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Marble Slabs and Tiles Inquiries! Dec 31, 2004
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This page lists Marble Inquiries from Jan 2004 to Dec 2004. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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e 16234 USA: What would be the price for a 2 centemeter thick verde green marble slab delivered to Pipe Creek, Texas 78063? Dec 31, Contact

e 16231 USA: We need about 40,000 Sq Ft of marble tiles in 18"x18"x5/8". Kindly indicate prices FOB/CIF and email me your details or send offer and samples. I am in New York. Cell: 646 77.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16224 Bangladesh: PLEASE QUOTE FOR STATUARIETTO COMMERCIAL QUALITY. OUR TEL. NO. IS 0088-02-89.....Dec 30, Contact

e 16190 India: We would be interested in buying Egyptian marble of different colors. Please advise us the rates, samples and characteristics of the stone. My tel. no. is 0091-98455..... Dec 28, Contact

e 16188 Australia: We are requiring 3000-4000 sqm of Crema marfil for a project. Can you assist? Dec 28, Contact

e 16181 India: We are importer for Imported Marble Industry in India. Our company is based in Mumbai- India. We are interested in importing your entire range of marbles for exclusive distribution in ENTIRE INDIA. Kindly send us pictures and prices of your marbles. Information regarding terms and conditions of sale. Dec 27, Contact

e 16167: Please quote for Italian marble Perlato Sicilia slabs 2 & 3cm and tiles 30 x 60 & 40 x 40 . Dec 24, Contact

e 16153 USA: I want Boca White marble. Please quote. Dec 23, Contact

e 16144: I am working on a project which my client desires to use Italian marble, imported from Italy. The (very large) mansion, is going to be built in the lower part of Nigeria, a tropical climate with at least 50% rainfall each year. I have two questions:
1. is marble a good choice for this type of climate?
2. if it is, since I expect the colors of the sky to be mostly grey, what types of marble would be aesthetically pleasing in this color...? Dec 22, Contact

e 16137: I am a wholesale buyer of marble. Please send me relevant information about marble vendors, their prices and countries of origin.  Dec 21, Contact

e 16120 Lebanon: Kindly send us quotation for Italian marble perlato royal, verde alpi, upari lillac blue, rosso verona, bianco venato, rosa perlino. Dec 21, Contact 

e 16111 Korea: We are looking for Botticino from Italy and our order would be as follows (first order): 
1) 600mm*600mm*20mm: USD 1,000,000 for the 1st order. Please send a sample and catalogue along with your best CNF Busan price list. Our tel. no. is 82-31-96.....Dec 19, Contact


e 16097: We are very interested in buying blocks of marble, limestone or travertine. Please provide us with pricelist and photos. Dec 17, Contact

e 16087 USA: We have a project for which Mura marble has been selected. We are urgently seeking factories in Bulgaria who produces Mura marble. We are interested in blocks or rough or honed slabs in 2 & 3 cm thickness. Please advise the size of the blocks or slabs? We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 818.25.....Dec 17, Contact

e 16082 USA: I am also looking for Verde Fuoca. I am located in NJ. I want 1 container per month. Dec 17, Contact

e 16049 Egypt: Please quote for chocolate travertine, bianco carrara, crema rakbelso, moncervetto. Dec 15, Contact

e 16040 USA: I am looking for some Balinese Tile 4" x 4" in size and green in color. I have found it in Bali but have not been about to find a supplier in the USA. We need 2100 pieces of this tile to be shipped to Balize or Miami. Dec 15, Contact

e 16037 Togo: We are consultant to most of the Corporate and Governmental organizations. We source for companies that can supply them their needs. We have been appointed to source for a reliable company that will be capable to supply MARBLES in large quantity as a contract, they indicated that they would be interested to import all kinds MARBLES to all here in West African. 
If you are capable of handling this contract and also agree with our terms, do not hesitate to reply so that we will seal up the Commission Agreement Legally. Once we settle with the commission issue. Dec 14, Contact

e 16032 USA: Please find below my request for quotation. The first two needs are immediate so I would like to use a domestic source. The last application is a few months out so I could consider importing however I would prefer to deal with a US company. I am most interested in finding a company I can work with on an ongoing basis, but since I don't know who these companies are could you please forward my request on to all? Will order immediately upon approval of samples and pricing. 
Have 2 immediate applications and one confirmed future application 
1. Granite Slabs 
Qty 4 - Polished Granite Slab 25.5" x 96" Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
Qty 1 - Polished Granite Slab 38" x 40" Bullnose 4 sides 
Looking for style similar to: 
http://www.findstone.com/BRAgran15.htm  - Ouro Bahia & Gialloitabela 
http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm  - Tiger Skin Yellow 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
I am a contractor and am looking for a regular supplier I can work with. 
1. Marble Tiles and Marble Slabs. Looking for style similar to: Chinese marble M003. 
2. Egyptian marble slabs and tiles of Absolute Beige, Brescia Sinai and Filetto Hassana, Fleto Hasanah 
Tiles 12" x 12" 3/8" Qty - 360 Sq ft. commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Slabs 21.5 x 96 Qty 2 Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Tiles Tiles 12" x 12" 3/8" (Qty - 2100 Sq ft. First Quality) 
I am in WA and my tel. no. is (425) 24.....Dec 14, Contact 

e 16018 Philippines: We want to buy granite, marble, slates & sand stones, please send us the related information & pictures that we need. We would like to know what stocks you have for Black galaxy, absolute black, dark emperador, baltic brown, Uba Tuba Green, Giallo Venziano, Tan Brown, Travertine etc, prefab in slab size. Our tel no.: (632) 75.....Dec 13, Contact

e 15997 Indonesia: We are an Indonesian Real Estate Developer. We start to build a few apartment towers. We need some information about slab marble for flooring. We need Statuario Venato, Pighes white, Graniti Drama white slabs. Size is 120 x 120cm x 2cm. Quantity is 10000 sqm.  If possible please email us photos of the slabs with the 120 x 240cm size for identifying the pattern. Our phone no. is 62-2125.....Dec 10, Contact 

e 15968 Libya: WE ARE LOOKING OF 10000 M2 FOR CARRARA FLOOR TILES 40 x 40 x 2CM, 30 x 60 x 2 (FOB price should be around EUR 6.5 ). We are ready to place immediate order after receipt THE YOUR P- INVOICE. Dec 9, Contact

e 15967: More info. requested about all kinds of marbles, colors and prices. Dec 8, Contact

e 15963 Jordan: We are interested in marbles product from China CIF Aqaba of Jordan with quantity of 100,000 MT. Please provide us with more details and your competitive price lists. Dec 8, Contact

e 15945 Ukraine: We are interested in suppliers of Onyx and marble slabs of big dimensions from Pakistan. Our quantity will be about 1 container of slabs. Dec 7, Contact

e 15937 Australia: Can you please email current stock availably and prices on 20mm polished slabs and 303x305 ,30x30 or 60x60 polished tiles of Indian marble and granite CIF Melbourne Australia. Dec 7, Contact

e 15910 Suriname: We are suppliers of various products for the Caribbean market. We import our goods mainly from China, India, USA, Brasil and the Netherlands. We would like to receive the quotation for marble tiles from Turkey together with the company details. Dec 6, Contact

e 15894 USA: Please send Marble, Granite and Travertine prices. We are in FL. Our fax no. is 904.28......Dec 4, Contact

e 15859: We want to buy many containers of Stone Tiles like:
1. Iran -- Travertine, Marble, Limestone
2. Syria -- Limestone
3. Egypt - Marble
We need good quality products , reliable suppliers and competitive prices for large volume. Dec 1, Contact

e 15844 Iran: We are looking to import White Thassos stone tiles with following specifications: Quality: Sorted, Super, (best quality, quite mono-color with no spots or veins). Dimensions: each tile (300 X 600 X 10). Dec 1, Contact

e 15815 Turkey: We would be pleased to introduce our company dealing with construction, import and marketing of swimming pools, spas, fountains, saunas. We are mostly interested in marble and limestone for swimming pools. We would like to work with you in Turkey. We would be pleased to receive your all product information and prices. Our tel. no. is +90 216 36.....Nov 28, Contact

e 15811 Australia: We are interested in importing granite, marble and sandstone tiles. Please let me know how we can get some samples of your products. Nov 28, Contact

e 15809 Nigeria: Give me your prices for (2cm) Perlato royal slabs, white carrara slabs, perlato sicilia slabs, and perlato royal tiles 30 x 30cm. Also quote shipment and transportation. My contact no. is 234-80345.....Nov 27, Contact

e 15803 USA: Please advise if you can supply Bianco Carrara excellent quality tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished - 300 pcs. Dark green marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished -1000 pcs. Medium green marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished-1000 pcs. Salome marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished- 500 pcs. White thassos extra marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished - 500 pcs. Also agglo simplex perlato royal marble tiles 30cmx65 1.2cm thickness 14000 Sq ft. per year. Please quote your best price, also need to know if you can e-mail to us photos of each item and payment methods you accept. My tel. no. is 1-812-39.....Nov 27, Contact

e 15799 Suriname: We are interested to buy the following marble tiles: Bianco carrara "C" extra, Arabescato carrara 1st., Bianco carrara "CD" 1st. Size : 61x61x2. Qty : 350 square mtr. In total 3 x20ft cntr. Price in usd. Our tel. no. is 597-4.....Nov 27, Contact

e 15790 Libya: Our company is looking for suppliers/manufacturers for the following: MARBLE CARRARA WHITE FLOOR TILES 300 x 600 mm & 400 x 400 mm with quantity 10000 sqm (FOB price should be around USD 7). We are ready to place immediate order after receipt of price-offer and pictures by email. Our tel. no. is 00218 91 37.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15789 Singapore: I am an interior designer, currently working on a retail project. I would like to request for the quotation of marble and mosaic flooring together with the installation price. Could you kindly provide me with the quotations? My mobile no is 964.....I would like to go for dark brown like walnut or even black color. Nov 26, Contact

e 15784 Singapore: I want to purchase for a project: 
1) Breccia Tavira (Cafe Rosita) Marble - polished Size: 300 x 600 x 20mm. Qty: 1500 m2 
2) Volaska Marble - Polished Size: 300 x 600 x 20mm. Qty: 1500 m2. Nov 26, Contact

e 15780 West Indies: I want to buy 900 square feet of marble 16x16 or 18x18 polished tiles in a white of cream beige colour. My budget is  not more than US$ 1.90 per sq ft. I am willing to buy from any where in the world. I will be paying via wire transfer or money order. I will like to place order be February 2005. My number is 868 638 7444, 868 73.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15777 Iran: We are One of company working in terms of building material. One of our customer need's 5000 sqm of white stone by this size:
Absolute White Marble (Thassos Snow White) Tile:
30 x 60 x 1.7 Qty:1000 m2 and 40 x 40 x 1.7 Qty: 1000m2
40 x Length x 1.7 Qty:1000m2
60 x 180 x 1.7 Qty:1000m2 
60 x 180 x 3.5 Qty:1000m2. Tel: +982183.....Nov 26, Contact

e 15771 USA: I am looking for specifications and samples of Crystallino polished tile. Nov 25, Contact

e 15769 USA: We are seeking approximately 40-50 slabs of 2cm - "Fior Di Mare" Natural Marble. Final order quantities will be based on slabs size compared to project needs. The slabs must be polished on one face and be of typical marble slab size. The slabs must also be 2cm thick and within industry standard tolerances. The material must be sound quality as they will be used as wall panels. We are willing to buy from anywhere in the United States or from the country of origin, Italy. This project will most likely happen within the next 4-8 months. In order to finalize a supplier, we must receive a sample of the material to be supplied, pricing information, delivery lead times, payment terms and possibly a photo of the slabs if required buy the end user. We expect to finalize the order no later than the end of January, 2005. Phone: 214-38.....Nov 24, Contact

e 15761 USA: If you company offers any catalogs please send me. I am in Princeton. Nov 23, Contact

e 15756 USA: I would like to receive quotes for containers of polished slabs of marble and granite 2 and 3 cm, first quality only, with a minimum size of 5 ft. x 9 ft. I am looking to purchase approximately 2 containers per month if a relationship can be established with a supplier. The first container would be purchased within the next month. Please include shipping quotes with the material quotes. My tel. no. is 719 23..... Nov 23, Contact

e 15752 Libya: I have a Marble factory in Libya. I am interested in Marble Tiles Perlato Sicilia. Nov 23, Contact

e 15749 Singapore: We are a marble and granite supplier. We supply materials to real estate developments in Singapore, Malaysia, India and China. Currently we are in need to import a marble named Annaba Ivory. We were informed that this Annaba Ivory is from Turkey. We would be grateful if you could kindly advice whether you could supply us this Annaba Ivory marble tiles in 600 X 600 X 20mm polished in the quantity of 3000 to 5000 Sqm. If yes, kindly advice the price (CIF Singapore) and the lead time. Nov 22, Contact

e 15747 Greece: We are interested in buying scrap of semi-precious stones as: Amethyst, Agate, Sodalite, Quartz, Turquoise and Carnelian. The sizes can vary from 0.5cm. to 3cm. and should be rough. Also want scrap Marble from: 
Argentina: Cielo Azul
Brazil: Azul, Blue Aquamarine, Pau Brazil, Flamingo, Rosa, Azul Macaubas, Esmeralda Bahia.
China: Moss Green
Turkey: Rosa Levanto
And scrap Granite from India: Kyadikuppa Red, Imperial red. Marble, Granite and Slate must be in broken pieces and the thickness should be from 1cm. to 3cm. Nov 22, Contact 

e 15743 FINLAND: We would need a block of white carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. The stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Tel + 358 9 68.....Nov 22, Contact 

e 15741 China: We have interest in importing some Crema Marfil blocks, could you please make us a quotation both for FOB and CNF Tianjin port? Our tel. no. is 0086-311-70.....Nov 22, Contact 

e 15727: We work with some stone cutting manufacturer. We need to blocks of : 
1- laguna rosso 250-350 ton/month
2- rosso rubino 250-350 ton/month
3- collenandina rosso 100 ton/month
4- botticino 100 ton/month
5- koya sa 100 ton/month
6- filletto rosso classio 50 ton/month
7- biancone 50 ton/month
Please send me your stock block with complete information as soon as possible. Nov 21, Contact 

e 15720 USA: We are interested in getting pricing on your tumbled marble and travertine. We are interested in the 4X4 & 12X12 sizes. We would like to receive some samples on these. We are a large distributor of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles in Connecticut. We are very interested in selling the tumbled marble and travertine as soon as possible. We would like to see a salesman next week if possible. Out tel. no. in Connecticut is  203-26.....Nov 20, Contact 


e 15713 USA: I am interested in matching existing marble in my home and the two that may be similar from the images in the stone library are 1) Mexican- Mayan or 2) Mexican-Mountain Rose. Nov 20, Contact 

e 15681 Canada: I am a contractor in Montreal. I would like to receive all patterns in ceramics & tumbled marble. I am also interested in waterjet products. Nov 18, Contact

e 15663 UAE: We are interested to buy Creama marfle, bottochino and Emperador. We are based in Dubai. Kindly quote your prices from
slab, first choice.  Nov 17, Contact

e 15654 India: We need large quantity of green marble for export purpose. Nov 17, Contact

e 15637 India: We require 5 containers of white marble slabs or Blocks of Vietnam origin. Nov 16, Contact

e 15635 India: I am interested only in the WHITE MARBLE. Email me relevant information. Nov 16, Contact

e 15632 UAE: We are urgently in need of Indian marble Abu-Figurative (as quoted in one of the price list for 60 x 60 x 1.8cm @ Rs.19/- Indian rupees for 60 x 60 x 1.8cm per piece), Abu Black & Forest Green, Ambaji Commercial, Banswara Brown, Morwad - Gold Sky, Silver Sky, Sky Line, Piyawdi White. Please send us product specification photo and size details. One side should be polished and cut as per size requirement. My mobile no. is 009715056.....Nov 16, Contact

e 15625 USA: NEED scrap of BIANCO ROMANO 3 cm. (Prefer without any or much gold in order to match part of job already done). NEED: only 1/2 slab or so: fabricator sliced our slab in 1/2 by error. Please email or call asap. The other part is already installed and we were to have 25 family members for Thanksgiving! I am in Denver. Nov 16, Contact


e 15603: Please could you send me details about importing containers of creme rejio and moca creme all finishes that you offer. I work for a company which makes fireplaces. Nov 14, Contact

e 15581 USA: We are interesting in importing bulk quantities of marble and onyx for major, multi story construction projects, in the UAE. 
Please provide us with individual quotations per sqm for the following types, including cost & freight charges to Sharjah:
Verona Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Botticino (fancy) Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Gold Tiles 30x30x2cm
Black Gold Tiles 80x12x2cm, 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Deep Green Onyx Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Medium Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Light Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Green Uncut Onyx Block / ton
Note that the bulk quantity will be in excess of 30,000 sq. meters. Further details will be furnished based upon your positive response. Modes of transportation should be specified in your quotations. Tel. no. + 971 6 55......Nov 12, Contact 


e 15579 Greece: Please quote for supplying around 200 sq m. of 60 x 60 x 2 cm tiles of polished Portuguese Light Pink Rosa Aurora marble, shipped to Athens, Greece. Nov 12, Contact

e 15573 Canada: I am looking for a container of assorted marble, Travertine filled and polished, Botticino Classico, Perlato Cecilia Classico, Crema marfil and Bianco Carrara, all 5/8 thick, 34"x4.5", and all with double bevel 1/4 on both sides. Quote me the best price possible. Nov 12, Contact 

e 15572 Australia: We ask about GALALA pure white from Egypt. We need about 5 containers per month. Please quote with samples. Our tel. no. is 01233.....Nov 12, Contact 

e 15571 UAE: We are in need of marble Indian Abu fujitive 3000 sq ft, I will apprecite if you could send us price quotation along with product specification photo and size details. One side should be polished. The requirement is for our house under construction in Muzaffarpur, India. My tel. no. is 00971 (0)4 22.....Nov 11, Contact 

e 15570 USA: Granite slab importers looking for 5,500 sq feet, 12x12x3/8 inch, granite tiles in giallo fiorito. Have a quickly approaching deadline and would probably need to communicate with one of you US distributors. Nov 11, Contact 

e 15568 Finland: We would need a block of white Carrara marble, size ca. 40x25x20 cm. The stone will be used for a sculpture. Which quality is best for this purpose? Tel + 358 9 68.....Nov 11, Contact 

e 15549 Norway: Email me relevant information for import of limestone from Portugal like Gasgogne blue, etc. Nov 10, Contact

e 15542 France: I am searching for Bianco Asiago urgently. The quantity is approx. 500 sqm of 80 x 80. My tel. no. is 06757.....Nov 10, Contact

e 15530 USA: Do you carry New Portoro Marble in 18x18 tiles? 1500 square feet needed. Please quote price and delivery point. Nov 9, Contact

e 15525 Saudi Arabia: Please be kind enough to quote your best price for Egyptian Marble C & F Dammam or Jeddah Port Saudi Arabia. Also send picture for the stone. The stone should be at least 1,5 x 1 x 1 mt (around 20 : 22 ton Weight). Nov 9, Contact

e 15521 Indonesia: We need to know your best possible price for Statuario marble 120X120cm for 20000 sqm. Nov 9, Contact

e 15508 Pakistan: We wish to import GREEN MARBLE FROM INDIA. Kindly Quote your best CNF Karachi Port along with detailed Specification. Our tel. no. is +92-21-24.....Nov 8, Contact

