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Marble Slabs and Tiles Inquiries! Dec 31, 2003
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This page lists Marble Inquiries from Jan 2003 to Dec  2003. The system of responding and the latest inquires are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm

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GR: e 10289 Poland: Please quote CIF Gdansk (port in Poland) for Golden spider marble in 2cm & 3cm slabs. The sizes are 38x160x2 - 350 m2, 38x200x2 - 100 m2, 60x125x2 - 850 m2, 160x38x3 - 335 m2 and 160x16x2 - 115 m2. Dec 31, Contact

BR: e 10276 Saudi Arabia: We are interested in Azul marble cut to size with 2cm thickness. Quantity- 1500m2, Quality- Grade A. Price to be quoted C & F Dammam. Our contact no. is +966140.....Dec 30, Contact

e 10265 Sweden: We need 1200-1300 m2 marble or granite for flooring. Please quote with delivery period. Dec 29, Contact

e 10260 Turkey: We are currently undertaking large property developments and are looking at the option to import marble and travertine direct from Turkey. Would it be possible to send us some further information regarding prices - Information packs - samples. Our tel. no. is 0090 392 81.....Dec 29, Contact

IN: e 10241 UAE: Looking for marble seller in Makarana region. Dec 27, Contact

ES: e 10234 Turkey: Please quote FOB Izmir for CREMA MARFIL 18" x 18" x 1/2",  4 x 20 CNTR. Payment 120 days after B/L. Our tel. no. is 0232 42.....Dec 27, Contact

ALL: e 10233 UK: We are UK based company. Please send us brochure as we are expanding our trading in granite and marble and are in search for new supplier with good quality and competitive price. Dec 26, Contact

e 10225 UK: We are looking for forest green marble in big slabs. Quote FOB Mumbai. Dec 25, Contact

OM: e 10223 India: We are developers from Bangalore and we are looking for 25000 sqm of Omani Marble, Royal Cream, random slab, for flooring. Our phone no are (Office) +918029...... We have collected quotes from India and will be finalizing the rates by month end. We want to know the credibility of supplier whether he can supply the required material as per my delivery schedule, the mines from which he is getting the stone and quality of his material. Dec 25, Contact

e 10220 USA: I am a sculptor please quote with info on Carrara white marble. Dec 25, Contact  

e 10218 USA: We are a contracting/development firm and are in need of a supplier who can provide us with custom cut marble window sills and window lintels. We are in AL. Our phone no. is 251-43.....Dec 24, Contact

e 10217 USA: I am interested in Rosa Levanto at $10.00 per sqm . I am in the suburbs west of Chicago. How do you handle shipping (is stuff is heavy)? Dec 24, Contact

IT: e 10203 Israel: We would like to import 3000 sqm of Perlato Royal / perlatino tiles (30 x 60 x 1.8), we can order at 15 euro. We also need steps 125 x 35 x 3 cm, 140 x 35 x 3 polished 320 sqm. payment will be by LC. Our phone no. is +972 57 2.....Dec 23, Contact  

VN: e 10195 Pakistan: We would like to contact potential exporter of Marble in VIETNAM. We are regular importers of Granite and Marble from all parts of the world. We normally import both Granite and Marble in polished / unpolished form, in random size slabs of over 200 cm X 170cm X 2cm thickness, with 3" free cutting margin on all four sides. We would like small one face polished samples relating to the total range of Marble and Granite with possible rates on CIF Karachi term, mentioning shipment period. Please note that our total imports are undertaken on the basis of 120 days full irrevocable D/A letter of Credit. Our contact no. is 0092-21-50.....Dec 22, Contact

IN: e 10194 UAE: We are looking for Makrana Marbles in a quantity of 20000 Sqm. Please quote. Our tel. no. is +971372.....Dec 22, Contact  

IF WE CAN CUT THE FLOOR PANELS 120 x 60 x 2 cm. 
WHAT IS THE AVERAGE SIZE OF THE SLABS? Mob: + 48 602 4..... Dec 21, Contact  

e 10162 USA: Where can I find slabs of Pietra Serna marble? Dec 20, Contact

FR: e 10159 USA: Please send pricing and availability for Napleon Tigre, Napoleaon Grand Melange and Napoleon Fleury from France. Dec 19, Contact

Dec 19, Contact

EG: e 10155 India: We are one of the leading builders in India. We are looking for SYLVIA, GALALA, & Yellow marble (Egyptian). What will be rate? We also need Technical properties, Strength, weakness of Egyptian marble etc. Dec 19, Contact

IT: e 10144 Oman: please quote for Perlato Royal in all sizes for 5000 sqm. Our tel. no. is 0096893..... Dec 19, Contact

e 10141 Germany: Please send an offer about different types of granite and marble. Please see the attachment. If you cannot offer some types please give me an alternative.
We are an retail buyer with an very important performance in Germany. If you have stocks please offer them too. If you have bigger sizes (for example 200 cm and more) then let us know. I need the price for sqm / FOB. All tiles must be polished and calibrated. Please tell us the earliest delivery date. My contact no. is 0711-51.....Dec 18, Contact

e 10121 USA: Want 600 sq. ft 12x12 Alba Chiara Marble. Also looking for jade green colored pebbles, either loose or matted on fiberglass. Dec 17, Contact


IT: e 10104 Qatar: Want crema marfil -B from Italy. Dec 16, Contact

IT: e 10090 Slovakia: We need 200 sqm of botticino classico tiles, 60 x 60 in January 2004. Dec 15, Contact

IN: e 10089 India: We are the Indian exporter of granites & marbles. Our corporate office situated in New Delhi India. We are exporting granites & marbles tiles & slabs to Canada, U.S.A, Italy & East African countries. We require suppliers of granites & marbles in India. Dec 15, Contact

OM: e 10086 Saudi Arabia: Please quote C&F Jeddah for Omani marble Royal Beige and Opal Pink Light. These should be clean, pure and of uniform colour, size 60x60x2 cm. Qty. is 300 sqm required by us for private household purposes. The marble should be spot-proof of the kind that does not absorb liquids or get affected by coloured liquids. Our tel no. is (00966-2)64.....Dec 15, Contact

ALL: e 10088 Ukraine: We want granite and marble slabs and tiles. Size of tile should be 300x600x20, 600x600x20, 300x600x30, 600x600x30. Thickness of slabs should be 20 and 30mm. Our tel. no. is +38 0532 5.....Dec 15, Contact

ALL: e 10067 India: We are mines owners of Indian Marbles and we have our own GANGSAW PLANTS. We are interested in importing marble & granite blocks as well as slabs. Please quote with images. Our phone no. is +91-98200.....Dec 13, Contact

OM: e 10061 Saudi Arabia: I am in need for cremo light omani marble, 30 x 60 x 2 cm. I need 500 sqm. Dec 13, Contact

ALL: e 10059 South Africa: I am an interior designer in the Eastern Cape - specializing in Kitchen & Bathroom design &  project-management. I have a big demand for Granite & Marble slabs, & tiles. Please send me the relative info. Dec 12, Contact

ALL: e 10057 Australia: I am in a process to open up a new display and retail center in one of the state of Australia. This center will have a large display about all types of natural stones, marbles granite, lime stones, sandstones and all others related slabs and stone tiles, that can be used with in the different areas of homes, buildings and construction industries.
I wish to have a unique place for different types of these materials from all around the world suppliers, and start to run the educational programs and encourage visitors to use this in booming construction Industries.
This would gain its momentum very fast as there is great potentials in Australian market for the orders of such natural stones in these days.
I instantly look forward to be in touch of all the major suppliers of such materials around the world especially country wise. I wish to be in contact without any delay with all these producers and suppliers on a priority basis and wish to finalize the term of achieving such samples. I am pleased to work out the cost involved with the relevant bodies to achieve this objective as quickly as possible. As great marginal orders would be expected after this display. I would require at least 2 samples for each type of such materials for this purpose. Ph. 0061-7-337.....Dec 12, Contact

IT: e 10055 Israel: Please quote for perlato royal type perlatino polished 3cm slabs.(100m^2). Perlato royal type perlatino 30 x 60 x 1.8 (150 m^2), Perlato royal type perlatino steps 130 x 35 x 3 cm thick, polished 
(100 m ). See attached pictures (image 1 & 2). We need is a price for 1st qulity not more than 16 euro and we can order now a full container to start our new project which may take between 1600m^2 to 2200m^2 in his second period from the same material. My tel. no. is +972 8 2......Dec 12, Contact

CN: e 10043 USA: I am trying to locate a small amount of Peppercorn Granite (Chinese). I desperately need 20-30 sf of 12x12 Polished. We are fellow distributors of Granites, etc...and cannot locate this material, as it is now discontinued from most of our suppliers. I noticed G654 and ZHG016 come pretty close. Please quote. I am in a stone supplier in MA. Dec 11, Contact

e 10037 Singapore: We need 16,000 m2 600 x 300 x 20mm Majan Marble for our Project in Singapore. Our phone no. is 65-900.....Dec 11, Contact

e 10033 Canada: Please quote for creme marfil select, f.o.b. Montreal. Qty. 600 sq.ft. slab or 60 x 60 x 2. 
Dec 11, Contact

e 10025 Nigeria: Please quote for perato royal 30 x 60 x 2cm and perato sicilia 30 x 60 x 2cm polished. Dec 10, Contact



e 10013 Sweden: Please quote for black marble for engraving photos. My phone no. is 0046 914-......Dec 9, Contact

OM: e 10010 Singapore: Please quote for desert rose polished marble size 600 x 300 x 15 or 20mm. Qty: 5880 sqm. Please advise delivery. Dec 9, Contact

TR: e 10008 Syria: Please quote for Turkish white marbles. Our tel. no. is ++963 31 4.....Dec 9, Contact

e 10005 Korea: We want to import Botticino marble and Giallo Crystal from China. Please send price lists and payment terms. We have a construction project. Dec 9, Contact

e 10004 USA: Please quote for 2 cm crema marfil commerial grade, one surface polished. Sizes are 72" X 20" three edges polished, 60" X 12" One long edge polished, 44" X 6.5" One long edge polished, 36" X 8" One long edge polished. Please give me the container price by pieces and block price from Spain. Dec 9, Contact

PT: e 10002 USA: I am a builder requiring Portugal pink light marble. New construction need about ten slabs and tiles if possible. I am in CA 94123. My phone no. is (415) 27..... Dec 9, Contact

e 9998 USA: I am an art teacher at a small boarding school in upstate New York near West Point. I am in need of some low grade marble, or other types of stone. I have very little money to budget toward these materials. I need to know more about prices and locations where I can get stone. My phone no. is 845.53..... Dec 9, Contact

ALL: e 9995 South Africa: We need granite and marble for a 4 star hotel we are constructing. Details should include types/prices/quantity of building stones we could use for finishing. The break-up of rooms is 100 single rooms, 100 double rooms, 50 Apartments and 25 Suites. We are more interested in placing orders with Italian firms. Dec 8, Contact

TR: e 9987 Egypt: We are a company specialized in importing Marble & Granite. Kindly send us a complete priced list for all kinds of Turkish Marble you can provide us especially Hazan, tekmar, olymopos white, teknonix, yaykin, efes black, bordo, milas blachvein in 10mm, 20mm (ft).  Dec 8, Contact

e 9981 Iran: Please quote C&F Bandar Abbas for polished black granite in 122 x 60 x 4 cm. Dec 8, Contact

ALL: e 9969 Mexico: We are looking for a reliable supplier of marble and other stones to export to Mexico and Central America. We are currently buying others products in India and we have space in our containers for others products such as marble. Please let me know if you can sell in small quantities, i.e. 10-20 tns per sale and send us a price list. Dec 6, Contact

IT: e 9966 Singapore: How much is Botticino Semiclassico per sqm (in US$). Kindly furnish me more details for this marble, such as thickness, the consistency of the veins/pattern, is the stock readily available? I required about 100m². How long is the delivery? Any guarantee on the quality of the stones? Tel: 6 21.....Dec 6, Contact

IT: e 9960 Senegal: Please quote for Italian marble Perlato Sicilia and Perlato Royale.  Sizes 60 x 60 x 2cm, 800 sqm. and 100 x 60 x 2 cm, 425 sqm and 500ml of plinthe perlato.  Dec 5, Contact

e 9936 USA: I am interested in having a coffee table and dining room table made with a Marble Slab top. I live in Riverside, CA and something in Riverside, San Bernardino or may be Orange County would be preferred. I plan to purchase slabs and want to get it fabricated into tables. Dec 4, Contact

CN: e 9932 Cyprus: Please quote for granite and marble slabs from China. Dec 3, Contact

e 9929 Tunisia: Please quote for Marble waste in white color. Qty. 1000 Tons / month. We want stone it for self use. Payment by Letter of Credit. Delivery within 10 days weeks. Our fax no. is 74 4..... Dec 3, Contact

IT: e 9927 UK: We are a company based in the U.K. and doing projects in Nigeria. We require polished botticino classic and semi-classic tiles 30 cm x 60 cm x 1.5 cm. Quantity required 2000 sqm. Pls quote FOB Italian port in U.S.$ for 1st and commercial quality. We are looking for a price of USD 15 to 17 per sqm as the quantity to be ordered is substantial and repetitive. Pls quote best offer to enable finalise order by next week. Our Nigeria phone no. is 00 234 1 3......Dec 3, Contact

PK: e 9924 USA: Please quote for Sahara Gold marble, approx. 3,000 square feet, size: 24 x 24. PLEASE LET ME KNOW COST AND APPROXIMATE TIME OF DELIVERY. My contact no. is (305) 33.....Dec 3, Contact

IT: e 9912 USA: We are looking for Italian Tea Rose marble in 12 x 12's. We are a granite company in and looking for a distributor in AR 72764. Dec 2, Contact

IR/OM/ES/TR/IT: e 9904 India: We are one of the reputed construction company in Mumbai having around 12 running projects in Mumbai basically in to the construction of multi story towers for commercial and residential complexes. We have a requirement of 100000 Sq ft of beige marble for one of our project. 
We request you to suggest us from which angles each product is advisable among Italian, Iranian, Omani, Egyptian, Turkish and Spanish and how and the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Please send test reports. Dec 1, Contact

e 9903 UK: I am interested in basically marbles, granites used for production of stairs, understairs, tables, floors, basically domestic use. Also I am interested in the modification of these materials, I mean flamed, polished, edge cut. Please send me the price list and delivery terms for these items. Dec 1, Contact

IT: e 9840 Canada: We have a project that we would like to propose the use of Bianco Uliano (slabs). Please advise us of a Canadian Distributor of this stone. Our tel. no. is 306 76.....Nov 28, Contact

ALL: e 9832 South Africa: We are a South African business, currently thinking of expanding our existing business in the direction of granite & marble slabs & tiles. I will be purchasing container loads at a time. Please send your company payment procedures and additional info. regarding these stones. Our tel. no. is 011-80.....Nov 27, Contact

e 9778 USA: I am looking for a purple marble, slab approx 4 ft by 4 ft in diameter about 1/2 ft depth with a polished surface and jagged edges. Circular. Please quote. Nov 23, Contact  

e 9775 USA: I am looking for 3 slabs of Costa Esmeralda. Color is critical. 2 slabs must be at least 64 x 110 inches. I need these immediately.  Nov 23, Contact  

e 9748 Czech Republic: We want the following Italian marble tiles in antique finish and in mosaic sizes (approx. 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 or 7x7cm x 0,5 to 1cm thickness): VERDE ALPI, ROSSO VERONA, GIALLO REALE, AHURA MAZDA and VERDE LAGUNA. Qty. is 200 and 300 m2. Our tel. no. is +420 224 2.....Want to buy from Italy or Germany. Expect to finalize and place an order after approving the pricing but by the end of 2003 at the latest. Delivery by the end of February 2004. Nov 21, Contact  

e 9734 USA: I am interested in obtaining samples (blocks about 10 cm3; or slabs of 25x25x10 cm) of white Carrara  marble for testing.  Nov 20, Contact

e 9675 USA: I am interested in buying 1300 sq ft of marble tile. looking for a supplier in Sacramento. Nov 17, Contact  

OM: e 9649 Singapore: We are a building material company in Singapore and are interested in Omani marble. We are looking for Desert Beige Polished in 300x600x20mm. Please send us your best quotation and samples of the different types. Our tel. no. is + 65 629......Nov 15, Contact  

e 9640 Korea: I want botticino semi-classico, classico and any other qualities of botticino. I need about 2500M2. I would like to know slabs price and normal size price. Nov 14, Contact  

BR: e 9608 India: We have a large show room in India. We also import marble & granites from all over the world. We are interested in Brazil marbles and sandstone from a Brazilian manufacturer only. We want these products in slabs with 20mm (2cm) thickness. I am planning for visiting Brazil to import marble. Our tel. no. is +91-261-22.....Nov 12, Contact  

e 9605 Canada: I have an immediate requirement for marble and granite tiles of dimension 12" x 12". I would like to get quotation for 30*30*2cm 15*30*2cm, 15*15*2cm 20*20*2cm, 20*25*2cm 10*10*2cm as well as 
30inchx30inchx10mm marble tiles. Please quote. My phone no. is (613) 85.....Nov 12, Contact  

e 9603 Australia: We are interested in marble tiles size 30 x 30 x 1. Please quote. Nov 12, Contact

