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June 2003




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Inquiries from January 2003 to June 2003  

e 7749 USA: Do you fabricate Rosa Beta? June 30, Contact  

US : e 7743 Japan : We have been business as a stone dealer, deal in various building stones in Japan . We want to import Indiana Limestone has a thickness of 20mm. We have never imported building stones from USA , always place an order with the major trading company in Japan . So we want to import them directly to lower the cost, and looking for a supplier who can provide us satisfactory price and quality. I think that is better to import from USA for lowest the cost. Condition we require are :
Article : Indiana Limestone. Size : 900 × 900 × t = 20mm. Quantity : 340
, Make-up : Water polished
Destination : Tokyo or Yokohama ( Japan ).  Price : C&F (FCL 20feet:1) Payment : L/C. TEL No.: 81-280-4..... June 30 Contact  

ALL: e 7729 USA : Please send you brochure or product list with pricing information. We are in New Mexico 87008. June 29, Contact  

e 7727 USA : We are importer interested in Brazilian and Indian granite. Please forward your pricelist of granite and marble tile (12x12 inches). Granite blocks (95"x25"x3cm). I am in MO. 63005, my contact no. is 314-51...... June 28, Contact

e 7725 USA : Landscape: Looking for info on flagstone or limestone in various sizes between 10"x14" stones by the ton load. I need prices and shipping dates with the turn around time. I am in Cedar Rapids , IA. June 28, Contact  

e 7717 USA : Landscape: Need several over 600 ea large boulders to create series of steps and pools within creek. Stone should be similar in color, texture and durability to the native stone in the existing stream which is Laurel Gneiss of Chapman. Having trouble finding a quarry around the Washington D.C. area to supply this project. (724) 26.....June 27, Contact  

e 7705 USA : We are a large real estate holding company looking for a source of concrete interlocking pavers to stock our store to resale to our company, to upgrade several hundred properties. We need good prices asap. June 26, Contact 

e 7698 USA : I want Shirin limestone. I want a local distributor and or supplier in the Florida area, or a Representative I can speak to. I am constantly looking for new suppliers for Limestone and can't seem to find a reliable source in m area. You can contact me at (727) 53..... June 26, Contact

BR: e 7691 USA : I am new in the industry and I have a project which requires butterfly green amber in 3 cm. I asked Several slab vendors about the 3 cm butterfly green amber and said that they don’t exist and they’re the same as the butterfly green or Verde butterfly. What is first quality and commercial? My contact no. is (209) 48..... June 26, Contact

ZA: e 7684 USA : I like African Red. Looking for source of stone tiles from Africa and Australia in California . June 26, Contact  

IN: e 7669 USA : We want to import Granite tiles from India . Please quote rates C&F Auroro, Co. 80012. We urgently need two 20 ft. containers of 16"x16"x3/8" of Granite tiles as detail under,
Madura Gold, qty. 1278; Sapphire Brown, qty. 1065; Shivakashi, qty. 639; Rose Wood, qty. 852; Green Rose, qty. 213; Absolute Black, qty. 1065; Kashmir White, qty. 426; Kashmir Gold, qty. 639; Dessert Sand, qty. 852; Total, qty. is 7029 Sq.Ft. The above detail is for one container which is suppose to be for two containers. Our contact no. is (303) 53.....June 25, Contact  

e 7667 USA: I want four column caps that are between 24 and 26 inches square and between 4 and 6 inches thick (length, width, and height dimensions are flexible within ranges but all four stones should be approximately the same). The caps will be set on top of masonry block-on-footing columns that will be faced with stone. They will be approximately one foot off the ground (at uphill side on sloped terrain) and will each provide a base upon which an 8 inch by 8 inch pressure-treated post will sit, supporting a deck above them. The preferred color would be something like a light tan, buckskin, taupe, etc., to complement but be distinct from a more gray facing stone. Preferably, the caps would each be drilled through their middles with an inch or inch and a half hole to accommodate a rebar anchor coming from the masonry column, extending through the cap and up into the 8x8 posts. 3/4 inch rebar would be used and the oversize hole would be filled with hydraulic cement once placed. Prefer a rough, natural, split, or chiseled face as opposed to a sawn face. Shade variation is not an issue. Caps with a slight bevel in four directions from center on top would be great but not necessary (bevel starting four inches out from center in all four directions, leaving an 8x8 flat spot in the center, would be ideal but again not necessary). If beveled, would prefer thicker stone so edges are at least 4 inches thick and thickness at center is at least 6 inches.
In terms of stone preference, I love granite but would be interested in any other options that might fit the bill. In terms of price, not sure whether I'm even in the ballpark, but would like to pay no more than a couple hundred per stone. I am located in Central New York , so would prefer a relatively local supplier to cut down on shipping cost. Would like to not pay more than a couple hundred for shipping. If supply is available and price can be met, could be interested in four or five more of the same. Need stones relatively quickly (within 2-3 weeks). Flexible on payment terms depending upon supplier preference. Inspection could be handled at delivery point or at source of supply depending upon location. Have meeting with architect and contractor tomorrow evening and could order Thursday. June 24, Contact  

e 7653 USA : Landscape: Where can I find Crab Orchard sawed height rock face in Chicago , Illinois ? I am a contractor and my contact no. is (312) 46.....June 23, Contact

e 7644 USA : I am an interior designer looking for Marine Pearl. It is much lighter than Blue Pearl which is 
also from Norway . June 23, Contact  

BR: e 7643 USA : I am interest on importing marble and granite from Brazil . June 23, Contact  

e 7635 USA : I want PURPLE ONICIATA MARBLE for a restoration project. June 21, Contact  

e 7627 USA : I am a contractor interested in finding the cost of borneo beige marble (12 x 12) delivered to Cleveland Ohio 44124 . Looking for price on Bonreo Beige Marble tiles. About 200 sq ft, 12 x 12. But I am also looking for a total of approx 900 sq ft in different tiles for my home. Can one supplier meet all my needs, if I specify the different tiles? and send me one shipment. The break up is as follows: 
Kitchen 266 sq. ft., 
Nook 30 sq. ft. 
Sunroom 300 sq. ft. 
Master Bath 48 sq. ft. 
Bath2&3 78 sq. ft. 
Bath4 40 sq. ft. 
Shower in Master Bath 100 sq. ft.
Total Tiles 862 sq. ft. June 21, Contact

PT: e 7620 USA : We want a large quantity of Azul Valverde material from Portugal . Would you please contact us as soon as possible, to verify prices and availability. June 20, Contact

e 7615 USA : Landscape: please quote for 13 to 24 cu. yard of river rock, lava rock, or any other type of rock which I will be using for landscaping. Rocks should be small 1" to 2". I will need delivery and I am in the Salt Lake City , Utah area. June 20, Contact  

CN: e 7614 USA : I want Zh-G013 granite from China . Please quote. I am a stone trader in Hawaii . June 20 Contact  

e 7606 USA : I need 1100 sf of Azul Platino 16"x16"x1/2" or 3/8" Polished in about 2-3 weeks. I am a stone trader in IL, my contact no. is 847.77.....June 19, Contact

e 7602 USA : Please quote for Chinese granite slabs. See price list 341. We are in WA. 
Need more specific pricing. Deck sizes that I am interested in are as follows:
1 1/2" laminated square edge & single 3/4" square edge. 
- 87" long x 30" deep finished front edge and sides, back edge polished.
- Island sizes 36" x 76" & 18" x 87" finished all 4 sides. Would be purchasing container quantities. Our contact no. is 360-31.....June 19, Contact  

ALL: e 7594 USA : I was wondering if you could tell me what are the most popular granites used in a retail sense, in the US ? Have you ever seen any polls or studies, narrowing it down to maybe the top 10 or so? I'm thinking about starting my own business in that area, and any info you could provide me would be much appreciated. June 19, Contact  

e 7593 USA : Need wholesale prices for granite and marble. for New Jersey . I am a stone fabricator. See price list 480. June 19, Contact  

e 7592 USA : Landscape: Do you sell bags of pea stone in 1/8"-3/8" size ranges, that can be shipped (50-60lb bags). I saw some attractive polished and/or river stones in brick reds, blacks and multi colors. Do you stock these? We are doing an aggregate finish on concrete floors. June 19, Contact  

e 7572 USA : We are building some homes in Hawaii , USA and are interested in granite and marble. Would like to know  prices and shipping. We want to buy colors from Iran , Brazil and China . We are shopping the market to see the best quality and prices. But the best deliveries and customer service. We need our first shipment by Aug. as one home will be ready for the interiors, the next plan will start by the end of the year. We are building several homes and are interested in using the house as a model home. We also are interested in selling granites and marble, etc. to other contractors. My contact no. is 808 8.....June 18, Contact

e 7568 USA : We sell stone of internal applications (tile, slabs, counters, etc.) and exterior applications (building veneers, landscape, etc.). Please quote for complete line of products you have available. June 18, Contact  

ALL: e 7564 USA : Please quote for granite slabs and tiles. June 17, Contact

e 7563 USA : I am looking for Atlantic Black. A store I located has too much green in the stone. Looking for suppliers in the tri-state area of N.Y. and Long Island . June 17, Contact  

IL: e 7562 USA : I am a contractor. Please quote with other information on 4" slabs of Jerusalem Bone Limestone. June 17, Contact  

e 7556 USA : Landscape: Looking for River Stones that look like chicken eggs, but different colors, Black, Tiger, etc. Quantity:1/40Ft container x month. Delivery to Florida , USA . Phone no. is 561 30.....June 17, Contact  

ES: e 7549 USA : I am working on a project in Chicago and am trying to match a limestone called "Galla Perla". I believe that this is a renaming of an existing product which may match "Crema Perla" Spanish limestone. Would like to see representative sample or two of this stone (in a polished finish if possible), or if you've heard of a product called "Galla Perla", please let me know. I am a Project Designer and my contact no. is 312-64..... June 17, Contact  

