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Flagstone Inquiries September 2006
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Year 2006

e 21194 USA: Retail: I am trying to find swimming pool remodeling company in South Florida to purchases flagstone. Aug 11 Contact

e 21151 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for flagstones from Spain. Aug 2 Contact

e 20813 USA: I am looking for stone panels and flagstone mats made of quartzite, slate and sandstone. June 12 Contact

e 20744 USA: Retail: We like the Canadian Flagstone, but are open to anything that has a nice color pattern or more important durability. We are looking to build a 24 X 14 or 16 patio. Phone number (614) 86.....June 4 Contact 

e 20743 USA: I am considering using Indiana Flagstone to edge around my house here in Central Illinois. I would need around 225 linear feet (tons?). The thickness should be around 2”. I need to figure in 30% wastage. I don’t want a special delivery but if a company is making a delivery in my area perhaps I could benefit from an economy of scale and have a few pallets dropped off.  Tel: 312.67..... June 4 Contact 

e 20738 USA: We are looking to find 24 to 30 tons on pallets of light grey select standup large flagstone 1" to 2" . Delivered to job site in Virginia Beach. Need material ASAP.  June 3 Contact 

e 20646 USA: Looking for oklahoma flagstone in my area San Antonio Texas. at the best price. zip code 78070. May 23 Contact 

e 20638 USA: Need 1300 Sq Ft of Flagstone from Tennessee, Crab Orchard or any brown/tan colored medium thickness, irregular stone delivered for a residential patio, in Roswell, GA 30075. Please provide quotes for stone and shipping costs. Phone: 201-65.....May 22 Contact 

e 20608 USA: Need 1400 sft flagstone : Crab Orchard, brown/tan from Tennessee or GA. Phoen: 77058......May 19 Contact  

e 20594 USA: I need Moss Boulders, flagstones. I will need approx. 60 tons. Tel: 303-98.....May 18 Contact

e 20576: I need 1500 sf of flagstone. call me at 602 74.....May 15 Contact

e 20541 USA: I need 18 tons of quartzite flagstone, please inform if you this amount available and the price. tele#949-93.....May 11 Contact

e 20505 USA: I am interested in learning more about the types of flagstone veneer you carry. Please send me a brochure and a few samples of the types of stone you carry. phone: 415.93.....May 9 Contact 

e 20423 India: We need flagstones, sending you 2 images. 
image -1 is for the colour (its called golden slate, region north india)
image -2 - to indicate flags 
area- 2500 sq feet 
size -random ( varying from 9" to 24 ")
thk - callibrated 18-20 mm thk
purchase date- immediately ( within 10 - 12 days). cell- 98920...... April 26 Contact

e 20179 We are looking for truck loads of moss rock boulders and flagstone. Tel: 713-54.....March 29 Contact

e 20026 USA: Retail; I need 56 (fifty-six) 24”x24” one and a half inch thick flagstone pavers to be delivered to the Charlestown, WV area this week. Can I receive a quote? Telephone #: 703-72.....March 13 Contact

e 19947 USA: I am looking for a creamy colored flagstone also. I would need approximately 5,000 square feet. Tel: (425) 45.....March 4 Contact 

e 19700 USA Retail: Email me relevant information for backyard use of flagstones….area is approx. 20 x 30 ft. Feb 9 Contact

e 19537 USA: I am looking for container loads of Jura stone, Jura beige tile and flagstones. Jan 20 Contact 

e 19522 USA: Looking for suppliers of Flagstone/steppers/edger blocks (such as Belgian Blocks, etc.) Tel: (561) 27......Jan 19 Contact 

e 19460 USA: Retail: I have a kitchen floor that I want to cover with something that looks very much like random flagstone. My desire would be to use quarried stone, but I can’t live with the 1” – 2” thickness increase to my concrete slab. Does anyone sell a textured tile or flagstone veneer (odd sizes 6 – 14” in width), durable enough for a kitchen floor, that is non-rectangular but still cut in a mathematical shape where the edges can lined up in some pattern that is not quickly noticeable by an untrained eye? I would also like the same material to cover my upstairs bathroom. The sub-floor is 2x12” beams with ¾” plywood; load bearing wall on a 12’ square directly below the bathroom. Jan 13 Contact


Year 2005

e 19215: I have been searching for a flagstone called Emerald Forest. Dec 15 Contact 

e 19053 USA: I am a Retail Buyer needing a Quartz type material (maybe it is quartz—looks like it) that has been called GOLDLEAF. It comes in medium to larger pcs (2 sf ft to 6 sf ft) that might mimic flagstone pavers but this material is much, much stronger. I’m using it for facing stones and more predominantly paving stones for patios and walk ways, on top of concrete and soil.  
I need about 3000 more sq ft, and a ton will do about 150 sq ft at 1-inch thick pcs. I’ve had this material come in at about 2000lbs per pallet or about 300 sq ft per pallet. Therefore, I might need about 9 or 10 pallets at this rate. Might take more for future plans. 
I’ve paid about $.25 a lb for this material delivered to ZIP CODE 94020. I’ve come to understand that the quarry it comes from might shut down during the Winter, and I’ve also heard some people say that they think it comes from Idaho or Montana; don’t know for sure. I’ve seen some material very similar to this that was labeled Chinese Quartz, and one time I was told that it was stuck on a boat that was waiting “clearance” by customs inspectors after the 9/11 disaster. Again, I do not know the true identity, name or identity of this material other than to describe it as “very quartz” looking, somewhat translucent at times but significantly veined with dark orange markings, suggestive of oxidized iron. It is quite striking when wetted, and it seems to have enough stratification to it that slaps can be “separated” out of its original state. Again, the slabs/pcs are about 1-inch thick but can vary about ¼ of an inch to as much as ½ thicker; at least that is what I have received in the past. My phone number is: 650-74......Dec 1 Contact

