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Sandstone Slabs & Tiles Inquiries September 2006
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Year 2006

  e 21403 : I am interested in purchasing a large quantity of sandblasted Himalayan sandstone: 600 x 600, 600x 300, 400 x 400. Their destination will be Athens , Greece . Sept 17 Contact

  e 20737 USA : I am looking for 4x4 blank sandstone tiles. June 2 Contact 

  e 20542 USA: I am looking to purchase immediately 7000 SF of rainbow sandstone but need it to be available in the united states, as I cannot wait for shipping time (I might be able to wait for half the order) from India. I am looking for random rectangular sizes and will need to inspect the materials before purchase. My company is located in Washington DC and I prefer to be contacted via email but my office line is 703.55.....May 12 Contact

  e 20219 India : I need stone for a client approx 2000 Sqft for flooring  Light Cream Marble or Sandstone, or Mainly White tinged with Green size 24" x 24" and approx 1300sq ft of white Marble for window sills and Lintels. TEL : (+91) (22) 220.....April 1 Contact 

  e 20208 Thailand : We are building material import in Thailand . We looking for import white sandstone, good colour, no colour variation size 30 x 60 x 2 cm. about 20,000-30,000 m2 for supply to our client in Thailand. Telephone: +66-76-2..... March 31 Contact

  e 19956 UAE: We are looking for Aleppo sandstone. I require total 847 sqm in the following sizes: 
20 x 10 x 5cm 560 M2
10 x 20 x 5cm 252 M2
20 x 40 x 5cm 6 M2
25 x 25 x 5cm 15 M2
20 x 17.5 x 5cm 14 M2
Kindly give your best price and delivery period for the same at the earliest as we require one of the project in Dubai. 
Tel: 00971 4 33..... March 5 Contact 

  e 19918 Czech Republic : We have interest with India companies to supply granites, marbles and sandstone slabs and finished work. TEL:493 6.....March 1 Contact 

  e 19830 USA :  I am interested in the sandstone. Do you have pieces that are less thick than 12 inches - around 8 inches? What is the finish on the stone. I am ideally looking for something that approximates used sandstone curbing to be used for steps. Approximately, how much does each piece weigh? Telephone: 440-23.....Feb 22 Contact 

  e 19777 South Africa : Please forward price lists for sandstone and granite tiles. Tel: +27 31-76.....Feb 16 Contact 

  e 19576 Hungary : We are looking exceptionally for Bulgarian manufacturerers of limestone, gneiss and sandstone tiles. We are waiting to receive an indicative price-list with sales conditions for the above mentioned stones. Tel: (+361) 26.....Jan 26 Contact

  Year 2005

  e 18876 South Africa : Retail: We are looking for a quote on 40x40cm dune sandstone 36 square meters Cape Town , ASAP. Nov 14 Contact

  e 18762 Saudi Arabia : I am opening new shop for natural stone. I am interested in importing natural stone for floor and wall looking for granite, marble, travertine, Onyx, sandstone large slabs 2 meter x 2meter x 2cm thick, surface polished with excellent shinning finishing. Tel. +966384.....Oct 30 Contact

  e 18669 USA : I am a retailer of fine flooring in Havertown , PA. I have a customer looking for 3000 sq ft of gray Peruvian Sandstone. Tel. no. is 610-44.....Oct 21 Contact 

  e 17962 Belgium : I am interested in containers to Antwerp/Rotterdam - could you please either quote this in the price of the handcut mint sandstone slabs from India . We need price in US$ M2 FOB Indian Port for handcut slabs of Mint Ocka, Tinted Mint, Mint. Sizes 300x300, 300x600, 900x300, 600x600 and 600x900 - Thicknesses 25-35mm. My tel. no. is +420 736 7.....July 1 Contact   

  e 17832 South Africa : I am interested in Indian sandstone tiles, sizes 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 600 x 600, finish natural & honed. I require rock face as well. Our details 27 21 76......June 9 Contact 

  e 17708 USA : I need 6000 m2 of wiscont white size 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 1 cm. Also 1400 m2 beige sandstone 120 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm natural cleft for a large project in Acapulco Mexico . I am in Texas , tel. 956 38.....May 18 Contact 

  e 17240 UAE: Please quote for Indian sandstones slabs and tiles.  Mar 24 Contact 

  e 17203 India: Please forward us current price list of teak and rainbow sandstone of size 550x275mm, 550x412.5mm, 550x550mm, 550x687.5mm, 550x825mm, 550x1100mm. Quote price at Kandla port Gujarat or nearest port to Rajasthan for one container. The material is to be send to Flexitone dock UK . What is the shipment cost? Our phone no. is 09322......Mar 21 Contact 

  e 17182 India : Please quote for the following in Indian Sandstones
Size Specifications: 
Natural split 300x300 SE, 400x400 SE, 600x300 SE,
Calibrated 400x400x15 SE, 600x300x15 SE, 400X400X22 BN
SE - Sawn edge; the stone has been machine cut to a give straight edge
BN - Bull nose

Size Specifications:
Honed & Calibrated 400x400x15 SE, 400x400x22 BN
SE - Sawn edge; the stone has been machine cut to a give straight edge
BN - Bull nose

Size Specifications: 600x245

Size Specifications: 1000x300x30 BN,1500x300x30 BN
CSIRO slip resistance tested BPN = 65V; contribution of the willow & bellandra floor surface to risk of slipping when wet = very low

Size Specifications: 400x400x15x25 BN

Also the buyer is looking for colors - light straw /honey / beige.
Calibrated Consistency in color & quality over time essential.

Please send the digital pictures of the above and the samples of the following ( each 2 pieces ).
a) Natural split 100x100 SE
b) Calibrated 100x100x15 SE
c) 100X100X22 BN
d) Honed & Calibrated 100x100x15 SE. Mar 19 Contact 

  e 17166 Greece : Please quote for sandstones color yellow, green, mint. Thickness 3-4 cm, 170cm x 70cm. Price : US$ sqm C & F Thessaloniki  port. Mar 18 Contact

  e 17082 USA : How much is Azul Macaubas sandstone, Sodalite Blue, and stone from other countries per square foot? Please provide pricing for slab, 12 X 12, 24 X 24 (inches) or any other size you may have. We are in Pompano Beach Florida - the amount we need will depend upon your pricing. If the sandstone comes in a larger dimension than 12 X 12 please let me know. Mar 13 Contact

  e 16553 South Africa : Kindly sent all your details & prices CIF Cape Town on sandstone tiles. I am in the natural flooring business which I import from Kerala. My tel no 27 21 76.....Jan 21, Contact  

  Year 2004

  e 16233 USA : I want 1000 sq. ft 12 x 12 calibrated sandstone tiles. I am in Florida . My tel. no. is 407-90.....Dec 31, Contact

  e 15896 Honduras : I need info immediately on slates and sandstone and granite slabs and tiles container loads from Brazil . Dec 4, Contact

  e 15811 Australia : We are interested in importing granite, marble and sandstone tiles. Please let me know how we can get some samples of your products. Nov 28, Contact

  e 15348 USA : Retail: We are a retail customer in Northern California looking to buy 6000 lbs of pink & grey ledge stone. We think it is from Mexico and appears to be a sandstone. It is primarily pink, gray, purple with some tan. Rubble style. Ranging from 2" h x 6" l to 6" h x 18" l, all pieces approximately 6" wide. My tel. no. is (916) 79.....Oct 26, Contact

  e 15142 South Africa : We are a retailer of Ceramic and Porcelain tile products based in Johannesburg . We are looking for an ongoing supplier for 
Sandstone Tiles and Sandstone Wall cladding. The Models we are most interested in are: Dusty Way, Camel Yellow and Fossil. The dimensions we require are 40cmx40cm and 60cmx60cm. We are initially looking to bring 5 Containers into South Africa as a trial.
Please could you provide a quote based in USD for 2 containers of 60x60 and  3 containers of 40x40. Please could you also provide information and prices on your wall cladding. Our tel. no. is +27 11 88..... Oct 11, Contact 

  e 15059 USA : Retail: I need about 20 beige sandstone tiles and I live in Los Angeles , CA. Oct 6, Contact  

  e 14824 India : Retail: I am buying a flat in the finishing stages and want to enquire about prices of natural stone for flooring. Can you send me prices of your sandstone, limestone and slates? The flooring area is about 2000 sq ft. My tel. no. is 080 285.....Sept 20, Contact

  e 14822 Belgium : We want 265 m2 of kandla Beige sandstone ( Bengal yellow) in size 14x14x5 cm. Please quote your best offer F.O.B. or C.I.F. Sept 20, Contact

e 14265 Australia: Please provide us details of what colors you are producing and prices for various sizes of Indian limestone and sandstone. My tel. no. is +61-2-974.....Aug 17, Contact   

e 14227 UK: Please send details of Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14226 Uruguay: Estoy interesado en Indian limestone and sandstone, me gustara saber precios y muestras de los mismos. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14225 Australia: Please send information of Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14224 Singapore: Please quote for your full range with pictures for Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14223 South Africa: Please supply me with more details on the type of Indian Limestone and Sandstone with their production and prices. My tel. no. is + 27 12 99.....Aug 14, Contact 

e 14222 Singapore: Send to us your product catalog of Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14221 USA: Send me more info on Indian limestone and sandstone. Also send catalogs and samples. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14164 USA: Need the best price for a slab of Rainbow Teak Sandstone 34" x 76" x 1" thick delivered to the United States to central Texas zip code 78641 (near Austin, Texas). Aug 12, Contact 

e 14144 Canada: I am an architect looking for relevant information on PEI sandstone, thickness of this reddish rock, and where to buy it, how much does it cost, how to apply it. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14072 South Africa: I am looking for quarries to supply my company with yellow sandstone from South Africa. Our tel. no. is ++27 32 94......Aug 8, Contact

e 14043 New Zealand: I am interested in importing some of your Indian Sandstone to Auckland. Can you give me an idea of price per square metre for a full container? Aug 6, Contact 

e 13969 SOUTH AFRICA: Please give details for Sandstone, Marble, Slate and Other stone for paving and wall cladding. Please give information on colours and sizes and quantities per crate and mass. We are a well established old company and do sales of natural cladding and paving. Aug 3, Contact

e 13898 UAE: We are looking for sandstone of different type in both cut to size as well as random pieces for a project in Dubai for the exterior use near the swimming pool, around the gazebo and along the path way.  Send us the details of all the different types of stones and pebbles that you can offer with best price. July 29, Contact

e 13834 Hungary: I need 100 sqm of Dusty Way sandstone , crated for shipping to Europe. I have seen an offer for 60x60 cm tiles. Do you also offer custom sizes? I need 47x70 or 47x80 or 47x90 (length can vary, i.e. I could use tiles of various lengths in one shipment). How thick would the slates be? I would prefer one side natural, the other side polished or honed. Please quote F.O.B. My tel. no. is +36 30 64.....July 26, Contact

