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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Canada.

You can contact the buyers below by:
A) Joining a relevant Subscription Plan at www.findstone.com/subscription.htm
B) Buying individual contacts at USD 25 each via www.findstone.com/payment.htm.
If a buyer does not reply, your $ 25 will be kept in credit for another inquiry of your choice.

For previous inquiries, see www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm . They are still valid.

www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998.

Buyers' enquiries for stones : 2006 | 2005 | 2004


e 16044 Canada: We are in search of suppliers who would be able to supply Shanxi Black Rough blocks in various sizes. Please forward us your quality, sizes and prices. Dec 15, Contact

e 16039 Canada: We are granite importer and counter top manufacturer, we import from Brazil, Mexico at the present time. After looking at some of your product list. We are interested in knowing more about your company, so if you will be kind enough to mail us your catalogue and price list. We are in Edmonton. Dec 14, Contact

e 16029 Canada: We are interested in the automatic terrazzo tiles plant. Our tel. no. is (418) 55.....Dec 14, Contact

e 15959 Canada: Retail: Do you sell granite backsplashes that match your tiles? I am looking for 4" by 96" backsplashes in Tiger skin and green pearl. How much are they for 3 of each color and what does shipping to Canada cost. I am also interested in purchasing a bathroom vanity top 23" by 34" with cut out for sink and taps, if you stock other sizes let me know. Dec 8, Contact

e 15365 Canada: Retail: I am doing a small backyard project and would like to know if it's possible to get a price sheet with pictures of different types of patio stones. I am not sure as to what type of stone I would like to use. I live in Toronto. Oct 28, Contact

e 15349 Canada: Monuments: I am in need of some 20"x12"x3" black granite marker. I need the black to be very dark and have a very solid grain. Wanting to first purchase a couple of 20"x12"x1" plates of the same colour to see what the granite looks like and how it will work best for me. I am in the Vancouver , BC, Canada, region and am looking for a supplier in the same area. Please email me with some quotes for both sizes and the availability of the products. My contact number is 604 21.....Oct 26, Contact

e 15277 Canada: I am looking for bianco carrera C tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8. Can I have a quotation for this please? I will order 1 container. Oct 20, Contact

e 15182 Canada: Landscape: I want a variety of stones for a large back yard landscape project. I am not too sure the names of the stones, but they would typically be a variety of different stones of different sizes both large and small, flagstones for patio and paths, waterfall stones and rocks for the large water feature as well as large gravel to cover the pond lining. As I am working to a budget, I thought buying direct would be more cost effective. I can come and pick them or have them delivered. I am in Mississauga, Ontario. Oct 14, Contact

e 15137 Canada: Retail: Oversized Granite Counter tops required immediately. Specifications: Drawings attached in .jpg format.
Surface 1. 124" x 25.5" - finished 2 sides as per drawing w/ bullnose and build-up
Surface 2. 124" x 16" - finished 4 sides as per drawing w/ bullnose and build-up
Surface 3. 107" x 25.5" - finished 2 sides as per drawing w/ bullnose and build-up w/ 16" cut out for under mount sink
Surface 4. 107" x 4" - backsplash, 3 edges polished only
Surface 5. 26" dia circle w/ 4" dia hole cut in center w/ bullnose and build-up all around
All material in 20 mm thickness. Star Galaxy preferred, but other materials will be considered. Long sections must be done in single piece without joints/seams. My cabinets are complete and installed and I am ready to purchase as soon as possible. Local supplies are unable to do this work without seams. I will finalize an order immediately if material is available. My tel. no. is 416-63.....Oct 11, Contact

e 15087 Canada: Landscape: I am looking for irregular pieces of B.C. Gold Granite approximately 11/2 to 2" thick for a patio. We would need about 500 square feet of irregular slabs. We would like to see a sample and price before ordering. I am in Ontario. Oct 8, Contact

e 15085 Canada: We are looking for supplier of Chinese Shanxi Black - Tiles & Slabs. We are interested only buy full containers loads.
(1) TILES (thickness 10-13mm): sizes 30x60cm, 30x90cm, and 45x45cm @ Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish.
(2) SLABS (thickness 20mm): @ Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish (Please advice Minimum & Maximum size)
(a) Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB China and /or CIF Toronto)
(b) Payment Terms: only acceptable CAD (60-90 days from B/L)
(c) We also required the full size sample of Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish to take your offer in consideration. Our fax no. is (416) 53.....Oct 7, Contact

e 15074 Canada: Landscape: Email me relevant information for 800 sf of granite cobbles for city of Toronto - central. Oct 7, Contact

e 15062 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I need some information on two used caterpillar equipments: Dozer 6D or 7D & Loader 930,or950 or 140H. Please quote for machines of model year 1980 to 1990. Oct 6, Contact

e 14861 Canada: Retail: We are looking for granite for counters in kitchen about 100 sq ft. Our budget is CAD 3000. Stone is Magpie or something close. We are in Winnipeg. Sept 22, Contact

e 14854 Canada: We need some prices & availability on Baracuda Blue Tiles 12" x 12" or 16" x 16". We need about 1000 sq.ft. We are ready to process the order, and we are willing to buy from any country. We are in
Ottawa. Our tel. no. is 1-613-74.....Sept 21, Contact

e 14785 Canada: Landscape: We want to buy crushed Lava, crushed granite, slate, boulders, blast rock... in bulk quantity. Would like a domestic purchase. We need it for Ground Cover. We are in BC. Sept 16, Contact

e 14697 Canada: Please send me a picture of Georgian Mist Limestone from Texas. Sept 10, Contact

