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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   Aug 31, 2006
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157 inquiries in Aug

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 21306 USA: Need granite countertops for fabrication and install. Granite slabs ft/in. Price range $20000-$30000. Can order in 45-60 days. ME. 3300Sqft or one container. Yes import and domestic. Polished 2MM. Shade Standard. Quality first. call: 1-808-63.....Aug 31 Contact
e 21305 Kenya: I am from Nairobi and interested in a stone cutting machine for a quarry. Aug 31 Contact
e 21304 Saudi Arabia: Our company business line is trading in mineral & earthmoving equipment. We are looking for the following equipment:
1- Cone crusher equipment such as (Symons size 4' 1/4 /Telesmith size 48") only, in good condition.
2-Cat Wheel Loader 966C, D, E.
3-Cat Grader 14G
4-Komatsu bulldozers 155,355,375D
Pls. send me a price list a long with pictures. Aug 31 Contact
e 21303 USA: I have a job in Temecula, CA where we need 2400 sq. ft. of Travertine - 1700 sq. ft. of that to be the Versailles pattern, chiseled edge and honed surface. Could I get a quote for that with delivery? Aug 31 Contact
e 21302 USA: retail: We are looking for Texas Grit for our sandbox. Aug 31 Contact
e 21301 USA: I need 7 to 9 ton granite boulders for my waterfront for bulkhead. I'd even be interested in larger than 9 ton. What is the price? Tel: 904-25.....Aug 31 Contact
e 21300 China: I am writing to enquire which American Stone company I can find Salisbury Pink granite. Mobile: +86 137900..... Aug 31 Contact
e 21299 Uganda: I would like to establish the cost of the chain of the machinery used in the complete manufacture of Granite tiles. am a geologist by profession. If u could email me the details including a price list. My Tel. contact is +256 712 9......Aug 31 Contact
e 21298 Pakistan: We are interested Indian 4x20' full container load Absolute Black, Black Galaxy granite, please contact with out any hesitation. Mob: 0092-321-40.....Aug 30 Contact
e 21297 USA: I am looking for a farmhouse sink in honed black granite single bowl 30x20x10. Aug 30 Contact
e 21296 USA: Looking to buy in USA large quantity of 12x12 tiles of Noce Alpaca of Peru. Please email availability and best price for ready inventories only. Tel: 713.66.....Aug 30 Contact
e 21295 USA: Retail: I am searching for prices on marble windowsills and a threshold and located your price list, but would be interested in pricing for a small quantity. Please give me a US price (and shipping) for:
1 37" X 6" X 5/8" Crema marfil windowsill
1 60" X 6" X 5/8" Crema marfil windowsill
1 36" X 2" X 3/8" Crema marfil threshold
If there is a way to see a sample online or otherwise, please let me know. Aug 29 Contact
e 21294 USA: Retail: I have a 150sf patio area that I want to cover in stone. We live in Southern California about two miles from the beach, so it does not get too cold and summer temps are rarely over 95F. We want something in a lighter beige color to match the house, but I really don't know what kind of stone to look for. Granite, sandstone, travertine, etc.? What is going to give us the best wear and longevity? Also, I am thinking of having some of the stones engraved with constellations or even engraving a map of the entire summer night sky into the stones. My first thought on this is just to use drill bits to drill in 1/8 inch deep holes to represent the stars. Is this doable? Will it damage the stones? Aug 29 Contact
e 21293 USA: I am looking for slabs or remnants of Mirage/Fantastico granite quarried in Wyoming. This was used in 2002 in the Wyoming State Assembly remodel. To be used in a bathroom addition ASAP. Will consider other American quarried granite with similar features. Cell: 831-33.....Aug 29 Contact
e 21292 China: We are a stone contracting company in Hong Kong. We are doing a residential project specifying the following onyx marble:
Name of Onyx: Persian Onyx
Finish: Polished
Size: 600 x 1200 x 12mm thick
Quantity: 2,800 m2
At this moment, we need urgently to place a order of 40 m2 for the mock-up flat.
The bulk order to be placed upon the architect's approval for the mock-up flat.
Please quote the best unit price and the delivery period.