e 13569 Australia: Landscape: Please quote for Australian sandstone and bluestone pavers for landscaping. July 13, Contact 

e 13512 Netherlands: I am in the process of setting up my own company specializing in selling of Indian 
Stones. Interested suppliers of granite tiles & slabs, monuments & artifacts, marble & sandstones can contact me. My mobile no. is 0031 6 536..... July 9, Contact  

e 13346 Australia: We deal in Granite, Marble and Natural stones in Slabs, Tiles and Blocks and always look for new partners in India to fulfill our requirements. Please quote with samples. My tel. no. is +61 8 843.....June 29, Contact 

e 13268 Australia: We are a company that imports various types of stone from Asia including India. Where  could I look at some photos of the products you have in particular sandstone. My phone no. is 07 326......June 24, Contact

e 13178: I would like to inquire regarding Indian sandstones. The same picture of teakwood sandstone. I have noticed that there are different kinds of grain for this kind of stone. What are the prices for all sizes and finish. June 18, Contact 

e 12928 Germany: Please quote for red color sandstone slabs, quantity as seen below, each format (30x30, 30x60, 60x60, 60x90) about 45 square-meter. My tel. no. is +49 173 32.....June 3, Contact USD 20 

e 12909 South Africa: Please supply me with latest pricelist for sandstone products. I need 300 x 300 x 30-40mm paving tiles. (per sq. meter) in USD. Sandstone cladding in USD per Sq.meter. Order's will be between 100 - 500 Sq. at a time. Some stone will need to be diamond saw cut....some will be natural face.
My tel. no. is +27 31 71..... June 2, Contact

e 12825 USA: We need a stone slab for a sign. We would like a local sandstone, exact color does not matter. Delivery is in the southwest metro area of Denver. 
Size: 4' by 8' straight cut. Thickness: 4" with a 1/2" variance allowable. Timing: As soon as it can be made available. Delivery preference: will pay for delivery on a truck with equipment to lift into place... sign base is ready to accept slab. Will be engraved in place. My contact no. is 303-79.....May 26, Contact

e 12823 Canada: We are importers of Indian granite, marble, sand stone, slate, limestone, quartzite, etc. We want 7~8 containers of tiles (Black, Black galaxy 2 con each & mix of other colours), 5~6 cont of slabs 2cm & 3cm. Slates calibrated 4~5 con & non calibrated 3~4 con 30 x 30 & 40 x 40. Limestone calibrated 4~5 con 40 x 40 -15+/-1mm , 7~8 con-non cal all sizes. We will send our inspectors to the factories / SGS inspection required in some cases. This can be decided case to case. We are looking to buy on long term basis. Supplier's profile and background very much essential. Orders can be placed from July 1st week. My tel. no. is +1 416 56......May 26, Contact

e 12510 UK: Please quote for 200-250 sqm of Indian sandstone close colour to Yorkshire stone. Size is 30mm - 35mm thick in various sizes. Can you price in pounds? May 6, Contact

e 12482 UK: I am interested in receiving quotes for 20 foot container loads of Indian sandstone slabs CIF for delivery to Felixstowe port UK. The size I require are 3 foot x 2 foot, 25mm depth, hand cut, natural riven. Colours - Brown, agra red, yellow, rainbow and teak. My tel. no. is +441768......May 4, Contact

e 12451 Korea: We are importing marbles and granites, etc from many different countries. We just checked your home page and found some stone on stock so we'd like to know more details. First of all, Could you qoute CNF BUSAN for 1 to 4? 
1) White Lymra Limestone what is the condition of stones on your stock list? what about quantity? it says, $89/ton, as we know, one container weighs 20 tons and over. We are looking for 30cm cut to size. 
2) Indian Kotha black Limestone which has to be cut to size X 30mm, one side has to be polished. Could you quote CNF BUSAN. Quantity will be a container.  
3) Indian Red sand stone honed. Is it possible to handle without a breakage loss in transportation? it is our most concern. 600 X 900 X 30mm , Quantity will be 3500m2 and more. Please quote CNF BUSAN. 
4) Light Green Galaxy. It should be a cut to size with symmetrical pattern in two pieces which has to be one set with one pattern. we want to have bull nose in 4 side lightly and quantity will be 1 container. Please quote CNF BUSAN. May 2, Contact

e 12381 UK: Please quote for a container of Indian Agra Red sandstone 900 x 600 x 25 CIF / FOB Felixstowe. My tel. no. is 017683.....Apr 27, Contact  

e 12283 Ireland: We want more info about Indian Sandstone Panther, the sizes available, Price CIF Belfast full container prices only. Preferred sizes are 40x40 and 40x60 x20mm. My contact no. is 028 686.....Apr 20, Contact

e 12279 India: Please quote for Indian granite and sandstone slabs and tiles. This material is required for exports to USA. I need stock lots. I am in Bangalore and my contact no. is +98450 .....Apr 19, Contact

e 12258 Australia: I am looking to import approximately 1000 sqm of honed tint mint Indian sandstone tiles, all calibrated to 15mm thickness. I am seeking a price FOB from Indian port per sqm . Price in Indian Rupee is fine. Apr 17, Contact

IN: e 12164 Canada: I am a distributor looking for Indian sandstone like fossil, teakwood, Kher, Bansi Pink, Rainbow. I would like to have quote for that kind of stone. I would like to know what is the thickness of your stone and is it flagstone or square cut, do you have circles? The kind of stone that I sell is for landscaping and flooring. Do you have those kind of stones? I am in Quebec. My telephone no. is 819 56.....Apr 11, Contact

 e 12046 USA: I need 24 tons of blonde sandstone in bulk. I would like photos quote and freight to Livingston AL. 35470. Apr 4, Contact

e 11674 Australia: I am very interested to get some more information about Australian sandstone. I am interested in getting about 250m2 of 400mm x 400mm x 40mm, so if you could send me details of how long this type of order would take and costing. Also do you have sample pieces available. I will be in the Gold Coast area in the next 2 weeks. Mar 10, Contact 

e 11652 USA: Please quote for sandstone blocks and tiles. See price list 344. Mar 10, Contact  

CN: e 11620 Iran: We want to be your exclusive agent, for your stones like granites, sand stones & other Chinese rocks in Iran. Therefore we want to have your samples. After your samples received, we will order you after a month. (We want this 1 monthly time to study your samples quality & prices). All of the members of our company are geologists & petrologists and qualified for stones trading and studying. 
We want to import building stones in this types: Granite & sand stones in tile forms & slabs. Size:40 x 40 x 2cm or 60 x 60 x 2cm For tiles. Surface: polished, Quality: First & commercial. We will pay for postage cost of samples. We attach pictures of stones that we want to import. Phone: +9841133.....Mar 8, Contact

e 11583 Singapore: I am interested in Fossil Sandstone with imprints on all tiles purchased. Do you sample of the tiles in 60 x 60? Mar 6, Contact

e 11510 Australia: I want sandstone from Indonesia. Here are the measurements: 
1. 300x600x100 sawn five sides and one side rock face
2. 300x600x20mm sawn all round
3. 2.3mx1.5mx50mm slabs
4. Please give prices according in Australian currency. 
We will start ordering a few containers and then increase accordingly. We are in Sydney. Our phone no. is 972.....Mar 3, Contact

AU: e 11446 Singapore: We want Australian beige sandstone. Quantity is 2000m2. Please let me know if you can supply beige in different finishes eg. bush hammer, flame, sandblast, chisel, hone and groove. Feb 29, Contact

ZA: e 11433 Germany: I am an interior designer working on a luxurious apartment in Cape Town. I am looking for natural stones that would be suitable particularly for the bathrooms, floor and walls, as well as some of the other areas. Is the Golden Dawn sandstone suitable for the bathroom? I am living in Munich, Germany, and would like to see a sample of this sandstone. Is there an agent in Germany which sells South African natural stones? Furthermore, would you have a better picture (jpg, tif or bmp format if possible). My mobile no. is +49160-948.....Feb 28, Contact

AU: e 11405 Malta: Please quote for Australian Sandstone called Silkstone. Could be regular containers every month. My tel. no. is +356 214.....Feb 26, Contact  

e 11395 USA: I am interested in mint fossils sand stone hand dressed in size of 28 x 28 and granite slabs 2 containers. We are in GA30144. Feb 26, Contact  

e 11324 USA: Please quote for yellow marbles from Egypt, including sphinx gold, golden mask, desert (shara gold), Neferti Sand stone, and sunny marble. I need 300 sqm in 18" x 18" tiles in a polished finish or its nearest metric size. I am in New York. My phone no. is 212. 92.....Feb 23, Contact  

e 11207 South Africa: Please quote for Country Cameo 30x30, 40x40, Desert Sand 30x30, 40x40, Dusty Way 30x30, Mint 30x30 and 40x40. We want to know if you get it in 50x50 and 60x60 and price. our tel. no. is 012-33.....Feb 18, Contact  

e 11199 USA: Please quote for Indian sandstones like Bronte for exterior use. Feb 18, Contact  

BR: e 11193 USA: Please send me pricing on sandstone slabs for Import from Brazil. Do you cut sandstone in different sizes and what is the thickness 2cm or 3cm? Sizes I prefer are 8" X 106", 16" X 106", 25.5" X 106", 36" X 106", 51" X 106" and 60" X 106". My phone no. is 954-30.....Feb 18, Contact  

e 11122 UK: Please quote per sqm for Modak Sandstone. We are a landscaping company. Our phone no. is  07714 2.....Feb 13, Contact  

e 11074 USA: I am budgeting for construction of a garden to be built in St. Louis, Missouri. The plans call for "Chunks" (let's say approximately 2' x 2' x 2') of Red Granite, Limestone, Dolomite, Mozarkite, Rhyolite, 
St. Peter Sandstone.
Please quote me prices. I am in CA. My phone no. is (818) 73.....Feb 10, Contact  


US: e 10283 USA: Please quote for Colorado sandstone in 16x16, 18x18 & 24x24. My phone no. is 801 46.....Dec 30, Contact

IN: e 10201 Germany: Please quote FOB India port for full containers:
SANDSTONE MINT (yellow), cut to size slabs, edges hand cut, about 25-40mm thickness, natural rough surface, size: - 19x19 cm, 40x40 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x90 cm 
- slabs for crazy paving (2-4 slabs for one square meter) 
- stair steps, 15 x 35 x 100 cm, edges hand cut, natural rough surface
SANDSTONE MODAK (red-brown), cut to size slabs, edges hand cut, about 25-40mm thickness, natural rough surface, size: 19x19 cm, 40x40 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x90 cm
- slabs for crazy paving (2-4 slabs for one square meter) 
- stair steps, 15 x 35 x 100 cm, edges hand cut, natural rough surface. Pls quote in US$ and tell the density of the material and whether it is frost resistant! Our tel. no. is +49 (0) 621-44.....Dec 23, Contact

e 10175 France: Where can I buy soapstone and/or sandstone and maybe in the future marble to make sculptures. I have to feel a stone to see if I can work on it, it is not enough for me just to see a stone, feeling is much more important. Looking for sellers in Mayenne (53) France. Dec 20, Contact

e 10114 USA: I want New Mexico Pink Sandstone. Looking for a supplier in USA. Dec 16, Contact