e 14696 Canada: I am interested in the moss rock. What size are the rocks? Do you ship in wire cage on 42" square pallet? Need pricing delivered Vancouver. Some pictures by e mail would be nice. Sept 10, Contact

e 14675 Canada: Please quote for Moss Rock. Also mention shipping costs to BC. Sept 9, Contact

e 14669 Canada: Looking for 30"x30" Bluestone Tiles. 1" or less thickness, Dimensionally square, Full Color, Natural Cleft, Approximately 5000 square feet. Required: Spring 2005. We are in North Vancouver. Phone no. is 604 80.....Sept 9, Contact

e 14665 Canada: Landscape: Please quote for cobblestones as shown in ready stock 415. Sept 8, Contact
e 14586 Canada: Retail: Looking for the closest place to purchase limestone, flagstone at a fair price I am in Belleville, Ontario. Sept 4, Contact

e 14507 Canada: Retail: I want to purchase a huge quantity of slate tile - just enough to renovate my house. I am from British Columbia Canada. Aug 30, Contact

e 14493 Canada: Need a supply of honey and orange onyx. Slab and small boulders. My contact info. is 416 87.....Aug 28, Contact

e 14399 Canada: Retail: I just renewed my kitchen. My existing floor is granite, which I did not change since it goes all the ay into the hallway. The color is a grey green with specs of red ( something like a juparana). My kitchen cabinets are light ivory and the island is in cherry wood. What color and material would you suggest for my kitchen counter? I am in Montreal. My tel. no. is 514- 28.....Aug 23, Contact

e 14251 Canada: We are in the process of building a Tuscan style house. The kitchen tile is a light natural beige color and we are now considering the type of kitchen counter top to install. The kitchen cabinets are an antique white wash. The interior designer we are using is suggesting that we use a light honed limestone for the countertops. What can you suggest we use that would provide us with a more practical use but can we still use a light granite surface (not honed) which would be in keeping with our color scheme. Does a suitable light polished granite surface exist that is practical to. We are in Vancouver. Aug 16, Contact

e 14207 Canada: Please send a price list of Granite countertops. Aug 14, Contact

e 14191 Canada: Send info and prices for a waterjet machine for shipping to BC Canada (any specs on sandstone cutting?). Aug 13, Contact

e 14181 Canada: I manufacture marble urns 6x8x4, all sorts of colors and is it possible to photo laser on round urns. If not possible how much on 6x8 surface area and only portraits, and delivery time. Aug 13, Contact

e 14144 Canada: I am an architect looking for relevant information on PEI sandstone, thickness of this reddish rock, and where to buy it, how much does it cost, how to apply it. Aug 11, Contact

e 14039 Canada: I would like to get a better idea of price and availability of granite countertops for Toronto FOB. I require QTY 10, 96 x 26 x 3/4 Absolute Black. Please confirm cost includes full bull nose edge on two sides and back splash, Expected deliver is 60 to 80 days. We are ready to place an order today and reorder 60 days. Aug 6, Contact

e 13947 Canada: I am looking for a portable wire saw. Please quote. I am in Ontario. My tel. no. is 1-519-81.....Aug 1, Contact

e 13169 Canada: We are interested in porcelain tiles, any size, along with the granite for the counter tops. We are looking at around 650 units to be done. We are looking at the container loads. Please send us the price list. June 18, Contact

e 13143 Canada: I need containers of lava stone from Indonesia for sculpture, garden accessories, etc. Need it in 3-4 months. My tel. no. is 905-33..... June 17, Contact

e 13065 Canada: We want to buy travertine for our floors. Also what is the difference between fiorito and paredon? Our tel. no. is 416-62.....June 13, Contact

e 13061 Canada: Quarry Machinery: I am looking for a splitter as displayed in ready stock 431. My tel. no. is905-56......June 12, Contact

e 13044 Canada: I am in the need for approx 6000 sq ft of 12"x 12" tile in African Red. Need to know price and delivery to Vancouver. June 11, Contact

e 13006 Canada: Retail: I like the Cambrian Black. How much would it be for a 3' X 5' slab for counter top about ½ inch thick. It is for an island. Please include shipping to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our tel. no. is 306 28.....June 9, Contact

e 12908 Canada: Retail: I am interested in purchasing approx 120 sq.ft of cobbles. Preferred size is 4" x 8". Will arrange pick-up in Beebe. I am located in Ottawa, Ontario. Can you send photo by e-mail? My tel. no. is 613 29.....June 2, Contact

e 12885 Canada: Quarry Machinery: I need information about the rock splitter and some pictures.
We want to change our equipment in our soapstone quarry. looking for companies that manufacture tools to cut blocks in the quarry. My phone number is 418 42.....May 31, Contact

e 12827 Canada: We are interested in purchasing "travertine" from Turkey. Our tel. no. is 1-905-27.....May 27, Contact

e 12823 Canada: We are importers of Indian granite, marble, sand stone, slate, limestone, quartzite, etc. We want 7~8 containers of tiles (Black, Black galaxy 2 con each & mix of other colours), 5~6 cont of slabs 2cm & 3cm. Slates calibrated 4~5 con & non calibrated 3~4 con 30 x 30 & 40 x 40. Limestone calibrated 4~5 con 40 x 40 -15+/-1mm , 7~8 con-non cal all sizes. We will send our inspectors to the factories / SGS inspection required in some cases. This can be decided case to case. We are looking to buy on long term basis. Supplier's profile and background very much essential. Orders can be placed from July 1st week. My tel. no. is +1 416 56......May 26, Contact

