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December 2003




This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Inquiries from July 2003 to December 2003  

e 10218 USA: We are a contracting/development firm and are in need of a supplier who can provide us with custom cut marble window sills and window lintels. We are in AL. Our phone no. is 251-43.....Dec 24, Contact

10121 USA: Want 600 sq. ft 12x12 Alba Chiara Marble. Also looking for jade green colored pebbles, either loose or matted on fiberglass. Dec 17, Contact


AU: e 9433 USA: I am looking for Verde Fuoca granite in slabs for fabrication of countertops. It's mined in Australia but manufactured in Italy (possibly Verona?). I am in WA 98382. My contact no. is (360) 68.....Oct 31, Contact  

e 9432 USA: I have retail store, one of my customer is looking for 12 x 12 black fossil (tile) from Morocco. Please quote with delivery, how to pay for sample (60 sq. ft). Oct 31, Contact  

e 9431 USA: I am trying to locate 3/4" honed Pietra Del Cardozo. I am a trader of building products. Oct 31, Contact  

e 9430 USA: I want rustic black slate in 12x12 qty. is 600 sq ft. I am in the trade, so I am only authorized to pay after I can show the client a sample (of one chip). My contact no. is 917-28.....Oct 30, Contact  

ALL: e 9417 USA: Please send pictures and pricelist of Marble tiles. Dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 1.0cm 
Also how is the right angle, beveling, polishing, thickness variance, color variation? How many sq. ft. per container, how is it boxed and the colors names and numbers? Orders From 6000 sq ft & above. My contact details are 602-43.....I am in Phoenix 85053. Oct 30, Contact  

e 9415 USA: I want travertine Torreon tiles 18 x 18 (made in New Mexico). I need a price for 1460 sq. ft. 
Oct 30, Contact  

e 9411 USA: We are interested in purchasing marble, granite & travertine blocks, slabs and tiles from Peru. Please send a quote. Oct 30, Contact  

BR/IN: e 9408 USA: We are interested in Brazilian and Indian granite slabs and tiles. We are granite fabricator in Charlotte, NC. Size is 1 to 1.5 m. Please email pricing of each up to container. Oct 30, Contact  

e 9401 USA: I want to try Carrara marble for sculpting. My requirement is 50-200 pound range. I live in Atlanta,GA USA and have worked with local marble. My cell no. is 770-31.....Oct 29, Contact  

IT: e 9397 USA: Looking for engineered marble stone (see image). Top marble is the original, the one at the bottom is the engineered, which was obtained and purchased in SSF, CA, but company closed down. Qty needed approx. low 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft. by slabs. Ready to order immediately. Willing to pay US$15.00 per sq ft including landed and delivered to the warehouse, located in San Francisco, California. Oct 29, Contact USD 100 (open)

e 9387 China: We want Granite blocks from USA. Our contact no. is + 86-592-56.....Oct 28, Contact  

e 9384 USA: Please quote for Behali Multi-color slate tiles (400 sq. ft.) and Himachal Green slate tiles (1200 sq.ft). I am in New York. Oct 28, Contact  

e 9379 USA: I am a sculptor looking for shelled limestones, sandstones, etc. for engraving. Please quote. I am in Los Angeles, CA. Oct 27, Contact  

e 9374 USA: We are contractors needing pink onyx for vanity countertops -- two slabs. We are in San Francisco, CA 94123. Our phone no. is (415) 77.....Oct 27, Contact  


TR: e 9362 USA: We are travertine and marble importers based in Miami. We are interested in Turkish travertine products. Please send FOB export prices. Oct 25, Contact   

CN/BR: e 9348 USA: We currently buying a lot of granite and marble from China. Pls offer us the attached granites from Brazil & India, as well as from China. We will go to Xiamen at the beginning of next month. 
Quote Fob Xiamen for 2cm, 3cm slabs, size 1300mm up x 2600mm up. Varieties reqd. are Juparana Columbo, Juparana Viera, Juparana Arandis, Gold dust, Golden Fantasy, Cafe Brown, Golden Oak/kashmir Gold, Juparana Lavantina, Juparana CremaMara, Blue Eyes, Golden Green, Golden Wave, Juparana Classico, Juparana fantastico / Juparana Sunset, Juparana Topazio. 
China Green----not too green and China Black----not shanxi black, leopard skin, butterfly blue and G682----dark yellow. We are in Westwood, MA 02090. Our tel. no. is 781 40.....Oct 24, Contact  

e 9347 USA: I am inquiring about the Autumn slate 12x12 tile. I am looking for approx. 600 sq ft. I am located in New Jersey, so if at all possible I could pick up. My tel. no. is 609.41.....Oct 24, Contact  

BR: e 9342 USA: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Oct 23, Contact  

e 9341 USA: Want Giallo Provenza honed limestone tiles. Looking for 500 - 600sq. ft. in 12x12 or 16x16x3/8, in the San Jose, CA area. Oct 23, Contact  

e 9337 USA: I want a beige / yellow sand or limestone called Rocheron. 80 x 80 cm big slabs for interior. To be delivered to Austria. Qty. approx. 100 m2. My phone no. is +1 441 29..... Oct 23, Contact  

IN: e 9335 USA: Please quote for granite slabs and tiles from India. We are interested in working as an agent. Our tel. no. is 714-71.....Oct 23, Contact  

e 9330 USA: I need green gold slate for bath project. Could use 12x12 or 16x16, 180 square feet plus 22 square feet of a net of 1x1 or 2x2. Oct 23, Contact  

e 9328 USA: I need 24” X 24” Bateig Azul for Costa Mesa, CA urgently. I represent a construction company. Our tel. no. is 305-57.....Oct 22, Contact  

e 9326 USA: We need Roman Travertine, unfilled, size is 27 3/4" x 27 3/4" x 2", qty. 310 pieces. Needed asap. We are in Chicago. Oct 22, Contact  

ES: e 9324 USA: We are a stone installation company in NY. I am looking for 18" x 18" emperidor light, polished, 250 SF quantity. I am also looking to find Spanish companies from whom I can import container loads of material to the US. Oct 22, Contact  

e 9321 : I want Marron Emperador from Spain and Perlino Bianco from Italy. My tel. no. is 020 798..... Oct 22, Contact  

e 9318 USA: I would like to purchase 2000 sq. feet of cantera tile 18" by 18". Oct 22, Contact  

e 9315 USA: I want 950 sq ft of Blue Eyes in 18" x 18" as soon as possible. I am in MD 21207. Please call me at 410-98..... Oct 22, Contact  

e 9308 UK: I am interested in purchasing granite table tops from India, having visited Bombay and seen the workmanship and price. I require both round and square table tops, polished and finished with a bevel edge. I
liked to color of the stone in the picture I have attached. I have yet to get exact dimensions and numbers of the table tops I require but require around 20 altogether. 
I require table tops only and require the following:
12 nos. 80cm round
2 nos. 60 cm round
7 nos. 60cm x 90cm square
Please could you give me a price for making these and if possible for shipping them to the UK. Oct 21, Contact

IN: e 9298 USA: Please quote for Indian granite counter tops, slabs and tiles. Oct 21, Contact

e 9296 USA: We are looking for an epoxy type repair kit for travertine with color matches. If so, we need one to match the Durango light travertine and match for Emperador dark marble. I understand this to be a 3-part epoxy. We are stone fabricators and traders in Myrtle Beach, SC and our contact no. is 843-23..... Oct 20, Contact,

e 9295 USA: We want 20 solid blocks of basalt 250 mm X 250 mm X 500 mm. Oct 20, Contact

IN: e 9290 USA: I want Black Pearl Granite 18" x 18" tiles. I am in Baltimore, Maryland 21207. My contact no. is 410-98...... Oct 20, Contact

e 9189 USA: I am interested in slate in sizes about 12"x30". Floor tile thickness is fine, a natural clefts are desirable. I want tiles colored like "China Multi Color" and Rustic slate. I am starting a new business, so the first order will be small, (apx 15 pieces) but I expect to increase volume quickly. Oct 11, Contact  

e 9186 USA: Please quote for 30 units at a time 60" x30". Polished granite top, eased edge, mitered corners, no laminate, 1 1/4" thick. See pricelist 572. Oct 11, Contact  

e 9185 USA: Please quote with shipping to shipping to San Angelo, Texas. for marble, soapstone, and limestone. Oct 11, Contact  

e 9183 Canada: I want basalt massage stones. Can you send me some samples of your stones and a catalogue/price list? See attached image for sizes and types needed. What is the cost for shipping in Canada? Do you have a set of 50 basalt stones with various size? Oct 10, Contact  

e 9180 USA: I want a container of 12 x 12 travertine and a container of Travertine slabs. Oct 10, Contact  