ALL: e 10057 Australia: I am in a process to open up a new display and retail center in one of the state of Australia. This center will have a large display about all types of natural stones, marbles granite, lime stones, sandstones and all others related slabs and stone tiles, that can be used with in the different areas of homes, buildings and construction industries.
I wish to have a unique place for different types of these materials from all around the world suppliers, and start to run the educational programs and encourage visitors to use this in booming construction Industries.
This would gain its momentum very fast as there is great potentials in Australian market for the orders of such natural stones in these days.
I instantly look forward to be in touch of all the major suppliers of such materials around the world especially country wise. I wish to be in contact without any delay with all these producers and suppliers on a priority basis and wish to finalize the term of achieving such samples. I am pleased to work out the cost involved with the relevant bodies to achieve this objective as quickly as possible. As great marginal orders would be expected after this display. I would require at least 2 samples for each type of such materials for this purpose. Ph. 0061-7-337.....Dec 12, Contact  

ALL: e 10056 India: We are manufacturing marble, granite, sandstone slabs & tiles. We also take turnkey job. We would like to have marble, granite, sandstone blocks, tiles and slabs of different colours. Our contact no. is 91-261-22......Dec 12, Contact

e 10044 Egypt: I want pricing on a sandstone block measuring 8 feet x 8 feet x 10 feet. I am inquiring on be half of a local Egyptian museum that would like to have a block similar to the ones used in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt for a display. Dec 12, Contact

e 9990 UK: I am interested in purchasing over 100 sqm of fossil sandstone suitable for kitchen floor. Need not to be very rough finish in 400 x 600 or about and no more than 15 mm thick. We require this for either before this Christmas or very early January and we are based in Cumbria. Dec 8, Contact

e 9923 USA: Retail: I am looking for thin sandstone slabs for a porch pillar on a house we are building. I am in Kansas. Dec 2, Contact

e 9817 : Please quote for White and Beige sandstone in large quantities. I will buy regularly. I also wish to visit the quarry and processing site for inspection before I make a contract with the supplier. Nov 26, Contact

e 9706 USA: Looking for pink sandstone to be sold in upstate New York. Please quote for slabs, tumble, etc. My contact no. is 518 22..... Nov 19, Contact

e 9655 UK: Please quote for stones mainly landscape fossil mint slabs and Brazilian sandstone. Nov 15, Contact

CN/ALL: e 9639 USA: We are seeking a supplier for approx. 2,350 sq.mtrs of Mahu, Kund Multicolor, gray roof slate, size: 450x350x10-12mm, punched w/two holes, top surface w/chipped edges, bottom surface smooth. Terms: Irrevocable LC. We will buy in FCL, filling in any short weight with slate floor tiles. Please furnish, price fob China container port and CIF Pensacola, Florida. Please also furnish estimated gross shipping weight. We estimate our quantity may be more than one FCL and less than two FCL. In that event we can fill second container with slate floor tiles to be chosen later. We also have a need for granite floor tiles and counter tops & slate and sandstone floor tiles. Nov 14, Contact

e 9630 USA: Retail: I want Glaciar Blue Devonian Sandstone of NY for counter tops. I was wondering of its suitability. Nov 13, Contact

BR: e 9608 India: We have a large show room in India. We also import marble & granites from all over the world. We are interested in Brazil marbles and sandstone from a Brazilian manufacturer only. We want these products in slabs with 20mm (2cm) thickness. I am planning for visiting Brazil to import marble. Our tel. no. is +91-261-22.....Nov 12, Contact

e 9598 USA: Want sandstone blocks. Looking for a supplier in eastern side of the U.S. Nov 11, Contact

e 9475 UK: Please quote for 130 sqm of buff color sandstone or limestone tiles and slabs. Payment will be made by LC. Delivery to UK port Harwich / Felixtone. I like Cotta Weiss stone from Germany, Lime 3 from India, North Indian Copper & Bahali Multi Colour, Serpeffiante Di Trani, Perlato Svewo & Giallo Prevenz; Italian limestone and Rosastone - South Africa. I need to to know the sizes they do and the prices including shipping to a UK port (Harwich / Felixstone). I want them for outdoor use (paving/patio) in 40mm thickness. It can be in random sizes or 400 x 400 or 500 x 500. I am looking for a supplier who can provide a buff cream in brownish color stone similar to teak stone for outdoor use i.e patio/ paving in 30-40mm in thickness. Also quote for stone pillars and marble fireplaces. Our contact no. is 07719 7.....Nov 3, Contact

e 9379 USA: I am a sculptor looking for shelled limestones, sandstones, etc. for engraving. Please quote. I am in Los Angeles, CA. Oct 27, Contact

e 9337 USA: I want a beige / yellow sand or limestone called Rocheron. 80 x 80 cm big slabs for interior. To be delivered to Austria. Qty. approx. 100 m2. My phone no. is +1 441 29..... Oct 23, Contact  

IN: e 9310 India: Please quote for Sandstone in slabs and tiles. See pricelist 1205. Oct 21, Contact

ZA: e 9175 USA: I want multi color sandstone from South Africa. I need details on water absorption percentage. My contact no. is 1-602-2......Oct 10, Contact

IN/CN: e 9174 USA: I want Burma Teak Sandstone or yellow sandstone with wood vein in blocks or 4x4 tile. Must be porous. Iron must be present. Would like to order M3 block by container and some finished tile honed not polished. I would like some samples to test for an on going product line. I need price on M3 block to be shipped to Thailand and also tile cut price for direct export to U.S. My contact no. is 1-602-26.....Oct 10, Contact

e 9073 Kuwait: We are interested in the pink and Agra grey red sandstone tiles. See pricelist 1205.

IN: e 9057 Singapore: Please quote for Red & Beige colour sandstone. Size: 600 x 900 x 30mm, Sawn Cut Finished, Qty is approx 3200 m2. Sept 30, Contact

e 9036 India: We need Teak sandstone size 300mm x 300mm x 18mm to 20mm thickness. Our purchase price is Rs.13 per sq ft., and FOR Kandla rate, FOR Mumbai rate. If you would accept the above rate, immediately we will take one 20' container trial order, we will take minimum 15 container (Total material) every month. 
Material type: Teak wood sand stone Unpolished material 
Size: 300 x 300 x 17mm to 20mm thickness and 300 x 600 x 17mm to 20mm thickness
Edges: Machine cut 
Surface: Unpolished 
Quantity: One 20' container 
No. of pieces: 6,000 nos. [300x300-4500 nos. and 300x600-1500 nos.] 
Packing: Packed in wooden crafts 
Price: FOR Mumbai 
Delivery: within ten days from today's date 
Payment: Site L/C 
Currency: Indian rupees 
Quality: Suitable quality for Singapore export. Sept 27, Contact

e 9014 UAE: Please quote with delivery and details for sandstones, limestones & slate particularly from Rajasthan. My fax. no. is 00971-4-27.....Sept 25, Contact

e 9011 Australia: Need sandstone qty. is 1000 sqm. Contact no. is 61 2 981.....Sept 24, Contact

IN: e 9005 Australia: Looking to import tiles made of Indian slate, limestone, sandstone and pebbles. Can you send us some details including price?  Sept 23, Contact

IN: e 9003 India: I am an European lady now living in Chennai. I am looking for new business opportunities. I work as an agent / representative for buyers primarily in Scandinavian. I take commission only from the buyers not the suppliers!!!! I take care of the sourcing, quality control and other contact with the suppliers here in India. I have a specific inquiry / maybe trial order for Sandstone: 
Quantity: 2000 M2
Type: Indian Dholpur Pink
Selection: 1st quality selection only!!! Surface/Finish: Honed. 
Dimensions / Calibrated: 600 x 400 x 108 mm and 600 x 400 x 30 mm. Please quote prices USD $ pr. M2 FOB nearest port in India, for the above mentioned and give me a delivery time. If your prices, products and production facilities meet the needs of my customers I would like to visit your production facilities. Sept 23, Contact

AU: e 9002 Australia: I am a builder in Sydney. I saw my own sandstone to suit my jobs and am looking for a reliable local suppliers of rough blocks of fine hard Hawkesbury Sandstone or equivalent. I have an immediate need for 60 cubic meters of golden brown sandstone. See pricelist no.1187. I am currently buying at $AUD100 a ton ex quarry gate (I pay freight).
I can order now. Need 10-20 cbm a month thereafter. Would like buy domestic. For the immediate job I will saw 200+ dressed blocks and use the larger balance for a rough coursed infill skin comprising 230 x 200 x 150 blocks. The blocks should be large, rough dimensionless blocks any shape. Size / weight should at least be 2+ ton each (in metric please). Shade variation: I have used Gosford Quarries Warrego golden brown shades but will accept a wide variation as I can mix and match but only light brown/fawn shades. I want a bulk density of 2.4 ton cbm (Aust Standard ASTM C97-83) and will have any offered product samples university tested against this standard. I will visit quarry to inspect and to discuss ongoing relationship. 
I am the owner/manager of small building business in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. We build upscale architect designed period homes. We are multi-skilled. After being thoroughly buggered around by our local stone masons we decided one afternoon to weld ourselves up a 1200mm circular saw/trailer combination and now are happily sawing up our own product on site. This is leading to increasing numbers of jobs using sawn stone and I anticipate a steady increase. Sept 23, Contact

e 8970 USA: We are interested in sandstone blocks. See pricelist 344. Sept 22, Contact

e 8961 USA: Looking for 8 slabs of Rainbow Sandstone (approx 60in. x 90in. x 0.75-0.90" Thk.) and 1 slab of Teakwood with the same dimensions. Would prefer a Southern California Distributor with immediate stock. Sept 20, Contact

IN: e 8943 Holland: Please quote for Indian Sandstones. See Ready stock 473. My tel. no. is +31-36-53......Sept 19, Contact

IN: e 8942 India: We want 1000 - 3000 sqm of Buff Sandstone and others. We need this for export to USA. I am a sandstone trader too but am not having the capacity. Sept 19, Contact

e 8857 UK: We wish to purchase sandstone paving, 12 containers per month. Please quote price and delivery FOB Indian main port. Sept 12, Contact

