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 TODAY'S BUY INQUIRIES!   December 31, 2007
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114 in December, 154 inquiries in November

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 24263 USA: retail: looking for Blue Luise but it slabs. Can you refer me where to find it? Dec 30 Contact
e 24262: Please can you advise me the cost per square meter of the granite you supply. Please also advise if it would be possible for you to send me a sample? I am in London and trying to source a supply from India for the purpose of supplying customers within the UK. tel: 004420896.....Dec 29 Contact
e 24261 France: Forwarded your best prices 2008 to us, For the opus incertum in quarzite, ROSE - YELLOW - WHITE. 8 - 13 pieces with m2 or 8 - 17 pieces for a better price. Thickness 12-25 mm. In cases out of wooden. If the prices are competitive, it is necessary to count a few tens of containers for the year. Delivery periods, (by seasons). Photographs of the products and packing (cases). Dec 29 Contact
e 24260 USA: I am interested in buying unique landscaping stones. I wanted to try to begin to gather info on pricing, shipping costs and products available. Telephone: 85999.....Dec 29 Contact
e 24259: I want quantity 55 sq ft. Winter Pearl stone. All specifications e.g. quantity, size range, application if buying stone: 55 sq ft, almost any tile size is ok - just not thicker than 1cm, cm or inches fine for offers, need contractor to be able to handle on site. Sizes, standard sizes are 30x30x1 cm, 30.5x30.5x1 cm i.e. 12"x12"x1/8", 40x40x1 cm, 45x45x1.2cm or 16"x16"x1/8", 60x60x2cm, 61x61x2cm i.e.
2'x2'x1/4". Other sizes are 60x30x1 / 30x15x1 / 15x15x1cm. Phone number 609 91.......Dec 28 Contact
e 24258 Yemen: We are trading & marketing, one of the Yemeni leading companies in stone business in Yemen market with excellent experience and background. We deal with Marble, Granite, Ceramics Tiles (Porcelain) Tiles. Our Branches in all the Yemen major cities. We are seeking for first generation or choice product of Absolute Black Granite with out any white vein or cracks also spots. Our sizes for Slabs as follow:
60 x 180 x 2 cm
80 x 180 x 2 cm
60 x 180 x 3 cm
80 x 180 x 3 cm
120 x 240 x 2 cm
120 x 240 x 3 cm
Tiles size 40 x 40 x 2 cm
Tiles size 30 x 60 x 2 cm
Kindly please quote us FOB for the above mentioned Granite types and size, hoping that you will offer the best possible prices to enable us to establishing a long lasting period of business relationship for both reciprocated benefits. Tel: 00967-1-2......Dec 28 Contact
e 24257: Can I have some prices for purchasing large amounts of granite slabs for resale? Dec 28 Contact
e 24256: We are looking for a supplier of marble or granite table tops to fit antique table bases and chests. Could you give us a rough price guide on say 5' x 3' tops and 3' x 2' tops x 1.25" thick, plain edge, delivered to Leicestershire, UK (or we could collect from other area of UK). Dec 28 Contact
e 24255: I am enquiring about the price of your quartz product per ton. I am wondering on the quality of quartz you are using. Is it the same quartz they are using in the oil drilling industry?  Dec 28 Contact
e 24254 Philippines: Our office has a design-build 3-star HOTEL project which will require about 10 containers or about 10,000 sq. m. worth of assorted tiles. Our choices here in the Philippines are limited and expensive because the dealers here are importers also of tiles from Asia and Europe. Since we have a large requirement we are considering to import tiles ourselves. Tel: +632 52.....Dec 27 Contact
e 24253: I am looking for a reliable supplier of aggregate (size 0 - 20mm) 100% of marble and granite. I needle 10,000 M/T monthly for 12 months. Giving us Tech, Specifications, FOB quotation, Terms of Payment, etc. We needle a monthly supply of 10,000 to 20,000 m/t of aggregates of all sizes 0 to 20mm 100% of marble and granite, of any co lour worldwide. Tel: 00252....... Dec 27 Contact
e 24252 Mauritius: Please let me have more info on Bomag BW 212D. tel 230. 25.....Dec 27 Contact
