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GR: e 3418 UK: Blocks: We want marble blocks from Greece. Please quote along with dimensions. July 11, Contact

e 3386 USA: Blocks: We wish to purchase 60 Cbm blocks of Noyant fine. July 9, Contact US $ 25.

VN: e 3356 Thailand: Blocks: e 3356 Thailand: Blocks: WE WANT TO IMPORT SAIGON YELLOW, RED VIETNAM AND PINK VIETNAM 
ROUGH GRANITE BLOCKS. QUANTITY 50 CBM, GANG SAW SIZE ONLY. WE ARE LOCATED IN BANGKOK. We are interested to import block size 200x100x80cm up, expected price around USD 200/cbm. Port of delivery Bangkok. 
We will import about 15-20 cbm of each for trial. Price for Yellow about USD 200/cbm FOB, Red Vietnam USD 400/cbm. Delivery as soon as possible. We stock, process and distribute the material into local Thailand market. July 7, Contact US $ 100

IT: e 3353 China: Blocks: Please quote for Carrara marble blocks size 2500x1500x1500. July 7, Contact 
US $ 100

ALL: e 3293 Taiwan: Blocks: We would like to purchase some marble blocks from Middle East, Egypt, Spain and Italy directly. July 1, Contact, US $ 100.

e 3271 USA: Blocks: I want a block of ZIMBABWE ABSOLUTE BLACK or BELFAST BLACK granite, to ship to New Mexico, USA. Size = approx. 8' X 5' X 6' for sculpture. (If I get commission). Want to discuss price, size, delivery costs, lead times. June 27, Contact US$ 10.

IN: e 3269 Taiwan: Blocks: We are looking for a "light brown" granite. Its structure consists of many middle size "light brown" flowers + some small black spots randomly distributed in it. Its name can be " paladino". Its structure is very similar to a material from India called "golden diamond". Difference is Golden Diamond's yellow flowers are smaller and black spots are bigger. In the material I am looking for: the flowers are bigger and the black spots are smaller. Golden diamond is also robust than the material I am looking for. We want to import 20-45 x 20 feet containers immediately. We are marble/Granite importer + designer company + incharge of construction program. 
Please quote price in USD/M3, FOB Uruguay Port. Minimal measure of blocks of Granite Paladino. What is the minimum quantity we need to buy? Our Estimate: we have an immediate need for about 90 M3. We want it transported to Keelung port. Can you inform us your address, we want to sent a real sample by air 5CM x5Cm x 2cm to your supplier in order to confirm what we mean Paladino is the "light Brown¨ granite we want. We will send a digital photo of the granite. 
We want the block put in 20’ steel cargo container and transported from Montevideo to Keelung; one 20’ container can carry 20 tons cargo. The size we want are as followed:
Length: 2.7 meter 
Height: 1.5 meter (plus or minus 15%)
Width: 1.5 meter (plus or minus 15%)
One block at least 5M3 – 7 M3
Since one M3 (cubic meter) granite weight: 3.3 tons, and one 20’ container can only carry maximum 21 tons; that is about one (6 M3) block, the supplier have to pay attention to this. So , that means: one block weight about 20 tons in one 20’ container, that is the size we want.
We want to confirm that Paladino is the correct granite we are looking for. I have given a correct photo. The color of the stone is light brown. We need the sample; we can also send a sample to the supplier. The supplier can send sample to Taiwan, sample size of 1 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm should be enough. Can they offer us the price of the granite; fob Uruguay port. June 27, Contact

e 3253 Netherlands: Blocks: We want at least 40 m3 of Paladio Light fabricated in several block sizes and tiles:
580 pieces of tiles 87,5x87,5x5 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled.
- 192 pieces of strokes 175x40x5 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled
- 108 pieces of block steps 175x63,5x13 cm, top & front side flamed - 'chanfrein' between top & front side.
- 70 pieces edge elements for lawn 175x40x13 cm, top & front side flamed - 'chanfrein' between top & front side.
- 4 slope pieces 175x80x5/13 cm, top flamed.
- 16 pieces edge elements 200x40x15 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled.
- 16 pieces edge elements 160x40x15 cm, top flamed, sides unbevelled.
- 16 benches 160x60x50 cm long, all sides polished.
We enclosed an attachment of Paladio (not light). We want to import or buy where ever on stock. June 25. Contact US $ 20.

e 3239 USA: Block: I am a sculptor, trying to find a block 36"x36"x36" of fine grain granite black, red or pink. June 24, Contact US$ 5.

e 3225 USA: Blocks: I need about a dozen granite boulders, 1' to 1.5' in diameter. Color about 3 to 1 ratio between light and dark minerals, no specific type Preferably from Monterey Bay, California or of a similar blend (65% light colored minerals, 35% dark). I plan to purchase within next 2-3 weeks. The material is going to be used for intertidal research. Delivery location Monterey, CA. June 20. Contact, US$ 5

e 3218 Portugal: Blocks: Portuguese company is looking for black marble and granite blocks, sizes for gangsaw. June 19. Contact

e 3217 India: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a well established export house based in Bombay. We are engaged in export of several items including stones to Europe & Middle East countries. 
Presently we are in receipt of a large order for granites, details of which are given below. We are looking for reputed suppliers of Granites to procure our requirement. We request you to give us your best quote along with complete information about your company, delivery time and other products ( colour ) available with you.
50000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
20000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
40000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
40000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
38000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
50000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS ) 
50000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
20000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
20000 sq. ft SLABS ( 20mm THICKNESS)
35000 sq. ft TILES ( 10mm THICKNESS )
Export packing, calibrated, water cut, polished. For slab give prices for both ‘ Gangsaw size & Cutter size’. Export will be done by us. Kindly give prices for other colour granites also. We have enquiries for Granite Blocks also. If you are in a position to supply Granite Blocks then you may quote the prices for Block on FOB, Mumbai basis. June 19. Contact

e 3187 USA: I am looking for Pacific Pewter marble blocks to carve bathroom sinks . June 15. Contact

BR: e 3163 USA: Blocks: Can you give the pricing per Cubic Meter FOB Brazil for the following granite blocks:
1. Labrador Green
2. Gold Canoca
3. Giallo Fioritto
4. Ubatuba Green
5. Kinawa Classic. June 12. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 3161 China: Blocks: I am interested in Indian black granite, so could you answer me the following questions:
1. What do you call Indian black? 
2. Do you own the quarry of Indian black? How about your productivity?
I need quotation on Indian black blocks, quantity required will be more than 100m3 per month. June 11. Contact,
See Offers

e 3150 Italy: Blocks: Want blocks of Veselye Unito (lighter shade) from Croatia.  I need them to make slabs of 270+ x 130+ cm. June 10. Contact

TR: e 3149 Italy: Blocks: Want Turkish marble blocks. Baba also know as Champain 200 tons and Breccia Dorate 100 tons to make slabs of 270+ x 130+ cm.  June 10. Contact, See Offers

e 3129 France: One of my customers in France, active in the funeral business, is in need for quotes for Granite Slabs with thickness of 10, 15 and 20 cm polished one side. Preference is given to colored and dark colors (including blue, green and red tones). I am also interested in Granite Blocks all colours. I also would be interested in quotes for limestone (tiles) polished and unpolished in 30 x 30 and 40 x 40 cm, 3 cm thick (Yellow, beige and brown tones preferred). June 6, Contact

CA: e 3122 Canada: Blocks: I would like to get a price on a block of Rideau Dark Red sawn 42"x42"x35" shipped to Vancouver, B.C. Is this stone fine grain as I am going to carve it in some detail? June 6. Contact 

e 3101 USA: Blocks: How much would an UNPOLISHED block of Absolute Black granite cost to have delivered to a site about 30 miles southeast of Austin, Texas, USA? The block would be 6 feet tall (or possibly 8 feet tall) by 38 inches by 38 inches. What would the weight of such a stone be? Please send estimates for both sizes. Also, how long after I order would it take to get to central Texas? How is payment handled? I need it for sculpting. June 6. Contact

e 3047 Pakistan: Want to import limestone blocks. Kindly quote per ton. May 28. Contact, See Offers

