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Granite slabs & tiles inquiries December 31, 2004
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This page lists
granite slabs and tiles inquiries from Jan 2004 to Dec 2004. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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e 16236 USA: Please quote for 70 bathroom vanity in 5 and 6 feet each, 140 tub surroundings sets 28"x6', 50 kitchen countertops 2'x8'; 30" x 6' island bow tops; 2000 sq ft. color tiles 12"x12"x1/8"; 10 2'x2' square medallion tiles; 10 4'x4' square medallion tiles; 10 6'x6' square medallion tiles; 10 2'x2' circle medallion tiles; 10 4'x4' circle medallion tiles; 10 6'x6' circle medallion tiles. Willing to buy from any geographic region with the best price. I am ready to buy and begin business with a good supplier. I am currently beginning a new company for placing granite in houses and will be needing more shipments of granite to the US. I will need an estimate for the above order and some pictures to make sure we are talking about the same styles and items. I expect to finalize and place an order within the next month or so.  My tel. no. is 252-49.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16232 USA: Interested in purchasing Yellow Sun granite from Bahia, Brazil for a home project. Can you help me find a good reputable supplier. I am located in San Francisco.  My tel. no. is 415-81.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16227 Turkey: We have a factory and doing granite and marble business in Turkey. We also importing some of Italian and Spanish granites. We want to buy granite slabs (2 cm strips and slabs) from China. Kindly sent us your catalogue, pictures, slabs measures and your best prices (CIF) with payment conditions. Our tel. no. is mobile 90 532 28.....Dec 30, Contact


e 16208 Mexico: I am interested in buying Absolute black Granite slabs 9ft x 5ft up size. Qty is 1 container. Dec 29, Contact

e 16192 Singapore: We would like to have the latest quotation for the followings:- 
1) Desert Rose 60x30x2cm polished tiles 4,000m2
2) Royal Beige 40x40x2cm polished tiles 2,000m2
3) Lubna Light Beige 2cm polished slabs 2,000m2
Our tel. no. is +65-625.....Dec 28, Contact

e 16191 India: We would be interested in Chinese granite and marble. Mobile-0091-9845.....Dec 28, Contact

e 16176 Serbia & Montenegro: I am importing black granite slabs from India for two years. Only black material not interested for black galaxy. Our annual need is around 550 CM. I have branch of my company in Abu Dhabi, all payments goes directly from Emirates. Please quote for slabs:
FOB Indian port (sea port, not inland), one side polished: Length : 220cm - 270cm, Width : 120cm - 125cm, Thickness : 3, 7, 8 cm. Send us rates for all variations of black shades you have. If we find your offer interesting , will ask you to send us samples. My tel. no. is +381 63 3.....Dec 27, Contact

e 16175 UK: Please forward me the current price list for your products. Our tel. no. is 0208 54.....Dec 27, Contact

e 16169 Cyprus: We are a fast expanding Marble and Granite Company. I am interested in your wide range of Granite. Please send your best prices on polished slabs (if possible with images). Dec 25, Contact

e 16161 USA: I am interested in purchasing Granite Slabs. The colors I am interested in are Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, Black Ubatuba, Emerald Pearl, Pocono Green or Seaweed Green, Giallo Vinciano, Giallo Vincenza, Peacock, Santa Cecilia or Juprano Gold, Ornamental, Labrador Green, Labrador Gold, Butterfly. I need polished slabs (Resin) 3cm 5ft X 9ft or larger – bundles of 6-8 slabs per color 1st quality. If the price is right, I am ready to order in January. Willing to buy from any geographical location. Before I could finalize a supplier, the first step will be to get samples of these colors. I expect to finalize/place an order by the end of January or early February. Dec 24, Contact 

e 16158 India: We are one of the largest 100% Export Oriented Granite Processing form Hyderabad, INDIA. We want to import Granite Raw Blocks of Sodalite Blue. Dec 23, Contact 

e 16150 USA: Please quote for Commercial Quantities Grey Tumbled Granite. Quantity is 500 M/2. Size range: 8" x 12" x 1-2". Application: Cladding. Willing to buy from North America, Central America, South America, and others. Currently in planning stage. Will finalize a supplier when the desired price is met. An order is expected to be placed in February 2005. I am in LA, phone no. is (626) 40..... Dec 23, Contact

e 16147: Please quote for china pink and copper brown granite slabs. Dec 22, Contact

e 16143 USA: I need a quotation for 2 centimeters Brazilian granite slabs: dallas pink, amarelo venecia, dourado carioca, rosa iris, vermelho grena, butterfly, amarelo bangu and cinza nubia.  I need 8 of each quality mentioned. If you don't have any of the above, please send me a price list of the slabs that you have available right now. I also need a price list of the Chinese slabs that you have available right now. How long does it take to get to Longbeach, California? How are the payment terms? Dec 22, Contact

e 16138 Australia: I want to buy some granite tiles and slabs at wholesale price. I want this tiles for my new house to be built next year. I am interested in white galaxy and imperial white. Dec 22, Contact

e 16126 USA: I am interested in buying granite for my retail outlet. I am located in Detroit, MI. Dec 21, Contact

e 16118 Nigeria: I want to import tile. Please quote with samples and catalogs. Dec 20, Contact 

e 16112 India: I have some enquiries for granite slabs from USA. My requirements are Absolute black, Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Madura Gold and Shiva Gold. I need prices Ex-factory. The thickness required is 30mm of 12ft.x5'6" slabs. Minimum order quantity would be one 20ft. container and the order will be finalised by 15th to 20th January 2005. I need ex-factory prices since one single mine owner may not be able to supply all the requirements and I may have to collect from different locations to ship out. Also pls. let me know if you have any suppliers/mine owners based in Rajasthan for granite. I am based in Mumbai. My tel .no. is 98206.....Dec 19, Contact

e 16109: We are interested in the tan brown granite counter top. Dec 18, Contact

e 16103 USA: I am interested in talking with someone directly from your company about importing large quantities of granite slab into the Port of Seattle. Could you please provide me with a contact name & number, or if you prefer call me at (208) 96......Dec 18, Contact

e 16101: Large developer looking to buy stock sized granite slabs for projects. Looking to work with manufacturer to find earth tones such as: Arandis, Millenium Dream, and Special Silk. Please email us some information, pricing, etc. Dec 17, Contact

e 16100 USA: Please quote a both 3cm and 2cm x 24.5" x 96" countertop, with full bullnose on one long and one short edge. The stone should be AFG49, G687, Maple Leaves, G634, Pearl Black, Verde UBATUBA, An Tiger Skin Yellow. I am in Louisiana. Dec 17, Contact

e 16096 Portugal: Please quote for with pictures of granites: G 383;G 367; G 361; G 355; G 368 and other Chinese colors. I am interested in all kinds of tiles and slabs, polished and calibrated. Dec 17, Contact

e 16094 Cameroon: Please quote for granite tiles with pictures. Dec 17, Contact

e 16092 Hungary: We are a stone importer company in Budapest. We would like to know your readiness to work with us on our market in Hungary. We are also interested in different ready made window sills 20-25-30cm width 2cm thick. Our most popular stones G-682, G-502/1,  G-503,G-562 etc. and the cheapest granite too, and M210, M216, M215,M217 etc. Please let us know your bestseller products, best prices and conditions.  Dec 17, Contact

e 16088 China: We need Tropic Brown. You can also give me some other kinds of stones that you have competitive price. We will also need photos and samples for our reference. Please give us the best price for details mentioned below:
Tropic Brown: 2.5 x 1.4 x 1 (CBM) 400 CBM
Tropic Brown: 2.4 x 1.1 x 0.7 (CBM) 400 CBM
Phone: 0086-592-51.....If the price is right we can give you our purchase order of the full next year. Dec 17, Contact

e 16056 USA: I work for a landscape company in Austin, Texas and I need to match & recover a dripline bed with salt and pepper granite, 3”-4” gravel. I will need a load, 6 cu yds. Is there a source in Texas for this product? Dec 15, Contact


e 16047 India: I am a merchant exporter from India. I would like to know the rates for granite slab (cut and polished) fob Mumbai of ruby red, black pearl, black galaxy, galaxy star, sliver galaxy and golden galaxy. Dec 15, Contact

e 16039 Canada: We are granite importer and counter top manufacturer, we import from Brazil, Mexico at the present time. After looking at some of your product list. We are interested in knowing more about your company, so if you will be kind enough to mail us your catalogue and price list. We are in Edmonton. Dec 14, Contact

e 16032 USA: Please find below my request for quotation. The first two needs are immediate so I would like to use a domestic source. The last application is a few months out so I could consider importing however I would prefer to deal with a US company. I am most interested in finding a company I can work with on an ongoing basis, but since I don't know who these companies are could you please forward my request on to all? Will order immediately upon approval of samples and pricing. 
Have 2 immediate applications and one confirmed future application 
1. Granite Slabs 
Qty 4 – Polished Granite Slab 25.5” x 96” Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
Qty 1 – Polished Granite Slab 38” x 40” Bullnose 4 sides 
Looking for style similar to: 
http://www.findstone.com/BRAgran15.htm  - Ouro Bahia & Gialloitabela 
http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm  - Tiger Skin Yellow 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
I am a contractor and am looking for a regular supplier I can work with. 
1. Marble Tiles and Marble Slabs. Looking for style similar to: Chinese marble M003. 
2. Egyptian marble slabs and tiles of Absolute Beige, Brescia Sinai and Filetto Hassana, Fleto Hasanah 
Tiles 12” x 12” 3/8” Qty - 360 Sq ft. commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Slabs 21.5 x 96 Qty 2 Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Tiles Tiles 12” x 12” 3/8” (Qty - 2100 Sq ft. First Quality) 
I am in WA and my tel. no. is (425) 24.....Dec 14, Contact 

e 16028 USA: I am looking to work with a new overseas stone supplier. I import 2-3 containers a month. Mostly the material will be from Brazil. I am interested in 3/4 & 1 1/4 granite slabs. I am in MI. My tel. no. is 1 248 54.....Dec 13, Contact

e 16018 Philippines: We want to buy granite, marble, slates & sand stones, please send us the related information & pictures that we need. We would like to know what stocks you have for Black galaxy, absolute black, dark emperador, baltic brown, Uba Tuba Green, Giallo Venziano, Tan Brown, Travertine etc, prefab in slab size. Our tel no.: (632) 75.....Dec 13, Contact

e 16014 Switzerland: Please quote for African red from Zimbabwe large slabs H 2.50m x B 1,40 thickens 3 cm, 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm 12cm 14cm and as can I order. I have different products in China ordered however always. My tel. no. is 0041 76 58.....  Dec 12, Contact  

e 16007 USA: Kitchen re-modeler looking for stone supplier in US to supply busy company on a per job basis. Possible resale situation. Everything within a 1000 miles of me is a custom shop. Price between $10-$25 sq. ft.
Looking for pre-fab granite countertop slabs for kitchen, also small quantities (1000 sqft) travertine tile. Two long slab 25"x84-96" one with straight sides, one with finished right edge, one island 76x42" finished all 4 sides. 2 backsplash 4" x 84-96" Edge profile is prefer 1" thick with double pencil edge, but will take 1 1/2" laminated bullnose if quality is very good and the edges book. Lengths can be changed +/- a few inches. Let me know what you got. As far as variety goes, what's popular here is what sells. Dark colors, something with depth. (black galaxy, emerald pearl, ubatuba, yada-yada.) nothing too figured. Must have ability to send samples or preferably digital pictures of actual slabs. Needs to be shipped to (NH). Can pick up at shipping station if cheaper. Will buy today. My phone no. is 60339......Dec 11, Contact

e 16002 USA: I am with a countertop and cabinet a business located in the United States. I am currently looking for pricing on pre-fabricated countertops, slabs, and tile. Please send me a catalog of your products as well as a sample of your bull nose product. I am going to import 2-5 containers of pre-fabricated countertop, slab, and tile as soon as possible. Include in your pricing all domestic and imported granite with C.I.F to CA included. 
1. 98.5" X 25.5", 108" X 25.5" of prefabricated granite with bull nose on two sides alternating left and right sides on the 25.5 side. Include in your price 6" backsplash 
2. 4 size islands 76" X 36", 76" X 40", 100" X 36", and 100" X 40" with bull nose on 4 sides.
3. Tile in 12" X 12" and 18" X 18" 
Include in your information a list of the names of all your imported and domestic granite colors in English and Chinese. 
I would like to ensure the least amount of damage to the granite during shipping. What kind of packaging options do you provide? Dec 11, Contact

e 16000: I would like to know the price ex-factory for black galaxy in 3cm thick and in tiles 305x305x10mm. Dec 10, Contact  

e 15989 USA: I am a contractor in Florida I am looking for a wholesale supplier in Canada or in the U.S.A. Dec 10, Contact 

e 15981 South Africa: Can you please send me the contact details of the company selling the red granite in South Africa. Dec 9, Contact

e 15979 China: We are a trading company interested in buying granite slabs, countertops, tiles and other stone products from China, India and Brazil. Potential suppliers please send price list of all your products to us. Our tel. no. is 852-234.....Dec 9, Contact

e 15973 USA: I have a granite/stone company in Kansas, USA and I would be interested in selling your stone to residential and commercial contactors in all of our distributing areas. We also have territories in the Northwest and plan to expand all over the country in the next year or so. We plan on some major growth in the next couple of years and are looking to expand to regions all over the US. I am interested in developing a relationship with you and your company. I would like any information you can provide me with about your product line, pricing, finishing work/details and shipping. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your time. Dec 9, Contact

e 15969 Germany: Please quote for Chinese G603 polished tiles of 30.5 x 30.5 x 1.0 cm, qty. 900 sqm. Dec 9, Contact

e 15964 Germany: Please send us your best prices for polished slabs 2cm and 3cm thickness and prices for Tiles 1cm Thickness in Indian Juparana Colombo, Imperial White, Kashmir white. 20 Feet Containers, FOB. Have you a good Shipping Company lower 1300 USD incl BAF and CAF CIF Hamburg? Have you also polished Half Slabs for a lowest Price?  Dec 8, Contact

e 15958 USA: Please email me your price list on Granite Tops and Culture Marble Tops. Our tel. no. is (210) 22.....Dec 8, Contact

e 15957 USA: We are a granite distributor in the USA, and we're looking for a Brazilian granite supplier. I am interested in buying granite blocks and shipping them to our factory in China for fabrication. Could you please give me a list of the colors available and a price for each block. I am particularly interested in the Verde Uba Tuba and Verde Butterfly colors, but I would like to look at all the colors you can export. Dec 8, Contact

e 15956: I need to know the price of a 1 ton block of Heliton granite. Please do not send me the price of crushed granite, as I need a 1 ton block. Dec 8, Contact

e 15947 Bermuda: Please e-mail photos and prices for himalayan blue in tile and slab sizes and sizes available. Dec 7, Contact

e 15937 Australia: Can you please email current stock availably and prices on 20mm polished slabs and 303x305 ,30x30 or 60x60 polished tiles of Indian marble and granite CIF Melbourne Australia. Dec 7, Contact

e 15935 Italy: Please quote for slabs for Padang g654 for thickness cm 2-3-4. Also mention delivery schedule and all other costs. Dec 7, Contact

e 15932 Nigeria: Please let me have the source and price of brown balmoral granite. I need a container load of polished brown balmoral Include also, rough block price. My tel. no. is 234-803-32.....Dec 7, Contact

e 15930 Singapore: We are interested to know more about Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote. Tel: (65) 629....Dec 7, Contact

e 15929: We would like a list of your Indian granite products with the prices. We are interested in granite slabs 2cm thickness, one side polish. Dec 6, Contact

e 15928 Ghana: We are a trading company in Ghana are interested in your product and would like to buy from your company. Send us your catalogues, etc. We buy more than twenty containers in a year. We are importing from Italy and Spain at the moment. Send us your catalogue to enable us to make our choice. Dec 6, Contact

e 15923 UK: Please quote for Indian granite and marble slabs and tiles. Dec 6, Contact

e 15922 China: I am looking for marble/granite countertops to export to US. The color I am looking for is maple red, tiger skin yellow and white sand. Please contact me and give me more details. Dec 6, Contact

e 15913 UAE: We would like to know what stocks you are holding (Black galaxy, Absolute black, and all light colors especially cream, off white) from India. Please let us know if you have or can supply crema marfil. Please quote C&F Dubai. We require Ist quality, granite and marble. Please specify the delivery time. etc. My tel. no. is 00971422.....Dec 6, Contact

e 15896 Honduras: I need info immediately on slates and sandstone and granite slabs and tiles container loads from Brazil. Dec 4, Contact

e 15894 USA: Please send Marble, Granite and Travertine prices. We are in FL. Our fax no. is 904.28......Dec 4, Contact

e 15888 India: We are importers of Tiles, Bathroom Fittings & Accessories, etc. We would like to have details about your products as well as their prices. Tel:- 91 22 567.....Dec 3, Contact

e 15882: I am looking for a ASAP digital photo of “Blue Bahia” from Brazil would you please send the best quality photo (digital via e-mail) to see color range? Also I need to known the cost per square foot and at what quantities there are price breaks. Dec 3, Contact

e 15870 Greece: We are interested for the stones with the following attributes: 
Color: Esmeralda Bahia, Azul Macaubas, Rosa Corallo, Rosa
Dimensions: 120/150/170cm x 35/70cm.  Thickness: 3-4cm.  Surface Natural and Edges Machine Cut. Please give us a price in $, C.I.F. Pireus (Greece). We are interested for 1-2 containers. Dec 2, Contact

e 15853 USA: Please quote for Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, Giallo Venziano, Tan Brown, Absolute Black, etc. prefab granite slabs. My tel. no. is 619-50.....I am in CA. Dec 1, Contact

e 15843 USA: Looking to import the top ten colors of granite into the southeastern USA. We are a counter top materials supplier. My cell no. is 678-78.....Nov 30, Contact 

e 15839 Ireland: I am interested in buying large quantities of gray granite window cills. My telephone number is 0502 .....Do you supply same? Nov 30, Contact

e 15835 USA: I am interested in several slabs of the Marinace Green granite. Where in Texas can I obtain these? Finding this granite has delayed our project by several weeks, can you help? I'm located in south Texas, zip code 78539.  Nov 30, Contact

e 15827 USA: I am a sculptor from Ft. Worth, Texas. I am looking for a company that can supply me with Black Granite bases for my work. I know several sculptors that I can sell to as well. My phone number is 817-58.....Nov 30, Contact

e 15824 Russia: We are interested in Granite. We need about 16000 m2, size 60 x 60, thickness 20 mm polish. All the variants of grey color.
And if it possible to take order from you by train? Please quote. My tel. no. is +7 095 98.....Nov 30, Contact

e 15811 Australia: We are interested in importing granite, marble and sandstone tiles. Please let me know how we can get some samples of your products. Nov 28, Contact

e 15808 USA: Please quote for Pau Brazil & Azul. About 700 sq ft. Nov 27, Contact

e 15805 France: I am looking for a supplier for a long term relationship for marble, granite and natural stones. I need to know prices in the different formats available (tiles and slabs). Nov 27, Contact

e 15801 Bermuda: Please send photos and prices for slabs of all blue granites. Measurements 4 - 5 ft x 9 - 12 ft x 3cm & 3 ft x 6 - 8 ft x 2cm. Nov 27, Contact

e 15798 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. I am in RI. Nov 27, Contact

e 15782 USA: Please send me a price on a piece of black granite 30 inch X 30 inch by 6 feet shipped to Rochester, New York. Nov 26, Contact

e 15775 Sri Lanka: Send me prices for icon brown ; siva gold; kashmir gold. I need 2000 sq. ft each. Telephone 94 7773.....Nov 25, Contact

e 15756 USA: I would like to receive quotes for containers of polished slabs of marble and granite 2 and 3 cm, first quality only, with a minimum size of 5 ft. x 9 ft. I am looking to purchase approximately 2 containers per month if a relationship can be established with a supplier. The first container would be purchased within the next month. Please include shipping quotes with the material quotes. My tel. no. is 719 23..... Nov 23, Contact

e 15747 Greece: We are interested in buying scrap of semi-precious stones as: Amethyst, Agate, Sodalite, Quartz, Turquoise and Carnelian. The sizes can vary from 0.5cm. to 3cm. and should be rough. Also want scrap Marble from: 
Argentina: Cielo Azul
Brazil: Azul, Blue Aquamarine, Pau Brazil, Flamingo, Rosa, Azul Macaubas, Esmeralda Bahia.
China: Moss Green
Turkey: Rosa Levanto
And scrap Granite from India: Kyadikuppa Red, Imperial red. Marble, Granite and Slate must be in broken pieces and the thickness should be from 1cm. to 3cm. Nov 22, Contact 

e 15740: I am planning to start importing granite from India. I am trying to understand if there's any way that I can guarantee the quality of the stone that gets loaded onto the ship. Is there any non-partisan agency in India that can do this? Or any company that offers to inspect the stone that my supplier is loading onto a ship? Nov 21, Contact 

e 15733 New Zealand: Address: Looking for container loads of each colour of marble / granite polished slabs Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Tan Brown, Black Pearl, Blue Pearl, Brown Pearl. We can place orders on confirmation of price, delivery and quality. We are producing granite and marble benchtops. Our tel no. is 64 3 38.....Nov 21, Contact 

e 15732 South Africa: We specialise in supply and fitting of granite kitchen and vanity tops. On average we are looking at ordering +/- 400 square meters per month. We need 30 mm thickness material. We are very interested to find out more about the possibility of purchasing granite directly from your organisation. We require a quote for BLACK SAN GABRIEL, ARACRUZ BLACK, DIAMOND BLACK and other granites in 30mm polished slabs. Commercial and 1st grade quotations welcome. PLEASE REGARD THIS REQUEST AS URGENT AS WE ARE STARTING A NEW PROJECT IN THE NEW YEAR. Our tel. no. is (021) 70.....Nov 21, Contact 


e 15712 Malaysia: We are interested to import granite (to be used in building construction) for our local & oversea market. Please provide us more information about your products. Nov 20, Contact 

e 15710 USA: Please provide me with suppliers of granite. My tel. no. is 808 98.....Nov 19, Contact

e 15709 Yemen: I am very interested in importing Ceramic Tile and granite to Yemen. I would like to see your Products catalogue and the update price list. Nov 19, Contact

e 15705 India: Please send quotation in sqm, CIF basis for Indian and / or Chinese marble and granite slabs (2, 3 cm) and tiles (60cm x 60cm or 80cm x 80). We also need Countertops and other articles. We need these monthly in container load quantities for USA. Nov 19, Contact

e 15704 India: We are Chennai based export company. We have an order for Absloute Black and Black Galaxy cut-to-size materials of 1.8 cm, 3.8cm with different lengths and widths. Absolute Black: 205cm x 40cm x 1.8cm, 200cm x 60cm x 3.8cm. Black Galaxy: 205cm x 40cm x 1.8cm, 200cm x 60cm x 3.8cm, 180 x 60 x 1.8, 180 x 80 x 1.8, 180 x 100 x 1.8, 180 x 110 x 1.8, 205 x 60 x 1.8, 205 x 80 x 1.8, 205 x 100 x 1.8, 205 x 110 x 1.8. Please quote with packing for the above material. Nov 19, Contact

