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Marble Slabs and tiles Inquiries January 2007
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Year 2007

e 21979: Pls offer us the polished marble golden cream and sunny light color, size 80x80x2cm, price CNF TAIWAN, grade nol 1 quality. For
two to four containers. FAX 886 22 75.....Jan 1 Contact

e 21982 USA: We are looking to for a wholesaler of calibrated granite, marble or limestone tiles quarried in Mecca or Medina, Saudi Arabia. Please send details in inches, pictures, and wholesale pricelist, and shipping prices. Items will be shipped to Campbell, California USA.
Phone:650-7......Jan 2 Contact

e 21988 China: We are looking for marble and granite, the specification are as follows:
1. ALL POLISHED SLABS 30X30, 40X40, 30X60, 40X60 (cm) - thickness: 2 CM
2. EXW and FOB price, both marble and granite, any type is ok, we are for the African market!
3. the supplier should have export certificate
PHONE: 020-363......
We would like to buy products from Yunfu, Guangdong, China. We are exporter to African market. Jan 3 Contact

e 21985 UK: Could you please put me in contact with this supplier of Daino Crema tiles. Tel: 020 845..... Jan 3 Contact

Year 2006

e 21333 China: We are one of leading stone trading companies in China. We are planning to import Pakistani marble. Tel: +86 591 878.....Sept 5 Contact 

e 21270 Canada: Our Company is in Canada and we are potentially buyer of Granite, Marble and Travertine. Please send pricelist. T ( 604).68.....Aug 26 Contact 

e 21216 USA: Need stone for a shrine of the holy spirit tower. Dimensions are 80' tall 20' side wall 3 sided tower covered with marble color must match tower is not built the pc. of marble can be any size? bigger is better have not worked with stone. Call 417-59......Aug 14 Contact 

e 21210 : We have an inquiry for MARBLE ROSA with border and we wish to receive a photo first for that material. Aug 13 Contact 

e 21142 USA: Please extend this request to all sellers in the following countries: Qatar, Oman, U.A.E. and Other Middle East countries. We are specifying architect for a project in Doha, Qatar and the firm is seeking to ascertain the proximate local availability, as well as samples, of the following natural stones:
1) Rosso Quipar Marble
2) Verde Issorie Marble
3) Blue Sodalite Marble
4) Rosso Verona Marble
5) Stoney Creek Granite
6) Vietnamese Gold Granite
7) Olympia or Samba Granite
8) Goldstone Granite
Please communicate results and replies to all parties in cc line above. Any available samples should be addressed to our office in USA. Tel: 202 -65.....July 29 Contact 

e 21042 Poland: Do You have any free catalogue of granites and marbles? if so, could You please send me one? Tel: +48 604 5...... July 14 Contact   

e 21025 USA: Are you familiar with a marble called Tienshan Jade? We are a granite and marble wholesale business in New Orleans and I have a customer inquiring about this particular stone. July 12 Contact 

e 21013 USA: I own a marble and granite company and I would like to get some samples please contact me as soon as possible. I am really interested in buying containers of granite. Telephone: 504-36.....July 11 Contact 

e 21012 USA: We are importers and wish to make contact with exporters of granite/marble. I am in Atlanta. July 11 Contact 

e 20982 USA: Retail: Looking for verde aqua marina granite or marble. tel 323-85..... July 8 Contact 

e 20969 Saudi Arabia: Our company based in Saudi Arabia & we need now the attached marble quantities to one of our going on projects in Riyadh city. Tel 00966 1 46...... July 5 Contact 

e 20948 China: We need the samaha marble, please contact us 0086-592-66.....July 1  Contact

e 20920 USA: I am looking for a manufacturer of stone promotional desk items. I have a client that wants to get a particular item and I cannot find anyone who can make it in solid stone rather than fabricated. I just talked to our local granite guy and he says it is probably Vermont green marble or serpentine. Do you know of any companies that I can contact that might be able to manufacture this. Tel: 360-30..... June 26 Contact 

e 20916 Israel: Please quote for Turkish marbles as displayed in ready stock 398. Tel: 9725055.....June 26 Contact 

e 20905 India: We are interested in Black Marble or similar hard stone with lines /patterns on it similar to Bhainslana Black. We are looking for similar patterns on Black Marble with different types of designs. The ideal combination we are looking for is Black Marble with patterns of white lines or Black Marble /lime stone /quartzite in similar shades. The ideal will be Marble. To give you further idea we have seen in a showroom in Delhi 4 big slabs of white marble with black horizontal lines scribbled thus making a pattern of rhombus (book matching). We are looking for similar design with Black Marble and white pattern on it. We are also looking for Black Marble with patterns like Black Gold, Black marble, Abu Black, Bhainslana Black. I need 2 samples of each of these along with what you can offer in this patterns as shared above. Each sample should be of 2 types one polished and one unpolished. 
Please let-me know size in which available, thickness, quantity available , lead time to deliver after placement of order, price of various options. 
One sample of each will be sent to New York to our designers and one kept with me. Hence your samples should have code nbrs and name of the supplier and name of the product. In case anything similar is available in stones line Lime stone, quartzite it will be great. For further discussion you can call me on +91-120-43.....June 23 Contact 


e 20856 USA: I am looking for 12x12 marble in Chios Brown and Carnis Venato. 290 Chios Brown 36 bull nose and 220 Carnis Venato 28 bull nose. Tel: 201 97......June 19 Contact 

e 20850: I am interested in Italian granite/marble Tea Rose, Italian Rose, Breccia Pernice. My home number is: 512-77......I am not sure on the amount of granite I'll need yet. I am trying to get rough estimates together for when we start building, which should be within about 4 months. June 17 Contact 

e 20848 India: We are dealers of marble situated at Kanpur, India. We require imported marble but f.o.r. Bombay or any other port. Ph:09336......June 17 Contact 

e 20847 USA: Retail: Can you please quote a price for two 12" diameter black marble balls? My phone number is 419-29.....June 17 Contact 

e 20808 China: We are Chinese trading company producing stone products. We are looking for Oman origin marbles and would like to make a contact with this company. TEL: (0086) 595-22...... June 12 Contact 

e 20785: Please quote for Chinese marble and granite. June 8 Contact 

e 20781 Saudi Arabia: Can you quote us your best price for the attached marble quantities? Tel. 00966 1 4......June 8 Contact 

e 20766 India: I want to purchase White Makarana marble. What will be per sq. ft price? June 7 Contact 

e 20757 Iran: Please inform me rate stone Absolute Black with dim:180 x 60 x 4 cm if you have this stone. We have a request for buy a kinds of stone with the following: 
Stone Name: Black Galaxy
1 container 20 feet 
Dim: 120*60*2 cm and 120*80*2 cm 
Stone Name: Absolute Black 
1 container 20 feet
Dim: 180*60*4 cm 
Stone Name: Blue Pearl
1container 20 feet
Dim:40*40*2 cm 
Medium green marble stone
Dim:60*180-220*1.8-2 cm
Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stones. Tel: +9821 441.....June 6 Contact 

e 20715 Iran: We are a Co. in IRAN / Tehran, we have a request for buy a kind of stone with the following: 
Stone Name: imperial green marble stone
1 container 20 feet 
Dim: 180*40*1.8 cm and 160*40*1.8 cm
Please inform the competitive rate for the mention stone. Tel: +9821 4414.....May 31. Contact  

e 20714: Can you please provide some quotes and any additional information on marble? Preferably on 1 by 1sq meter basis? May 31. Contact  

e 20705 Canada: I am looking to import wholesale quantities of marble and onyx from Pakistan. May 30 Contact 

e 20700 Iran: we are looking for granite and marble stones
If you are interesting to cooperate with our company please inform me about your:
1. Website address.
2. Tel/Fax No.
3. Address of company 
4. Any necessary information about your company and your products 
Tel/fax: +98-0711-23.....May 29 Contact 

e 20689 Spain: We are interested in buying marble and granites from your company. I just need some picture about marble and in different design. We need a cheap kind of prices. We will buy a big quantity from you. First give us a quality and prices. We looking for full container prices. Let us know how much you will charge us for meter and which quality and how much for a full container include cutting and polish. We already are working with China and Pakistan. PHONE:- 0034-9611.....May 28 Contact 

e 20676 Bangladesh: We are the leading garment producer in Bangladesh. We need marble for our new factory. Please provide us with outstanding color of marbles. First we need scanned copy of the colors. May 26 Contact 

e 20667 Jordan: Can we get an updated price list for Italian Marble?  May 25 Contact  

e 20658 India: Please quote for thassos marble. Telephone: +91 0260 26..... May 24 Contact  

e 20631: I need to buy Crema Heuscar marble (check enclosed photo). Could you help me find factory in China? May 21 Contact  

e 20535 USA: I would like to get a price for gallala marble, golden cream marble, hashma marble, mayolla marble, all Egyptian marble, per sqm. Telephone: 1 925 99.....May 11 Contact  

e 20533 : We are interested in importing Iranian Marble & natural stone. Please send us your best price offer for finalization of the deal. Tel: 8802-98.....May 11 Contact  


e 20530 Turkey: Please quote for FOB Istanbul in Turkey for:  

Khahale Limestone (Yellow)

External Cladding


60 x 70, 90 x 70, 120 x 70, 160 x 70

Bush Hammered



Yellow Dorato Granite

External Cladding


60 x 120




Testa Limestone (Beige Colour)

External Cladding


60 x 70, 90 x 70, 100 x 70, 120 x 70




Nero African Granite

External Paving


60 x20 to 100 x 20

Bush Hammered



Imperior Red Granite

External Paving


20 x 40




Paradiso Bash Granite



30 x 60




Rossa Portugallo

Internal Flooring


30 x 60




Rossa Lepanto

Internal Flooring


30 x 60




Rosso Carpazi

Internal Flooring


30 x 60




Rossa Aurora

Internal Flooring


30 x 60




Rossa Portugallo

Internal Cladding


30 x 60




Rossa Lepanto

Internal Cladding


30 x 60




Rosso Carpazi

Internal Cladding


30 x 60




Rossa Aurora

Internal Cladding


30 x 60




Perlato Marble

Internal Stair landing






Perlato Marble

stair riser






Perlato Marble

stair tread






Perlato Marble



10cm high




Perlato Marble

Stair Skirting


10cm high





May 11 Contact 



e 20515 USA: I am looking for either Absolute Black Granite (small or no flakes) or Black Marble to do Laser Etching on in 12x12 pieces. 
I would need to have a sample to see. May 9 Contact 

e 20512 USA: I am with a wholesale and retail import company in the U.S. We import from Spain and Italy mostly ceramic and porcelain tile. Now we are interested in finding a good supplier on durango marble all different sizes and trim pieces in truck load quantities. Please contact me at 706-65..... May 9 Contact


e 20484 Yemen: We are pleasure to introduce ourself as one of the reputable contracting and commercial companies in Yemen, and we are specialist in supply Saws (cutting machine) and Diamond Segments for our projects and for our customers. We are looking forward to deal with your esteemed company to supply your products for us and for our customers, so we hereby attach below our trial order in order to be the beginning of our common cooperation. 
Diamond Segments:
(40x6x15)=2300PCs. (50 Sets) for Marble
(40x6x20)=2300PCs. (50 Sets) for Stone
So please arrange to send me your best prices and clarify the delivery period and payment terms along with your offer, and be noted that there are a lot of orders here in Yemen for your products, and this order just for trial and if we found that your products are high quality and your prices are competitive then will place a lot of orders for your company and you will be our regular supplier for those products. Tel:+967-4-2.....May 6 Contact