ALL: e 8801 Australia: Want to buy commercial quantity in the following tiles: 
Budget - depends what it is. Options: 
1. Black sandstone large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality honed/polished.
2. Limestone large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality Zafiro or similar white colour honed/polished.
3. Reconstituted quartz based stone predominantly white large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 
4. Grigo Ercolano black large tile can be 400X600 or 600X 600 X 20 or 30cm must have good consistency in colour and quality honed/polished. As above in 300X 300 and 300 X 100. Minimum Quantity: 
600 X 600 or 600 X 400 = 330m2 / 300 X 300 = 55m2 - 125 m2 / 300 X 100 = 100m2 - 120m2.  
These quantities will probably be substantially more. We are also looking for: 
1. marble tile predominantly white or bone colour can have beige or caramel veins- pol
2. marble tile blue crystal or silver beige or sunset or beach-pol 300 X 300 = 70 m2;
We are also looking for in solid block, white marble - sculptural quality first top shelf approximately 60 cm X 60 cm or 50 X 60 4 blocks need not be perfectly square for sculptural use. We can supply a phone number upon request. Sept 6, Contact

e 8634 USA: Retail: I am an artist looking to buy approx. 100 sq. ft of rippled pink Utah sandstone for use as a wall decoration. Aug 25, Contact

e 8631 USA: Landscape: Do you know what is used as groundcover stone in Paris parks? It looks like crushed sandstone and I would like to use this material as a mulch for a wooded area on my property.
Aug 25, Contact

IN: e 8619 Australia: I am looking for a stone known to me as Himalayan sandstone. Does this come from India or Pakistan or somewhere else? Could a supplier be sought for approx 300m2 into Australia? Aug 23, Contact

e 8569 USA: Can someone help us in looking for raw stone pricing for sandstone in Western PA, area or close to it. I am new and looking for help before I sign a agreement with a miner. I am in PA 15711. Aug 19, Contact

EG: e 8528 India: We are one of the leading exporter & importer of marbles and tiles in India. We are interested in promoting Egyptian marble and granite in South India and like to know more about your company and product. Teak color sandstone in block or slabs. I have another business is UAE and will be in UAE, Dubai for another 2 weeks. I am looking for the range of $5 to 6 for unpolished slap for India. After that I will be flying to Asian countries. If you have your product in UAE, please let me know so that I can see the material to finalize purchases. My contact no. in India is +91 46342.....Aug 15, Contact

e 8501 USA: I am looking for red sandstone to be used for restoration purposes. Do you supply this product? Do you cut to size? What is the time line for shipping. My contact no. is 563-55.....Aug 13, Contact

e 7740 UK: Landscape: We wish to import a 20ft container of Beige sandstone paving slabs
Sizes: Assorted square & rectangle x 25/35mm thick
Loading: Please advise total weight, dimensions, & no. of pallets
Price: Please advise best price for a full container
Delivery: Felixstowe, UK
Lead time: Please advise earliest
Payment terms: Please advise
Quality: Please advise guarantee of quality. June 30, Contact

IN: e 7713 Australia: As discussed over phone, I am sending you the details for our requirements of sandstone.
Beige Sandstone - Natural Cleft in the following sizes:
300 x 300 x 30mm random slabs
600 x 600 x 30mm random slabs
(Please note that the thickness variation is acceptable but the supplier should mention the variation along with the prices). Qty reqd. > 1000 sq/ meters. Please quote FOB (Indian port). June 27, Contact

e 7677 USA: Retail: I am searching for a US distributor in west for Pietra Sienna Sandstone in slab form. June 25, Contact

e 7650 UK: We are looking for a company producing accurate "shot-sawn" beige and cream sandstones NOT hand split sandstones. There are companies producing such material in India. We have projects in Ireland for this material. WE ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN DEALING WITH RELIABLE PRODUCERS. our fax no. is 004417478....June 23, Contact

AU: e 7595 Australia: I am interested in seeing some jpeg images of Australian sandstone. Please quote for slabs and blocks. Can you deliver to Sydney? I would like 50, 75, 100, 150 as well as 250 a 300 mm slabs in yellow and brown banding. I want to know if you sell raw blocks. I would like costs delivered. June 19, Contact

IN: e 7591 USA: I am interested in Indian sandstone. I am particularly interested in mint mutli sand, mint sand, teakwood, kher and modak. I need to know what sizes they come in and also prices per container. I would be interested in a visit to the factory in the very near future, Could you give me a idea of sizes, pallets per container and also price if you could also email images of the stone?  June 19, Contact

e 7586 USA: We need some purple/rose sandstone to match " Seneca Stone", a stone common in Victorian town houses, but no longer quarried locally. Currently we need a small quantity to reproduce window headers and sills. Four sills, curved face to a 72" radius, with a stone face and a tooled surface width 51" x depth 11" x height 10". Four headers, curved face to a 72" radius, with a stone face and a tooled surface width 51" x depth 11" x height 5". We would like someone to supply and fabricate this material and ship to Washington, DC. We can supply a physical sample. Contact telephone at 202-23.....June 19, Contact

IN: e 7540 India: We need Brown, Silver Brown and Beige sandstones for our export market. Sizes 22 x2 , 24 x 20 & 12 x 24. Thickness: 10mm. Quarry owners are requested to send in their quotes along with their samples. Need 2 20 ft. containers. Our contact no. is 022-220.....June 16, Contact
(updated inquiry)

e 7521 USA: I am looking for a large amount of light grayish beige sandstone for a large house project. Want something that is surplus and reasonable. The house will be in middle Tennessee. I would like to see a sample of the product. I'm looking for large grayish beige sandstone or limestone bricks or small block approx 5"x 8" in size.  This house project will require approximately 25000 queen size bricks. I have priced some conventional brick but haven't found any that would be suitable. I would like to keep the price near that of conventional brick, however I will be making a trip to New Jersey later this week. I need to cover about 6,500 sq ft. fro a large house project. What are the sizes and the cost? How much is '20 FCL and what does that stand for? How much would the shipping charges be? My contact no. is (678)49.....I would have to see the tumbles stone pictures or get a sample.  June 14, Contact

e 7510 France: My business consists of marketing natural stone to distributors in France. It's important for me to profit from good prices in order to resell to other French distributors.
Initially, I directed my range towards East Asia stones. I wish today to be interested and competitive in Indian products. Please quote with the following info.
* Prices C&F (Antwerpen) and FOB in Box for sandstones :
- 15x15 - Ep 3-5 cm hand cut - Grey or beige
- 15x15 - Ep 7-9 cm hand cut - Grey or beige
- 15x15 - Ep 10-12 cm hand cut - Grey or beige
- 14x20 - Ep 7-9 cm hand cut - Grey or beige
- 19x6x3 tumbled - chocolate red
* Qty/m2 - weight/m2 - Qty/ton?
Qty/box - weight/box?
*HS Code?
* How many box can you put in a container 20' at the maximum ?
* Delivery terms and delivery time ?
* For certain formats or produced, it will be necessary for me to obtain samples. How can one organize oneself? I bought 3500 m2 last year and I have capacity now for around 12000 m2 (15x15x7-9). My contact no. is 00 33 (0)320 ...... June 14, Contact

e 7489 USA: I have a residential job requiring sandstone counters at one kitchen, 1 master bath, and two other baths. I am in CA 93950. My contact no. is 831 64......June 12, Contact

e 7433 USA: Retail: I am looking for a Tennessee Sandstone Mantel Shelf (cream to brown) natural edge to be delivered in the Orlando, Fl area. June 7, Contact USD 10

e 7395 Canada: I would like to know where I can buy Marble for a sculptor. I am in Ontario and I am also looking for Sandstones. Where I can buy a block of Marble about 90x50x30 cm like  ZH-M116 or maybe a Sandstone? I would like to by from my area in Ontario. June 5, Contact

e 7382 USA: Retail: I am trying to find a base for a coffee table that I am making. I want to use a black stone or sandstone hollowed out box for the bottom. I will filling it with beach sand and then placing a piece of heavy beveled glass on top of it. How much would this cost, say a 4x4x4 feet deep? The base would need to be just big enough to hold a 4 ft by 5ft piece of glass. My contact (949) 85......I am in California. June 4, Contact

IN: e 7338 Spain: We want catalogue of quartzites and sandstones as well as your price list CIF Barcelona. Currently we are importing different types of sandstone from another factory in your country. Please, inform us about the name and address of your company to contact directly with you. Next August we are going to India and will be very pleased to meet you there to visit your quarries and factory. June 1, Contact  

IN: e 7333 South Africa: We require Shivpuri Sandstone in 30 x 30, 8 to 12 mm qty. 450M2 and 40 x 40, 10 to 16 mm, qty 450 m2. White Dhari, Pink Dhari and Yellow Dhari natural both sides. We can buy 3 containers of each color every month. Please send prices and details. Shipment will be for South Africa. Give me cost for both FOB & CIF. June 1, Contact

IN: e 7330 Australia: Please advise me of sizes, availability and price of dusty pink Indian Sandstone - rock face, split face and dressed edge to be used for cladding of external walls (wall facing). May 31, Closed

IN: e 7318 South Africa: We are interested in importing sandstone bricks to South Africa. Approx 100 x 150 x 200mm. Please send me some info regarding your sandstone bricks and other related products. May 30, Contact

e 7294 USA: We need 4' X 5' sandstone slabs to replace a damaged sidewalk in Cleveland, Ohio. Looking for suppliers in our area. May 28, Contact

01708 7..... May 20, Contact

e 7209 USA: We are architects looking for sandstone quarries or distributors in the Nevada region. We have a project in Nevada that will be clad in sandstone veneer. I'd be interested in any quarries you have in the Nevada, Utah, western Montana or northern California area that would be able to provide +/- 2" thick slabs of stone of varying sizes, up to 4'x4'. We are still looking for REGIONAL sandstone, from Nevada, Utah, or even California that is suitable for veneer applications using a steel clip system on CMU backup. Most sandstone in that region seems to be for landscaping or paver. Our contact no. is 303 29.....May 20, Contact

IN: e 7149 Australia: I want teakwood sandstone from India. What are the various prices for sizes and thickness? May 14, Contact

e 7089: We want Dholpur Beige, Dholpur red, Bansi Pink sandstone. May 9, Contact

e 7085 Belgium: We are general building contractors in Europe. We have a requirement of 
item 1: 7000M2 of Kandla sandstone (Jaipur), (red colour). Sizes 30 x 14 x 8cm, finishing: top surface sawn other surfaces hand dressed or alternative. Price including all surfaces hand dressed. mechanical requirements : compression 200N/mm2

item 2: 5750M2 of Kandla sandstone (Jaipur), (red / brown colour). Sizes length range 50/20/30/40 x 14 x 8cm, finishing: top surface sawn other surfaces hand dressed or alternative price including all surfaces hand dressed. mechanical requirements : compression 200N/mm2

item 3: 20700 M2 of granite tiles, (light gray colour). Sizes length range 50/20/30/40 x 30 x 8cm thick, 
finishing: all surfaces sawn 
mechanical requirements : compression 195N/mm2. 
Extra price for 20700M2 with top surface flamed. 

