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BUYERS INQUIRIES   October, 2003
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The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album

IT: e 9441 Libya: We are trading company interested with imports of carrara & arabescato marble. Please quote for 15 containers of carrara slabs 2cm & 3cm thickness. Our tel / fax no. is 00218 21 46.....Oct 31, Contact  

OM/BR: e 9438 India: We have a large requirement for marble and marble from Oman is one of our strong considerations. We have seen the colors on offer at www.findstone.com and would like to get a quote for 50000 sq ft CNF New Delhi and  FOB Oman (Nearest port). 
The colors that we are interested in are - Royal Beige and Opal Pink Light. Also quote for granite colours from Brazil - Rosa Tigrado, Diadema White, Juprana Sunset2, Blue Pegaso, Juprana Sunset, Blue Star Trek, Cravo da India, Yellow sun. Please send me a quotation for 50000 sq ft for the above mentioned colours CNF New Delhi and FOB Brazil. Please also send me information about the specification that you have to offer. Also do you export this material in the form of slabs or blocks or both. Our phone no. is +91 11 264..... Oct 31, Contact  

IN: e 9437 Japan: We specialize in exporting and importing many products, especially ornamental stones for gardening. We are interested in black granites such as ‘Black Galaxy’. Please let us know whether you have the following size, design and price of Black Galaxy: 
1. The size is 600x300x60.
2. Only one-side surface is burning-processed (flamed-processed).
3. Please tell us an estimate for ten containers of ‘Black Galaxy’ with transport charges to Yokohama Port by shipping. Our contact no. is (03)334..... Oct 31, Contact  

AU: e 9433 USA: I am looking for Verde Fuoca granite in slabs for fabrication of countertops. It's mined in Australia but manufactured in Italy (possibly Verona?). I am in WA 98382. My contact no. is (360) 68.....Oct 31, Contact  

e 9432 USA: I have retail store, one of my customer is looking for 12 x 12 black fossil (tile) from Morocco. Please quote with delivery, how to pay for sample (60 sq. ft). Oct 31, Contact

e 9431 USA: I am trying to locate 3/4" honed Pietra Del Cardozo. I am a trader of building products. Oct 31, Contact  

e 9428 Brazil: We are a trading house focused on developing and managing third parties international commerce flow. We are searching for specific kind of stones. Please quote for blocks and polished slabs of Black Impala first choice products, 3 cm for polished slabs. Destination Vitória Port. We are thinking a trial order of one first choice block standard size and 1 full 20’ cntr with first choice 3 cm polished slabs. My contact no. is 55 11 308.....Oct 30, Contact  

e 9425 Italy: Want blocks of Blue Sodalite or Lapislazuli. Sizes? Prices? Oct 30, Contact  

EG: e 9419 India: We want Silver Beige and Galala, approx. quantity 20-25 tons. Rates to be given in Sq mtrs/Sq Ft. You are requested to please let us know the following :- 
1. What are the rates for the above variety (in USD & INR)?
2. What are the shipping charges for sending the same to India? How much load can be sent in one container (both in Sq Mtrs./Sq Ft.) I think normally it takes 350 - 375 m/2.
3. Mode of payment with time frame? We would prefer the same by LoC on site.
4. Whether the stock of the above is readily available.
5. In case you can arrange for a sample let us know. Oct 30, Contact  

IT: e 9418 India: We are importers of marble from Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc...We also import Perlatino marble 1st choice in large quantity. If you can supply us blocks of the same please email us the prices ex-Carrara. Our contact no. is 0091-11-265..... Oct 30, Contact

ALL: e 9417 USA: Please send pictures and pricelist of Marble tiles. Dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 1.0cm 
Also how is the right angle, beveling, polishing, thickness variance, color variation? How many sq. ft. per container, how is it boxed and the colors names and numbers? Orders From 6000 sq ft & above. My contact details are 602-43.....I am in Phoenix 85053. Oct 30, Contact

e 9411 USA: We are interested in purchasing marble, granite & travertine blocks, slabs and tiles from Peru. Please send a quote. Oct 30, Contact

BR/IN: e 9408 USA: We are interested in Brazilian and Indian granite slabs and tiles. We are granite fabricator in Charlotte, NC. Size is 1 to 1.5 m. Please email pricing of each up to container. Oct 30, Contact

IN: e 9406 India: We are constructing 6 houses in Tamil Nadu. We plan to lay marble on the floor. The total expected area is around 10000 sq.ft. (ten thousand square feet). Please quote for Indian marble. Oct 29, Contact

EG: e 9403 Portugal: Please quote for Silvia marble (dark & medium) and Sunny marble 60 x 30 x 2 cm, slabs with 2 cm and blocks. Oct 29, Contact  

e 9401 USA: I want to try Carrara marble for sculpting. My requirement is 50-200 pound range. I live in Atlanta,GA USA and have worked with local marble. My cell no. is 770-31.....Oct 29, Contact  

IT: e 9397 USA: Looking for engineered marble stone (see image). Top marble is the original, the one at the bottom is the engineered, which was obtained and purchased in SSF, CA, but company closed down. Qty needed approx. low 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft. by slabs. Ready to order immediately. Willing to pay US$15.00 per sq ft including landed and delivered to the warehouse, located in San Francisco, California. Oct 29, Contact  

e 9395 Italy: We urgently require a sample of CALCAIR DE VINALMONT. Our tel. no. is 0039 071 79.....Oct 28, Contact  

VN: e 9394 Singapore: We are a company dealing in Italian Marble. We sell our products mainly blocks and slabs to India, Malaysia and Indonesia. We understand that you have very nice White Marble which is similar to the Thassos White from Italy. We would like to have exclusivity for this material for our customers. If you are agreeable to giving us exclusive, then we can come down immediately to Vietnam to discuss on the exclusivity. If you have a photo of your White Marble, could you please send it to us. Oct 28, Contact  

e 9391 Malta: We are presently reviewing our product ranges. We are interested to receive more information and samples with regards to your products. We are recognized as being the market leaders for 'hard' flooring, so this would be our main interest. We are also one of the largest retailers in Malta for wall and floor tiles, bathrooms, etc. We would also require some indication of prices. Our contact no. is +356 994..... Oct 28, Contact