BR: e 7544 USA : My suppliers in Brazil are not performing to my demands and need new suppliers. Would like a quote for slabs of 2 and 3cm. Need 2 containers ASAP of mixed colors like Giallo veneziano, Juparana Pearsa, Juparana bourdou (florinza), giallo espranza, golden wave, green cascade. We will pay for freight and shipping of samples. Email pic. of granite. What is the price for 1 container of mixed 2cm thick and 3cm thick? My suppliers in Brazil are not performing to my demands and need new suppliers. (772)46.... June 16, Contact  

e 7538 USA : I am planning to visit India and am looking for exporters of stone and tile for a US client. I am interested in Mosaic tiles also. Please quote per square foot. Do you make custom designs? June 16, Contact  

e 7536 USA : Landscape: Please quote for white crushed marble. Looking for a supplier from USA . June 16, Contact

e 7535 USA : I want granite. See pricelist 1049 as reference. My phone # is 570-60.....June 16, Contact

e 7534 USA : Landscape: I am interested in cobblestone that could be used for driveways. The sizes I would like are "Regulation Blocks" (4"x5"x9"), or "Jumbo Blocks" (4"x7"x10). Probably, granite would be the best stone to use, either in pink or gray; however some other stones might work just as well. Here is a list of the materials I would be most interested in purchasing from your company to fill a 20' or 40' container:
1. Cobblestone blocks in granite, either in pink or grey, 4"x5"x9".
2. Cobblestone blocks in granite, either in pink or grey, 4"x7"x10"
3. Travertine that is often called "Royal Oyster Pearl" ( creme/beige color) size 18"x24"x3/4" honed/semi-polished.
4. Travertine that is often called "Jerusalem White" ( off-white color) six 18"x24"x3/4" or 14"x18"x5/8" honed/semi-polished.
5. Quartzite primarily green in color that is cut to 18"x24"xapprox.3/4",natural face/calibrated back.
6. Quartzite primarily white in color that is cut to 18"x24"xapprox.3/4",natural face/calibrated back.
7. Granite that is called "Spectrolite" or "Spectrolittii" (black with blue mother of pearl chips embedded in the stone) size, full slabs with one face polished.
If you could send samples of any or all of the above, I will gladly pay for your time and shipping. Also, if you can provide any or all of these stone products, please send quantity price information. I am in IN 46148. I will pay by check or American Express whichever is best. My phone number is 765-34.....June 16, Contact  

BR: e 7524 USA : We want grade A Giallo Veneziano polished granite slabs. Please quote FOB Brazil prices for 2cm and 3cm slabs. We are in NH, Tel: 603-79.....June 14, Contact  

e 7520 USA : Landscape: I am looking for black pebbles (Something like Mexican pebbles, round and smooth) of the size 1 to 3 inches. I need to cover 1500sqft. So if you could tell me how many tons I need and how to order it. I am in Los Angeles and if it is possible the pebbles need to be delivered to West Covina . June 14, Contact  

CN: e 7516 USA : I want ZH G013 granite. My contact no. is 206-52.....I am in WA. June 14, Contact

e 7506 USA : Interested in Charcoal Blue, but at least 12x12. What do they cost? June 14, Contact  

e 7501 USA : Looking for a US distributor who has for immediate delivery one Zimbabwe Black Absolute minimum 123" x 60" at 3cm. Very dark black. Not black grey. We are builders in SC. June 13, Contact  

MX: e 7494 USA : I am planning a trip to Mexico and would like to visit alabaster quarries. June 13, Contact  


e 7481 USA : We want Verde Andeer both tile & slab. We stock 40 x 40 x 1 and 2 & 3 cm slabs. June 11, Contact

e 7470 USA : One of my client wants Granite. My contact no. is 714.63.....June 10, Contact  

e 7465 USA : Landscape: I want to purchase red lava rock for landscape business. June 10, Contact  

TR: e 7464 USA : I want Eaoped Bordeaux slabs from Turkey . Quantity is 1500 sq.ft. My location is CT. Tel: (860) 63..... June 10, Contact

e 7461 USA : Do you have any slabs of Cobra Green Granite? My contact no. is 864 37.....June 9, Contact  

e 7445 USA : Landscape: I want 5 pallets or more of flagstone. Please quote. June 8, Contact

e 7444 USA : Landscape: I am trying to obtain something called "texas grit". Disney world uses it in their sandboxes. I am in NY. I need about 10 100 lb bags. June 7, Contact  

BR: e 7441 USA : Looking for blue bahia - need info on price per slab. June 7, Contact  

e 7440 USA :  I want Sebaste from Turkey and Cedar light. We are interested in stone for landscape, walls, and especially veneer work. We have an upcoming project that is 8000 sq.ft. In order for the client to choose the stone I would like multiple pictures of ashlar patterned stone veneer. We would like the height to range from 8, 12, 16 INCH and the lengths, 8, 12, 16, 24 INCH. We would like the stone to be cut or straight on all four sides. (TOP, BOTTOM, SIDE AND SIDE) The front face to be natural stone and either way for the back of the stone. The thickness of the stone we would like 3" CAN YOU PROVIDE PICTURES OF THE STONE AND PICTURES OF COMPLETED PROJECTS UTILIZING THE STONE? Is there someone who has the split face building block veneer and will do this?  Costs, including delivery to Napa , California , USA need for 8000 sq.ft. June 7, Contact  

e 7437 USA : Landscape: I want 6 x 6 x 2 PA bluestone pavers, approximately 700 pieces. Ideally priced including delivery to Redmond , WA . June 7, Contact  

e 7428 USA: Please quote with shipping costs to Tijuana, Mexico for:
3 slabs of ¾” (2 cm) Giallo Santa Cecilia Light “granite” including:
2 slabs large each large enough to cut a clean, 8’0” x 5’11” square
1 slab large enough to cut a 9’0” long counter.
If possible, I would like to have photos and samples from the actual slabs sent to San Diego , California , USA prior to purchase. These should be polished slabs. I prefer to pay by Visa Credit Card but I am willing to arrange payment per your terms if I can. My contact no. is 858-27..... in the USA . June 7, Contact  

e 7420 USA : Landscape: I am an architect looking for information about river bed stones and pebbles supplied in and around Montgomery and Bucks Counties , Pennsylvania . June 6, Contact

BR: e 7419 USA : I am looking for 150 slabs of Golden Beach Granite from Brazil . Please quote per sq. ft and amount of containers required asap. June 6, Contact  

e 7417 USA : Looking for petrified wood. I am looking for around two tons. I am estimating 1 ton of stone would be equivalent to roughly a four-by-four pallet about three feet or so high. Is that correct?
The sizes are around one foot in diameter or larger. I know that the stone would not be round and typically would not be cross the grain but usually with the grain. In short, I want to mix petrified wood and red sandstone to make a chimney and four columns two feet square 6 feet high. The backs of the columns would not require any stone. The stone would be for the facade only. I can send pictures of what I want. That would take a couple of days. I am in Dallas , contact no. 214 82.....June 6, Contact  

ALL: e 7410 USA : I am interested purchasing all styles of slabs for custom works. I am in N.C. and my contact no. is (910) 48.......June 6, Contact  

JO: e 7407 USA : I want Jordanian marble. I am looking for someone who has tiles and slabs in stock in the U.S.A. Do call us at (831)59..... June 6, Contact  

BR: e 7404 USA : I am an owner of a Home Improvement company in U.S.A. We want to import Brazilian granite, marble and other stones for distribution in the American market. Would like to know how much time it take to export to U.S.A. ? Please email catalogs and pricelist. My contact no. is (203) 66......June 6, Contact  

CN: e 7394 USA : Block: We want a block price list of Tianshan Red, C&F Bangkok. Also mention approx. sizes of dimension information. Our tel. no. is 662 23......June 5, Contact  

e 7392 USA : Landscape: I live in the Portland Oregon area and I am looking for a supplier of crushed beige granite to create a Japanese style sand/stone garden. My phone no. is 503.61.....June 5, Contact  

e 7391 USA : Need 45 sq. ft. of Indian granite slabs and tiles. See pricelist 952. Please provide minimum order and freight (per slab?) to Florida - 32958. Our contact no. is 772 58.....June 5, Contact  

ALL: e 7386 USA : We are starting new tile distribution business in Sacramento , CA , Please send a price list of all your major export products. Also advise of any other legalities. June 4, Contact  

e 7379 USA : We want to import 3/4" and 1 1/4" slabs and tiles from Brazil . We are looking for an agent in Canada . Please quote. June 4, Contact  

BG: e 7376 USA : I am a stone distributor in New York . I have a client who is looking for some Vratza tile. Looking for distributors who may have this material in North America . I need 125 M2 of 45cm x 45cm x 1cm thick tile. My phone number is (718)38.....June 4, Contact  

e 7366 USA : I am looking for a distributor for granite as close to Anaheim , California as possible. Need 
15-20 pieces any color- but prefer black. Sizes approx. 16" x 24" x 5/8" thick smooth, perfectly flat surface, no voids or cracks, even thickness throughout, beveled edges. My tel. no. is 714-66.....June 4, Contact 

e 7360 USA : Looking for UK stones suitable for sundials. June 3, Contact  

e 7344 USA : I am an architect interested in white Marble with no defects for a Master bath and shower. Just floor, shower floor and shower wall. Would you recommend marble or granite? What do you recommend for slip resistance, is smooth honed finish the best for this application? June 2, Contact  

TR/IN: e 7340 USA : We are currently fabricators of granite, marble, and travertine, and are in the process of expanding into a natural stone showroom selling slabs, tile, and trim, and stone sinks. Can you provide photos, pricing, or other information? We are particularly interested in 2 cm full size slabs, 30.5" tiles, 45.7" tiles. We are looking at marbles or granites and travertine 12" x 12" & 18" x 18" tiles, but also slabs, sinks, and trims. Our tel. no. is 702-35......June 2, Contact  

BG: e 7339 USA : I want White Sivec marble. Could you give your current pricing? What is the slab size? I need 2cm slabs and tiles of polished 30.5 x 30.5x1cm. Also let me know what other sizes you have in stock. Quality: EXTRA, A1 and A2. Miami , FL , Phone no. is 786-9.....Qty. needed is one container. June 1, Contact  