e 12816 Canada: I am looking for black or reddish basalt stones, sizes 1/2 inches up to eight inches. I am in Toronto, Ontario. My phone is 416-26.....May 26, Contact

e 12773 Canada: Landscape: Please provide info. on wall cladding stones. Is that the thin stone to put on top of bricks, woods, siding... ? How much is that and do you have any store in Toronto or Ontario?
My phone number is 416-62.....I need about 500 sf, depends on the size and the price, this quantity is just for the front. If the price is OK, may be I will do the whole house and I will need more. The colour is may be white, grey or ivory ...May 22, Contact

e 12746 Canada: Retail: I am a Glass Artist & designer looking for polished slab of White Onyx approx 80" x 40" x 2" for a dinning table top I've designed for a client. My phone no. is 250 53.....May 20, Contact

e 12659 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I need used dump trucks 6 and 10 wheelers. Quantity: 10. Please give me your good offer. This stuff will go to Pakistan. I am here in Canada. My telephone is 1-905-50.....May 14, Contact

e 12634 Canada: We are condominium developers looking to buy stone tiles and mosaics. This inquiry is specifically for the purchase of light blue marbles, preferably form Brazil like Blue sky, Azul cielo, Azul macaubas, Azul acquamarina, Boquira, etc. Quantity required: approx 2000 sq.ft. for this inquiry (potentially more) Size range: square tiles ranging from 10*10cm to 40*40cm, mosaic tiles (30*30cm sheets) with 10-25mm square pieces. Application: bathroom walls and floors. Geographic area for purchase: Brazil/ South America, China. Stage of buying process: Ready to buy upon size selection (no sample request). Expected date of order: May/June 2004. We are in Montreal, Quebec. Our phone no. is (514) 8.....May 12, Contact

e 12627 Canada: I wish to enter into business of Granite, Marble and Tiles in Toronto by opening showroom.
I need to get samples and rates from various suppliers to compare prices with local wholesalers. My tel. no. is 905 27......May 12, Contact

e 12556 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: I am a granite fabricator and I am interested in a bridge saw. Please contact 60483..... May 8, Contact

e 12544 Canada: Diamond Tools: We want Silicon Carbide wire for wire saw. Our tel. no. is 902 64.....May 7, Contact

e 12529 Canada: I am building a home this summer in Almonte, Ont. Canada Just outside of Ottawa and would like to know your expert opinion on installing limestone countertops. I like the soft look of limestone but will it stand up in the kitchen? Also, I was looking at installing limestone tiles and the entrances and in the bathrooms of the home. Again, your expert opinion is welcomed. Lastly, do you know of any retailers in and around the Ottawa area? May 6, Contact

e 12509 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I would like to buy Hitachi EX 100_1 Excavators. I am in Montreal. My tel. no. is 1 514 29.....May 6, Contact

e 12460 Canada: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote for Bridge Saws and Multi head Line Polishing Machine (Marble/Granite). Our phone no. is 416-41.....May 3, Contact

e 12448 Canada: I am a massage therapist requiring stones for hot stone massage. I need black pebbles basalt stones. Very smooth, naturally tumbled. I believe they are from Mexico, or Philippines. I need 1/2", 2-3" 3-5". Are they priced in U.S. dollars? How much is a ton of stones? I can send pictures of what I need. I will be buying an a regular basis starting with 1 ton and likely increasing that as my demand increases. My phone number is 416 76.....May 1, Contact

e 11893 Canada: Monument Artifacts: We are in New Brunswick looking to buy urns, saddles for floral arrangements and any other accessories for our shop. We want to buy wholesale as we are a retailer. Also interested in any other granite or marble products, smaller items possibly for sale. We do Monument Restoration, lettering, and now are selling monuments and markers. We are looking to sell, sell, sell. We are open to what is new, Pet memorials, I think would sell. I think a tile or small piece of granite or marble would do. Also urns. Any add ons to our business. Mar 25, Contact

e 11851 Canada: We are interested in purchasing Amethyst landscape stone. We are located in Otterville, southern Ontario, Canada. We operate a retail yard & wholesale distribution yard for other quarries. Our phone no. is 519-87.....Mar 24, Contact

e 11783 Canada: Retail: We are looking for Indian Marble, Fancy Green in slab for a fireplace facing. Measurements: 1 piece 62 inches wide by 18 inches high and 2 pieces 14 inches wide by 26 inches high. Please provide availability and cost in USD. We are home owners looking for Indian Marble Fancy Green slab to re-face a existing fireplace. We are located in Canada but can arrange to pick up in either Boston Mass or Albany NY. Phone number: 613-83.....Mar 17, Contact

ES: e 11771 Canada: Would like to contact suppliers of Mondariz granite blocks from Spain. Our contact no. is 418.66.....Mar 17, Contact

e 11752 Canada: Retail: We are looking for white slate pencils to use in our school house museum. Our suppliers can only get gray pencils, and this is no good when we have children write on slates. We have been buying the pencils in boxes of 100, for $15 a box. Could you let us know what your cost is? We know of other school house museums that are also looking for white slate pencils, so we could pass your name on if you like.
Could you just confirm that the pencils you have are actually made of white slate and not chalk? We are in Ontario. Mar 16, Contact

e 11519 Canada: Retail: I need 3 slabs of granite as well as 200 square feet of 18X18 granite tiles. The problem is the color, I need a cream/white colour but, I am really looking for a uniform colour, not too many specks. More like a marble look however, it is granite. I am in Montreal. Mar 3, Contact