Mobile phone: 852-931......Aug 29 Contact
e 21291 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing 224 square feet of White Venatino marble 18 inch tiles, or 224 square feet of Statuary White marble tiles. Aug 29 Contact
e 21290: Please send me the information of kato used truck crane 20 ton model 1983 to 1990 with pictures. Tel: 00971-50-58.....Aug 29 Contact
e 21289 UK: We are a flooring company looking for a supplier of marble stone chippings. I would like companies to send me information and prices on marble stone chipping various sizes from 1-3mm up to 5-8mm and of various colors. We use the marble to mix with epoxy resin and lay a terrazzo floor. The marble is decorative so need to be very good quality. Would like the supplier to come from UK but anywhere in Europe will be ok. Aug 29 Contact
e 21288 Pakistan: We need to purchase local Himalayan pink salt in bulk. Tel:052-42....Aug 28 Contact
e 21287 USA: I am looking for images and sources for yellow Tufa Limestone. Tel: 310-62.....Aug 28 Contact
e 21286: Send us contact for chinese company witch has production stone quartz surfaces slabs. Tel: 6035.....Aug 28 Contact
e 21285 USA: I am looking for a supplier of absolute black marble products such as picture frames, boxes, plaques, etc that can be lasered.  PH 307-75.....Aug 28 Contact
e 21283 India: We like to purchase a quarry machine, with diamond rope and rock cutting. So we want all details of that machine. Like its rate, quality, and work. Ph:+91-232.....Aug 28 Contact
e 21282 USA: We will open a new manufacturing place in Louisiana. We need bridge saw and edge machines. Please send detailed information about your machines and leasing conditions. Aug 28 Contact
e 21281 Philippines: We need New or Used Marble chainsaw machines similar to Korfmann. This will be used to quarry marble in the Philippines. Willing to buy fro China, turkey, and italy. T: 632-93.....Aug 28 Contact
e 21280 : I am interested in buying a second hand equipment for marble slab polishing. My requirements are:
- working width: 2000 mm
- working length: 3500 mm
- No. of heads: 3
Kindly send me your offers for available equipment that meet my requirements, in addition to a list of spare parts supplied, availability of support during installation & status of warranty. Tel: +201239.....Aug 27 Contact
e 21279 Iran: Please find a list of our requirements. They all need to be second hand and not older than the year 2000.
1) Pipe layer, lifting capacity: 90MTs and above.
2) Pipe bending machine 48-60 inches.
3) Road header, Vest Falia brand.
4) Chain crane, lifting capacity: 160MTs and above, Linck-Belt, P&H or American brands.
5) Komatsu bulldozer D155, serial number 32000
6) Komatsu loader W470
7) Concrete pump, over 36 meters side boom,
Shving or Puts Maister brand.
Tel & Fax: (9821) 220.....Aug 27 Contact
e 21278 Ireland: We are looking for a white porcelain floor tile for our hall, a subtle vein through it would also be an option. Can you offer a sample of same and a price. The size of the hall would be 40ft by 7ft. Aug 27 Contact
e 21277 India: I am looking for Lasor machine tools used for cutting of different materials. Aug 27 Contact
e 21276 Maldives: We quote along with photos & details for CAT 320B and CAT 325BL. Aug 27 Contact
e 21275 USA: We are looking for: Ivory light travertine : 7000 Sft Honed finish , 18 x 18 x1/2 and  Silver travertine Mosaic ;6000 Sft Honed finish , 2x2x 1/2. tel : 212- 86......Aug 27 Contact
e 21274 USA: We are looking for : 7000 Sf of Azul Bateig Lime stone from Portugal .Finish : Honed 18 x 18 x 1/2. Time : 8 weeks. Tel : 212- 86.....Aug 27 Contact
e 21273 South Africa: Please supply prices & availability for:
1. Rosa stone
a. 20-30cm square
b. 30-40cm square
c. 40cm + square
Shades – preferably pink / terracotta
Tel +27 12 80......Aug 27 Contact
e 21272 USA: Retail:  I am a first time home buyer. I am currently doing over my kitchen. I haven't started anything yet except the paint. I would like to by a piece of granite for the island the island sit about 3 pub chairs. I am also considering doing the counter tops as well. Where can I find Salvage slabs of granite?  my cell: 732-69.....Aug 26 Contact
e 21271 Australia: I am inquiring about limestone from Bali. Would like to import to Australia. My phone number is 02 66 7......I would like a faily dense limstone in various sizes, smallest being tile size to largest 2x1x1 metre I would like to know what colours are available I would like to know prices before determining amount.Aug 26 Contact
e 21270 Canada: Our Company is in Canada and we are potentially buyer of Granite, Marble and Travertine. Please send pricelist. T ( 604).68.....Aug 26 Contact
e 21269 USA: I need a price per square meter for Indonesian natural stones, specifically lava stones. Aug 26 Contact
e 21268: Interested in South African granite slabs. Quantity would be approx. 2 x 20' FCL per month. Aug 25 Contact
e 21267 Russia: Our company is involved into general construction and finishing works with natural stones on the market of Saint-Petersburg and entire North-West region of Russia.