IL: e 7332 USA : Interested in getting pricing on Jerusalem stone. May 31, Contact

e 7331 USA : I want 24x24 Carnis Beige tiles and slabs, please let me know availability, turn around time and pricing. May 31, Contact  

e 7329: Please quote for granite and different qualities. May 31, Contact  

e 7322 USA : We want granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 304. May 31. Contact

e 7320 USA : Landscape: I have a large circular driveway with crystal spar stones. I need to "top dress" the driveway with more stones. I live in Southampton , NY ( Suffolk County ) and want to know an approximate price per ton for crystal spar stones. May 31, Contact  


AR: e 7303 USA : looking for wholesale suppliers of your Azul Cielo slabs in the New York , New Jersey , Connecticut area. May 29, Contact  

e 7285 USA : We are a large pool company in Arizona and are interested in the possibility of using pebble product. We have a sister company as well where we apply pool finishes for other pool builders. We apply our own brand of pebble finish and plaster. I need pebble in a few different earthy shades and I need to purchase them for $7-8usd per 100 LBS bags to beat what I am paying now. I use gold, black, white, and bronze colors 8 x16 and 6 x10 size pebbles and I prefer them to be bagged in 100 pound increments and as we are located in Arizona I would have to guess that Los Angeles would be the closest port of destination. 
I use gold, black, white, and bronze colors 8 x16 and 6 x10 size pebbles and I prefer them to be bagged in 100 pound increments. and as we are located in Arizona I would have to guess that Los Angeles California would be the closest port of destination. I have attached a few photos of the stuff we are currently using to show size and some of the colors. hope this helps. after seeing these photos could you give me the price of one bin full shipped to LA and possibly trucked to Pheonix. Tel. no. 602 32.....May 28, Contact

e 7279 USA : Landscape: We are doing residence project in New York , thinking to use pebble or gravel. But it's really hard to see the color of pebbles, so we need to see sample. If you send me some sample, that'll be really helpful to choose. The size of site for pebble is 30' x3' starting from outside to inside. Also we're thinking of using them in the garden too, if they are really good. The number of pebbles in your website are of supplier 22, it's small but we were thinking to use 0022 - 0001, 0022 - 0002, 0022 - 0018 and of Supplier 31, 0031 - 0003 and 031-0004. 
We have decided to use black or navy blue polished pebble, size:1"-2"
1.price of sample, and products
2.how many bags we need to fill this volume 30'x3'x5". We are ready to pay for the samples.
Please tell me how many bags we need, cause I cannot figure it out. As I said before, I made this pot size, 30'x3'x5"(depth) to filled with pebble.
Sample : pebbles in order to fill this size of the box: 8"x8"x3" (could be smaller). Click here to see image.
May 28, Contact  

IT: e 7278 USA : We would like to stock White Carrara of first quality. Pleaqse quote for tiles and 2 & 3 cm slabs. May 28, Contact

e 7277 USA: I am building a new house soon and request quotes for the following from FindStone's online stores 0014 - 0001, 0014- 0002, 0014 - 0003, 0014 - 0004, 0014 - 0008. Also need quote for 1,500 sq ft of Jeruselam Antique Gold 12 x 12 or larger. My contact detail is 1.425.39......May 27, Contact  

e 7276 USA : I want 2cm thick marble called Black Hampton for our customer. I am in need of 3 slabs. 
May 27, Contact

e 7275 USA : I want white granite as clean as possible, it should be similar in appearance to White Thassos marble. May 27, Contact  

e 7266 USA: I am a contractor and I would like to order immediately 5 slabs of first grade, polished one side, 3cm thick, Brazilian Uba Tuba. 5 x 11 foot size would be great but I will certainly consider smaller sizes. I would like to view the stone when I pick it up so I would prefer a domestic pick up location. Please send me a price quote. I am in PA 16038. My phone number is 412-60..... May 27, Contact

e 7263 USA : I want a price list on Green Mica mosaic tile. We are a production, import/export business out of Arizona & Costa Rica. May 27, Contact  

e 7261 USA: We are a U.S. based global importer of granite and are currently looking for a strategic partner in Armenia. May 27, Contact  

e 7255 USA: I want stone countertops. See price list 784. May 26, Contact  

e 7254 USA: I want 8 stone countertops. See price list 784. My phone number is 210-68.....I live in San Antonio, TX and would come to Houston to see the counter tops. I will be in Houston on one day between apx. June 10-13. May 26, Contact

BR: e 7248 USA: I am looking to buy containers full of assorted slabs such as Giallo Veneziano, Peacock, Uba Tuba, Giallo Antico, Verde Butterfly, and other popular colors you may have especially earthy colors
Could you please send me digital pictures or a brochure of samples of the granite you offer so I can choose through the different colors. How long is your normal delivery? Is it an open-top container? Also, we will need your pricing and payment terms. I do a lot of commercial work. My contact no. is 208 92....... I am in Idaho. We would like to distribute in the Northwest of the United States. See pricelist no. 1073. May 25, Contact  

e 7247 USA: I am in New Jersey. I want to know prices for all GRANITE, MARBLE AND SLATE. How much do I have to order the first time because I just started this business? May 25, Contact  

PH: e 7242 USA: Our company is interested to buy custom-sized marbles from Philippines. May 23, Contact  

US: e 7240 USA: Landscape: I need one truck load (20 ton or more) of Patio grade 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 - $80/ton. I am interested in Rosa and Peach Arizona Flag stone. If you don't have this color, we are flexible if the price is right. Also need a shipping quote to California. Our contact no. is (209)83.....We will definitely place an order at approx.   $120/ton. Quantity is 20tons. Want to purchase domestic. Size range is 1 to 3 ft. We want first quality but may consider second. Samples not needed. We are a Landscaping Gardening company. 
May 23, Contact  

e 7239 USA: Landscape: I am looking for supply of large black flintstone. The larger the better. I want to buy in large volumes. May 23, Contact  

e 7238 USA: Please send me a catalog of your different products. We are opening a custom store featuring granite, marble, paving patio, statuary, etc. I would very much appreciate any information you could get me on your products along with a price list. I am in GA. May 22, Contact  

e 7211 USA: We want polished 10mm X 305mm India marble tiles, Cafe Forest, as listed at findstone.com. We have a current need of about 300 ft2. My contact no. is 314-84.....I will definitely place an order at $2,00 per square ft' plus shipping, depending on wherever the tile can be found. I can order right now. Need the material for Foyer and bathroom flooring. Drawings are available however 12" sq tiles will work fine-300 of them. I will pay shipping for the actual tiles samples. May 20, Contact USD 50

e 7210 USA: We would like to market stones. How soon can samples of slate, marble, and other natural stones be sent to our office? Our contact no. is (310) 55.....May 20, Contact  

e 7207 USA: I want blue fantasy or Moca Creme Grao Fino 18 or 24 inch tiles. What is minimum order and price / sqft? Do they come honed or rough surface? May 20, Contact

e 7201 USA: Landscape: I am wholesale buyer, please send prices for flagstone and Black Mexican Beach Pebbles. My contact no. is 520-2......May 19, Contact  

e 7200 USA: I am a wholesale buyer looking for China Black Marble in the US. Our contact no. is 239-56.....May 19, Contact

e 7191 USA: Looking for Granite /Marble Slab Wholesale yards in the Southwest region of Florida. Yards that do not fabricate stone, just supply. May 18, Contact  


e 7182 USA: I need Giallo Dorado granite from Spain. I am located in NY. A local source would be best, but if not possible, any source in the US will do. My tel. no. is 631-24.....May 16 Contact  

IN: e 7180 USA: Please quote for Kota honey slab material. Email be a bigger picture with a quote. May 16, Contact

e 7178 USA: Please send us cost per sq. ft. for Santa Ynez and Santa Monica granite slabs. May 16, Contact  

ALL: e 7172 USA: I am planning a new granite fabrication shop in Houston. I would like to purchase granite and marble slab. Please send pricelist, colors, availability, etc. My contact no. is (281)36.....May 15, Contact  

e 7171 USA: I am a contractor looking for 550 sq. ft. of Rosa Levante or Rojo Alacante 12x12 marble tile. We are in NY 12498. Our contact info. is 845-6...... May 15, Contact  

e 7170 USA: Landscape:  I am an architect interested in a fountain as displayed in FindStone.com's online stores. Picture # is 0019-0021. My contact details are 510.60...... Please quote. May 15, Contact  

e 7169 : Want a white limestone called San Martino. May 15, Contact

e 7166 USA: I am a cemetery restorer. I am looking for a source of white marble. I need to replicate some pieces of a deteriorating arch monument. I live in Indiana and assume someone in the limestone producing counties of Indiana would have something available. I restore marble and limestone markers. May 15, Contact  

e 7157 USA: Looking for a supplier of Afton Dark Brown Granite Slabs 1-1/4" or 2" thick and 12"x12" tiles, both polished, 2 slabs and maybe 100sqft of tile. Need a price to bid a job that will begin in June. Architect to approve stone, sample needed, I will pay for sample postage (if reasonable). My contact no. is 207 75.....
May 14, Contact

May 14, Contact  

US: e 7144 USA: I want to stock my stone yard with stone from Wisconsin, Chilton, Fondulac, Eden. Also looking for NY Bluestone. May 13, Contact  

e 7136 USA: Please quote for Tropical Juparana per square foot or per slab. May 13, Contact  

e 7133 USA: Landscape: I am looking for Oklahoma Flagstone, I need approximately 820sq. I am looking for a greenish, blue, gray, and a rust color. How mush do you charge for a ton. And how much would it be for shipping? May 13, Contact  

e 7132 USA: Would like to know the min. order quantity and shipping info for DURANGO 12X12. My contact no. is 610.33.....I am in PA 1946. I will definitely place an order at $5.50 plus shipping. I need it urgently. Approximate quantity is 91 tiles today, more in 2 weeks. I need them to be installed in shower. I will pay for postage cost of samples. May 13, Contact  

e 7130 USA: Landscape: I am a landscape designer who is building a park in Delaware and I am searching for river stone to set in mortar beds and use as the sidewalks in the park. Looking for distributors in Delaware or nearby that might carry river stone. May 12, Contact

e 7127 USA: I need about 3,500 sq feet of 24 x 24 Absolute Black/Indiana Black Granite. I am a tile & stone shop owner in Hollywood. May 12, Contact  

e 7108 USA: I like Dakota Mahogany, Canadian Gallix, Indian Lilac, Mayur and Calanca from Switzerland. Please quote with availability. I am in south-eastern Washington. May 10, Contact  

e 7105 USA: I want Ocre Granite for flooring on format 12x12 inches. I need the price for 26000 sq ft CIF Georgia. May 10, Contact

e 7104 USA: Landscape: I want 192 tons of red and gray cobble stones. I am located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Please include shipping prices as well. May 10, Contact  

