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  November Inquiries

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Most images are in the 
stone album
bR: e 5356 USA: I want slabs and tiles of Amarello (Orange) and Panama (Light Green) granite.  A brazilian supplier would be fine. Dec 31, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5351 Germany: Please quote for granites. Dec 30, Closed USD 10
e 5350 USA: I am a contractor looking for stone suppliers in and around New York. Dec 30, Contact USD 10
ALL: e 5347 Israel: We want Onyx products and minerals. We are in mineral business in Israel, We are very interested in your stone materials. Dec 30, Contact USD 50
e 5343 USA:  I am a sculptor looking for soapstone in bulk in North Central Idaho. Dec 29, Contact USD 20
ALL: e 5342 USA: We are a major importer of natural stone in the East Coast. Please send us your complete list of material for marble and travertine. See pricelist 579 as reference. We are in Virginia 23452-7822. Our contact no. is (757) 42.....Dec 29, Contact USD 20
EG: e 5341 USA: (a) I want limestone. Please advise which application is the best, and the pricing for each one of them either by sq. ft or sqm. 
b) I also want Egyptian Granite, Please quote with description. Dec 29, Contact USD 50
e 5340 USA: We want baltic brown and blue Pearl granite slabs for our import and distribution company. We are in CT. Contact no. is 203-73......Dec  29, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5339 bulgaria: Please quote for immediate shipment FOb Indian port for 200 sqm Kashmir White (20 mm slabs) + 12 sqm (12 mm slabs) and 140 sqm Orissa blue (20 mm slabs) + 8 sqm (12 mm slabs). Packing in container 20 feet. Payment terms: L/C. Dec 29. Contact USD 100
PK: e 5338 USA: Please quote for Sahara Gold polished and Honed Tiles truck load 12x12x3/8". Dec 28, Sold
e 5334 USA: We want limestone for a pool that we are building. Stone will be used in a pool / patio environment. The purchase date will most likely be Feb/March of '03. Delivery location is CA 92026. 
See the attached product/price/qty and comparison for the bids that we have received so far. Please provide for similar products and their pricing and availability. Our contact no. is (760) 75.....Dec 28, Contact USD 100
PT/IT: e 5333 USA: blocks: Attached please find the drawings of blocks I need in Rosa Aurora. They can be cut as in the drawings or only cut straight. The dimensions are: 2 blocks each of 24" x 18" x 14", 40.5" x 19" x 15" and 23" x 23.5" x 14". One block of 48" x 16.5" x 15". Please quote with delivery schedule. Dec 27, Contact USD 100
CN: e 5332 Singapore: Please send pricelist C&F Singapore for 600 x 600 x 20 for polished and flamed for the following stones: 603, 606, 682, 640. Dec  27, Contact USD 50
bR: e 5330 China: We need stones manufactured by brazil plants. Usage: for a plaza. Quantity: 60000 sqm. Please send pictures and prices. We are in Fujian province. Tel: 86-592-531......Dec 27, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5329 Palau: We want granite tiles. Please quote with specifications. Also inform us where is the port of shipment and how much quantity is in one 20' container load (weight?). My contact no. is (680) 48.....
Dec 27, Contact  USD 100
GR: e 5327 USA: I am from boston helping a friend with a project. We need to clad a lobby and thought of Greek Thassos slabs. The size of the slabs should be 7' height x 4' width x 3/4'' thick - The idea is to have mechanical anchors at the bottom and top. Would you recommend them in such dimensions? Would it be necessary to use some kind of adhesive (thin-set) as well? Dec 27, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5326 UK: We want container loads of marble tiles. Equal quantities of 4 different colored marble tiles. If you have this to offer please let us know the sizes and the cost delivered. Dec 27, Contact 
USD 100
ALL: e 5322 Russia: blocks: We want 60 cbm (abt 160 tns) of grey / yellowish grey travertine, color close to "Noche" - sort. 
The same quantity of white /creamy white travertine colored approximately close to "beige" - sort. 
Dimensions of blocks must be WxLxH, centimeters at : 250x200x150 plus-minus 5-7% to any direction. 
Dressing is not obligatory. Delivery location: Moscow. 
Prefer to import, top preferable - delivery condition "DDP Moscow". 
Stone details: Any country, Iranian is slightly preferable. 
Our only criteria is color, as shown above: "similar to NOCHE" as well as " similar to bEIGE". Please quote per ton with images CIF port Novorossiysk or CIP Moscow or DDU Moscow. 
We need the material for outside wall-facing of an administrative building. The multi floor building is ready, the owner wants to make a decorative covering on the outer walls, limestone or marble or travertine - no difference, main is the color. We are in "fire" searching of a supplier of raw blocks of material to be satisfactory from the point of view of color (dark-gray, dark-gray with dark green). Prices (first criteria) should not higher than USD 190 CIF port Novorossiysk - for bEIGE / not higher than USD 180 CIF port Novorossiysk - for NOCHE. Second criteria: an opportunity of realization of delivery on a basis "DDP Moscow". 
