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 477 BUYERS INQUIRIES!   August 31, 2003
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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album

PT: e 8713 China: Looking for a quarry owner of Moca Creme. We want blocks. We need all information about this material, quoting in C&F Xiamen Port, China in US Dollars/M3. Our contact no. is +86 1307 48.....Aug 30, Contact

ALL: e 8711 Portugal: We want pink color unpolished granite, marble or quartzite slabs and tiles. Send quotes and images. My price range is USD 5 to 10. Our phone no. is 234-7.....Aug 30, Contact

ALL: e 8709 South Africa: We are a well established developer in the luxury homes market in South Africa. We are looking for 2000M2, 50 x 25mm, 40 x 25mm 7 to 10 mm thick. Colors: Blue, Black, Heather Blue, Multi color Brown roofing slates. Please quote price per sqm, price for packing, price for pre-holes, mention time of delivery and terms of delivery. Aug 30, Contact

OM: e 8706 Singapore: I want Desert Rose polished marble 1 container of 300x600mm (Dry laying selection) type. My mobile no. is 65 945.....I am going to Oman on the 18 Sept for inspection. See pricelist 1167. Aug 30, Contact

CA/RU/IR: e 8705 Korea: We are looking for reliable suppliers of Nephrite Jade and Onyx from the whole over the world. To help you and the supplier understand our requirements exactly, we would like to provide you with the following information.
Slab Size Specification : 720 x 870 x 20mm
Application : Home Furniture
One side should be polished but bevelling not needed.
Also wanted Onyx in Orange or Yellow and Green color. 
Marble: (1) India: Emerald Green, Fancy Forest, Golden Green (2) Taiwan : Light Green (3) Ethiopia : Sabian Multicolor (4) Guatemala : Verde Mare, Verde Saltan, Verde Quetzal (5) China : Moss Green (6) Turkey : Teknonix
Granite: (1) Australia : Sydney Green, Forest Green (2) Canada : Abyss Green, Peribonka, Prairie Green (3) China: Evergreen 1 & 2, Jade green (4) Colombia : Sahara (5) India : Verde Fiorito, Hassan green, Yak (6) Iran: Pi Granite, G531 (7) Taiwan : Green Butterfly
4 pieces of the stones will be used as one set and therefore at least the colors of 4 pieces should be same and consistent. But the colors of remaining stones should be same or very similar. Any hairline crack or other ugly colors will not be accepted. If the prices are acceptable to us, we will need actual samples to check up the quality. And the quality is ok, we will visit the supplier to place an order. The inspection will be done by us before shipment. Basically we do need the jades of Canada and/or Russia and the Onyx of Iran. But those of other countries could be fine provided the quality and quantity could meet our requirements. Price, FOB any port of the supplier country. In case of the nephrite jade, please quote as per grades A, B, C or in other way to show the differences ,and we would appreciate it if the supplier could e-mail us the photo of each grade of the stone to see the quality. This is very important. 
Quantity depends on the quality and price. But if the quality and prices are good, the quantity will be one 20 foot container load per each stone at regular base. If the foregoing sizes are not available, please let us know the possible sizes. In the meantime, if they could produce the bigger sizes, it will be welcomed. Aug 30, Contact

EG/IL: e 8704 Greece: We are a medium size company in Greece dealing in the importation furbishing and finishing of marble and granite products. At present we are in need of importing some some of the Jerusalem series from Israel or even Egyptian material: Galala and Silvya Cream/Yellow.
We need to get some prices FOB from a port in Egypt for polished slabs in 2cm and 3cm thickness and tiles 40x40cm in 2cm and 1cm thickness chamferred. We need prices on these for slabs 180x240cm polished 3/2cm thickness, 60up x 40up polished 3/2cm thickness, and 40x40cm polished bevelled tile in 1/2cm thickness. Secondly we need prices on blocks per cubic meter. We are looking for high standard material and as always well priced. We are willing to pay for the slabs up to 16USD for the 3cm, 14USD for the 2cm thickness FOB from a port in Egypt. For the tiles we're willing to pay up to 15-12 USD per square meter. Blocks depending on the size of the blocks from 110-130 per cubic meter. The quantity will vary but to start a business deal we're willing to start with about 400 square meters of tiles and about 250 square meters of slab. This would only be the start as we want to replace our Greek cream/beige material with something from Egypt. Meaning we will be purchasing a container every 2 months. 
This will be needed by the 20th-25th of September. This hopefully would be the beginning of a long term business relationship. Firstly we would like to have a sample tile in 1cm thickness 40x40cm in the above material to show our clients. Aug 30, Contact

e 8700 USA: Looking for thin limestone for building exterior project. Colors should light tan or a tan/green tint. What is the best way to get samples and can you combine orders into one container? Need 2,000 square feet. Will buy from any area depending on price and quality. Need to have product in Dallas, TX, USA by December 1, 2003. Aug 29, Contact

BR: e 8698 Jordan: We need GIALLO CALIFORNIA, TOPAZIO, FIORITO,VENAZIANO, SANTA CECILIA, GOLDEN MOON,AND BUTTER FLY. We need slabs 3 c.m commercial guality material. Please price for full containers C & F AQABA PORT - JORDAN. Our fax no. is +962-6-41..... Aug 29, Contact

e 8697 USA: I am looking for about 2000 sq.ft denizli medium beige. Size 18x18x1/2 medium beige, filled honed, good quality. My contact no. is 702-29.....I am in Las Vegas. Have cash ready to buy now. Aug 29, Contact

770-861-0890, Aug 29, JSte734231@aol.com

e 8695 USA: We are wholesalers and importers of all kinds of granite and marble. We are looking for people who can supply slabs. Specific first choice or commercial. We also want one container of 18 x 18 f/h cross cut in one container 70% first choice and 30 % commercial travertine. See ready stock 434. Aug 29, Contact 

ALL: e 8694 UK: We are working on a large shopping centre contract and require samples and prices for a dark grey granite, like Nero Impala, but it can be something else but similar, cut to size 600x600x20 mm. We are at proposal stage of submitting samples to architects. This granite has to be of the best quality and very consistent, no veining and a regular gramulometry. Prices for 3000 - 5000 plus sq m. 3 small samples are required in polished, honed and structured ( say flamed) finishes. Initial samples can be 100x100 and sent at suppliers cost (postage), if acceptable, we will be asking for 600x600, which is the required size for this contract. Physical performance tests are definitely required with submission. We are open to proposals from anywhere in the world. We need sample of the dark grey. We are at the stage of submitting samples for architects approval. Aug 29, Contact

IN: e 8692 India: I need long lasting quality but cheapest white marble (with any type of green veins) from one lot may be of different sizes of slab. Quantity estimate :2500 sq feet. rice range or budget Rs. 5-20 per sq. feet. Needed by when within 10- 15 days. Can any Supplier from Rajasthan contact me for supply this to Darbhanga, North Bihar. My mobile no. is 9194312.....Aug 29, Contact

PT: e 8690 China: We want to import Relvinha, Semi Rijo, Semi Rijo Do Arrimal limestone from Portugal. 
Aug 29, Contact

e 8688 Nepal: We required 3D CAD/CAM CNC Milling/Lath Machines, Laser Cutting/Engraving machines, Scanner, Software and Computers for the complete system for the industrial use for Jewelry, Statues Metal Works, Stone Works, Jewel Stone Cutting/Polishing and Auto Parts Manufacturing for Professional Jobs. Please send us your latest technical literatures, prices and demo video CDs of your esteemed productions. Our phone no. is +977-1-42.....Aug 29, Contact

OM: e 8685 India: We are New Delhi based Indenting Agents, Product and source identifiers, having associate offices in Hong Kong and China. We are looking for latest range in Oman marbles for our various clients. You are kindly requested to forward us the all necessary details. Our tel. no. is +91-11-259.....Aug 29, Contact

IT/ES/PT: e 8684 Estonia: Please send to me a price and delivery time for: 
1. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) honed tiles 300 x fl x 10, qty. 900m2. 
2. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 230m2.
3. Rojo Aliciante (terra red org. Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 1000m2 
4. Crema Marfil (light creamy org.Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 600m2 
5. Crema Marfil (light creamy org. Spain) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 100m2 
6. Badrigio Novulato (light grey org. Italy) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 2200m2 
7. Burlington Slate (broughton moor, greenish grey org. England) sanded tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 200m2.
My phone no. is Tel + 372 56 3.....Aug 29, Contact