ZA: e 9175 USA: I want multi color sandstone from South Africa. I need details on water absorption percentage. My contact no. is 1-602-2......Oct 10, Contact  

IN/CN: e 9174 USA: I want Burma Teak Sandstone or yellow sandstone with wood vein in blocks or 4x4 tile. Must be porous. Iron must be present. Would like to order M3 block by container and some finished tile honed not polished. I would like some samples to test for an on going product line. I need price on M3 block to be shipped to Thailand and also tile cut price for direct export to U.S. My contact no. is 1-602-26.....Oct 10, Contact  

e 9172 USA: We are a granite distributors in Boston area. We want Brazilian granite slabs and tiles. Please send price list on slabs and counter top and vanity tops. There are several different sizes we import from China and maybe Brazil pretty soon the most common size is 26" by 96" and 3/4" thick. They are bull nosed on front and either left or right side depending on the kitchen, it also comes with a 4" by 96" back splash as a set. Vanity tops the most common size is 25" by 22" and 3/4" thick with 17" by 14.5" sink, hole cut out and 5/8" hole 4" on center for faucet and 4" by 25" back splash. See pricelist 706. Oct 10, Contact  

e 9170 USA: My client is a buyer of more than 100 container per month from world wide sources. I speak Portuguese and can help him. My contact no. is 925-21......Oct 9, Contact  

e 9169 USA: Currently building a home. I need ~700sf of Crema Marfil ivory select 18 x 18. How do I obtain a sample? My contact no. is 312-42.....Oct 9, Contact  

e 9168 USA: I am interested in Pietra Serena Fine Honed & Bush Hammered. We will need 3000 s/f of 36"x 36"x3/4 or 24" x 24" x3/4. Do you fabricate these size? We also need 2000 s/f of Pieta Serena Bush Hammered 24" x 24"x3/4". We are needing Bullnose steps 24" x12"x3 cm, and bullnose Pool copping 24" x12"x3 cm. What is you price for the fabrication? I need to know the prices for slabs of those materials of 2 and 3 cm. What sizes do you have for the slabs? Do you know about iron brushed finished? I am in Miami and my contact no. is 305 59.....Oct 9, Contact  

e 9164 USA: I am a contractor looking for stone suppliers in the south-eastern United States. Oct 9, Contact  

e 9161 USA: I am an interior designer trying to build my database and am interested in any catalogues or samples that might be available. I am in CA 94904. Oct 9, Contact  

e 9159 USA: I am looking for Prefabricated Granite counter tops for the lowest prices possible. I am in  Michigan. Depending on Price I would like to buy Black Granites, UBA TUBA, Green Orient at the lowest prices. Size of countertops 26 1/2" x 82" with 1 1/2 bullnose edge on at least 3 sides front and two small sides. I am looking to spend 5 to 6000 dollars us total on product and shipping. I am ready to buy within a few days. My phone no. is 517.27.....Oct 9, Contact  

IN: e 9153 USA: Requesting images and shipping cost for Visconte White granite. See price list 604. We are in NC 28203. Our phone no. is 704.37.....Oct 8, Contact   

CN: e 9150 USA: Please quote on granite counter tops sizes 2400 x610 x30mm. See price list 797. Oct 8, Contact  

ALL: e 9149 USA: We want to introduce ourselves as a USA based granite and allied products, importing and selling company. The company is buying its present requirement from countries like China, Taiwan and some South American countries. In this respect we would like to you to send the rates for the colours, from various countries, being offered by you for export quality granite slabs and tiles. Please send us your terms and conditions for payments etc, it would help in deciding. Could you also give us the Ocean Freight charges for 20 feet container (Open and Closed top both), from your closest port to Savanah, Georgia. Oct 8, Contact  

US: e 9145 China: We are a stone manufacturer in Beijing, China. We would like to buy blocks of Jet Mist. Please quote FOB and please advise the delivery time. We are also looking for Jet Mist 2cm thick slabs, honed, qty about 6000 sqm. Our tel. no. is 86-10-686......Oct 8, Contact  

BR: e 9143 USA: I am interested in truck load quantities of mixed 3 cm Brazilian granite slabs to be shipped to western Kentucky. Please send contact info so I can get samples or yard location to view slabs. Are your warehouses in NJ or overseas? We are wanting to set up a full truck order to increase the amount of stone that we can offer our customers out of stock. My contact no. is 270-68.....Oct 8, Contact  

BG: e 9142 USA: We are familiar with quality of Bulgarian limestone. Please quote for polished limestone tiles 12 x 12 x 3/8 in, 16 x 16 x 3/8 and 16 x 16 x 3/4in and 24 x 24 x 3/4in. Price should be EX Factory in Bulgaria incl packaging. We would like to receive samples concerning the quality and different colors in order to establish business with your company. We are located in NW Arkansas region and working with a lot of builders and retail stores in the stone industry.Our phone no. is 479 87.....Oct 8, Contact  

BR: e 9140 USA: Please quote a full container of 3cm Uba Tuba. Oct 8, Contact  

e 9133 USA: I live about 60 miles outside of Dallas, Texas. I am looking for someone who knows where I can find a teddy bear shaped tombstone. My preacher just lost his son a few months ago and his son's nickname was bear. I am in desperate need to find someone that carries this tombstone and would be the cost, etc? Oct 7, Contact  

e 9131 USA: Would it be possible for you to send me samples of your flamed granite with pricing for 12x12 tiles. The colors I'm looking for are: black, charcoal, and natural colors. I am in Jacksonville. Oct 7, Contact  

e 9130 USA: I am interested in Sodalite tiles or countertops for reselling.  Oct 7, Contact  

e 9126 USA: We want Breccia Pernice Marble with all shades pink-coral-cream-brown-varigated within the tiles. Sizes of tile 12x12..16x16...18x18..24x24. Need is for 1000-1500 square ft. of polished marble. Timing is current as soon as material is available. Site is ready for installation. Sample is requested. Material is to be shipped to Northern California. Price that works is $ 5-6/sq ft. Our phone no. is 925-6.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9125 USA:  I would like to import and stock granite and marble slabs to my shop in Colorado. My phone no. is (970) 84.....Oct 7, Contact  


IR/TR: e 9123 USA: I AM LOOKING FOR WHITE ONYX 6,000 SF OF SLAB AND TILE. MY PHONE NO. IS 702-48..... Oct 7, Contact  

e 9118 USA: I am looking for slate, travertine, granite and marble for my house. I want large quantities. See ready Stock 434. My phone no. is 318-54.....Oct 7, Contact  

e 9117 USA: I am looking for a granite called Costa Esmerelda. I am in CT. My phone no. is 203 36......Oct 6, Contact  

e 9115 USA: I want red peach travertine or Egyptian Sunny Gold tiles. Size: 18x18 or 24x24, total 1700 -2000 square ft. Needed within two months. Honed and filled or tumbled edge / filled, non-polished. Price: less than $4/sq ft. Shade variation: medium. Would definitely buy at $2.50 to 3/ sq ft including freight. First quality material. I can do inspection upon arrival and I can approve the order. Payment by credit card or upon delivery. I am in NC 28655. My phone no. is 828 43.....Oct 6, Contact  

e 9112 USA: I want Crema Nevada marble. I would prefer if it is in 17 ¾ x17 ¾ size. With a top slightly beveled edge. Can you also send me price and delivery conditions. I am a builder located in Boca Raton, Florida. Oct 6, Contact  

e 9101 USA: I am looking for porphyry in slabs of 2 1/2" thick, 2' x 2' square, natural cleft finish. I need to cover about 800 sq ft. My contact no. is (909) 27..... Oct 6, Contact  

e 9097 USA: We are a medium sized sales company seeking to represent China based manufacturers in the USA. We have been representing companies from Brazil and Italy and know the market well. If you have a good product at a good price we would like to hear from you. I have many customers for your type of product. They would be interested in Chinese tiles, countertops, pavers, etc. We will be travelling to China in the next two weeks in Fujian Province. Please respond with your information (products, pricing, commission schedule). Oct 6, Contact  

e 9096 USA: We want travertine 12x12 honed filled floor/wall tile in a light beige to cream color. Delivery to Iowa by December of 2003. Looking for 2000 sq ft. Looking for price below 2.50 sq ft. Oct 5, Contact  

e 9095 USA: Please quote  for Italian poleon Suro and Rosalia dvk. I am not sure of the exact amounts of each but I will need a total of around 3000 sq ft. I am in Perryville, MO. My contact no. is (573) 54..... Oct 5, Contact

e 9089 USA: Want granite counter tops. Please quote mentioning slab consistency and shipping. See pricelist 1161. Oct 5, Contact  


e 9081 USA: I am looking for slate pencils for a historic village recreation. We use slates and slate pencils in our school house but cannot find a slate pencil supplier. Oct 3, Contact  

e 9071 USA: Please quote for one container load of slate - 4,000 sq ft, preferred multi colored broken / crazy paving shapes. Container would be for export to the Cayman Islands. Cost can be delivery to Port of Miami or direct to Cayman. Oct 2, Contact  

e 9070 USA: We are looking for cross-cut travertine in the lighter colors in square tiles, 10x10, 30x30, and 45x45 with standard thickness. Colors are known as Cappucino, Antique Noche, and Desert Sand. Quantity: 5000 m2/year. Shipments: containers. Please quote. Our phone no. is 678-9.....Oct 2, Contact

e 9068 USA: I am a contractor looking for small quantity of white onyx slabs, 2cm and thicker if possible. Please email digital photos. Oct 2, Contact  