e 20462: We are looking to Carrara marble around 15 of 20 feet container's of 
- steps 125-160*33*3 10 container's
- tiles 40*40*2 5 container's
our prices euro 14/ m2 for steps 
euro 8/ m2 for tiles
your delivery time very important.
mob.002189132.....April 30 Contact

e 20446 USA: Retail: I am just a retail buyer so I only looking to buy one of sculptures: 
0050-0001 - what sizes do you have? what marble and colors do you have?
0050-0003 - only the triangle looking pedestal. Same questions as above. 
What is your shipping and handling charge? Tel: 973 82.....April 28 Contact

e 20439 : Please quote for 2,250 sf of beige marble to zip code 29907. April 27 Contact

e 20430 Italy: We are an Italian marble studio and are interested in buying rough rose quartz for a fountain. April 26 Contact

e 20428 UK: We are architects, could you send a sample of the Pau Brazil marble? April 26 Contact  

e 20425: We introduce ourselves as a reputed Trading and Contracting Establishment which is engaged in sourcing and supplying of materials for oil sector, petrochemical industries, ministries etc. Now we have the requirement of Marbles for our new project. Please send your most competitive price for the item mentioned below: 
1. Rosso Rupas - 60x60x2cm - 1300m2, Sample required - 30x30x2cm.
2. Creama Marfil- 60x60x2cm - 700m2, Sample required - 30x30x2cm. Tel- 00965 - 39.....April 26 Contact

e 20412 I am inquiring about the Aghia Marina Semi-White and the Elafochori Semi-White Greek Marble. I am going to be out in New York and was wondering if there are any distributors out that way to take a look at them. April 25 Contact

e 20385: I am in need of one small piece of Emerald Green marble (from India). It must be at least 7 inches in diameter and between 3/4-1 inch thick. April 21 Contact 


e 20369: Please quote for Brazilian marble. April 18 Contact

e 20356 France: We are agent in France and we search Forest Brown marble polished 60/60/2. Quantity 390 000 pieces for a customer. Tel: +33 (0)4 94 7..... April 15 Contact

e 20354 SOUTH AFRICA: Please send product catalogue and price list to us. We are a fabricators of marble and granite. PH. +27 21 69.....April 15 Contact

e 20344: I have interest in Thassos Snow white marble. Thickness size 30x60x2cm, 40x80x3cm, polished. Telephone: +993123..... April 14 Contact

e 20335 India: We are in need of 6000 Sq.ft of Botticino marble. We request you to send us a quote for the same and also let us know the various type of Botticino marbles you are selling. April 12 Contact

e 20299 USA: Looking to purchase marble, onyx, travertine, limestone under mount sinks, rimmed sinks & vessels. I am in Berlin, MD. My contact no. is 44337....... I am open to all geographic areas for purchase-delivery to Berlin, MD. Would like to place initial order ASAP for onyx sinks, oval or rectangle, rimmed 14 x 17 (oval) 14 X 17 to 19 (rectangle) then more to follow. Please provide pricing to include shipping prices to Berlin as well as photographs of the product and dimensions. Please provide pricing & availability (shipping to US) for all sinks from suppliers. April 9 Contact

e 20286: I am look for:
white -light gray -beige- normal marble 250X150X150.Cm (six side cut) more or less. Please give as your price offer and if we find your price suitable with our market we will ask for sample to see the quality.  April 7 Contact

e 20285 India: Please quote for Italian marble like (Botticino Classico, Trani Classico, Italian Cream, Aquamarina Azzurro) - 1500sft 
Indian granite (Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Jet Black), Indian marble (China Pink),
. We are based in Hyderabad. Mobile: +91.98491..... April 7 Contact

e 20247 USA; Retail: We want replacement pieces of marble (2) for the historic C. M. Russell bookends in the attached photo. We need marble that looks similar to Bianco Carrara or Bianco Statuario, but it does not have to be either of those as long as it has that look to an untrained eye. We need the marble to be cut and finished as in the photo. The measurements are: 
Base: 5” x 4.5”
Height: 6-1/4”
Diagonal: 7.5”
Top width” ¼”
We would appreciate any estimates! We would like to have the finished pieces of marble within 6 weeks, by May 19, 2006. Tel: 406.58.....April 4 Contact

e 20237 Lithuania: We urgently need:
Crema Marfil (400x400x20) - about 110m2
Crema Marfil (20) - about 75m2
Rosso Verona (400x400x20) - about 50m2
Rossi Verona (20) - about 23m2
Nero Margvinia (20) - about 5m2
Sylvia Gold (20) - about 9m2
Sylvia Gild (600x600x20) - about 22m2
Verde Guatemala (20) - about 8m2
Verde Guatemala (600x600x20) - about 21m2
Tel.:+370 68.....April 3 Contact


e 20194 Croatia: We are looking for Supreme White marble. Fax: + 385 1 46 .....March 30 Contact

e 20171 Korea: We are looking for the following marbles: 
, qty. 300 sqm, Size : 400 X 400 X 12T. 
Bianco, qty: 1,400 sqm, size : 400 X 400 X 12T
Please inform us quickly by today. We are waiting for your quick response. March 28 Contact

e 20168 Australia: Could you please send me the brochure on white marble. Telephone: 0061-4028.....  March 28 Contact

e 20154: We want to import Australian white marble. TEL No : 0091-11-235.....March 27 Contact

e 20144: Will you please provide me the details of available marble types, in your unit. Infact we are in need of some specific kind of Marbles like Jungle Green, Jungle Brown, Udaipur green Jhansi Red, etc. Please let me know about the same ASAP. Tel: +91 093513.....March 25 Contact

e 20141: Interested on trophy marble bases. March 25 Contact

e 20127 Lithuania: Our company works with natural stone already for 10 years. We constantly buy different kinds of granite, marble, travertine, sandstone and etc. We are looking for new partners from foreign countries to buy natural stone and conglomerates. Telephone: +370 682.....March 23 Contact

e 20126 Egypt: We are interested in artificial marble and granite. March 23 Contact

e 20118 India: We need approximate 6000 Sq. M. of Makrana White and other Indian white marble at our project in Imphal, Manipur. Please send us price and others technical details. March 22 Contact

e 20116: We are the company that deals with contracts in different fields in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf. I have seen your website and we are interested to purchase some of Marbles, Lime Stones, Sand Stones and Granites. In this regards, please send us a price list, Catalogues of the availability of your products you may have and what your offer. Tel. # +9661-46.....March 22 Contact

e 20111 USA: retail: I would like to purchase a small quantity of marble the color beige the finish polished and the name of marble is called Perlato Suevo. I live in CA, my number is 90963.....March 22 Contact

e 20080 Qatar: We would like you to quote to us the following kind of Granite as it is 
1-Amarillo Real yellow 500 square meters cut 1000*1000mm
2-Panna Fragola 100 square meter cut 1000*1000 mm 
3-Trani fiorito 1500 square meter in different sizes 
4- Jura Marble (French) 1000 square meter in different sizes
5- Amarelo mackael 1000 square meter in different sizes
6- Palissandro Bronzo 5000 square meter cut to size
Price to be F.O.B and C.N.F Doha Qatar.  March 18 Contact

e 20079 USA: Interested in purchase if granite and marble. Tel: 717-69.....  March 18 Contact

e 20060 USA: I would like to see the colors for peru marble and granite. March 15 Contact

e 20050 India: I am Looking for buying about 6000 SFT of White Marble, and about 2000 SFT of Green/Yellow Marble. I am based out of Bangalore and I am looking out for a retail Outlet where I can get the best quality & of course a better price. You can reach me on 98458.....March 15 Contact

e 20027 Korea:  I am looking for TURKISH MARBLE. NAME OF PODOUCT: BORDO, SALOM, EFESBLACK, AGENT BROWN, LYMRA, AFYON  WHITE, CRYSTAL ROSE, HARMONKOY BEIGE, TEKNONIX, CREMO SUGAR. We can import 12million us$/year. Please inform us your sample of  MARBLE (FOB PUSAN PORT), price of ton.  Tel: 82-2-344.....March 13 Contact

e 20021: Please quote for 300sq mts Lymra Marble from Turkey.  March 12 Contact

e 20017 USA: I need is Pure Black Marble. I do laser engraving. It has to be polished deep to allow engraving. If it is right need large supply. March 12 Contact

e 20014 USA: Looking for Granite and marble pricelists for import as a sole proprietor. Please supply variety container prices for 3cm for staple colors. Cell 732-54.....March 11 Contact

e 20012 India: Please send details for Italian marble. We may require about 3-4 lakh sq ft for a project. Tel: + 9140233..... March 11 Contact

e 20002 Qatar: We are a marble company with many branches in the Middle East. Would like to cooperate with you in marble and Granite trade. We would be grateful if you send to us the price list of cut marble and granite such as : 30 x 60, 60 x 60 and bigger sizes. We would like you to quote to us the following kind of Granite as it is 
1-Amarillo Real 500 square meters cut 1000*1000mm
2-Panna Fragola 100 square meter cut 1000*1000 mm
3-Trani fiorito 4000 square meter in defrent sizes 
4- Jura Marble (French) 2000 square meter in different sizes
Price to be F.O.B and S.N.F Doha Qatar
Tel:+97444.....March 10 Contact

e 20000 USA: I am interested in buying samples of different marbles especially portoro. I live in NJ. Can you tell me how many different samples are available and send me a price list.  March 10 Contact