BR: e 7102 USA: I want granite slabs from Brazil. Please quote with delivery period and payment terms. See pricelist 1073. May 10, Contact  

e 7096 USA: We want 3300 sq ft of Absolute Black tile 24x24. How soon and how much would this be? 
May 10, Contact  

e 7095 USA: I want 10mm thick limestone, marble, slate and terracotta tiles. I require suppliers who have good cross-section tiles of different colors and textures (all must be the same thickness) for creating bespoke floor designs and mosaics. I am interested in Verde 'K' and 'Rosso Verona' of 300x300x10mm. May 9, Contact  

e 7082 USA: I am remodeling 2 bathrooms and would like to use Jerusalem stone, Slates Tiles and Sandstone. I am located in New York. May 9, Contact   

e 7080 USA: Landscape: I am a landscaping contractor in PA. Need supplier (quarry or wholesaler) for red barn stones, Maryland stones, Delaware riverstones, etc. Realized these decorative landscaping stones are call different names by different suppliers. Need tri-axle delivery or comparable amt. Phone no. 610-77.....May 9, Contact

e 7079: I want absolute black granite. Would I expect a uniformly black granite slab or could some of the granite slabs of absolute black show tint of grey/white streaks? May 9, Contact  

e 7076 USA: Please quote for granite and gneiss or similar stones from Madagascar, Brazil and the Orient. 
May 9, Contact  

e 7073 USA: I want strips and blocks of grey granite veneer 65 tons approximately. I am in CT 06756. Phone 860 49.....May 8, Contact  

e 7069 USA: We want good quality granite and marble. Please send product details, delivery schedules, rates, samples and payment terms on 20 ft container basis. Our contact no. is 516 29.....We are in NY. 
May 8, Contact  

e 7065 USA: Landscape: I want cheap Oklahoma Flagstone. Qty. is 960 sq.ft. for a pool deck. I am in FL. What are the delivery cost? My tel. no. is (561)24.....May 8, Contact  

e 7064 USA: Need wholesale pricelist and catalogues for natural stones. I am in California. May 8, Contact  

e 7056 USA: Landscape: I am an architect looking for crushed rock as close to Seattle, WA as possible. An alternate, suitable for sidewalk use in desert tones would also work. May 7, Contact  

e 7047 USA: Looking for Rosa Granite. Please quote. May 6, Contact  

IN: e 7043 USA: Please quote with shipping to Seattle. I need 1500 to 2000 sq ft white carrara marble or white galaxy or other white granite (the more white the better). Or 1000 - 1500 sq ft black galaxy granite and 200 sq ft paradisco granite. 200 sq ft salt & pepper or black & white granite. Please call at 206-36.......May 6, Contact  

e 7040 USA: Looking for Sahara Gold Marble slabs from Pakistan. I live in Rhode Island. May 6, Contact  

ALL: e 7035 USA: I want first quality polished marble and granite tiles. Size Range: 12" x 12" x 1/2 - 3/8". Material Quality: Variety of Shades. Quantity Estimate: 5 containers, Price Range: Marble - $1.50 per 12in x 12in x ½in. CIF Houston - USA. Country of Origin: Bulgaria, Egypt, Namibia, Pakistan, etc. Payment Terms: Letter of Credit. Local or imported will be price dependent. Will not pay for courier cost of samples. See pricelist # 825, # 998 & # 360. May 5, Contact  

e 7034 USA: I am interested in a fireplace as listed in 008-0038. Can you please provide sizes, colors, material, cost, and availability? I am a builder of homes. May 5, Contact  

e 7029 USA: Trying to locate a wholesale granite supplier close to Maine. Like in NH or Canada. May 5, Contact  

e 7020 USA: I want 1000-1500 of Italian Becagli size 18x18 or 24x24. Please quote. May 4, Contact  

RU: e 7019 USA: I want a stone from the St. Petersburg area called scagliola, Serpentinite. Please let me know the availability, size of the slab and cost. May 3, Contact  

IN: e 7017 USA: We want 18x18 Ghibli Granite. We are a stone trading company and our contact no. is (901) 5.....May 3, Contact  

US/NO/ZW/FI/IT/BR: e 7016 UAE: We have been awarded the contract to supply & install stones for landscaping works. We need the following quantities:
17890 sqm Salisbury Pink Granite - USA
7385 sqm Capao Bonito Granite - Brazil
14035 sqm Carmen Red Granite - Zimbabwe / Finland
6765 sqm Cotton White Granite - Brazil
16630 sqm Grey Sardo Granite (Grigio Sardo) - Italy
155 sqm Blue Pearl Granite - Norway
62860 sqm Other granites. Kindly quote CIF Abu Dhabi prices for the materials as per attachment. Advise the delivery schedule. Provide us with samples of your Products. May 3, Contact  

e 7015 USA: We import natural stone to the United States. We are in Arizona 85355. We want granite & marble slabs, tile, countertop, vanity of all sizes slab and tiles. Surface is polished, honed, flamed. We want good- the best quality material. Consistent shade as possible. Quantity estimate is 1-2 containers. Country of origin of material is China. Needed within 1-2 months. Payment terms letter of Credit, Wire transfer. We would like to import. We have workers in China, they would go to the factory and inspect. Our target purchase price is less than USD 1 per sq ft. Will pay for courier cost of samples. Our tel. no. is 623.53.....May 3, Contact  

e 7011 USA: We are wholesalers looking for a Sunny Light Honed Tiles in 16” x 16” or 18” x 18”. It is a limestone or marble from Egypt. It will be required immediately. We want 500 Sq Ft. We are looking for suppliers in San Francisco, CA. May 3, Contact  

e 7010 USA: We are considering a limestone water table for a building which would require about 5000 sq. ft. of surface area of stone. We are architects in PA 18705. May 3, Contact  


IN: e 7005 USA: We want BLUE PEARL, PARADISIO, CREMA BORDEAUX, CAFE IMPERIAL - (BROWN), NEW VENITIAN GOLD, BLACK ABSOLUTE, BLACK GALAXY, IVORY CHIFFON and WHITE JUPRANA granite tiles for export to USA. THE REQUIRED THICKNESS OF THE TILES ARE 2 CM & 3 CM THE SIZES OF THE TILES ARE 12" X 12" 16" X 14" 18" X 18". In case the above varieties are in your range of manufacture or dealing, then please send us your offer on C.I.F., New York basis and FOB Chennai. Each time the consignment volume will be one container with mix varieties. Please mention delivery time and other terms. If we can get more varieties we would appreciate that too. 
We are dealing with few companies in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai. I would appreciate if you can provide with various varieties/colors in Slabs and Tiles (regular sizes) with prices. Please quote prices for FOB Chennai. If there is any advantage from Mumbai, please also include FOB Mumbai prices. Please give us a breakup with prices and Dimensions for tiles. If you deal with monuments please do provide their info along. My contact no. is 408-23..... (Cell). Our India contact details are +91-8819-2....... I would appreciate if you can refer any competitive shipping liner/agent. May 2, Contact  

e 7002 USA: I want Champagne Black granite. My contact no. is 312-66.....May 2, Contact  

ES: e 7000 USA: I want crema marfil select or cream ivory 36" x 42" qty. 15,000 sq ft. May 2, Contact  

e 6996 USA: I am interested in Aphrodite marbles such as Aphrodite Aphrodite, Bare Aphrodite, Red Stripe Aphrodite, Golden Aphrodite and Royal Aphrodite. I believe the one I am looking for is mostly pink. I do not need a 1' x 1' sample (too large). Something more like the 4" x 4" sample or smaller would be better. Is there a way to obtain or purchase samples. May 2, Contact  

e 6993 USA: I want granite countertops. See pricelist 784. I would like some samples and I am willing to pay for them. My contact no. is 912-22.....I am in Georgia. May 2, Contact  

e 6988 USA: Landscape: I want several tons of 3/4" - 1 1/4" smooth black aggregate in a concrete floor. I am in PA and my contact no. is 215-63.....May 1, Contact  

e 6986 USA: Landscape: I want some black pebble stone. May 1, Contact  

e 6984 USA: I want pink granite building stones and will be open to various colors. The qty reqd. is 280 linear feet (20 feet tall, with 2 foot depth). Delivery in about 6-10 weeks or earlier. We want stone for a project. Please provide price info for entire lot of small blocks, or med and large. I have a large building project and could cut the med and large. Small is correct size. We are in NH and out contact no. is 617 94......May 1, Contact  

e 6982 USA: Landscape: Looking for a source of large attractive landscape boulders, say 5 ft diameter or larger. I'm searching for contacts /sources for large landscape boulders to see if I can set up a business; I'm open to types and all suggestions, including transportation costs. These boulders would be like landmark or signature items, placed on someone's front yard for prestige. May 1, Contact  

e 6975 USA: I want Ivory Marfin Granite 3 cm. My contact no. is (317) 54.....April 30, Contact  


CN: e 6971 USA: I want large quantities of Granite - 3/4 inch slabs. I am looking to import about 10 containers a month of 3/4 inch thick slabs of excellent grade Granite and polished to use for kitchen counters,.. Can you provide prices and how much will it cost to get samples and what are the dimensions of your slabs. It is our intention to be a reseller in the counter top business and we will have a wholesale business, we are also a large retail countertop and sink top retailers and do most of the counters for big shopping malls in USA. We plan to visit China for the purchase. Would like some quotes before we come. I am in the Los Angeles and my phone # is 310 82..... April 30, Contact  