Purchase would be not later than April 2003. Stone colours preferred are Sultan Gold Iranian travertine or Floral Jerusalem Gold \ Jerus Gold medium shade - Israel limestone or Honey California Greece marble or Drom revermont - French limestone or Wachenzeeler dolomite - Germany as in FindStone's stone album. We yearly process 300000 sqm of stone wall / floor facing materials. Our contact no. is +7 095 92.....Dec
26, Contact USD 100
e 5319 India: We are in need of 1500 Sq.ft. Acid resistant Granite tiles of 40mm thickness for one of our projects in Mumbai. We request you to quote for polished and unpolished tiles with duties/taxes if any, delivery period, payment terms etc. Dec 25, Contact Rs 2000
ALL: e 5318 USA: We super cream from a quarry owner. Please quote for tiles, blocks. Dec 25, Contact 
USD 50
ALL: e 5317 China: We are a importer and distributor in China. We would like to import stone from European countries like Austria, Norway etc. We will be importing for years with all different kinds of stones because we have lots of local clients who like to purchase foreign stones. Dec 25, Contact  USD 100
ALL: e 5316 Canada: Please quote for 100 granite vanity tops 2 ft x 5 ft with backsplash on back and both sided approx. 5" high. Top to be cut banjo style. Dec 25, Contact USD 100
e 5313 USA: I am an interior designer looking for some material for a project I am doing in Northern California. I do homes in Las Vegas Nevada and Sacramento California. I prefer to buy locally, but the usual suppliers are too expensive as a rule. I am trying to expand my list of suppliers for flooring and granite slabs. See pricelist 158 as reference. Dec 24, Contact USD 50
IR: e 5312 Mexico: I want Iranian material. We import materials to sell in Mexico and USA. Dec 24, Contact USD 100
NO/FI: e 5311 UK: Please send prices of granite scants of 20mm & 30mm in black, blue pearl, emerald pearl, balmoral red & dark gray. Dec 24, Contact USD 100
e 5309 USA: My clients have taken over a 30,000 s.f. retail furniture space and are converting it to a "mini-mall" with subtenants. The common pedestrian /food court areas shall need a durable flooring material as porcelain tile or granite tile. It is not an upscale space, however, and the budget for the 7000-7500 s.f. areas should somewhat compete with local 12" x 12" porcelain tile. After looking through your web site, China & India appears to have the most competitive prices, but I am uncertain about delivery prices to the baltimore or tariff fees, if any. It appears that the pink/grey speckled or lighter color granites are less expensive. The clients have not decided upon the flooring finish at this time but need to see samples and prices.

I have obtained a demolition permit and will apply for a building permit in a few weeks. The client hopes to finish his work and open as many subtenant spaces as possible by early summer. There is a loading dock with conveyor used for furniture delivery.

I have not purchased stone for clients before and am therefore subject to mistakes. My main concern is to find reliable suppliers and perhaps you can at least inform me of a supplier's reputation. However, perhaps I can make a little income by seeing that my clients receive good stone products at attractive prices. I design tenant spaces as well as retail buildings with split block, brick, tile and dryvit finishes.

In this vein, one of the subtenants is opening a wedding/photo shop and would like to afford 600 s.f. of marble tiles, ivory color. I was looking at Greek tiles. I shall have many of the other subtenants and hope to combine orders. It would be truly useful if there are hard stone products that can compete with local commercial ceramic flooring tiles in price and durability.
I would then attempt to substitute stone tile for wall and floor finishes where ever possible in as large quantity as possible. 
I would like to try direct importing and need to know what my duties are here in baltimore. I have checked the Maryland port, Customs and a local broker who is busy until mid January. I need someone to fill out the import papers. I assume that the exporter will provide all relevant information of the shipment.
I would like to have tile samples from your price lists 858, 811, 584 and 837.
I need marble samples from 837, since i have found interest in marble products. Is there a price for the samples? Also, is it possible to mix the granite colors or marble colors in a container. If yes, how many different colors per container? Is it possible to mix tiles and slabs in a container?
Dec 24, Contact See Offers
USD 100
CN: e 5308 USA: We are an importer and we want to order black granites and black marbles from China, if possible we want to have FOb China port price list for various materials in types of slabs, cut-to-size as soon as possible. Thank you and we are looking forward to get fastest feedback. Dec 24, Contact USD 100
e 5306 India: Machine: We have four granite processing units in India. We are interested to put up two nos jumbo gang saws. The trolley lengths should be 450 cm and cutting rates should be first. We shall be glad to have your most competitive rate for the same with list of your clients in India, Dec 24, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5303: My company is planning to import granite and marble from India. I am currently checking in Madras to find an exporter who can send me more information on price and conditions. Dec 24, Contact 
USD 100
ALL: e 5298 Malta: We are agents and we are searching for better prices because till now we are buying from Italy and India and some from Egypt. We polish our material by a 19 headed breton machine I have seen your colours in your web site and the most colours I am interested in are: Guariba, Coulubri, Verde Duorato, Verce Eucalipto, Verce bahia, Verde Fontaine, Verde Itagi, Verde Labrador. The sizes is not a problem but it would be better if they will be about 1.60-2.00m height and 2.50-3.00m length. The thickness I want is 2cm and I want them unpolished. Can you please send me the prices of these materials, Location, Malta, 
Dec 23, Contact
USD 100
ALL: e 5297 USA: I need more information about your products and price. I attached blank price sheet 
Dec 23, Contact
USD 20
CN: e 5295 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 China, Dec 23, Contact USD 50
IN: e 5294 Holland: please send me some information about your products like the handcut tiles like mint, modag, etc. Dec 23, Contact USD 50
IN: e 5292 India: We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Sandstone, Slate, Mosaic, Marble & Granite in India to various countries in the Globe. We have an export enquiry for Absolute black premium quality slab size 290 x 165 x 2cm & 3cm thickness from USA. Kindly quote your lowest price Ex-factory including packing immediately. Your immediate reply in the matter is requested, Dec 23, Contact Rs. 1000
e 5289 India: We are specializing in finishing contracts with materials like Marble, Granite & Ceramic from last 25 years. Currently we are executing a project for which we are looking for Marble Daino Venato (image Attached) approx 3000 sqm slabs. Please quote us the rates for Slabs FOb in US$ per sqm and for blocks FOb in US$ per metric ton. Please also let us know whether the material is readily available with you in block or Slab as we are planning a visit to Italy in the first week of Jan. Dec 21, Contact USD 100
CN: e 5288 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Zh-G013 China and Looking For Quantity of Flamed Granite Dec 21, Contact USD 50
IN: e 5287 India: We are looking for "cutter sized blocks" and "khandas" The actual requirement is like this:
1. Rough or hand dressed Cutter sized blocks 1.5-2.5 M (L) x 1 M (H) x 1 M (W).
2. Khandas to make 1'x2' tiles.
3. Unpolished slabs 38"-40" h x 7'-8' l x 18 mm thickness both water and kerosene.
4. Unpolished 1'x 2' 10 mm tiles. Quarry inspections and buyer visit is in the month of January. Tel:+91-9811...... Dec 21, Contact
Rs 1000
IN: e 5284 USA: Crema Marfil I need prices for different sizes like 305x305, 400x400, 600x300, Dec 20, Contact USD 50
IT: e 5283 USA: I would like to get a price on the following Italian Granite: 2000 Sq.Ft Juparana Classico & 2000 Sq.Ft Tuna Green. Delivered to California (USA). Tel: +800-387.... Dec 20, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5280 Ukraine: Quartz: We need quartz for manufacture ferro silicon. Let us know prices on basis EXW, FOb main ports, CIF main ports of the black sea. Size 25-80 mm, chemical structure: SiO2- 97%; Al2O3- 1,2%. Quantity 3000 to 6000 tons per month. We plan long-term cooperation.