ES: e 9591 USA: Please quote for 70.000 sq ft of Crema Marfil marble 12 x 12 x 3/8 inches. Looking for a price range of 2.50 sq ft. Nov 11, Contact

e 9586 Brazil: I want Brazilian Granite slabs and tiles. I am a wholesaler. My contact no. is 5521-249.....
Nov 11, Contact  

ALL: e 9514 Ireland: Please quote for Marble Flooring slabs.  Nov 6, Contact  

PT: e 9508 Bangladesh: Please quote for 50 cbm Rosa Portugallo marble block from Portugal. The block dimension must be about 2-2.5m x 1-1.5m x 1-1.5m. Please send me price list of all marble block you have in ready stock (rosa portugallo and others marble and granite blocks, 1st choice & 2nd choice material with the picture). The shipment must be at C.N.F Chittagong in Bangladesh. Dead line is 31st December, 2003. 
Please mail me the Photos of blocks and relevant information (price list, shipment date, photos of block etc).
If you have another collection, don't hesitate to give information about that. Our phone no. is 0088-02-96.....Nov 6, Contact   

OM: e 9505 USA: Please quote for Omani marble: 
1. Polished Tile 600x300x20mm Desert rose, qty. 3000M2
2. Polished Tile 600x600x20mm Desert rose, qty. 1800 M2
3. Polished Tile 300x300x10mm Desert Rose, calibrated and All four chamfered and polished, qty. 2800 M2
4. 450x450x12 mm Plain cut tile Desert rose, qty. 1250 M2 
5. 20 mm polished Gang Saw Slab, qty. 600 M2
Please quote your best price based on following details-
1) All material should be of same quality.
2) No coloring allowed. 
3) All tiles should have precise dimension.
4) Packing- International standard.
5) Our representative will visit you once we finalize the order.
6) Your price should include C& F USA. Port of Baltimore.
7) Delivery period.
We would like to receive samples and am ready to pay a reasonable shipping and handling charge. Nov 6, Contact

IN: e 9491 Spain: Please quote for Rajasthan green marbles slabs 2 and 3 cm polished 2.5x1.5 minimum, 1st choice, no cracks, sound material. Price C&f Barcelona, Valencia, and Carrara, Casablanca- Morocco, Tunis- Tunisia. Send pics. of slabs. We buy 5 containers per months. Our phone no. is +34 93 58.....Nov 4, Contact

IN: e 9465 Bahrain: We are interested in Slates and Marbles. We need for our project in large quantity. We are in  Manama and our tel. no. is 2......Nov 3, Contact  

IT: e 9441 Libya: We are trading company interested with imports of carrara & arabescato marble. Please quote for 15 containers of carrara slabs 2cm & 3cm thickness. Our tel / fax no. is 00218 21 46.....Oct 31, Contact  

IT: e 9418 India: We are importers of marble from Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc...We also import Perlatino marble 1st choice in large quantity. If you can supply us blocks of the same please email us the prices ex-Carrara. Our contact no. is 0091-11-265..... Oct 30, Contact

ALL: e 9417 USA: Please send pictures and pricelist of Marble tiles. Dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 1.0cm 
Also how is the right angle, beveling, polishing, thickness variance, color variation? How many sq. ft. per container, how is it boxed and the colors names and numbers? Orders From 6000 sq ft & above. My contact details are 602-43.....I am in Phoenix 85053. Oct 30, Contact

e 9411 USA: We are interested in purchasing marble, granite & travertine blocks, slabs and tiles from Peru. Please send a quote. Oct 30, Contact

EG: e 9403 Portugal: Please quote for Silvia marble (dark & medium) and Sunny marble 60 x 30 x 2 cm, slabs with 2 cm and blocks. Oct 29, Contact  

IT: e 9397 USA: Looking for engineered marble stone (see image). Top marble is the original, the one at the bottom is the engineered, which was obtained and purchased in SSF, CA, but company closed down. Qty needed approx. low 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft. by slabs. Ready to order immediately. Willing to pay US$15.00 per sq ft including landed and delivered to the warehouse, located in San Francisco, California. Oct 29, Contact  

IT: e 9376 UAE: we want Italian marble Perlato Sicilia 2cm plolished slabs in size of 150cm x 240cm. Please quote FOB and CNF DUBAI price. What is the delivery time from factory to Dubai? Oct 27, Contact  

BR: e 9368 Barbados: We are a property development company in the process of building offices, houses, apartments and townhouses. We are looking at purchasing containers of both granite and marble slabs and tiles. We have our own fabrication company that will make counter tops from the stone. We are looking to establish an on-going business relationship with a Brazilian stone exporter. Our tel. no. is (246) 43.....Oct 26, Contact  

CN/BR: e 9348 USA: We currently buying a lot of granite and marble from China. Pls offer us the attached granites from Brazil & India, as well as from China. We will go to Xiamen at the beginning of next month. 
Quote Fob Xiamen for 2cm, 3cm slabs, size 1300mm up x 2600mm up. Varieties reqd. are Juparana Columbo, Juparana Viera, Juparana Arandis, Gold dust, Golden Fantasy, Cafe Brown, Golden Oak/kashmir Gold, Juparana Lavantina, Juparana CremaMara, Blue Eyes, Golden Green, Golden Wave, Juparana Classico, Juparana fantastico / Juparana Sunset, Juparana Topazio. 
China Green----not too green and China Black----not shanxi black, leopard skin, butterfly blue and G682----dark yellow. We are in Westwood, MA 02090. Our tel. no. is 781 40.....Oct 24, Contact

BR: e 9342 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Oct 23, Contact

ALL: e 9319 Australia: I am looking for supplier to supply us in Sydney 1X 1 foot marble slabsWe are a construction company. Send me the types and rates of your products as well. Oct 22, Contact

e 9291 St. Maarten: I am very much interested in purchasing a container of marble tiles, travertine tiles for an outside deck and some grantite counter tops. 
I need: 40 M2 Crema Marfil select 40 cm by 40 cm
220 M2 Crema Marfil select 60 cm by 30 cm
25 M2 Rojo Alllicante or Rojo Rosa 60 by 30
15 M2 Rojo Allicante or Rojo Rosa 40 by 40
250M2 Travertine Durango Polished or Classico unpolished for the outside (with a semi rough structure)
I also want marble for six bathrooms but do now know which types exactly. Please advise how much m2 goes into one container. What are moreover the costs of obtaining some samples of the pieces mentioned above. I am willing to pay the costs to obtain the samples per courier. I am in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten N.A. My tel. no. is Telephone: +(599) 54.....Oct 20, Contact

CN: e 9283 Germany: I want to import granite, marble tiles, etc. from China. Please send a catalogue for tiles and other products? I need this for my potential customers in order to place orders and get quotes. We would be interested in importing Chinese products such as tiles, granite slates, etc. Need prices for slabs (40 x 20 x 20/ 30 cm grey granite) in full container. Need prices for FOB and CFR Hamburg or Antwerp/Rotterdam.
I would need quotation from your side. We would kindly ask you to quote on FOB Chinese port basis as well for FCL to Rotterdam /Antwerp and for LCL shipments to Hamburg. Oct 19, Contact,

TR: e 9251 Romania: I am interested in Crystal White and Mugla White Slabs: polished and unpolished. Tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1. Free length slabs 3.30 x free length x 2 (polished & unpolished) & Free length slabs 4.40 x free length x 2 (polished & unpolished). Qty. is a full container or more. Our tel. no. is 00407420.....Oct 17, Contact

IT: e 9241 USA: I am looking for 2200 sq ft of CALACATTA GOLD or CALACATTA GREY in 24x24 tiles and possibly some slabs. I am looking for a great deal, if you have the product at the right price we will buy after seeing samples. Also we have at least three months till we need the product so maybe this will help. My phone no. is 310-27.....We are in Beverley Hills, California 90210. Oct 15, Contact  

ALL: e 9237 Canada: I am looking for a supplier who can offer competitive price, quality and service. We sell an average of about 25 to 30 containers a month of granite slabs and marble. We sell throughout the USA and also within Canada. Please send quotes with images. My contact no. is (514) - 80......I am in Montreal. 
Oct 15, Contact  

VN: e 9235 USA: Looking for suppliers of Vietnamese marble. See price list 1036. I would like to know prices on all size floor tiles. I would like to see pictures and styles of all available tiles for import to USA [Nevada, Las Vegas]. We are looking for first quality, polished marble. I want to order at container prices. I will need to know availability, capacity to produce, delivery times. ASTM tests for abrasive resistance [ASTM C 1353], skid resistance [ASTM C 1028], water absorption [ASTM C 97] and modulus of rupture [ASTM C 99]. These numbers are important as we will be supplying large orders for use in public areas. Oct 15, Contact

AR: 9232 USA: I am a broker wholesales of natural stone. I am looking for a supplier of Azul Cielo and Exstra marble from Argentine 12 x12 and slab. 12 x 12 is the most important as I have slab. I am presently purchasing small amounts of 12 x 12 for custom mosaic production and looking for a good price. These will be used in small amounts of 80 sq ft. Shipment is to L.A. Oct 15, Contact  

ALL: e 9223 Brazil: I am interested in marble, granites, onyx and stone tiles and slabs. Please quote. We will be in New York on November 5, we would like meet some buyers. We are interest in all products specially in onyx. Our phone no. is 5511-374.....Oct 14, Contact   

e 9193 Israel: I represent one of the leading companies for Marble & Granite. We import from different countries. I am interested to buy "BOTTICINO CLASSIC" OR "BEIGE BOTTOCINO" and "PERLATO SECILIA". 
I have big project in UAE and the quantity it will be more than 3500 m2. So I need the price for slabs 2 & 3cm thickness for these kind of Marble. 
ALSO I NEED THE PRICE FOR THESE CUT TO SIZE:1- Botticino steps with 3 grooves (3m Tread & 2cm Risers) Straight Qty = 4320 m 
2- Botticino steps CUT TO SIZE (Long Side) Qty = 1505 m 
3- Botticino Landing Floor Cut to Size Qty = 155 m2 
4- Botticino Skirting 10cm Height & 2cm Thickness Qty = 1390 m 
5- Steps for Skirting Qty = 4350 Nos. 
6- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 30cm Width Qty = 27 m 
7- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 11.5cm Width Qty = 20 m 
8- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 40cm Width Qty = 23m 
9- 10x2cm PERLATO Thresold Qty = 2421 m 
10 - 20x2cm PERLATO Thresold Qty= 814 m 
Kindly provide us with prices including Supply, Polish, Grooves & Cut to size (In Details). My contact no. is 00972 59 6.....Oct 11, Contact  

ALL: e 9162 Germany: I annually sell 25 - 30 Container 20 ft. granite tiles, marble tiles and ceramic tiles. I am looking for suppliers globally who can offer cheap prices for natural stones. My tel. no. is +49 30 43.....Oct 9, Contact  

e 9125 USA:  I would like to import and stock granite and marble slabs to my shop in Colorado. My phone no. is (970) 84.....Oct 7, Contact

e 9118 USA: I am looking for slate, travertine, granite and marble for my house. I want large quantities. See ready Stock 434. My phone no. is 318-54.....Oct 7, Contact

e 9111 India: We want a container load of marble slabs for trading. We are in Udaipur and our phone no. is 0294 24.....Oct 6, Contact

OM: e 9103 India: We want white Omani marble in random slab sizes, we have monthly requirements, at present we can buy 1500 to 2000 M2. My phone no. 91-11-310.....Oct 6, Contact

ES/IT: e 9102 Australia: We want Italian and Spanish marbles on a regular basis for our worldwide offices. We buy Carrara white, Calcatta Oro, Emperedo Brown, Crema Marfil, etc. We require random slabs in size 2.7 meters x 1.7 meters x 20mm thick. We want only first quality free from defects. Please give us your best quotes and send us the digital images to enable us to place our order. Kindly also let us know the delivery time. Regarding payment terms we usually work on L/C at 90 days. Our contact no. is +61-2-92...... Oct 6, Contact

OM/PH/LB/IR/EG/IT: e 9082 Kuwait: Please quote C & F rates for marble and limestone for slabs of 
2 & 3 cm, Tiles 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 in different colors from Philippines, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Oman, and Italian Carrara. Oct 4, Contact

ES: e 9063 Morocco: We want to import 27000 M2 of Commercial Standard Crema Marfil polished tiles from Spain. Sizes are: 30cm x 30cm x 3cm, 40cm x 40cm x 3cm, 40cm x 30cm x 3cm and 60cm x 30cm x 3cm.
Please quote FOB Spain. Our tel. no. is 00212-636......Sept 30, Contact

IN: e 9047 India: Please quote for 4 containers every month for perlato sicilia and perlatino 1st quality polished 20mm slabs. My contact no. is 00919414......Sept 29, Contact  

e 9046 USA: We are renovating a 4 story brownstone in historic Brooklyn, NY. For the 4 bathrooms that we have, we are interested in using Blue Macuba marble tiles in at least the master bath and our powder room on the main floor. We would be interested in some 12 x 12" tiles (depending on pricing) but mostly smaller elements as accents and backsplashes. Our construction begins on 11/17/03 and I anticipate (or shall I say hope?) that we will get to the tiling of the floors and walls of the bathrooms in February-March 2004. We are ready, willing and able to place an order now and can  accommodate any geographical location in the US or overseas. Our contact no. is 917-80.....Sept 29, Contact  

MY: e 8954 : I want Blue Impala granite. Please quote for slabs and tiles. Sept 20, Contact

OM: e 8952 India: We require 500000 sq ft of Omani marbles on a regular supply basis in Bangalore. This requirement will go up to another 500000 sq ft during the following year. Supply required from March 2004 to October 2004. Please let us know your most competitive rates/samples as well as landed cost of imported marble FOR Bangalore. Our tel. no. is 91-80-55.....Sept 20, Contact    

GR: e 8951 Egypt: We need 4500 sqm Volakas Slabs 2cm. See pricelists 309 and 657 as reference for pricing. We agree on that price for the slabs. The order is ready, awaiting quotes from suppliers. Our tel. no. is (202) 47......Sept 20, Contact    

e 8930 USA: Please quote for 24 x 24 size tiles of "Sky Line" and "Abu Figurative" Indian Marble Tiles. I need about 1250 sq ft of this product. Also quote for same size tiles of Volakas Classic and Volakas Cloudy. 
Price for 18 x 18 tiles of Elafochori Semi-White, approximately 1400 Sq ft. Sept 18, Contact 

ALL: e 8906 Italy: We are an Italian company interested in purchasing marble for flooring and covering. We need tumbled and/or patinati marbles in 10 x 10 x 1 cm, 15 x 15 x 1 cm, 20 x 20 x 1 cm & 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm. Please send us samples and pricelists. +39.0321.....Sept 17, Contact

ES: e 8887 India: Required urgently 6900 sqm crema marfil tiles in sizes 400x400x10/12mm. This will be for export from manufacturer to third country. LC will be opened by us. Quotation is required urgently with packing details and delivery period. Our tel. no. is 228.....Sept 15, Contact  

VN: e 8883 Spain: We want white marble from Vietnam in blocks or slabs and tiles. We also need bianco savanna in blocks and slabs. We need about 400 M3 per month. Sept 14, Contact

ALL: e 8877 Macedonia: I am a representative of a company that is dealing with marble blocks and slabs. Please quote with available dimensions and also send your catalog. Sept 13, Contact  

e 8856 UK: Please quote for 80 sq metres of marble tiles. Sept 12, Contact

e 8850 : I want Nero Africa and Rosa Beta slabs. THICKNESS 2cm, Surface polished first quality granite. Process quality should be with no deflection, no cracks. No shade variation, no veins, no different in color, no dark spots. Quantity estimate 3-4 FCL/month for Nero Africa & 3 FCL / month for Rosa Beta. Price for Nero Africa slab 2cm thick (25$/Sqm) & for Rosa Beta Slab 2cm thick (13.5 $/sqm). Payment terms T/T or L/C depend on the agreement between me and the co. Also for marmara marble polished and unpolished slabs both 2, 3 cm thickness. I can order 3-4 fcl/month. WE CAN ORDER IMMEDIATELY IF WE HAVE A GOOD OFFER. Sept 11, Contact 

e 8849 Pakistan: We need blue and white marble slabs for floors. Commercial use unpolished and preferably in 4'-0" x 4'-0" size. If there is a huge cost difference between 4' x 4' and 2' x 2' then we will go for the 2' x 2' option. We would want the pieces to be sealed from underneath by glass fiber or some other water proof chemical because of the porous nature of the marble. In case this can't be done at source, we will manage here. The pieces will laid and polished on site. We are in Lahore and our contact no. is +92 42 73.....Sept 11, Contact  

