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Granite Blocks September 2006
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Year 2006

e 20947 Vietnam : We specialize in processing granite. We want to purchase immediately granite blocks with Black and Red color (dimension : 180cm x 65cm ). We are interested in New Imperial Red and Imperial Red and Black Galaxy. Pls, quote best FOB or CIF Ho Chi Minh (In rough Block). Could you send us samples? Could you give us your quotation and relevant information of your granite. Tel: 84 8 86.....June 30 Contact

e 20836 India : We need two containers of South African Nero impala granite rough blocks. Please send your block list and price list to us at the earliest. Telephone: 94433..... June 15 Contact

e 20649 USA : I need to buy Charcoal black marble and Granite blocks for sculpture bases at good prices, right now I need 3 blocks 3 foot by 2 foot by 2 feet and polished on 4 sides and 3 blocks 2 by 2 by 2 feet polished as well. Must be sound but need not be perfect. Please call me at 530-97......May 24 Contact

e 20591 : I am looking for a pricelist for Rustenburg dark grey and Impala blue granite blocks. May 17 Contact

e 20577 USA : Please quote for Granite blocks. May 15 Contact

e 20482 USA : Do you have the granite blocks? May 6 Contact

e 20301: I am looking for a complete price list of Chinese granite blocks in various colours per m. April 10 Contact

e 20295: Please send me your price list for the South African granite blocks per m3. April 8 Contact

e 20276 Tunisia : Please send us the price list of all sorts of marble, granite and onyx blocks that you produce, with some pictures of those blocks. Tel:+216 71 8.....April 6 Contact

e 20131 USA : Retail: I am looking for large granite blocks to build a wall 250' X3' and also to veneer a possibly 3 walls of a house. This is for shipment to Milbridge. I am looking for what you may have available for the projects and costs. Telephone number is 845-47.....March 23 Contact

e 19973 UAE: We have an immediate requirement for African Red Granite blocks/slabs 2cm thick for 10,000m. Kindly arrange to send your best rates, availability and lead time for delivery. Tel: 009714 88..... March 7 Contact 

e 19459 We are a granite/marble slab manufacturer located in UK . We would be interested in buying some granite and marble blocks. Can you please email me your price list? Tel: 004417538..... Quantity: 2000 tons ongoing. Preferred country of purchase Portugal , Spain , Italy , Brazil , Africa, Scandinavia , India , China (FOB local port to you). Stone names Nero Impala, Nero Assoluto, Amarelo Gre, Vermelho Balmoral, Crema Marfil, Azul Macaubas, Verde Guatemala, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Star Galaxy, Bianco Sardo, Rosa Porrinho, Carrara 'C', Travertine Classico, Botticino Classico, Perlato Sicilia, Molianos (or equivalent local types to aforementioned), etc. Minimum size: 3m x 1.4m x 1m. Acceptable shape types: rectangular and reasonably squared off as dimensions above. Unacceptable defects: holes, cracks, etc. Jan 13 Contact

e 19383 Canada : We are a granite slab manufacturer located in Canada . We would be interested in buying some granite blocks. Can you please email me your price list of your inventory? Tel. No. 1-819-87..... Jan 4 Contact 


Year 2005

e 19336 USA : I would like to know more about the old granite blocks as displayed in ready stock 418. Tel & Fax: 802-25.....Dec 31 Contact

e 19287 : Please quote for marble travertine onyx limestone granite blocks, slabs and tiles from Iran as per pricelist 1096. Dec 23 Contact 

e19142 Canada : We are looking for Balmoral raw blocks. We are looking for one block chosen from a block list. We prefer to buy from America , East Cost. We have the contract and we need to find the granite before February. Phone:418-83.....Dec 8 Contact 


e 18740 Turkey : Please quote for Marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, granite blocks, slabs and tiles Iran as per pricelist. Oct 27 Contact

e 18480 Australia : Please quote for Indian granite blocks. Sept 22 Contact 

e 18424 Italy : I would like to buy directly from Brasil raw granite blocks and I am interested in prices and quality of stones as displayed in supplier profile sp0073-br. Office 0039 0585 8......Sept 13 Contact

e 18229 Saudi Arabia : I am interested in buying a second hand machine for cutting granite blocks. Please send offers with all details. Tel. no. is 009665551......July 30 Contact

e 18200 Germany : I am looking for Vizag Blue granite blocks from India . Block Size: 250up x 120up x 120 up. Shape: well-dimensioned, rectangular (cubical), NO CRACKS! Color: no defects (like different colored veins, or big black spots). Terms: CNF Hamburg . Quantity: 25 to, roughly 8 square meters, 2-3 Blocks. Phone: +49 40 6......If Price is okay we will purchase immediately. July 26 Contact

e 17916 Canada : I am sculptor working in Canada . I am looking for price for black granite block approx 1m 30cm x 1m 30 x 1m. Could you give me a price on this? June 24 Contact 

e 17876 China : We need India White granite blocks about 130M3 in urgent. Ecl: Indian white photo. Tel: 0086-532-850.....June 15 Contact

e 17710 USA : I am interested in the used granite blocks that has been advertised in ready stock 418. Please quote. My tel. no. is 603-23.....May 18 Contact 


e 17421 USA : I am searching to place an immediate order for "Gardenia White" granite blocks of 5-10 blocks for a sample. If all is acceptable we will continue with much larger orders. My tel. no is 415/71.....Apr 16 Contact