item 4: 29400 ML granite edge specification refer to item 3
Please quote FOB nearest port or cif Antwerpen port, and kindly specify your fabrication capacity. Phone no. 0032497.......May 9, Contact  

e 7082 USA: I am remodeling 2 bathrooms and would like to use Jerusalem stone, Slates Tiles and Sandstone. I am located in New York. May 9, Contact  

e 7009 USA: I am an architect searching for red sandstone sources in USA. May 3, Contact

e 6977 USA: Looking for a sandstone that will reasonably closely match a native Utah (USA) sandstone. The quarry for the native Utah sandstone has been closed for years. April 30, Contact

e 6933 USA: I manufacture gift products and would like to find a source of sandstone cut into rectangle or oval shapes. I have been in the gift manufacturing business for 15 years. I will describe our current business. We sell slate plaques that we get raw slate by the 18-wheeler load; about 15 crates each month. We sell around 250,000 pieces per year. If we develop a new product on the sandstone I don't anticipate the demand to be that large at first but it will certainly increase as the slate did. (I started 15 years ago with 100 pieces of slate). 
Our most popular size is an oval that is approximately 10 inches wide and 7 inches high. I would like a quote on that size oval as well as an 8" x 8" square. Please quote me on quantity brakes. I am looking for something that will make a small plaque, possibly oval in shape 7"x10x.25" thick.
I prefer to buy locally, but will consider imported, I am currently importing some product and know the drill. 
We want sandstone in small pieces 5x7, 8x8, 8x10 something in that range. We wish to make plaques with them. We are really looking at something to do a different process to called "die sublimation". It is like printing directly on the stone. I would need samples to work with before I order a large quantity. Delivery would be to Baton Rouge Louisiana, phone 225-92..... April 28, Contact

IN: e 6902 Germany: We are importers located in North Germany. We currently require Indian Sandstone e.g, rainbow, teak, beige, pink, white and others tiles and slabs with all finishes, in all premium colors. Indian Slate tiles and slabs in all finishes in all premium colors. Need slabs of max size available. Please quote fob Mumbai. Also let us know of quality control measures. April 26, Contact

AU: e 6856 Portugal: We want Australian White Sandstone. Please quote with product quality and conditions of export. April 23, Contact

e 6850 USA: Please quote for Sandstone Carved Pillar as displayed in FindStone's online store, code A0006. Qty. will depend on price. April 23, Closed

e 6829 Australia: I want a circular sandstone table for outdoor use ideally about 2 meters diameter. Looking for suppliers in the Sydney area. April 22, Contact

e 6813 USA: I want granite, marble, travertine and sandstone tiles from a supplier in USA. See stock lists 103, 266. April 22, Contact

e 6758 Korea: Our company is a trading company and has been working stone part of construction and we directly import granite and marble from China, Italy and Indonesia. 
For one of our projects we require Beige color Indian sandstone. Size range: thickness 30mm and 200~600W x 600~1200L. cut-to-size. Surface finish: natural cleft or polish (water proof) - we would like to get the price information by two kinds. Quality: first grade. Thickness tolerance: +-2m/m. Material quality e.g. shade variation: it must be same color. Quantity estimate: firstly 1200m2.  Price range: we have no information for sand stone. Needed by (date): 30days after ordering. Payment terms: At first irrevocable L/C. Will you pay for courier cost of samples: we'll let them know Fedex account. Please quote CNF Korea port in USD. Our contact no. is +82-32-43.....April 17, Contact

e 6746 New Zealand: We are a stone trading company. We want Beige Fantasy Limestone, Blue fantasy and fossil stone. We also require a good supplier for x-cut travertine tiles. Stones are used for interior and exterior flooring applications, and especially exterior pool surrounds and copings. We intend on stocking these products within half a year to a year, and in brief we are predominantly and importer of Natural stone into New Zealand, with an emphasis on Sandstone and Honed products. Please price FOB, and we will arrange freight to New Zealand. Stones are listed on www.findstone.com/matph.htm, as Spanish Limestone. Contact no. 0064 21 6......April 16, Contact

e 6733 Burmuda: I want Teakwood sand stone and Fossil sandstone with lots of character in both about 20mm or 9/16" and about 40mm or 1 1/2" thick and a variety of sizes depending on availability. I am looking to fill a 20 ft. container and ship it to Bermuda for a project. I also need to know delivery times. Looking for someone who has ready stock. April 15, Contact

e 6732 Germany: We are one of the leading importers of Indian sandstones into Germany. We want to import Sandstone Blocks from India primarily Dholpur biege, Agra Red and Bansi Pink for sawing slabs in our factory. Approximately 30 cbm per month (give your supply capacity per month along with the sizes possible). Payment terms: 60 days LC. 
Our markers will be coming to India for the same in the end of April. Kindly send primary introduction and your complete contact details and FOB prices per cubic meter Indian Port. 5 cm clearance each side, crack free fresh blocks. April 15, Contact

e 6726 South Africa: I represent a property developer in Cape Town. We are presently doing a high end development and are sourcing floor tiles and tops for the kitchen and bathroom. 
Our present needs are for Marble flooring- in particular Marble - Crme Marfil or Crme de la Crme ( or similar) 300 x 300, 400 x 400 Slabs of marble, Travertine -Crema Primara- beige - Crosscut honed and filled, We would be looking for 500 sqm. Granite tops - Capricorn or similar, Sand stone - Tuscany 400 x 400 and 600 x 600. We would also be looking for Sandstone cladding, Mosaic work for floors and tables, Decorating objects, Sinks and Wash basins. I would like to receive a product and price list for the above products. I would be really keen to see a sample and would be happy to pay for the costs. My tel. no. is: 27 21 93..... April 15, Contact

e 6657 Australia: Please quote for: 
Himalayan Sandstone - Natural Beige color - 1200x600x20 - Clefted - 580sq/m 
Himalayan Sandstone - Natural Beige color - 1200x600x20 - Honed & Calibrated - 40sq/m 
Himalayan Sandstone St 9 170mm - Natural Beige color - 1200x400x170 - Honed & Calibrated - 93 pieces 
Himalayan Sandstone St 9 170mm- Natural Beige color - 1200x600x170 - Honed & Calibrated - 25 pieces 
Himalayan Sandstone St 9 50mm tread- Natural Beige color - 1200x400x50 - Honed & Calibrated - 150 pieces 
Himalayan Sandstone St 9 50mm riser - Natural Beige color - 1200x400x30 - Honed & Calibrated - 75 pieces
Our contact no. is +61-2-923.....April 8, Contact

e 6649 Spain: We want sandstone called pietra basaltina. We prefer a supplier from Spain or Italy. Qty. reqd. is 60 square meters. We are in Madrid. My mobile telephone no. is +346090.....April 7, Contact

HR: e 6615 Hungary: We want sandstones and limestones from Croatia. please quote with images. Out tel. no. is +36 24 5.....April 4, Contact

e 6550 Australia: We want 50 sqm 300x300mm Tiles in Burma Teak sandstone from Pakistan. It is for a prestige hotel interior project that we are designing. Can you ship as an LCL shipment to Sydney? 
We would like to get 300x300 x 10mm tiles and not 2cm (20mm) thickness. If 1cm is not possible we could consider the 2cm tile offered. What would be delivery lead time? Payment term? March 28, Contact 
See Offers

e 6430 USA: I need 2200 sqft of honed limestone 24X24 (Lime Peacock), 2000+ sqft of cut Sandstone (Either Teak or Rainbow) 24X24 and 2 slabs of Granite (either Chocolate/Colombo Juperana/Paradisio). Will this fill a container? If not, I would add more sq. ft of the Sandstone. What will the price of the container be? Terms are OK. 
Don't know if I can afford a 20 ft carton...if so that would be great! I am in Palm Springs, CA. I have a budget of roughly $10,000. I am looking for as much stone as i can get for this.  My phone # is 310-276-.....
March 17, Contact

e 6399 Australia: Landscape: Can you please send us a brochure and a price list on all your paving products, and any other products you sell. Please send me prices for your cream sandstone, multi-veins and direct veins pavers. We are in NSW. March 14, Contact

e 6374 UK: We want sandstone similar to Cheshire but not quite as red, more a salmon pinky red. March 11, Contact


e 6345 b USA: I am looking for the nearest supplier in KENTUCKY for sandstone. Want different shapes and sizes to print a line of gift items like coasters, table tops ,etc. I am in KY 40511. See pricelist 344 for reference. March 8, Contact

AU: e 6317 Malaysia: Please quote for sandstone and silestone from Australia. Kindly also send us samples as we are interested to gain more knowledge on these products. March 5, Contact

US: e 6310 USA: I want custom profile Ohio sandstone coping. Qty. reqd. is 160 linear feet, 3" thick x 21" wide and 13 pier caps approximately 30" x 30" x 3". For use in historic restoration project currently under construction. My contact no. is 215 38.....March 4, Contact

IN: e 6269 Germany: I have a huge requirement from a customer for Mint Sandstone in gang saw cut sizes and in rustic and honed small size slabs. Please quote MINT Slabs USD/m on C&F European Port for:
50 m 3 cm thick natural cleft surface* slab size around 250 x 150 cm
50 m 5 cm thick natural cleft surface slab size around 250 x 150 cm
30 m 20 cm thick natural cleft surface 100 x 60 cm
48 m 5 cm thick natural cleft surface 60 x 60 cm
230 m 1 cm thick natural cleft surface 60 x 30 cm
100 m 15 cm thick slabs in size around* 200 x 150 cm ( both sides saw cut)
100 m 12 cm thick slabs in size around 200 x 150 cm ( both sides saw cut)
800 m 3 cm thick Honed surface* 120 x 60 cm
800 m 3 cm thick Natural cleft 120 x 60 cm
800 m 5 cm thick Honed surface 120 x 60 cm
80 m 5 cm thick Natural cleft 120 x 60 cm
400 m 3 cm thick Natural cleft 90 x 30 cm
400 m 5 cm thick Natural cleft 90 x 30 cm
* Natural cleft thickness (+/-), Edges hand-cut or machine cut.
*15 and 12 cm thick slabs - both sides sawn and thickness calibrated.
*Top Honed and bottom calibrated.
Please give C&F quote and shipment time and please also indicate the colour grade of Mint slabs.See pricelist 937. Feb 28, Contact