Tel: +90(212) 44.....March 8 Contact 

e 19968 USA: retail: Need 245 square feet of Greece Santa Helena marble. Need to beat $13.43 (I have picture proof from a local store). 
Ready to order immediately. Looking for a better price then local retail. Tel: 914-96.....March 7 Contact 

e 19954 UAE: Please send prices 80 sq m wanted in Dubai beige Omani marble. March 5 Contact 

e 19948 USA: How would I go about finding polished marble stones for Hot Stone Massage Therapy. I am looking for mostly white ranging in size from 1" to 2". Maybe a smaller quantity to start with about 100 pounds. I would prefer a Canadian supplier. My telephone is 416-84.....March 4 Contact 

e 19929 USA: Retail: I am looking for Juane Du Roi in approx 1/2" tumbled square marble (1.5 cm). Any suggestions? I need approx 7 sheets of approx 11 1/2" x 11 1/2". March 2 Contact 

e 19924 Turkey: Could you please send an information about the marble emprador dark? Tel : 90 212 24.....March 1 Contact 

e 19914 USA: I am looking for black marble. I have an heirloom clock with broken marble. I need two pieces with these dimensions. 4 3/4 inches x 3 inches x 3/16 thick. Also a piece 1inch x 4 3/16 x 9/16. I am willing to pay more than normal pricing. March 1 Contact

e 19907 Australia: We are serious buyers for serious projects in Australia and NZ. We are also in the market for approx 5000sqm of Omani marble called Chocolate light or Chocolate Dark. Phone 07 559.....March 1 Contact

e 19895 USA: I am interested in black marble bases for mounting sculptures. I am looking for both square and round bases fully polished except for the bottom. The sides need to be slightly beveled to avoid sharp edges. Preferably, I would like one hole ¼" in diameter drilled right through the stone exactly in the middle. Acceptable thicknesses are from 2 inches to 3 ½ inches. Acceptable dimensions of the squares are from 4 inches by 4 inches up to 10 inches by 10 inches. Round bases can have an acceptable diameter for 3 ½ inches up to 10 inches. I really need a variety but will consider purchase of a small quantity of single items. I need regular purchases of these of about 100 pieces each time. Tel: (617)26......Feb 27 Contact 

e 19883: Please email us with the price of your travertina marble in sizes of 60 x 40 and 40 x 40 1st quality. Tel 01253 8.....Feb 26 Contact  

e 19857 Canada: We need Milk-white marble
1. Vanity top: 52 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch, with one sink opening, 229 pcs 
2. Backsplash: 50.5 inch x 4 inch, 229 pcs: 24 inch x 4 inch, 458 pcs 
3. Countertop 32 inch x 24 inch x 3/4 inch, 229 pcs 
We are willing to buy from anywhere in the world. Maybe South America is the first choice. We are in the final stage to finalize a supplier. The price, quality, payment terms, shipping method, shipping time need to be settled down, before finalizing a supplier. We are expecting to place an order within one month. Phone number 1-416-80.....Feb 23 Contact  

e 19818: Need around 150 to 200m2 of 600x600x20 of African brown marble also called as chocolate limestone. Feb 21 Contact 

e19816 India: We presently have an inquiry received from my customer in USA for import of Marble and Granite. The requirement is quite large and varied. The qty. is around 5-6 containers per month. Since I have a list from the customer of sizes and tolerances with a colour sheet, I could send it to you by courier. We can work out the modalities of working together once the customer agrees on our pricing and delivery. Tel:(91-11) 265..... Feb 21 Contact  

e 19808 : Interested in your marbles and granites and we want to know the different prices and transportation from your company to my country IVORY COAST. Tel: (972) 5478..... Feb 20 Contact 

e 19792 Australia: I would like some prices on Philippine Marble of which you have 12 different types on www.findstone.com site. The sizes I am looking for is 40x40inch (400x400mm), polished and calibrated. Please price in sqm. I will buy by container load. I have a couple of major projects coming up and I need some polished marble and thought I should try a new contact. I have been to the Philippines a few times and have a very good knowledge of the marbles. I have had a few different quotes from different countries and I look forward to seeing yours. Tel no.: 61 4320.....Feb 19 Contact 

e 19786 USA: I am looking to import marble and granite almost 80000 sqft for flooring in Michigan. Tel: 248-35.....Feb 17 Contact  

e 19773 Australia: Please quote for galala marble to Australia, i need the price CIF. NO c & f. Feb 16 Contact  

e 19698 USA: We are looking for solid black marble with no veins. Do you have it?  Feb 9 Contact 

e 19687: We are developing an inhabited island on the Caribbean region. The construction will start next year but in the mean time we are going to decide for the various suppliers. We require lots of stone, including marble, granite, alabaster, basalt, slate and travertine. Tel: +1 646 41.....Feb 8 Contact 

e 19678 Bangladesh: We are manufacturer, exporter, importer and indentor. We are member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of standing committee of this Chamber. We are interested to import Edessa Multicolour Marble (multicolour marble) from your company. If you agree send us price list immediate. Tel : 88-02-95.....Feb 8 Contact 

e 19667 Albania: We are the biggest importers of marbles in Albania and are interested in collaborate with your Company if you can send us competitive offer price and your last trade catalogue in our address. Please indicate too, terms of payment and minimum quantity order. Terms price: EXW or CF Brindisi (Port of Italy) or CF Durres (Port of Albania). Tel: +355 69 22.....Feb 6 Contact  

e 19662 USA: Retail: Need 250 sq feet of forest green marble in 12x12 or 18x18 inch tiles. Feb 6 Contact 

e 19604 USA: I would like to get information about Argentine Dolomite Marble, Heliodoro and France De Bourgogne.  Please mention cost and availability. Tel: 415 81.....Jan 30 Contact 

e 19603 Cyprus: I need 10-000 m2 size slab 120cm x120cm. I need price for Thassos snow white Marble or other pure white color. Tel: 00336154.....Jan 30 Contact 

e 19580 India: We are an Indian company engaged in importing of European, African and Asean marbles.  Kindly email me relevant information for resourcing cheap and best marbles for the Indian market. Jan 27 Contact 

- TILES POLISHED 40*40* & 30*60*2
- STEPS POLISHED 120-160*33*3
MOB. 00218913.......Jan 26 Contact 

e 19566 Italy: I would like to begin a partnership with you to import the best quality Sivec and Tassos Marble from Greece to Italy. My project consists on importing marble in order to provide cemeteries. I am looking for the best offer to buy this product. If your offer will be interesting we are going to visit you. Characteristics: Length: 240 cm x Height: 180 cm x Thickness: 2 cm. Colour: absolute white (no darkness). I would like to know the prices in €/mq without delivery. I am going to pay you for cash when I will sign the contract in your office. Jan 25 Contact 

e 19550 USA: I am interested in 350 sq ft of Burma Teak Marble. Can you give the prices please? I live in New York. Tel: 212.83.....Jan 22 Contact  

e 19536 INDONESIA: I am a natural stone consultant and would like to know more about Omanian marbles. Would you be so kind as to provide me with adresses of Omanian quarriers/producers of these two materials: Royal Beige and Opa Pink Light. Tel. : 62-21-56.....Jan 20 Contact  

e 19528 USA: Please quote for for Calacatta Gold Marble. Tel: (201) 20.....Jan 20 Contact  

e 19524 USA: I am interested in importing white carrara marble for my bathrooms. I have three developments. Tel: (925) 28.....Jan 19 Contact  

e 19523 USA: I am a sculptor interested in pink marble. How do I get more information: images, size availability, prices? Tel: 505-46.....Jan 19 Contact  

19514 Canada; I am looking for Emerald Green Marble with Black or Crystaline traces. One side must be polished and laser/sand blast etching ready. It is for monument plaques 9 inches x 12 inches (23 cm x 30,5 cm) polished finished product. Looking for minimum shade variation. I will accept commercial quality or rejects but an accurate digital photo must be submitted for approval. I am looking to start with 10 pieces to start providing samples over here in Canada. Please send one quote of product as pre-cut, polished, ready to ship with insurance and  shipping charges. Please send a second quote of product as not pre-cut (what dimensions), polished, ready to ship with insurance and shipping charges. Mobile: +1 514-91.....Jan 19  Contact 

e 19513 Korea: I need Indonesian Marble. Jan 19  Contact 

e 19510 Australia: We need a lot of marble to build our home. Can you send us your prices and some samples and how much it will cost us per square. Telephone: 951.....Jan 19  Contact 

e 19505: I am looking for a Belgium Black Marble. I would describe it as totally black, vein, gloss marble. The size necessary is 87" x 22". Jan 18  Contact 

e 19499 UK: Retail: Do you stock Pallansandro classico Marble? If yes I need about 35 sq meters of 600x400 by 2cm thickness. 0044 1923 8.....Jan 17  Contact 

e 19427: I am keen to buy 600 x 600 x 20 mm polished Oman desert Beige marble. I need first choice and dry-lay inspection grade. My quantity is 6000 sqm. Please advise FOB Muscat Price. Jan 10 Contact  

e 19424 Austria: I am very interested to import Egyptian marble. We are importing stones especially from Italy, Bulgaria and Greece. I am very interested to import Egyptian marble, please if you can send me a Marble price lists maybe we can make business with you this year, before the season in Kosovo begin.  I am very interested to visit your Company. Our plan are to import approximately, 15 Containers 20' in Thesalonikki Harbour. Tel: (+) 43 699 117.....Jan 10 Contact  

e 19354 Sri Lanka: We are a company specialized in importing marble to the local market, from various parts of the world. We have an initial inquiry for 65m2 of Azul Ceilo Marble from Argentina. Tele: +941125.....Jan 2 Contact 

e 19347 USA: What type of gift items does your company manufacture? Do you manufacture gift items in empress green marble promotional or gift items like Marble vases, bookends, marble picture frames etc. ? Jan 1 Contact 



e 19285 India: Could you give us a price quote for the "Opal Beige" Marble? Dec 22 Contact  

e 19280 Brazil: I would like to know the price of MARRON EMPERADOR, NERO MARQUINA, TRAVERTINO NAVONA, BRANCO AIRESTONE, CORALITO, VERDE ALPI, CARRARA GIOIA marbles per sqm, as well as payment terms. Tel: 55 41 998......Dec 21 Contact  

e 19277 India: I am marble trader in Mumbai. I wanted to know about crystal white marble, who are the suppliers in Italy and what are the prices, import formalities, payment terms, samples etc.? Tel: +91-98671.....Dec 21 Contact  

e 19268 Argentina: I am looking to find a supplier for a client of mine. He needs Galala marble, about 1 container of 20 feet monthly. I would like to get a F.O.B. and a S.I.F. price of this product. The port to send is Mar del plata - Argentina. The measures are the longest you can, width 60 cm, and 1 " thickness.  Dec 21 Contact 

e 19259 Nigeria: We are interested in buying perlato marbles. Please show us the picture of the marble you have and the price. We will need it in this size; 30 x 60 1.3cm thickness. Or 30 x 60 x 1.5cm we will buy a container load. Tel: 234-1-32.....Dec 19 Contact 

e 19236 USA: We are interested in importing some marbles from Spain. Dec 17 Contact 

e 19232 Australia: I would like to get some samples of the marble from Egypt I would like some of the crema, beige marbles. Dec 16 Contact 

e 19225: I would like to know if its possible to obtain a sample of Italian Marble Bardiglio Imperial. Tel: 503 75....., the qty depends on the material we are trying to match an exsisting item the backgroound needs to be a med grey with as much black veining detail as possible. Dec 16 Contact 

e19196 USA: I am an interior designer. Email me relevant information about Thasos marble coloration, consistency, different types or variations, uses, types of sealers, grades of, etc. Dec 13 Contact 

e19164 UAE: Please inform types of marble & granite available in your company, and the duration needed for supply a quantity of 500m2 of width of 60cm and length more than one meter to C & F .Basra Iraq or C&F Dubai. Our company mobile is 00324844..... Dec 11 Contact  

e19146 Australia: We are looking for the best price to purchase approximately 5220m2 of Iranian ‘Pompeii’ Shade A light unfilled cross cut Travertine’ marble to be shipped to Queensland, Australia. Further details regarding tile sizes and exact areas can be achieved with a response from serious suppliers only. We would like shipping ‘on board’ costs to be included in the price please, and this enquiry is urgent and we require a response by December 13th at the very latest. Phone: (07) 543.....Dec 9 Contact 

e19131 Poland: I want to open a wholesale place for stones. I am looking for cheap supplier of stone like granite, marble etc for cemetery monuments. Dec 7 Contact  

e19102 Cyprus: I am a builder / developer. Email me relevant information about ‘Crema Royal’ marble. Dec 6 Contact 

e19060 Ukraine: Please quote for 20x30x1 beije marble from Turkey 800 m2 30x60x2 brown 400 m2 offers cif odessa or kherson Ukraine. Office:+38 055.....Dec 2 Contact 