e 17367 USA : I want to buy granite blocks. Minimum size - 240 cm up X 75 cm.
- unacceptable defects - No lines or cracks
- how will inspection be done - inspected by our Indian company
Color : Saphire Brown, Shivakashi Pink, size : 240 cm up X 72 cm, 50 CBM, location - South India, Immediate requirement, Competitive price needed, need sizes of available blocks. Prices need per CBM FOB Chennai.  Phone:(303) 67..... Apr 11 Contact

e 17360 USA : For a sculpture I need two granite blocks of the absolute black granite. The sizes are: 
66 cm x 275 cm x 106 cm
55 cm x 233 cm x 246 cm
How much would be the costs of the stone and the transport to New York , USA ? Apr 10 Contact

e 17327 UK : Please quote for white granite blocks and slabs. Please quote price for quantities 500 sqm, 1000 sqm and 1500 sqm. Please provide all relevant costs. Apr 5 Contact

e 17104 Malaysia: St. Luis Granite Sawn Unpolished Slabs or Raw Granite blocks, qty is 3000 sqm slabs or 150m3 blocks, expecting delivery within 4 weeks from Europe. Mar 15 Contact

e 17002 Syria : We would like to purchase different kinds of marbles, granites, blocks and slabs with its specifications such as (size, quality) with the price list of each material. Please send us details. Our fax no. is 00963- 21- 2.....Mar 1. Contact 

e 16548 Netherlands : Please give current price indication for Black Galaxy and Tan Brown granite blocks various sizes ex Mumbai and Chennai. Jan 20, Contact

e 16357 Vietnam : We are a company in Vietnam specializing in producing & trading the natural stone products and want to import some Brazilian granites which has black colors. Please send us price list of Brazilian granite Blocks. How are the payment terms? My tel. no. is 84 8 86.....Jan 10, Contact 

e 16306: I am looking to buy one granite block about 1' x 1' x 1' in size. Jan 7, Contact 

Year 2004

e 16205: Please quote for Tropic Brown granite Block. Dec 29, Contact

e 16117 USA : I am interested in purchasing Rustenberg and Bonacord impala medium granite blocks. Sizes ranging from 55"x60"x90" to 74"x160"x30". Must be free of color stripes. Possible up to 18,000 cubic feet annually. I am in MN. My tel. no. is 800-95.....Dec 20, Contact 

e 16095 Poland : Please send me a pricelist of Impala granite blocks. Sizes are 180-200 cm x 80-120 cm. Dec 17, Contact

e 15957 USA : We are a granite distributor in the USA , and we're looking for a Brazilian granite supplier. I am interested in buying granite blocks and shipping them to our factory in China for fabrication. Could you please give me a list of the colors available and a price for each block. I am particularly interested in the Verde Uba Tuba and Verde Butterfly colors, but I would like to look at all the colors you can export. Dec 8, Contact

e 15893 USA : Looking for old granite blocks - up to 5000 cf. size: 1' to 2' wide, 1' to 1 1/2' high, 1' deep. will buy from anywhere in the USA . We are in design phase of new construction. Will need stone to ship within 5 months. Application is residential, exterior walls. Please send description, quantity available and price, exclusive of shipping. Our phone no. is 917-45.....Dec 4, Contact

e 15800 China : We want to import granite block. Colors are India Red (Red Series), Brazil Green (Green series). Please send details. Nov 27, Contact

e 15716 India : We are importers and indenting agents for granites, marbles etc in India . We are interested in import of granite blocks from Russia . Please send us pictures, sizes etc. along with FOB St Petersburg prices. Nov 20, Contact 

e 15639 Serbia : We are importers and wholesalers of Impala black (Rustenburg) rough granite blocks which is used within memorial sector. At the moment, we have interest in importing Impala black rough granite blocks. We need 6 blocks, open transport to the destination port Smederevo - Serbia & Montenegro (the port is lying on Danube river). Size we need is: 2.400 x 1.200. We need medium color range. Also we need Impala black slabs - one side polished. The sizes we need are 2.50 x 1.00 x 0.08 meters; 3.00 x 1.00 x 0.08 meters; and 2.50 x 1.00 x 0.03 meters - total 20 slabs. Our tel. no. is 381 64-12.....Nov 16, Contact

e 15578 Poland : Please quote for Impala granite blocks. Nov 12, Contact

e 15373 France : We are a French company specialized in tombstones and kitchen work platforms made out of granite. We are looking for new suppliers who could be able to deliver us granite blocks. Oct 28, Contact 

e 15201 China : Looking for some granite blocks producers in Norway , Zimbabwe , South Africa , Turkey , India , etc. Oct 15, Contact 

e 14965 Portugal : Please forward us details of suppliers of Zimbabwe granite. We are interested in acquiring black granite blocks. Our tel. no. is +351-259 3.....Sept 28, Contact

e 14907 Yugoslavia : Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14906 Australia : Please quote for Zimbabwean granite slabs and blocks.  Sept 24, Contact

e 14901: Please provide details of granite blocks from Zimbabwe , size and quality. Sept 24, Contact

e 14886 Portugal : Please send your offer for Zimbabwean granite blocks with images. Sept 23, Contact

e 14752 Serbia & Montenegro : We are interested in importing Impala light raw granite blocks from South Africa . The destination port would be either Rijeka , Croatia or Thessaloniki , Greece . Could you please let us know the price per cubic meter, also what's the minimum quantity per order and what would be approximate weight and size of one block? Please send quote in EURO. Sept 14, Contact 