US: e 9387 China: We want Granite blocks from USA. Our contact no. is + 86-592-56.....Oct 28, Contact  

e 9385 New Zealand: We are a granite benchtop company in New Zealand. I want to add new colours to our range and have chosen Tropic Brown as one of the new colours. I do not want to order a full container of this one colour and would like to know if it is possible to order a quantity as follows and have it shipped to us as a bulk shipment. 
Please quote on the following Top Surface Polish on all; 
15 pieces of 650x1300x15mm - Front Edge polish (1300mm)
5 pieces of 650x1300x15mm - Front Edge polish (1300mm) + Right Hand Side polish
5 pieces of 650x1300x15mm - Front Edge Polish + Left Hand Polish
5 pieces of 700x1300x15mm - Front Edge Polish 
15 pieces of 900x1300x15mm - Three sides polish - 2 x 1300 + 1 x 900
2 pieces of 1200x1300x15mm - Front Edge Polish 
17 pieces of 650x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish (2500mm)
4 pieces of 650x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish + Right Hand Polish
4 pieces of 650x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish + Left Hand Polish
5 pieces of 700x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish
15 pieces of 900x2500x20mm - Three Sides Polish - 2 x 2500 + 1 x 900
3 pieces of 1200x2500x20mm - Front Edge Polish 
Shipment would be sent to Auckland New Zealand Port. Oct 28, Contact  

e 9384 USA: Please quote for Behali Multi-color slate tiles (400 sq. ft.) and Himachal Green slate tiles (1200 sq.ft). I am in New York. Oct 28, Contact  

e 9379 USA: I am a sculptor looking for shelled limestones, sandstones, etc. for engraving. Please quote. I am in Los Angeles, CA. Oct 27, Contact  

IT: e 9376 UAE: we want Italian marble Perlato Sicilia 2cm plolished slabs in size of 150cm x 240cm. Please quote FOB and CNF DUBAI price. What is the delivery time from factory to Dubai? Oct 27, Contact  

IT: e 9373 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for a ready stock of Carrara Gold. Quantity about 2000 M2. Size: Free bands from wide: 30cm and 60cm. Oct 27, Contact  


BR: e 9368 Barbados: We are a property development company in the process of building offices, houses, apartments and townhouses. We are looking at purchasing containers of both granite and marble slabs and tiles. We have our own fabrication company that will make counter tops from the stone. We are looking to establish an on-going business relationship with a Brazilian stone exporter. Our tel. no. is (246) 43.....Oct 26, Contact  

e 9360 Algeria: Please send pictures and more details for Komatsu D155. See ready stock 384. We are wholesalers of heavy equipments. Our phone no. is 213277..... Oct 25, Contact   


IN: e 9357 USA: I want black galaxy granite. What is the cost the second choice material (with thin black lines). What will be the cost of first quality granite if I will buy over 3 containers? Oct 24, Contact   

LK: e 9355 India: We would like import Ceylon Green rough blocks from Sri Lanka. please quote with details. Oct 24, Contact   

IT: e 9352 Spain: Please quote for Italian marble and other natural stones. We are currently working with the distribution of tiles in some part of the Europe like Ireland, England, Romania and Yugoslavia. Oct 24, Contact  

ALL: e 9350 Ireland: We wish to import granite headstones, surrounds also granite hearths for fireplaces. Oct 24, Contact  

CN/BR: e 9348 USA: We currently buying a lot of granite and marble from China. Pls offer us the attached granites from Brazil & India, as well as from China. We will go to Xiamen at the beginning of next month. 
Quote Fob Xiamen for 2cm, 3cm slabs, size 1300mm up x 2600mm up. Varieties reqd. are Juparana Columbo, Juparana Viera, Juparana Arandis, Gold dust, Golden Fantasy, Cafe Brown, Golden Oak/kashmir Gold, Juparana Lavantina, Juparana CremaMara, Blue Eyes, Golden Green, Golden Wave, Juparana Classico, Juparana fantastico / Juparana Sunset, Juparana Topazio. 
China Green----not too green and China Black----not shanxi black, leopard skin, butterfly blue and G682----dark yellow. We are in Westwood, MA 02090. Our tel. no. is 781 40.....Oct 24, Contact  

BR: e 9342 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Oct 23, Contact

e 9341 USA: Want Giallo Provenza honed limestone tiles. Looking for 500 - 600sq. ft. in 12x12 or 16x16x3/8, in the San Jose, CA area. Oct 23, Contact 

CN: e 9339 Nigeria: Please quote for 2 containers for G603 and send a picture of it through my email. Note that the FOB prices should be separated from freight cost to Lagos. Second quality without bevelled or chamfered edges. My tel. no. is 234 080371.....Oct 23, Contact  

e 9337 USA: I want a beige / yellow sand or limestone called Rocheron. 80 x 80 cm big slabs for interior. To be delivered to Austria. Qty. approx. 100 m2. My phone no. is +1 441 29..... Oct 23, Contact  

IN: e 9335 USA: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles from India. We are interested in working as an agent. Our tel. no. is 714-71.....Oct 23, Contact  

e 9328 USA: I need 24” X 24” Bateig Azul for Costa Mesa, CA urgently. I represent a construction company. Our tel. no. is 305-57.....Oct 22, Contact  

ES: e 9324 USA: We are a stone installation company in NY. I am looking for 18" x 18" emperidor light, polished, 250 SF quantity. I am also looking to find Spanish companies from whom I can import container loads of material to the US. Oct 22, Contact  

e 9321 : I want Marron Emperador from Spain and Perlino Bianco from Italy. My tel. no. is 020 798..... Oct 22, Contact  