CN: e 6217 Italy: I want Sandstone from China (Mongolia) like ZH 201. Colour Grey (like Kandla Grey). Slabs 30x60x6/8 cm & 52x52x6/8 cm, all sides hand cut, natural cleft. Quantity 2000 m2. 
Please let me know about items n. ZH S 201, S 1806, 
About Green (items n. 1810). Size 12x12 x2.5-3.5 cm all sides hand cut (please quote also for machine cut), natural cleft, Quantity 6000 m2. PRICE CIF GENOA PORT - ITALY. Feb 26, Contact

US: e 6202 USA: Looking for 2 samples (min. 12" x 12" x thickness unimportant) of Seneca Sandstone (i.e. material used on some of the White House). Color unimportant. Need it ASAP. Willing to pay for material and shipping. I am in FL 32806. (407)64...... Feb 26, Contact

PT: e 6183 USA: I am building an Italian villa. I am looking for Petrified Wood, Walnut Travertine, Jerusalem stone, Grey hand cut and Bronte sandstone, Limestone French Vanilla, American Rouge marble or granite, any burgundy rich tones and bright white or black Carrara marble, Portuguese limestone in white and gray colors. I am in Texas. My contact no. is 214-45......Feb 24, Contact 

IN: e 6095 Germany: I need Indian sandstone Mandana red in Europe. Feb 19, Contact


IN: e 5982 France: Landscape: I require sandstone paving slabs for construction work in France. Looking for suppliers from France and India currently. I am resident in UK and I need to pave an area round my farm in France. I therefore wish to discover if any construction companies in France currently import Indian sandstone. Feb 12, Contact

IN: e 5911 India: Landscape: We want Quartzite / sandstone for pavements. Qty reqd. is 14100 sqm, surface bush hammered, edge sawed. Sizes: 58.9 x 58.9 x 15 cm, 58.9 x 44.5 x 15 cm, 58.9 x 29.5 x 15 cm, 44.5 x 29.5 x 15 cm, 29.5 x 29.5 x 15 cm, 14.2 x 14.2 x 15 cm. We also want 100 sqm in 100 x 58.9 x 15 cm and 250 sqm 213 x 142 x 15 cm. 
My terms are:
1.Quality and quantity as above.
2. price required in Indian rupees in two parts.
3. Payment covered by Local rotating L.C. Feb 7, Contact

e 5843 USA: We are an importer of various kind of stones from around the world, and are interested in acquiring some Cafe Bahia. See pricelist #756, and some Australian Sandstone, see pricelist #768. Please quote with details such us availability, sizes, payment terms, delivery time per 20 ft container, etc. Feb 3, Contact

IN: e 5841 USA: Please give current prices for polished sandstone, slate, granite and marble tiles calibrated 12" x 12" x 3/8", 16" x 16" x 3/8" or 1/2", 18" x 18" x 1/2" or 5/8" and polished slabs 2 and 3 cm all first quality select. Can you confirm your prices are not for kerosene cut? We are only interested in water cut stone. We want stones from India only currently. I am in Georgia. My tel. 770-3.......Feb 3, Contact

AU: e 5819 USA: Please quote FOB Baltimore with payment terms for a container of white sandstone. Feb 3, Contact

IN: e 5841 USA: Please give current prices for polished sandstone, slate, granite and marble tiles calibrated 12" x 12" x 3/8", 16" x 16" x 3/8" or 1/2", 18" x 18" x 1/2" or 5/8" and polished slabs 2 and 3 cm all first quality select. Can you confirm your prices are not for kerosene cut? We are only interested in water cut stone. We want stones from India only currently. I am in Georgia. My tel. 770-3.......Feb 3, Contact

IN: e 5658 Turkey: We need "Piersa" an Indian sandstone for a project. I have a sample of it, and it looks
to me like a beige version of "modak", click here to see image. The stone can be both smooth cut and rough cut, and it can go up to 60 x 60cm, and about 20-30mm I think. Qty. reqd. is 30000 sq.ft. for facades of some buildings. The architect will not agree to any other type of stone. The stone is too expensive and we need to find the alternative to the stone from a different source. Jan 23, Contact 

CN/IT/TR/ALL: e 5606 Germany: We are a project management firm having different projects which we will implement this year. 
Please quote for the following: 
Office building in Frankfurt, delivery in March 2003. 
material: Shanxi Black polished 
position 1: ca 800 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 55 - 60 cm, 2 cm thick 
position 2: ca 250 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 60 - 140 cm, 3 cm thick 
material: Shanxi Black flamed
position 3: ca 1800 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 55 - 60 cm, 2 cm thick
position 4: ca 450 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 60 - 140 cm, 3 cm thick
Hotel building in Frankfurt, delivery in April 2003. 
material: G 654 polished 
position 1: ca 4000 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 55 - 60 cm, 2 cm thick 
position 2 ca 850 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 60 - 140 cm, 3 cm thick 
material: G 654 flamed 
position 3 ca 1800 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 55 - 60 cm, 2 cm thick 
position 4 ca 450 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 60 - 140 cm, 3 cm thick 
Building in Munich, delivery in December 2003 
material: G 603 polished 
position 1 ca 5350 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 29 - 35 cm, length of 55 - 68 cm, 2 cm thick 
position 2 ca 623 sqm slabs different sizes, width of 30 - 35 cm, length of 60 - 150 cm, 3 cm thick 
We ask the prices for making delivery to Hamburg. Indicate request their terms of payment.
a building in Hamburg, delivery in September 2003 
material: Rojo sand stones honed 
position 1: ca 1500 sqm facade slabs different sizes, width of 30 - 80 cm, length of 120 - 140 cm, 4 cm thick 
position 2: ca 500 sqm facade slabs different sizes, width of 30 - 80 cm, length of 120 - 140 cm, 5 cm thick
Hotel in Stuttgart, delivery in August 2003 
material: sand stone Diect - Veins or Crema sand stone honed
position 1: ca 500 sqm facade slabs different sizes, width of 60 - 80 cm, length of 90 - 120 cm, 4 cm thick. 
position 2 ca 50 sqm facade slabs different sizes, width of 60 - 80 cm, length of 90 - 120 cm, 5 cm thick.
Furthermore we have another two objects in Travertino. 
We need for: 
School in Stuttgart, delivery in September 2003 
material: Travertino Imperial honed 
position 1 ca 850 sqm facade slabs different sizes, width of 50 - 55 cm, length of 120 - 140 cm, 4 cm thick. 
position 2 ca 50 sqm facade slabs different sizes, width of 50 - 55 cm, length of 100 - 120 cm, 5 cm thick.
We ask the prices for making delivery to Hamburg. you indicate request their terms of payment. 
Please quote and also send a sample of 5 x 5 x 1 cm for the stones mentioned above. Jan 20, Contact

ALL: e 5594 New Zealand: Please quote FOB in USD for 380m Autum Brown or Burma Teak or any brown shade sandstone tiles. Prefer 400 x 400 mm x 15mm thick. First quality and color shadings very important. The material should have consistent thickness with corners cut with right angles. Price range up to US$1.30 per tile. Stone should be dispatched by March 2003. Payment by Bank draft upon bill of loading. Inspection by agent. Courier cost of samples will be borne by us provided cost is kept low. Can order now, upon satisfaction with samples, shipping arrangements and satisfactory price. Destination Christchurch. Require photos. Note these tiles will be for exterior use. My fax no. is 0061 3 78.....Jan 19, Contact

ALL: e 5405 Lithuania: We want natural stone or alternative tiles for facade. Qty reqd. is 5900 sqm (and possible increase in 900 sqm). Materials could be sandstone, granite, marble or alternative according to your suggestion, which color tentatively should be sandy or gingery and surface likewise 70% abraded, 30% not resolved and 3% cloven, thickness 2 or 3 centimeters. We contemplate ordering full deal within a few months.
Please quote with delivery details and prices. 
Particularly important issues are guarantees for material quality, marking, tiles precision and delivery terms. , We need exact prices with transportation to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania. Likewise we need prices for the alternative materials: granite, marble, etc. The size should be 60x60 or 60x30, or the optimal according to your suggestion, thickness 2cm if possible and color as discussed before. Our contact no. is +370-5-23......Jan 6, Contact

BR: e 5384 Australia: Please quote for Azul Macaubas sandstone for indoor-outdoor dining and patio.  Supply of 2000 pieces, 30X30X1cm, polished or honed finish. Delivery: Sydney, Australia. 
Require 1000 pieces of 30X30X1.5 honed surface tiles. Sizes of tile may vary up to 100X100 as this is an outdoor situation with tiles laid onto cement surface. Require 1200 pieces of polished tile 30X30X1.5cm for indoor application. Also, require kitchen bench-tops 320X60X2cm. One piece 180X60X2cm, two pieces 
Splash-backs 320X60X1.5cm, One piece 180X60X1.5cm, Two pieces Kickboards: 320X13X1.5cm, One piece
180X13X1.5cm, Two pieces Polished upper surfaces. Delivery to Sydney Australia by April 2003. Jan 4, Contact

ALL: e 5365 USA: We want crushed aggregates (limestone, marble, sandstone) for production of dry cast stone ornaments. We are located in Central Virginia. Jan 2, Contact 

AU: e 5277 China: We are looking for supplier/quarry owners of Australia Sandstone. We need about 500-1000M3 blocks immediately. Tel: +86-20-873.....Dec 19 Contact

SA: e 5270 USA: I am a general contractor looking for bush-hammered sandstone from Saudi Arabia called Desert Gold Sandstone for a project in Hawaii. This stone will be used as exterior and interior flooring in a residence in Hawaii.The house is being framed right now and we need to have the stone at the house in Hawaii by March of 2003. We would prefer to find a company that can ship it right to the jobsite. We will not accept any substitutions- we must find the exact stone that we are looking for. For quantities and image of stone, click here. I am in CA 94306. Tel. no. 650.32.....Dec 19, Contact 

e 5181
USA: I want 1000 sq. ft. 18" beige sandstone to re-do 4 bathrooms. I am buying a fairly large quantity, and would hope that I could get a lower price than retail. I like the Monte Carlo. I am in Washington, D.C. 20001. Tel. no. (202) 43....Dec 12, Closed

e 5174 Australia: I want 30 sandstone columns of 400 x 400 x 2400 mm for use in construction of a iron fence in the Victorian style. The pillar would be made from four pieces for ease of transport and assembly. There is a decorative arch inset to one side of the pillar measuring 250x400mm. Delivery to Sydney. There would be a hand edge bevel to each corner of the mid section of each pillar. Please provide a rough estimate and confirm price per cubic meter. If your price is competitive I will forward the detailed plans to you for preparation of a formal quotation. Dec 11, Contact 

ALL: e 5171 Australia: We want sandstone and slate in large quantities. Please quote. Dec 11, Contact  

e 5128 France: I want marbles, limestones, sandstones and any other materials. My office is in south of France. I supply to retailers in France. My tel. no. is +33 (06) 22 2.....Dec 8, Contact

e 5074 New Zealand: I want gangsawn sandstone, honed surface, light cream/grey color. In New Zealand it is called Linen Crembeige. See attached picture. Dec 4, Contact