e 14540 USA : Retail: I am an architect looking for some small gray granite blocks approximately 1"x1-3/4"x2-1/4". About the dimensions and appearance of the stones used to pave many of the streets in Prague . We need enough to pave about 300 square feet in a fan pattern. Location: San Diego , CA . Our tel. no. is 619-28....Sept 1, Contact

e 14519 USA: I am looking for granite blocks of various sizes and shapes - primarily rectangular and most no larger than about 2' x 2' x 8" or squares about 1' to 1.5' on each side. Smaller or different shapes (e.g,, thin
rectangles or even a few triangular) would be OK as well). I am working on a granite wall and have been drilling and splitting off larger blocks, but I like the light gray granite block walls I saw around Blue Hill Maine and would like to switch over to this type. Also the season is getting on and I need to get some pallet-loads to speed things along. I'm doing a retaining wall about 60' long and 3' high, varying thickness but at least 3.5' at the base, so I need a lot of stone. I can be reached by phone on (617) 91.....Aug 30, Contact

e 14511 China : I am looking for Turkish marble and granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Aug 30, Contact

e 14486 USA : Interested in local vendors near Dallas , Texas for a granite block. Dimension 3 ft x 3 ft by 6" thick polished top and bottom to be used as a solid base for optical equipment. About what sort of price range might be expected?  Aug 28, Contact

e 14474 Austria : We want to import granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Please send us your catalog and the price-list. Our tel. no. is +43 (0)664 2...... Aug 27, Contact 

e 14375 Korea : We are dealing in natural stone in Korea . We have some enquiry for granite blocks. Please let details about Gem Red, Red multi, Paradiso, Tan Brown, Saffire Blue blocks. Our tel. no. is 0082-2-55.....Aug 22, Contact 

e 13873 USA: I am interested in marketing your stone product in the USA Southwest.  I would like to begin continuous ordering for upcoming building projects at latest by 9/1/2004. I prefer imported stones as to increase my selection; variants of Red, Green, Black and Yellow in the shapes of tiles, slabs and blocks without regard to size but quotes stated in inches please. To begin with, I require a selection of hard polished stones (tiles and slabs) and soft rough stones (blocks) for my different uses. In the future I also need hard unpolished blocks for further processing once they arrive at my location. Samples of your product are greatly appreciated. Please send your brochure and business terms. We are in NM. Our tel no. is (505) 23..... July 27, Contact 

e 13805 USA: Looking for granite blocks and stones for use in landscaping a Japanese style
gardens in one of kind custom built homes and developments. July 25, Contact

e 13797 Poland: I am interested in buying a black and red granites (also more colours). Please send me the prices. Could you also tell me, what size of blocks you can have? July 24, Contact 

e 13761 USA: We need a quote for some small custom granite blocks for a new product. The blocks are to be made out of a small grain black granite to the following dimensions: 2.750 +/- 0.002" long X 0.750 +/- 0.005 "  high X 0.500 +/- 0.005 inches wide. (Note the tighter tolerance on the 2.750 dimension.) 
3 surfaces are to be polished: Both of the 2.750 x 0.750 surfaces as well as one of the 2.750 x 0.500 surfaces. The remaining surfaces can be left unfinished, but within tolerance. We need 100 pcs initially for prototype development and then quotes for production quantities of 5000 and 10000 per year. Blocks must not have cracks or flaws. We are in IL. Our tel. no. is 847-87......We are willing to buy from any location. We need samples, pricing & delivery quotes to finalize. We can finalize / place an order by Sept 1st, 2004. July 22, Contact

e 13742 USA: For a construction project in Massachusetts: single course of blocks to top foundation for a house. Stone type is marble / granite.  Size range is 16" high, 8" deep, varying lengths up to 30". Quantity estimate is 200 linear feet. Will pay for courier cost of samples but after approval of quote. July 22, Contact


e 13687 Italy: Please quote for blocks or slabs of the material Chinese granite padang G633. Our tel. no. is  035 9.....July 19, Contact  


e 13547 USA: I have a Design Build Co. and I'm looking to match some granite Blocks they are Tan/ light brown with a little pink. I would need them in different sizes. July 12, Contact 

e 13511 Brazil: Please quote for Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Black Pearl, Himalaya Blue, Imperial White, Juparana, Kashmir Gold, Madura Gold, Kashmir White, Lavender Blue, Maple Red, Multicolor Red, New Imperial, New Mahogany, Oyster Pearl, Paradiso, Paradiso Bash, Raw Silk, Samatha Blue, Saphire Brown, Shiwakashi, Tan Brown, Tiger Skin and White Galaxy granite blocks. Blocks min. size 2700x1600x1200 & max. size 3000x1900x2400. July 9, Contact  

e 13430: Please send to me pricelist of granite and marble (polished slabs and blocks). July 3, Contact

e 13346 Australia: We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact  

e 13344 China: We want to buy Brazilian granite blocks, such as giallo veniziano, verde bahia, giallo firoto, giallo antique. The block size: 2800cm up x 1700cm x Up any size. Please quote with prodution details. June 29, Contact  

e 13248 USA: I am looking for 12 x 18 x 3.5 granite blocks. You can also call me back at 914-69..... June 23, Contact 