IR: e 8683 Spain: Our main activity we have it in the import of Marbles and Travertine and all natural stones; and also in the exploitation of quarries, we have been in business in the stone sector for several decades. We are interested in receiving quotation for the Iranian Block of Marbles and Travertines of all kinds. 
Please send us details of your quarry location, prices FOB-Euro/Dollar your port and stock. We intent to make a planed business trip. We are a company dedicated to the Natural Stone business situated in Almeria. Aug 28, Contact

UK: e 8680 USA: I want Perryfield whitebed or a similar limestone block that is 18" long x 10" x high x 6" wide. I would need 22 blocks. If you have a standard size that is close to these measurements that will be fine. I am in the preliminary stage of a project for a client, he seems to have his mind set on a limestone desk. I will proceed with my order as soon as my client approves the project. I would probably not need the stone for 3 months. My contact no. is 415-22.....Aug 28, Contact


IT: e 8677 USA: I am looking for a slate slab with golden tints for a counter top size approx. 2 x 3 ft. in New Jersey. I also want Botticino. Would be to ship to the U.S. and what is the price in U.S dollars?? See ready stock 417,  Aug 28, Contact

IN: e 8676 India: I am looking for silver-gray sand stone, copper brown granite and pink dholpur. Quantity and specification are as under:
2. THE SIZE SHOULD BE 12" X 12".
6. THICKNESS 10 mm (APPROX). Aug 28, Contact

BR: e 8675 USA: Do you have Palladio Vesuvio tiles? If so, what is their price (including shipping to Houston, Texas) per square foot? I am in the planning stages of building a structure. I also have a company and, if it is feasible, would be interested in becoming an importer/exporter for granite and marble but, first, I will let you know what my dilemma is. I have fallen in love with Palladio granite, a marinace red (I think) conglomerate that I saw on the Internet. This particular granite was from Brazil and multi-colored with a predominately burgandy/red color scheme. The problem is that I can find Palladio in slabs, but not in tiles--and I need tiles to be placed on a concrete slab floor. It does not matter how large the tile is but it needs to be thin to allow the radiant heating system inside the concrete to heat the floor. The size of the tile does not matter but, for example, I would be happy with a 12" x 12" x 3/8" polished, beveled tile for flooring (I think this is 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 10 mm).
If I could find this stone in tiles, I would be happy to order a sample. I am a in Austin, Texas and my phone no. is (512) 44.....Quantity estimate: 3800 square feet (or one container if that is the only way I can buy it). Price range or budget: $15,000 USD. Stone name or type: Palladio Vesuvio (marinace red/burgandy) conglomerate. Aug 28, Contact

e 8674 Canada: I want Jerusalem gray gold (patina finish) 6 slabs 3cm. I have a sample and looks like Jerusalem gold light. Payment will be COD. Delivery reqd. in 2 weeks. I manufacture marble and granite countertops mostly for kitchens here in Montreal. I buy slabs mostly here, locally, but would be really interested to find other sources of supply. I am in Quebec and my phone no. is 450 63.....Aug 28, Contact  

ALL: e 8673 Nigeria: I want to import 3000 sq. ft marble / granite tiles from Italy. I represent a trading firm. I want the stones for trading. Payment will be by LC. I am in Lagos and my contact no. is 2348042......Aug 28, Contact  

BR: e 8671 USA: We are interested in purchasing containers of granite slabs to North Carolina, USA. We have some very competitive prices from a company in Brazil, for slabs and would see if you could give me some prices for your granite. For example, Ubatuba, they are giving me this color for $4.80 a slab US currency. I am interested in Uba Tuba and we use 3cm here. I am interested in purchasing 60 slabs. I also would like to purchase an assortment of New Venitian Gold, Black Galaxy, Emerald Green Cafe Baha, Amerio Ornamento Kinawa LT and dark, and a couple other colors, and these containers could be consistent. I need prices for these colors. So I am interested in buying 20 colors. 
Tell me more about the Spanish granite, I would like to recieve digital picturers for the quoted colors and perhaps some samples, of course I would pay for shipping, Do I pay up front for the slabs or do I pay half up front and 30 days after I recieve them, then the rest. This is what we have right now and it works out fine. I will be having a list of all the colors that we'll be using. Also we may have a huge job of granite, and was wondering if your quarry could fabricate 120 slabs before coming here. Please forward competitive quotes. 
Aug 28, Contact  

e 8670 China: I want Sahara beige granite blocks as displayed in price list 1097 and  Bethel white color granite blocks urgently. See ready stock 288. Please quote. We need some samples before we can place an order. If the sample matches what we want and the price is OK, we will buy it soon. Aug 28, Contact  


ES: e 8664 USA: I will be visiting Spain soon to buy a large qty. of 9mm polished marble & limestone tiles. Please email some photos and prices of your products. I am looking for tiles any size but would like to view some samples. Please send pictures and prices per square meter in Euro Dollars & Sterling. Aug 27, Contact  

ES: e 8660 Indonesia: We need to find out the price for blocks for Creamy Marfil, or White cream terrazo. Shipment to Indonesia port. Aug 27, Contact  

e 8659 USA: I want to purchase used granite blocks / bricks. See ready stock 418. I am in VT 05346 and my phone no. is 802-25.....Aug 27, Contact  

MY: e 8658 Australia: I want Crystal White @ $40 m2 AUD. Initially I want is 50m2. This quality is 1st Grade with very little colour variation. I am interested in these tiles to buy in Australia. See Pricelist 1069. Please contact me on the numbers 0408 3......Aug 27, Contact  

e 8654 USA: Retail: I want 12"x 12" Kashmir Gold Granite Tiles for a countertop. I need approximately 50 sq. ft. I would like a quote incl. shipping to US at Zip 98045. Aug 27, Contact  

IT: e 8653 Ireland: I would like quotes on: 
1. breccia oniciata: 20 ml thickness tiles for flooring; dimensions: 60 cm X 100 cm; quantity 160 meter squared
2. carrara bianco venatino: 20 mil thickness floor tiles; dimensions: 40 X 60 cm; quantity 25 meter squared
3. Bianco perlino: 20 ml thickness floor tiles; dimensions: 40 x 60 cm; quantity 25 meter squared
I am ready to place an order. Shipping needs to be arranged. Need delivery to Dublin, early / mid October. Phone no. is +353 97 90..... Aug 27, Contact 

e 8650 USA: I want two bundles of 3cm Gris Mondiriz to purchase on the west coast or mid west will pay visa over phone and pick up immediately. Aug 26, Contact 

e 8649 India: Looking for a software which helps in designing floorings as per customer choice. Aug 26, Contact US 20 

IN: e 8648 India: Our firm requires granites for one of our project in Pune the total quantity to be required is about 10000 to 12000 sq. ft. We have selected a few of the samples required by us and would like to know the rates for the same on 'C' form basis i.e. delivery in Pune on site inclusive of all transport & octroi complete. We require uncut slabs out of which clear cut size of slab removed shall be 2' x 6' or 2' x 8' 0r 2' x 10' even on both the dimensions. The samples selected by us are Zirawali white, Jet Black, Raw silk pink, Raw silk ivory, Ruby red. We shall be selecting one of the samples from the above as per the rates quoted and shall finalisze the same. Aug 26, Contact

e 8647 USA: Retail: I am looking for onyx tiles in the green and oranges, they do not have to be squared off, just rough cut, 1cm thick, polished if possible. I may also want to purchase slabs of this, is that possible? I am interested in getting a hold of as many different colors of onyx as are available, however I only need small quantities. I found an orange onyx recently, but it discolors in the sun, even when the sun is shining in through a window, so I need information on that disadvantage before I order the colors. Some onyx colors have this problem and some do not. I am making a mosaic floor, and I would like to order 10 square feet of each color except red, which I already have. I have seen, and I am very interested in the following color possibilities: orange, pink, white, green, honey. 
I would like to know if I can also get 2cm thick. I would prefer these to be 12 X 12 tile size, and since I am using them for mosaics, I would really like the scrap that is left over, as well, when they are cut. I can wait up to 4 months but I would prefer them much sooner. I would also like to find a supplier who can send them all in the same crate to reduce the shipping costs. I am in Texas. Aug 26, Contact  