e 24251 Mauritius: Please let me have more info on a motor grader. tel 230. 25.....Dec 27 Contact
e 24250 South Africa: Need 30mm 1st choice Rustenburg granite to be delivered in Benoni. Need Price and quantity. Telephone: 2708403.....Dec 27 Contact
e 24249 USA: Please quote for crema marfil blocks. Dec 26 Contact
e 24248 USA: Please quote for onyx slabs. Tel: 651 45....Dec 26 Contact
e 24247 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Tel: 651 45....Dec 26 Contact
e 24246 India: We are looking for polished marble slabs which sell by the name "Bianco Lhasa" - this is white marble with very faint light brown /grey veins. mobile no: 98676......Dec 26 Contact
e 24245: I am looking for used terrazzo tiles machines with capacity. rotating machines about technical information and price. Dec 25 Contact
e 24244 Germany: Please send us the FOB-price most favourable to us for: blocks "Zimbabwe Black" and quotations for cut plates from "Absolute Black", "Belfast Black" & "Zimbabwe Black" of the next sizes:
120X60X8 cm - 90 pieces,
120X65X8 cm -50 pieces,
120X70X8 cm - 70 pieces,
120X80X8 cm - 20 pieces,
125X65X5 cm - 50 pieces,
130X60X8 cm - 20 pieces.
Only two top faces are polished. All other four sides - not polished.
Send us also the prices for Granite slabs thickness of 2 cm, 3cm, 5 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm. Please send also monument price list (granite), African granite tiles price list, 2cm Marble slabs price list. Dec 25 Contact
e 24243 Pakistan: Do you have a cassani yellow? Telephone: 09157...... Dec 25 Contact
e 24242 India: We want the price list for the slate stone that we can buy.  Telephone: 097845.....Dec 24 Contact
e 24241 : We are an established producer and exporter of feed additive to more than 20 countries. Currently, our dealer in Bangladesh is seeking for the natural Zeolite for the animal application. Their requirement is about 100- 200MT monthly. Please be so kind to provide us with the C&F Chittagong quotation if you see the cooperation possibility. Tel:+601228......Dec 24 Contact
e 24240 Peru: Interested in Thassos white Extra marble in slabs 20 mm, minimum measures 1500 mm x 2700 mm. Quantity: 200 m2. Mobile 51 1 998......Dec 24 Contact
e 24239 Russia: We are an exclusive design company that specializes in home interior located in St. Petersburg, Russia. We would like to know the following information about your company’s stone (slabs):
1. Marble Crema Marfil polished slabs 2 cm thickness
2. Marble Crema Marfil polished slabs 3 cm thickness
3. Marble Bianco Statuario polished slabs 2 cm thickness
4. Marble Bianco Statuario polished slabs 3 cm thickness
5. Onyx Monogreen polished slabs 2 cm thickness
6. Marble Palissandro polished slabs 2 cm thickness
7. Marble Palissandro polished slabs 3 cm thickness
Also, we’re interested in select or extra quality marble stone that you have in honey onyx, white, pink and black with less veins as possible. In addition, we’re looking for statuary blocks (thickness 300mm) warm colors with beige veins. We would like to request the prices for these stones/slabs and a good photo of each one. Tel/fax: (812) 44.....Dec 24 Contact
e 24238: We have a project of hotel which is in the process of seeking for the marble (pattern as attached image 1, image 2). Can you supply us these items? If any, pls quote us your best price for polished tiles on size of 20mm x 30 x 30cm / 20mm x 60 x 60m / 20mm x 80 x 80cm with quantity of 35000m2. Tel: 86-750-31.....Dec 23 Contact
e 24237 Iran: We are interested in your Wall and Floor Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles. Sizes20*20 through 80*80. We Also need sample pieces Wall and Floor, of each type sent by (TNT) to us at our cost. + the full price list. Dec 23 Contact
e 24236 India: Need granite in chennai 'AZUL BAHIA' or similar blue colour granite. Dec 22 Contact
e 24235: Need price on botticino tumbled marble for all need several hundred square feet, can buy wholesale, in building business. Method of payment and delivery and length of time to get shipment to austin, texas. i will need 150-200ft of 12x12, 200-250 ft 4x4, 210-250 sq.ft 2x2.10 sq ft 1x1,20 ft pencil trim. approximately. will need in next 2 to 3 weeks. my telephone number is 512 45.....Dec 22 Contact