e 13233 Vietnam: We are looking for the following types of Granite Blocks and Slabs for Vietnam market. 
White Galaxy, Paradiso, Black, Lilac and Black Galaxy. Prices required on CNF Ho Chi Minh City basis per M3 for Blocks and Sq.Ft. for slabs. Following are the sizes required for Blacks and slabs. 
Granite Block: L2,2m x W1,0m x H0,7 m & L2,2m x W1,0m x H1,1m. 
Granite Slab: L2,2m up x W0,65m x 19mm thickness. Quantity depends on the price. Order will be on 20' container load basis. My mobile no. is 0903 7......June 22, Contact

e 13135 China: We want blocks of Giallo imperial granite. Please quote (CIF XIAMEN). June 16, Contact 

e 13120 USA: We represent some buyers in China. We look for suppliers of granite block and granite slabs in USA. Colors are raw silk, camelia white, bitu grey, mahogany dokota, giallo california. We need big quantities. Our tel. no. is 972-62.....June 15, Contact

e 13108 Bangladesh: We are interested to slabs & Blocks of both Marble and granite. June 15, Contact

e 12948 USA: I need black granite block for sculpting purposes. Please quote with availability. I am in AZ. My tel. no. is (928) 63.....June 4, Contact

e 12932 Korea: I want to find attached type of Granite from India or Brazil. I am interested in Blocks & slab too. My tel. no. is  0082-2-57.....June 3, Contact

e 12859 Vietnam: We are a importers of granite blocks. We are interested in importing a large quantity granite blocks from South Africa like cape red, african red, cape flame, rosso sienna, desert rose, trasvaal red, k red, African red, fontein green, tropical sun. Please quote CIF HCM port. Our tel. no. is (84-61) 9.....May 29, Contact

e 12453 China: I work for a leading name in building materials in Hong Kong and Southern China. We are currently exporting to the United States and one of our customers is interested in using marble from Philippines. The specific stones they would like to find are "Tiger Skin", "Beige Blue" and "Rosa Mistica". We would be looking to buy small blocks of these materials. Please send the samples. May 2, Contact 

e 12355 China: We specialize in monuments, carving. We are searching for the first choice Zimbabwean impala SKD blocks or random slabs. We are thinking of a trial order of the first choice impala. The destination is Tianjing port. Could you send us the samples for the evaluation. Our phone no. is 0086-10-624......Apr 24, Contact

e 12347 Lithuania: We are interested with Baltic Green & beige color stone. What price of the block on categories from 1 up to 4? Whether there are at you ready tiles for a floor what sizes and what its price? My tel. no +370463.....Apr 23, Contact

e 12322 Brazil: Please quote for Parangaw-IPC and Juparana Goldsand blocks. We are talking about a project which needs over 100 cbm. Tel. no. is (55) 11-316.....Apr 22, Contact

e 12236 Egypt: We are looking for 200 cubic meter of Zimbabwe black granite blocks (Star Gate). Please quote CIF Egyptian port. Our tel. no. is 02-010-15.....Apr 15, Contact

CN: e 12206 Malaysia: Please quote for Chinese granite blocks and slabs. Granite slabs G 608, Tiger yellow, India black 60 x 120cm surface polished, Xili red, califorlia sunset 60 x 60 cm surface polished. Blocks of china green. Please email price list. Apr 13, Contact  

IN: e 12176 India: We require Khammam Black Granite Blocks in 1.70 x 1.50 Mtrs. Please send us your best offer. Initial quantity will be 100 cubic Meters. My mobile no. is +91 22 334..... Apr 12, Contact

e 12166 UK: Can you please quote for a Black Granite block approx. 80 tons for shipment to the UK?
I require it for a sculpture project. My contact details are 00 44 20 886.....How much does one cubic meter of granite weigh? Can you polish one face? Apr 12, Contact


e 12130 Portugal: We are a company of marbles and granites. We are interested in buying blocks, slabs and tiles of granite absolute black. Apr 9, Contact

e 11872 USA: I am interested in finding quarries in Mexico, where I can go select granite roughbacks or saw backs. If I find what I want, price and quality, I will but whole trailer load(s). The most important thing is to be able to select the stone. I am not looking simply for blocks but roughbacks with unique shape and characteristics. I am aware that most quarries eventually push these roughbacks over the edge. 
I am looking for independent quarries in USA, Mexico or Canada that would sell a trailer loads of roughbacks for $1000 or under. I would arrange for an independent trucker, to pick up loads. Mar 25, Contact 

ES: e 11771 Canada: Would like to contact suppliers of Mondariz granite blocks from Spain. Our contact no. is 418.66.....Mar 17, Contact

e 11478 Malaysia: Please email prices of Vietnam yellow granite slabs of thickness 20mm and 25mm or gangsaw blocks CNF Port Klang or FOB Vietnam. Mar 1, Contact  

e 11477 Bosnia and Herzegovina; Please quote for granite blocks and slabs. It would be fine if you could send us additional information (how big are the small size, Gang saw, etc. and the currency). Mar 1, Contact

