones all from overseas as we are in Africa. Currently we are doing is cladding a bank in Swaziland and we've got more projects coming up. Sizes based on 30mm & 20mm slabs and floor tiles delivered Durban port. July 4, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100
e 3328 Germany: Retail: I want 25 sqm of 2 cm thick Polished Slabs of Azul de Macaumbas or Azul Imperial. Only best quality in Europe/Germany. July 4, Contact, See Offers, US $ 5
OM: e 3325 USA: I want to import Omani Royal Beige marble. July 3, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50
e 3324 USA: Retail: Carolina Blue Granite is the state stone of South Carolina. I was wondering if it can be used for countertops? If yes, then I need a source? July 3, Contact US $ 5.
e 3322 UK: Retail: I am looking for a supplier in UK for a marble kitchen worktop, preferably SW London. 
July 3, Contact US$ 2
OM: e 3321 India: Looking for marble dealers from Oman. July 3, Contact US$ 20
LB: e 3320 Spain: We are looking for a kind of marble we think is from Lebanon. We are dedicated to the Natural Stone and building material sector. I enclose a photo of this material. July 3, Contact  US$ 100, 
See Offers
BR: e 3319 USA: I want to import Brazilian granite 2 cm polished slabs. Send me your price list and color range. July 3, Contact See Offers US$ 100
ALL: e 3318 Italy / Vietnam: We handle good business with an Italian partner who would like to buy:
Garnet sand, ar. 80 mesh, from 1000 mt a year.
Calcined Kaolin, Fe2O3:0.5%Max, Calc. Temp. 1400*C, Grains: 0-0.2mm and 0-0.4mm, quantity: from 2000 mt a year.
Fused Silica, SiO2:99.5%Min, well de-ironed and clean, Grain size: 200 mesh (-10/+20), quantity: from 500 mt a year. 
Packing: 25 kg bags, pallets, into 20'FCL. Please send us detailed offer in terms of CNF La Spezia (Italy). 
July 3, Contact US$ 25
e 3316 USA: Retail: I am looking for a pink, rose or red marble tile. The color should not include any other colors except for white. July 3, Contact See Offers Free
e 3315 USA: Retail: We want Uba Tuba 1300 sq ft of 12 X 12 tiles. July 3, Contact US$ 10
IN: e 3314 India: We require a huge quantity of granite in various shades, colours and qualities for our ongoing and upcoming projects of multi-screen cinemas in various metro cities across the nation. Our requirement for granite is 50,000 sq.ft. Please forward the price list of entire range of product as this would help us in taking the decision according to our budget. Currently construction is going on in Gurgaon (Haryana). July 3, Contact Rs 500.
TR: e 3313 Australia: I am interested in 2000 sqm, 45.7 x 45.7 x 2 cm marble tiles in black and beige shades from Turkey. I am also looking for a beige color which is called Aksoy beige and Eksioglu beige. Send me price list for different products. July 3, Contact, See Offers, US$ 100
ALL: e 3312 USA: We're commission agents. We look for buyers of your products here in New York. Send us your product range and price lists. July 3, Contact, See Offers,  US$ 10
e 3311 USA: Retail: I would like Bahia Blue in slabs, tiles, treads, whatever you have it in, for varied amounts. The tiles are 300 sq feet, the slabs I am not sure. July 3, Contact, See Offers,  US$ 10
IN: e 3310 India: I am looking for Dark Chattarpur 2cm slabs, Immediate shipment. I also want Jhansi Red, I can confirm Jhansi 3 cm cutter slabs (only Bundela quality) Qty 425 SQM Immediate Shipments. Black Absolute cutter slabs 20mm & 30mm qty 250 sqm each. I also need urgent prices for 60 x 60 x 2cm Kashmir White and 60 x 30 x 15mm tiles. Rosy Pink cutter slabs 20mm-300 sqm, 30mm-200sqm. Kindly quote me in U.S.D./sqmt F.O.B. Kandla. We are in Bombay. July 3, Closed, See Offers
ALL: e 3309 Ukraine: We are a Ukrainian company constructing a hypermarket in Kiev with the total floor space of 35000m2. For floor finishing of the supermarket (about 7000m2) we need floor tile designated for supermarket. July 3, Contact, See Offers, US$ 100
e 3308 UK: Retail: I am looking for either 5 sqm of nero assoluto granite or something similar to carrara marble for a worktop so it needs to be in big pieces. I am also looking for 19 sqm of limestone in tiles. I am an interior designer in London. July 3, Contact Free
ES: e 3307 Germany: I like Crema Nevada, it is in your Stone album under Spain. It will be used inside for floors and walls. Quantity and sizes: I need 15 slabs (may be more) in 2490 x 1290 x 20 mm. The thickness tolerance should be 20 mm +2 mm (not less than 20 mm). The surface can be polished or "grezzo".