We are interested in SERPEGGIANTE: dull and polished slabs *2/ *3 and tiles: 305*305*10 / *20 & 300*600*20 / *30.
It would be so kind, if you could send me your full quotation on your products, terms or delivery, and minimum order. tel/fax: +7 (812) 33.....Aug 25 Contact
e 21266 Russia: We are interested in AZUL CASCAIS, dull and polished slabs *2/ *3 and tiles: 305*305*10 / *20, 300*600*20 / *30. It would be so kind, if you could send me your
full quotation on your products, terms or delivery, and minimum order. tel/fax: +7 (812) 33.....Aug 25 Contact
e 21265 China: We are interested in Phil. Tea Rose Marble Block. We have following inquiries:
1. The price of Grade A Tea Rose Marble Block - FOB Manila?
2. From Cebu or Bulaean?
3.Dark or light color? Curve of Block?
4. minimum/maximum tonnage for each order? when to supply? Aug 25 Contact
e 21264 India: We are manufacturers/ importers of Natural Stone material and are interested in the Brazilian material as well. Could you please send us the price list along with payment terms & the colors that are in stock? Aug 25 Contact
e 21263 India: We need used Stone Jaw Crusher with good condition. Aug 25 Contact
e 21262 USA: I am looking for slabs of "coral mahogany" granite. Aug 24 Contact
e 21261 Cambodia: I need Gray blow white color marble tiles that the color and some thread silk as I would send that photo to u may u get all marble tiles Size of 2500 x 250mm or other size u have got? Aug 24 Contact
e 21260 USA: I live in Columbus, Ohio and interested in purchasing White marble chips by the bulk. I would like to have a list of Local sources so I may obtain price and availability as well as delivery of the Marble chips. I would like the chips to be around 3/4" or so. Aug 24 Contact
e 21259 Sweden: We are searching for a Limestone-material named M A Grey. It is said to be of Italian source but we have not been able to find it. We need honed tiles 10*305*305 500 sqm. Attached is photo of sample. Phone +456-8-583......If we are successful, order will be placed within 2 weeks. Aug 24 Contact
e 21258 Sarajevo: We are looking for excavators and dozers for a mine in Bosnia-Herzegowina, Europe. I have found at your site the CAT 375 that i am intersted in. We are always looking for used machines that are about 10+ years old. Tel:+387572.....Aug 23 Contact
e 21257: Please quote for a bridge saw.  Aug 23 Contact
e 21256: I am interested in KATO Cranes. I need to buy cranes with the following specifications:
1. produced by Kato or Tadano
2. it has a capacity of 40 tone and above
Or through my phone number : 009665056......Aug 23 Contact
e 21255 India: We are interested in blue Kota lime stone. Natural hand cut natural faces different sizes like 15cmx15cm, 25cmx25cm and many others. Initially quantity is 20  containers. Tel: +91-571-24.....Aug 23 Contact
e 21254: I am looking for a supplier of custom slate tiles. I'd like 6-8 tiles, each engraved with a different word for a kitchen remodel. Tile size: 2"X5" approx. Aug 23 Contact
e 21253 UK: I am looking for a supply of polished tumbled stones about 2 to 3 cm in size in retail packs. tel: 0208 45.....Aug 23 Contact
e 21252 : Interested in a waterjet as per ready stock 340. Aug 22 Contact
e 21251 Ireland: I am looking for a quote for white granite cobbles they must be rough hewn and 250mm thick the other dimensions are not so important but need to be about 200mmx200mm or 200x300mm or similar. I am looking for 900m2 in total shipped to Ireland. Kashmir white blocks would be fine or similar. The blocks will be used to pave a roundabout. Phone 00353214......Aug 22 Contact
e 21250 USA: We are currently looking for 1st and 2nd quality containers of 3 cm slabs from Brazil for immediate purchase. I don't really want to get involved with brokers in the United States. We would rather deal directly with quarries in Brazil, as we have representation in Brazil. Tel: 732-61.....Aug 22 Contact
e 21249 Saudi Arabia: I would like to buy granite wire cutting machine the one cuts big blocks. Please quote. my phone number +96605060......Aug 22 Contact
e 21248 USA: Retail: I am interested in about 6 ton of Durango Ledger stone for a project in Palm Springs. Tel: (949) 22...... Aug 22 Contact
e 21247 USA: Retail: I am redoing my kitchen, and I am considering countertops. I have recently come across references to Irish limestone. Specifically there is Irish blue limestone and Irish grey limestone or grey granite. They both have a very similar look to soapstone. I am searching for more information about the durability of the stone with regards to this type of application. Aug 21 Contact
e 21246 USA:  I am looking for mexican black pebbles. I wanted to use them around my pool for the drainage area. I can only find them in very expensive small quantities. Do you know of any one who sells in bulk? Aug 21 Contact
e 21245: Please quote for gangsaw. mobile is 00 44 788 33...... Aug 21 Contact
e 21244 USA: We’re looking for Carrara white in either 24”x24” or 18”x24” tiles – something bigger than your standard 12x12. We need approximately 40 square feet. We’re ready to buy and will need the tile within the next month – we will place an order immediately after viewing a sample that works. We have no restrictions on geographical area for the tile. My I am located in Denver, Colorado, USA. Phone number is (303) 33.....Aug 21 Contact
e 21243 Saudi Arabia: Please find our request for different sizes of natural stones: SIZES are 0.7mm,0.8mm,1mm & 3mm.