TR: e 9066 USA: Please quote for Turkish travertine blocks, slabs and tiles. See pricelist 909. Oct 1, Contact  

e 9061 USA: We are looking to deal directly with the quarry owners for Rosso Levanto, Bethel White and Camilia white granite blocks. We need the stones for trading. We are based in NY. Our phone no. is 212 83.....Sept 30, Contact  

BR: e 9044 USA: Interested in granite slabs from Brazil. Please quote landed cost to Memphis, TN. Sept 28, Contact  


e 9038 USA: We would like Marbles, Granite, Limestone, Travertine/Onyx. E-mail your most recent price list for retailers. We are based in Tracy, CA. My contact no. is (209) 83.....Sept 27, Contact  

ALL: e 9037 USA: We need granite and slate for bath vanities and kitchen cabinets. Please send pricing 3 or 4 containers plus for the flooring tiles. Our contact no. is 727-65..... Sept 27, Contact  

PK: e 9035: I like Dark green Pakistani Oynx. I need 1200 sq ft tiles 1 ft X ft. Please quote for 1 quality tiles of same thickness. I also need dark green Oynx slabs of 5 ft x 4 ft polished, 7550 sq ft. Sept 27, Contact  

e 9031 USA: I am renovating an 1820 stone house in Vermont and I want to put a stone floor for the 12 ft x 24 ft entryway. The effect I'd like to achieve is something like old limestone floors I've seen in English cathedrals and cottages, which were hand quarried and exhibit tool marks at the edges and a fair amount of surface variation. There's a counterfeit, cast cement product but I would much rather buy the real thing. Color is much less important to me than texture. The house is Monkton Quartzite. Would like samples before I buy. Sept 27, Contact  

e 9030 USA: Need 3 granite blocks (black or gray preferred), minimum dimensions 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft with two opposite sides saw cut. To be delivered to MOUNTAIN CENTER, CA 92561. Sept 27, Contact

IR: e 9022 USA: I am interested in purchasing wholesale green and orange Onyx from Iran and importing into the United States. I have buyers that are ready to purchase large amounts of finished Onyx tile. We would like to see samples of all of your finished onyx tile product. Please send me some samples of your green and orange tiles to GA 30329. Sept 25, Contact

e 9021 USA: My company designs and installs high end home theater, working on a client job and need quotes for kitchen countertops: "L" shape 100"x25" & 25"x25", Corner 15"x25" & Island 48"x30". Green or blue color granites. See attached image. Sept 25, Contact  

e 9020 USA (Hawaii): Looking for moss rock veneer or something similar for a home in Hawaii. Can you provide information about shipping, availability, etc. My contact no. is (808) 23..... Sept 25, Contact  

e 9019 USA: We are looking for a quarry which mine these white color granites. Click here to see images.  Sept 25, Contact  

e 9018 USA: Looking for suppliers of Brazilian granite. Sept 25, Contact  

e 9000 USA: We are a small company in the process of making samples for mosaic outdoor tabletops using honed slate. We need a source to purchase 12" x 12" honed slate tiles in assorted colors. At this point our tabletops will be shown at the a mall in North Carolina, U.S.A. We have no way of anticipating what orders we may receive but need to find a wholesale distributor that would be willing to work with us at first on a minimum order as we are just getting started. It is very important for us to be able to compete with the current market so we need to get the best prices available for our business. Can you help us with prices, samples, etc.? If there is a distributor where we could have a product by Monday, September 29, it would be extremely helpful. Sept 23, Contact

PK: e 8991 USA: Please send a sample of the green onyx tiles. I am a builder / developer in WA 99337. Sept 23, Contact  

BR: e 8988 USA: We are looking for a Brazilian manufacturer of soapstone cookware, specifically a pizza stone with the edges clad in copper. We need a high quality product from a trusted and reliable source with very competitive pricing. Large volume. This would be for export to USA. Sept 22, Contact

IN: e 8987 USA: Interested in Granite counter tops. See pricelist 1016. Sept 22, Contact  

e 8984 USA: We need 14 sets of 3-4 cm x 26" x 84-96" absolute black granite counter tops for kitchens and vanities. We would prefer to buy from suppliers in North America. We would like to receive proposals from reliable, high quality suppliers so we can finalize a selection by the end of September 2003. We intend to finalize and place an order by the first week in October 2003. Please provide a CIF price to Louisville, Kentucky. We have no difficulty with an irrevocable LC on that basis. We are located in Kentucky 40026 and our tel. no. is 502-38......Sept 22, Contact  

e 8979: We are interested in Green, Najran red and Ruwadiah Pink. Kindly quote for blocks and slabs. 
Sept 22, Contact   

ES: e 8976 USA: What are the prices per sq ft for Spanish Ambar Limestone? See ready stock 456. How much per sq ft delivered to L.A? We will accept offers up to $ 4.50 / sq ft. Need 8000 sqft if the supplier agrees to our price requirements. Do you have pictures of this stone? Sept 22, Contact

e 8976 USA: I want a black granite block of 8 feet x 24 feet x 18 inches. The top and sides must be polished. Please quote. I am in Colorado. My contact no. is 1-970-2......Sept 22, Contact  

e 8970 USA: We are interested in sandstone blocks. See pricelist 344. Sept 22, Contact  


IN/CN: e 8967 USA: We are in the process of establishing a new business importing granite countertops and granite tile from China and India. Our first order would be a minimum of 1 container of granite tile 12x12 and 18x18 and two containers of granite countertops within the next 45 days. We would need this shipment to arrive at zip code 65079. This is in Missouri. We will have a continuous flow of shipments throughout the year. Please send pricing for the following specifications: Polished, first quality granite tile from India or China. We would like to receive samples, pricing, freight information, custom charges. Please quote prices in inches and in U.S. dollars. The countertops would require 1 1/2" bull nose on three sides, sizes 96x26x3/4, and matching backsplash 96X4". If the supplier has the capability of cutting sink holes and stove holes, we would like to have quotes for this as well. Our preference in colors are: Almond Mauve, Black Galaxy, Tan Brown, Gialio Fiorto, and a white color, Maple Red, Seaweed Green or Uba Tuba. However, we want the ability to special order many other colors so we will not limit ourselves to these choices. Our contact no. is 928-2......Sept 22, Contact  

e 8961 USA: Looking for 8 slabs of Rainbow Sandstone (approx 60in. x 90in. x 0.75-0.90" Thk.) and 1 slab of Teakwood with the same dimensions. Would prefer a Southern California Distributor with immediate stock. Sept 20, Contact  

e 8960 USA: I want Lapis Lazuli slabs and 3cm Sapphire Blue granite. What is the country of origin? What are the sizes of the slabs? Please email cost and photos. I am in Texas in the USA. I am located in Texas, USA Sept 20, Contact  

CN: e 8956 USA: Would like G640 slabs cut and finished to 25 1/2 '' x 96 '' and finished with a 1 1/2 ''bull nose. See ready stock 463. We are looking for a full price list on all your counter tops and not only one. We are willing to purchase one 20' container per month. We are serious and send us the information on all your counter tops. Also do you sell floor inlay? If so, how much? Can I purchase a mix container, say 150 counter tops in assorted colors 10 per color and the rest in floor inlays? If we want to visit your company in China do you have a translator available? Which is the closest international airport and how do we go from the airport to your office?  Sept 20, Contact   

