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January 2007




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries for stones from Italy.

You can contact the buyers below by: 
A) Joining a relevant Subscription Plan at

B) Buying individual contacts at USD 25 each via www.findstone.com/payment.htm
    If a buyer does not reply, your $ 25 will be kept in credit for another inquiry of your choice.

For previous inquiries, see www.findstone.com/ti
links.htm . They are still valid.
www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998.

Happy Selling! 

www.FindStone.com has been a very productive source of sales for suppliers since 1998. 


e 21985 UK: Could you please put me in contact with this supplier of Daino Crema tiles. Tel: 020 845..... Jan 3 Contact


e 21621 Italy: We are a company specialized in the importation and marketing made of marbles, granites and travertine in all the world; for our yards in Italy, over Italy and for some external customers. We have the following request:
UBATUBA surface polished-tiles dim 600x600x20mm calibrated and bevelled Qty:850sqm.
KASHMIRE WHITE in slabs 2cm and 3cm + steps + tiles +components 2cm and 3cm for stairs
INDIAN JUPARANA in slabs 2cm and 3cm + steps + tiles +components 2cm and 3cm for stairs
SHIVAKASHI in slabs 2cm and 3cm + steps + tiles +components 2cm and 3cm for stairs
ALL OUR REQUEST ARE FOR STONE OF 1st CHOICE. If you are able to supply this stone, please send your better quotation. For your information, we buy about 15 ( x20') containers from external suppliers. tel +39 0121 3......Oct 22 Contact 

e 21587 Italy: Is it possible to have two samples, 1 for cremo bello and cremo sugar marble from turkey? Oct 15 Contact 

e 20994 Italy: Please send details of Golden Jerusalem Stone. July 9 Contact 

e 20597 Italy: I need to buy as soon as possible some Italian marble "Mondragone" (Italian marble n. 84 on www.findstone.com) in slabs of at least 132x66x3 cm. or bigger, half polished or raw. Please let me know quote and availability. Tel +39 338 76.....May 18 Contact 

e 20590 Italy: We are an Italian factory of Marble. Please give us a price an if is possible also some photos of Gran Perla blocks. May 17 Contact 

e 20586 Italy: Please quote for 10000 sqm Selvia Cream 30 x 60. May 17 Contact 

e 20527 Italy: We are interested to be in contact with supplier for Crema Huescar tiles cm. 30,5x30,5x1 for m2 2000. Tel. 0039 0585 8.....May 10 Contact  

e 20430 Italy: We are an Italian marble studio and are interested in buying rough rose quartz for a fountain. April 26 Contact 

e 20430 Italy: We are an Italian marble studio and are interested in buying rough rose quartz for a fountain. April 26 Contact 

e 20273 Italy: We search black basaltic pebbles. Quantity: 1 track. TEL. 0461 5.....April 6 Contact 

e 20259 Italy: Please quote for beige marble tiles 30x30 / 40x40x20 polished/unpolished, also slabs polished price FOB. Mobile 00212 611.....April 5 Contact 

e 20013 Italy: We work with the marble and limestone. We have a factory in the north of Italy. Is it possible for you to send me pictures and prices of different kind of your Saudi Arabian marble and limestone blocks.  Fax +39 04649.....March 11 Contact 

e 19937 Italy: We are looking for Peruvian travertine, colour gold, for shelves in our stores. We need approx. 3.600 sqm. (thickness 15 to 20 mms). Tel. +39 06 334.....March 2 Contact 

e 19925 Italy: We are interesting of nero zimbabwe and red africa stock slabs 2cm, Blocks big sizes. mobile 00393395......March 1 Contact 

e 19908 Italy: We are looking for red jasper, rose quartz and malachite
Quantity : one container each material
Status : rough irregular boulders (pebbles)
Dimension : minimum 3 cm
Delivery port : any Northern Italian seaport
Delivery time : shortest possible
Inspection : indicate site for inspection prior to shipment
Payment : indicate payment conditions 
Evidence : Attach to the offer images showing the materials and the available stock 
Tel +39 050 9.....March 1 Contact 

e 19775 Italy: Please quote for bridge cutter as displayed in ready stock 353. The machine will be installed in the USA or in South AFRICA. Tel: +39-0444-6..... Feb 16 Contact 

e 19765 Italy: Please send us your best offer for sand stone Beige or light yellow colour. We need hand dressed blocks size cm 40x40x40
quantity about 400 sqm. Please give price by pcs quantity per fcl. Phone/fax 0039 011 78.3....Feb 15 Contact   

e 19699 Italy: Please send your best offer for roofing Roofing slate “Rust”
- Size : cm 52x42 and cm 52x27
- Thickness: 8/12 mm (or similar)
- Quantity : one container 20’
Please let us know how many sq.meter in one FCL 20’, Delivery time, Payment Terms. tel. : +39 - 011 - 195......Feb 9 Contact 

e 19681 ITALY: WOULD YOU KINDLY GIVE US YOUR UNIT PRICE FOR ROUGH SURFACE GRANITE, bright grey, 300x300x30 mm to be used for outdoor paving of an Hospital in Libya. A sample is required, but at first pls send a picture by e-mail. TEL +39-011-57......Feb 8 Contact 

e 19658 Italy: We are interested in buying wholesale lots of interesting stonework artifacts. These can be of good reproduction quality....eg, amphoras, lions, bas relief etc. Medium to large stonework in terracotta / marble / etc.  Mobile 34964.....Feb 5 Contact  

e 19574 Italy: We need BLOCKS or , in alternative, SLABS CM.2 and TILES CM.40X40X2 unpolished in BLANCO CALIZA PALOMA.  PH.0039 338 14......Jan 26 Contact

e 19566 Italy: I would like to begin a partnership with you to import the best quality Sivec and Tassos Marble from Greece to Italy. My project consists on importing marble in order to provide cemeteries. I am looking for the best offer to buy this product. If your offer will be interesting we are going to visit you. Characteristics: Length: 240 cm x Height: 180 cm x Thickness: 2 cm. Colour: absolute white (no darkness). I would like to know the prices in €/mq without delivery. I am going to pay you for cash when I will sign the contract in your office. Jan 25 Contact 

e 19434 Italy: We are interested in importing tiles in marble beige called DESERT BEIGE type D 1 size 12"x12"x3/8" qty abt 3/4 containers. pls let us have a quotation f.o.b.  Jan 11 Contact 

e 19399 Italy: I am searching for the furniture of Royal Blue Sodalite. I am architect in Milan. Jan 6 Contact  


e 19273 Italy: I need urgent information and photos for dark brown jura limestone. Tel: 0039 80 44.....Dec 21 Contact 

e19079 Italy: I need these stones (see photos) but I also need the top hole 1mm. Please tell me if you have and the price kg.  Dec 5 Contact 

e 18981 Italy: May we have some information about Ramon Gray? Are blocks available? Nov 25 Contact 

e 18969 Italy: Please quote for Spanish marble and granite. Nov 23 Contact  


e 18776 Italy: Pls send us your best prices for Yellow FLAGSTONES for walls and floors.  
color jellow and small white 
Thickness from 13 to 25 mm 
from 8 to 13 pcs per sqm. 
as per attached image 
pls send us proforma invoice for 20' cont- 
prices fob ningbo or Xiamen
pls send digital pics of the products and of the packing.  Oct 31 Contact  

e 18737 Italy: We are very interested in quartzite. We are wholesalers in Italy of different type of quartzite. Please inform us with a photo of your products. TEL./FAX 0039- 0 925-.....Oct 27 Contact 

e 18524 Italy: I would like to know if it is possible to receive blocks of gabbro and red porphyre in Italy. Please tell me price, shipping method and time. The size that I need is about 100 cm2 or more. The quantity that I will order depends on your the price you offer. Sept 30 Contact  

e 17953 Italy: I am interested in getting the prices (to sqm) for 3 cm slabs of white marbles italian (Carrara, Acquabianca, ...) and Sivec. June 30 Contact  

e 17943 Italy: We are a leading company in the field of marble & granite in Verona. And now we are about to import a big quantity of lime stone "beige" color from Egypt. So please if you are producing lime stone kindly provide us with your best prices f.o.p. Blocks gang saw cutting. And slabs 3cm thick. Tel no. : +2012 32.....June 29 Contact  

e 17696 Italy: We deal with Sandstone, Limestone & Quarzite. We import stones items from China, Pakistan & India. As we are an established company and doing several projects in Italy we are looking to order from Albaina. We would like to get your company catalogue, samples and price list in Euro , including CIF transport to La Spezia in Italy. We are looking for the product which can be used for exterior purpose in sandstone and limestone but they must be strong stones i.e. gel and pressure resistant. May 16 Contact e 17661 Italy: We are searching slabs  of a French material called "gris unie".  Phone 0039 0131 2......May 11 Contact  

e 17612 Italy: We introduce ourselves as an Italian company and dealing with Sandstone, Limestone & Quartzite. As we are an established company and doing several projects in Italy. We are looking for the product which can be used for exterior purpose in sandstone and limestone but they must be strong stones i.e gel and pressure resistant. Our tel. no is 00 39 05 83 ......May 5 Contact 

e 17611 Italy: Please send price list of Amarillo fossil. May 5 Contact  

e 17610 Italy: We would like to know more about Amarillo fossil, please provide us with the following: Price for Blocks, Slabs 002cm / 003cm , rough , cement filled and clear resin filled, Tiles all sizes, Pavers 60cm x 40cm x 3cm, Cobbles 10cm x 10cm x 10cm natural finish. Please indicate loading port. May 5 Contact  

e 17551 Italy: We buy 14000 tons of Carrara pebbles and 20000 Tons of chips each year. Give me your best price. Apr 29 Contact 

e 17547 Italy: Please quote with advise payment conditions and delivery time for 25,000 tons of Kaolin delivered C&F Alexandria Seaport. Tel +39 050 9......Apr 29 Contact  

e 17508 Italy: Please send me your offer for dices manga pink 8/10 tons 500 and dice from 12x12, 14x14, 18x18 thickness cm. 12/15 grey color M2 2000 C/F. Apr 25 Contact  