EG/IN: e 8646 USA: We required 75000 sq.ft Galala polished 2 cm slabs. Price needed is FOB Egypt. I have an offer of $ 10.55 FOB Egypt port. We also need Absolute Black polished slab 2cm. Quantity--- 11000 sq.ft. Price should FOB India. Please quote the price and availability. Aug 26, Contact  

IN/AU: e 8645 USA: We are a supplier located in Colorado. Currently we are importers of Brazilian slabs and our buisness is growing quickly. We are looking to import Vyara (Indian Parana) granite, as well as Verde Fuoco (Green Fire), by container. We would like to request any links to suppliers who could provide us with information of their stock and shipping requirements. Aug 26, Contact  

e 8644 USA: I am looking for 6 full slabs of good quality blue bahia or select 1 and 1/4 inch thick for counter tops to be delivered to Massachusetts. Aug 26, ddalessandro@msn.com

CN: e 8643 USA: I am interested in the Blue Diamond granite from China. I am in North Las Vegas, NV 89031. Office no. is 702-64.....Aug 26, Contact   

e 8642 Israel: Please quote for white limestones 30/30 and 40/40 natural 1/5mm - 2mm. Can you send me pictures to see the color variation of your limestone. Aug 26, Contact   

e 8641 USA: We buy used granite, and other natural stone. We are located in Dover, NH. Our contact no. is 
603-74.....Aug 26, Contact   

e 8640: I am an interior designer looking for information regarding Pietra del Cardosa. What is it? What are reasonable tolerance? joint sizes? Aug 26, Contact 

e 8638 Turkey: We need 15"x15"x6" tumbled dark noche travertine approx 500 m2 please make offers. Fax: 0272 22.....Aug 26, Contact   

Definition: Tile includes ceramic, granite surfacing units made from high quality porcelain stoneware. 
Quarry floor tiles: 200 x 200 x 12 or as shown on drawings, color as per Engineer on site and shall include base and trim units as required. Bases shall be of the cove type, set flush with floor tile.
Colours, Textures and Patterns: For tile and other products requiring selection of colours, surface textures or other appearance characteristics, provide products to match characteristics indicated or, if not otherwise indicated, as selected by Engineer from manufacturer's standards.
Definition: Tile includes ceramic surfacing units made from clay or other ceramic materials.
Vitrified Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile: 200 x 200 x 6 color as per Engineer on site 
Vitrified unglazed ceramic floor tiles: 300 x 300 x 8 mm or as shown on drawings. Color as per Engineer on site.
Terrazzo tiles and fittings shall be 300x 300x 30mm for floor tiles, 30mm thick for treads with non ship nosing, 20mm thick for risers, 15mm thick for skirtings, and shall be precast pressed tiles. 
Colour Pigments for Topping : Non-fading mineral type. TOTAL QUANTITY: 324 m2. Aug 25, Contact   

e 8636 Belgium: Searching for good quality Combe Brune and Buxy in slabs and tiles. Aug 25, Contact   

IN: e 8635 China: We want a granite's name is Yak. The size and quantities are: 
2700mmX1820mmX350mm (5 BLOCKS), 2610mmX1420mmX250mm (5 BLOCKS), 2610mmX300mmX280mm 
(5 BLOCKS), 3935mmX1850mmX250mm (6 BLOCKS), 3825mmX485mmX300mm (6 BLOCKS). Could you give me the best delivery time? Tel: +86 (0531) 89.....Aug 25, Contact   

IN: e 8623 USA: We are a stone trading company in CA 94541. Please email prices of Indian granite slabs and tiles. Aug 24, Contact 

AR: e 8617 USA: Please quote for Azul Cielo 12" x 12" and slabs. I am a broker-designer for natural stones. Aug 23, Contact  

BR/IL: e 8612 USA: Looking for 3cm slabs of Brazilian granite and Israeli limestone in gray - honed finish also in yellow with brown veining - honed finish and polished. We do mostly kitchen countertops and tile flooring. 
What we would be interested in, would be for a supplier to put together a container of 48 slabs of 12 different varieties. Then of each set of 4 slabs to cut 3 into 25 1/2 " x however long the slab is and finish one edge on
each of these blanks. The other slab of each set would be left whole. Is this possible? What would be the price for this? Want to buy 4-6 (depending upon price) 3cm gray honed limestone slabs for countertops. I would need them in two to three weeks. We would need a list of granite materials and prices per square foot or meter. We are in Va. 22903. I would need to buy from a supplier in the mid-atlantic or New Jersey area. Our phone no. is 434-29.....Aug 23, Contact  

IL: e 8611 USA: We would like to get approx. 850 SqFt of "Jerusalem new Ivory Ancient tumbled" in any of the these sizes: 16"x16", 18"x18", mixed length, or mixed sizes for Opus Romano Pattern/four-piece Ashler pattern. We are not sure if this limestone color is known by other names e.g. "Light Gold antique", "Ancient Gold", or "herbon". The geographical areas of the supplier, preferably in the local area - Northern California. We are in the decision making phase. We expect to finalize / place an order within the next four weeks. Aug 23, Contact  

BR/IT: e 8610 Mexico: Please quote for all granites from Brazil and all marbles from Italy. We are a stone trading firm and our contact no. is 52 (442) 21.....Aug 23, Contact  

e 8608 USA: Please quote for Sapphire Blue granite tiles of 12" x 12". Need necessary order quantities and terms. Mobile 864-23.....Aug 23, Contact  

IT: e 8607 Egypt: Blocks: We want to buy Carrara marble blocks. The quantity is going to be huge. Payment by LC. We need the material for trading. Our phone no. is 002 01014.....Aug 22, Contact  

e 8605 USA: Please give quote and lead time on the following:
1 pc.- 12'x1'-2"x6 1/4"thick (1 pc if possible) 
10 pcs.- 6'-3"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t 
10 pcs.- 5'-9"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 14'-9"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t (1 pc if possible)
2 pcs.- 7'-6"x1'2"x6 1/4"t
2 pcs.- 7'-3"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 7'-3"x1'-8"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 7'-6"x1'-8"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 7'-6"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
1 pc.- 7'-3"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
1 pc.- 13'-4"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t (1 pc if possible)
4 pcs.- 6'-6"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
4 pcs.- 6'-10"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 13'-4"x1'-8"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 6'-6"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
1 pc.- 6'-10"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
Granite color can be white, gray, a mix of white and gray, and pink. Finish - Thermal on thread and edges, sawn cut on the underside and back (other possible finishes - brushed, sand blasted, and honed). I am a wholesaler in New York. Aug 22, Contact 

e 8599 USA: I am a contractor need 8 slabs approx 90"x50" Azul Cielo ¾" thick (THE ARGENTINEAN PRODUCT). Would like to buy in Metro NY area, however, NE USA is reasonable. We are ready to order immediately. I need sample of actual product, send e-mail photo if possible and samples afterward, and of course pricing. I will order by or before Aug 31. My contact no. is 516-40.....Aug 22, Contact  

IN: e 8598 Australia: We need a material called "Suya Pink". It is dark pink with black veins. We are not sure if this is granite or something else. It comes from Rajasthan. We require about 8000sq/m cut to size in 30mm and 40mm thickness. Could you please send us the image for the same so that we can pursue it with our
client and ensure his approval on the same. We are in Sydney. Our tel. no. is +61-2-92...... Aug 22, Contact Rs 5000 