e 24234: I want to buy waterjet machine. help me, please. Dec 22 Contact
e 24233: I am after a list of pricing for slabs of all color marble and granite as well as columns of same. This is to include polished and unpolished products. Dec 22 Contact
e 24232: Our company wants to buy marble from Greece. Karnazeika, Kavala, Pigon or Pirgos. We need slabs 2 cm and 3 cm thikness. Also we need tile from this marble: 30*30*2 cm, 30*60*2 cm, 60*60*2 cm. Please, send to us your competitive prices on this goods. And also send the photos of your marble. tel./fax:(048) 72......Dec 21 Contact
e 24231: Please send us more info about the terzago machinery that you want to sale. Dec 20 Contact
e 24229: We need 880 sqm polished slbs of omani marble Lubna light 2 cm thickness. Fax: 571 87.....Dec 20 Contact
e 24228: Please send the details and photos of the Caterpillar 14G, Caterpillar 320, and the Caterpillar 950 wheel loaders. Also, please include your contact information and location for shipping purposes. Office (402) 33.....Dec 20 Contact
e 24227: Please send your contact information and payment terms, as we are interested in this unit. Also, what are the 2x dozers and 1x excavator you have available? Office (402) 33..... Dec 19 Contact
e 24226: I am interested in purchasing some ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. May you please e-mail me your catalogue and corresponding price list. Dec 19 Contact
e 24225 China: We are looking for "GASCOGNE BLUE" stone made in Portugal. Size: thickness is 20MM , slabs (random, slab). Could you supply it? Tel: 0086-592-56......Dec 19 Contact
e 24224 Colombia: We need a urgent quotation for Beige travertine in sizes 40x40x1 cm unfilled and honed, the total quantity for the same project is 37.000 / M2 ( Thirty Seven Thousand sqms). Please inform us about of the real capacity of production per month. Fax: 571 87.....Dec 19 Contact
e 24223 USA: Retail: I am looking to purchase 250 linear feet of 12” x 12” x 2 ¼” or 2 ½” “Tumbled” Travertine Coping. Please feel free to contact me if you have this “In Stock”, I do not wish to custom order. Tel: (800) 84.....Dec 19 Contact
e 24222 USA: Retail: I need one slab of Botticino Classico marble, finished size must be 50"x61" for a kitchen island. Also looking for countertops, although not settled on material yet. Either slate in Indian Black or Charcoal Blue or Granite in a charcoal gray/black color (ie: Cold Spring Black, Cambrian Black, Impala Black, Toyserkan black, Basaltina, Stargate). Need one slab 30" x 175" minimum between 3/4" and 1 1/2" thick. Lastly looking for a slab of Balaban Green granite for a bathroom sink, 50"x30". Phone number 419-98.....Dec 18 Contact
e 24221 Sri Lanka: We are interested in getting to know about this marble cutting machines. We own 20 acre land in Sri Lanka which consist of clay soil. You can come in as joint venture partner even if you organization is interested or send us all the Spec's for our interest. Dec 18 Contact
e 24220: Interested in purchase of granite blocks Verde Laponia shipped to Poland. I am interested in stone from Iran G158. I am not sure. Blocks only shipped to Poland port of Gdansk. Tel: 303-913...... Dec 18 Contact
e 24219: Do you have Crema Marfil or Cream of Marfil polished porcelain tiles 500 x 500? I need this for a large order. Cell: 1-904-25.....Dec 18 Contact
e 24218 USA: I would like a quote for ~2200 square feet of your Black 12" x 12" x 10mm slate. This would be shipping to zip code 62704. Dec 18 Contact
e 24217: I will Like you to email me back with the total cost of the 400 of the 12 by 12 3/8 black galaxy granite, and None includes shipping. Because I will recommend you to a Freight Company that will come to your Location for the Pick up as soon as the Granite are ready for Pick up, so Go Ahead and Quote to me the Total Price, and Let me know. How soon you can Get Them Ready for Pick up as well as the Method of Payment that you accept. Dec 17 Contact