11515 Canada: Retail: I recently read about a new product that has just been developed that uses the principle of laminated wood floors to float slate floors. The product is made in the US. Essentially, the slate tiles are bonded to a wood backing which is attached to foam underlay. These sections fit together in the same way a Pergo floor would, except that it is spaced to allow for calking after the installation. Apparently, it was made for the DIY crowd and a typical installation could take as little as 3 hrs. You can walk on it almost immediately. One of the interesting things is that the flooring doesn't even need to be absolutely firm as even the caulking has special epoxy in it that allows for some movement. Now my brother is thinking of redoing his kitchen floors and after hearing about the product, wants to consider it. However, now I can't remember where I had read about it and can't find a thing on it. I realize that you may consider this an abomination but thought you probably run into every type of new product in your area of expertise. Mar 3, Free Contact

e 11410 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: Please quote for a pelegrini and a wire saw. I am in Ontario. Feb 26, Contact

e 11354 Canada: Retail: We are going to put a blue pearl granite counter top in our kitchen. Is blue pearl a type of granite that requires sealing? Are there any special 'gotchas' with this type of granite? Feb 24, Contact

e 11302 Canada: We would like to buy 50 pieces marble bases of the 8 3/4"x8"x1 1/2" size. Do you have a minimum? Can you produce blocks 2 3/4"x2 3/4"x 2" tall? We are in Toronto & our tel. no. is 416-89..... Feb 22, Contact

e 11216 Canada: Please quote for granite counter tops. Feb 18, Contact

e 11213 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: Interested in buying a turnkey plant. I am in Toronto,
Feb 18, Contact

e 11191 Canada: Looking for weathered surface limestone blocks. Largest is 18ft long, 3 ft wide and 2 feet to 4 ft thick, smallest 4 ft by 4ft by 2 ft thick. Feb 18, Contact

e 11177Canada: Require supplier of black marble bases for statues. Yearly job (approx 30 bases per year). Can fax drawings. My phone no. is 416 89......Feb 17, Contact

e 11109 Canada: I am looking for Honed Granite Countertops for my home in Nova Scotia. My tel. no. is 973-88.....Feb 12, Contact

e 11085 Canada: Retail: Please quote with images for black and gold marble from Italy and Rubino too.
Feb 11, Contact

10 X 10 ,15 X 15,20 X 20, 20 X 60 , 40 X 60, 40 X 40. OUR COMPANY IN QUEBEC. WE WOULD LIKE TO OBTAIN SAMPLES. Feb 9, Contact

e 10977 Canada: Retail: Please quote for a bathroom vanity top in Crema Marfil honed and polished. I am in Ottawa. Phone no. is (613) 23.....Feb 5, Contact

e 10975 Canada: Please quote for black marble with white and gold flakes. Feb 5, Contact

BR: e 10960 Canada: Please quote prices for ubatuba, san cecilia yellow, new venetian gold and giallo ornimentale blocks to be shipped to Montreal Canada. Feb 5, Contact

e 10943 Canada: Please quote FOB rates for Vermillion. Stone finish Polished. Latest delivery date is Mar 31, 2004. Quantity requested is 1200 sq ft. We are looking for suppliers of assorted sizes for grave markers.
Feb 4, Contact

e 10702 Canada: Please quote for Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote us the items listed below in all colors:
1- 20mm X 25.5'' X 96'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
2- 20mm X 25.5'' X 108'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
3- 20mm X 25.5'' X (aprox)120'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 3
4- 20mm X 36'' X 72'' long with 1-1/2'' full Bullnose edges on 4 sides
5- 30mm X 25.5'' X 96'' long with full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
6- 30mm X 25.5'' X 108'' long with full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
7- 30mm X 25.5'' X (aprox)120'' long with full Bullnose edges on 3 sides
8- 30mm X 36'' X 72'' long with full Bullnose edges on 4 sides
9- Backsplash 20mm X 4'' X 96'' long
10- Backsplash 20mm X 4'' X 108'' long
11- Backsplash 20mm X 4'' X (aprox)120'' long
12- Slabs 20mm X 9 feet min X 5 feet
13- Slabs 30mm X 9 feet min X 5 feet
14- tiles 10mm X 305mm X 305mm or 12'' X 12'' X 3/8''
15- tiles (aprox)13mm X 406mm X 406mm or 16'' X 16'' X (aprox) 1/2''
16- tiles 13mm X 457mm X 457mm or 18'' X 18'' X 1/2''
17- tiles 13mm X 610mm X 610mm or 24'' X 24'' X 1/2''
All tiles must be calibrated, chamfered and grooved
Please indicate:
a) if containers may be mixed as per customer requirements
b) lead time and quantities that can be loaded in container I am in Montreal. Jan 22, Contact

e 10690 Canada: Please quote for Afyon Beyazi, Afyon White, Bianco Carrara (Italy) tiles 30.5x30.5x1 cm (12"x12"x3/8) and slabs 2 /3 cm. I am in Vancouver. Jan 21, Contact

e 10642 Canada: We will be visiting Turkey on Jan 25 2004 until Feb 5 2004 and would like to visit some Turkish companies who can supply us with Travertine, Marble and Limestone. We are interested in their complete line of products. Our fax no. is 1-905-89.....Jan 19, Contact

e 10545 Canada: Retail: I am looking for a store in Windsor Canada that sells a good selection of granite counter tops. I live in Lansing, MI and I am told it is worth it to drive 90 minutes to get it for the cost savings. Jan 14, Contact

e 10516 Canada: Please quote with delivery time and qty. for Diamond Abrasives for metal polishing. Jan 13, Contact