The first delivery will be 3000 tons, if we shall be satisfied, we shall conclude the contract on delivery of 6000 tons quartz per month. Inform please prices for 3000 tons and 6000 tons per one month, annual contract (72 000 tons). Tel:+056 370........ Dec 19, Closed
e 5278 USA: blocks: I am a sculptor. I want blocks of size 2- 6X6X20 INCH GREEN AND bLACK MARbLE & 2 10X15X20 to be used for sculpting local if possible. Please quote and also mention shipping arrangements to Florida 32763. Dec 19, Contact  USD 20
e 5275 USA: We want price and other info on Agrilite. We are in Minneapolis, MN 55410. Phone no. is 
612 92.....Dec 19, Contact
USD 100
bR: e 5274 Norway: Currently I am importing slate and granite from China. Now I want to import from brazil as well. Please quote for black stone, green stone, grey stone and rusty stone natural/calibrated and polished/calibrated. Size 30x30x1cm and 30x60x1cm. How many M2 in 20' container and freight to bergen, Norway. Prices 50% when order rest when receiving b/L. Prices payment in advance. Prices with L/C. Dec 19, Contact USD 100 
IT/ES: e 5272 Taiwan: We are stone providers.  We have been working with construction companies and local government agencies for many years. We need botticino Classico, Crema Marfil, botticino Florito, Diano Real, Perlato Svevo. Dec 19, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5271 USA: I want to start selling stone for carving in the Western US. I want domestic as well as imported stones which can be used for carving and stone sculpture. Dec 19, Contact  USD 20
SA: e 5270 USA: I am a general contractor looking for bush-hammered sandstone from Saudi Arabia called Desert Gold Sandstone for a project in Hawaii. This stone will be used as exterior and interior flooring in a residence in Hawaii.The house is being framed right now and we need to have the stone at the house in Hawaii by March of 2003. We would prefer to find a company that can ship it right to the jobsite. We will not accept any substitutions- we must find the exact stone that we are looking for. For quantities and image of stone, click here. I am in CA 94306. Tel. no. 650.32.....Dec 19, Closed
bR: e 5268 USA: I want brazilian granite as mention in price list no.274. Dec 19, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5266 USA: We are wholesale buyer of the stone materials like Tile, Slab, Architectural profiles, Columns, balustrades, fireplace surrounds, etc. Dec 18. Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5265 UK: I want to start a wholesale/retail operation in marble products in Yorkshire. Dec 18, Contact See Offers USD 50
IN: e 5262 India: I am constructing my house in Dehra Dun. I want 1500 sq. ft. good quality Makrana Marble. Please quote. Dec 18. Contact Rs 2000
IT: e 5261 UK: Please quote with delivery period for Nocciolato Chiaro honed 898 x 150 x 13mm thick. I am unsure on quantity at the moment, but I anticipate 400M2+. We are unable to be competitive if we were to buy through a UK source. The application for the material is an office building, currently out to tender, the material has been specified. My contact no. is +44 (0)20 709.....(Direct no.) Dec 18, Contact USD 100
bR: e 5260 China: blocks: We need 150 M3 of Desenhado rough blocks. Please quote in CNF Xiamen. 
Dec 18, Contact
USD 100
ALL: e 5259 UK: I want Limestone and Slates -  the colour should be that which is found in UK. Sizes up to 10" x 8" and down to 6" x 4" for roofing. Quantities for the right product and price will be around 2000 sq ft per month. My mobile no. is +44-7785-2.....Dec 18, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5258 China: We want 2500 sqm Kashmir White granite. Size preferred is 600 x 900 x 25~30mm thick (0~+2mm up). Please quote CNF Shanghai by sea. Also quote for 75 cbm blocks. Our fax no. is +8621630.....Dec 18, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 5247 India: An American party is interested to get some good quality granites as per enclosed. Please quote accordingly. Dec 17, Contact Rs 1000
IT: e 5246 Egypt: I want brecia Oniciata or Red Levanto from Italy, Yellow Pengap or miele D'Oro marble from Spain and Verde Fiorito or Green Tiger from India. Please email prices and images for 2 cm thick slabs FOb and C&F any Egyptian Port. Payment by LC. Dec 17, Contact USD 100
IN/bR: e 5245 Macedonia: We a granite company in Macedonia. We want granite blocks of Juparana India, Juparana Colombo, Juparana Ivory, Raw Silk, Gibli, Rosso Multicolor, Verde bahia, Verde Maritaca, Giallo Veneziano, Kashmir White, Kashmir Gold, Verde Tropical, Verde Eucalipto, Lilla Gerias. We quote with terms of payment and delivery. Our contact no. is 389 48 4......Dec 17, Contact USD 100
e 5243 Canada: We want limestone used in the construction and moulding of fireplaces. Dec 17, Contact USD 20
IN: e 5241 China: blocks: We need white galaxy (white star). We are coming to India on Dec 31, 2002. would like to meet quarry owners. Dec 17, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5238 China: blocks: Please quote for 200 x 100 x 60cm(up) with the medium and big spot black Galaxy, CNF XIAMEN, CHINA. Dec 17, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5237 Australia: We are a retail wholesale company supplying granite and marble bench slabs and marble and granite floor and wall tiles to the building industry. Please send me your relevant quotes. See price lists 481, 270, 340 and 341, as reference. Please mention your email and contact details. Also mention how long orders take from there quarry or factory to Perth Australia. I would need samples in granite and marble as soon as possible. My phone: 0961 8 94......Dec 17, Contact USD 100