e 24216: Can you deliver a stone crusher plant to Nigeria, one that is mobile and can handle 200 to 300 tons per hour, nonstop or forever. We have a quarry with millions of tons of granite to be processed and sold. Dec 17 Contact
e 24215: WE are the importer of used 3 wheel static road rollers of all kind. If you have these kind rollers in your stock now or in future then kindly contact with us. We also have interest in Dynapac vibratory rollers CA25, CA25A, CC4 and other Motor Grader Champion710, 715, 720, 740 and other. Dec 17 Contact
e 24214: We are interested in Iranian marble for Indian market. Need cif prices. Dec 17 Contact
e 24213: We are a construction company having business in Ashkhabat-Turkmenistan. We need white marble and african red granite for our construction works in Ashkhabat. Can you supply above mention products to Ashkhabat (CIP-Ashkhabat)? Dec 16 Contact
e 24212: We are looking forward to import some kinds of granite and marbles from China (just like we've done for many years), and would be glad to cooperate with your company if you are interested in exports to middle east and specially Islamic republic of IRAN! Dec 16 Contact
e 24211: give us some information about a (mini) gang saws 40 blades (Chinese make).  Dec 16 Contact
e 24210: I need the Indian blue and brown limestone. Can you give me the price for that now? Also what type of payment do you accept? You can call me on this number now: 044 070317..... Dec 15 Contact
e 24209 Yemen: We are seeking for Absolute Black which you call that warangal Black size as following:
Kindly please quote us for Slabs as follow:
60 x 180 x 2 cm
80 x 180 x 2 cm
60 x 180 x 3 cm
80 z 180 x 3 cm

120 x 240 x 2 cm
120 x 240 x 3 cm
Tiles 40 x 40 x 2 cm
30 x 60 x 2 cm
Kindly please quote us FOB, and the order should be first choice polishing mirror. We are looking for suppliers to be for long lasting period of business relationship. Tel: 00967-1-2......Dec 15 Contact
e 24208 USA: Looking for 
3402 SF St. Hubert Limestone 36x36x3/4" Honed
702SF St. Hubert Limestone 18"x18" Honed
425SF St. Hubert Limestone 12"x12" Honed
1908SF St. Hubert Limestone 36"x36"x3/4" sandblasted
Target pricing
25-37 euros per square meter for the 36x36
16-20 euros per square meter for the 12x12 and 18x18
Toll Free (800) 33.....Dec 15 Contact
e 24207 USA: Retail: I am looking for granite veneer. Do you have it? Office: 717-73......Dec 14 Contact
e 24206: I want to buy a crane. Telephone: 647-88.....Dec 14 Contact
e 24205 India: We are looking for IMPERIAL WHITE, top quality, random slabs gang saw sized, 3cm thickness. Top polished. Kindly quote your price based FOB CHENNAI. Phone 91 44 222.....Dec 14 Contact
e 24204 India: Want slabs in the following sizes in Absolute Black:
800 up x 400 up x 50 mm
900 up x 460 up x 50 mm
1000 up x 500 up x 50 mm
1000 up x 500 up x 70 mm
1000 up x 500 up x 80 mm
Please quote your best prices. Phone 91 44 222.....Dec 14 Contact
e 24203 USA: I import stone need more colors and products. I'm looking for a supplier of quartize Gold color & others. Telephone: 1-760-2......  Dec 13 Contact
e 24202 USA: Retail: Do you deal with Zodiaq countertops as well? Telephone: 815-98..... Dec 13 Contact
e 24201 UAE: Interested In Used Construction Machineries. Telephone: 009715071.....Dec 13 Contact
e 24200: Please be advised that we are interested in quoting slab polished and shone en 2 cm of thickness without square of GREEN AMAZON GRANITE. Could you please advise us if you can help us, and indicate what is the origin of this granite? Phone 502-662......Dec 12 Contact
e 24199 India: I am interested in used all kinds of JCB and Caterpillar say upto 1980 manufactured date. Dec 12 Contact
e 24198: What is ur last offer for this komatsu 155 model? And what is the c & f Egypt? We are looking for 355-3 model 1984+.  Dec 12 Contact
e 24197: I am wanting to buy 140mm plus heads and sills. mobile number 044 079034......We would like buff coloured stone we would have a look at any of your products i.e walling stone. Dec 12 Contact
e 24196 USA: retail: I need approx 100 ft in giardini quartz slab. I am not interested in any other colors and types. Is this stone available?