e 10475 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: We are searching for EX-60. Jan 10, Contact

e 10439 Canada: Monuments: We are looking for tombstone supplier from China, can you let me know the FOB PRICE for shanxi black and other color such as dark grey, red, green. Jan 9, Contact

e 10438 Canada: I am trying to locate about 60 sq ft of 4 x 4 inch tumbled marble tiles in bardiglio (bluette or imperiale) but I cannot seem to find them here in Toronto, Canada. I am looking for distributors or retailers in the Toronto area. Jan 9, Contact

e 10436 Canada: I am looking for a manufacturer who can carve small to medium sized objects. These would be used for jewelry and decoration in homes and offices. I am also interested in sourcing a supplier for various types of stone amehtyst, jade, quartz- in all hues, lapis lazuli, and mica. I need a Canadian supplier if possible. Our tel. no. ( 403) 24.....Jan 9, Contact

e 10391 Canada: Landscape: I am looking to buy at least half a quarry block of a good outdoor quality stone, that is tolerable to some abuse, I have heard good things about Indiana Soapstone. Jan 7, Contact

e 10327 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to purchase a motor grader caterpillar. Please quote. Jan 3, Contact

e 10271 Canada: I am an interior designer / consultant. We are looking for stone supplier's in Toronto. My cell no. 416-843.....Dec 30, Contact

e 9931 Italy: Interested in ATLANTIC BLACK GRANITE from Canada in slabs of 20 mm and 30 mm thickness, rough. Qty about 500 sqm. Please quote asap, FOB Canadian Port - destination will be Italy. Dec 3, Contact

e 9315 USA: I want 950 sq ft of Blue Eyes in 18" x 18" as soon as possible. I am in MD 21207. Please call me at 410-98..... Oct 22, Contact

ALL: e 9237 Canada: I am looking for a supplier who can offer competitive price, quality and service. We sell an average of about 25 to 30 containers a month of granite slabs and marble. We sell throughout the USA and also within Canada. Please send quotes with images. My contact no. is (514) - 80......I am in Montreal. 
Oct 15, Contact

e 9183 Canada: I want basalt massage stones. Can you send me some samples of your stones and a catalogue/price list? See attached image for sizes and types needed. What is the cost for shipping in Canada? Do you have a set of 50 basalt stones with various size? Oct 10, Contact

IN/CN: e 9174 USA: I want Burma Teak Sandstone or yellow sandstone with wood vein in blocks or 4x4 tile. Must be porous. Iron must be present. Would like to order M3 block by container and some finished tile honed not polished. I would like some samples to test for an on going product line. I need price on M3 block to be shipped to Thailand and also tile cut price for direct export to U.S. My contact no. is 1-602-26.....Oct 10, Contact

e 9121 Canada: I have a client that is looking for a particular white travertine (image). It was given to me by fellow at a stone show last year. He did not recall where it came from, but he thinks it may have been Iran or the region. Have you seen this travertine before? I may need plenty of it. The pattern looks like bird feathers. At first I thought it was a limestone because it was so dense, but most people say it is a travertine.
The travertine in this photo looks fantastic, I am looking for the specific " bird feather" pattern. It appears this pattern is very hard to locate. Perhaps this may show up on a crosscut section of your travertine. In any event, could you please send me 6" x 6" samples of this travertine in both vein cut and crosscut. I will present them to my client. Oct 7, Contact

e 8841 Canada: I am a granite importer and wholesaler looking for granite slab, tiles, fireplaces, table tops and prefabricated counter tops. I am located in Toronto, Ontario, my contact no. is 905 8...... 
Need materials from India and Brazil in all available colors, shapes and sizes. Will buy container loads with appropriate terms. I have established contacts with area builders and developers. Several large condo projects have been negotiated as well as several hundred new housing projects. I am in urgent need and I am looking for suppliers in Canada, USA and Brazil who stock Indian and Brazilian granite slabs.

With regards to the counter tops we will require a double bull nose on one long side and some with double bull nose long side and right side and some double bull nose long side and left side. To clarify we refer to these as front finished, front left finished or front right finished. All counters will have mirror polished tops and bull nose. These counters will all be ordered in a standard size of 110" x 25.5" x 3/4 with double bull nose. If we should be successful in negotiating a deal, you can expect orders of 2-3 containers every 4 months. This along with tiles and slabs should generate 5-6 containers every 4-5 months. Please provide pricing in your available colors as soon as possible for we have a desperate need to order and someone will get our order within the next 4-6 days. On going contracts with new home builders and 3 condo developments have provided us with a huge opportunity to sell granite products. Please be advised that price will not be the determining factor rather the terms for payment will win our order. Looking forward to your price list and stock list. 

Requirements for our first order

Please find below the materials we will be requiring for our first order:
Note: counter tops will be ¾ thick with full 1 ½ laminated bullnose. Straight pieces will have bullnose one long side, right pieces will have bullnose on long side and right side, left pieces will have bullnose on long side and left side. All counter tops to come with matching in length an 18 inch back splash. These will be referred to as sets eg: 1 right set will have one counter top with full bullnose along front and right side and one matching 18 inch backsplash. Counter tops will be no less than 96 inches in length and 25 ½ inches in width, back splashes will have edges polished. 