ALL: e 9319 Australia: I am looking for supplier to supply us in Sydney 1X 1 foot marble slabsWe are a construction company. Send me the types and rates of your products as well. Oct 22, Contact

e 9318 USA: I would like to purchase 2000 sq. feet of cantera tile 18" by 18". Oct 22, Contact

e 9317 Australia: Please view the attached photo – we are looking for a suitable material to match this photo. 1200 sqm is required. The application is a driveway cobblestone. The material must be suitable for this application. If you have any suggestions please submit them. Oct 22, Contact  

e 9315 USA: I want 950 sq ft of Blue Eyes in 18" x 18" as soon as possible. I am in MD 21207. Please call me at 410-98..... Oct 22, Contact 

e 9308 UK: I am interested in purchasing granite table tops from India, having visited Bombay and seen the workmanship and price. I require both round and square table tops, polished and finished with a bevel edge. I
liked to color of the stone in the picture I have attached. I have yet to get exact dimensions and numbers of the table tops I require but require around 20 altogether. 
I require table tops only and require the following:
12 nos. 80cm round
2 nos. 60 cm round
7 nos. 60cm x 90cm square
Please could you give me a price for making these and if possible for shipping them to the UK. The thickness would be 20mm with a rounded edge. The colour I require is Imperial red. Oct 21, Contact

PH: e 9307 Norway: We are currently into nature stone walls and paving. Now we are looking for stone to use indoors, such as limestone, marble and granite. Colors that we are interested in are white/ light marble, limestone, black marble, Black and blue granite. We like the light marble from the Philippines. Please quote. See price list 1254. Oct 21, Contact 

ES: e 9306 Morocco: We have a grinding Plant and want a suppliers of CRUSHED WHITE MARBLE or white lime Stone From Spain with 98% calcium carbonate for use in paint and other industries. Size 0 to 5mm. 
Good whiteness for paint grade. Bulk or Jumbo Sacks of 1 mt. Please give your best price for 500 mt as trial order. Please send the sieve analysis for grade 0--0.9. We are expecting more than 10000 mt a year. Oct 21, Contact

OM: e 9305 Singapore: Please quote for Beige Orient (Lubna) size 600x300x20mm. Qty: 2000 sqm. Also need Desert Rose (normal), size: 600 x 300 x 20mm thk. Qty: 1800m2. Oct 21, Contact 

ES: e 9302 Portugal: We want Creme Marfil. Please quote with payment terms. How long is it necessary to produce a container, costs, etc? The stone Creme Marfil that is in question are: Creme Marfil Commercial and Creme Marfil Classic. We also need a sample of this two stones at NO COST, in order for us to show it to the client. See pricelist 747. If you cannot supply samples (prefer samples of 300 x 300 x 20MM) I would like images. The payment terms are 60 to 90 days. Oct 21, Contact

IT: e 9301 Malaysia: We require Perlato Sicilia (300mm x 300 mm x 10 mm) - 200 sqm and Perlato sicilia (random slab x 20mm) - 250 sqm. Delivery CNF to Port Klang. We need this material urgently. Our tel. no. is (60) 3 - 798.....Oct 21, Contact

e 9299 Austria: We are Import & Export Company specialized in heavy equipments. We are interested in used TRUCK CRANES (tadano-kato). Please send us photos of your equipments, specifications and the price list. My tel. no. is 004365023..... Oct 21, Contact

IN: e 9298 USA: Please quote for Indian granite counter tops, slabs and tiles. Oct 21, Contact

e 9296 USA: We are looking for an epoxy type repair kit for travertine with color matches. If so, we need one to match the Durango light travertine and match for Emperador dark marble. I understand this to be a 3-part epoxy. We are stone fabricators and traders in Myrtle Beach, SC and our contact no. is 843-23..... Oct 20, Contact

ALL: e 9293 USA: Looking for stone manufacturers across the world that can provide their products in large quantities and on a regular basis. I seek manufacturers that need distributors for their products in the U.S. I am in CA 92075. My contact no. is 858-72..... Oct 20, Contact,

e 9291 St. Maarten: I am very much interested in purchasing a container of marble tiles, travertine tiles for an outside deck and some grantite counter tops. 
I need: 40 M2 Crema Marfil select 40 cm by 40 cm
220 M2 Crema Marfil select 60 cm by 30 cm
25 M2 Rojo Alllicante or Rojo Rosa 60 by 30
15 M2 Rojo Allicante or Rojo Rosa 40 by 40
250M2 Travertine Durango Polished or Classico unpolished for the outside (with a semi rough structure)
I also want marble for six bathrooms but do now know which types exactly. Please advise how much m2 goes into one container. What are moreover the costs of obtaining some samples of the pieces mentioned above. I am willing to pay the costs to obtain the samples per courier. I am in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten N.A. My tel. no. is Telephone: +(599) 54.....Oct 20, Contact

IN: e 9290 USA: I want Black Pearl Granite 18" x 18" tiles. I am in Baltimore, Maryland 21207. My contact no. is 410-98...... Oct 20, Contact

e 9289 USA: Looking for obsidian suppliers in Dallas, TX as I would like to inquire after a large, uncut stone. Oct 20, Contact

IN: e 9288 Malaysia: We are interested in buying small qty of red ruby granite tiles (2' x 3' x 20mm: abt 1600 pcs). Please quote FOB / CIF port Klang. Oct 20, Contact

ALL: e 9284 Syria: We are a regular buyers of all kind of marble blocks. Kindly inform us your complete list of production of marble blocks. Our tel. no. is +963 31 2......Oct 20, Contact,

CN: e 9283 Germany: I want to import granite, marble tiles, etc. from China. Please send a catalogue for tiles and other products? I need this for my potential customers in order to place orders and get quotes. We would be interested in importing Chinese products such as tiles, granite slates, etc. Need prices for slabs (40 x 20 x 20/ 30 cm grey granite) in full container. Need prices for FOB and CFR Hamburg or Antwerp/Rotterdam.
I would need quotation from your side. We would kindly ask you to quote on FOB Chinese port basis as well for FCL to Rotterdam /Antwerp and for LCL shipments to Hamburg. Oct 19, Contact

IN: e 9282 India: We are a quarry owners and traders of Indian granites. We need green based granite rough blocks and polished tiles from SRIKAKULAM (AP). Please quote your price F.O.B CHENNAI. Oct 19, Contact

IN: e 9281 USA: I want absolute black and black galaxy granite slabs. Please quote with sizes. See readystock 244. Oct 19, Contact,

OM: e 9279 India: I want Omani marble for flooring. Looking for suppliers in Delhi. Also mention pros and cons of this material. Oct 19, Contact,