401-49.....Dec 10 Contact
e 24195: We required the bulk quantity of Riyadh Lime Stone to our ongoing project immediately please let me know your interest to supply. Dec 10 Contact
e 24194: We are manufacture and supplier of musical instruments in Sialkot. We want to do engraving on our products. Can you do engraving by CNC engraving machine. Phone: 0525..... Dec 10 Contact
e 24193: I am interested in purchasing Jerusalem limestone for sale fob NY. tel: 508-36.....Dec 10 Contact
e 24192 Singapore: We are a company in Singapore supplying tiles, furniture and bathroom fittings. Our clients are mainly hotel and commercial building developers, in Singapore, and in other parts of Asia and the Middle East.
One of our clients is interested in buying brown onyx barrel sinks (8 of them) for a hotel. Please refer to attached image. (850mm high x 550mm diameter). Another would like Pakistani Dark Green onyx tiles for a hotel (walls), about 80m2. We are also interested in White Alabaster tiles for a hotel (more than 100m2). We need a few samples of each of these stones, 4x4 inch size - and the prices and lead times. Our presentations to the respective clients are late this month and early Jan. Tel: +65 987.....Dec 9 Contact
e 24191: Could you please give me a price on 128 Sq m of 60x60 Crema Marfil Ivory tile please. Dec 9 Contact
e 24190: I'm writing you from Italy and I'm interested about the rosa potugal / 2/ 3 and Estremoz Rosa but I can't find the price on your web site. Can you be so kind to send me a price list about this marbles? I'm looking for 60x60 2cm or 60x40 2cm. Dec 8 Contact
e 24189 Hungary: We are a big company from Hungary. We deal with the production of stones and his trade. I would like to ask an offer onto Vratza limestone. Parameters the under mentioned ones. Surface is honed, size are 30 x 30 x 1 cm or 30 x 60 x 1 cm
Quantity: 2000 m2. Please write me some variation of size and surface too. Please give me term of delivery and term of payment too. Phone:003670/33.....Dec 8 Contact
e 24188 USA: Retail: Looking for source of jet-mist granite. Dec 8 Contact
e 24187 Iran: Please be informed that be have an inquiry with following specification.
Name :Cutting-off wheels for hand-held machines.
Model :A24 Extra.
Size :180*3*22.23mm.
Max.oprating speed : 80 m/s
Max.RPM : 8500rpm
Would you please send us your best offer including condition as below:
1)Price on FOB & CFR Khorramshahr by the way of sea.
2)Delivery time
5)Packing. Dec 8 Contact
e 24185 USA: Looking for a wire saw, diamond or slurry that can cut 70" x 70" square plates. Telephone: 585 45.....Dec 7 Contact
e 24184: Send me the quotation for floor and wall tiles. Dec 7 Contact
e 24183 China: We are looking for Pure white and Green onyx blocks. Telephone: +86-592-5.....Dec 7 Contact
e 24182 USA: Retail: Can a piece of marble (been a kitchen counter for 30+ years and is stained). 72" long x 24"wide x 3/4 inches be cut LENGTHWISE? We only need 12 wide but longer than 72. Dec 7 Contact
e 24181 Turkey: I want to get useful information about your products. I need some help with the following products.
Castelo White
Available Sizes (in cms):
Width: 80cms-150cms
Length: 200-300cms
Thickness: 2cms
Can you please send the prices of above products?