ES: e 8796 USA: We represent a big American company with a yearly early gross sales over USD 5 billion. The project is 50000 sqm size is 30x30cm. I need Crema Marfil First quality. Quote of polished and honed tiles. Our target price is USD 15 / sqm. First shipment: 2 to 4 months. Total order: up to 50000 sqm. Usual Payment terms: Wire Transfer 60 days (negotiable). Destination Port: Vera Cruz or Tampico. 
We need quotation to the following (let me breakdown)
- Crema Marfil 30x30 1st quality polished
- Crema Marfil 30x30 2nd quality polished
- Crema Marfil 30x30 1st quality honed
- Crema Marfil 30x30 2nd quality honed
Note: Everything must be filled. (unfilled NOT accepted)
2. As you mentioned, we can also take a look in the travertine. But I need something very soft, like the crem Marfil. No TOO dark veins. Let me have quotation on the same basis as above. Price has to be VERY competitive. 
We are ordering 50000sqm/year and our client doesn´t expect to pay for any samples or photos sending. They told that this is the minimum investment your company should be able to do to get the project.
Anyway, we remain at your disposal if you want to use our Sales Team even in USA (covering 12 States) or Brazil (whole country). We have a well trained team with over 10 year of experience located in strategic areas in USA and Brazil. Sept 5, Contact,  

ALL: e 8774 Pakistan: We are a 50 year old trading company based in Pakistan. We require about 10000 sq ft of BIANCO CARRARA UNITO marble or from the following marbles BIANCO LASA (Italy), BLANCO MACAEL (Spain), PENTELIKON, PIGHES, VERIA, PAROS MARBLE, NESTOS WHITE and THASSOS (Greece), SIVEC (Macedonia), AGARIA and AMBAJI WHITE (India), AFYON WHITE and MUGLA WHITE (Turkey), ALABAMA WHITE (USA); BIANCO CARRARA VENATO: BIANCO VENATO VAGLI and BIANCO VENATINO STATUARIO (Italy), partially ULIANO VENATO (Italy), MAKRANA ALBETA (India), ROYAL DANBY (USA) or any other white marbles which is similar to the above. Please quote your best prices for Blocks, Unpolished Slabs and/or Unpolished Tiles 2x2 feet thickness at least 2 cm, grade A / B / C, quality should be good, water absorption in weight should be 0.1%, thickness at least 2 cm or above, NO Shade variation, Price Idea US$ 1.5 / sq ft, My budget is around 10 euros/m2. Payment Terms L/C at sight, Pictures of the actual marble to be emailed. Needed within 2 months, can order, inspect and pay as soon as price and marble agreed upon. What is your best price for 60x60x3cm unpolished tiles 930m2 (sqm). The price idea that I have in mind is US$10/m2(sqm) for A quality and no variation in color. Sept 4, Contact,  

PT: e 8713 China: Looking for a quarry owner of Moca Creme. We want blocks. We need all information about this material, quoting in C&F Xiamen Port, China in US Dollars/M3. Our contact no. is +86 1307 48.....Aug 30, Contact

ALL: e 8711 Portugal: We want pink color unpolished granite, marble or quartzite slabs and tiles. Send quotes and images. My price range is USD 5 to 10. Our phone no. is 234-7.....Aug 30, Contact

CA/RU/IR: e 8705 Korea: We are looking for reliable suppliers of Nephrite Jade and Onyx from the whole over the world. To help you and the supplier understand our requirements exactly, we would like to provide you with the following information.
Slab Size Specification : 720 x 870 x 20mm
Application : Home Furniture
One side should be polished but bevelling not needed.
Also wanted Onyx in Orange or Yellow and Green color. 
Marble: (1) India: Emerald Green, Fancy Forest, Golden Green (2) Taiwan : Light Green (3) Ethiopia : Sabian Multicolor (4) Guatemala : Verde Mare, Verde Saltan, Verde Quetzal (5) China : Moss Green (6) Turkey : Teknonix
Granite: (1) Australia : Sydney Green, Forest Green (2) Canada : Abyss Green, Peribonka, Prairie Green (3) China: Evergreen 1 & 2, Jade green (4) Colombia : Sahara (5) India : Verde Fiorito, Hassan green, Yak (6) Iran: Pi Granite, G531 (7) Taiwan : Green Butterfly
4 pieces of the stones will be used as one set and therefore at least the colors of 4 pieces should be same and consistent. But the colors of remaining stones should be same or very similar. Any hairline crack or other ugly colors will not be accepted. If the prices are acceptable to us, we will need actual samples to check up the quality. And the quality is ok, we will visit the supplier to place an order. The inspection will be done by us before shipment. Basically we do need the jades of Canada and/or Russia and the Onyx of Iran. But those of other countries could be fine provided the quality and quantity could meet our requirements. Price, FOB any port of the supplier country. In case of the nephrite jade, please quote as per grades A, B, C or in other way to show the differences ,and we would appreciate it if the supplier could e-mail us the photo of each grade of the stone to see the quality. This is very important. 
Quantity depends on the quality and price. But if the quality and prices are good, the quantity will be one 20 foot container load per each stone at regular base. If the foregoing sizes are not available, please let us know the possible sizes. In the meantime, if they could produce the bigger sizes, it will be welcomed. Aug 30, Contact

EG/IL: e 8704 Greece: We are a medium size company in Greece dealing in the importation furbishing and finishing of marble and granite products. At present we are in need of importing some some of the Jerusalem series from Israel or even Egyptian material: Galala and Silvya Cream/Yellow.
We need to get some prices FOB from a port in Egypt for polished slabs in 2cm and 3cm thickness and tiles 40x40cm in 2cm and 1cm thickness chamferred. We need prices on these for slabs 180x240cm polished 3/2cm thickness, 60up x 40up polished 3/2cm thickness, and 40x40cm polished bevelled tile in 1/2cm thickness. Secondly we need prices on blocks per cubic meter. We are looking for high standard material and as always well priced. We are willing to pay for the slabs up to 16USD for the 3cm, 14USD for the 2cm thickness FOB from a port in Egypt. For the tiles we're willing to pay up to 15-12 USD per square meter. Blocks depending on the size of the blocks from 110-130 per cubic meter. The quantity will vary but to start a business deal we're willing to start with about 400 square meters of tiles and about 250 square meters of slab. This would only be the start as we want to replace our Greek cream/beige material with something from Egypt. Meaning we will be purchasing a container every 2 months. 
This will be needed by the 20th-25th of September. This hopefully would be the beginning of a long term business relationship. Firstly we would like to have a sample tile in 1cm thickness 40x40cm in the above material to show our clients. Aug 30, Contact

BR: e 8698 Jordan: We need GIALLO CALIFORNIA, TOPAZIO, FIORITO,VENAZIANO, SANTA CECILIA, GOLDEN MOON,AND BUTTER FLY. We need slabs 3 c.m commercial guality material. Please price for full containers C & F AQABA PORT - JORDAN. Our fax no. is +962-6-41..... Aug 29, Contact

e 8695 USA: We are wholesalers and importers of all kinds of granite and marble. We are looking for people who can supply slabs. Specific first choice or commercial. We also want one container of 18 x 18 f/h cross cut in one container 70% first choice and 30 % commercial travertine. See ready stock 434. Aug 29, Contact

IN: e 8692 India: I need long lasting quality but cheapest white marble (with any type of green veins) from one lot may be of different sizes of slab. Quantity estimate :2500 sq feet. rice range or budget Rs. 5-20 per sq. feet. Needed by when within 10- 15 days. Can any Supplier from Rajasthan contact me for supply this to Darbhanga, North Bihar. My mobile no. is 9194312.....Aug 29, Contact

OM: e 8685 India: We are New Delhi based Indenting Agents, Product and source identifiers, having associate offices in Hong Kong and China. We are looking for latest range in Oman marbles for our various clients. You are kindly requested to forward us the all necessary details. Our tel. no. is +91-11-259.....Aug 29, Contact

IT/ES/PT: e 8684 Estonia: Please send to me a price and delivery time for: 
1. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) honed tiles 300 x fl x 10, qty. 900m2. 
2. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 230m2.
3. Rojo Aliciante (terra red org. Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 1000m2 
4. Crema Marfil (light creamy org.Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 600m2 
5. Crema Marfil (light creamy org. Spain) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 100m2 
6. Badrigio Novulato (light grey org. Italy) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 2200m2 
7. Burlington Slate (broughton moor, greenish grey org. England) sanded tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 200m2.
My phone no. is Tel + 372 56 3.....Aug 29, Contact

e 8674 Canada: I want Jerusalem gray gold (patina finish) 6 slabs 3cm. I have a sample and looks like Jerusalem gold light. Payment will be COD. Delivery reqd. in 2 weeks. I manufacture marble and granite countertops mostly for kitchens here in Montreal. I buy slabs mostly here, locally, but would be really interested to find other sources of supply. I am in Quebec and my phone no. is 450 63.....Aug 28, Contact

ES: e 8664 USA: I will be visiting Spain soon to buy a large qty. of 9mm polished marble & limestone tiles. Please email some photos and prices of your products. I am looking for tiles any size but would like to view some samples. Please send pictures and prices per square meter in Euro Dollars & Sterling. Aug 27, Contact

ALL: e 8562 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs. I want to buy slabs in large quantities for my granite shop. Aug 19, Contact 

ALL/IT: e 8557 Suriname: We are interested in marble tiles for resale in our showroom. We are European building material trader in Paramaribo. Our tel no. is 597 4.......Please send us catalogue and pricelist by email and courier. I will be in ITALY in 1st week of September. Aug 18, Contact 

BR: e 8531 Turkey: Please quote for granite & marble slabs & tiles from Brazil. Our contact no. +90-216-33..... Aug 16, Contact  

EG: e 8528 India: We are one of the leading exporter & importer of marbles and tiles in India. We are interested in promoting Egyptian marble and granite in South India and like to know more about your company and product. Teak color sandstone in block or slabs. I have another business is UAE and will be in UAE, Dubai for another 2 weeks. I am looking for the range of $5 to 6 for unpolished slap for India. After that I will be flying to Asian countries. If you have your product in UAE, please let me know so that I can see the material to finalize purchases. My contact no. in India is +91 46342.....Aug 15, Contact 

ES: e 8450 Philippines: Please quote for: 
NEGRO ORO MARQUINA polished - cut to size
We intend to close these requirements within this week. That's how urgent this project is. So kindly send me your prices A.S.A.P. Prices have to be CNF MANILA PORT, PHILIPPINES. If we agree on the price, we will definitely close this project with your supplier company within this week. I will also require samples to be couriered over to us. Aug 11, Contact  

ALL: e 8426 UAE: We are an importing and exporting company of granites and marbles mostly in the form of floor and wall tiles and need more sources of Marble and granite. Please send us your price list. Our fax no. is 00971-7-26.....Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e 8420 Palestine: I want to buy marble and granite slabs. Please send prices with images.  Aug 9, Contact  

IN: e 8405 USA: We need 10 containers every month (minimum) of Indian granite slabs & tiles. We are basically a wholesaler of granite. We have a huge warehouse to stock huge quantities. We buy in bulk. We are in GA. We are looking for the following sizes of most of the Indian colors: 
slabs - 180cm UP X 300cm UP, 165cm up X 285cm up, 90cm up X 285cm up. 
Tiles - 12"X12"X1cm & 18"X18"X2cm. We were basically looking for the above sizes in all the available Indian colors. So please give us the rates so that we can tell you, ho much quantity in each color, that we want right now. My port is Savannah, GA. Our phone 678 52.....Aug 8, Contact  

BR: e 8403 Lebanon: We introduce our self as as a major importer of marble and granite in Lebanon. We import mainly from Italy and Spain slabs, blocks of marble and granite. We are interested in Giallo California blocks and slabs polished 2 cm. Our contact no. is 00961-1-3.....Aug 8, Contact

OM: e 8396 India: I am looking for 200 sqm of Royal Beige Omani Marble in Delhi. Please quote for 1st quality material. Size 2' x 9' slabs. My contact no. is 98100......Aug 8, Contact  

IN: e 8376 India: I want 24" x 12" Bidasar green marble tiles. My buyer is already in India. Please quote urgently. Aug 7, Contact

IT: e 8291 Malta: We are interested in Italian Marble slabs and tiles. Please quote. Aug 2, Contact

ALL: e 8253 Mexico: Please quote for stone tiles and slabs and other products for our new ultra hip design 100 room hotel in Acapulco. We need samples of travertine armenia 1and 2, argentina santa cruz, argentina travertine beige 1, bulgaria vratza marble, green fog china, royal botticineok iran, atashkuh and beige classic iran, arabescato corchia italy, calacatta delicato and macchiaoro italy, statuario ravaccione italy, travertino montecarlo rustic italy, travertino romano italy, crema nevada spain, limestone boreal spain, bilecik pure beige turkey, olympos withe turkey, denizli turkey. Our tel. no. is 525 55 525.....Aug 1, Contact  

ALL: e 8218 Malta: We would like to introduce ourselves as a concern specializing in the imports of granite and marble slabs and related products. We form part of a well established company that concentrates on project finishes and decorations. 
We are looking into expanding our range of products and activity to cater for the increasing demand from external clients. Therefore we are highly interested in receiving your product range together with the price list. We are also ready to pay you a visit to discuss matters. Our tel. no. is 00 356 21 4.....July 30, Contact

e 8155 Nigeria: We want granites and marble slabs about 300000 sqm. of 40 * 40 * 2cm in sizes. 
Delivery Port: Tincan Island. City: Lagos. Country: Nigeria. Duration of project: October 2004. We need suppliers from Spain, Italy, Turkey or USA. We will like the supplier to name the colors he has so that that we can make our choice. My tel. no. is 234-1-8......July 25, Contact

BR: e 8124 China: Blocks: We are looking for the block of Azul Macaubas (Azul Imperial) from Brazil. Qty., reqd. is 50 M3. Please price the rough block CNF XIAMEN PORT US$/M3 as quickly as possible if you can offer. Payment will be by L/C after confirming samples. We can confirm purchase within 10 days. Also indicate the estimated delivery time. In order to confirm it is the same material, please attach pictures for our confirmation. Tel:0086-592-21....July 24, Contact 

ES: e 8091 Kuwait: We are one of the leading importers of Marble & Granite in Kuwait especially the Spanish materials. Please inform us the availability & your best offer for: 
Crema Marfil Ivory - First quality - slab 2cm, 3cm & 60x60x2cm
Rojo Alicante - First Quality - Slab 2cm & 3cm
Emperador Light - First Quality - Slab 2cm & 3cm
Emperador Dark - First Quality - Slab 2cm & 3cm
Please send us the e mail pictures of available quantity of the above material and it would be appreciated if you could send us the samples in 30x30 or more dimensions. July 22, Contact  

IT/ES/UK: e 8067 Estonia: Please send price and time of delivery for following items:
Burlington Slate honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 177 m²
Ruvina Dark, honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 850 m²
Rosso Alicante honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 930 m²
Crema Marfil honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 565 m²
Bardiglio Novulato honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 2195 m²
Ruvina Dark, polished : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 430 m²
Crema Marfil polished : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 320 m². 
Also require 12 m² polished tiles of Camelia White ( 305*305*10 or 300*300*10 mm ). My contact no. is +372 50......July 21, Contact 

TR: e 8063 Kuwait: We work on part of our clients all around the world who buy diverse products from global markets. Our main area of business is to assist them in finding out ideal suppliers and best prices for the products that they require. With delight, we have identified your company as a potential supplier thanks to the trade directories and web based information.
Currently, we have received few urgent orders from our client in KAZAKHSTAN for MARBLES FROM TURKEY. Given that our client used to be a recurring and volume buyer, we look forward your support in this and the future trades. Below mentioned are the details of the products.
1. Marble Unpolished, sawed; size 30 x x60 cm, thickness- 25 mm, 450 meter square 
2. Marble Polished,30 x 60 cm, thickness- 15 cm, 738 meter square
3. Marble Polished, 30 x 60 cm, thickness- 13 cm, 810 meter square
Kindly, fax or e-mail the pro forma invoice with your best export prices and details on the below specified items at your earliest convenience:
FOB price (Turkey) in USD
Price Validity period and discounts applicable 
Origin of Product (Turkey)
Destination country (KAZAKHSTAN)
Quantity in units quoted for 
Packaging specifications & Supply lead-time
Payment and Delivery terms. Our fax no. is (+965) 46.....July 21, Contact 

GR: e 8060 Malaysia: Please quote for Volakas Marble Block with gray veins. We are in the midst of tendering for a project. Quantity reqd. is 300~500 M3. 
Kindly provide us with your: -
(a) Most competitive price based on CNF China, Shanghai Port.
(b) Lead time for delivery of the stone upon confirmation of order.
(c) Please send to us of E-photo as we need to present them to the client. 
Our tel. no. is +603-61.....July 21, Contact  

ALL: e 8058 Poland. We are wholesalers of stone tiles. Please send me offer about travertine and marble tiles on container load basis. We focus on these two kinds of stones. We import and distribute in Poland the stone from Turkey, Italy and China. Main part of our sale represent slabs and tiles but we are looking for new kinds of products like sinks, mosaics. Send me the offer of standards sinks. Please add to offer technical dates (measures). Please send me samples of colours your materials. Send me quotations on tiles 305x305x10/20mm & slabs 300x125x2/3 cm. Write to me something about pick up port. We are import materials from Turkey, Italy and China. My mobile no. is + 48 603 1.....July 21, Contact  

TR: e 8055 Korea: Please quote for marble slabs from Turkey. See ready stock 93. We also want sample and delivery time. July 20, Contact  