GR: e 8597 Spain: I am looking for Thassos slabs. I need 6 containers of good quality. I will be flying to Athens to visit some companies to buy 2 containers of white thassos in slabs. I will buy 2 containers during my visit and 4 weeks later I will buy 4 more. Next week I will visit companies with stock as I need to choose the material that my customer needs. Please send me some pictures of the best material that I can buy for 53 Euros. Also tell me how to contact you by phone and if you have a web page address please send it. Send me information, price list, stock and pictures if possible. My tel. no. is 00528180......Aug 22, Contact   

e 8585 USA: I want powdered stone types such as black marble powder, green marble powder, serpentine stone powder, red Jasper powder etc. I want to load various stone powder colors (200 mesh or so!) into gypsum casting systems ie, Forton MG, epoxy resins or polyurethanes (70-80 Shore A hardnesses) resin systems for casting stone-like parts. I find very little info about cultured marble, stone etc. I find descriptions but not sources of raw materials in the US or formulae for that matter. I just want the info and powders for my art work. Looking for suppliers of powdered stones of various types, besides white dolomite and white marble (which I have found locally in Portland, US, Oregon).
My business is very small. I am afraid to get financially involved in a large operation. I only need 100 pound bags of each color stone at a time. 
If the bags would be shipped to me, from a long distance away, the freight charges would then be prohibitive for my uses in my products. I make cast stone interior décor products! 
I am interested, but feel the overall costs for such heavy products would drive my cost of my products to high. I will have to continue to use concentrated color pigments added to white marble powder that I can purchase locally in the Portland area. My phone no. is 503-52.....Aug 20, Contact   

e 8584 USA: I am looking for a stone consultant who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field. We are starting the business and will love to have a paid consultant to help us. Located in south Florida preferred. Aug 20, Contact   

e 8578 China: Please quote with images for Shivakash granite 600x305x10mm. Aug 20, Contact   

IN / CN/ ZW: e 8576 Russia: I am a representative of a Russian firm. We were interested in black granite (absolute black). We need it for monuments production, therefore we are interested in polished slabs 120 & up x 240 & up and it is very important for the slabs to be min 7cm thick. Please send us information including: unit cost; discount for wholesale purchase; delivery and payment terms. If you can guarantee prompt delivery we would be prepared to place a order. Aug 20, Contact   

e 8573 Lebanon: Please quote for Absolute Black granite blocks. How much would cost for 1 cbm in USD FOB and CIF rate to Lebanon? Aug 20, Contact  

ES: e 8570 Germany: We are interested in purchasing approx. 700 sq m. of La Perla and/or Miros limestone directly from the quarry. Could you quote us a price for such amount a.s.a.p.? My contact no. is 49-173-70.....Aug 20, Contact  

ALL: e 8566 Gambia: We are a multi dimensional company based in Gambia and deals in building and construction materials. We want to buy goods from your company. It might also interest you to know that we have branches in some other West African countries like Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria. Phone 220-9..... Aug 19, Contact  

e 8565 USA: I am looking for a large quantity of slate similar to the Behali Green multi-color. On this site there is 
4 photos
each with the same name under each photo "Behali Multi-color" but each photo has a different predominate color. They appear to be:
Behali Red multi-color
Behali Green multi-color
Behali Gold multi-color
Behali Beige/Brown multi-color 
So is the Behali a combination of the four colors or are the sorted and offered as multi-colors with a predominant color? 
I am interested in locating a 16x16 slate which is predominantly green with some multicolor of browns and coppers. 
Aug 19, Contact  

VN: e 8564 USA:  We want price list of Vietnam granites and would like see the pictures. See price list 1090. Aug 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8562 USA: Please quote for granite and marble slabs. I want to buy slabs in large quantities for my granite shop. Aug 19, Contact  

ALL/IT: e 8557 Suriname: We are interested in marble tiles for resale in our showroom. We are European building material trader in Paramaribo. Our tel no. is 597 4.......Please send us catalogue and pricelist by email and courier. I will be in ITALY in 1st week of September. Aug 18, Contact  

ALL: e 8555 Australia: looking for manufacturers of 95% Quartz based reconstituted stones. i.e. tiles and slabs. Aug 18, Contact  

IN: e 8554 India: We require the following specifications of Green Polished Tiles 
30 X 30 X 2 CM - 1000 SQ.M
40 X 40 X 2 CM - 1000 SQ.M
60 X 60 X 2 CM - 1000 SQ.M 
Single Side Polished, Grade - Madhavi Green / other 
Please provide complete details of prices in Indian Rupees FOB Kandla Port along with packaging details and weight details and SGS inspection charges separately. Our phone no. is 91.98112.....Aug 18, Contact

e 8552 Australia: Please email information on Mt Gambier Limestone. I would like to know if there are any suppliers in Victoria. Or if we can source the stone in South Australia and have it delivered? The project we are working on is in Portsea and we are investigating the use of limestone block and block veneer. Please also quote. Aug 18, Contact  

CN: e 8550 UAE: We are a Dubai based company, established in 1973 with diversified interests in the field of Construction, Production, Import, Export and marketing in the Entire Middle East Region, Africa and Europe. Mainly we are importing Stone, Marble and Granite from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China and India. 
At present we have the requirements for Chinese granite tiles. Please quote with delivery schedule for: 
1) G-468 Tiles 60x60x2 cm qty. 500 m2. 
2) G-655 B Tiles 60x60x2 cm qty. 3,000 m2. 
Please quote your prices based on C&F Sudan or FOB.  Please send sample of G-655 B [size : 10x10x1 cm] along with catalogues of your products through DHL for our review. Aug 18, Contact  

ALL: e 8544 USA: I am looking to purchase granite slabs. I need a pricing list and samples if available. My tel. number is 239-36.....I am in Fl. 33972. Aug 17, Contact  

CN: e 8541 Pakistan: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 green granite from China. My tel. no. is +92.51.22..... Aug 17, Contact   

EG: e 8536 Guatemala: I want to buy one container of Alabaster and other materials from Egypt. I have 8 retails in Central America and want to start to long relationship of business with Egypt for this kind of materials like alabaster.  Aug 16, Contact  



BR: e 8531 Turkey: Please quote for granite & marble slabs & tiles from Brazil. Our contact no. +90-216-33..... Aug 16, Contact  

ES/GR/IR: e 8529 Yemen: We have an urgent requirement of a huge lot of marble for one of our prestigious project which is nearing completion. The materials are: Crema Marfil- Iran, Off white marble, Red Alicante & Dark Emparador - Spain, Volkas white, Grey of Alivery, Brown - Red of Fanary & Black of Damasta - Greece. Please quote with terms and conditions and the earliest delivery time to Sanna. Aug 15, Contact  

EG: e 8528 India: We are one of the leading exporter & importer of marbles and tiles in India. We are interested in promoting Egyptian marble and granite in South India and like to know more about your company and product. Teak color sandstone in block or slabs. I have another business is UAE and will be in UAE, Dubai for another 2 weeks. I am looking for the range of $5 to 6 for unpolished slap for India. After that I will be flying to Asian countries. If you have your product in UAE, please let me know so that I can see the material to finalize purchases. My contact no. in India is +91 46342.....Aug 15, Contact  

IN: e 8527 India: I am exporter & I have an inquiry for Black Galaxy granite slabs and tiles. Please quote for best quality material. Aug 15, Contact  

e 8525 Morocco: I am an owner of a virgin quarry (5 hectares) of black granite in south of Morocco. The quarry is close to Port of export Agadir. I am looking for a partner or a tenant for working. Interested people to partner please contact. Aug 15, Contact  

ALL: e 8524 Germany: Looking for granite slab suppliers. See price list 76. My contact no. is +49171 62......Aug 15, Contact  

TR: e 8523 USA: Please forward the source for Laguna Rosso. My phone no. is 641-47.....Aug 14, Contact  

BR: e 8521 USA: We are Interested in importing your product to San Francisco California. We are interested in Brazilian granite counter tops and stone and also marble. Our facility is 40,000 square feet and we are looking to import 20 containers monthly. We have a very large store. We specialize in granite counter tops and tile. We also carry marble. Please contact me if you are interested in talking. Aug 14, Contact  

e 8518 Zambia: I am a Zambian living in South Central Africa. My country has got mineral deposits and my friend I have found a place in bush which has mineral deposits and geologists in my country are saying the type of mineral found on the area we got a shoot is emerald. 
I am looking for some one who would provide technical information and if possible some to make a partnership any part of the world. Right now I am in process of acquiring a Mining License and Registering a Company. My other option was find ready market were I can sell these stones once I start mining if I can not find some one to partner with. I could start digging though it is a tough job and I am aware that the process would be quite slow more especially when you are digging without proper tools. Aug 14, Contact  

ALL: e 8516 USA: Our catalog client needs products for this coming Christmas season. Please send us product catalogs and pricing immediately. Our call me immediately at 954-23.....Aug 14, Contact  