e 19007 Saudi Arabia: I am an architect looking for landscape stones (approximately 100tons) to implement a 'Stone Garden" to one of my customers. Looking for different sizes of stone: Boulders, flagstone, random pebbles, and granite cobbles. More details will be sent if you are interested in my order knowing that shipment to be sent to Dammam Saudi Arabia. Contact number: 966 3 85.....Nov 28 Contact

e 18898 USA: We operate a large retail hardscape and landscape supply yard in Minnesota. We are interested in Moss Boulders, flagstones as displayed in pricelist 643. Nov 16 Contact

e 18776 Italy: Pls send us your best prices for Yellow FLAGSTONES for walls and floors.  
color jellow and small white 
Thickness from 13 to 25 mm 
from 8 to 13 pcs per sqm. 
as per attached image 
pls send us proforma invoice for 20' cont- 
prices fob ningbo or Xiamen
pls send digital pics of the products and of the packing.  Oct 31 Contact 

e 18617 USA: Looking for flagstones, please advise location and any info you have on lower level rock. Tel. No. is 713 51.....Oct 17 Contact 

e 18616 USA: Looking for a supplier of stone panels for wall cladding, flagstones, etc. Tel. No. 401 61.....Oct 17 Contact 

e 18597 USA: I am looking for a wholesaler that can get a hold of Mexican Grey or Mexican Black Flagstone. Tel: 559-27.....Oct 13 Contact

e 18585 Saudi Arabia: I am an architect and commissioned to design and implement a 'Stone Garden" to one of my customers. Looking for different sizes of stone: I prefer to buy from, Cyprus, Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan and Iran. My final destination is Dammam Saudi Arabia. I need a rough idea about custom rates and shipment cost to Dammam seaport. My contact number is +9665058......
Boulders - random color, qty: 1.5m in length 6 pcs, 1m in length 6 pcs, 0.8m in length 6 pcs, 0.5m in length 10 pcs. 
flagstone - qty 20-50cm thick, 1.5m2 4 pcs, 15cm thick, 40X60cm, 40 pcs
Pebbles random color, 5 cm dim-20cm dim to cover up 84 m2
granite cobbles 25%Red and 75% yellow - qty to cover up120 m2
Curb stone yellow color qty 80 leaner meter
Preferred date of delivery 6weeks from today. Oct 12 Contact 

e 18462 USA: Do you sell flagstone and how much per ton? I live in TX. Sept 20 Contact 

e 18418 USA: I am interested in contacting a supplier of granite flagstones. Sept 10 Contact

e 18168 USA: Landscaping: Looking for Tennesse flagstone, stepping stones, stair treads, Q1, Q2, Q3 tan or crab orchard stone. Would like to have price lists of companies that sell flagstone and fieldstone out of Tennesse and will ship to Georgia. July 20 Contact

e 18115 USA: Retail: I am inquiring as to the availability of 0022-0001, 0022-0002, 0022-0009, 0022-0012. How are these pebbles packaged and priced? I am remodeling a very small patio and would like to place on of these colors between flagstones. I am in Santa Fe, NM. July 16 Contact

e 18111 USA: Landscape: I need to get information on suppliers of building stone and landscaping materials having delivered to the Northern Virginia Area. I'm looking for about 250 sq. ft. of greyish black slate for a patio. I'm not sure where you are located. That may be too small a load. I also need four tons of flagstone, perhaps grey to brown. These need to be fairly thin patio pieces. But I will need this one in the next day or two. My phone number is 540-63......July 15 Contact 

e 18038 USA: I am a landscaper in Boulder CO and am trying to locate some Canadian flagstone anywhere on the front range. I found a few pallets at Colorado. July 8 Contact

e 18006 USA: I am interested in a chocolate swirl flagstone (2") and need 650 square feet. I live in Littleton, CO (suburb of Denver). We are interested in laying stone this weekend (July 9). July 6 Contact 

e 17918 USA: Please quote for flagstones as displayed in price list 1192. June 24 Contact

e 17537 USA: I have a lawn and garden store and would be interested in pa. colonial wallstone and pa. flagstone by the trailer load. You can call me on 84535..... Apr 28 Contact 

e 17131 USA: Landscape: I am inquiring about the price and availability of a light green quartzite, delivered to Seattle Washington, USA. Delivery must be made before August 2005. Need 2000 lbs flagstone and 2000 lbs ledgestone. Mar 16 Contact

