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Other Tools Inquiries September 2006
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e 8722 USA: Other Tools: Looking for a company that manufactures templates for sandblasting. Sept 1, Contact USA 100

e 8445 USA: Other tools: We are looking for a tools so we can do our own engraving on tombstone or headstone. We own a little funeral home and we just trying to do something for our people in our community because they complaining about the cost when they have to order these thing from a board. So we decided that when some one dies in our community my and husband and I could help these people engrave their headstone or tombstone for their loves one. Aug 11, Contact USD 50

e 8009 Ireland: Tools: I am a sculptor. I would like to source marble lettering chisels. July 16, Contact 
USD 50 

e 7986 Ukraine: Quarry machine tools & spares: We have emergency situation in port and want make repair. Therefore we need underwritten spare parts for truck crane KATO NK 450S
1. Motor 8DC8 or any other suitable substitute in quantity 1 piece
2. Bushing cat. No. MC521058 12 pieces
3. Ball joint cat. No. 1775531301 12 pieces
4. Shaft cat. No. MC533020 12 pieces
5. Shaft cat. No. 1765540402 6 pieces
6. Rod radius cat. No. MC530639 6 pieces
Please offer us these spare parts by sales terms CIP Donetsk (Ukraine). Our fax no. is +38-062-33..... July 16, Contact USD 100

e 7809 Turkey: Diamond Tools: We are a well known company in Turkey, we operate in grinding and sharpening precision tools. We are interested in your products which properties mentioned below. Please inform us about the prices and also other properties. We also would like to have a business relationship with your company about sales rights for Turkey. 
We intend to sign a distribution contract with you if we agree with the quality and also prices. 
required items ( all dimensions are for diamond and in mm.)
specification AC4 100/80 3 B1-13 03 
type        dia        bore    height    width    quantity
1A/T2      250     40       10           6          500 
14E1        125     20        6           6          500
4B1          110    20        10          5          500
11V9        125     20       10          6          500
11V9        150     20        10          6        500
1F1          150     20        10                    500. Our phone +90 312 46..... July 4, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

e 7659 USA: Diamond Tools & Other tools: Please quote me for: 
1) W63200-4000 Revolving Stock Stop - Qty 01
2) Radial Drives Tool Holder DBRR30 MT-ER-25 - Qty 01
3) Cutting Discs 100T-350-3A 24 SG 40mm - Qty 200
4) PSK075A Abrasive Discs d 78 Self Adhesive Grit 150 - Qty 2000
5) 317-677 Band Saw Blade Spring - Qty 10
(Turing Tool Holder for CNC lathe with Cylindrical shank to DIN 69880 from B3 )
6) B3-30*20 - Qty 04
7) Spur coubling MT from DIN 69880 Collet Adapter for CNC lathe DA30-MT-ER25
(From E2-Tool Holder for CNC Lathe with cylindrical shank)
8) E2-30*8 - Qty 01
9) E2-30*10 - Qty 01
10) E2-30*12 - Qty 01
11) E2-30*16 - Qty 01 
12) E2-30*20 - Qty 01
13 E2-30*25 - Qty 01
Please also tell me it's delivery time. My fax no. is 1(831) 61.....June 24, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7631 Kampala: Quarry Machinery and other tools: I want Hand Held Rock Drills, Button bits T 38, Down the hole Button Bits (DTH Bits), Breaker tools (pneumatic Breaker tools), Chisel Bits and cross Bits. I own a quarry and know of other who who will buy the surplus tools from me. Please send me their price lists. My contact no. is 256-077-4.....June 21, Contact USD 100 (updated inquiry)

e 7475 USA: Other Tools: Please quote for:
1) Cutting Discs 100T-350-3A 24 SG 40mm, Qty 200
2) W63200-4000 Revolving Stock Stop, Qty 01
3) Radial Drives Tools Holder Dbrr30 MT-ER-25, Qty 01
4) PSK075A Abrasive discs d 78 Self Adhesive Grit 150,  Qty 2000
Also tell me is delivery time. My fax : 1 (831)61.....June 11, Contact USD 100

e 7443 USA: Other Tools: I am a sculptor looking  for different types of alabaster and different sculpture tools. June 7, Contact USD 50