SL: e 3032 China: We are interested in White Lanka Granite blocks, which origin is Sri Lanka. If you are the quarry owner or have these kind of material, please contact us. May 23. Contact

e 3030 Turkey: Please quote for prices for FOREST BROWN of 2 cm thickness slabs and also for 2*65*165 dimension. Delivery will be done to Istanbul, Turkey. May 23. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 3028 China: We are a larger importer located in Fujian Province, China. We are successfully bid a large Tan Brown project in China, and when it confirmed, we will visit India to inspect the blocks. May 23. Contact

IT: e 3004 India: We want to procure 20000 Metric tons of Carrara marble blocks. We hold a valid import licence. We are serious, please send your quotation and profile to FindStone as they will coordinate everything. May 16. Contact

BR/ES/US: e 2975 China: I would like to give you a brief outline of our company. Our Head Office is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province and our factory was established in Yunfu City, it covers an area of 10000 meters square, it has various advanced equipment, with over 40 sophisticated technical staff and experienced sales management team. We are writing you in the hope of establishing business relations. We are interested in the blocks as follows: Camelia White and Rokwell White from USA; Giallo California, Bruno 25, Cafe Imperiale and Butterfly Green from Brazil; Crema Marfil from Spain. We are in urgent need of above mentioned blocks , we would like to have the full details of the company which supply the above blocks and we would like to have your lowest quotations, per cubic meter (or per M/T), on CIF, Liudu port. (Yunfu city, Guangdong province, China) How long does it take you to make delivery? Our terms of payment is 90 days L/C, issued by the Bank of China. Do you have the above-mentioned blocks in stock? 
May 15. Contact, See Offers

IN/ZA/IR/PK: e 2960 Hong Kong: We want: Imperial Red (with block), South Africa Red (with block) and Onyx. Size: 1.85m x 0.65m. Quantity: 40~50 CBM (monthly). Port of Destination: Hong Kong. Please mention location of origin, delivery period and payment terms. May 11. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2951 USA: I am looking for dimensioned sandstone blocks, approx 6" X 4" X 2". I am looking for a source than can supply regularly. Delivery to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The Project underway, ready to order stone. Require white sandstone (similar to Oamaru stone from New Zealand) 6" X 4" X 2" 6-10 ton. Please see attached. Going to be used for exterior of house and landscaping walls. I prefer buying from USA. May 9. Contact, See Offers

EG: e 2944 Italy: I want Yellow Selvia, Sinai Perl, Filetto Elhasana, Boticino Chocolate blocks. I am looking for a good price as I want to purchase big quantity. We usually buy blocks of Yellow Selvia in good quantity. We buy only selected material, without problems, uniform color. Now in Italy there are big quantity of Egyptian blocks, and the price go down. Our target price is about Euro 230 per cubic metre fob Egypt. Next month we will be in Egypt for buy materials. Is it possible to visit some Companies to see the materials and discuss the price? It's very important for us to see the quality of the materials as we only buy first choice. May 9. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 2943 Canada: I am interested in black granite blocks, as this colour constitutes over 50% of the material we import. Quantity - we imported 400 containers last year. I am interested in Blocks, cutter size as well as large size. At present I am buying, Warangal Black, Chamrajnagar Black, medium black & would like to introduce Khammam & Kunam Black also. Please send me the prices per cb m, with approx. sizes. A stock list would be most helpful. 
However it is very important that the quality be good. The black grains must be very close knit. I would certainly be interested in receiving your sample. Please confirm if you can send me a sample for approval. I will then ask my inspectors to check their material. Should your quality be acceptable, then I will make arrangements to purchase your material immediately. May 9. Contact

CN: e 2942 Israel: We are interested in Shanxi Black granite for tombstone cut and polished. Size for example: 160x65x15, 150x25x8, 70x25x8, 160x10x10, 80x10x10, 160x60x4, 160x60x2, 165x45x15, 120x60x10, 120x6015, 60x45x15. Quantity required is 1 container per month. May 9. Contact, See Offers 

e 2930 USA: Sculpting: I am a sculptor and a stone carver. Is there a dark or richly veined limestone that is even close in carvability to Indiana Limestone? May 8. Contact

BR/ NG: e 2917 USA: I like 3 different granites. From Nigeria: Ivory White & Misty Gray and from 
Brazil - Ocean Fantasy. I would like to know if this can be ordered in tumble stone and the cost for approximately 2 tons plus shipping to Springfield, Oregon. Can we get samples? & their cost. We are also looking for white quartz look with blue / gray vein colors running through out the stone for a fireplace. May 4. Contact

RU / UA: e 2915 Egypt: Kindly send me offers for blocks , slabs , tiles in USD / sqm and ton / FOB for: Green Moby Dick, Red Moby Dick, Volga Blue & Blue Drop. Kindly give me some information about the dimensions of available blocks and big slabs. May 4. Contact

IT: e 2914 Argentina: Require Carrara, Bianco Statuario, Bianco Carrara "C", or Bianco Carrara "C/D" in blocks, total quantity 25 tons. The blocks could be in measures 105 x 26 x 37 cm or 120 x 35 x 37cm or 44 x 56 x 89cm or 60 x 28 x 26cm or 66 x 36 x 32cm the orders could be compound in 6 amounts from 3 to block of each size in each order. Please to quote F.O.B. May 4. Contact, See Offers

IR / MX: e 2908 Slovakia: We are searching for a potential supplier of high quality green onyx (preferably from Iran,Mexico). We would be interested in having your price estimates and conditions for the delivery of slabs / blocks. May 3. Contact, See offers

EG: e 2904 Egypt: Please quote for 1st quality Galala blocks. Qty reqd. is 150 tons. May 3. Contact

PK/IR: e 2886 Pakistan: I need green onyx in m3/tons blocks (fob) Pakistan. May 2. Contact, See Offers

RU / UA: e 2866 Egypt: Kindly send to me offers for blocks, slabs, tiles in USD / sqm and ton / FOB for: Green Moby Dick, Red Moby Dick, Volga Blue & Blue Drop. Kindly give me some information about the dimensions of available blocks and big slabs. April 30. Contact

TR: e 2816 Spain: We require Burdur Beige (light) blocks to manufacture tiles 700 sqm of 30.5 x 30.5. x 1cm. April 23. Contact, See Offers  

IN: e 2812 India: Please quote cbm basis for the following: Desert Bloom, Tan Brown, Bl Galaxy & Pearl, Colombo Juprana, Tropical green, Paradiso, Baltic Brown or any brown  shade of Indian Granite, Mahagony & Tiger skin. We are merchant exporters. April 23. Contact, See Offers 

ALL: e 2791 Yugoslavia: We are interested in granite blocks. Dimensions of blocks that are attractive for us are between 150 x 80cm and 250 x 130 cm. The prices in your price list section are acceptable but we are not very sure how we can arrange the transportation. The problem is, if we buy stone from you, the first time would be a small quantity of granite because it is still experimental material for Eastern European market. The option for the first consignment would be only if you have already arranged shipping to some of Bulgarian harbors in Black Sea (Varna, Dunajsk) so we can just add our material on a board. Please consider our solution and tell me what do you think about that. (This inquiry was previously e 2501 in Feb'02.) April 20. Contact

e 2790 Italy: I am looking for information on a granite called Oconee in order to get block prices. April 20. Contact