e 15495 India: I am in need of marbles from Oman, Turkey and Egypt. I would like to buy 1 container 20 ft., from each country with a variety of 4 colours. That is 1 container may have 1000 sq ft per colour and 4 colours which would make it 4000 sft. I would like to have the c&f rates TUTTICORIN PORT INDIA.  Nov 6, Contact

e 15491 France: We are manufacturer of laboratory furniture and we have interest for artificial marble. Can you sent us more information on your product (size of sheets, thickness, colours, design, package, prices, ...). May be we can be your distributor for Europe or France. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15488 Canada: We are looking for supplier of PORTUGUESE (1) CREMA AL LIGHT and (2) AZUL AL DARK- Tiles & Slabs. We are interested only buy full containers loads. 
(1) TILES (thickness 10mm): sizes 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 30x90cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm and 60x60cm @ Honed and Polish finish
(2) SLABS (thickness 20mm and 30mm): @ Honed and Polish finish (Please advice Maximum size of slabs)
(a) Kindly advise us of LEAD-TIME, and your PRICE (FOB Lisbon and /or CIF Toronto)
(b) Payment Terms: only acceptable CAD (60-90 days from B/L)
(c) We also required the full size sample of Honed and Polish, finish to take your offer in consideration. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15473 UK: I need some suppliers of marble, granite, limestone and travertine from Syria, UAE, and other parts of the Middle East. Nov 4, Contact

e 15446 USA: We are interested in buying around 20000 sq ft of Quizhou Beige Marble. We need cut to size pieces. Delivery date no later then 30 Dec 2004. Please quote FOB price china for slabs and cut to size, sizes vary.. so no much wastage from slabs. We are in Atlanta. My cell no. is 416 41..... Nov 3, Contact

e 15439 USA: I want the rates for Omani marble royal beige, opel pink light, desert rose. Please send the rates for lots of 200 sq ft to 3500 sq ft and what is the difference if we buy small lots and what is the import duty please give the CIF rates. Must be 16X16 or larger. 
Nov 3, Contact 

e 15432 Greece: We would like to visit India in order to find marble, granite, slate, etc. However, we would like to visit an area that we will find the more possible materials. Looking for an area which has all the Indian manufacturers of stone. We are interested to find a place like Shuitou in Fujian in China for example that attracts all the manufacturers of China. Nov 2, Contact 

e 15429 USA: I am looking for Perlato Botticino marble tile (need 12" x 12"). Nov 2, Contact 

e 15428 UK: I am looking for a stockist in the UK of Emperador Marble which originates from Spain. Could you advise if there are any stockist in the UK. Nov 2, Contact 

e 15422: Email me relevant information slate slabs, granite slabs, marble slabs. Nov 2, Contact

e 15417 Nigeria: My company deals in the sales of all kinds of Stone products, e.g Tiles and slabs. We are running out of stock. Thus we need to make urgent purchase from your company. We encounter problems locally dealing with middlemen importers and it is our concern that a direct link with the main suppliers abroad will be a better-cost reduction. Could you advise on how to pay for these goods? We suggest that we will should pay for all our goods in T/T. Nov 1, Contact

e 15414 India: I would be interested in contacting the suppliers from Vietnam and Taiwan for marble. Oct 31, Contact

e 15376: I am interested in buying marble. Please email me your offers with minimum order quantity. Oct 28, Contact 


e 15331 UK: We are near Manchester UK. We want buy many containers on a regular basis of Stone Tiles in Travertine, Marble and  Limestone. Please advise prices and all details. My tel no. 0044 1606 3.....Oct 25, Contact

e 15329 Australia: I am interested in importing Travertine and Marble products from Turkey to Australia. Please contact me via email or on (612) 935..... to discuss further. Oct 25, Contact

e 15300: Email me relevant information for marble, travertine, granite, limestone and slate tiles. Oct 21, Contact

e 15285 Italy: I would like to contact a number of suppliers of Italian marble tiles (30x60x2 or 30x90x2) and slabs. Oct 20, Contact

e 15280 USA: We are looking for a source and quote on Thailand marble in Peacock Green. Please let me know if you have such a product. Oct 20, Contact

e 15277 Canada: I am looking for bianco carrera C tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8. Can I have a quotation for this please? I will order 1 container. Oct 20, Contact


e 15269 Switzerland: We are looking for marble and travertine tiles for two houses being built. We need marble, creme or beige color, 30 x 30cm x 1 or 40 x 40 x 1 polished for 350 square meters. We need travertine for bathrooms, creme or light brown color, 30 x 30cm x 1 or
40 x 40 x 1 cross-cut, filled, honed for 100 square meters. We are in France and Switzerland. Price range should be under USD18-20 per square meter. Needed by December. Good price and sample (will pay) will get immediate order. We are builders of homes in local area. Oct 19, Contact 

e 15262 USA: Need 10 slabs 9' X 5' X ¾" light green / bright green marble, veining and pattern preferred. I am in NYC. My tel. no. is  212 8.....Oct 19, Contact 

e 15243: Looking for a supplier of marble,  granite and slate. Please send prices quote. Oct 18, Contact

e 15235 India: We are a construction co. requiring best quality Beige marble blocks or slabs. We require about 50,000 sqmts of marble in 9 months. We prefer Beige, Cream marfil, Damscata or any other marble closer to Perlato Sicilia. Oct 18, Contact 

e 15213 USA: We are looking for 150 m2 of botticino classico or semi-classico for delivery to Norfolk, Virginia. Require in 4-5 months time. Oct 16, Contact 

e 15199 India: I am interested in contacting marble suppliers from Pakistan. My tel. no. is 0091-22-284.....Oct 15, Contact 

e 15198: Please send to me price of the white marble. I am interested in 5000 m2 for one building, 550m2 for other and more 550m2 for 3th. All 60x30x1.5cm and 2cm. So at the moment only about 6000m2 in total. Oct 15, Contact 

e 15172 USA: I want BRECCIA ONICIATA TILES. Please, let me know the total amount in Dollars. Oct 13, Contact

e 15158: You are kindly requested to quote for the supply of 400m2 Rosa Aurora classico from Portugal 30 x 60 x 3.5 cm size unpolished ex-factory. Oct 12, Contact 

e 15141: We are a construction company interested in marble slabs and tiles. Please email us your price list. Oct 11, Contact 

e 15133 USA: Please quote for 5000 sq ft of Perlato Sicilia-polished and finished 60x60x2 cm. Need delivery in 60 days FOB Baltimore. I will be visiting Palermo on October 16. Kindly contact right away with prices. Oct 11, Contact 

e 15117 Iran: I am looking for Indian Green Marble in size of: 35 x 120 cm and it's diameter be 4 cm. I need it 1800 meter of it. Please quote. Oct 9, Contact

e 15116 USA: We are interested in importing various styles of Travertine and Creama Marfil to the USA. Please confirm your prices from the price list and also provide pictures if you have them. Here are some additional questions we have:
1. What is the thickness of the tile for the different sizes (18x18, 16x16, 12x12)?
2. We have never imported from Turkey before. Do you know an approximate shipping rate per container (20' or 40') to the port of Los Angeles?
3. What payment terms do you accept?
4. Please specify the quantity of tiles per container and explain the packaging of the tiles
5. Please confirm that these prices are for crosscut, honed & filled for the Travertine, and polished for the Creama Marfil
6. What is the lead time after an order is placed? Do you have any pictures of the multicolor travertine?
Also, please provide us with your contact information. We are ready to begin importing this immediately. Our tel. no. is 760-90.....Oct 9, Contact

e 15114 India: We have started construction of 30 storied residential tower in Bombay. We want to import 300000 sq ft of Turkish marble. We are going start consumption of material from January 05. Kindly quote. Oct 9, Contact

e 15110 USA: I need to purchase cappaccino beige marble. Where do I buy and how much? Oct 9, Contact

e 15105: We are looking for stone tiles preferably yellow Mitzpe. We would like to know the price for ~250 sq meters. Our tel. no. is 972-9-89.....Oct 9, Contact 

e 15102 USA: I am looking to purchase roughly a half ton block of White Thassos marble (this is assuming you are using English and not metric tons). I would like the block to be as close to cubic as possible. A 2 foot cube should be around half a ton, and I would not like the piece significantly smaller than that. The block is to be used for sculpture, so there can't be any internal defects. I am in MA. My tel. no. is 617-86.....I would like to keep the shipping cost to a minimum, so purchasing within the US is preferred. If I cannot get Thassos within the US then I would be alright with Staturario. As soon as I get a quote including shipping I will be ready to buy, assuming the shipping cost is not exorbitant. Oct 8, Contact 

e 15093 Singapore: My company have a project going on in Singapore and my client have request for a Sandy Pinkish Red color marble. I have since proposed Rosa Gerona to their architect and they have agreed on this material. The size they required is to be 600x600mm and the thickness can be about 15-18mm. The total quantity for this first lot is 800sqm+ 
Do let me know if you are able to supply this material within the next 70 days. If you do, I will need you to send us a small piece sample to us. At the same time, please do provide me your best pricing for this material. We deal with the import and export of building materials in Singapore for the last 10 years. We do import our stones from Vietnam, India and China and Greece. We support them to Singapore local projects or export them to other countries. My tel. no. is 636.....Oct 8, Contact

e 15081 Malaysia: Would appreciate if you could provide us the price range of marble. We would like to use it for our homes. Oct 7, Contact 

e 15073 Bangladesh: I am interested to expand my business with Pakistan for MARBLE Slabs. Kindly send complete products detail, price per container C&F Chittagong & ICD Dhaka, including clear color catalogs. Oct 7, Contact 

e 15066 Israel: We are an international company who specializes in Importing and marketing Marble & Stone, largely from Turkey. Since we considering ourselves as a dynamic renew company, we are keeping our product basket daily update! We want to expand our product basket with the Bulgarian materials. We Will be visit Bulgaria on the beginning of November. We would like cooperation with fabrication owners. Fabrication owners who has the right export position. We will update you with the convenient time for us to arrive. Oct 6, Contact  

e 15046: Please quote for Azul Macaubas and Azul Bahia. Oct 5, Contact 

e 15040 USA: Send me information on how to start a distributorship in of the city's of South Carolina. Oct 5, Contact 

e 15034 India: We are very much interested in importing Italian Marbles in India. We request you to send the complete offer. The prices should be inclusive of all taxes Like Freight, and at any port in India. Our tel. no. is 0091-98140.....Oct 4, Contact 

e 15026 USA: Please send me a price list and pictures for the granite and marble slabs and also if you have for sell a stone saw to cut granite and marble slabs. I am in California. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15025 UK: Price FOB Bombay for a 26 t container load of granite and marble tiles (in pallets) 10 mm thickness-polished and machine cut complying to British Standard. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15024: Email me relevant information regarding marble and granite stones like latest rates per sq.ft, sizes available, new upcomings in the market. Oct 4, Contact

e 15013 USA: Retail: I need 500 small finished pieces of a dark green marble or granite slab, 3 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 5/8". I am in IL. Oct 1, Contact 

e 15011 UK: We are a distributor/wholesaler for all types of marble tiles and supply to the UK. We are interested in obtaining 1 main supplier from Greece who can supply us with the best quality white marble and other marble tiles at the most competitive prices. We can order up to 30 containers a year. I will be coming to Greece and making my first order. Our tel. no. is 004479762.....Oct 1, Contact 

e 15006 South Africa: We urgently need samples for Thassos limestone and price per square meter. Could you please email the price details. Our tel. no. is +27 11 31.....Oct 1, Contact 

e 15005 Malaysia: Please quote us your best prices for "Ruweidiah Pink" Granite on CNF Port Klang. Also advise the time of delivery and forward the actual photograph. Oct 1, Contact 

e 15002 Ireland: I want to start a business in Natural Stone Tiles & Slabs + Building Stone, quoins, sills, etc. I would like to import material from Asia. Want to place order by December 2004. My tel. no. is +353 8686.....Oct 1, Contact

e 15001 USA: I am a stone and tile fabricator and installer. We are doing a big job and need Serpeggiante righina marble for one of the bathrooms. I am in need of 2cm or 3cm marble and 12x12 tiles or larger. I will take what I can get. I need a bundle of slabs and at least 300 square feet of tile. Looking for anyone in the United States that has any. If not who can ship me some immediately. We are in LA. Our tel. no. is 225-75.....Oct 1, Contact

e 14999 UAE: I would like to have an idea about the prices of the different available color and the following sizes and finishes: 30x60x2cm polished. Slabs 2cm and 3cm thickness polished & Steps 33 x 3cm polished. I am an importer located in the U.A.E. Dubai. My tel. no. is +971 3 72..... Oct 1, Contact

e 14996 Spain: I am an Spanish marble trader. I have an enquiry for 150 m2 VIDRACOS ATAIJA AZUL honed tiles 20 x 20 x 2 cm. Would you please quote me this material? Phone: +34.607.1.....Sept 30, Contact

e 14968 Canada: I would like to contact Pakistani marble suppliers.  Sept 28, Contact

e 14957 USA: We are a commercial contractor/ fabricator looking for Tunas Green (10 slabs 2 cm and 9 slabs 3 cm) OR (all 19 slabs 3 cm). All slabs to be polished. Needed by the 3rd week of October. Cleveland, Ohio Area. Typical Tunas, medium in darkness with minimal veining. Sept 28, Contact

e 14945 Kazakhstan: My company is looking for Turkish marbles and travertines as well as mosaics like  as stated below. Material needed is Bursa sugar beige cream, Bursa Beige, Bursa Moired, Emperador  Dark&Light, Finike Limestone, Marmara white, aegean brown crosscut and tumbled travertines: red, antique red, antique red brushed, antique white, polished brushed yellow. Please send your product price list and terms of payment. Sept 27, Contact

e 14944 Turkey: We need Crema Marfil for a project. Total is approximately 900 sqm. We need this material urgently. Please quote  including delivery time and stock information and payment conditions. Sept 27, Contact

e 14943 China: We have a project on hand. Could you please kindly advise the materials below (the price, country of origin, photos and alternative stone)?
Onyx Gold, Silver Apollo, Pompeii Gold:DARK GOLD, Sarrancolin, Rosa Delicato :is it actually"ROSSO ALICANTE"? Red Onyx:the colour is between gold and orange, Salmon Onyx Gold, Silver Water: GREY, Old Church Red, verde campa, White Ciera:GRANITE, Capri and Rosso Robino. Sept 27, Contact

e 14937 USA: Products needed marble honed/filled antique and standard finish marble pavers in cream and taupe colored marbles and travertine needed for exterior residential and commercial applications
suppliers needed for year round sales to Chicago based company. Architectural stone carvings for exterior and interior all custom applications for residential and commercial applications and buildings. Carved limestone and marble honed and polished fireplaces. Needed companies to work with for standard and custom fireplaces we supply cad drawings and you supply finished product usually bought on container basis.
Looking for any and all suppliers interested working on a direct basis with retail store for supplied custom designs of fireplaces and architectural elements.
Looking for suppliers of marble and travertine exterior building elements columns/ pavers/ mosaic inlays/ bricks/ balustrades/ post/column/coping/and capping products including fountains and various structural interior building pieces. Constant needs for custom stone fabricators of described above.
Looking for marble or travertine pavers 1 5/16" currently paying 5.15 a square foot and would like to find a better price currently buy 3000 or more sq feet at a time.
We have opened new company and looking for manufacturers to develop a trade marked product for future distribution nationally.
Working on building a portfolio of stone designs for building that will change the way we build homes today
am trying to start a building foundation that is tied into not for profit companies to promote education and learning of stone building techniques and technology advancement in stone carving and cutting based on sacred geometry proportions any and all inquiries will be considered looking for help also in promoting the new ideas I have for the stone trade in general. My phone no. is 847 54......Sept 26, Contact

e 14929 Israel: We import products from: TURKEY (TRAVERTINE MARBLE) and from: CHINA (MOSAIC TILES).
We will be glad to get some information by e-mail about your production specially of TRAVERTINE and CREMA BEIGE. Sizes: 30 x free x 1.2 cm or x 2 cm. Tel : 972-(0)50-57......Sept 25, Contact 

e 14912 Georgia: I am the project coordinator of one of the Georgia's biggest designing-construction company. We are interested in importing Chinese granites, ceramic, marble...tiles and slabs. Can you provide me with detailed information about your products and about their prices. We are interested in becoming a  dealer in Georgia. Sept 24, Contact 

e 14905 China: Looking for Serpeggiante from Italy. The quality requirement is no red line and more white background. Please quote prices and send related photos. Sept 24, Contact

e 14888 USA: I am interested in purchasing Durango Tile. Sept 23, Contact

e 14882 Australia: I am presently re-structuring my marketing to be exclusive in regards to exotic materials. I feel every designer wishes to signature their work with an individual material. 
Popular colours in Australia at present are Chocolates, Charcoal greys and Taupes. Earthy materials are also popular, hence Travertines are having a strong resurgence. Marbles, Onyx and limestones are what I am interested in, gentle flowing grain textures are popular. Smooth silky feel is also popular. Busy Materials (eg. Imperial Brown) are less popular. Are you able to suggest materials which can assist me in providing the 
exotic materials I require? One material I am presently very interested in is "Lucia" from Croatia. I have presented a "prototype" sample to many of my clients and the immediate response has been strong. My contact no. is +61421 3.....Sept 23, Contact

e 14875 Brazil: Please quote in sqm for Carrara venatino Marble from Italy, size  2.40 x 1.90 thickness 2 cm.  Sept 23, Contact 


e 14864 USA: I have inquiries from a marble manufacture in China to buy marble material from the US. They want to buy marble from US. I'll find out the spec. from them. Please quote shipping handling, payment terms, etc. Sept 22, Contact 

e 14858 USA: I am a sculptor/distributor and am going to market a sculpture I have made to many markets. I am in need of bases. They will need to be polished and have the edges rounded somewhat to avoid chipping.
The sculpture will be bronze but I am in need of bases for it. Black Marble will be preferred but other types of stone will be considered. It can not be so hard that I can not drill it. Unless you know for sure you can drill the holes in the right place with the sample or template I provide you.
I will need bases 5" x 5" by 3/4 " (13cm x 13 cm x 2cm) The thickness can be thinner if this is more practical, say for instance you are using tile that is cut form a 1/2" slab.
They will have to have two holes drilled in them for the screws studs to go through on the sculpture. I will either glue the studs in the hole or I will need a larger area on the bottom of the piece for a nut to seat into..
It is hard to know how many of these bases I will need but I am expecting 100 probably. I will need them shipped to Memphis, Tennessee,, I would prefer shipment prices to Mobile, Alabama as well.  My tel. no. is 
205- 6.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14857 Saudi Arabia: I have an interest in a marbles of Pakistan. I want also catalogues of marbles with a samples can you give me the clearer photos. I want to buy a marbles in a big quantity. My tel. no. is  00966-3-81.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14856 USA: I am interested in importing marble, granite, etc. Sept 22, Contact 

e 14813 USA: We would like to sell Marble products  in the United States. Would you please send us your wholesale pricing list? My tel. no. is 610-85.....Sept 18, Contact

e 14806 USA: We are looking for a marble distributor in our area carrying a dark brown marble with cherry colored veins referred to as 'gaudi marble'. We are architects in New York. Our tel. no. is 212.22.....Sept 18, Contact

e 14790 USA: I am in the Corpus Christi, TX area and looking for Cantera stone tiles. Sept 16, Contact

e 14788 UAE: Please send me the full detail of marble which is available with you and quote the price and the place I can see. I need around 10,000 sq. ft. I am in Abu Dhabi. I may need the stone in India. Sept 16, Contact