e 19005 Canada: I would appreciate it if you could send me samples of marble, stone and granite in different designs and colors, that I could present to my customers. Nov 28 Contact  

e 18969 Italy: Please quote for Spanish marble and granite. Nov 23 Contact  

e 18967 USA: Please quote for Spanish marble and granite. Nov 23 Contact  

e 18952 USA: Interested in Spanish marble and granite. Nov 22 Contact  

e 18932: Please quote for Spanish marble and granite. Nov 19 Contact 

18922 Pakistan: We are interested Indian Green Marble, Black Glaxy, Bidasar Green & Grown, Makarana White. Interested supplier contact Cell No. 0092-321-40......Nov 18 Contact

e 18917 Cyprus: I AM INTERESTED FOR MARBLE STONE. Colour grey and red like Kantia stone. Quantity 100 square meter as sample order. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE LEAFLETS OR ANY PICTURES EMAIL ME. Mobile 00357 99 4...... Nov 18 Contact 

e 18909 UK: We are based in Scotland servicing the contract and retail markets throughout Scotland. Please send details of your Spanish marble and granite products, etc. Tele 07795 4......Nov 17 Contact 

e 18902 UK: Interested in Spanish marble and granite. Nov 17 Contact 

e 18897 USA: We are opening a distribution warehouse and showroom in Pennsylvania. Please send me all product info and pricing on Spanish marbles and granite, so that we can offer to our customers. Tel: 888-43.....Nov 16 Contact 

e 18896: Interested in Spanish marble and granite. Nov 16 Contact 


e 18885 USA: I am looking for a stone to use for counters called Petit Fossil. It is a marble. Do you carry this? Tel: (713) 52.....  Nov 15 Contact 


e 18855 UK: I am looking for a supplier of stone for sculptures. Typically 30 kg to 500 kg stones and a mixture of stone types (alabaster, soap stone, marble, British mined stone). Nov 11 Contact  

18851 India: I would like to buy 2500 to 4000 sq feet marble preferably white marble for my house which is under construction, please let me know the price and the cost of transportation. I am in Bangalore. My tel. no. is 94482.....Nov 10 Contact  

e 18846 USA: Retail: Do you have any gold tumbled marble. I am in Jupiter Florida.  Nov 10 Contact 

e18828 Belgium: I would like to receive more information to buy marble and granite for Europe and Middle East for big quantities. Tel: 0032241..... Nov 8 Contact 

e 18767 UAE: We are looking for a limestone, marble and granite suppliers. We are product developers located in the United Arab Emirates. Tel:+ 971 2 62.....Oct 30 Contact 

e 18754 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite and marble. Oct 28 Contact

e 18728 Lebanon: Please quote for White Thassos polished: 30 x 60 x 2cm and 40 x 80 x 2cm. Quantity that I need is 2000 sqm. for each size. 
Kindly note that I need this items from your be packed stock but 2nd choice. I hope that you answer to my urgent request as soon as possible because I am traveling to Greece on 2nd of November 2005. If you have my demand with the best prices I will visit your factory to fix the contract. This marble is for marketing so I need a commercial price. TEL: 00961 3 6.....Oct 26 Contact 

e 18719 Canada: I would like to find Canadian marble for carving. Tel: (705) 67.....Oct 25 Contact 

e 18716 Canada: We are looking for Sultan Cream Marble. Do you know of a company in North America that we can purchase this marble from? Could you please send us an image of Sultan Cream Marble. Phone: 604 43.....Oct 25 Contact 

e 18710 USA: We are was looking for Verde Aquamarine marble  in 3CM. Tel. no. is 231-43..... Oct 24 Contact 


e 18695 Thailand: Please quote for Norwegian rose marble. My tel. no. is +662-88.....Oct 23 Contact  


18688 India: We are exporter of marble. We have a order of natural stone for New Zealand. please give details of which stone your dealing & send us your catalog & price list. Tel: 91-11-556......Oct 22 Contact 

e 18687 Australia: Could you please send me an image of creama nova and creama europa limestone/marble. Oct 22 Contact  

e 18675 Indonesia: Would you send me the complete price list of marbles and granites. Tel. (62-031) 73.....Oct 21 Contact 

e 18671 USA: Retail: Do you have anyone who has Rosa Duquesa marble? Rough Dimensions are 55" by 24" "1". Telephone: 205.98.....Oct 21 Contact 

 e 18654 Malaysia: Please quote with images of marble and other stones from Philippines. Oct 20 Contact  

e18641 UAE: Currently I am located in Dubai. I want to establish my own marble factory in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Please email me prices, images of marble and granite. I would also like what documents are needed for shipment? What are the payment terms? Tel: 009715038.....Oct 19 Contact 

e 18640 Indonesia: I am an importer of marbles and granites in Surabaya, Indonesia. I need to have information about Serpegiante (all kind of Serpegiante including its prices) and Polysandro (all kind of Polysandro incl. its prices). Oct 19 Contact     

18627 USA: We would like to know if you have marble stones, alabaster stones and limestone for carving. Looking to find these Stones in Kentucky, eastern W Virginia or Ohio. Oct 18 Contact  

e 18618 Canada: Please send catalogs and pricelists in Canadian dollars for marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, etc. Oct 17 Contact  


e 18555 USA: Retail: I am looking for black and gold marble. Oct 4 Contact 

e 18550 India: We need 2500 Sq Ft marble. How can we get it. We are based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Oct 3 Contact 

e 18452 Malaysia: We are a based company in Malaysia, would like to import some Beige colour marbles. The quantity we need about 5000 sqm.  We are looking for the following marbles :-
1) Royal Beige
2) Dragon Beige
3) Turkish Beige
Dimension : 600 X 600 X 18
If you have any other beige marbles , please propose to us too. Kindly give us the direct quotation and the most compatible prices. We are currently working closely with some of the developer in Malaysia , do hope we can build up the long term business relationship if the rates are very compatible and the quality of the marbles are good. Sept 19 Contact  


e 18447 Spain: Please quote for Turkish marble and granite. Sept 17 Contact 

18437 Libya: One of our customers need marble from quarry volume from 3 cm to 7 cm diameter. It will be crushed and being cobbles in customer factory. The marble color is white or gray (if you have two types, provide us each one alone). The quantity is the lowest quantity you can ship. Shipment is in containers or other facilities.  We would like to send us the best price including commission. Our customer needs quantities monthly so please do the best to provide us the best price C & F Libyan seaport. Telefax 00218 51 6......Sept 15 Contact 

e 18434 Germany: We are looking for supplier of Turkey Afyon Honey White marble. We want to make a first trial order of calibrate and polished plates 30x60x2cm. Please inform us about minimum order and send us an offer including all costs besides (freight-charge etc...). We are located nearby Munich/Germany. Tel. +49 844......Sept 14 Contact    

e 18405 USA: Email me relevant information on granite, marble , travertine, sandstone, slate, quartzite. Sept 8 Contact 

e 18401 USA: Please quote Salome marble from Turkey. Sept 8 Contact 

e 18397 Canada: We are in Canada and we want to buy all kind of marble and granite.  Sept 7 Contact 

e 18349 USA: Looking for a supplier of statutory marble. Need 20 four foot counters. Tel: (310) 96.....Aug 27 Contact  

e 18331 UAE: Please quote prices C& F DUBAI for Green Marble, size: 30 x 60 x 2cms, qty Required : 20 containers/month. Contact details : +974-58.....Aug 24 Contact  

18327 Saudi Arabia: We would like to purchase 10,000 (Ten thousand) pieces of WHITE Crystalina Marble from the following dimension: 
Dimension: L=1.2 m. W=0.6 m t=0.10 m. Kindly send the quotation within seven days. Tel: 966-1-46.....Aug 23 Contact  

e 18313: I am an interior designer looking for Emprador Light marble for a client. Aug 20 Contact 


18277 Canada: Looking for the following Sunny Egyptian Marble: 2.7 m long X 1.5 m deep X 1.070 high (sawn on 2 faces - drawing will be supplied). Need C&F price from Egypt to Port of Halifax in Canada. Phone: (902) 45......Aug 11 Contact 

e 18275 USA: I am working on a project in Ohio and the Architect has specified Tennessee Pink Marble for the vanities and back splashes. Aug 9 Contact 

e 18246 Vietnam: We would like to have the price list of crystal white marble of all size you have. Cell: 084 918 5.....Aug 2 Contact 

e 18209 Saudi Arabia: Could you please send me information about collection of marble & granites from various countries? July 27 Contact 


e 18175 Kuwait: Please quote for supplying Botichino Marble for a project or please let us know about your nearest Middle East Agent / Representative that we can forward them the necessary documents (BOQ Specifications & Drawings) of the project in order to quote for the same. Tel : 00965 - 56.....July 21 Contact 

e 18146 USA: Retail: We would like to know if you have any of the Rosa Aurora marble that we could order? We would prefer 12 x 12 in. tiles. I believe we'll need 18 12x12 tiles. Is there any way we can order a sample? (We're trying to match a marble counter.) My tel. no. is 31668...... July 19 Contact 

e 18114 USA: Do you have a distributor of Tinos Green marble in the Miami, Florida area? July 15 Contact 

e 18102 USA: Retail: How may I obtain the Russian marbles: Jadeite, Jadeite Utility, etc.  July 15 Contact 

18089: I would like a recommendation for a good green marble (serpentine?) to use for a grave marker. Concerned about long-term durability. I have seen some pieces with white veining which appear to be holding up well after 50-75 years. July 13 Contact 

e 18081 Portugal: We are a Portuguese company and we are interested to import Travertinos and other stones from turkey for good price/quality. All the material should be finished in rustic finish and polish finish. The sizes we are interested are mainly 30x60x1 cm ; 40x40x2 cm ; 30x30x2 cm ; 30x30x1 cm ; 20x20x1 cm ; 10x10x1 cm. Before we select some company we are interested in know your prices and payment conditions and time between one container order and materials ready for loading. We are prepare to order one container 20DC every two months, would be good if they send us their prices list of stones and marble with sizes and prizes. We will visit turkey as soon as we have selected a small number of producers to visit. Phone 003519654......July 13 Contact 

e 18069 Bangladesh: We are one of the leading importers, indenters and distributors of Red marble and granite in Bangladesh. We generally import from Korea, Indonesia, China, India and Germany. Now, we are very much interested to import and promote your products in Bangladesh. 
We would like to request you to send us your best Price Lists of your Product in US Dollar or EURO through E-mail/Fax. Phone 81.....July 11 Contact 

e 18047 MOROCCO: I am interested in your stock 453 for Italian Marble, and I would like to get a picture of the pallets send to me by email. I would like also to let you know that I will in Italy the end of this month so we might schedule a meeting for possible negotiation. July 10 Contact  

e 18044: I would like to have your pricelist concerning travertines, marbles, and granites. July 9 Contact 

e 18014 UAE: We are the main contractors for a water park in Dubai and have a requirement for some 50,000 m2 of various paving and stones. 
We require a mix of : Granite, Sandstone, Bluestone, Marble, Granite Kerbs, Granite Sets, Slate in natural, polished and honed. Please urgently advise your m2 rates CNF Jebel Ali Port Dubai in suitable crates good for sea voyage in Full container loads. Please e mail photos, slides of the colours etc. Maximum sizes 300 x 300 mm. Mob : + 971 50 6......July 6 Contact 

e 17994 India: I need information about Vietnam White marble for around 10,000 sft. Please email details. CONTACT NO 00 91 98499.....