512 PCS.18x18x1&1/4.TILES
4 PCS.END CUT 14&1/2x16x2 BULLNOSE
4 PCS.END CUT 17&1/8x44x2 BULLNOSE
112 PCS PIE CUT FROM 24x24x1&1/4
47 PCS PIE CUR FROM 18x18x1&1/4
38 SQ FT QUADROFOIL SLAB (TO BE DETERMINED). We are looking for a supplier who has these products in stock. Dec 4, Contact

e 4897 UK: I work for a garden center in Surrey, UK. I want a containers of fossil and mint multi sandstone from India. Sizes need to be 285 x 285, 285 x 575, 575 x 575, 865 x 575, approx. Nov 21, Contact See Offers

e 4863 USA: I am a stone sundial maker in the United States. Enclosed is the photo of the stone I am looking for. I want a supplier / quarry that produces of this type of stone. I'm not sure, but I believe it's called "Picture Rock" sandstone. I believe it comes from somewhere in Arizona, possibly near Showlow.  Nov 18, Contact

e 4770 Netherlands: We are interior designers. We have a project in Brazil. We need Giallo California, Rosa Iris, Cobra Pink, Kinawa Pink, Amerello. Some marbles that we also want are: Pau Brazil, Imperial Pink and Rosa Patamute. Sandstones are Pink Brazil, Rosa Bahia. Please quote with delivery time and samples to decide the material. This project will commence in 2003. Nov 12, Contact See Offers

e 4762 UK: I want large quantities of granite and sandstone from Southern Africa. Nov 11, Contact See Offers

e 4689
USA: Blocks: I am a stone supplier looking for sandstone blocks. See pricelist 344 for price reference. Nov 6, Contact See Offers  

e 4640 Spain: We want slate, quartzite, limestone and sandstone from Brazil. We would like to receive catalogues and pricelist. Oct 31, Contact

e 4597 India: We are a company engaged in the field of exports of several minerals from India. Our existing customers are now demanding materials like Granite, Slate, Sand Stone and Marble. We want:
Granite tiles of 305 x 305 x 10, quote ex-works including calibration, chamfering, grooving and packing.
Slate tiles of 300 x 300 x 10, quote ex- works including calibration, gauged and packing.
Marble tiles of 305 x 305 x 10 and 4" x 4", quote ex- works including calibration, chamfering, grooving and packing in case of tiles measuring 305 x 305.
Sandstone tiles, quote ex- works including calibration and grooving and also separate rates for polished and un-polished tiles. Send brochures. Oct 28, Contact See Offers  

ALL: e 4554 UAE: We want river pebbles:
1. Light Brown to Brown - 100mm to 150mm Dia. 442 M3
2. Light Brown to Red - 5mm to 10mm Dia. 16 M3
3. Pale Brown - 20mm to 30mm Dia. 10 M3
4. Ferro/Red - 40mm to 60mm Dia. 7 M3
5. Black - 30mm to 50mm Dia. 3 M3
6. White - 20mm to 30mm Dia. 25 M3. Total: 503 M3.
Quantity are expected to go up but at the moment the requirement is as above.
Please quote C&F Dubai and specify your delivery schedule for the whole quantity. Please treat this enquiry as urgent. We are quoting for a large project in the UAE for which a large quantity of sandstone and limestone will be required for external land landscaping. Please let us know the range, colours and rates. If you have an agency office in Dubai please let us know so that we can collect samples from them and if not, please arrange to forward samples of your range. Oct 24, Contact See Offers

e 4555 UAE: We are quoting for a large project in the UAE for which a large quantity of sandstone and limestone will be required for external land landscaping. Please let us know the range, colours and rates. If you have an agency office in Dubai please let us know so that we can collect samples from them and if not, please arrange to forward samples of your range. Oct 24, Contact See Offers

e 4482 Bulgaria: I want Roman Sandstone (click here) from Bulgaria. Please quote with some more information in order to start negotiation with the other side. Oct 18, Contact 

e 4476 Australia: I am an importer of granite and marble and most sandstone products from India for Australian market. I recently discovered your web site and was amazed by its contents. Oct 18, Contact  See Offers

e 4451 Cyprus: We want 4,500 sqm Red Sandstone (may be called CHERVEN PIASACHNIK). Please quote C.I.F. Limassol. Send info as per following:
1. Paving slabs 320 x 500x 40mm
2. Absorption will not exceed 1% according to ASTM C97.
3. Weight not less than 2,200kg/cu.m according to ASTM C97.
4. Crushing strength not less than 50N/sq.mm to ASTM C170.
We are in Nicosia and our contact details are  227......Oct 16, Contact See Offers

e 4440 UK: I want 400 sqm (one container) of cream or light beige sandstone tiles for internal flooring  building. Sizes to be a mixture of 600x900, 600x600, 600x450, 450x300mm approx. 25-35mm thick, natural finish both sides and hand-finished edges. Please give: 1. price per square metre in USD or EUROS 2. Delivery time from placement of order 3. Cost of shipping to the UK. Oct 15, Contact See Offers

e 4433
UK: I want regular and reliable deliveries for sandstone / limestone flags-stone troughs, artifacts, etc. Qty reqd. is container loads. I also require information as regards to shipping. My contact no. is +441254.......Oct 15, Contact See Offers  

e 4385 France: Please quote for RED SANDSTONE from India. Dimension: 60 x 60 x 4.5cm. Qty.: 1500m.  Oct 9, Contact See Offers

See Offers US $ 100

e 4356 USA: I am interested in various shades/colors of sandstone, slate, granite, and marble to cover approx. 6000 sq ft of flooring. Also, slabs for countertops. 
Examples of tiles of interest: 
Light blue granite for floor tiles (12"x12"x1/4") and countertops of various lengths 1" thick, & semi dressed (2nds). 
Light brown granite for flooring, and semi dressed 12"x12"x2" (2nds). 
Light multi colored brown / tan / gold slate floor tiles 12"x12"x1/4". 
Light multi colored purplish / tans / gold slate floor tiles. 
Light green slate for floor tiles and countertops. 
Deep black granite with speckles for slabs approx 5"x38"x1/4". 
Light green marble for floor tiles. 
Gray granite for floor tiles and slabs. 
Wood looking sandstone for floor tiles 12"x12"x1/4"; and approx. 10"x48"x1/4". Pool tiles. 
Details: The general description of the type and color of the stone tiles was made based on the wall color of the rooms to be tiled, the formality of the rooms, and the over all impression that the room will make.
Formal Rooms: Granite and Marble (calibrated both sides for flooring). 
Informal Rooms: Slate, 1st, calibrated both sides
Outside walkways: 2nds ok, slate, calibrated one side, cleft one side.
Porches: slate, calibrated one side, cleft one side, 2nds ok.
Slabs: Blue granite, calibrated one side, polished one side
green slate, calibrated one side, polished one side.
I am interested in obtaining samples...maybe 2"x2" square of applicable tiles of stones matching characteristics of those stated in the first inquiry. I have seen only pictures of the stones and not any samples. The total floor tile order will add to approx. 6000 sq ft. The breakdown of how much of what kind of tile will be decided after review of samples...so that I may match the tile with my walls. 
The delivery would be made to: Cocoa, Florida. Oct 7, Contact See Offers

e 4305 Korea: We are one of the newly established stone importing and building company in South Korea. We have 25,000 sqm of stone order per month. We need price list with CNF PUSAN for marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. The payment will be T/T or L/C. Sept 29, Contact See Offers

e 4279 UK: We are distributors of tiles. We want Cotta Weiss sandstone. We want 600 sqm tiles of 600 x 900 mm of the thickness of minimum of 45 mm. Sept 27, Contact 

e 4278 UK: We are distributors of tiles. We want White Mist, Mint Sand or Dholpur Beige sandstone. We want 600 sqm tiles of 600 x 900 mm of the thickness of minimum of 45 mm. Sept 27, Contact See Offers

e 4277
UK: We are distributors of tiles. We want for one of our clients a sandstone called Yorkstone. It has a sandy color. The quantity required is over 800 sqm. Sept 27, Contact See Offers

CA: e
4275 USA: Block: I want a piece of Kingston Orange sandstone of Canada. Size 20" x 20" square block. What would it cost to ship it to Virginia? Sept 26, Contact

e 4242 USA: We want Sandstone tiles 30 x30 cm, 30 x 25 cm and slabs. Qty. 2500m2. Quote C & F Pusan Korea and C & F Los Angeles USA. Sept 24, Contact  See Offers

e 4213 USA: We are a design company. We want cut red sandstone panels, in various sizes, probably 5 or 6 ranging from about 12"x12" to 24"x24" about 3" thick so that they can be set without a crane. Total will be on the order of 2,000 SF. Delivery to CO. Prefer to buy local. Expect to need this fall/winter. Project is a hospital entry remodel that is nearly through design. Sept 20, Contact See Offers US $ 50 

IR/TR/CN/VN: e 4181 UK: We are a wholesaler of stone flooring looking for additional suppliers of sandstone granite & marble of all colours. We await offers from interested parties on CIF UK port for full containers. I would prefer importing from Turkey, Iran, China and Vietnam. Please also indicate delivery times and terms of L/C required. Sept 18, Contact, See Offers

e 4171 USA: I am looking for a particular Italian sandstone. I have attached images of the honed and the bush-hammered stone. We are building a private residence in Hawaii and want to use this stone throughout. We are currently framing the house and are planning to order the stone in the next 30 days. We are looking for 13 sqm tiles of 60x30x2 cm. In addition, we also want 2cm thick pieces in the following quantity and sizes: 
8 - 213.36 x 25.2984
1 - 350.52 x 121.92
2 - 320.04 x 121.92
3 - 320.04 x 25.2984
15 - 106.68 x 30.48
2 - 152.4 x 30.48
Delivery location would be either Princeville, HI (or vicinity). If this delivery location is impossible, please advise and we will consider shipping to another location. We heard this stone is from Italy, but are interested in anything that looks similar from any country. Please send prices. Sept 17, Contact, See Offer

e 4106 Greece: We want price per sqm for German Sandstone called "Anrochte". We require a large quantity. Sept 10, Contact See Offers

e 4081 USA: I own a home and a series of row houses, all built in 1890, with a substantial amount of Warrensburg, Missouri sandstone trim. Some of this has deteriorated. This is a fine grained light gray sandstone. The quarries at Warrensburg are long closed, although a substantial supply of stone remains under the over burden and also in the quarries, under water. Does anyone have a suggestion as to a suitable sandstone to use as a replacement? This stone will be used to restore weathered lintels, sills, belt courses,
and carvings, in addition to steps and wing walls. We do not need to purchase the stone locally, but restoration would likely be on going. We would want to purchase the stone from a source that could fabricate it or send it to a fabricator. Most is rock faced, some has smooth chiseled margins. Sept 7, Contact  
See Offers

e 4050 Poland: We want sandstone in slabs 2 and 3 cm thick. Please provide prices for Teak, Rainbow & white sandstone. If the prices are good then we will immediately place one container order. We need this for our stock. Sept 4, Contact, See Offer

e 4031 Oman: I am a project engineer, working in Oman, I need good type of cladding stone. So I want your advice for selecting the stone (sandstone & limestone). Sept 3, Contact, See Offer

e 3969 USA: I want Rainbow and Teakwood sandstone from India. Aug 28, Contact See Offers

e 3949 Australia: I want 305x305x10 mm and 400x400x12 mm Indian granite, sandstone, limestone and marble tiles at competitive prices for Australian market. Price and quality very important factors in decision making. Quantity would be 1-2 containers per month. Aug 26, Contact

e 3940 Canada: I read an interesting NY Times article about reclaimed stone products, antique sandstone, limestone and granite from China from the new dam being built in China. Is there anyone who makes these materials available in Canada? Aug 25, Contact