2:- RETAINER PIN (1 PCS). PLEASE ADVICE STOCK AND LEAD TIME. MY MOBILE +6012 20...... April 22, Contact USD 50

e 6770 Belgium: Tools & Machinery:  I need a machine to cut marble and granite blocks, also a 900 mm diamond blade, in order to cut one stone that is called jasper having 7 hardness in MOHs scale. April 17, Contact USD 100  (open)

e 6624 USA: Tools: I need a catalog on tools for cutting / machining and polishing granite. I am in NJ 07080. My phone no. is 908-75.....April 5, Contact USD 100

e 6415 Ethiopia: Tools: We wish to import EMERY WHEEL CUTTING DISCS. Our representative is based in Rajkot, his contact no. is + 91-281-23.....March 15, Contact USD 100 

e 6218 Turkey: Tools & Abrasives: We are in charge of importing and selling cutting tools for in Turkey. Please quote for:
1. Polishing Pad 4" 3T #50-#3000 
2. Wave Turbo Blade 180x2.5x7.5 with flange .
3. Turbo Cup Wheel 4" aluminum body 
4. Segmental Saw Blade (wet) 350mm-400mm-450mm. Price :C.I.F. Turkey.
Payment :L/C payable in 90 days. Our contact no. is +90 216 32..... Feb 26, Contact USD 100

e 6174 Egypt: Tools: We want steel grits for granite cutting. Please quote with specifications. Feb 24, Contact USD 50

e 5187 China: Tools: We want wire of the wire saw, which is used for cutting stone and granite. The diameter of wire is about 8 mm or 10 mm. In any size of machine. Please quote and state terms of payment. Our fax no. is +86-755-829.....Dec 12, Contact USD 100

e 4923 Turkey: We want Wave turbo blades with flange 22.23 180mm dry cut. Flexible polishing pads 100mm #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, , #1500, #3000 and BUFF. Turbo grinding cup wheels 100mm aluminum body. Silver brazed saw machine blades 350-400 mm/ 60 mm center hole / 10-15 segment length / straight slot / silence and normal. Diamond drill wet bits 6-8 mm & Core drill bits 35mm. We want suppliers from South Korea and Taiwan. Nov 23, Contact USD 100

e 4624 Lithuania: We want to use and resell diamond blades, flexible polishing pad, polishing buff, polishing bricks, etc., in Lithuania. Please send us a pricelist or and catalog. Oct 31, Contact US $ 50

e 4263 Pakistan: Send me brochure, prices with payment terms for coated carbide TYPES 
cnmg 190608, cnmg 120404, cnmg 120412, cnmg 120408. Sept 25, Contact US$ 20

e 4225 USA: We want Turbo Blade Dry and Wet 4.5" & 7". We are also interested in diamond cup wheels in 4", 6" and 7", and core bits in 1 3/8" diameter and 1 1/2" diameter. What is the CIF cost to Houston, Texas? Refer to pricelist 252. Sept 21, Contact See Offers US $ 25

e 4185 USA: Please send a price list of tools., Sept 18, Contact See Offers FREE if you send  pricelist

e 4096 India: Send quotation of granite cutter and other accessories relating to be use in mining and cutting granite stone. Sept 9, Contact USD 20 

e 4061 India: We are well established Marble Contractors in Bahrain and Doha, Qatar.  Send us full details, brochure and price list in US$ FOB or CFR Doha / Bahrain Airports by cheapest Air Cargo. We are mainly interested in Stainless Steel and Brass clamps, hooks etc. for Wall Cladding and we also need Brass and SS Strips suitable for marble - granite flooring. Sept 4, Contact , See Offer  USD 50

e 4001 USA: Please send a price list of tools. I am in stone installation business. Aug 30, Contact Free

e 3932 Iran: We are tools distributor in Iran. We want tools. Please send us your tools catalog along with the prices and ordering list. Aug 24, Contact US $ 20

e 3761 China: Want an update price list for synthetic diamond powder in size of 40/50, 50/60 and 60/70 type with De Beers' SDB1075, SDB1085 or other equivalent made by Chinese manufacturers. Aug 9, Contact See Offers US $ 25 

e 3677 USA: We are a growing wholesale manufacturer Established 1960 of cemetery
memorials, serving funeral homes, cemeteries and stone dealers throughout the  South Eastern and Atlantic United States.
Annual sales are well over1,000,000 U.S. and we are interested in doing business with your company.
Please contact us with your products and prices for:
1. Polishing abrasives bricks, disks, pads...
2. Diamond Grinding wheels for electric and pneumatic hand tools...
3. Sandblast Stencil/Rubber e.g. 3M, Anchor-Continental for computer design...
We have complete a storage building for imports and we are anxious to do business. July 31, Contact  
See Offers US $ 25

e 3668 Malaysia: We are a stone restoration company, interesting in stone restoration diamond product, flexible polishing pad & pricing. Please send me your products detail. July 31, Contact See Offers, US $ 20