e 14781 USA: Looking for White marble gazebo with angel colums iron dome top.  Sept 16, Contact 

e 14760: Please quote for Rosso Verona tiles. Sept 14, Contact

e 14759: Please quote with packing details for Rosso Verona tiles. Would you like to send some pictures of this packing. Sept 14, Contact 

e 14701 USA: I am looking for some rossa verona 12x12 polished. We are one box short and all of our suppliers are out of stock with none on order. Sept 10, Contact 

e 14689 USA: I am looking to buy tumbled yellow marble tile about 2200 sq ft. delivered to Los Angeles. Prefer larger tiles (18x18, 24x24). What can you offer? Price (delivered)? Sept 10, Contact 

e 14676 China: I have an enquiry for Crema Marfil (coto or SP) in each type. We need at least 15 containers each month. Please check below. 
1. Produce 12*12*3/8 (price of small block)
2.12mm unpolished slabs
3. 25mm unpolished slabs
Could you please kindly quote me the price? Please help and we need large quantity now. Sept 9, Contact 

e 14666 USA: I am looking for a source for Moroccan black fossil stone. Sept 8, Contact 

e 14642 USA: I need to find out if the pricing for Cream Marfil Honed. Is the same as polished Creama Marfil Classico @ $23.00 sq meter US dollars? I need this item in 12 X 12 X 1 cm honed finish. I am looking for 18,000 sq ft. Sept 7, Contact  

e 14638: I am looking for a type of marble called "Michelangelo Marble". Is this a type of marble and what is the common name for it? Sept 7, Contact 

e 14634 USA: I need slabs and tiles (squares) of the Rose Tea marble and tiles only of the Persian Green. I am in Los Angeles, California. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14630 USA: I am looking for a steady supplier of first quality tumbled Botticino Marble tiles. I use them in the manufacture of decorative tiles, coasters, and trivets. The surface needs to be unpolished and as unpitted as possible to accept the transfer process. Any light colored marble with very minimum veining and color variation that can accept heat applied up to 400 degrees and firm pressure would work. The sizes I am looking for are 2"x2," 4"x4", and 6"x6". Travertine is too delicate and cracks under the application of heat and pressure. I would be willing to buy pallets or single boxes. Quantities vary in my needs, but I would be willing to buy larger lots and store them for a better price. Currently I am buying 30 square feet of the 4"x4" every 2-3 weeks. I thought I had a good distributor, but they do not always stock this item and it takes 3 weeks to arrive from Italy. I would purchase immediately upon sample acceptance. I am in WA. My tel. no. is 1-206-78.....Sept 7, Contact 

e 14611 Australia: I am interested in importing marble tiles and slabs as one of my companies manages construction. I am located in Sydney Australia and my telephone number is 61 2 962.....All quotes must be on first quality. Type of stone required is CREMA PACIFIC from Indonesia. Size required for tiles 600mm x 600mm x 20mm and 470mm x 47mm x 13mm Colour v-1 through to v-6. Width required for slabs is 30mm. Orders will be by the container. I am ready to visit a quarry or agent to check first order. At this stage quality, price and delivery are most important. Please contact asap with prices and photos of samples. Sept 6, Contact 

e 14595: Our company would like to get in touch with the supplier of Egyptian Granite, Marble Limestone - Blocks, slabs & tiles. Sept 4, Contact

e 14572 USA: We are in the market to purchase "Travertine & Marbles" from Turkey, Israel, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, China, and other countries in large quantities. Our contact no. is 323-98......We are in CA. Sept 3, Contact 

e 14567 USA: Looking for either crema marfil marble or ivory travertine tile. Honed. 16 x16 inches or larger. Need 350 square feet. In Connecticut. Construction in November. Sept 3, Contact

e 14562 Sweden: Please quote for Italian marble such as Bianco Carrara, Botticino, Rosso Verono, and Verde Alpi. Payment will be by letter of Credit. Sept 2, Contact

e 14545 Pakistan: We are much pleased to introduce ourselves as your prospective clients. We are commercial importers of Pakistan deal with import of different items according to the demand of our customers with letter of credit, etc. type of conditions.
Presently, we want to know about your product range and price lists to import them to Pakistan for one of our current orders. We also believe that we can find a very good potential in the local market of Pakistan.
Therefore, we will do appreciate to have your descriptive catalogue for our further understanding. 
Furthermore, for price negotiating delivery & shipment procedure and other necessary matters, the undersigned can visit your premises in the mid of September 2004, if that suits your schedule. Our tel. no. is +92-42-58..... Sept 1, Contact  

e 14517 USA: Please quote for Mexican marble & travertine slabs and tiles as displayed in pricelist 1525. Aug 30, Contact

e 14515 USA: Can anyone give me a quotation for 380 sq meters of Indian marble in white, pink, beige shades for flooring for Accra, Ghana with CIF terms and send us information about the way of payment and quality of goods. Can you also email us a production catalogue? Any will do. My phone no. is 860 65.....Aug 30, Contact

e 14511 China: I am looking for Turkish marble and granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Aug 30, Contact

e 14508 USA: We are a major distributor of Turkish marbles and granites. We are currently looking to buy directly from quarries in Turkey a minimum of two containers at a time. We will arrange all shipping to the ports we need material. Please contact us at 340-77.....Aug 30, Contact 

e 14499 UK: I am opening several retail outlets in the UK and need good supplies of travertine, slate, marble, etc. Aug 29, Contact

e 14488: I am looking for an Italian marble called Pallesandro or french classico or a variety of that which is called blue velvet. If you could give me information about this stone, about it's hardness and suitability for floorings. Aug 28, Contact

e 14487 Cameroon: We deal in building material and need granite and marble tiles to sell in Cameroon and central Africa. We need samples and price list to prepare our order.  Aug 28, Contact

e 14482 Vietnam: We specialize in producing and processing all kinds of granite, marble, sandstones products for many years. Most of the products are stone sculpture and many kinds of building materials. Due to the whole efforts of our experienced staff and the excellent quality of our products, they have been expanded to Europe, America, South Korean, Japan, Taiwan and other Southeast Asia country. 
We develop national stone market by importing many stones over the world. We are a large company trading stone in VN. At present, we are interested in Polishing ROYAL BOTTICINO MARBLE. 
Please quote with availability of this stone because we signed the contract with my customer at 3000m2 for Polishing ROYAL BOTTICINO MARBLE. 
Specification : 30 x 30 x 1.5cm : 1500M2 / 30 X 30 X 1.2cm : 1500m2 
Unit price : FOB 
Mode of payment : L/C at sight. Our tel. no. is 84 8 84......Aug 28, Contact

e 14470 USA: We want to buy few slabs of white Carrara marble for reconstruction of missing ornamental details on the historic statue. Would give us some suggestions. We are located in Chicago, but the restoration project will take place in Louisville, KY. Aug 27, Contact 

e 14463 USA: Looking for Spanish Crema Marfil slabs and tiles on wholesale basis. I need an immediate price for 12 X 12 X 1 CM honed and filled. Quantity is 18,000 sq ft. Is this available in commercial quality as well as first grade. I also need samples shipped via air mail collect as soon as possible. Aug 27, Contact 

e 14446 Switzerland: I am looking for small quantities of carving stone for my own use. I have preference for marble and soap stones. Size about 30x30x30 cm. not too irregular, no large defects. Will look at any color. Aug 26, Contact 

e 14423 Pakistan: We are ready to order the following: 
Floor: 30x30x2cm, 40x40x2cm, 60x60x2cm, 75x75x2cm, 90x90x2cm, 100x100x2cm, 120x120x2cm - polished & antiqued finish - total 4500m2 apprx. 
Treads (for staircases): 35x150-180x3cm - polished - total 200m2 apprx.
Risers (for staircases): 15x150-180x2cm - polished - total 100m2 apprx. 
Skirting: 15x60x2cm - polished - total 200m2 apprx.
PATTERN WORK BY WATER-JET (comprising of 4 colours): Rojo Alicante + Galala + Jerusalem Gold + Crema Valencia - thickness 2cm - polished - total 450m2 apprx. (specimen drawing attached)
Terms of payment: L/C at sight for full invoice value of the order - validity period of L/C as per your requirements, allowing part-shipments. PLEASE QUOTE FOR FIRST CHOICE 'A' GRADE MATERIAL ONLY, ALSO INDICATE YOUR MAXIMUM PRODUCTION TIME TO COMPLETE THE ENTIRE ORDER. Tel: +92-51-21.....Aug 25, Contact

e 14414: Please quote for Italian marble slabs and tiles. See pricelist 650. Aug 24, Contact

e 14406 USA: Where can I obtain info on the marble/stone and supplier from Jamaica? I am in New Jersey and my tel. no. is 973-38.....Aug 24, Contact

e 14396 Kuwait: Kindly arrange to send us your price list C& F Kuwait for Omani Marble Royal Cream, Desert Oasis, Desert Rose. Sizes 60 x 60 x 2 & Sizes 30 x 30 x 2. Aug 23, Contact

e 14383 USA: I need a Rosa Del Monte marble slab  for a job in Florida (Sarasota). Need wholesale price from a wholesaler as close as possible to Florida. Also looking for Uba Tuba Green granite slab for same job and delivery. Order will be completed and shipped as soon as suitable slabs are found. Temporary phone number is 310 78.....Aug 23, Contact

e 14367: Please quote for Carrara marble and slabs and mentioned in ready stock 442. Aug 21, Contact 

e 14349 Tanzania: We are very interested to buy beige colors marbles. Sizes are 30 x 30 cm x 30mm, 40 x 40 cm x 30mm, 60 x 60 cm x 30mm, 12 x 12 cm x 30mm, 30 x 30 cm x 20mm, 40 x 40 cm x 20mm, 60 x 60 cm x 20mm, 12 x 12 cm x 20mm. Please quote me price CIF Tanzania. Aug 20, Contact 

e 14341 UK: Please quote for 305 x 305 x 10mm Marble tiles for export to UK. Price FOB packed in wooden crates of a manageable size. Minimum quantity will be 10,000 square feet of mixed batches. Aug 20, Contact

e 14321 China: We introduce ourselves as an Imp. & Exp. company located in Xiamen dealing with processing of stone (Granite, Marble). Currently we are ready to purchase raw blocks of Volakas and Ariston from Italy. We need 60~80 m3 per month. Could you please provide a quotation along with pictures and transportation detail to us? Our tel. no. is +86-592-60..... Aug 19, Contact

e 14319 Korea: We would like to know your quotations of Marbles the face side polished as follows: 
1- We would like you to quote us your marbles with CIF BUSAN, KOREA and send us some samples etc. by courier ASAP. We have a hotel, which is located in Busan. Now we are overhauling it, in order to replace Korean granite with your one face polished marble at our Sauna Room, if we would be removed your price is reasonable to quote us, we would change yours in this hotel. The Sauna room use the marble of dimensions as follows: 
* The bottom of it : around 900 square meters x thickness of 30mm.
* The wall of it : around 1,000 square meters x thickness of 20mm.
* The colour of your marbles : the kinds of beiges (pure/ harminkey/ kaya etc.). We want you to advise your lead time on the above quantity by e-mail. Tel: 82-55- 34.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14297 SAUDI ARABIA: I AM LOOKING FOR GOOD CREAM / BEIGE MARBLE AND ROSA MARBLE IN SIZE OF 2CM AND 3 CM TILES AND SLABS 60 X 60 X 2 CM, 120 X 60 X 2 CM, 60 X 30 X 2 CM AND SLABS 2 CM. I ALSO WANT SLABS 3 CM, 110 X 33CM X 3CM, 120 X 33 X 3CM, 130 X 33 X 3 CM, 140 X 33 X 3 CM, 150 X 33 X 3 CM, 160 X 33 X 3 CM. I NEED YOUR QUOTATION TO  PORT AT DAMMAM. MY TEL. NO. IS 00966549.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14281 UK: Please quote your best price and delivery time on the basis of CFR Mahe /Seychelles basis for 200 sq meter Rosa Cream 300 x 300 x 0.8 mm. Please give full details and photo effect of the tiles (for reference and re-confirmation) with our order. My tel. no. is 020 890.....Aug 17, Contact 

e 14279 Germany: We are a German architect firm seeking for a 45 sqm of Moleaons Crème in the size of 40 x 80 cm. Delivery date is as soon as possible because of store opening on October 8th. Our tel. no. is +49-711-2.....Aug 17, Contact 

e 14278 UAE: For a construction project in UAE, we are looking for crema marfile in sizes 70 x 80cm, 80 x 80cm, 80 x 90cm, 60 x 60cm, 30 x 60cm. Width: 2 cm, first choice quality, quantity: 3,000 m2. Please provide us your quotation. You can contact me on + 971 50 35......Aug 17, Contact

e 14272 Australia: I require information and sample tiles in both marble and travertine. Sizes to be 400mm x 400mm x 13mm. Must be first quality. Will be ordering in containers. Please respond with costing in AUS$. Aug 17, Contact  

e 14267 Mexico: Interested in obtaining fob plant prices for Mexican marble tiles. Our tel. no. is (52) 418 18.....Aug 17, Contact   

e 14254 UK: Please quote for Thassos AAA as we are working on project at the moment. Aug 16, Contact

e 14249 Australia: Please send details for fossilized marble. Would like samples. Would like to discuss exclusivity for Australian Market. Aug 16, Contact

e 14247 UAE: We are in granite & marble industry for the last 15 years in India, we have started recently our operations in UAE. At present we are doing Indian material we want to start Spanish & Italian marble and granite. Please send us all the rates for granite & marble which is available regularly. Also send us the minimum quantity. Please mail us for the following material:

e 14231 UK: Looking for suppliers of travertine and marble. We are a luxury flooring retailer, currently opening a showroom in the South Midlands. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14230 Australia: Please send info. such as availability, slab sizes, tile formats, finishes for chocolate marble from Pakistan. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14175 USA: I am looking for a price for Carerra marble tile 16"x16". I am an architect in Austin. Aug 12, Contact

e 14169 Russia: We would like to order marble from Turkey. Aug 12, Contact 

e 14167 Ireland: We are building a house and we'd like to buy some marble from Spain. We are travelling over there in September. Aug 12, Contact 

e 14150 USA: We need to find someone in the United States that has Ramon Gray/Gold material. It is not Ramon Gray or Ramon Gold, but both colors combined in the stone. Some supplies call it Jerusalem Gold or Jerusalem Gray. We need this material immediately. Are ready to buy and need approximately 1400 sq.ft. We are in Kansas City. Our tel. no. is 816 44.....Aug 11, Contact 

e 14148 India: Looking for suppliers for marble from Spain and Turkey. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14146 Austria: Please quote for 350 sqm marble for flooring (a not too dark colour but not bright white, maybe greyish) for indoor and outdoor use in all climates (any size larger than 30cmx30cm) would be OK. Phone no. is +43 66439.....Aug 11, Contact 

e 14121 USA: Looking for 18 inch by 18 inch Caliza Capri. I am in CA. Tel no. is 916-93......Aug 11, Contact 

e 14117 Iran: We need to know your best possible price for the following items for our project: 
1- White Marble 30X30 10000 sqm
2- White Marble 30X60 7000 sqm
3- White Marble 40X40 3700 sqm
4- Green Forest Granite 40X40 2000 sqm
5- Absolute black Granite 40X40 3500 sqm
These quantities are for the first phase of our project and we will surely require more. Being a distributor, we are also planning to make a reliable stocks in our territory to meet the requirements of the customer based on quick delivery. Therefore this big project will be fulfilled only if we receive your support in terms of competitive and reasonable prices.
For the first stage we request you to send us your real samples ( usually 20X20 ) and catalogues enclosed with your price list to our street address by DHL allowing us to reassure of the quality. This will assist us to set up our business relationship faster and make our decisions more wisely. Aug 10, Contact

e 14113 Romania: We are interested in your products, please let us know your quotation for blocks, slabs and tiles. Aug 10, Contact

e 14110 USA: We are looking for tumbled Rojo Alicante tiles, about 10x10x2cm, or 15x15x2cm size, for flooring. 700 square feet. Aug 10, Contact 

e 14109 UK: Looking to purchase Italian marble and granite. My tel. no. is 07800 8.....Aug 10, Contact 

e 14098: Please quote for Jerusalem Marble from Israel. Aug 10, Contact 

e 14086 Pakistan: We are establishing a new business of marble manufacturing and sale in Sialkot. Therefore we need  information about your products pricing like tiles, slabs, and of all kind you are manufacturing of all sizes and types. Please forward prices and qualities of your products along with their minor and major faults with business terms and conditions. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14082 India: We are a wholesalers in the marble field from a decade. Now we would like to buy Egyptian marble. We would like to know the variety and the prices of marble slabs of 18 to 20 mm thick. Please quote price for the Indian Port 'Mumbai' or 'Mangalore'. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14065 India: Send quote for Indian morwar white marble minimum 10,000 sq.ft. maximum 1,00,000 sq.ft along with delivery schedule. Pls. also send sample for the same including freight and other cost. Aug 7, Contact

e 14062 UAE: Looking for marbles from Oman or other countries in beige colour for indoor/outdoor use for villa projects in size of 40 x 40, 40 x 60 and 60 x 60 and raisers. My phone no. is 971 6 53.....Aug 7, Contact

e 14059: I want the rates for Omani marble royal beige, opel pink light, desert rose. Please send the rates for lots of 200 sq ft to 3500 sq ft and what is the difference if we buy small lots and what is the import duty please give the CIF rates. Aug 7, Contact 

e 14053 USA: I am an interior designer looking for 400 sf of french vanilla polished 16x16 tiles. I need this material to be in stock. Please advise if you have any available. I am in NY. My phone no. is 212.22.....Aug 6, Contact

e 14044 USA: I am an architect in Los Angeles, and am interested in obtaining samples of Bardaglio Nuvolata Apuano, Bardaglio Nuvolota and Lasa Fantastico, if possible, bigger sizes - 12" x12". Please let me know if this is possible. Aug 6, Contact 

e 14040 USA: I need one full container of Crema Marfil 12x12 inch tiles. 3,000 SF and 2,000 of Emperidor Light and 2,000 of Crema Europa. You can reach me at 612-59.....I am in MN. Aug 6, Contact 

e 14032 Turkey: We need Rosalia Beige Light and Dark of dimension of 1 and 1.5 mm thickness and 30,5 x 30,5 cm or 61 x 30 cm or 40 x 40 cm as polished and export quality. Total amount is 2800 m2. We also need Turkish Marble Blocks. You can send your offers to 212 - 35.....Aug 5, Contact 

e 14028 India: We are interested in importing marble and granite from Sri Lanka. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14020 Bahrain: We have a W.L.L Company for Marble & Granite business. We would like to know the details of Oman Marbles such as Crema, Cafe, Capetune, Perlateno, Perlato Sisilia & Perlato Royal including its the prices of each item.  Aug 5, Contact

e 14018 USA: I am an Interior designer in Palm Desert, CA. I would like to purchase a large quantity of Turkey mura dark marble in 24x24 tile...also slabs. I need a sample of same, as well as availability. Time is crucial. Aug 5, Contact

e 14017 UK: I would like to purchase a large amount of granite and marble. I want to be able to buy any quantity from a good reputable Stone company at competitive prices. What costs other than the cost of the rock will I incur? Aug 5, Contact

e 14016 Ireland: I am looking for information on where I can buy Italian Marble and Granite. I am planning a trip to Italy in September to look into this. I was wondering if it would be possible to send me some brochures on the above and also details of where I can go to buy this. Aug 5, Contact

e 14028 India: We are interested in importing marble and granite from Sri Lanka. Aug 5, Contact 