e 15697 Canada: We are looking to import Chinese granites. Please quote for slabs. Nov 18, Contact

e 15690 Malawi: I would like to receive a catalogue of you stone products, also do you have a list of companies dealing with marble and granite cutting and polishing material. My tel. no. is 00 265 01 6.....Nov 18, Contact



e 15666 USA: Do you have any suppliers in South Florida that have the Chinese granite? We are near Jupiter Florida. My cell phone 561-33..... Nov 17, Contact

e 15664 USA: I am looking to buy 200 granite countertops. The length of the countertops is 96 inches buy 25 inches with a thickness of ¾ inch. The metric length is 244x63.5x2cm. With a full bull-nose in the front. We are willing to buy from Shandong area. The places, which use Qingdao as a port. To finalize a supplier I need to have the lowest price after I have confirmed samples. I want to place an order before the end of the year 2004. My tel. no. in China is (0532) 27.....Nov 17, Contact

e 15662 Netherlands: Our company is in search for specific granite stone called Ghazal (Y) from Egypt. Is there any Company in the Netherlands or around the Netherlands they sell this sort of stone. We are not a Company that sell many of this granite. Nov 17, Contact

e 15655 China: We specialize in stone import and manufacture. We import many kinds of granite in a large quantity. We need some Tropic Brown, Cafe Imperial, Baltic Brown, Carmen Red, Marina Blue Star, Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl. If you have no such kinds of stone, pls give me some other kinds of stone that have good quality and competitive price. If possible, we also need some photos and samples for our reference. We will buy the quantity of blocks at the end of 2004 and go to the quarry to inspect them. Please kindly let me know some information about your company, such as your annual output, your main kinds of granite. Our phone: 0086-592-51.....Nov 17, Contact

e 15649 USA: Looking for countertops in granite need some one to contact me. Nov 17, Contact

e 15639 Serbia: We are importers and wholesalers of Impala black (Rustenburg) rough granite blocks which is used within memorial sector. At the moment, we have interest in importing Impala black rough granite blocks. We need 6 blocks, open transport to the destination port Smederevo – Serbia & Montenegro (the port is lying on Danube river). Size we need is: 2.400 x 1.200. We need medium color range. Also we need Impala black slabs – one side polished. The sizes we need are 2.50 x 1.00 x 0.08 meters; 3.00 x 1.00 x 0.08 meters; and 2.50 x 1.00 x 0.03 meters - total 20 slabs. Our tel. no. is 381 64-12.....Nov 16, Contact

e 15638 Iran: Please send some essential information and general catalogue about your production because we have more order in Iran and will ship them immediately we receive your information. + 98 – 91512.....Nov 16, Contact

e 15628: I want to import jet black polished 2cm slabs of height not less than 160cm directly from the quarry in India. Should be of good quality and competitive price. The material should have no shade variation or no cracks, should be free of defects. Will buy 3 containers every month. Please send FOB any Indian port dest. port ASHDOUD. Nov 16, Contact

e 15623 Romania: We are interested in buying COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES of stone. We expect orders from Austria, Germany, and Italy, both in  marble and granite. Our phone no. is +407400.....Nov 16, Contact

e 15599 India: send us your best quotation on granites. Nov 14, Contact

e 15590 UK: Please tell me if its possible to get samples of any jet black granite tiles and also dark red granite slabs. If I am happy with the tiles I will need 3 pallets of them to be sent to the UK. Nov 12, Contact

e 15584 USA: Do you sell transport / install granite kitchen countertops to homes in the US? Nov 12, Contact

e 15577 China: Please quote for Rosso Francia Incarnat and Rosso Francia Languedoc from France, Rosso Rupasse from Yugoslavia, Verde Quetzal Guatemala from Guatemala, Azul Cielo from Argentina, Blue Mona from Africa, Rosso Laguna, Rosso Lepanto and Dove from Turkey. Tel: +852 246.....Nov 12, Contact

e 15576 India: Please urgently give us the price list for Royal Red / Sindoori Red (Size 1:1 / 2:1, 20 mm/10mm) WITH OTHER colors of quality.  Nov 12, Contact

e 15574 Australia: Looking for a supplier of South African granite slabs as displayed in pricelist 990. Nov 12, Contact 

e 15556 Australia: I require 2 containers of Zimbabwe slabs, 2cm and 3cm. Slab sizes 270cm x 130cm or greater. I am only interested in premium quality. Nov 11, Contact 

e 15548 Lithuania: I would like to buy stone products like Chinese granite tiles only about 500 m2 a 40x40x1. Our tel no. is 00370374.....
Nov 10, Contact


e 15536 Turkey: We are one of the biggest importer company in Istanbul. We would like to import granite & marble. The specs will be: bianco sardo granite or marble, 40x80 cm, 2.5 cm. thickness, and in total we will import 10000 sqm. If you are in a position to offer the mentioned items, please contact us and let us know complete specifications of the available products mentioning their rock bottom price, origin and brand. Our tel. no. is 00 90 216- 35.....Nov 10, Contact

e 15534 South Africa: PLEASE QUOTE FOR GRANITE. I AM IN CAPE TOWN. MY PHONE NO. IS (021) 70......NEED GRANITE SLABS 3m X 1,8m X 30mm (METERS). COLOURS: BLACK, DARK GREY, BROWN, GREEN. GRADE: COMMERCIAL GRADE. QUANTITY: 2 CONTAINERS = 210 square meters PER MONTH. Geographical areas to purchase from: ANY. Nov 10, Contact

e 15528 Sweden: We are a company in Sweden who produce concrete stones for gardens and public environments. Now we are trying to find natural stones as a complement. We will import stones from different countries. Nov 9, Contact

e 15523 Turkey: I need some black granite for a special project. Goods will be delivered to Mersin. Quantity is approx. 500 sqm. Nov 9, Contact

e 15511: Would you give me price for AFRICAN RED; BIANCO SARDO ; ROZA PORİNO. Price for Block and slabs (2cm thickness ). If I get Blocks how much is for cutting and polishing I have to pay? Nov 8, Contact

e 15509 Greece: We are one of the leading marble and stone companies in Greece. We are interested in purchasing 470m2 Granite Nero Assoluto or Nero China, thickness 2cm polished dimensions 40X40 or 60X60 calibrated edges. As well as Star Galaxy black with golden pearl-spots dimensions 60X60 thickness 2cm quantity 170m2 calibrated edges. The delivery time is set to 10 days. Please send your best prices. We are interested in purchasing from all geographical areas. Our tel. no. is 30-210-6.....Nov 8, Contact

e 15500 Pakistan: I am looking for Chinese or other economical granites, which are very abrasion resistant and not very absorbent. These granite tiles will be fixed in public place in Pakistan where, its very dusty and can get very humid. Please recommend suitable Chinese granites. Nov 8, Contact

e 15496 Ukraine: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Nov 6, Contact

e 15489: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles and slabs as mentioned in pricelist 858.  Nov 6, Contact 

e 15484 Greece: We are one of the leading marble and stone companies in Greece. We are interested in purchasing 470m2 Granite Nero Assoluto or Nero China, thickness 2cm polished dimensions 40X40 or 60X60 calibrated edges. As well as Star Galaxy black with golden pearl-spots dimensions 60X60 thickness 2cm quantity 170m2 calibrated edges. The delivery time is set to 10 days. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15476 UK: Can you please quote price 12x12 polished tiles also 12x24. Please quote for different width and please include packing cost and were is your company based. Nov 5, Contact

e 15473 UK: I need some suppliers of marble, granite, limestone and travertine from Syria, UAE, and other parts of the Middle East. Nov 4, Contact

e 15470 USA: I looking to purchase some Blue Bahia. I will be looking for the best price and delivery. I am in VA. My phone no. is 540-26.....
I need four slabs, 3cm-Blue Bahia. I would like to buy from somewhere on the East coast, but I'm open to other areas as well. I would like to order within the next week or two. Nov 4, Contact

e 15467 USA: I want to buy granite preferably in the Western Cape region. The relatively small amount of granite we need will be used as paper weights. How much is the cost? Can the granite be polished an engraved? How long to process? Nov 4, Contact 

e 15466 Denmark: Email me relevant information like pricelist for polished slabs of all types of stones for kitchen tops. Nov 4, Contact 

e 15453 Germany: Please quote for granite tiles 610x305x10 mm, polished, first choice AZUL EXTREMADURA. We need 100 m² in a short time. Nov 3, Contact

e 15451 Turkey: Please quote for G 640 Chinese granite slabs. We area marble / granite company. Our tel no. is 9031247.....Nov 3, Contact

e 15448 USA: I am looking for prefab granite - 9 foot (3) and 8 foot (2) of Giallo Veneziano, 8 foot Kings Gold (1) and Giallo Oriental 8 foot (1), either Mandura Gold or Kashmire Gold (1) 8 foot. Prefer a West Coast dealer. Nov 3, Contact

e 15434 USA: I am looking for supplier of Texas red granite tiles. Please call 703-69......  Nov 2, Contact 

e 15432 Greece: We would like to visit India in order to find marble, granite, slate, etc. However, we would like to visit an area that we will find the more possible materials. Looking for an area which has all the Indian manufacturers of stone. We are interested to find a place like Shuitou in Fujian in China for example that attracts all the manufacturers of China. Nov 2, Contact 

e 15430 Turkey: Please quote for Chinese granite and tiles. Nov 2, Contact 

e 15424 USA: Will you please e-mail me your current price list for granite slabs. Nov 2, Contact

e 15422: Email me relevant information slate slabs, granite slabs, marble slabs. Nov 2, Contact

e 15416 India: Kindly furnish me the price for KASHMIRI WHITE/ BLUE PEARL/SUNRISE YELLOW/IVORY CHIFFON or LADY DREAM in Sqm. Nov 1, Contact

e 15415 USA: I am looking to import granite, slate and terracotta. Oct 31, Contact

e 15409 India: We have received an order of few containers of granite in different popular color of 1 sq ft. The first order will be for one container to New York port. Would u please give us estimated fob and cif price to New York port including surcharge or any other duties. Please also advise us mode of payment too. Oct 31, Contact 

e 15390 Turkey: Please provide us with technical specifications of AZUL VALVERDE , MASSANGIS JAUNE CALIR and BATEIG AZUL. We need these stones for a big project. Our tel. no. is +90-312-64.....Oct 29, Contact 

e 15384 Singapore: I need 32000 m2 of granite flooring for an International Airport. Please quote with images. My phone no. is + 65 632..... Oct 29, Contact 

e 15380 UK: Would you please give me some information regarding import of Terrazzo tiles and granite tiles in UK. How much will cost Import Custom Duty for 1/one/container of each. Oct 28, Contact 

e 15374 India: Please quote prices for granite tiles 10mm and per sqm.  Oct 28, Contact 

e 15372 Argentina: We are a distribution company of granite & marble floor in Argentina. We are trying to import granites floors from your country. Please, can you send me by email a catalogue of your products, and then y select the items and make a quotation. My tel. no. is (54-11) 478.....Oct 28, Contact 

e 15371 Czech Republic: Please send offer for black granite as NERO ZIMBABWE AFRICA. We need it for tombstones. Dimension: 300 x 150 x 6 cm and 300 x 150 x 3 cm. CIF THESSALONIKI or KAVALA - Seaports in GREECE. Send me your quotation for one container (one truck, 21 MT) for the beginning. If you have this granite and good offer we can start business immediately. My tel / fax:+4205452.....Oct 28, Contact   

e 15364 Netherlands: We are a company importing all kind off stones from different countries. Now we are looking for a stone called Mustang from Brazil. Our fax no. is 013-51....Oct 28, Contact 

e 15362 Russia: We need for our construction 700 sq m. granite - New Imperial Red 300 х 600 х 15. Please e-mail us your price for it and for other productions. Our tel. no. is (3512) 7..... Oct 27, Contact

e 15350 Pakistan: We are looking for approximately 6000m of Granite tiles 12"x12" or 12"x24". I am looking for Indian or Chinese granite. Prices must be as competitive as possible. Prices to be quoted for C&F Karachi. Oct 26, Contact

e 15341 USA: I was wondering what your stock of the bianco sardo honed was and what the shipping time and cost would be to send to Vidor, TX USA. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can let my customer know lead time. Oct 25, Contact

e 15337 USA: Can I get a sample of the Granite from India called "Jet Black". I would be looking for 3,000 sq. ft. of 18 sq. in. x 18 sq. in. tiles to be delivered to Miami. Would you be able to sell this quantity, what would be the price and payment terms and by when could we expect delivery? Finally, what stone would you have in a glossy pure white? My tel. no. is 908-35.....Oct 25, Contact 

e 15327 USA: Wanting to purchase slabs of Blue Renoir granite. Please advise of suppliers in my area of California, zip code 90802. Oct 25, Contact 

e 15318 USA: I am looking for Giallo Renoir 3cm stone...I currently have Giallo Matisse, but don't have a source for the Renoir. I am a granite sales rep for a fabricator in Wisconsin that operates 5 retail locations as well as service additional retail cabinet showrooms...our company is always looking for unique stones. Oct 23, Contact

e 15303 Australia: We have a project which requires 15000sqm of flamed finish Indian granite of the type shown in the photo attached herewith. I have been given to understand that it is Indian Stone. My tel. no. is +61-2-974.....Oct 22, Contact

e 15300: Email me relevant information for marble, travertine, granite, limestone and slate tiles. Oct 21, Contact

e 15299 UK: We are importers of marble and granite in London, United Kingdom. I am interested in all black indian granites. Could you please e-mail me your quotation for the above granites for 20mm, 30mm, 40mm thickness per Sq m. My requirements are at least 2 to 3 containers per month of 30mm Absolute black granites. My tel. no. is +44 207 48.....Oct 21, Contact

e 15298 UK: Looking for an Indian granite named Beige Fantasy. Oct 21, Contact

e 15297 Turkey: We would like to know about the prices of the granite slabs which their codes written below: 
G603, G614, G623, G633, G640, G655, G365, G383, G439, G568, G223, G803, G617, G635, G646, G648, G658, G663, G681, G683-2, G687, G689, 
G696, G3001, G352, G354, G364, G368, G386-8, G436, G452, G453, G562, G504,G990, G823, G300, G203, G511, G684, G654-2, G654-3, G991, G657, G502A, G502B, G503, G682, G612, G628, G412, G305, G307, G308, G3176, G3186, G3166, G371, G435, G201, G606, G611, G634, G664, G333, G302, G303, G304, G309, G361, G037, G518B. Our tel. no. is +90 32445.....Oct 21, Contact

e 15296: I would like to know price in Euro of granite with thickness 2, 3, 6, 8 cm in m3. Quality Impala super dark, Africa red, etc. I need the for monuments. Oct 21, Contact

e 15295 Australia: We are a reputable auctioneering network of company. We are seeking Asian manufactures willing to market their goods on consignment through our faculties. Our mobile no. is 041 99.....Oct 21, Contact

e 15293 Australia: We are based in Sydney. We will be opening in office space in Asia and Europe within the next 6 months. We are looking for stone suppliers in Malaysia, Thailand and China at the moment. Any contacts you can supply would be of great assistance. Oct 21, Contact

e 15281 UK: We are builders merchants who stock & sell what we call Indian stone, we have not bought direct from India but now we are looking into the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Oct 20, Contact

e 15278 Switzerland: I am building a house with two of my friends. We do need around 1000 m2 of Granite. We are interested in light shaded Granites with good price for flooring. Would you please give necessary details? Oct 20, Contact

e 15267 Russia: We are a building/trading company from Russia. We want to buy granite tiles. The size should be 170*50*2 cm. We need about 1000 pieces. It should be step tiles, if possible (like on picture 6041_054ct.jpg) but it is not necesary. The supplier should be from South East China. My tel. no. is (+7 3832) 3......Oct 19, Contact 

e 15258 USA: I have an opportunity to sell kitchen and bath granite surfaces to large housing projects. I am looking for suppliers on cut to template size countertops of granite. My customers have directed me to check on both China and Brazil as sources for this. Recommendations for suppliers that can handle orders for 200 to 500 kitchen counter surfaces and 300 to 800 bathroom counter surfaces would be helpful. M tel. no. is (323) 58.....Oct 19, Contact 

e 15251 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Oct 18, Contact

e 15250: I would like to contact the supplier of Brazilian granite slabs. Oct 18, Contact

e 15243: Looking for a supplier of marble,  granite and slate. Please send prices quote. Oct 18, Contact

e 15241 Malaysia: Currently we looking for Saigon Yellow Granite. If you have stock for 454m2 granites please quote us your best price as per CNF Port Klang. URGENT. Oct 18, Contact

e 15239 USA: Getting ready to purchase granite tile for kitchen countertops. I'm concerned that with all the edges on the 12 inch tiles. I'm asking for issues with moisture penetrating the stone. Although granite is in my financial budget, I'm not at all sure the house is worthy of the special treatment. I thought that granite tile would give me a similar look at a fraction of the price....just don't want sleepless nights worrying about someone leaving a glass on the counter. Oct 18, Contact

e 15238 Iran: We are a trading company interested in importing stone from China. We are looking for "shanxi_black" and "blue_diamond". 
Please send us prices, sizes, etc. Oct 18, Contact 

e 15233: Please send me the latest pricelists of marble and granites for various thickness of all countries. Oct 17, Contact 

e 15231 USA: I am currently a high importer of various products into the USA. I am currently establishing business partners to import Granite/Marble. Please let me know who I can contact to receive pricing and availability of your products. Oct 17, Contact 

e 15221 USA: Atlanta, GA fabricator looking for 3~4 slabs of 3cm Giallo Vicenza. Please contact me with pricing and availability. My tel. no. is (404)79.....Oct 16, Contact 

e 15210 UK: I am trying to locate FLAMED ABSOLUTE BLACK GRANITE. The initial specification is required for sampling use for a show home that is being developed for a construction / development company. If approved there will be a minimum and immediate purchase of 550 square metres. The initial enquiry is for a piece measuring 5 square metres. Please provide me with stock availability, price to London via sea and delivery date. My phone no. is +44 7932 7......Oct 15, Contact 

e 15192 Brazil: Preciso de 230 metros de granito, peças de 40X40 em cor clara. Preferencialmente em tom de beje. Oct 14, Contact 

e 15188 Russia: Looking for supplier of ceramic granite panels 600x600x10mm. Oct 14, Contact

e 15173 UK: I am looking for Star Galaxy for kitchen counters with various holes cut. We are based in Edinburgh. Oct 13, Contact

e 15168 USA: How would a builder get in touch with you for prices/colors of granite for countertops? Oct 13, Contact

e 15164 Bermuda: Please e-mail quote and pictures of natural stones available, I am developing some condos. Oct 13, Contact

e 15151 China: We are looking for granite tiles of Verde Ubatuba, Dakota Mahogany, Galaxy Black. Any suppliers that have stock, please contact me for details. Our first order would be 16800 - 17200 sq ft of 12x12x3/8, with these three colors consolidated into two containers load. Our tel. no. is 0086-591-78.....Oct 12, Contact 

e 15146 USA: I am looking for a wholesale bid on 2 cm verde butterfly 73” W X 31” D slab granite, with one 73” edge polished square. Shipping to Prairieville, LA 70769.  Oct 11, Contact 

e 15136: We are a locally established company of more than 40 years. We are interested in granite stone for import to resell. Kindly furnish us your product catalogue and prices. Oct 11, Contact

e 15134 USA: We are interested in buying granite for outdoor floor use, quantity about 6,000-10,000 sq ft. Can you provide prices and more product information for delivery to Connecticut. My tel. no. is 718 31....Oct 11, Contact 

e 15121 Australia: We require Azul Val Verde. Size: 600x600x20 or 610x610x20. Quantity: 400m2 in Honed and 400m2 in Bush hammered (800m2 in total). Quality: 1st. Country of origin : Portugal or Spain. Samples required asap. We are ready to place an order. . My tel. no. is  +61-2-973......Oct 10, Contact 

e 15111 Israel: We want 170up x 250up x2cm Chinese granite slabs of Misty Dusk, G603, G623, ZH-G012b, ZH-G011, ZH-G002, 
ZH-G024, AFG40, G640. South African granite slabs: Rustenburg Dark, Rustenburg light, Stargate, Berseba, Black Satin, Zimbabwe Black, Nero Africa, Marlin Black, Belfast, Nero Assoluto Belfast, Impala Black, Born Acord, African Black. Our tel. no. is 0097-28-28.....Oct 9, Contact

e 15107 USA: Please send me a price list of the granite slabs with the picture on it for kitchen countertops. We are traders in CA. Oct 9, Contact

e 15095 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Bonacord granite in South Africa. Oct 8, Contact

e 15085 Canada: We are looking for supplier of Chinese Shanxi Black - Tiles & Slabs. We are interested only buy full containers loads. 
(1) TILES (thickness 10-13mm): sizes 30x60cm, 30x90cm, and 45x45cm @ Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish.
(2) SLABS (thickness 20mm): @ Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish (Please advice Minimum & Maximum size)
(a) Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB China and /or CIF Toronto)
(b) Payment Terms: only acceptable CAD (60-90 days from B/L)
(c) We also required the full size sample of Honed, Polish, and Fine-Flamed finish to take your offer in consideration. Our fax no. is (416) 53.....Oct 7, Contact 

e 15076 USA: We are looking to establish a serious business relationship with a reliable supplier of granite slabs. Currently we are seeking quotes for the purchase of two full containers of Brazilian granite. We are prepared to visit your site to inspect your product and processes. 
Please include the following information in your quote:
Company name and point of contact
Type and grade of granite with associated pricing
Availability of bulk buy discounts
Duration of the quote
Shipping information with time frame to fill orders. Our tel. no. is (972) 26.....Oct 7, Contact 

e 15072 USA: Please provide to us your best prices for Brazilian Granite Tiles 12”x12”, polished. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 562 92.....Oct 6, Contact 

e 15069 Estonia: We have our own factory and we want to buy Chinese granites and marbles. Our tel. no. is. 050-43.....Oct 6, Contact  

e 15068 France: We are presently living in southern France and are searching for a supplier of granite to be used not only in our own house but also to supply to other UK nationals living here. Please send me further information regarding cutting and finishing of granite for kitchen work surfaces and would like some indication of prices and delivery here to Ariege (09). Oct 6, Contact  

e 15067 Zimbabwe: We are looking for slabs of black granite material for tombstones and monuments. We need slabs of thicknesses from 30mm to 200mm. We are looking at materials like New Belfast, Chinese Shanxi Black, Nero Absoluto and Rhino Black. We need to know the price per sqm of cut and polished slabs of the above range 30mm to 200mm. We would like to do our own finishing. Oct 6, Contact  

e 15064 USA: Email me relevant information regarding slabs of granite. Oct 6, Contact  

