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November, 2006




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Canada.

You can contact the buyers below by:
A) Joining a relevant Subscription Plan at www.findstone.com/subscription.htm
B) Buying individual contacts at USD 25 each via www.findstone.com/payment.htm.
If a buyer does not reply, your $ 25 will be kept in credit for another inquiry of your choice.

For previous inquiries, see www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm . They are still valid.

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Buyers' enquiries for stones : 2006 | 2005 | 2004



CAT...330..1999,98,97 AND 96
CAT...325...1999,98,97,AND 96.
Tel: no. is 250-83.....Dec 30 Contact

e 19293 Canada: I am looking for about 3000 sq ft high quality, uniform, gauged, graphite [not pure black] slate tiles 12"x24" [=30x60]. Please specify terms. I am looking to install for floors, patios and outside walls in April 2006. Tel: 250.65......Dec 23 Contact

e 19245 Canada: I want to know if Bordeaux crema stick is more than ¾ inch 1 ¼ thickness and the price for a slab 12 feet x62 inch. Dec 17 Contact

e 19238 Canada: Require Black Basalt stone 1700m2. Flamed face, sawn all other sides. Open to options on finishes. Units should be 10cm x 9cm x 56cm. Ph: 204-22..... Dec 17 Contact

e 19206 Canada: Earthmoving Machine: I am looking for a second hand CAT shovel Model 634,635 E built in 1988-1991. Could you kindly quote the price delivery Toronto and DUBAI (UAE). Tel: 905-60..... Dec 14 Contact

e19168 Canada: We are a company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our nature of work is in the stone processing and manufacturing. We are looking for a Bridge Saw, so if you can give us details on the price and manufacture. Dec 12 Contact

e 19005 Canada: I would appreciate it if you could send me samples of marble, stone and granite in different designs and colors, that I could present to my customers. Nov 28 Contact

e 18975 Canada: Could you have any information about one kind of Granite, name is Midnight fireworks? I am in Vancouver. Tel. no. is 1-604-63......Nov 24 Contact

e 18927 Canada: We would like to buy a complete (with second hand machines) line to produce marble tiles. Please send me your comments or machinery lists. Nov 18 Contact

e 18901 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for an approximated price for a: "Custom Engineered & Fabricated" - Stone Sawing Equipment.
BK- 11½ ft. Stone Saw (Gantry)
28 foot Gantry Width
75 HP Blade Motor
Steel Beam Construction
Frequency Drive on Gantry
Precision Bearings
Allen Bradley Controller
(could you include an estimation for the installation and shipping to Montreal, Canada). Tel: (418) 83.....Nov 17 Contact

e 18873 Canada: Could you please send me information on the router base adapter and track saw. I am in Ontario. Tel: 705-33.....Nov 14 Contact

e 18869 Canada: I am looking for a company that provides in-home granite countertop maintenance/sealing, etc. in Toronto, Canada. By background, I purchased and had installed 3 years ago granite kitchen countertops, however the countertops no longer and never really did shine. From some of the research I have done, I don't believe the company I purchased them from, who is no longer in business, properly, if at all, sealed and polished the countertops. They now look very dull and stained. Is it possible for the countertops to be refinished/polished or sealed or have done whatever needs to be done so that they look shiny and new again? Nov 13 Contact

e 18822 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: Do you have a D9 dozer for sale and what year is it? Tel 613 73.....Nov 7 Contact

e 18786 Canada: Is it possible to obtain tiles of Labradorite Blue granite? If so, in what size (12x12)? We do not need a large quantity at this time as it is for a kitchen renovation...60 square feet will be sufficient. We have seen it as slab (gorgeous!), but is it available as tiles and, if so, at what price (Canadian $ please)? Tel: 250-53...... Nov 1 Contact

e 18719 Canada: I would like to find Canadian marble for carving. Tel: (705) 67.....Oct 25 Contact

e 18716 Canada: We are looking for Sultan Cream Marble. Do you know of a company in North America that we can purchase this marble from? Could you please send us an image of Sultan Cream Marble. Phone: 604 43.....Oct 25 Contact

e 18714 Canada: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for CAT 966C excavator as displayed in ready stock 443. Oct 24 Contact

e 18618 Canada: Please send catalogs and pricelists in Canadian dollars for marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, etc. Oct 17 Contact

e 18562 Canada: I'd like to obtain additional information about the Bridge Cutter. Oct 8 Contact