We will appreciate if you could arrange to send us details about these products and their specifications, prices and also some samples for our reference.
Tel:+966-7-22.....Aug 21 Contact
e 21242 USA: Please send me pricelist for your granite slabs. Aug 21 Contact
e 21241: I am trying to find a source for a cretan stone for a project in greece. Aug 20 Contact
e 21240 USA: I am currently having a bronze chandelier made and I would like alabaster shades made for this project. I'm not sure of the dimensions, perhaps it's 8-10" diameter, small on the bottom where it meets the electrified bronzework.........the shades face upwards and are open to the ceiling with carvings on 3/4 of the shade, the top part being smooth.........please respond whether this is the type of work that you do. I am located in the NYC area. Tel: 917-70.....Aug 20 Contact
e 21239 Australia: Need a 20 ft fcl of Black flamed (nero) impala stone..precut to size. Phone 61(0)3 958......Aug 20 Contact
e 21238: Do you have any Gold Butterfly granite countertop slabs? Not interested in Gold Butterfly Verde. Tel: (508) 64......Aug 20 Contact
e 21237: I need more information about iran travertin type: snakeskin. Aug 20 Contact
e 21236: We are architects looking to specify the product- it is about 15,000 SF or 1,500 Sq. meters. We were looking for a dark gold or yellow travertine with red spots in it. We won't be in charge of ordering and paying for it. That would be the contractor’s responsibility. Consequently, I cant give you payment and delivery terms. If we do like and specify it, the contractor will be contacting you to agree on he terms. Quality should be gold travertine, filled and honed. Aug 20 Contact
e 21235 USA: Looking for a block of Wine River Granite. Office: (425) 48......Aug 20 Contact
e 21234 Pakistan: Please send us C&F price Karachi, Pakistan for CAT 140G. Phone No : +92-21-60.....Aug 20 Contact
e 21233 Bahrain: We are part of a leading group of companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain dealing in natural stone. We would like to get more information on an Omani marble named Al Mabra. Could you please send us your best prices for the same for 2cm thick tiles or any information you might have regarding the same? Tel: 00973 177.....Aug 19 Contact
e 21232: Please quote for travertine blocks and slabs from Peru. Our telephone is 604-29.....Aug 19 Contact
e 21231: I am seeking a supplier of rough nephrite jade for lapidary purposes. Aug 18 Contact
e 21230 USA: I own a retreat center and were looking to use significant quantities of river rock – 600 feet by 20 feet wide – and we also need some ½ - ¾ granite for landscaping around our 22 cabins. We also need soil to build a football field and bark chips for several spots on our 20 acre property. We use local vendors out of AZ but wanted to find out if there were other national vendors where we could source the material cheaper. Aug 18 Contact
e 21229 Egypt: I want to know Yemeni marble and granite price lists (blocks, slabs and tiles). Tele : + 202 79.....Aug 18 Contact
e 21228: I am looking for supplier of impala black slabs from South Africa for regular requirements. I want two container monthly of impala black dark slabs 270x170x2cm. Please call me on the cell NO.0091 93437.....Aug 17 Contact
e 21227 : We want BLACK GALAXY for kitchen platform. Aug 17 Contact
e 21226 Canada: We have a large order request for Giallo Ferreti Granite. Please send Photo of slabs. Tel: 519-27..... Aug 17 Contact
e 21225 India: Interested in CERAMIC WALL & FLOOR TILES, POLISHED PORCELAIN TILES from China. Please let us know your best bottom price for the below details.