IR: e 9278 UK: We are interested in huge quantity of Iranian Granite. We are particularly interested in Yellow coloured – Kashmirian Coral- Granite. We are looking for all, blocks, slabs and tiles. The sizes and thickness can be stated later, once we establish that you can offer the right material. Please e-mail us the colour and grain photographs so that we can come back with additional information. We can discuss more about our requirements and possibly we can visit you in Iran or any where in Europe. Our tel: +44 20 890.....Oct 19, Contact

IL: e 9274 Holland: I am looking for sellers in Holland or Belgium for the Jerusalem Stone Gray Antico
Oct 18, Contact

e 9273 USA: I have a buyer for a large amount of Granite; the granite will be used for Kitchen counter tops in Apartment units. I need slabs of granite that are prepared (polished) in a specific size, they don't need to be cut for sinks or things of that nature just be the right size. I don't have the sizes right now but it would be around 1600 sq ft of granite cut into specific slabs. I need quote urgently. 
The Granite Slabs will be used as Kitchen counter tops for a 65 Unit Condo Complex. I am not sure off the color yet, but it would be 3/4 inch slabs that are double edged. The price would be basically on a finished product, I don't need you to cut out the holes for sinks or things off that nature, but I do need the slabs to be 3/4 inch Thick Beveled, Polished and with double edge. Please let me have the best price per square ft, If the price is right we would order a whole truck load worth. I also need you to include the best price for getting the Merchandise to Laredo, Texas. I am in Texas 78045. 
I need 3 pieces a Right, a Middle, and a Left. They need to 3/4 inch, Bull Nosed, Double Edged, Beveled, and Polished. It would be 66 of each piece. 66 - Left, 66 - Middle, 66 - Right. Please give me the best price possible and it needs to include shipping to get to Laredo, Texas. I would also like some samples of your most popular colors to show my buyer. I also need to know how much Granite you can fit in a full container. How long would it take to get to Laredo, Texas? And any other costs. I will await a Quote and please remember that if everything goes well we will continue to buy large amounts of Granite. Oct 18, Contact

e 9272 Italy: I need sodalite or marble of Belgium. The size must be 10cm x 8cm x 4cm. Oct 18, Contact

e 9271 USA: Please quote for milford pink granite slabs 6' x 6' x 3". Shipping available? Oct 18, Contact

ES: e 9267 USA: I am a developer in Miami and I am currently looking to purchase anywhere from 45000 to 50000 sq.ft. of Rojo Alicante- premium grade - 12''x12'' - beveled edge - 3/8 thickness- polished. Please send me a quote on this quantity, delivered to Miami and the time lines. Oct 17, Contact

GR: e 9265 Brazil: We are a trading firm looking for 2000 sqm of White Marble Pigues. We need about 21500 pieces (305 x 305 mm). Please quote C&F Santos Port/Brazil. We have an offer of Pigues white marble in 21,50 euros/m² C&F Santos Port/Brazil and payment with L/C 30, 60 and 90 days. Delivery time 40 days. If you have a better offer please send an email. Our phone no. is 55 12 396.....Oct 17, Contact  

e 9258 : Please send me price list for counter tops. See ready stock 434. Oct 17, Contact

e 9257 : We require Cream marble similar to Italian marble. Please send images with quotes. Oct 17, Contact

ZA: e 9255 Qatar: I want granite slabs and tiles from South Africa. Please send images and prices. My contact no. is +974 46.....Oct 17, Contact  

e 9254 USA: We would like some photos and pricing on fireplace mantels and surrounds. We spend a little over $2 million dollars per year on tile, counter-tops stone, etc. We are looking for suppliers who are reputable as well as price understanding of what it takes to buy the product, ship it, pay taxes, truck it to our warehouse. See ready stock 366. Oct 17, Contact  

CN: e 9253 USA: I am interested in purchase Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Please see price list 811. We need 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G682 dark color in golden shade (also known as golden sand, golden sun) from China. Every sample we received has been light in color with a pink hue in it. Please give price for light and dark versions of this stone. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm) and 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G611 (also known as Almond Mauve) from China. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm). 
We are looking for a G682 DARKER type that is GOLD in color with NO PINK. The material that we do not want is LIGHTER material that has a PINKISH color to it -- not nearly as much yellow/gold. If the supplier can provide material like this, with no spots or veins (in sizes at least 9' x 5'), we are interested in obtaining a sample. When the sample is sent, half of it should be kept, so that it can always be referred to or even photographed next to a current lot sample for future material approvals before shipment.
We need lead time of no longer than 3-4 weeks. Please send a quote. I am a wholesaler in Ohio. 
My contact no. is 1 216 66...... Oct 17, Contact

PT: e 9252 Germany: Please quote for Calizia Luna limestone slabs of thickness 3 cm, 4 cm.... 20, 30cm sawed. Our fax no. is 0043 (0) 2164.....Oct 17, Contact  

TR: e 9251 Romania: I am interested in Crystal White and Mugla White Slabs: polished and unpolished. Tiles 30.5 x 30.5 x 1. Free length slabs 3.30 x free length x 2 (polished & unpolished) & Free length slabs 4.40 x free length x 2 (polished & unpolished). Qty. is a full container or more. Our tel. no. is 00407420.....Oct 17, Contact  

e 9248 USA: We are interested in contacting several suppliers for custom cabinetry stone counters. We would like to buy a small counter/samples for a showroom display. We currently provide our customers with solid surface, laminate, wood and Zodiaq counters and would like to provide various stones as well. We are located 25 miles west of Akron, OH and would like to stay within 45-60 minutes from supplier. Our phone no. is 330-93....Oct 16, Contact  

IN/CN: e 9247 USA: Requesting quote for commercial quantities delivered to Parker, Colorado 80138. 32,000 sq ft or 2,973 square meters of India or Chinese Black Granite Tiles of 11-7/8"x8" to 18"x1/2" or 30cm X 20cm to 46cm X 1.27cm Random Lengths on the 8-18 inch or 20-46 cm sides. Flamed Finish.
2000 square feet or 186 square meters of 3cm India or Chinese Black Slab Shade variation should be minimal, commercial quality. An order will be placed, if it meets the owners requirement on the latter part of 2003 or early in the first quarter of 2004. Samples will be need and yes we will pay postage if needed to receive them. The architect for the project will be the reviewing the samples for approval. 
Please see the attached drawing, for clarification on the tile. The slabs should be about 8 feet long. Height is not to concerning since they will be used for risers on stairs, however may of these will have compound angles so we will fabricate these ourselves. Our phone no. is 303.84......Oct 16, Contact