IT: e 5234 USA: We have a buyer wanting slabs and cut to size Italian granite and marble. Dec 16, Contact USD 50
e 5233 USA: I am a sculptor. I want Texas stone. Dec 16, Contact USD 50
EG: e 5231 Korea: Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of building materials, focused on stone stuffs in Korea. we have been in stone business for 16years and we are one of the top sellers in stone industry in Korea. We want Sunny Galala marble slabs from Egypt. Dec 16, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5230 Mexico: Please quote Cream Ivory in commercial quality and standard quality. Size 60x40x2cm, qty reqd. is 50 containers. I want a company that can deliver material promptly and on schedule. Also please offer me price for other Cream marbles from Europe. Dec 16, Contact USD 100
e 5229 India: Please send us catalogues / brochures and pricelist regarding tiles. Dec 16, Contact  USD 20
ALL: e 5228 USA: Please quote for 200 sqm polished and honed finish limestone tiles of 30 x 30 x 3 cm thick. Dec 16, Contact USD 50
US/IN: e 5225 China: blocks: We are major stone importers and want bETHEL WHITE, TAN bROWN and INDIAN RED gangsaw size blocks. We also want to set up the friendly business relations with many organizations from Italy, Spain, Turkey, India and so on. Our contact no. is +86-592-26.....We are in Xiamen. Dec 15, Contact See Offers USD 100
bR: e 5223 USA: We are a fabrication shop in California 94553 want 2 to 5 containers of brazilian granite slabs for our own use and resale. Dec 15, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 5220 New Zealand: I want Indian Granite. At present we import all our granite from China, approx 1 container per month, although this is increasing fairly quickly. We import polished slabs, 15 mm thick, 1200x 630 and 1200x900 some with 1 polished edge some with 2 also 1200x28mm. We are also importing granite bowls, polished inside and out. Please quote. Dec 15, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5219 Mexico: I am a wholesale stone trader. Please forward me quotes. Dec 15, Contact USD 50
PK: e 5218 USA: I want Pakistani granites slabs only. Please quote. I am in north California. My contact no. is 916 94...... Dec 15. Contact USD 100 
CN: e 5216 USA: We buy 100 containers per year from China for hotels vanities, counter tops, tiles, window sills, thresholds and steps kitchen countertops. Interested in G682 (Tan Rust, Golden Yellow), Almond Pink, Almond Mauve, G434, G435 and White Gray. Send me images and pricing. At present we have four shipments on loading and more on engineering. We are in VA 23113, contact no. is 804-65.....Dec 15, Contact USD 100
CA: e 5215 USA: I want Cold Spring black granite from Canada either in tile, slab or block. Dec 14, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5214 Germany: I want a Ivory White granite from India. I have a sample from a shop in bavaria, Germany. It looks like "Kalima white", "Imperial white" or "Kashmir white" but with small pink slices, not brown or grey; the stone is twice-flamed and sewed. I need 350 sqm in tiles 60 x 60 x 2 cm or similar. Please quote price complete port Rotterdam /Netherland or Hamburg/Germany. Dec 14, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5209 Australia: I want 300sqm of "Indian Galaxy White" granite in Australia. Please quote for different thickness and also mention any additional charges like freight, etc. Dec 14, Contact USD 100
TR: e 5208 South Africa: I want to import Turkish stone tiles to Cape Town, South Africa. Tel. no. is 021-63.....Dec 14, Contact USD 100
IT/CN: e 5206 UAE: We want Rosa beta granite tiles or G603 or similar. Looking for a supplier who has these in stock. Please inform how much the variation is present with specifications. Please quote. Our contact no. is 00972224.....Dec 14, Contact USD 100
e 5202 USA: blocks: I want Camelia White blocks. Dec 13, Contact  USD 100
e 5201 USA: We are an architectural firm looking for a supplier in the North east who can provide red granite from brazil and a medium dark gray granite from the NY/NJ/northeast area. We want in flamed and honed samples of Capao bonito, Ibirama and Rosso Excelsior. This is for a large project in the bronx. Our Tel. 212.24.....Dec 13, Contact USD 100
CN: e 5200 Nepal: I want to buy Zh-G013 from China. Dec 13, Contact USD 50
IN: e 5199 India: We want burned ceramic tiles. Looking for some one who has a surplus stock. Please quote FOb bombay with packing details. We are looking this item for one of my client in SA. Dec 13, Contact Rs 2000
bR: e 5195 USA: I want granite slabs from brazil. See pricelist 680 as reference. Dec 13, Contact USD 100
e 5193 USA: We want Giallo Real granite tiles. We a Salem. tel. no. is 503 39....Dec 12, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5191 Taiwan: We want Spanish Light Emperador & Dark Emperador Marble Scraps. Quantities - 1x20' Container of Light Emperador (regular or bonul type is acceptable for mix-up in one container) and 1x20' container of Dark Emperador (only bonul type is acceptable). Surface unpolished & Square pieces - each piece must be 0.0225M2 and up. Every square piece can be "free size". but for calculating purpose, the pieces in one wooden crate must be the same size. It's O.K. even if the pieces do have chipped corners. And it's not necessary to make additional cut to have chipped corner(s) to be flattened. Just keep each piece as large as possible.
4) Thickness of each square piece - must be 2cm.
5) Target price - US$10.00/per M2(SQ.M.) based on FOb Valencia port. {Delivery of port - Wuzhou port of Guangxi province, China}
6) Packing - certain pieces being packed into one wooden crate. So that, fumigation is needed.