MY: e 8954 : I want Blue Impala granite. Please quote for slabs and tiles. Sept 20, Contact  


e 8946 USA: I need 600 SF of Blue Guanabara Granite Tiles, 12 x 12 x 3/8 inches. Please quote price and if sample can be sent to me for approval. I am in Newport Beach, CA 92660. Sept 19, Contact  

e 8939 USA: We are interested in "Spray White Granite" for use in a high-rise condominium project. Want a sample ASAP. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 626-9......Sept 19, Contact  

e 8936 USA: Do you have Multicolor Peacock slate? I would need approx 1200 sq ft. I am getting a more exact info on sq ft from my contractor. I would need about 200 sq ft in 12x12 and 1000 sq ft in 16x16. If you don't have multicolor Peacock, then please tell me what you have. I would like a quote (final one), material + shipping.  Sept 18, Contact  

US: e 8935 USA: I need 2cm blocks of Santa Cecilia about 4 containers. Please send me the wholesale price for 4 containers. Also quote for material with polish on all sides with half bull nose. I am in Atlanta. Sept 18, Contact  

e 8930 USA: Please quote for 24 x 24 size tiles of "Sky Line" and "Abu Figurative" Indian Marble Tiles. I need about 1250 sq ft of this product. Also quote for same size tiles of Volakas Classic and Volakas Cloudy. 
Price for 18 x 18 tiles of Elafochori Semi-White, approximately 1400 Sq ft. Sept 18, Contact  

ALL: e 8928 USA: I am interested in purchasing granite plates / tiles / slabs. Desired dimensions are 24"x12"x1-3" and 24"x18"x1-3". The most beautiful available would be great. I know this is subjective, but I have no idea what the availability is in these off- sizes. These are to be used as non-resonating platforms for audiophile grade high fidelity stereo equipment. Quantity....depends on price and availability. Minimum... 3 plates. If the price and availability is good, I'll make the platforms and sell them, so by the crate would be great. I am currently overseas, so email is the most practical form of communication. I am based in Florida. My phone no. is 772-33..... Sept 18, Contact  

e 8927 USA: I am an owner of a construction company in San Francisco, California. I have a project coming up that needs 32" x 32" squares of a green colored slate. Looking for suppliers. Sept 18, Contact

BR: e 8926 USA: I am interested in locating 30 cm slabs of Giallo Beach / Juparana Persa that can be fabricated to countertops at good price. Looking for suppliers who can do that. I am traveling to Brazil next month. I must know price per square meter and for fabrication. Also, I must see slabs before I buy to make sure they are good quality. I am now making appointments with granite suppliers to buy from so if you are serious do not wait. I am in TX 75044, my contact no. is 214-66.....Sept 18, Contact

e 8925 USA: Want pebbles that are used in ball-mills for grinding. Please quote with specifications related to composition. Sept 18, Contact  

e 8918 USA: I am looking for a good source for slate flooring wholesale. I am an interior designer/contractor in Houston, Texas. I am in the 77079 zip code and my job location is 77478 zip code. Sept 17, Contact  

e 8902 USA: I am seeking sources of soapstone to import into the States. We are interested in fabricating kitchen countertops as well as being a source for other kitchen remodelers and designers. Sept 16, Contact  

US: e 8897 Malaysia: I want Dakota Mahagony granite 25mm thick polished random slabs for a project in Malaysia. Please quote me either FOB or CIF Port Klang price. Quantity is 2,000 m2. My tel. no. is 603 588.....Sept 15, Contact  

IT: e 8896 USA: We require 3300 sq.ft. of 12 X 12 Daino Reale for our client in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The price offered by one supplier @ $ 3.50 per Sq. Ft. I assume that this is ex factory / FOB Verona Italy? Please advise the following information. We would like to obtain a sample of current stock. Can you provide shipping cost for this order as a through rate to Turks and Caicos Port (Provinces)? Please advise at your earliest convenience as we are ready to place an order. Sept 15, Contact

BR: e 8882 USA: Please send quote and a photograph of wild west green granite. Would also like a sample. 
Sept 14, Contact  

e 8875 USA: What are the prices per sq/ft for Spanish Ambar Limestone? See ready stock 456. My phone no. is (831) 42.....Do you have pictures of this stone? Sept 13, Contact  

e 8874 USA: Blocks: I would like some information on dimensions on granite and limestone blocks for a school project. Each block that we would need would weigh about 2-15 tons. It is to build an Egyptian pyramid. Please include prices for these. Sept 13, Contact  

CN: e 8862 USA: Please quote for Chinese granite slabs and tiles. We are in California. See pricelist 811. Sept 12, Contact  

CN: e 8861 USA: I want granite counter top products. Please send colors available, FOB China prices, and minimum order quantity. I represent a trading firm in CA 92614. See pricelist 1151. Sept 12, Contact  

e 8833 USA: Blocks: I am a novice stone carver seeking fist to watermelon size pieces of soft carving stones. I would like to be able to drive my pick-up to collect whatever scrap or unused stone I can purchase. I will drive several hundred miles for larger pieces or bulk. I am currently ready to purchase. The more experienced stone carvers in our area would certainly join my excursion for high quality stone. I am in CA 99401. Sept 10, Contact  

BR: e 8829 USA: We are looking for the granite Veneciano Verde Green. Looking for a supplier in Atlanta or near Montgomery, Alabama. My showroom no. is 334-27.....Sept 10, Contact  

e 8826 USA: Interested in seeing digital photos and getting samples of limestones from Iran.  My contact no. is (310) 60.....Sept 9, Contact  

e 8816 USA: I am opening a retail business buying and selling natural stone and some landscape products in the Atlanta area. I would appreciate it if you would forward a pricelist/catalogue of your products. My contact no. is 770-78.....Sept 8, Contact


e 8806 USA: We are  designing firm and are ready to buy now: 
(8) REQD 7"(honed/interior finish) x 18"min x 51"min - Indiana limestone.  
(8) REQD 4"(honed/interior finish) x 18"min x 51"min - Indiana limestone. 
(8) REQD 1.25 to 2.0"(honed/interior finish) x 26"min x 68"min - Indiana limestone. We will buy from MI / IN / PA / OH / IL; will pick-up; cash/check at pick-up/delivery. We are in MI, and our tel. no. is 248.39.....Sept 7, Contact

ALL: e 8804 USA: Please send info on your stone products and prices. We have a stone yard and sell stone in middle TN. Our phone no. is 931-87.....Sept 6, Contact

IN: e 8800 USA: Monuments: I am searching for someone who can make marble Urns for human and pet cremation. I have a laser etching business and wish to expand into the funeral industry in the USA. I am seriously looking for someone to flood the US funeral market. I need to know what the total cost is including shipping to the US. Also how much for 4"x4" tiles? I own a laser etching business and need to see how the etchings will look on the different colors. I am very interested in black. 
I am trying to do is sell to the largest funeral home chains in the US. One in particular owns 3500 funerals 
throughout the US. I also know what they have to pay for urns from their suppliers and I am trying to get them to buy exclusively from me as I can offer them a better price on the urns and personalized etchings as
well. I have already spoken to them and they are very interested in what I have to offer and the price. But
I don't want to compete with any other people trying to sell your urns here that's why I want to be your
only distributor in the states. 
As for the 4 inch tiles, they are for me to etch to see how it look on the different colors. Not all colors etch well and only the black allows me to etch photos. I need to know what it will cost to get one or two urns in the different styles and colors along with the tiles so I may show them to my contacts here. Then, I will work with you on the styles and colors before ordering a container. 
Do you produce any urns right now? If so, please send photos. If not let me know and I will send my designs
to you. The urns should be 180 to 250 cubic inches in volume inside. The pet urns are from 40 to 150 cubic
inches. Sept 6, Contact,

e 8797 USA: I am searching for rough slate slabs, (Charcoal color). Dimension from 18" x 32" to 24" x 48" with a 5/8" to 1" thickness. I would like to locate at least 3 identical slabs, but would consider larger quantities if prices are competitive. May also consider other material of similar color Marble, granite, etc. (Unpolished). I would appreciate a price listing and product description. I represent a construction firm. 
Sept 6, Contact

ES: e 8796 USA: We represent a big American company with a yearly early gross sales over USD 5 billion. The project is 50000 sqm size is 30x30cm. I need Crema Marfil First quality. Quote of polished and honed tiles. Our target price is USD 15 / sqm. First shipment: 2 to 4 months. Total order: up to 50000 sqm. Usual Payment terms: Wire Transfer 60 days (negotiable). Destination Port: Vera Cruz or Tampico. 
We need quotation to the following (let me breakdown)
- Crema Marfil 30x30 1st quality polished
- Crema Marfil 30x30 2nd quality polished
- Crema Marfil 30x30 1st quality honed
- Crema Marfil 30x30 2nd quality honed
Note: Everything must be filled. (unfilled NOT accepted)
2. As you mentioned, we can also take a look in the travertine. But I need something very soft, like the crem Marfil. No TOO dark veins. Let me have quotation on the same basis as above. Price has to be VERY competitive. 
We are ordering 50000sqm/year and our client doesn´t expect to pay for any samples or photos sending. They told that this is the minimum investment your company should be able to do to get the project.
Anyway, we remain at your disposal if you want to use our Sales Team even in USA (covering 12 States) or Brazil (whole country). We have a well trained team with over 10 year of experience located in strategic areas in USA and Brazil. Sept 5, Contact,

e 8795 USA: Please quote for 8 Slabs of 3cm Shanxi black CIF Miami. Sept 5, Contact

e 8783 USA: I am looking for distributors of lava stone in the New York city area for urgent samples for a client presentation. Looking for possible sources in NY. Our contact no. is 212-33.....Sept 5, Contact

e 8782 USA: I would like to find a slate chalkboard for a private school, approximately 3' x 3' or 3' x 4',  thereabouts. Sept 5, Contact