: e 3901 Romania: I want sandstone products, could you could send me a catalog with some images. If your offer attracts me maybe we will sign up a contract and we will collaborate. We have our own railway which is connected to the city's main railway. We trade construction materials such as bricks, steel bars, cement, lime, plate sheets and so on. We are interested in your collaboration and we would like to import sandstone and fence for floor appalling from Greece, Spain and Italy. If we will collaborate our monthly import will be of about 100000$ in sandstone and faience with your transport and with the payment immediately when the delivery arrives. Aug 22, Contact See Offers  

e 3882 South Africa: I want to import container loads of Indian ivory color sandstone tiles 40x40 cm and 30x30cm. Color we want is Mint. Initially one container load (20ft) with a view to establish a regular supply. Price to Port Elizabeth S.A. tel.+27443............ We retail to housing market and have specific orders. We are presently paying approx 8.5 US dollars per sq meter landed in our showroom. Please refer pricelist no. 565. Aug 20, Contact See Offers

e 3695 Philippines: We are interested in Sandstone from Israel 3cm thick slabs, price range US $ 31.00 / m2. Aug 3, Contact, See Offers,


e 3570
USA: I want sandstone and limestone for residential flooring & counter tops. I am an architect. 
July 24, Contact, See Offers

e 3503 UK: We want Teakwood and Mint Multi sandstone prices. July 18, Contact, See Offers

e 3592
UK: Need sandstone which is similar to York Stone sawn. We are looking 4000 sqm, 40mm thick x 1.5mt x 1m. We need to have 12 drill holes 8mm dia @ 45 deg angle 30mm deep. Please quote price CIF Plymouth, England. July 26, Closed, See Offers,

e 3286 UAE: Please e-mail us your product range of high quality sandstones (for cladding purposes) inclusive of availability, lead time for manufacture and supply, and also price list for projects in the UAE. June 29, Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 3211 South Africa: Need sandstone tiles sized 600x600x20, 1 20 feet full container. June 19. Contact, See Offers

EG: e 3210 Finland: I need a list (and pictures) of all available types (and colors) of sandstone and good quality limestone in Egypt. The limestone should be durable so it should be "dolomitic limestone / dolomite" if possible.
What I am seeking:
1) the stone has to be from Egypt (and would also be used there)
2) the stones have to be hard (sandstone or dolomitic limestone), as hard as possible. Granite is not possible. Black "Gabro Aswan" or basalt will be also used in the project, but other stones can not be granites. 
3) there should be three or at least two colours, one grey (or two greys: one dark and one medium) and one light colour, almost white (light beige or light grey or white).
And some questions:
1) Is basalt much cheaper than "black aswan"?
2) Is "black aswan" harder than basalt? (the amount that would be used is enormous...). June 19. Contact, See Offers

AU: e 3092 Australia: We want Australian sandstone for a 20 story commercial office block. June 4. Contact

e 3007 USA: I want White Sandstone sawn to these dimensions 6" x 4" x 2" in Florida. May 18. Closed (SEE e 2951)

e 2967 India: Please quote for Pink sandstone: Dholpur and biege, Rainbow, Mint, Mint Fossil in thickness of 15-20mm and 20-25 mm in slabs of 30x60 cm and of 40x60 cuts one side smooth. May 12. Contact, See Offers
ALL: e 2951 USA: I am looking for dimensioned sandstone blocks, approx 6" X 4" X 2". I am looking for a source than can supply regularly. Delivery to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The Project underway, ready to order stone. Require white sandstone (similar to Oamaru stone from New Zealand) 6" X 4" X 2" 6-10 ton. Please see attached. Going to be used for exterior of house and landscaping walls. I prefer buying from USA. I am currently in the process of drawing up detailed designs...once I have them completed then I will be sending more specific and detailed requirements.. Thanks for the replies.. this is great! May 9. Contact, See Offers

e 2849 USA: Listed below are several items which we are interested in. Can you provide details if you can supply and estimates of time to delivery exported to USA Newark, NJ. Pricing would be helpful, possibly rough estimates. 
A) We are particularly interested in columns to be made out of beige sandstone or other stone, dimensions to be 12" diameter, and then 8 ft in height. We also require a capital and base, each being 12 inches in height for these columns, these would be carved. Total quantity roughly 20.  
B) Another item is granite tiles, dimensions 48" X 48", could you supply these? Quantity in lots of 5 to 10,000 sq ft. Colored variety .silver, gray blue (sample provided by us) "bala flower" 
C) Kota stone 24"X24" smooth finish not polished, 1-1.5" thick, with edges on top surface beveled. 10-20,000 sq feet.
D) Jodhpur sandstone for cladding. In a pink or white color, smooth cut on 4 sides and the facing surface is chisel cut. We would like pieces that are 24" height, 48 " width and 4" thick. Quantity in lots of 10 - 20,000 sq feet. Also need information on performance in freezing climates USA.
E) If you have any experience with exporting especially to US, please provide details and references. Also, would you be able to send samples of specific stones? Let me know and then I will let you know which ones. April 27. Contact, See Offers  

e 2838 USA: I am an architect in Hawaii and we are looking for an exterior finish stone for a current project. The following stones from your website looked similar in tone to what we are looking for. Please send us samples of the following: 
Croatian Limestone: San Giorgio W
German: Jura Beige, Cotta Weiss
Greece: Limestone- Beige of Ioannina
India: Sandstones: Modak, Jaselmer Yellow, Dholphur Beige,
Israel: Jerusalem Gold antique, Massada Gold, Jerusalem Gold Light, Desert -all in Glammedo finish
Portugal: Brecha Perola, Amarelo Negrais
Prized: Santana, Sao Tome Yellow
Your website is very nice! April 26. Contact, See Offers  

e 2829 India: I like Orange sandstone from Canada. April 24. Contact  

e 2788 USA: Blocks: I need small (5 to 11 lbs) of Blue Sandstone, a soft (easily carved) stone. My location is in southern Florida, I am willing to pay shipping if necessary. April 20. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 2787 India: We request for a quotation for following sizes of cheapest sandstone, 600x900xx25mm, 50x150xx25mm, 120x200x25mm, 190x200x25mm. April 20. Contact, See Offers

e 2779 Belgium: I'm looking for a producer for Chimney: Sandstone type Louis 14-15-16 Size: From 110 CM to 167 CM, Qty: 200 pcs/year in the beginning. April 18. Contact, See Offers

DE: e 2737 USA: We are stone fabricators, suppliers and installers in New York (US). We are looking for quarry of sandstone from Germany called "Weserhartsandsteine". We need approximately 3000 sq.ft. in blocks with 12" to 24" thickness with a smooth finish. This project has been approved and starts in July. Decision criteria: a sample to be approved by client. Need all the necessary info including price range. 
April 12. Contact, See Offers

IN: e 2699 India: Require 11250 m of Sandstone Khandas from Jodhpur for water tank wall construction. Colour is not important. 2 sides should be nearly parallel for quick wall building. Other sides can be rough. Delivery period: From April 2002 till December 2002. Space for storage available for full delivery in shorter time. Please offer sizes from 1x1 feet blocks to 1,5 x 1,5 feet. Prices should incl. all taxes, loading and unloading at Pali, Rajasthan. Quote for price per ton. All trucks will be controlled on our balance at our premises. April 4. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2694 Australia: Please supply me with price list and delivery costs to NSW, Australia for Granite, Sandstone, Marble & Soapstone. I would be very interested. Particularly for Granite slabs 2.5m x 50cm x 20-40cm. I will need panels 2500x500x200mm. These do not need to be polished, laminated or edged since they will be joined together and carved by the sculptor. April 3. Contact, See Offers

e 2596 Italy: I am interested in Panna White sandstone sawn finished size 60 x 90 x 2 total  300 sqm. We buy at USD 14 CNF Genoa-Italy. March 13. Contact, See Offers

e 2565
USA: Looking for working quarries of marble, granite, travertine or sandstone in Alaska, Nevada or California. March 7. Contact, See Offers

e 2397 UK: Want to purchase Sandstone blocks for our sawing operation. Please quote per ton for delivery to U.K. port. Jan 29. Contact, See Offers 

e 2385 USA: Looking for used sandstone sidewalk stone. Prefer whole pieces. Prefer similar like lot materials. Palletized preferable. I am looking for 2000 square feet of material to be delivered to Cleveland
Ohio, I also need the quote in U .S . dollars so I don't have to mess with conversion. Jan 26. Contact
See Offers

e 2359 Czech Republic: Please quote for sandstone Lucia Dreams & Pietra Piasentina about 600 m2. Jan 21. Contact

IN: e 2340 Indonesia: Please quote FOB basis for sandstone blocks, 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, rough cut. 
Fossil, Rainbow, Teakwood, Kher. Jan 18. Contact, See Offers

ALL: e 2317 Canada: Project: I'm interested in building a freestanding concrete curvilinear wall clad in large sandstone slabs (one side only). The wall will be approximately 24 foot long and 9 feet high. The concrete company will be providing me with engineering and blueprints. What I am trying to achieve is a surface that appears to be made of solid stacked sandstone blocks. I want the blocks to be irregular and roughly cut and I intend to have them mortared from behind. I will be engraving and carving relief's on this surface once it is complete.  Where can I look for the type of sandstone that would suit my purposes? I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I would like to see it before I buy. I am also looking for a stone mason from my area. Jan 16. Contact or Buy at USD20

IN: e 2284 Australia: I want to import Indian sandstone blocks that is hard and GREY in color to Brisbane, Australia. Kindly quote for the same along with the dimensions, weight and how many blocks can go in a container. Jan 8. Contact, See Offers