CN: e 6953 USA: For one of our clients located in Kazakhstan, we need reliable suppliers from China who can deliver 9000 sqm tiles of 300 x 300  x 7.8 mm. Please quote your FOB or CIF export prices. We are in Washington DC 20006. April 29, Contact  

April 29, Contact

e 6948 USA: I am a project engineer looking for a source of limestone within 500 miles of San Francisco,  California, to meet a Council Requirement that we use locally sourced products. looking for any local sources available. April 29, Contact  

IN: e 6843 USA: Please quote for a container load of Indian granite slabs and tiles of 12" x 12" x 1/2" thick. Interested in black and red colors. April 22, Contact

ZA: e 6940 USA: I want polished bonacord dark. Sizes 3 m x 1.6 and up. April 28, Contact

e 6925 USA: We are an American based company but have two buyers down in Buenos Aires this week who could be interested in a quarry in Argentina that has marble and petrified wood. Please tell us more about this, and do you have any photos. Our contact no. is 800-22.....April 28, Contact  

CN: e 6923 USA: I own a tile & marble shop in Oregon. We import 3-4 containers per month from China for marble, granite and slate tiles. Chinese suppliers please send me a catalog of all granite colors available online. Also provide me with information about your factory and the quality I can expect from your factory. April 28, Contact  

e 6919 USA: I am a new entrant and am working towards my Contractors License. I would like to purchase marble and granite slabs. Looking for suppliers in Arizona and Southern California. April 28, Contact

e 6914 USA: I am a contractor interested in Fossil stone. April 27, Contact  

e 6913 USA: I am a wholesale distributor and have been in the stone business for about 27 years. I would be interested in getting your wholesale prices, shipping costs, minimum order on fireplaces. If you could also tell me also how many pieces they come in that would also be helpful. If there are any specials, or discontinued lines, I would be interested in them as well. My contact no. is 408 91.....April 27, Contact  

ZW: e 6911 USA: Please quote for NERO ASSOLUTO Slabs from Zimbabwe. Price USD, CIF Montreal & Boston Ports. Our budgeted price is for 20mm thick slabs is USD 30 - 35 per sqm. Qty reqd. is ten containers. April 27, Contact  

e 6908 USA: I am looking for a Mexican suppliers for finished Cantera architectural pieces. April 27, Contact

e 6903 USA: We are a kitchen and bath store in MI. We are looking for a fabricator for soapstone. Our contact no. is 269-63....April 26, Contact  

e 6895 USA: I want granite slabs wholesale mostly 2 cm and some 3 cm. We are located in Texas and sell to Mexico and USA (Texas). Our contact no. is (956) 32.....April 26, Contact

IL: e 6893 USA: I want Jerusalem Gold Limestone in large quantities for one residence. Budget price, tiles 16" x 16" and will consider 18" x 18" , 3/8 " thickness, all of same batch, for all the flooring and some walls of one residence, Jerusalem Gold to be used horizontally, the Antique Gold will be the flooring. Total flooring: 12000 square feet; walls: not sure yet. Quote FOB Miami, FL 33166. I need pricing and samples. I will be visiting the States from the 13th to the 21st of May. My contact no. is 601 42.... April 26, Contact

IN: e 6890 USA: I want counter tops. Please quote with image and weight. The materials I am interested in are Graphite Brown, Juparana Arabesco, Silver Gray, Juparana Rosado, Acquamarine, Juparana Tiger, Paradise Yellow, Red Brasilia and Persian. April 25, Contact  

IN: e 6888 USA: I am working on another job using Tan Brown Granite in either 2cm or 3cm. Please quote ex-factory prices for 2cm thick qty. 5 Containers and 3 cm  8 Containers. Please give me a U.S. $ quote per sq ft. April 25, Contact

EG: e 6884 USA: Please quote for Gallala and Golden cream or whichever is the whitest marble. I am working on a project where it is a prototype and I need a slab to build a base about 6 inches squared as samples. I would like samples and quotes from anything you may have in the minimum size at first then will look eagerly to future business. I am in Salem 01970. April 25, Contact

CN/BR: e 6875 USA: We distribute granite and marble. We buy container loads of granite every month from China but we want to get familiar with Brazil companies too.
1. I want to know what is your minimum order of a certain color from slabs (if I want to order number of different colors in one container) 
2. What is the lead time for an order once it is placed. And how long does a container take to get to Chicago.
3. Can you give me a price on some of your popular granite and marble colors? FOR 3CM SLABS FOR COUNTERTOPS WITHOUT FINISHED EDGES, PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT OR SQUARE METER? Please just pick couple of your most popular colors from granite and marble. 

e 6874 USA: I am building a house in Virginia and want wholesale pricing for granite, marble and travertine. I like Alagao Beige from Philippines. My contact no. is 703-98......April 24, Contact

ES: e 6867 USA: I am an interior designer wanting Duquesa Rosada. My contact no. is (214) 75.....April 24, Contact

BR: e 6862 USA: I want 10 containers of Giallo Antico (light) in 3cm. I need it to be around $4.00sq.ft. or less. Send any updated price list. I am in Az 85024. April 24, Contact  

e 6860 USA: We are an importer and are looking for 40,000 sq ft of 24"x24" x 1 1/4" flamed absolute black. Please quote your best price fob factory or fob port. We are in MA. April 23, Contact

e 6839 USA: Blocks: I want 10-20 tons of high grade translucent orange alabaster the largest sound pieces we can get. My contact no. is 1-212-24...... April 22, Contact  

e 6835 USA: I want Venetian gold. Please quote with images. I am in Cocoa Fla. port. My contact no. is 
407 56....April 22, Contact  

e 6832 USA: Looking for a supplier of Rosso Bordeaux Marble and Nero Marmo Marble. April 22, Contact 
USD 20

e 6828 USA: I want Sodalite blue slabs. What is the typical slab size? The thickness (do you have 3 cm)? I need about 100 sq. ft. April 22, Contact

e 6825 USA: We want 900 sq ft, 16 x 16 of Provenza tile, Coltro is the color or something very similar in 16x16 or 17x17. We are in Lafayette, LA. April 22, Contact  

e 6824 USA: I want Juperano Santa Cecelia. Please quote with image. I am an interior designer in MN 55422. My tel. no. is 763-5.....April 22, Contact

e 6821 USA: We are looking for a stone restoration company in California. April 22, Contact  

e 6816 USA: I would like to open a showroom of idols as displayed in FindStone's online stores. Please quote wholesale price especially for idols. I will be visiting India (Mumbai) in June 03 and would like to contact you. April 22, Contact

e 6815 USA: I am a contractor. Please quote for 40 x 40 x 10 tiles of Daino Reale, Rosa Portogallo, Grigio Carnico, Statuario venato, Arabescato grigio, Greek Penthelikon, Cielo azul, Perlato di sicilia, Delicato cremo, Verde Guatemala, Crema Marfil select, Azul Boquira, Calacatta, Nero Marquinia, Green Tropical (brazil), Diorite, Imperial white, Juparana Classic, Eucaliptus green (brazil), Viscont grey (india), kashmir white, Multicolor red, Indian Juparana, Blu Barracuda (brazil), Quartzite Yellow (brazil), Navona and Persiano (Yellow + Red + Pink) Iran. April 22, Contact  

e 6813 USA: I want granite, marble, travertine and sandstone tiles from a supplier in USA. See stock lists 103, 266. April 22, Contact  

e 6810 USA: I have an old sample of Lorca Rosada from our library & would like to know if this stone is still available? And if it is available in USA & could I get a sample of it? This stone is to be used in slab form in a large building lobby in Washington. I am an architect and my contact no. is 202 46.....(voice). April 22 Contact  

e 6805 USA: Starting a new business as an importer of marble and granite in Las Vegas. Please send me your product information and price list. Tel-702-614-.....April 21 Contact  

e 6802 USA: I am building an authentic Irish Pub and I am looking for a pewter tumble stone tiles which are like a French limestone and the quarry is in Indiana. It is an old world style stone tile floor with a pattern. Looking for a supplier in USA. April 21 Contact  

e 6795 USA: Looking for surplus stock in cream or yellowish Limestone tiles & also need rawsilk,  Cashmere white granite tiles in 18" x 12", 24" x 18", 16" x 16" or 16"x 8". Beshan Green slate from China & 18" x 12" or 24"x12" stone tiles to cover 2500 - 5000 sq ft. indoor floors. Please advice on price, images and availability/delivery to Staten Island, N.Y. April 21 Contact  

e 6791 USA: I am interested in designing a small stone pyramid with writing engraved on each of the four sides. The pyramid would be an object d'art for use within a living room. It would be 4 inches tall, with a square base 6.28 inches along each side. Materials of construction would be genuine stone, such as vintage red granite or other stone.
The engraving would have each word, arranged vertically, in a triangle shape, each line below would be engraved on each side:
Please respond with an indication of interest and a cost estimate. April 19, Contact

e 6786 USA: Looking for a distributor in the Southeast USA or anywhere in the USA for pieces of marble for bases of the sculpture I make. April 19, Contact  