IN: e 9246 India: I am interested in Indian granite slabs and tiles. Send images and samples along with price list in USD and Indian Rupees. My contact no. is 080-356......Oct 16, Contact

IT: e 9245 USA: I need a price per sq ft for 12" x 12" x 3/8" Rosso Verona. Need 10 tiles or one box. We are located in Troy, Michigan 48083. Oct 16, Contact

IT: e 9241 USA: I am looking for 2200 sq ft of CALACATTA GOLD or CALACATTA GREY in 24x24 tiles and possibly some slabs. I am looking for a great deal, if you have the product at the right price we will buy after seeing samples. Also we have at least three months till we need the product so maybe this will help. My phone no. is 310-27.....We are in Beverley Hills, California 90210. Oct 15, Contact  

e 9239 USA: I would like to get bulk prices on the stones mentioned in pricelist 127 (50 kilos and up). I also would like to get information on representation in Israel of this supplier. Oct 15, Contact  

ALL: e 9237 Canada: I am looking for a supplier who can offer competitive price, quality and service. We sell an average of about 25 to 30 containers a month of granite slabs and marble. We sell throughout the USA and also within Canada. Please send quotes with images. My contact no. is (514) - 80......I am in Montreal. 
Oct 15, Contact  

VN: e 9235 USA: Looking for suppliers of Vietnamese marble. See price list 1036. I would like to know prices on all size floor tiles. I would like to see pictures and styles of all available tiles for import to USA [Nevada, Las Vegas]. We are looking for first quality, polished marble. I want to order at container prices. I will need to know availability, capacity to produce, delivery times. ASTM tests for abrasive resistance [ASTM C 1353], skid resistance [ASTM C 1028], water absorption [ASTM C 97] and modulus of rupture [ASTM C 99]. These numbers are important as we will be supplying large orders for use in public areas. Oct 15, Contact  

e 9233 USA: I want Pietra Cardosa 2 x 4 tiles – do you have a source to recommend? I need 3000 sq. ft. My fax no. is 212-58.....Oct 15, Contact 

AR: 9232 USA: I am a broker wholesales of natural stone. I am looking for a supplier of Azul Cielo and Exstra marble from Argentine 12 x12 and slab. 12 x 12 is the most important as I have slab. I am presently purchasing small amounts of 12 x 12 for custom mosaic production and looking for a good price. These will be used in small amounts of 80 sq ft. Shipment is to L.A. Oct 15, Contact  

e 9231 USA: Please quote with samples for 24x24 Creama clair and 24x24 mocha Travertine . We are builders in AR 72211 and our phone no. is 501-51.....Oct 15, Contact  

e 9230 India: We are searching for a 31' x 15' x 6' thick white rock / block for a statue / carving. Kindly quote The rock should be a single piece without any cracks. Oct 14, Contact  

e 9226 India: We want Royal Blue TFM (Blue pearl) blocks. Please photographs of 4 varieties of (both finished material & block). Oct 14, Contact  

e 9225 UK: I teach and make sculptures. Currently my students want Lava stone to carve. Looking for a supplier in UK. Oct 14, Contact 

OM: e 9224 Singapore: Please quote us your best price for Beige Orient (Lubna). Size: 600 x 300 x 20mm thk. Qty : 1800 m2. Oct 14, Contact 

ALL: e 9223 Brazil: I am interested in marble, granites, onyx and stone tiles and slabs. Please quote. We will be in New York on November 5, we would like meet some buyers. We are interest in all products specially in onyx. Our phone no. is 5511-374.....Oct 14, Contact   

e 9222 Cyprus: I am interested in Rosso Neferitti. I need approximately 6 meters x 60cm x 1cm to put on top of my vanity in the kitchen. How much is it going to cost me CIF Limasol. And how much is FOB Egypt (and what port )? Oct 14, Contact  

e 9218 USA: I am an interior designer requesting any brochures or catalogues that you may have available. I am in Ohio 44124. Oct 14, Contact  

IN: e 9217 USA: Send price list for granite, marble, limestone from India. My contact no. is (805) 34..... Oct 14, Contact   

BR: e 9216 Philippines: We import granite, marble, travertine slate, quartzite, the last two items we normally import directly from Brazil. We are interested in Verde Ubatuba 2 cm slabs First choice material only polished (target price USD 27 FOB) and Giallo Victoria 2 cm slabs First choice material only polished. Payment will be L/C 90 days, it is our normal, although we do transact with 2 other Brazilian companies under DA terms. Oct 14, Contact  

IR/IT/TR: e 9214 South Africa: We located stone via yourselves and are now importing regularly. We are interested in importing Travertine as we are at present having to buy from wholesalers. The color we like is Cream and Dark Beige. Need a full 20ft container. Price negotiable at present paying approx US$ 17 per sqm. Travertine tiles size 470x470 / 520 x 520 / 345 x 345 (sizes negotiable). We would like to get an idea of prices per 20ft / 6 metre container. How many sqm per container? We have a genuine interest in importing but need details so as to see the viability, etc. Other countries will do as well. We would need images etc. Our tel. no is +27 4438.....Oct 13, Contact   

e 9209 Egypt: Can you please inform us about the source of the attached marble? The quantity for this project is about 200 m2. Our contact no. is 00 20-2-40.....Oct 13, Contact 


e 9206 Cyprus: We are a building & civil engineering contractors are tendering for a project. Please quote for  laoshan granite. Our tel. no. is 00357 22 8.....Oct 12, Contact

e 9205 USA: I am building a new home and will need to know what styles of marble are available. Please send me a catalogue. I am in PA. Oct 12, Contact

e 9202 USA: We want Verde Marinace 12 X 12 or brown siena 12 x 12, 18x18 or desert brown 18x18 all polished. We want approx. 350 sq. ft. Oct 12, Contact


e 9198 USA: I am a designer seeking a supplier for stone in RECTANGULAR shapes, with an old world look, either limestone, travertine, or some other product you may recommend. I also need some accent pieces.
The projects include, a fireplace surround, back splash behind stove top and under the cabinets. Also poss. master bath. I am located in New Holland. Please note any suppliers within 50 miles of my area. Oct 11, Contact