7) Payment - by L/C AT SIGHT. Dec 12, Contact USD 100
TR: e 5190 Spain: We want Mugla White (blanco Ibiza) from Turkey. Polished tiles 60x30x2cm and Polished  Slabs 2 cm. first selection. Qty is 2 container loads for each. Please quote in Euro / sq.m. CNF Valencia - Spain. Payment Terms T/T 90 days from b/L Date. Dec 12, Contact USD 100
NO: e 5189 brazil: We want blue Pearl blocks. Our contact no. is 55-17-23.....Dec 12, Contact
ALL: e 5188 Germany: We are one of the biggest company in northern Germany selling antique building materials.  We want antique and new limestone slabs/tiles to sell in Germany. Please quote for your products and also send catalogs. Our tel. no. is Tel.: 0049-40-47 1.....Dec 12, Contact USD 100
e 5181 USA: I want 1000 sq. ft. 18" beige sandstone to re-do 4 bathrooms. I am buying a fairly large quantity, and would hope that I could get a lower price than retail. I like the Monte Carlo. I am in Washington, D.C. 20001. Tel. no. (202) 43....Dec 12, Contact USD 50
UK/PT/ES: e 5180 UK: I want Doradait from Spain, brecha Perola from Portugal and Guiting Cotswold from UK. We are a marble supplier in the US and want these materials for large scaled projects in the US,  120,000 sq. ft. required total. We prefer to import it to our warehouse in NY. Must be suitable for high traffic commercial use sizes approximately 2' x 2' x 3/4". Dec 11, Contact USD 100
IN: e 5179 USA: We need for immediate purchase large quantity of granites and marbles. Materials of preference are Absolute black, Alligator brown, Amber Fantasy, black Galaxy, black Pearl, Chiffon Creme, Columbo Juparana, Country Oak, Desert Sands, Floral Fantasy, Forest Green, Ghibli, Gold Leaf, Golden Juperana, Himalayan blue, Icon brown, Imperial White, Incas gold, Indian Juperana, Indian Mahogany, Ivory brown, Kashmire Gold, Kashmire White, Lavender blue, Madura Gold, Paradiso, Raw silk, Red Multocolor, Rose wood, Royal Gold, Ruby blue, Ruby Red, Saphire blue, Saphire Red, Shiva Gold, Shivakash, Steel Grey, Tan brown, Tropical Green, Viara, Vizag blue. Please quote with pictures for 2cm per sq ft, FOb & CIF LOS ANGELES port. Dec 11, Contact USD 100
e 5178 USA: I need 1000 pieces of 16"x16" Lime Pink (N) limestone polished tiles for landscaping. Something like Lime Pink (N) from India. budget price is $2 US per piece. Need the material immediately from a local dealer who has it in stock in California 95014. My phone no. is 408-72..... Dec 11, Closed
bR: e 5176 USA: I need a stone called Jupurana Wave (see images). Please quote. I am in California. 
Dec 11, Contact USD 50 
ALL: e 5174 Australia: I want 30 sandstone columns of 400 x 400 x 2400 mm for use in construction of a iron fence in the Victorian style. The pillar would be made from four pieces for ease of transport and assembly. There is a decorative arch inset to one side of the pillar measuring 250x400mm. Delivery to Sydney. There would be a hand edge bevel to each corner of the mid section of each pillar. Please provide a rough estimate and confirm price per cubic meter. If your price is competitive I will forward the detailed plans to you for preparation of a formal quotation. Dec 11, Contact  USD 50
IN: e 5172 Philippines: blocks: Please quote for 50cbm of MOKALSAR GREEN bLOCKS, 240 X 140 up. See pricelist 185 for reference. Also email well-scanned photos of your Mokalsar green with quotes. Dec 11, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5171 Australia: We want sandstone and slate in large quantities. Please quote. Dec 11, Contact  
USD 50
AU: e 5169 Australia: business: I am interested in a sandstone quarry in Australia. Please send us details showing land area, location and preferably geological report showing quality, volumes and accessibility for extraction together with details of mining lease and extraction permits and dollar value on machinery and improvements, if applicable. Dec 11, Contact USD 200
CN/IN: e 5166 Singapore: We are a well established landscape & mixed construction company in Singapore. We are sourcing granite for our project. 
Application - It will be used on the floor finishes for two condominium projects which had been awarded to us. 
Quantity & Sizes - Refer as per tabulated table as attached.
Colour & Finishes - Refer as per photographs in attachment & table
Prefer to buy - We will prefer to import either in China or India. 
Stone details - Refer as per tabulated table. (From what we know the granites origin are from China). Contact no. +65 645..... Dec 11, Closed See Offers
e 5163 USA: I am with a wholesale sign manufacturer. We are currently seeking someone in Dallas to whom we can contract a natural stone sign. Example attached. Dec 11, Contact USD 20 
ES: e 5160 New Zealand: We are a stone trading company. We want beige Fantasy Limestone, blue fantasy and fossil stone. Stones are used for interior and exterior flooring applications, and especially exterior pool surrounds and copings. We intend on stocking these products within half a year to a year, and in brief we are predominantly and importer of Natural stone into New Zealand, with an emphasis on Sandstone and Honed products. If sourced successfully, we would require 100m2+ for a job immediately, but will look to put on 1 FCL and promote the stone in New Zealand. Job Sizes 400x400x15mm, 1300x200x20mm, bullnosed Stair Treads 1300x400x40mm. Stock Sizes 600x600x18mm. bullnosed 600x400x40mm. Please price FOb, and we will arrange freight to New Zealand. Stones are listed on www.findstone.com/matph.htm, as Spanish Limestone. Contact no. 0064 21 6......Dec 11, Contact USD 100
e 5158 UK: We want 2500 sq. ft. Roso Atlantide marble. Dec 10, Contact USD 50
UA: e 5157 Italy: blocks: We want Labradorite Volga blue blocks and slabs. Currently we are importing from Ukraine but are looking for cheaper suppliers. Our monthly requirement is about 100/150 cbm. Dec 10, Contact USD 200
IN: e 5156 Egypt: I want Verde Fiorito and Green marble from India. Please quote for slabs and blocks c&f Egyptian ports. Dec 10, Contact USD 100
IL: e 5150 Mexico: blocks: I want Jerusalem stones. I am an architect doing a sculpture about the holocaust in a synagogue in Mexico City. Qty. reqd is 3 m3. Dec 10, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5146 Kuwait: We want ceramic tiles. My contact no. is (mobile) +96596.....Dec 10, Contact
IR: e 5143 USA: We want Iranian Travertine. Please quote. I am a contractor/dealer. Dec 10, Contact
IN: e 5139 Lebanon: Please quote for Kota blue of 85 x 22 x 5 cm thickness, quantities 4000 m2. Dec 9, Closed 
bG: e 5138 UK: Please quote for Vratza limestone 600 x 600 x 20mm also 2 in nr 20 slabs, 1 in nr 30mm slab
Also order to delivery time. Dec 9, Contact USD 100
IT: e 5137 Malta: WE WANT bLOCKS OR SLAbS OF bIANCO CARRARA. QTY. EQUAL TO 750 SQM. Dec 9. Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5136 China: We are stone importers and we want all kinds of stone, please quote. Our tel. no.: +86 532 38....Dec 9, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5135 USA: I want granite slabs in 3 cm. Please mention in your quote the standard size of slab. Delivery cost to Washington DC metro area. I would like images as I couldn't find all the colors in the library as some have different countries of origin and varying colors. Delivery criteria example loading dock & what equipment.