Specs: Floor tiles (600mmx600mm) for Indian market water absorbtion supposed to be 2.5% to 6 %. Price: CNF Chennai, Payment: LC at Sight. Aug 17 Contact
e 21224: I am interested in a large FOMA (Italy) gantry bridge saw with a rotating concrete table that will cut the largest of slabs. E-mail me the price and pictures of the machinary. my number is 970-73......Aug 16 Contact
e 21223 China: We are interested in White Jade origin in Iran. Please quote us the best CIF Shanghai Port price. Tel: +86-28-851.....Aug 16 Contact
e 21222 USA: Retail: I am building a new house and I need pre fabricated granite tops and and vanity. Aug 16 Contact
e 21221 Holland: We are currently looking to buy Dozers, catterpillers, graders, excavators, dump trucks, etc. for stock at whole sale/ trading prices. Phone: +316531.....Aug 16 Contact
e 21220 Australia: We would like to etch our company logo on a stone sphere. We would be interested in a bluestone sphere of at least 30cm (a foot) diameter with horizontal white veining as per the logo or as close as possible. A suitable stone plinth with a depression to hold the sphere would also be of interest. Examples not completely matching these criteria would also be looked at. Will buy from: Almost anywhere. Phone: (02) 811.....Aug 15 Contact
e 21219 USA: We are looking for a 48” x 100” 3mm slab of Blue Bahia fob Houston…. Please advise your availability…Ph: 713-83.....Aug 15 Contact
e 21218 Thailand:  I am looking for black granite slabs to use in the UK. It called Shanxi Black without golden spot or absolute Black. The size we need is 150x270 with 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. Total size we need is 26 tons. If you have that, could you please quote me a wholesale price? Tel: +66 (0)2 67.....Aug 15 Contact
e 21217 USA:  There are 2 live orders now for our project. This first one is bound for the US for doing pavers for 300 homes. They are asking me for a price chart for these patterns with the delimitations prices of these materials from 1 -25 containers fitting 20% of each material to make up 1 container. The delimitation of content of each container is as follows:
4 piece pattern = 8 sq ft
2 piece pattern = 8x8
1 piece pattern = 8x16
2 pieces patterns = 16x16
1 piece pattern = 16x24
Ashler pattern tumbler marble.
We also need price on 6x12 separately for 1 container each chiseled edge for these 3 colors - Ivory, Noche and Gold.
Secondly, we have another project which is bound for Costa Rica. We are interested to buy if given the price and quality is right. The materials specs are as follows:
12 X 12 OR 16 X 16 Noche, Ivory, and Gold colors. Please send me prices for 30,000 sq. ft. of either 12x12 OR 16x16 which ever size is better for you to supply. Please send me prices for these 3 colors at this quantity 30,000 sq. ft. This price quote for Costa Rica is immediate. Aug 15 Contact
e 21216 USA: Need stone for a shrine of the holy spirit tower. Dimensions are 80' tall 20' side wall 3 sided tower covered with marble color must match tower is not built the pc. of marble can be any size? bigger is better have not worked with stone. Call 417-59......Aug 14 Contact
e 21215 Australia: We are interested in granite and intend to purchase a 20' container and ship to Europe per month or some of them to Australia. If you would like to quote us your best price in FOB China Port. All granite slab is in same size 3000x2000x30mm for Europe and 3000x2000x20mm for Australia for following colours:
Black Galaxy, Multicolour red, Absolute Black, Shanxi Black, Leopard Gold, Giallo Veneziano, Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl, Baltic brown, Tropic brown, Tan Brown.
Please let me know how many square meters for the sizes above to fill 20 container and your delivery time as well. Please also let me know the origin of the granite above and your payment conditions. Aug 14 Contact
e 21214 Singapore: We may require some stones and pebbles for a project in Singapore and would appreciate if you can provide some photos of available material perhaps from Malaysia and also their indicative prices for our consideration. The following are brief details of the material required:
a) Mix:
70% 35mm - 50mm rounded river pebbles.
30% 50mm - 75mm rounded river pebbles.
b) 200mm x 200mm x 150mm angular natural rock boulders.
c) 300mm – 400mm rounded river boulders.
d) 500mm x 500mm x 300mm angular natural rock boulders.