17383 Italy: Need Imperial white granite tiles for paving. Size: 40x40x1,5 cm, Quantity 8000/m2. Please give your best offer FOB. Our tel. no. is 0039 0175 2.....Apr 12 Contact 

e 17312 Italy: I would want to buy 5 blocks of Orata cream of 180x300x150. Please send me an offer. My tel. no. is +3934882.....Apr 4 Contact  

e 17076 Italy: I have a contract for a big project of external work stone, cladding and floor including columns and capital. The material request is York stone (Beige). My interest to find a 1st class company to supply a similar material (Indian origin). If you have interest, and the right stone please contact me in order to give a BQ, drawings and all details needed. In positive and serious reply my trip to India to finalize is possible.  Mar 11 Contact     

e 17054 Italy: We have an immense range of Italian and international stone materials. We are interested to your material that we are being commercialized already. We ask to send us your complete brochures, price lists and samples. (Granite, Porphyry, basalt, etc…) We are interested in building material, fountain stone, lantern, flowers pots, animals, columns & balustrade, Tables & benches, etc. Our tel. no. is 0039 (0)363 9.....Mar 8 Contact 

e 16687 Italy: Could you quote andes black granite cut to size polished for fireplaces production? Jan 30, Contact 

e 16673 Italy: I am interested in purchasing 40 to 50 basalt massage stones, various sizes, or a set if it's available. Could you please send a quote and brief description and country of origin of the stones? Please include shipping quote to Italy. Jan 29, Contact   

e 16621 Italy: Please confirm us your best prices for the following material: CLASSIC TRAVERTINE CROSS-CUT and/or REGULAR CUT 1st EXPORT CHOICE ONLY CUT: 
a) strips 65 x 31 x 2,9 cm. or length multiple 95 / 125 cm.
b) strips 85 x 41 x 3,4 cm. or length multiple 125 / 165 cm.
c) strips 95 x 46,5 x 3,4 cm. or length multiple 140 / 180 cm.
QUANTITY: one container each 15 days. Jan 25, Contact



e 16091 Italy: We want to buy rounded pebbles in size from 7 mm to 15 mm, mixed. Please quote. Tel +39 0587 6.....Dec 17, Contact 

e 16074 Italy: I am interested in agates. Please quote with images. Dec 16, Contact 

e 16074 Italy: I am interested in agates. Please quote with images. Dec 16, Contact 

e 15793 Italy: We are interested to buy Galala blocks from Egypt. Nov 26, Contact 

e 15768 Italy: I want to know producers of opal pink light and royal beige in blocks.  My tel. no. is +39 0923 9.....Nov 24, Contact 

e 15391 Italy: We need to import large quantities of COSTA ESMERALDA blocks from Iran. We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. Our tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 29, Contact 

e 15351 Italy: We need to import large quantities of SNOW WHITE ONYX blocks from Iran. We want to start with 150/200 tons and then every month. We need all commercial sizes ( 240x130 cm) but we can accept 80 % big blocks 20 % small blocks. We want to make a order very soon. My tel. no. is +39 030 2.....Oct 26, Contact 

e 15285 Italy: I would like to contact a number of suppliers of Italian marble tiles (30x60x2 or 30x90x2) and slabs. Oct 20, Contact 

e 14917 Italy: We are interested to receive your catalogue and price-list of Agate stones. Our tel. no. is 0039 0175 2.....Sept 24, Contact  

e 14913 Italy: Please quote for Agate. My tel. no. is +39 0585 8.....Sept 24, Contact 

e 14746 Italy: I AM LOOKING FOR DURANGO TRAVERTINE MEDIUM/LIGHT M. Tiles filled and honed
30,5x30,5x1 cm. Second choice or broken tiles. material to make mosaics. (No.1 ctr per month). If you have something interesting at very good price please contact me. Sept 13, Contact  

e 14730 Italy: Please send the best prices for Indian Shiva Pink granite slabs 2 and 3cm polished. Qty. 2 container loads. Sept 12, Contact  

e 14365 Italy: Can I have same information about basalt lava? Aug 21, Contact 

e 14168 Italy: I have a company dealing in flooring. I would like to buy mosaic and tiles directly from China, one container every month. Please tell me the best price. My tel. no. is 050.8.....Aug 12, Contact 

e 13370 Italy: I am interested to acquire marble and granite on stock prices for several Russian building companies. June 30, Contact 

e 13159 Italy: I am searching for producers of basaltina in Brazil or in South America. June 18, Contact 

e 13150 Italy: Please quote for Ocra granite as follows:
- Steps cm 150x35x3 Top + front polished with chamfer 2 mm (quantity 125 sqm)
- Risers cm 150x17x2 polished (Quantity 60 sqm)
- Skirting cm 7 (high) x free length x 1 cm (thickness) (Quantity 20 sqm)
- Tiles cm 30x30x1 polished and chamfered (Quantity 120 SQM)
Total quantity 325 sqm. Please let me know the quotations C&F LIVORNO PORT or FOB Chennai
We can consider to buy the Random slabs and cut in Italy, in this case you may send me also the offer for Random slabs polished 2 and 3 cm thick. June 17, Contact 

e 13150 Italy: Please quote for Ocra granite as follows:
- Steps cm 150x35x3 Top + front polished with chamfer 2 mm (quantity 125 sqm)
- Risers cm 150x17x2 polished (Quantity 60 sqm)
- Skirting cm 7 (high) x free length x 1 cm (thickness) (Quantity 20 sqm)
- Tiles cm 30x30x1 polished and chamfered (Quantity 120 SQM)
Total quantity 325 sqm. Please let me know the quotations C&F LIVORNO PORT or FOB Chennai
We can consider to buy the Random slabs and cut in Italy, in this case you may send me also the offer for Random slabs polished 2 and 3 cm thick. June 17, Contact

e 12621 Italy: Please quote for cedar light 12x12 tiles. Our tel. no. is +39 05369.....May 12, Contact  

e 12488 Italy: Urgently require Juparana gold, Juparana Dorado, Amarillo Africa Slabs polished 2 cm. Total 2,000 sqm. Our tel. no. is (39) 335 71......May 4, Contact  

e 12473 ITALY: We are looking for LONGINOTTI CONCRETE PLANT. Please send us the plant's technical description. Our tel. no. is 003902.66.....May 3, Contact 

VN: e 11642 Italy: Please quote for Vietnamese stones. Mar 9, Contact 

e 11346 Italy: Please quote for Quetzal green marble, approx 1000 m2 of polished slabs at 2cm thick + blocks in order to cut slabs in various thickness. Feb 24, Contact 

FR: e 10739 Italy: We are interested in French Poiseul beige, slabs 2 and 3 cm thick. Our tel. no. is 
045 68.....Jan 23, Contact  

AR: e 10677 Italy: I need the quotation of tiles of AZUL CIELO MARBLE of 12x12 Inches (30.5x30.5 cm) 10mm +/- 0.5 thick, polished, beveled and calibrated. 10 tiles in styrofoam box, 36 styrofoam boxes in a wooden crate, 20 full crates + half crates (18 styrofoam boxes) in one 20 ft. container totaling 7920 tiles=7920 sq. feet. Jan 20, Contact  

IL: e 10616 Italy: Where can I buy slabs of Jerusalem Gray? Jan 17, Contact  

e 10555 Italy: Monuments: I want to buy European monument. Jan 15, Contact  

CN: e 10453 Italy: We need a supplier for DIORITE from China. Jan 9, Contact  

e 10220 USA: I am a sculptor please quote with info on Carrara white marble. Dec 25, Contact

e 10203 Israel: We would like to import 3000 sqm of Perlato Royal / perlatino tiles (30 x 60 x 1.8), we can order at 15 euro. We also need steps 125 x 35 x 3 cm, 140 x 35 x 3 polished 320 sqm. payment will be by LC. Our phone no. is +972 57 2.....Dec 23, Contact 

e 10188 Qatar: Please quote for Filetto Rosso 400 X 400 X 20 mm first choice selection, quantity 1400 sqm. and Rosa Beta 300 X 300 X 20 mm first choice selection. Delivery C&F Doha. Dec 22, Contact  

e 10144 Oman: please quote for Perlato Royal in all sizes for 5000 sqm. Our tel. no. is 0096893..... Dec 19, Contact

e 10091 Netherlands: Please quote for Italian and French Stones. Dec 15, Contact

e 10090 Slovakia: We need 200 sqm of botticino classico tiles, 60 x 60 in January 2004. Dec 15, Contact

IT: e 10055 Israel: Please quote for perlato royal type perlatino polished 3cm slabs.(100m^2). Perlato royal type perlatino 30 x 60 x 1.8 (150 m^2), Perlato royal type perlatino steps 130 x 35 x 3 cm thick, polished 
(100 m ). See attached pictures (image 1 & 2). We need is a price for 1st qulity not more than 16 euro and we can order now a full container to start our new project which may take between 1600m^2 to 2200m^2 in his second period from the same material. My tel. no. is +972 8 2......Dec 12, Contact

e 10025 Nigeria: Please quote for perato royal 30 x 60 x 2cm and perato sicilia 30 x 60 x 2cm polished. Dec 10, Contact

e 10005 Korea: We want to import Botticino marble and Giallo Crystal from China. Please send price lists and payment terms. We have a construction project. Dec 9, Contact

e 9968 USA: I like 2 cm white Carrara "CD" from Italy fireplace kits. If this does work. I can buy slab or block for this material. Dec 6, Contact

IT: e 9966 Singapore: How much is Botticino Semiclassico per sqm (in US$). Kindly furnish me more details for this marble, such as thickness, the consistency of the veins/pattern, is the stock readily available? I required about 100m². How long is the delivery? Any guarantee on the quality of the stones? Tel: 6 21.....Dec 6, Contact

IT: e 9960 Senegal: Please quote for Italian marble Perlato Sicilia and Perlato Royale.  Sizes 60 x 60 x 2cm, 800 sqm. and 100 x 60 x 2 cm, 425 sqm and 500ml of plinthe perlato.  Dec 5, Contact


e 9929 Tunisia: Please quote for Marble waste in white color. Qty. 1000 Tons / month. We want stone it for self use. Payment by Letter of Credit. Delivery within 10 days weeks. Our fax no. is 74 4..... Dec 3, Contact

ALL: e 9928 India: Looking for Indian, Spanish and Italian stone suppliers. My contact no. is +91 20 71.....We are a construction house in Poona. Dec 3, Contact

IT: e 9927 UK: We are a company based in the U.K. and doing projects in Nigeria. We require polished botticino classic and semi-classic tiles 30 cm x 60 cm x 1.5 cm. Quantity required 2000 sqm. Pls quote FOB Italian port in U.S.$ for 1st and commercial quality. We are looking for a price of USD 15 to 17 per sqm as the quantity to be ordered is substantial and repetitive. Pls quote best offer to enable finalise order by next week. Our Nigeria phone no. is 00 234 1 3......Dec 3, Contact