e 14020 Bahrain: We have a Company for Marble & Granite business. We would like to know the details of Oman Marbles such as Crema, Cafe, Capetune, Perlateno, Perlato Sisilia & Perlato Royal including its the prices of each item.  Aug 5, Contact

e 14018 USA: I am an Interior designer in Palm Desert, CA. I would like to purchase a large quantity of mura dark marble in 24x24 tile...also slabs. I need a sample of same, as well as availability. Time is crucial. Aug 5, Contact

e 14017 UK: I would like to purchase a large amount of granite and marble. I want to be able to buy any quantity from a good reputable Stone company at competitive prices. What costs other than the cost of the rock will I incur? Aug 5, Contact

e 14016 Ireland: I am looking for information on where I can buy Italian Marble and Granite. I am planning a trip to Italy in September to look into this. I was wondering if it would be possible to send me some brochures on the above and also details of where I can go to buy this. Aug 5, Contact

e 14009 Germany: Please quote for Bianco Perlino 80 sqm, 40 x 40 x 1,0 cm alternatively 50 x 50 x 1,0. Our tel. no. is (0049) 04181 - 23.....Aug 4, Contact

e 13993 USA: I am with a stone trading company in Wisconsin. I am a fairly new importer of granite and marble. I would be interested in finding out more about your company and pricing on the materials you have to offer. My fax. no. is 262-65.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13988 USA: We are a stone retailer in calif. and looking to import our own stones and slabs of granite and marble. Aug 3, Contact

e 13992 USA: looking for a supplier of Crystal Rose (Salome) 12"x12" tiles. I need 70 SF and will pay the freight to have it shipped to me. I would need to see a picture to determine whether I need the light or dark. I need this ASAP. You can contact me at 405-28.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13991 USA: I am getting ready to build a 4000 sq ft house. all brick front and sides, partial stone front and stone fireplaces. I am not sure what kind of stone I want to use at this point, and want to explore all my options. I am in PA. Aug 3, Contact

e 13977 Vietnam: Our Customer is looking for Cream, Beige, yellow, cement grey marble. Please quote with samples. Sizes requested are 30 x free x 2, 40 x 40 x 1.5 & 60 x 60 x 1.5. Please advise port of loading. My mobile no. is 09139.....Aug 3, Contact

e 13964: Please quote for white marble. I have a slabs and tiles unit. Aug 2, Contact

e 13959 USA: I am looking to buy about 2000 sq ft of tumbled marble. Needs to be 16x16 or larger. Would consider various colors. I am located in Los Angeles. Aug 2, Contact

e 13952: Do you have marble - Creama Bungaro Indonesian marble? Aug 2, Contact 

e 13945 India: We are into traders and we have orders for Marbles and Slates nearly for two to three containers. Please quote with product range. My tel. no. is 08744-2..... Aug 1, Contact 

e 13934 Germany: Looking to buy natural stone slabs and tiles. Please quote. July 31, Contact 


e 13910 Fiji: I like Carribean blue marble top as attached. Special requirement is shipping to the Fiji Islands. Our current supplier has not been able to fill the order for this one piece so we need it very quickly. Our phone no. is (+679) 88......July 30, Contact 

e 13901 India: We are interested in Albanian marble "rosso carpazi" we want the detail about 2 cm thick random slabs. July 29, Contact

e 13895 Ukraine: Please quote with sizes for slabs and blocks of all natural stones of Italian origin. July 29, Contact

e 13892 Romania: We want to import Mugla White marble from a firm from Turkey. We want the prices for 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 x free length x 2. The marble should be polished. Please tell us the ways of transport the marble to Pitesti, Romania. Our tel. no. is +407882.....July 29, Contacte 13887 China: Inviting offer from the IRANIAN PRODUCERS for all kinds of onyx blocks. July 28, Contact

e 13886: How much for Crema Luna natural marble 12x12 squares? July 28, Contact

e 13881 Indonesia: I am looking for a stone called Belgium Black polished 2cm. July 28, Contact 

e 13857 India: We are looking for sourcing WHITE MARBLE from VIETNAM for our buyer in India. July 27, Contact

e 13847 Israel: Please quote for Spanish crema marfil slabs. July 27, Contact  

e 13845 USA: I am interested in getting a price list and some sample for my showroom. We are a retailer for marble and granite tiles. Please contact us at 1-646-92...... July 27, Contact  

e 13842 India: Please quote us FOB Mumbai for Thassos White slabs 8' x 5' of A quality, required 3500 SFT. Our tel. no. is +91-294-24.....July 26, Contact 

e 13838 Germany: We have a customer who is interested in Danby Marble from USA. Please send us a photographs. July 26, Contact 

e 13809 China: Please quote for marble information as attached. Our tel. no. is 86 769 62.....July 25, Contact

e 13790 Dominican Republic: I will like to k now the price of Italian marble Breccha Rosato 40 x 60 . July 24, Contact 

e 13788 India: We want to import marble and granite slabs and tiles for reselling in India. We are based in Surat, Gujarat. July 24, Contact 

e 13783 India: We want to purchase Turkish marble 1500 sqm of 2 & 3cm for house flooring and cladding.
Send samples. July 23, Contact 

e 13768 Malaysia: Looking for exporters or quarries owners of Omani ROYAL BEIGE colour and any other beige marble. We are very interested to import this for our projects. Sizes needed are 300 x 300mm & 600 x 600mm. Oor fax. no. is 00 603 404.....July 23, Contact

e 13760 Switzerland: Please send a price list of all types of Granite & marbles. We are a Swiss retailer to the Italian border. Our tel. no. is 0041-27......July 22, Contact.

e 13757 Argentina: We need a quotation for one Beige Galala from Egypt. Qty. is  1 container slabs 1st quality polished thickness 2 cm (350 or 400 m²).  July 22, Contact 

e 13756 India: Please send us a price list of marble slabs to enable us to work out the finer details. Our requirement is around 10 containers. July 22, Contact 

e 13750 Venezuela: I need 7500 sqm white marble, 3000 sqm of green marble and 3000 of black marble. Please quote with terms and conditions. I need the material urgently. July 22, Contact

e 13748: Please quote for Marble blocks and slabs from Philippines. July 22, Contact

e 13747: We are looking for Villebois Jaune from France. July 22, Contact

e 13738 Singapore: Attached herein are the photos of Fossil Green marble (light beige type), Silver Grey granite and Marmara White marble. Please quote C&F Singapore per sqm (20' FCL). Our ordered quantity is several 20' FCL (exact figure is unavailable at the moment). The sizes are as follows: 
a. 300x300x10mm thickness with one surface polished (Qty: 630 sqm)
b. Vanity Top (Qty is 80 sets but dimension is not available)
a. 300x300x20mm thickness (polished & flamed finish) Qty: N.A.
a. 300x600x20mm thickness & 300x300x20mm thickness (one surface polished and all sides non-beveled) Qty approx.: 2,500 sqm
b. Cut to size (Bath Tub Ledges with one surface polished) Qty: 80 sets
i. 1250x175x20mm thickness (45 degree chamfered edge along 1x1250mm) = 2 pcs
ii. 1250x175x20mm thickness (all sides non beveled) = 2 pcs
iii. 720x175x20mm thickness (all sides non beveled) = 2 pcs
iv. 720x175x20mm thickness (45 degree chamfered edge along 1x720mm) = 2 pcs
v. 1250x120x20mm thickness (all sides non beveled) = 1 pc
vi. 680x120x20mm thickness (45 degree chamfered edge along 1x680mm) - 1 pc
vii. 850x100x20mm thickness (flat polished along 1x850mm) = 2 pcs.
Please send us the e-photos to ascertain. After assurance then send us two pieces of each stone for immediate evaluation. After acceptance, we will use your samples for P.O. purposes when ordering. Our tel. no. is +65-918.....The said Silver Grey granite appeared to have medium veins (dark green) with silver sparkling and Fossil Green marble is light beige colour type with tiny green dots. July 21, Contact

e 13730 India: Please send me price details for Indian Banswara White & Makrana Marbles. I am also interested in Granite. Please indicate price. July 21, Contact


e 13722 Germany: We need slabs of 1st quality Brazilian Granite and Marble Polished Slabs of 2 and 3 cm thick. Qty. is 1 mixed container per week. Need the following colors Peacock Green, Golden Butterfly, Golden Leaf, Absolute Black, Andies Black Brazil, Santa Ceclia, New Venetian Gold, Galio Nepolean, Blue Pearl Royal, Emerald Pearl, Ubatuba Green and Gold, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Ubatuba and Green Butterfly. Need in next 3 weeks. Payment by LC 120 days. We will import. We are ready to pay for samples. Our tel. no. is 0049 172 66.....July 21, Contact

e 13708 Czech Republic: Please quote for 20 / 30mm thick Rosso Verona from Italy, Rosa marble from Portugal  and Rosso Alicanta from Spain. July 20, Contact

e 13699: Please send us quotes of your available collection of marble and granite. July 20, Contact 

e 13685: I plan to use Italian marble in the floor of my family hall and dinning. There are two type of marble that are within my budget; classico botticino and perlatino (from Sicilia family). I would appreciate if you could advise me which one is better than the other. I would also appreciated if you could send me the technical characteristic of both marble. July 19, Contact  

e 13677 Iran: We are one of the leading companies in Iran dealing with importing and exporting Stones. We deal with different suppliers worldwide. If interested please send list of your products along with your price list allowing us to detail our enquires. Mobile no. is 0098 912 11...... July 19, Contact 

e 13659 Saudi Arabia: We are one of the leading construction materials trading company in the Middle East. We are interesting to add products of natural stones to our trading materials. 
Please send us a list with quotes of all your products from granite to limestone and other kinds of natural stones. Quantity will be ten containers. Sizes of interests are: 20 x 30, 25 x 30, 25 x 40, 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 60, 30 x ... x 3, 25 x ... x 3. We can be an agent of your esteem company in Saudi Arabia. Our tel. no. is  +966 2 69.....July 19, Contact  

e 13649 USA: Please quote for 3" x 3" marble base. July 17, Contact 

e 13632 USA: Please send me a price list of marble slabs. July 16, Contact

e 13630 Ethiopia: Please quote for Indian green marble slabs and tiles. Our tel. no. is 251-9-4.....July 16, Contact

e 13602 : We are working in construction. Please e-mail us prices for marble slabs. We are interested in any nuance of beige and creme, 2 cm, polished, total amount of 6700 m2. July 15, Contact 

e 13596 Brazil: We are looking for new suppliers of marbles from Iran. I would like to have your price list and some pictures as well. July 15, Contact

e 13595: Looking for 12x12 botticino tiles. July 14, Contact

e 13593: Please quote for with sample for Egyptian marble and granite. July 14, Contact

e 13581 Brazil: Please quote for Spanish Crema Marfil slabs. We sell approx 800 sqm/month. I would like to have some photos and to know your availability to delivery. We are a company in São Paulo. July 14, Contact

e 13575 UK: I am in the process of opening up a showroom in London, England which will provide the public a one-stop-shop-solution for purchasing fine contemporary furniture, fine solid wooden flooring, fine rugs, lamps, fine kitchen work surfaces, fine bathroom tiles, pictures, lighting and interior design services.
I would like to create a 3rd party business partnership with 'Kitchen work surface manufacturers-ideally Granite' and 'Tumbled travertine & marble tile manufacturers'. 
Basically, I would like to display your samples in my showroom, gather orders and purchase the end product from your selves. I would like to become your UK channel partner / registered dealer. Please send me more info. My contact info. is 00 44 (0) 7956 2...... July 13, Contact

e 13567 Portugal: Venho por este meio solicitar-lhe um pedido de orçamento para o seguinte material.

Nº de Chapas







Favaco" Corrente"






Favaco "Corrente"






Pedras Salgadas






Pedras Salgadas *






Rosa St.ª Eulália






Rosa Monção *






Negro Impala *






Alpenina Atlântida *






Lioz Abancado *






Creme Marfil *






Azul Valverde






Estremoz Branco






As chapas a 3 cm de espessura destinam-se ao fabrico de balcões/tampos com medidas comerciais não superiores a 1,25/1,30 m de largura. Conjuntamente com os valores solicitados para quadro acima, agradecíamos a seguinte informação:
· Preço discriminado
· Prazo de Entrega
· Condições de Pagamento
· Preços a saída da fabrica.. My tel. no. is 291 2..... July 13, Contact 

e 13558 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Nero Marmo Marble. We are in Arizona. July 12, Contact  

e 13554 India: We are a well established Granite Company in USA. We own black granite mines and an 100% E.O.U. monument manufacturing unit in India. We now want to venture into the world of marbles and are henceforth looking for a company in India, that can supply us quality marbles at competitive prices. We are interested in finished marble tiles, slabs and architectural pieces. 
If you can and are interested in supplying to us the above please quote for the fallowing:-
7200 SFT of pure white (Carrera white marble)
1) 12" x 12"x3/8" (approx 10 to 12 mm) calibrated tiles.
2) 18"x18"x3/8" (approx 10 to 12 mm) calibrated tiles.
3) 24"x24"x1/2" tiles.
We require pure white or carrera white without any patches , spots , veins in calibrated uniform thickness and packed in export worthy crates.
Our other orders constitute :-
1) marble door frames , window frames (opening and closing type) , polished.
2) Ajantha statues carved on 2" thick marble slabs. (carving made in center of 30"x60" slabs).
3) Ancient type marble partition walls with fixing.
We would be much interested in seeing pictures of interesting marble articles if you have any on hand. Kindly send us your contact details so that we can call you or visit you as convenient.  Our tel. no. is 
+918226-......July 12, Contact  

e 13552 USA: Looking for suppliers of stones from Greece like Levadia (St. Elena) Pink, Egeo Rosa, Kastoris pink, Hermes dark, desert pink, Santa Helena. July 12, Contact  


e 13512 Netherlands: I am in the process of setting up my own company specializing in selling of Indian 
Stones. Interested suppliers of granite tiles & slabs, monuments & artifacts, marble & sandstones can contact me. My mobile no. is 0031 6 536..... July 9, Contact  

e 13510 India: Our company is based in Kolkata. We are setting up a marble processing unit of capacity 20,000 Metric Ton per Annum. We intend to import white and beige marble blocks from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. Our price range for imports is between US$50 - US$300 per metric ton FOB prices. We will start our operations from August end. Please quote us for different varieties of marble blocks, matching our criteria. Our phone no. is + 91 98310.....July 9, Contact  

e 13508 Malaysia: We are a housing developer in Kuala Lumpur and are very keen to find out more about Lubna Grey Beige Marble for our condominium flooring. We would be pleased if you could give us a complete quotation to supply to Malaysia (include all transportation and custom duty) for 300mm x 600mm x 20mm thick marble slabs (Honed) for a total estimated area of 12000 sqm. 
Please advise us based on 1st grade quality and pre-selected slabs to ensure uniform tonality and characteristics. If possible, we may want to visit the quarry of which our marble would be obtained from. 
Tel : 03-216.....July 9, Contact  

e 13488 UAE: We are a marble trading company located in Sharjah. We would like to get catalogs of marbles from your company. Our tel. no. is 009716 54.....July 8, Contact

e 13470 Italy: Looking to buy black marble from the Ural mountains in slabs. July 7, Contact 

e 13469 USA: We are an US importer looking for Vietnamese natural stone. Would like to see some images or sample. Can you e-mail me some images and I can make a selection and ask for samples from you?  July 7, Contact 

e 13465 USA: I am interested in purchasing 150 pieces of Bianco Ibiza tiles size 30.5cmx30.5cm polished one side. Can you quote price plus shipping to New York State? Are samples available?
I am also interested in Akmayas White marble from Turkey in same quantity and size. My tel. no. is 607 76.....July 7, Contact 

e 13462 UK: I am renovating an apartment house and will require about 200m2 of marble and granite.
Please send me a catalogue of your special offers. My phone no. is +49-6173-94.....July 7, Contact 

e 13452 Poland: I am interested in granite and marble slabs and tiles. We are producers of pavement blocks. We want to use our position in the market to start selling granite and marble. I am interested in granite and marble in slabs and tiles. I'm looking for a material that is high-quality in low prices. I am looking for a big stone supplier.  July 6, Contact 

e 13434: We want to buy Green marble and white marble from India. Please quote. July 3, Contact

e 13430: Please send to me pricelist of granite and marble (polished slabs and blocks). July 3, Contact 

e 13427 Croatia: We are importers and manufacturers of marble and granite. We are interested in importing granite and marble tiles and slabs. Please send us prizes for polished slabs (280-300cmx160-180cm) thickness 2 and 3cm and polished tiles (30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm; 40 x 40 x 1.2cm; 45.7 x 45.7 x 1.2cm). All materials in first class. Please send us prices for all materials for both granites and marbles. We would also like to know paying conditions and delivery dates. July 3, Contact

e 13378 USA: We are interested in purchasing 10 containers of marble and travertine on a monthly basis. The break up of our requirement is:
2 containers of 24X24 Travertine
7 containers of 18X18 Travertine
1 container of 18X18 Crema Marfil
Please provide us with a quote in sq ft prices and include FOB with deliver in Miami, Florida directly to our warehouse. You may contact me at (786) 28......July 1, Contact

e 13370 Italy: I am interested to acquire marble and granite on stock prices for several Russian building companies. June 30, Contact

e 13356 USA: Does Bulgarian marbles Mura Light and Mura dark come in 24" x 24" tiles? If they do please send me a sample of each and pricing for 8000 square feet. Do they come honed for indoor use and flamed for out door use? I am in CA. My tel. no. is 858-75..... June 30, Contact 


e 13346 Australia: We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact  

e 13338 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite, pls send your samples and price list. We are 40 year in this Business. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81.....June 28, Contact

e 13337 USA: I need 1200 sq. ft. of fior de pesco carnico. Please call me at 727-91..... June 28, Contact

e 13336 USA: I am looking for marble vanity tops for bathrooms and kitchens in 200 Resort Units. These need to be purchased with ITEX barter trade plus shipping and handling. We are commodity traders. Our tel. no. is 727-72.....June 28, Contact

e 13332 UK: Requirements are 100 sqm Crema Marfil Polished 400mm x 400mm x 15mm marble tiles, prices per sq/mtrs, availability, delivery time from order, cost of shipping, if there is a minimum order and what is it. Our tel. no. is 01278-4.....June 28, Contact