e 16463 USA: I need to purchase Arizona flagstones to build a patio area. Here is the spec: 
Flagstone, color of Sedona Red, to cover 1000 square ft area, thickness of ~1.5'', Size of each stone could be patio grade (small
piece) or select (big sheet). Ready to buy, need it in 2-4 weeks. 
Install service: would also like to get a quote for install service. Install in a flat area, on top of cement, no need to lay the concrete though. 
Location: Phoenix, AZ. Contact Info: 602-31..... Jan 16, Contact

e 16447 USA: Please quote for Arizona flagstone pavers. How much of each color do you have? Jan 15, Contact 

e 16329 USA: Landscape: I am looking for 1 ton pallets of flag, field and drystack. However Flagstone is what I am mainly looking for. The suppliers I use now, have 3-4 thousand pound pallets. The pallets are too big, if anyone offers 1 ton pallets please contact me. Please send prices including shipping. I am in FL. Jan 8, Contact


Year 2004

e 16219 USA: Where to find a quarry or rocks that are the colors of Africa, Arizona, Middle Eastern....that we can have shipped to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am designing a church and we are building a rock wall, waterfall that spills into a rock Baptismal. It is very important that the colors in the rocks are rich in reds, copper, orangish-yellows. This church is multi-cultural but has a large tie with Africa. It is very organic in its design. The stone should be flagstone and we are doing stone veneer work. Dec 30, Contact

e 16215 USA: Landscape: I am a builder located in northeast Nebraska and I am looking for a wholesale supplier of flagstones irregular and otherwise for patio projects as well indoor floor applications. I would like to be able to visit the stone yard and pick out the products I need and I want to be able to transport the stone myself, so the source needs to be relatively close, maybe no more than 300 miles from Crofton, NE, northeast corner near NE - SD border. I am using more and more natural products in my building projects and am looking for a good reliable source of stone at a reasonable price. My tel. no. is 402-38.....I am not interested in calls from outside of the area I described.Dec 29, Contact 

e 15912 USA: I want crab orchard flagstone for my 1200 sq ft patio. Dec 6, Contact

e 15566 UK: Landscape: retail: Please could you tell me the nearest supplier to Andalucia, Spain for flagstones. I need to tile an area of about 150 sq mtrs. What would the delivery cost be for that sort of quantity? My tel. no. is +44 (0)1293 4.....Nov 11, Contact 

e 15340 USA: Please quote for 3000 sq ft, 18" x 18", 24" x 24" or larger flagstones, for a outside deck by the pool - either in pavers or to be mortared into deck. Want to buy in Atlanta, GA or to have a landed price to be delivered in NW Atlanta. Want to purchase in the next 4 - 6 weeks. Need to see sample of material before purchase. Best retail price in Atlanta is $3.50/sqft for mixed bluestone. My phone no. is (404) 24.....Oct 25, Contact

e 15321 USA: Retail: I am considering using Arizona Flagstone for my backyard patio & decking around the pool we are having put in. Is this type of Flagstone very slippery when wet and what type of maintenance is involved? The other choice we are considering is stamped concrete, however, I hear that you need to seal it and that makes it slippery. I need to make a choice very soon. Oct 23, Contact 

e 15259 USA: Landscape: I'm trying to find a flagstone dealer in the San Francisco area. My tel. no. is (650) 21..... Oct 19, Contact 


e 15215 USA: Quarrying: I have several thousand acres that was let to me in a settlement. I own about 169,000 acres in Texas. I am thinking about rock mining, but don't know anything about it! Equipment needed, where to sale, etc? I do know the different types of rock, but should I surface mine? Excavate? actually dig? What equipment is needed? I know on most of the different leases I have more moss rock than I could every get out, sandstone, flagstone, etc. My tel. no. is 214-22.....Oct 16, Contact 

e 15187 USA: I am assisting a business colleague to locate step treads (granite and limestone) and smaller cuts of flagstone for his landscape business. He wants truckload quantities of each, but needs to get them at a very inexpensive price. He will consider closeouts if available, but he needs a regular supply. The specifications for the items are:
1. Step treads - in granite and limestone. Sizes are 3' x 16" x 7", 4' x 16" x 7", and 5' x 16" x 7". They should be guillotine cut or sawed or cut with hammer, and natural face. 
2. Flagstone - 1", 1.5", 2" thickness in irregular shapes and also pieces cut into rectangles and squares (i.e. 18" x 12", 1' x 1', 2' x 2', etc.) 
Where can I find them in large volume at low prices? I am in MI. My tel. no. is 248-25.....Oct 14, Contact

e 15182 Canada: Landscape: I want a variety of stones for a large back yard landscape project. I am not too sure the names of the stones, but they would typically be a variety of different stones of different sizes both large and small, flagstones for patio and paths, waterfall stones and rocks for the large water feature as well as large gravel to cover the pond lining. As I am working to a budget, I thought buying direct would be more cost effective. I can come and pick them or have them delivered. I am in Mississauga, Ontario. Oct 14, Contact

e 15103 France: We are specialized in antique materials and we provide antique flagstones for the grounds. We are looking for information regarding the stone Veselje in Croatia, that is close to the stone we can find in our area in France (in the beige colour). Where can we buy this stone coming from the Island Brac in Croatia? Oct 8, Contact 