FOB India
CIF mersin port, Turkey
PHONE:0090 322 26.....Dec 7 Contact
e 24180: Would you please send an electronic file (PDF file) or hard copy manual contains the Marble / Granite Machines you have (used or brand new) with prices. Phone: +20 270.....Dec 7 Contact
e 24179: Looking for quartize. Dec 6 Contact
e 24178: I am looking for edge polishing machine for flat and round edges. Tel: 3598789.....  Dec 6 Contact
e 24177: Do you have black lava rock for outdoor firepit? Tel: 480.55.....Dec 6 Contact
e 24176: Please send me a pricelist of marble and granite tops for wash basin in bathroom. Dec 6 Contact
e 24175: Please, send us your offer for the supply of the following quantity of materials, PLEASE, NOTE THAT WE NEED ONE OF THE BEST QUALITY/MAKE LIKE SEGRO.:
4. GRINDING DISC, DIAMENSION: 115 x 22.23 x 6MM(T). QTY REQUIRED: 1000PCS. TEL: +234 802 98......Dec 6 Contact
e 24174 USA: Interested in your sinks and fireplaces. I am in New York, can you send me your price list? Dec 6 Contact
e 24173 USA: retail: I am looking for an Onyx desk set in multi green or multi red. Please let me know if it is available and shipping times. Tel:
(800) 24.....Dec 5 Contact
e 24172 USA: I am interested in all of your medium blocks, but can you cut them down at all? I’d prefer them to be 12 inches thick, rather than 24. Also, do you have any photos? I’d like to know how many flat sides they have, and get an idea of the color. Also, where (what state) are the blocks located, and when would they be available? Tel: 217-67.....Dec 5 Contact
e 24171: I am from lebanon. I ask about botticino classico extra & semi classico. Please if you can sent me a picture for these blocks and the price to the lebanon country. Dec 5 Contact
e 24170: We like to import (Holland) rustenburg slabs. please give me a quote. I am at the moment in SA. Phone: 08431...... for the moment I am interested in Rustenburg. Export to Holland Quantity 10 containers. Dec 5 Contact
e 24169 India: retail: I need to purchase granite slabs in Kerala. My selection is Imperial white. If not Madura Gold, Vyara and Golen Fantassy.  Dec 5 Contact
e 24168: What's your price on 60x40x1.5 white limestone tiles. Please can you send a photo. Dec 4 Contact
e 24167 USA: I really need to get some Blood Marble for a Master Bath design that I am currently working on. Can you help. Need photos, prices and availability. Tel: 573-30.....Dec 4 Contact
e 24166: I am interested in water jet cutting machine. Would you like send me a photo and more detailed description about please?? How many hours used?? Producer? spare parts?? and so on. Dec 4 Contact
e 24165 USA: do you have any slabs of blue bahia granite? Tel: 408-99.....Dec 4 Contact
e 24164 USA: I am in need of 750 sq, ft of Tunas Green granite tile 18” x 18” x ½” with slight bevel for use on the exterior of a commercial building in Hollywood, California, USA. I will need the tile within the next two weeks and am ready to purchase. I would want to obtain a sample. The tile will be purchased by my contractor. Tel: 323-3.....Dec 3 Contact
e 24163 USA: I am trying to locate a source for a dark brown color aggregate to use in landscaping. I saw a brown chip material made of slate at the recent stone show in Verona. These chips were about 3-4CM in diameter and approximately 5-8mm thick. It was under the name of Canadian Brown Slate or slate viola. This would be ideal but I am hoping to find a closer source. My initial order would be 20-30 tons. Ready to buy immediately. Only I have to approve order. I am willing to pay for samples. Tel: 828-43..... Dec 3 Contact
e 24162 UK: Can you please give me a quote for black granite worktop, supplied and fitted in Dagenham Essex. I am ready for the granite to be installed asap in a new build extension. I need a one hole undermount sink cut(i will supply sink),with drainer grooves. 1 hob cut and upstands.