13327 UK: We are interested in buying Russian marble. Our tel. no. is 015656.....June 27, Contact

e 13315 UAE: I am looking for white marble from Turkey they called it Kamal Basha Marble. June 26, Contact

e 13295 USA: Need 1500 marble tiles of 12"x12"x3/8" size for initial sample to distribute to my customers and use in model house currently under construction to showcase my upscale building products. 
Need 4 granite slabs for standard size kitchen countertop up to 40 feet long and one granite slab at least 44" x 115" for kitchen island. 
Need pre-fabricated granite stair steps for 26 feet wide front of show house leading to front door. 
Can be 16 pieces each 6 feet long or 24 pieces each 4 feet long, or other combination? 
Also need 1000 tiles of limestone or travertine, 12"x12"x3/8" for samples and installation in show house. 
This beautiful house (already half- finished) will aggressively promote its component products to the area's contractor builders and the public. We are located a few hours from Chicago. My customers will go for price more than quality. So long as the material is marble granite or limestone, grade or color will be less important than affordability in making a sale. 
Bigger orders will follow depending on my customers' demand for your product at your price. I have seen marble tile as low as 60 cents to 75 cents per 12x12x3/8" tile, but am not ready to buy 20' container of it. If you can supply tile in the quantity I need for a little less than one US dollar per tile, I will be very interested, and will buy as soon as possible. June 25, Contact

e 13288 India: Looking for quotes from quarry owners for Creama Marfil, 10 mm tiles, 5 containers. Contact no. 91 98290.....Payment through bank. June 25, Contact

e 13284 UK: We are a design house and  looking for a 100 sqm of Crema Marfil polished 400 x 400 x 15mm tiles. Please forward the price, availability, time from order and cost for shipping. June 25, Contact

e 13276: Please quote for Indonesian marble and tiles. See pricelist 1271. June 24, Contact

e 13275 USA: I am looking to purchase a large quantity of the 4x4 Bottichino Tumbled Marble Tiles (or other Tumbled Marble). I would like prices, quantities, shipping costs, etc. I am in Texas. June 24, Contact


e 13227 USA: I am interested in purchasing 3800 square feet of Calacatta Gold Marble 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 3/4" (three quarters inch thick). Please send me a quotation and shipping cost. I am in Maryland. June 22, Contact

e 13219 Ireland: Looking for vanity tops in Calcatta gold marble 1600mm x 600mm x 37mm th. oval cut out for sink. to incl splash back, profiled sides supporting sink. Qty. reqd. 105. Phone no. is 353 1 21.....June 21, Contact

e 13208 USA: We are looking for white marble blocks & slab from China, Vietnam. June 20, Contact

e 13182 USA: Email me relevant information on crema marfil tiles from Spain in size 24 x 24 or 18 x 18 ivory choice select. June 18, Contact 

e 13174: I am interested in contacting someone regarding Bulgarian Stone Vratza. I need approx. 5200 m2 of 994mm x 534 mm x 35mm material with a honed finish. 
I have just arrived here today in Bulgaria to look for this particular stone. My phone number here in Sofia is 359 2 96..... Please feel free to contact me here in order to make contact. My goal is to confirmed and purchase this stone this week. June 18, Contact

e 13161 UK: Please can you send a quotation for your range of granite and marble tiles exported to the UK in mixed containers. I am interested in all your range. June 18, Contact

e 13158 Spain: PLEASE QUOTE FOR 500 M2 GRIS MACAEL 40x60x3 CM. MY TEL. NO. IS +34 973 2.....June 17, Contact

e 13152: I want to know of the factory/shop of marble in Indonesia, the price list, shipping and packing charges, etc. June 17, Contact


e 13118 I would like to contact the supplier for marbles from Turkey. Please inform of samples, quality and quantity information. June 15, Contact

e 13116 Germany: Please quote with samples for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Need them for a building site. Approx. qty. is 350-500m2. Our tel. no. is 081-32......June 15, Contact

e 13108 Bangladesh: We are interested to slabs & Blocks of both Marble and granite. June 15, Contact

e 13104 Croatia: We are a whole trading company dealing with ceramic and stone tiles. We are interested in 1. Spanish CREMA MARFIL - polished 60x60x2 (3) cm 
2. CREMA MARFIL - antiqued 60x60x2 (3) cm
3. CREMA NOVA - polished 60x60x2 (3) cm
Quantity approx more than 1000 tons. Our tel. no. is +385 1 38.....June 15, Contact

e 13099 Australia: We are trying to source Ipoh Crystal White Marble sizes 30x30x10 & 40x40x12. We require a FOB price for 2 x containers - Sydney.  June 15, Contact

e 13085 South Africa: I wish to import cheap granite and marble from India or whichever country to fit in all my houses and to also resell here in South Africa. PLS SEND ME A PRICE ON ABSOLUTE BLACK, BLACK GALAXY AND KASHMIRI GOLD GRANITE. 

e 13084 Taiwan: We are looking for one granite called Agora Beige or Angola Beige. Please send quotes and images. Our fax no. is 886-2-229.....June 14, Contact 

e 13059 Saudi Arabia: We are looking to import Marble and Granite from Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Morocco..., Interested parties can send there samples and price lists. Our tel. no. is + 966 3 81......June 12, Contact 

e 13053 Philippines: I am in marketing and installation of granite / marble for the past 14 years. I am hoping if your good company can consider me as your distributor here in the Philippines. My cell phone number is 6391950.....June 12, Contact 

e 13052 Bahrain: I need some samples, catalogs & price list of marbles from Pakistan. My tel. no. is +973 396.....June 12, Contact 

e 13021 Austria: Can you please tell me the price for Carrara White C/D, size 60 X 30. We would need 70 sqm. Our tel no. +43 650 57.....June 10, Contact

e 13012 Australia: I am in Melbourne. I would like marbles, granite and sandstones. To be more accurate I am looking for good exporter who can be very competitive and can provide me with best material. My contact no is 04234..... June 10, Contact

e 13009 USA: I am currently designing a swimming pool... I would ideally like to use a natural stone.. but I am not sure what type. I know that Marble & Limestones are not appropriate. Are there any inherent problems in using granite or quartzite? Should the stone have as low an absorption rate as possible?? Should I check for Iron or Copper Pyrites in the stones (Rust spots or green blotches)? June 10, Contact

e 13005 USA: We would be interested in developing a line of Vietnamese marble and granite. Please send catalog and quotes. Our tel. no. is 602-43.....June 9, Contact

e 13000 USA: I need Negro De or White Andromeda or Branco Polar in 18" x 18" tiles to cover 2000 sq. ft. What is the price? I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-35.....June 9, Contact

e 12990: Please quote for 1500 sqm crema marfil marble first quality 40 x 40 x 2 cm, 40 x 40 x 2 cm, 60 x 60 x 2 cm and slabs. June 8, Contact

e 12977 Nigeria: Kindly send us the specifications and quotes for travertine and marble tiles. We are looking for 43,000 m2 of floor covering. Our tel. no. is +234 1-26.....June 7, Contact  

e 12971 Sri Lanka: We are interested to import immediately for our new housing project floor and wall tiles in a 20' FCL/FCl container load. Please quote your best price and few photos of the tiles enabling us to consider the same. The prices should be quoted as FOB Value, Freight and Insurance. Our tel. no. is 0094-11-53.....June 6, Contact

e 12939 India: We are importers of Marble Blocks and Slabs based in India. Please give your best price FOB/CIF Mumbai, India for Egyptian SILVIA, GALALEH, SINAI in Blocks and Slabs. The required quantity is approx 200MT. Mobile No. 98110.....June 3, Contact

e 12933 Syria: Please quote for Italian Bardiglio Chiaro and Bardiglio Imperiale polished slabs first quality. My phone number is :0096311 81.....June 3, Contact

e 12927 India: We are interested to import marble slabs polished / unpolished. Please offer CIF mumbai prices for different types of marbles. Our tel. no. is +91-294-24.....June 3, Contact

e 12924 Australia: Please quote for 300 sqm of Italian Bardiglio Imperiale tiles 400 mm x 400 mm x 12 mm. FOB. My tel. no. is 61 7 320.....June 3, Contact

e 12920 USA: Please advise price for Sylvester beige tumbled marble 15 X 15 " (or nearest size)
delivered to MA. Need to cover approx. 1,000 square feet. My tel. no. is 781-72.....June 2, Contact 

e 12905 Mexico: We are interested in buying marble and granite from Asian countries. My tel. no. in (52) 559.....June 2, Contact

e 12904 Panama: We specialize in importing and selling of all kinds of cut stones. At the moment we import from several countries. 
We are very interested in buying and more interested in bringing a full container to Panama with many samples of them in 60x60x2 in different finishes, together with slabs of other materials. 
In particular from India at the moment we are importing Dolsey beige, Rain Forest, Teak Wood, Pink Onix, Kashmire White and others...
Please send a complete price list of the materials (marbles, slates, quartzites, granites, onyxes, alabaster). Our tel. no. is 507 21.....June 2, Contact


e 12871 Kuwait: Please quote for marble and ceramic tiles and slabs for wall cladding and flooring. Payment will be done by LC. Our tel. no. is 00965 39.....May 31, Contact

e 12862 Israel: I want to import polished marble tiles from PHILIPPINES & MALAYSIA in 30 x 60 both 1.6 &
2cm thickness in beige & pink-red colors and polished foot steps 130 x 24 x 3cm polished from one long edge.
Should be of good quality and competitive price. The material should have no shade variation or cracks. Samples requested. Payment by L/C. My tel. no. is +972 577.....May 29, Contact

e 12843 Germany: We are looking for reliable granite-/marble suppliers in China who can our existing clientele in Germany and surrounding countries with the following articles:
1. Tiles and Slabs
2. Tailor made cornered, round and oval tops for kitchen, bath, counters
3. Pattern 
3. Carving Sculptures 
4. Grave-Stones
5. Garden Items
We would like to know your FOB-prices of all granite types in the following sizes and qualities:
Material: Granite Tiles
Thickness: 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm
Sizes: 30.5 x 30.5 cm, 30.5 x 61.0 cm, 40.0 x 40.0 cm, 50.0 x 50.0 cm, Bigger than 50 x 50 cm ( tops ) as requested above under 2. Surface: Polished. Edges: a)45 degrees cut and polished, b) round edges
Backside: a) With sawing structure, b) 2 Tile Fix Grooves. Use: Floor and Wall Tiles. Qty. p.a.: Min. 120 - 150 containers. Qty. monthly: Min. 10 - 12 containers. Delivery Time: Start up December 2004 / January 2005. 
Packing: Please advise. Pallet: Please advise (Euro pallet 80 x 120 cm). Prices / m2: C&F Port Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam. Payment: L/C at sight. 
Also email us sample with your presented G 603 a. Please be so kind and fill in all requested figures and data concerning our 4 requested sizes and 3 thickness, here especially regarding weights, packing and container quantities etc.. Please be so kind and transmit photos of your packing and loadings. Regarding our further demand concerning garden, carving, pattern etc. we will provide our demand after receipt of your quotations. Our tel. no. is ++ 49 711 80.....May 28, Contact

e 12836 Hungary: We need marble / granite for outside covering accordingly: 
- color of stone would be light gray, 
- max thickness of stone is 20 mm, (10-15 mm would be preferred), 
- the stone needs to be cut but one of its surface needs to be smashed/broken/split/hammered 
- requested dimensions and quantity as follows: 
- 300x100x10mm, 5.000 pieces x 0,03= 150,00 m2 
- 200x100x10mm, 1.000 pieces x 0,02= 20,00 m2 
- 200x200x10mm, 25 pieces x 0,04= 1,00 m2 
- the latest delivery date is end of July. 
Please send your offer in EURO with the name of stone, pictures of stone would be appreciated. With price in EUR. In case you could arrange the transport also pls. attach an offer of fright charge - destination is Budapest. My mobile no. is +36-20-82.....May 27, Contact

e 12812 USA: Please quote for 2cm Malayan Rose (AKA: Rosa Spring). My tel. no. is 561-51.....May 25, Contact

e 12808 USA: Please quote for Giallo Friorito block. I need 1 block or slabs. My tel. no. is 1-786-48.....May 25, Contact

e 12802 USA: I am interested in a US west coast distributorship for natural stone. We are located in California. I will be traveling to China in July and would like to see your plant. My tel. no. is 909-53.....May 25, Contact

e 12798 UK: We are very interested in tiles 600 x 300 x 20 or 300 x free length Turkish Mugla White, Europe Gold, or Milas Lemon or Afyon, or something like that 2nd choice, the cheapest. Qty. is 1000m2. May 24, Contact

e 12795 Saudi Arabia: Please quote for Turkish lilac rose, salome creme, sugar supreme, afyon bordo. I need the material for my villa. My tel. no. is 05079......May 24, Contact

e 12781 UAE: You are kindly requested to send us your catalogues or samples in order to have more information. Our tel. no. is 00 971 6 54.....May 23, Contact

e 12778 USA: We are looking to stock for retail and contractor sales in our Texas stone yard. We would like FOB Texas ports or priced right so it makes sense to ship any and all stone will be required. We will buy in a bid like fashion, send us the product details and small samples for viewing our post online images with details AND PRICES IN USD. We are looking for turnkey providers only. Our phone no. is 972-92.....May 22, Contact

e 12777 Sudan: Please offer me a list of your marble slabs with pictures, dimensions and prices. My tel. no. is 00249122.....May 22, Contact


e 12768 India: We are interested to import marble slabs polished / unpolished. Please offer prices of your products (i.e. different types of marbles). Our tel. no. is 00-91-294-24.....May 22, Contact

e 12765 Ukraine: We required Premium quality White marble of Indian origin ex-factory rates of following sizes:
1. Premium White Marble (Ambaji white or may be another) sizes 1000 x 800 x 60mm(1m x 0.8m x 0.06m thickness). Quantity required: 320 sqm to 480 sqm
2. Sizes of 600 x 600 x 20mm and slabs of 30mm & 20mm of same marble quality.
Our buyer will use this marble for outdoor, so we need the good hardness. Please suggest during winter season under -20C, how will it act. My mobile no. is +380-67-40.....May 22, Contact INR 2000

e 12764 USA: What is the wholesale cost Labrador Antique? May 22, Contact

e 12762 USA: I am looking for 12" x 12" Rhodochrosite tiles. May 21, Contact

e 12761 USA: I want Light, medium, noche travertine & crema marfil. What would be the price of 24"x24". Please send samples. I am in Houston. My tel. no. is 281-65..... May 21, Contact

e 12759 USA: I represent a granite and marble store. I want to find some new stones for my company so I need prices and photos of all slabs. My tel. no. is 201 44.....May 21, Contact

e 12747 Australia: Please quote for 350 sqm of Spanish Crema Marfil stone. Our tel. no. is 614032.....We are in Melbourne. May 20, Contact

e 12741 USA: Looking for black marble tiles clear as possible, if need be will select for Laser engraving. Size range 1cm x 300mm x 300mm. Surface polished One side. Qty. 1 Container, approximately 7750 sq ft expected. Price range $1.00-$4.00 sq ft. Stone trade name Black Ice-Au, Gull River-Canada, Negro-Mexico, Sabian Black- Ethiopia. Please quote pricing on tiles, 1cm thick in your standard sizes, and minimum order quantity. We would like to see a sample to try our laser on. Can you send us one? Willing to pay for courier cost of samples. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 209-83.....May 20, Contact  

e 12740 USA: We are looking for 20,000 Sq ft of Italian Botticino 18 x 18; MUST BE CLEAN. Please supply price and sample. May 20, Contact

e 12729 USA: Please quote on per container basis for granite and marble slabs and tiles delivered to Willmington port, North Carolina. Please inform of how is the product cut and the quantity per container. 
My tel. no. is (704) 24.....May 19, Contact

e 12721 Albania: I am the owner of the stone factory which operates in Tirana city, in Albania (Europe). We need marble blocks of regular form and dimension. Dimension are 2 - 2.9 m long, 1.20 - 1.80m large, 1 - 1.80m high. 
I need 460 m3 of GALALA RED, GALALA FAS, SELSELA, SELVIA, FELITTO, TERISTA, BITCHINO, proportionally for every type. This quantity must be 50% of the first quality and 50% of the second quality. I need 40m3 of BRECIA. Also 50% of the first quality and 50%of the second quality. These articles are from the articles that some Egyptian enterprises have. But I can consider other kinds of marble like BEIGE, YELLOW, GREEN etc. I need also different kinds of Travertine. A little later I will need Granite blocks also.
- Bank Guarantee or L/C will be the payment, CIF port of DURRES , Albania .
I shall prefer to build a permanent collaboration with Egyptian or Turkish enterprise which are interested to enter Albanian market and accept to credit me for 6 month providing me marble blocks. My phone number is 00355682......May 19, Contact

e 12719 Israel: We are a company that imports natural stones from Europe to Israel. We are interested to buy from you the following stone:
1) THALA beige in plates thickness 2 cm and 4 cm as well.
2) THALA beige trommel 10 X 10
3) THALA beige trommel 20 X 20
What would be your special price for me as a dealer and for material for export. Shipping at Tunisian port? My tel. no. is 972-9-95.....May 19, Contact

e 12718 Germany: We are interested in a stone material called CREMA LUNA. We need this type of stone for a big project in Germany. We need prices & a stone sample. Our tel. no. is 0049 - 513.....May 19, Contact

e 12717 Malaysia: We are a prestigious importer of building materials in Malaysia. We are currently sourcing for rumble stones/ tumble stones/ java stones. Kindly quote. Our tel. no. is 607-35.....May 19, Contact

e 12716 New Zealand: We are very interested in importing Jura Limestone into New Zealand. Our tel. no. is  00640953....May 19, Contact

e 12715 USA: We are developing a 5-star hotel in Europe, could you please send your company's profile and products catalogue for our reference. We can be reached at (852) 28....May 19, Contact

e 12714 Philippines: We would like to buy Black Marble from Philippines. A company from South of Spain is interested in this product. Our tel. no. is 843-.....May 19, Contact


e 12707 Malta: I would like some information and addresses on Morocco marble & stone exporters for importing material into Malta. We are going to Morocco next week. May 18, Contact

e 12706 India: Please quote for 2 full containers of royal beige marble from Oman. We are in Chennai. Our tel. no. is 0091 44 5217.....May 18, Contact


ALL: e 12685 Sri Lanka: Please let us know the prize range of your marbles available. We are a leading importer of granite and marble from various countries. Please quote fob and c/f Colombo port. My Mobile is 00947224.....May 17, Contact

e 12679 Australia: I want Crema Marfil Classico - Polished 400 x 400 x 15mm 150 sqm. Please quote with shipping costs. I am in QLD. May 16, Contact

e 12675 UAE: We are an interior company in UAE. Looking for local dealer or somewhere in the Gulf for stones. Our tel.no. is 00 971 6 54.....May 15, Contact