IT: e 8777 USA: I am interested in a large quantity of 1st quality Calacatta Gold blocks. My tel. no. is 562-92.....Sept 4, Contact,

e 8767 USA: This is to inquire about the following three kinds of stones for our overseas hotel project in Japan. 
Location: Tokyo, Japan
No.1 Stone: (1) Brocatelle (Marble). Application: Floor (Interior). Quantity: Approx. 250 m2 (2,600 sf). 
Size: 32" x 32". Thickness: 30 mm (= 1-3/16"). Finish: Honed. Price Quote: CIF Port of Tokyo, Japan. Sample request: 2 pcs. of 4"x 6" samples. 
No.2 Stone: (2) Pyrenees Marble Application: Wall (Interior). Quantity: Approx. 210 m2 (2,200 sf). 
Size: 32" x 32". 
Thickness: 30 mm (= 1-3/16"). Finish: Polished. Price Quote: CIF Port of Tokyo, Japan. Sample request: 2 pcs. of 4"x6" samples. 
No.3 Stone: (3) Honey Onyx. Application: Wall (Interior). Quantity: Approx. 200 m2 (2,100 sf). Size: 16" x 16". Thickness: 30 mm (= 1-3/16"). Finish: Polished. Price Quote: CIF Port of Tokyo, Japan. Sample request: 2 pcs. of 4"x6" samples. 
Our company is incorporated in 1997, is engaged in procurement and export of building materials. All of our staff have a background as architects and interior designers. We acquire building materials for use and export for general contractors, subcontractors, developers, trading companies and architectural offices in Japan and other countries. We are based in CA 91364 and our tel. no. is 818-88.....Sept 4, Closed

ALL: e 8765 USA: I have a buyer for a large amount of Granite; the granite will be used for Kitchen counter tops in Apartment units. I need slabs of granite that are prepared (polished) in a specific size, they don't need to be cut for sinks or things of that nature just be the right size. I don't have the sizes right now but it would be around 1600 sq ft of granite cut into specific slabs. I need quote urgently. 
Each Apartment will use about 45 sq ft of Granite. What I need to know is the about the prices you provided. Do those prices include beveled egdes and polishing or is it a raw product. Also mention shipping costs here to Laredo with any Import Tariffs. I am in Texas 78045. Sept 4, Contact

ALL: e 8764 USA: We are in the process of opening a large granite and marble shop in the N.Y.C. area and are looking for distributors of granite and marble. Sept 3, Contact

ES: e 8758 USA: We want Spanish Ambar Limestone also called as Aragon Gold. Please sent quotes, samples and images. See ready stock 456. We are in CA 91733. Our tel. no. is 323 93..... Sept 3, Contact,

FR: e 8751 USA: We are stone contractors and fabricators in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. I have a job coming up and I need good pricing on Beamaniere French Limestone. I am interested in shipping containers straight from France. I do not want to by from a distributor here in the USA. I need the following:
34000 sqft of 36x60x2 inches thick
18000 sqft of 36x36x3/4 inches thick
8000 sqft of 12x18x3/4 inches thick 
If the price is right we will be putting the order within 12 to 16 weeks, and we might need an extra 55000 sqft to use as pavers around the pool area. I also need to now the production time as well as the delivery of the first container from the date I put the order. I have no problem visiting the Quarry or the factory in France. Sept 3, Contact,

e 8747 USA: Looking for 2000 sq ft 12'' x 12'' granite tiles in a blue gray color ship to Newark, New Jersey. Sept 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8737 USA: We are looking for stone manufacturing companies where we can purchase granite, marble, stone, etc. Please contact us any time with your price lists and description of the products you sell. We are in CA. Sept 2, Contact  

e 8734 USA: We are interested in Verde Gloria. Qty. is 1250 sq ft, approximately. Material to be shipped to San Francisco, with edge detailing and cutouts. My contact no. is 510.64.....Sept 2, Contact  

e 8733 USA: Looking for a supplier of Giallo Antico in the San Diego area. We are building a 7,000 square foot estate and are just trying to find the stone that we like before we decide where and how much to use. I would like to stick to “true” granite. It appears that Giallo Antico is the only “true” granite in the beige/yellow range. I would just like to see a sample before I proceed any further or decide that Giallo Antico is what we are looking for. Sept 1, Contact  

e 8729 USA: I am interested in purchasing rough amber chips. Could you please give me your availability and cost for 100kgs? Sept 1, Contact  

BR: e 8720 USA: I am looking for Brazilian marble price lists. I work for big construction company in Santa Barbara, CA. Sept 1, Contact

e 8719 USA: I am interested in slabs cut to 1/4" thick x 4" wide x 8" long of honey comb calcite. And am interested in rough stone but need some idea of sizes. Sept 1, Contact

e 8700 USA: Looking for thin limestone for building exterior project. Colors should light tan or a tan/green tint. What is the best way to get samples and can you combine orders into one container? Need 2,000 square feet. Will buy from any area depending on price and quality. Need to have product in Dallas, TX, USA by December 1, 2003. Aug 29, Contact

e 8697 USA: I am looking for about 2000 sq.ft denizli medium beige. Size 18x18x1/2 medium beige, filled honed, good quality. My contact no. is 702-29.....I am in Las Vegas. Have cash ready to buy now. Aug 29, Contact  

e 8695 USA: We are wholesalers and importers of all kinds of granite and marble. We are looking for people who can supply slabs. Specific first choice or commercial. We also want one container of 18 x 18 f/h cross cut in one container 70% first choice and 30 % commercial travertine. See ready stock 434. Aug 29, Contact 

IT: e 8677 USA: I am looking for a slate slab with golden tints for a counter top size approx. 2 x 3 ft. in New Jersey. I also want Botticino. Would be to ship to the U.S. and what is the price in U.S dollars?? See ready stock 417, Aug 28, Contact  

BR: e 8675 USA: Do you have Palladio Vesuvio tiles? If so, what is their price (including shipping to Houston, Texas) per square foot? I am in the planning stages of building a structure. I also have a company and, if it is feasible, would be interested in becoming an importer/exporter for granite and marble but, first, I will let you know what my dilemma is. I have fallen in love with Palladio granite, a marinace red (I think) conglomerate that I saw on the Internet. This particular granite was from Brazil and multi-colored with a predominately burgandy/red color scheme. The problem is that I can find Palladio in slabs, but not in tiles--and I need tiles to be placed on a concrete slab floor. It does not matter how large the tile is but it needs to be thin to allow the radiant heating system inside the concrete to heat the floor. The size of the tile does not matter but, for example, I would be happy with a 12" x 12" x 3/8" polished, beveled tile for flooring (I think this is 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 10 mm).
If I could find this stone in tiles, I would be happy to order a sample. I am a in Austin, Texas and my phone no. is (512) 44.....Quantity estimate: 3800 square feet (or one container if that is the only way I can buy it). Price range or budget: $15,000 USD. Stone name or type: Palladio Vesuvio (marinace red/burgandy) conglomerate. Aug 28, Contact 

e 8674 Canada: I want Jerusalem gray gold (patina finish) 6 slabs 3cm. I have a sample and looks like Jerusalem gold light. Payment will be COD. Deilvery reqd. in 2 weeks. I manufacture marble and granite countertops mostly for kitchens here in Montreal. I buy slabs mostly here, locally, but would be really interested to find other sources of supply. I am in Quebec and my phone no. is 450 63.....Aug 28, Contact  