BR: e 9196 USA: Interested in Blue Bahia Slabs. I am in Brooklyn. I don't need the full container load. My phone no. is 718 49.....Oct 11, Contact  

e 9194 UK: I want Norwegian granite blocks. Oct 11, Contact

e 9193 Israel: I represent one of the leading companies for Marble & Granite. We import from different countries. I am interested to buy "BOTTICINO CLASSIC" OR "BEIGE BOTTOCINO" and "PERLATO SECILIA". 
I have big project in UAE and the quantity it will be more than 3500 m2. So I need the price for slabs 2 & 3cm thickness for these kind of Marble. 
ALSO I NEED THE PRICE FOR THESE CUT TO SIZE:1- Botticino steps with 3 grooves (3m Tread & 2cm Risers) Straight Qty = 4320 m 
2- Botticino steps CUT TO SIZE (Long Side) Qty = 1505 m 
3- Botticino Landing Floor Cut to Size Qty = 155 m2 
4- Botticino Skirting 10cm Height & 2cm Thickness Qty = 1390 m 
5- Steps for Skirting Qty = 4350 Nos. 
6- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 30cm Width Qty = 27 m 
7- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 11.5cm Width Qty = 20 m 
8- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 40cm Width Qty = 23m 
9- 10x2cm PERLATO Thresold Qty = 2421 m 
10 - 20x2cm PERLATO Thresold Qty= 814 m 
Kindly provide us with prices including Supply, Polish, Grooves & Cut to size (In Details). My contact no. is 00972 59 6.....Oct 11, Contact  

e 9190 USA: Looking for an image or sample to purchase of the Crosscut Napoleon. Oct 11, Contact

e 9186 USA: Please quote for 30 units at a time 60" x30". Polished granite top, eased edge, mitered corners, no laminate, 1 1/4" thick. See pricelist 572. Oct 11, Contact  

e 9185 USA: Please quote with shipping to shipping to San Angelo, Texas. for marble, soapstone, and limestone. Oct 11, Contact

IT/ES/OM: e 9178 India: We need Italian Statuario 5000 sq. ft, Crema Royal 8000 sq. ft, Emperado Brown 15000 sq. ft and Perlato Royal 6000 sq. ft. Omani stones of this variants will do in some places. We are also interested in directly importing Italian marbles. We are one of the leading construction house in Bangalore. We require 1lakhs sqft of Italian Marble per annum. Oct 10, Contact  

e 9172 USA: We are a granite distributors in Boston area. We want Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Please send price list on slabs and counter top and vanity tops. There are several different sizes we import from China and maybe Brazil pretty soon the most common size is 26" by 96" and 3/4" thick. They are bull nosed on front and either left or right side depending on the kitchen, it also comes with a 4" by 96" back splash as a set. Vanity tops the most common size is 25" by 22" and 3/4" thick with 17" by 14.5" sink, hole cut out and 5/8" hole 4" on center for faucet and 4" by 25" back splash. See pricelist 706. Oct 10, Contact

e 9170 USA: My client is a buyer of more than 100 container per month from world wide sources. I speak Portuguese and can help him. My contact no. is 925-21......Oct 9, Contact

e 9169 USA: Currently building a home. I need ~700sf of Crema Marfil ivory select 18 x 18. How do I obtain a sample? My contact no. is 312-42.....Oct 9, Contact  

e 9168 USA: I am interested in Pietra Serena Fine Honed & Bush Hammered. We will need 3000 s/f of 36"x 36"x3/4 or 24" x 24" x3/4. Do you fabricate these size? We also need 2000 s/f of Pieta Serena Bush Hammered 24" x 24"x3/4". We are needing Bullnose steps 24" x12"x3 cm, and bullnose Pool copping 24" x12"x3 cm. What is you price for the fabrication? I need to know the prices for slabs of those materials of 2 and 3 cm. What sizes do you have for the slabs? Do you know about iron brushed finished? I am in Miami and my contact no. is 305 59.....Oct 9, Contact  

CN/IN: e 9167 Australia: Please quote for our new project company operating from the USA. Please supply samples as a matter of Urgency and Professionalism to the details supplied in attached document. Oct 9, Contact 

e 9166 Latvia: Can you send us color pictures of marble suitable for cladding for country side 600 years old mansion house? It is 3 floors 1500 m3 each floor. What about marble for the floors, on top of the wooden floors? My contact no. is Fax / Ph + 371 72.....Oct 9, Contact 

e 9165 India: Email me details like costs of crushed granite of different sizes which are being used for highway construction. Oct 9, Contact 

e 9164 USA: I am a contractor looking for stone suppliers in the south-eastern United States. Oct 9, Contact 

VN: e 9163 Belgium: I am looking for suppliers for Vietnamese bluestone, hammered or sand grinded, thickness 3.5 cm. My tel. no. is + 32 345.....Oct 9, Contact  

ALL: e 9162 Germany: I annually sell 25 - 30 Container 20 ft. granite tiles, marble tiles and ceramic tiles. I am looking for suppliers globally who can offer cheap prices for natural stones. My tel. no. is +49 30 43.....Oct 9, Contact  

e 9161 USA: I am an interior designer trying to build my database and am interested in any catalogues or samples that might be available. I am in CA 94904. Oct 9, Contact

e 9159 USA: I am looking for Prefabricated Granite counter tops for the lowest prices possible. I am in  Michigan. Depending on Price I would like to buy Black Granites, UBA TUBA, Green Orient at the lowest prices. Size of countertops 26 1/2" x 82" with 1 1/2 bullnose edge on at least 3 sides front and two small sides. I am looking to spend 5 to 6000 dollars us total on product and shipping. I am ready to buy within a few days. My phone no. is 517.27.....Oct 9, Contact   

e 9154 UAE: We want to represent as agent for your products in Middle East, particularly entire United Arab Emirates. Our area is covering Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah. Kindly forward your products list along with prices. Our tel. no. is 00971-2-64.....Oct 9, Contact   