e 17977 Ukraine: Our company is urgently interested in Red Indian marble and granite such as : Rosso Perla, Multicolour light, English teak, Adoni Chocolate, Chili red, Gulbarga red, Baltik Pink, TJI red, New Imperial Red, Tumkur red, Seemankati red, Kaddur red, Rubi red and any other available in red hues.  July 3 Contact   

e 17950 India: We are building our own houses in Kerala. We would like to buy a truck load of marble and transport it to Kerala. Could you please suggest how to go about it? (what would be the approx cost of transportation and cost of marble)? Also if you could suggest the marble that will be best suited for Kerala. Kerala has a lot of rains and is very humid, the marble should be the kind which is water resistant. June 30 Contact  

e 17948 Indonesia: I am looking for marble. particularly in beige colour. In quantity of minimum of one container. Mobile: 62-21-085611..... June 30 Contact  

e 17941 USA: Retail: Can you give me a "per square foot" price on the absolute black granite and a comparable vein less black marble? Also, what are the minimum orders? June 29 Contact 

e 17938: I need to find the marble known as royal oyster. June 28 Contact 

e 17931 USA: Can you supply white marble to custom builders in Sarasta, Florida?  June 28 Contact 

e 17909 USA: retail: I am looking for a reddish brown fossil marble with orthoceras and nautilis fossils to display behind my cooktop above the backsplash, approximately a 3' x 4' area. I haven't been able to find any in the San Francisco Bay Area slabs or tiles. June 23 Contact  

e 17905 Spain: We are looking for buy +/- 1000 m2 of Marble called American Gold. Tel. No. is 00+34+6209.....June 22 Contact 

17895 Saudi Arabia: We are in the field of contracting and construction, plus we have a specialization in the interior designing, and we are operating in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. We found some beautiful marbles, especially Tea Rose. A, B, C. Further, we would like to add, that we have a Hotel Project. Therefore you are kindly requested to quote us for the (Tea Rose A B C). We required these marbles in the size of (60 x 60 x 2cm). And, please send us the samples for the same as we have to represent them in our presentation for the Hotel Project. We look forward to see an appropriate way to acquire these above mentioned item. Find enclosed the Images of Marbles in above attachment. Tel: 00966 3 89.....June 20 Contact 

17887 Egypt: We are very much interested in purchasing 5-10 containers of each item of the following Marbles and Granites in 2 and 3 cm slabs (Polished or unpolished). I hope you can provide us with your quotation of price for these products at your earliest convenience. Prices could be FOB at a seaport of your choice. The items are: 
1- Rojo Alicante Marble (from Spain).
2- Rosa Portogallo Marble.
3- Perlato Sicilia Marble (from Italy).
4- Ruby Red Granite (from India).
5- Grigio Sardo Granite (from Sardinia).
6- Rosa Porrino Granite (from Spain). Tel: +2-02-26......June 17 Contact  

e 17849 Saudi Arabia: WE LIKE THE MARBLE "ROSA AURORA" and other Portuguese marble from Portugal. WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE PRICE FOR THE FOLLOWING Size: 120x80x2, 50x50x2, 45x45x2, 20x40x1. We would like to buy from Portugal. Expected date: 3 weeks from today. THE QUANTITY WE NEED IS 4000-5000 SQ METER. Phone no: 00966432.....June 11 Contact 

17841 Colombia: Please quote for green marble. The quantity may be more than 800 m2. Send a picture to see the color by email. My tel. no. is 57-3008.....June 10 Contact 

e 17840 USA: Please send me a catalog with your different Indian sandstone, marble, granite, slate and limestone and their prices. I am in St Lucia. tel. no. is 75845.....June 10 Contact 

17825 Singapore: I am looking for a lime stone material. It is known as Moca Cream Marble. Please quote me if you have the material in CIF Singapore. 
Moca Cream Marble (Polished) Size:600X300X20mm Qty:2850m2
Moca Cream Marble (Honed / Bush hammered) Size:1000X1000X25mm, Qty: 111 sets. June 8 Contact 

e 17817 Saudi Arabia: We need 770 sqm of 60 x 60 x 2cm & 330 LM 60 x 10cm skirting Crema Nova Marble from local market in Saudi Arabia. Our tel. no. is 00966 5042..... June 7 Contact 

e 17814 India: Retail: I am looking for the pricelist of the various granite stones and marbles available with you. I am from Bangalore, India. 
I started my construction in HSR layout Bangalore. Kindly send me the price in Indian Rupees. I am looking for Indian suppliers. June 7 Contact 

e 17806: Can you offer marble in black color suitable for monuments as follow:
50 x 1000 x 2000 mm two face honed
25 x 1000 x 2000 mm one face honed and 
25 x 600 x 1200 mm one face honed 
The price should be on parity FOB Chinese main port for shipping in 20 FCL. Inform for delivering and payment terms. Please explain can we obtain technical details and samples. Our Co is importer & distributor. Tel.no 00 389 31 4.....Fax no is 00 389 31 4.....June 6 Contact 

e 17762 Lebanon: I wish to buy Italian marble. Please I need to have a catalogue of Italian marble that contains all the images of Italian marble. I am looking for a good price for perlato marble and perlatino (7000sqm) and I need a catalogue with good variety of marble for my other inquiries, like beige, arabescato, michael angelo... Tel. no. +96134.....May 29 Contact

e 17738 USA: Please send us prices for marble tiles and mosaic products from India. Our tel. no. is 773 80......We are in Chicago. May 24 Contact

e 17734 USA: Need honed carrara marble (white) slabs--- 1 1/4 inch 120"X40" one slab and three smaller matching slabs. also need a 40"X40" honed slab that is at least 4" thick as a companion piece. My tel. no. is 248 92.....May 23 Contact

e 17727 Nigeria: Would like to get information about the price list of blue pearl granite 30 x 60 x 2cm and white carrara marble 30 x 30 x 1cm,  30 x 30 x 1cm perlato royal. My phone number is 0177.....May 20 Contact

e 17721 USA: Please quote for Spanish marble and travertine slabs and tiles. Tel: 786-31.....May 20 Contact

e 17697 South Africa: Please forward me pricelists and contact details for marble and travertine. We are a design/development company in South Africa that does large upmarket homes and comercial developments. We are currently requiring approximately 3000sq.m. of tiles and slabs for two of our projects. The products we are looking at are Marble: Crème Marfil, Navonas. Travertine: Sultan light, Beige. Denzili, Crosscut polished & filled, cross cut honned & filled. May 16 Contact 

e 17692 USA: We import natural stone tiles. What are your current prices for Crema Marfil in 12x12"x3/8"(1cm)? If you have a couple different grades please quote in each. Also, do you supply Marron Emperador and Rojo Alicante? If so, please quote these in 12x12x3/8". May 16 Contact 

e 17688 India: We are exporters of Indian stones and are looking for suppliers of Indian sandstones, marble, granite, etc. in India. Please email us your details. Mobile:+91-98400..... May 15 Contact 

e 17680 USA: We would like to have 3 containers of granite and marble slabs. We are looking towards are Italy and Brazil. Our location is CA. Tel. no. is (510) 66..... May 14 Contact

e 17669 Ireland: Please quote for the following: 
Ex works - Packed and ready for collection by my Spanish agent or any European country. 
1) Nero Marquina 40x40 POLISHED 15.5 sq yards 
2) Greca Geometrica Nera 30x15 6 units 
3) Greca Geometrica Nera 20x40 10 units 
4) Greca Nera Listello 20x40 34 units 
5) Greca Nera Angolo 20x20 6 units 
6) Greca Nera 30x15 18 units 
7) Greca Nera Angolo 15x15 4 units. Tel: +353 1 87.....May 12 Contact 

e 17663 UK: Please quote for travertine, marble and onyx tiles and slabs. If is possible send those products pictures also. The tile sizes are 305 x 305, 406 x 406, 457 x 457, 610 x 610, 406 x 610. Our phone number 004420843.......May 11 Contact 

e 17649 Portugal: Send me price list for Indian white marbles and yellow marbles (in slabs 2 and 3 cm of thickness and tiles  30 x 30, 40 x 40, 30 x 60, 40 x 60, 50 x 50, 60 x 60 with all thickness that you use). Fax: +351 253 2.....May 10 Contact 

e 17647 Uzbekistan: We have a big project that requires marble as SIVEC A1 with thickness 2 mm and 3 mm, approximate quantity 8000 sqm. Please email us the price of this material with deliver time, payment term, transportation terms, etc. Later we can send you the object picture for which we are looking for a marble. Tel.: + 998 71 11.....May 10 Contact 

e 17641 USA: I am looking to have 1000 linear feet of pure white marble, without dark markings for pool coping. The segments are 3" thick x 18" wide x 24" long. They are bushammered on the two sides indicated, with 2 edges with 1/2" radius and polish on the edges only. I can provide photos. I also will need pricing for 3" thick slabs of the same material. What size would these slabs be? And pieces approximately 24" long with an 8'-0" inside radius. Do you also do balusters with caps and bases for a balustrade? 
We are importers of stone products in the CA area, and import multiple container shipments each month. I am interested in knowing the pricing for the above items and what else you offer. Tel. no. is 707-74.....May 10 Contact 

e 17636 Turkey: Please send your samples of beige marble, travertine and its price list. Tel : +90 (212) 77.....May 9 Contact 

e 17631 USA: I need the price for one 20 ft container fob for various 3cm thick granite & marble slabs and tiles 12"x12" for the USA port Jacksonville/Miami for 30 mm. Tel no. 407-83.....Min. two container (approx. 4000-6000 sq. ft.) In various color and size. May 8 Contact 

e 17603 Pakistan: We are looking for the Indian green marble in the following size. Please quote us your rock bottom prices. All prices must be in sq meter for C&F Karachi Pakistan. Length: 100 inches and above Thickness: 20 mm wide: 57 and above to 60 inches. Also inform us about the marble filling (how much filling in one marble slab) as per the above size? Phone: +92-300-42..... May 5 Contact

e 17599 USA: Please send a catalog with prices on your marble tile. Include shipping details. I am in IL. My contact details are 1-630-23......May 5 Contact

e 17592 USA: Interested in 4000 ft of 18x18 inch of Afyon marble. My tel. no. is 516-77.....May 4 Contact 

e 17570 Malaysia: We are in the mid of expanding our granite business. We want to be a stone importer especially in Indian stones instead of just being a local trader. We need your kind support to quote us the followings. Please give the pricing in USD for following stones.
Material Size 
1. Absolute Black 2500 x 1500 x 30mm ( slab) 
2. Black Galaxy 2500 x 1500 x 30mm ( slab )
3. New Imperial Red 600 x 600 x 20mm
4. Indian Green 600 x 600 x 20mm
For the slab size please give me what is the quantity for 1 container load. Quote me based on FOB port Klang. Mobile phone: 6012 - 30.......May 2 Contact

e 17566 UK: Please send us information on your products. We are starting to import materials for retail and wholesale. If you have any photographs of your products please send. Our tel. no. is 01626-3.....May 2 Contact