e 18537 Canada: Please quote FOB China Rates for Polished Tiles of 305x305x10 mm and 457x457x12 mm and Slabs of 2cm. Granite Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Ubatuaba, White Pearl, Emerald Pearl and Marble Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante, Dark Emperador, Galala Beige, Volakas White, Botticino Classic. Quantity: 4-5 containers per month. Phone: 778.....Oct 1 Contact

e 18496 Canada: We are setting up a Counter Top manufacturing unit. We are interested in Diamond Tools in future. Our tel. no. is 778 37.....Sept 24 Contact

e 18397 Canada: We are in Canada and we want to buy all kind of marble and granite. Sept 7 Contact

e 18377 Canada: We are looking for granite marble processing plants to process our Granite/Stone block. Sept 2 Contact

e 18365 Canada: I need to buy some small river stone (granite in different shades of color so can you help me with this...the stone must be at least 1 inch and a half to 4 inches). Sept 1 Contact

e 18360 Canada: Retail: Wanted broken slabs / pieces / rocks of granite. Qty. is not much, 1 by 1 foot and 0.75 thick sheets or over 1 inch thick plates. 2 perhaps. small quantity. Colour is Red with white (quartz=hard mineral), Red would be the feldspar content (just under quartz hardness). I need a good concentration of harder minerals, less on the dark minerals which give density but not overall strength (from research). This is for high compression and durability. I am in Richmond Hill. My tel. no. is 905-88.....Aug 31 Contact

e 18308 Canada: Please quote for diamond cutting tools. I am in Vancovuer. Tel. 250 76.....Aug 19 Contact

e 18277 Canada: Looking for the following Sunny Egyptian Marble: 2.7 m long X 1.5 m deep X 1.070 high (sawn on 2 faces - drawing will be supplied). Need C&F price from Egypt to Port of Halifax in Canada. Phone: (902) 45......Aug 11 Contact

e 18224 Canada: I am located in Ontario, Canada, we are looking to open a business specializing in dry stone walls, and garden accents, please send info on wholesale prices, and other items you may carry. Phone/ Fax 905-88..... July 30 Contact

e 18212 Canada: Please quote for Travertine Narea 30" x 30" tiles, cross-cut, honed and filled, highest grade (no veins, no dark spots)
under $8.00 per square feet, Quantity: 70,000 sq.ft. minimum for residential suites, 1,200 sq.ft. for presentation center. Time needed by: 70,000 over 18 months, construction starts this Fall; 1,000 sq.ft. by October 1st for Presentation Center opening.
Application: floor (interior and exterior)
please specify thickness
Will consider 24" by 24" tiles if cost is significantly lower. Could buy from anywhere as long as tile is very white and has no veins.
Steps needed to be completed before placing order: Price, Dimensions verifications, actual sample in developer's office, guarantee delivery time.
Needed in Vancouver. Tel (604) 98.....July 28 Contact

e 18156 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me your best offer for three 950B Wheel Loaders. Phone: 1 416 50...... July 20 Contact

e 18147 Canada: Retail: We are looking at purchasing a granite counter top and would like to see the different colours you have. We are looking for either black or brown. Do you customer cut, or do you have some already cut for sale? Do you have a store in Hamilton, Ontario? Our home number is 905-67..... July 19 Contact

e 18137 Canada: Retail: We are doing a kitchen remodel and would like to replace our countertop which is approx. 2.1' deep X 20' long. If my calculations are accurate, it looks like would we need three pieces of the 3 Side Bull Nose Finish or 4 pieces of the 4 Side Bull Nose Finish Countertops? I like the edge style as attached.can this be accommodated? We live in New Brunswick, Canada. Could you please provide us with a quote for the Granite and the shipping? July 18 Contact

e 18107 Canada: Please send me your lowest offer waterjet machine CIF Vancouver, with 1 year warranty. Please send me photographs.
We have here 110 Volts? What power is needed? If you can send me machine operation video it will be great. I can see on some site.
Cell 778 86.....July 15 Contact

e 18078 Canada: We are a granite countertop wholesalers' located in East Canada, we are looking for a supplier which can provide multiple-color granite countertops, we will buy in containers. Interested color:
Black Galaxy
Blue Pearl
1~2 Green colors
1~2 Yellow colors
1~2 White colors
1~2 Red/Pink colors
Quantity: 30~50 pieces for each color. total one container each time. Fax: 001-905-24.....July 13 Contact

e 18021 Canada: Please quote with image for DESERT EYE. My tel.No. is 1-604-50.....I am in Vancouver. The quantity will be in containers. July 7 Contact