ALL: e 12666 Spain: Our company works in the product import sector in Spain and Europe since 1996. We would be interested in contacting with you for a collaboration between both companies. We want to open the import construction market for introduce your materials in the Spanish market. 
We are interested in receiving documentation and information about your products (catalogues, samples, price list, references, minimum quantities, delivery time).  
Our intention is to increase the number of suppliers and, if you are interested, in the representation of your company in Spanish market. Is very important if you are interested send your catalogue to me by postal route and if is possible send me a sample because my clients in Spain want to see the quality in reference to Spanish quality and price. Our tel. no. is 00 34 620 5..... May 15, Contact

e 12664 USA: I am interested in ordering Fontenille Royal French Limestone 8000 sq. ft in 24 inch square tiles. Could I get a sample piece of the stone to make sure the color is right? Otherwise, is there a distributor in Southern California where I could go to see the stone? Tel. no. 858 75.....May 15, Contact

e 12663 USA: Please quote for 3cm Italian Blanco Carrara Venatino. Commonly refereed to Venatino or Statuary. We need this in slab to be shipped to Mobile, AL. Our tel. no. is 1 (800) 57.....May 15, Contact

e 12661 USA: I was wondering if possible to receive a brochure and a sample of Perlato Sicilia. I am in CA. 93706. May 14, Contact

e 12652 USA: Interested in container prices in U.S. Dollars. Please call 409-73..... May 14, Contact

e 12647 USA: We are looking for Portoro, Breche de Vendome, Sarrancolin Yellow, Rosso Orobico and Blue Macauba. We are a stone trading company. May 14, Contact


e 12634 Canada: We are condominium developers looking to buy stone tiles and mosaics. This inquiry is specifically for the purchase of light blue marbles, preferably form Brazil like Blue sky, Azul cielo, Azul macaubas, Azul acquamarina, Boquira, etc. Quantity required: approx 2000 sq.ft. for this inquiry (potentially more) Size range: square tiles ranging from 10*10cm to 40*40cm, mosaic tiles (30*30cm sheets) with 10-25mm square pieces. Application: bathroom walls and floors. Geographic area for purchase: Brazil/ South America, China. Stage of buying process: Ready to buy upon size selection (no sample request). Expected date of order: May/June 2004. We are in Montreal, Quebec. Our phone no. is (514) 8.....May 12, Contact

e 12627 Canada: I wish to enter into business of Granite, Marble and Tiles in Toronto by opening showroom.
I need to get samples and rates from various suppliers to compare prices with local wholesalers. My tel. no. is 905 27......May 12, Contact

e 12621 Italy: Please quote for cedar light 12x12 tiles. Our tel. no. is +39 05369.....May 12, Contact

e 12620 Japan: We are leading stone company in Japan. Our main business is fabrication. We want Nero Marquina. Our tel. no. is 0584-4.....May 12, Contact

e 12619 Pakistan: Our buyers want to buy marbles from Pakistan. Please let us know the types, sizes, grading, packing for China and Korean. Our tel. no. is 92-21-22.....May 12, Contact

e 12614 Indonesia: We regularly buy China white and other color gravel and want to import pebble and gravel from China. We are going to be in Shanghai from 23 - 28 May. Please quote with address. Attached (images 1 & images 2) are the images of what we are looking for. May 12, Contact

e 12613 Bahamas: Please quote for different shades of Israeli Jerusalem stone for in tile and slab form. And what size thickness are they? Also how would you sell a container? My phone no. 242-39......May 12, Contact

e 12609 USA: Wanting a price on about 30 slabs 2 cm of Spanish Cremo Delicato, also specify availability. We are in IA. Our phone no. is 641-47.....May 12, Contact

e 12591 Netherlands: We are interested to bring a client to Portugal to select a quantity of Rose Aurora, Pinkish, Whitish, without dark veins. Please quote with and transportation, if you have this type in stock. Tel. no. is 00 31 10 46.....May 10, Contact

e 12590 USA: I am interested in 1100 s/f of jerusalem bone. Please quote. My tel no. is 631-67.....May 10, Contact

e 12582 Saudi Arabia: I am looking for 900 square meter of 3cm Nero Africa to be shipped to Jeddah. my tel. no. is 966 1 49......May 10, Contact

e 12580 USA: We are looking for 24x24x3/4 or 36x36x3/4 Spanish Emperador dark. We are in California. Our phone no. is 818 50.....May 10, Contact

12576 Germany: I need a supplier / manufacturer for Israeli Jerusalem gold. You see my inquiry in the attachment. I need an offer asap. Payment: L/C and Delivery time asap. May 10, Contact

e 12559 UAE: We are a marble factory in Sharjah, established since the last decade. We are among the major domestic suppliers to our local construction industry. We need Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Traventine, Red Alicante blocks & slabs for our marble factory, commercial quantities 60 x 60 / 30 x 60 tiles. We can place an order immediately. Our tel. no. is +971(6)52.....May 8, Contact

e 12557 Singapore: We are looking for a marble Cream Arena 20mm thk Slab. Qty 600m2. Our tel. no. is 65-638.....May 8, Contact

e 12548 India: We require a full container load of CARNELIAN GREEN, DIAMOND PINK. Please send catalog & price list. Our phone no. is 91-79-264.....May 7, Contact  

e 12547 China: We need the price for gray marble from Indonesia by size 305 x 305 x 10mm urgently. Please quote with pictures. Our tel. no. is +86-592-55.....May 7, Contact  

e 12540 Saudi Arabia: Please send more details of the marble & granite tiles. My mobile no. is 9665054.....May 7, Contact  

e 12531 USA: Please quote for natural stones. I am in California. My telephone number is 916 94.....May 6, Contact   

e 12529 Canada: I am building a home this summer in Almonte, Ont. Canada Just outside of Ottawa and would like to know your expert opinion on installing limestone countertops. I like the soft look of limestone but will it stand up in the kitchen? Also, I was looking at installing limestone tiles and the entrances and in the bathrooms of the home. Again, your expert opinion is welcomed. Lastly, do you know of any retailers in and around the Ottawa area? May 6, Contact

e 12523 USA: Where can I find a supplier of Turkish Trav - 4 piece patterns; 8x8, 8x16, 16 x 16, 16 x 24 - in various color versions of Turkish Walnut - Honed, Filled or unfilled is OK; Chisel edge. We purchase by the container load. We are in Hawaii 96732. We are already purchasing from Turkey, Portugal, Peru, Italy, China and the West Coast. We would prefer West Coast however, containers from Turkey are okay. We need samples with pricing and need to know availability of the material both in the West Coast [smaller orders] and at the factory [container orders]. Our purchase order needs to be placed by Tuesday May 10, 2004. May 6, Contact

e 12521 USA: We are a small tile and natural stone store in Hawaii. Looking for crema marfil and rojo alicante 12 x 12 x 3/8 in. Please send us info on prices, including shipping to Maui. Qty. is one crate of each, approx. 300 sq. ft. Also, would like to get samples of these two tiles. Cell no. is 808-35..... May 6, Contact

e 12512 Malta: Please be kind to send us quotation for granite sheets 2cm polished of Nero Africa Dark, please quote C & F port Malta. Our tel. no. is 00356-214.....May 6, Contact

e 12504 Albania: We are importers of marbles. Please send us prices and your last trade catalogue. Please indicate too, terms of payment and minimum quantity order. Terms price: EXW or CF Brindisi (Port of Italy) or CF Durres (Port of Albania). Tel: +355 69 22 ......May 5, Contact

e 12503 USA: I need to locate approx. 1200 Sq Ft of azul celeste or sky blue marble slabs. It will all be used in the same room to face a Columbarium, so I will need consecutive slabs. I would like the order within 30 days. I am in the Los Angeles area - the project is in Orange County just south of LA. The sample I have and the material I have seen is light blue with white flowing through. The stone must look like the sky as my sample does. May 5, Contact

e 12501 UK: Please send details and price list of Spanish tumbled marble tiles 10 x 10 x 1cm, 20 x 20 x 1cm, 30 x 30cm, in Spanish marble. May 5, Contact

e 12500 USA: Please quote for 3 cm slabs of Volga Blue from Ukraine. Our tel. no. is 651-33.....May 5, Contact

e 12479 China: We are one of the largest stone manufacturers and exporters from China, which was established in 1996. We need Egyptian Galala slabs. Could you send us the sample and prices? Our tel. no. is +(86)-(592)-26.....May 4, Contact

e 12471 USA: We are looking for a stone named verde agave 2 slabs of material. My phone no. is 828.65.....May 3, Contact

e 12470 Albania: Please send prices ex- works or c&f port of Italy and latest trade catalogue about the Portuguese marbles. My tel. no. is +3556922.....May 3, Contact

e 12456 Tunisia: We are international trading company of many products including the marble. We were interested to see your catalog showing your range of marble. We believe there would be a significant market to these products in our country. We would be interested in acting as your local agent, unless you are already represented in Africa. As we are an international trading company, having good business relationship with the Portugal, we feel we are ideally placed to market your products. Our phone no. is 
00 216 71 7.....May 3, Contact

e 12443 USA: We need Jerusalem Gold Limestone matte (not shiny). Quantity: 12,000 sq. feet. $12.00 square We need it from three months from now. Material should be from Jerusalem, Israel. Size range: 40 x 40 cms. and larger, size is irrelevant but offers in centimeters. I will pay for samples. Material to be delivered to Guatemala. My contact no. in USA is 502-51....May 1, Contact
e 12411 USA: I am looking for the marble in the attached photo. A similar product is called Sylvester Pink. I need about 1600 square feet. The Sylvester Pink comes from Turkey. I need 12" x 12" polished floor tiles. 
I need to purchase as soon as possible. I just have to find the exact product shown in the attached photo first. This will be purchased for a home in Dallas, TX. Apr 28, Contact

e 12410 Mauritius: We have to quote for a large project whereby Marmo Delizia such as Moca Creme is requested. Qty. is 17000 sqm comprising of cladding; paving; coping; sills; tresholds; skirting. Please inform us whether you can supply us with this material. We can send you all specifications, drawings and quantities by fax. Apr 28, Contact

e 12409 Switzerland: Please quote for Breccia Aurora slabs. Qty. is 50 m2. Apr 28, Contact

e 12402 UK: I am looking for a fireplace surround in Italian dove marble. I would like an old fireplace made in the dove marble of around 200 years ago which has a deep blue colour unlike the grey colour of modern day dove marble. My tel. no. is + 44 1488 6.....Apr 28, Contact

e 12399 Russia: Our company is in Saint-Petersburg. We would like to buy 230 sqm of Egyptian Galala slabs 50mm. It's about 1.5 container (20 ft). Please quote. Apr 28, Contact

e 12392 Libya: Please send prices Green marble first, second and third quality, 2000cm x 2000cm x 2cm. My contact no. is +218 91 37.....Apr 27, Contact


e 12389 Canada: Please quote for Dragon Jade, Ocher Red, Crema Antalya, Cantera Crema and Arena Mexico slabs. I am in Toronto. My phone no. is 416 78..... Apr 27, Contact

EG: e 12388 Argentina: I need Egyptian Beige Galala, in 2 cm, polished, first quality. I need to import 2 containers (800 m2). Please send details. Apr 27, Contact

e 12376 USA: I like Troy or Classic Antiqua from Argentina, the darker beige colors, horned and filled approx cost for 1300 sq feet of tile 16 x 24 inches. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 408-27.....Apr 27, Contact  

e 12374 Oman: We are looking for Crystallized glass tiles for a project. Apr 27, Contact  

IL: e 12371 Singapore: please quote for full range of Israeli Jerusalem stones with samples of each type (Polished & Unpolished) I wish to take a look at these samples to recommended to local suppliers. Pls advise samples cost - If need to buy as samples. I need them for a large quantity ordering. Please also advise your FOB price - and which port. Please advise advise what is the MOQ per order. What is your payment mode? Apr 27, Contact

e 12364 USA: Please send me samples of Jerusalem Antique Gold (Halila) and Jerusalem Gold. Please include name of sample and price. I am in IL 60062. Apr 25, Contact

e 12352 China: We want SIVEC marble from Yugoslavia. Please quote for 900 x 200 mm. It should be highly polished and SEALED. The sealing must be a SILANE treatment. Is this sealing included in the price. It is very urgent. Our tel. no. is 852 236.....Can you give us the above product's picture or sample? Apr 24, Contact

TR: e 12336 AUSTRALIA: Please quote for Turkish Bilecik Pure Beige, Kaya Beige or Lymra. The colour is like sandstone ( beige). Quantity depends on quality and price. We are in Sydney. Our phone no. is 61 02 977.....Apr 23, Contact

e 12334 USA: I am looking to purchase Italian Cream marble tiles 12x12. Please email with pricing & shipping info. We are located in Massachusetts. Our tel. no. is 508-66......Apr 23, Contact

e 12329 Sweden: We are an international trading company seated in Sweden. We have a sister concern who is a also a real-estate company. That company supervises, plans and builds rental flats and tenant ownership, as well as one-family houses. The company has 50 real estates with 900 flats with approximately 1100 contracts in a single city. 
We are in the process of negotiating with suppliers for the next coming two years. This includes building 400 rental flats and tenant ownership. Please quote us your best price regarding the following material:
* Marble windowsills in beige/white type Estremoz or your similar choice.
* The upper side and 3 edges should be polished. The backside should not be polished. 
The sizes are as below: 
1250*200*20 mm 26 pcs
700*200*20 mm 26 pcs
2300*200*20 mm 104 pcs
1250*200*20 mm 78 pcs
The quoted prices are to be used in deliveries during the year 2004. 
The term of delivery is preferably Ex Works (Incoterms 2000). Please specify if possible the freight charges separately. Your quotation can be from a retailer in Sweden if that is a requirement from your company. 
Our phone no. is +46-13-3.....Apr 23, Contact

e 12324 Russia: We are a stone trading company. Please quote for Bulgarian natural stone. My tel. no. is +38 - 048 - 71.....Apr 22, Contact

e 12317 USA: I am looking for spectrolite tiles, the colour is standard I think and the quantity will be 1,000 tiles @ 30.5x30.5cm. I will also be in the market for some slabs but need to measure first. The tiles are my 
priority at the moment. my phone numbers are 1 917 81.....Apr 22, Contact


ZA/ZW: e 12312: I want 1100 sq2 of Dark-medium black rustenburg/nero africa and 200 sq2 of nero zimbabwe polished slabs of 2cm thickness from South Africa. Should be of good quality and competitive FOB price. The material should have no shadow or color variation or no cracks and no veins. I will buy the material immediately if i have a good price. Payment will be by L/c. Please quote. Telephone: 00972 57 77......Apr 21, Contact

OM: e 12300 India: We are interested in buying Marble from Oman. Please quote with colours for polished slabs and tiles. Our tel. no. is +91 22 563.....Apr 20, Contact

e 12292 Qatar: We are interested in Iranian ARYA CREAM MARFIL. We would greatly appreciate if you could advise us the prices for tiles in 60 x 60, 60 x 30 and 40 x 40 cm all in 2 cm thickness, also slabs in 2 and 3 CM thickness. My mobile no. is +974-55.....Apr 20, Contact

BR: e 12284 USA: Please quote for Vanga Red with lead time. The quantities and neat sizes are: 
(4) 2'-4" x 13" x 1-1/4" & (4) 4'-8" x 2'-8" x 1-1/4"I am in CA. My contact no. is 858 72..... Apr 20, Contact USD 20

TR: e 12276 Jordan: Please quote for cremo sugar slabs of 40x40x2 cm qty 4350 M2. Skirting 40x10cm 2000 L.M. My mobile no. is (00 962 79) 55......Apr 19, Contact

e 12269 Romania: I represent a construction company. I am interested in ARDEZIE STONE and I was wondering if I can find it in Greece. My fax / tel number are: 00402141.....Apr 19, Contact

e 12264 USA: I want to see these Black, Pink, and Green Limestone. I am across the bay in San Jose, California. I am near San Jose, California. Looking for a supplier black limestone near me. I don't wish to pay a lot in shipping. I was hoping to do a "cash and carry." My phone no. is 650-96..... Apr 18, Contact

e 12262 Malaysia: I am looking for Portoro marble (size 900mm x 600mm x 15mm) about 300 sq ft. Need a 
sample immediately. Please quote CNF klang and also fob. my contact no. is +60122...... Apr 17, Contact

ALL: e 12256 Finland: I am a trader and would like price lists and samples of all products. I also have an office in Nigeria, the contact no. there is 234-80235......Apr 17, Contact

e 12254 USA: I want 300 square feet of Rosa Laguna 12" x 12" x 3/8" polished tile (Turkish marble) for immediate purchase. Need to source within 5 days, sooner is better. My phone no. is 407-85.....
I will need to see digital images and/or an actual samples before purchase. The need is immediate - looking for consistent color, top quality material. Looking for pricing in the $6.00 - $9.00 range. Would prefer to purchase from someone in the Southeast U.S. to save time and shipping expense. Finding quality material takes precedence, however. Apr 17, Contact

ALL: e 12253 Denmark: I own a tiles shop where I sell ceramic tiles from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. Please quote for marble and granite tiles. My tel. no. is +45 39 2..... Apr 17, Contact

e 12226 Canada: I am from Ottawa. I am building a new home this summer and would like your opinion on installing limestone countertops. I like the soft look of limestone but will it stand up in the kitchen? 
Also, I was looking at installing limestone tiles and the entrances and in the bathrooms of the home. My phone no. is 765....Apr 14, Contact

ID: e 12225 USA: We are representing our clients in mainland China to source precious marble from Indonesia, to be imported to mainland China. Our company is based on HongKong. We are especially looking for one kind of marble (Beige) & is provided by Indonesia ONLY. My mobile: 852-627.....Apr 14, Contact

e 12212 USA: I am a builder in CT 06830. Need a quote for 1000 sq. ft. Jerusalem Gold tumbled Pattern Stone delivered. What thickness is available? My phone no. is 203-62.....Apr 13, Contact  

e 12210 USA: Please quote for Australian Blue Crystal and Grandee and Brazilian Nevada Black and Labrador Marron Bahia. My contact no. is 561 73.....Apr 13, Contact  

IT: e 12208 Spain: I am looking for Brechia Oniciata suppliers, for aprox. 4500 m2, 2 cm thick. My fax no. is 
+34 986 2.....Apr 13, Contact  

IT: e 12207 Slovenia: We are interested to purchase 800 SQ.MT. BRECCIA ONICIATA BROKEN TILES 30.5 X 30.5 X 1 CM. POLISHED AT EURO 2.50/SQM. Our tel. no. is +386-41-7.....Apr 13, Contact  

e 12204 Singapore: We are a stone company. We want Ariston White in 30x30x1,5 & 2 cm polished tiles. Our tel. no. is Tel: +65-625.....Apr 13, Contact  

e 12203 Netherlands: Please can you give us best price for Bateig Blue 80 x 80 and 60 x 60 cm, Ex works. Our contact no. is 010 - 43.....Apr 13, Contact

TR: e 12200 Bahrain: Looking for a marble supplier from Turkey. Our tel. no. is 009731764...... Apr 13, Contact

IR: e 12197 USA: Please quote for Botticino and Onyx from Iran. I also need samples. I would like to get a quotation from whom ever out there to go to China. My need currently is for a 20' container approximately 18 tons and I need this stone in a slab shape polished however not fabricated. I am in Reston, Va. 20191. 
Apr 13, Contact

e 12194 Australia: I want to tile an area of 16 x 8 meters around a pool plus approx 30 existing steps with sandstone. I am trying to find the best price for the job. I am located in Townsville in North Queensland. 
The job will be in 3 to 4 months. Apr 13, Contact

e 12193 USA: I am interested in a price for giallo renoir. I represent a stone company. My tel. no. is 
703 82.....Apr 13, Contact

e 12185 USA: I am an importer here in Virginia. I am requesting a price quote for 625 sq ft of Thassos Select tiles 12" x 12". Also, the please include the availability of the tiles. My phone no. is (757) 46.....Apr 13, Contact

e 12177 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for 3500m2 of beige marble (similar or near to creama marfil) in the size 40x40x2 or 60x60x2 skirting-2cm 2680 lm, steps-3cm, 1086 lm & risers-2 cm 1086 lm. Country of origin doesn't matter only thing is it must be very economical. lead time 45days to Saudi. Apr 12, Contact  

e 12174 Vietnam: We are interesting Volga Blue for our market. Could you please send us price CNF Ho Chi Minh port VIETNAM for medium slab (800 x 1400 x 20mm) and big slab (1400 x 2200 x 20 or 30mm). Our tel.  00 84 8 98.....Apr 12, Contact

e 12173 Syria: We need your best prices for Saudi Bianco 2000 sqm & Red Salmon 4000 sqm. My mobile  00963-932.....Please quote FOB Riyadh. Package: Wooden Package. Sizes : 90 X 60 X 2 cm. Quality : Good Quality. Payment: Cash. Delivery Period: ASAP. Apr 12, Contact

IN: e 12170 USA: I am with a company in Virginia. I need prices, sizes and lead time for Indian granite slabs. Our closest port is Baltimore, Maryland. Apr 12, Contact

IR: e 12165 UK: Can you please email me the full price list of Iranian granite & marble tiles & slabs. Apr 12, Contact

e 12141 USA: Looking for a quarry / distributor of New Venetian Gold, Giallo Veneziano, Madura Gold to ship to Norfolk, VA. Please attach price list. Our phone no. is (757) 46.....Apr 10, Contact