BR: e 6785 USA: I want granite slabs. I have started my own company for a few years now and I have gotten good prices on granite but I receive better prices I would like to contact those companies. Please quote per sq ft. for different colors and selections that you have. I am also interested if you dock in Florida so I can directly pick it up. April 19, Contact  

e 6779 USA: I want to import soapstone from Brazil or Finland for kitchen and bathrooms. I have plans to build several hundred houses. I am in Dallas. April 18, Contact  

e 6777 USA: Landscape: I want massive boulders for a landscaping project. This project is slated to begin during the course of the summer. It will be an ongoing project that will be phased throughout the next couple years. What I need prices for are large boulders that exceed what we can find around this area. The biggest we have are about 3 tons. Being from the DC area many rocks come from Delware, West Virgina, and Pennsylvania, so something, for example, that came from out West might be inappropriate, but may very well not be the case. We are trying to re-create huge waterfalls that mimic nature. Think Niagara Falls on a smaller scale. 
This project will be ongoing, even into the next couple years, and being so budget is not going to be too much an issue. What I need to know are different prices and tonnages. We are based in Upper Marlboro, MD. My cell no. is 301-34.....April 18, Contact

e 6771 USA: We are planning to open a warehouse in Midwest USA, we are looking for vendors, who can supply us at good price, quality material, and direct from quarries. We are looking for 1st and commercial quality granites slabs and tiles from India, Italy and Brazil. We are planning to buy by container loads only. 2 cm and 3 cm Granite slabs and 12 x 12 & 18 x 18 Granite tiles. April 17, Contact  

e 6767 USA: I need some real quick prices for the following material with the given sizes and quantities. 
See below the quantities and sizes of Polished White Carrara Marble tiles. Some company in Carrara should have these sizes and quantities in stock. The price shouldn’t be more than $3.00/SF including the delivery to Baltimore or Norfolk. Surface of the material to be polished. Order is not going to be sooner than 40 days. Thickness we are looking for is 3/8". Doesn't matter if local or overseas. Click here to see image. 






white carrara 4"x4"

bathrooms floor



sq ft

white carrara 4"x4"

shower floor



sq ft

white carrara 16"x8"




sq ft

white carrara 16"x8"

shower tub



sq ft

white carrara 5"x8"




L. ft

white carrara 1"x1"

bathroom floor



sq ft

My phone no. is 202-63..... April 17, Contact See Offers  

e 6765 USA: I want 2500 sqm of green granite for a construction project. Size reqd. is 32mm polished typically 1500 x 800mm to match Verde Fontein from Russian Federation quarry. We are bidding a construction product and are looking for a Russian granite matching Verde Fontein. Happy to talk to any serious supplier but it must meet the criteria ie Russian source granite close color match to Verde Fontein 32mm thick approx 2500 panels. April 17, Contact  

e 6760 USA: Looking for shellstone or mactan stone suppliers. April 17, Contact  

e 6756 USA: I want information about Jerusalem stone for a religious project in CO 80202. I need to know if the properties of this stone will work in our climate, as well as what costs are. 
Also, I would like any recommendations you might have for alternative stones, that would achieve the same look as Jerusalem Stone. Our client would like to incorporate the Wailing Wall look into our project. Our contact no. is 303.44.....April 17, Contact  

e 6749 USA: I want stone pebbles about 3mm in size of various colors. Please quote with supply details. It would be more suitable if contact could be made with a company is closer to Ireland or at least in the EU.   April 16, Contact  

e 6737 USA: I would like to contact the quarry owner of Rosso Vanga. My contact no. is 847 35.....I am in Illinois. April 16, Contact  

e 6730 USA: I want granite slabs be used as tables for a fancy restaurant I am putting together. Quantity needed is at least for 100 tables. Looking for a quick sale if good merchandise is available with fair pricing. I am in MI, my contact no. is 313-93..... April 15, Contact  

e 6728 USA: We want to import a huge quantity of Mosaic Tiles every month. Size of Mosaic tiles are 15 x 15 mm or 10 x 10 mm, 8 colors, 500 kgs from each color. Material is ceramic or cement. Please quote FOB prices. I am in Michigan. April 15, Contact  

e 6723 USA: I am an architect that would like to specify Arabescato Cervaiole, Venato D Italia, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Apuano, Bardiglio Imperiale Chiaro, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Bianco Lago and Bianco Pensilvania. I am looking for a polished gray marble with white veining for flooring for a commercial application. I am also working on a project that requires Aliveri Grey, Mani Semi-white, Kentima and Charcoal Grey. If you are aware of any additional samples with these requirements, can you send them as well? I am in NJ. Phone no. is 732-49......April 15, Contact

BR: e 6717 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite and marble in slabs and tiles form. April 14, Contact  

IL: e 6715 USA: I NEED 3000 S/F ACID WASHED 18X18 JERUSALEM GOLD/COBBLED. April 14, Contact  

e 6699 USA: I want to start a business of landscape supplying all kinds of rock. We are interested in selling all kinds of mulch and rock. We would like to be up and running with landscape supplies within the next 6 months. Please send as much info as possible. To contact us please call (402) 51..... I am in Nebraska.
April 11, Contact

e 6691 : I want stone fountains, natural stone monuments and garden furniture in natural stone. Please quote. April 11. Contact  

e 6689 USA: Please quote with delivery for the following Granite Items for kitchen counter top of my residence. Size Needed & Quantity needed are:
#1-120 Sq.Ft. 12x12”
#2- 40 Sq.Ft. 18x18”
1-Maple Leaf Red 1 – Granite, 2-Maple Leaf Red 2 – Granite
1-Full River Red, 2-G562
1-Green Rose, 2-Kuppam Green
1-Alicante Rosso, 2-Rosa Nule
1-White Chameleon, 2-Verde Oliva
1-Burgillos 2, 2-Rosa Porrino. Our contact no. is 425 78.....April 11, Contact  

e 6685 USA: I want a very large quantity of porphyry 4' x 4' x 1.5"-2.5" cubes. No dealers please. I am looking for factory direct prices. I prefer Italian but would also entertain other regions. The color is the red or brown ranges. April 11, Contact

e 6677 USA: We are a construction company in New Jersey interested in stone products. Please send a complete list of you products with a price list. Items I am interested in are Granite, Limestone, Granite steps and Slate. I can be reached by phone at 973-71.... We are in the process of building a home that requires many stone products. April 10, Contact  

e 6676 USA: I want Jasper Red Marble from India. April 10. Contact  

e 6668 USA: We are yacht builders. We want to use granite for counters in our yachts. Looking for suppliers in and around Florida. April 9, Contact  

e 6665 USA: We are the wholesaler in U.S.A. and we are interested in purchasing different kinds of tiles and slabs from your company. Before we decide we would like you to send us some samples by air so that we can approve the quality of the samples. Our the phone number 916-38...... Along with the samples we would like your best prices. We would like the your response in a week as we are ready to proceed. We are in CA 95828. 
I have spoke to various retail distributors and they have all agreed to carry your product. Please send me some samples so that the storekeepers can see them and place the orders. Also send some brochures with unit costs so that we can show them to the local home developers. These builders are looking for foreign products that are unique to California. Need these as soon as possible as we are getting into the construction season. April 8, Contact  


e 6659 USA: Blocks: I want large limestone boulders for building large waterfalls close to Houston. I have a truck to haul with. April 8, Contact  

e 6655 USA: We want to import slabs & cut-to-size marble and granite into the USA. Please provide updated price lists. April 8, Contact

e 6652 USA: I want prefabricated granite, marble and concrete  countertops. Sizes would be of standard length (96"), approx. 8 colors, and 3 edges styles. Looking for the most popular colors sold in USA. My contact no. is 801-95......April 7, Contact  

e 6650 USA: Please quote 3 slabs of Black Absolute and 3 slabs of Amarillo Monterey, 2cm first quality, CIF St. Thomas, USVI (or Miami if direct shipment to the Virgin Islands is not possible). We will need to arrange for an independent inspection. Please include all costs in your quotation and delivery dates. This is not one time purchase. My contact no. is (340) 69.....April 7, Contact  

e 6643 USA: I want stone products from India. Please quote with catalogs. April 7, Contact  

e 6642 USA: I am in the construction business. I am looking to start a workshop for kitchen counter tops and bathroom's counters. Please inform me the names and types of the machines necessary to start a small volume production. April 7, Contact  

e 6641 USA: Please send your products lists and indicative price list for materials to the United States. I am in CA 90025. April 7, Contact  

e 6640 USA: I will be traveling to India next month. I am seeking a factory source for granite tiles of 
12 x 12 x 1cm and 18 x 18 x 1cm. Looking for suppliers in Bombay. April 6, Contact

e 6638 USA: I want to introduce granite slabs to my business in northern California for reselling. April 6, Contact  

e 6633 USA: Landscape: I want granite cobbles. Please quote FOB price. April 5, Contact  

e 6627 USA: I am a fabricator in the Arkansas and I would like some more sources to purchase slabs. I am having trouble locating 3 cm baltic green. April 5, Contact  

e 6625 USA: I need 12000 sq.ft. of random 18" - 36" length x 12" x 4" thick split face finish on face, sawn edges Giallo Antico Granite. See pricelist 680. My contact no. is 720 8.....April 5, Contact  

ALL: e 6618 USA: I am the owner of a marble and granite company in Chicago. I am interested in importing granite and marble slabs from Brazil. I would like to know the cost of Uba Tuba, Black Absolute and other slabs that are  popular here. I am willing to start the operation if the price is right for me. Please quote with shipping. My contact number (708) 65.... April 4, 2003. Contact

e 6613 USA: Landscape: I am looking for wholesale suppliers of river stone or other natural stones for landscaping purposes. I want to buy in the 1 to 30 ton range. Prefer loose stone in varying sizes, but will accept pallets if price is right. I have a small / landscaping pond building company and need suppliers in all states, with primary focus in Central and Southeast US. Immediate contacts are needed in Missouri and Indiana. 
In Alabama I purchase direct from quarries, and that seems to work well. I pay rock-bottom (no pun intended!) prices, plus a delivery charge, and can buy in quantities from 1 ton and up. If I could get contact info from suppliers I could add them to my database, then when I receive a request I could request the supplier's current prices, then possibly send them some business. 
I guess you could say I'm looking for prices, but more than that I'm looking for reputable and reliable suppliers that I can feel comfortable sending my customers to. If the interest is out there that I think is there I may be able to send quite a few buyers to the suppliers. 
My number is (205) 66..... You can reach me at this number M-F from 9am - 5pm Central Time. Leave message if no answer. April 4, Contact  