The stones and pebbles are required for the landscaping of a water channel within a gully system and several ponds. Tel: 648......Aug 14 Contact
e 21213 USA: Retail: My wife and I are in the process of building a home and looking into the prospect of having a granite countertop installed. We do not yet have the sq/ft information available to us. I'm just checking to see if it would be sensible for us to buy from a different country rather than the U.S. where the markup may be huge? Also, is the shipping of the granite expensive? We are looking for something in black that is considered economical, yet trustworthy. I know this is somewhat vague, but please try and help me. Tel: (309) 35.....Aug 14 Contact
e 21212 USA: We are looking for Hematite ore another name is Red Iron another name is taconite stone. I know it comes from Brazil but I could be wrong, it comes from Iron Quarry. We are looking for slabs 3 cm thinness or even the whole block format. I have attached a few photos any information. Aug 13 Contact
e 21211 Egypt: Kindly request to quote for the attached waterjet design / inlay design on Zamzam Marble. We need the price per M2. Tel 0020105......Aug 13 Contact
e 21210 : We have an inquiry for MARBLE ROSA with border and we wish to receive a photo first for that material. Aug 13 Contact
e 21209 Australia: One of my client is looking for a distributor for highest quality Koalin Clay, used for Tiles, Vanities, Toilets, Pavers, Bricks, Makeup, and natural Remedies. The product is from Australia. Please contact me on 0011-61.04214......Aug 13 Contact
e 21208  USA: Please quote for 40 sq ft Verde Francisco, 10 sq ft of Verde Fire. Location--Oakland, CA, USA.  Aug 13 Contact
e 21207 USA: I am with a stone (mostly granite) fabrication and installation company out of Wilmington, NC. We have a supplier we normally use but I had a customer come in today very interested in a marble called eaoped bordeaux. I can't locate the stone anywhere else. I'm looking for availibility, price, and slab sizes. Aug 13 Contact
e 21206 India: Can you sent your price list of Premium black and black galaxy tiles in 15 mm,18 mm and 20 mm thickness. Ph. No. : +91-562-65.....Aug 12 Contact
e 21205 USA: We are looking for a new or used Cat D9H Dozer that must have a double shank ripper that has a cutting depth of 3'- 4' with each pass. We prefer to lease. If you have any questions, call our plant manger on 740 68...... Aug 12 Contact
e 21204 Bahrain: We are interested in buying 3 CNC router machines to do the job of engraving 5mm deep on natural stone and marble, bed size to be minimum of 1.5 meter by 1.2 meter. Z axis to accommodate minimum 10 cm. we believe that spindle motor minimum 5hp, servo motor. We prefer Italian, American or German machines. But if Chinese company with proven record of successful machine for stone is available can be looked into. Requirement is immediate, payment by LC. Mobile 00973 3 96.....Aug 12 Contact
e 21203 Greece: Kindly quote availability, specs and price for long reach packages for CAT 375, CAT 365 and CAT 345 excavators. Tel: +30 210 65.....Aug 12 Contact

e 21202 Slovenia: Interested in price in EURO for cube of granite dim 10cm x 10cm x 10cm fco Koper – SLOVENIJA. Please inform us about discount on amount, about another articles, time of work, transport. Aug 12 Contact

e 21201 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Noir St Laurent marble. I need 2 slabs and I am in the Indian Wells, California area. I need these immediately. I will be using these slabs for bathroom vanities. I would like to have pictures sent so that I can determine if the slabs have the right appearance.
I have seen other slabs in the Southern California area and they are not to my liking, i.e. too much gray mottling, or too many white veins, or not enough of the reddish orange veins.
My phone # is 612-96.....Aug 12 Contact
e 21200 Tanzania: Please send me your quotation for block excavating machine as displayed in ready stock 557. Aug 12 Contact
e 21199 Pakistan: I want daynapac rollers. My cell number is +9230055.....Aug 12 Contact
e 21198 USA: Retail: I'm interested in a 60x30x2' french limestone top for a table. Phone: 212.88.....Aug 12 Contact
e 21196 Australia: We need to source approx 2 slabs of "white galaxy", an Indian granite, for a kitchen currently under construction. Largest piece required 3000 x 1100. Hopefully we can find some locally (Adelaide, South Australia), but anywhere in Australia would be ok. Aug 11 Contact
e 21195 USA: Retail: Looking for a source for pavers. Aug 11 Contact
e 21194 USA: Retail: I am trying to find swimming pool remodeling company in South Florida to purchases flagstone. Aug 11 Contact
e 21193 Korea: I am planning to open a business outdoor limestone sculpture studio in Seoul. I like white creamy limestone for sculpture. I would have the approximate price for the stone and delivery charge with following example 1370x 1215x660 (mm), 20 FCL full (guessing 12 pcs for 20 feet container). Aug 11 Contact
e 21192 USA: Retail: Could you direct me to a source for Seagrass limestone tiles and slab (also called fossil green)? Phone: (907) 34.....Aug 10 Contact
e 21191 USA: Interested in buying box of 10 of 12x12x3/8 polished TRAVERTINO ALABASTRINA cross cut. Please confirm availability, form of payment and delivery.