e 15039 USA: Landscape: Please quote for cobble stones and flagstones. We are in NY. Our tel: (001) 718 31.....Oct 5, Contact 

e 14980 USA: I need a price on 150,000 s.f. Rose Bahia Quartzite Flagstone. Sept 29, Contact

e 14976 USA: Retail: I am trying to find Burgundy Flagstone. Sept 29, Contact

e 14838 USA: Landscape: I am an independent landscape designer in Austin, TX and we are looking for
new resources for stone supply. I would like a quote from you for a current project. We are ready to purchase immediately and will need delivery anytime in the next 30 days, keeping costs low being the deciding factor. 
For the first project I need 8 tons of straight up 1-2" thick rose colored arizona flagstone. We also need a quote for buckskin color. We are you willing to buy preferably central Texas region but will consider anywhere with cost consideration of shipping. Our tel. no. is 512.65.....Sept 21, Contact

e 14754 USA: Landscape: I need random ashlars flagstone 2 inches thick sizes 6x12, 18x24 and 12x18
with a snap cut edge. 5000 sq ft delivered to Santa Rosa, CA. Sept 14, Contact

e 14690 USA: Retail: I am interested in laying broken pieces of marble for floor in living and dining room using irregularly shaped marble of varying colors to pick up colors of my rooms. It would look rather like the design of flagstone, but would be highly polished marble. Sept 10, Contact 

e 14600 USA: Landscape: I am an independent landscape designer in Austin, TX and we are looking for
new resources for stone supply. I would like a quote from you for a current project. We are ready to purchase immediately and will need delivery anytime in the next 30 days, keeping costs low being the deciding factor. 
My phone number is 512.65.....I need 8 tons of straight up 1-2" thick rose colored Arizona flagstone. We also need a quote for buckskin color We are willing to buy preferably from central Texas region but will consider anywhere with cost consideration of shipping. Our tel. no. is 512.65..... Sept 5, Contact 

e 14586 Canada: Retail: Looking for the closest place to purchase limestone, flagstone at a fair price I am in Belleville, Ontario. Sept 4, Contact 

e 14584 USA: Need availability and price for flagstones and crushed stones. Looking for 10-15 tons of either or both. Where is the supplier located? Sept 4, Contact 

e 14568 USA: Do you have the Arizona flagstone for sale? If so, do you have any photos? Sept 3, Contact

e 14308 USA: I am interested in your black random flagstone...please let me know how I go about getting info on this item. My tel. no. is 970  88.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14099 USA: I am looking for some stone that is called Nevada flagstone, it's kind of maroonish red pink with a little gold in it. It also has the quartzite in it. I would be interested in buying a load, maybe more if it's what I'm looking for. My tel. no. is 817-27..... Aug 10, Contact 

e 13942 USA: Retail: Looking for suppliers in the DC/MD/VA area for Pennsylvania flagstone to build a patio. My contact no. is 202-72.....Aug 1, Contact 

e 13867 USA: Retail: I am interested in having a quartzite flagstone floor laid in our kitchen. We are in PA. What is the cost per sq. ft for this particular flagstone. My tel. no. is 215-29.....July 27, Contact 

e 13658 USA: Retail: Looking for flagstone sellers near Chicago (50 miles). July 18, Contact

e 13483 USA: We currently contracted a Hong Kong project looking for a Brazil quality QUARTZITE named Dallifodi Yellow 30-45 mm thick in natural cleft finishes including approximate 500M2 in Flagstone type and 300 M2 tile 500x500mm. July 7, Contact 

e 13445 USA: Email me relevant information for flagstone in the Northern California area. July 6, Contact 

e 13393 USA: Landscape: I work for a landscaping supply company in NE. We are looking for a supplier for a few different types of rock ie. river rock, flat rock, boulders, and gravel for ice control. July 1, Contact

e 13239 USA: Landscape: I would like to make an inquiry about the Tennessee Thick Flagstones CRAB ORCHARD FLAGSTONE 1 ½ to 2 ½. What price per ton? My tel. no. is 301 92.....June 22, Contact

e 12958 USA: We are in the process of putting in a flagstone walk around our house. In one place we would like to put in a raised bed with a couple of different level between the walk and the house. We will be putting drip irrigation in the raised bed. Two questions: First is what is the best thing to seal the house brick with to prevent any kind of moisture problems there? Secondly, is it best to mortar the flagstone retaining wall. If so do I use just regular mortar or is there something better? I am in TX. My telephone no. is  806-79.....We will need residential delivery. Need around 21 tons of flagstone, depending on thickness. Mostly interested in Classic Oak color. June 5, Contact

e 12931 USA: Looking for prices on Arkansas Flagstone. We are interested in buying at least 10 pallets...may want to buy more if the price is right (a whole truck load). My tel. no. is 870-77.....June 3, Contact

e 12915 USA: I am looking for some large pieces of flagstone to be used as accent pieces in my landscaping. The stones I'm looking for are basically chunks with natural jagged edges, not cut smooth. The ideal size would be; 4"-8" thick, 3' x 2', up to 4' x 4'. I will probably need ten of these stones. I live in Plainfield, Illinois and will need the stones delivered. Please quote with images. My phone no. is 630-30.....June 2, Contact