ALL: e 12140 Syria: We are a decoration firm based in Damascus Syria since 1977. Our firm dealing with all stuff of decorative products articles and architectural fittings. We would like to have more details about your products, could you send us yours current catalog and price list. Our tel no. 00963 11 37.....Apr 10, Contact

IN: e 12136 India: Please quote for slabs of 2 & 3 cm thick. The qualities are Black Pearl, Englsih Teak, Kashmir White, Multicolour Red, Paradisco Classico, Royal Brown, Royal Red, Tan Brown, TJI Red, Verde Vizag, Absoloute Black, Dynamic blue, Kashimir Gold and Star Galaxy. Also require I require 30 container in mixed size Slabs & cobbles (Raj Green, Brown, Grey, Yellow, Autumn Brown). Our contact no. is +91-94142-......  Apr 9, Contact  

BR: e 12135 Australia: I am an importer of natural stone products. I am interested in Labrador Antique. Please quote. I am in Queensland. My contact details are + 61 7 320.....Apr 9, Contact

e 12134 Bulgaria: We are about to commence building a large complex of villas on the Black sea Coast and are looking for suppliers of stone equal to what is known as 'Tosca' in Spain. This is for use as a decorative finish around exterior windows, doors and on the corners of the houses. 
Do you also supply artificial stone products? As these are the most popular and cost effective. Please can you send me full details of your products and any help would be gratefully received. Apr 9, Contact

e 12133 Canada: I need technical specifications on Verde Lavras slabs. We are bidding on a project to provide cladding for an office tower. Apr 9, Contact

e 12119 Germany: I am looking for a material called SAN PEDRO. Apr 8, Contact

e 12118 USA: Please quote for WHITE CHEROKEE tiles cm. 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 polished cal. bev. sqm. 130 and 30 x 30 x 2 polished, sqm. 160. This is an urgent requirement. My phone no. is 045-68.....Apr 8, Contact

e 12100 USA: Please quote for tumble polished stones. I am in MA 01545. My tel. no. is 508 84...... Apr 7, Contact

AR/CN: e 12096 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Would like quote on Argentinean and Chinese marble. Would like to import container loads.  Apr 7, Contact

ALL: e 12089 Germany: Please send me a pricelist of all your stone products. We are a new company, which is focused on the European market. Our phone no. is +49 6126 9.....Apr 6, Contact

ES: e 12080 USA: Please quote for prices on all Spanish marble and limestone sawn and polished 2cm. Apr 6, Contact

e 12076 India: We are interested to buy "Crystallized Stone" on regular basis. We can buy 2000 sq. mt - 3000 sq mt. every month for this product. Please quote us your best offer for 1200 X 2600 X 18mm. Also let us know the other available sizes in 18mm thickness along with the price. Our phone no. is 91 94141.....Apr 6, Contact
EG: e 12070 Macau: We been working with mosaic for almost 5 years and we start to open a stockyard for marble whole selling this coming year in Yun Fu, one of the biggest stone market in China. We will only pick up some items of marble for our stockyard and Galala galala 20mm unpolished slabs. Pls. quote us your best price for 20mm thickness FOB Alex. port We will start for 20 containers and sending our inspector for inspecting the material. Payment terms either by L/C at site or T/T is acceptable. Apr 6, Contact

e 12066 USA: We are looking for Iberico gold tumbled marble 4 x 4. I have extras but not enough. I have a good example of what mine looks like. It's a limestone, though, not a travertine. It's pale yellow. My phone no. is 816 68......Apr 5, Contact

IR: e 12064 Oman: Please quote for Iranian Sirdjan Green, Iran shahr white and Naghadeh Green. All reqd. in size 150x60x15. Our tel. no. is 00968 2.....Apr 5, Contact

e 12057 USA: I am looking for an additional supplier for my store. I am in TN 37849. I am not quite sure of quantity but it depends on what types of stone and price of wholesale or closeouts. Interested in all types of Stone Beads, Metal Findings, Finished Jewelry, Tumbled Semi-Precious Stone, Novelty Items of Stone, Some Rough. Geographical areas may include: United States, India, Madagascar, Switzerland, Finland, Brazil (Uruguay) may consider others. Buying process depends on deals. I am prepared to purchase depending on what types of deals are made. Apr 5, Contact

e 12055 USA: I am in search of bagged, marble listello for my mosaic business. Looking for a distributor here in the States. I am in Denver 80231. Apr 5, Contact
e 12050 Brunei: I am building my house and I am looking for a good quality white marble, should have no veins & should be big size with a good price. I also need out side marble or stone. By the way it is a Mexican style. My phone no. is 9661-46..... Apr 5, Contact

e 12043: I am a building contractor building houses, extensions, conservatories etc. We also purchase and sell to the general public household products e.g. fireplaces, kitchens units, tiles etc. As well as selling to clients, we supply qualified trades people to install any product we sell. Please forward to me relevant 
information from tile manufacturers. Apr 4, Contact

NO: e 12042 Belgium: I am looking for suppliers of Sell pillarguri from Norway - in tiles and cut to size material. My tel. no. is 0032-9-21.....Apr 4, Contact


e 12022 Poland: I would like to buy Alpenina. Please quote. Apr 2, Contact

e 12009 USA: We are thinking of replacing all of our carpet areas on the ground floor with travertine tiles. Amount of travertine for indoor is approx. 900 sq. ft. Amount of travertine coping for the swimming pool is approx. another 900 sq. ft. We like the travertine look, however, we also have an old dog who is sometimes incontinent (i.e., he leaks when startled). This is a bad idea, isn't it. Just want to confirm what we already suspect. 
Also, we're planning on building a swimming pool and the builder has given us many choices of travertine coping. So, is the travertine for swimming pool decking a different material than for indoor floors? There are a lot of discussions about water damaged stones/installations. We're thinking about installing the tiles indoor and building our swimming pool in the backyard at about the approx. same time frame 2-4 weeks. We'd like something that looks beautiful and classy, but relatively low maintenance. Wouldn't these problems also apply to those near swimming pools? We are in Houston. Our phone no. is 281-3......Apr 1, Contact

GR: e 12007 Italy: My husband is working in Guinea as builder for the government. We need for a prestigious house naxos crystalline marble extra quality in size 40X40X2cm, 40X80X2cm, 30X30X2cm. Also quote for beige ioannina, pink of volos, silver green of drama and also to know something about artificially colored naxos crystalline marbles. Phone no. is 003901036..... Apr 1, Contact

e 11998 India: I live in Bangalore and am constructing a house. I need some quotes from people in and around Bangalore for various Marble types for around 600 - 1600 sqft. Preferred colors are Premium Green, Forest Brown, Forest Green, Udaipur Pink. Also would like to know whether they are hand cut or machine cut? Mar 31, Contact  

e 11980 USA: Please quote for Rosa Laguna. We are looking for approximately 6-7 slabs of the material, ¾" thick, polished, depending on its size. We have beautiful samples in our office of the material, dark, burgundy red with grey veining. We are located in Chicago and would need the stone immediately. Please send us some photos. We are in IL 60610. Mar 31, Contact


e 11963 India: We are Bhopal based organization developing a center for the education of the disabled with support and contribution from all over the country. We are looking options for flooring the building which are durable and cost effective.
Please tell us which would be most cost effective and aesthetically appropriate option. If stones of what sizes. Would it be a viable option to purchase stone directly from Kota? Our requirement is approx 9000 ft. My cell no. is 09893.....Mar 30, Contact

IR: e 11943 UK: Please quote with catalogs for Iranian limestone, marble and travertine. We are in London and our contact details are +44 (0) 208 99.....Mar 29, Contact 

e 11942 Bahamas: Please quote for Amerillo negrais. I need 100 sq ft of this marble tile about 3/4" thick. My phone no. is (242) 42.....Mar 29, Contact 


e 11912 USA: I am looking for antiqued, recycled biblical stone from Lebanon. I need approx. 5000 sq. ft. in various sizes from 1 ¼ ---1 ¾ thickness. Please e-mail availability and cost fob Long Beach or closest port to Lebanon. Mar 26, Contact 

e 11905 USA: I am looking for a small quantity of stone tile for a fireplace hearth project. Mar 26, Closed

e 11900 I want to buy Polished emprador chiaro and Imperator. I need 1 or 3 cm broken tiles. The size is 3cm x 22 X free length saw cut. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11898 USA: I need to purchase some Sierra Madre tile. Please quote with samples and pictures of what your stock looks like?  Mar 25, Contact 

ZW: e 11896 Egypt: Please quote 500 cubic meter of double black marble from Zimbabwe. Quote FOB. My phone no. is 002-010-15.....Mar 25, Contact 
e 11889: I am looking for pure black marble from China. Mar 25, Contact 

IL: e 11880 Germany: Please quote for Stone Jerusalem Gold (honed). Quantity 330 sqm, size 60x30x2 cm and 35 sqm, size slabs (2 cm + 3 cm). Please give us your best price, delivery time and freight to Frankfurt. My phone no. is 060215.....Mar 25, Contact 

e 11878 UK: We are looking for top quality granite setts, granite edging and patio stones for our several exterior building projects we have. We need beige and dark walnut colour patio stone. We are looking for delivery to London, payment terms to be payment on arrival and inspection of quality of goods. My mobile no. is +44 772 00.....Mar 25, Contact 

TR/EG/GR: e 11877 Spain: We are a marble factory. We need 20000 sqm of any white or beige marble polished either from Turkey: Greece, Egypt in 60x30x2 cm. The material must be uniform in the tonality. My phone no. is 00349659.....Quantity 20000 sqm. We pay 9 euro sqm polished. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11874 India: Please quote for perlite ore foundry grade. Mar 25, Contact 

e 11871 Mexico: Please quote for 450 sqm of Carioca Gold slabs, polished. Our phone no. 871 72....Mar 25, Contact 

e 11870 USA: We are looking for Languedoc Marble Brown/red for statue bases. Could use as large as 4' x 4' x 4''. We are in MD. Our phone # is 1-202-84.....Mar 25, Contact 

e 11867 USA: The Reverend at our church in Wauwatosa, WI gave us a stone 2" X 1" X 1/2" as part of her sermon. We would like to buy 50 - 100 more. The stone looks like it was beige in color and was relatively smooth, but does not have a shiny finish. We don't care where the stones come from. However, we need them delivered no later than May 5th. Please quote with images. My tel. no. is 414.2..... Mar 24, Contact 

BR: e 11862 USA: I am interested in container loads as well as wholesale crate quantities of Ruggine 30X30 and 40X40 calibrated 3/8" tiles. Port of Houston, TX with final destination Brownsville, TX. My tel. no. is 956 35.....Mar 24, Contact 

e 11859 USA: I am looking to purchase pietra serena stone in the US. Mar 24, Contact 

11853 Korea: We are developing a museum project and which requires approximately 1,000m2 of Quetzal Green. We would like to have one polished sample in size of 300x300x10/20mm and your quotation for 600x600x30mm and 30mm polished slab based on CFR Pusan. And also, we would like to know delivery schedule after order confirmation. In addition to that, we desire to have general information for the material such as average slab size, production capacity, color variation, and so forth. Tel: 82-2-4......Mar 24, Contact 

IN: e 11850 I am looking for some 200 sqm of marble and granite from India to make up a container for shipping to Europe. I will be in Delhi or if necessary in Rajasthan to have a look at samples and prices. Mar 24, Contact Rs 2500

e 11848 India: Please quote for unpolished strip of 2 x 1 for ivory brown (shiva brown). The quantity will be about load 30,000 Sqft. Even hand polished material in 2'x1' uncut strips will do. Mar 24, Contact Rs 2500

11840 USA: I am require botticino and giallo reale tumbled marble. I also use a temple gray and white (bianco carrera) to a lesser extent. Sizes needed are 4 " x 4", 2" x 2" and 6" x 6". Will need stone by summer 2004 and will be purchased all through the year as needed. I would need one sample stone in each color. I have bought botticino from several different sources and each time it was quite different in texture and color. 
The amount of stone I would buy immediately would depend on price. A rough estimate to start with would be 500 square feet. I live in Alabama and stone is very heavy, so I would think I would need a southern supplier. My tel. no. is 256-31.....Mar 23, Contact

ALL: e 11838 USA: I have just recently acquired a 10,000 SQ ft' facility in Florida, and I am allocating a good portion to Flooring. I have many contacts within, and am myself involved in the building industry. I will be looking to import containers to stock and to take pre-orders, primarily 18"x18" and 24"x24" honed and filled. If the prices are right we can do a great deal of business. We are looking for all kinds of floor covering materials. Ready To Buy Immediately. My phone no. is 239-28.....Mar 23, Contact

TR: e 11837 Australia: I am from a company that deals in stones & ceramics, located in Melbourne. We are currently seeking prices and availabilty on "Afyon Sugar" from Turkey. Please quote for tiles of 305, 400 or 610 in size. Mar 23, Contact
e 11828 UK: We are interested in buying a special stone from Armenia  called Offisian..(we think). It is a transparent (see through just like glass) and Brownish in colour. Please quote per sqm and also mention the maximum length-size is for this stone. Mar 22, Contact

BR: e 11826 USA: Please quote for 2000 sq ft 3 cm and 1000 Sq ft 2 cm of San Gabriel FOB NY. Our phone no. is 917 69.....Mar 22, Contact

ES: e 11823 France: We want Caliza Europa stone which is very similar to Chauvigny stone from France. We also want some Crema Marfil. Please quote. My contact no. is 00 44 207 22.....Mar 21, Contact  

e 11822 USA: I need granite tiles such as Antique Labrador, Baltic Brown, etc. for a project. Qty. is 200 tiles. I would like to find the low cost and dependable provider of stone and tile as close to Kansas as possible. If close to Kansas I will pick up. If not, I can arrange shipping on pallet. Will buy a full pallet if price is right. Payment will be done by credit card. My phone no. is 316 75.....Mar 20, Contact  

e 11819 UAE: We are looking for following below mentioned: 
1. Gabbro Stone size 70mm,10mm,5mm - 500,000MT
2. Gabbro Stone size 20to22mm, 13mm, 10mm - 3million MT. The requirement is very urgent. Please quote your best price C&F Dubai. UAE. Mobile no. is 0097150 3.....Mar 20, Contact  

e 11817 USA: Searching for stones and bricks for the outside of a house. My contact no. is (512) 52.....Mar 20, Contact  

e 11814 USA: I am looking for marble which contains fossils of shells, plants, etc. Size is irrelevant, except maximum is 16" x 16". Chunks or scraps are acceptable. Quantity to start would be a couple of pieces. I plan to section the stone to expose fossils suitable for inclusion in pins, pendants or small wall "pictures". I do business as mosaic artist  in Vermont. My telephone # is (802) 88.....I have not used fossil stone before, and want to see what different stones yield in the way of fossils before I make a larger purchase. Mar 19, Contact  

IT: e 11805 Japan: We are importing constructing materials, and working designing and constructing for Japanese market. Please send quotation of the following: 
PERLATO SICLIA POLISHED finish, 400x400xT15 =400mm, Two sorts of grade, high class and middle class. We like to receive each sample, if possible. Our tel. no. is +81-6-65........Mar 19, Contact

e 11800 Malaysia: We are interested in Royal Botticino (polished) with the following size 600mm x 600mm x 20mm. Area required is about 1000sqft. Pls give us your best price quote soonest possible.
We also need to know the following information:-
1. Delivery timing (lead time)
2. Inspection - it would be easier if you have a rep office in Singapore.
3. Terms of payment
4. Sample required immediately. Contact No: 60122......Mar 18, Contact

e 11787 USA: I am trying to find a natural dusty red stone called Rojo Alicante. It is in 4x4 size. Not really loud but has pale color and streaks of white and it looks powdery. My phone no. is 703 49...... I am in VA. It will be used for a kitchen countertop. I think it is about 40 ft. Mar 17, Contact

e 11786 UK: We are looking for companies worldwide to supply us with Granite slabs, Marble slabs, cut to size hearth and back panels and marble surround, cut to size worktop. We need shipping costs and delivery time. Our tel. no. is 01375 8.....Mar 17, Contact

e 11785 USA: I am opening a store with in 6 month and I am looking for a solid surface stone and tile supplier for the NC area. We are looking fro supplier who could provide us with display samples. My phone number is 
919-52......Mar 17, Contact

ALL: e 11784 Lithuania: We make tombstones and we want to expand into granite and marble plates, slabs and others products made from granite and marble. We can be representative enterprise in Lithuania. We have 10 years experience. Mar 17, Contact  

PK/BR: e 11780 USA: I am looking for Ziarat White marble 24" x 24" tiles in any decent thickness. See pricelist 1055 as a reference to purchase price. I am also looking for Verde Butterfly. Mar 17, Contact  

AR: e 11773 USA: Please quote for extra marble from Argentina. Mar 17, Contact  

e 11763 Yemen: I like stones Hellshire Castle Pink & Hellshire Pink from Jamaica. Please provide us with your best offers regarding the price of the above types in square meter or cubic meter. Our phone no. is + 967 1 2.....Mar 16, Contact  

e 11761 Turkey: We are a multinational trading and construction company, and have been aware of a rather new product in the industry which is extremely thin cut granite slabs of appr 0.08" (2 mm) epoxied on aluminium or steel surfaces for exterior and interior wall siding. The absolute advantage is of course the weight. We need to find out the producer(s) of this product and surely the technical specs, applications.etc. We can be a wholesaler, distributor or agent of these manufacturers. It is rather premature to speak of any quantity at this stage, but it will surely be somewhat considerable if we decide it on a commercial project to begin with; however, it will build up gradually if it is what we assume it is. Mar 16, Contact  

209 36.....Mar 16, Contact  


e 11748 China: Our customer likes the stone Mystic Green. Please quote. Our tel. no. is 0086-592-51.....
Mar 15, Contact  

FI: e 11746 Bahrain: We are a large group in Bahrain with interests in Construction, Contracting & Trading. We are interested in dealing with companies in Finland supplying tiles & slabs of Finish granite - especially Baltic Brown. Our fax. no. is 00973 7..... Mar 15, Contact  

IN: e 11741 UAE: I am looking for Indian Green Marble around 500 - 1000 sqm. Kindly send me the FOB and CIF Price to UAE - Dubai Port. Please confirm pricing in USD / sqm. My phone no. is +9714 32.....Mar 15, Contact  

e 11737 USA: We recently bought a house that has flooring of some type of marble or polished travertine. We found several tiles in the attic. One of them still has a sales sticker on it which says it's Philippine Travertine. The purchase of the tiles must have been about 20 years ago when the house was built. The sticker shows it sold for $5.25 a square foot. The tile is a beautiful rose tone with lots of variation from stone to stone. Some are almost white while others are almost taupe. The majority are peach/pink with swirls of all the other colors including yellow/gold. I would love to find more of this to replace damaged tiles in the house. Mar 14, Contact  