Delivery location: The material to be delivered to Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany.
We can buy in Italy for example area Verona or local.
We are bidding for this project. July 3, Contact US$ 20
UA: e 3306 USA: I want granites from Ukraine: Gabbro, Grey, Rosso Toledo. July 3, Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 3305 Tanzania: We are an estate development and management company operating in Tanzania. We are now considering flooring one of our client's building with granite or porcelain tiles and crazy pavers. We would also gladly consider an arrangement where we could distribute your products in Tanzania in particular and East Africa in general. July 3, Contact US$ 100
e 3304 USA: Retail: I am looking for Bouredeux granite from Brazil. July 3, Reply US$ 2
e 3303 USA: Retail: I would like some 12 x 12 tiles of Rojo Florida for my bathroom. It is dark brownish red with what looks like white veining. I have attached a scan of my sample...hope it helps. I would really like to find this tile or something very similar to it. I prefer the earthier dark red/brown tones and do not want anything that has pink tones in it. 
I would like to use this in a bathroom on the floor and shower walls. I need 180-200 sq ft of 12 x 12 tiles. I would prefer to buy locally in the Johnson City or Knoxville, Tennessee area. I also have close access to Asheville, NC, too. I would want the tiles delivered to Unicoi, Tennessee, where we are building in the mountains. We will be ready for these tiles sometimes in the next 2-3 months.
Regarding price, I was quoted a price of $5.91 / sq ft by Home Depot. I would very much like to get the same price, or close to it, from your source. July 3, Contact US$ 10
e 3302 USA: Artifacts: Where can I get inlay work for our showroom? We are in NJ. July 3, Contact  
See Offers US$ 10
ALL: e 3301  Italy: We are a consulting society which are looking for marble mosaic stones to import to Italy, on behalf of a building society. The marble mosaic stones we are looking for and must be similar to those showed in the attachments and should have the following dimensions:
a) Circle: 30-60-80-100 cm
b) Square: 80x80 - 100cm x100cm.
We also need to know the Full Container Load quotation. July 3, Contact, See Offers,  US$ 100
e 3299 USA: Retail: I want to use Espenrz Auldstone - Rosa Zarci stone tile in my kitchen. July 3, Contact US $ 2.
e 3297 USA: I need some Sapphire brown countertop blanks. I am in Aspen, CO. July 3, Contact
See Offers
US $ 10.
ALL: e 3296 USA: We would like to know what kind of stone you have. We are looking for wholesalers whose stones we could distribute. July 2, Contact, See Offers US $ 100.
TR/BR/IT: e 3295 Kuwait: We want:
1. Tekmar Dove (Marble)- Origin -Turkey. - 30 mm slab & 600x600x30 mm tiles. 
2. Capao Bonito (Granite)- Origin -Brazil - 30 mm slab & 600x600x30 mm tiles.
3. Cremo Delicato (Marble) Origin-Italy. - 30 mm slab & 600x600x30 mm tiles. July 1, Contact, See Offers, US $ 50.
IN: e 3294 USA: Artifacts: I will require tile and mosaics for a project in USA, I am now in the UAE. Shipment could be from India to Dubai or India to USA. Quantity 300 meters initially. July 1, Closed 
See Offers
ALL: e 3293 Taiwan: Blocks: We would like to purchase some marble blocks from Middle East, Egypt, Spain and Italy directly. July 1, Contact, See Offers, US $ 100.