IT: e 9912 USA: We are looking for Italian Tea Rose marble in 12 x 12's. We are a granite company in and looking for a distributor in AR 72764. Dec 2, Contact

e 9441 Libya: We are trading company interested with imports of carrara & arabescato marble. Please quote for 15 containers of carrara slabs 2cm & 3cm thickness. Our tel / fax no. is 00218 21 46.....Oct 31, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9331 USA: Diamond Abrasives: I retail  Diamond Floor Polishers as well as other floor equipment. I am interested in resin bound diamond floor pads. Oct 23, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9425 Italy: Want blocks of Blue Sodalite or Lapislazuli. Sizes? Prices? Oct 30, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9418 India: We are importers of marble from Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc...We also import Perlatino marble 1st choice in large quantity. If you can supply us blocks of the same please email us the prices ex-Carrara. Our contact no. is 0091-11-265..... Oct 30, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9401 USA: I want to try Carrara marble for sculpting. My requirement is 50-200 pound range. I live in Atlanta,GA USA and have worked with local marble. My cell no. is 770-31.....Oct 29, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9397 USA: Looking for engineered marble stone (see image). Top marble is the original, the one at the bottom is the engineered, which was obtained and purchased in SSF, CA, but company closed down. Qty needed approx. low 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft. by slabs. Ready to order immediately. Willing to pay US$15.00 per sq ft including landed and delivered to the warehouse, located in San Francisco, California. Oct 29, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9395 Italy: We urgently require a sample of CALCAIR DE VINALMONT. Our tel. no. is 0039 071 79.....Oct 28, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9376 UAE: we want Italian marble Perlato Sicilia 2cm plolished slabs in size of 150cm x 240cm. Please quote FOB and CNF DUBAI price. What is the delivery time from factory to Dubai? Oct 27, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9373 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for a ready stock of Carrara Gold. Quantity about 2000 M2. Size: Free bands from wide: 30cm and 60cm. Oct 27, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9352 Spain: Please quote for Italian marble and other natural stones. We are currently working with the distribution of tiles in some part of the Europe like Ireland, England, Romania and Yugoslavia. Oct 24, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9326 USA: We need Roman Travertine, unfilled, size is 27 3/4" x 27 3/4" x 2", qty. 310 pieces. Needed asap. We are in Chicago. Oct 22, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 9321 : I want Marron Emperador from Spain and Perlino Bianco from Italy. My tel. no. is 020 798..... Oct 22, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT: e 9301 Malaysia: We require Perlato Sicilia (300mm x 300 mm x 10 mm) - 200 sqm and Perlato sicilia (random slab x 20mm) - 250 sqm. Delivery CNF to Port Klang. We need this material urgently. Our tel. no. is (60) 3 - 798.....Oct 21, Contact, USD 50 (open)

e 9291 St. Maarten: I am very much interested in purchasing a container of marble tiles, travertine tiles for an outside deck and some grantite counter tops. 
I need: 40 M2 Crema Marfil select 40 cm by 40 cm
220 M2 Crema Marfil select 60 cm by 30 cm
25 M2 Rojo Alllicante or Rojo Rosa 60 by 30
15 M2 Rojo Allicante or Rojo Rosa 40 by 40
250M2 Travertine Durango Polished or Classico unpolished for the outside (with a semi rough structure)
I also want marble for six bathrooms but do now know which types exactly. Please advise how much m2 goes into one container. What are moreover the costs of obtaining some samples of the pieces mentioned above. I am willing to pay the costs to obtain the samples per courier. I am in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten N.A. My tel. no. is Telephone: +(599) 54.....Oct 20, Contact, USD 50 (open)

e 9272 Italy: I need sodalite or marble of Belgium. The size must be 10cm x 8cm x 4cm. Oct 18, Contact USD 20 (open)

IT: e 9245 USA: I need a price per sq ft for 12" x 12" x 3/8" Rosso Verona. Need 10 tiles or one box. We are located in Troy, Michigan 48083. Oct 16, Contact USD 20 (open)

IT: e 9241 USA: I am looking for 2200 sq ft of CALACATTA GOLD or CALACATTA GREY in 24x24 tiles and possibly some slabs. I am looking for a great deal, if you have the product at the right price we will buy after seeing samples. Also we have at least three months till we need the product so maybe this will help. My phone no. is 310-27.....We are in Beverley Hills, California 90210. Oct 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9233 USA: I want Pietra Cardosa 2 x 4 tiles – do you have a source to recommend? I need 3000 sq. ft. My fax no. is 212-58.....Oct 15, Contact USD 20 (open) 

IR/IT/TR: e 9214 South Africa: We located stone via yourselves and are now importing regularly. We are interested in importing Travertine as we are at present having to buy from wholesalers. The color we like is Cream and Dark Beige. Need a full 20ft container. Price negotiable at present paying approx US$ 17 per sqm. Travertine tiles size 470x470 / 520 x 520 / 345 x 345 (sizes negotiable). We would like to get an idea of prices per 20ft / 6 metre container. How many sqm per container? We have a genuine interest in importing but need details so as to see the viability, etc. Other countries will do as well. We would need images etc. Our tel. no is +27 4438.....Oct 13, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 9193 Israel: I represent one of the leading companies for Marble & Granite. We import from different countries. I am interested to buy "BOTTICINO CLASSIC" OR "BEIGE BOTTOCINO" and "PERLATO SECILIA". 
I have big project in UAE and the quantity it will be more than 3500 m2. So I need the price for slabs 2 & 3cm thickness for these kind of Marble. 
ALSO I NEED THE PRICE FOR THESE CUT TO SIZE:1- Botticino steps with 3 grooves (3m Tread & 2cm Risers) Straight Qty = 4320 m 
2- Botticino steps CUT TO SIZE (Long Side) Qty = 1505 m 
3- Botticino Landing Floor Cut to Size Qty = 155 m2 
4- Botticino Skirting 10cm Height & 2cm Thickness Qty = 1390 m 
5- Steps for Skirting Qty = 4350 Nos. 
6- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 30cm Width Qty = 27 m 
7- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 11.5cm Width Qty = 20 m 
8- Botticino Marble Top 3cm Thickness, 40cm Width Qty = 23m 
9- 10x2cm PERLATO Thresold Qty = 2421 m 
10 - 20x2cm PERLATO Thresold Qty= 814 m 
Kindly provide us with prices including Supply, Polish, Grooves & Cut to size (In Details). My contact no. is 00972 59 6.....Oct 11, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9180 USA: I want a container of 12 x 12 travertine and a container of Travertine slabs. Oct 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9179 UK: I need 40 slabs in polished white marble each 450 x 450 x 20 delivered to Cambridge UK. Please quote. Oct 10, Closed

IT/ES/OM: e 9178 India: We need Italian Statuario 5000 sq. ft, Crema Royal 8000 sq. ft, Emperado Brown 15000 sq. ft and Perlato Royal 6000 sq. ft. Omani stones of this variants will do in some places. We are also interested in directly importing Italian marbles. We are one of the leading construction house in Bangalore. We require 1lakhs sqft of Italian Marble per annum. Oct 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT: e 9144 India: Please quote for Crystal Bianco White with details such as thickness, sizes available, rate and availability. We are in Calcutta. Oct 8, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9136 Italy: Please advise price and availability for 2,000 LF slab, 3/4 Slab 3/4 Roman Cross Cut honed travertine / 6" base. Oct 7, Contact USD 20 (open)

IT/ZA: e 9132 Czech Republic: We need Carrara, Arabescato Tipo, Calacatta Vagli in 40cm x 40cm x 1,2 cm. Qty is 700 sqm. Wandfliese Weiss glatt 30 cm x 50 cm m2, qty is 3200 sqm. Steinzeug Farbe Schwarz 50 cm x 6.5 cm qty. is 1600 lfm. Fries 3 cm breit schwarz-weiss-schachmuster 1500 lfm  and 30 x 30 x 1 cm African Red, qty is 60 sqm. Please send me offer for these tiles. Oct 7, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 9126 USA: We want Breccia Pernice Marble with all shades pink-coral-cream-brown-varigated within the tiles. Sizes of tile 12x12..16x16...18x18..24x24. Need is for 1000-1500 square ft. of polished marble. Timing is current as soon as material is available. Site is ready for installation. Sample is requested. Material is to be shipped to Northern California. Price that works is $ 5-6/sq ft. Our phone no. is 925-6.....Oct 7, Contact USD 50 (open)

ES/IT: e 9102 Australia: We want Italian and Spanish marbles on a regular basis for our worldwide offices. We buy Carrara white, Calcatta Oro, Emperedo Brown, Crema Marfil, etc. We require random slabs in size 2.7 meters x 1.7 meters x 20mm thick. We want only first quality free from defects. Please give us your best quotes and send us the digital images to enable us to place our order. Kindly also let us know the delivery time. Regarding payment terms we usually work on L/C at 90 days. Our contact no. is +61-2-92...... Oct 6, Contact USD 100 (open) (Buyer has paid deposit)

e 9096 USA: We want travertine 12x12 honed filled floor/wall tile in a light beige to cream color. Delivery to Iowa by December of 2003. Looking for 2000 sq ft. Looking for price below 2.50 sq ft. Oct 5, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9095 USA: Please quote  for Italian poleon Suro and Rosalia dvk. I am not sure of the exact amounts of each but I will need a total of around 3000 sq ft. I am in Perryville, MO. My contact no. is (573) 54..... Oct 5, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9074 Turkey: We need 1000 m2 Light and 1000 m2 Medium, Noche and Dark mixture Travertine. Sizes are 1.2 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm. (cross-cut) and 1.4 x 61 x 61 cm. (cross-cut). Please quote FCA Mersin. Oct 2, Contact USD 20 (open) 

e 9070 USA: We are looking for cross-cut travertine in the lighter colors in square tiles, 10x10, 30x30, and 45x45 with standard thickness. Colors are known as Cappucino, Antique Noche, and Desert Sand. Quantity: 5000 m2/year. Shipments: containers. Please quote. Our phone no. is 678-9.....Oct 2, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN: e 9047 India: Please quote for 4 containers every month for perlato sicilia and perlatino 1st quality polished 20mm slabs. My contact no. is 00919414......Sept 29, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 9025 Italy: Please quote FOB prices first quality blocks of Labrador Verde. See pricelist 613. Sept 25, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8974 Egypt: We need a large amount of Carrara marble, 4000 sqm. Please quote for blocks and slabs. Sept 22, Contact, USD 100 (open)


e 8963 Italy: Please quote FOB per sqm for Pakistani ONYX to be used for wall covering. Terms: C&F Italian Port. Thickness 1cm or 2cm, sizes 1mt x 1mt or your standard size. Type of Onyx: Antique Onyx, Cappuccino onyx, Caramel onyx, Miele onyx or White onyx. Our contact no. is 0039 06 4345.....Sept 20, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8934 Germany: We need PERLATO marble. Please find enclosed our enquiry for export to North Africa for office, colony and factory. Kindly quote separately each quantity. We are looking forward to receiving your best possible offer including: price fob, approx. packing details and samples. Our contact no. is (++49) 6196-5.....Sept 18, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8906 Italy: We are an Italian company interested in purchasing marble for flooring and covering. We need tumbled and/or patinati marbles in 10 x 10 x 1 cm, 15 x 15 x 1 cm, 20 x 20 x 1 cm & 30.5 x 30.5 x 1 cm. Please send us samples and pricelists. +39.0321.....Sept 17, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8896 USA: We require 3300 sq.ft. of 12 X 12 Daino Reale for our client in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The price offered by one supplier @ $ 3.50 per Sq. Ft. I assume that this is ex factory / FOB Verona Italy? Please advise the following information. We would like to obtain a sample of current stock. Can you provide shipping cost for this order as a through rate to Turks and Caicos Port (Provinces)? Please advise at your earliest convenience as we are ready to place an order. Sept 15, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8892 Italy:
We  transform natural stones and marbles. Please, can You give us some information for tropical sun, like where can we find it? price? and any other information. Sept 15, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 8884 Kuwait: We are one of the leading companies in Kuwait dealing in the supply and fixing of marbles, granites and other stone items on commercial projects. Now, we require the below mentioned granite for one of our projects.
We also required the above granite for curved cladding pieces. Please inform us if curved cladding can be fabricted in your country. If so what will be the cost of curved cladding per square meter. My phone no. is +965-48.....Sept 14, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8684 Estonia: Please send to me a price and delivery time for: 
1. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) honed tiles 300 x fl x 10, qty. 900m2. 
2. Nero Marguina (dark grey org: Spain) or Ruivina Dark (dark grey org:Portugal) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 230m2.
3. Rojo Aliciante (terra red org. Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 1000m2 
4. Crema Marfil (light creamy org.Spain) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 600m2 
5. Crema Marfil (light creamy org. Spain) polished tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 100m2 
6. Badrigio Novulato (light grey org. Italy) honed tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 2200m2 
7. Burlington Slate (broughton moor, greenish grey org. England) sanded tiles 300*fl*10, qty. 200m2.
My phone no. is Tel + 372 56 3.....Aug 29, Contact USD 50 (open)


e 8653 Ireland: I would like quotes on: 
1. breccia oniciata: 20 ml thickness tiles for flooring; dimensions: 60 cm X 100 cm; quantity 160 meter squared
2. carrara bianco venatino: 20 mil thickness floor tiles; dimensions: 40 X 60 cm; quantity 25 meter squared
3. Bianco perlino: 20 ml thickness floor tiles; dimensions: 40 x 60 cm; quantity 25 meter squared
I am ready to place an order. Shipping needs to be arranged. Need delivery to Dublin, early / mid October. Phone no. is +353 97 90..... Aug 27, Contact USD 100