Also mention lead time. Will you pre-cut with a template? See price list # 139 and 435 particularly the 3cm for reference. Dec 9, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5133 UK: I want to set-up a new business in the UK. I am looking into the activities of the import and distribution of natural stone products for the landscaping, and building industry. 
Initially I wish to concentrate in one area, domestic flooring for interior and exterior use, later to extend to other areas, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom ware. 
I would seek to build a balanced customer base, made from the following sectors: 
Other importers.
Large national multiple DIY chains.
Regional builders merchants.
National builders merchants.
Direct marketing to consumers.
The success of the business would be based upon my experience in the local (i.e. UK) market coupled with a core supplier whom can provide experience, strength, reliability and continuity in the direct sourcing of materials at volume export prices.
The intention would be to form a Private Limited Company, with part shareholding for the partner.
The business would strive to become known as a centre of excellence for the products and services provided.
An ideal partner could be:
A quarry owner with multiple product availability from their own and/or other quarries. or An experienced importer based in another country. 
The partner would not be currently dealing in the UK, but would view this market as an important addition to their current business activities. 
The UK market is dominated by reconstituted materials, and true stone products do not appear to have good coverage or marketing in builders merchants or National DIY centres. Dec 9, Contact USD 200
e 5129 USA: We want moldings and baseboards of bianco Carrara. We are interior designers. Dec 8, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5128 France: I want marbles, limestones, sandstones and any other materials. My office is in south of France. I supply to retailers in France. My tel. no. is +33 (06) 22 2.....Dec 8, Contact USD 100
bR: e 5122 Germany: We need slates like Azul boquira, Azul Mocambas, Flamingo Esmeralda bahia. We need prices for tiles and waste-pieces in irregular forms. Dec 7, Contact USD 50
ALL: e 5121 Germany: I want tumbled stones. We them for aquarium use. Please email images with quotes. See pricelist 691 as reference. Dec 7, Contact See Offers USD 100
IR/TR/PK:  e 5120 UAE: We are traders requiring 3500 sqm of translucent white and yellow alabasters and onyx. We require 30x30x1cm, 30x60x1cm and 60x60x1.2cm tiles processed with Italian machines, fully squared (tolerance +/1 0.2mm, fully calibrated (same tolerance) and with no bevelling required. Dec 7, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5118 Singapore: We need 9000 m2 in 300 x 300 and 600 x 600 x 20 mm thick beige/yellow/goldish marble and 3,000 m2 of grey / darker granite 300 x300 and 600 x 600 x 20 mm all square cut and polished. Delivered carefully packed in containers to Singapore. 
The marble will be used in Living Rooms of a 200 unit condominium for floors and skirting. The Granite will be used for external walkways, reflecting pools and wall feature around foyers and entrances. We are an end user not a stockist. The project is at final negotiations purchase. We are willing to import from any country. We are the contractors for the project. Tel: + 65 632.....Dec 7, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 5114 USA: I am an Interior Designer. I am currently working on a project in Saudi Arabia where I will be using stone. I want samples of granites, marbles, slates and terrazzo colors. I am in MN. My direct no. is 612.85.....Dec 7, Contact USD 100
bR: e 5110 USA: We are in stone business and need 160 sq. ft of Uba Tuba flamed 12 x 12 x 3/8" immediately. Our contact no. is 800-24.....Dec 6, Contact USD 50
IN: e 5108 Slovakia: We are a natural stone supplier from Slovakia. We want first quality KASHMIR WHITE granite for a large-scale project. Please quote for tiles of 60 x 60 x 2 and 3 cm, 60 x 120 x 2 & 3 cm and 
40 x free length x 2 cm & 3 cm. Slabs: Random polished slabs of thickness of 2 and 3 cm. Quantity 1200 sqm. See pricelist 109 as reference. Dec 6, Contact See Offers USD 100  
IN: e 5107 Italy: We want Makrana white marble, we would like to buy blocks and random polished slabs 20 and 30 mm. The quantity would be quite big, about 2000 sqm of slabs and 200 cubic meter of blocks. Please quote CIF GENOA PORT with the following info.:
- Sizes of the blocks
- Sizes of the slabs and quantity in one 20' container
- Please send or let us know which are the Makrana white and is possible to see a photos. Dec 6, Closed
e 5104 USA: I am a sculptor. Please quote for powdered or ground cream color travertine or scraps - like broken tiles. I would like to source from California or from a quarry close to California. Please quote. Dec 6, Contact USD 50
e 5102 USA: I want red marble tiles, 18" x 18". I am located in California but I need them for a house I am building in Jalisco. The house is large so I will need a big amount. Please quote, I could arrange to pick them up. Dec 6, Closed 
EG: e 5099 India: We want Galala Marble on a regular basis. Please quote CIF and FOb for blocks. Quantity: 7-10 Containers per month. We are in Delhi & our contact no. is +91-011-61.....Dec 5, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 5097 France: I am in stone business. I want random slabs, tiles 40 x 40 & marmette 30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm of Red & Golden Yellow stone from India. My contact no. is +33 491 5......Dec 5, Contact USD 100
EG: e 5096 USA: Please quote for 2400 sq. ft of Sinai Ghost/Charm for Egypt. Dec 5, Closed
ES: e 5095 India: We want French and Cosmic beige. I understand they come from Spain. Please quote for 10000 sq. ft slabs. Dec 5, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 5094 India: We want black Galaxy in different sizes:
Slabs: 150x270 up (2&3cm) /120x240 up (2&3cm) / 900x1800 & 600x1800.