e 15058 USA: My partner and I are building a commodities import company and are looking for current price lists for Brazilian Granite in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. It is our understanding that Brazilian slabs are commonly shipped in approximately 5 feet x 9 feet size, with custom sizes available - one side polished and resined. Pricing for tiles of varying sizes would be helpful, too. We'd like to start with 20 - 30 colors and grow from there. Our tel. no. is 770.90.....Oct 6, Contact

e 15053 Poland: Please quote for G613 chinese granite and delivery terms. Needed urgently. Oct 5, Contact  

e 15050 Egypt: I am interested in Negro and Rosa Salmon Dark from Mexico. I would like to purchase them in slabs polished and blocks. Please offer us the best prices FOB. Tel. no. is 0020 12 25.....Oct 5, Contact 

e 15045 UK: Please quote with shipping charges for 30 metres of black galaxy granite/bull nosed edge finish to England. Oct 5, Contact 


e 15035 USA: I am looking for 30mm or preferably 40mm slabs on the West coast. Washington or Oregon state would be best. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15030: Please give us the prices for Black Galaxy and Absolute Black (2, 3 Cm Cutter Slabs). Oct 4, Contact 

e 15029 USA: Please quote for Indian granite slabs and tiles. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15026 USA: Please send me a price list and pictures for the granite and marble slabs and also if you have for sell a stone saw to cut granite and marble slabs. I am in California. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15025 UK: Price FOB Bombay for a 26 t container load of granite and marble tiles (in pallets) 10 mm thickness-polished and machine cut complying to British Standard. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15024: Email me relevant information regarding marble and granite stones like latest rates per sq.ft, sizes available, new upcomings in the market. Oct 4, Contact

e 15013 USA: Retail: I need 500 small finished pieces of a dark green marble or granite slab, 3 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 5/8". I am in IL. Oct 1, Contact 

e 15004 USA: Please contact us concerning marble or granite that you market. Our tel. no. is 888-32.....Oct 1, Contact 

e 14987 Turkey: We need offer price for 2-3 cm all types of Brazilian Granite polished slabs. Sept 30, Contact

e 14986 Turkey: We are importing granite. Send us the prices of the polished granites that are width: 65 cm up x length: 250 cm up x thickness: 2 cm. First Quality. If the prices and quality suitable for us, we would order at the time and would buy from you usually. We would be grateful if you send us the prices G635, G623, Maple Red, Marshall Red, Xili Red, Huidoung Red, Chazou Red, Wuyi Red, China Pink. Our tel. no. is 0090032435...... Sept 30, Contact

e 14971 Malaysia: We are looking for 25mm thick Desert Pink, Size: 600mm x 600mm. Quantity Approx: 500m2. Could you please reply us as soon as possible and attached the photograph. Sept 29, Contact

e 14965 Portugal: Please forward us details of suppliers of Zimbabwe granite. We are interested in acquiring black granite blocks. Our tel. no. is +351-259 3.....Sept 28, Contact

e 14955: Looking for Kuppam Green or hassan green granite slabs for flooring for 3000 sq ft. Please let us know the price along with the sizes of the slabs (length, width and thickness). Sept 28, Contact

e 14952 UK: I would like to speak to someone about the pricing of stones. Also the possibility of becoming a distribution centre. Our tel. no. is 01933 3.....Sept 28, Contact

e 14951: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles. Sept 28, Contact

e 14949 South Africa: Please send me price list of your granite. My tel. no. is 013-69.....Sept 28, Contact

e 14948: I am looking at the price quotes for Chinese granite/marble. Sept 28, Contact

e 14943 China: We have a project on hand. Could you please kindly advise the materials below (the price, country of origin, photos and alternative stone)?
Onyx Gold, Silver Apollo, Pompeii Gold:DARK GOLD, Sarrancolin, Rosa Delicato :is it actually"ROSSO ALICANTE"? Red Onyx:the colour is between gold and orange, Salmon Onyx Gold, Silver Water: GREY, Old Church Red, verde campa, White Ciera:GRANITE, Capri and Rosso Robino. Sept 27, Contact

e 14939 New Zealand: I am a wholesaler from New Zealand, importing the Granite Random Slabs from India. I would like to have info and latest prices on Granite slabs and tiles from Brazil, Italy, South Africa and Norway. My tel. no. is 0064927.....Sept 27, Contact

e 14912 Georgia: I am the project coordinator of one of the Georgia's biggest designing-construction company. We are interested in importing Chinese granites, ceramic, marble...tiles and slabs. Can you provide me with detailed information about your products and about their prices. We are interested in becoming a  dealer in Georgia. Sept 24, Contact 

e 14907 Yugoslavia: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14906 Australia: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14904 Saudi Arabia: Kindly send me pictures of Zimbabwe granite and the colors. Also forward sizes of the blocks. Please quote cif Dammam or Jeddah port. Sept 24, Contact

e 14886 Portugal: Please send your offer for Zimbabwean granite blocks with images. Sept 23, Contact

e 14885 USA: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite with images. Sept 23, Contact

e 14881 Austria: We want to import Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Uruguay, S. Africa and other stone and to sell it with the same success. Therefore, we ask you to send us the price list, packaging, how many square meters fits in the container (20 feet), deadlines for delivery, the amont of granite of every kind we list in tiles and slabs that you can deliver monthly.
Our list would be: black, red, grey, pink and other granite.
On this territory buyers are interested in tiles and slabs of the following dimensions: 
30,5 x 30,5 x 1 cm polished , 40 x 40 x 1 & 2 & 3 cm polished
60 x 30 x 2 & 3 cm polished and Flame, 60 x 60 x 2 & 3 cm polished
120 x 60 x 2 & 3 cm polished, 180 x 60 x 2 & 3 cm polished
240 x 120 x 2, 3, 4 cm polished
Black and grey 240 x 120 x 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 cm (both sides polished)
If your offer is suitable for us, in the sense of good quality and prices, we can realize a long term satisfactory cooperation. Sept 23, Contact

e 14871 China: Our buyer from USA is in need Emerald Pearl, Giallo Veneziano, Tropical Brown and Coffee Imperial urgently. Require Polished slabs, sizes 270cm x 170cm up. If you can supply the above material, please give quote and delivery time. We are ready to place order of 2-3 containers for each material. We are in Hong Kong. Our tel. no. is 852-983.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14867 Singapore: Please send your products list and prices. My tel. no. is (65) 638.....Sept 22, Contact 


e 14865 Malaysia: Looking for a local seller of marble and granite from Philippines. Sept 22, Contact 

e 14859 USA: I am a designer looking for a granite called “Blue Spectrolyte”. It was mostly black, hint of grey, but some BEAUTIFUL cobalt blue “blobs”. I need a lot and for a kitchen countertops. I can provide specs to anyone that can supply this. I am ready to place an order now. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 - 95.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14856 USA: I am interested in importing marble, granite, etc. Sept 22, Contact 

e 14847 UK: I am looking for kitchen work tops all 30 mm thickness free lengths exceeding 2500mm in length x 650mm width polished pencil round to 1 long edge. Colours are nero zimbawe, baltic brown, blue pearl, emerald pearl, bianco sardo, kashmir yellow. Price for mixed container. Approx prices for delivery to England Sept 21, Contact

e 14840 USA: I want blue diamond, golden diamond, & Tibetan blue Granites. Sept 21, Contact

e 14827 South Africa: Please quote for Turkish marble and granite slabs and tiles. My tel no. is +27 11 70.....Sept 20, Contact

e 14807 Netherlands: We are a leading company in the Netherlands (Europe) in import and exports. We are looking for exporters in marbles and Granites for the market in Europe. If your products meet the European standards, we think your company may do business in this part of the world. Please send us your cataloq with your competitive prices CIF (any port of) Holland along with your terms of delivery and payment instructions. Our tel. no. is +312526.....Sept 18, Contact

e 14805 USA: Please inform of US domestic inventory of 12” x 12” x 3/8” Giallo California honed or polished. Our tel. no. is 407-87.....Sept 17, Contact

e 14804 India: We have received an inquiry for the following colours from our client for Kashmir white, Kashmir Gold, Madura Gold, Black Absolute, Raw silk.& Raw silk Ivory, Indian mohagany, Imperial white, vayara & Vayara Gold, Sapphire Blue and Tiger Skin. This are the colours client is interested in Gang-Saw 2cm & 3cm Slabs and tiles.  Please quote us Ex-Factory in INR. If you can supply any other then above mention colours let us know. We required First & second choice meterial, quantity will be around eight containers assorted colours. Prices should be low, as this order is for huge project. Sept 17, Contact

e 14800 Kenya: I am interested to know the prices for Sabian black, sabian multi colour and sabian rose  C.I.F MOMBASA IN FORM OF TILES 30 X 30, 45 X 45 AND 60 X30 1CM THICK AND SLABS 60 CM WIDTH 2000 MTRS LENGTH. Sept 17, Contact

e 14784 Ireland: We have started recently importing marble tiles and granite worktops into Ireland. We wish to import the following items: 
1. white marble floor tiles: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm. Bigger tiles are also desirable. 1st choice quality. Polished finish. Calibrated and bevelled. If not available, please quote for 400mm x 400mm. The quality should be similar to Carrara C. Slightly veins are acceptable. Heavy veins, spots or patches, are not.
2. white marble tiles for skirting board to match the floor tiles (this is the strip that runs along the bottom of the wall) 1,000mm long x 200mm wide x 20mm thick, or similar. Polished finish. Can be longer than 1,000mm.
3. White marble wall tiles. Size as available. Same quality as for floor tiles.
4. Crema Marfil, or similar, marble floor tiles: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm or thicker. 1st choice quality. Polished finish. Calibrated and bevelled. 
5. Black granite counter top, 600mm wide x 38mm thick. hole machined for cooker top or sink. The quality should be equivalent to Absolute Black or China Black. 
If you can not quote for this exactly, please quote for the closest available products. Please quote the price (US$) per m2 for the white marble and the black granite. Also advise delivery time. We intend to order in the next month, and wish to import at least one or two containers of stone (+500m2). Please send photos of your product, and samples. Our tel. no. is +353 1 85.....Sept 16, Contact

e 14777 Turkey: Please inform us about red Chinese granite. We need 10000 m² polished slab or 62x FL cm. This material must close to Santiago Red or Balmoral Red granite. Please quote. My tel. no. +90-312-64..... Sept 15, Contact

e 14766 France: We seek 400 M2 of granite slabs 25x35x2 ( Polish Shinning ), to quote on ten colours. Sept 14, Contact

e 14764 Serbia: We urgently need 3000 m2 of 60 x 60 x 2 cm (2500 m2 polished and 500 m2 flamed) of cheap white (light gray) granite - G603 (or similar G602,...). We are looking for producer which have those quantities on stock because SHORT DELIVERY PERIOD IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - whole project (shipment and installation) need to be finished by the end of 2004!!!!! Our company is located in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) and ports which we could use are Varna (Bulgaria), Rijeka (Croatia) or Constanca (Romania). Producer should give us CIF price and delivery period for those ports. Sept 14, Contact

e 14761 Kuwait: We are having project under consideration with Bianco Granite. In this respect we would like to ask your possibility to supply the material as per the project requirement complying with sub-contract procedures at competitive price. If you are having ample factory and machinery facility in the material source place please let us know your interest so that we will forward you the details. Our tel. no. is 00965 24..... Sept 14, Contact

e 14747 USA: Our company is located in Miami, South Florida. We are fabricators and we are looking the possibilities of buying large amounts of slabs in order to undertake large projects. Please email quotes. Our tel. no. is 305-21.....Sept 13, Contact 

e 14739 Australia: We are looking for granite similar to the AFG114 on FindStone.com website and would like to contact the supplier. We are looking for 7500m2 made up of:
80% 597 x 297 x 40mm Exfoliated finish
20% 297 x 297 x 40mm Honed finish
and another 1500m2 made up of various sizes in a honed finish:
1800 x 800
1400 x 800
1200 x 800
800 x 800
Our tel. no. is (07) 327.....Sept 12, Contact

e 14730 Italy: Please send the best prices for Indian Shiva Pink granite slabs 2 and 3cm polished. Qty. 2 container loads. Sept 12, Contact 

e 14720 USA: I represent a construction company. I am looking for Luisa Blue Granite also known as Van Gough to import directly from Brazil. Sept 12, Contact

e 14717 USA: I am looking for a granite company that can make and deliver stone counter tops and table tops to Loreto in Baja Sur. Sept 11, Contact

e 14716 Turkey: We are interested in the Granite products from Iran. We want the supplier of the Chocolate Granite 7238-H FOB IRAN. Our tel. no. is 0090 414 31.....Sept 11, Contact

e 14714 China: I would like to know the Chinese name and country of origin of below stones. Please help and our company needs 10,000M2 now. Material are Royal Brass, Antique Beige and Fantasy Beige. Sept 11, Contact

e 14713 USA: We area construction company looking for giallo veneziano floor tile. How much can you get it per sq. ft and what is your minimal order? Sept 11, Contact 

e 14709 USA: I am an architect trying to find Spectrolite brown, or its equivalent. The job is in Dallas, Texas. I don't need much -- a 4' x 7' slab will do. My tel. no. is 214-82......Sept 11, Contact 

e 14693 China: Could you please me to quote the price of unpolished slabs of Rosa Vel? The size requirement is 1000 x 600 x 25. We need 8,000M2 for a project. Please send me some photos and sample is welcome. Sept 10, Contact 

e 14692 USA: I am looking for information on a Sweden material called "Bohas Gray", I would really appreciate if you can give me some information about this material, supplier name, phone numbers & fax numbers. My tel. no. is (604) 94.....Sept 10, Contact 

e 14688 USA: We are building 2 large luxury 4 ½ diamond hotels (approx 1200 rooms) in New York. The first one is opening August 2005. I am looking to purchase several containers of Granite and Granite products (vanity tops, tiles, table tops, bars etc). Our budget is very important to us, as is our timeline. We are in the middle of a hurry up design process. I am interested in Chinese, Brazilian, Mexican (or other South American) or Turkish Granite, something unique. I need about 10-12 types. Is there some where I go to look at all of the actual samples? Is there someone who will come here with samples? Sept 10, Contact 

e 14682 Israel: We would like to buy granite slabs of size 150-200 CM X 200-300 cm. Send us the pictures, colors and categories numbers. Our tel. no. is +97-2 /0 8-28.....Sept 9, Contact 

e 14680 Nigeria: Give me quotation for Red Ruby Granite, Black Galaxy, Tiger Skin, Black Nero, Blue Pearl 30.5*61*1.5cm. My tel. no. is 234 80233......Sept 9, Contact 

e 14679 Korea: We are looking for prices of Monacco Brown, Polychrome, and Blue eyes. 
1. Monacco Brown: 395 x 1548 x 20T - 275M2, 430 x 1130 x 20T 218M2, 820 x 1410 x 20T - 520M2
2. Polychrome Canada: 600 x 1200 x 30T Polished 1600M2
3. Blue Eyes Canada: Cut -to- size 1200M2. Our tel. no. is +82-2-226.....Sept 9, Contact 


e 14671: We need Verde Gautemala polished slabs. How many sqm. in 20 feet con.? Sept 9, Contact 

e 14650 USA: We are a small company that installs granite countertops. We are looking for another supplier of pre-fabricated countertops. We are in Oregon. Sept 8, Contact 

e 14645 UK: I want to buy Granite Tiles of Different sizes and thickness. I will like to know if it is still available and I want you to give me you last offer and the pieces you have at hand, and I will like to make the payment in Cashier Check. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14643 Mexico: I am interested in granite for sale in the north of Mexico and the south of USA. Can you send me more information about your company and if you are interesting in export to this countries. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14629 Palestine: Send us a list of your products like granite slabs 2 cm thick 1side polish. Please quote in USD. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14624 Czech Republic: We are looking for direct supply of 2cm padang G603 slabs to Prague, Czech republic, 20 ft.cont. Please quote CIF Prague or Hamburg. Our tel. no. is 4207767.....Sept 6, Contact

e 14612 Bahrain: Looking for a supplier of Nero Zimbabwe granite in the gulf. Our tel. no. is +973 178..... Sept 6, Contact 

e 14598 Turkey: Our company which has been serving in the marble sector for ten years. Our biggest target in foreign trade is to search for the companies which sell the most quality goods with the cheapest prices. We hope that you will propose us the most suitable price for following goods.
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 200 cm./m2 Granite and 2 cm. x 65 cm. x 250 cm./m2
(African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 300 cm./m2 
(Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
3 cm. x 65 cm. x 200 cm./m2 (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
3 cm. x 65 cm. x 250 cm./m2 (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa, Black Galaxy B
3 cm. x 65 cm. x 300 cm./m2 (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
2 cm. x 60 cm. x 60 cm./m2 (For floor) (Granite (African Red, Nero Africa, African Lilac, Marinace, Balmoral, Rosa 
Porino (Extra, Dark, Light, Beta), Negro Africa)
Can you please send us productions catalogue? Please kindly advise your best quotation for China with CIF terms and send us information about the way of payment and quality of goods. Sept 4, Contact

e 14595: Our company would like to get in touch with the supplier of Egyptian Granite, Marble Limestone - Blocks, slabs & tiles. Sept 4, Contact

e 14594 USA: I want to use Oyster White granite for a project. I am the architect, I have the option of different sizes and thickness. I note that there are many different granites from Brazil that I would consider using. I am also interested in slab stock, but understand that the lots may be different. My tel. no. is 978-54......Sept 4, Contact

e 14593 USA: Please quote for granite vanity tops for trading. I am interested in the absolute black and black galaxy slabs. Please confirm the prices and schedule of delivery. I am in IL. Sept 4, Contact

e 14588: Can you please send me information about how much sq ft of Granite slabs of 2 & 3 cm thickness can be send in a container?  Sept 4, Contact 

e 14582 USA: I need approximately 5,000 sq. ft. of Volga Blue (select grade) granite in 24"x24" or 18"x18" floor tiles for a customer in Chicago. Order will be placed by September 20, 2004. My tel. no. is 773 50.....Sept 4, Contact 

e 14561 USA: We are interested in placing an order of five colors immediately (Five containers). However, we need more details and have a few questions. We are interested in the following colors: Black Galaxy, Black absolute, Kashmir Gold, Tan Brown, Sapphire Brown, Juparana Colombo Gold, Vyara Gold, Madura Gold, Puma Brown, Topaz, Mustard Flower. All material must be first quality. Minimum Slab Size 9 x5 3cm. Cell no. is 407 42...... Sept 2, Contact

e 14560 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs and tiles. Sept 2, Contact

e 14559 USA: Please quote for GIALLO REALE EXTRA GOLD. Also mention what type of stone it is. Sept 2, Contact 

e 14558: I am interested in GIALLO REALE EXTRA GOLD. Please send me a sample picture if it possible and full details about it. Sept 2, Contact 

e 14557 China: Please quote for the following material: Rosso Collemandina (From Italy), Rosa Verona light & dark (Not Rosso Verona), Bianco Verona (From Italy), Verde Alpi (From Italy), Verde Guatemala (From Italy), Verde Issorie (From Italy), Verde Laguna, Verde Ming, Azul Macauba and Azul Cielo. Pls kindly advise the origin & price for reference. Sept 2, Contact 


e 14526 USA: I wok with a construction company in Birmingham, Alabama. Please send me all of the information and prices on Granite and marble countertops. Aug 31, Contact

e 14522 USA: I am looking for Bruno Antico granite slabs made by Italy. I haven't been able to find this and would like to get more info/see photos of this type of granite. Please send me more info about this and let me know if this is a good surface for a kitchen countertop. Aug 31, Contact

e 14516 UK: We are a UK based company and are interested in using your supply of natural stone in our industry. Please send me a price list. Aug 30, Contact

e 14511 China: I am looking for Turkish marble and granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Aug 30, Contact

e 14508 USA: We are a major distributor of Turkish marbles and granites. We are currently looking to buy directly from quarries in Turkey a minimum of two containers at a time. We will arrange all shipping to the ports we need material. Please contact us at 340-77.....Aug 30, Contact 

e 14489 Turkey: Our company which has been serving in the marble sector for ten years in Samsun, TURKEY has made some decisions to adapt to changing parameters of the world. Our biggest target in foreign trade is to search for the companies which sell the most quality goods with the cheapest prices. We hope that you will propose us the most suitable price for following goods.
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 250 cm. = 200 m² ( Chinese granite / Black/Green )
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 300 cm. = 300 m² ( Chinese granite / Black/Green )
2 cm. x 65 cm. x 200 cm. = 300 m² ( Chinese granite / Black/Green )
60 cm. x 60 cm. = 200 m² (for flooring) (Chinese granite / Black )
Can you please send us productions catalogue? Please kindly advise your best quotation for China with CIF terms and send us information about the way of payment and quality of goods.  Aug 28, Contact

e 14487 Cameroon: We deal in building material and need granite and marble tiles to sell in Cameroon and central Africa. We need samples and price list to prepare our order.  Aug 28, Contact

e 14484 Netherlands: Our company is searching for specific granite called Jungle Yellow. We found a photograph on your web site (www.findstone.com/egygran1.htm). We think that, this is the stone is we are looking for. Please inform me if there is a company in the Netherlands or around the Netherlands they sell this sort of stone. Aug 28, Contact

e 14479 USA: Seeking creme/gold colored limestone rock faced veneer for residential house in Las Vegas, NV. Trying to duplicate a French chateau. Aug 28, Contact 

e 14474 Austria: We want to import granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Please send us your catalog and the price-list. Our tel. no. is +43 (0)664 2...... Aug 27, Contact 

e 14466 China: I would like to ask the price (Block and Slab with FOB or CNF price) of Anti-Gold and Anti-Angola Beige. Where are they from? Could you please send me some photos and samples? It is because we need 500m2 about this material. Aug 27, Contact 

e 14456 Serbia & Montenegro: We are wholesalers of granite slabs. We want to importing black granite slabs from India, 240 cm x 120 cm, thickness 3 cm and 7 cm. Slabs are random edges and one side polished , vertical cut, not gangsaw. Please send quotation. My tel. no. is +381 15 3.....Aug 27, Contact

e 14452 France: Loking for suppliers of SHANXI BLACK. Format 50 x 50 thickness 3 cm. 
- finitions flammée = 6 m2
- finition polie = 15 m2
- plinthes = 6 ml
My tel. no. Tél. 01 69 3.....Aug 26, Contact 

e 14447 Pakistan: We are interested In importing Indian Granite. We are also interested in Indian Green Marble. The sizes we require are 2ftx2ft tiles as well as slabs. Please quote per sq ft or per sqm. Please quote for both polished and unpolished. We need both quotations and pictures of colours available. Steps to confirm a supplier after receiving their prices would be to either receive samples or visit the supplier. Initial requirement is for one 20ft container, to be used for test marketing. Ideally we would like to order this first container in the next 6-8 weeks. Our tel. no. is +92 21 56.....Aug 26, Contact 

e 14444 Belgium: Please send quotes with images for Nigerian granite / limestone. My mobile no. is 00324742.....Aug 26, Contact