IN: e 8512 India: WE NEED AROUND 6,000 SQ FEET OF KOTA STONE. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR RATES FOR 3/4 INCH OR 1 INCH, 2 X 1 1/2 FEET, UNCUT. DELIVERY NEEDED WITHIN A MONTHS TIME FROM NOW. QUOTE ALL INCLUSIVE DELIVERY AT PUNE WITH TAXES, ETC., COMPLETE. Locally the rate in Pune is Rs 17/sq feet . If you can offer me better rate, then it can be looked at. What would be the loading & royalty charges.& taxes that may be applicable.? What would be the landed cost? OUR FAX NO. 020 71..... Aug 14, Contact  

NO: e 8511 Russia: Let us know the price for the granite block around 6 m3. (2.5-3 x 1.5 x 1.5 m) at the terms FOB Norway and CIF Kaliningrad. We also would like to know if you have the warehouse system (if you keep products in stock) and how does the prices differ depending of the volume of the orders. 
Our tel/fax +7 0112 4.....Aug 14, Contact  

US: e 8509 Germany: Please quote with delivery-time and payment-terms for granite "Salisburry Pink", surface polished (C120 / R9) - calibrated, edges. Qty. is 7000 sqm. size 48,7 x 48,7 x 2 cm. It's very urgently! Tel. 0049 654......Aug 14, Contact  

e 8508 USA: We are looking for wholesale sources for both logs of Satin Spar Selenite (Gypsum) and also the Optical Selenite (transparent sheets; often out of Utah). We are in north central Florida. Our contact no. is 352-62.....Aug 14, Contact  

EG: e 8507 USA: Please send price information regarding Egyptian granite, slabs and tiles, all colors. 
Aug 14, Contact  

e 8506 USA: I am located in Greater Bay Area. I would like to know more about your products and services along with the pricing. I am looking at Pre cut slabs, FirePlace, Vase along with the regular stuff like tiles and slabs. If you have any distribution channel that would help. That is what I prefer. Aug 14, Contact  

e 8502 Congo: We are a import and export company. We would like to pursue our business relationship with you. We would like to have a broad idea on the design. So please send us a catalog by mail so that we can study and decided on what we would like to purchase. Our contact no. is 243- 8150.....Aug 14, Contact 

e 8499 USA: I am in need of finding limestone pellets (small) for using in a Chocolate Artistry class at my University. My phone no. is (303) 2......Aug 13, Contact  

ALL: e 8497 USA: I am a custom home builder in East Texas. I am trying to locate sources for building stone that is not available in my market. I would like to be able to buy direct from the quarry. Aug 13, Contact  

IN: e 8495 India: I have heard about granite shade called Madras, being used to make French monuments. can some one tell me the contact details of this material? It is some what reddish in color so they say. Please send me a picture and quote. 
We are in collaboration with a company in Belgium who have been in the field of Monuments 
for about 3 generations almost spanning for 60 years. We started importing European monuments made in India and have slowly built a good reputation in the market for 
a) better finished monuments, (all types of finishes)
b) good quality raw material and 
c) and prompt deliveries 
We have an established sales network in Belgium, France, Holland & Germany. 
We import on an average approx 7-8 containers every month of monuments alone from India, apart from 
building material requirements that our sister company requires in Belgium. We also import European Monuments and building material from China since 2000, and the off take from China has been growing ever since, at the moment it stands at 3-4 containers every month. 
In India, we have a liaison office in Bangalore to co-ordinate, the production, inspection and shipment of 
monuments from India, China (Asia in general) as the procurement scenario is likely to include Vietnam 
(for Asian blue stone), Indonesia in the near future. Our tel. no. is +91808.....
Aug 13, Contact Rs 2500   

OM: e 8494 Singapore: I am a local distributor for tiles based in Singapore. I would like to purchase some Oman marbles. Aug 13, Contact   

e 8491 Spain: l need granite Mishy Peach Pink about 3000 sqm size 12" x 12" Polished. Need the price and time of delivery. Aug 13, Contact   

ALL: e 8490 UK: I am a developer looking to import granite slabs & tiles. Aug 13, Contact   

IN/CN: e 8489 USA: I am wanting to get prices from India and China for granite kitchen work tops. I want to fly out to Asia to seal my deal within the next 2-3 weeks. Aug 13, Contact   

CN: e 8488 India: We are one of the leading importers of Chinese granite tiles in India for the past 10 years. We need to know the price for 1000x1000 and 1200x1200 floor tiles.  Aug 13, Contact   

e 8487 Australia: I am looking for approx 700 sqm of limestone in a cream/beige colour (with some veins), between 400mm to 700mm. Has to be first grade quality. Delivery to Sydney in Jan 2004. Aug 13, Contact   

IN: e 8486 China: Please quote CRF China for Indian granite such as Virginia black, Academy black ,Jet mist. The darker granite could be better. We are atrading firm in China. Our tel. no. is +86 (0531) 89.....Aug 13, Contact   

IN: e 8482 UK: Please quote in cubic meter for Indian Granite blocks of 2m * 3m * 2m. .Aug 12, Contact  


e 8479 USA: I am looking for about 200-250 sq ft Azul Dumar tiles (12 in x 12 in) of the above materials in New Jersey. Can you tell me what I have to do to get a price. My phone no. is 201-57.....Will be ready to order within the next 2 weeks. I am doing a bathroom. I am also doing a countertop in the same material. Should be first quality. I would like a sample. Aug 12, Contact  

IT: e 8478 USA: I would like to get a quote on ordering one to two tons of White Carrara "C" marble, delivered to Brooklyn. Contact no. is (718) 79.....Aug 12, Contact   

US: e 8472 Canada: I am interested to get some large amount of Bethel white/ Gardenia White, or find acceptable substitutes for those rocks. I am in Ontario and my tel. no. is 613-59..... Aug 12, Contact   

e 8471 USA: I have attached a very rough drawing of an Kesey bench / outdoor bench that is ready for order as soon as we can confirm cost and color. Job to be installed October 2003. Client is flexible on color- quote options, 3" slab thickness. All exposed edges polished flat with top edge 3/8" polished radius. Prefer no seams, let me know if required or if it adds to cost. Quote shipping to my fabrication shop in OR 97455. We could pick up at Eugene or Portland Oregon if it would be substantial savings. Phone no. 541 74.....Aug 12, Contact  

Aug 11, Contact   

e 8466 India: We are interested in importing Vitrified Granito Tiles. Please quote. Aug 11, Contact   

e 8464 Ireland: My company are interested in buying some stone products. Please quote. Aug 11, Contact   

ALL: e 8461 Poland: Please send me samples and price list of marble, granite and other stones. Nearest port to me is Szczecin. Aug 11, Contact   

e 8460 Saudi Arabia: We have a prestigious project in our hand in Riyadh. We need many different type of marble & granite. We need first quality material. Aug 11, Contact     

US: e 8456 USA: I am Chartered Quantity Surveyor acting for a British buyer. Please email me the cost of 1800 m2 (approx 19368 SF) of Cold Spring's Academy Black granite in 600 x 600 mm x 20 mm thick slabs with a flamed finish, delivered to port at the port in China nearest to Beijing. Aug 11, Contact   

CN: e 8455 USA: Needed for a new project in Florida, USA. Granite: G654/Grey, G684/Black.  60 x 60 x 2cm/60 x 30 x 2cm (additional smaller sizes?). Estimated 840 Sqm / 2 x 20' CTNR. Please inform details, Quote etc. Aug 11, Contact   

e 8453 China: Please quote for Lubna blocks or Unpolished slabs. My tel. no. is +86-755-269.....Aug 11, Contact  

ES: e 8450 Philippines: Please quote for: 
NEGRO ORO MARQUINA polished - cut to size
We intend to close these requirements within this week. That's how urgent this project is. So kindly send me your prices A.S.A.P. Prices have to be CNF MANILA PORT, PHILIPPINES. If we agree on the price, we will definitely close this project with your supplier company within this week. I will also require samples to be couriered over to us. Aug 11, Contact  

e 8447 USA: I want Indian granite slabs and tiles. See price list 952. I am in IL 60622. My telephone no. is (773)64.....Aug 11, Contact  

e 8441 USA: I want 1400 square feet in 2ftx2ft Cumberland Grey stone. Please advise on price and availability. See pricelist 948. Aug 10, Contact  