e 17556: Please quote for Pakistani Onyx and marble tiles. Apr 30 Contact

e 17535: I want price of granite and marble. Apr 27 Contact 

e 17529 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. I am looking to buy one container of granite slabs in dark colors: uba tuba, butterfly green or similar (will consider other colors as well). My phone number is 402-20..... I live in Tampa, FL. Apr 27 Contact 

e 17523 USA: Please send a catalogue and prices of marble tiles. We would also like whatever samples you could send. We are in West Chicago. Phone# 630-23..... Apr 26 Contact   

e 17519 USA: Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products. I am in Utah. Apr 26 Contact    

e 17517 USA: Please quote for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. products. My tel. no. is 610 - 39.....Apr 26 Contact    

e 17503 USA: I am looking for a seller of granite and marble slabs. Apr 25 Contact 

e 17500 Nigeria: We are a stone trading company. Please quote for marble, granite, travertine, etc. My tel. no. is +234-1-26.....Apr 25 Contact 

e 17498: Could you please send me both availability and quote for Bianco Romano and Giallo Ornamental Granite tiles. Tiles can be either 12x12 or 16x16 or 18x18. Qty for Bianco Romano = 1000 Sqft (tiles 16x16). Contact Info is 310 38...... Apr 25 Contact

e 17491 South Africa: We want to set-up a "ONE-STOP-SHOP" in Stone supplies. Our primary interest is in purchasing large blocks of Granite and Marble, as well as Quartzite, Travertine, Sandstone and Limestone. (Big Sizes-2400mm.X 1800mm.X 900mm.and UP, Small Sizes-2000mm.x 1500mm. x 600mm. up, or smaller). These blocks will be going to our workshops for the production of numerous materials, namely: Columns, Pilasters, Fireplaces, Tombstones, Tiles, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Landscape, Elements, Railings, Arches, Small Blocks, Frames, Outside Floor, etc. Because we can't produce all spectra of material, we have interest to buy today your ready/seamy ready products, to supply market. Today, our main interest is:
1.) Granite & marble & natural stone
2.) Tile & slab & cut-to-size
3.) Counter top & vanity tops & worktop
4.) Sandstone & slate
5.) Sculpture & statue & carving stone
6.) Paving stone, stone table & bench, curbstone, landscaping
7.) Fireplace
8.) Monument & tombstone
9.) Stair Treads & Risers & skirting board 
Different finishes: sawn, bush-hammered, pineapple surface, sandblasted, etc.
Colours: White, black, red, pink, green, grey, brown, yellow, blue, beige, golden, etc. 
Thickness: 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm, etc.
Width: 30cm, 30.5cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 65cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm, etc.
Length:30cm, 30.5cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 250cm, 270cm, 280cm, etc.
I would be grateful if you could send us a complete and comprehensive price list (in : cm/ m/ cmt,sqm/m2), photos and physical samples of all the different types and colours of: granite, marble, quartzite, travertine, sandstone & limestone, what you dell with, and able to supply to us. Additionally we would prefer to have your offers CIF /S&F Durban. Apr 23 Contact

e 17488 USA: Please send pricing and pictures for fireplace mantles and other artifacts, marble, granite, travertine, etc. My tel. no. is 888-43.....Apr 23 Contact

e 17487 UK: I am interested in purchasing marble, granite, travertine and other stone articles. Apr 23 Contact

e 17477 Turkey: I want to know the price of emperador dark tiles 1 container, polished 1- 2 cm thickness but 30x free dimension and 40x free dimension. Apr 22 Contact

e 17469 Nigeria: I am looking for marble and onyx distributors. Send us full details. Tel. no. is +234-1-81.....Apr 21 Contact 

e 17467 USA: I am building a house in US & would like to have the price of BOTTOCINO CLASSICO & BOTTOCINO FIORITO of 1000 sqm each with 20mm thick slab of fiber packing, polished pieces. I am visiting Italy this month. Apr 21 Contact 

e 17460 China: I have a project looking for the Australian marble "Dream Time" (see www.findstone.com/AUSmarb1.htm) and would like some small samples and price quotation for this marble. Apr 20 Contact 

e 17459 Australia: LOOKING FOR ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX DISTRIBUTORS. Phone: 61 (0) 2 978.....Apr 19 Contact 

e 17457 Turkey: We are looking for cappucino beige marble for our regular sales. 
A) 61x61x1.5 cm - patinato and/or honed
B) Versailles Pattern Set - patinato or honed and chisselled edge.
We are also looking for light beige marble for our project. Quantity will be approximately 6,500 sqm. The total amount has to be delivered within 4 month. Size : 40.6x40.6x1.2 cm - Polished. All items are first quality. FOB any Turkish port prices are required. Apr 19 Contact 

e 17454 Australia: We are looking for good suppliers of quality marbles for Australia and perhaps for India too. Apr 19 Contact 

e 17451 Malta: I am interested in becoming a distributor for Italian marble and other stones. My tel. no. is +356 790.....Apr 19 Contact  

e 17445 Iraq: Please send me price and picture of Golden color Marble. Apr 18 Contact

e 17443 UK: We are interested in becoming distributors for Onyx and Italian Marbles.  Apr 18 Contact

e 17442 USA: Please send images by e-mail and also an idea of your prices for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17441 USA: Please quote with catalogs for Onyx and Italian Marbles. Our tel. no. is (757) 46.....Apr 18 Contact

e 17438: Please send prices for Onyx and Italian Marble slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17437 Canada: We would like to see pictures and samples of ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX slabs and tiles. Apr 18 Contact

e 17436 : Can I know what colors and prices for ITALIAN MARBLE AND ONYX  in 30x30, 60x40. Apr 18 Contact

e 17435 Korea: I am an importer of Onyx and Marble but mostly Onyx. Please send me your price list. Apr 18 Contact

e 17434 UAE: I am interested to buy 1000m2 Makrana White (with glittering) and 2000 m2 Makarana Albeto or Marwad Pure White. Delivery at Chennai. Mob: +97150-552.....Apr 18 Contact

e 17432 USA: We would like Oman royal beige. We need about 2000 square feet. We are willing to buy a thickness which will keep the price low...we assume this means at least 3/8" (10 mm thick). We are willing to buy dimensions that will keep the price low...we assume this means no smaller than 12" X 12". We live close to Baltimore, Maryland and assume that would be the best place for the container to come into. We know we need only part of a container, but are not experienced on how that works...we hope you know and can tell us what the shipping would be. We can hire a truck to bring the marble to us from the Baltimore. We are putting this on a cement slab, therefore we don't need chamfered, calibrated, exact pieces. We do not need baseboard (linear marble). We would consider other marbles in this color range from other countries/sources but cost is a factor. Our tel # is 410-51.....Apr 18 Contact

e 17430 Australia: We are in search of Crema Marfil tiles - polished. Kindly forward information we have a project due which requires at least a container of same Marble in 3 different sizes (400 x 400 or 450 x 450) / 600 x 300 and 300 x 300. Phone 61 - 7 327.....Apr 17 Contact

e 17427: Please quote for all marbles from Bulgaria. Apr 17 Contact

e 17409 South Africa: I am looking for Crema marfil qty. 600m2; 60x60x2cm. Tel. + 27 12 36..... Apr 14 Contact

e 17407 UAE: We are interested in importing marble from Iran. Kindly send us samples with price list & inform us of payment terms. Our tel. no. is 00971-6-76....Apr 14 Contact

e 17405 Australia: I need Beige Oman marble slabs in 2cm for India. Looking for good suppliers from Muscat. Apr 14 Contact

e 17396 USA: Need granite and marble fabricator for Mausoleums. All are in U.S.A. looking for long term realtionship.  Apr 14 Contact 

e 17392 Trinidad: We are trying to source the following piece of Crema Mora Polished: 15 1/4"x45"x3/8". Tel. no. is 868-62......Apr 13 Contact 

e 17389 USA: I am on the market for Marble, Travertine, and Limestone. Apr 13 Contact 

e 17379 Syria: We are interested in Italian Marble. For our market, we need big amount of marble with different kinds, dimensions and colors for special use in buildings, villas, kitchen, bathroom and floor. If you agree, we will send two commercial agents to meet you in Italy, to choose the suitable products and to complete the purchase for us. We need a quantity that is enough for a middle size building of 14 stories (300 square meter for each story) including floor tiles, kitchen, bathroom and the building facade. The color and other details will decide by our commercial agents, when they meet you. Tel: 963-92-9......Apr 12 Contact 

e 17368 Egypt: We are an Interior Designer and Builder Co. for decoration and Furnishing. We basically do turn key projects (Hotels, Residential Villas, Palaces and Beach Resorts, Commercial & Office Buildings..etc.) We are looking for Burbeige Marble tiles 40x40x2cm. qty. 600 m2. Apr 11 Contact

e 17354 UK: Want to buy red marble one piece 1.7x 0.6 meters thickness and surface finish immaterial with delivery to Glastonbury UK. Tel. 078902..... Apr 8 Contact

e 17350 Canada: Fabricator in Toronto, Canada requires 60 slabs of Giallo Ornamental - 2cm - immediately available in North America. Please contact with price. A min. 12" x 12" sample and digital image of entire slab a must. (416) 90.....Apr 8 Contact

e 17341 France: We are looking for material from Malaysia: limestone, granite, sandstone and marble. We want to buy all types of granites , marbles, limestones, sandstones, basalt.... for our business. We sell all over France : pavers, slabs; kerbs,tiles etc..... We are looking for important quarries producing in a short time and giving us good FOB or CNF prices in containers. Tel. No. is 00333282.....Apr 7 Contact


e 17338 Canada: I would like to contact Eqyptian marble slabs and blocks like Sunny. A container of BLOCK (I will let you know what size our local block saw will handle, then I will let you know what size blocks I need). I am looking for SUNNY (Egyptian marble). It will be for hand carving. It should be 1st quality. How much do you need to fill a container (is there limits, etc.) Maybe you have sizes available you can tell me what you have. Can you supply a price for container delivered from your quarry to this destination Port of Halifax in Canada? You can call me at (902) 45.....Apr 6 Contact 

e 17332 Jordan: We want to open new gallery for marbles and ceramic tiles and all accessories related which will be supported to our contracting co. and in that matter I would like to know more information about your products, list of price and facilities. MOBILE:+9627953.....Apr 6 Contact

e 17321 UK: Looking for companies worldwide who can supply to the UK slabs of marble and Granite. Especially interested in Impala black 30mm. Apr 5 Contact

e 17306 UAE: Please quote for Egyptian marble and granite C & F Dubai. My mobile no. is 00971 50 67......Apr 1 Contact 

e 17296 Portugal: Do you have in stock and the commercial price for White Turkish Marble Polished and Bush Hammered for these quantities: 2000 m2 - 2cm Thickness & 200 m2 -3cm Thickness? My tel. no. is +351 252 ......Mar 31 Contact


e 17284 Australia: We are importers of marble, granite, sandstone and limestone in slab and tile form. We have a particular interest in grey or charcoal marble. We already work with Grigio Carnico from Italy, Grey Valley from Israel or Jordan and also the Azul Valverde from  Portugal. Until recently we were working with a charcoal sister material of the Grey Valley, (it also has a little tint of a terracotta colour here and there) which has now been discontinued. So this is the particular type of colour we are specifically looking for. Our tel. no. is (08) 938.....Mar 29 Contact 