e 12898 Japan: We deal clay bricks and natural stones in Kobe. We are looking for the stable supplier of PORPHYRY-RED cobbles in size 100 x 100 x 40-60mm. Crazy Paving thickness 20-50mm, see image attached. Please quote FOB price. The payment will be done by the Letter of Credit at sight in Euro. We will buy continuously if your offer meet our budget.  Our tel. no. is +81-78-99.....June 1, Contact

e 12867 USA:  Need 2100 square feet of flagstone, buck skin or cream color, 1.5 inches thick for walkways and retaining walls. Need delivered price to Lubbock, TX. Ready to buy today. My tel. no. is 806-79.....May 29, Contact

e 12847 USA:  I am interested in the quartzite flagstone from Nevada. I am looking to cover approx 2000 sq / ft. I will be laying this on a cement foundation so the thin will be fine. Rust and / or Green shades is what I am looking for. But am open to other colors as well. Would like a small sample if possible. My tel. no. is 505-24.....May 28, Contact

e 12623 UK:  I need White flagstone 60 x 40 x 2 unpolished which can be used for the surrounding area of a swimming pool, and that it is brushed. Please could you send me a sample as soon as possible as I would like to place an order. Our tel. no. is 020836.....May 12, Contact

e 12612 USA:  I am looking for a general flagstone (bluestone, limestone, irregular or not etc.) with-in a 200 mile radius of Chicago. My contact no. is 773.25.....May 12, Contact

e 12569 USA:  Please quote for flagstones, rubble & treads and risers. My phone no. is 704-81.....May 8, Contact

e 12285 USA:  Please quote for 2,000 sq. ft. of golden oak or similar regular select flagstone delivered to Santa Fe 87505. Thickness of 1 1/4" to 1 3/4". Priced at $185 per ton to the site. Need no later than 2 weeks. Apr 20, Contact

e 12243 USA:  I am looking for FLAGSTONE, and COBBLE STONES, granite slabs and tiles. I can buy a container at a time. I am in WA 98005. Apr 15, Contact

e 12125 USA:  We have ran into a shortage of brown flagstone. Looking for dealers in North Alabama, Georgia or Tenn. Need them urgently. My phone no. is 800-33.....Apr 8, Contact

e 12085 USA:  I am looking for sources of flag stone and other landscape stone. Any Canadian quarries may be of help. I am in MI 49022. Apr 6, Contact

e 12075 USA:  We are major retailer of stone in San Francisco Bay Area and import many containers of Penn. flagstone each month. Looking for addition source, especially true bluestone, slate and gray andesite. Apr 6, Contact

e 11940 USA:  Please quote for Arizona flagstone. Mar 29, Contact 

e 11924 USA:  I am looking for 3-4 tones of flagstone 2-3 inches thick. I live in Chicago and this is a landscaping project. I want the best price since my budget is rather low. Please include delivery charges to zip code 60630. Mar 28, Contact 

e 11716 USA:  Would like to contact quarry owners and suppliers for landscaping products like flagstones, pavers, etc. distributorship in Maine. Our phone no. is 207-87.....Mar 12, Contact 

e 11536 USA:  Request pricelist on flagstone sawed random pattern 1.5'' - 2.0". I am in PA  18944.  Mar 4, Contact

e 11490 USA:  We are interested in diamond-sawn pavers & calibrated tiles of Arizona flagstone. We need to replace 98,000 sq ft of asphalt golf cart paths starting in June. In one area, we already have approx 1400 sq ft of 6" X 6" X 3" and 6" X 9" X 3" pavers. We are considering replacing another 12000 sq ft with 6" X 6" X 3"; 6" X 9" X 3" and 12" X 12" X 3" pavers. If your pavers are thick enough, we may be interested. Our phone no. is 520 6.....Mar 2, Contact  

e 10442 USA:  We are wholesale / retail landscape supplier with stores in Colorado and Arizona. I am looking for new flagstone and building stones for the company to carry. We would buy in Semi quantities. We are willing to buy from Canada, United States and Mexico. We do have our own trucking line if needed (sometimes preferred). In order to finalize a supplier I would like to hear from the supplier and discuss their products. Please quote. Jan 9, Contact

e 10388 USA:  I am interested purchasing 1500 sq ft (15 tons) of Tennessee Blue Quartz Flagstone for the decking around a pool. I am residential home builder but every time I install an indoor pool, it seams like a brand new experience. I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-37.....Jan 7, Contact

e 9844 USA: I am looking for a full truck load of Mexican flagstone (Tequila Sunrise). I would like to buy it direct from the quarry. Nov 28, Contact

e 9833 USA:  Retail: I am looking for a stone that is 1 - 2 inches thick, a gray flat stone. Can you please give me a price quote on a pallet and let me know how much wall coverage it would be?? Nov 27, Contact  

US: e 9409 USA:  We are looking for Cherokee Flagstone quarries to buy large quantities at whole sale prices. We are a large nursery/stone center located in Tucker, Georgia. Oct 30, Contact

e 9365 USA:  I am a landscaping designer looking for supplier of boulders, flagstones, moss rocks, etc. My phone no. is 1-888-30.....Oct 25, Contact

e 9327 USA:  I would like to find out how to locate specialized stones from around the United States and the world. I am looking for slabs of Red Colorado Flagstone (1 1/2"-2") in sizes of 4' wide, 6' long. I need approximately 20 pieces of this size. Call me at 214-67......Oct 22, Contact