FI: e 6611 USA: I need Baltic Brown 30.5 x 30.5 x 1cm. I need 2800 sqm for immediate delivery in 5 x 20' containers. Please quote best price, and stock on hand or date of 1st container shipment and following 4 containers. Need delivery to the Port of Los Angeles, California USA. Please quote C&F LA, or clarify FOB port. Ship Date: ASAP.  See pricelist 340. My target price is less than USD 24.80 per sqm. What additional discounts can you offer? April 4, Contact  

e 6605 USA: Landscape: I want a truckload of regular wall stone. My purchase price will be $80 pallet. Will need it  delivery to 18940 with forklift service. Please quote me on total cost with delivery. April 3, Contact  

e 6596 USA: I am starting a granite and marble table design business and am looking for suppliers of granite/marble that will pre-cut stone into 22", 24", 28" round and square 24" x 24" and various other sizes with edges. I am in CT 06037. April 2, Contact See Offers  

e 6594 USA: I want Pure Black slabs and China Green slabs size is 96" X 26" X 2cm bullnose. See pricelist 341 as reference. I import these items for resale. April 2, Contact

e 6593 USA: I want corals and turquoises. Quote wholesale prices inclusive of taxes. I will buy corals and turquoise at the price of 8 cents /gram. I am in Houston 77042. April 2, Contact  

e 6587 USA: I am a stone tile retailer looking for Emperador Light (see image) polished tile 16" x 16" or 18" x 18" to be sourced inside USA I need a small quantity of 700 sq ft. Will pay for courier costs for samples. Would the quoted price be correct for 65 sqm? Where is the stone being shipped from? (so that I can calculate shipping costs.) Contact no. is 920 33.....Need price and availability. April 2., Contact  

e 6585 Japan: Please quote for standard Japanese quality Barre Green / Grey in 300x300x10 and 300x300x20 CIF OSAKA - Japan. We enclose photo as a sample. Quantity about 2000 m2 to 10000 m2 depends on the supply capacity. Please state the country of origin. April 1, Contact  

e 6579 USA: I want granite slabs. See pricelist 783. April 1, Contact  

IN: e 6564 USA: I need about 6000 Sq Ft granite for my house in India. I am looking 4000 polished and 2000 Rough or Slate type for bathrooms and kitchen also price range max Rs. 60 per Sq Ft. I will be in India within two weeks. I am currently in Houston. March 30, Contact

e 6563 USA: We want juperano (or similar) tiles. Ready stock 335 has some in Florida we note.
Can we get more info on these? Photos, quantity requirements, shipping, etc? March 30, Contact

e 6555 USA: I am interested in starting a small home-based pet memorial type business. Please send quotes with catalogs. I also need engraving equipment, etc. March 29, Contact  

e 6542 USA: I want Granite tiles from India. See ready stock 301 as reference.  March 27, Contact  

e 6532 USA: We want container loads of Himalayan Salt Rock/Lamps. Please quote with availability and delivery times to Houston. March 26, Contact  

ES: e 6529 USA: I need Azubel granite from Spain. I am in Michigan. I need it for my office building. You can reach me at 313-22......March 25, Contact

US: e 6528 USA: Looking for Pennsulvania Blue Stone slabs for countertops. Need material for the Atlanta, GA area. March 25, Contact  

e 6520 USA: I am an interior designer looking for Iranian Spring Rose, Greek Pink of Arta and 2 Croatian tiles Selina and Groznjan. Please quote with images. I am looking for 100 sq. feet of uxmal limestone tile. I would prefer the 16x16 inch tile. I believe it is available in 3 colors. I think the color of choice is "red", however the sample I saw was a terracotta color with pink and gold highlights. The stone has been filled with a cream compound. I have been working with my local company in Atlanta, however I have not been satisfied with the product as there is no marbling in this shipment. This product comes from Mexico and I am in immediate need as this project is nearing it's end. I have looked on line at other products that might work. These include, Spring Rose limestone from Iran, as well as Pink of Arta from Greece, Guiting Cotswold from the UK and Selina and Groznjan from Croatia. March 25, Contact  

e 6515 USA: Blocks: I want Nero Marmo Marble. I am a sculptor in California I would like to purchase black marble block 100-400 lb blocks. My tel. no. is (805) 77.....March 25, Contact

CN: e 6492 USA: I want Misty Pink Peach or G635 Pink Granite delivered to New York State. 
Quantities and Size:
200 Sq Meters 600mm x 600mm x 20mm or 30mm Thick Flamed Top
40 Sq Meters 500mm x 1700mm x 20mm or 30mm Thick Flamed Top
35 Sq Meters 650mm x 1300mm x 20mm or 30mm Thick Flamed Top
20 Sq Meters 300mm x 1600mm x 50mm Thick Flamed Top and (1) Long Edge
35 Sq Meters 600mm x 1600mm x 50mm Thick Flamed Top and (1) Long Edge. March 22, Contact  

TR: e 6484 USA: I want 10 polished 2 or 3 cm Salome marble slab. Please send a photo of the Super Salome with prices. See pricelist 829. My tel. no. is 253-87.....March 22, Contact USD 100

CN: e 6483 USA: I am a retail memorial dealer in Alabama. I am interested in developing a wholesale business in the Chinese granites. If you have available western styles I would be interested in hearing about your company and learning what is involved in the imports of Chinese granite. My contact no. is 256-35.....
March 22, Contact  

TR: e 6481 USA: I want Ivory - Limestone. Please quote with images and samples. See price list 411 as reference. We are in WI 54304. Our tel. no. is 920.33.....March 21, Contact  

e 6471 USA: We are a Design/Build firm in Seattle, Washington. Please send list of Materials and costs to compare to local Distributors & Fabricators. March 20, Contact  

ALL: e 6468 USA: We are interested in becoming a stone distributor. Please email pricelist or call at (973) 79.... March 20, Contact See Offers

e 6461 USA: Please quote for Shell Stone from Colombia. We need 35 tons of this material in 12x12x3/8 format FOB Miami and 15 tons FOB San Francisco. We are working on an estimate for a large project in both cities. March 20, Contact  

IN: e 6460 USA: Please quote for 3cm Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Sea weed Green, Indian Black, Mokalsar Green, Yak, Monsoon Green, Tropical Green, Star galaxy and other slabs.  I want biggest dimensions good quality material. Quote for material shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20 foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact )

BR: e 6459 USA: Please quote for 3cm Gialo Venetiano slabs, uba tuba and others. I want biggest dimensions good quality material. Quote for material shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20 foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact  

CN: e 6458 USA: Please quote for 3cm Zh-G013 slabs biggest dimensions good quality material. I am also interested in night rose, ocean green, jade green, rusty yello, hawthorn red, blue diamond, night rose peacock green, Maikulski wave white and others if prices are good. shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20 foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact  

CA: e 6457 USA: I want to import granite slabs. Looking for new suppliers in Canada. Please quote for 3cm Blue Eyes slabs with biggest dimensions and first quality material. Also let me know the prices for all colors shipped to US port in New Jersey and from there to Detroit in a 20foot container open top. Slabs should be about 150cm X 317cm roughly not exactly also slabs don't have to be even they can be uneven edging. I would like to know if I can pay by letter of credit for 90 days. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact  

e 6456 USA: I want Sydney green, Verde Marinachi. Please quote for a container load. I am in Michigan. My contact no. is +124887..... March 19, Contact  


e 6439 USA: I want 1500 sq. ft. black galaxy granite. Please quote with shipping to Landover, Maryland. I can send someone to your store to see the stone and finalize the shipping and delivery next week. I will need the stone, RUSH! My contact no. is 301-32..... March 19, Contact

e 6436 USA: I want granite dust in the bulk. I am in Dallas. My contact no. is  903 88..... March 18, Contact  

IN: e 6432 USA: We want 3000 Sq Ft 10mm (3/8") 12"x12" Black Galaxy and Imperial White 5000 Sq Ft (same size as black galaxy). & 1000 LF Imperial white base top rounded for 4x12x3/8 or 6x12x3/8. Delivery by Mid June 15. Only first quality materials reqd. Can you expedite samples and prices. Also we supply vanity and countertops to Hospitality industry in Container Loads (40 Containers /year). We are in VA 23113, phone no.  
(804) 65.....March 18, Contact  

e 6431 USA: I am a sculptor looking for stone suppliers. Please send info about your products. I am in 
VA 24060. March 17, Contact  

e 6430 USA: I need 2200 sqft of honed limestone 24X24 (Lime Peacock), 2000+ sqft of cut Sandstone (Either Teak or Rainbow) 24X24 and 2 slabs of Granite (either Chocolate/Colombo Juperana/Paradisio). Will this fill a container? If not, I would add more sq. ft of the Sandstone. What will the price of the container be? Terms are OK. 
Don't know if I can afford a 20 ft carton...if so that would be great! I am in Palm Springs, CA. I have a budget of roughly $10,000. I am looking for as much stone as i can get for this.  My phone # is 310-276-.....
March 17, Contact  

IN: e 6421 USA: I need 2300 sq feet of 12” x 12” or 24" x 12" polish tiles of Jhansi Red or black granite. Please quote with shipping charges to Arizona. I can pay through credit card. I need a local supplier in USA. See ready stock 100 and 108. March 16, Contact  

IN: e 6413 USA: We want a container load of 1st quality 2 cm Paradiso slabs. Quote C&F New Jersey. Payment by sight L/C. Our contact no. is 001-409-74......March 15, Contact  

e 6408 USA: I want jade, jadeite, cobblestone and belgium blocks. I am an importer of these products. March 15, Contact  

e 6404 USA: I want Golden Diamond from China. Click here to see design. Please quote with images. 
March 14, Contact  

e 6396 USA: I want semi white porfier, which is a marble composite. It come from Belgium. I am an interior designer. I need some samples of this stone. March 13, Contact  

e 6389 USA: I am working on a commercial architectural project & wondering if there  is anyway to specify that the limestone used for interior wall cladding contain fossils or is it just luck of the draw? March 13, Contact See Offers

e 6387 Africa: I am in need of a specialist living in California to assist my organization in the future developments of cutting blocks out of mountain in Africa. Cutting & polishing activities will be in California. We are setting up production facility in Africa and need someone to coordinate the efforts. March 12, Contact  

e 6386 USA: I work for a granite wholesaler out of Houston, Texas. I want a granite by the name of Montiel Light and Montiel Dark. They are neutral color with some slight movement. Please quote with images and samples. My tel no. is (713) 99.....March 12, Contact