IN: e 9153 USA: Requesting images and shipping cost for Visconte White granite. See price list 604. We are in NC 28203. Our phone no. is 704.37.....Oct 8, Contact    

CN: e 9150 USA: Please quote on granite counter tops sizes 2400 x610 x30mm. See price list 797. Oct 8, Contact   

ALL: e 9149 USA: We want to introduce ourselves as a USA based granite and allied products, importing and selling company. The company is buying its present requirement from countries like China, Taiwan and some South American countries. In this respect we would like to you to send the rates for the colours, from various countries, being offered by you for export quality granite slabs and tiles. Please send us your terms and conditions for payments etc, it would help in deciding. Could you also give us the Ocean Freight charges for 20 feet container (Open and Closed top both), from your closest port to Savanah, Georgia. Oct 8, Contact  

e 9148 Uganda: Please quote CIF Mombasa for a 20 ft container of Labrador Amostra, Rosa Lucira, Black and Red Arara. Oct 8, Contact  

ES: e 9147 Turkey: Please quote with delivery time and payment conditions for Dark Emperador 2cm polished slabs 650 m2 and 3 cm polish slabs 450 m2. Oct 8, Contact  

US: e 9145 China: We are a stone manufacturer in Beijing, China. We would like to buy blocks of Jet Mist. Please quote FOB and please advise the delivery time. We are also looking for Jet Mist 2cm thick slabs, honed, qty about 6000 sqm. Our tel. no. is 86-10-686......Oct 8, Contact  

IT: e 9144 India: Please quote for Crystal Bianco White with details such as thickness, sizes available, rate and availability. We are in Calcutta. Oct 8, Contact  

BR: e 9143 USA: I am interested in truck load quantities of mixed 3 cm Brazilian granite slabs to be shipped to western Kentucky. Please send contact info so I can get samples or yard location to view slabs. Are your warehouses in NJ or overseas? We are wanting to set up a full truck order to increase the amount of stone that we can offer our customers out of stock. My contact no. is 270-68.....Oct 8, Contact  

BG: e 9142 USA: We are familiar with quality of Bulgarian limestone. Please quote for polished limestone tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8 in, 16 x 16 x 3/8 and 16 x 16 x 3/4in and 24 x 24 x 3/4in. Price should be EX Factory in Bulgaria incl packaging. We would like to receive samples concerning the quality and different colors in order to establish business with your company. We are located in NW Arkansas region and working with a lot of builders and retail stores in the stone industry.Our phone no. is 479 87.....Oct 8, Contact  

BR: e 9140 USA: Please quote a full container of 3cm Uba Tuba. Oct 8, Contact  

TR: e 9138 Spain: We are looking for some material called Red Milas. We have a project of 9000 sqm. Need price in sizes, 60 x 40, 60 x 60 & 80 x 50 x 2cm. It is really urgent.  Oct 7, Contact  

e 9133 USA: I live about 60 miles outside of Dallas, Texas. I am looking for someone who knows where I can find a teddy bear shaped tombstone. My preacher just lost his son a few months ago and his son's nickname was bear. I am in desperate need to find someone that carries this tombstone and would be the cost, etc? Oct 7, Contact

IT/ZA: e 9132 Czech Republic: We need Carrara, Arabescato Tipo, Calacatta Vagli in 40cm x 40cm x 1,2 cm. Qty is 700 sqm. Wandfliese Weiss glatt 30 cm x 50 cm m2, qty is 3200 sqm. Steinzeug Farbe Schwarz 50 cm x 6.5 cm qty. is 1600 lfm. Fries 3 cm breit schwarz-weiss-schachmuster 1500 lfm  and 30 x 30 x 1 cm African Red, qty is 60 sqm. Please send me offer for these tiles. Oct 7, Contact  

e 9131 USA: Would it be possible for you to send me samples of your flamed granite with pricing for 12x12 tiles. The colors I'm looking for are: black, charcoal, and natural colors. I am in Jacksonville. Oct 7, Contact  

e 9130 USA: I am interested in Sodalite tiles or countertops for reselling.  Oct 7, Contact

e 9126 USA: We want Breccia Pernice Marble with all shades pink-coral-cream-brown-varigated within the tiles. Sizes of tile 12x12..16x16...18x18..24x24. Need is for 1000-1500 square ft. of polished marble. Timing is current as soon as material is available. Site is ready for installation. Sample is requested. Material is to be shipped to Northern California. Price that works is $ 5-6/sq ft. Our phone no. is 925-6.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9125 USA:  I would like to import and stock granite and marble slabs to my shop in Colorado. My phone no. is (970) 84.....Oct 7, Contact


e 9122 Mexico: I am interested in importing granite countertops to Mexico City. Please send brochures or catalogues and price lists including freight to Mexico City. My tel. no. is  (52) 55 565.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9119 Poland: We want black granite gang saw size blocks and polished slabs of 120 x 240 x 6 cm thickness. Please quote FOB value for a container load. Our phone no. is +486098.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9118 USA: I am looking for slate, travertine, granite and marble for my house. I want large quantities. See ready Stock 434. My phone no. is 318-54.....Oct 7, Contact

e 9117 USA: I am looking for a granite called Costa Esmerelda. I am in CT. My phone no. is 203 36......Oct 6, Contact

e 9115 USA: I want red peach travertine or Egyptian Sunny Gold tiles. Size: 18x18 or 24x24, total 1700 -2000 square ft. Needed within two months. Honed and filled or tumbled edge / filled, non-polished. Price: less than $4/sq ft. Shade variation: medium. Would definitely buy at $2.50 to 3/ sq ft including freight. First quality material. I can do inspection upon arrival and I can approve the order. Payment by credit card or upon delivery. I am in NC 28655. My phone no. is 828 43.....Oct 6, Contact  

HK/CN: e 9114 Spain: I am traveling to Hong Kong next week in order to contact manufacturers of stone and stone related products for selling all over the world because we have costumers in different countries. Could you inform me about your location in order to have a meeting with you? Oct 6, Contact  

e 9112 USA: I want Crema Nevada marble. I would prefer if it is in 17 ¾ x17 ¾ size. With a top slightly beveled edge. Can you also send me price and delivery conditions. I am a builder located in Boca Raton, Florida. Oct 6, Contact  

e 9111 India: We want a container load of marble slabs for trading. We are in Udaipur and our phone no. is 0294 24.....Oct 6, Contact