US: e 9024 USA:  Need flagstone from Colorado or Arizona. Sept 25, Contact  

e 8911 USA:  I want to purchase 24 ton loads of Crab Orchard flagstone on an ongoing basis. See pricelist 1112. My tel. no. is 303-88.....Sept 17, Contact

BR: e 8513 Germany:  Please quote for commercial quantities, means full 20' container on fob-bases. I am located in Bremen. My phone number is germany-421-8300.....I am natural stone trader since 20 years. Looking for the best offer on fob-bases. Order can be -first trial container - immediate. Material to be shipped to Germany. Required material is white and yellow mixed quartzite flagstones/crazy paving, packed in wooden crates, natural cut surfaces. As far as I know this material is quarried in Brazil area. Aug 14, Contact

e 8292 USA:  I want cheap Oklahoma Flagstone. Qty. is 960 sq.ft. for a pool deck. I am in FL. What are the delivery cost? My tel. no. is (561)24.....Aug 2, Contact

e 8226 USA:  I want various types of flagstone. Please contact me at (801) 91......July 31, Contact  

e 8078 USA:  Looking to buy Flagstone from Arizona or Colorado 20 to 50 tons. Cobble stone or river rock 2 inches to 5 inches in diameter need 50 to 100 tons. Color crushed stone 50 tons per color. Looking for Red, Pink colors and tan to Yellow, white and black 3/4 inch to 1 inch has to be clean and even colored. Any volcanic rock (lava stone) type 50 to 100 tons (crushed 3/4 inch). Also screenings for Different colors. Any Exotic colors. Need by end of July 2003 early August 2003. Need wholesale price. Will buy from any where at reasonable price. Will also buy waste rock from Quarries without crushing but must be at good price. Looking for supplier in Western US. We are in TX and our contact no. is 915.85..... Have found river rock in Arizona for $ 5.80 per ton plus freight which cost me about $ 32.00 per ton. I sell for $ 64.00 per ton at my location. I would consider paying more if I could see the colors that are mentioned for a special project and I need to know estimated cost of freight. Need Flagstone from Colorado or Arizona. July 22, Contact

ALL: e 8049 USA:  I am a landscape pebble mosaic artist. I am looking for flagstone and granite for countertops for a new home I am building. I have a pretty good idea of what I want but am open to other suggestions. I am also interested in pebbles, codes 0022-0011, 0022-0014, 0022-0015, 0022-0012, 0022-0016. The colors I am interested in are Deep Reds, Reds, Ambers, Golds, Blacks, Whites, Greens, Grey, Variagated. Sizes: Various from 1" - 3". The applications will vary from mortar to sand application. Applications that are completed on backer board are done with epoxy as well as mortar.
I am willing to buy from any area that can supply me with consistent color and quantity at a reasonable price. The stones must be rich in color. If it is advertised as black I don't want a faded gray. I am at the pricing stage and will determine when and whom to buy from based on quality, availability, and price. I expect to place an order by September / October 2003. Can you please tell me what sizes they come in and give me prices. I am looking for a supplier who can provide me with consistent service and material when I need it. I am in CA, my contact no. is 559-68..... July 19, Contact

e 7740 UK:  We wish to import a 20ft container of Beige sandstone paving slabs
Sizes: Assorted square & rectangle x 25/35mm thick
Loading: Please advise total weight, dimensions, & no. of pallets
Price: Please advise best price for a full container
Delivery: Felixstowe, UK
Lead time: Please advise earliest
Payment terms: Please advise
Quality: Please advise guarantee of quality. June 30, Contact  

e 7725 USA:  Looking for info on flagstone or limestone in various sizes between 10"x14" stones by the ton load. I need prices and shipping dates with the turn around time. I am in Cedar Rapids, IA. June 28, Contact 

e 7653 USA:  Where can I find Crab Orchard sawed height rock face in Chicago, Illinois? I am a contractor and my contact no. is (312) 46.....June 23, Contact  

e 7624 USA:  I want 1500 sq. ft. Pennsylvania lilac flagstone, square cut, 1" nominal thickness, various sizes. I am located in LA. 70435 and would like shipping info also. June 21, Contact 

e 7588 USA:  We are looking to buy 6 tons of flagstone. We are in Augusta. Are you near? Do you sell to individuals? June 19, Contact  

e 7456 UK:  We want an inexpensive cream stone which will be suitable for commercial paving projects. We have many enquiries which we would like to introduce our own alternative stone. 
However the important things are of course the suitability, price and a material which will give us few problems in terms of quality and consistency of production for reasonable size projects. We recognize the fact that there has to be a range of colors and this can be demonstrated to the architect.
Please advise the best material you can offer that complies with this description. Please forward samples, test results and typical prices for the following size contracts so we can examine our options.
Typical paving stone 600mm x 600mm x 20mm thick honed finish.
Price 1 - Contract Size 50-200 M2.
Price 2 - Contract Size 200-500 M2.
Price 3 - Contract Size 500-1000 M2.
Price 4 - Contract Size 1000 + M2.. Our contact no. is 01626 3.....June  9, Contact