ZA/EG: e 8440 Bosnia: Please make us offer for African Red and Zimbabwe black granite blocks, see ready stock 389. We also want Egyptian marble blocks, slabs and tiles, see ready stock 306. Quote CIF Ploce, Croatia. We are interested in fine grain material. Aug 10, Contact   

SW: e 8438 India: We want Atlantica grey granite, 5000 sqm of 40mm thickness. Delivery in Surat, Gujarat. My mobile no. is 0261-31..... Aug 10, Contact  

ALL: e 8436 Nepal: One of our company is dealing with marble, granite, tiles and other sanitary products through its exclusive showrooms in Nepal. We have two exclusive showrooms in the heart of the city and strong sub dealer network all over Nepal. Our showrooms are importing many branded sanitary products from India and abroad and are looking for an International company to be associated with our line of Marble products. Quantity is two to three containers. Size Range should be greater than 6x5. Application is for flooring. We request you to send us your samples with prices and other terms and conditions for supplies of your range of products for our showrooms in order to cater an exclusive range to our customers. Our telefax is 00977-1-42.....Aug 10, Contact  

FR: e 8431 USA: Please quote price per pound as well as the pounds per cubic foot of the stones, for French limestones Drom Chandolin, Drom Revermont, Montalieu Villebois, Hauteville, Farges, Pierre de Ruoms & Rochebelle. Also, please let me know what sizes are available, particularly up to 2"x2"x8". Aug 10, Contact  

IN: e 8429 China: We are importers of rough granite in China. We import various stones from India. We are interested to buy your granite blocks. We are planning to visit India very soon. Our fax no. is +86-592-57.....Aug 10, Contact  

ALL: e 8426 UAE: We are an importing and exporting company of granites and marbles mostly in the form of floor and wall tiles and need more sources of Marble and granite. Please send us your price list. Our fax no. is 00971-7-26.....Aug 9, Contact  

PK: e 8425 China: I am from Beijing and I am interested in selling salt crystal lamps in China with exclusive rights. Please offer me your catalogue of salt crystal lamps and their price. If your price is low, I am sure I will sell a big quantity. In fact I have studied this product for some time, and i have contacted a Polish factory, but their price is high, so I quit negotiating with them. Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e 8422 USA: I want granite slabs. Please send prices and catalogs. See pricelist 435. I am in MI 48145. Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e 8420 Palestine: I want to buy marble and granite slabs. Please send prices with images.  Aug 9, Contact  

ALL: e8417 Palestine: We want for trading Braganza, Jacaranda, pink Goteberg, New Paradiso, Serizzo, Multicolor, Blue Pearl and other colors for granite slabs of 2 cm thickness. Please give FOB price in USD and mention your country of shipment. Send samples and images too. I want to know the price of BARAGANZA sample A. Also I have a request about the Delivery to be 60- 90 Days after receiving LC copy. I buy Braganza open top from Brazil 2cm thickness with 42 USD from Brazil to Ashdod port finishing also Jacaranda red first quality 40 USD finishing to Ashdod port. Our contact no. is 00972-824.... Aug 9 Contact,   

e 8413 India: We are looking for Cast Basalt (Cast Stone) products. The requirement of the material will be around 50 metric tons per month. We prefer to import cast stone from China. We need this material in basic form i.e. either dry clay or stone. Aug 9, Contact  

BR: e 8408 USA: I am a contractor in El Paso TX area. I am looking to buy granite in slabs. I need right now, polished New Venetian Gold granite slabs. Please quote. My contact no. is 915-78.....Aug 9, Contact  

e 8407 USA: We are a granite fabricator in Colorado and we are having trouble locating a stone called Brown Juparana or Brown Pirranha. They are both from Brazil and we are trying to find a cross reference name for either of them. I have attached a photograph and see if you can find something similar. Our contact no. is 970-25.....Aug 8, Contact  

IN: e 8405 USA: We need 10 containers every month (minimum) of Indian granite slabs & tiles. We are basically a wholesaler of granite. We have a huge warehouse to stock huge quantities. We buy in bulk. We are in GA. We are looking for the following sizes of most of the Indian colors: 
slabs - 180cm UP X 300cm UP, 165cm up X 285cm up, 90cm up X 285cm up. 
Tiles - 12"X12"X1cm & 18"X18"X2cm. We were basically looking for the above sizes in all the available Indian colors. So please give us the rates so that we can tell you, ho much quantity in each color, that we want right now. My port is Savannah, GA. Our phone 678 52.....Aug 8, Contact  

BR: e 8403 Lebanon: We introduce our self as as a major importer of marble and granite in Lebanon. We import mainly from Italy and Spain slabs, blocks of marble and granite. We are interested in Giallo California blocks and slabs polished 2 cm. Our contact no. is 00961-1-3.....Aug 8, Contact  

e 8400 USA: Need stone and marble for large custom home in DC. Please send brochures. Aug 8, Contact  

Aug 8, Contact  

e 8398 Ireland: We are looking for suppliers in Algarve region of Creme Garve (Limestone) Stone Tiles. Our tel. no. is +353-1-66.....Aug 8, Contact  

IN: e 8397 Bahrain: We are a trading firm requiring Mari Gold or Mari Wood granite 60 x 30 x 2 cm. Qty. reqd is 1500. Our expected purchase price is less than 10 Bahraini Dinar C & F. Please quote C & F rate. Our tel. no. is 00973 70....Aug 8, Contact

OM: e 8396 India: I am looking for 200 sqm of Royal Beige Omani Marble in Delhi. Please quote for 1st quality material. Size 2' x 9' slabs. My contact no. is 98100......Aug 8, Contact  

e 8392 USA: Our client in China is a major consumer of Marble and Granite. He is seeking to expand his sources and the varieties of stone. He is already consuming Chinese product, is seeking new colors, patterns, etc. He has recently closed a large construction contract with the Chinese government, and urgently requires sources of marble and/or granite. 
Here is some additional information regarding the stone we seek, which I hope is helpful: 
Quantity: 300-500 cubic meters/month average: Some months up to 1,000 cubic meters.
Price range: Our client has paid as much as US $600/cubic meter and as little as US $100/cubic meter. It simply depends on the stone. 
Minimum/maximum size of blocks: Between 5 to 7 cubic meters. 
Unacceptable shape types: None, as long as blocks can fit in a shipping container.
Unacceptable defects: Cracks in the blocks. 
Quality: Identical to sample accepted. 
Inspection: Either upon delivery at a Chinese port, or as negotiated with supplier. 
We have no preconception about countries we wish to purchase from. It is the stone that is important to our buyer, not the country. That's why we are requesting samples. If you look at the size of the orders we wish to place, I would think it is worthwhile to a supplier to send samples and quote prices. Otherwise, how else can we make a determination as to whether we want his product or not? He is not able to discern from pictures online. Therefore, samples are imperative. 
However, I can attest that this is a serious purchaser, one who will move fast when we locate the appropriate product. We are ready to place standing order immediately. I am in Virginia 23453, USA. Aug 7, Contact

e 8391 USA: We have built an Italian style loggia with approximately 1,000 s.f. of floor area and are interested in terrazo for the floor surface. We are in Macon, GA and would be interested in any information on terrazo and who might install it in Macon. Our contact no. is 478-74.....Aug 7, Contact  

EG: e 8390 Canada: We are interested in using an Egyptian marble in some of our projects. And would like to have more information regarding your prices, catalogues and shipping to Canada. Also, we would like to have some samples of your selection. Aug 7, Contact  

e 8388 USA: I am looking for tufa to build a large grotto similar to the grottos of old Italy. I can send a photo of the type work i'm trying to create. If any of your suppliers carry this type stone, please send information about availability, sizes, cost, etc., as soon as possible. The grotto will be built in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Aug 7, Contact  

IN: e 8385 India: We need Rosy Pink Polished 4000 Sqft, Rosy Pink Flamed 4000 Sqft and Red Bruno 12000 Sqft. Delivery required end August - early September in India. Aug 7, Contact

e 8384 USA: We are a kitchen design center in VA and we are looking for Ikon Brown granite for our client in Virginia. We are unable to locate it in this area. Please send quotes. Would prefer a supplier from VA. Aug 7, Contact  