EG: e 2772 Italy: I like Yellow Selvia, Sinai Perl, Filetto Elhasana, Botticino Chocolate. We are interested in big quantity of blocks. I am looking for a good price as I want to purchase good quantity. April 17. Contact, See Offers

e 2753 Poland: I would like to inform that my company is interested only in big granite blocks. If so I would like to know some details about the size and the color of the blocks. I would also appreciate the information about prices and receiving photographs of samples of the granite in your offer. We are planning to import a big amount of granite blocks because we are going to organize a customs storehouse in Poland.  April 14. Contact

e 2748 Bangladesh: We need boulders for bridge construction and pavement with sizes from 12kg to 85kg/more. The Mongla Port is in the South West of Bangladesh and west of Chittagong Port direct by sea. Our quantity would exceed 100,000/M.T. to cover the supply assignment. Could we expect your participation to arrange break-bulk to make sure of the deal by rate. Our target price is US$11.00 / M.T. C&F Mongla Port which to be looked into for offers. (This inquiry was previously e 2227-Bangladesh). April 13. Contact
See Offers

e 2743 USA: I am trying to find Verde Lavras in block. April 13. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 2699 India: Require 11250 m³ of KANDLA Sandstone, from Jodhpur for water tank wall construction. Colour is not important. 2 sides should be nearly parallel for quick wall building. Other sides can be rough. Delivery period: From April 2002 till December 2002. Space for storage available for full delivery in shorter time. Please offer sizes from 1x1 feet blocks to 1,5 x 1,5 feet. Prices should incl. all taxes, loading and unloading at Pali, Rajasthan. Quote for price per ton. All trucks will be controlled on our balance at our premises. April 4. Contact, See Offers

IT: e 2662 China: We need Nero Portoro blocks. Quantity we need will be 30 M3. Please quote price CNF Huangpu, China. March 28 Contact

US: e 2614 UAE: We require for a project, in our area, Verde Vermont marble and Verde Vermont Slate. We need to find the best source for the blocks, slabs and cut to sizes. March 16. Contact

e 2594 Netherlands: I am trying to locate quarries (geographically) to see what logistically might be the best alternative. Rock required 0-12" with a density of > 2,6. Relevant areas Europe, West Africa, South east Asia, Australia. March 12. Contact

PT: e 2578 USA: Want to contact the quarry owner of Amarelo Negrais in Portugal. March 8. Contact

e 2565 USA: Looking for working quarries of marble, granite, travertine or sandstone in Alaska, Nevada or California. March 7. Contact, See Offers


EG: e 2529 China: We want to import marble blocks of GALALA light, Sunny, and Silvia. Please quote EX-WORK & F.O.B. Feb 26. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2501 Yugoslavia: We are interested in granite blocks. Dimensions of blocks that are attractive for us are between 150 x 80cm and 250 x 130 cm. We would very thankful if you would send the approximate price list of your materials that match with those that I just described. Feb 21. Contact

ZA: e 2486 China: Please quote for 150 cbm Verde Fountain granite blocks. Also email us the picture and later courier the sample. After which we will send our representative to finalize. Feb 18. Contact

IN: e 2485 India: We are seeking for quarry owners of Jet Black granite rough blocks. We have ready Euro buyer interested in Joint Venture. Feb 18. Contact, See Offers

e 2443 USA: Want Tropical Brown (tropic brown) blocks and slabs. Feb 10. Contact, See Offers

ES: e 2441 USA: I want Duquesa Rosada or Duquesa Media from Spain. I have been given to understand that the quarry closed 6 years back. Feb 10. Contact

ALL: e 2438 India: I would like to purchase limestone blocks. Send prices CIF Mumbai port. Feb 7. Contact

ALL: e 2397 UK: Want to purchase Sandstone blocks for our sawing operation. Please quote per ton for delivery to U.K. port. Jan 29. Contact, See Offers 


IT: e 2364 China: Please quote for Nero Portoro blocks 30 M3. Please quote price CNF Huangpu, China.
Jan 22. Contact

e 2348 China: Please quote for blocks of Camelia White, CNF Xiamen, China Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

YU: e 2347 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Sivec from Yugoslavia. Jan 21. Contact , See Offers

PK: e 2346 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Green Onyx from Pakistan. Jan 21. Contact 

OM: e 2345 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Royal Beige & Opal Pink Light from Oman. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

PK: e 2344 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Brown Onyx from Pakistan. Jan 21. Contact

GR: e 2343 India: Please quote for slabs or blocks of Delfi White from Greece. Jan 21. Contact, See Offers

GU: e 2337 Korea: Please quote for White Marble - 200m3 from Guatemala (for sculpture). Jan 18. Contact, See Offers

ES: e 2336 Korea: Please quote for Saint Rouis - 50m3. Jan 18. Contact.

FI: e 2335 Korea: Please quote for Caleria Red - 300m3, Carmen Red - 100m3 & Baltic brown - 100m3.
Jan 18. Contact, See Offers

ZA, ZW: e 2334 Korea: Please quote for African Red - 200m3 & Zimbabwe Black - 50m3. Jan 18. Contact

IT: e 2332 China: Please quote C & F Xiamen port, Botticino semi-classico marble blocks. Jan 18. Contact. See offers

ID: e 2315 Hong Kong: Please quote for blocks & slabs of Indonesia marble Cafe Bungaro. Jan 15. Contact
See Offers

FR: e 2309 Hong Kong: Please quote for limestone from France named Fontenille Royal in block form, please quote us the price C&F Xiamen China. Jan 14. Contact 

IN: e 2308 Iran: Please quote fob prices for any Indian port for 500 M/T granite in dark colors, green or black. Quote for tiled granite with max length about 2.5 m and thickness min 2 cm or bulk granite in pieces with max weight about 2.5 M/T. Jan 14. Contact

US: e 2292 China: We need Bethel White Blocks. The quantity we need will be 100 M3, minimum size: 2400 x 1500 x 1400 mm. Delivery: Huangpu, China. Jan 10. Closed See Offers

IN: e 2284 Australia: I want to import Indian sandstone blocks that is hard and GREY in color to Brisbane, Australia. Kindly quote for the same along with the dimensions, weight and how many blocks can go in a container. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 2281 Canada: I am interested in Blocks, cutter size as well as large size. It should be absolute black from Khammam. At present I am buying, Warangal Black, Chamrajnagar Black, medium black & would like to introduce Khammam Black, Please send me the prices per cb m, with app. sizes. I will then ask my inspectors to check their material & if it is good will place an order. Please ask them to courier a sample to me as well. Please quote for prices per cbm. 
I am interested in Warangal black, however would like the material without any white sugar dots. The black grains must be very close knit. Please confirm if u can send me a sample for approval. Quantity - we imported 400 containers last year, black is the major colour we import. So far we have been getting Chamrajnagar black. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2246 USA: I am looking for a source of black to gray volcanic basalt rocks for sculpting. Jan 3. Contact ,See Offers

ALL: e 2227 Bangladesh: Please quote C&F Chittagong for boulders Rock Stone size 12kg to 85kg. Dec 28. Contact, See offers

e 2209 Australia: I am interested in purchasing a continuous supply of limestone or sandstone building blocks either cut to size or supplied in slab form in 100 - 250 mm thickness. Apart from Gambier stone (which is not hard enough), would it be more cost-effective to look at importing from somewhere in Asia? I am looking at supplying stone for 10 - 20 houses. Dec 18. Contact, See offers

NO, ZA: e 2195 India: Want to purchase Blue Pearl rough blocks. Also interested in South African Black. Sellers please quote prices C&F Chennai / India. Dec 13. Contact

BR: e 2175 USA: Please quote for 20M3 of AZUL EXTREMADURA blocks. Dec 10. Contact

IN: e 2155 Iran: We want granite of Indian origin in Plates and/or Blocks.
1) Baltic Pink
2) English Teak
3) Emporial Red
4) Jhansi Red
5) Kaddur Red
6) New Imperial
7) Mangal Gold
8) TG Red
Qty : 800MT, 100MT of each. Block and Plates/Slabs sizes we require as follows:
Block sizes:
Width : 120cms to 150cms
Length : 280cms to 320cms
Height : 130cms to 190cms
Slabs/Plates sizes
same sizes as above +/- 5cms, thickness 3cms. Depending on the prices, we will select the Blocks or Plates.
Dec 5. Contact

IN: e 2151 China: Please quote CNF Xiamen for Black Galaxy blocks of: 120-150 cm X 60 cm X 50 cm up and 150-200 cm X 80 cm X up. Shipment by break bulk. Delivery to Xiamen, China. Dec 3. Contact

IN: e 2135b USA: Indian green marble. Quote for slabs, tiles and blocks. Dec 1. Contact