e 7445 USA:  I want 5 pallets or more of flagstone. Please quote. June 8, Contact  

e 7393 USA:  I am a contractor looking for crab orchard flagstone in Atlanta, GA. Do you have a price list? June 5, Contact

e 7240 USA:  I need one truck load (20 ton or more) of Patio grade 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 - $80/ton. I am interested in Rosa and Peach Arizona Flag stone. If you don't have this color, we are flexible if the price is right. Also need a shipping quote to California. Our contact no. is (209)83.....We will definitely place an order at approx.   $120/ton. Quantity is 20tons. Want to purchase domestic. Size range is 1 to 3 ft. We want first quality but may consider second. Samples not needed. We are a Landscaping Gardening company. 
May 23, Contact  

e 7227 USA:  I want PA Blue flagstone. See ready stock 256. Please quote with other info. I am a landscape architect. May 22, Contact  

e 7201 USA:  I am wholesale buyer, please send prices for flagstone and Black Mexican Beach Pebbles. My contact no. is 520-2......May 19, Contact  


e 6896 USA:  We are a wholesale and retail landscape supplier in Michigan. I am looking for flagstone, granite, limestone slabs and also construction aggregates including mason, fill slag sands, 21 a 3/4 clean, 3/8 down, etc.  that can be competitive in the Michigan area. We supply a lot of material to landscapers building ponds and waterfalls. Please email a list of products you carry with pricing. I can be reached at 734-45..... We already import from Canada and are willing to look at other areas. April 26, Contact

e 6891 Brazil: I want to start a business of Flagstone exports. I am looking for someone who can help me with the legal formalities (information regarding duties, Import Taxes). My contact no. is +55 81 346.....
April 25, Contact

e 6590 UK:  We want Wallington flagstone quartzite, natural cleft surface 1 1/4" -1 3/4", random size slabs or a regular and large size, to pave 3,000 sq ft of terraces. Sizes I am interested are 18 X 18, 12 x 24, 18 x 24, 24 x 24, 24 X 30. 
I also want 3/4'' thick slabs of white marble, for bathroom walls and floors. The material sample I have describes it as Branco neve crystal white calcite dolomite. We are about to go into construction so the above items are required as of now. April 2, Contact

MX/IN: e 5315 USA:  I want a purple flagstone from northern Mexico. I also want sheets for patio flagstone as well as 12 x 12, 12 x 18, 24 x 24 (inches) tile from India used for exterior landscaping. Need 50-100 tons per month. 303-41.....Dec 25, Contact

4. COBBLESTONE: PALO STONE (100 X 100 X 50) - 262,000 PCS
6. PAVER : PALO STONE (400 X 400 X 25). Dec 19, Contact See Offers

ALL: e 5134 UK:  I want different color flagstones. Please quote per m2. Dec 9, Contact

e 5066 USA:  We want Wallington flagstone quartzite, natural cleft surface 1 1/4" -1 3/4", random size slabs or a regular and large size, to pave 3,000 sq ft of terraces. Sizes I am interested are 18 X 18, 12 x 24, 18 x 24, 24 x 24, 24 X 30. 
I also want 3/4'' thick slabs of white marble, for bathroom walls and floors. The material sample I have describes it as Branco neve crystal white calcite dolomite. We are about to go into construction so the above items are required as of now. Dec 3, Contact

ALL: e 5058 UK:  Please quote for cobblestone and flagstones per meter. Would also like to know how many fit in a container. Dec 3, Contact See Offers

e 4683 USA: I need Kennesaw Mountain Flagstones and Tiles. I am a stone trader. Nov 5,

US: e 4201 USA: I want suppliers for landscape stone for a retail landscape outlet in the Dallas Texas area. The stone I am interested in are landscape boulders (moss rocks 50#-1500#), flagstones, and chopped stone in 4" and 6" widths. The types of stone I need are Oklahoma, Austin, Millsap and Colorado. I will need all stone delivered. Sept 19, Contact See Offers

e 3804 USA: What are the prices for palletized flagstone, boulders, & stack stone? Is this sandstone? Aug 13, Closed See Offers

US: e 3744 Canada: We want 1600 sq ft of Colorado Red Flagstone -- random, 3/4" or less. We are a general contractor building a 'south western' style home in Toronto. Would prefer buying locally. 
Aug 8, Contact 

e 3734 USA:   I want 350 sq. ft. of stones. Most likely flagstone as it will make an outdoor patio in front of our house. I am guessing 1 or 2 tons depending on the thickness. It does not matter where the stones come from as long as they are durable, attractive, and affordable. We are looking for earth tones, reddish, brown, or maybe a grayish style, I am not exactly sure. Whatever will look nice among trees, small plants, brick wall, and patio benches, etc. The price is important to us and we hope to get started within one month. I am in CA. Aug 6, Contact, See Offers,

e 3705 USA: Please quote per sq. ft basis for flagstones and bricks. Aug 3, ContactSee Offers,