e 17276 UAE: I have a hotel project in Dubai. I want to know which is better in quality Oman marble or golden creme from Egypt. I need around 2000 m2. Mar 28 Contact

e 17274 Netherlands: We are a Dutch stone company and interested in Sodalite Blue. Please information about sizes, quantity and price. As well as delivery time. Perhaps (pro) proceeding. Mar 28 Contact

e 17254 USA: Looking for Sodalite blue from Namibia. Mar 25 Contact 

e 17238 Turkey: Please quote for Botticino / Gioia venatino marble. Also send details and photos of the product. Would like to know whether the tiles are chamfered? Mar 24 Contact 

e 17227 Australia: Please quote for Botticino / Gioia venatino marble from Italy. Can you arrange samples or we can see the samples locally? We are in Brisbane. Mar 23 Contact 

e 17220 GREECE: We are a company which produces cast iron fireplaces. We would like to cooperate with Egyptian suppliers in order to have smooth marbles like Golden cream and Galala in actual size 
1. 230UPX120UPx 3cm. (SLABS)
2. WE NEED 2 CONTAINER (20 Ft) HOLDING CAPACITY 233 Sqm per Cont. 
3. First Cont. has Golden Cream second Cont. has Galala.
4. How much time will it take for the slabs to arrive in Thessaloniki's port?
5. We would like you to inform us about the total cost. Our tel. no. is 0030-2310-7.....Mar 22 Contact 

e 17205 Singapore: Looking for a company that deals in Egyptian marble. Mar 22 Contact 

e 17185: We are interested in purchasing some  yellow and green marbles from India. Mar 19 Contact 

e 17178 Bangladesh: Please quote for Gallala Classic, Golden Crema, Sunny Light, Golden Cream. Mar 19 Contact 

e 17175 UK: We are a stone company in the UK. We wish to purchase Magny Dore in 40 x 40 / 40 x 60 tiles for continuous supply. We are looking for the best price possible for delivery to the UK. Mar 19 Contact


e 17165 Turkey: We need 350 sqm of red marble polished, size cm 30,5 x 30,5 x 1 filled up with resin and 350 sqm of red marble polished, size cm 100 x 30 x 1,6 filled up with resin. We need quickly an image of your red marble and price. Mar 18 Contact

e 17161 China: We are subcontractor and supplier of nature stone in Hong Kong. We want to buy a stone name "Flora De More" (but I don't know this name was true or not) and the origin is Italy, qty about 270M2. See attached picture. Mar 17 Contact

e 17159 USA: We need 2,000 sq ft (185m2) first quality, polished White Carrara or similar marble tile. Size can be 400mm X 400mm but 500mm X 500mm preferred. Thickness 2cm to 3cm, but 28mm preferred. Up to 20% can be of a contrasting color. Smaller quantities of 500mm X 500mm X 28mm would be considered. Delivery to nearest container yard or to door must be included in price quote. Lowest price will be determining factor in order. Delivery time required by 9/1/05. We are in Iowa. Fax no. is 1-515-98.....Mar 17 Contact

e 17155 USA: Would like a catalog along with pricing for all your granite, slate, and marble you have. We are a growing business and order large to small quantities of all kinds of material. We are in OR. My tel. no. is 541-83.......Mar 17 Contact

e 17140 India: Requirement of: 
1) 500 tons in block form of PERLATO SICILIA (types Pelligrino & Vito) blocks size should be 2.6 mtrs (W) X 1.9 mtrs (H).
Vito type: with chips should not have balloons, uniform number of chips and uniform chips sizes.
Pelligrino type: Consistent color, no color shading in same block, free of balloons, uniform chips if any with uniform size.
2. Red levanto (Turkey burgundy color) with less white veining, 25 tons in block form.
3. Red verona : Strong dark color, 25 tns.
4. Carrara: 25 tons (staturetto type)
Payment by L.C, To load goods immediately. Tel. no. is +9198210...... Mar 16 Contact

e 17133 USA: Please quote for marble and travertine tiles and slabs from Turkey and Egypt. We are specially looking for a substitute for Crema Marfil in Spain. Please quote FOB port of origin / CNF port of Vigo, Spain. Mar 16 Contact

e 17121 UK: We need a price for 20 containers over next 12 months of Crema Beige (Crema Marfil Standard quality). Need prices, FOB/Izmir, for polished, honed and aged. Sizes 305 x 305, 40 x 40, 60 x 40, 60 x 60. We are in London. Mar 16 Contact

e 17119 Vietnam: Looking for marbles suppliers from Philippines or prices in marble slabs from this country, We are interested to buy. Colors mainly are beige, rose, Yellow, Red, quantity it depends on the quality and colors and above all : Competitive prices, we have the biggest market in vietnam actually and are looking for new products to satisfy our existing market. Mar 16 Contact

e 17118 India: We are interested in 18mm slabs of Imperial Beige and Irish Crema of sizes 200 x 180 up. Kindly quote us the C&F prices Chennai port. Phone: 00 91 98441 ......We have a requirement of one container each in 18-20 mm thickness. length 200 cm and width 200 cm and up. Mar 16 Contact

e 17112 Bangladesh: We like to introduce ourselves as an Indenter & Importer of various types of products i.e Leather Chemical, Industrial Tools, Building Materials & Household etc. from Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Holland, India, China & many others. We are looking for quality suppliers ceramic, granite and marble stone tiles. Mar 16 Contact

e 17096 Chile: Want 15000 Sq. Mtrs of 30 mm Bianco Carrara Marble C/D. Cut to size in 900 x 600 mm panels. Mar 15 Contact   

e 17092 USA: Looking for Crema Marfil 12 x 12 commercial grade 9,900 sq. ft. unpolished tiles. I am also looking for 12 x 12 polished 7,200 sq. ft. My tel. no. is 714-33.....Mar 15 Contact   

e 17089 Nigeria: I want granite and marble slabs from South Africa and Portugal. We need this for a 5 star project. Please send images, sizes and prices including transportation cost. Mar 14 Contact   

e 17065 Iran: We have some clients that are willing to import granite & marble tiles from your country. Some of them are big companies that can be good business partner for you in Iran, and they are also ready for a long term cooperation in this field. Please inform us about your company, your products and services then we will contact you soon and send you our client exact order. Mar 10 Contact  

e 17047 We want to know your prices on Palatino royal and sicillia. We make most of our imports from China and want to be having these two marble tiles in a big quantity. Please tell us how many sq m2 you can load in a 20ft container. What is the size of your cutting and the thickness? Mar 7. Contact

e 17033 Palestine: Please quote for marble and granite slabs and tiles. We are in urgent need for a granite called RAW SILK. We need about 1000 meter standard 30cm x 60cm x 2cm. Mar 5. Contact 

e 17020 Malaysia: I have a friend looking for marble tile from Malaysia to be marketed at Dubai (UAE). I have no idea on what type, quality and cost. I am in Kuala Lumpur. I need some guideline in your pricing, so just consider its a bulk purchasing. I need some brochures and pamphlets to be sent to me. Mar 4. Contact 

e 17002 Syria: We would like to purchase different kinds of marbles, granites, blocks and slabs with its specifications such as (size, quality) with the price list of each material. Please send us details. Our fax no. is 00963- 21- 2.....Mar 1. Contact 


e 16990 China: We are urgently looking for the stone material of Palissandro Blutette and Palissandro Bronzo, which should be from Italy?
Please advise if you have these materials for sale. If yes, please kindly quote us your best price on C&F China, with 2cm & 3cm thick slabs.
Also we need the following stone material from Italy:
- Travertino Navona:
1. 25mm thick, 1000 x 300 mm, polished for floor
2. 25mm thick, 1000 x 1000 mm, polished for floor
3. 10mm thick, 1000 x 300 mm, polished for wall
- Carrara Bianco: 25 mm thick, 1000 x 1000 mm, polished for floor. For both cut to size as above sizes and 2.5cm thick slabs. C&F China. And what's the delivery time? We would be grateful if you could also provide us with a stone sample or available pictures. Our tel. no. is 86-10-686.....Mar 1. Contact  

e 16988 UK: Looking to buy in huge quantity creama marble. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 020857.....Feb 28. Contact  

e 16985 Russia: We need to use Olive Maron and Serpengiante Beige marbles in our interior design. The amount of the tiles will be approx. 1000 m² for each. If you can provide these stones for us please let us know. Our tel. no. is (+7 095) 91.....Feb 28. Contact  

e 16970 USA: I NEED CARRARA MARBLE PANELS IN 183CM X 77CM X 1CM. Feb 28. Contact  

e 16965 USA: I am trying to find a distributor here in the United States, preferably around Chicago Illinois, to get samples of the following stones: Fior de Pesco... marble of light gray with white and light brown/dark gray veining. Viana Green or Viana Crystal...granite of light mint green and white/cream...linear/directional lines. Where to purchase these stone types. I am in CHICAGO. My tel. no. is 312.42..... Feb 28. Contact  

e 16958 Poland :  We are stone importing company from Poland, looking for new, fresh types of stones for Polish and Central European markets. We are looking to establish new long term business relationships with quarries/manufacturers from different regions. To be able to make a choice, we need to receive detailed pricelists along with photos of particular stone types (electronic catalogues, company website address). In pricelists we need to have prices of slabs, half slabs and tiles cut to size with their related dimensions as well as any discounts and rebates for big customers. Please indicate the estimated transportation costs to Poland for different load variants. Feb 28.  Contact  

e 16955 USA:  1 CM PANELS IN CREMA MARFIL SIZES AT LEAST 184X77 CM. Feb 27. Contact

e 16951 Australia: I am interested in Indonesian Marble Tiles colours cream, yellow , grey,white. I will be in Bali on 4th March. Feb 27. Contact  

e 16950 Pakistan:  I am a owner of a factory of marble in Pakistan and I am interested in Greek White Thassos and Snow White Thassos. I have got an order of about 3000 sq feet of white Thassos, size is 24 inches into 24 inches ( 24" X 24"). Please send me samples of these thassos of different qualities in white. Please tell me the rate of these sizes I need samples. Feb 27.  Contact  

e 16948 Libya:  We need an offer for 2000 m of a carrara polished slabs marble and 2000 m unpolished carrara slabs. Feb 27  Contact  

e 16929 UK: We want a supplier of Crema Marfil Tiles. Size preferably 40cmx40cm and 10-20mm thickness. Other sizes will be considered, this is being used for flooring. We will buy from any region. Price please for full containers CIF UK port. 60% polished, 20% honed & 20% antiqued (or flamed). We will pay competitive market rates. We can place an order immediately upon confirmation of material, and can pay for samples if required. Maybe up to one or two containers per month once supply has been established. Any other enquiries may be considered on similar products and sizes. Please feel free to let me know. Feb 25 Contact  

e 16926 USA: I am looking for a reputable company to buy mainly travertine and other stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx Slab/tiles. I am also interested in Fireplaces, Inlays / Medallions, Arches and Pavers. My first order will be approx. 7,000 sq. ft. Feb 24 Contact  