BR: e 8383 USA: I am interested in Brazilian granite slabs. Do you have minimum orders? I am starting a fabrication shop in CO. If so, I would also be interested in your prices per slab with shipping costs. My contact no. is 1-719-4...... Aug 7, Contact  


e 8378 France: I am looking for a block of marble or travertine (red) yellow or white, or beige unpolished cut to size after I view samples. My contact no. is 00 33 5 46 9.....Aug 7, Contact  

e 8377 Russia: I want to buy 70 sqm ROSA ELNASSER. What will be the weight of this quantity? Aug 7, Contact  

IN: e 8376 India: I want 24" x 12" Bidasar green marble tiles. My buyer is already in India. Please quote urgently. Aug 7, Contact

ALL: e 8373 South Africa: I am looking 2 import marble scrap/off-cuts into South Africa. Please advise me if you can source raw material for our company. Ideally we would be looking for material which is 20mm thick and from pebble size upwards. The marble is required for manufacturing pebble tiles and marble artwork. With our local resources we are currently producing 3000m2 per month and are needing to expand, our local resources are unable maintain at our current demand. My cell no. is +27-72-15.....Aug 7, Contact  

ALL: e 8370 USA: We are a furniture manufacturer in aluminum furniture. I would be interested in pricing for granite / travertine / imperial marble tops. Some of our sizes 18" Dia. 22" 36" 48" 54" 60" / 18 x 36 Sq. Cr. & Rd Cr. All have 1" beveled edges. We sell a number of the above over the year and would be interested in seeing what kind of pricing you can supply.  Aug 6, Contact  

SA: e 8368 Taiwan: We are working on a small project with the demand of granite with fine grain in light pinkish color called Misty Rose. This material is similar to another material from Saudi Arabia named Kir Grey. Our tel. no. is +886 2 250.....Aug 6, Contact  

TR: e 8367 Germany: We want Turkish limestone "mirus". Aug 6, Contact  

CN: e 8363 Korea: Please quote CIF Inchon port Korea for Chinese  Black granite, Green granite and Galaxy granite polished 30cm x 30cm x 1cm and 30 x 30 x 2 cm. Aug 6, Contact  

e 8361 USA: We are importers of 3cm granite slabs located in the state of Virginia, USA and interested in starting a long term business relationship with dependable suppliers for European granite. Currently we are interested in the following for immediate shipping: Baltic Brown (Baltic Brown 3 cm slabs polished resin and first grad quality for US$ 4.25), Blue Pearl, Volga Blue, Blue Eyes & Spectrolite. We also need Giallo Venziano 3cm first grad or commercial quality available for immediate shipping. 
We are also interested in the following item for immediate delivery, so kindly supply us with your price and availability of materials: All 3cm polished slabs, First grad Quality.
Kashmir White, APP Black (Impala Black), Chiffon White, Indian Juparana, Royal Brown, Shivakashi, Black Galaxy & Tan Brown. Please have prices in US$ per square foot FOB or C&F Baltimore or Norfolk whichever is less in cost. Open Top container. Please send us your full price list to enable us place our first container order soon. We are in VA 22152. Aug 6, Contact

IN: e 8356 USA: Please quote for Indian granite slabs. See pricelist 205. I am in Santa Ana, CA. Aug 5, Contact  


ALL: e 8349 USA: I have been fabricating granite and other stones for 2+ years. I have been buying granite from other sources, but I feel I could improve my profit margin if I started buying in bulk. Please quote for granites and other stones on bulk basis.  Aug 5, Contact  

e 8348 Italy: We are interested on Girona sierra Diamante 60x60 around 200 sqm. Please send us your best price, delivery time and terms of payment. Aug 5, Contact  

e 8347 Switzerland: Please quote for "MING GOLD" or "JIL DABSKI". Our tel. no. is +41 55 41.....Aug 5, Contact  

e 8345 UK: I am interested in botticino tiles as displayed in ready stock 354. I am in Middlesex. Aug 5, Contact  

e 8344 Korea: We are one of the largest marble, stone importing companies in Korea which is rapidly growing in the world stone market. We have been supplying and decorating Korean prestigious buildings including luxurious department stores, hotels. We would like to request the availability and quotation on white onyx. See  Our phone no. is 82-2-54.....Aug 5, Contact  

e 8341 USA: I like FRENCH VANILLA 24X24". We need 2,500 sq. ft. urgently. I am in Miami, Florida. Aug 5, Contact  

CN/ES: e 8340 USA: I AM A DEALER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING TO PURCHASE A CONTAINER OF CHINESE MULTICOLOR SLATE OF 16X16 UN-GAUGED. I AM ALSO LOOKING INTO PURCHASING A CONTAINER OF CREMA MARFIL 16X16 SELECT. The Chinese multicolor you speak of is it ungauged or gauged (calibrated or uncalibrated)? How does the Indian natural cleft compare against the Chinese Multicolor? I am in Riverside, CA. If a supplier is anywhere within 100 miles of here delivery would not be an option, because I own several big trucks that could pick this up for me. Now, this Chinese multicolor I'm interested in, has to be 16x16 and I am looking for either gauged or ungauged. I currently have a quote for $1.25 / sf on ungauged. I am obviously looking for a better deal than that. 
I recently opened up a retail store. I am mainly into the natural stone business but I also do tile. I have owned a construction company that does granite and marble fabrication of all kinds, and all types of tile, porcelain installation. My goal is to start buying all my material per container the one for my construction company and the material for my store so I can stock my own material. This would be my largest order up to date at one time. I feel that if I could get a better price than what I am currently being offered, then I could probably start some kind of working relationship with a supplier/importer/distributor as of now I have not one set supplier I looking for some one that I could work with. My contact no. is (760) 86......Aug 5, Contact  

e 8339 USA: I am looking to design a vanity top and flooring for a resort in the West Indies, in the following "Cretaceous volcanic and Eocene diorite". The native to the islands there have heard of this type of stone. I am in IL 60616 and my contact no. is 312.22.....Aug 5, Contact  

BR: e 8337 USA: I build houses in Houston and am interested in obtaining wholesale prices for Granite, Marble, Stones, etc. I am interested in the Prefab Granite (full bull nose). I have houses that we are working on that are needing granite and marble. On one house I am looking for Azul Caramel and Galaxy White granite either prefab or slab. Aug 5, Contact  

e 8336 UAE: We are one of the leading stockiest in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. We have engineering tools & measuring instruments of various countries from around the globe. We are interested in having a good relation with your company as well. We would like to start this by having your company's catalogue. We are in Dubai and our contact no. is 22.....Aug 5, Contact  

ALL: e 8334 UK: Please quote with samples for granite, marble, paving slabs, etc. Color specification is buff colour stone in 30mm/499 random sizes or 600x600/400x400. Import location is India/China. Ready to purchase now if samples can be seen and price can be negotiated. Method of payment is Letter of credit- FOB. Date of completion is prior to end of August if possible!! Our tel. no. 01476 8.....Aug 5, Contact  

PT/TR: e 8333 USA: Please quote for Rosa Portugal Salmone and Rosso Laguna. The specification that the architects request are a Bright Red Marble with out White Vanes or a little presence on the slab. We are a general contractor located in Miami, FL. Telephone number is 305-86.....We would like a sample and images also. Aug 4, Contact  

TR: e 8328 Egypt: Looking for Turkish companies which produce high quality marble. We are wholesaler and have our own showroom business. Aug 4, Contact  

ALL: e 8327 Turkey: We are importers of granite. Please quote for polished granites of size 150-170 cm x 280-320 cm x 2 cm. Our contact no. is +90032435.....Aug 4, Contact  

CN: e 8325 Germany: Please quote for Chinese material. See price list 38. Aug 4, Contact  

TR: e 8324 Palestine: We are an import - export company based in Palestine. We are interested in natural stones. Please quote. I will be in Turkey in mid-Aug. Send me your contact nos. to discuss possible relations. Aug 4, Contact  

ALL: e 8321 Canada: I am from Vancouver & I am running flooring business for 15 yrs. I would like to buy granite. I am looking for all kinds. I will buy big volumes. Aug 4, Contact  