e 3685 USA: I want 650 sq ft of flagstone to be set on gravel/sand for a patio. 1-2" thick stone, about 6 tons of rock, perhaps a little more. I'm not particular about the color but should be consistent in the lot, the size should be 1-3 sq ft per stone. I am in CA. I saw one price that was $115/ton. I'm open to prices up to about $150/ton and can accept an "odd lot" if it covers at least the 650 sq ft. Will purchase at any time over the next 3 months. Looking for less than $1000 all up delivered, tax, etc. Would prefer to deal with American company or pay COD somehow if overseas. Aug 1, Contact

e 3478 Cyprus: Kindly quote for supply C.I.F. Cyprus for:
3,238 sq.mtr Natural Paving flagstone - red color (Ferruginous Sandstone Si, Fe, A1).
300x300 minimum thickness 30-40mm maximum
- Abrasion resistance: < 23 Test methods pr En 1341
- Absorption: Not to exceed 2.5% per weight
- Strength: 2400kg/m3
- Hardness: Not less that 6
- Crushing Strength: 350kg/sq. cm. July 16. Contact

e 3381 USA: Where can I purchase Flagstone tiles for an outside patio? I live in San Antonio. Qty reqd. is 300 - 350 sqft. I prefer to buy locally. I need the material ASAP and price should be reasonably cheap. July 9, Contact 

e 3374 USA: I live in the Northern California area of Sacramento. I am looking for some folks who can properly install a flagstone patio. July 9, Contact

e 3298 USA: We are looking for sources within the DFW area for flagstone to repair/redo our pool decking. 
Approximate square footage to repair/replace pool decking: 450 sqft
Approximate square footage to replace walkway and small patio: 130 sqft
Primary goal is to renovate/repair the pool and decking; then when we've replenished the budget, finish the patio and walkway. Right now the budget max is about $6000.00 for the entire project. However, depending on finding the "perfect" stone, the extra expense may be justified, but currently we are not finding anything noteworthy.
We have been looking at several varieties and styles of "coping". Originally we wanted a brick coping but are not finding the colors we want. So now we're thinking of a flagstone coping. The latest installer gave an estimate for replacing ONLY the decking of $4500 (does not include any coping or tile replacement). We may choose to have them only redo the coping and us relay the decking. We are hoping to not spend over $200 per ton (average coverage of 80 sq ft per ton). I realize there is some variation in the numbers due to the thickness of the flagstone, but I took the best average I have at this time.
Therefore, we're also looking for a seminar on how to lay flagstone.
Another consideration are stone tiles. We have not priced any of these tiles but are hoping they will be close to the outdoor porcelain tiles we have looked at.
We have not picked a specific stone yet, but are looking for light gray hues. 
We have only begun our research into the use of flagstone for our project. We are located in north Arlington, Texas. 
The idea is to buy locally (a bit cheaper) and get the entire pool done at one time. Since our budget is rather tight, we may have to limit our project or do some of it ourselves. One pool renovation company gave us a quote to install flagstone should we find something we like. We're hoping this weekend to scout out several places and decide on a stone. July 3. Contact

US: e 3245 USA: I am looking for quarries in Tennessee that produce flagstone, preferably Tennessee Crab Orchard. June 24, Contact

e 3204 USA: Can you tell me your price for installing flagstone around a swimming pool with a 141 feet in total? June 18. Contact 

e 3203 USA: I am a builder in Seattle, WA USA. I am interested in some of you flagstone. I prefer a supplier from my area. June 18. Contact, See Offers

e 3192 Canada: I'm looking for around 300 - 400 sq. ft of flagstones 2", sand colour for a backyard patio and walkway project desirable this summer/fall. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. June 16. Contact, See Offers

e 3167 USA: Looking for a retail supplier of broken flagstone in the DC/MD area. June 12. Contact 

e 3162 USA: I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and am interested in buying some flagstone for a small do it yourself job. June 12. Contact

e 3147 Australia: I am interested in purchasing flagstones in Australia, specifically North East Victoria. June 10. Contact

e 3096 USA: I need a vendor that can cut 200 sandblast resist templates for use in sandblasting yardage numbers into flagstone for a golf course. The individual templates will be approximately 16" X 16" and will have a 3 digit number approx 3" high (a different number for each template). Additionally, there will be a logo on each template. I currently need a quote and the fabrication lead time for the finished sheets shipped to San Diego CA. June 5. Contact, See Offers

e 2551 USA:  I was planning on building a small koi pond in my backyard and I am hoping that you would have some helpful information on: 
1. The type of flagstone that would be best (I like gray)
2. Where to get it
3. How much it would cost. March 5, Contact

US: e 2517 USA: I am a landscaper in So. California and always in need for flagstone, looking for quarries in PA. I am also searching for black oil flagstone table tops about 2" - 3"+ thick rough and smooth surface. Feb 23. Contact

US: e 5610 USA: I want a reliable source for either fieldstone or a suitable quarried stone in the New England area (palletized or truck loads). The stone should be roughly flat on two faces, 3" to 6" thick, 12" to 30" across long dimension and of a grain suitable for carving a basin into the stone (no cracks or flaws that would limit this). Willing to travel to find a suitable stone. I am in MA 01430. Jan 20, Contact