BR: e 8671 USA: We are interested in purchasing containers of granite slabs to North Carolina, USA. We have some very competitive prices from a company in Brazil, for slabs and would see if you could give me some prices for your granite. For example, Ubatuba, they are giving me this color for $4.80 a slab US currency. I am interested in Uba Tuba and we use 3cm here. I am interested in purchasing 60 slabs. I also would like to purchase an assortment of New Venitian Gold, Black Galaxy, Emerald Green Cafe Baha, Amerio Ornamento Kinawa LT and dark, and a couple other colors, and these containers could be consistent. I need prices for these colors. So I am interested in buying 20 colors.
Tell me more about the Spanish granite, I would like to recieve digital picturers for the quoted colors and perhaps some samples, of course I would pay for shipping, Do I pay up front for the slabs or do I pay half up front and 30 days after I recieve them, then the rest. This is what we have right now and it works out fine. I will be having a list of all the colors that we'll be using. Also we may have a huge job of granite, and was wondering if your quarry could fabricate 120 slabs before coming here. Please forward competitive quotes.
Aug 28,

e 8670 China: I want Sahara beige granite blocks as displayed in price list 1097 and Bethel white color granite blocks urgently. See ready stock 288. Please quote. We need some samples before we can place an order. If the sample matches what we want and the price is OK, we will buy it soon. Aug 28, Contact  

ES: e 8664 USA: I will be visiting Spain soon to buy a large qty. of 9mm polished marble & limestone tiles. Please email some photos and prices of your products. I am looking for tiles any size but would like to view some samples. Please send pictures and prices per square meter in Euro Dollars & Sterling. Aug 27, Contact 

e 8659 USA: I want to purchase used granite blocks / bricks. See ready stock 418. I am in VT 05346 and my phone no. is 802-25.....Aug 27, Contact 

e 8655 USA: Landscape: I am trying to determine the type and general locale for the rock making up the waterfall in the attached picture. I am trying to have a similar formation built for our pool in Las Vegas, but no one can tell me the type of rock -- only that it would not do "well" in our desert climate. Please let me know any leads as soon as possible, as my builder is putting pressure on me to make a decision. My phone no. is 702-81.....Aug 27, Contact  

EG/IN: e 8646 USA: We required 75000 sq.ft Galala polished 2 cm slabs. Price needed is FOB Egypt. I have an offer of $ 10.55 FOB Egypt port. We also need Absolute Black polished slab 2cm. Quantity--- 11000 sq.ft. Price should FOB India. Please quote the price and availability. Aug 26, Contact  

IN/AU: e 8645 USA: We are a supplier located in Colorado. Currently we are importers of Brazilian slabs and our buisness is growing quickly. We are looking to import Vyara (Indian Parana) granite, as well as Verde Fuoco (Green Fire), by container. We would like to request any links to suppliers who could provide us with information of their stock and shipping requirements. Aug 26, Contact

CN: e 8643 USA: I am interested in the Blue Diamond granite from China. I am in North Las Vegas, NV 89031. Office no. is 702-64.....Aug 26, Contact  

e 8641 USA: We buy used granite, and other natural stone. We are located in Dover, NH. Our contact no. is 
603-74.....Aug 26, Contact  

e 8624 USA: Looking for a distributor of Travertine in Fort Lauderdale. See pricelist 960. Aug 24, Contact  

IN: e 8623 USA: We are a stone trading company in CA 94541. Please email prices of Indian granite slabs and tiles. Aug 24, Contact

IL: e 8611 USA: We would like to get approx. 850 SqFt of "Jerusalem new Ivory Ancient tumbled" in any of the these sizes: 16"x16", 18"x18", mixed length, or mixed sizes for Opus Romano Pattern/four-piece Ashler pattern. We are not sure if this limestone color is known by other names e.g. "Light Gold antique", "Ancient Gold", or "herbon". The geographical areas of the supplier, preferably in the local area - Northern California. We are in the decision making phase. We expect to finalize / place an order within the next four weeks. Aug 23, Contact 

e 8608 USA: Please quote for Sapphire Blue granite tiles of 12" x 12". Need necessary order quantities and terms. Mobile 864-23.....Aug 23, Contact 

e 8605 USA: Please give quote and lead time on the following:
1 pc.- 12'x1'-2"x6 1/4"thick (1 pc if possible) 
10 pcs.- 6'-3"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t 
10 pcs.- 5'-9"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 14'-9"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t (1 pc if possible)
2 pcs.- 7'-6"x1'2"x6 1/4"t
2 pcs.- 7'-3"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 7'-3"x1'-8"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 7'-6"x1'-8"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 7'-6"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
1 pc.- 7'-3"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
1 pc.- 13'-4"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t (1 pc if possible)
4 pcs.- 6'-6"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
4 pcs.- 6'-10"x1'-2"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 13'-4"x1'-8"x6 1/4"t
1 pc.- 6'-6"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
1 pc.- 6'-10"x4'-0"x6 1/4"t (landing)
Granite color can be white, gray, a mix of white and gray, and pink. Finish - Thermal on thread and edges, sawn cut on the underside and back (other possible finishes - brushed, sand blasted, and honed). I am a wholesaler in New York. Aug 22, Contact

e 8604 Canada: Retail: I am seriously considering buying granite countertops for our new kitchen. Before I go ahead and buy, could you please recommend what type/ color of granite would be my best bet- I'd like either blacks ( galaxy or absolute), or lighter colored granite (bianco cardinale, incas gold, golden oak).
We have a busy household with 2 small kids and needless to say, our countertops will experience a lot of spilling, fingertips, glass marks, etc. Kitchen is generally a very high traffic area in our house. What would be the easiest to maintain and resilient stone I should consider? Also, I am located in Mississauga, Ontario. Also looking for a reputable manufacturer/ installer here? Aug 22, Contact  

e 8599 USA: I am a contractor need 8 slabs approx 90”x50” Azul Cielo ¾” thick (THE ARGENTINEAN PRODUCT). Would like to buy in Metro NY area, however, NE USA is reasonable. We are ready to order immediately. I need sample of actual product, send e-mail photo if possible and samples afterward, and of course pricing. I will order by or before Aug 31. My contact no. is 516-40.....Aug 22, Contact 

e 8585 USA: I want powdered stone types such as black marble powder, green marble powder, serpentine stone powder, red Jasper powder etc. I want to load various stone powder colors (200 mesh or so!) into gypsum casting systems ie, Forton MG, epoxy resins or polyurethanes (70-80 Shore A hardnesses) resin systems for casting stone-like parts. I find very little info about cultured marble, stone etc. I find descriptions but not sources of raw materials in the US or formulae for that matter. I just want the info and powders for my art work. Looking for suppliers of powdered stones of various types, besides white dolomite and white marble (which I have found locally in Portland, US, Oregon).
My business is very small. I am afraid to get financially involved in a large operation. I only need 100 pound bags of each color stone at a time. 
If the bags would be shipped to me, from a long distance away, the freight charges would then be prohibitive for my uses in my products. I make cast stone interior décor products! 
I am interested, but feel the overall costs for such heavy products would drive my cost of my products to high. I will have to continue to use concentrated color pigments added to white marble powder that I can purchase locally in the Portland area. My phone no. is 503-52.....Aug 20, Contact  

e 8569 USA: Can someone help us in looking for raw stone pricing for sandstone in Western PA, area or close to it. I am new and looking for help before I sign a agreement with a miner. I am in PA 15711.  Aug 19, Contact  

VN: e 8564 USA: We want price list of Vietnam granites and would like see the pictures. See price list 1090. Aug 19, Contact

e 8522 USA: Need 6,500 sq.ft 18x18 cream cross-cut broken edge honed/filled travertine and 2,500 sq.ft. 12X12 or 18x18 “Coralina” stone for construction project in Puerto Rico. Please quote FOB price / terms. I am in Carolina, PR 00984. See pricelist 1110 and 941. My contact no. 787-75......Aug 14, Contact

BR: e 8521 USA: We are Interested in importing your product to San Francisco California. We are interested in Brazilian granite counter tops and stone and also marble. Our facility is 40,000 square feet and we are looking to import 20 containers monthly. We have a very large store. We specialize in granite counter tops and tile. We also carry marble. Please contact me if you are interested in talking. Aug 14, Contact  

US: e 8509 Germany: Please quote with delivery-time and payment-terms for granite "Salisburry Pink", surface polished (C120 / R9) - calibrated, edges. Qty. is 7000 sqm. size 48,7 x 48,7 x 2 cm. It's very urgently! Tel. 0049 654......Aug 14, Contact  

EG: e 8507 USA: Please send price information regarding Egyptian granite, slabs and tiles, all colors. 
Aug 14, Contact  

e 8501 USA: I am looking for red sandstone to be used for restoration purposes. Do you supply this product? Do you cut to size? What is the time line for shipping. My contact no. is 563-55.....Aug 13, Contact  

e 8492 USA: We want to buy (2) 46 X 34, and (3) 34 X 22 table tops in yellow onyx, flat edge no polish on sides. Sealed and polished on top. We are a custom metal furniture manufacturer in El Paso , TX. We use about 3-5,000 tops annually of various sizes and types of stone. We seam to have the volume supply side worked out but are having major difficulties finding a competitive supplier for the small runs. We are looking into cutting stone ourselves and would entertain any help you could provide in that direction. i.e. equipment , slab etc. Need ASAP. Aug 13, Contact  