PK, TR: e 2133 India: Quote for supply of green onyx good quality rough blocks on a regular basis to our factory in USA. Nov 30. Contact

CN: e 2130 China: Wanted Pure White marble Blocks and slabs of Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces of China.
Nov 30. Contact

ZA: e 2123 Turkey: Want to purchase African Red granite blocks. Nov 29. Contact

IN: e 2087 Malaysia: We are looking for stone suppliers who can supply few 100000 tons for a whole highway project (in India). Nov 23. Contact

ZA: e 2080 China: Please quote for South African Verde Fountain blocks. Size is 100 cm, quantity is 20cbm. Delivery location Xiamen, China. Nov 22. Contact

All: e 2076 Iran: We want to import granites in various colours and shades like green, Blue, Red and Violet colours. We would need blocks from 15 to 20MT and large slabs or plates. Quantity 100 to 1000 MT depending on the quality, price and transport distance. We prefer Asian and Middle East countries. Nov 21. Contact

BR: e 2073 USA: I want BLUE BAHIA GRANITE stone 3 X 3 X 5 ft. Please quote per ton. Nov 20. Contact

AR: e 2062 Italy: I want Argentinean  Mahogany Rough Blocks. Nov 19. Contact

EG, IN: B 608 Egypt: We want Galala and Indian green marble blocks for a project. The quantity required would be 10 blocks. Payment through bank transfer. Inspection through an agent. Delivery period 3 weeks.
Nov 19. Contact 

ES: e 2045 USA: We want 100M3 of Gran Perla blocks of Spain origin. Please send offer to us and indicate your delivery time. Nov 16. Contact

US, All: e 2036 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase 50 pallets of granite blocks for a retaining wall project I am supplying.  The job is in north central new jersey. What can you do for me on a delivered price? Nov 16. Contact

SA: e 2033 China: We are sourcing for the following granite blocks: Golden Leaf granite rough blocks. Origin: Saudi Arabia. Size: 1200 x 2400 mm and/or 1600 x 2400 mm. Quantity: about 200 m3. Quality: 1st class. Payment terms: irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight.  Also we prefer to do business with mine owners. We hope we can have the price based on FOB & CNF Xiamen. Also please advise earliest possible delivery time and payment terms. Nov 15. Contact  

All e 2022 USA b: We are interested in small rocks, smaller then a fist, but bigger than thumb in size. All must be pure marble or granite, 20MT packed per 20' Containers. Please price them either ex works, FOB or C+F Seattle. Please send pictures. Nov 13. Contact

IN: e 2015 India: We are exporters & inspection agents for last 2 decade of rough raw granite blocks, polished slabs & tiles, flamed pavement slabs & tiles, hand dressed product and sandstone to various countries. We are interested in Tumkur Red Rough granite blocks (240 to 300 x 120 to 150 x 100 to 150 cm) and (120 to 230 x 60 to 100 x 60 to 100 cm). Please quote us FOB Mangalore and Chennai. Nov 12. Contact

CN: e 2012 USA: I want Shan Xi Black 30t, one side polished (90-95 degree), cut-to-size, various size (350-600 mm wide, 550-1,600 mm long, 30t mm) about 1x20 FCL, C&F Pusan, Korea $/sq mt. Can you make quick shipment (within 7 days after receipt of LC.)? Nov 12. Contact. Commission only.

CN: e 2009 Australia: We would like a price for Chinese Gabbro Granite fine to medium grain in Black and also Grey black color, per cubic meter (m3) block Fob China port in USD$. Nov 10. Contact

US: e 2003 USA: Looking for the availability of Black Granite sources (quarry) in USA. Nov 10. Contact

All: e 1998 UAE: Please quote for slab, standard tiles and blocks. C&F Prices- Dubai, UAE for all your products. We want to establish long term relation and are interested to import all types of stones i.e Marble, Granite, etc. Nov 9. Contact

ZA, US: e 1987 China: We need three kinds of granite blocks urgently: Camelia white, Camelia pink (from US) and African Red. The block to be Grade A first choice quality. Please quote me C&F Xiamen China price, and please also quote me big size and small size block. We need to import at least 100 cubic meter per month on Camelia white and African Red, 3000 cubic meter of Camelia pink total. What is the price FOB your country + shipping to Xiamen, China on the grade A quality on big size block & small size bloc? Please provide the pricing information as detail as possible.Nov 7. Contact

IN: B 597 China: We import Jhansi Red from India on regular basis. We only need high quality blocks. The quantity we are looking for the moment is 30 CBM. We want the stone for trading. Payment will be done d/p basis. Material will be self inspected. Nov 6. Contact

ZA: e 1976 China: We are a leader importer of granite blocks from overseas in Fujian province. We have been in this line for many years. We are interested to buy African Red granite blocks. Sizes: 120cm up x 60cm up. Min. order: the more the better for each order it can be 500 cbm. We need a large quantity per month. Quality is the most important! Nov 6. Contact. Commission only.

All: e 1958 USA: Artifacts: Garden torch base as pictured 
Here are the details for Garden Torch Bases:
Material: Granite, Color: Grey.
Must have rough cut on all 5 visible sides and smooth bottom.
Large size: 25 x 25 x 9 cm. Galvanized pole: 20 cm long. Inside dia. 31-32 mm. Outside dia. 34mm.
Small size: 20 x 20 x 9 cm. Galvanized pole: 18 cm long. Inside dia. 21-22 mm. Outside dia. 24mm. 
Both have a hole drilled in the middle for a galvanized steel insert.
Qty: Container load - 20 tons, or about 1100 bases. 
Individual Packaged in double-wall corrugated box. 
Prices must be quoted CIF landed in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA.

Is it possible to get a sample, I can pay for freight. 
Quote both, including galvanized pole and individual packaging, and without galvanized pole and individual packing.  Oct 30 Contact. USD 100 only

GR: e 1954 Hong Kong: I want Thassos White Blocks & Slabs - Direct import from quarry owner. Oct 29. Contact

US: e 1945 India: I want BETHEL WHITE GRANITE BLOCKS from USA. We are looking for quality suppliers who can supply BLOCKS of Size 150 cm Length and 75 cm Height, or Size 180 cm Length and 90 Cm Height, Minimum 100 CBM every Month in Containers on C&F HONG KONG Basis for our Project. Oct 17. Contact

All: e 1939 Egypt: I am the project manager representing the owner in the renovation of one of Egypt's most luxorius hotels. We are seeking two types of marble to use it in the renovation of the hotel guest rooms that were specified by our interior designer. The marble is:
1) Botticino Royal, a beige rose marble with an estimated quantity of 4000 m2.
2) Port Laurant, a black marble with gold insert similar to the Portoro marble but to our information is not Portoro. The estimated quantity is 1500 m2.
We do require the following info:
1) The country of origin of this marble.
2) The rate / mt2 for polished slabs FOB & the rate for blocks (kindly forward the block size) in tons.
3) The availability of this quantity. Oct 13. Contact

All: e 1937 Portugal: We are looking for blocks (1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm) of black granite to process here in Portugal. To begin, we would like to buy 10 m3 of this material. Oct 12. Contact

TR: e 1916 Turkey: We are interested in 'Solibra' Turkish Beige Marble blocks. Oct 5. Contact

IN: e 1899 China: We need Black Galaxy & Multi Colored Slate.  Blocks dimension as 2.4m(up) X 1.4m(up) X 0.8m(up) and the slabs dimension as 2.5m(up) X 1.5m(up) X 2cm  CNF  Xiamen. Sept 26. Contact 

GR: e 1885 USA: We're interested to buy Greek marbles (tiles 300x600,  300x300, slabs and blocks) Could you please send us a price with costs and samples (pictures) of marbles which you produce, also the terms and conditions of supply. Sept 19. Contact

IR, PK, TR: e 1873 China: We are interested in the following items. Please quote best price CIF Xiamen China:
  1. Pakistani Onyx rough blocks & 2cm thick polished slabs ref: Brown and Green Onyx.
  2. Iran marble rough blocks and polished 2cm thick slabs ref: Dehbid, and Jekmar Cream
  3. Turkey marble rough block and polished 2cm slabs ref: Rosso Levanto, Salome, and Grey Supreme. Sept 15. Contact

US: e 1871 India: We are Indian based importers of Granite and are interested in importing BETHEL WHITE in Blocks (Small Size) 150 x 60 cm and up (Max to 240 Cm Length and  80/ 85  Cm Height). We need absolute Best Quality and can import a quantity of 50 CBM every 45 Days or so. Please send in your quote with possibly a photo attachment of your sample. Sept 14. Contact.