ALL: e 9104 UK: I am looking for a buff colour stone for patios and pavings for a job in England. I am happy to consider random sizes or in 400x400, 500x500/600x600 with a thickness of 30-40mm. I need genuine suppliers who are willing to respond to my needs. I need to finalise the right product and the purchase of the product within 4-5 weeks. All deliveries to a UK port in Felixstow / Harwich. 
I need the potential suppliers to provide me with photos, prices inclusive of delivery/shipping and insurance, followed by samples prior to purchase when required. I hope to hear from all serious suppliers from India, China, Pakistan or any other country who can supply the goods that matches my specification. Buff colour is similar to Indian teakstone. Sort of creamy yellowish colour similar to limestone. Please forward any stones that comes anywhere close to my description. Oct 6, Contact  

OM: e 9103 India: We want white Omani marble in random slab sizes, we have monthly requirements, at present we can buy 1500 to 2000 M2. My phone no. 91-11-310.....Oct 6, Contact  

ES/IT: e 9102 Australia: We want Italian and Spanish marbles on a regular basis for our worldwide offices. We buy Carrara white, Calcatta Oro, Emperedo Brown, Crema Marfil, etc. We require random slabs in size 2.7 meters x 1.7 meters x 20mm thick. We want only first quality free from defects. Please give us your best quotes and send us the digital images to enable us to place our order. Kindly also let us know the delivery time. Regarding payment terms we usually work on L/C at 90 days. Our contact no. is +61-2-92...... Oct 6, Contact

e 9101 USA: I am looking for porphyry in slabs of 2 1/2" thick, 2' x 2' square, natural cleft finish. I need to cover about 800 sq ft. My contact no. is (909) 27..... Oct 6, Contact  

e 9098 Nepal: We want to purchase flooring and wall tiles from Turkey. We are based in Kathmandu. Oct 6, Contact  

e 9097 USA: We are a medium sized sales company seeking to represent China based manufacturers in the USA. We have been representing companies from Brazil and Italy and know the market well. If you have a good product at a good price we would like to hear from you. I have many customers for your type of product. They would be interested in Chinese tiles, countertops, pavers, etc. We will be travelling to China in the next two weeks in Fujian Province. Please respond with your information (products, pricing, commission schedule). Oct 6, Contact  

e 9095 USA: Please quote  for Italian poleon Suro and Rosalia dvk. I am not sure of the exact amounts of each but I will need a total of around 3000 sq ft. I am in Perryville, MO. My contact no. is (573) 54..... Oct 5, Contact  

e 9089 USA: Want granite counter tops. Please quote mentioning slab consistency and shipping. See pricelist 1161. Oct 5, Contact 

ALL: e 9085 Ghana: I want porcelain tiles polished also unpolished 30 x 30, 45 x 45 as well 50 x 50 also sanitary items like wash basins and W.Cs. Please send catalog and pricelists. Qty. is 2 containers of porcelain 33 x 33 or 30 x 30 and 45 x 45. See pricelist 1238. Oct 4, Contact  

OM/PH/LB/IR/EG/IT: e 9082 Kuwait: Please quote C & F rates for marble and limestone for slabs of 
2 & 3 cm, Tiles 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 in different colors from Philippines, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Oman, and Italian Carrara. Oct 4, Contact  

e 9081 USA: I am looking for slate pencils for a historic village recreation. We use slates and slate pencils in our school house but cannot find a slate pencil supplier. Oct 3, Contact  

e 9078 Brunei: We are the one of the leading tile distributors in Brunei having show room in BSB. We are interested to import the porcelain tiles of 200 x 200 and 300 x 300. We may place the order initially 2 x 20FCL as a trial order. Please quote the price CIF BRUNEI MURA PORT for one 20 FCL of each item. We want porcelain tile with Matt finish or glazed. See pricelist 1238. My phone no. is +67387..... Oct 3, Contact  

ALL: e 9077 Netherlands: We are General Trader in Marble and Granite in Rotterdam. We would like to know more about your production-line with prices and samples for further promotion of your products in BENELUX. 
Also we like to ask you that in case you do not have any sales points or contacts in Benelux to be your sales agent. Our tel: +31-181-4.....Oct 3, Contact  

ALL: e 9076 Turkey: We need 11500 m2 gray granite and 650 m2 pink brown granite (60 x 30 x 4 cm). Our phone no. is +90 232 46......Oct 3, Contact  

e 9074 Turkey: We need 1000 m2 Light and 1000 m2 Medium, Noche and Dark mixture Travertine. Sizes are 1.2 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm. (cross-cut) and 1.4 x 61 x 61 cm. (cross-cut). Please quote FCA Mersin. Oct 2, Contact 

e 9072 Turkey: We are interested in porcelain tiles. Our company has customers in different countries in construction sector. Our aim is to re-export these tiles. We can not find a good price in our domestic market. 
Our need is 500 x 500 porcelain tiles, light colors specially beige, first quality. You can make us an offer for CIF Port Mersin/Turkey or CIF Port Lazkiye/Syria. 
What is the packing type of the product, container or pallet? We need also the dimensions for container/pallet and the weight of the packaging. Our phone no. is +90.212.25.....Oct 2, Contact  

e 9069 USA: We are interested in pure calcium carbonate lump ore. Lump ore specifications:
Quantity: 100,000 tons/year. Shipments: 10,000 tons bulk vessels. Size Lumps: 0-10 cm. Purity: 99% plus calcium carbonate. Photo Volt Brightness L Value: 95. Yellow Index B: 1. Please respond with availability and pricing ideas so that we can establish a commercial venture. Our target price for white calcium carbonate lumps FOB India would be about 1500/MT. Our phone no. is 678-9.....Oct 2, Contact  

e 9064 Slovenia: Our company is interest in marbles from Albania. I would like to know in which shape this stone is available and what is the price? We can use it for building the yards in front of houses or for the doors in houses. Oct 1, Contact 

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