e 18000 Canada: I am interested in the purchase of the Granite 633 slab and tiles of about one container for business use. Kindly let me hear from you affirming the deal and cost of the tiles so that I can arrange for payment. All shipping expenses to transport the tiles to my residence would be borne by me. July 6 Contact

e 17916 Canada: I am sculptor working in Canada. I am looking for price for black granite block approx 1m 30cm x 1m 30 x 1m. Could you give me a price on this? June 24 Contact

e 17908 Canada: Looking for stone medallions, stone sinks, marble inlays. June 23 Contact

e 17875 Canada: Quarry Machinery: Looking for hydraulic stone splitter. Tel. no. 604-55.....June 15 Contact

e 17866 Canada: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles. June 14 Contact

e 17837 Canada: Please send me pictures of your Indian limestone/sandstone & marble products. Do you sell blocks? June 9 Contact

e 17824 Canada: Need price quote for BLUE PEARL GRANITE in 12x12 and 16x16 in 1cm thickness for polished finish based on FCL or Minimum order required. Tel. number 1-780-43.....June 8 Contact

e 17745 Canada: We have a brand new cottage in the Haliburton Highlands, in the heart of the Canadian Shield. I would like to replace the Corian counter and island tops with a natural local granite. There is an abundance of grey, green, black and pink granite as far as the eye can se. Is there anyone local (Toronto, Bracebridge?) who carries local granite. Tel. 416 36..... in Toronto. I don't know exact quantity as I will have to measure but my guess is about 2 standard size slabs. I would like to find something that has the natural colours of the Pre-Cambrian Shield, Greys, pinks, blacks, greens. May 25 Contact

e 17675 Canada: I am looking for a bridge saw machine to cut granite slabs & marble slabs, thickness ranging from 2cm to 4 cm. Pl. give me details & quote. May 13 Contact

e 17628 Canada: Please quote for a second hand gangsaw. I am in BC. My phone no. is 1 604 68.....May 8 Contact

e 17437 Canada: We would like to see pictures and samples of ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17395 Canada: We are an import company mainly for granite. I am looking for a seller mainly from Southern India or India who can send their Price list of different color, size, company profile and also the samples through courier. Our tel. no. is (416) 26.....Apr 13 Contact

e 17359 Canada: Request information on sandblasting equipment for cutting stone for local Funeral Chapels. Would require portable equipment as some work is in remote areas. Prefer Canadian supplier. Tel: 306-86.....Apr 9 Contact

e 17350 Canada: Fabricator in Toronto, Canada requires 60 slabs of Giallo Ornamental - 2cm - immediately available in North America. Please contact with price. A min. 12" x 12" sample and digital image of entire slab a must. (416) 90.....Apr 8 Contact

e 17338 Canada: I would like to contact Eqyptian marble slabs and blocks like Sunny. A container of BLOCK (I will let you know what size our local block saw will handle, then I will let you know what size blocks I need). I am looking for SUNNY (Egyptian marble). It will be for hand carving. It should be 1st quality. How much do you need to fill a container (is there limits, etc.) Maybe you have sizes available you can tell me what you have. Can you supply a price for container delivered from your quarry to this destination Port of Halifax in Canada? You can call me at (902) 45.....Apr 6 Contact

e 17322 Canada: Our firm wishes to purchase Ongole Black Galaxy tiles as follows:
305mmx305mmx10mm +- 0.1mm tolerance. Polished. 45 deg bevel/chamfer. Large fleck, even distribution. Some colour variation permissible, but must be uniform across minimum batches of 1000. Medium and small fleck will be considered, if appearance is good.
Quantity: 27.5 metric tons, approx 9000 tiles, in boxes of 10.
Terms: cash (either INR or USD) at supplier's works. We will test, inspect and gauge the tiles at the suppliers' works prior to payment. We will not pay for tiles that fail inspection, based on the criteria above. We will palletize and pack our own container and arrange our own shipping, for export to Canada. Apr 5 Contact

e 17258 Canada: I would like to find quarries in Quebec or Ontario from where I can purchase stones for sculpting. I live in Montreal. Mar 25 Contact

e 17247 Canada: I am looking for a supplier of basalt lava stones. I would prefer direct contact with a quarry company. I would prefer stones that have been tumbled and semi screened for specific size and shape. The stones are typically flat and round or oval with a diameter no greater than 7 inches or 18 centimeters. The stones will be resold to the aquatic and health industry. My tel. no. is 613.72.....Mar 24 Contact

e 17115 Canada: We are interested in finding out more information about importing your granite products to Canada. We would like to see some examples and find out if you have other granite and edging available. Also are slabs of the same available and at what price. Our telephone # in Canada is 403-71......Mar 16 Contact

