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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Canada.

You can contact the buyers below by:
A) Joining a relevant Subscription Plan at www.findstone.com/subscription.htm
B) Buying individual contacts at USD 25 each via www.findstone.com/payment.htm.
If a buyer does not reply, your $ 25 will be kept in credit for another inquiry of your choice.

For previous inquiries, see www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm . They are still valid.

www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998.

Buyers' enquiries for stones : 2006 | 2005 | 2004


e 21625 Canada: We are looking for 2 pieces of green Onyx, size 3/8"(10mm) x 6" x 36" with 1/2" radius on 4 corners and 3/16"(5mm) radius on all 4 sides, both faces. Is the stone made entirely of Onyx or is laminated half of the thickness with glass or marble? These ones are the prototype for a lighting fixture, so has to be very transparent. Tel: 416-92.....Oct 23 Contact

e 21611 Canada: I am wanting to cost out outdoor slate for landscaping in Northern Canada. Oct 18 Contact

e 21599 Canada: Please let us know your minimum quantities of purchase and shipping price, weights per granite counter top, etc. We are located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Please email us pictures of your stones. Does each slap include plywood? Oct 17 Contact

e 21556 Canada: retail: Looking for loose pebble stone in light gray and white to cover a bathroom counter top can you help me ? I live in Prince George B.C. Canada. Oct 12 Contact

e 21495 Canada: I am looking to purchase a couple of standard tiles of Prairie Green Granite to complete a project. Do you know where I can find some near Vancouver, BC? Oct 3 Contact

e 21427 Canada: retail: We are looking for Antique Brown. Sept 22 Contact

e 21390 China: I want to buy Atlantic Blue blocks from Canada about 600M3. Sept 14 Contact

e 21363 Canada: I am interested in acquiring a Korfmann chain saw for my Quarry in Ont. Canada. Please e-mail me more photo's, pricing and location of this unit. My phone nuimber is 519-80......Sept 9 Contact

e 21318 Canada: I am looking for about 900 sq ft of grey granite cobblestones or paving stones. Ideally they would be random sizes (4x4, 4x8, 8x8) so the outdoor finished area would have a random look to it. They would be set in sand. Thickness of 1" to 2", with 2" preferred. In the best of all worlds, the surface finish would be flamed and brushed, and the granite would have green or brown shades in it. My project is in Vancouver. Sept 3 Contact

e 21270 Canada: Our Company is in Canada and we are potentially buyer of Granite, Marble and Travertine. Please send pricelist. T ( 604).68.....Aug 26 Contact

e 21226 Canada: We have a large order request for Giallo Ferreti Granite. Please send Photo of slabs. Tel: 519-27..... Aug 17 Contact

e 21168 Canada: We are interested in the following colors (1st and 2nd quality) granite slabs and blocks as follows:
New imperial / Black galaxy / Raw silk / Tan brown and Orissa blue.
For each color pl. quote for : 20mm Polished and unpolished 30mm Polished and unpolished. Block gang saw size. Pl quote your best prices for above for about 3 to 5 container each color and type. Aug 4 Contact

e 21075 Canada: Retail: I live in Toronto Canada. I am building a new kitchen for our family. I am NOT a builder or contractor. I do not intend to build other kitchens, just this one kitchen for ourselves. How can I order a Granite counter from this supplier in India? Tel: 416-95..... July 19 Contact

e 20907 Canada: retail: Could I please get some samples of cobble in Grey Jerico granite color or any stone appropriate for cobble stone driveway in a dark grey color. June 24 Contact

e 20881 Canada: Please locate gris di savoie light. What is the stock status? Tel: 416 28..... June 21 Contact

e 20867 Canada: Retail: I am in need of a supply of Shirakawa Sand for my garden. I am located in the Toronto. June 19 Contact

e 20844 Canada: I am a stone carver in Canada who is looking for black granite boulders. I am interested in prices for a container and per boulder. I am interested in rocks that have one flat level side to stand on and are approximately 6 ft tall x 3 ft x 3ft. My phone # is 250 88.....June 16 Contact

e 20729 Canada: Please quote for Granite and marble slabs. June 1 Contact

e 20723 Canada: Specs: Custom size such as 122cm x 244cm/ 122cm x 122cm/ Thickness: between 4 and 10 mm, from 3 mm thick if laminated on a ceramic. Application: floor/wall. Products from: Asia, Middle East, Turkey. We are ready to buy large quantity such as : Up to 10 containers per month. So we are looking for a very serious producer/manufacturer who must provide top quality marble responding to our specifications and delivered on a timely manner in Montreal. Depending upon the response to this request, we'd be ready to finalize/place
an order within the next 2 weeks. Best regards, Ph: 1 514 .......June 1 Contact