JET BLACK ( black absolute, shanxi black ) Tiles:  1000 pieces 12x12x3/8 & 1000 pieces 18x18x3/8 
50 pieces 24x36x1/2 & 50 pieces 36x60x1/2. 
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right 

TAN BROWN Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8 
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right 

BLACK GALAXY Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8 
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right

BLUE PEARL Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x3/8
Counter Top Sets: 7 straight, 3 left & 3 right

UBA TUBA GOLD Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 7straight, 3 left & 3 right

BUTTERFLY GREEN Tiles: 250 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

GIALLO VENEZIANO Tiles: 250 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

SILVER BLUE Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

CORAL RED Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x12 x 3/8 
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

SAPPHIRE BLUE Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

SAPPHIRE BROWN Tiles: 500 pieces 12 x 12 x 3/8 & 500 pieces 18 x 18 x 3/8
Counter Top Sets: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right

The following colors will all be counter top sets, as follows: 5 straight, 2 left & 2 right


e 8834 Canada: Please quote for Nero Belgio, Calcair de Vinalmont black & Noir de Golgine limestone. We are looking to purchase immediately approximately 27 cubic meters of black stone. We are in NB. Sept 10, Contact

CA/RU/IR: e 8705 Korea: We are looking for reliable suppliers of Nephrite Jade and Onyx from the whole over the world. To help you and the supplier understand our requirements exactly, we would like to provide you with the following information.
Slab Size Specification : 720 x 870 x 20mm
Application : Home Furniture
One side should be polished but bevelling not needed.
Also wanted Onyx in Orange or Yellow and Green color. 
Marble: (1) India: Emerald Green, Fancy Forest, Golden Green (2) Taiwan : Light Green (3) Ethiopia : Sabian Multicolor (4) Guatemala : Verde Mare, Verde Saltan, Verde Quetzal (5) China : Moss Green (6) Turkey : Teknonix
Granite: (1) Australia : Sydney Green, Forest Green (2) Canada : Abyss Green, Peribonka, Prairie Green (3) China: Evergreen 1 & 2, Jade green (4) Colombia : Sahara (5) India : Verde Fiorito, Hassan green, Yak (6) Iran: Pi Granite, G531 (7) Taiwan : Green Butterfly
4 pieces of the stones will be used as one set and therefore at least the colors of 4 pieces should be same and consistent. But the colors of remaining stones should be same or very similar. Any hairline crack or other ugly colors will not be accepted. If the prices are acceptable to us, we will need actual samples to check up the quality. And the quality is ok, we will visit the supplier to place an order. The inspection will be done by us before shipment. Basically we do need the jades of Canada and/or Russia and the Onyx of Iran. But those of other countries could be fine provided the quality and quantity could meet our requirements. Price, FOB any port of the supplier country. In case of the nephrite jade, please quote as per grades A, B, C or in other way to show the differences ,and we would appreciate it if the supplier could e-mail us the photo of each grade of the stone to see the quality. This is very important. 
Quantity depends on the quality and price. But if the quality and prices are good, the quantity will be one 20 foot container load per each stone at regular base. If the foregoing sizes are not available, please let us know the possible sizes. In the meantime, if they could produce the bigger sizes, it will be welcomed. Aug 30, Contact

e 8674 Canada: I want Jerusalem gray gold (patina finish) 6 slabs 3cm. I have a sample and looks like Jerusalem gold light. Payment will be COD. Deilvery reqd. in 2 weeks. I manufacture marble and granite countertops mostly for kitchens here in Montreal. I buy slabs mostly here, locally, but would be really interested to find other sources of supply. I am in Quebec and my phone no. is 450 63.....Aug 28, Contact 

e 8604 Canada: Retail: I am seriously considering buying granite countertops for our new kitchen. Before I go ahead and buy, could you please recommend what type/ color of granite would be my best bet- I'd like either blacks ( galaxy or absolute), or lighter colored granite (bianco cardinale, incas gold, golden oak). 
We have a busy household with 2 small kids and needless to say, our countertops will experience a lot of spilling, fingertips, glass marks, etc. Kitchen is generally a very high traffic area in our house. What would be the easiest to maintain and resilient stone I should consider? Also, I am located in Mississauga, Ontario. Also looking for a reputable manufacturer/ installer here? Aug 22, Contact 

e 8505 Canada: Retail: I'd like to put an ungauged slate floor in my kitchen, and (because the house is small) carry it through to the bathroom. What kind of maintenance is involved? Would slate be a reasonable surface to use as wall covering in a walk-in shower that doubles as a steam room? Would ceramic/porcelain be a smarter choice..? I am in Toronto and my contact no. is 416 53.....Aug 14, Contact

e 8485 Canada: Retail; I am a marine aquarist, from Toronto, Ontario, and I'm trying to purchase dolomite or dolomitic limestone. (Within the hobby, it's placed in a CO2 reactor where it slowly dissolves, boosting levels of magnesium in the saltwater.) I was told I could find it in a nursery, but all I've found is dolomitic LIME--which would be really bad for my aquarium! Where can I find real, natural, unadulterated dolomite whose particle size might resemble aquarium gravel? Looking for a sources within Canada? Aug 13, Contact

US: e 8472 Canada: I am interested to get some large amount of Bethel white/ Gardenia White, or find acceptable substitutes for those rocks. I am in Ontario and my tel. no. is 613-59..... Aug 12, Contact

EG: e 8390 Canada: We are interested in using an Egyptian marble in some of our projects. And would like to have more information regarding your prices, catalogues and shipping to Canada. Also, we would like to have some samples of your selection. Aug 7, Contact

e 8329 Canada: Retail: Landscape: Looking for crushed marble dust to make statuary. All I seem to find is man made dust...I need dust with small particles of marble in it.........1/4" down to dust say...any ideas? I am in Ontario. Aug 4, Contact