ZA: e 11734 Hungary: We are in trade since 1993 with granite from India and China. We need 5-10 containers material per year from Africa. The most demanding stone is RUSTENBURG DARK (slabs and cut to size). We are enlarging our premises so it's possible to buy from you. We are interested about: top mirror polished, 
without any spots, cracks only first quality material, random slabs:
ca. 220/230 x 120/130 x 10cm
ca. 220/230 x 120/130 x 5cm
ca. 220/230 x 120/130 x 3cm.
cut to size: 
70 x 90 x 10cm
120 x 18 x 10cm.
Please send us a pricelist (FOB) about the following colours: RUSTENBURG DARK (IN) and OLIVE GREEN.  Mar 13, Contact  

e 11729 Turkey: We are a glass manufacturing company. We are using brawn aluminium oxide 100 micron. If you have same type of product. Please inform us more details and price on the base of 10 M/T purchase. (if available CF/CIF). Our tel. no. is +90 242 33.....Mar 13, Contact 

e 11727 Iran: We are an import and export company. We are interested in your products. We want to know more about your products and company. We have large markets in different cities of Iran and can sell your products. Please send us your latest catalogue of productions about your products. Mar 13, Contact 
e 11721 USA: We are looking for 8x8 tumbled yellow travertine. We want it for our family room and kitchen and would need approximately 800 sq. ft. We need it by late May. You can contact me at 978-52..... Please send me a price quote and shipping cost to ship to Gloucester Ma. Mar 13, Contact 
e 11715 USA: We are looking for a supplier that can provide us with an entrance sign made of flagstone for an entrance to a sub-division in Arkansas. We are looking for an approximate size of 6-8' wide by 5-6' tall. Our fax no. is 630-65.....Mar 12, Contact 

VN: e 11711 : Interested in Vietnamese stones. Mar 11, Contact 

BR: e 11709 USA: I am looking for a Brazilian stone - Canjiquinha. (See image). I am a retail buyer. I am in 
Los Angeles. I need approx. 300 sq. ft. Approx rate USD 5-15 per sq. ft. Needed ASAP. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11705 USA: We need Azul Macauba, Brilliant Blues, possible gold streaks. (Seattle's stock not acceptable). Qty. is three slabs and 300 square feet 12" x 12" tile. Would prefer to ship from the West Coast to Seattle, Washington. My contact no. is 206-34.....We have time, but I would like to secure the stone if it is out there. Mar 11, Contact  

e 11704 USA: I am in the beginning stages of purchasing a slab for fabrication of a countertop in a large kitchen. I will be requiring approx 3000 sq ft of any country of origin stone. I haven't decided on color but would like a lighter stone...I like the amarello Bangu...what other stones do you have that are blue? I have never bought directly and would appreciate any direction that can help. I am in PA 19460. Will will be moving into the house on March 30, 2004 and are not in dire need of stone but are willing to buy right away, too. My phone no. is 610 78.....Mar 11, Contact  

e 11698 USA: I am looking for 350 sqft. of Rosa Salmon Dark 12x12. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11696 Bangladesh: We are currently building a five star luxury hotel in Dhaka. We have chosen Cream Arena for our guest room bathroom. We need the polished finished marble. The requirement is as follows : 
Required quantity : 70,000 sft.
Size : 300 X 300. 
Thickness : Approximately 12 inches to 15 inches. 
We are a premier leading Real Estate Company in Bangladesh and at the moment we have four 20 storied commercial building under construction and half a dozen in the pipe line. We strongly believe that if your price is competitive, we could look forward to do business with you and it will be a golden opportunity for you and your company in order to capture a new market.
We also would like to know about the country of origin for the above mentioned marble along with their physical characteristics. We also require the appropriate sealer for that specific marble in order to prevent any future damage or stain. 
So, could you please provide us your best price for above marble to Chittagong Sea Port of Bangladesh considering the business opportunity that we can provide. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11690 USA: Can you please send me price of Russian white marble tiles and products? Can you supply info on Thassos ultra white per m2, interested in several thousand m2. Mar 11, Contact 

e 11689 Australia: Could you please give some indication of pricing for various types of tiles. Tile sizes would be 300X300X10mm. Shipping will be by container loads. Pricing per square meter would be appreciated. 
Also required is an indication of order processing times. Mar 11, Contact 

ALL: e 11685 Morocco: We are a Moroccan company that specializes in the distribution of Granite / Marble slabs and  tiles to the Moroccan market. We are inquiring about commercial quantities of Granite/Marble slabs of dimensions about "3m x 2m x 2cm" and Marble tiles of dimensions about "40cm x 40cm x 2cm". We want to import few containers a month from good quality Granite and Marble for the best price available. This would be just a first order; If the price is right other orders will follow. We would need to receive samples of the available stones to choose from. First image samples then physical ones when needed. Please let us know if you have other specials and promotional offers in your inventory and send us a price list of your stone products that match our stated criteria. Our fax. no. is (+212) 22 9.....Mar 11, Contact 

e 11680 USA: We urgently need 2500 sq ft of tan brown 18x18 polished tile. Job is in Las Vegas. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11679 Ireland: Please send us a catalogue, we are interested in purchasing a number of your fireplaces.  Mar 10, Contact 

e 11673 : Looking for an Indian Granite called Elegance. Mar 10, Contact 

IN: e 11670 Lithuania: Interested in Indian marble & granite slabs 2 & 3 cm. We need to get more information about stones are available, get some catalogues or samples 10x10cm and then start a lasting business. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11668 Singapore: Looking for a natural stone that glows in the dark. I first heard of it in Taiwan. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11655 Israel: We need Gohara beige - from Iran, light Travertine, Crema, Kamel pasha. If you can supply these stones please contact. We are going to come to Turkey next week. My phone no. is 972-360.....Mar 10, Contact  

e 11651 USA: I am in West Bloomfield, Oakland county, Michigan. I am looking for a marble refinisher for my hallway floor. I also have a marble coffee table top that I want to have reworked as a bathroom vanity top. Mar 9, Contact 

VN: e 11642 Italy: Please quote for Vietnamese stones. Mar 9, Contact  

e 11641 Singapore: We are interested in Shanxi Black. Please provide us quote of 600 x 600 x 20mm polished, including the stone contain result (test report). Mar 9, Contact  

e 11640 Malta: I am an architect and I am very interested in ordering turkish hardstone and other material. Please email me a pricelist of Turkish materials. Mar 9, Contact  

IR: e 11639 Saudi Arabia: We are marble factory based in Dammam. I need supplier for Irani Stone and Marble. I would like limestone and Cream marfil marble. My phone no. is +966353......Mar 9, Contact  

  BR: e 11634 Mexico: Please quote for Raw Silk from Brazil 60x60 tiles and slabs of 1.20 x 2.50 (approx). Tel. no. is 867.....Mar 9, Contact  

e 11632 USA: Looking for Oiso sand from the Oiso River in Japan. The quantity I need is 1 cubic yard. 
My location is in Middle Island, New York. My tel. no. is 631 92..... Mar 9, Contact  

e 11628 USA: We are looking for contractors who can supply labour for cutting, finishing, edging, polishing raw granite slabs, under mount sink installations, flooring preparation, splash installations, bathroom granite installations, countertop installations. Can you send your estimate/rate for the above work? Mar 9, Contact  

e 11626 USA: How much would it cost to ship one ton of "Botticino Classico extra" to England? I wish to use the marble for sculpting purposes. Quantity: 1 ton. What are the various options please? Presumed cost: 25 USD per ton - how much is shipping? Can it go with other consignments? Mar 9, Contact  

CN: e 11620 Iran: We want to be your exclusive agent, for your stones like granites, sand stones & other Chinese rocks in Iran. Therefore we want to have your samples. After your samples received, we will order you after a month. (We want this 1 monthly time to study your samples quality & prices). All of the members of our company are geologists & petrologists and qualified for stones trading and studying. 
We want to import building stones in this types: Granite & sand stones in tile forms & slabs. Size:40 x 40 x 2cm or 60 x 60 x 2cm For tiles. Surface: polished, Quality: First & commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. We attach pictures of stones that we want to import. Phone: +9841133.....Mar 8, Contact

VN: e 11618 West Indies: Please quote for Vietnamese Stones. Mar 8, Contact

VN: e 11617 USA: We are interested in all Vietnamese stones and products made from Vietnamese Stones. Please quote. Mar 8, Contact

ES: e 11616 Ireland: I am interested in buying a container of a Cream Marble floor tile from Spain, e.g Crema Marfil, Crema Valencia, etc. Please can you forward a quotation for same and also indicate if it is possible to obtain some samples first. My phone no. is 065 63.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11615 Ireland: We are an Irish based fireplace retailer. We supply large number of stone and marble fireplaces on the Irish market. We are looking for a supplier who can provide us with the finished product - stone/marble fireplaces. We are not interested in purchasing the stone in its natural state, it must be manufactured as finished fireplaces. Mar 8, Contact

e 11613 USA: We do mostly rehab of homes and apartments... looking for best prices for kitchens and baths. Mar 8, Contact

e 11612 : Please let us know the price for Antique Finished Imperial Cream Marble. The size is 300m x 300m x 12mm. Quantity is 12,000sqm. Attached is a picture for your further action. Mar 8, Contact

IT: e 11611 Qatar: Please quote for Calacatta Crestola Tedeschi, Arabescato Corchia, Ambrato, Calacatta Macchiaoro, Calacatta Vagli, Cremo Delicato Tedeschi, Calacatta Imperiale, Calacatta Oro and Pallisandro Oniciato. Mar 8, Contact

e 11607 USA: I am interested in seeing what a sample would look like of a Travertine Marble in Jura Beige. I am interested in having this put in bathrooms on the countertops and shower/bath walls. Mar 7, Contact

e 11606 USA: I want to buy travertine tiles and trim (red to brown color) to cover my fireplace. Do you have a retail outlet or seller in Juarez, Mexico? Need 12x12, 3x6 and trim. Do you sell your products in Juarez or Chihuahua? Mar 7, Contact

e 11603 UAE: We would be interested in your complete range of products since we are an interior design company based in Dubai and along side we do have a commercial range of products as well and we would be interested in being suppliers for your range in the Middle East. Kindly if you could send us some samples along with your price list. Mar 7, Contact

Mar 7, Contact

e 11599 USA: Interested in cafe forest 12"x12" marble tiles from India. Needed for one home. Request price and though quantity is small am willing to see if it is possible to ship. How long would it take for the tiles to arrive? We could pick them up in any location within an hour or two drive of Lansing, Mi 48906. Mar 6, Contact  

e 11596 USA: We want soapstone for our kitchen counter top, something reasonably clear of veins. My phone no. is 914 83.....Mar 6, Contact  

e 11593: Please quote for stone for jewelery from Iran. Mar 6, Contact

e 11589 USA: I am interested in purchasing 18" or 24" tiles of crema marfil premium grade. I need about 1800 Sq. Ft. I live in Chicago. Currently I have a Quote of $6.00 Sq. Ft. Need better quotes. Mar 6, Contact

e 11588 USA: I am a builder and need 850 sq.ft. of PROVENZA 16x16 PZ Gotland. We are in Illinois 60022. 
I need this material a.s.a.p.; need to install the material within 2 weeks!! Need sample of dye lot; will then purchase!! Mar 6, Contact

ALL: e 11584 USA: I am interested in buying some containers of mixed material. Please quote. Mar 6, Contact

11581 USA: Please quote for Granite and Marble. I am actively looking for Granite and Marble tiles, Granite Vanity and Counter tops. Quantity depends upon price; one 20' container to start with. My phone no. is 770-51....Mar 6, Contact

e 11578 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs and tiles. Mar 6, Contact

e 11576 USA: Please quote 12x12 Rustic Green Polished Marble. I need approximately 250 sq ft. Mar 5, Contact

T: e 11571 Netherlands: Please give us your best offer for 25 tons white Carrara marble. We want to collect this marble next week (week 11). Our tel. no. is 0031-591-5...... Mar 5, Contact  

e 11566 Cook Islands: Could you please email me a price list for ceramic and marble tiles. Looking at buying some tiles from Indonesia but would like to get an idea on prices. Looking a 2000m2 quantity, glue and grout. Will be coming to Indonesia in April, so would like to get some prices and details before the trip. Mar 5, Contact

e 11564: I have received the request from the Italian customer concerning the marble. They are looking for following types:
Marbles type:
- Giallo Reale - royal yellow
- Bianco - white, all type of white ; total white or with black streaked or gray streaked.
- Verde Guatemala - Green Guatemala
- Botticino type Marble ( Botticino is one of the famous marble in Italy togerther with Carrara marble )
- Red Verona ( Verona is also an Italian city )
- Breccia - breach
- Azul Macaubas
- different types of blue
- different marble with different kind of veins
Our customer would like to know the price of the marble shipped in block or plate, Fob China and better CIF Italian port (Livorno, Genova). They need also to know the minimum quantity of single order. It is possible receive also some marble sample? Mar 5, Contact

e 11563: I am interested in a price for stone aggregate, specifically 1/4 - 3/8 inch in size for terrazzo installations. Would the stone be suitable and how is it packaged. I would like skid of 50 lbs. plastic bags. 
Mar 5, Contact

e 11560 USA: I am looking to locate the distributor of Azul Cielo marble slabs in California. I am looking for 5 pieces. Mar 5, Contact

BR: e 11559: Please quote for 3 cm 10 x 6 Ft slabs in Crema Bahia. Mar 5, Contact

e 11558 USA: We are very interested in buying Banisters made of MARBLE. Please send us your catalogues, price list, as well as the samples. We can review all your items better by having the catalogues and samples in hand which will enable us on making the decision to purchase your products faster. Tel: 001-904-24......Mar 5, Contact

e 11552: Please quote for filetto roso, trani botticino, fiorito h80 and antique stone. Mar 4, Contact

e 11551 India: We have an urgent requirement of desert sand granite (from Orissa) slabs of 30mm. I need 21 slabs gangsaw size 30mm. I need a sample. The order for 20 feet container could be finalized in a week.
Please find the attachment. Mar 4, Contact INR 2500

e 11547 Ireland: My immediate requirement is for 150 sq mtr of granite/marble floor tiles, but if the price is suits I may bring a full container i.e 400 sq mtr.
The majority of the Granite should be of a black variety e.g Nero Aswan, Nora, Galaxy Black (price permitting) and this would be approximately 150 sq mtrs in total. 
For the remainder of the order assuming that this is a full container this should be in Marble. The order could possibly be made up using some or all of the following types obviously if the the price is favourable.
Tile size to be 30 x 30 x 1 cm 
1. Marron Imperial (Standard) 50 sq mtr
2. Rojo Alicante - 50 sq mtr
3. Bianco Carrara 'c' 1st / Bianco Venatino 1st - 50 sq mtr
4. Crema Marfil - 50 sq mtr
5. Verde Guatemala/Chiesa/Issorie - 50 sq mtr
Please note that any of these marble and granite can be changed if a suitable alternative arises. I assume that it would be easier to bring all goods from one country even though I have mixed countries of origin therefore if the type and price is suitable I would be flexible. Phone No. 06568.... Mar 4, Contact

IT: e 11541 Korea: We are importers of many kinds of stones, marble, granite and limestone from worldwide. We need Bardiglio Scuro from Italy. We need samples 200x200mm, 20T, 2 pcs. Quote CNF Pusan for 600x900mm, 20T, 1000 M2. Our contact no. is (02)43..... Mar 4, Contact

e 11533 USA: I am also looking for a specific granite called Copper Brown. I believe that this material comes from either the USA or India. The quantity would be 20 slabs in 2cm and 25 slabs in 3cm. Depending on if the project grows, I may need more. Can you please notify me of the country of origin? Also, if there are any crossover names for this material. I am in Colorado 80524. Mar 4, Contact

e 11530 USA: I am interested in purchasing tumbled marble in bulk quantities 12 x 12, 8 x 8, 6 x 6 and 4 x 4 tiles. Please let me know what the price structure is. My phone no. is 248-64.....Mar 3, Contact

e 11526 USA: I need a marble in slabs called Verde Gold. Mar 3, Contact

IN: e 11525 Russia: We are a constructing company. We want to buy black granite. Please, send us the price of slabs of this granite 2 cm thickness and 3cm, one side polished and all necessary information regarding this type of granite and photos. Mar 3, Contact

e 11524 : We are looking for:
- Forklift 7 at 8 tons, with free lift, side-shift and fork-position.
- Forklift 4 at 5 tons, CARER electric.
If you have this, please send us your offers as soon as possible. Our tel. no. is +34 977 8.....Mar 3, Contact

ID/IL: e 11523 Argentina: Please quote for Indonesian and Israeli stones. Mar 3, Contact

e 11520 Australia: I am trying to find an architect with a flair for innovation. Just briefly, I am an opal gemstone manufacturer in Australia and I am about to produce an up-market opal tile and other opal gemstone accessories, that have the potential to create a new industry based around jewelry and gemstone features for the home. I am currently exporting to Spain and Dubai where mosaics are in demand, but I have not entered the American market yet. Mar 3, Contact

e 11509 USA: Retail: Would like a granite called "Blue Parrot". Might it go by another name? If you know it, would it be possible to get a photo e-mailed? Mar 3, Contact

e 11507 Sweden: I am interested in buying marble. I would use it on my floor (marble floor). I am wondering how much each sqm costs. I will take care of the shipping myself. Mar 3, Contact

e 11506 USA: Do your prefab 2cm tops have a 4cm bullnose? Do you supply tops bullnosed on two or three sides? We are looking to purchase numerous prefab tops on a regular basis. We are located in northwestern Illinois, USA. Please tell me about your company, where you are located, and available: edge profiles, sink cutouts, left and right finished ends, colors, order quantities, pricing, etc.. Phone number is: 847.35.....Please quote. Mar 3, Contact

IR: e 11499 Saudi Arabia: We want to buy marble slabs or cut to floor plan from Iran. Will go to Iran to check. Tel. no. 00966558.....Mar 2, Contact

SA: e 11498 Sudan: We are interested in marble and granite from Saudi Arabia. Our phone no. is 00249-11-7.....Mar 2, Contact

IN: e 11494 UK: Want high quality slabs of Andhi Marble. I have heard that there are some difficulties at the moment. I am in the UK and have positive responses from a number of customers. I am interested in details for any quantity of slabs, but of good quality and high polish. I am in the UK and I am interested in any quantity that might be available depending on the prices. I therefore have not specified a quantity as I would like to know what is available and at what cost. Mar 2, Contact  

e 11491 USA: I need Retailers / Wholesalers throughout the USA to fill and deliver orders to my customers. I am looking for a "drop ship" relationship throughout the USA. Prices need to be very competitive (a significant reason for them to do business with you!). Since they probably will never meet you in person. These deals are going to be generated strictly on pricing! Please email me your current pricelist along with your contact address and phone numbers where I can contact you personally to fill orders and discuss payment as orders get filled. Orders will be pre paid by me prior to deliver to my clients. My tel. no. is 954 67.....Mar 2, Contact  

e 11488 USA: I am interested in finding a dealer who either has or can get either of the 2 following China granites sichuan red and blue diamond. Is anyone out there who deals in these two products? Mar 2, Contact  

e 11476 USA: Retail: I need 200 sq feet (flooring) coralito conglomerate. Price range from $1000-$2000 (fob) Ashland, Kentucky. Needed by mid April '04. I am also interested in slate flooring. My phone no. is 606-32..... Mar 1, Contact  

e 11471 USA: We are considering business and require 200-300m marble tiles of 10-20mm thick and 30cm X 60cm. Mar 1, Contact  

e 11470 USA: Do you have a granite slab named parfait from Spain? Mar 1, Contact  

e 11459 USA: I am interested in ordering 8000 sq ft of polished green marble tiles and some other items. Please quote. Mar 1, Contact

e 10887 UAE: We are specialist of natural stone in Dubai, please send your price list for white stone, cream, yellow 30 x 60 or 30 x open length with delivery to Dubai. My contact no. 00971 50 68.....Jan 31, Contact  

ALL: e 10863 Australia: I am looking for serious suppliers from Iran, turkey and other countries for new materials like travertine, marbles and onyx. I would also like some serious suppliers from India and other countries for landscaping, pavers and sandstones. Jan 30, Contact