IN / ALL: e 8047 Moldova: We are a construction company that builds residential and corporate building in Moldova. Currently we have a project for which we need granite and marble listed below:
GRANITE: IVORY CHIFFON (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), INDIAN JUPARANA IVORY (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), AMARALLO GOLD (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), ROSA BETA (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), RED MULTICOLOR (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm), PARADISSO (30x30x2cm) and (60x30x2cm)
MARBLE: BEIGE (60x40x1cm) and 40x30x1cm & ROSA (60x40x1cm) and 40x30x1cm. 
Please specify:
1. The price of Franco 
2. The price of transportation to Chosonau, Moldova,
3. What kind of payment you accept.
4. Delivery terms and schedules.
5. Any additional costs, if any.
If necessary, I could come to Istanbul to negotiate the terms. The quantities could be larger than the ones specified. Please send me a contact sample (in Romanian or Russian) as well.
My  contact no. is + (373) 2-4.....July 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8024 Portugal: Please send a consolidated price list of tiles and slabs of granite and marble. We are interested in acquiring a large quantity of granite and marble. July 18, Contact  

e 7997 Canada: Please send quotes and images of any BLUE MARBLE TILES (3/8" thick only) - no granites please. We are mosaic art & design studio in Quebec and my contact no. is 51428......July 16, Contact

CN: e 7996 Lithuania: We were searching for potential partners to offer Chinese Black granite slabs. Our company is involved in several business areas - we organize different cargos transportation, work with some foreign companies representing their products in Lithuanian market.
Currently we are interested in purchase of CHINESE BLACK granite slabs, specifications: 
1) one side polished, 
2) cut-to size: width - 1500 mm, length - 2000 mm, thickness - 80 mm; 
3) also interested in your standard cut slabs.
4) quantity - 1st lot about 75 square meters. 
5) there is an interest of several sorts of Black granite, please inform what sort you are able to offer.
We would like to get known if your company has possibility to supply us above granite slabs, and your offered prices for 1 sqm. 
What are possibilities to supply cut-to-size slabs, as we requested in our first letter, or what are possibilities to offer your standard cut slabs. What are the prices for above mentioned cut slabs for 1 square meter? 
Tel.: +370 688 .....July 16, Contact  

e 7907 USA: I need the following items: 
1 Fcl -Verde Malachite polished slabs 70 % 3 cm th. 30 % 2 cm th. 
1 Fcl- Rosso Alicante polished slabs 2 cm th. I am in WA and my contact no. is (425) 82.... July 11, Contact 

OM: e 7873 India: I am representative of a five star hotel. We are coming up with a project in Gujarat, India. Our requirement for 100000 square feet of which we require:
40000 sq feet of Crema flour (16" x 16")
20000 sq feet of Omani Pink
40000 sq feet of Omani white
This above will be imported under EPCG. I will require costing on CIF till Bombay Port. This require is for our Ahmedabad Project. My tele no. 022-228.....July 10, Contact  

e 7864 USA: Looking to buy Crema Marfil Tiles approx 700 sq feet of 16"x16" or 18" x 18" & Crema Marfil Tiles: approx 400 sq feet of 12"x12", Dark Emperador Tiles: 3" x 3" and 4"x 4", exact quantity to be determined. Lapidus Granite Slab: 110 sq feet- 3cm, Tumbled Chiaro Harliquin qty. to be determined. 
Locations: I prefer FOB Houston or Dallas, but am open to other locations with shipping options
I am preparing to place in order in the next month, I am looking for the supplier who has the items I am looking for that is most cost effective considering price & shipping. I noticed that price list 434 and 435 are FOB Houston. I am in Dallas & my contact no. is 972 23...... July 9, Contact  

WHERE IN SLABS MEANS 240 cm above X 140 cm above
WHERE THICKNESS MEANS 20mm(+/- 1mm only) 
WHERE TILES MEANS 30cm x 60cm x 20mm & 30cm x 30cm x 20mm & 15cm x 60cm x 20mm
                          TILES 10,000SQM
                          TILES 3200SQM (0.08CM X 0.08CM X 10mm)
     "                                       TILES 400SQM
                    TILES 1200SQM
                             TILES 200SQM
             TILES 200SQM 
               TILES 800SQM
                          TILES 800SQM
                  TILES 200SQM
BALA FLOWER (JALORE) GRANITE= 240X140X 2 & 3cm AND 30 X 60 X 2cm TILES
00966 52 1.....July 4, Contact

e 7787 Kuwait: We are an indenting firm. We receive a good number of orders from African, east and west European and Far East countries for various products through our regional offices and representatives. At present, we have an urgent order for different varieties of marble slabs and skirting from our Ghana customer. Kindly see the following specifications the client has provided. As a manufacturer since you have different brands, kindly specify the nearest models you have which meet the specifications and qualities. Since our client has requested to get alternative products, we could promote your product for their consideration.
Item 1) : Marble (Local)
Specifications: 30 x 60 x 1.3 cm
Quantity: 751.02 meter square
Item 2) : Marble (Local)
Specifications: 30 x 60 x 1.5 cm
Quantity: 698.4 meter square
Item 3) : Marble Skirting (Local)
Specifications: Polished Tiles Size 7.5 meter length
Quantity: 300 meter square
Item 4) : Marble Skirting (Local)
Specifications: Polished Tiles Size 7.5 meter length
Quantity: 300 meter square (Perlato and Shira Makes are preferred.) 
Quote separately for the given units for different available types. If the specified makes are not available, kindly try to get a similar one with same quality and features, but lower price. 
FOB price (Lebanon) in USD*
Price Validity period*
Discounts applicable *
Origin of Product (Lebanon)*
Year of manufacture*
Destination country (Ghana)*
Quantity in units quoted for *
Packaging specifications*
Payment and Delivery terms*
Supply lead time*
Standards Met*
I wish to get the prices of Lebanese products, since our client has special interest in those.
We also expect a soft copy of your product catalogue and export price list for our clients' references. Our fax no. is  (+965) 46.....July 2, Contact 


e 7745 : I want to purchase marble slabs and tiles. Please provide information on product specifications like what is the minimum quantity, what sizes you have and what is the price for each? I also want pictures of marbles. June 30 Contact  

e 7663 Switzerland: Looking for Azul Bahia 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm or 2 cm, Same pattern as Slab, Total surface 35 m2. Looking for In stock ready to ship. Either Delivered Switzerland or FOB Warehouse. Europe or US. Price range delivered $ 350-400 m2 delivered. 
The Room we are looking to cover with Azul Bahia is as follows:
Wall 1 2.35 meters long x 2.4 meters high 5.65 m2
Wall 2 2.25 meters long x 2.4 meters high 5.40 m2
Wall 3 2.35 meters long x 2.4 meter high 5.65 m2
Wall 4 with door:
0.80 meters long by 2.4 meters high 1.95 m2
door 1 meter 
0.50 meters long x 2.4 meters high 1.20 m2
Total walls: 20.0 + 10% 22.00 m2
Total floor: 5.20 + 10% 6.00 m2 
order 30 m2
Tiles sizes 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm
If it is easier to offer 60 x 40 x 1 cm let us know.
Let us know if it is same pattern
Let us know about the tile edges (smoothed, beveled)
Would buy at 362 Euro /m2 delivered Geneva Airport, named forwarder, so can arrange final destination.
L/C against -SGS cert of packing (arranged and cost of buyer) ex factory
- FCR (forwarder certificate of receipt) at Geneva Airport
- commercial invoice
- packing list
- palletized
- Import VAT / Custom clearance for Buyers account 
L/C at Counters of Buyers bank, drawn by Swiss Bank named by seller. 
Please advise if workable, so we can draw a simple contract pro-forma which our bank can open appropriate L/C. Need full style name and address of company etc.
2. Nero Portoro Extra (or Prime quality) 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm or 2 cm Tiles, Same Vein Pattern as Slab, Total Surface 30 m2. Looking for in stock or quick shipment. Either Delivered Switzerland or FOB Warehouse Europe or US Price Range: $ 400-450 m2 delivered. 
3. Emperador Dark 60 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm or 1 cm, Same Vein Pattern as Slab, Total Surface 50 m2. Looking for in stock or quick delivery. Either Delivered Switzerland or FOB warehouse Europe or US. Price range: $ 45-50 m2 delivered. Looking in Stock or quick Shipment. Either delivered Switzerland or FOB European or US warehouse
4. Spanish Marble: White/cream color with golden-light brown veins. I do not know the name (Sunshine perhaps) Need sample by Courier. We have a sample, so need to see a match 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm total surface approx 150 m2. Looking for stock or quick shipment either Delivered Switzerland or FOB Europe or US warehouse. Price Range: $30-35 m2. Inspection will depend on location. All above are Polished, straight edged, tiles for use on walls and floors.  Delivery to Geneva. Material should be packed against breakage for export. Are tiles numbered to re-assemble pattern of slab? What is overall dimensions of pallet (2) weight, height width, etc, total cubic for shipping? Price June 24, Contact   

e 7651 Malaysia: We seek to purchase: 
63 Sq. M of 600x600x20mm (175pcs) Botticino Classico Polished Tiles
14.4 Sq. M 600x300x20mm (80pcs) Botticiono Classico Polished Tiles
14.4 Sq. M 600x300x20mm (80 pcs) Dark Emprador Polished Tiles
92pcs 600x100x20mm Botticino Classico Skirting 1/2 Round Edge
Please quote CIF to Pasir Gudang Port, Malaysia. Tel. no.: 60 7 33.....June 23, Contact

TR: e 7637 Kuwait: We are a large trading and construction company and have big projects that need to be completed as quickly as possible. We need MUGLA WHITE MARBLE (60X60) 5000 sqm. Please quote for size (60x60), (30x60) and (50x50). Also send samples of Mugla White (4 small Pieces) and your catalogues and pricelists. We need first choice / good quality. June 22, Contact  

e 7627 USA: I am a contractor interested in finding the cost of borneo beige marble (12 x 12) delivered to Cleveland Ohio 44124. Looking for price on Bonreo Beige Marble tiles. About 200 sq ft, 12 x 12. But I am also looking for a total of approx 900 sq ft in different tiles for my home. Can one supplier meet all my needs, if I specify the different tiles? and send me one shipment. The break up is as follows: 
Kitchen 266 sq. ft., 
Nook 30 sq. ft. 
Sunroom 300 sq. ft. 
Master Bath 48 sq. ft. 
Bath2&3 78 sq. ft. 
Bath4 40 sq. ft. 
Shower in Master Bath 100 sq. ft.
Total Tiles 862 sq. ft. June 21, Contact   

e 7621 Canada: Please quote with shipping for marble slabs and tiles. June 21, Contact  

VN: e 7610 Pakistan: We want to contact suppliers of white marble. See pricelist 254. We are Islamabad. Our requirements: 2000 tons/month squared blocks for gang saw cutting, 20000m2/annum of 2cm polished slabs. Material wanted in only the best quality i.e without any prominent veins or shadows. Prefer to see actual photos of slabs/tiles and FOB Vietnam prices for both blocks (US$ per ton) and slabs (US$ per m2). Will immediately import at least 10 containers of blocks and slabs. Will definitely place an order at: Expected price for squared/dressed blocks: USD150-200/ton, FOB. Expected price for polished 2cm slabs: USD25-30/ton, FOB. We will you pay for postage cost of samples. Our contact no. is +92 51 22....June 20, Contact   

PT: e 7603 Romania: We want MOCA CREME / MOCA BEIGE limestone from Portugal exclusively. We need slabs 20 mm approx 3000 sqm and slabs 30 mm approx 300 sqm. I need 2.800 sqm of 45x65x3 cm and 300 sqm of 45x65x4 cm, but I prefer to buy slabs and cut in my factory. My contact details are 00 40 21 41...... 
June 19, Contact   

IN: e 7589 India: Please quote for Adanga slab, dongry slab, Albetta, kumary marble slabs. June 19, Contact

VN: e 7561 Italy: We are owner of two marble quarries and also manufacturer and exporter of marble. Our firm together his partners prides itself on 35 years of experience in this field. We are interested in white marble blocks and tiles (complete milk white and complete salt white) of Vietnam. Can you send by e-mail some pictures of white marble blocks and tiles together your price list FOB Haipong port? If the material and its price will be interesting we should be disposed to cooperate with you and meet you in Hanoi during our next business trip in Far East. June 17, Contact  

ALL: e7488 Germany: I need yearly 20 Container loads of 20 ft of Granite tiles (like G682 , 633 , 654 , Shanxi Black, etc.), first choice, 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm  polished, calibrated, bevelled, light color. Quote CNF Port Hamburg under 8.8 USD / Sqm.
I also need yearly 8 Container 20 ft white color Marble tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm polished, We have an offer for 12 US$ CNF Port Hamburg for Shanxi White marble. Please quote in USD/ Sqm CNF Port Hamburg. June 12, Contact

e 7483 Indonesia: Please quote for white cream marble slabs. See pricelist no. 59. Sample will be
appreciated. My tel. no. is Tel 6221-62......June 12, Contact

IN/AU/IT/TW/PT: e 7471 Ireland: Can you supply Green Marble tiles like shown in the picture. Is it possible to be supplied in 60x40cm format? Honed finish? something similar to Tauerngruen Marble from Austria. Imperial Green from India, Portuguese Viana Green, Donai Verde Green & Cipollino Apuano, Italian Verde Vecchiachiesa, Bianco Ordinario Mondielle, Patrizia Verde, Bianco Statuario Venato, Ordinario Orto Di Donna, Verde Aver & Statuario Venatino, Taiwanese Hualien Medium & Empress Green. I would be interested in DISTRIBUTING these marble. I have an initial order for 95m2. My contact no. is +353 71 9......June 10, Contact


e 7435 Germany: I am a mosaic artist looking for marble broken tiles / pieces 1cm thickness polished or raw cut. Colors:- Dark red, Light red, Dark green, Light green, White, Grey, Pink, Cream, Light brown, Dark brown, light blue, Black etc. For first order quantity is 10 sqm of each color. I am looking for relatively small amounts of each colour of marble, I have not specified each stone type. When a supplier is found with all the colours I am looking for I will then use these as standard for my work.  Please advise delivery to Germany, Lead time, Payment etc. My contact no. is Tel. +49 273.....June 7, Contact  

JO: e 7407 USA: I want Jordanian marble. I am looking for someone who has tiles and slabs in stock in the U.S.A. Do call us at (831)59..... June 6, Contact  

TR/IN: e 7340 USA: We are currently fabricators of granite, marble, and travertine, and are in the process of expanding into a natural stone showroom selling slabs, tile, and trim, and stone sinks. Can you provide photos, pricing, or other information? We are particularly interested in 2 cm full size slabs, 30.5" tiles, 45.7" tiles. We are looking at marbles or granites and travertine 12" x 12" & 18" x 18" tiles, but also slabs, sinks, and trims. Our tel. no. is 702-35......June 2, Contact 

BG: e 7339 USA: I want White Sivec marble. Could you give your current pricing? What is the slab size? I need 2cm slabs and tiles of polished 30.5 x 30.5x1cm. Also let me know what other sizes you have in stock. Quality: EXTRA, A1 and A2. Miami, FL, Phone no. is 786-9.....Qty. needed is one container. June 1, Contact  

e 7331 USA: I want 24x24 Carnis Beige tiles and slabs, please let me know availability, turn around time and pricing. May 31, Contact  


e 7317 Canada: I require prefabricated marble in bathrooms and granite in kitchens for a condominium construction project in Montreal which will involve more or less 100 condo units. If you have dealt with this kind of project before, please reply and I will send you my specs for a price quote. We will definitely place an order at $1.00 - $6.50 USD per sq.ft. We will order as soon as samples are inspected and approved. Approximate quantity is 135 Kitchens, each w/ 40 sq.ft. granite countertops and 32 sq.ft granite tiles, 
135 Bathroom, each w/ 30 sq.ft marble countertops and 38 sq.ft marble tiles & 135 Entrance Halls. each w/ 73 sq.ft marble tiles. We preferably domestic purchase but would not mind importing if it cost less. Drawings of bathroom, kitchen details and size sheet are attached. Granite in kitchens, marble in bathrooms and entrance halls. Tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, halls. Countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Size range is tiles: 4"X8", 6"X6", and 12"X12" Countertops: 0.5 sq.ft. - 9.4 sq.ft. First quality material is needed. Will not pay for postage cost of samples. Our contact no. is (514) 87.....May 30, Contact

NO: e 7314 UK: We are a Marble & Granite wholesaler in London. We are looking for a company in Norway who would like to enter UK market to supply us with marble & granite slabs on a sale or return basis. We have large customer data base and are looking to expand. May 30, Contact  


EG: e 7284 India: We required polished Galala & Silvio marble slabs about 10000 sqm in equal quantity. Please give best offer for both quality C & F & FOB. May 28, Contact

AU: e 7280 Australia: Please could you send to me information about prices of all Australians' marbles & granites (slabs 20&30 mm thickness and a base size of tiles) and if possible a contact for quarries for each stone. I just would like to analyze a chance to establish a business as a wholesaler of Australian stone in Queensland. May 28, Contact

IT: e 7278 USA: We would like to stock White Carrara of first quality. Pleaqse quote for tiles and 2 & 3 cm slabs. May 28, Contact

e 7276 USA: I want 2cm thick marble called Black Hampton for our customer. I am in need of 3 slabs. 
May 27, Contact  