BR/IT: e 8610 Mexico: Please quote for all granites from Brazil and all marbles from Italy. We are a stone trading firm and our contact no. is 52 (442) 21.....Aug 23, Contact USD 20 (open)

IT: e 8607 Egypt: Blocks: We want to buy Carrara marble blocks. The quantity is going to be huge. Payment by LC. We need the material for trading. Our phone no. is 002 01014.....Aug 22, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 8478 USA: I would like to get a quote on ordering one to two tons of White Carrara "C" marble, delivered to Brooklyn. Contact no. is (718) 79.....Aug 12, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8381 USA: I am interested in White Limestone's, Travertine Honed Unfilled, different shades and finishes in different sizes, Tumbled Marble in 10 x 10, 15 x 15. We currently buy 3/4 containers a month. We are a stone trading company. Aug 7, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 8348 Italy: We are interested on Girona sierra Diamante 60x60 around 200 sqm. Please send us your best price, delivery time and terms of payment. Aug 5, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT: e 8291 Malta: We are interested in Italian Marble slabs and tiles. Please quote. Aug 2, Contact USD 100

e 8263 Korea: We are an importer-exporter of construction materials, having a business background of more then 10 years. We are looking for the most competitive and reliable supplier of the Natural Marbles. 
Please be informed that the Natural Marbles will be used for the special hotel construction project. We need BOTTICINO (1st quality) from Italy. If you can offer the same or similar ones, kindly send me some photos and your best P/I quoted on CIF Busan. SIZE: MM 600 X 600 X T.15, MM 600 X 600 X T.10, MM 550 X 700 X T.15, MM 550 X 700 X T.15. Mention PACKING, DELIVERY, QTY is 20' X 1 INCLUDING GROSS WEIGHT: KGS/PC. 
Our tel. no. is Tel.: 82-2-267.....Aug 1, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 8147 Spain: We are a large construction company in Spain. Our presence is in many countries.
We need for one of our sites in MADRID (SPAIN), "ROMAN CLASSIC LIGHT TRAVERTINE" MARBLE TILES, and we are interested in receiving your best offer for this supply. Characteristics and volumes to be supplied are: 
Quality: "ROMAN TRAVERTINE" MARBLE tiles in sizes 1,0 x 0,50 m2 and thickness 3 cm, without vein (cross-cut), honed surface finish. Quantity: 1000 m2. Prices: DDU or DDP MADRID – SPAIN. Also interested in Ex - works and CFR or CIF MADRID – SPAIN conditions. 
It is so important to receive commercial samples at the beginning in order to check the colour and other parameters in sizes 40x50 or 50x50 cm2 or standard commercial size. Direct Phone: 34-91-3......July 25, Contact USD 100 (open)

PT: e 8143 UK: We are an interior design company based in the north west of England. We are looking to form direct links with stone suppliers / quarries from abroad to supply us direct with limestone and marble for various projects.
All the projects are at early stages presently so we have not made any concrete specifications on the products that we will end up using but for a couple of them we are looking at using white limestones. 
From the pictures of the various stones I have been looking at we would like to obtain small sample pieces of the following if at all possible. Some of them are: 
Italian limestone - tivoli
Turkish limestone - antalya-kemer, mugla-karacasu
UK limestone - fancy basebed, perryfield whitbed, broadbase, coombefield whitbed.
Portugal: White limestone like branco do mar. Send us quotes and samples. July 25, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 8127 Italy: I want 20000 m2 of Perlatino type "C" (see ready stock 89) or Trani (ready stock 42). My tel. no. is +39 0434 5.....July 24, Contact Rs. 5000 (open).

IT: e 8095 Germany: Required urgently Bianco Carrara C/CD, CNF POrt Hamburg 20' Container or Truck to Berlin including freight cost. Qty. is 2500 Sqm of 15 x 30 x 1 cm polished tiles. Tel.++49 30 43.....July 22, Contact USD 200 (open)

IT/ES/UK: e 8067 Estonia: Please send price and time of delivery for following items:
Burlington Slate honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 177 m²
Ruvina Dark, honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 850 m²
Rosso Alicante honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 930 m²
Crema Marfil honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 565 m²
Bardiglio Novulato honed matt : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 2195 m²
Ruvina Dark, polished : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 430 m²
Crema Marfil polished : 30 x 30 x 1 cm 320 m². 
Also require 12 m² polished tiles of Camelia White ( 305*305*10 or 300*300*10 mm ). My contact no. is +372 50......July 21, Contact USD 200 (open)

IT: e 8054 India: Please send us your price list CIF Kolkatta for Italian Marble & Granite. Our Bombay contact no. is 022-284.....July 20, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 8022 USA: Our company is interested to import Botticino marble in formats 12x12x3/8 inches and 16x16x3/8 inches into the New York and Connecticut markets. I will appreciate your information about availability, fob prices and packing details. Our contact details are 2034.....July 18, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 8021 Portugal: Please quote for TRAVERTINE ROMANO, the measures that are possible to cut, the minimum quantity that we have to order, etc. We need all the information that is necessary for us to import TRAVERTINE ROMANO in tiles of several measures. If you don't mind we prefer the measures in CM instead of INCH.
The most important measure is 600X400X20 MM, and 600X200X20 MM. We have a big order for this stone, around 7000 m2, and we need the prices with urgency. We also need a few samples of this stone to show to our client. July 18, Contact USD 200 (open) 

IT: e 8020 Mexico: We want buy blocks (ingots of 80"x18"x18") of BRECCIA ONICATA to fabricate columns in our factory in Mexico. We need all 6 blocks (ingots) cut in above reference dimensions. Our tel. no. is 
(828) 96.....July 18, Contact USD 100 

NO: e 7993 Australia: I want Norwegian Granites namely Blue Pearl GT, Blue Pearl Gc and Emerald Pearl. looking for suppliers from Norway. I am an importer of granite slabs located in Melbourne and interested of importing large quantities. My phone no. is +61 03 946.....July 16, Contact USD 100 (open)

EG/IT/ES/IR: e 7970 China: We are one of the Exporter & Importer of the marble in XIAMEN, CHINA. We want materials from Egypt, Spain, Italy and Iran. Click here to see the list of items reqd. 
1. finishing requirement----------Unpolished
2. all the prices offered on CIF XIAMEN basis 
3. Please send us photos or samples for our confirmation if you are not sure of the name of the products while you are offering. Sending us the samples accordingly will be highly appreciated. Our contact no. is +86-592-51.....July 15, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 7915 Korea: WE NEED BOTTICINO POLISHED SEMI CLASSICO (600 * 600 *20 M/M), VOLUME ABOUT 2,200 SQM (M2) AND BOTTICINO PIORIT (600*600*20 M/M), VOLUME: ABOUT 1,200 SQM (M2). PAYMENT: L/C OR T/T BASE, SHIPPING: C&F BUSAN / KOREA, 20 FEET CONTAINER BASE. INSPECTION: WE WILL GO DIRECTLY TO YOUR ITALY FOR INSPECTION. Our fax number is 82 31 59.....and my mobile no. is 82 11 72..... July 11, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7898 Austria: Please quote for 30 er Kashmir gold approx. 150m2 for internal area - 30 er tiles Kashmir gold approx. 50m2. Our tel. no. is +43,316 282......July 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7882 UK: I am trying to source a white cement conglomerate product which I believe is manufactured in Italy. This product looks like a typical marble conglomerate product, except it has tiny bits of reflective material within the body of the tile which reflect the light like ‘tiny mirrors’. Have you any ideas as to who might produce a product like this? My tel. no. is : + 44 (0) 115 93.....July 10, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 7830 USA: We want Black Marble Base Pieces with White Grain/Polished for 500, 2500, 5000 & 10000 Pieces. 
Black Marble Base Pieces with White Grain and Laser Engraved Text/Polished for 500, 2500, 5000 & 10000 Pieces. 
Sizes are 3 1/2" Dia. X 1" H, 3/8 Dia hole through center. Rubber pad backing put on by you and pads supplied by us. Please see attachment - this shows where the hole is and the print. Give lead time, quote F.O.B. Tampa, Florida. I am at the final stage for buying. Will place an order with the best supplier to my needs NOW. 
I also sent a attachment with text, text may change when putting in order. Please let know if you can see this attachment OK. (If not I will fax print to you, let me know your fax number.)
If possible to get a sample of a piece of marble that you sent in the attachment with the text sand blasted so we can show our client the finished product from you.
At the same time can you give me a quote for the following of the Black Zebra Marble as shown from your attachment. This would be sent by sea to Tampa, Florida.
500pcs without text 500pcs with text
1,000pcs without text 1,000pcs with text
2,500pcs without text 2,500pcs with text. Contact no. is (941) 48.....July 8, Contact USD 200 (open) 

e 7814 India: We introduce you our self as a Big Commercial House Importer's & Exporter's of building construction material with Head Office at Ludhiana & Branch Retail Outlets at Chandigarh - Manimajra - Solan & Delhi. We have a strong standing of 30 Years with a strong network of Dealers/Distributors in whole of India.
We are Importing Sanitary wares/Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles / Porcelain Tiles - Borders / listello's from China - Malaysia - Indonesia- Spain & Italy and now entering in Exporting the materials also.
Please quote for:

May I request you to provide us with your detailed Printed Catalogue along with your Price List / Discounts offered with Payment & Selling terms. If you have any existing Sales Network in Northern India provide with the contact information. Our tel no. 0161-50.....July 5, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7805 Italy: Please quote for blocks for Rosso Carpazi Albania origin. looking for importers of this stone in Italy. My contact no. is +39 0585 2....July 4, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7798 UK: We want to import marble tiles. Please e mail photographs, sizes and prices in Euros & USD of all colors. July 3, Contact USD 100 (open) 

e 7787 Kuwait: We are an indenting firm. We receive a good number of orders from African, east and west European and Far East countries for various products through our regional offices and representatives. At present, we have an urgent order for different varieties of marble slabs and skirting from our Ghana customer. Kindly see the following specifications the client has provided. As a manufacturer since you have different brands, kindly specify the nearest models you have which meet the specifications and qualities. Since our client has requested to get alternative products, we could promote your product for their consideration.
Item 1) : Marble (Local)
Specifications: 30 x 60 x 1.3 cm
Quantity: 751.02 meter square
Item 2) : Marble (Local)
Specifications: 30 x 60 x 1.5 cm
Quantity: 698.4 meter square
Item 3) : Marble Skirting (Local)
Specifications: Polished Tiles Size 7.5 meter length
Quantity: 300 meter square
Item 4) : Marble Skirting (Local)
Specifications: Polished Tiles Size 7.5 meter length
Quantity: 300 meter square (Perlato and Shira Makes are preferred.) 
Quote separately for the given units for different available types. If the specified makes are not available, kindly try to get a similar one with same quality and features, but lower price. 
FOB price (Lebanon) in USD*
Price Validity period*
Discounts applicable *
Origin of Product (Lebanon)*
Year of manufacture*
Destination country (Ghana)*
Quantity in units quoted for *
Packaging specifications*
Payment and Delivery terms*
Supply lead time*
Standards Met*
I wish to get the prices of Lebanese products, since our client has special interest in those.
We also expect a soft copy of your product catalogue and export price list for our clients’ references. Our fax no. is  (+965) 46.....July 2, Contact USD 50 (open)

IT: e 7754 Jordan: We want rosa bianco first choice selected 2500 tons in blocks. please quote C & F Amman. June 30, Contact USD 100 (open) 

IT/ ES: e 7720 Mexico: Please quote with catalogs for Italian and Spanish marbles. We are a company in the distribution of marble. We particularly want prices for Arabascato white color of 60 x 60 x 2 cm. and marble similar to cream / ivory color. Our contact no. is (998) 88..... June 28, Contact USD 100 (open) 

IT: e 7707 Libya: Blocks: Please send us your complete priced catalog about Carrara white marble slabs. Also let us know terms of offer and discounts. Let me know the price and pls send me some samples. Our tel: 
Our tel. no. is 00218612.....June 27, Contact USD 200 (open)

IT: e 7683 Greece: I need rosa beta or bianco perla in dimensions of 90x90x3 polished - 800 m². June 25, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7663 Switzerland: Looking for Azul Bahia 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm or 2 cm, Same pattern as Slab, Total surface 35 m2. Looking for In stock ready to ship. Either Delivered Switzerland or FOB Warehouse. Europe or US. Price range delivered $ 350-400 m2 delivered. 
The Room we are looking to cover with Azul Bahia is as follows:
Wall 1 2.35 meters long x 2.4 meters high 5.65 m2
Wall 2 2.25 meters long x 2.4 meters high 5.40 m2
Wall 3 2.35 meters long x 2.4 meter high 5.65 m2
Wall 4 with door:
0.80 meters long by 2.4 meters high 1.95 m2
door 1 meter 
0.50 meters long x 2.4 meters high 1.20 m2
Total walls: 20.0 + 10% 22.00 m2
Total floor: 5.20 + 10% 6.00 m2 
order 30 m2
Tiles sizes 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm
If it is easier to offer 60 x 40 x 1 cm let us know.
Let us know if it is same pattern
Let us know about the tile edges (smoothed, beveled)
Would buy at 362 Euro /m2 delivered Geneva Airport, named forwarder, so can arrange final destination.
L/C against -SGS cert of packing (arranged and cost of buyer) ex factory
- FCR (forwarder certificate of receipt) at Geneva Airport
- commercial invoice
- packing list
- palletized
- Import VAT / Custom clearance for Buyers account 
L/C at Counters of Buyers bank, drawn by Swiss Bank named by seller. 
Please advise if workable, so we can draw a simple contract pro-forma which our bank can open appropriate L/C. Need full style name and address of company etc.
2. Nero Portoro Extra (or Prime quality) 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm or 2 cm Tiles, Same Vein Pattern as Slab, Total Surface 30 m2. Looking for in stock or quick shipment. Either Delivered Switzerland or FOB Warehouse Europe or US Price Range: $ 400-450 m2 delivered. 
3. Emperador Dark 60 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm or 1 cm, Same Vein Pattern as Slab, Total Surface 50 m2. Looking for in stock or quick delivery. Either Delivered Switzerland or FOB warehouse Europe or US. Price range: $ 45-50 m2 delivered. Looking in Stock or quick Shipment. Either delivered Switzerland or FOB European or US warehouse
4. Spanish Marble: White/cream color with golden-light brown veins. I do not know the name (Sunshine perhaps) Need sample by Courier. We have a sample, so need to see a match 40 cm x 40 cm x 1 cm total surface approx 150 m2. Looking for stock or quick shipment either Delivered Switzerland or FOB Europe or US warehouse. Price Range: $30-35 m2. Inspection will depend on location. All above are Polished, straight edged, tiles for use on walls and floors.  Delivery to Geneva. Material should be packed against breakage for export. Are tiles numbered to re-assemble pattern of slab? What is overall dimensions of pallet (2) weight, height width, etc, total cubic for shipping? Price June 24, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry, Buyer has paid deposit) 

e 7651 Malaysia: We seek to purchase: 
63 Sq. M of 600x600x20mm (175pcs) Botticino Classico Polished Tiles
14.4 Sq. M 600x300x20mm (80pcs) Botticiono Classico Polished Tiles
14.4 Sq. M 600x300x20mm (80 pcs) Dark Emprador Polished Tiles
92pcs 600x100x20mm Botticino Classico Skirting 1/2 Round Edge
Please quote CIF to Pasir Gudang Port, Malaysia. Tel. no.: 60 7 33.....June 23, Contact USD 50 

VN: e 7561 Italy: We are owner of two marble quarries and also manufacturer and exporter of marble. Our firm together his partners prides itself on 35 years of experience in this field. We are interested in white marble blocks and tiles (complete milk white and complete salt white) of Vietnam. Can you send by e-mail some pictures of white marble blocks and tiles together your price list FOB Haipong port? If the material and its price will be interesting we should be disposed to cooperate with you and meet you in Hanoi during our next business trip in Far East. June 17, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 7482 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor in NJ and am wondering on prices of Italian marble Blocks. Say a block of Bianco P around 10,000 lb delivered to Newark NJ will pick up from there. Can you give me Price per pound. June 11, Contact USD 100

IT: e 7421 Israel: I am looking for a clean uniform white-beige marble from Italy. I need 250 sqm. What do you have to offer? I am in Tel Aviv, My contact no. is 00972 3 64.....June 6, Contact USD 100

IT: e 7334 UAE: Kindly quote for Marble White Carrara Lorano “C” and “Super C”. QTY: 5000 Sqm. Size 80 x 40 x 3, Destination: Dubai or B.Abbas. Please quote transportation cost separately. We need the material for external cladding. Surface finish is polished. Payment by LC. Will pay for courier cost of samples.
Tel. no. + 9716 57......June 1, Contact USD 200 (open)

NO: e 7314 UK: We are a Marble & Granite wholesaler in London. We are looking for a company in Norway who would like to enter UK market to supply us with marble & granite slabs on a sale or return basis. We have large customer data base and are looking to expand. May 30, Contact USD 100

IT: e 7278 USA: We would like to stock White Carrara of first quality. Pleaqse quote for tiles and 2 & 3 cm slabs. May 28, Contact USD 100

IT: e 7271 Cote d'Ivore: We need 30x30x1 Calacatta marble. May 27, Contact USD 100

NO: e 7270 Singapore: Please quote for Ujinni Brown from Norway. May 27, Contact USD 50

IT: e 7233 Libya: We are trading company interest in importing Carrara & Arabescato marble. Please send your quotation for 15 containers of marble Carrara slabs polished 2 & 3cm thick, for floor tiles Carrara 40*40*2 cm & 60 x 60 x 2 cm. Our payment terms is US$ Cash. We need your currency USD instead of EUR. We need prices to be competitive with our market. Our contact no. is 00218 21 46.....May 22, Contact USD 200 (open)

OM: e 7218 Nepal: We import slabs from different countries especially India and Italy for the past 20 years. We import different blocks of marble from India as well as Italy and then cut it into slabs which are then traded in Nepal. We have even undertaken many projects in Nepal. 
Now to offer more competitive price to our customers we are looking forward to import marble blocks as well as marble slabs from Oman. We require beige colored blocks such as MONTE CARLO and other such blocks. Please send us the price for different kind of blocks as well as their samples with their dimension and weight mention. May 21, Contact USD 200

IT: e 7186 Egypt: Please provide us with your best price to supply 400 M2 30 x 30 cm 20 mm of Trani Bronzetto CIF Alexandria. May 17, Contact USD 40 (open)

e 7165 Turkmenistan: We are a construction company. We would like to get the price list for polished Italian White Carrara 40x40, 40x60, 40x80 with 3 cm thickness. We need quotes per m2 including transportation till Turkmenistan, better through Iran. And also we need info about how the marbles are going to be sent? We need the prices of 1st and 2nd classes only. We are going to place an order as soon as possible. We have projects of 4 floors and 12 floor apartment building at the moment and will probably need few thousands of m2. For the future orders could you also arrange catalogues of the companies in Italy of stones. We need marbles, and granite the most. Out contact (+99312-code) 3..... We also need Red African granite. Please give us your prices per m2, including transport. We need 3 cm thickness. Is it possible to get the price for that as well, and of course including transportation till Turkmenistan. Could you also inform us about the type of transportation. How they are going to be sent and in how many days, after placing the order. May 15, Contact USD 200 (open)

ALL: e 7143 Italy: I have a company of marble and slates. I want suppliers of these materials. Please quote. May 13, Contact USD 100 (open) (updated inquiry)

ES/IT/EG: e 7122 Lebanon: We want blocks, slabs and tiles of Crema Marfil (ES), Beige Nouvelle (EG), Botticino Classico (IT) in addition to all kind of similar stones + a wide variation of granite slabs of dark and light colors. Surface finish should be matte, polished, unpolished & sandblasted. We expect 1st quality material. Variable thickness for slabs and tiles between 1.5/2/3 cm +10% tolerance. Payment terms l/c 120 days. We want to import & buy locally. Inspection will be on site supervision + quality control. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Our contact no. is 00961 9 ......May 12, Contact USD 100 (open)

IT: e 7121 China: We have a factory in China specially for the marble tiles. We want import from Italy. We will check the materials in Italy. For the quantity, we will order (a) Carrara White with more white bottom and few of gray veins, 80 - 100 M3. (b) Botticino Classico with the brown veins, 80-100M3. We will buy some blocks if it's possible. But, with the square sizes. Need offers urgently. Our Tel no.: 0086 592 52.....May 12, Contact USD 400 (open)