ALL: e 8321 Canada: I am from Vancouver & I am running flooring business for 15 yrs. I would like to buy granite. I am looking for all kinds. I will buy big volumes. Aug 4, Contact

e 8247 Canada: Please quote for black granite. Would like to see samples /  pictures. I am in Toronto. Aug 1, Contact

e 8156 Canada: I am interested in importing granite polished 2cm / 3cm slabs to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Phone:403-88.....We are manufacturers and installers of granite and marble products. July 26, Contact

e 8149 Canada: Please quote for a 20 foot container of golden color limestone like Jerusalem gold. How much sqm can you load into a container? How much will it cost to deliver a container to any US port? Also, your lime stone is not travertine right? July 25, Contact

e 8073 Canada: Service: I live in Toronto and want contact professional stone refinisher in the Toronto area. July 22, Contact

e 7997 Canada: Please send quotes and images of any BLUE MARBLE TILES (3/8” thick only) – no granites please. We are mosaic art & design studio in Quebec and my contact no. is 51428......July 16, Contact

IN: e 7971 Canada: I am currently working for a client in West Vancouver, Canada. I am interested in black/dark brown slate for a sidewalk and pool perimeter solution. A base of sand gravel has been done and a 3" concrete slab is assumed. What do you have in stock? Price list and availability? Immediate needs are for 1800 sq. for a front walk way and I need to secure another 5200sq. for the pool area. My preference if for a blended soft black with brown highlights. Strong stone with definite color and pattern. The look is rustic and simple, not polished and smooth. However, I do not want a choppy, and terribly uneven appearance. My last project in Canada, I employed Indian Slate with light black to blue which was spectacular. The 10 x 10 is of interest. The thickness variance is not a concern. Color variance is a concern - I would want to avoid pieces with iron deposits as part of the order is meant to be laid beside a pool. What is the price per square foot delivered to West Vancouver? Can I order 200 square feet as a sample (paid for of course), and can this be delivered within the next 5-7 days? 
All this being said, I may be interested in 0019 - 0048, 0052, 0056 if you can provide me with measures. In the West Vancouver house I am finishing, I need 3 large stone planters that stand at least 18 inches tall and are at least 36 inches in length - the look I require is a rough granite (black/white) assembled slabs. I prefer to deal direct with manufactures. I have six active projects on the go, and one new one in Laguna Beach beginning 11/08. July 15, Contact

e 7965 Canada: Retail: I would like to buy two sets of Granite kitchen countertops. I am in Toronto, Ontario and my contact no. is (416) 78.....July 15, Contact

e 7919 Canada: Landscape: I want a full load of USED granite cobblestones in the light beige / black / white/ colour range. Prefer size about 8" x 8" x 4". I have a customer waiting for this. We prefer the used as the surface is smooth as opposed to snap edge surface. Purchase would be completed upon receipt of sample or good digital photo of product. I have a client who has my product on site and has asked me as a courtesy to source this product for him.. This is an ultra high end project and I have a definite need. We are in NS. Our tel. no. is (902) 63.....July 11, Contact

e 7863 Canada: Please quote for 190 sq.ft of granite paver 12" x 24" x 5/8" black absolute (nero assoluto)-black honed finished. If you can transport to NYC please add that cost as an extra. We are a construction company and our contact no. is 514-38......July 9, Contact

e 7857 Canada: Landscape:  I want a variety of boulders, river pebbles, water falls rocks, flagstone for paths, and general landscape stones of a large and small variety. I am on a fixed budget. I am not too familiar with the names of many of the stones or their weight, but I have a large yard and I am going to get a large water feature (pond) and flower beds installed soon. Please give me some idea on pricing and the availability of the many stones that may be appropriate for my project. I am in Mississauga. July 9, Contact

IN/EG/CA: e 7718 South Africa: Would like to contact producer of slabs of GRANITE AND MARBLES from India, Egypt and Canada. June 27, Contact

e 7621 Canada: Please quote with shipping for marble slabs and tiles. June 21, Contact

e 7478 Canada: Landscape: I am doing research on Pea Gravel or Shore Gravel (Washed Stones to use for landscaping purposes). I would like to purchase this from suppliers in Canada. I need quite a lot of this stone, and it just not practical for me to get through a landscaper or gardening store. I am in Montreal. June 11, Contact

e 7395 Canada: I would like to know where I can buy Marble for a sculptor. I am in Ontario and I am also looking for Sandstones. Where I can buy a block of Marble about 90x50x30 cm like  ZH-M116 or maybe a Sandstone? I would like to by from my area in Ontario. June 5, Contact

ALL: e 7388 Canada: I am involved in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Toronto. Granite stone availability, samples and price lists would be of interest to me. Please send brochures and samples. June 5, Contact

e 7317 Canada: I require prefabricated marble in bathrooms and granite in kitchens for a condominium construction project in Montreal which will involve more or less 100 condo units. If you have dealt with this kind of project before, please reply and I will send you my specs for a price quote. We will definitely place an order at $1.00 - $6.50 USD per sq.ft. We will order as soon as samples are inspected and approved. Approximate quantity is 135 Kitchens, each w/ 40 sq.ft. granite countertops and 32 sq.ft granite tiles, 
135 Bathroom, each w/ 30 sq.ft marble countertops and 38 sq.ft marble tiles & 135 Entrance Halls. each w/ 73 sq.ft marble tiles. We preferably domestic purchase but would not mind importing if it cost less. Drawings of bathroom, kitchen are attached. Granite in kitchens, marble in bathrooms and entrance halls. Tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, halls. Countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Size range is tiles: 4”X8”, 6”X6”, and 12”X12” Countertops: 0.5 sq.ft. – 9.4 sq.ft. First quality material is needed. Will not pay for postage cost of samples. Our contact no. is (514) 87.....May 30, Contact