e 14443 Belgium: Could it be possible to send us some digital pictures of the colours you sell of Nigerian granite / limestone? Also I would like to know your standard sizes and the max. % variation you can guarantee. A pricelist matched to the pictures would of course help as well. Prices will only be accepted in €. Aug 26, Contact

e 14442 UK: PLEASE FORWARD ALL RELEVANT INFO. for Nigerian granite / limestone. Aug 26, Contact

e 14441 South Africa: Please send me more details on Nigerian granite / limestone, etc. Aug 26, Contact 

e 14440 Netherlands: I am interested in a supplier of Indian granite slabs and tiles. Aug 26, Contact

e 14438 China: We are interested in your information of Nigerian material. We need the price list, pictures, etc. Tel. no. +86-755-287.....Aug 26, Contact 

e 14435 Malta: I am an architect working in Malta (Europe) and I also run a marble, granite, limestone workshop. I got a request from a client of mine to supply the following items, but we would obviously need a quote before we place the order. I would prefer to buy from Europe especially from Italy/Portugal or Spain. This is at a tendering stage process so we would require the best prices, which I obviously cannot give a budget for unfortunately. If everything goes well I would place an order by the end of October 2004. 
What I need is the following: 
315mm x108mm surface gutter x 97 meters in Spanish limestone (Doradait or similar)
315mm x108mm surface gutter curved on plan in Spanish limestone (Doradait or similar). Drawings to be forwarded soon (not yet available)
Giallo Madera or Pietra Dorata in 300x600x30mm tiles x 512 square meters
Dore Royal border in 300x600x30mm tiles x 1587 square meters . My tel. no. is +356 21 3.....Aug 25, Contact

e 14424 : Please quote for Brazilian black granite and black galaxy granite. Aug 25, Contact

e 14420 India: In am interested in Indian Granites slabs. Please quote. My tel. no. is 91 04256 2.....Aug 25, Contact

e 14412 Norway: We are a Norwegian producer who working with a marked place, and find Red Multicolour  interesting. Would like technical specifications of this stone. Our tel. no. is +47 71 2..... Aug 24, Contact

e 14411: I am looking for Spanish: Giallo Madera, Dore Royale and French: Heauteville, Richeval. Aug 24, Contact

e 14403 USA: I am looking for GS013 which is a granite called golden leafage and Sodalite Blue marble, Tibetan Blue. Also please quote for other granites and marbles. I am in GA. Aug 24, Contact 

e 14394 Palestine: Please quote for granite slabs prices from Brazil with size 240up x 130up with 2cm thickness. We are interested in red vitoria, monte santo, juparana mantena, kinawa 2, kinawa pink, rosa raisa, okinana vd, jakaranda rosso, funil. Our tel. no. is 00970 9 23.....Aug 23, Contact

e 14391 India: Email me relevant information on the following items:
1) Price list of granite along with list of various quality of granite available with you.
2) Price list of various quality of sandstone available. Prices should be indicated both ex your works and also CIF Mumbai port. Aug 23, Contact

e 14388 Greece: I represent a Greek marble company. We require Indian Granite Orissa Blue for a project. Attached are the exact dimensions. Please send me your prices CNF Greece. Also would like to how we can arrange to receive a sample of Orissa Blue. My tel. no. is 0030-21068.....Our budget price is less than USD 57 CIF. Aug 23, Contact

e 14375 Korea: We are dealing in natural stone in Korea. We have some enquiry for granite blocks. Please let details about Gem Red, Red multi, Paradiso, Tan Brown, Saffire Blue blocks. Our tel. no. is 0082-2-55.....Aug 22, Contact 

e 14363 Turkey: We are in the business of marble export & import in TURKEY. We have visited your website and found some information regarding to China granite. We are interested in the granites of China and kindly request pricing information as block to C&F Antalya Harbour /Turkey. Our tel. no. is +90.312.46.....Aug 21, Contact

e 14356 Cyprus: We need to know if you can supply according to our design, tiles, countertop, stair case, steps, etc. We are interested in Chinese granite G633, M3001, G684 and G8300. Aug 21, Contact

e 14343 Singapore: Our Company would like to purchase Desert Beige. Aug 20, Contact

e 14333 : Looking for Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian Marble and granite. Aug 20, Contact 

e 14328 MADAGASCAR: We are one of the largest import company in Madagascar. We are interested to extend our product range to FLOOR TILES, GYPSUM CEILINGS & WALL TILES. Please send us your product pictures, prices and detailed description. Please quote us your best prices. We would like to have 1000 sq mtrs as a sample and are ready to order 3000 sq mtrs for each month incase we are satisfied with your product. Our tel. no. is (261 20) 22 .....Aug 19, Contact

e 14325 Brazil: Please send quotes and pictures of waved Brown Brazilian granite. My tel. no. is +55 27 334.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14320 France: Interested in Brazilian marble / granite. Please send photos, pricelist. Aug 19, Contact

e 14315 UK: I am looking for the following granite slabs. Dimensions are: 
1). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 3000 mm length
2). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 2400 mm length
3). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 2000 mm length
4). 600 mm deep x 30 mm thick x 1600 mm length
All the following granites in quantities of 10 each (so there will be 40 pieces of each granite – as 4 different lengths are required)
Angola Black, Nero Black, Baltic Brown, Verdi Tropical, Blue Pearl, Paradiso, Bon Accord, White Crystal, Emerald Pearl, St. John's Red, Giallo Veneziano, Ubatuba Green, Kashmir White, Ivory Brown, Multicolour Red, Zimbabwe Black, Rosa Porino, Columbo Juperana, Rosa Sardo, Blue Pearl Marina, Luna Pearl, Star Galaxy. 
I am an independent trader supplying to local British Markets (United Kingdom). I need the deliveries before Christmas 2004 and starting in October 2004. 
40% in October 2004, 30% in November 2004 and 30% in December 2004 (before 20 December). I need the quote delivered to United Kingdom port. In case you quote FOB, the an close estimate of shipping costs to United Kingdom port. Deliveries/shipment must be insured for travel until it reaches to its destination in UK. 
All UK taxes are my responsibility. My contact information is +44-1296-4......Aug 19, Contact

e 14313 USA: I am looking for some information on the Granite Juparana Ivory Gold, Madura Gold and Absolute Black (from Zimbabwe). I am in CA. My tel. no. is 213-62.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14309 USA: Where can we buy 3 cm Bianco Sardo granite from Italy, 15-30 slabs? We are in CA. My tel. no. is 1-626-28.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14306 USA: I am looking for black and white granite, random sizes, approx. 2" thick. Can you send me any pictures of the stock you have? My tel. no. is 970  88.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14256 UK: Please quote for Sinja Riada, Seritzo Montezori and Giallo Novalto. 8,000 m2 Module size 600 x 450 x 20. Surface finish: semi/polished/satin. Aug 16, Contact 

e 14248 UAE: We are interested Floor Tiles. Please quote price for the following:
Commodity: Double Loading Floor Tile
Size: 800mm x 800mm
Quantity: 7000 Sqm.
Price Delivery: CNF Chimkent, Kazakhastan. Aug 16, Contact

e 14247 UAE: We are in granite & marble industry for the last 15 years in India, we have started recently our operations in UAE. At present we are doing Indian material we want to start Spanish & Italian marble and granite. Please send us all the rates for granite & marble which is available regularly. Also send us the minimum quantity. Please mail us for the following material:

e 14244 USA: Please kindly send me the price details of granite tiles 300mm x 600mm. Aug 16, Contact

e 14234 Denmark: We are interested to know how much it will cost to ship 50 sqm marble tiles to Denmark, port of Aarhus. We are interested in 30x30x1 cm or 40x40 x 1 cm tiles, white/ grey (Carrara like), Leopard, light rose, khor pink, persian green, shellbeige, tabas olive, yazd leopard.. Please tell us the prize of the tiles and the shipping, and how long  time it will take to get them here. We would also like to know the price in euro or dollars.  Aug 15, Contact 

e 14177 USA: Interested in receiving a catalog and listing of all your flamed granite tiles for outdoor use only. Much appreciated if you can include all sizing and prices. Aug 13, Contact

e 14172 USA: I am looking for granite countertop blanks to use in home construction........the 26" x 96" with bullnose edge. Need a small quantity to start out (around 30 lineal feet). If fabrication goes well with the first batch, I may be looking for larger quantities. I am located in central Florida near Orlando. I could pickup at any location in FL, or Ship to zip code 34711 business address. Very flexible on color. Aug 12, Contact

e 14149 India: We need in eight crates of following colors: and Qty TOTAL 54 SLABS:
1) black Galaxy....10 slabs
2) Absolute Black...9 slabs
3) Rest of colors.. each 7 slabs of RED MULTI, KASHMIR GOLD, PARADISO BASH, COLUMBO JUBRANA,.
Once this is through, we expect min 5 containers order. Is it possible to make inspection at ICD Bangalore?? My tel. no. is 91-044-223...... Aug 11, Contact 

e 14147 India: Kindly send me the price detail for granite of TJI red/ copper rose/ silver sky/ andhi white/ ratnasila black granite. Sizes reqd. 30mm x 300mm x 600mm. & 20mm x 300mm x 600mm. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14128: I would like to know the price of black galaxy and kashmir gold granite slabs/tiles. Aug 11, Contact

e 14127 India: Please find the specifications below for the Granite:
2. IT HAS TO BE MATT / HONED FINISHED, (if we can give it a scarified finish to get the best of the grains it would be wonderful.)

e 14120 UK: Please send send us a list of prices for the following stones; zangqin black, shan xi black, shandong black, zh-g016, g654 and g021 from China. Aug 10, Contact 

e 14117 Iran: We need to know your best possible price for the following items for our project: 
1- White Marble 30X30 10000 sqm
2- White Marble 30X60 7000 sqm
3- White Marble 40X40 3700 sqm
4- Green Forest Granite 40X40 2000 sqm
5- Absolute black Granite 40X40 3500 sqm
These quantities are for the first phase of our project and we will surely require more. Being a distributor, we are also planning to make a reliable stocks in our territory to meet the requirements of the customer based on quick delivery. Therefore this big project will be fulfilled only if we receive your support in terms of competitive and reasonable prices.
For the first stage we request you to send us your real samples ( usually 20X20 ) and catalogues enclosed with your price list to our street address by DHL allowing us to reassure of the quality. This will assist us to set up our business relationship faster and make our decisions more wisely. Aug 10, Contact

e 14115 USA: I am looking for four slabs of Ubatuba along with 4 slabs of Blue Pearl (3cm) shipped to USA zip code RI 02837. Aug 10, Contact

e 14107 Iran: Please quote C&F (B. Abbas) prices for:



Jhansi Red (Tiles)
Jhansi Red (2 Cm Cutter Slabs)

30 X 60 X 2 Cm
42 or 62 or 82 X FL (Min L1 1/2  & Max L 3-4)

Rosy Pink (Tiles)
Rosy Pink (2 Cm Cutter Slabs)

30 X 60 X 2 Cm
42 or 62 or 82 XFL (Min L1 1/2  & Max L 3-4)

Black Galaxy (2,3 Cm Cutter Slabs)

60 above Cutter Slab XFL

Black Absolute (2,3,4 Cm Cutter Slab

,,              ,,

Tan Brown (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Paradiso (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Colombo Juparana (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Indian Green (2 Cm Slab)

,,              ,,

Our rep. is available in Delhi, cell no. 0-98994.....Aug 10, Contact 

e 14097: Please quote for granites of 2cm thickness verde abyss, anatolian grey, antico d'italia rosso, anatolia black, basaltina. Qty. is 100 sqm each. Kindly quote for grade A and B. Our Manager will be visiting Italy for the purchase. Also quote for floor tile of Verde Marina for 700 sqm. The size should be 40cm X 40cm X 10mm. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14093 Saudi Arabia: We need very urgently 25000 sqm Granite Raw Silk and Ruby Red 5000 sqm, size
600 x 300 x 30 tiles. We request you to kindly arrange to send us samples of all the colours you have  (samples must be small and two pieces of each colour) and price list, at the earliest through courier for approval. My mobile no. is 00966 503 1.....Aug 9, Contact 

e 14089 UK: We are a small family run kitchen company in London. We are looking at importing granite direct from Spain. I will be in Alicante on the Friday 27th August and was hoping that I could make an appointment to discuss this matter further with you. My contact info. is 017083..... Aug 9, Contact 

e 14084 USA: I am interested in wholesale stone sales in S. Lousiana. Need a consignment supplier. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14078 USA: Please send a price list and catalogue to Texas 78676. Aug 8, Contact

e 14069 Israel: Please quote for Chinese marble and granite tiles. See pricelist 1148. Aug 8, Contact 


e 14054 USA: I need Butterfly Green or similar green/black stone with minimal motion granite prefabricated slabs (3 cm preferred, 2 cm with laminated edge OK) for 16 Bathroom Vanity tops, 12 Shower Surrounds, 4 Kitchen Counters. All dimensions below in inches:
16 Vanity Tops (3 cm thick) + Splash, 1 piece preferred, 2 piece top acceptable:
- Section 1 (Sink Basin): 24x43, profile on front only
- Section 2 (over toilet): 13 x 36, profile front only
- Section 3 (Splash): 4 x 79, profile top only
Approximately 14 SF per top, total 256 SF (~ 5-6 slabs)

12 Shower Surround (2 cm):
- Sections 1 & 3 (Left and right sides) 30 x 96, profile one long edge only
- Section 2 (back) 42 x 96, no profile edge
Approximately 96 SF per surround, total 1152 SF (~ 24 slabs with 12 pieces 18 x 96 scrap to be delivered to job site)

4 Kitchen Countertops (3 cm)
- Sections 1, 2: 26 x 96, profile one edge only
- Section 3,4: Splash for 1 & 2 above, 4 x 96, finished top edge
- Section 5: 26 x 96, profile 3 sides as peninsula. Prefer if one end of peninsula is half-round

Approximately 58 SF per counter, total 240 SF (~ 6 slabs)
Total (2 cm) 1152 SF, 24 slabs
Total (3 cm) 300 SF, 12 slabs
My budgeted cost is  $10.50 per square foot. All Material to be Granite, Butterfly Green or comparable
3 cm (1 1/8") material preferred for countertops, 2 cm (3/4") with laminated profiled edge is OK  
Profile detail: Square edge or small 45 bevel are acceptable. I am in CA. Tel. no. is (408) 31......I need this for a project in MI. I can order upon receipt of building permits, expected October 15. Aug 7, Contact

e 14052: Looking for black zimbabwe. Please quote with sample. l am looking to buy 20 tons if the price is right. Aug 6, Contact

e 14047 Finland: I am interested in importing and retailing granite tiles and slabs, etc. My contact no. is +3584054.....Aug 6, Contact  

e 14039 Canada: I would like to get a better idea of price and availability of granite countertops for Toronto FOB. I require QTY 10, 96 x 26 x 3/4 Absolute Black. Please confirm cost includes full bull nose edge on two sides and back splash, Expected deliver is 60 to 80 days. We are ready to place an order today and reorder 60 days.  Aug 6, Contact 

e 14035 USA retail: I would like to know how much are the prices on the Bianco Crystal Granite, Bianco Sardo Granite and Black Absolute Granite. Also I would like the prices for Carrara Marble and Indian Green Marble.  Aug 5, Contact 

e 14034 USA retail: How much and who can I call to order New Imperial Red?  Aug 5, Contact 

e 14028 India: We are interested in importing marble and granite from Sri Lanka. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14027 USA: We are looking for a thick black granite (3"-6") so we can used to produce monuments, gravestones, headstones. We just recently open our business and are looking for a wholesaler where we can purchase black granite the size that we need at reasonable price. We are located in Salem, Oregon. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14023 Kenya: Please quote container load of Egyptian granite white halaieb and gardha in slab form. Our company is based in Nairobi. Also quote for Indian granites. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14022 Palestine: We would like prices of baraganza/calefornia/nero africa polished slabs. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14017 UK: I would like to purchase a large amount of granite and marble. I want to be able to buy any quantity from a good reputable Stone company at competitive prices. What costs other than the cost of the rock will I incur? Aug 5, Contact

e 14016 Ireland: I am looking for information on where I can buy Italian Marble and Granite. I am planning a trip to Italy in September to look into this. I was wondering if it would be possible to send me some brochures on the above and also details of where I can go to buy this. Aug 5, Contact


e 14027 USA: We are looking for a thick black granite (3"-6") so we can used to produce monuments, gravestones, headstones. We just recently open our business and are looking for a wholesaler where we can purchase black granite the size that we need at reasonable price. We are located in Salem, Oregon. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14023 Kenya: Please quote container load of Egyptian granite white halaieb and gardha in slab form. Our company is based in Nairobi. Also quote for Indian granites. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14022 Palestine: We would like prices of baraganza/calefornia/nero africa polished slabs. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14005 USA: I am looking to purchase large quantity of Granite Slabs the following are dimension guidelines 
Thickness: 2-3 cm, Width: .9-1.5 meters, Length: 3 meters plus. Please send me color photos, grade specification, price per square meter, the cost of shipping to USA and Telephone and fax information? I am in NM. Phone: 505-31.....Aug 4, Contact

e 13996: We want to import good quality blue chalcedony. Can you send full information price specifications, pictures wholesale prices?   Aug 3, Contact

e 13983 Ireland: We are interested in importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. My contact info. is 00-353-61-4.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13979 UK: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles and slabs. See pricelist 575 & 924. Aug 3, Contact

e 13963: Please quote with ready availability for granite tiles. See ready stock 348. Aug 2, Contact

e 13957 Germany: I am searching for a Marinace red. Please send me an image of this stone. Where can we order this stone in Germany or Italy? My tel. no. is 08669 8.....Aug 2, Contact 

e 13940 South Africa: Looking for South African granites and other stones. Please email product and pricelists. July 31, Contact 

e 13935: Please quote for Granite Polished tiles: 12 x 12, 16 x 16 & 18 x 18 in Indian absolute black & black galaxy. Granite slabs Polished Random Cut: 3 cm thickness, min. size 9 feet x 6 feet. This also in absolute black and black galaxy. My tel. no. is 01164689......July 31, Contact 

e 13934 Germany: Looking to buy natural stone slabs and tiles. Please quote. July 31, Contact 

e 13926 USA: I am located in Brooklyn and specialized in buying Deep Blue Bahia and then resale them. I will like to know the present condition of it. July 30, Contact  

e 13921 Greece: I represent a Greek marble company. We require Indian Granite Orissa Blue for a project. Attached are the exact dimensions. Please send me your prices CNF Greece. Also would like to how we can arrange to receive a sample of Orissa Blue. My tel. no. is 0030-21068.....July 30, Contact  

e 13916 UK: We are looking for new suppliers of granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) for direct supply to England. Our requirement is for approx 350Meters square per month. We presently Import directly from other countries. 
July 30, Contact 

e 13914 Korea: We would like you to quote us your granite with CIF KOREA and send us some samples etc. by mail ASAP. The room in which we need the stone is of dimensions as follows:
* The bottom of it : around 900 square meters x thickness of 30mm.
* The wall of it : around 1,000 square meters x thickness of 20mm.
Our tel. no. is 82-55- 342-5451 fax: 82-55-34..... July 30, Contact 

e 13906 USA: Looking for exporters of tiles and slabs. We are an import-export company, based in New York City. July 30, Contact 

e 13891 USA: I am interesting in finding out prices / sources for Orissa - slab and tile. July 29, Contact 

e 13889 USA: We are looking for the, GREEN PALADIUM AND RED PALLADIUM from Brazil. Can you please send us images of these? July 28, Contact

e 13888 USA: I am looking to order a 20 ft. container of first quality mixed granite slabs and finished countertops - 96"x26", 3/4" with 1 1/2" laminated bullnose on three sides with matching back splashes. I also need matching granite slabs to go with countertops - approx. 5' x 9'. Would prefer granite form China or India. Price range between 13,000 - 25,000 USD. Can order immediately. Must be insured shipment. My tel. no. is 715-42.....I am in Wisconsin.  Please make offers in ft./inches. July 28, Contact

e 13880 USA: Please send me your latest pricelist for 20mm granite slabs. My tel. no. is 858-39..... July 28, Contact 

e 13878 USA: Please send price list for granite slabs and 2" bluestone slabs. I am in PA 18901. July 28, Contact 

e 13873 USA: I am interested in marketing your stone product in the USA Southwest.  I would like to begin continuous ordering for upcoming building projects at latest by 9/1/2004. I prefer imported stones as to increase my selection; variants of Red, Green, Black and Yellow in the shapes of tiles, slabs and blocks without regard to size but quotes stated in inches please. To begin with, I require a selection of hard polished stones (tiles and slabs) and soft rough stones (blocks) for my different uses. In the future I also need hard unpolished blocks for further processing once they arrive at my location. Samples of your product are greatly appreciated. Please send your brochure and business terms. We are in NM. Our tel no. is (505) 23..... July 27, Contact 

e 13871 USA: I am considering various granite and commercial granite slabs, predominantly from Brazil. I would like a salesperson to be able to offer me imbibition coefficients or hardness Mohs for the stone they are showing me? Santa Monica. July 27, Contact 


e 13852 USA: I am interested in purchasing Brazilian and Indian granites. July 27, Contact  

e 13851 USA: We are interested in the purchase of 10 containers of the various colors listed below FOB Boston. Please send price lists or quotes on Indian granite Black Galaxy, Paradiso, Ghiblee, Raw Silk (Ivory), Hassan Green, Seaweed Green (Uba Tuba), Tan Brown, Saphire Brown, Black Pearl, Vizag Blue & Absolute Black. July 27, Contact  

e 13822 USA: I am a fabricator (kitchen counter tops). I am interested in a full container of slabs, but looking for rep. sales to close deal in USA, samples availability and ready to pay for materials asap. Materials: Brazilian granites giallos, juperanas. My telephone is 702 44.....July 26, Contact 

e 13808 USA: I need 1 container or 8 bundles (mixed colors) 3cm granite slab, 1st quality, clean, large as possible (no inclusions or damage). Need quote and info delivered to our slab yard in SW, MO. Must be absolutely # 1 quality. Our contact no. is 417 36.....The container must be a dry container or flatbed. Container must have 1 day to unload. Payment terms ???? (after delivery and inspection) in USD. All slabs usable area. The colors reqd. are Black Galaxy, Absolute Black (India), Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Giallo Veneziano, Baltic Brown, Tropic Brown, Tan Brown. Qty. is 1 bundle each color, 5 or 6 slabs each. Must be matching slab (back to back cuts from same block). Must have 50+ usable sq/ft per slab (large as possible) up to 126" x 78". July 25, Contact

e 13788 India: We want to import marble and granite slabs and tiles for reselling in India. We are based in Surat, Gujarat. July 24, Contact 

e 13787 USA: I am looking for 2cm Namibian Sodalite with a lot of blue. We are located in CT. My questions are: 
1) what are your price and sizes? 2) where are you located, and do you deliver? 3) do you have more than (6) slabs? My client has a fairly large bathroom where they would be using this material. July 24, Contact 


e 13772 Switzerland: We are searching for good quality Sodalite from Namibia in the size 30.5 x 61 x 1 cm. July 23, Contact