BR/IN: e 11411 USA: Need 1 or 2 containers of prefabricated countertops - 2,600 Sq Ft. or 5,200 Sq Ft. 
1/4 Ubatuba, 1/4 St Cecelia, 1/4 panther black, 1/4 viara (note your web site pictures were small on the special stones) - or similar Indian colors - samples to be approved. Ratio of sizes below:
2 pieces 32" X 106" - long and right short side full bullnose, 2nd long and left short side flat polish
2 pieces 32" X 106" - long and left short side full bullnose, 2nd long and right short side flat polish
1 piece 52" X 106" - 4 sides bull nose 
Polish and edges done by machine. Good consistent polish on both tops and edges with no blemishes, saw marks, or other imperfections. Stone within colors to be consistent and from the same block. 3cm to 3.2cm thickness over entire top. Inspection when material is loaded into the container on site. Please quote delivered prices. Delivery to Denver, Colorado. Feb 27, Contact

e 11403 Slovenia: We are a company that deals with production of natural stones. We buy blocks and plates and produce many things of of it. Currently, we are interested in a stone named BOUJAAD. We would like to buy slabs 2 and 4 cm thick. Feb 26, Contact

e 11346 Italy: Please quote for Quetzal green marble, approx 1000 m2 of polished slabs at 2cm thick + blocks in order to cut slabs in various thickness. Feb 24, Contact

e 11304 Turkey: We want to buy granite blocks, slabs for wholesale in Turkey. Please send us the slab & block prices of Red granite, Black granite, Absolute black, China rosa beta, Rosa porino (if available) with dimension of: 2X30X60cm/m2, 2X62X220~300cm/m2, 2X75X220~300cm/m2, 2X150X220~300cm/m2 and 1X30.5X30.5cm/m2. Feb 23, Contact

e 11126 USA: We are interested in buying GRANITE blocks of Solar White, Gardenia, Coffee Brown (North American color). Estimated Quantity - 4-5 container per month. Block Sizes Minimum 200 x 90 x 90 = 80 x 36 x 36, Max 240 x 120 x 90 = 96 x 48 x 36. Will buy from anywhere but preferably from North America. Please quote FOB US port or C&F Hong Kong. We are in PA-19012. Feb 13, Contact

e 11106 USA: We are very interest to purchase the material called Pocheon Pink which is from Korea. Further information about Pocheon Pink :
1) Size: Our definition used to be Big Block (L*H*W) > 2.4M*1.2M*1.2M, and small block for < 2.4 M x 1.2 M x 1.2m; definitely price should be quote less for small-sized block. We would prefer the quotation for both. 
2) Quantity: should be 10000M2 of 25mm rough slabs, approximately 300M3 of raw blocks.
3) Delivery: We need the fastest delivery, within the first month providing 100M3 of raw block and partial ship the remained! Our tel. no. (852) 246.....Feb 12, Contact

ES: e 11090 China: We are an importer of marble/granite in Yunfu. We are now looking for Spanish Marron Emperador blocks of different sizes and quality. Prices should be based on box container FOB Spanish port. Feb 11, Contact

e 11056 Serbia and Montenegro: I want to import black granite blocks from South Africa. Feb 10, Contact

e 10990 USA: I am looking for Agate stone blocks, in dimensions of 24" x 24" x 3" for a fireplace hearth rebuild. Please give FOB, pricing and availability. Feb 6, Contact

BR: e 10960 Canada: Please quote prices for ubatuba, san cecilia yellow, new venetian gold and giallo ornimentale blocks to be shipped to Montreal Canada. Feb 5, Contact

e 10906 USA: We are distributor both in US and China. We are looking for high quality Indian stones like Black Galaxy, Ruby Red, etc. Please quote us 2cm and 3 cm polished slab material both FOB and CIF price. We will buy whole container. Later, we need blocks. Please send us price and sample list. Our tel. no. is  703 78.....Feb 1, Contact

e 10889: We intend to import blocks marble and granite with +/- 2 m3. each and prices m3 FOB, of the following ones: AMBAJI WHITE, AGARIA WHITE, ANDHI MODERN ART, KATNI WHITE, KELVA, JHIRI ONIX, LADY ONIX WHITE, ARAVLI ONIX and BLACK GALAXY GRANITE. Jan 31, Contact

e 10292 Syria: We are buyers and importers of Marble and Granite blocks (blocks only). We want to buy Ukrainian granite and marble blocks manufacturers. Our tel. no. is 963 11 23.....Dec 31, Contact

BR: e 10204 Vietnam: We want Red granite blocks, origin: Brazil. Pls send us photograph and quote within this week. Price as CIF Ho Chi Minh port incoterm 2000. Payment by L/C at 95 days from date of B/L. Size: Length 250-280 cm, Width 130-180 cm and Height 130-160 cm. Dec 23, Contact

ZA: e 10082 Vietnam: We are looking for new products for our stone collection, please quote FOB prices of South African red granite rough blocks. Delivery location is Ho Chi Minh Port - ICD Transimes port. 
Quantity: 01 cont. 20" = 6m3. Tel: 84 8 86..... Dec 15, Contact

SL: e 10052 China: Please quote for granite blocks, not slabs or cut to size from Sri Lanka. Qty. 100m3 big blocks (240x120up). Our phone no. is +86-755-287..... Dec 12, Contact

e 10051 China: Please quote for granite blocks, not slabs or cut to size from Namibia. Qty. 100m3 big blocks (240x120up). Our phone no. is +86-755-287..... Dec 12, Contact

e 9737 USA: I am the buyer for a good sized interior design firm and am looking for samples. Can you please send sample blocks of all the granite listed in your price list. I am in CA 92336 USA. We are looking for a new supplier. My phone no. is 562.20.....Nov 21, Contact

ALL: e 9678 Egypt: Please quote for marble and granite blocks. We are in Cairo. Nov 17, Contact  

e 9521 Poland: We are the wholesalers of granite blocks in Szczecin - Poland. We are interesting blocks: Rhino Black, Red Rose, New Black, Zambezi Brown and others. Please send us samples of these mentioned granite with your price list. Our tel. / fax. no. is +48 91 46.....Nov 7, Contact