e 17103 Canada: Earthmoving machine: I am urgently looking for a used heavy construction equipments to purchase cash for a large construction projects. I am looking for the best reasonable prices in the Canadian market or the U.S market as I am willing to pay cash for a large number of used heavy construction equipments. The required used equipments are the following:
1-Grader Motor Caterpillar size 14G ( from 1975 and up)
2-Shauel Caterpillar 966 to 950 (grader)
3-Bulldozer Komatsu size 155
4-Barbar Graine BG.245
5-Cement Pump (Betzmaster & shefing) descriptions : 21/24/32/36
6-Graine (Grove). Please call me if you have the above equipments at (905)32.....Mar 15 Contact

e 17095 Canada: Looking for granite spheres. Red Granite type. These must be 1 inch in a diameter and 2.6 inches in diameter.
3 balls of 1 inch
2 balls of 2.6 inches
Also, looking for slab material that is about 1.5 inches (max) and 1 inch thick. Need about 6 pieces of 2 inch by 2 inch by 1 inch red granite. Need 1 piece of red granite 3.25 inches diameter and 1.4 inches thick. Magmatic/gneiss, with low/small grain size for durability. lots of quartz for hardness. (K-feldspars, hematite, garnet). Mar 15 Contact

e 17087 Canada: I want to set up one big showroom for one granite company here in Canada. I want to have display units used / new for displaying Tiles ----12" x 12" x 3/8"(thick) Quantity to be displayed @ 20 pieces.
Tiles ----18" x 18" x 1/2" (thick) Quantity to be displayed @ 20 pieces
Slabs ---- 2' x 8' x 3/4" (thick) Quantity to be displayed @ 10 pieces.
I want to set up this showroom in Vancouver. My phone is 905 27..... Mar 14 Contact

e 17086 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in purchasing a Caterpillar 950B at $ 33,000 and more equipments. Please send me the pictures and the important information such as serial number, and hours. My telephone number is (905) 32.....Mar 13 Contact

e 17081 Canada: Our company is a granite fabrication company located in Calgary, Alberta. We are looking to purchase a large selection of 3/4" granite slabs. Could you please send pricing? Mar 13 Contact

e 17064 Canada: I am looking for 16 granite tops ranging from 5' to 12'. I am wondering what would be the price, if at all you guys ship to Canada. Mar 10 Contact

e 17040 Canada: How much for a hydraulic splitter? Mar 6. Contact


e 16991 Canada: Do you have any Solaro Marble in Blocks. Can you send me pictures of your solaro colors. What size blocks and how much in USD. Do you ship any to Canada? Mar 1. Contact

e 16966 Canada: I am looking for a supplier and manufacturer of granite spheres. I am needing small 1 inch spheres made from 'red' granite. Feb 28. Contact

e 16962 Canada: I am looking for approximately 19 tons of white marble non specific cut blocks to build outside landscape columns (24"x24").
Shipping to Montreal. I am told Vermont quarries may carry this product. My tel. no. is (514) 87.....Feb 28. Contact

e 16936 Canada: I am looking for 2 slabs of Amarello Pearl. This is supposed to be granite from Brazil. Feb 25 Contact


e 16910 Canada: I am looking to purchase Granite, travertine and marble slabs 3/4" thick and possibly sinks. Feb 23. Contact

e 16862 Canada : Do you carry pea gravel in a white or off-white colour? Contact


e 16760 Canada: Earthmoving Machinery: We are looking for a CAT 834B. My tel. no. is 604-88......Feb 5, Contact

e 16757 Canada: Stone Processing Machinery: I have a client who might be interested in Z. Bavelloni EGAR / Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine . Please tell me my cost price in USD location photos and the equipment which comes with it. Feb 4, Contact

e 16748 Canada: Please quote for 2 containers of Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Telephone number is 780- 23.....I am in Alberta. Feb 3, Contact

e 16716 Canada: We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba and would like to order a slab of Verde Velasquez. We would like 1.25 inch thick and need this as soon as possible. Do you have a distributor for Canada? Our tel. no. is (204) 77.....Feb 2, Contact

e 16713 Canada: I am mainly interested in limestone slabs used in house construction. Typically about 30" x15" flat. Also various architectural shapes for cornices, window surrounds, roman columns, etc. Please send a catalogue (by email or regular mail) showing your limestone products, colour and specifications, and what shapes you can supply. Also let me know what shipping arrangements you make and the charges for shipping to Toronto, Canada. Feb 2, Contact

Buyers' enquiries for stones
: 2006 | 2005 | 2004

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