IN/CN: e 7269 Qatar: We have a confirm order for exports of ceramic and marble tiles. The quantity and rates the buyer wants is given below: Please kindly confirm the below prices for further proceedings immediately: [Indian made]
Ceramic Floor Tiles :
30 & 30 cm size : USD 2.50
40 & 40 cm size : USD 3.30
45 & 45 cm size : USD 3.60.
Out side wall tiles :
15 & 15 cm size : USD 5.00
7.5 & 7.5 cm size : USD 4.50.
Indian Granites : USD 68.00
Italian Granites : USD 75.00.
All the Sizes are in Centimeters and the prices are per Sqm C & F QATAR. SGS Inspection certificate should be provided. The packing should be in Wooden boxes only. Payment is L/C at sight basis. Volume will be roughly 10 to 15 Twenty feet Container loads per month initially. If you match this offer please kindly call me 0421 - 2......May 27, Contact  

ALL: e 7235 UK: We are manufacturers of kitchen furniture and wholesalers of kitchen appliances in UK. Having been established for over 15 years. Our specialty is marble flooring, we tend to buy on average 2000 sqm of Cream/Beige.  marble tiles every month. Size: 600mm x 600mm x 10mm. Finish: Polished. 
Our main customer base includes large multi-national corporations. Please send me a brochure of the products you offer together with prices, Please quote prices FOB and in US Dollars. If you also have conglomerate marble it is made up of small pieces of marble joined together with resin please quote prices on that too. Our contact no. is 07986 3..... May 22, Contact  

IT: e 7233 Libya: We are trading company interest in importing Carrara & Arabescato marble. Please send your quotation for 15 containers of marble Carrara slabs polished 2 & 3cm thick, for floor tiles Carrara 40*40*2 cm & 60 x 60 x 2 cm. Our payment terms is US$ Cash. We need your currency USD instead of EUR. We need prices to be competitive with our market. Our contact no. is 00218 21 46.....May 22, Contact

e 7231 Sri Lanka: We want to represent your firm as agents. Please furnish us the details of products manufactured by your firm and the C.I.F. Colombo Prices of 2' x 1' x 20mm and 2' x 2' x 20mm Marbles including Pearl Blue and other Granite Tiles. Also, please arrange to send us a few samples to be shown to our Architects and canvass for orders. May 22, Contact  

e 7211 USA: We want polished 10mm X 305mm India marble tiles, Cafe Forest, as listed at findstone.com. We have a current need of about 300 ft2. My contact no. is 314-84.....I will definitely place an order at $2,00 per square ft' plus shipping, depending on wherever the tile can be found. I can order right now. Need the material for Foyer and bathroom flooring. Drawings are available however 12" sq tiles will work fine-300 of them. I will pay shipping for the actual tiles samples. May 20, Contact

e 7191 USA: Looking for Granite /Marble Slab Wholesale yards in the Southwest region of Florida. Yards that do not fabricate stone, just supply. May 18, Contact  

ALL: e 7172 USA: I am planning a new granite fabrication shop in Houston. I would like to purchase granite and marble slab. Please send pricelist, colors, availability, etc. My contact no. is (281)36.....May 15, Contact  

e 7123 China: I want to import Pink laksas and Red agadir. We have a factory in China specially for the marble slabs and tiles. We always pay more attention for the new materials. Please quote with samples. Our Tel. no. is 0086 592 5......May 12, Contact 

ES/IT/EG: e 7122 Lebanon: We want blocks, slabs and tiles of Crema Marfil (ES), Beige Nouvelle (EG), Botticino Classico (IT) in addition to all kind of similar stones + a wide variation of granite slabs of dark and light colors. Surface finish should be matte, polished, unpolished & sandblasted. We expect 1st quality material. Variable thickness for slabs and tiles between 1.5/2/3 cm +10% tolerance. Payment terms l/c 120 days. We want to import & buy locally. Inspection will be on site supervision + quality control. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Our contact no. is 00961 9 ......May 12, Contact 

IT: e 7121 China: We have a factory in China specially for the marble tiles. We want import from Italy. We will check the materials in Italy. For the quantity, we will order (a) Carrara White with more white bottom and few of gray veins, 80 - 100 M3. (b) Botticino Classico with the brown veins, 80-100M3. We will buy some blocks if it's possible. But, with the square sizes. Need offers urgently. Our Tel no.: 0086 592 52.....May 12, Contact

    TILE                                   METRIC SIZE                QUANTITY
1. CREMA MARFIL                         34 X 34                         17
2. VERDE INDIA                            34 X 34                          9
3. VERDE INDIA                            34 X 56                        32
4. LISTELLO ORLEANS                    34 X 56                        85
5. LISTELLO ORLEANS                      8 X 24                      145
6. CREMA MARFIL                          34 X 56                        40
7. SINELLER LISTELLO ORLEANS                                         80
8. ROMA COLOSSEO SABBIA            45 X 45                      200
9. AQUILEON BIANCO                    44.6 x 44.6                   390
Please provide information regarding the cost per each of the 9 group items and any discounts for the entire order without shipping. 
I will place an order if the price is below $9,000.00 USD. I will order within the next 30 days. I can send you the pictures via courier to confirm that we are talking about the same thing before you ship. Once you confirm price and image, color, size, I will assume you are honest and that you will send correct material or items. Otherwise I can appoint independent agent or even travel to Italy. I am ready to pay for courier charges. May 10, Contact  

ALL: e 7058 Australia: We are looking to import big size marbles and granites slabs. Please quote with details. We are in Sydney. We want C&f UAE and Sydney on USD 15.00 per m2 for G002 and USD 16.00 per m2 for G005. If you agree to the price we can give trial order for 3 - 5 40ft container to start with and it can be pf big volume later on. also let us know if you have have Green, Black and Pink Granite. May 7, Contact

e 7040 USA: Looking for Sahara Gold Marble slabs from Pakistan. I live in Rhode Island. May 6, Contact

ALL: e 7035 USA: I want first quality polished marble and granite tiles. Size Range: 12" x 12" x 1/2 - 3/8". Material Quality: Variety of Shades. Quantity Estimate: 5 containers, Price Range: Marble - $1.50 per 12in x 12in x ½in. CIF Houston - USA. Country of Origin: Bulgaria, Egypt, Namibia, Pakistan, etc. Payment Terms: Letter of Credit. Local or imported will be price dependent. Will not pay for courier cost of samples. See pricelist # 825, # 998 & # 360. May 5, Contact  

e 7015 USA: We import natural stone to the United States. We are in Arizona 85355. We want granite & marble slabs, tile, countertop, vanity of all sizes slab and tiles. Surface is polished, honed, flamed. We want good- the best quality material. Consistent shade as possible. Quantity estimate is 1-2 containers. Country of origin of material is China. Needed within 1-2 months. Payment terms letter of Credit, Wire transfer. We would like to import. We have workers in China, they would go to the factory and inspect. Our target purchase price is less than USD 1 per sq ft. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Our tel. no. is 623.53.....May 3, Contact 

BG/UA: e 7012 USA: I want to act, as a Agent for import of marble, granite, lime stone blocks, slabs and tiles from US, Bulgarian / Ukrainian origin. May 3, Contact 

GR: e 6985 Philippines: I want 700 SQM of VOLAKAS WHITE, 240cm x 120cm x 20mm thick, polished on top, edges sawn, CNF Manila port, Philippines. We have the following prices:
VOLAKAS PINKISH - USD 15 per sqm. 
Looking for abetter quotes. May 1, Contact  

TR: e 6960 Yemen: We are one of the leading companies in marketing and distributing building materials in the Yemen. We want prices with samples of Aegean Brown & Aegean Brown # 1. Sizes we want are of slabs 120 x 240 and above. Steps from 100 to 150 x33x3cm woven the edge. Our contact no. is 00967-1-......
April 29, Contact  

IT/ES/EG/IR/GR: e 6956 India: Please quote blocks and slabs for the following material: 
Italian Marble: Perlato Sicilia, Botticino Classico, Daino, Statuario, Verona Red, Breccia Travertino. 
Spain Marble: Roza Alicante, Brown Imperallo, Prima Nova, Yellow Valencia, 
Turkey: Classico Beige, Lavente 
Egypt: Galala, Golden Green, Silver Beige, Sitricu
Iran: Red Fire, Prima Nova, Onex 
Greece: Volacus, Venatino, Kaus. April 29, Contact  

ES: e 6955 Korea: I want Crema Marfil Commercial at USD 20.28 and Crema Marfil Classic at USD 16.53. Can you send me the sample picture through e-mail fast? I also would like to know how fast you can ship to Korea. Purchase will be Container based in 400*400 & 400*600 (20T), Polished / No Bevelled Edge. I'm serious about Crema Marfil and willing to purchase immediately subject to Quality & Price approval. I already have many suppliers for Granite but not for marble. This order is for a hotel project our workers start May 10th.
Total quantity is Appx. 2800 sqm but I probably have to go with some local stock due to time frame.
However only 20% will be done before first shipment arrives. See pricelist 747, April 29, Contact  

ALL: e 6939 India: We want to import marble slabs and tiles to Kolkata in Eastern India. We want the FOB and CIF price in USD per Sq. Ft. Our contact no. is +91-33 247.....April 28, Contact

e 6919 USA: I am a new entrant and am working towards my Contractors License. I would like to purchase marble and granite slabs. Looking for suppliers in Arizona and Southern California. April 28, Contact

e 6886 Hong Kong: Blocks:  I am looking for suppliers from Portugal for Rosa Portugal, Trigaxes Escuro, Azul Guerra Marble Blocks, gangsaw size. April 25, Contact  

EG: e 6884 USA: Please quote for Gallala and Golden cream or whichever is the whitest marble. I am working on a project where it is a prototype and I need a slab to build a base about 6 inches squared as samples. I would like samples and quotes from anything you may have in the minimum size at first then will look eagerly to future business. I am in Salem 01970. April 25, Contact  

IT: e 6883 Turkmenistan: Please quote with delivery terms for marble slabs in dimensions 40 x 80 x 3cm and quality Bianco Carrara "C".  Our contact no. is (+99312) 5.......April 25, Contact

e 6879 Singapore: We want Italian marble for a project in China. Size : 60 x 60 x 3cm. Color milk white qty. 75000 sqm and  pink qty. 50000 sqm. Delivery destination: Shanghai, China. Delivery by Sept / Oct 2003.  April 25m, Contact  

e 6877 Ireland: We seek samples of counter tops and marble tiles for delivery to Ireland. We manufacture 500 kitchens with granite counter tops per year and we seek to expand our business. Currently we have problems receiving the right quality and price from European suppliers in Spain and Italy. 
What we require initially are samples of black counter tops measuring:
Island Tops: 8'x 3'x ¾" with 20mm bull nose & 4' x 4'x3/4" with 20mm bull nose. 
Counter Tops: 15' x ¾" x 20mm Bull nose. 
Marble Tiles we seek are black marble and white marble measuring 600mm x 600mm. We currently buy from Spain and Italy and we are looking for better value. Would prefer Chinese or Indian material, can consider other countries if prices are better. First shipment needed for July. Inspection at port of delivery. Willing to pay for samples or alternatively willing to fill container with other building materials. We can order within two days of receiving the samples. We are seeking to place an order we are looking to place an order immediately. Please contact to discuss. Our contact no.  is 00353 87 41..... See pricelist 572. April 24, Contact

quantity estimate = not more than one container load.
price range = not more than $25/sq mtr slab
stone trade name =None particular
country of origin = Not particular but Europe because of shipment cost
needed by (date) = as soon as possible because the project has started already. so i need competitive price to take it over.
payment terms = LC
how will inspection be handled = Govt approved inspection agent to handle that i.e. preshipment inspection
will you pay for courier cost of samples = if the company insist. i believe a serious company should be ready to pay for sending its samples to prospective exporter
at what price will you definitely order = at below $25/sqmeter. April 24, Contact

ES: e 6858 India: We are interested in Spanish marble and granites. Please quote for slabs and tiles. 
April 23, Contact

e 6855 Macedonia: We want Granite and Marble slabs of +240x+120x 2 or 3cm one side polished in Red, Black, green or any other good color. Qty. reqd. is 350 m2 for trading and monuments manufacturing. Payment will be by L/C. Our contact no. is 48 4..... April 23, Contact  

e 6822 Nigeria: WE NEED GRANITE & MARBLE FOR GOVERNMENT BUILDING PROJECT. WE NEED BLOCKS, SLABS, TILES AND CUT TO SIZE IN DIFFERENT SHADES OF COLORS. IT IS EXPECTED THAT THE PROJECT COORDINATOR WILL WORK WITH YOU TO SUPPLY OUR SPECIFICATION IN TERMS OF SIZES AND DESIGNS. We have won a contract to supply all Marble and Stone products needed to execute the project. The project design and drawing is available. The outside of the building in most parts is marble,a certain % of inside is also marble and tiles Product dimensions are of three sizes. The product is of high grade with reasonable price. PAYMENT BY L/C. Fax no. 234-1-26..... April 22, Contact 

IT: e 6819 France: We want marble Block and polished tiles of 400x400x20mm for the following Italian stones:

e 6815 USA: I am a contractor. Please quote for 40 x 40 x 10 tiles of Daino Reale, Rosa Portogallo, Grigio Carnico, Statuario venato, Arabescato grigio, Greek Penthelikon, Cielo azul, Perlato di sicilia, Delicato cremo, Verde Guatemala, Crema Marfil select, Azul Boquira, Calacatta, Nero Marquinia, Green Tropical (brazil), Diorite, Imperial white, Juparana Classic, Eucaliptus green (brazil), Viscont grey (india), kashmir white, Multicolor red, Indian Juparana, Blu Barracuda (brazil), Quartzite Yellow (brazil), Navona and Persiano (Yellow + Red + Pink) Iran. April 22, Contact  

e 6813 USA: I want granite, marble, travertine and sandstone tiles from a supplier in USA. See stock lists 103, 266. April 22, Contact  

e 6798 Spain: We are looking for the good quality marble, granite & travertine tiles and slabs from Italy, Iran, Portugal and Turkey. Please send price list and catalogs. April 21 Contact 

e 6767 USA: I need some real quick prices for the following material with the given sizes and quantities. 
See below the quantities and sizes of Polished White Carrara Marble tiles. Some company in Carrara should have these sizes and quantities in stock. The price shouldn't be more than $3.00/SF including the delivery to Baltimore or Norfolk. Surface of the material to be polished. Order is not going to be sooner than 40 days. Thickness we are looking for is 3/8". Doesn't matter if local or overseas. Click here to see image. 


white carrara 4"x4"

bathrooms floor



sq ft

white carrara 4"x4"

shower floor



sq ft

white carrara 16"x8"




sq ft

white carrara 16"x8"

shower tub



sq ft

white carrara 5"x8"




L. ft

white carrara 1"x1"

bathroom floor



sq ft

My phone no. is 202-63..... April 17, Contact See Offers

e 6734 UK: We want Granite, Marble slabs and Limestone and Travetine tiles. Please quote we are in 
Gloucestershire. April 16, Contact  

e 6726 South Africa: I represent a property developer in Cape Town. We are presently doing a high end development and are sourcing floor tiles and tops for the kitchen and bathroom. 
Our present needs are for Marble flooring- in particular Marble - Crème Marfil or Crème de la Crème ( or similar) 300 x 300, 400 x 400 Slabs of marble, Travertine -Crema Primara- beige - Crosscut honed and filled, We would be looking for 500 sqm. Granite tops - Capricorn or similar, Sand stone - Tuscany 400 x 400 and 600 x 600. We would also be looking for Sandstone cladding, Mosaic work for floors and tables, Decorating objects, Sinks and Wash basins. I would like to receive a product and price list for the above products. I would be really keen to see a sample and would be happy to pay for the costs. My tel. no. is: 27 21 93..... April 15, Contact 

BR: e 6717 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite and marble in slabs and tiles form. April 14, Contact

EG: e 6714 Malta: Please quote for Egyptian Galala and Silvia marble unpolished slabs. Sizes and photos if possible. See ready stock 249. April 14, Contact

BG: e 6669 Italy: I want 1000 sqm Bulgarian Vratza Stone for floor tiles, sawn surface and extra-cost for hined surface. Sizes: 100 x 100 x 2 and 3cm. square-sawn, 100 x 100 x 2 cm. rhomboidal shaped, abt. 15 cm. out of square same items in size 50 x 50 cm. 
sizes                                    square                                     rhomboidal shape
                                  honed         sawn                     honed                        sawn

                          ---------- -----------      -----------          ---------------
50 x 50 x 2cm.      Euro .......  Euro ........      Euro ........          Euro ........
100x100x 2cm.       " .........      " ........          " .........               " .............
50 x 50 x 3cm.      Euro .......  Euro ........      Euro ........          Euro ........
100x100x 3cm.       " .........      " ........          " .........               " .............
Prices should include packing, FOT-ex works Bulgaria. Our contact no. is 0039-335-61..... April 9, Contact

ALL: e 6666 South Africa: Please quote for granite in blocks, slabs and tiles. I am in Johannesburg. April 8, Contact    

e 6655 USA: We want to import slabs & cut-to-size marble and granite into the USA. Please provide updated price lists. April 8, Contact   