ES: e 7093 Ireland: I have a tile shop in Ireland. We buy marble from Italy about 200 sqm a month. I am interested in limestone Caliza Marbella or Caliza Blanca (white as possible) 30x60x15 bevel edge, honed finish, quantity 130 sqm from Spain. Needed for next month. Will pay for postage & samples. We are wholesalers. May 9, Contact USD 100

e 7087 Germany: I want Rosa Beta slabs 20 tons. Surface is diamond sawed. Qty is 200 sqm, bottom 30 cm. Different length. Thickness 1.5 cm. 
Rosa Beta, Surface honed. (if there are small diamond scratches it is ok)
120 sqm slabs, thickness 3 cm (size 150 - 175 x 280 - 310)
30 sqm slabs, thickness 2cm
240 m small border 8 x 1 cm.
40 qm bottom 30 cm, different length, thickness 2 cm. Please quote for Bianco Sardo also for the same specifications given above. Tel. no. +49 (0) 8723 9....May 9, Contact USD 200 

e 7078 Australia: I own a fabricating unit. I want darkest green granite or darkest emperador marble for counters. Please suggest any other foreign materials you may also have – beige colour marbles like Botticino, Noce Travertine, Beige Travertine. 
i want the slabs to be calibrated and without any curves. I also want White marbles – Carrara / Statuario Bianco / Calcatta Orio and granites – Juparana / Black Galaxy / Blue Pearl – others.
Please send detailed list of all materials that you have in stock in block or slab/tile – as this will allow me to promote to a client what you have and order more quickly from this listing. May 9, Contact USD 100 (open)

IN: e 7043 USA: Please quote with shipping to Seattle. I need 1500 to 2000 sq ft white carrara marble or white galaxy or other white granite (the more white the better). Or 1000 - 1500 sq ft black galaxy granite and 200 sq ft paradisco granite. 200 sq ft salt & pepper or black & white granite. Please call at 206-36.......May 6, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 7020 USA: I want 1000-1500 of Italian Becagli size 18x18 or 24x24. Please quote. May 4, Contact USD 20 (open)

US/NO/ZW/FI/IT/BR: e 7016 UAE: We have been awarded the contract to supply & install stones for landscaping works. We need the following quantities:
17890 sqm Salisbury Pink Granite - USA
7385 sqm Capao Bonito Granite - Brazil
14035 sqm Carmen Red Granite - Zimbabwe / Finland
6765 sqm Cotton White Granite - Brazil
16630 sqm Grey Sardo Granite (Grigio Sardo) - Italy
155 sqm Blue Pearl Granite - Norway
62860 sqm Other granites. Kindly quote CIF Abu Dhabi prices for the materials as per attachment. Advise the delivery schedule. Provide us with samples of your Products. May 3, Contact USD 100 (open)

April 2003

e 6976 UK: We want hard limestone for pier plinth fascia. Color: Light Buff/V. Light Grey. Size : 940 x 700 (oversized) x 30. We have selected Marmont or Fontenille Royal from France, Jura Grey from Germany and Biancone Light from Italy. Which of the stones listed below are hard limestones (porosity <5%)? Which UK suppliers can i get samples of these stones from? We are in London and our contact no. is 020 74......
April 30, Contact USD 100 (open)

ES/IT/TR: e 6957 India: Please send catalogues & prices FOB INDIA for BRAZIL WHITE, BRIYANE BEIGE, LIGHT EMPERADOR, GREY WILLIAM, PERLATO ROYAL, YELLOW VALENCIA, WHITE ONYX, GOLDEN ONYX, SPRING ROSE, GOLDEN PATORIYA, ALKANTA, GREY CHIKNEY, DOMIKATA, ROSA PISTALA and SETORIA WHITE. This is urgently required for our various housing colonies & departmental stores. Our contact details are 033-22......April 29, Contact USD 20 (open)

IT: e 6883 Turkmenistan: Please quote with delivery terms for marble slabs in dimensions 40 x 80 x 3cm and quality Bianco Carrara "C".  Our contact no. is (+99312) 5.......April 25, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6879 Singapore: We want Italian marble for a project in China. Size : 60 x 60 x 3cm. Color milk white qty. 75000 sqm and  pink qty. 50000 sqm. Delivery destination: Shanghai, China. Delivery by Sept / Oct 2003.  April 25, Contact USD 500

e 6852 USA: I want 2000 sq feet, Italian marble called bruno san marino. Delivery in Southern California. April 23, Contact USD 50 

e 6828 USA: I want Sodalite blue slabs. What is the typical slab size? The thickness (do you have 3 cm)? I need about 100 sq. ft. April 22, Contact USD 50

CN/IT: e 6820 Germany: Please quote for granite:
Padang dark 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces
Rosa beta 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces
Pepper White 300x63x4cm rim in front round, polish top face and front edge 60 pieces 
Pepper White granite tiles 31x60,5x1cm, calibrated, polished, phased 700 square m 
Rosa beta granite tiles 31x60,5x1 cm, calibrated, polished, phased 700 square m 
We guarantee a further continuous order by 20 container foot. Our contact no. is +49 6835 .....April 22, Contact USD 200

IT: e 6819 France: We want marble Block and polished tiles of 400x400x20mm for the following Italian stones:

e 6798 Spain: We are looking for the good quality marble, granite & travertine tiles and slabs from Italy, Iran, Portugal and Turkey. Please send price list and catalogs. April 21 Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6767 USA: I need some real quick prices for the following material with the given sizes and quantities. 
See below the quantities and sizes of Polished White Carrara Marble tiles. Some company in Carrara should have these sizes and quantities in stock. The price shouldn’t be more than $3.00/SF including the delivery to Baltimore or Norfolk. Surface of the material to be polished. Order is not going to be sooner than 40 days. Thickness we are looking for is 3/8". Doesn't matter if local or overseas. Click here to see image. 

white carrara 4"x4"

bathrooms floor



sq ft

white carrara 4"x4"

shower floor



sq ft

white carrara 16"x8"




sq ft

white carrara 16"x8"

shower tub



sq ft

white carrara 5"x8"




L. ft

white carrara 1"x1"

bathroom floor



sq ft

My phone no. is 202-63..... April 17, Contact See Offers Euro 400

e 6681 Italy: Landscape: We are looking for a supplier of  VRATZA limestone from Bulgaria. Blocks, or slabs, or even finished material will do as we want it for paving-work. April 10, Contact USD 200

BG: e 6669 Italy: I want 1000 sqm Bulgarian Vratza Stone for floor tiles, sawn surface and extra-cost for hined surface. Sizes: 100 x 100 x 2 and 3cm. square-sawn, 100 x 100 x 2 cm. rhomboidal shaped, abt. 15 cm. out of square same items in size 50 x 50 cm. 
sizes                                    square                                     rhomboidal shape
                                  honed         sawn                     honed                        sawn

                          ---------- -----------      -----------          ---------------
50 x 50 x 2cm.      Euro .......  Euro ........      Euro ........          Euro ........
100x100x 2cm.       " .........      " ........          " .........               " .............
50 x 50 x 3cm.      Euro .......  Euro ........      Euro ........          Euro ........
100x100x 3cm.       " .........      " ........          " .........               " .............
Prices should include packing, FOT-ex works Bulgaria. Our contact no. is 0039-335-61..... April 9, Contact USD 200


FR: e 6606 Italy: We want CHASSAGNE BEIGE FONCè or CLAIR from France. Our fax no. is +39.045.68.....April 3, Contact USD 50

UK: e 6592 Italy: I am an architect and want to 550 sqm some British stone like Perryfield Witbed. We want cover a building in Bologna. Please quote slabs of 2 or 3 cm. thickness. My tel no. is 0039 51 2....April 2, Sold 

IT/ZW/ZA: e 6591 Israel: I want Nero Africa and Rosa Beta slabs and tiles. Size range slabs 1.45 m up X 2.45 m up X 2cm & 3cm , Tiles 30 cm X 60cm X 2cm & other sizes. Surface polished first quality granite. Process quality should be with no deflection, no cracks, +1 or -1 mm thick tolerance. 
No shade variation, no vain no different in the color no dark or light spots. Quantity estimate 5 Fcl or more every month from Nero Africa & 5 Fcl or more every month from Rosa Beta. Price range for Nero Africa slab 2cm thick (24 $/Sqm to 28 $/Sqm) & for Rosa Beta Slab 2cm thick (12 $/sqm to 15 $/sqm). 
Payment terms T/T or L/C depend on the agreement between me and the co.
I will Import from out of my country and buy locally. I will not pay for the sample as I will buy. I will definitely order at 26 $/sqm for Nero Africa , 13 $/sqm for Rosa Beta and can order immediately. Please quote. My contact no. is 00972 8 28.....April 2, Contact USD 500

e 6588 Egypt: We want Rosso Levanto & Breccia Oniciata from Italy, Verde Fiorito from India and Miele d`oro from Spain. April 2, Contact USD 100

e 6577 Italy: I want 80 sqm of jerusalem grey for my house. I am a stone trader also. April 1, Contact 
USD 100

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

e 2814 USA:  We are mainly looking for a dark gray material called Basaltina, oriental Basalt 300 m2 for flooring uniform with no veins. Payment will be done by L/C. Delivery time is 6 weeks as we need it for a project. April 23. Contact

e 2810 USA: I am looking for approx 2300 sq foot of the lightest white or cream travertine in 1 select quality in 18x18 3/8 in Jackson, MS. April 23. Contact, See Offers

e 2721 Netherlands:  My company, a wholesale and retail shop for amateur and professional artists, I am looking for a supplier of various materials for my customers. If possible I would like to receive information about minimum quantities, delivery time, price and conditions of the various products. A point of interest is colour, density (specific gravity) and size of the raw stone material. To be specific; the stone should be boulders. Approximately pieces of 25 up to 50 kg each (maybe your left-overs?) or, on specific demand of the artist, it should be of a specific dimension on order. Payment will be wire transferred. April 10. Contact
See Offers 

e 2714 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of Carrara marble to serve as a kitchen island that my husband would build cabinetry underneath. I'd like something that I could roll out dough with and would love something with a blue hue that would compliment a weakness for cobalt blue. I live in the New Hampshire seacoast. April 8. Contact

April 8. Contact, See Offers

e 2689 USA:  I am interested in Limestone tiles 16" or 18" in Biancome Light from Italy and the Porto Beige from Portugal or a limestone tile that is similar in color and texture. I anticipate needing about 850 sq. ft. I am in Huntington, Beach Calif, and will take possession on the first of May and want to install the tile prior to moving in June. I want to finalize the purchase of the tile in the next two weeks. I have found several Newport Beach and Costa Mesa distributors who have quoted between $6 and $10 per square foot for 16 or 18 inch tiles. Some will deliver others want me to pick up or pay for freight. I would prefer to deal with a local supplier, but could work with an out of the area supplier if they can get samples to me and insure on time delivery. I am looking for the best price that I can get. I will be installing the material myself and should have the final measurements and determination of the quantity required by April 6th. April 2. Closed
See Offers

e 2685 Singapore: I need unusually big Traventine Blocks for sculpturing works. 
1) The finished dimension of blocks I require are to be :
a) 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 500 mm thick. ( In one solid piece ) Qty : 2 pcs.
b) 10000 mm x 2000 x 500 mm thick. ( Could be formed by 3 pcs maximum ) Qty: 1 pc.
Finishing : Top face 2000mm x 500mm : honed.
Bottom face 2000mm x 500mm : Sawn cut.
Vertical 2000mm x 500mm width faces : in split finish.
Vertical 2000mm x 2000mm faces : honed finish.
The above blocks would be laid in sequence, we desire the cavities 'wave flow' to be continuous from left to right. These blocks must be hard and strong to withstand external tropical weather. They are to consist with the natural cavities, as we like it's character. The color should be light beige. The supplier must have the necessary facilities to do the desired finishing for us. Interested parties please quote in volume - how much per m3 CNF Singapore? I guess they have to be shipped in open top 20 footer container. Please email me with photos of said Traventino in honed finish. We understand there will be lots of wastages from such requirement, we are prepared to buy over them too for our other sculpturing works. April 2. Closed
See Offers

e 2678 India:  Ours is a 100% EOU granite monument export unit in Tamil Nadu, India. We require white marble blocks for monument purpose. Interested suppliers sent samples and price through FindStone. 
April 1. Contact