e 20619 Canada: Would like to purchase a gangsaw in used condition in Canada. May 20 Contact

e 20572 Canada: Retail: Looking for a source of Perlato Botticino. I am looking for about 20- 12X12 tiles. Tel: 604-66.....May 15 Contact

e 20526 Canada: Please quote for champion 760 grader. Tel: 51934.....May 10 Contact

e 20473 Canada: We manufacture and sell granite top here in Calgary. I would like to get some info about your 3cm granite slabs. Please call me at my cell (403) 68.....May 5 Contact

e 20468 Canada: I am interested in buying fully automatic polishing machine. Telephone: 60458..... May 1 Contact

e 20436 Canada: Please quote for a fully automatic polishing machine. Tel: 60458.....April 27 Contact

e 20416 Canada: I am interested in BLOCK prices of ISRAEL SANDSTONE. I would like a PER TON PRICE. How much is the Container shipping from Israel to Port of Halifax in Canada? April 25 Contact

e 20401 Canada: Retail: Looking for remnant tiles which are India Red, perhaps imperial red or New Imperial Red or ruby red. The granite with the least black minerals. Looking for any size of tile, as long as thickness is 0.75 inches thick. or close to it such as 20 mm. The granite is exactly the same as found in most popular monuments (burial). Willing to buy from Canadian imports, prefer close to home like Ontario. Tel: 1-905-88.....April 24 Contact

e 20394 Canada: I am interested in Kato500 crane. April 22 Contact

e 20322 Canada: Need fully automatic polishing machine as displayed in Ready stock 331. Please send any additional equipment information and photos. Phone: 604-68.....April 12 Contact

e 20310 Canada: Retail: Can you advise who in the Vancouver BC Canada Area would have a supply of dark (almost black) Basalt for a modest kitchen counter top? Tel : 604-98.....April 11 Contact


e 20130 Canada: I am looking for decorative Italian travertine tiles with grapes on them. Would you know where I can find them? Telephone: (403) 29.....March 23 Contact

e 20123 Canada: Please send me the price list of all granite and marble that you can supply, tile 12 x 12 and 16 x 16 and 18 x 18 inches and slabs of the same colour. Tel: 519- 25.....March 23 Contact

e 20122 Canada: Please quote for granite, marble, onyx slabs and tiles. Tel:- (905) 56.....March 22 Contact

e 20120 Canada: I am looking for Saint Richards Limestone. Telephone: 416 65......March 22 Contact

e 20119 Canada: We are interested in seeing stock of granite slabs, etc. located in Canada. March 22 Contact

e 20064 Canada: Wanted naturally tumbled massage stones. we need a continuous supply of smooth, naturally tumbled massage stones, initial purchase 1000-2000 pieces in sizes from 0.5"-9", mostly 3-6". Interested in Peruvian stones, but open to suggestions and willing to buy ASAP. Please a-mail picture of the samples, estimated shipping cost (usually packed in 40 pounds boxes). We pay for shipping. Tel: 416-87.....March 16 Contact

e 20063 Canada: Please contact me concerning your D9H excavator. Tel: 514 99.....March 15 Contact

e 20030 Canada: I am looking for mesh backing for the manufacturing of field stone tiles in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are looking at making 1' x 1', 4" x 4" and 2' x 2' tiles and are looking for a supplier of mesh backing for gluing the cut rock pieces to. I would like to get dimensions of mesh sheets available along with the prices. The quantity will be low to start as we are just setting up the operation-probably 500 square feet to start. My telephone number is 866-51.....March 13 Contact

e 19997 Canada: Please quote for bridge cutter as per ready stock 353. Send me specs and photo. Tel: 514-32.....March 10 Contact

e 19996 Canada: I am looking for suppliers for artisanal natural stones and rocks in the Ottawa region. Tel: (819) 45......March 9 Contact

e 19857 Canada: We need Milk-white marble
1. Vanity top: 52 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch, with one sink opening, 229 pcs
2. Backsplash: 50.5 inch x 4 inch, 229 pcs: 24 inch x 4 inch, 458 pcs
3. Countertop 32 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch, 229 pcs
We are willing to buy from anywhere in the world. Maybe South America is the first choice. We are in the final stage to finalize a supplier. The price, quality, payment terms, shipping method, shipping time need to be settled down, before finalizing a supplier. We are expecting to place an order within one month. Phone number 1-416-80.....Feb 23 Contact

e 19834 Canada: Kindly give the rates for absolute black tiles. Tel: 905-61..... Feb 22 Contact

e 19822 Canada: Please inform us the price of black absolute/black galaxy blocks gangsaw and block cutter. We are also have possibilities to market your slabs to potential buyers. Telephone: 1-416-38...... Feb 21 Contact