ES: e 6654 Nigeria: I sell building materials in Nigeria. My shop is noted for wholesale/ retail. We want to place bulk orders for supply of Spanish marble, granite slabs and tiles. My aim is to purchase assorted colorful tiles. My primary business is to buy industrial goods and sell closeouts and to distributor consumers. I have 2 other locations in the northern and southern part of Nigeria. My store is known for all kind of building materials like Cement, Zinc, Nail, Angle bar, Iron rod etc.
I am of the opinion to involve in Tiles business as an attachment, due to high rate of demand by builders and contractors in Nigeria. It is my desire, however, to visit you as an agent to numerous suppliers. And for the fact that this is my first attempt, wish to see things physically the different products like GRANITE TILES, MARBLE TILES, PALADIANA, MOSAIC TILES, MARBLE SLABS, etc. Also, the difference in material quality, size ranges, surfaces etc.
For your information, as soon as I pay a visit for inspection, I will purchase locally right there in Spain. Goods that will worth one container and of high quality and different colors and sizes of tiles and the shipment shall be done myself. My contact no. is + 234 803 55.....
Please, note that I can only plan to come during summer, preferably, in the month of June. I have carefully searched the different products and their prices and I believe one container of all, would be alright, being my first attempt. I need a description of your company's location and also, a notary public [i.e] an invitation note as a proof of business dealings. April 8, Contact  

e 6636 Canada: We want tumbled marble in off white color (botticino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. This is an approximate monthly volume - we will be more accurate after first shipment. Kindly send the 3 samples that you have indicated along with pricing for both FOB Turkey and Vancouver, BC Canada. Also, please indicate your policy on what happens to tiles damaged in shipment. April 5, Contact 

ALL: e 6618 USA: I am the owner of a marble and granite company in Chicago. I am interested in importing granite and marble slabs from Brazil. I would like to know the cost of Uba Tuba, Black Absolute and other slabs that are  popular here. I am willing to start the operation if the price is right for me. Please quote with shipping. My contact number (708) 65.... April 4, 2003. Contact

e 6617 Canada: We want tumbled marble/limestone in an off white color (botoccino, perlino, almond etc.). Sizes we want are 4"x4", 3"x3", 2"x2". 1.5"x1.5" and 1"x1" tiles. Please inform me of lead times, minimum quantities and payment terms. Delivered to Vancouver. In USA and Canada call 1-866-87...... otherwise call 604-56...... We want a reliable supplier. We need the tumbled tiles for a decorative kit used to make coasters and magnets. 
We will be looking for delivery in mid January 2003. Minimum qty. that will be ordered is 1000 sq ft of each size in 3/8 thickness. This is an approximate monthly volume - we will be more accurate after first shipment. 
The stones will be used to transfer images onto so the surface needs to be smooth (no pitting). So far the most desirable has been a Botticino or equivalent marble or limestone. Looking for a quote of less than USD 2.8 per sq. ft. April 4, Contact 

ES: e 6599 Lebanon: We are a local Lebanese company which deals in trading as well as producing stone works. We want "Perlino Rosato" or "Rosa Perlino" blocks and unpolished slabs. Qty. reqd will be 4000 sqm. for a project. Please quote per cbm basis. April 3, Contact    

e 6587 USA: I am a stone tile retailer looking for Emperador Light (see image) polished tile 16" x 16" or 18" x 18" to be sourced inside USA I need a small quantity of 700 sq ft. Will pay for courier costs for samples. Would the quoted price be correct for 65 sqm? Where is the stone being shipped from? (so that I can calculate shipping costs.) Contact no. is 920 33.....Need price and availability. April 2., Contact

PH: e 6581 Korea: We are a marble company looking for Jania Blue and Jania Aqua Blue from Philippines for a project. Please quote with images and samples. Our tel. no. is +82-2-54..... April 1, Contact

IT: e 6551 Latvia: We want BIANCO CARRARA CD polished slabs, of thickness 3cm, of good quality in quantity about 150m2. Looking for companies from Italy. March 28, Contact

OM: e 6545 USA: I need good quality Omani marble slabs and tiles of all sizes. My expected purchase price is US$ 2 range for a container load, 12x12x3/8. I will purchase one sample container to check quality. My contact no. is (408) 45.......March 27, Contact  


IR: e 6522 Canada: Please quote for Blocks, Tile & Slab of Marble & Travertine from Iran. March 25, Contact

e 6512 USA: I want ROSSO RUBINO, ANTICO D'ITALIA ROSSO, COLLENANDINA ROSSO, LAGUNA ROSSO, RAMELLO ROSSO, VERONA ROSSO, TRANI CLASSICO, TRANI FIORITO, KOYO SA, CREMA LOJA & BOTTICINO FIORITO APRICENA. Please quote with images. I also need samples of each of these. I am an architect in Chicago. My contact no. is 312.75.....March 25, Contact

OM: e 6509: Please give FOB Oman prices for 8500 SQM of Omani marble called Majan, the size is 60x60x2 and the delivery starts within 75 days. March 25, Contact  

ALL: e 6501 Moldova: I represent a building company interested in importing marble products:
- floor tiles: the total volume starting with 1500 square meters (beige, brown and green colors) 
- columns (classic style - Ionic and Doric, fluted, 3 and 7 m height),
- and also real marble sculptures (carved), decorative items like statues, vases, candlesticks, ash- tray, marble columns, wash- stands, balusters, steps, fireplaces, etc. and also monuments.
Please quote with images, we would like to know delivery cost and quantity per container for the tiles (30x30) and (separately) for the cut to size pieces (30x60). The loading (via Sea) to Odessa or Constantza (Black Sea). Also mention the minimum order value and volume. We are ready to bear all delivery expenses. Our contact no. is 373 2 2...... March 24. Contact See Offers

CN: e 6500 Japan: We want cheap marble and granites slabs and tiles from China for construction of building. Please quote with details. My contact details are (hp) +65 9151..... March 24, Contact

e 6494 Russia: We are in the construction industry for the last 10 years. We need marble & granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Please quote. Our contact no. is 7-4236-6......For us preferred seller located in north China.  March 23, Contact

e 6490 Belgium: Please quote CIF Belgium/Antwerpen with custom tax of Belgium for 7200 m² white marble or white granite as pure as possible in 3 and 4 cm thickness for cladding tiles of 120 cm x 3 cm x 3 or 4 cm.  The edges must be light rounded or chamfered polished finish. Please specify packing, the quantity per container and the delivery and production time. We need also the physical and chemical test reports of these stones. The stones are used to cover the outdoor and indoor walls of 6 buildings of each 1200 m². Please send us a picture of your product by email. March 22, Contact See Offers

TR: e 6484 USA: I want 10 polished 2 or 3 cm Salome marble slab. Please send a photo of the Super Salome with prices. See pricelist 829. My tel. no. is 253-87.....March 22, Contact

IN: e 6451 India: We have an urgent export enquiry for Black, Ruby Red or Jhansi Red, Kashmir White granites and Red Marble. Sizes - Slabs 20 mm & 30 mm. The quantity is approximately 50,000/- sq. meters. Please quote FOB-Kandla and also FOB-Nava Sheva Port, Mumbai. Also provide sample of materials in all the shades (6" X 6" pieces). Fax: 91-22-6........March 19, Contact

TR: e 6449 Italy: We want Andesite blocks from Turkey. Our fax no. is +39 0573 5....See ready stock 322 as reference. March 19, Contact

VN: e 6424 Portugal: I want Pure white Marble from Vietnam. I may go to Vietnam to see the quarries where the blocks come from. I have seen images of white marble from Vietnam, it seems effectively white, but how hard is it? How does it shine after polishing? Is it too absorbing? What are the guarantees of it's homogeneity? I am interested in suppliers with good extraction capacity. If the relation ppice/quality is good I will buy. March 17, Contact

e 6402 Korea: We want Onodaga Marble, for a big commercial building. My contact no. is +82 2 32.....
March 14, Contact

ALL: e 6394 Germany: Please email catalogs, prices and samples of tumbled marbles, pebbles, and marble slabs and tiles. We are a agent and retailer in Germany. March 13, Contact See Offers

e 6390 India: We are in the field of construction in the last 75 years in India. We have to quote for 2 projects in Mauritius. The project requires 800x800x20mm first quality polished Green and beige marbles from Turkey, polished Black granite thermal finish and brown granite (both from Ethiopia) and  for which the scope and detailed specifications will be provided. Quantity reqd. is 1000 sqm for Granite, 1000 sqm for Marble. We prefer to buy locally and inspection of the material will be done at site. 
Being one of the reputed specialist agencies in this field, we request you to furnish your most competitive offer for SUPPLYING AND FIXING for all items mentioned in the attached Bill of quantities.
Please note that your price should include all taxes, duties , transportation and installation for the complete work at site. You can contact us at +91-044-224.....March 13, Contact

IT: e 6383 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor  looking for Statuario marble block around 1.5 cbm. I need first quality material. I need it for sculpture that include a portrait. Please send prizes and payment terms. 
March 12, Contact

CN/IT: e 6380 India: We are dealing in Granite slabs and tiles in India. We find some of your colors at much of our interest. Please quote for Chinese granite color nos. G017, G019, G639, G603 and G640. In Italian Granite we are interested in Grigio Malaga
Our expected business volume for each grade may be up to 100000 sq. ft. in 2 and 3 cm thickness.
Our contact detail is 0091-2932-2.....March 12, Contact

e 6376 USA: I want White Carrara Marble for window sills. Please quote. My contact no. is (239) 47.....March 11, Contact

AR: e 6375 USA: I am looking for a supplier from Argentina to ship Argentinean marble and granite 3cm slabs one to two containers at a time. March 11, Contact 

ALL: e 6336 Taiwan: We are a construction materials trading company in Taipei for last 12 years. Please quote for construction materials like glazed tiles, granite, marble, the scenery Stone material, cement manufactures, pebbles, and Old-style building materials. Send us a a complete catalog of products, their prices, and some samples. Each year we imports up to hundred containers. Our contact no. is +886-2-287.....March 6, Contact

ALL: e 6335 USA: We are a granite fabricator and supply house. Want marble & granite slabs and tiles. Please send pricing info on your products. I am in Michigan, USA. March 6, Contact

PT: e 6334 Spain: I need for immediately shipment 1 full cont of Mocca Creme, Grao Fino unpolished slabs. I would like to know the Delivery time, would need pictures, sizes, packing details, prices FOB & price by truck to Novelda - Spain. Our fax no. is + 34 965 2.....March 6, Contact

ALL: e 6330 Morocco: We are importer and distributor of marble and granite. We buy 2nd and commercial choices in very large quantities (up to 10000 sqm per month). We need suppliers for marble and granite for 30x30x2, 40x40x2, 30x60x2, Slabs (1.5, 2.0, 3.0 cm), Our target price is for commercial choice 3 USD per sqm & 2nd choice 7.0 USD per sqm. Payment by LC, inspection by agent. Our contact no. is + Morocco 22 9...... March 6, Contact

PK: e 6314 USA: Require Indus gold and other marble and granite for USA. Start one to two 20 feet containers a month. Please offer your regular qualities and quote prices for 12x12, 18x18 and 24x24 in 1cm and 3/4 inch for the 12x12 and 3/4 inch for the other two. Prices should be for polished and packed tiles CIF Dallas USA. Samples and lab tests for hardness and structural integrity are required as well as info regarding your polishing and finishing facilities and equipment.
Samples of all offered products are needed in 4"x4" pieces immediately and should be send ASAP with all prices, company info, test sheets etc to our Karachi liaison. His phone no. is + 92 21 25.....March 5, Contact

e 6312 USA: I want Absolute black marble. I am an interior designer in NY. Tel. no. 212-23..... March 5, Contact

IT: e 6307 Malta: I want Italian Perlino Cream Marble Slabs 1st Quality. The slabs size must be 60 x 30cm x 1.8 cm. Qty. reqd. is 145 sqm matt finish. Skirting in above 15 x 60cm / half round / polished 118 linear metres.
Plain Border in Visone Marble 10 x 100cm, 56 linear metres. To be delivered within the month of March. I will not pay for samples. Payment 10% as advance and balance against delivery. My contact no. is 356 21 4.....March 4, Contact

ALL: e 6276 USA: We are a granite and marble supply company. Please email slabs and tiles prices is USD. 
March 1, Contact

TR/IT: e 6258 Russia: We are interested in Rosso Verona, Botticino, Azul Cielo, Rosso Laguna, Azul Bahia and Verde Laguna. We need these for reconstruction of our building facade. We are particularly interested in the follow information:
The size of stones bit. How permanent the color of the stones in the different parties? The concrete colors of the stone. Please quote for 20 ft. containers with images, payment terms and catalogs. Our tel. no. is 7-3432-6..... Feb 28, Contact 

e 6252 USA: We are a wholesaler and a retailer company looking for a good supplier of Granite tiles. Please quote with delivery time. See pricelist 141. Please provide the FOB port where the tiles will be shipped from. We don't think that we can compete in our market with these prices, our amounts will be 2000 sq. ft and up. Our tel. no. is 780 28..... Feb 28, Contact

IN: e 6244 USA: Interested in Indian marble. Please quote with full details on your plant and price list. See pricelist 937 for reference. Feb 27, Contact

TW: e 6241 UK: Please quote with images for marble slabs and tiles from Taiwan. Feb 27, Contact

e 6240 USA: I want Blue Polare or Volga Blue. Please quote for slabs. I am in VA. Feb 27, Contact

IT: e 6211 Germany: We need 60 sqm polished Carrara Statuarietto 30.5 x 30.5 at 45 and/or Carrara C 
30.5 x 30.5 at 30 in Hamburg. My contact no. is +49 49 22.....Feb 26, Contact  

ALL: e 6219 Ukraine: We are interested in information about supplier of 20 mm thick marble and granite like Lepanto Rosso, Levanto Rosso, Cristal Rose, Charcoal Rose, Supreme. Our contact no. is 
(+380 62) 3......Feb 26, Contact

e 6196 USA: I am looking for a good quality any beige marble such as the Crema Marfil, however I have seen some stone that in the same color scheme that I like. I prefer 18"x18"x1/2" floor tile as the area is fairly large and open. I am shopping for the best stone at the best price including shipping. The shipping cost is a big factor as you know so that the location of the supplier is important. I will like to see some marble samples and pay for same. I would like of course to know of the business practices of the supplier in order to create trust.
My desire is to purchase at the total price between $4.00 and $5.00 per sq ft, including delivery to Georgia 30642, USA. Please quote with shipping for 1500 sq ft. Feb 25, Contact See Offers

ALL: e 6264: I want marble and granite slabs and tiles. please quote prices for Africa. Feb 28, Contact

e 6189 USA: I need 1375 sq ft of Crema Marfil 12 x 12 x 3/8 and 200 sq ft of oriental dark green marble in 12 x 12 x 3/8. Delivery to TN 38555. I will need it in 2 weeks. Contact me at (931)48..... home. Feb 25, Contact  

ES: e 6187 USA: I want to import premium quality Crema Marfil and Rojo Alicante. We are importers of marble, granite, and carved stone from all over the world. Please quote for container loads; and if possible, please send me samples of your different colors of Onyx. I am in NY 11040. Feb 25, Contact

ES: e 6178 USA: I have 2 large projects for delivery July 03', with cut-to-size vanities and tiles, 4 containers. One project material appears to resemble Safra quarry. I need B grade material.  I also need to know the price of blocks. 
I also need prices for Crema Marfil tile. Please quote for 275000 sq ft for various sizes; 12" x 12"; 16" x 16"; 18" x 18" & 24" x 24". Feb 24, Contact  

ES/IT/NO: e 6176 Nepal: We are one of the leading marble suppliers in Nepal. We import marble, granite and many other building products from India, Italy, Spain, Greece, Oman etc. We are general contractors in these items and under take big projects for these items.
We need Serpeggiante, Breccia Aurora, Dark Empredor, Red Allicante, Red Quipper, Nerro Marquino, Black Pearl & Blue Pearl Granite (Origin Norway), Perlatino Sicilia. All marbles with net at the back C&F Calcutta Port for our regular local sale. Please send photographs of available marble by email along with there rates for 1st and 2nd choice. We want to visit Carrara and Trapani during 1st week of March. Feb 24, Contact  

e 6162 China: Please quote for Tiger Beige marble. We need huge quantity. Feb 23, Contact

e 6159 Ecuador: We need 15000 sqm of different types of marble in black, beige, green, blue colors. Tiles 30 x 30 cms and slabs of 1 cm width, delivery to Quito. Feb 23, Contact

IN: e 6154 India: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most reputed timber companies in India. No we are planning to enter the stone market in Panama. We would like to promote Indian marbles, granites products and ceramic tiles. We would like to be your agent / distributor and would like to have your offer regarding the modalities of working together. Please quote FOB prices with catalogs and samples. Feb 22, Contact