ALL: e 1865 Poland: I am an owner of stone factory in Poland. I need granite blocks all over the world to Poland. I am looking for quarry owners mostly from India, Brazil, South Africa, Scandinavian countries, etc. Quantity 1000 m3, payment by LC. Material will be self-inspected. Delivery period is 10 weeks. Sept 13. Contact.

All: e 1859 USA: I am looking for cut, hammered, sawn granite, sandstone and other. I am searching for the best pricing available and would like to develop a rep relationship with international groups working to market their product on the east coast of the United States. I do not have "exact" requirements or full architectural drawings at this point.  I am looking for sources of split-faced block for residential and commercial buildings.  As I am dealing with multiple buildings, I am looking for sources that may provide various stones and block dimensions. Please advise as to the most efficient method to reach your Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) users. Sept 9. Contact

All: e 1857 USA: Please quote for polished black granite:  
1, Price per square feet (slabs as well as tiles) ex- quarry
2, Taxes & levies etc
3, grade if any. Sept 8. Contact

IN: e 1850 India: We want to purchase Black Galaxy slabs and blocks. Sept 6. Contact.

IN: P 722: We are traders and are interested in Indian Forest green marble blocks from south India. The blocks should well cut edges and be around 4-6 cubic meters. Quantity: 3000 ton. Payment by: bank transfer. Delivery time 8 weeks. Inspection by: Agent. Aug 27. Contact

US: e 1812 UK: We want to import Indiana limestone into the UK. Provide quote for shipping 150 tons from Bloomington, Indiana to Portland Docks, Dorset – UK. Please include for all duties and taxes. Aug 24. Contact

ZA: e 1804 China: Our customer needs some South Africa stone blocks. They are Impala Blue, Crystal Brown and Belfast, Verde Fontain. Quote CIF or CNF Xiamen port, each type of stone for 5-8 containers. Payment: L/C 60 days Aug 21. Contact

ES, FR: e 1786 USA: Hello, I need a list of block sources of marble in France and Spain. I am looking for French marbles 'Rouge Griotte' and 'Noir Saint Laurant' in blocks only. I am looking for Spanish marble Brocatel di Spagna in blocks only. Aug 13. Contact

All: e 1780 Taiwan: We want the best quality dark green marble with white veins. We do not want Forest Green. We can buy blocks, slabs, tiles. Send us all details. Aug 7 contact  

All: e 1779 Taiwan: Dholpur or any other white sandstone blocks, slabs, and tiles of different sizes wanted. These would be added to our product offering in Taiwan for regular sales to architects and builders. Aug 7 contact

All: e 1777 Taiwan: We are always interested in introducing new material and new designs in the Taiwanese Market. We can buy marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, onyx. We can buy blocks, slabs, tiles. Aug 7 contact

BE: e 1774 USA: I would like to purchase travertines from Belgium. Black.....block (price in tons)...and 1' x 1' tiles. Nero Belgio....block (price in tons)...and 1' x 1' tiles. Aug 5. Contact

BR, IN: e 1740 South Africa: We are a company in South Africa with two granite gang saws and operating from Johannesburg. We are looking to buy granite blocks from Brazil and India to be delivered to Durban, South Africa. We are processors for the local market and we will export slabs. Please give prices and variety of colors available. July 21 Contact

US: e 1738 USA: We are a building and landscape supply company located in Santa Rosa California. I am having a problem with the quality of Pennsylvania blue stone our vendors are shipping across country. Both cut stone and stand up that is coming into our facility incorrect.  My inquiry is to see if there is any kind of consolidation yard in the east coast area to ensure that the products ordered meet the specs of a purchase order so the load can be rejected or accepted accordingly.  We order at least 4 containers a month from these companies and we do not have much recourse being 4000 miles away from the vendors. July 20. Contact

All: e 1732 Korea: I have been in stone business for 15 years in Korea, also visited Italy many times to import. Last year I changed my job but am still interested in stone business. My friend who is an immigrant of Brazil wants to start stone biz. in Korea. The problem is, he does not know much about marble and granite. He needs me here in Korea install big quantity of them. Big block dealers contact me as soon as possible especially from Brazil. June 23. Contact

US: e 1714 Singapore: We are interested in Bethel White granite blocks. Please inform & quote terms and delivery time for our marketing to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.
Please quote all the available block sizes of “Bethel White'' rough granite blocks, of (1) Lengthy flower and (2) Short flower designs for shipment in 20' containers at C & F Hongkong, Hualien (Taiwan) and Xiamen (China) ports. May 26. contact

US: e1713 USA: We need several blocks of Seneca limestone.....  quarried from seneca quarry, Montgomery County, Maryland... or an architectural match. May 26. Contact

ALL: e 1710 Kyrgyz Republic: We are mainly interested in Marble: Green Marble, Black, Grey, Light Yellow, Brown. DIMENSIONAL BLOCKS: Sizes of 2 m x 1 m up to 3.5 m x 1.75 m
Random Slabs [18-20mm thickness] 2 m x 1 m and above
Tiles [18-20 mm thickness]
         30 cm x 30 cm
         60 cm x 60 cm
         60 cm x 30 cm
We need polished as well as unpolished products.
We are looking for a good reputable company, with whom we can make a monopoly in our market. May 25, contact

e 1708 USA: We need to buy large quantity of Lanhelin blocks monthly. May 25. Contact

ALL: e 1701 USA: I am starting my own business and am looking for suppliers or quarries to supply me with decorative stone. May 22. Contact

BR: e 1694 South Africa: We are producers in South Africa and looking for granite blocks from Brazil. Please contact us with prices and colors. May 18. Contact

IN: e 1677 China: We want Tiger Black and AP Grey granite blocks of first choice quality with medium color and dark base in large volumes - 30 cbm up per month.These materials are very suitable for Japanese Tombstones. If you can supply steadily with good product and service, we wish to cooperate with you in a longterm business.Pls quote us your best price on USD/m3 CFR XIAMEN CHINA by L/C 89 days in container and in break bulk. July 17, contact

e1641 USA: We are interested in purchasing BLOCKS, SLABS, OR CUT-TO-SIZE MARBLE FROM PAKISTAN - MOCHA GOLD . June 27 contact

e 1625 China: We do like the Black Zimbabwe Granite blocks in size import to Taienjin or Xiamen port, China. Would you please give your FOB OR CIF price, minimum order, payment terms & delivery time? June 18 contact

e 1619 USA: I'm product consultant for a specifier company in Los Angeles who  wants quarries or supplier of 2 cm thick slabs of:
BRECHE DU VIMINE. June 15 contact

e 1617 UAE: We are searching for the sources and quarry owners of the Yellow Leopard granite, for our use in a project. June 14 contact

e 1610 UAE: What is the price F.O.R Dubai for black granite blocks. June 11 contact

e 1593 Italy: We are interested in eventual purchase of 10-30 cm. diam. approx. rough blocks of "New Ubatuba" or "Ubatuba" granite to crush in our plant for our agglomerate slabs. The ideal dimension would be 10,24 mm and the monthly quantity approx. 10 tons. Please also let us have best prices for container loads basis FOB port Brazil and basis C+F Naples (Italy) port. June 4 contact

e 1582 Japan: Want FOX BROWN BLOCKS. May 22 contact

e 1580 Turkey: Need Absolute Black Zimbabwe granite BLOCKS on 40 to 50 m3 per month in Istanbul. 
May 21 contact