Tiles: 305x305x10mm/300x300x18/20mm - 300x600x18/20mm - 600x600x18/20mm. Dec 5, Contact USD 100
IT/IR/TR/PK: e 5093 Poland: We want white travertine & onyx. Please email me quote and more info regarding quality and sizes. See pricelist 242 and 412 as reference. Dec 5, Contact
ES: e 5092 USA: We want commercial grade Crema Marfil in 16 and 18 inch polished tile. Please advise availability and price. Dec 5, Contact See Offers USD 100
IT: e 5091 Portugal: I want marble and travertine from Italy. See pricelist number 579 as reference. Dec 5, Closed
e 5088 Canada: I am a builder / developer in british Columbia. I want to contact companies that cut and polish granite boulders into slabs. I am located in Southern b.C. close to the American and Albertan border. My contact no. is 250 42..... Dec 5, Contact USD 50
bR: e 5087 Puerto Rico: We are a marble shop in Puerto Rico. We would like to buy 2cms 1ST QUALITY polished slabs in an assorted container. Our preference is to have a single supplier. Payment term is negotiable but we prefer 50% upon the order and 50% at sight. Our purchase will be immediate. We usually buy a container every six weeks. Here are the materials, the square meters to purchase and the US$ price per meter: 
Giallo Antico, 30 M2 @ US$33 per M2
Giallo Ornamental, 30 M2 @ US$43 per M2
Giallo Napoleon, 30 M2 @ US$40 per M2
Icaraí Yellow, 30 M2 @ US$33 per M2
Giallo Sta. Cecilia, 30 M2 @ US$33 per M2
Green Eco, 30 M2 @ US$34 per M2
Tunas Green, 30 M2 @ US$53 per M2
Verde Lavras, 30 M2 @ US$48 per M2
Amazon Flower, 30 M2 @ US$70 per M2
blue barracuda, 30 M2 @ US$68 per M2
Verniz Tropical, 30 M2 @ US$62 per M2
Crema blue bahia, 30 M2 @ US$68 per M2. Please let us know when the purchase requested is posted. See pricelist no. 619 for reference. Our phone no. is : 787-29....... Dec 4, Closed
ES: e 5086 Mexico: Please quote for 17000 sqm first quality Crema Marfil. Quality and consistency is of utmost importance. Size reqd. is 30 x 60 and/or 40 x 60 in thickness of 15 and 20mm. The break up of the quantity reqd. is 15000 sqm polished and 2000 sqm aged. Dec 4, Contact See Offers USD 100
PT: e 5084 UK: I want limestone fireplaces and stones from Portugal. My contact no. is (44) 1727 8.....
Dec 4, See Offers USD 100  Close
IR: e 5083 France: I am a commercial agent interested in Iranian stones. Please email me your product price list. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5082 USA: I am starting a business in natural stones in Texas. I want suppliers from China, Vietnam and Europe. (817)46.....Dec 4, Contact See Offers USD 100
IN: e 5081 USA: I want Kashmir Gold 8000 sq. ft. 12 x 12 and 2000 sq. ft 18 x 18 tiles polished, micro-beveled, squared and calibrated.. What are the prices and how much is available for immediate shipment? I am in California 92121 and contact no. is 858-56.....Dec 4, Contact See Offers USD 100  
bG: e 5080 Saudi Arabia: We are in marble business. We want Mura Dark Marble, Mura Light Marble and Mura White Marble from bulgaria. Please quote C&F Jeddah for 60 x 60 x 2cm and 60 x 30 x 2cm.  Qty reqd is a container load of each item of the three kinds of marble. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
e 5079 Luxembourg: We need 1000 sqm Anrochte stone / green stone tiles for a project. Please quote with specifications. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
IN/IT/ES: e 5078 Egypt: We want Rosso Levanto & breccia Oniciata from Italy, Verde Fiorito from India and Miele d`oro from Spain. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
PT: e 5077 Spain: We are a Spanish marble company interested in Moca Cream blocks first choice. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
e 5074 New Zealand: I want gangsawn sandstone, honed surface, light cream/grey color. In New Zealand it is called Linen Crembeige. See attached picture. Dec 4, Closed
IR/TR: e 5072 China: We are interested in Red Travertine broken tiles, 1cm thick, polished, please quote. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
e 5071 USA: We need 1100 sq.ft. 1st. Grade tiles of Zh-G013 (Green) from China or Ubatuba Green. We are in NY. Material should be readily available. Need to buy before Dec. 20. We are stone traders in NY 10001. and our contact no. is 212-64.....Dec 4, Contact See Offers USD 100 
bR: e 5069 USA: We want 10 slabs 2cm brazilian slate called Plums. We are located in New York City vicinity. They are very consistent in color - no variations. They are plum in color almost purple. Slab size 52" x 85". Dec 4, Contact See Offers USD 50 
e 5068 USA: I want Pure black slabs size is 96" X 26" X 2cm bullnose. See pricelist 341 as reference. I import these items for resale. Dec 4, Contact USD 100
512 PCS.18x18x1&1/4.TILES
35 PCS 12&1/2x36x2 (FULL COPING).bULLNOSE
3 PCS 12&1/2x36x2 CONVEX bULLNOSE
2 PCS 33x16x2 bULLNOSE 3 SIDES
4 PCS.END CUT 14&1/2x16x2 bULLNOSE
4 PCS.END CUT 17&1/8x44x2 bULLNOSE
112 PCS PIE CUT FROM 24x24x1&1/4
47 PCS PIE CUR FROM 18x18x1&1/4
38 SQ FT QUADROFOIL SLAb (TO bE DETERMINED). We are looking for a supplier who has these products in stock. Dec 4, Contact
USD 100
ALL: e 5064 USA: We are commercial home builders. We want natural stone tiles, sinks and countertops. Please inform about costs and time it takes for orders to go through. Also mention discounts you give for large orders. I am in Texas 75038. My contact no. is 214-72......Dec 3, Contact See Offers USD 100