IN/CN: e 8489 USA: I am wanting to get prices from India and China for granite kitchen work tops. I want to fly out to Asia to seal my deal within the next 2-3 weeks. Aug 13, Contact

e 8479 USA: I am looking for about 200-250 sq ft Azul Dumar tiles (12 in x 12 in) of the above materials in New Jersey. Can you tell me what I have to do to get a price. My phone no. is 201-57.....Will be ready to order within the next 2 weeks. I am doing a bathroom. I am also doing a countertop in the same material. Should be first quality. I would like a sample. Aug 12, Contact  

IT: e 8478 USA: I would like to get a quote on ordering one to two tons of White Carrara "C" marble, delivered to Brooklyn. Contact no. is (718) 79.....Aug 12, Contact  

e 8476 USA: Want to purchase Travertine 24x24, beige/cream, honed, filled, 500 sq'ft. Please contact me for job to start end of August. How much will shipping be to Sanford, Florida 32771, with load being delivered to doorstep, for 450 sq' of 24x24 Golden Travertine H&F. My contact no. is 407.22.....Aug 12, Contact  

US: e 8472 Canada: I am interested to get some large amount of Bethel white/ Gardenia White, or find acceptable substitutes for those rocks. I am in Ontario and my tel. no. is 613-59..... Aug 12, Contact

e 8471 USA: I have attached a very rough drawing of an Kesey bench / outdoor bench that is ready for order as soon as we can confirm cost and color. Job to be installed October 2003. Client is flexible on color- quote options, 3" slab thickness. All exposed edges polished flat with top edge 3/8" polished radius. Prefer no seams, let me know if required or if it adds to cost. Quote shipping to my fabrication shop in OR 97455. We could pick up at Eugene or Portland Oregon if it would be substantial savings. Phone no. 541 74.....Aug 12, Contact  

TR: e 8469 USA: I am interested in prices for 18 x 18 Honed and Filled Ivory Travertine. I am located in Florida. I would like fob prices from Turkey for 51,000 sq. ft. I would pay up to $1.25 per sq. ft. I am working with a large contracting company this is one of four projects. Import or Domestic depending on price. The travertine will go in a high rise condominium. I will Inspect. I will pay for the sample charges. Thickness is 3/8 to 1/2 inch. The contractors do not need the shipment until 6 months or so but we want to order now so we can lock in a good price. Please give me prices for 50,000 100,000 and 200,000 sq. ft. as soon as possible. I will order up to 200,000 sq. ft. if I can get a good price. My telephone number is 850-21.....Aug 11, Contact

US: e 8456 USA: I am Chartered Quantity Surveyor acting for a British buyer. Please email me the cost of 1800 m2 (approx 19368 SF) of Cold Spring's Academy Black granite in 600 x 600 mm x 20 mm thick slabs with a flamed finish, delivered to port at the port in China nearest to Beijing. Aug 11, Contact  

CN: e 8455 USA: Needed for a new project in Florida, USA. Granite: G654/Grey, G684/Black. 60 x 60 x 2cm/60 x 30 x 2cm (additional smaller sizes?). Estimated 840 Sqm / 2 x 20' CTNR. Please inform details, Quote etc. Aug 11, Contact  

e 8441 USA: I want 1400 square feet in 2ftx2ft Cumberland Grey stone. Please advise on price and availability. See pricelist 948. Aug 10, Contact

FR: e 8431 USA: Please quote price per pound as well as the pounds per cubic foot of the stones, for French limestones Drom Chandolin, Drom Revermont, Montalieu Villebois, Hauteville, Farges, Pierre de Ruoms & Rochebelle. Also, please let me know what sizes are available, particularly up to 2"x2"x8". Aug 10, Contact  

e 8416 USA: I am the President of a stone company in CT, USA. We have been in business for over 15 years and we are one of the largest fabricators in the area. I need to purchase 5 to 10 slabs of Blue King preferably 3cm but will consider 2cm. My office no. is 203-8...... Aug 9, Contact  

BR: e 8408 USA: I am a contractor in El Paso TX area. I am looking to buy granite in slabs. I need right now, polished New Venetian Gold granite slabs. Please quote. My contact no. is 915-78.....Aug 9, Contact  

e 8407 USA: We are a granite fabricator in Colorado and we are having trouble locating a stone called Brown Juparana or Brown Pirranha. They are both from Brazil and we are trying to find a cross reference name for either of them. I have attached a photograph and see if you can find something similar. Our contact no. is 970-25.....Aug 8, Contact

IN: e 8405 USA: We need 10 containers every month (minimum) of Indian granite slabs & tiles. We are basically a wholesaler of granite. We have a huge warehouse to stock huge quantities. We buy in bulk. We are in GA. We are looking for the following sizes of most of the Indian colors: 
slabs - 180cm UP X 300cm UP, 165cm up X 285cm up, 90cm up X 285cm up. 
Tiles - 12"X12"X1cm & 18"X18"X2cm. We were basically looking for the above sizes in all the available Indian colors. So please give us the rates so that we can tell you, ho much quantity in each color, that we want right now. My port is Savannah, GA. Our phone 678 52.....Aug 8, Contact  

e 8400 USA: Need stone and marble for large custom home in DC. Please send brochures. Aug 8, Contact  

e 8395 USA: I am looking for 2000 sq ft of 18x18 travertine denizili medium or equivalent. Aug 8, Contact  

e 8392 USA: Our client in China is a major consumer of Marble and Granite. He is seeking to expand his sources and the varieties of stone. He is already consuming Chinese product, is seeking new colors, patterns, etc. He has recently closed a large construction contract with the Chinese government, and urgently requires sources of marble and/or granite. 
Here is some additional information regarding the stone we seek, which I hope is helpful: 
Quantity: 300-500 cubic meters/month average: Some months up to 1,000 cubic meters.
Price range: Our client has paid as much as US $600/cubic meter and as little as US $100/cubic meter. It simply depends on the stone. 
Minimum/maximum size of blocks: Between 5 to 7 cubic meters. 
Unacceptable shape types: None, as long as blocks can fit in a shipping container.
Unacceptable defects: Cracks in the blocks. 
Quality: Identical to sample accepted. 
Inspection: Either upon delivery at a Chinese port, or as negotiated with supplier. 
We have no preconception about countries we wish to purchase from. It is the stone that is important to our buyer, not the country. That's why we are requesting samples. If you look at the size of the orders we wish to place, I would think it is worthwhile to a supplier to send samples and quote prices. Otherwise, how else can we make a determination as to whether we want his product or not? He is not able to discern from pictures online. Therefore, samples are imperative. 
However, I can attest that this is a serious purchaser, one who will move fast when we locate the appropriate product. We are ready to place standing order immediately. I am in Virginia 23453, USA. Aug 7, Contact

e 8391 USA: We have built an Italian style loggia with approximately 1,000 s.f. of floor area and are interested in terrazo for the floor surface. We are in Macon, GA and would be interested in any information on terrazo and who might install it in Macon. Our contact no. is 478-74.....Aug 7, Contact  

e 8388 USA: I am looking for tufa to build a large grotto similar to the grottos of old Italy. I can send a photo of the type work i'm trying to create. If any of your suppliers carry this type stone, please send information about availability, sizes, cost, etc., as soon as possible. The grotto will be built in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Aug 7, Contact  

e 8384 USA: We are a kitchen design center in VA and we are looking for Ikon Brown granite for our client in Virginia. We are unable to locate it in this area. Please send quotes. Would prefer a supplier from VA. Aug 7, Contact  

BR: e 8383 USA: I am interested in Brazilian granite slabs. Do you have minimum orders? I am starting a fabrication shop in CO. If so, I would also be interested in your prices per slab with shipping costs. My contact no. is 1-719-4...... Aug 7, Contact  


e 8381 USA: I am interested in White Limestone's, Travertine Honed Unfilled, different shades and finishes in different sizes, Tumbled Marble in 10 x 10, 15 x 15. We currently buy 3/4 containers a month. We are a stone trading company. Aug 7, Contact  