e 1571 USA: Want Kuru grey blocks. May 18 contact 

e 1569 USA: We want to buy blocks of ROSSO LEVANTO. May 17 contact 

e 1567 USA: Want Dakota Mahogany blocks. May 16 contact

e 1454 USA: I want new landscape and masonry stone wholesalers to buy from.  I am searching right now for a company that quarries quartzite flagstone. March 17

e 1450 India: We want to import marble blocks and slabs from Portugal. March 16

e 1440 USA: Prices per tonne Nero Black & Galaxy Black in US$. March 13

e 1428 Yugoslavia: Please send me asap your best prices for following materials: Kashmir White, Multicolour Red, Black Galaxy, Paradiso, Raw Silk, Juprana, Absolute Black, White and Green marbles. Please send me prices for polished slabs, tiles (30x30,60x60) and raw blocks. Mar 3 e1423 India: We are interested in importing the blocks and slabs of the following marbles: 1. Mystic Coffee 2. Negro Oriental 3. Grey Waves We are interested to know the prices of the above marbles in slabs and blocks FOB any port in China and also CNF any port in India. Mar 2

e 1362 India: I am looking out for raw blocks of Valantina, half white Carrara approximately 75000 cft  delivery India  (kandla or mumbai). Jan 29

e 1341 USA: I am looking for a 3x3x3 block or boulder of granite for sculpture. I need the bottom cut flat and smooth and a 1 x 6 deep hole drilled off center of the stones top. Jan 24.

e 1331 India: Want to buy 2-3 containers of Nero Impala monument grade raw blocks. Jan 20.

e 1315 Ukraine: to buy equipment for mining granite blocks. Jan 17.


e 1305 USA: We need white-kashmir white, (any white) granite for slabs and tiles, direct from quarry owners and processors. Will buy large quantity, if it is approved by our clients, for a large building project. Jan 14.

e 1300 China: We want to import blocks of Gris Perla, Saint Louis (from Portugal), Marron Cafe(from Brazil), and Verde Fontaine. Jan 9

e 1280 INDIA:  We are exporters of granite monuments to Europe. Some of our customers are asking for Blue Pearl GC/GT monuments so we want to import rough blocks and sawn slabs from Norway. Dec 25.

e 1264 Norway: I want granite blocks. The thickness of the blocks is about 8 centimeter.  I want them in three colors. I need about 175 sq. meters. Thank you. Dec 18

e 1262 China: Can you please send us your best price of the Caledonia Block for CNF Xiamen Port. Dec 18

e 1259 Korea: We want "French limestone/Bretigny"1) Random slab(20T) 2) Block. If you introduce us some good suppliers in France, we would be highly appreciated. Dec 16

e 1246 USA: We want rough blocks & sawed slabs (4", 6", 8") of black granite. Dec 4.

e 1242 USA :Is the Phoenix Green marble available in blocks? Dec 1

e 1237 India: We require following second hand used fully reconditioned machines for our new  mines / quarry, for granite. Stone processing - rock cutting machine, Granite  block cutter, slab cutter, edge cutter, mirror polish machine. Please send  rates ./quotation  & catalogues urgently. Nov 30.


e 1205 India: I'am interested in Sivec marble in both rock form & in slabs form in  2 cm thickness . Nov 19.

e 1173 USA: I'm looking for 5 or 6 of the most popular varieties of granite. Quarry direct container quantities would be ordered. Possibly 2 shades of dark gray or black, 2 shades of brown and one other neutral shade. Lower end pricing is a must for our business plan. We need this for the Southern California market. 12's,16's,18's. We already import other types of stone presently. Nov 9.


e 1155 USA: I would like to find a location near me where I can find boulders or rocks approximately 18 inches in diameter for a preschool playground. The location is San Mateo, CA. Nov 3.

e 1151 China: Can you send us about  BONACCOLD Granite block price (made in sweden)  Nov 1.

e 1131 India: We shall like to have an offer for cutter size and gangsaw size black granite blocks from South India. We are in Indore. Oct 27.

e 1111 Thailand: We want absolute black from warangal. KINDLY ADVISE THE BLOCK PRICING STRUCTURE CNF BANGKOK BY CONTAINERS. Oct 21.

e 1109 India: I want to know about jhansi red blocks, quarry owners and exporters. Oct 20.

e 1102 USA: We are a mason company looking for a type of stone called Mt. Mary  in split face block. We are constructing a decorative wall to match the existing house. Oct 19.
e 1099 India: We have a large export order to Bangladesh. 
    1. JUMBO  BLOCKS   :   11” x 8” x 4” /  1,500,000 nos. / 19,481 M TONNES appx.
    2. REGULAR BLOCKS  :  9” x 5” x 4” /  500,000 nos. / 2,464 M TONNES appx
These blocks will be used in construction of road curbs. Any shade will do. Oct 19.

e 1093 USA: I am expanding my business into landscape supply of natural stone.  I'm looking for lists of quarries and their products.  My urgent need is sandstone,  30 ton  8" snapped for retaining wall,  and I need to match existing.  All I know is that it is quarried in Wis. USA, it is tan in color and goes by names like "Carmel" and "heritage gold antique". oct 16.

e 1089 USA: Please find contact source who has quarry of Picasso, Marble. I think he is located in or near Beaver, Utah. Oct 16.


e 1057 USA: Please give me some direction for locating dealers of belgium block in the South East area.  I am located in North Carolina.  I used to live in New England where it was common to see belgium block as the perimeter of driveways and walkways or as curbs.
I would like to potentially market belgium block in my local area to high end builders or local brick/block dealers to enter the market as a broker.
I have a good sense for business and funds to start a business.  However, partnering with a company may also work for me since there may be significant freight involved. Oct 6.

e 1043 China: We are looking for a kind of limestone named CREMA MOKA, may be from Middle East. Quantity needed is about 220 cubic meter, or 3500 sqm. for  slabs of 40mm in thickness. Oct 1.

e 1001 UAE: We are interested in importing green  marble & granite from India as slabs, Blocks and Tiles. Please send us FOB factory and C&F Riyadh. sept 19.

e 992 India: WE ARE A LARGE IMPORTER BASED IN NEW DELHI, INDIA. WE ARE INTERESTED IN ETHIOPIAN MARBLES.  KINDLY LET US HAVE DETAILS OF COLOURS AND ITS PRICES OF AVAILABLE MARBLES. WE ARE LOOKING FOR BLOCKS AS WELL ROUGH MARBLE SLABS UNPLISHED 2 CM THICK. Sep 14. e 990 Moldova: We are businessmen from Moldova (country between Romania and Ukraine), for last 10 years we work with marble and granite, producing the monuments. Now we are seeking for new partners for our business, that is why we need your price list for marble and granite you have. We are interested in wholesale prices for ALL of your production(marble and granite, all sizes, all colors) and especially WHITE MARBLE and BLACK GRANITE. We need information about:
    WHITE MARBLE:     Length: 30cm-60cm     Width: 30cm-60cm     Thickness: 1cm-3cm
    BLACK GRANITE(GABBRO, LABRODORITE)  Length: 30cm-40cm     Width: 20-cm-30cm Thickness: 1-cm-3cm,
And also big BLACK GRANITE BLOCKS, Length: 1.0m-1.5m    Width: 0.5m-0.7m Thickness: 0.1m-0.2m.
Sep 13.

e 934 Hungary: We are looking for suppliers of Kanfanar marble from Croatia in slabs, 2 and 3 cm thickness, polished and unpolished. Quarries or sellers contact us. Budapest. Aug 23.

e 933 Korea: We are a leading import company in Korea. We would like to import rough blocks of Indian sandstone sizes 600x900x30. Aug 23.

e 919 USA: I need to buy 1 ton of the 1 to 2 inch size "Rocky Mountain Granite" quarried from Colorado ONLY. I also need 14 tons of the 3 to 4 inch size. My suppliers in Truckee, Cal and Carson City, Nv. have run out. I can't finish a house without it. Will a west coast supplier, please reply. Aug 18.

e 911 Saudi Arabia: We want rough blocks of egyptian granite. Aug 16.

e 892 USA: We are looking for blocks of Tiger Skin granite. Aug 11.