IT: e 6551 Latvia: We want BIANCO CARRARA CD polished slabs, of thickness 3cm, of good quality in quantity about 150m2. Looking for companies from Italy. March 28, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6527 Ireland: We are a custom-build furniture manufacturer in Dublin. We require the Bianco Carrara C/D marble tops. Please quotes should include crating and delivery to Limerick. Our tel. no. is 
Telephone: + 353 (0) 1 46..... March 25, Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6512
USA: I want ROSSO RUBINO, ANTICO D'ITALIA ROSSO, COLLENANDINA ROSSO, LAGUNA ROSSO, RAMELLO ROSSO, VERONA ROSSO, TRANI CLASSICO, TRANI FIORITO, KOYO SA, CREMA LOJA & BOTTICINO FIORITO APRICENA. Please quote with images. I also need samples of each of these. I am an architect in Chicago. My contact no. is 312.75.....March 25, Contact USD 20 (open)

VN: e 6505 Italy: Please quote for White Marble and Grey Granite from Vietnam. March 24, Contact 
USD 20   (open)

e 6504 Switzerland: I have an URGENT requirement for 600 Sq Ft of large polished slabs of Portoro Nero Extra. The stone must be of good quality with predominantly golden stripes. Delivery to Jaipur, INDIA. Need the material ASAP. The material is to be used for bathroom walls. My price range is between 1000 - 1500 INR (Indian Rupees). I am also willing to speculate on prices above 1500 INR. Payment terms is cash on delivery. I am ready to pay for courier cost of samples. I am willing to import the stone from Italy provided I get to see it there. My tel. no. +41 79 37.....March 24, Contact USD 200

e 6478

e 6466 USA: I need 5000 sq-ft of "Botticino Fioroto". How much does it cost and where can I find (as close to Orlando Fl as possible)? March 20, Closed

e 6449 Italy: We want Andesite blocks from Turkey. Our fax no. is +39 0573 5....See ready stock 322 as reference. March 19, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6447 Italy: Blocks: We want marble blocks White Carrara and Bianco Gioia. Our fax no. is 
+39 0573 5....See pricelist # 934 as reference. March 19, Contact USD 50 (open)


e 6383 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor looking for Statuario marble block around 1.5 cbm. I need first quality material. I need it for sculpture that include a portrait. Please send prizes and payment terms.
March 12,
Contact USD 20 (open)

e 6380 India: We are dealing in Granite slabs and tiles in India. We find some of your colors at much of our interest. Please quote for Chinese granite color nos. G017, G019, G639, G603 and G640. In Italian Granite we are interested in Grigio Malaga. 
Our expected business volume for each grade may be up to 100000 sq. ft. in 2 and 3 cm thickness.
Our contact detail is 0091-2932-2.....March 12, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6376 USA: I want White Carrara Marble for window sills. Please quote. My contact no. is (239) 47.....March 11, Contact USD 50

e 6367 USA: Blocks: I want a few tons of Carrara marble blocks. See pricelist 934. 
I have some questions: Will you pack and ship it to Los Angeles, California? Would I then process the paper work through customs? Do you have a shipping company that you have worked with that I can contact on this end for details? March 11, Contact USD 50 (open)

e 6352 Egypt: Blocks: We need to import 100 cubic meter White Marble something like Carrara from Italy. Please quote CIF prices and all block sizes available. Our contact no. is 002 01234 ..... March 9, Contact 
USD 40  (open)

e 6350 Belgium: I want basaltina. Would like to know main producers and any distributors in Belgium. Please quote. march 8, Contact USD 20  (open)

IT/NO/ZW: e 6345 a UK: Please quote for polished with beveled edges and polished sides. Colours required ; Blue Pearl, Botticino Classico, Carrara, Jade, Zimbabwe Black. 200x100x20mm, 200x200x20mm, 200x300x20mm. Qty reqd. 25 of each colour. March 8, Contact USD 20 (open)

IT: e 6307 Malta: I want Italian Perlino Cream Marble Slabs 1st Quality. The slabs size must be 60 x 30cm x 1.8 cm. Qty. reqd. is 145 sqm matt finish. Skirting in above 15 x 60cm / half round / polished 118 linear metres.
Plain Border in Visone Marble 10 x 100cm, 56 linear metres. To be delivered within the month of March. I will not pay for samples. Payment 10% as advance and balance against delivery. My contact no. is 356 21 4.....March 4, Contact USD 10 (open)

e 6287 USA: We 2500 sq. ft. of a mixture of rosso asiago polished and brushed. We are in WI. March 1, Closed

e 2528 India:  Project: I want to import one container of Beige marble for my house. The material I am looking for is 3500 sft of Perlato Di Sicilia or Cosmic Beige. I am looking for a supplier from Italy or Bombay. Please recommend any other quality also, I understand Beige from Turkey is very good. Let me know the prices C&F India - Chennai Port. Feb 26. Contact, See Offers

e 2514 USA:  We are interested in buying a marble quarry. Feb 23. Contact

e 2513 Bahrain:  Please send us prices for Perlato Sicilia, Botticino, Filetto Rosso, Verdi Isori, Aquamarina Azzurro, Alicante Rosa, Verona Rosa, Gialo de Sieyenna, Botticino Semi Classico, Colanantina Rosso. Sizes are  60 x 30 x 2, 60 x 60 x 2, slab x 2cm and 3cm. Feb 22. Contact

e 2512 USA:  Project: I am looking for light gray limestone 24" x 24" (3000sq ft) & polished travertine 12" x 12" or bigger (4000 sq ft). What the price for Limestone from Texas? Do you have something else in good price? I need it in Las Vegas , NV. Please send me samples soon as possible. I hope my customers will like it. If not, I will have it in my show room so we can work together in near future. Feb 22. Contact
See Offers

e 2494 USA:  Retail: Please quote for Pietra del Cardoso. I need the stone for kitchen countertops. Our new construction project is in Boston Massachusetts. Feb 19. Contact, See Offers 

e 2481 USA:  Project: I am an interior designer looking to import 4000 square feet of high quality 24" X 24" Saturnia (for example, Navona Extra, Venato Navona or Ondama Rina) honed and filled for inside and outside (terraces) project in Miami, Florida USA by September 2002. I also need 6" Saturnia baseboard with OGE edge to match tile.Feb 18. Contact, See Offers 

e 2462 USA:  Retail: Please quote for the following: 300 sq. ft. 12"x12" polished, filled, beveled, Navona Travertine (or similar) 150 sq. ft. 16"x16" polished, filled, beveled, Navona Travertine (or similar). Delivery & insurance to New Orleans, USA. 
I am still interested in purchasing our order through FindStone, but do have some additional questions. The stone is to be used in a bathroom, and I would like to change our request for the following:
Turkish cross-cut travertine, light, filled & honed (but not polished)
300 sqft 12"x12"
150 sqft 16"x16"
Delivery is to New Orleans, USA. Please provide details on total price (incl. delivery & insurance), and
photos if possible. I would also appreciate references you may have to individuals/companies that you have previously delivered to in New Orleans. Feb 12. Contact, See Offer

e 2461 USA:  Retail: Quote for Pietra del Cardosa. I want 60 sq. ft. for kitchen countertops (project in Massachusetts). Feb 12. Contact

e 2435 USA:  I am looking for Filetto Rosa slabs. I need three countertops. Is there a certain minimum number of slabs that can be shipped? I'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Feb 7. Contact

e 2431 Egypt:  Please quote for the following: 
 Italian Botticino Marble (polished) 75 x 25cm & 75 x 40cm 2&3cm thick qty 6500 sqm each
 Rosa Zarzi 75 x 40 cm 2&3cm thick, qty. 2500 sqm. Prices should including CIF any Egyptian port, packing. Samples is necessary. System of payment should mentioned in your offer. Feb 6. Contact, See Offers

e 2429 Mexico:  Please quote preferable FOB Italian or Spanish port for: 
Fior Di Pesco Carnico marble 100 x 100 x 20mm. tumbled tiles, qty 120 sqm. 
Fior Di Pesco Carnico marble 300 x 300 x 20mm. tumbled tiles, qty 150 sqm.
Crema Marfil Perlado Marble or Rosa Aurora Marble 400 x 400 x 20 mm. tumbled tiles, qty 1300 sqm.
Rosa Valencia Marble 100 x 100 x 20mm. tumbled tiles, qty 480 sqm. 
Yellow (Ochre) Travertine 300 x 300 x 20 mm, qty 1250 sqm. tumbled; 100 x 100 x 20 mm, qty 620 sqm. tumbled; 600 x 600 x 20 mm, qty 350 sqm. tumbled. Feb 5. Closed, See Offers

IT: e 2378 Germany: Please quote along with sample for Silver quartzite dark or light gray in the size of 500 x 500 x 15 mm. Qty. 500 m2. We are furniture manufacturers and also construct houses in Germany. The material is to be delivered to Rhede in Germany. Jan 24. Contact, See Offers 

IT: e 2364 China: Please quote for Nero Portoro blocks 30 M3. Please quote price CNF Huangpu, China. Jan 22. Contact

IT: e 2321 USA: Please quote for White Venatino marble 18x18 Polished tiles. Quantity required 3000 sq.ft. Delivery in Houston, Texas 77008.  Jan 16. Contact. See offers

IT: e 2287 USA: I am in San Diego and in need of some travertine for my home. I need approximately 1600 square feet of 18''x18'' tiles (16'' is also acceptable) in a light 'select one' travertine. I originally wanted Italian 'novona' but I am also interested in Durango and Turco. I also need a round 48'' marble / travertine floor medallion. Jan 9. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 

IT: e 2283 Germany: Retail: Please quote for 10 to 20 sq.m Rosso Verona antique stone. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers or Buy at USD20 

IT: e 2278 b Singapore: Please quote for Italian Cream, Polished, 600/300 x 600/300 x 20mm. Jan 7. Contact 

IT: e 2278 a Singapore: Please quote for Perlato Fiorito, Polished, 600/300 x 600/300 x 20mm. Jan 7. Contact

ES, IT, IR, TR: e 2165 USA: We need your wholesale price for Creama Marfil [ivory] and white-cream travertine. One container for each quality. Dec 8. Contact