e 13760 Switzerland: Please send a price list of all types of Granite & marbles. We are a Swiss retailer to the Italian border. Our tel. no. is 0041-27......July 22, Contact

e 13753 Poland: We are interested in Indian granites hassan green, bahama blue, orion blue, silk blue, coral blue, indiana black, viscount white and kashmir white. Please quote.  July 22, Contact 

e 13749 MALDIVES: Please send a brochure of your stone products. My tel. no. is 009607......July 22, Contact

e 13730 India: Please send me price details for Indian Banswara White & Makrana Marbles. I am also interested in Granite. Please indicate price. July 21, Contact

e 13722 Germany: We need slabs of 1st quality Brazilian Granite and Marble Polished Slabs of 2 and 3 cm thick. Qty. is 1 mixed container per week. Need the following colors Peacock Green, Golden Butterfly, Golden Leaf, Absolute Black, Andies Black Brazil, Santa Ceclia, New Venetian Gold, Galio Nepolean, Blue Pearl Royal, Emerald Pearl, Ubatuba Green and Gold, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Ubatuba and Green Butterfly. Need in next 3 weeks. Payment by LC 120 days. We will import. We are ready to pay for samples. Our tel. no. is 0049 172 66.....July 21, Contact

e 13720 USA: Our company is working on a project in Switzerland. We have to find a local distributor for stone and granite for exterior of the building. Our tel. no. is 212.63.....July 20, Contact

e 13715 USA: I am interested in buying wholesale honey onyx tiles. I would like a price quote and the earliest delivery date to New York City. July 20, Contact

e 13713 Canada: I am trying to locate a granite called Juparana Crème Bordeux. Is there anyone in Toronto area that might have that granite? Phone: (905) 88.....July 20, Contact

e 13712 Turkey: We are very much interested in SODALITE BLUE ROYAL from Namibia. Please send us your price list. Our tel. no. is +90 216 54.....July 20, Contact

e 13711 USA: I am in need of 3000 sq. ft of pattern stock polychrome granite and I need it urgently. I have a deadline for this job and my current supplier is not coming through polycor. Please call 978-42..... July 20, Contact

e 13710 UK: We are importers and distributors of kitchen & bathroom ceramic tiles. We have a substantial customer base and are supplying trade & retail customers. We have regular orders of 30mm Granite countertops in 2.4mtr & 2.8mtrs slabs in 6-7 different colours. These are used for Kitchen Worktops. We are looking for a good Granite supplier/exporter from India. We can buy container loads. 
We are planning to visit Bangalore for sourcing Granite and Quartzite on 8th August 2004. Please note we are not looking for any ceramic tiles suppliers. Our contact no. is 00 44 7980 8.....July 20, Contact

e 13703 Puerto Rico: Please send us more information about your stone products. July 20, Contact 

e 13699: Please send us quotes of your available collection of marble and granite. July 20, Contact 

e 13696 Canada: Please send a complete prices by the container load for stones. We are in Calgary. July 20, Contact 

e 13695 USA: Retail: I am looking suppliers / installers for black absolute granite for my kitchen. I am in the Boston area.  July 19, Contact 

e 13687 Italy: Please quote for blocks or slabs of the material Chinese granite padang G633. Our tel. no. is  035 9.....July 19, Contact  

e 13683 Ireland: We are presently constructing 2 houses in Dublin, Ireland and we would like to import all our tiles directly from Italy. Please advise if you can supply floor tiles, wall tiles for kitchen, bathroom, etc. Please send catalogs and prices. July 19, Contact 

e 13677 Iran: We are one of the leading companies in Iran dealing with importing and exporting Stones. We deal with different suppliers worldwide. If interested please send list of your products along with your price list allowing us to detail our enquires. Mobile no. is 0098 912 11...... July 19, Contact 

e 13668 Bangladesh: We want to import Pumice stone of Lombok Origin (Size: 3 - 5 cm) on regular basis.  Please quote. Our tel. no. is #88-31-8.....July 19, Contact 

e 13662 South Africa: Please quote for granite per sqm. Our tel. no. is 011 52.....July 19, Contact 

e 13659 Saudi Arabia: We are one of the leading construction materials trading company in the Middle East. We are interesting to add products of natural stones to our trading materials. 
Please send us a list with quotes of all your products from granite to limestone and other kinds of natural stones. Quantity will be ten containers. Sizes of interests are: 20 x 30, 25 x 30, 25 x 40, 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 60, 30 x ... x 3, 25 x ... x 3. We can be an agent of your esteem company in Saudi Arabia. Our tel. no. is  +966 2 69.....July 19, Contact  

e 13650 USA: I am looking for a supplier for granite slabs and fabricated vanities for large projects. July 18, Contact 

e 13645 Uganda: We are interested in purchasing 40 container of tiles. Payment will be by Sterling Pounds Cheque. Please quote CIF is Mombasa Port. My tel. no. is +256756.....July 17, Contact

e 13635 USA: Please can you give me prices for granite slabs (various colors). I am in NY. My fax no. is 718 89.....July 17, Contact

e 13634 USA: I am looking for a price list and shipping costs for granite to use to install countertops in Birmingham, AL. My tel. no. is +1 205 21.....July 16, Contact

e 13622 USA: Looking for container load of stone that is larger than 12" x 12" for delivery to Arizona. What are your largest sizes and lead time? See ready stock 379. July 16, Contact

e 13618 Oman: Please quote for all Saudi granites slabs, polished and unpolished and their sizes. We are importers of different types and sizes of granites and marbles from different countries. We buy slabs and we cut them as per demands of our customers. We also need Angola and Zimbabwe black granite slabs of different sizes like 240 x 120 with different thickness, polished and unpolished and the cost including the shipment. July 16, Contact

e 13617 Bangladesh: Please quote C&F Price at Chittagong Port for JET BLACK / RUBY RED GRANITE, Size : 30CM X60CM X 8MM & 15 mm thick. Also for WHITE / GREEN MARBLE, Size  30cm x 60cm x 15mm. July 16, Contact

e 13611 USA: Retail: I am looking to use Giallo antique as a counter top in a kitchen. Is this a good choice? Does it stain easily? I saw that the water absorbency is 0.2% but that doesn't tell me anything?  July 16, Contact


e 13602 : We are working in construction. Please e-mail us prices for marble slabs. We are interested in any nuance of beige and creme, 2 cm, polished, total amount of 6700 m2. July 15, Contact 

e 13593: Please quote for with sample for Egyptian marble and granite. July 14, Contact

e 13588 South Africa: We need 2000m2 of DUSTY WAY 600 X 600. Please quote. My cell no. is 082 41.....July 14, Contact

e 13583 Japan: We are a company that imports all kind of stone in bulk quantities. Please send us your catalog with price list. July 14, Contact


e 13575 UK: I am in the process of opening up a showroom in London, England which will provide the public a one-stop-shop-solution for purchasing fine contemporary furniture, fine solid wooden flooring, fine rugs, lamps, fine kitchen work surfaces, fine bathroom tiles, pictures, lighting and interior design services.
I would like to create a 3rd party business partnership with ‘Kitchen work surface manufacturers-ideally Granite’ and ‘Tumbled travertine & marble tile manufacturers’. 
Basically, I would like to display your samples in my showroom, gather orders and purchase the end product from your selves. I would like to become your UK channel partner / registered dealer. Please send me more info. My contact info. is 00 44 (0) 7956 2...... July 13, Contact

e 13574 Tanzania: I am interested in buying counter tops of all South Indian colours for 2cm and 3cm of full bullnose and even granite tiles and slabs. Please quote FOB India, L/C at sight. July 13, Contact

e 13571 Canada: I would like to replace the quartz granules we currently use in our composite flooring systems by another mineral. Ideally, it should be relatively hard (hardness of 6 or higher), light-coloured (white is ideal), and as low-priced as possible. Please quote with more info. Our tel. no. is 819 84......July 13, Contact

e 13567 Portugal: Venho por este meio solicitar-lhe um pedido de orçamento para o seguinte material.

Nº de Chapas







Favaco” Corrente”






Favaco “Corrente”






Pedras Salgadas






Pedras Salgadas *






Rosa St.ª Eulália






Rosa Monção *






Negro Impala *






Alpenina Atlântida *






Lioz Abancado *






Creme Marfil *






Azul Valverde






Estremoz Branco






As chapas a 3 cm de espessura destinam-se ao fabrico de balcões/tampos com medidas comerciais não superiores a 1,25/1,30 m de largura. Conjuntamente com os valores solicitados para quadro acima, agradecíamos a seguinte informação:
· Preço discriminado
· Prazo de Entrega
· Condições de Pagamento
· Preços a saída da fabrica.. My tel. no. is 291 2..... July 13, Contact 

e 13565 Ireland: I am looking for suppliers of stone/marble in the Algarve region, to import to the Irish Market.
I am Portuguese, living in Ireland and I work in the construction Industry here. I have been approached by Dublin business men to find stone suppliers in the Algarve. The business men want me to bring them to visit the suppliers in late July 2004. They would hope to import from the Algarve, and use the stone in the Irish Construction Industry. I am looking for any suppliers of stone/marble in the Algarve region. Can companies please contact me with their details? July 13, Contact 

e 13561 India: Where we could find "Grey Sardo" Granite designs and in which place can we find this in our country? July 12, Contact 

e 13559 USA: Retail: I need some black impala granite tile to do a back splash, etc.  July 12, Contact  

e 13554 India: We are a well established Granite Company in USA. We own black granite mines and an 100% E.O.U. monument manufacturing unit in India. We now want to venture into the world of marbles and are henceforth looking for a company in India, that can supply us quality marbles at competitive prices. We are interested in finished marble tiles, slabs and architectural pieces. 
If you can and are interested in supplying to us the above please quote for the fallowing:-
7200 SFT of pure white (Carrera white marble)
1) 12” x 12”x3/8” (approx 10 to 12 mm) calibrated tiles.
2) 18”x18”x3/8” (approx 10 to 12 mm) calibrated tiles.
3) 24”x24”x1/2” tiles.
We require pure white or carrera white without any patches , spots , veins in calibrated uniform thickness and packed in export worthy crates.
Our other orders constitute :-
1) marble door frames , window frames (opening and closing type) , polished.
2) Ajantha statues carved on 2” thick marble slabs. (carving made in center of 30”x60” slabs).
3) Ancient type marble partition walls with fixing.
We would be much interested in seeing pictures of interesting marble articles if you have any on hand. Kindly send us your contact details so that we can call you or visit you as convenient.  Our tel. no. is 
+918226-......July 12, Contact  

e 13547 USA: I have a Design Build Co. and I'm looking to match some granite Blocks they are Tan/ light brown with a little pink. I would need them in different sizes. July 12, Contact 

e 13541 SLOVAKIA: Please quote for Madura Gold polished 60 x 30 x 1,5 cm - 2000 sqm, 60 x 30 x 1 cm- 350 sqm, 30 x 30 x 1 cm 75 sqm . Our fax. no. is 00421 53 45......July 12, Contact 

e 13540 USA: I am interested in the GIALLO FIORITO (image). I am in San Jose. My phone no. is 408-83......Quantity estimate is 1000-2000 sq. ft. 12x12x1cm and 100-200 sq.ft. 2cm slabs. My price range or budget is around $4 s.f. I need the material latest by mid to late August. July 12, Contact 

e 13539 Iran: please quote with images for AMARELLO & BLUE PEGASO from Brazil. Our tel. no. is +98-311-22.....July 12, Contact 

e 13531 UK: I work for a Marble & Granite Importer as a development manager. Our company is located in London. We are mainly selling marble and granite slabs and would like to make contact with a supplier of Nero Impala granite slabs from South Africa. We are currently buying about 1 container of Nero Impala every 
month 1/2 from Italy and would like a direct contact with a South African supplier. 
Our orders are usually made up of 2/3 30mm and 1/3 20mm and we buy a mixture of 1st and commercial quality. We are very keen to change our current supplier if we can find better quality and price. The slabs we 
currently get are usually around 3mx1.75m and they are mainly used for kitchen worktops (30mm) and bathroom vanity tops (20mm). Our phone number is 00 44 208 45.....July 11, Contact  

e 13530 USA: I am a fabricator starting my own shop near the Clev. area would like to stock Brazilian granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 498 colors and some travertine tile. Please email me a price list and some brochure type information. July 11, Contact  

e 13514 USA: I want a huge stock of Purino granite G640, please call me in China mobile at 138277.....July 9, Contact  

e 13512 Netherlands: I am in the process of setting up my own company specializing in selling of Indian 
Stones. Interested suppliers of granite tiles & slabs, monuments & artifacts, marble & sandstones can contact me. My mobile no. is 0031 6 536..... July 9, Contact  

e 13511 Brazil: Please quote for Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Himalaya Blue, Imperial White, Juparana, Kashmir Gold, Madura Gold, Kashmir White, Lavender Blue, Maple Red, Multicolor Red, New Imperial, New Mahogany, Oyster Pearl, Paradiso, Paradiso Bash, Raw Silk, Samatha Blue, Saphire Brown, Shiwakashi, Tan Brown, Tiger Skin and White Galaxy granite blocks. Blocks min. size 2700x1600x1200 & max. size 3000x1900x2400. July 9, Contact  

e 13507: Please quote total cost including the shipping cost for Mosaic. qty. is 15 sqm. Payment will be made by credit card. July 9, Contact  

e 13506 Italy: I have an inquiry for DIORITE GRANITE from China. We would like to buy cut to size items:
1) slabs for steps, size 120cm x 33cm, thickness 3 cm, polished top plus front & side 15 cm each, 750 sqm
2) slabs for rise size 120cm x 18cm, thickness 2cm, polished front (18 cm) & side (2 cm), with chamfer 2 mm,
340 sqm
3) Skirting polished front (cm 18) and side top (2 cm) size cm 18x 50, thickness 2 cm, 150 sqm
4) tiles for paving cm 25x50, thickness 2 cm, top polished and chamfered, eventually flamed and brushed,  
2150 sqm
5) Skirting polished front and side top size cm 17 x120, thickness 2 cm, 150 sqm
6) Window sil size width 30 cm, length 100/150 cm, thickness 3 cm, fine honed or polished top and front with water gutter 8mmx8mm, 1600 running meter
7) Door sil size width cm 20, thickness 3 cm, length 100/150 cm, fine honed or polished top and front, 760 running meter
8) Door corniche slabs size 220 cm x 25 cm, thickness 3 cm, polished or fine honed, 330 sqm
9) Balcony front size free length, width cm 20, thickness 3 cm fine honed with water gutter in the thickness side at 2 cm, 1170 running meter
10) wall cover size free length, width cm 20, thickness 3 cm, fine honed top and two view side with bottom with water gutter 1x1 cm on the two sides, 100 running meter. Please give your best quotations for this material CIF Genoa port/Italy. The material is required for January 2005. July 9, Contact  

e 13489 Turkey: Could you please quote for viara polished gangsaw slabs? Our tel. is +9031248......July 8, Contact

e 13487 USA: Looking for suppliers of granite from India and Brazil who guarantees safe delivery. I already have a connection in India. July 8, Contact

e 13473 Saudi Arabia: We are a General Contractors in Riyadh and recently have a prestigious project. We need a granite named "Italian Silver Gray Granite" as an external cladding on facades of building height around 12 meters. 
You are kindly requested to send your detailed catalogues (electronic format / booklets) for this particular product and also samples are required in order to take approval from client, samples and catalogues can sent by courier. The estimated quantity for above subject is approximately 2700 M² (meter square). My mobile no. is 0966504.......July 7, Contact 

e 13467 USA: I would appreciate information on some of your surplus granite. Also interested in vases,  benched & the monument sets. Are any of the vases Mahogany & also Jet Black? Any info about the benches & Monument set...would also like info on "serpentine" tops. July 7, Contact 

e 13462 UK: I am renovating an apartment house and will require about 200m2 of marble and granite.
Please send me a catalogue of your special offers. My phone no. is +49-6173-94.....July 7, Contact 

e 13457 Nigeria: I want information about BLACK GALAXY AND GREEN PEARL STONES. We have a very big project at hand. Please let me know if you have them and how much are you selling at what measurement. We should be able to conclude the purchase by latest next month. We can start importing marbles, granites and tiles into Nigeria through you. July 6, Contact 

e 13452 Poland: I am interested in granite and marble slabs and tiles. We are producers of pavement blocks. We want to use our position in the market to start selling granite and marble. I am interested in granite and marble in slabs and tiles. I’m looking for a material that is high-quality in low prices. I am looking for a big stone supplier.  July 6, Contact 

e 13450 Ukraine: We are import natural stone; the products made of them and ceramic tiles. We have regular customers, which are respected companies of our country. 
We are looking for new partners in granite producers area. Please send us your best price for m2 on Brazilian "Giallo Topazio" 60x60x2cm and 60x30x2cm based on FOB terms. Please indicate the Port of loading. Reference photos are required. Should Your price and quality characteristics turn out to be the best ones, we can guarantee immediate trial order. Our tel. no. is + 38 0562 3.....July 6, Contact 

e 13441 Saudi Arabia: We are a big Contracting company in Riyadh. 
We need Granite from China. Thickness 10 mm or less. Qty. 7000 + 3000 sq.m (2 colors). Price should be between 7 - 8.5 US$/m2. Colors : light colors such as G603,G602,G617,G755,G640G633,... Our tel. no. is +966 1 44 ......July 6, Contact 

e 13440 USA: I represent a company in North Hollywood, California. Our company name is a Granite & Marble trader. We have been in business for 18 years. I would like to contact sellers of granite slabs, tiles and countertops. Please contact me at 626-61.....July 5, Contact 

e 13439 USA: I would like to purchase 2 cm granite slabs. I am in CA. My tel. no. is (818) 84.....July 5, Contact 

e 13438 Canada: I need to find kitchen counter top supplier in the Toronto area. July 5, Contact 

e 13435 South Africa: Would it be possible to send images of your products available. I am very interested in importing product to South Africa. My tel. no. is 031 56......July 4, Contact

e 13433 USA: We are just starting to build our first spec home and we are looking for a quality supplier for granite slabs, travertine tiles and marble. What is involved in importing these goods. Eventually we are looking 
to become a supplier in our area. July 4, Contact

e 13430: Please send to me pricelist of granite and marble (polished slabs and blocks). July 3, Contact 

e 13429 Ireland: Please forward a catalogue of your products including prices, quantities, shipping charges, import/export duties. July 3, Contact 

e 13427 Croatia: We are importers and manufacturers of marble and granite. We are interested in importing granite and marble tiles and slabs. Please send us prizes for polished slabs (280-300cmx160-180cm) thickness 2 and 3cm and polished tiles (30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm; 40 x 40 x 1.2cm; 45.7 x 45.7 x 1.2cm). All materials in first class. Please send us prices for all materials for both granites and marbles. We would also like to know paying conditions and delivery dates. July 3, Contact

e 13417 USA: We'd like a price on Juparana Persa, Juparana Fantatico, Giallo California, Champagne, Belorizonte, Ouro Brasil, Blue Pegaso, Verde Tropical, Cinza Nova Roma, Saffaire Blue, Black Galaxy, Green wave, Blue Pearl, Baltic brown, Tan Brown, Tropical Brown and Antique Brown. July 3, Contact

e 13410 China: Please quote us supply only CIF Hong Kong for Sardina White, Camelia White, Black Galaxy, Aquamarind Azzurro, Grigio Malaga and Namibian Pearl. The size is 30mm thick Random Slab and 600 x 1200 cut to size. July 2, Contact pay

e 13404 USA: I may be interested in purchasing slate tiles. See ready stock 252. July 2, Contact

e 13397 USA: Looking for Perlite, please let me know what grades you have and qty pricing. July 2, Contact

e 13394 USA: I am looking for sources for Labrador Granite - described as "black witt flecks of green, silver and grey". Please provide any information regarding this stone. I am in ME. July 1, Contact

e 13386 UK: We are looking for a competitive price on granite tiles 30x30cm Blue Pearl, 1cm thick. Our tel: 0044 (0) 1656 6.....July 1, Contact