All worktop is to be same depth. inc on units 17 to 18 on the plan. Can i have a price for the worktops and total Lm. The price of the upstands and total Lm. Please forward price inc all charges.  Country of origin and the name of the granite. How thick it is and the quality. I would like a templated service. Tel: 078282..... Dec 3 Contact
e 24161: we are looking at a satin finish for our kitchen counters , the slab is called asteix. will it require a special kind of installer for the satin finish? we are also looking at wine river also in satin finish. so we have a dark and a light choice our kitchen will be a busy place, with lots of cooking going on all the time. do you have any suggestions. I understand the honed will stain easy. our kitchen is very bright, the cabinets are dark cherry with a wine finish. we are looking for the rustic look.  Dec 3 Contact
e 24160 USA: We are currently working on a new airport project in India and need to get samples of stones from known manufacturers in India.
Tel: 212.29......Dec 3 Contact
e 24159: I am looking to purchase a large quantity of moss rock boulders to build a wall ~ 175' long 3' high my contact info is below. Tel: 516-72.....Dec 3 Contact
e 24158: I have the interest to buy Indian green & blacks marbles, as well double black marble from Zimbabwe. The required quantity is about 800 m2 from each type ,please send your best quotations based on CIF SUEZ PORT in EGYPT. Dec 2 Contact
e 24157 China: We are looking for many kinds of stone to attend a big project. Enclosed pls find the inquiry list of marble.
No. Name Specification
Thk.20mm Thk.30mm Thk.50mm Block
1 AZUL KING        
2 AZUL CIELO         
4 AZUL BAHIA        
8 SODALITE         
9 BLUE MONA        
13 ACQUABIANCA        
16 CALATTA LANDI        
17 PENTELICON        
18 AFYON BLANC        
19 AJAX        
20 BIANCO P        
21 BIANCO ASIAGO        
23 BIANCONE        
24 MACAEL BLACK        
25 BLANCO SPINO        
27 EGEAN WHITE        
30 AFYON BLANC        
31 CREMA MARFIL        
36 AVORIO        
38 TRAVERTINO        
39 VIDRACO ATAUE        

Pls help us quote the unit price of the stone in 4 specifications from the list which is indeed in your stock or available for you . If you have some agents in China, pls also kindly let us know, it will be very convenient for us to contact with them in China. Call to 86-10-516590.....Dec 2 Contact

e 24156: Want to buy pumice stones. Telephone: 855-23-.....Dec 2 Contact
e 24155: I am a sale's manager for a IMPORT & EXPORT company in Morocco. We are interested in to buy in MARBLE and GRANITE SLABS. I hope you can give us competitive prices and the best services. Delivered to on a CIF basis to the port of CASABLANCA, Morocco. PRODUCT: Granite Slabs & MARBLE Slabs. The sizes which we are interested is 240*140*2 or 240*160*2. Dec 2 Contact
e 24154: we need blocks as standard plates for calibration of abrasion testing dimension 10x10x5 cm. it should be according to EN ISO 4288. Dec 2 Contact
e 24153: Looking for the Brazilian Bahia Blue Granite / Azul Bahia Blue Granite we are seeking. I am based in New York, NY but I'm working with a monument carver in Calais, Vermont so the stone would go to him. Phone number 212-62.....
Granite is for a monument to be carved. Dimensions needed are 2'-0" x 0'-8" x 1'-0", Sawed joint, polished front and back, balance rock-pitched. If you don't form stones in this way, then please provide a small slab 8" thick, polished front and back, and a bit more than one foot by two feet in superficial area. Carver can form the stone (which will become a small monument)
Monument design is completed and approved by cemetery--we are ready to purchase the granite though before it is purchased we have to clear final papers with the cemetery (process takes approx. 2 weeks). Dec 2 Contact
e 24152: We are interested in a finding a soapstone kitchen benchtop supplier - preferably located in Victoria. We believe there are mines in SA & WA but cannot find a supplier for this product which is readily available in the states. Dec 2 Contact
e 24151: Did you find your VAllelunga Peacock? I'm looking for just a few 12x12 tiles for a repair. Dec 1 Contact
e 24150: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Dec 1 Contact
e 24149: We are interested to import 15 containers rustenburg slabs a mind give me a special price. call me on 08431.....Dec 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.