US: e 9387 China: We want Granite blocks from USA. Our contact no. is + 86-592-56.....Oct 28, Contact

LK: e 9355 India: We would like import Ceylon Green rough blocks from Sri Lanka. please quote with details. Oct 24, Contact   

IN: e 9282 India: We are a quarry owners and traders of Indian granites. We need green based granite rough blocks and polished tiles from SRIKAKULAM (AP). Please quote your price F.O.B CHENNAI. Oct 19, Contact

US/TR: e 9061 USA: We are looking to deal directly with the quarry owners for Rosso Levanto, Bethel White and Camilia white granite blocks. We need the stones for trading. We are based in NY. Our phone no. is 212 83.....Sept 30, Contact

e 9030 USA: Need 3 granite blocks (black or gray preferred), minimum dimensions 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft with two opposite sides saw cut. To be delivered to MOUNTAIN CENTER, CA 92561. Sept 27, Contact  

e 9025 Italy: Please quote FOB prices first quality blocks of Labrador Verde. See pricelist 613. Sept 25, Contact  

e 8976 USA: I want a black granite block of 8 feet x 24 feet x 18 inches. The top and sides must be polished. Please quote. I am in Colorado. My contact no. is 1-970-2......Sept 22, Contact 

US: e 8935 USA: I need 2cm blocks of Santa Cecilia about 4 containers. Please send me the wholesale price for 4 containers. Also quote for material with polish on all sides with half bull nose. I am in Atlanta. Sept 18, Contact  

e 8874 USA: Blocks: I would like some information on dimensions on granite and limestone blocks for a school project. Each block that we would need would weigh about 2-15 tons. It is to build an Egyptian pyramid. Please include prices for these. Sept 13, Contact 

e 8670 China: I want Sahara beige granite blocks as displayed in price list 1097 and  Bethel white color granite blocks urgently. See ready stock 288. Please quote. We need some samples before we can place an order. If the sample matches what we want and the price is OK, we will buy it soon. Aug 28, Contact

e 8659 USA: I want to purchase used granite blocks / bricks. See ready stock 418. I am in VT 05346 and my phone no. is 802-25.....Aug 27, Contact

NO: e 8511 Russia: Let us know the price for the granite block around 6 m3. (2.5-3 x 1.5 x 1.5 m) at the terms FOB Norway and CIF Kaliningrad. We also would like to know if you have the warehouse system (if you keep products in stock) and how does the prices differ depending of the volume of the orders. Our tel/fax +7 0112 4.....Aug 14, Contact  

IN: e 8482 UK: Please quote in cubic meter for Indian Granite blocks of 2m * 3m * 2m. .Aug 12, Contact

ZA/EG: e 8440 Bosnia: Please make us offer for African Red and Zimbabwe black granite blocks, see ready stock 389. We also want Egyptian marble blocks, slabs and tiles, see ready stock 306. Quote CIF Ploce, Croatia. We are interested in fine grain material. Aug 10, Contact

IN: e 8429 China: We are importers of rough granite in China. We import various stones from India. We are interested to buy your granite blocks. We are planning to visit India very soon. Our fax no. is +86-592-57.....Aug 10, Contact 

IR: e 8318 India: We introduce ourselves as the largest exporters of granite slabs and tiles from India for several years exporting to reputed companies all over USA. We process more than 35000 Sqm in over 50 Indian Premium colors and export over 75 containers every month. We have two plants manufacturing slabs and tiles apart from which counter tops and vanities too.
We are interested in Costa Esmaralda Raw Granite Blocks from you. If you have the material available, please let us know so that we can establish business with your company.
For the present our requirement is around 100 cbm. Kindly send us a 6X6 sample for our reference so that we can decide the material. Our contact no. is (+91-40) 278.....Aug 4, Contact  

IN: e 8281 Singapore: We want Indian granite tiles, slabs and blocks for trading. In particular paradiso, black galaxy, cashmir white, imperial white, raw silk, cashmir gold, chilly red, etc. Blocks like tan brown, bahama blue, tji red, paradiso bash, paradiso classic, sivkasi yellow, etc. only quality suppliers need. Aug 2, Contact  

IN: e 8239 India: Blocks: We are a fast growing professionally managed business organization based in India. We have some queries for granite exports and also we are very much interested in eastern India operation. Need the rate of rough block with all varieties (export quality and domestic). We are interested for long term rate contract for granite cutting and polishing. So please send your cutting and polishing rate separately. My mobile no. is 098303......July 31, Contact  

TZ: e 8159 Holland: We are interested in black granite blocks from Tanzania, but first we like to see more of it photo's physical reports and price. My phone no. is 073-52.....See ready stock 382. July 26, Contact 

ALL: e 8085 Vietnam: We specialize in processing granite. We are planning to purchase granite blocks with Black and Red color (dimension : 160cm x 260cm up). We are interested in New Imperial and Ruby. And Black be used for Wall. Pls, quote CIF Ho Chi Minh (In rough Block). Could you send us samples? Could you give us your quotation and relevant information of your granite. Our contact no 09181......July 22, Contact  

IN: e 8080 China: Blocks: We're a trading company in China, dealing in all kinds of India granite rough blocks. Indian exporters quote price for kinds of India granite rough blocks. We are in Xiamen and our tel. no. is +86-592-5......July 22, Contact