IT: e 2234 Canada: Please quote for Bianco Statuario 1 ch. polished tiles 60 x 60 x 2 cmqty required is 700 sqm. Dec 31. Contact, See offers

IT: e 2220 USA: Please send quotation for marbles & granites of the items as per attachment Dec 22. Contact

IT: e 2211 Saudi Arabia: I want average ex-factory price of natural finish Granite tiles (from Italy) 
100mm x100mm x 80mm, which should be most suitable for external paving works. At the moment we don't have the material selection, so please provide the average price / m2 areas ($/m2), with reference of priced material. Do you have 80mm thick granites in slabs so that we could cut to size here as required? Dec 18. Contact, See offers

IT: e 2202 USA: We want Saturnia (see picture) 24 by 24 and slabs to match. Saturnia is a Navona unpolished honed and filled cross cut travertine. We are looking for at least 6000 square feet of the best quality tile and the slabs to match for the formation of stairs. We prefer to import the stone from Italy. We will require the stone in Summer 2002 and may purchase sooner if we get a good deal. We favor a uniform light delicate color with low porosity. We are based in Florida. Dec 16. Contact, See offers


IT: e 2173 Korea: We want 600 sqm - BIANCO CARRARA COMMERCIAL CHOICE POLISHED FREE LENGTH 30 X 1.5 CM. Dec 9. Contact


ES, IT, IR, TR: e 2165 USA: We need your wholesale price for Creama Marfil [ivory] and white-cream travertine. One container for each quality. Dec 8. Contact

IT: e 2142 USA: Looking for someone from Italy to supply marble tiles at wholesale prices. Dec 2. Contact USD50

IT: e 2141 USA: Retail: I want Rosa Beta 1 1/4" slabs. Seems to be unavailable from regular supplier. Dec 2. Contact or Buy at USD20 

B 618 India: We need the best quality Botticino or Creama Marfil marble. Durability of the product is a very important thing. We need material without any filling. Qty. is 2000 sq ft. We are willing to import. We are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Nov 30. Contact
IT: e 2126 Bulgaria: I am interested on granite coming from Italian producers. Nov 29. Contact

e 2082 China: I want Filettato America. See www.findstone.com/ITAlime1.htm Please quote. Nov 22. Contact 

IT: e 2050 c Singapore: I want Perlato Svevo Marble from Italy  600x600x20mm. Please quote for fully loaded 20' containers. Nov 16. Contact

IT: e 2047 USA: Quote for tiles in biggest form and 2" thick also of:
45 SQ. M., 
41 SQ. M., 
13 SQ. M., 
9 SQ. M. 
I am a home owner and am looking for these tiles to do my house. Quote for polished tiles. I would like to order these before the end of the year. Nov 16. ContactUSD 30 only.

TR, IT: B 607 Israel: We have few projects in which we have been asked to put Turkish or Italian marble. We would like to receive delivery options and specific price information on any Beige polished marble you have. Amount of marble in slabs and tiles, assumed per order will be about 1000 meters / month: 30 X 60 X 2 plates & 30 X 60 X 3 plates, 30 X 120 X 2 plates & 30 X 120 X 3 plates, 30 X 100 X 2 plates (if you have any) & 30 X 100 X 3 plates, 120 X 240 X 3 plates. Please quote. Nov 16. Closed

IT: e 2026 China: Our company is searching for Cream / Beige stones, such as Crema Marfil, Slevia, Sunny Beige, Botticino. The sizes are as follows: 12 x 12 x 3/8", 16 x 16 x 1/2", 18 x 18 x 1/2". Please quote. Nov. 14. Contact

IT: e 2016 USA: I want 150 sq. m of Statuario select 2 cm. slab in a 60 x 60 cm. size, chamfered edge. Nov 12. Contact

IT: e 2007 USA: I need a few pallets of Travertino Alabastrino or Navona, whichever is paler, to tide me over until my next container comes in. Please quote. Nov 10. Contact

IT: e 1988 USA: I am currently importing from China and Pakistan.  I have a client interested in 930 M2 of Botticino  30x30x2 cm. Nov 7. Contact

IT: e 1971 USA: Where can I locate a supplier for Italian Black slate in tiles? The quantity is 1200 sq. ft. of 12 x 24 cm. Nov 2. Contact. USD 30 only.

BR, IN, IT: e 1814 USA: We are a building materials supply company. We supply materials such as bricks, pipes conduit fittings, cement, labor, etc to our Customers. Our customer base includes Builders, Contractors, Architects, Showroom owners etc. In the previous years we would source granites and marbles from local importers for our customers, but lately our business volume in granites and marbles have increased considerably. Moreover our customers do not want to deal with multiple suppliers so we are in the process of evaluating granite and marble vendors from Brazil, Italy and India. If you are interested in supplying to us then please send us samples and sizes the stones would be available in. Type and color of the sample can be as per your convenience. Please bear in mind these sample are for the US and Canadian markets. Aug 25. Contact

IT: e 1764 USA: We are looking for Italian Rose. Can you tell us the quarry or supplier who is cutting slabs of this material? Aug 1. Contact

IT: e 1705 UK: I need 15mm thick Botticino Semiclassico or Creama Superior in large scant form. May 24. Contact

IT: e 1691 HongKong: Want to get in touch with companies in Carrara producing the white marbles. May 10. Contact

AU, CN, IT: e 1681 Taiwan: We are very interested in sandstone material. We import lots of sandstone from Australia, China & India. But we also like Pietra Del Cardosa which is shown in the stone album section, sandstones from Italy (www.findstone.com/ITAsand1.htm). Could you kindly quote for blocks or slabs and cut to size based on fob term. July 18. Contact

IT: e 1647 USA: I am looking for 3,000 feet Crema Marfil, now, and possibly more later.  Can you lead me to a  wholesale source? July 3 contact

IT: e 1623 USA: We are looking for white marbles close to the colour and texture of Carrara. June 18 contact

IT: e 1600 Malaysia: Kindly quote CIF Port Klang Malaysia for the following: -
B) Botticino Marble Polished Finished
    1) Random Slab - 20mm thk - USD ________ /sf. June 5 contact

IT: e 1590 USA: Will the top miners/producers of Italian marble in Verona area and also the top marble producers in India pleae contact me? June 3 contact

e 1576 USA: On a desparate search for a low-variegation grey granite for a high-end kitchen project.  Something a little darker than Barre Grey and a lot lighter than Impala Black.  Diorite Di Brosso from Italy looked promising. May 19 contact 

e 1569 USA: We want to buy blocks of ROSSO LEVANTO. May 17 contact

e 1574 USA: WANT 170 SQ FT   OF  CARARRA MARBLE  IN 12 X12 SQUARES. May 18 contact 

IT: e 1558 USA: Need Bianco Romano granite kitchen counter top. May 10 contact

e 1556 UK: I am developing 2 properties in Tobago. I am looking to price (for delivery in March 2002) 400sq metres of light coloured (beige or cream) Limestone or Trevetine (unpolished) for internal use including stairs. Given one floor will be on 1st floor level we are looking at 10-15mm thickness and tiles of 300x300 or 400x400. May 8 contact

IT: e 1547 USA: I like the Italian Marble Aquamarina Azzurro, and Verona Rosso.  I am building a patio and would like to acquire at least 18 peices of each of these in the size 24 x 24 x 2 inches thick.  This would roll up to 144 square feet.  If this is not possible I also Like the Canadian Polar Jade.  If the larger block size is not available then maybe 12 x 12 x 2 inches thick may do it.  I would like these highly polished.  May 02. contact

IT: e 1488 USA: I am seeking light coloured unpolished Travertine/Limestone from Italy France Turkey ie Europe for internal flooring so reasonably thin/light. This is for 2 residential houses only need about 400 sq metres.
I liked in Travertine  (1) from Italy : Navonas,Desert Gold & Romana Classico
IT: I liked in Limestone (1) from Italy: Biacone Light                                

IT: e 1443 Korea: I like Ege Brown, Dove, Laguna Red. We want as follows: Block, Slab *20mm,  400 x 400 x 20,  600 x 600 x 20 to korean port or in italian port at USD/m2 or m3. March 14

IT: e 1434 USA: I am professional general contractor looking for 1000 sq. ft. of tumbled marble ( Rossa Verona). March 10

e 1401 USA: I am interested in Italian Limestone/Fior Di Mare & Grigio Carnico in 12x12 in .38 thk, tiles. Please give cost, timing, etc... on 1000 sq ft. I'm a "do it your selfer" an i'd like to get enough to complete a bathroom and a basement. Feb 17

e 1362 India: I am looking out for raw blocks of Valantina, half white Carrara approximately 75000 cft delivery India (kandla or mumbai). Jan 29


e 1353 Turkey: We would like to be informed about the CIF(cost,insurance and freight) / ISTANBUL prices below mentioned products and/or the CIF / ISTANBUL prices of the products ( one(1) container of each product price list) that you currently have. In case the prices are found suitable and the samples are found efficient, there would be a trade agreement. For the samples we are going to ask for, we will later on give details.
We are firstly looking for these products;
ROSA PORRÝNO, 2 cm, 150 x 320 cm
ROSA BETA, 2 cm,150 x 320 cm
AFRICAN RED, 2 cm , 150 x 320 cm
BALMORAL RED ,2 cm ,150 x 320 cm
BALTÝC BROWN, 2 cm ,150 x 320 cm
NERO ZIMBABWE , 2 cm , 150 x 320 cm
BLUE PEARL ,2 cm ,150 x 320 cm
VERDE FONTAIN , 2 cm , 150 x 320 cm ROSAVEL , 2 cm , 150 x 320 cm
VERDE GUATEMALA ,2 cm , 150 x 320 cm GIALLO VENEZIANO , 2 cm , 150 x 320 cm
NOTE: The above mentioned sizes (width, length) are approximate, so the sizes can grow/reduce 30 cm . While you are giving the prices, please be careful about these aspects and also add: 1.The unit price of each product 2.One container price of each product. 3.The size, width, length, heigth, volume(m3) of the container that will be loaded. 4.Product amount/pieces per container. 5.All the prices should be given as US$. 6.If you have, product quality certificates. 7.While you are giving your prices, please determine the insurance and freight charges seperately. Jan 26.

e 1351 USA: I like some of these stones for carving: Hibiscus red, Garnet 1, Fossile Marrone, Macaubas Azul and these Italian marbles: Karibib, Ramelo Rosso, Aquamarina Azzurro, Malachite Verde. Jan 26


e 1326 USA: I want Rose(or brown tones) Limestone and/or Travertine at a reasonable price. Would like an unpolished or tumbled or distressed look. Looking for as much as 4000 SF. Jan 19

e 1317 Turkey: We are one off imported marble factory in Istanbul Turkey .We do produce some begie and cheery and creame. For our special plaza building we need following Italian marbles.
1 Rossa Tardos - 637 m2 2 cm size 60*85 2
Bianco Perlino - 9218 m2 2 cm size 60*85 3
Noisette - 1077 m2 2 cm size 60*85 4
Emperador Chiara - 4200 m2 2 cm size 60*85
We need urgent answer. Jan 17

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