Ph: 703-52.....Aug 10 Contact
e 21190: I am looking for 80 -90m2 of brushed limestone approx 20mm thick. i need the stone cut to size in random sizes for flooring. Ideally I would like the sizes to be larger 600 x 1200, 800x1200 but will need a mixture for a random floor pattern. Aug 10 Contact
e 21189 Croatia: Need price for 2000 sqm bianco sardo 40 x 40 x 1 cm or 50 x 50 x 1.2 cm. tel +385 98 8.....Aug 10 Contact
e 21188 USA: I am an architect currently working on a project in Washington D.C. in which we will have to supply some pink marble to match the existing marble in the bathrooms. Is there anyway you could supply a sample of Clauzetto Unito and Crevola D’Ossola? Aug 10 Contact
e 21187: Please quote for Premium black and black galaxy tiles. Aug 9 Contact
e 21186 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing 12"x12"x1/8" marble floor tiles in Calacatta Delicato or Calacatta Macciaro. I need ~100 square feet. In addition to the floor tile I am interested in buying ~20 square feet of Calacatta tesserea sheet tile that matches the floor tile. Tel: 206-26.....Aug 9 Contact
e 21185 Germany: Please quote for Premium black and black galaxy tiles. Aug 9 Contact
e 21184 USA: We are builders and would like a quote on travertine and granite floor tiles. Telephone: 1-904-38.....Fax: 904-38.....Aug 9 Contact
e 21183 USA: We are interested in Premium black and black galaxy granite tiles and would like to see your samples. Aug 9 Contact
e 21182 USA: Retail: I am looking for Villeroy & Boch Palazzo Vecchio Blue 400 square feet and Villeroy & Boch Palazzo Vecchio Brown 360 square feet. Tel: 302-54......Aug 9 Contact
e 21181 Greece: Please quote for Premium black and black galaxy slabs of of 2 and 3 cm. Tel. 0030 2351 0.......Aug 8 Contact
e 21180 India: We are looking for suppliers of Spanish & Brazilian granite, enclosed please find the stones and the quantity which I require:
1. Verde Acquamarina 1200X330X30mm polished steps, risers- 1500 m2
2. Worktops of AMARELLO REAL of Brazil 2600X600X25 mm with skirting and backsplash- 120 nos
1. Crema Valencia 1900 m2
2. Emperador Brown: 700 m2
3. Crema Valencia- 350 m2
4. Brecha Maron- 350 m2
Tel No: 91-294-32.....Aug 8 Contact
e 21179 USA: Please quote for Black galaxy and absolute black granite tiles. My tel no. is 612 73.....Aug 8 Contact
e 21178 USA: I am interested in purchasing granite slabs in big quantities. I would like to request you your contact info and physical address to visit. Tel: 940-59.....Aug 8 Contact
e 21177 UK: I want diamond circular saw blades. Kindly get back to me if you have in stock. Aug 8 Contact
e 21176 UAE: We are interested to purchase CATERPILLAR WHEEL LOADER 966E. Please send us details and photos for our references. Kindly quote us the best price that you can offer to us. Contact us at phone no. 00971-4-8......Aug 8 Contact
e 21175 India: We are in urgently need of Marble / Stone Production Equipments like First mixer 300Lb, second mixer 150 Lb, the other machines like polishing M/C and Grinding M/C. Please let us have your detailed offer with technical leaflets immediately. Phone No.0091 98 790.....Aug 7 Contact
e 21174 USA: retail: I am looking for the following tiles:
6 pieces Ivory Vein Cut Filled Polished 12x12x3/8 Tile
6 pieces Empress Green, YELLOW GRAIN, 12X12X3/8 Tile
Please confirm availability and price. I am in Springfield, VA 22152. Aug 7 Contact
e 21173 USA: retail: Looking for a granite called Cleopatra from Brazil. Tel: 949-83...... Aug 7 Contact
e 21172 USA: Our company is looking for carrara white 12x12 commercial grade tiles. Need 5 containers. TEL: 626-45.....Aug 5 Contact
e 21171 Brazil: We are looking for a second-hand gantry crane with 150 m bus bar and lifting capacity of about 800 T. Any suggestion? Aug 5 Contact
WALL TILES SIZE 60X30, 60X33, 33X25, 45X30
FLOOR TILES SIZE 60X60, 60X45, 45X45
BORDER SIZE 12X30, 10X30, 9X30. Aug 5 Contact
e 21169: We'd like to know tile and slabs prices for: coral stone (colombian granite), shell stone (colombian granite), sahara (colombian granite), Juparana Fantastico (brazil granite), gold-garnet (brazil granite), Juparanã Mantena (brazil granite), Yellow sun (brazil granite), Giallo Fiorito (Taiwan granite), Camelia Pink (USA granite). Aug 4 Contact
e 21168 Canada: We are interested in the following colors (1st and 2nd quality) granite slabs and blocks as follows:
New imperial / Black galaxy / Raw silk / Tan brown and Orissa blue.