IT: e 8020 Mexico: We want buy blocks (ingots of 80"x18"x18") of BRECCIA ONICATA to fabricate columns in our factory in Mexico. We need all 6 blocks (ingots) cut in above reference dimensions. Our tel. no. is 
(828) 96.....July 18, Contact  

BR / IN: e 7951 Vietnam: Blocks: Please quote with samples for green ubatuba and black galaxy. I need big blocks to cut slabs of 2.7 - 1.7m. We can buy from you a lot monthly, if the quality and price is suitable, at least 30m3 each one of stone. I want to buy instantly because we have a lot of customers, builders etc. Payment by LC. July 14, Contact    

e 7925 Pakistan: Blocks: Please quote for black granite raw blocks of gangsaw size 3m x 2m. Kindly send prices C&F Dubai. We are in Karachi. July 12, Contact

e 7728 UAE: Blocks: We are a Dubai-based trading company dealing with granites and marbles. We are interested in your Sivakasi Yellow rough granite block, unpolished, varied sizes including gangsaw. Please send your offer for a minimum of 150 m3 per month, on CIF Dubai, UAE port. The rates may be specified in both US $ and UAE Dirhams. June 28, Contact  

CN: e 7394 USA: Block: We want a block price list of Tianshan Red, C&F Bangkok. Also mention approx. sizes of dimension information. Our tel. no. is 662 23......June 5, Contact

e 7373 India: Blocks: We would like to introduce ourselves as agents based in Bangalore. We specialize in Granite processing machineries and currently we represent several European companies. We are also into finished granite products and raw blocks. Right now we have the requirement for Blue Pearl and Tropical Brown granite blocks of gang saw size from a potential client. Our fax no. 00 91 80 63.....June 4, Contact 

e 7262 China: Blocks: We are importers of all kinds of Granite blocks from different countries to China. Please forward your rates and supply position with sizes. We are very serious buyers and sellers dealing in all kinds of granite from India and China. After hearing from you we request for samples. Our contact no. is +86-592-57.....May 27, Contact  

FR: e 7249 China: Please quote for Noir SAINT LAURENT unpolished slabs & blocks. We have an order in hand, and we need about 3000 sqm unpolished slabs (gang-saw, 2cm thickness) and about 30CBM rough blocks. Let us know the CNF XIAMEN, CHINA price and how many days you need to prepare above production. Our contact no. is 0086-592-60...... We can order after every details been confirmed, e.g. the price, payment term, delivery time etc. Size range is gang saw size e.g. 240 x 120 x 2cm. May 25, Contact 

e 7243 USA: Blocks: I want blocks of Brazilian Azul. We are in Ohio. We are looking for a block of Azul marble ca. 40'' high and 24"x24"wide and deep. If we order would depend on the price. I have no idea what kind of cost would be involved. I am the pastor and the sole purchasing agent for the Church. I suspect the cost would be prohibitive for us but want to know for sure before reassessing our need. If the block would be prohibitive, we would be interested in knowing the cost of slabs that could be made into a cube of the above dimensions. May 23, Contact

FI: e 7179 China: Blocks: Please quote CIF XIAMEN PORT AND FOB YOUR MAIN PORT for Karelia Red, Carmen Red and Baltic Brown blocks. We would like to know if you have Karelia Red, Carmen Red and Baltic Brown quarry. We want to order the quantity: each type about 200 m3 (cubic meters). We urgently need the three above blocks. If you can supply us and the price is suitable for us, we will immediately place an order to you.  
We want to import the granite blocks including carmen red, karelia red, baltic brown, tan brown, india red, white star, black galaxy (another name is twinkle star). If the price and quality is suitable for us, we will import them immediately. Carmen red, karelia red, baltic brown blocks must be provided by finland company. if the company has the quarry, it would be better. 
Tan brown, india red, white star, black galaxy (another name is twinkle star) must be provided by india company which must have their own quarry. QUALITY: good and ordinary. Tel: 0086-592-56.....Dimensions: depending on the suppliers. Samples request: we need the samples to confirm the quality and we don't pay any costs. May 16, Contact   

e 7073 USA: I want strips and blocks of grey granite veneer 65 tons approximately. I am in CT 06756. Phone 860 49.....May 8, Contact 

e 6740 Germany: Blocks: Please quote for Giallo Napoleone, Ornamental, Venecian Gold, Giallo Fioritto, Amendoa Gold granite blocks. April 16, Contact  

e 6694 Romania: Blocks: We are opening a very large plant and need suppliers for blocks of different stones, especially marble and granite. We want to import worldwide. Please send us samples and pictures of your products with pricing. Prices should be in US $, and the delivery port is Constanta or Odessa. April 11, Contact 

ALL: e 6666 South Africa: Please quote for granite in blocks, slabs and tiles. I am in Johannesburg. April 8, Contact 

ZA: e 6620 India: Blocks: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporters of Granite Rough Blocks and Finished Products from India to Most of the European Countries. 
One of our buyer in Belgium is interested in South African Medium Black Granite (we do not know the correct name of this material, but it is commonly called as S.A. Medium Black). We are manufacturing tombstones and other finished product for this Belgium customer. Now, he is interested in Monuments made with S.A. Medium Black Granite, hence we are deciding upon importing this material from South Africa either in the form of Slabs or Rough Blocks. Please quote with correct name and also other details like delivery time, material availability, transit time etc. April 4, Contact