e 19804 Canada: Retail: I am interested in Travertine from Israel. I just need about 200 sq ft for one bathroom. Could you suggest a supplier in my area? Telephone: (519) 32..... Feb 20 Contact

e 19802 Canada: Looking for Caterpiller 950B Wheel Loader. Tel: 905-46.....Feb 20 Contact

e 19787 Canada: Do you also have smaller, 3-5 inches stones that can be used for massage therapy? Tel: 416-48.....Feb 18 Contact

e 19727 Canada: Please quote for a bridge cutter as displayed in stock 353. Ph: (613) 83.....Feb 11 Contact

e 19717 Canada: We are looking at a project to replace stair treads in a building in Toronto. The best match I have seen so far is Brazilian Slate in a burgundy colour. The treads are in two sizes: 101 " x 13" x 1.5" 30 pcs / 76" x 13" x 1.5" 18 pcs. There is a bull nose on three edges, natural cleft tread. My understanding is that the 101" long tread will have to be supplied in two pieces. We are in the final development stage of the project with the client who wishes to begin this spring. My phone number is: 416-46.....Feb 10 Contact

e 19666 Canada: We are building a new house near Vancouver BC. Looking for a supplier/installer of limestone facades in our area. We are building a house that is approx. 4300 square feet. So, I am not sure how much limestone would be needed for a limestone facade--a fair amount, I would think. Tel # 604-85.....Feb 6 Contact

e 19660 Canada: Please quote for earthmoving machines as displayed in ready stock 575. Tel: 905-46.....Feb 5 Contact

e 19655 Canada: I am looking for a single, 1/2 ton block of fine, white, Egyptian limestone and a single 2-ton block of red, Aswan granite. Please quote price delivered to address in Canada. Telephone: 416-81.....Feb 5 Contact

e 19607 Canada: I am interested to buy 950 B excavator. Phone number is 416.74..... Can you send me picture and price at karachi port (Pakistan). Jan 31 Contact

e 19544 Canada: Please quote for a granite / marble gangsaw. Tel: 1 778 89.....Jan 21 Contact

e 19514 Canada; I am looking for Emerald Green Marble with Black or Crystaline traces. One side must be polished and laser/sand blast etching ready. It is for monument plaques 9 inches x 12 inches (23 cm x 30,5 cm) polished finished product. Looking for minimum shade variation. I will accept commercial quality or rejects but an accurate digital photo must be submitted for approval. I am looking to start with 10 pieces to start providing samples over here in Canada. Please send one quote of product as pre-cut, polished, ready to ship with insurance and shipping charges. Please send a second quote of product as not pre-cut (what dimensions), polished, ready to ship with insurance and shipping charges. Mobile: +1 514-91.....Jan 19 Contact

e 19481 Canada: I am from Calgary (Alberta). I would like to get some info on bridge saw. I am available at (403) 68.....Jan 15 Contact

e 19480 Canada: I am located in Québec and wish to buy Absolute Black Granite. I need them in 12 inch x 12 inch tiles, 3/8 inch. Quantities can range from 200 to 1000 depending on price breaks. I need it polished with smooth edges (honed?). Basically in the same condition as purchasing from a store for use on floors or walls. I want the best price whether that's imported or local. I am ready to order once a price is given. It must be this identical tile, I need absolute black with no to minimum visible grain. I will pay for samples if different from what is displayed on web site. Bureau (450) 66.....Jan 15 Contact

e 19477 Canada: We are in the process of opening a new store in Victoria BC, Canada and are interested in obtaining a price list. Business Telephone: 250 47..... Jan 15 Contact

e 19476 Canada: Want 4 containers of Brazilian mixed color slabs of 2cm and 3 cm. Please quote FOB your port and cif Vancouver for the subject. Ph: 778 37..... Jan 15 Contact

e 19410 Canada: Please give me more info on grader Caterpillar 14G. Tel: 514-99.....Jan 7 Contact

e 19404 Canada: I am interested in buying engineering tiles in Green Butterfly Granite FLAMED FINISH in the following sizes:
60 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm
60 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm
60 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm
45 cm x 45 cm x 3 cm
I require a few containers. Please send your quote along with delivery time. If you have any questions please call me at 001 647 89......Jan 6 Contact

e 19383 Canada: We are a granite slab manufacturer located in Canada. We would be interested in buying some granite blocks. Can you please email me your price list of your inventory? Tel. No. 1-819-87..... Jan 4 Contact

e 19364 Canada: We are looking for granites. What kind of payments are acceptable? Is there a minimum purchase order size? Do you have high quality pictures of the various stones? Jan 3 Contact

Buyers' enquiries for stones : 2006 | 2005 | 2004

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