e 3469 Panama: Need 140 units of diamond wire 25mts length with the specification below. Pls let us know delivery time, sales conditions, and payment instructions.
Completely specifications of Diamond Wire:
a Carrier Wire: Carrier wire shall be made of 7x19 filaments total of 133 filaments high tensile galvanized steel, meeting ISO 2232 and ISO 2408 specifications, with an exterior diameter of 4.9mm +0.05, -0.15. Length of the wire assembly shall be manufactured to standard length of 25 meters.
b Connectors: The wire assembly must be easy to repair on the job site by the use of hand-portable repair tool kit. The wire will be supply with the steel connectors required for its operation. 15 units will be required per 25 meters length.
c Abrasive: Wire shall have diamonds-impregnated beads. The diameter of the beads shall be 11mm as a minimum and 12mm as a maximum and the number of beads shall be 40 per meter spacing center -to-center between beads =0.025 mts. Abrasive shall be industrial diamond with a quality GE MBS 70, DEBEERS SDA 85, or greater. Diamond quantity shall be 50 to 60 "con"; based upon 75 carat/cubic inch equals 125 "con". Diamond grit size shall be between 60 to 40 mesh US standard Sieve Number.
d Spacer: Wire shall have springs between the beads and springs shall be covered with injected plastic spacers. Wire sections assembled by threaded or straight copper or steel sleeves.
e Recommended Use and Production Expectancy: Impregnated diamond wire shall be recommended for use on medium or heavily reinforced concrete according ACI-318 standards, old concrete with hard aggregates, and occasionally for abrasive materials. Under these conditions, wire performance life shall not be less than 5.0 square meters per linear meter of wire.
f Equipment Compatibility: Impregnated diamond wire shall be compatible with DIAMANT BOART-TARGET, Hydraulic Power Pack DA-26 and Prof. Cable Saw SLA-800. The diamond wire must be capable of sustaining a variable cutting speed range of at least 6.0 to 8.0 square meters per hour.
g The diamond wire must require no more than 32 to 44 liter/min. of cooling fluid flow rate to comply with the required life and cutting speed. Impregnated diamond wire must require no more than 35 to 40 HP during operation. July 16. Contact See Offers US $ 100

CN: e 2353 India: Please quote for SMD 35+ SYNTHETIC DIAMOND POWDERS of Chinese origin for Diamond Tools. We want to have 5,000 carats of 40/50 grades. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

e 2051 Canada: I am interested in finding out about suppliers of tracing and splitting tools for granite. Looking for a full set if possible. Live in Ontario, Canada. Nov 16. Contact

All: B 601 India: We are a chemical industry which uses used / discarded / rejected diamond impregnated cutting tools / segments etc. for metal extraction. Quantity would be around 10000 kgs. Payment will be done by LC. Delivery: 3-4 weeks. Material will be self inspected. We need the material immediately and can pay for samples. Nov 8. Contact

A 1134: We are looking for old granite drilling cores to purchase to test PDC coated carbide inserts that are brazed into oil and water well drilling bits. 4 to 6" inches in diameter and about 10 to 20" inches in length. 
Thank You, Jerry, USA, Oct 11,

A 979: I would like to know what tools are needed to carve granite into 3-d animals I am a local artisan who wants to move from brass carving to stone. Any info on tools and techniques would be appreciated. Chris, USA. May 5 reply

A 978: We are interested in doing mosaics and inlay work using natural stone.  What tools and blades are available for cutting and inlaying marble, slate, tiles, etc in curved shapes?  Is there a blade that could be used in a jigsaw? Or a bit for a router? Or are we stuck using tile saws, circular saws and grinders w/ diamond blades? Dominic, USA. May 4 reply

A 955: I would like information on seaming, grinding and polishing granite for making countertops. Bob, USA, April 8. Reply

e 1383 USA: I want a 9 inch polishing wheel for a grinder to polish granite. Feb 8

e 1356 Tanzania: I need contacts in South Africa who supply 30 m long 10mm thick diamond wire for cutting marble. Their costs also. They must be diamond boart make. Also I need contacts who supply polishing abrasives Frankfurt make for polishing marble from grade 120 to 600acid polishing. I am based in Tanzania, Africa and need closer contacts so I don't have to import from Europe. Jan 27.

e 1296 USA: I am looking for the best and most efficient tool available to drill into stone. I am drilling into stone baseball size with masonry bits and a drill press with a manual water stream and this takes way too much time. I need a speedy way to drill holes for mass production. Jan 6

e 386 India: I want collaborators and the technology for cutting tools. Feb 9.

e 379 USA: I am looking for a grinding/beveling machine to smooth and shape the edges of rock slab up to 3/4" thick for mosaic work. Am also looking for a diamond band saw to cut shapes out of slab. Have been considering the Diamond Laser 5000 and wondering if it is the best for this use, or if there is something better. Feb 5.