CN: e 6612 USA: Blocks: We want India Red blocks for tombstones. I can place an initial order of 5 containers if the price is right. We are ready to buy 40 cubic meters blocks. I am not sure the exact name of this granite and I know there are several red granite in India. In China, we call it 'India Red'. It should be the most popular granite exported to China for tombstones. Please quote CIF Tianjin, China or FOB India port. April 4, Contact

e 6494 Russia: We are in the construction industry for the last 10 years. We need marble & granite blocks, slabs and tiles. Please quote. Our contact no. is 7-4236-6......For us preferred seller located in north China.  March 23, Contact

e 6323 Latvia: Blocks: I am a stonecutter. I manufacture gravestones and memorial plaques. I want Ebony black granite blocks from Sweden or other good black granite. Please quote per cubic meter. The quantity would be about 2 cubic meters. The quantity depends on price. March 5, Contact 

IN: e 6181 Australia: Blocks: I want 1st quality Black Galaxy blocks. Please quote FOB price per ton and per cbm basis. Feb 24, Contact 

BR: e 6163 USA: Blocks: We want verde pavao or verde butterfly granite blocks. Please quote and also mention quarry location. Feb 23, Contact

e 6069 Poland: Block: We are interested in granite blocks. Feb 18, Contact

NO: e 6040 India: Blocks: We want to  import of rough blocks, 20mm tiles, slabs in Labrador Blue. Need sizes of 150cm x 90 cm. Feb 16, Contact

ES: e 6029 Malaysia: Blocks: We want Blanco Caceras granite blocks from Spain Please quote unit price. We want 100 cbm immediately. Feb 15, Contact

6023 China: Blocks: We want Tan Brown and Black Galaxy blocks. Block size we prefer are 120cm x 60 cm up and 150cm x 80 cm up. Qty. reqd is more than 100 cbm per month. Our contact no. is 0086 592 55.....Feb 14, Contact

ZW/SW: e 6021 Canada: Blocks: I am an artist looking for a black granite, Zimbabwe granite or Swedish Ebony. Please quote for boulders and blocks. I am interested in purchasing the stone, but not without a sample for comparison with other stone. Also, it is necessary to see a range of boulders with a sense of scale. Feb 14, Contact

AU/IN: e 5993 Philippines: Blocks: We urgently need blocks of ROYAL MAHOGANY (Desert Rose) and SAPPHIRE BROWN. Kindly quote CNF MANILA PORT, block form. Feb 12, Contact 

SA/EG: e 5847 Germany: Blocks: I like Silver Sea Green from Saudi Arabia and Galala from Egypt. Would like to purchase blocks from quarries. Feb 4, Contact

CA: e 5764 Thailand: I want Canadian granite Deer Brown blocks and slabs. We have got a project that requires this material. Jan 30, Contact

BR: e 5748 Spain: We want Brazilian granite blocks like Yellow Veneciano, Giallo Gaucho, Yellow Calirfonia and others on the yellow color. Jan 29, Contact

NO: e 5651 China: Blocks: I want Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl and some other granite blocks. Please quote FOB prices with sizes and images. Payment by L/C. Jan 23, Contact 

IN: e 5627 China: Blocks: Our company is a leader in dealing with Granite in China. We want to import India Black Granite blocks (Item No:YKD) for our factory use. Size range 120cm x 80cm up, qty. 200cbm monthly.
Payment terms 90 days L/C. Will not pay for courier cost of samples. We are in urgent need of the material. Please quote with full description. Our contact no. is 0086 592 55....Jan 21, Contact

e 5571 Italy: I want Labrador Antique first choice block or slabs. Jan 17, Contact

1 - Absolute Black granite block. size:(1300x1300x1500up)mm and other sizes. price: USD\TON and USD\M3 in C&F BANDAR ABBASS and FOB origin and 
2. Absolute Black and all dark blackish granite tiles (stripes) with best polish and quality. By standard packing for export. 
1- (wide 400 x thick 20 x length1300 up ) mm. 
2. (wide 300 x thick 20 x length 1300 up ) mm. price: USD\Sq.M in C&F BANDAR ABBASS and FOB origin.

US: e 5538 China: Blocks: We need Bethel White & Solar White rough granite blocks. Any size. The quantities would be large and monthly. First quality. Flexible terms. If the supplier has stock on hand, the factory manager will come to USA to place the order. Please inform & quote terms and delivery time. Jan 14, Contact

IN: e 5508 China: Blocks: We want Black Galaxy, Red Multi color and Paradiso granites blocks. Sizes reqd. are 1.5 x 1.5m and 2 x 2m from quarry and also need 1.5  x 1.5m up slabs. Larger size material would also do. Jan 13, Contact

e 5500 USA: Block: We want a single block of granite approximately 2 x 2 x 6 ft of good quality and color. We want to use it as a sitting stone in the front of which a bronze plate about 10"x10" which will be permanently mounted. Delivery to Cooperstown, NY. Please quote with delivery and installation charges for various granites and finishes and, if applicable, an affixed brass informational plate. Looking for a supplier in and around Cooperstown NY. My telephone no. is 352-68.....Jan 12, Contact

BR: e 5478 China: Blocks: We want St Cecilia, Giallo Veneziano Fiorito, Giallo Veneziano, Giallo California granite blocks. Please quote with details. Tel: 852 246.....Jan 10, Contact

e 5463 China: Blocks: I want 300 cbm of Ambatomanga Granite blocks. This material is from Madagascar. My contact no. is +86 592 23.....Jan 9, Contact