e 5063 USA: I want Pietra Serena honed tile, 16" or 18" square tiles, 3/8 inch thick. My contact no. is 510.43.....Dec 3, Closed USD 50
ALL: e 5062 UK: I am looking for marble & granite suppliers, preferably direct from Quarry. We are masons and traders. Dec 3, Closed USD 100 
ES: e 5061 USA: Please quote for Crema Marfil 18" x 18", 24"x 24" and Slabs. I am in FL 32708. Dec 3, Contact USD 100 
IN: e 5059 France: I want Viscont White or similar 1500m². These would be fixed on a facade. The size I want is 100 cm x 35cm x 3 cm. I also want granite of a clear color similar to Viscont White but cheaper. I need to cover a ground surface of 2500m² with these. Dimension of 30cm x 30 cm x 1 cm. please inform me about approx. weight and FOb and CIF prices to France with start date of production and delivery. Dec 3, Contact  See Offers USD 100
ES: e 5057 Egypt: We need prices for blocks 1 and 2 choice Emperador Dark, Emperador Light, Red Alicante. Also need polished 2cm slabs 1st and 2nd choice. Quote FOb prices. Dec 3, Contact See Offers USD 100 
ES: e 5056 Turkey: We want Spanish material 2 x 30 x 30cm, 9000 sqm polished grade and grade b. Please quote including delivery time and payment terms. Dec 3, Closed See Offers 
IN: e 5055 Canada: I am a builder looking for a slate supplier. I live close to Vancouver and am interested in a pallet of Vijay Gold 12 x 12 slates. I would like to come by and see samples of the slate along with the other varieties you sell. I will be traveling to Vancouver in mid-December and would like to purchase them if they look good. My phone no. is (360) 37.....See pricelist 228 as reference. Dec 3, Contact See Offers USD 100
OM: e 5052 Italy: We want Royal beige from Oman or a beige marble that is similar. Quantity is 1000 sqm in 60 x 30 x 2cm tiles or rough blocks to work in Italy. We need a serious partner who can offer us good quality and competitive price. Inspection will be done by agent and payment at site. My mobile phone no. is 
+39 33 95....... Dec 3, Closed
e 5051 Germany: Please quote for 360 sqm of Ivory granites slabs, surface flamed, thickness 30 x 60 x 2cm. My phone no. is 0049 202 2 5.....Dec 3, Contact USD 100
ALL: e 5049 Malta: Our company deals with turnkey and conversions of houses. We have many customers looking for products such as fireplaces, tiles, mosaics, etc. when renovating their residences. Please email your prices with catalogs. Dec 2, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5044 USA: We want Spanish materials in 2cm, 3cm slabs and 12x12 tiles, 16x16, 18 x18. We also stock all the other Spanish material in slab and tile. Dec 2, Contact USD 100 
ES: e 5043 Spain: We want 3000 sqm of crema marfil, first quality and commercial quality, 30x60x2 polished tiles. Delivery CIF Tenerife. Dec 2, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5042 Italy: Please quote for 2nd quality Emperador 60 x 30 x 2cm tiles. Dec 2, Contact USD 100 
ES: e 5041 China: Please give me full details, price, validity, packing, payment for purchase of Spanish Crema Marfil, Emperado, Alicante and other Spanish marble. Dec 2, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5040 USA: I require 10000 sq/ft. of Crema Marfil, commercial viened quality in either 16" x 16" x 3/8" or 18"x18"x3/8". Does it come in the 1/2" when it gets this large? My budgeted price is $2.10 per sq.ft. and my other offer is CIF Houston. If you match it call me at work (408) 45..... after 9:00 a.m. California time. This is the classical veined Crema Marfil in preferred 16" x 16" x 3/8".. I will deposit 50 % upon placing the order and 50% 3 days after delivery. I have to check the merchandise for breakage, quality, etc. I only want very nice quality not scrap materials. I also need price listings for the Crema marfil select, Emperador, Rojo Alicante, Corralitos, etc. in both tile & slabs. I speak fluent Spanish so there should not be any problems communicating. If the prices are good I can purchase 2 containers every month to start. Dec 2, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5039 USA: We want 12"x12", 18"x18' and 24"x24", both first choice and commercial Crema Classico. Also please quote for 12"x12" Rojo Alicante and Emperador, first choice only. My phone no. is  (727) 94......Dec 2, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5038 USA: We want 40x60, 40x40, 45.7x45.7, honed tiles per container basis of b quality Spanish Material. Dec 2, Contact USD 100

ES: e 5037 USA: We want commercial grade Crema Marfil in 16" and 18" polished tiles. Please advise availability and price. Dec 2, Contact USD 100

ES: e 5036 USA: I have 2 large projects for delivery July 03', with cut-to-size vanities and tiles, 4 containers. One project material appears to resemble Safra quarry. I need b grade material. Dec 2, Contact USD 100
ES: e 5034 Portugal: I am an owner of a stone company in Portugal. I want Crema Marfil and Red Alicante standard tiles and slabs the various quality. Dec 1, Contact USD 100
e 5031 USA: blocks: I want alabaster suitable for sculpting or bowl-turning. I am looking for natural quarry sites within a reasonable driving distance around northern California. Dec 1, USD 20