1) 2 cm and 3 cm slabs and 1cm tiles of Tan Brown, Sapphire Brown, Kashmire Gold, Madura Gold, Black Galaxy and so on. Slabs must meet minimum size of 275x145cm up with resin-coated, 1st grade only. Tiles must be 10mm bevel and resin -coated. 
2) granite tile, polished, 600*300*20, color: gray, red, brown, black.
Kindly quote your best price with other details. My tel. no. is 98941.....July 1, Contact




e 13370 Italy: I am interested to acquire marble and granite on stock prices for several Russian building companies. June 30, Contact

e 13368 UK: I supply Granite work surfaces to private customers, I am doing around 10 kitchen work surfaces a month, and am now looking to buy direct from India, mainly working in black granite, Star Galaxy, or Tiger Black, or Silver Peal, or Black Pearl. Please could you get in touch with me with some prices. My tel. no. is 0044 7800 5..... June 30, Contact

e 13359 Argentina: Please quote for Argentinean granite. My Cell phone is 786-59......June 30, Contact 

e 13348 Nigeria: We are interested in Tiger Skin grantie tiles. Required size is 600x300x10 mm. We need these stones in Nigeria. Please do quote the price in USD FOB Indian Port. June 29, Contact  

e 13347 USA: Please send us a pricelist of natural stones. June 29, Contact  

e 13346 Australia: We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact  

e 13345 USA: Looking fro manufacturers of Indian granite counter tops. June 29, Contact  

e 13338 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite, pls send your samples and price list. We are 40 year in this Business. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81.....June 28, Contact

e 13330 USA: I have a customer looking for Tiger Skin (a Chinese granite). I want to purchase from supplier state side. June 27, Contact

e 13328 USA: I am interested Shayan Black Granite Tiles 12 x 12.  Please quote in USD. June 27, Contact

e 13324 USA: Looking for granite quarry owners in Spain. June 27, Contact

e 13319 Jamaica: What is rate for Norwegian blue pearl slabs & 18 x 18 tiles. June 27, Contact 

e 13316 USA: I am looking for a supplier / pricing on Blue Sodalite slabs for a kitchen countertop application. June 26, Contact

e 13312 USA: Please send us information on your granite slabs and the Price List. We are Based in California and Central-East Europe. June 26, Contact

e 13310 USA: Where can I find Sodalite Blue slabs? My tel. no. is 770.36.....June 26, Contact

e 13306 USA: Need significant amount of granite tiles for a large distributor in the East coast. Need to ensure exact thickness 3/8" on all colors ordered, along with "beveled edges". Need samples. My tel. no. is 412-40....June 26, Contact

e 13299 Poland: I want juparana dourado in tiles 275x598x13mm and 598x598x13mm - 6000 sqm @ USD 25.  June 26, Contact 

e 13297 Germany: Please quote per sqm for Birdjan Green Iranian granite. Size:40 x 40 cm x 1 cm. Delivery to Hamburg including tranport. My tel. no. is +49-7621-41.....June 25, Contact

e 13296 China: Please quote to us your best FOB PRICE for Imperial red granite (middle figure). SIZE 25mm x 1200 x 2400, QTY: 1500m2. Finish: polished (1 side). Please quote. Our tel. no. is 86-592-56.....June 25, Contact

e 13289 UK: We need granite for export to Europe. Email me to detailed documentation of your services. June 25, Contact

e 13286 USA: Do you have COLONIAL DREAM granite tiles available? I am in Chicago. Phone no. is 773-58.....June 25, Contact

e 13273 USA: We are Granite retailer. Please send me your granite slabs price list. We are in CA. My mobile no. is  925-25.....June 24, Contact


e 13258 Malaysia: We are one of the leading marble and granite contractor (installer) and seller in Malaysia. We also export and import granite & marble. Currently we have a project which uses 4000 sqm white granite. Product Specification: Polishes, unpolished, 1.2m x 2.4m x 30mm thick and 1.8m x 0.6m x 30mm thick. Telephone no. is 603 49.....June 23, Contact 


e 13253 China: We are looking for granite for floor and wall. Please quote for per sqm 50x50, 40x40, 60x40 thickness 8mm. My tel. no. is 86-755-251.....June 23, Contact 

e 13246 USA: I am an architect in NY. I like the cerna voda granite from Czechoslovakia. Our tel. no. is 646-25..... June 23, Contact 

e 13243 USA: I am looking for a source for absolute black granite tile ranging from 6 x 6" and up for laser etching. June 23, Contact

e 13240 UK: We are trying to source and transport Nero Impala, Emerald Pearl and Baltic Brown 30mm granite slabs to Romania. June 23, Contact

e 13236 India: We want to renovate our corporate floor. Please contact us for the requirement of Granite slabs. Phone No 2610....June 22, Contact

e 13235 USA: I want Brazilian Ubatuba slabs. June 22, Contact

e 13233 Vietnam: We are looking for the following types of Granite Blocks and Slabs for Vietnam market. 
White Galaxy, Paradiso, Black, Lilac and Black Galaxy. Prices required on CNF Ho Chi Minh City basis per M3 for Blocks and Sq.Ft. for slabs. Following are the sizes required for Blacks and slabs. 
Granite Block: L2,2m x W1,0m x H0,7 m & L2,2m x W1,0m x H1,1m. 
Granite Slab: L2,2m up x W0,65m x 19mm thickness. Quantity depends on the price. Order will be on 20' container load basis. My mobile no. is 0903 7......June 22, Contact

e 13228 USA: We are currently working on the design of a curtain wall system (re-cladding an existing structure) for an office building in Manhattan. We would like to look at your product with the possibility of specifying it as part of the curtain wall system. If possible, please send me a 4" X 4" or larger sample and specifications (ASTM C-97, C170, C99, C880 and C241) of the following products Academy Black, Mason, AFG54. We are in NY. My tel. no. 212.22.....June 22, Contact


e 13220 UAE: Please quote for red, brown, coffee, yellow and blue color marble and granite in slabs thickness 2cm and 3 cm, length and width 2.5m height 1.5m and up. Our tel. no. is 00971-6-54..... June 21, Contact

e 13208 USA: We are looking for white marble blocks & slab from China, Vietnam. June 20, Contact

e 13207 USA: I am interested in Mocca Red. The customer I am working with had this granite in New Jersey. They will not sell slabs and will not give me any information as to where it can be secured. In appearance it is very similar to Coffee Brown, with two very prominent differences. It has more "red" and has large inclusions of the deep, deep red, while still prominently portraying an all over pattern. June 20, Contact

e 13196: Please send prices for Rosavel Granite (Spanish) 2cm + 3cm thick slabs (apprx cut 1500 M2). June 19, Contact 

e 13192 Australia: We would order Chinese green and black granite tiles. About ten containers per year. My phone no. is (61 2) 833...... June 19, Contact

e 13191 Nigeria: Please quote for various granite tile types you have for eg. ruby red, blue pearl, absolute black, etc. June 19, Contact 

e 13187 USA: Looking for Milford Pink granite slabs. June 19, Contact 

e 13186 South Africa: Please quote for SOUTH AFRICAN GRANITE. June 19, Contact 

e 13184 USA: I am trying to get a price for African Red granite in 12X12 squares or slab. June 18, Contact 

e 13183 USA: I live in California  and I want to become a reseller of Brazilian Stones. I have some question: 
1. How do I order Brazilian stones in containers?
2. Do I supply the container or would you ship to Long Beach Harbor for me?
3. How much would it cost to ship each container to Long Beach Harbor?
4. How does payment work, do you need half or all upfront before shipping?
5. How long would a shipment take to get here from Brazil, as in days or weeks? 
Please respond to me asap. If I need to talk to someone. June 18, Contact 

e 13181 UK: We are interested various types of stones. Our tel. no. is 44 207 74.....June 18, Contact 

different kinds of grain for this kind of stone. What are the prices for all sizes and finish. June 18, Contact 

e 13164 Australia: I am the owner of a Granite processing factory in Melbourne looking to pricing of pre-made granite benchtops in set sizes to be shipped to our Melbourne port. I wish to get pricing on the following 2 types of stones; Shanxi Black 1st grade,and Ubatuba. Sizes and quantities as set out below: 
Shanxi Black 1st grade:
25 off pieces 3metres x 900 with 2 sides having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 3metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 2.5metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
Ubatuba Granite: 
25 off pieces 3metres x 900 with 2 sides having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 3metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
50 off pieces 2.5metres x 700 with 1 side having 40ml square edgework.
Can you inform me how many pieces can be shipped in each container and form of packaging as to minimize breakages. Lamination stripes to be calibrated at 38ml and are to be a standard return underneath of 35ml. 
Quality is to be of the highest as my Company is looking at regular containers on a monthly basis. Can you please provide pricing based on all costs included for container landed in Melbourne Port. Pricing to be on a per piece basis. Please also list your payment terms for our consideration. June 18, Contact

e 13162 USA: I would like to get a picture or a sample of the Carioca Brown granite. June 18, Contact

e 13161 UK: Please can you send a quotation for your range of granite and marble tiles exported to the UK in mixed containers. I am interested in all your range. June 18, Contact

e 13158 Spain: PLEASE QUOTE FOR 500 M2 GRIS MACAEL 40x60x3 CM. MY TEL. NO. IS +34 973 2.....June 17, Contact

e 13152: I want to know of the factory/shop of marble in Indonesia, the price list, shipping and packing charges, etc. June 17, Contact

e 13150 Italy: Please quote for Ocra granite as follows:
- Steps cm 150x35x3 Top + front polished with chamfer 2 mm (quantity 125 sqm)
- Risers cm 150x17x2 polished (Quantity 60 sqm)
- Skirting cm 7 (high) x free length x 1 cm (thickness) (Quantity 20 sqm)
- Tiles cm 30x30x1 polished and chamfered (Quantity 120 SQM)
Total quantity 325 sqm. Please let me know the quotations C&F LIVORNO PORT or FOB Chennai
We can consider to buy the Random slabs and cut in Italy, in this case you may send me also the offer for Random slabs polished 2 and 3 cm thick. June 17, Contact

e 13149 Germany: We are interested in all sorts of marble and granite. Most wanted marble is ‘kavala’, ‘berrocal’ and ‘rosa beta’ granites in tiles and special cut sizes. June 17, Contact

e 13144 Israel: We are interested in random size 160x240 min. 2cm polished slabs first quality of braganza. 
Quantity up to 4 cntrs o/t. We want to check the goods prior to dispatch. June 17, Contact 

e 13140 USA: I am interested in finding out if the slate tiles from this supplier are calibrated and guaged. June 17, Contact 


e 13127 UK: We are looking for new suppliers of limestone and travertine tiles both traditional looking and contemporary, all for interior use. We are also looking for them in tumbled wall tiles and mosaic. My tel. no. is 07866 6.....June 16, Contact 

e 13121 USA: I need three slabs of Azul Dumar. June 15, Contact 

e 13120 USA: We represent some buyers in China. We look for suppliers of granite block and granite slabs in USA. Colors are raw silk, camelia white, bitu grey, mahogany dokota, giallo california. We need big quantities. Our tel. no. is 972-62.....June 15, Contact

e 13117 Czech Republic: Please quote for granite: G 623, 250x15x12 cm 30pcs polished, 250x90x7-20 pcs polished, 250x90x5 - 40 pcs polished and 250x150x3 - polished- rest for full container of 20 feet. Quote CIF Czech Republic. June 15, Contact

e 13116 Germany: Please quote with samples for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Need them for a building site. Approx. qty. is 350-500m2. Our tel. no. is 081-32......June 15, Contact

e 13108 Bangladesh: We are interested to slabs & Blocks of both Marble and granite. June 15, Contact

e 13101 UK: Please quote for Indian Black Galaxy, Absolute black and Kashmir White all 1 container. Slabs 30mm thick. June 15, Contact

e 13088 Ireland: We are a whole sale company in the Republic of Ireland. We supply many different products to the stone industry. Because of more competition we are trying to source different types of sandblasting tapes. 
The 1st one we are looking for is the ANCHOR range rubber tapes. 116,117,155,153,125E,112,128,226/25". tapes. 
The 2nd one is from the TESSA range. 4432 (150mm white),4432 (300mm white), 4443 (300mm pink), 4434 (450mm yellow).
Please quote. June 14, Contact 

e 13085 South Africa: I wish to import cheap granite and marble from India or whichever country to fit in all my houses and to also resell here in South Africa. PLS SEND ME A PRICE ON ABSOLUTE BLACK, BLACK GALAXY AND KASHMIRI GOLD GRANITE. 

e 13084 Taiwan: We are looking for one granite called Agora Beige or Angola Beige. Please send quotes and images. Our fax no. is 886-2-229.....June 14, Contact 

e 13070 USA: Please quote for 12 x 12 Tan Brown. What is the price per Sq. Foot in US dollars and what is the minimum order amount? June 13, Contact 

e 13059 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite from Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Morocco..., Interested parties can send there samples and price lists. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81......June 12, Contact 

e 13057 : Please send me wholesale price list for natural stones. June 12, Contact 

e 13053 Philippines: I am in marketing and installation of granite / marble for the past 14 years. I am hoping if your good company can consider me as your distributor here in the Philippines. My cell phone number is 6391950.....June 12, Contact 

e 13047 USA: Looking for verde gauguin granite. Do you have stock of the version with the lighter green background, rather than the more grayish appearance? If so, please call 312/33.....June 12, Contact 

e 13046 USA: I am interested in purchasing stone tiles and slabs for from Jamaica. Looking for  factories located in Jamaica. My tel. no. is 847.35..... June 12, Contact

e 13044 Canada: I am in the need for approx 6000 sq ft of 12"x 12" tile in African Red. Need to know price and delivery to Vancouver. June 11, Contact

e 13042 USA: Email me relevant information on hand cut granite in Maine. My contact no. is 207-77.....June 11, Contact

e 13032 South Africa: I am looking for granites for cladding, cobbles & tiles for South African market, please help with product info, prices & application methods. My tel. no. is ++27 32 94.....June 11, Contact

e 13029 Switzerland: I am interested to import granite Kashmir White precise, polished gauged plates dimension of the plates in mm: 600 x 300 x 18 for floor covering. Please quote in USD and Euro in sqm. Quantity desired 500 m2. Our tel. no. is +41.21.64.....June 11, Contact

e 13015 Slovenia: We are looking for one 20' cntr Chinese Shanxi Black granite only, (not interested in Indian black granite) one side polished slabs 2700 x 1500 x 3 cm/6cm/8cm, grade A & grade B. Our tel. no. is + 386 41 6.....June 10, Contact

e 13012 Australia: I am in Melbourne. I would like marbles, granite and sandstones. To be more accurate I am looking for good exporter who can be very competitive and can provide me with best material. My contact no is 04234..... June 10, Contact

e 13010 SAUDI ARABIA: We specialize in designing & operation of all kinds of Interior & Exterior Decoration works. We are very much interested in your product line. Please send us full package of your products with the latest price list for evaluation. Our tel. no. is +966 1 46..... June 10, Contact

e 13008 USA: I am trying to locate a slab of aqualux/ dallas white granite. Is it the same as white nepal or white paricema?? I need two lenghts of 61/2' by 2 ft plus surround.  I am in Lafayette, LA. My tel. no. is 337-98.....June 9, Contact

e 13007 China: We would like to purchase stones. Our tel. no. is 86-595-21.....June 9, Contact

e 13005 USA: We would be interested in developing a line of Vietnamese marble and granite. Please send catalog and quotes. Our tel. no. is 602-43.....June 9, Contact

e 13000 USA: I need Negro De or White Andromeda or Branco Polar in 18" x 18" tiles to cover 2000 sq. ft. What is the price? I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-35.....June 9, Contact

e 12996 West Indies: Our company is interested in purchasing granite tiles for the purchase for resale. 
Also could you please send us pictures of those products? Our tel. no. is 473 44.....June 8, Contact

e 12987 Poland: I am looking for quotation of granite CASHMIRE GOLD DARK, 500 square meters in 2cm thick tiles 127cm x 30cm, polished and chamfered edges. Please give me price quote, terms of payment and cost of shipping. My tel. no. is +48-22-86.....June 8, Contact

e 12986 Spain: Please could you send me the price with shipping costs of various Indian granites in various thickness, and various colours, in bulk and in one off. I refit kitchens and have a huge demand for granite, both in bulk to developers and to individuals who want them polished and cut. My tel. no. is 6377.....June 8, Contact

2975 Brazil: I would like to know more information about the material Verde Bahia granite, such as price and availability. My phone no. is (5511) 316......June 7, Contact  


e 12971 Sri Lanka: We are interested to import immediately for our new housing project floor and wall tiles in a 20' FCL/FCl container load. Please quote your best price and few photos of the tiles enabling us to consider the same. The prices should be quoted as FOB Value, Freight and Insurance. Our tel. no. is 0094-11-53.....June 6, Contact

e 12965 USA: I am looking for Absolute Black quantity of 3000 12x12x1/2 tiles for $2.00 or less per per tile of high quality and 1000 tiles of ASIAN BEIGE 12x12x1/2 for under $.75 cents also of high quality. We are looking to ship within the week. My phone no. is 914 37.....June 5, Contact

e 12961 Spain: We are interested in granite from Armenia. The qty. is 2000 sqm in 150x61x3 cm. We have not even decided that type of granite will be. If is possible, send to us samples of granites. Our tel. no. is 0034-935......June 5, Contact

e 12952 USA: We have a need to occasionally import granite from China and India. Please quote for one container. 
Black Shanxi tiles 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12"x12") 10 mm (3/8") thick (polished). 
Black Shanxi Countertops - Quantity 12, 24" x 72" Standard edge profile.
Please provide a quotation FOB China AND CIF Jacksonville, Florida. My tel. no. is (770) 56..... June 5, Contact

e 12951 USA: We also fabricate our own granite. We have been dealing with a company out of Denver. We are looking for a new connection. Please contact me as soon as possible. My contact detail no. is 406-25.....June 5, Contact

e 12945 USA: I just need samples of G703, G767, G739, G623 granite tiles. One of each. Phone no. is 620-34.....June 4, Contact

e 12943 Ukraine: We import natural stone and the products made of it on a large scale. Our company is one of one of the major importers and has many customers with serious orders. We have an urgent requirement of Blue Pearl granite tiles and slabs. Please quote. Our tel. no. is +38 0562 3.....June 3, Contact

e 12942 USA: Retail: We live in Minnesota, and would like to have granite counters created/installed in our kitchen. My tel. no. is 952.85.....June 3, Contact

e 12938 Czech Republic: We are a major development company currently undertaking a significant mixed use scheme in Central Europe. The development comprises retail, office and parking totaling well over 100,000m2 gross buildable area. The project will commence construction in early 2005 with completion scheduled
for early 2007. 
We are currently designing for stone flooring to significant areas of the public space and will require approximately 10,000m2 of granite floor tiles in a variety of colours, as detailed below. We will require all tiles to be pre-finished, polished anti slip, grit blasted and in some places honed. All expressions of interest and quotations given must also included for shipping, road and rail haulage and delivery to the site. Quotations must also include for all import duties, border charges and the like.
We require prices for stone tiles cut to 30cm X 30cm, 30cm x 60cm and 60cm x 60cm dimensions and to be either 10-12mm thick or approximately 20-25mm thick. It is requested that all quotations given, allow us to analyse costs across these parameters.
Granite colours currently required are as follows, with approximate quantities for each colour given:
Light gray - 150 sqm, Medium gray - 50 sqm, Dark gray - 100 sqm, Gray green - 2250 sqm, Rose - 1200 sqm, Light brown - 300 sqm,  Sea green - 150 sqm, Beige - 400 sqm, Yellow gray - 500 sqm, Very light gray - 350 sqm, Blue gray - 25 sqm, Blue - 25 sqm, Speckled white, Dark speckled gray, Archtic White - 350 sqm, Blue Night - 150 sqm, Amadeus - 200 sqm, Creamo bello - 3000 sqm, Royal red - 400 sqm, Multi color red - 50 sqm and Sunny - 350 sqm. 

We are interested in stone from all geographical locations. Samples and booklets of the granite colours and quality are available at the developers office and can be viewed by appointment. My tel. no. is +420 221 8.....June 3, Contact

e 12932 Korea: I want to find attached type of Granite from India or Brazil. I am interested in Blocks & slab too. My tel. no. is  0082-2-57.....June 3, Contact

e 12929 India: Retail: We are in the process of selecting granite for our house in Bangalore. Please send  pricelists for granite. My tel. no. is +91(80)250.....June 3, Contact

e 12926 USA: I own several granite shops and am very interested in buying a few containers of Brazilian granite. My tel. no. is 1 (609) 26.....June 3, Contact

e 12925 USA: I need 175 sq.ft. 12" x 12" Raw Silk, Flamed granite, approx thickness is ½”. In need of deliver ASAP as job started and previous order was totally lost. I am a builder and my tel. no. is 916.83.....June 2, Contact

e 12922 USA: I am looking for 20 slabs of black granite delivered to Connecticut. Please call 860-34.....June 2, Contact

e 12916 USA: Please quote for rosa mistica 16 x 16 and 12 x 12 inches. My contact no. is 808 67.....June 2, Contact

e 12905 Mexico: We are interested in buying marble and granite from Asian countries. My tel. no. in (52) 559.....June 2, Contact

e 12904 Panama: We specialize in importing and selling of all kinds of cut stones. At the moment we import from several countries. 
We are very interested in buying and more interested in bringing a full container to Panama with many samples of them in 60x60x2 in different finishes, together with slabs of other materials. 
In particular from India at the moment we are importing Dolsey beige, Rain Forest, Teak Wood, Pink Onix, Kashmire White and others...
Please send a complete price list of the materials (marbles, slates, quartzites, granites, onyxes, alabaster). Our tel. no. is 507 21.....June 2, Contact

e 12902 USA: Please quote for Kashmire Gold Tile 12 X 12 X 3/8". We have a requirement of 10,000 SF. Contact Number is 254.39.....June 1, Contact

e 12900 USA: I need 2 bundles of Brazilian Juparana Palha. I will need a sample of this stone. Can you please quote for 2cm thick slabs. We area stone marble and granite company in FL. Our tel. no. is (941) 74.....June 1, Contact

e 12890 USA: Please quote - FOB San Diego, CA for granite counter tops as attached. May 31, Contact


e 12866 Brazil: We want 12 slab Azul Bahia granite. Our tel. no. is + 5527 929...... May 29, Contact

e 12855 USA: We are in wholesale granite (Slabs and Tiles) business since 2001. At this time we are looking to import following colors and Quantities from India (North and South). May we request you to kindly advise your best prices FOB Chennai and availability. The terms will be as follows: 1. Only First quality material will be accepted. We will hire SGS Inspection Company and arrange for their representative to come to your Plant for inspection of slabs. Any slabs rejected by him will not be accepted. 2. Payment - Irrevocable Letter of credit. Colors /Qty. required as follows: Size - Min 280*180*20mm.  Black Galaxy - 30 slabs / Black Dark - 30 Slabs / Tan Brown - 20 Slabs / Ivory Brown - 20 Slabs / Jakranda - 20 Slabs / Sira Grey - 20 Slabs / Madurai Gold - 20 Slabs / Indian Juprana - 10 slabs / Hassan Green - 10 Slabs / Indian Mahogany - 10 slabs / Kashmir White - 10 Slabs / Colombo Juprana - 10 Slabs / Paradiso - 10 slabs / Raw Silk (Pink) - 20 Slabs / Multicolor Red - 20 Slabs / Desert Brown - 10 Slabs / Apple Green - 10 Slabs / Ruby Red - 10 Slabs / Golden Pearl - 10 slabs / Rosy Pink - 10 Slabs / Imperial Pink - 10 Slabs / Ocean Blue - 10 slabs / Jhansi Red - 10 slabs / Mokalsar Green - 10 slabs / Coffee Brown - 10 slabs / Yalagiri Brown - 10 slabs / Chima Pink - 10 slabs. Would appreciate your best quote at the earliest. We are in Houston. Our tel. no. is 1-713-78.....May 29, Contact  

e 12850 UK: Please open the attachment to see the specification of the order that I want you to me quote prices and delivery time. I want example prices for the following types of materials quoted for the three specifications below.
Black Galaxy, Blue Pearl, White pearl, China Green, China Ubatuba A, Black Pearl, Panxi Blue, White Pearl Carls doc 9pg.jpg, G 6503 and Gold Dust. 
I would require 3 x 50 units of the 605 mm x 2500 mm. x 30 mm depth (150 total units, Example: 50 Blue Pearl, 50 China Ubatuba and 50 White Pearl) 
Additionally 50 units 1240 mm x 1240 mm x 30 mm (15 Blue Pearl, 20 China Ubatuba A and 15 White Pearl)
Also units 1540 mm x 940 mm x 30 mm (15 Blue Pearl, 20 China Ubatuba A and 15 White Pearl)
Should you require more information please email me or call me on 00 44 78677.....May 29, Contact  

e 12843 Germany: We are looking for reliable granite-/marble suppliers in China who can our existing clientele in Germany and surrounding countries with the following articles:
1. Tiles and Slabs
2. Tailor made cornered, round and oval tops for kitchen, bath, counters
3. Pattern 
3. Carving Sculptures 
4. Grave-Stones
5. Garden Items
We would like to know your FOB-prices of all granite types in the following sizes and qualities:
Material: Granite Tiles
Thickness: 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm
Sizes: 30.5 x 30.5 cm, 30.5 x 61.0 cm, 40.0 x 40.0 cm, 50.0 x 50.0 cm, Bigger than 50 x 50 cm ( tops ) as requested above under 2. Surface: Polished. Edges: a)45 degrees cut and polished, b) round edges
Backside: a) With sawing structure, b) 2 Tile Fix Grooves. Use: Floor and Wall Tiles. Qty. p.a.: Min. 120 – 150 containers. Qty. monthly: Min. 10 – 12 containers. Delivery Time: Start up December 2004 / January 2005. 
Packing: Please advise. Pallet: Please advise (Euro pallet 80 x 120 cm). Prices / m2: C&F Port Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam. Payment: L/C at sight. 
Also email us sample with your presented G 603 a. Please be so kind and fill in all requested figures and data concerning our 4 requested sizes and 3 thickness, here especially regarding weights, packing and container quantities etc.. Please be so kind and transmit photos of your packing and loadings. Regarding our further demand concerning garden, carving, pattern etc. we will provide our demand after receipt of your quotations. Our tel. no. is ++ 49 711 80.....May 28, Contact