IT: e 6383 USA: Blocks: I am a sculptor  looking for Statuario marble block around 1.5 cbm. I need first quality material. I need it for sculpture that include a portrait. Please send prizes and payment terms. 
March 12, Contact  

e 6376 USA: I want White Carrara Marble for window sills. Please quote. My contact no. is (239) 47.....March 11, Contact

AR: e 6375 USA: I am looking for a supplier from Argentina to ship Argentinean marble and granite 3cm slabs one to two containers at a time. March 11, Contact  

e 6367 USA: Blocks: I want a few tons of Carrara marble blocks. See pricelist 934. 
I have some questions: Will you pack and ship it to Los Angeles, California? Would I then process the paper work through customs? Do you have a shipping company that you have worked with that I can contact on this end for details? March 11, Contact

IN/FI/NO/BR: e 6344 a USA: We want the following granite. Please quote.  
Unless otherwise indicated, quantity requested in bundles of (1)
(2) indicates quantity of (2) bundles.
Sapphire Brown, Sapphire Blue, Uba Tuba (2), Gialo Veneziano (2), Santa Cecilia (2), Gialo Real (2), New Gialo Veneziano, New Venizian, Viara, Kashmire Gold, Jade Green, Tropical Brown, Blue Pearl, Green Pearl, Juparana Colombus, Juparana Classic (2), Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Impala Black, Black Absolute (2), Gialo Antico, Café Imperial, Silver Pearl. Please provide payment terms and delivery options. We are in California. March 7, Contact See Offers  

ALL: e 6335 USA: We are a granite fabricator and supply house. Want marble & granite slabs and tiles. Please send pricing info on your products. I am in Michigan, USA. March 6, Contact

FR: e 6326 USA: I am supplier and fabricator of the stone products and I need 3500 sq ft of Valdenod Clare French Limestone. 2500 in 3/4" 18x18 and 1000 sq feet in 3/4" slab. Please quote with lead time delivered to Seattle, WA. March 6, Contact  

e 6315 USA: I am a USA material distributor. I want polished marble and/or granite materials in all color varieties from China, southeast Asia, Brazil and the Middle East. Please quote with contact information. 
March 5, Contact  

PK: e 6314 USA: Require Indus gold and other marble and granite for USA. Start one to two 20 feet containers a month. Please offer your regular qualities and quote prices for 12x12, 18x18 and 24x24 in 1cm and 3/4 inch for the 12x12 and 3/4 inch for the other two. Prices should be for polished and packed tiles CIF Dallas USA. Samples and lab tests for hardness and structural integrity are required as well as info regarding your polishing and finishing facilities and equipment.
Samples of all offered products are needed in 4"x4" pieces immediately and should be send ASAP with all prices, company info, test sheets etc to our Karachi liaison. His phone no. is + 92 21 25.....March 5, Contact  

e 6312 USA: I want Absolute black marble. I am an interior designer in NY. Tel. no. 212-23..... March 5, Contact  

e 6303 USA: Landscape: I want black Mexican pebbles or just black river stones that are 1/2 inch in size. I live in the San Francisco area and I want to start out with a small amount, 200 pounds and potentially purchase a greater quantity. Contact me at 415-454-..... March 3, Contact  

IN: e 6297 USA: We want jet black granite tiles in assorted sizes, and shapes. We are looking for 1/2 inch thickness. The sizes we are interested in range from 3"x3" to 28"x36". We are interested in having them come in four shapes square, rectangle, circle, and oval. Please quote accordingly. March 3, Contact  

e 6293 USA: I want  ground lapis (size of sand or smaller not powder). March 2, Contact  

e 6291 USA: We are building a home and we would like a price on Spanish tiles. March 2, Contact  (open)

ALL: e 6288 USA: Please quote for 12" x 12" granite tiles with shipping. I am builder / developer in MN. March 1, Contact  

ALL: e 6276 USA: We are a granite and marble supply company. Please email slabs and tiles prices is USD. 
March 1, Contact

e 6274 Hong Kong: We are currently working an office fit-out project in Hong Kong and are interested to use Crema Bello limestone or New Alba limestone in honed finish on the floor at reception area. Please quote with technical data. March 1, Contact  

Below are some earlier inquiries which are still valid. Do respond.

US: e 2292 China: We need Bethel White Blocks. The quantity we need will be 100 M3, minimum size: 2400 x 1500 x 1400 mm. Delivery: Huangpu, China. Jan 10. Contact See Offers

e 2064 USA: I want Vegas Gold granite tiles. Nov 20. Contact


US, All: e 2036 USA: Landscape: I want to purchase 50 pallets of granite blocks for a retaining wall project I am supplying.  The job is in north central new jersey. What can you do for me on a delivered price? Nov 16. Contact

US: e 2003 USA: Looking for the availability of Black Granite sources (quarry) in USA. Nov 10. Contact

ZA, US: e 1987 China: We need three kinds of granite blocks urgently: Camelia white, Camelia pink (from US) and African Red. The block to be Grade A first choice quality. Please quote me C&F Xiamen China price, and please also quote me big size and small size block. We need to import at least 100 cubic meter per month on Camelia white and African Red, 3000 cubic meter of Camelia pink total. What is the price FOB your country + shipping to Xiamen, China on the grade A quality on big size block & small size bloc? Please provide the pricing information as detail as possible.Nov 7. Contact

US: e 1945 India: I want BETHEL WHITE GRANITE BLOCKS from USA. We are looking for quality suppliers who can supply BLOCKS of Size 150 cm Length and 75 cm Height, or Size 180 cm Length and 90 Cm Height, Minimum 100 CBM every Month in Containers on C&F HONG KONG Basis for our Project. Oct 17. Contact

US: e 1893 USA: I want to find a distributor of basalt stones in Los Angeles either wholesale or retail. Sept 21, Contact

FR, IN, US: e 1876 India:  I need of  Dakota Mohgany, Indian granite for a project in Africa. Send me a sample and an indication of price for 300 x 300 x 10mm tiles and random slabs in 20 mm. I also need a material called Chhassgne limestone. Quote for that too. Sept 17. Contact.

US: e 1871 India: We are Indian based importers of Granite and are interested in importing BETHEL WHITE in Blocks (Small Size) 150 x 60 cm and up (Max to 240 Cm Length and  80/ 85  Cm Height). We need absolute Best Quality and can import a quantity of 50 CBM every 45 Days or so. Please send in your quote with possibly a photo attachment of your sample. Sept 14. Contact.

US: e 1815 USA: I am interested in getting in touch with suppliers of natural stones in South Carolina. I've got a few upcoming projects and need the information! Aug 25. Contact

US: e 1812 UK: We want to import Indiana limestone into the UK. Provide quote for shipping 150 tons from Bloomington, Indiana to Portland Docks, Dorset – UK. Please include for all duties and taxes. Aug 24. Contact

US: e 1775 USA: I am interested in getting some marble and granite stones for the construction of my home. I am looking for marble floors, granite floors and granite counter tops. The area is 5000 sq ft. The minimum size for tiles would be 12X12 inches. The delivery location is Harrisburg, PA, USA and the expected date is around May - June of next year. Aug 6. Contact

US: e 1772 USA: I wish to purchase 75,000 SF SALISBURY PINK 12X21X3/8. Aug 3, Contact

US : e 1738 USA : We are a building and landscape supply company located in Santa Rosa California . I am having a problem with the quality of Pennsylvania blue stone our vendors are shipping across country. Both cut stone and stand up that is coming into our facility incorrect.  My inquiry is to see if there is any kind of consolidation yard in the east coast area to ensure that the products ordered meet the specs of a purchase order so the load can be rejected or accepted accordingly.  We order at least 4 containers a month from these companies and we do not have much recourse being 4000 miles away from the vendors. July 20. Contact

US : e 1719 USA : Landscaping: We need stone for a large retaining wall, size; 2' wide x 3' high and 125' long. May 28. Contact
US: e 1716 USA : Landscaping: I am a contractor in Penna. Have a need for approx 2000 sq ft (10 ft high X 200 ft long) of wall surface. Would like to build it from large square / rectangular boulders. Is this something that is reasonable? Can this be done with boulders that may be cracked, chipped, excess stock, etc. Let me know. May 27. Contact

e 1714 Singapore: We are interested in Bethel White granite blocks. Please inform & quote terms and delivery time for our marketing to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.
Please quote all the available block sizes of “Bethel White'' rough granite blocks, of (1) Lengthy flower and (2) Short flower designs for shipment in 20' containers at C & F Hongkong, Hualien (Taiwan) and Xiamen (China) ports. May 26. contact
US: e1713 USA: We need several blocks of Seneca limestone.....  quarried from seneca quarry, Montgomery County, Maryland... or an architectural match. May 26. Contact

US: e 1673 USA: Landscaping: We have a job that require river washed pea gravel, or bantam egg; or washed sea shore stone, 8-10 tons color in the beige, light tan family. To be delivered in Pennsylvania. July 14, contact 

  US : e 1672 USA : Landscaping: I am looking for marble type landscaping stone that I can purchase by the truckload in or around Jackson MS. July 12, contact

US : e 1556 UK : I am developing 2 properties in Tobago . I am looking to price (for delivery in March 2002) 400sq metres of light coloured (beige or cream) Limestone or Trevetine (unpolished) for internal use including stairs. Given one floor will be on 1st floor level we are looking at 10-15mm thickness and tiles of 300x300 or 400x400. May 8 contact

US : e 1516 USA : I want Iowa River Rock in Saint Louis Missouri area. Apr. 14

e 1490 USA : I am trying to locate about 50sq ft of Classic Oak Arizona Flagstone.  Apr 01

US : e 1438 USA : I'm looking for an American quarry which produces black marble, the less veining the better.  Is there a legitimate contender for the title "The Belgian Black of America"? March 12

e 1350 USA : US granite: Mountain Green and Indian Verde Fiorite. Jan 26

e 1293 USA : looking for pennsylvania blue stone supplier. have large custom home wanting 3500 sqft. only supplier we have found is east coast concern, so freight & crate is prohibitive. Jan 5

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