TR: e 6150 Korea: I am considering Rosa Levanto slabs and tiles for a project. I need the quantity of model house about 20square meter firstly. I think the main quantity if this useage is about 20square meter X 30 houses. I am in Seoul. Feb 22, Contact

e 6140 USA: I want Trani Bronzetto 3/4" slabs. I represent a marble company and my contact no. is  718 85.....Feb 21, Contact

e 6139 USA: Would like information on availability of marble & granite slabs for counter tops from Nigeria. I am in FLorida. Feb 21, Contact

e 6120 USA: I want US sources to buy 2000 sq. ft. 2 cm thick slabs of piedra de cardoso. My contact no. is 970 92..... Feb 21, Contact

e 6118 Kosovo: We are an Italian Building Company. We have been awarded by a tender to build a school in PRISTINA. We want stones from the Balkan area for window sills and internal stairs floor. We are looking for WHITE / LIGHT YELLOW stone or marble (examples: Trani stone or Histria stone). 
Please quote for window sills, thickness 2 & 3 cm, width 34cm and length variable. Qty is 170 sqm.
Prices should include transport from factory to Pristina (if available). Our phone/fax number is 00381 38 5.....Feb 20, Contact

BR/IT/IN/CN: e 6097 USA: We are starting a new company offering granite, marble and stone counter tops and art work. We are setting up the shop to be able to offer the creation of the job request, fabrication, installation and distribution of slabs and stone tiles. We are the only company in this Island offering this service. We already visited a couple of distributors in PR that are ready to supply for us. We are very interested on the possibilities of doing business with you, because we would prefer to buy directly from you. We already have customers waiting and big jobs coming. We need to find connections for machinery with the most competitive prices as well. I went through every page of the website, to learn everything there is offering. I also went through the pricelists of every country that I was interested of getting the product from, and the prices that I saw there are the ones that I want to go with. We want granite, marble and quartz plus all new stone products we can get.
Same for tiles.
2cm and 3cm on slabs
On tiles 16 x 16
polished samples of a flamed, bush hammered and sandblast procedures
-First quality
-process quality: thickness tolerance-average
-material quality: shade variation depending on the styles chosen. Please recommend.
-To start with, we are planning on buying 10 slabs for now. The big job will take 3 months before they choose the slabs.
- Therefore we need all the samples for the slabs I will specify on the list
-From $8 to $20/ m2 as in pricelists 811, 280, 27 and so. All depending on customers request. Give the best offers you can find.
- We will be creating a website of the company as soon as is set up.
- We will have storage space available soon.
- Our shop will be consisting of 3500 sq.ft.
-We are trying to set up our connections with a serious and stable supplier.
-As soon as I get the package of my request, we can set a buying date. At least prices shipping quality, shipping insurance, samples included, description of the quality of the material we will get, recommendations on our selections, etc.
Credit card for small purchases, line of credit, deposit with a 30 day term for large purchase
-Buy locally and import.
-We will hire a third party inspector; If you have something to offer would be good to know.
-We are getting free samples from PR, but if the price for the shipment is not outrageous or if it can be included in the cargo with the slabs that will be the best idea. Give some examples of the shipment cost.
- We will definitely order if the price beats the offers we are getting from PR, which are around the numbers I mentioned before.
-If the payment terms are approved and the offer is good, we will start buying tomorrow.
I will appreciate the time you take on responding to each of our request, answer our questions and giving us recommendations  and the information that you can get for us and making this be a good and final deal.
You are welcome to call us at any time.
I am looking forward on hearing from you as soon as possible. Our contact no. is 340-9...... Feb 19, Contact See Offers

IN: e 6075 UK: We are going to start business in stones. I want prices of Indian marble and granite. Before I start I would like to visit India to purchase. Feb 18, Contact

HR: e 6055 Germany: Please quote for Croatian marble. Feb 17, Contact

e 6044 USA: I want marble from Ecuador. How can I get a sample, and is there a source for quantities smaller than container? I am in AZ 85737, Feb 17, Contact

IT: e 6012 Italy: We want Royal Beige from Oman or a beige marble that is similar. Quantity is 1000 sqm in 60 x 30 x 2cm tiles or rough blocks to work in Italy. We need a serious partner who can offer us good quality and competitive price. Inspection will be done by agent and payment at site. My mobile phone no. is +39 33 95....... Feb 13, Contact

IN: e 6011 India: I need 2000 sq. ft White Makrana marble immediately. Would like to purchase from Bombay. My estimated purchase price is Rs. 325. Feb 13, Contact

e 6006 USA: I need Rouge Antique marble from France as shown in FindStone's stone album. I saw a small piece in person recently, and would like to find a supplier that will sell directly to me in CA. Need block enough to make 4 slim, short columns (<40" in height, roughly 4-6" diameter), approx. 2 large slabs, and about 100 sq. ft. of tile (whatever minimum thickness this marble can accommodate). Feb 13, Contact

ALL: e 5991 UAE: We are  a 26 years old company dealing with tiles, marbles and stones decorations. Please send complete list of your products and prices. Feb 12, Contact

IN/TR/IR: e 5988 China: We are a stone company wanting royal botticino, turkish marble, Indian green marble and black galaxy granite blocks in large quantity. Please quote with images so that we can know more. If possible we will visit next month for selection. Feb 12, Contact


IN: e 5980 USA: We want granite and marble slabs and all products for bathrooms and kitchens like vanity tops, countertops, granite sinks, tiles. I am an owner of stone factory and some stores in Chicago. I am currently importing from China, Italy and Brazil. I would like stones from India now. 
My office no. is 1 773 8.....Feb 12, Contact

e 5974 Taiwan: Please quote for Verde Aver, Arabescato Roberto and Bianco Berro in 2cm/3cm slabs and 30x30, 40x40 and 30x60, 60x60 tiles and specify which country of origin. My fax no. is + 886 2 878.....
Feb 11, Contact

ALL: e 5972 Indonesia: I have been asked by business empire to join their group in the stone business they plan to start. We are planning to buy huge stocks of 100000m2 of granite and marble from all over the world, size in slab polished 2cm thickness, some are cut size 60x60x2cm.
We are gathering all information about the stones and their respective prices and hope to get complete price list to make a good presentation with the owners of the project that we are bidding. Please quote for slabs x 2cm and cut to size 60x60x2cm FOB of the original country port. Feb 11, Contact

PE: e 5964 France: I saw a little piece of gold/black marble coming from Peru in an exhibition. The exact area of extraction was Los Dos Paisanos. Please quote with images. My contact no. is 00 33 1 45 3.....
Feb 11, Contact

IT/VN/ES: e 5963 USA: I need 5000 sqft (2 containers) of pink numidian or similar product (i.e. Breccia Pernice from Italy, Piel Serpentina from Spain, Yellow from Vietnam) 2cm & 3cm polished slab, also several 4cm to 8cm unpolished slabs possibly over 20000 sq ft tile, delivery before august 2003 to Texas. Please quote with time schedule as early delivery is a factor, references required. Letter of credit available. My phone no. is 817 23......Feb 11, Contact

IT: e 5937 Germany: We want 200m2 of high class marble tiles from Italy for a project near Frankfurt. 
Please quote for marble tiles in white & light yellow color, tile thickness 1 cm. Drawings are in preparation. Specific quantities as option to ceramic tiles will be issued in 8 weeks from now. Feb 9, Contact

e 5929 Spain: We want Crema Delicato marble tiles. We would like to inform you that we are an international trading company based in Madrid. We need 18000 sqm of Crema Delicato tiles for a project in a third country. You can find the specifications hereunder.
Flooring Crema Delicato (light) 2x60x60 7.680 m2.
Flooring Crema Delicato (dark) 2x30x30 482 m2
Wall Cladding Crema Delicato (light) 2x30x60 1.186 m2
Sill (1 long edge rounded) Crema Delicato (light) 3x21xl 684 m2
Staircase Crema Delicato (light) (details later) 3.990 mts.
Skirting (1 long edge polished and chamfered) " " " 1,5x10xl 3.475 mts.
Skirting 1,5x30 cm wide overall cut to profile of tread and riser) " 1,5x10x30cm 1.219 mts.
Shelf (3 edges polished and chamfered) " 3x60xL 8 mts.
Phone: +34 9175..... Please quote. Feb 8, Contact

IT: e 5906 UAE: I am a resident of UAE looking to purchase first quality 2000 sq. ft beige color Italian marble or any other marble for my house in India. I want fiber, filled and polished cut to size slabs. The material should be packed in wooden crates so that they don't get damaged during shipment. Please email quote to FindStone. Feb 7, Contact

PK: e 5897 Ireland: We are an engineering firm interested in black marble from Pakistan. Please quote with images. My contact no. is +353 1 29.....Feb 6, Contact

IT: e 5894 UK: I want Azul Cascais, Saltan Green and Rosso Verona marble for a big contract. I need 20 & 30 mm thick slabs. Feb 6, Contact

ALL: e 5891 South Africa: We want 1st grade, unpolished and polished tiles of marble and granite in the Xiamen and Guangzhou areas. My contact no. is (011) 61.......Feb 6, Contact  

ALL: e 5889 USA: I want to purchase Marble & Granite Slabs in bundles. I need prices for slabs in different colors. How much would it be for a Bundle, Qty and Price. How many bundle or pallets fit in a 20' Dry box or open top, including delivery charges? I still have not decided on the colors I want to purchase because I don't know what the shipping charges are covering. I am in stone business. My contact no. is 281-84......
Feb 6, Contact

e 5880 Cyprus: Please quote for 2000m2 marbles Golden Line Red, Grass White Jade, Mystic Coffee, Negro Oriental and Snowberry Rose. Feb 5, Contact

IN: e 5841 USA: Please give current prices for polished sandstone, slate, granite and marble tiles calibrated 12" x 12" x 3/8", 16" x 16" x 3/8" or 1/2", 18" x 18" x 1/2" or 5/8" and polished slabs 2 and 3 cm all first quality select. Can you confirm your prices are not for kerosene cut? We are only interested in water cut stone. We want stones from India only currently. I am in Georgia. My tel. 770-3.......Feb 3, Contact

ALL: e 5826 Latvia: We want granite, marble and onyx slabs. The sizes we want are 2400 х 1200 х 20 mm and 30mm thick slabs. We are in Riga. Our fax no. is +371 7....... Feb 3, Contact  

e 5821 USA: I need granite slabs. Qty. reqd. is over 150 slabs. Feb 3, Contact

IN: e 5803 India: Please quote for one 20 FCL for Abu figurative, Banaswara white, Andhi White. Feb 1, Contact  

FR: e 5795 USA: I am a real estate developer looking for St Jean Flouri 3/4" slab. I am in Chicago. Feb 1, Contact

CN: e 5791 USA: I want marble product, especially the joint venture opportunities with your company. Would you please provide me with more detailed information about your company, point of contact, company and address, email and telephone, and the way of investing, collaborations, sales reps, or companion relationship in USA, so that we can have more discussion of this issue? I am in Las Vegas. Jan 31, Contact

GR: e 5789 Spain: We need Thassos White tiles and slabs, rough and polished, we need a container quickly. Jan 31, Contact  

IR: e 5787 Spain: We need Arya Cream Marfil (Dehbid) tiles and slabs, finish reqd. is rough and polished. Quote with pictures. Jan 31, Contact  

e 5784 Israel: Please quote for Delicato Beige, qty. 1000 sqm size 60X60X2 honed. Jan 31, Contact  

ALL: e 5774 Nigeria: I want Deep blue shade cultured marble or man-made marble. The specifications are:
Color: Shades of blue (deep Blue). Preferably in Marble look. Marble tends to have drama unlike Granite that looks monotonous. That is the order of preference, but they don't really mind any form, either Marble or Granites look. It is just that they would prefer re-constituted stone to natural stone. Like I said, because of cost and control over choice of color. 2cm and 3cm thick. Quote per sqm. Size for now: 1.2metre x 0.75metre slab. We will like to see colour schemes in physical samples of more than 5 x 5 x 1cm. Images may slightly differ from real/physical look and colour. We are looking for these sizes:
50 x 120 x 2cm (100 pcs) all sides rounded
50 x 180 x 2cm (300 pcs) 100 pic all rounded edges. 
200 pcs 3 sides rounded edges including both length.
Sample: 2pcs of 5cm x 5cm of each shade of blue. My contact no. is +09 234 8033...... (Mobile) Jan 31, Contact

e 5772 UK: I need 500 sqm of polished marble in Mallorca. I would like to buy locally. Jan 30, Contact 

ES: e 5757 Romania: We want Rojo Alicante marble, 40x40x2 cm polished tiles, qty. reqd. is 750 sqm. Quote FOB Spain. Send sample of 12" x 12" x 1 cm, tel-fax: 00.40.21....... Jan 30, Contact  

e 5753 UK: I want Marble or Granite tiles to install in 5 bathrooms in London. I need the material ASAP. My mobile no. is 0044- 7802.....Jan 29, Contact  

IN: e 5751 Cyprus: Please quote for Banswara White, Andhi White, Fig White and Fancy White from India. Marble size 60 x 30, quality: first or second, surface: polished, quantity:1000 sqm, needed by 15 March, payment terms: by L/C. I will pay 1/2 courier of sample. My tel no. 003572...... is  Jan 29, Contact  

e 5738 Korea: We are manufacturer and distributor of building materials. We have been in stone business for 15 years and we are one of the top sellers in stone industry in Korea. Please quote FOB & CNF with earliest delivery for SARANCOLIN MARBLE 20T slabs, qty. 36 sqm and 153*65T (28M) 20T slabs, qty 5 sqm and PIERRE DI RUOMS LIMESTONE 20T slabs qty 11 sqm. Payment by irrevocable LC at 60 days at sight. Packing should be export standard seaworthy. Partial shipments not allowed. Tran-shipment not allowed. Our contact no. is +822-5......Jan 29, Contact

IN: e 5733 India: We want Ruby Red, Jet Black granite, polish 2 sides of 108" x 40" x 6" and 8" thickness. 
One container of Granite / Marble slab, minimum Size : 110" x 65" x 1.250" resin polish, any color that you can provide. 
One container of marble to be used in the construction field. 12" x 12" tiles thickness ¼" - 3/8", slabs of 
4' x 8' thickness = ½". Allowance for using at least 5 refinishing grinding laps. 
And Black Absolute / Paradisio /Green Marble of 12" x 12" x 3/8" and 24" x 24" x ¾". Please quote FOB Ahmedabad and ex-works. Payment will be made by LC. Jan 29, Contact

IT: e 5723 Germany: Please quote for Palissandro Classico marble from Italy. Jan 28, Contact

GR: e 5722 Ukraine: We are a well-established company engaged in many kinds of trading activities. Right now our company is dealing with supply of stone products to Russian/Ukrainian market. We want Ajax marbles of size 600 x 600 x 20 mm. or 300 x 300 x 20 mm, tolerance length or width  +/-0,5 mm, thickness or bend +/-1 mm,  on square +/-0,3 mm on plane (600 x 600 x 20 mm) = +/-0,3 mm, polishing degree 85 degrees minimum, minimum  damage in angle under 1 x 1 mm. Please send us your full price list together with photos of the products. Please quote in USD on the base of FOB with your full contact details and a profile of your company. Our phone no + 380 562......Jan 28, Contact  

IT: e 5717 USA: I need 700 sqm of boticcino classico, semiclassico, fiorito in slabs 2 cm and tiles of  305 x 305 x 10mm. My contact no. is 571.52.....Jan 28, Contact 

IT: e 5709 Lebanon: We want 20000 sqm of unpolished 40x40x2cm tiles of Botticino Classico (Magnus) / Botticino Fiorito (Perlato). Please provide prices, samples, and necessary delivery time. Our tel. no. is 
+ 961 5 7..... Jan 27, Contact  

ES: e 5687 UK: I want Crema Marfil slabs of 20mm thick slabs. Please quote with sizes. Jan 25, Contact 

e 5664 Italy: I want polished tiles of 2-3 cm thick of Aurisina Granitello, Repen Chiaro, Aurisina Chiara, Roman Stone, Fior di Mare. Jan 23, Contact 

ALL: e 5662 USA: We are starting a project of building a funeral home. We want some light rose colored marble slabs and tiles for the project. Jan 23, Contact

e 5660 India: We need INDUS GOLD/ ASIAN GOLD material. Sizes are 24" x 24" x 2cm in tiles and random slabs of 20mm thickness. Quantity required is 20000 Sq. Ft. Jan 23, Contact 

ES: e 5657 Canada: I need 550 sq.ft. of 18x18 crema marfil select, half high polished, half honed finished. I live in Montreal and own a small marble and granite operation. Please contact me if you have any availability. My contact no. is (514) 48.....Jan 23, Contact

TR: e 5655 Singapore: We want unpolished Fior De Pesco Oriental from Turkey for a project. If possible send us a piece of sample for our presentation board. Our required quantity is 2000 sqm. Jan 23, Contact 

TR: e 5653 Japan: Please quote for 40X40X1cm and 40X40x2cm polished, Bilecik Pure Beige, Bilecik Beige red, Kaya Beige, kaya Beige 1, Harmonkoy Beige, Harmonkoy Beige 1 and Kervansaray Beige. We need 2000 sqm to use it in our next project. Jan 23, Contact 

BR: e 5646 USA: We want Creme Azul Bahir slabs 3 cm thick. Please quote with images. We are in MA 02155. Jan 22, Contact