IR: e 8318 India: We introduce ourselves as the largest exporters of granite slabs and tiles from India for several years exporting to reputed companies all over USA. We process more than 35000 Sqm in over 50 Indian Premium colors and export over 75 containers every month. We have two plants manufacturing slabs and tiles apart from which counter tops and vanities too.
We are interested in Costa Esmaralda Raw Granite Blocks from you. If you have the material available, please let us know so that we can establish business with your company.
For the present our requirement is around 100 cbm. Kindly send us a 6X6 sample for our reference so that we can decide the material. Our contact no. is (+91-40) 278.....Aug 4, Contact  

e 8315 USA: We are building a Temple and need 850 linear feet of 11" step limestone tread or 2" step to complete our project. This need to be exterior and a non-slip finish. I am also looking to buy 4000 sq ft of a natural stone for Temple veranda and entryway. The color range is buff with golden veins. We are in NY. 
Aug 4, Contact  

IN: e 8314 USA: I am interested in 20 containers of Black Galaxy slabs, 2cm and 3cm thick, polished to a US location. 4x6 ft or greater slabs - random is fine. We are also interested in tiles of other sizes and of square dimensions, specifically 6" x 6" or 10" x10". It is likely I would arrange my own shipping, but do you make arrangements as necessary? See pricelist 885. Aug 4, Contact  

ALL: e 8305 USA: I own a stone and tile shop in Id. We purchase a variety of stones. Would like your wholesale price list. My contact no. is 208-65..... Aug 2, Contact  

e 8299 USA: I would like to inquire on an Inlay design as displayed in 021-0001. Could you give me price and availability, and matching floor marble name? Our project is in the design stage, will need materials within 12 weeks. My only concern is the shipping. Looking to purchase granite slab counter tops, 24 x 24 granite tiles, and possibly 2 floor inlays. My counters measure are total covered space is 26' x 25.5", island space is 7' x 36". Flooring measures are flooring tiles, foyer and dining room = 505 sf, Master Bathroom =230 sf and Upstairs Study = 1000 sf. I am in CO 81401, my tel. no. is 970-24.....Aug 2, Contact  

PK: e 8298 USA: I am trying to find some physical property data on Green Onyx from Pakistan, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I am particularly interested in: water absorption, thermal expansion coefficient, resistance (or otherwise) to freezing and approx iron content. IF the properties are OK, we could require as much as 2000m2 of material, but we can't progress the design without the data, and it will take time to measure it. Tel: +81-3-57...... IF we get the product specified, we will be purchasing stone in early Sept. 2003 for immediate delivery (not later than end Oct 2003 for the  material)- hence the hurry to get the data. Aug 2, Contact   

BR: e 8293 Palestine: WE WOULD LIKE TO START TRADING WITH BRAZILIAN GRANITES AND WE ARE VERY INTERESTED WITH THE FOLLOWING POLISHED 2CM SLABS (HEIGHT NOT LESS THAN >150), KINDLY SEND TO AS PRICE OF F.O.B MATERIALS: kinawa red, red marcrena, black diamond, blue wave, vilote tropical, tigrato, amerallo brazilin vilote, black arucruz, lilite, rosa raisa, new candise green and materials with movement. My contact no. is +972 59 4.....Aug 2, Contact  

IT: e 8291 Malta: We are interested in Italian Marble slabs and tiles. Please quote. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8290 Australia: I need some parts for the Bisso bridgesaw. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8287 USA: We are interested in a black granite boulder for our church baptismal font - smooth cuts only on top. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8286 USA: Care Products: I am looking for product specification and retail seller for Marble Crystallization product. I understand there is a pink base product for shining marble which may be called Pink Star. The product I am looking is not used in conjunction with water like the powdered products used to shine marble. Instead is just sprayed into the floor in conjunction with a polishing machine. I need to know if such product is safe to use on Crema Marfil marble. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8284 USA: I am a student looking to expand my love for billiards from playing to the development, design, and manufacturing of custom billiard tables. I would like information concerning the wholesale purchase of billiard slate rock. Aug 2, Contact  

IN: e 8281 Singapore: We want Indian granite tiles, slabs and blocks for trading. In particular paradiso, black galaxy, cashmir white, imperial white, raw silk, cashmir gold, chilly red, etc. Blocks like tan brown, bahama blue, tji red, paradiso bash, paradiso classic, sivkasi yellow, etc. only quality suppliers need. Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8279 New Zealand: Want to find information about black galaxy granite for 1 ton any other figures that may be of interest 15mm thick and sizes 2400mm x 630mm or 900mm wide. We are also looking for granite monuments and tiles sizes and colours any info will be much appreciated. Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8278 Sri Lanka: We are importers and distributors of tiles in Colombo. Please send us your pricelist. Our phone no. is +9413.....Aug 2, Contact  

BR: e 8274 USA: We want to import and do business directly from Brazilian suppliers. We would like to get a price list and some samples of the Giallo slabs. We are in CA 90302. Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8272 USA: We are starting a new "small" factory in Southern Ohio. Please send any info that may help us. Aug 2, Contact  


ALL: e 8270 Saudi Arabia: Please send your catalogues and price lists. We are a firm dealing in Electrical, plumbing, wood, Decore, furniture, and Painting Goods. We have many branches in KSA. Aug 2, Contact  


e 8263 Korea: We are an importer-exporter of construction materials, having a business background of more then 10 years. We are looking for the most competitive and reliable supplier of the Natural Marbles. 
Please be informed that the Natural Marbles will be used for the special hotel construction project. We need BOTTICINO (1st quality) from Italy. If you can offer the same or similar ones, kindly send me some photos and your best P/I quoted on CIF Busan. SIZE: MM 600 X 600 X T.15, MM 600 X 600 X T.10, MM 550 X 700 X T.15, MM 550 X 700 X T.15. Mention PACKING, DELIVERY, QTY is 20' X 1 INCLUDING GROSS WEIGHT: KGS/PC. 
Our tel. no. is Tel.: 82-2-267.....Aug 1, Contact  

ALL: e 8261 USA: Need pricing on granite slabs. I am an owner of large granite firm wanting to stock slabs for retail and internal use. Large in counter top and structural business. Aug 1, Contact  

BR: e 8260 USA: I am currently working on a restaurant project and am very interested in the Ubatuba stone. Please send catalogs. I will be purchasing the stone in future. I am in NY 10016. Aug 1, Contact  

e 8258 USA: We are an interior design firm which has a project in New York. Please quote with sizes, stock and lead time for "Jerusalem Gold Split Stone" and "Jerusalem Gold Tubze". Are these tiles suit for exterior? We would like to have samples, please. Our tel. no. is 1-212-22.....Aug 1, Contact  

e 8255 USA: Retail: I live in the US - Colorado. Recommend names of schools where we can learn how to engrave headstones? Aug 1, Contact  

ALL: e 8253 Mexico: Please quote for stone tiles and slabs and other products for our new ultra hip design 100 room hotel in Acapulco. We need samples of travertine armenia 1and 2, argentina santa cruz, argentina travertine beige 1, bulgaria vratza marble, green fog china, royal botticineok iran, atashkuh and beige classic iran, arabescato corchia italy, calacatta delicato and macchiaoro italy, statuario ravaccione italy, travertino montecarlo rustic italy, travertino romano italy, crema nevada spain, limestone boreal spain, bilecik pure beige turkey, olympos withe turkey, denizli turkey. Our tel. no. is 525 55 525.....Aug 1, Contact  

AR/FI/IN: e 8251 Nigeria: Please prices in USD/m2 for the following granite tiles in size 30x60x2cm polished: Blue Mara, pink mara, white san marcos, brown pearl, black galaxy, brown siena, cardoba grey - from Argentina and red balmora and baltic brown, lappia from Finland. I am in Lagos. My tel. no. is 234 080371.....Aug 1, Contact  

e 8247 Canada: Please quote for black granite. Would like to see samples /  pictures. I am in Toronto. Aug 1, Contact  

IN: e 8244 USA: Please send me prices on marble tiles from India named Fancy Brown Forest and Fancy Green Forest. Aug 1, Contact  

BR: e 8243 USA: I have a stone warehouse in Houston, Texas. I want to contact the supplier of Brazilian granite. See price list 29. Aug 1, Contact   

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size="2" face="Verdana"> USA retail inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiretail.htm. All inquiries are valid even of previous months.

Pay USD 25 to get contact details of any buyer or join the subscription plan at www.findstone.com/subscription.htm. To pay, see www.findstone.com/payment.htm  

Latest inquiries are at www.findstone.com/tiall.htm. Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at www.findstone.com/tilinks.htm