e 891 China: We want small blocks of africa red and rojo africa. What are the price per cbm c&f china port? Size: 120cm - 170 cm x 60 cm -75 x 60 cm up. Aug 11.

e 877 USA: I want to purchase aprox. 30 tons of Appalachian Mountain stone from Delaware or Maryland region wholesale quarries. Aug 9.

e 874 USA: Need granite rock delivered at Kingsland GA for concrete manufacturing. How much per ton & delivery times? Aug 8.

e 854 China: We are a Chinese company engaged in granite and marble business. We have our own factory and also many customers for stone blocks. We purchase blocks regularly from various countries. Now we urgenly need some kinds of blocks (not slabes) as follows: (1) BLUE PEARL, Norway, (2) AKSARAY PINK & ROSSO LEVANTO, Turkey, (3) BALTIC BROWN & CARMEN RED, Finland, (4) PINK SALISBURY, USA. We are most grateful if you could introduce some manufacturers ( quarries are better ) to us. Aug 3.

e 837 China:  We are engaged in granite and marble business. We regularly purchase stone blocks from various countries. We have our own factory and also have many customers for stone blocks. Now we need the varieties as follows: (1) Aksaray Pink Granite & Rosso Levanto Marble (Turkey). (2) Pink Granite (Saudi Arabia). (3) Blue Pearl (Norway). We are most grateful for offers with price, grade, size. July 27.

e 822 Taiwan: This is a message from a marble & granite company in Taiwan. We have been looking for a granite name GALALA BEIGE quarry in Egypt as there will be a large quantity needed for a project. July 22.
e 729 Germany: I want red, creme and yellow Rajasthan sandstone slabs, bricks and raw blocks quantity: 2 containers per week. Jun 25

e 726: I am interested to get price quotes and weight/size measurements for Cobblestones (Belgium Block) on an FOB basis PMT.  UK pounds or USD QUOTES. Jun 24. e 707 India: My Singapore counterpart is holding two LC Covering the following products for Europe. Please refer and call us immediately If you are interested: 1. RED MULTI - 490 US $ A- Grade M3 KANAKAPURA 30 CBM Port Hamburh 2. K. WHITE - 600 US $ A- Grade M3 MELUR 30 CBM We are mediators and commission agents. We work on Commission basis. Kindly contact us immediately to finalize the deal. Jun 17.

e 694 Australia: We would like to import marble blocks - a loose selection of afyon and salome - from turkey. The size of block would range 25 to 50 kilograms each ( for sculptural carving). We are looking for 3 tonnes.
Jun 11.

e 682 China: We want Arabascato Vagli, Bianco Carrara C and Dehbid blocks from 1.2-1.4m in height, 2.4m >in length and 1m wide. Jun 8.
e 681 China: We want large quantities of Giallo California, Giallo Veneziano Fiorito and Cafe Imperial blocks (commercial choice)  from 60-1.4m in height, 2.4m>in length and 1m wide blocks. Jun 8.
  e 675 Greece: We are one of the leading companies dealing with marble in Greece. We are interested in making business with chinese companies. We want to import marble blocks and granite slabs of any color in Greece. The granite slabs should not be expensive, 15 - 20 $ / m2, FOB China. Jun 6.

e 671 China: We import and export all kinds of stone products. We are searching for a kind of block named "Gold Leaf" all the time. Jun 5.

e 669 Italy: We work with middle east and Africa, we are interested to import marbles from Greece to Middle East and Africa. We are in Rome. We are intrested to have a price list of all dimension and colors of your marbles for slabs, blocks, etc. Jun 5.

e 646 India: I am based in Bangalore and am interested in taking up an agency for supply of granite blocks from India. May 22.

e 635 China: I want raw granite blocks -- SPI (Portugal), AGE (American), France blue. May 18.

e 599 USA:  I want 33 tons of "Canadian Chocolate" flagstone that is in the Green/Gray/Brown color tones. The area to be covered is approximately 2600 square feet, not allowing for overages and/or breakage. Use: Residential flatwork for own use. Delivery by when: June/July. City: Portola Valley, California (South of San Francisco near Palo Alto). May 9.

e 575 Italy: Please let us know your best price for rough blocks of black absolute I° choice :
    sizes:  more than cms 260x130
               less  than cms 260x130. Apr 28.
e 536 Malaysia: Kindly quote for: 1. Block Sizes - 2.5 x 1.4 x 1.4                             0.7 x 1.3 x 1.9   2. Unpolished Random Slab - 1.3 x 2.4 x 20mm +-                                                     0.6 x 2.0 x 20mm +-   Approximately 20,000 cubic meter per year , or you can let us know what is the quantity you can supply . Prices quoted to be based on F.O.B & C & F ( port klang ) malaysia .Rate in US Dollar . Apr 11.

e 512 Poland: We are into Green Marbles from Rajastan. Just now we are thinking about importing Black Granite in blocks from India - approx. 15-20CBM per month. Apr 4.

e 511 Kuwait: We own our bulk carrier vessel capacity 27000 m.tons,and we are interesting to import crushed aggregate made from granite or basalt on f.o.b. and c&f kuwait basis for shipment up to 70000 m.tons. We can take several shipments per annum. So please quote f.o.b. prices for bulk crushed granite stone aggregate to be loaded on board our ship for shipment of 27000 m.tons and for annual quantity of 500000 m.tons and specify port name and address and time to commence loading. We specialize in buildings, roads and infrastructure contracts and sales of cement, aggregate, ready-mix concrete and building material. Apr 4.

e 508 Malaysia: I'm a manufactureer from Malaysia.  I would like to import a beige colour marble blocks like botticino, cream marfil or other similer colour marble from EGYPT. Apr 3.

e 500 Russia I represent the biggest manufacturer of marble and granite slabs and tiles in Moscow - and I want granite in rough blocks of different colour and size (gang-saw, block-cutter and monument size). Mainly black and red colours.  Approximate quantity per year - 7000 cub.m of different materials. Please, quote the price per cu.m. FOB. Mar 29.

e 497 Thailand: We would like to contact the block suppliers in Australia for "Balmoral Green". Mar 28.

e 486 China: we are in the the market for Santiago red big blocks, would you please quote us the best price basis on CNF XIAMEN. Mar 22.
e 484 China: Granite and Marble blocks are our traditional distributing items. Fujian,Guangdong is the processing center of stone slabs. There are nearly 300 processing factories in a county which is only 90KMS from Xiamen.

We are now importing and distributing blocks from India, Spain and U.S.A. sometimes from Hongkong. Our blocks cover: Ruby Red , Black Galaxy, Multi-Color Red,White Galaxy, Green Marble etc. And our monthly sales quantity is about 350 CBM granite and 400 MTS marble. Since we have our own blocks yard, the storing cost is very low (only USD12/half year).

We have learnt something about your products through your web pages and feel there are good chance to cooperate with each other. For Ruby Red , Black Galaxy, Multi-Color Red,White Galaxy, we begun to sale this blocks from last year but it is imported from the other channel (Hongkong or Taiwan ) but not directly from your nation. Mar 22.
e 482 USA: gascogne beige limestone quarry producers. Mar 22.
e 479 Madras / Chennai, India.  Wanted from India for Export.
·     Dark Green Marble for Portugal , Lisbon wanted 10 container on L.C. Basis / CIF LISBON.
·     Blue Metal Jelly  - 10,000 M.Ton @  32US $ per M.Ton port Kuala lumpur, Singapore / CIF. ·     Quartz   Sio 2 - 98% @ 50 US $ ,    Sio2 /99% @ 53 US $    Sio2 99.2 @ 57 US $     General/ Semi White/ White  rates respectively.
·     Export grade - Sio2/99.8%   @ 76 US $ per M.Ton CIF, Singapore rates  quote best rates for CIF Germany, Hamburg.
The rates are target price of buyer total 20,000 M.Ton for Germany / Singapore.
·     Granite Cobble / Cubes/ Kerbs  100 x 100 x 100 and 100 x 100 x 50 mm Sira grey / Rustic/ Ash Grey and Silver Grey.
·     Sand Stone / Slates needed immediately for Germany.
·     Sand Stone for wall/ pavements, slates for revestments. 
Mar 21.