e 12836 Hungary: We need marble / granite for outside covering accordingly: 
- color of stone would be light gray, 
- max thickness of stone is 20 mm, (10-15 mm would be preferred), 
- the stone needs to be cut but one of its surface needs to be smashed/broken/split/hammered 
- requested dimensions and quantity as follows: 
- 300x100x10mm, 5.000 pieces x 0,03= 150,00 m2 
- 200x100x10mm, 1.000 pieces x 0,02= 20,00 m2 
- 200x200x10mm, 25 pieces x 0,04= 1,00 m2 
- the latest delivery date is end of July. 
Please send your offer in EURO with the name of stone, pictures of stone would be appreciated. With price in EUR. In case you could arrange the transport also pls. attach an offer of fright charge - destination is Budapest. My mobile no. is +36-20-82.....May 27, Contact

e 12828 Pakistan: I am an owner of a marble company in Rawalpindi. Please quote for Indian black, red, gray and white granite random polished slabs, 2 cm thick, 8000 sq ft. Also quote for polished 30cm x 30cm x 1 cm = 2000 tiles and 60cm x 30cm x 1 cm = 2000 tiles. My phone no. is 030051.....May 27, Contact

e 12821 Lithuania: please quote for Sichuan Red granite in 600 x 600mm or 600 x 300mm, thickness: 15mm tiles. The Qty. is 2000m3. Our tel. no. is +370 46 3.....May 26, Contact

e 12793 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite. What is your price for a container? How many slabs are in a container? Also, the time frame for your shipping? May 24, Contact

e 12786 Philippines: Please quote for Turkish as well as Chinese granites. We are stone traders. May 24, Contact

e 12785 USA: I am doing fabrication in Las Vegas. Please send me a catalog of Brazil slabs. I would like to buy juperanas, giallo veneciano, santa cecilia, etc. My phone number (702) 32.....May 24, Contact

e 12780 USA: I am a fabricator in OK and I am seeking suppliers of marble and granite. Please send me a price list. My tel. no. is 417-75.....May 23, Contact

e 12774 USA: I am looking for Absolute Black granite quantity of 3600 + no more then 5000 of 12x12x3/8 tiles for $2 or less per Sq footage my negotiate only within a small spread must be of high quality. We are looking to receive shipment in one week and only under those conditions. My phone number is 914 37.....I am in NY. May 22, Contact

e 12759 USA: I represent a granite and marble store. I want to find some new stones for my company so I need prices and photos of all slabs. My tel. no. is 201 44.....May 21, Contact

e 12752 USA: I am looking to purchase 2cm and 3cm granite slabs in containers. Could you please send me a price list for all the granites you carry and can get.  I am particularly interested in seeing the granites that are exclusively from your quarry. Could you please send me a price list for all the granite that you carry and can get and contact me in reference to seeing your quarry granites? I am in Houston. May 20, Contact

e 12743 UK: We are looking for new supplier(s) of granite slabs (2cm & 3cm) for direct supply to England. Our requirement is for approx 350 sqm per month. We presently import directly from other countries. May 20, Contact

e 12739 USA: Please quote for 1 container 3cm granite slabs from India. I am in VA. My phone no. is (571) 22.....May 20, Contact

e 12729 USA: Please quote on per container basis for granite and marble slabs and tiles delivered to Willmington port, North Carolina. Please inform of how is the product cut and the quantity per container. 
My tel. no. is (704) 24.....May 19, Contact

e 12698 Netherlands: Please quote for tiles of 61 x 30,5 x 1cm of Kashmir White, Star Galaxy Imperial White FOB Amsterdam.  - 02171-3.....May 18, Contact

e 12696 Denmark: What is the cost of Portoro-Rose? How do I get a sample? Tel. no. is +45 60 6......May 18, Contact

e 12692 USA: Would like to start granite business in USA and import the stones from India...any information in this regard is really appreciated. My tel. no. is 414-74.....May 18, Contact

e 12684 USA: I own a small fabrication shop in Baltimore and am looking for a price quote on the following 30MM (1.25") Indian granite slabs of Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Black Absolute, Jet Black, Tropical Green, Red Multicolor, Siva Yellow, Kashmir Gold, Golden Juparana, Seaweed Green and Golden Oak. 
If you carry new colors, I would like a quote on that too. My current supplier is not able to provide many of these colors on a regular basis and I am ready to make a switch IMMEDIATELY if the prices are right. I make about 2 kitchens a week. 
We are a small company and only interested in buying from local vendors who have a warehouse here. Since we buy small lots we cannot import. May 17, Contact

e 12662 Nigeria: Please send price list of non calibrated Indian granite tiles of various colors of size 305x610x10mm. I will be in India shortly. My tel. no. is  23480565.....I need 2 x 20ft container. May 14, Contact  

e 12649 Belgium: I am interested in purchasing some Juparana Delicatus Granite for kitchen and bathroom counters for a home renovation in Brussels, Belgium. Do you ship to Europe? (Port = Antwerp) If so, do you have a catalogue? May 14, Contact

e 12627 Canada: I wish to enter into business of Granite, Marble and Tiles in Toronto by opening showroom.
I need to get samples and rates from various suppliers to compare prices with local wholesalers. My tel. no. is 905 27......May 12, Contact

e 12610 USA: Our company is a distributor in Massachusetts and import granite and marble slabs from all over the world of their own origin. We want companies who have their own quarry of any single color or a combinations of different granite colors so that it would enable us to establish a long term business relationship with these sources. The turn over time to provide the quantity and color variations we require from companies who do not have their own quarries is too slow because of processes they have to go through to get to the finished product. Our company imports on container base for each color. 
Here are few of granite colors to mention and ready to import: Saphire Blue, Tan Brown, Shivakashi Yellow, Vyara Gold, Seaweed Green, Madurai Gold, Kashmire Gold, Royal Gold, Imperial White, Tropical Green, Rose Wood, Lady Dream, etc. Our phone no. is 781-8473-.....May 12, Contact

e 12607 USA: I own a construction company in San Jose, CA. We are experiencing an increasing demand for granite countertops and are considering expanding our business to include retail and wholesale sale of countertops. We are interested in container quantities of countertops mostly of China origin (light in color), but I would like to also stock some popular colors such as Baltic brown, Absolute black, Blue pearl etc. 
We would like countertops polished in 3/4 inch thickness with laminated bullnose approx. 26 in. wide and 78 to 99 in. long. 
For our first order we would like a full container of approx. five or six colors. I'm not sure how many countertops will fit into a container, so please advise. I have price list 572 which seems to have what we are looking for. Please contact me with current pricing, materials, sizes, shipping cost, minimum order payment information and delivery time. My tel. no. is 408-26.....May 12, Contact

e 12603 Nigeria: please quote for granite tiles in the sizes 30.5 x 61 x 1cm. My contact no. is 23480565.....May 11, Contact

e 12599 Finland: I want AURORA granite from India. We are marble and granite wholesalers in Finland. My tel. no. is +358-40-84.....May 11, Contact

Category 1 Slabs: Absolute Black 125 & Black Galaxy 125 
Category 2 
Green Galaxy 56 
Tan Brown 56 
Saffire Brown 56 
Category 3
Green Cream 42 
New Jem Red 42 
Category 4 
Purple Green 6 
Royal Cream 6 
Indian Yellow 6 
Shiva Gold 6 
Kashmire Lohit 6 
Raw Silk 6 
Category 5
Paradiso 3 
Colombo Juprana 3 
Red Multi 3 
Indian Juprana 3 
Total 550 May 11, Contact

e 12596 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Currently we directly buy from India and Brazil. We would like better offers so we can do business with you. We like big slabs like 5 x 10 ft or bigger. Also mention your terms and conditions of payment. We can send the deposit money and they sent the stone like one container on trial and later more, but only for first time we can pay the cost or the freight and as we sell we wire the money or transfer to you. We are in Denver. May 11, Contact

e 12595 USA: I am a small distributor of granite counter tops and I am seeking a new supplier. I am looking to purchase approximately 240 slabs of 26"x96"x3cm in various colors. I would like three edges bull-nosed and polished and the top polished. I will be needing to order these before 6/18/04 and would like to know what options I would have costing under $70.00 USD. I have no problems importing from any country if it will give me more competitive pricing. I am in TX. May 11, Contact

e 12593 USA: I am interested in the following Black Granite, Lavender Blue, Paradisco Bash, Golden Fantasy or Grey Th, Grey Jericho, 9K Fantasy, SJ Blue, Nero Marmo Marble. I plan to cover a residential area of 600 sqm. I will be looking for POLISHED, BEVELED AND CALIBRATED granite or marble tiles for my home and retail. Please give me a quotation including shipping FOB Accra, Ghana. I am in CT and my phone no. is 860 65.....May 11, Contact

e 12592 Portugal: Please send price and catalog of granites. May 11, Contact

e 12587 Turkey: We are a trading company based in Turkey. One of our customer is interested to buy Chinese granites. Please find the target price and type of the marbles we are sending you which is attached. Also inform about transportation procedure for import of marble in Karachi. How many slabs can I fit into a 20 ft container? Procedure for payment? Our tel. no. is +90 212 64.....May 10, Contact

e 12578 USA: Please quote for 3 cm granite slabs by the container. My shop is in Mobile AL. May 10, Contact

ALL: e 12566 Georgia: Please quote for Granite prices of slab and tile materials in thickness of 40x40x1cm. My phone no. is +99577 4.....May 8, Contact

e 12546 Thailand: We are interested in importing Granite Tiles in sizes 600x600mm and 800x800mm from China and India? May 7, Contact  

e 12540 Saudi Arabia: Please send more details of the marble & granite tiles. My mobile no. is 9665054.....May 7, Contact  

e 12537 USA: We are currently looking for a full container (20'FCL) of Kashmir White Granite, polished. Require size 18"x18" tiles, thickness: 1.2 cm. Terms: I found a price quotation 977 on Findstone.com. 
We understand that price is $4.60 USD / sq.ft FOB CANADA. Delivery 15 days after purchase. We would appreciate if you can (1) clarify your sales condition and (2) send us picture of this merchandise. May 7, Contact  

e12526 Nigeria: We need African Black Granite (flammed). We need the product by 6-06-2004. My phone number is 02-81.....May 6, Contact

e 12514 USA: We are building a 26 unit apartment in Olympia. We are seeking pricing for a 26 unit apartment in Olympia Washington. We are currently 2 months from completion. Slab Granite Counters 3/4" with 3/4" bull nose edge. 4" backsplash and sides polished with eased edges. Include Installation. Sink cut outs to be field cut by installer. We can order immediately. All Dimensions in inches: 
1 each 30x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
14 each 45x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
6 each 48x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 right side 
2 each 33x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash 
3 each 54x24x3/4 1 sink, 1 backsplash, 1 left side 
1 each L shape 26sqf
2 each Parallel 29sqf
6 each U shape 42sqf
12 each U shape 39sqf
2 each parallel 31sqf
3 each U shape 41sqf
Bar tops
2 each 102x18x3/4
6 each 90x18x3/4
12 each 84x18x3/4
2 each 120x18x3/4
3 each L shape bar top 17 sq ft. His no. is 1 253 27......May 6, Contact  

e 12499 Germany: Please quote for Chinese granite tiles. See pricelist 514. May 5, Contact

e 12498 USA: We need 3 large slabs of very fine grain absolute Black sample needs to be sent to us for testing. Will travel or pay shipping to us. Please no Indian Blacks, prefer south Africa, Rhino Black or Belfast black need stone with no coatings at all. Our tel. no. is 717-36..... May 5, Contact

e 12493 USA: We are Architects - Planners - Facilities Consultants. Want Absolute Black granite. Would like to have samples first. We are in OK. Our tel. no. (405) 23..... May 4, Contact

e 12491 USA: Please quote for Indian Granite tiles. Looking for tan brown, black galaxy, absolute black and Kashmir White. See price list 243. May 4, Contact  

e 12489 Denmark: We want to manufacturers of Indian paradiso bash slabs. Our tel. no. is 70 2.....May 4, Contact USD 40

e 12488 Italy: Urgently require Juparana gold, Juparana Dorado, Amarillo Africa Slabs polished 2 cm. Total 2,000 sqm. Our tel. no. is (39) 335 71......May 4, Contact  

e 12485 Bulgaria: We want information regarding:
Tiles – different sizes , starting 30 x 30 cm till 60 x 60 cm, and width ≈ 6 ÷12 mm 
Required color – brown or red nuance, or all of your products from group Tiles&Slabs / SDG / China Granite and China Marble. Is it possible for China granite to be outdoor mounted , and is it harder and stronger than China Marble? 
Please tell us which are the tiles you have on stock (which are already produced) , and can we make order for them? How much can one 20” container accommodate (in m²)? Our telephone No: 00359 431 ..... May 4, Contact

e 12481 USA: I have a client who needs an initial order of 30,000 sq ft of Chinese granite 305x305x10 tile, 5 different colors.  I would be more than willing to pay for samples. I will be traveling to China the last week of May and would like to visit the plant. I am in Alaska. My contact no. is 1907 86.....May 4, Contact

e 12466 India: Please quote for 45 cm x 45 cm, 50 cm x 50 cm and 60 cm x 60 cm, thickness: 20 mm & 30 mm. green/ black/red Indian granites. You can also offer the colours available with you for the buyers selection. Qty : 2-3 containers/month. Payment : L/C at sight with part advance against order. 
Kindly quote your non-negotiable rates ( Ex works) to avoid loosing time in negotiation. Samples will be asked only if the deal appears workable. May 3, Contact

e 12465 Indonesia: I am interested in buying Belgium Noir De Golzine, Nero Belgio. My contact no. is +62-21-34.....May 3, Contact

e 12461 USA: Would like a wholesale quote on the Spanish Emperador stone. My tel. no. is 702-74.....I am in NY. Would like large tiles (16x16) polished. Would like a container. How many sq ft will fit in a container? May 3, Contact

e 12455 USA: I need from my supplier: 
The very best quality of pre-finished countertops. I also need to know that my supplier can keep up with my demand, which could be as much as 4000-5000 pre-finished countertops a month once it gets rolling and organized. Also, I need to know that I can get all the dimensions and edges that are common in a kitchen and bathroom and the ability to order custom cuts.

I will need pre-finished countertops ranging from 18'' wide all the way to 48'' wide. The most common that I will need are the 26'' and the 36'' and a length of 96''. I need the guarantee that the finished product will be of top quality so I know the home owner will be satisfied. I also need the option of custom cuts. If I send you plans of 300 houses with exact dimensions of the kitchen and vanities, it would be nice if I can get the cuts exactly to match the plans of the kitchen. I plan on using the granite in tract homes and the non-expensive homes.
I need samples of these 10 cheapest granite colors for I have 1000's of customers ready to order. 

I just want you to know that I need a very dependable supplier because I am running a multi-million dollar company and plan on buying 10's of thousands of pre-finished countertops and vanities a year. If this is an opportunity that you might be interested in undertaking, please email me back as soon as possible so we can talk a make agreements on price, quantities, payments, and shipping. 

I live in AZ so I would like to know the shipping costs for my materials and also, I need a supplier that guarantees their quality and their shipping. I also need a supplier that can negotiate payment terms, for example, 50% up front and 50% when the material gets here. Please get back to me as soon as possible for I am looking to order within the next week. Looking for a supplier that will be dependable enough to keep up with my fast expansion. Send me sample pictures of their 10 least expensive granite colors and a price list for all of their materials. 

I was looking of the price list on FindStone's website, I was seeing 96''x26'' pieces for 20 to 30 dollars pre-finished. I was seeing 96x36 for under 50 and 96x46 under 70. I am interested in these prices. I am interested in any country that can provide in prices like this. I am willing to pay more for the more expensive colors but I want the option of buying the cheap granite for around 20-30 dollars a pre-finished counter. Please find me the very least expensive that can handle large quantities, the country doesn't matter.
The buyer is very serious and will pay FindStone commission. The first step is to send FindStone the price list
. May 3, Contact

e 12447 USA: I am interested in purchasing 1 container of Baltic Brown 2cm large polished slabs. Please quote. I am in CA. My phone no. is +1-559-22.....May 1, Contact

e 12445 Singapore: Please quote for White Halaieb. Please quote for slabs and tiles. My tel. no. is 0065-629.....May 1, Contact

e 12441 Nigeria: I would like to get information about the price list of blue pearl granite 30 x 60 x 2cm and 1cm, white carrara marble 30 x 30 x 1cm. I also want 30 x 60 x 2cm parlato royal. My contact no.+23480340..... Apr 30, Contact

e 12435 USA: We like to get a price list from China and Italy for marble and granite. We are looking for white marble (Han White) from China (slabs) and blue pearl, black ice flower, indian red, great flower (green). Our fax. no. is 503 25.....Apr 30, Contact

CN: e 12433 Iran: We need 2700 sqm of Chinese granite called full river red in size 60 x 60 x 2cm. Please send price and sample of this stone. Our tel. no. is +98 0411 55..... Apr 30, Contact

e 12428 UK: I want to order 300sqm G640 Chinese granite slabs. I want to know how long for it to get to Ghana. My no. is  020758.....Apr 30, Contact

e 12423 Portugal: We are a stone processing company. We have an order to for 2200m2 of white THASSOS from Greece. Please quote for 1st quality and 2 nd quality of SLABS - 2.00 X 0.95 X 2cm - polished and 2.00 X 0.95 X 3cm - polished. Our fax no. is 00351 2298.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12422 Korea: We are going to execute a project of a Condominium in the coming year. We consider using stones of Granite and Marble slabs for exterior and Interior slab. At this time for our budgetary plan, wish to have a price idea on: Indian marble & Granite stone on base of 30 mm thickness, 1 sqm slab. The same size, same stone from Italy, Turkey and Pakistan. All surface polished and finished at above size. We do not at the moment designate the stone pattern name as it will be decided later part of this year along with building area to be constructed. The amount of stone order will be fixed later time upon drawing comes out. Our tel. no. is 82-2-47.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12416 USA: Is there a location in Houston to see samples of the granite counters? Our tel. no. is 281-86.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12414 USA: I am looking for a good deal on a few slabs of neutral granite--beiges, creams, taupe's, etc. I am in the Seattle area. My contact no. is (206) 81.....Apr 29, Contact

e 12387 Slovakia: Please quote for Madura Gold granite tiles, polished, calibrated, fine bevelled edges. Size: 30 x 60 x 1 cm and 30 x 60 x 1.5 cm. Quantity is 1850 sqm. Also provide tech. specs. with delivery and payment terms. Our tel. no. is +421481.....Apr 27, Contact

e 12384 USA: We are interested in purchasing between 100 and 200 square feet of 12 x 12 x 3/8 grade A Baltic Brown granite tiles and having it shipped to the Denver area (zip code 80439). How much? Phone number is (303)67......I am in CO. Apr 27, Contact  

e 12367 Germany: Please quote for Chinese granite G684 (Padang Black), G603 (Padang Grey), size 400 x 400 x 10, 305 x 610 x 10. Our phone no. is +49-(0)2066 2...... Apr 24, Contact

ES: e 12366 UK: I am looking for Spanish marble, granite, etc. My tel. no. is 07714 1.....Apr 25, Contact

e 12359 Trinidad and Tobago: We are interested in Golden Sea Granite Tiles 24" x 24" x 3/8" thick. At present we need 10000 sq. ft. Our telephone number is (868) 62.....Apr 24, Contact

SA/ZW: e 12333 India: I would like to import Impala Black (Zimbabwe) & Tropic Brown (Saudi Arabia). Minimum size gangsaw - 240 x 160 up (Tropic Brown), all sizes (Impala Black). My tel. no. is 91-44-243.....
Apr 23, Contact

ZA/ZW: e 12327 USA: We are wholesaler/ distributor of Granite and Marble slabs in Massachusetts. We are ONLY looking for a company who can supply or own a quarry of South African granite slabs such as Impala Black polish and Zimbawe Black honed. Apr 23, Contact

IN: e 12311 USA: Need price and availability on 3000 sf Indian Tan Brown granite 18x18x1/2 thick polished granite. 818-50.....Apr 21, Contact

e 12309 USA: Please advise on G603 granite from China. Please quote with images. Apr 21, Contact

IN: e 12294 China: We need Indian black galaxy coarse slabs, size 2200mm x650mm x20mm (0~+1mm) random. please quote CIF Xiamen for one container. Apr 20, Contact

e 12278: We need 30 x 60 x 2 cm 603 granite, 1000-1500 cm2. our fax. no. is 215..... Apr 19, Contact

NO/IN: e 12274 Malaysia: Please quote for 600x600x20mm Black Galaxy, qty:5200m2; 600x600x20mm Blue Pearl, qty 3500m2 and 600 x 600 x 20mm Indian Black, qty 2600m2. my tel. no. is 603-920......Apr 19, Contact

e 12273 USA: Please quote for granite tiles. Our tel. no. is 845 42.....Apr 19, Contact

EG: e 12271 France: Please provide me with a quotation for polished tiles (40x40x2cm) for Egyptian Galala Creamy, Golden Galala, Sunny and Red Aswan Granite. Delivered in : Le Havre or Marseille (both in France). You can call me back on 012 22.....Apr 19, Contact

ALL: e 12253 Denmark: I own a tiles shop where I sell ceramic tiles from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. Please quote for marble and granite tiles. My tel. no. is +45 39 2..... Apr 17, Contact

BR: e 12244: We are looking for price of Giallo Veneziano granite tiles for our building. It will be 6000 m2-tiles 397 x 397 x 20mm. Our tel. no. is 543 2....Apr 15, Contact

IN: e 12220 China: We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as a large well-known stone industrial company of China which specializes in importing new and special raw materials. At present, we are looking for all kinds of Indian granites. Please e-mail us price list. If the price is acceptable, we will go and visit your company and your quarry in no time and purchase what we are interested in. Apr 14, Contact

e 12202 USA: I need a catalog or samples and price list for dark colors granites. I have a kitchen counter top application. Can you cut and ship? I am in Texas 77450. Apr 13, Contact

e 12188 Canada: Please send quote for Indian granite counter tops. See pricelist 1161. Apr 13, Closed

ZA/BR: e 12186 USA: I am a granite importer in VA. Looking for materials from South Africa and Brazil. Please forward on your products and price list. My phone no. is (757) 46.....Apr 13, Contact

e 12179 USA: We have a customer wants a dark color granite. I need samples or catalog with pricing. Custom size or bulk. I am in Texas 77450. Apr 12, Contact

e 12178 USA: Pool installer doing a rehab of my gorgeous inground pool. I want 6 x 6 blue pearl granite tiles ... anything you think I should know? My family is 60 years in the floor biz. Apr 12, Contact