e 16912 USA: Need sky rose 12x12 polished marble. Feb 23.  Contact  

e 16910 Canada: I am looking to purchase Granite, travertine and marble slabs 3/4" thick and possibly sinks. Feb 23. Contact  

e 16892 USA: We would like Oman royal beige. We need about 2000 square feet. We are willing to buy a thickness which will keep the price low...we assume this means at least 3/8" (10 mm thick). We are willing to buy dimensions that will keep the price low...we assume this means no smaller than 12" X 12". We live close to Baltimore, Maryland and assume that would be the best place for the container to come into. We know we need only part of a container, but are not experienced on how that works...we hope you know and can tell us what the shipping would be. We can hire a truck to bring the marble to us from the Baltimore. We are putting this on a cement slab, therefore we don't need chamfered, calibrated, exact pieces. We do not need baseboard (linear marble). We would consider other marbles in this color range from other countries/sources but cost is a factor. Feb 22 Contact 

e 16886 Pakistan: I am serious in Indian green marble, in gangsaw slabs, in different dark shades not light shade and non treated item but polished. And and send me please pure white in slabs. My tel. no. is 0092 42 5.....Contact

e 16859 USA:  Regarding the 800 M2 marble. at Euro 2.5/ SQM you have for sale are these tiles with broken edges that can be cut down to a smaller size or are they broken across the face of the tiles? I import many containers of tile and stone from Italy. Let me know the details of the Brecia Onic. you have for sale. Best Regards,  Contact  

e 16858 USA:  Please provide me with the pricing for Rojo Alecante tiles and slab for Los Angeles. Only good material, Only wholesale. Contact

e 16837 India :  Looking for suppliers of Omani marble. We would like to buy 15 containers.  Contact  

e 16835 United States :  I am looking for 15,000 sq ft of 24 x 24" Royal Oyster marble for a client in South Florida. Do you have this?  Contact 

e 16819 United States :  We are one of the largest importers and wholesalers of Stone in the Midwest with five locations in Illinois, two in Michigan and one each in Ohio & Wisconsin. Last year we imported 790 containers from all over the world. We regularly require all popular stones and for that reason I contact you but with a specific requirement of Crema Marfil in size 12 * 12, 16 * 16 & 18 * 18. Although we have our suppliers for the same but if we can get a better price with the same quality we would want to work ahead with your company. I would appreciate if you can assist us to have the price of the same for quantity 7000 sq ft for 12*12 and 6400 sq ft for 16's and 18's both for regular and select qualities to start with. All tiles to be totally free from any manufacturing defects. Prices to be in US$ /sft FOB or CIF. Please feel free to get in touch with me in case of any further clarification. Image 1 : [ 1781.jpg Contact

e 16792 USA: I am looking for Italian Marble for die sublimation. Do you have any die sublimation products? My tel. no. is 310-56......Feb 9, Contact 

e 16764 Saudi Arabia: I would like to buy 500 sqm of Azul Cielo marble from Argentina, size 80X80cm. What the best price of that including shipment to Riyadh? Tel.: 9665054.....Feb 5, Contact

e 16750 USA: Please quote 1000 sqm of Vermelho Capão Bonito in 60 x 120 x 2 cm (polished). You may contact us at (503) 88.....Feb 3, Contact

e 16731 Bangladesh: We are from Bangladesh. We are interested to import marble tiles and want to know the detail like price list as per size and color in FOB/CIF value port Chittagong. Our tel. no. is 0088-0331......Feb 2, Contact

e 16722: We are looking for the buyers of broken tiles of marble and travertine in various colors from India and China. e can offer you only 4 USD/SQM. These materials are useful for mosaic and marble chips factory. Mobile: 0098-91227.....Feb 2, Contact
e 16683 UAE: We are in need of 3000 m2 of Kinawa marble (origin -Brazil), please call back on 0097150-66.....  Jan 30, Contact

12"X12"X3/8"- 1X20' CONTAINER
18"X18"X1/2"-1X20' CONTAINER
24"X24"X5/8"-1X20' CONTAINER

e 16668 Saudi Arabia: I want to buy Nepali marble. I don't know what color I can find it in Nepal, anyway all colors ok with me. I need to know how much cost the ship to Saudi port. My mobile +9665542.....Jan 28, Contact

e 16667 Thailand: We are looking for some marble pattern and trimming stones to import for our Thai's market. Please send pictures of your products. Jan 28, Contact

e 16658 USA: I am looking for a supplier from Spain on Crema Marfil 18"x18" Acid Wash tiles first grade and would also need slabs for stair treads and risers. I am a company in Virgin Islands. Jan 28, Contact

e 16648 USA: I am currently looking for sizes ranging from 18 x 18 to 12 x 12 in either marble or Porcelain 50,000 sq ft. Looking for Crema Marfil or similar in color. Using for showers and bath room floors.  Also need approx 271 tub decks Crema Marfil or similar color. I am willing to buy from Brazil, Italy and Spain . Currently at 50% construction Documents and receiving bids. I would like to be able to travel and see the product and factory. As well as pick the variance in colors. This is just the tip of the iceberg I have several other area that need tile or marble as well. We also have close to 13,000 Linear ft of granite. I will be looking to finalize the deal by the end of Feb to Middle March 05.    My contact no. is 727-42..... Interested buying bulk for projects in Tampa, FL. Jan 27, Contact 

e 16640 Canada: I am an importer of marble from Canada, and I am always looking for new suppliers. Can you provide me with more information about yourself? Prices in Canadian Dollars? Samples?  Jan 27, Contact

e 16632 Russia: I represent the Russian design studio. We make exclusive design projects of private cottages, apartments, restaurants, etc. At present we are looking for factories in China which are mining different types of natural marble and granite. We would like to know the price range for these stones. Our tel. no. is +7 (095) 74.....Jan 26, Contact

e 16616: We are interested in importing Indian granite and marble slabs. Send price list. Jan 25, Contact 

e 16588 Australia: Where can one buy Australian Marble & Granite in Australia?  Jan 22, Contact

e 16586 Panama: We are looking for a Turkish marble supplier that may be able to supply marble slabs as well as cut to size. We import all types of marble, lime stone, travertine, stone in general, so please send us a detailed price list of all your products for our review. We import the usual sizes: 30X30, 40X40, 50X50, 60X60, 30X60, 40X80, first and second choices. Thickness 15 and 20 mm Slabs we require 20 mm. Jan 22, Contact

e 16565 Nigeria: Please send price list of your granite and marble slabs. Looking for cheap but good material.  I want to buy granite tiles like G623, G640 and blue pear. Also show me the picture of those three granite tiles. I buy in a large quantity. Jan 21, Contact

e 16542 USA: I represent a marble slabs and tiles company in MA. Would like to know details of Crema Marfil, Crème Valencia, Giallo Atlantide, Rosa Zarchi and Belmonte Green. My tel. no. is 617 26.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16538 Bangladesh: We are engaged in export, import business. We are dealing in all sorts of floor and wall tiles including marble products. We request you to kindly send your product details with price list for our evaluation then we proceed further. Jan 20, Contact

e 16535 Qatar: We specialize in Marbles & Granites. We have embarked upon the trade and are determined to make it big in the very near future. As a positive step, we want to have a tenacious and cordial business relation established. We invite you to send samples and prices of marble and granite with all business and shipping terms incorporated in the quote. My tel. no. is 0974-46.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16533 USA: I am attempting to fill a custom order for Portuguese Marble. The piece is for replacement of a table-top inlay, measuring 22" x 14" x 1/2", with the facing surface polished. This order is for replacement of a piece damaged during a move, and will be paid as an insurance settlement. If you can fill this order, please send a quote on company letterhead as an e-mail attachment. Please include the cost of shipping to San Antonio, Texas. Once I have received an estimate that I can file, I will contact your offices regarding payment and shipping. My tel. no. is 210-33.....Portuguese Marble, preferably Rosa Potugal or Rosa Aurora 22" x 14" x 1/2" Facing surface polished (piece is for table-top inlay). Include shipping to San Antonio, TX.  Please use or attach a company letterhead. Jan 20, Contact

e 16530 USA: I am looking to make contact with your Houston supplier or any other supplier closer to San Antonio TX. for 1 slab of marble, polished one side, approx size 5ft x 10ft x 3cm (please specify if different). My price range or budget: $10-$15 square foot. I build custom furniture and do my own stone work - San Antonio suppliers want to do the finish product. I am interested in Dracevica from Croatia, Bresciasinai - Egypt, Gauingen - Germany, Ioannina Beige - Greece, Beige D2 - Indonesia, Sicilian Cream - Italy or Ivory - Malaysia. My phone number: (830) 75.....Jan 20, Contact

e 16525 Pakistan: Our Company is one of the importers of Marble, Granite & Limestone in Pakistan. We have a high volume of import on monthly basis. We are already importing containers of Marble & Granite from different countries of the World. If we get a suitable & positive response from your end than we would like to visit your factory for further understanding & negotiations. Our company is interested making a long term relation with your esteemed organization. Kindly also provide me the info of gangsaw slabs 2cm OR 1.8cm (Random) if you deal in:- 
(1) Italian Carrara type C, CD & D. (2) Sahara Beige (3) Silvia Beige (4) Brazilian white. Also quote the best FOB prices with pictures at your earliest. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16521 USA: Interested in translucent marbles for back lighting particularly rosa aurora. Need 10 Thick slabs, 3cm minimum about 12-16"" wide by 24-30" tall. My tel. no. is (540)55..... Jan 19, Contact 

e 16518 Singapore: Please quote for ZH - M107 grey marble 600x600x13 mm polished - 1000 m2. Our tel. no. is 65-684.....Payment : By LC at sight. Jan 19, Contact 

e 16507 USA: Please give me the price per/cu ft US$ FOB for rajnagar white marble. I am in Connecticut. My tel: 203-48.....Jan 19, Contact

e 16474: Please quote for marble, granite and other stone tiles. My tel. no. +234-80230.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16473 Maldives: We are looking for the supplier of Marble, Granite, etc. for our new building. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 009607.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16470 Canada: I own a granite & marble manufacturing company in Toronto. We manufacture all custom work such as kitchens, vanities, fireplaces, columns, tables, etc. from scratch. We currently import slabs for this work. I am very interested in importing (at an excellent rate), tiles of all sizes. Different unique pieces, in limestone, marble, & granite, and any other types of stone you can suggest, (slate/tumbled?). Is there a price list you can forward to me? With a list of tiles, textures, stone types, etc.? I am also interested in importing small desk/floor sculptures or pieces (vases, abstract, etc).
We are researching this information for a project in mind. A retail store in the prime area of Toronto, where we can sell any home furnishings in stone including back splash pieces, tumbled mosaics, fireplaces (modern & classical), vases, abstract statues, etc. specifically for a shop and buy store. We would be storing our large crates/quantities of material at our prime location (Onyx Marble) where from this new showroom want to only expose samples to be ordered and delivered within 1 weeks time (so material must be locally stored regularly). We definitely need samples of products. In saying that, I would need brochures/samples to decide which ones I would want to order. All sizes are welcomed. I am very interested in exclusively importing specific products for our company only. Please forward as much information as possible to enable me to have a wide selection of choices. You can reach me at 416 73.....Jan 17, Contact

e 16458 Poland: Would you please inform me in regards to Nero Marquina slabs/tiles. Jan 16, Contact