e 455 USA: We would like to make contact with suppliers of the South African sandstone in your directory. We have several large jobs that these stones may be appropriate for. Interested in blocks or cut-to-size. Mar 12.

e 417 Malaysia: We want Indian Shivakashi Yellow granite. 5000 sq.m. in block, slab or cut to size 1200x1200x30 mm. Feb 24.

e 415 USA: We are a stone dealer. We need Granite Cobblestones, All Sandstone products. Currently in need of rainbow sandstone large blocks, slabs. Sizes needed are:  5' x 10' x 2'  =   5 Pieces;  25' x 15' x 1.5' =  1 Piece.   Please send list of other sizes needed for large order.  Nashville, TN. Feb 24.

e 412 UAE: We want 2 containers green marble slabs monthly. Also blocks. All sizes. Feb 23.

e 384 China:  I am very interested in Green Moby Dick and Red Moby Dick blocks and unpolished slabs. Feb 7.

e 383 China: I would like to buy blocks and unpolished slabs of French marble e.g. Cevenol, Campans, Estours Green, Francia Rosso. If they can keep their quality, I can order every year. Feb 7.

e 371 HongKong: We need 'Samata Blue' for a project : Qty. : Blocks - approx. 80 Cu.M.,Unpolished slabs 2cm 4-5 Cntr., Polished slabs 2cm 2-3 Cntr. Jan 26.

e 350 USA: I want a White Marble block, 7'x4'x4', solid piece, best quality for personal use to make a statue. I will pay cash. I am an independent artist greatly interested in the sculpture work of Michelangalo.  Los Gatos CA 95030. Jan 12.

e 333 Canada: Stonecarver in Toronto, seeking six blocks of white marble, preferably Carrara, but Vermont would suffice. Each block 12"*12"*12", sawn six sides. Some light to medium veining would be ok. Dec 27.

e 329 Bangladesh: We want marble and granite blocks for making tiles. Quantity: 10,000 cu.m. Dec 26.

e 315 China: I want to import rough blocks of "lanhelin" from France. Dec 11.

e 314 UK: I am looking for granite boulders for my next sculpture. I work in the south of England. Ideally they would be quite large i.e. 7 tonnes +. Dec 10.

e 309 USA: I need 250 to 300 tons of stone to face a building. I  would like size of thick:3 to 6 in.  length; 12 to 30 in.  high; 8 to 18 in. with split face and  cut bed joint and briken head joint. Color not as improtant as price to west va.  Need it now! Dec 6.

B 257 Austria: We are a stonemason company and wholesaler in Austria and we have our clients all over Europe. We are looking for a Chinese supplier of granite slabs and blocks.
e 277 Taiwan: We want one American granite - BETHEL WHITE.  What we would need are raw blocks around 250M3 to be shipped to our  China factory for a project. Nov 26.  

e 277 Taiwan: We want one American granite - BETHEL WHITE.  What we would need are raw blocks around 250M3 to be shipped to our  China factory for a project. Nov 26.
e216 China: We would like to buy the following blocks:
1. Arabescato Corchia                    200 M3
    The vein looks like the shape of mountain and flowing
    water. The blocks to be for cutting to size 1100 x 800 mm.
2. Rainbow                                      55 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 900 x 900 mm.
3. Baltic Brown                                20 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 300 x 2400 mm.
4. Lamelia White                              30 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 300 x 2400 mm.
5. Tropical Red (Tropical Guyana)   220 M3
    The blocks to be for cutting to size 1100 x 800 mm. Nov 6.

e192 Malaysia: I need to purchase verde mare blocks from anyone having such material. 25 Sept. e185 Turkey: Absolute Black rough granite blocks. Size of blocks 5-6 CBM, total 1000 CBM. Price based upon minimum breakbulk shipments of +/- 2000 MT each = 2 sailings. Delivery over 6-9 months. Price C&F St. John's Newfoundland, Canada. Sept 15.
e183 China: "absolute black" big blocks and unpolished slabs (2cm thickness). Sept 14.

e172 Canada: I want Quarry blocks in Absolute black granite and also cemetery markers: 12x20x2,7/8" thick;  12x20x4" thick polished one top side;   18x30x4"  or all 5 polished  or Chiseled edges (BRE) or Sawn edges;  12x20x6/4 pol.1 BRE  or polished all 5 sides (Beveled markers); 18x30x6/4   same-- ALSO Random slabs in 3/4" thick, 3",  4", 6" thick; any 5x8 ft or 3x 4 ft is OK.      28 Aug. e167 China: We are a leading importer of rough granite blocks. The size we usually import is 1.2 - 2.0 x 0.6 - 1.0 x 0.6 - 1.0 m i.e. neither gangsaw size nor small cutter size but discsaw size. We pay by irrevocable l/c 60 days sight. Our monthly requirements are 50 - 200 cbm. 23 Aug.

e162 Canada: I am a small manufacturer of Granite memorials east of Vancouver, BC. I want resonable good quality of Absolute black Granite in Quarry small blocks 5x3x3 ft or 3x3x3 ft;  Monuments:12x20x3" thick pol.1   4"    6/4" pillow;   16x28x3"       4"          6/4"  pillow;  18x30x3"      4"        6/4 pillow; (polished  0ne side or all 5);  (Sawn);   (Balanced Rock pitched- Chiseled);   Some Uprights  and Slabs 3/4' thick 3" 4" 6" 8" ; 4x7 ft or 5x8 ft.   14 Aug.

e153 India: I am coming to Verona on 16 sep '99 and then to Iran to Purchase Marble blocks so please send me detailed best offer along with size of blocks. Colors I'm intrested are Beige, Cream, Pink, White, etc. mainly plain colors e.g. Perlato. Iranian & Italian Marble Blocks (Big & SMALL). Qty : 500 ton. Low price is major criteria. READY TO TAKE SMALL BLOCKS.  7 Aug. e152 China: We want 2.8m X 1.2m X 1.5m rough blocks of black granite for our factory. 7 Aug.   e151 USA: I want to import black granite boulders from any country. Please let me know size, price, location, transportation costs, etc.  7 Aug.

e142  Egypt: We are a marble factory needs 50 cu.m. marble blocks monthly to process. Cairo. 24 July. e123 Calcutta, India: We have a vast requirement of Natural stone. We want to procure through different Indian companies apart from our own source.     * GRANITES: Rough Blocks: Gangsaw size, Slabs: polished and cut-to-size, Tiles.   * MARBLE: Cut to size panels, slabs, tiles.    * SANDSTONE: Gangsaw cut and also Split (Natural Surface).    * SLATE: both Natural & Calibrated   Please let us know the range of production & up to what maximum quantity you can supply on monthly basis. On receipt of your quotation and size list, we would confirm our requirement immediately. 4 July.

e116 India: We are a leading exporter ad have an export order for Granite from our South East Asia Buyer for:  * Blocks: Absolute Black        - 270 x 150 cm up               New Imperial Red    - Gangsaw size                Oyster Pearl              - Gangsaw size *Random polished slabs - 2 and 3 cm thick             Black                         - 270 x 150 cm up             New Imperial Red      - 240 x 120 cm up and 120 x 70 cm up             Oyster Pearl               - 240 x 120 cm up              Black Galaxy             - 240 x 120 cm up and 120 x 70 cm up *Polished, chamfered, calibrated Tiles 305 x 305 x 10 mm             Black Galaxy             Savan Brown              Sapphire Brown              Indian Mahogany - also 30 mm thick             Green Marble  
We need 50 cbm blocks, 2000 sq.m. slabs, 4000 sqm tiles. 21 June.  

e115 Japan: We are the largest stone product manufacturers in Japan. We already import various stone blocks from Europe, China, Korea and South America. We want granite blocks. Send us cut samples and quotation. If we accept your quality and price, we will order minimum 100 cbm (m3) per business.  21 June.  

For any clarifications, send an email to info@findstone.com www.findstone.com