IR: e 12165 UK: Can you please email me the full price list of Iranian granite & marble tiles & slabs. Apr 12, Contact

IN: e 12163 USA: I am needing 2 slabs of Rainforest Brown Marble, 30mm, 108" x 54". I could be interested in other slabs as well potentially. Can shipping be calculate for me on two slabs since clearly this is not enough for a full container? What port would this come into? I am in Florida but would need the slabs to go to North Carolina. I am just starting to open a business of flooring/mosaic/tile/slabs and would appreciate your source as a contact for potential future business. I could potentially send orders to you as well for 4 absolute black granite slabs and other tile needs
I am also at the start of a large 1 year building project and may need 4 columns and a fireplace made of Rainforest Brown Marble. The Columns will be fluted, 10 feet tall total (with a plain cap and base), and 12 inches thick. Fireplace will be 80 inches wide, 75 inches tall and 12-16 inches deep (on the mantle). If this is possible. My contact no. is 1-407-64.....Apr 11, Contact

e 12157 Finland: I would like to get additional information about granite floor tiles for my house building project. I'm also interested about the possibility to deliver to Finland (the total amount would be around 100 m2). My tel. no. is +3584054.....Apr 10, Contact

BR: e 12155 USA: Please forward to me a price list of all colors of marble and granite from a Brazilian distributor for my new opening business. I am in Maynard, MA. My contact no. is 978-46.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12147 Greece: I am interested in materials from Iran and Greece. Please email me prices. My phone no. is 818-43.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12146 USA: Please quote for black point white, golden leaf, red pink granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 412. My contact no. is (860) 23.....Apr 10, Contact

e 12144 Ireland: We want a quote for 40 sm of black granite 30 mm thick and were wondering can it be shipped to Ireland? Apr 10, Contact

CN: e 12113 USA: Please quote for Chinese granites and marble tiles and slabs. I am in IL 60173. Apr 8, Contact

e 12104 USA: We are in needs of constant supply of Granite. Please refer to the attachment and quote us the price CIF Houston, USA for 100 pc of each color available. Apr 7, Contact

ALL: e 12101 USA: We have a remodeling business and wish to get into the granite counter top business. We already install kitchens and bathrooms. Our phone number is 609-56.....I am looking for wholesale prices. 
Apr 7, Contact

IN: e 12095 USA: We are importers of natural stone from India and Brazil. We need 1st grade Indian granite calibrated, chamfered, polished tiles - 12" x 12" (10mm), 18" x 18" (12mm) and Polished Slabs (30mm thick). Thickness tolerance will be +/- 0.5mm. Slight variation acceptable. Quantity estimate is 2 to 4 containers per month. Material needed by end April. Payment terms irrevocable LC at sight. Inspection will be arranged by us. Ready to pay for courier cost of samples. I am in DE 19707. Apr 7, Contact

US: e 12094 USA: Would like to purchase Bethel White & Camelia White granite slabs. Need 20 to 30 containers, depending on the price. Need the material for export to XIAMEN (CIF). Please quote the price of Granite & shipping. Would like to purchase asap. My contact no. is 401 99.....Apr 7, Contact

IN: e 12092 India: I have a 20,000 sq.ft requirement for granite called "Oyster Pearl" for my buyer in the U.S. Would like to know of suppliers from India who can supply 1st. quality material at good rates. Ready to buy. My cell no. is 98218..... Apr 7, Contact  

e 12086 Egypt: We are dealers of granite and marble stone. We are looking for star galaxy / black galaxy. Please quote. We would like to do huge business. My telephone no. is +2 012 70.....Apr 6, Contact

e 12074 India: We require 2000 sq ft black galaxy calibrated chamfered 305x305x10mm for Chennai material checking by our representative at the factory site as per price USD 2.17 per sft. PAYMENT CASH. on inspection. Apr 6, Contact

e 12067 USA: Please quote for black galaxy slabs in polish 2 and 3 cm. Also mention delivery time. Apr 5, Contact


CN: e 12054 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for G640 granite from China cut to size material at less than USD 7 per sqm. See ready stock 463. Apr 5, Contact

BR: e 12017 Germany: Please quote for granite sill plates of the Azul Bahia 1 x 2.50 x 1.50, 1 x 2.00 x 1.00, 
1 x 1.50 x 1.00. My contact no. is 0172-27..... Apr 1, Contact


e 12005 Egypt: Please quote for granite tiles that you have surplus stock. Our tel. no. is 002-02-7......
Apr 1, Contact

e 11999 UK: I want fabricated (fully finished) granite counter tops etc. to my specifications including cut-outs for sinks, hobs etc. These are for fitting out three kitchens in the same house. 
Quantity: 13 counter/island tops, 30mm thick & areas ranging from {400mm x 900mm} to {760mm x 2300mm}
plus 31 sections of "splash backs", 30mm thick, 120mm high & lengths ranging from 40mm to 1960mm.
I envisage that these will require circa 8 large slabs of granite to be used. 
Material: Indian granite in a light golden/cream colour e.g. Madura Gold, Ivory Chiffon, Almond, Raw Silk, Kashmir Gold 
Quality: top (export) quality required and all items to come from same bundle of homogenous granite slabs. 
Timescale: target is to place an order in 3 months time (1 July 2004), next 3 months will be spent finalising kitchen designs and vetting suppliers. 
Samples: will be required of granite that suppliers deem suitable for this job - I am prepared to pay for freight/courier costs if supplier will rebate against order if placed with them. 
References: I will require three references from retail (domestic) customers like myself living in Europe or North America for similar jobs. 
Quality Assurance: I will need details of how I can be assured of the final quality of the finished product. 
Price Quote: Please provide quotation for this job & details of payment terms plus an estimate of the shipping costs to Liverpool, ENGLAND. Detailed Specification: see attached. My tel. no. is Tel. +44 151 63.....Mar 31, Contact

e 11995 China: Attached are stone pictures (pic1, pic2) of what I need. It is called blue crystal originating from Australian. Please let me know 305*305*10mm tile price as soon as possible. Mar 31, Contact  

CN: e 11991 Lithuania: We are a stone manufacturers. We like Zh-G013, Island red, Rusty Yellow, Pingshan Red 2, 3767, Coral Red, Full River Red, Camelfur 1. We interested to import various kinds of granite & marble slabs. Our tel. no. is +370 698 .....Mar 31, Contact

CN: e 11986 Germany: We are interested to purchase 50000 sqm Chinese G 603 granite slabs. Size 40 x 40 x 3 cm, sawn, top flamed. Prices required fob Xiamen alternatively c+f Bremen/Germany. Our phone no. is 
0049 421 61.....Mar 31, Contact

e 11973 USA: Please quote for Emperador light flamed 12 x 12 tiles to finish a job I have started. My contact no. is 1-601-93.....Mar 30, Contact

e 11964 USA: I am looking for granite countertops. I am a contractor in Utah. Mar 30, Contact

IN: e 11961 USA: Please quote in full container sizes for slate and other stone for flooring. Granite in slabs for floors and counter tops. Please send prices and specifications. Currently we buy from China and other countries. We would now like to buy from India. Mar 30, Contact 

e 11957 Carribean: I would be interested in the granite from Labrador Antico, Azul Bahia, Azul Pegaso and Kashmir Gold. What will be the cost per square meter for each one these granite and what will be the Shipping cost the the Carribean. My interest would be for the following meters in an L shape 2.00 meters X 3.30 meters. I can be reach at 011 599 54......Mar 29, Contact 

e 11916 Pakistan: We want Chinese granite slabs and tiles. See price list 1159. Please send us your catalogue and price lists. Our tel. no. is +92-42-66.....Mar 26, Contact 

TR: e 11910 Ukraine: Our company is interested in purchase of Mugla White and Hazar Pink polished marbles. 
Mugla White polished tiles - 40x40x2 cm.
Hazar (Orient) Pink polished tiles - 60x30x2 cm. 
Pls. advise me availability of a.m. materials on stock and quote FOB price. Reference photos are requested. My phone no. is + 38 0562 3.....Mar 26, Contact 

e 11908 Egypt: We want pricing of Zimbabwe black granite, Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe, Absolute black Indian and black Galaxy. I want a distinct pricing for each with the following requirements: 
We want it cut into Tiles of size(40*80*3 cm) and (40*80*2 cm)
We want 7000 meter square of (C 600 polished) tiles+ 1000 meter square of (C 800 polished) tiles
We want to ask about the pricing of charging the enquiry to both Cairo/Egypt and to Athens/Greece
We are in Cairo and our tel. no. is 2023......Mar 26, Contact 

e 11891: Please quote separately for each item for Soft Green Granite (3000 Sq. Ft.) and Black Galaxy Granite (3000 Sq. Ft). Please let me know the prices of the same with transportation to Kerala (Trichur / Irinjalakuda) by train. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11887 New Zealand: We are wondering about importing granite kerbstone, wall granite and cobble stones to New Zealand. Please quote. My phone number is 02103.....Mar 25, Contact 

e 11883 USA: I have 4 projects in mind. 
1] Dining Room table – I want to build a dining room table, perhaps 4’ by 10’ out of a single piece of a dramatic blue or green granite. There are many, many choices on your excellent web site, and I have net selected the exact piece yet. 40 ft sq.
2] Dinette Table – same as above, but 3’ by 6’, and boat-shaped. 20 ft sq.
3] Kitchen countertop – new house – 30 counter-feet, perhaps the same granite as the dinette. 60 ft sq.
4] Kitchen countertop – old house – we had a flood three months ago, and have to gut and replace the kitchen in the house we just moved out of but had not sold yet. The colors I want in this would be a beige or cream with reddish “marbling” – 50 ft sq.
Would like to see samples before purchase. Square footage listed above is approximate. Please quote. I am in CT 06013. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11875 USA: I am a designer in Jacksonville. I would like to know the price of granite color Giallo Danta and would also like to know shipping cost. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11857 USA: I am looking for blue pearl, black galaxy, verde ubatuba, emerald pearl granite. The sizes are 2' x 12' slab; 2' x 9' slab; 3'1/2 x 4' slab; 1' x 3'1/2 slab for countertops. i also want tiles 12" x 12" x 1/8" (200 - 400 sq.ft) not chamfered, not calibrated for kitchen floor. I am in Maryland. 
Looking for prices around $4.00 sq.ft on tiles and less than $40.00 sq. ft on countertops. Delivery price shall not be more then $700.00 nationwide on the whole pack. My phone no. is 301 37.....Mar 24, Contact 

IN: e 11850 I am looking for some 200 sqm of marble and granite from India to make up a container for shipping to Europe. I will be in Delhi or if necessary in Rajasthan to have a look at samples and prices. Mar 24, Contact

IN: e 11843 Germany: We are a wholesaler of ceramic and natural stone. We regularly have customers for granite tiles Kashmir white in 30 x 30 x 1 cm and 30 x 60 x 1 cm. Demand appr. 2 - 3 Cont/month. Our tel. no. is  0049 634.....Mar 24, Contact

IN: e 11834 India: Looking for granite slabs of Indian origin of 18, 20, 30 mm thick, edge cut, mirror polish, sea worthy packing. Will require 600-700 sqm per month. My contact no. is +9198193.....Mar 22, Contact


e 11830 Australia: I am an owner of a stone company. I am looking for a stone called PHU YEN granite. I would like to know more details like the size of the slab and other details. I am looking to import this color regularly. My phone no. is 61 -3- 931.....Mar 22, Contact

IN/BR: e 11815 USA: We are looking for prefabricated granite countertops 3 cm with quarter bevel edge on three sides and 2cm with a laminate 2cm same edge. Countries: Brazil & India. Terms: 2-3 months. We need prices and color availability information. Ordering approximately in 2 months. My location is NJ 08009. Mar 20, Contact  

e 11793 USA: I am interested in Royala Uburn, Mountain Green and Lake Superior Green. Need 1" sample. My phone no. is (202) 20.....Mar 18, Contact

e 11786 UK: We are looking for companies worldwide to supply us with Granite slabs, Marble slabs, cut to size hearth and back panels and marble surround, cut to size worktop. We need shipping costs and delivery time. Our tel. no. is 01375 8.....Mar 17, Contact

ALL: e 11784 Lithuania: We make tombstones and we want to expand into granite and marble plates, slabs and others products made from granite and marble. We can be representative enterprise in Lithuania. We have 10 years experience. Mar 17, Contact

KR: e 11774 USA: We are one of six firms being considered for the architect of a War Memorial in Arkansas. I have proposed that stone such as South Korean granite be imported, polished, and have etched in its surface scenes from the War. I am looking for samples or images of the type of stone that may be available. My phone no. is 501.66.....Mar 17, Contact  

e 11772 USA: I am looking for 2300 sq ft of 18x18 absolute black tile in the Ft. Lauderdale area (nice grade). Our tel. no. is 770-59.....Mar 17, Contact  

e 11766 India: I need people who can supply colour stones & mother of pearl for inlay work in India. My phone no. is 0712--22.....Mar 16, Contact  

ALL: e 11765: We wan to buy granite 1000 sqm monthly. The size slabs of 160 cm high and up X 250 cm wide x 2 cm thick. Also require slabs 80 cm high x 220+ wide x 2 cm thick. Please quote FOB Morocco for all colors available in ready stock. Mar 16, Contact  

e 11761 Turkey: We are a multinational trading and construction company, and have been aware of a rather new product in the industry which is extremely thin cut granite slabs of appr 0.08” (2 mm) epoxied on aluminium or steel surfaces for exterior and interior wall siding. The absolute advantage is of course the weight. We need to find out the producer(s) of this product and surely the technical specs, applications…etc. We can be a wholesaler, distributor or agent of these manufacturers. It is rather premature to speak of any quantity at this stage, but it will surely be somewhat considerable if we decide it on a commercial project to begin with; however, it will build up gradually if it is what we assume it is. Mar 16, Contact  

209 36.....Mar 16, Contact  

e 11759 Singapore: We seek long term supply of natural Black Granite custom cut and Polished to specific sizes for use in high rise building construction. Please quote for finished products per square meter, cost and freight, Ports of Los Angeles and Charleston South Carolina, USA. Suppliers can use Min Quantities of 5,000 sq meters as target quantities for initial pricing calculation per port. Detailed information as to provider, quarry location, maximum lengths and widths available along with packing methods and material required. Our tel. no. is 65 - 656..... Mar 16, Contact  


IN: e 11756 India: We require granite tiles for exports in natural form in White, Grey, etc. colours. Please inform us of prices and samples. Our tel. no. is 0091-22-288.....Mar 16, Contact

e 11754 Spain: Please quote for yellow granite with fine grains in slabs. Also quote for black granite. Mar 16, Contact  

e 11745 USA: I am need of 2700 sq ft black galaxy tile available for immediate delivery to South Carolina - zip code 29577. Tile size 12" to 18". Must deal early this week. I am in SC 29577. Mar 15, Contact  

e 11740 USA: We are looking for granite for counter top and tile. We are located on MA and have computerized wet jets for cutting. We are very interested in getting pricing. Mar 15, Contact  

e 11726 Japan: Send me a price list of granite tiles/slabs. Mar 13, Contact 

e 11719 Ireland: We are interested in Importing between 10-13 containers of granite slabs in 2004. Most of these slabs will be Angola & Zimbabwe Black Granite. Slab Sizes 240 x 120cm and above. Thickness 2cm & 3cm. Our contact no. 00-353-61-4.....Mar 13, Contact 

IN: e 11710 USA: Please quote for Indian granites. I am in Utah. Mar 11, Contact 

BR: e 11703 USA: I am interested in Brazilian granite. I would like to increase my suppliers. I would also inspect the containers. Mar 11, Contact 

ALL: e 11685 Morocco: We are a Moroccan company that specializes in the distribution of Granite / Marble slabs and  tiles to the Moroccan market. We are inquiring about commercial quantities of Granite/Marble slabs of dimensions about “3m x 2m x 2cm” and Marble tiles of dimensions about “40cm x 40cm x 2cm”. We want to import few containers a month from good quality Granite and Marble for the best price available. This would be just a first order; If the price is right other orders will follow. We would need to receive samples of the available stones to choose from. First image samples then physical ones when needed. Please let us know if you have other specials and promotional offers in your inventory and send us a price list of your stone products that match our stated criteria. Our fax. no. is (+212) 22 9.....Mar 11, Contact 

BR: e 11684 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite. Our phone no. is 412-26.....Mar 11, Contact 

IN: e 11670 Lithuania: Interested in Indian marble & granite slabs 2 & 3 cm. We need to get more information about stones are available, get some catalogues or samples 10x10cm and then start a lasting business. Mar 10, Contact 

IN: e 11667 Qatar: Urgently req prices for 16 x 16 NERO ABSOLUTO BLACK, PARADISO CLASSIC, COLOMBO JUPARNA, INDIA JUPARANA & KINAWA granite tiles per sq.ft (export quality with champered edges). Quantity 3000 Sq ft. Tel. no. 0974 43.....Mar 10, Contact

IN: e 11661 Australia: Would like to import Indian granite slabs and tiles. Please quote. Mar 10, Contact  

e 11658 USA: Where can I find bordeaux granite? Mar 10, Contact  

BR: e 11650: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Container of slabs of mixed colors: Example, Verde Butterfly, Verde labrador, Santa Cecilia, Baltic Brown. Interested in Brazilian colors only. Thickness: 2 cm and 3 cm (one container of each). Any help or advice on which freight company to use to bring to Dallas, Texas would be appreciated. I would like to speak direct to quarries. My tel. no. is 972-62.....
Mar 9, Contact  

e 11649 USA: Do you know what Giallo Tigre might be? Phone: 423 23.....Mar 9, Contact

IN: e 11637 Australia: I have a client who is interested in Kashmir White and Kashmir Gold. Can you please tell me where I may be able to source these as 10 mm tiles or 20 mm bench tops. Mar 9, Contact

CN: e 11620 Iran: We want to be your exclusive agent, for your stones like granites, sand stones & other Chinese rocks in Iran. Therefore we want to have your samples. After your samples received, we will order you after a month. (We want this 1 monthly time to study your samples quality & prices). All of the members of our company are geologists & petrologists and qualified for stones trading and studying. 
We want to import building stones in this types: Granite & sand stones in tile forms & slabs. Size:40 x 40 x 2cm or 60 x 60 x 2cm For tiles. Surface: polished, Quality: First & commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. We attach pictures of stones that we want to import. Phone: +9841133.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11601 USA: In need of 12 or 18" black galaxy tile. Mar 7, Contact

e 11594 UK: I am looking to import granite worktops. Please send prices of what you offer. Mar 6, Contact

ALL: e 11592 Egypt: Please quote for marble - granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact

e 11582 India: We are looking to buy Calibrated granite surface plates. Mar 6, Contact 

e 11581 USA: Please quote for Granite and Marble. I am actively looking for Granite and Marble tiles, Granite Vanity and Counter tops. Quantity depends upon price; one 20' container to start with. My phone no. is 770-51....Mar 6, Contact

e 11578 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact

BR: e 11573 Lebenon: We are looking for traders who sell Brazilian granite (first and second choice only). Please quote.  Mar 5, Contact  

e 11561 USA: We are looking for large, beautiful polished granite slabs for counter tops and walls. We are also looking for marble. What is price FOB.... Los Angeles. What your your quantity minimums on granite and marble. Mar 5, Contact  

e 11555 USA: Please give me the location where the Granite slabs are located in the US. Mar 4, Contact

PT: e 11538 China: We need to get in touch with the quarry owner in Portugal for the granite Saint Louis. Need 300 cbm. Payment by LC. Our phone no. is 86 592 50....Mar 4, Contact

e 11517 Pakistan: We need granite cutting tips from Korean manufacturers. Mar 3, Contact

SA: e 11498 Sudan: We are interested in marble and granite from Saudi Arabia. Our phone no. is 00249-11-7.....Mar 2, Contact

ALL: e 11472 USA: We  are starting a granite countertop business. We are looking for a supplier. Please send a pricelist and shipping costs to the US. Mar 1, Contact  

e 11469 Jordan: We are interested in importing 25000 sqm of gray granite (see image) 60X60X2 cm. Our tel. no. is +962 6 55......Mar 1, Contact 

IN: e 11463 Pakistan: Please quote C & F Dubai for RAW SILK, GOLDEN FANTASY, SAFFAIRE BLUE, BLACK GALAXY, RATNASILA BLACK GRANITE AND JET BLACK. We need this material in form of slabs and cutter size. I am in marble and granite trading and manufacturing business. My contact no. is 00924275.....Mar 1, Contact  

e 11462 UAE: kindly quote for all kinds of giollo granites like giello venasio, giallo fioritto, california and other marble if possible. Also send attached photo to other of your products. We are in Sharjah. Tel. no. is 00971-6-54.....Mar 1, Contact

IN: e 11456 Netherlands: We are quoting for a large order of municipal works, we need details of Flamed tiles of absolute black (see attachment) Sizes: 1200x300x60MM (+/-8000M2) & 1200x300x80MM (+/-8000M2). Prices in USD &  Euro - FOB / habour? To be clear: we have to give a compete price, for a shopping area in the Netherlands. The total quantity we need probably early next year. 
So first we have to make (& place) a compleet estimate here. As soon we know more we contact you! If possible? can U give us your compagny profile and details? We keep everything confidential as possible. My mobile no. is +316 533.....Mar 1, Contact

e 11457 USA: I am looking for the best-cheapest price for Green Dragon granite slabs in South Cal. I live in San Diego. Mar 1, Contact

e 10882 USA: We are stone fabricators from NY. I am looking for 10-15 slabs 11/4 of TianShan Red or chinese Imperial Red slabs in NY, I can ship from any point at the USA, NY 11205 Tel: 718-85.....Jan 31, Contact (open)

e 10886 Netherlands: Please provide info. and quotes for Black Aracruz, Giallo Veneziano, Carioco Gold, Giallo Antico, Gold Brazil, Green Labrador, Santa Cecilia, Ubatuba (gold fleck), Ubatuba (green). 
Are these prices for 2 cm. slabs? Can you supply slabs of 2.7 * 1.3 mt? Can I get the price per m2? 
What are your delivery times for ordering full blocks cut in 2 and 3 cm. slabs? Tel.: 0031-(0)4029.....Jan 31, Contact

IT: e 10884 Romania: I am interested in contacting some Italian marble and granite sellers. Jan 31, Contact

e 10871 USA: I would like information on wholesale suppliers of granite and marble from India, China, Italy, Brazil and Turkey. My phone no. is 718-96.....Jan 30, Contact

e 10869 China: An Icelandic company interested in buying granite slabs from China. The company would like to order a container carrying standard size granite slabs. They would like the colour to be, what they call, "Absolutely Black." How much would it cost? How many slabs does a full container from you contain? What are the dimensions of your standard slabs? Furthermore, if your offer could include one total amount, including taxes and transportation cost that would be great. We are in Beijing. Jan 30, Contact 

FI: e 10865 USA: I am currently searching for a reliable supplier of granites from Finland. We are in South Carolina. Phone number is 843.53.....Jan 30, Contact