e 7152 Canada: We are looking for black galaxy granite counter tops. Size is 5.1/2' x 10' x 2cm thick and tiles 12" x 12" x 10MM thick calibrated. Please quote price CIF Vancouver port. And also mention minimum order quantity to make a beginning. May 14, Contact

e 7147 Canada: We are looking for a supplier of 1st quality Absolute Black granite tiles for use with our laser etching process. The most important things to us are that the mica flecks are small with as few abolitions per tile as possible.
We are purchasing this material on an ongoing basis. We can generally accept a 3 - 4 week waiting time. We have preference of doing our dealings in Canada but are willing to look at alternate means if we have to. As far as pricing goes, you will have to determine your selling price. We generally purchase these tiles in batches of 300 - 400 at a time. Tiles will be inspected upon arrival at our facility.
I would expect that you, as a potential supplier, would provide us with 1 or 2 samples of the material you are trying to sell at your expense. Perhaps the first thing we should obtain from you is a material cost. At that time, we will be able to better determine whether or not samples are required. PH- (403) 2......What would the approximate price be for a 12" x 12" polished tile? May 14, Contact

e 7018 UK: I am looking for suppliers for Marble fire surroundings from Pakistan. I want to supply to wholesalers directly. All the deliveries will be going direct to customers. I need bit better prices. I am looking for at least 95 pound sterling C&F price a unit. May 3, Contact 

e 7001 Canada: I need to re-do my front porch and steps and create a walkway to the back of my house, including a patio. The front porch and steps area is approximately 250 sq.ft. The walkway and patio is approximately 800 sq.ft. I would like to find out which is a better alternative for the project - sierra stone or concrete? I live in Brampton, Canada. May 2, Contact

e 6965 Canada: Please quote for 3500 sq ft of your best polished marble 18" X 18" x 1 cm thick.  For import to Vancouver Canada. April 30, Contact

ALL: e 6935 Canada: We want tumbled marble/limestone in an off white color (botticino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. 
We will be looking for delivery in mid January 2003. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. Currently we have quotes for $2.80 sq.ft on the 4x4 tumbled. We are ready to
purchase immediately. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. 
The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. April 28, Contact,

ZW: e 6784 Canada: We need to import Granite Slabs 20 mm thickness: Qty. five containers from Algeria (all varieties) and five containers from Zimbabwe. Please quote in USD, CIF Montreal & Boston Ports. Material reqd. Kashmir white and Yellow Fantasy budgeted price is USD 35 per sqm and NERO ASSOLUTO at USD 30 to 35 per sqm. Payment terms: LC basis.  
We need polished slabs size 5 ft x 10ft. Thickness 3/4 and 1 1/4 inch must be first quality material. Price must meet 2,50 to 2,75 us /sq. ft. We need 140 slabs every 2 weeks. Payments will proceed in this matter 60 days after inspection and arrival of material. Samples will be needed supply by who ever is supplying material. If agreed, we can start dealing right away. We approve all material. April 19, Contact

e 6636 Canada: We want tumbled marble in off white color (botticino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. Kindly send the 3 samples that you have indicated along with pricing for both FOB Turkey and Vancouver, BC Canada. Also, please indicate your policy on what happens to tiles damaged in shipment. April 5, Contact

e 6617 Canada: We want tumbled marble/limestone in an off white color (botoccino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. 
We will be looking for delivery in mid January 2003. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. This is an approximate monthly volume – we will be more accurate after first shipment. 
The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. Looking for a quote of less than USD 2.8 per sq. ft. April 4, Contact

IR: e 6522 Canada: Please quote for Blocks, Tile & Slab of Marble & Travertine from Iran. March 25, Contact 

e 6457 USA: I want to import granite slabs. Looking for new suppliers in Canada. Please quote for 3cm Blue Eyes slabs with biggest dimensions and first quality material. Also let me know the prices for all colors shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact

CA: e 6418 Qatar: Please quote C&F Doha for Maple Red 1 and 2. Qty. reqd. 400 sqm each. March 16, Contact
e 6365
Canada: Blocks: We have a project here in Vancouver and are looking for Limestone to produce sills, lintels arches and columns. The owner doesn't want a Texas or Indiana or anything that "looks like concrete". Can you recommend some stones that are easily workable, similar to Indiana, that has movement and color in it. We predominantly work in French, American and Portuguese Limestones so something in the same hardness or softness would be appropriate. The quantity we are needing is approximately 1000 cu ft. March 11, Sold 

CA: e 1991 Canada: Who supplies Absolute Black Granite for the Canadian fabricators in Quebec Province? 
Nov 8.

CA: e 1547 USA: I like the Italian Marble Aquamarina Azzurro, and Verona Rosso.  I am building a patio and would like to acquire at least 18 peices of each of these in the size 24 x 24 x 2 inches thick.  This would roll up to 144 square feet.  If this is not possible I also Like the Canadian Polar Jade.  If the larger block size is not available then maybe 12 x 12 x 2 inches thick may do it.  I would like these highly polished.  May 02. contact

CA: e 1478 UAE: We require for a project, 3000 sqm Kingston Orange 30 cm X 30 cm x 15 to 20 mm immediate pls quote cnf usd Dubai. Payment LC 120 days. Mar 27

e 1311 USA: Inquiring about the availability and cost of Eramosa Limestone from Canada. Looking for 3/4" slabs. Jan 16

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