For each color pl. quote for : 20mm Polished and unpolished  30mm Polished and unpolished. Block gang saw size. Pl quote your best prices for above for about 3 to 5 container each color and type. Aug 4 Contact
e 21167 USA: Do you sell granite slabs to building contractors? If so where are you located and what is your phone number? Tel: 530-30.....Aug 4 Contact
e 21166 USA: For a hotel project we need 300 bathroom vanity tops, in 2 cm Pine Green. Quotes with and without a laminated bull-nose edge.
Top = 70" x 22", with under-mount bowl cutout (to be specified) and 3 faucet holes. Backsplash = 70" x 4".
2 Side Splashes = 22 x 4" delivered to us in Dallas, Texas. Also 200 bathroom vanity tops in 2 cm Tan Brown, with laminated edge, same size and specifications as above, Delivered to a) Dallas, Texas or b) Denver, Colorado.
Please give estimated delivery times and costs. Tel: 972-49.....Aug 4 Contact
e 21165: I am interested to buy the tiles. I request to you kindly send me your prices for the following tiles. I want to buy in APAPA PORT, LEGOS, and give me the F.O.B. prices terms and condition and terms of payment. SIZE 30CM X 30CM and SIZE 20CM X 30CM (BATHROOM TILES, WALL TILES). Aug 3 Contact
e 21164 USA: Could you please and catalogues of ceramic tiles from China. Office no. : 213 48.....Aug 3 Contact
e 21163 USA: Retail: I am looking for a slab of French Vanilla marble 3cm. Aug 3 Contact
e 21162 Qatar: Please quote your best price for the following in terms of USD.
1. bottacino 2cm polished slab
2. perlato sicilia2cm polished slab
3. red alicante 2cm polished slab
4. cremo marfil 2cm polished slab
5. dark emprador 2cm polished slab.
We need all the above at least one container. So please send us your best price including cnf to Doha. Aug 3 Contact
e 21161 India: I need a good condition used gangsaw. Give all the tech. details & prices. I have a granite processing unit of tiles & slab (block cutter of length < 320cm & height < 117. I want gangsaw within 15000--200000 euro. PH. NO. 91674-24.......Aug 3 Contact
e 21160 Kosovo: I am very interested to buy a Stone machine (SHENG Da, YIHQ -500) or others. Tel: (+) 43 699 117.....Aug 3 Contact
e 21159 USA: We are contractors and looking for 1800 sq ft of limestone in a Slab Color Crema Europa or similar. Must be delivered to the job site in North Jersey. Aug 2 Contact
e 21158 Vietnam: We are very interested in KOMATSU D31P-20E. Please send us the photos and year manufacturer and price at CIF hai Phong port, Vietnam. Aug 2 Contact
e 21157 India: We require Black Granites, FOB Any Indian Seaports. We require Black Galaxy, Black Pearl and Absolute Black. End use of these will be making Counter Tops. We need urgent pricing and their relevant images and packing specifications as soon as possible. My Numbers are 09829......Aug 2 Contact
e 21156 USA: Retail:  Looking for honey onyx slabs. Looking for two roughly 5x8' slabs, ideally matched, and preferably from a supplier in the Bay Area. Tel: 415-38......Aug 2 Contact
e 21155 USA: Retail: I am looking for 550 sq ft blue bluestone. NOT any green or grey......BLUE. Job is located in Chatham, NJ. Stone price to include delivery to my site. Need pattern stone , squares and rectangles. Tel: 908-38.....Aug 2 Contact
e 21154 USA: Retail: I need about 40 pounds of Shirakawa sand. I am in Chicago. Any idea where I can find it? Tel: 800-82.....Aug 2 Contact
e 21153 USA: I am trying to locate low cost granite and marble tile of all colors and sizes to be purchased in bulk. The amount of the order will depend on the prices quoted, but I am hoping to purchase several thousand square feet. I am located in Austin, Texas USA but prefer to purchase my materials out of Mexico. Once product pricing and availability have been established, this order can proceed quickly. If you have information about the cost and process for transporting the material from Mexico to the United States, please provide as this will also speed the process along. Aug 2 Contact
e 21152 USA: I am looking for used tiles production machine to set up a tile factory. Aug 2 Contact
e 21151 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for flagstones from Spain. Aug 2 Contact
e 21150 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Granite boulders from India. Aug 2 Contact
e 21149 Saudi Arabia: I would to contact sellers of Quartzite. Our contact number is 9665058.....Aug 2 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.