ALL: e 5638 USA: We are looking for a supplier of polished marble bases in absolute black, white, green, and gray. We hope to establish a long term relationship for continuing orders. We import many types of stones and many of our suppliers have been working with us for 20 years or more. We are a wholesale distributor of desk sets, trophies, awards, lighting fixtures, sculptures and related applications. 
Because the sizes we require are small they can be made from scrap material that might otherwise be wasted by a supplier of architectural slabs or blocks. Some of the sizes we use are: 2 x 3 x 3/4, 2 1/2 x 4
x 3/4, 3 x 3 x 3/4, 3 x 6 x 3/4, 3 1/2 x 7 x 3/4, 4 x 4 x 3/4, 4 x 9 x 3/4, 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 2, 3 x 3 x 2 1/2, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 3, 4 x 4 x 2, 6 x 6 x 3, 8 x 8 x 4. All dimensions are in inches and are listed as width x length x thickness. Bases must be finished on top and all four sides (not bottom). All edges should be slightly beveled.
If you an supply these products, we would be eager to hear from you. Jan 22, Contact 

e 5630 Singapore: We import / export marble & granite. We also do projects. Our presence is in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand & Philippines. We are now interested in developing Australian market. We want to relationship of business partner about project or trading. I will be visiting Sidney on 5 - 20 Feb. Please send me your contact details. Jan 21, Contact 

ZA: e 5609: I am an importer for marble from lots of countries. I need Nero Africa Slabs from South Africa it will be open order with out limit for this material. Jan 20, Contact  

GR: e 5607 Italy: We want Bianco Thassos size 30.5 x 30.5 x 1  qty is 150 sqm and 30.5 x 92.5 x 1 qty. is  450 sqm. Please quote. We are in Rome. Jan 20, Contact  

IT/IN: e 5602 India: I need 4200 sq. ft of good Italian or Indian marble for my house in Bangalore. Please quote for different shades. Break-up of marble for different rooms is available. Jan 20, Contact  

LB: e 5601 USA: We are marble wholesalers in the US, interested in importing marble from Lebanon for the US market. Please send us details of your various slabs and tiles, interested in 12 x 12, 18 x 18 tiles as well as standard size slabs. Please email prices fob Beirut also give us details about various colors and availability for multiple orders. Jan 20, Contact  

IR: e 5574 China: We are hotel-decorating company in China, we have a monthly demand of 100000 m2 top quality unpolished Royal Botticino marble slabs from Iran only (click here to see image). The slabs should be square (cut to size). Supplier to make sure the slabs will not break during transportation. In the coming month, we have a very urgent demand of the stone. We use the material for five star hotel interiors. We need the material urgently, sooner the better! Payment terms, according to supplier, either by TT or L/C. We will go to quarry / factory for inspection. Sample is not necessary. We need the most favorable price. We are scheduled to visit Iran within two weeks, say first week of February. Our contact no. is 0086-755-83.....
Jan 17, Contact  

ALL: e 5562 China: We are General Contractors, Builders and Interior Designers in Hong Kong, china. We have a lot of projects in China. We are interested in the following granites (all listed from FindStone's stone album):
1) Argentina - Balmoral
2) Australia - Sydney Green
3) Austria - Stainz
4) Brazil - Azul Barracuda Blue, Azul Macaubas, Azul Paramirim, Azul Bahia, Labrador Marron Bahia, Marrom Bahia, Verde Bahia Butterfly, Café Royal, Capao Bonito Red, Cinza Nova Roma, Eco Gold Guariba, Imperial Brown, Juprana Sunset, Lambada, Macerena 1, Marron Gaucho Negro Tropical, New Kashmir White, Ouro Brasil, Panama, Piracema, Preto Tropical, Red Brasil, Verde Amazonas, Verde Lavras, Verde Velasquez 
5) Canada - Autumn Brown, Blue Eyes, Maple Leaf Red 1, Maple Leaf Red 2
6) China - 3767, 3786, Blue Diamond, Camelfur 1, Golden Diamond, Hawthorn Red, Island Red, Night Rose, Rusty Yellow, Sichuan Red, ZH-G013
7) Colombia - Goldstone
8) Finland - Carmen Red
9) India - Bahama Blue, Bengal Blue, Chilli Red, Coral Blue Dynamic Blue, English Brown, Forrest Green, Green
Rose, Gulbarga Red Impala Black, Imperial Red, Kaddur Red, Kashmir White, Kerala Green, Monsun Rasi Blue, Saffaire Blue, Savan Rose, Sapphire Brown, Sea Weed Green, Seemankati Red, Silk Blue, Tumkur Red, Violet Blue, VT Pink 
10) Iran - Birjand Green, Burgundy, G531, Passwa, Persian Forrest Green, Piran Shahr Green 
11) Italy - Amadeus
12) Namibia - Sodalite Blue
13) Saudi Arabia- Najran Red, Silver Sea Green
14) South Africa- Africa Red, Cape Brown, Cape Tiger Skin, Forest Blue Green Tweed, Transvaal Red, Verde Butterfly
15) Spain - Dorado Conquistador, Gran Beige, Rojo Guadajira Rosavel
16) Sweden - Tranas Red
17) Switzerland - Andeer
18) Taiwan - Green Butterfly, New Imperial Red
19) Thailand - Dragon Eyes
20) Turkey - Aksaray Dune
21) Ukraine - Arctic Blue, Black Labrador, Maple Green, Maple Red Santiaso Red, Tatar, Verde Oliva, White Chameleon, Zelenitsa
22) USA - Agate, Rainbow, Royal Auburn, Salmon Pearl, Sunset Red, Texas Red
23) Vietnam - Orange Pink.
1) Argentina - Exstra
2) Australia - Blue Crystal, Dream Time, Opal Pearl, Pink Crystal, Silver Beige 
3) Canada - Crystal Green
4) China - Mystic Coffee
5) Egypt - Alabaster, Arco Iris, Red, Rosso Levanto
6) France - Breche De Benou, Languedoc Red
7) Greece - Green of Imathia, Fioume Claud, Hermes Dark, Karnis_mosaic, Vergina Red
8) India - Emerald Green, Green Sky Marble, Onex Indiana, Sea Green
9) Iran - Bajestan Pink, Kongolo Mera, Leopard, Onyx Godarsiyah Green, Onyx Iranshahr, Onyx Orange, Orange Onyx, Orange Onyx 2, Orange Onyx 3, Persian Green, Rossobona, Yellow
10) Italy - Bardiglio Nuvolato (purple), Bardiglio Nuvolato (g), Bordu Griso, Breccia Aurora, Breccia Medicea,
Calacatta Fantasia, Calacatta Vagli Rosato, Fior Di Carna Rosa, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Fior Di Pesco Classico, Giallo Siena, Macchia Vecchia, Palissandro Bronzo, Rosso Levanto, Rosso Magnaboschi
11) Mexico - Dragon Jade, Jasper Rose
12) Pakistan - Dark Green Onyx, King Gold, Multi Onyx
13) Russia - Blue Drop, Green Moby Dick, Red Moby Dick, Volga Blue
14) Spain - Coralito
15) Turkey - Aegean Brown, Afyon, Afyon Grey, Afyon Honey White, Afyon Sugar, Afyon Tiger Skin, Afyon Yellow, Bordo, Charcoal Rose, Crystal Rose, Eaoped Bordeaux, Fior Di Pesco Oriental, Grey Supreme, Laguna Verde, Mugla Lilac, Mugla Sugar, Rosso Laguna, Rosso Levanto, Salome, Salome, Salome Bordeaux Grizu, Suprem Salome,
Suprem Salome 1, Supreme, Supreme Leapord, Supren, Tekmar Dove, Teknonix, Yaykin Walnut, 
16) Uzbekistan - Breccia Asia
1) China - P001, P003, P007, P009, P010, P013, P014, P015 (Rustic Slate), P018, S 1104, S 1119 (Rustic
Slate), S 1120 (Rustic Slate), S 1121, Bashan Green, Charcoal Blue, China Black, China Grey, China Multi-color, Leaf Green, Violet 
2) India - Peacock
1) Greece, Iran, Mexico or Pakistan: Antique Onyx, Arco Iris Onyx, Cappuccino Onyx, Caramel Onyx, Dark Green Onyx, Green Onyx, Miele Onyx, Orange Onyx, Red Onyx, White Onyx, Yellow Onyx. 
We also interested in some slates from India in your album. We are ready to pay for samples. Jan 16, Contact  

e 5550 USA: I want 1500 sq ft black marble or granite 24" x 24" and 18" x 18" tiles and 1000 sq ft of brown tone 16" x 16" tiles granite or marble. Delivery to Florida 32726. Please include shipping in your quotation. Jan 16, Contact  

IT: e 5533 USA: I want Ambrato, Monderagone, Breccia Oniciata, Breccia Pemice Rossa, Dove, Skiros, Arabescato Rossa and Arancio. These are from Italy, I want any of the above mentioned stones from non moving stocks. Please email me with the details, I would like to buy some. Jan 14, Contact  

PH: e 5532 China: We are an import - export company located in Xiamen. We have an order of about 500000 pieces of Abrico and Golden Beige marble tiles. The dimension is 305*305*10mm. We are now looking for a manufacturer in Philippines, which can supply at least six 20' containers of the mentioned marble tiles. Please quote and send samples. Our tel. no. is 0592-56.....Jan 14, Contact

e 5531 USA: I need ABSOLUTE BLACK MARBLE TILE 12" X 12" (no veins, not secondary detail, no mottling) only absolute, zero detail black marble. Need minimum of 1 crate delivered to SO, CA or AZ. Please provide sample and total cost. I am a fabricator, need the material for stone etching. Jan 14, Contact  

e 5519 South Africa: Please quote for Grass White Jade marble. I would like to know many are packed in a bag. Jan 14, Contact

e 5518 Netherlands: I want white marble, commercial or second quality. I am a contractor. Jan 13, Contact  

e 5517 Russia: I want Daino Reale marble slabs, high quality polishing, size 1.6m x 2.8m. Qty. reqd. is 
15 sqm 3cm thick and 8sqm 2 sm thick for steps and risers. Delivery to Rostov- on-Don, Russia. Please quote CIF. Expected purchase date is 2-3 weeks. Payment by letter of credit / cash on delivery. Jan 13, Contact  

GT: e 5511 Spain: Please quote CIF price delivered to North Spain for 2 cm marble slabs like Verde Saltan, Verde Mare and Verde Quetzal quarried in Guatemala. Please send good photos. Our contact no. is 
00 34 91 57.....Jan 13, Contact  

AR: e 5510 Spain: We want Cielo Azul Marble in 2 and 3 cm slabs. Please quote CIF prices with photos. Our contact no. is 00 34 91 57.....Jan 13, Contact


VN: e 5503 Spain: We want White Marble from Vietnam. Jan 12, Contact  

GR: e 5499 USA: We want a Greek marble sold in the United States as "SPIDER" marble. It is off-white background with fine veins of a rusty color. We are looking to buy enough block to produce 60000 Sq Ft (approx. 18,000M2) of 1cm tile and approx. 20,000SF (6,096M2) 2cm cut-to-size. Lead time: 6 months to produce block. They will be shipping overseas. Please quote with specific average size of blocks and explanation of color range. Jan 12, Contact  

IN: e 5489 USA: We are based in Texas and we are importers and distributor of granite and marble in slabs. We have 3 years experience in this business. Our company also operates in Mexico. We are looking to expand our business and begin to sell Indian granite and marble tiles. We already work with providers of slabs from Italy and Brazil. Jan 11, Contact

IN: e 5487 Egypt: We are a leading company in the middle of the Industrial Zone of Marble & Granite, which is considered the second largest area in the world after Italy. We extract and process marble and granite at high standard in quality and service. We offer competitive prices, as we have own quarries and workshops, so we have a wide market in Egypt. Also we already export and import marble and granite all over the world.
We have a desire to deal in your products especially Indian Green slabs and / or tiles, in addition to blocks and all of your offered products. In addition, we produce Antiques hand-made (of marble & or granite). 
Jan 11, Contact  

e 5483 Canada: I am a resident engineer interested in importing Iran marble. Please send me price list of your products. Jan 11, Contact  

IT: e 5482 Nepal: We are one of leading marble and granite supplier in Nepal. We have been importing marble from Italy. We want to import few containers of Perlato Sicilia of good quality from Italy. Jan 10, Contact  

IT: e 5479 USA: Please quote for 1500 sq.ft Breccia Sarda marble tile in 12" x 12", 13" x 13", 16" x 16" and 
18" x 18". I work for a construction company in MI 48126. Tel: 313-21.....Jan 10, Contact  

QUOTE FOB PRICE & CNF ACAJUTLA PRICE. MY TEL. NO. IS (0086 ) 0574 876.....Jan 10, Contact  

ALL: e 5456 USA: I want a supplier of polished granite and marble slabs for my plant in the U.S. Please quote container pricing FOB your port for 60" X 120" slabs with 3/4inch thickness. Jan 9, Contact  

e 5442 USA: Looking for marble slabs in 2 inch thickness. I am a stone trader. Please quote. See pricelist 417 and 158 for reference. Jan 8, Contact

IT: e 5440 USA: We are General Contractors, Builders and Interior Designers. I want Breccia Pernice marble 12 x 12 or 16 x 16 for a a project in CA. It has red/coral/peach/yellow/brown tones and is quite striking with a look of movement and slices of color integrated into the other colors. The source is Italy and I think that Greece has a source for Pernice also. Qty. reqd. is 3,000 square feet in current projects. Jan 8, Contact 

BR: e 5428 Egypt: I want 500 m3 blocks of White Classic and Blue Acquamarina marble. Please send me a price list. I am in Cairo and my contact no. is 202 28.....See price list of 305 for reference. Jan 7, Contact  

ALL: e 5425 USA: Blocks: Looking to buy blocks of black and white marble. Please quote fob Baltimore. 
Jan 7, Contact  

ES: e 5421 Lebanon: We are a local Lebanese company which deals in trading as well as producing stone works. We want "Perlino Rosato" or "Rosa Perlino" blocks and unpolished slabs. Qty. reqd will be 4000 sqm. for a project. Jan 7, Contact  

e 5420 USA: We are a design / construction division which specializes in mostly commercial and some residential work. We want granite, marble tiles, etc. We are in NJ 07058. Our tel. no. is 973 57.....See 
price list 417 as reference. Jan 7, Contact  

IN: e 5414 South Africa: We want 12" x 12" x 1" and 2 cm slabs of marble as displayed in FindStone's stone album. Our contact no. is 0027 11 45.....Jan 6, Contact  

ALL: e 5413 UK: We want Granite, natural marbles & conglomerate marbles for both for our own fabrication & distribution. Jan 6, Contact  

ALL: e 5405 Lithuania: We want natural stone or alternative tiles for facade. Qty reqd. is 5900 sqm (and possible increase in 900 sqm). Materials could be sandstone, granite, marble or alternative according to your suggestion, which color tentatively should be sandy or gingery and surface likewise 70% abraded, 30% not resolved and 3% cloven, thickness 2 or 3 centimeters. We contemplate ordering full deal within a few months.
Please quote with delivery details and prices. 
Particularly important issues are guarantees for material quality, marking, tiles precision and delivery terms. , We need exact prices with transportation to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania. Likewise we need prices for the alternative materials: granite, marble, etc. The size should be 60x60 or 60x30, or the optimal according to your suggestion, thickness 2cm if possible and color as discussed before. Our contact no. is +370-5-23......Jan 6, Contact   

e 5403 India: I want 1300 sq. ft. good unpolished marble slabs like Statuario or Carrara. I need it for a new house I am constructing in Bangalore. I would like to procure it locally. My contact no. is +91-80-21......
Jan 6, Contact

PH/ID: e 5398 Philippines: Please quote with pictures for marble tiles from Philippines and Indonesia. Jan 5, Contact   

ALL: e 5393 UK: I want granite/marble slabs for work surfaces to be used in kitchens. Want to buy by the container load. Please quote. Jan 5, Contact  

IN: e 5385 India: I am from Bombay, I will be in Makrana on 18 - 19 January. I want 2500 sq. ft. good quality 4 ft x 3 ft or 4 ft x 2 1/2 ft white Makrana marble such as Dongri with small grains (dana). I do not want Albeto marble which has lines. Jan 4, Contact  

IT: e 5376 USA: I want Botticino marble. Please see pricelist 169 for reference. Jan 3, Contact  

PH: e 5369 USA: We want Classic Azure or Jania Blue marble tiles from Philippines in 16" squares. We need several thousand feet; we are located in Anchorage, Alaska but will ship through Seattle, Washington. We are ready to buy immediately. My contact no. is 907-22.....Jan 2, Contact

e 5366 Turkey: We want marble for a project that is starting in 3 months. The quality, dimensions and quantities are:  
Cremo Delicato Light 
2 x 60 x 60 cm ( unpolished ) ................. 7000 m2
2 x 30 x 60 cm ( polished ) .................... 1500 m2
1,5 x 30 x 30 cm ( polished ) ................. 1000 m2
3 cm polished slabs ............................... 2500 m2
2 cm polished slabs ............................... 1000 m2
(please indicate the slab dimension)
Cremo Delicato Dark
2 x 30 x 30 ( unpolished ) ....................... 500 m2. Jan 2, Contact

ALL: e 5365 USA: We want crushed aggregates (limestone, marble, sandstone) for production of dry cast stone ornaments. We are located in Central Virginia. Jan 2, Contact