ALL: e 8370 USA: We are a furniture manufacturer in aluminum furniture. I would be interested in pricing for granite / travertine / imperial marble tops. Some of our sizes 18" Dia. 22" 36" 48" 54" 60" / 18 x 36 Sq. Cr. & Rd Cr. All have 1" beveled edges. We sell a number of the above over the year and would be interested in seeing what kind of pricing you can supply.  Aug 6, Contact  

e 8361 USA: We are importers of 3cm granite slabs located in the state of Virginia, USA and interested in starting a long term business relationship with dependable suppliers for European granite. Currently we are interested in the following for immediate shipping: Baltic Brown (Baltic Brown 3 cm slabs polished resin and first grad quality for US$ 4.25), Blue Pearl, Volga Blue, Blue Eyes & Spectrolite. We also need Giallo Venziano 3cm first grad or commercial quality available for immediate shipping. 
We are also interested in the following item for immediate delivery, so kindly supply us with your price and availability of materials: All 3cm polished slabs, First grad Quality.
Kashmir White, APP Black (Impala Black), Chiffon White, Indian Juparana, Royal Brown, Shivakashi, Black Galaxy & Tan Brown. Please have prices in US$ per square foot FOB or C&F Baltimore or Norfolk whichever is less in cost. Open Top container. Please send us your full price list to enable us place our first container order soon. We are in VA 22152. Aug 6, Contact

IN: e 8356 USA: Please quote for Indian granite slabs. See pricelist 205. I am in Santa Ana, CA. Aug 5, Contact  

ALL: e 8349 USA: I have been fabricating granite and other stones for 2+ years. I have been buying granite from other sources, but I feel I could improve my profit margin if I started buying in bulk. Please quote for granites and other stones on bulk basis.  Aug 5, Contact  

e 8341 USA: I like FRENCH VANILLA 24X24". We need 2,500 sq. ft. urgently. I am in Miami, Florida. Aug 5, Contact  

CN/ES: e 8340 USA: I AM A DEALER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING TO PURCHASE A CONTAINER OF CHINESE MULTICOLOR SLATE OF 16X16 UN-GAUGED. I AM ALSO LOOKING INTO PURCHASING A CONTAINER OF CREMA MARFIL 16X16 SELECT. The Chinese multicolor you speak of is it ungauged or gauged (calibrated or uncalibrated)? How does the Indian natural cleft compare against the Chinese Multicolor? I am in Riverside, CA. If a supplier is anywhere within 100 miles of here delivery would not be an option, because I own several big trucks that could pick this up for me. Now, this Chinese multicolor I'm interested in, has to be 16x16 and I am looking for either gauged or ungauged. I currently have a quote for $1.25 / sf on ungauged. I am obviously looking for a better deal than that.
I recently opened up a retail store. I am mainly into the natural stone business but I also do tile. I have owned a construction company that does granite and marble fabrication of all kinds, and all types of tile, porcelain installation. My goal is to start buying all my material per container the one for my construction company and the material for my store so I can stock my own material. This would be my largest order up to date at one time. I feel that if I could get a better price than what I am currently being offered, then I could probably start some kind of working relationship with a supplier/importer/distributor as of now I have not one set supplier I looking for some one that I could work with. My contact no. is (760) 86......Aug 5, Contact  

e 8339 USA: I am looking to design a vanity top and flooring for a resort in the West Indies, in the following "Cretaceous volcanic and Eocene diorite". The native to the islands there have heard of this type of stone. I am in IL 60616 and my contact no. is 312.22.....Aug 5, Contact  


BR: e 8337 USA: I build houses in Houston and am interested in obtaining wholesale prices for Granite, Marble, Stones, etc. I am interested in the Prefab Granite (full bull nose). I have houses that we are working on that are needing granite and marble. On one house I am looking for Azul Caramel and Galaxy White granite either prefab or slab. Aug 5, Contact

PT/TR: e 8333 USA: Please quote for Rosa Portugal Salmone and Rosso Laguna. The specification that the architects request are a Bright Red Marble with out White Vanes or a little presence on the slab. We are a general contractor located in Miami, FL. Telephone number is 305-86.....We would like a sample and images also. Aug 4, Contact  

e 8315 USA: We are building a Temple and need 850 linear feet of 11" step limestone tread or 2" step to complete our project. This need to be exterior and a non-slip finish. I am also looking to buy 4000 sq ft of a natural stone for Temple veranda and entryway. The color range is buff with golden veins. We are in NY. 
Aug 4, Contact

IN: e 8314 USA: I am interested in 20 containers of Black Galaxy slabs, 2cm and 3cm thick, polished to a US location. 4x6 ft or greater slabs - random is fine.  See pricelist 885. Aug 4, Contact  

ALL: e 8305 USA: I own a stone and tile shop in Id. We purchase a variety of stones. Would like your wholesale price list. My contact no. is 208-65..... Aug 2, Contact  

e 8304 USA: I need 5500 square feet Noche Travertine 24" at $2.90 sq. ft. ASAP! Please call me at 480-41..... Need to ship to Phoenix, Arizona this month. Aug 2, Contact  

PK: e 8298 USA: I am trying to find some physical property data on Green Onyx from Pakistan, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I am particularly interested in: water absorption, thermal expansion coefficient, resistance (or otherwise) to freezing and approx iron content. IF the properties are OK, we could require as much as 2000m2 of material, but we can't progress the design without the data, and it will take time to measure it. Tel: +81-3-57...... IF we get the product specified, we will be purchasing stone in early Sept. 2003 for immediate delivery (not later than end Oct 2003 for the material)- hence the hurry to get the data. Aug 2, Contact  

e 8280 USA: Please quote for travertine tiles 18 x 18 and 24 x 24. I am in Florida. 954 614 ..... is my cell no. Aug 2, Contact  

BR: e 8274 USA: We want to import and do business directly from Brazilian suppliers. We would like to get a price list and some samples of the Giallo slabs. We are in CA 90302. Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8272 USA: We are starting a new "small" factory in Southern Ohio. Please send any info that may help us. Aug 2, Contact  

ALL: e 8261 USA: Need pricing on granite slabs. I am an owner of large granite firm wanting to stock slabs for retail and internal use. Large in counter top and structural business. Aug 1, Contact  

BR: e 8260 USA: I am currently working on a restaurant project and am very interested in the Ubatuba stone. Please send catalogs. I will be purchasing the stone in future. I am in NY 10016. Aug 1, Contact  

IL: e 8258 USA: We are an interior design firm which has a project in New York. Please quote with sizes, stock and lead time for "Jerusalem Gold Split Stone" and "Jerusalem Gold Tubze". Are these tiles suit for exterior? We would like to have samples, please. Our tel. no. is 1-212-22.....Aug 1, Contact  

e 8255 USA: Retail: I live in the US - Colorado. Recommend names of schools where we can learn how to engrave headstones? Aug 1, Contact  

IN: e 8244 USA: Please send me prices on marble tiles from India named Fancy Brown Forest and Fancy Green Forest. Aug 1, Contact  

BR: e 8243 USA: I have a stone warehouse in Houston, Texas. I want to contact the supplier of Brazilian granite. See price list 29. Aug 1, Contact  

e 8238 USA: I am looking for 950sq ft of 12x12 brushed Botticino Classico in the US. July 31, Contact  

ALL: e 8233 USA: We're looking at changing granite suppliers in the near future and I'm curious as to what you have to offer granite contractors/resellers. I would like to know if your product comes completely finished in order to fit standard kitchen/bathroom. Are the edges finished? Bullnosed?
Also, I ship product throughout the country and was wondering if you would take individual orders from us, and ship them to any specified location in the U.S.
Any kind of price list that you can offer would be great. I'd be most interested in the Canada and China granite offerings. July 31, Contact  

US: e 8227 USA: We want limestone. We are a custom works shop in Metro Detroit. Some of our custom works include fireplaces, tables, shelves and kitchen countertops. We design and manufacture all of our products. Currently we have dimensioned CAD drawings for a Indiana limestone fireplace. Once we find a supplier, we would fax the drawings for a quote. We are willing to buy from Michigan, Indiana or FOB Livonia, MI 48150. We can finalize / place an order as soon as we find a suitable supplier. Suppliers please email your only your existing stock lists. July 31, Contact  

e 8226 USA: Landscape: I want various types of flagstone. Please contact me at (801) 91......July 31, Contact  

PK/IR/TR: e 8217 USA: I want round and rectangle slabs of Onyx for furniture making. Some orders would be custom and most would be pre-made. I have to put the first table together by the end of August and what I need is a round 55" Amber and Green piece of Onyx that is 3/4 to 1" thick with the side very square not rounded. July 30, Contact  

e 8209 USA: I am a contractor interested in purchasing approximately 400 square feet of the Red Travertine 12" x 12" x 3/8" or 16" x 16" x 1/2", Tumbled finish for a kitchen floor installation. I am in NY 10038 and my contact no. is (212) 41.....Tiles will be installed over a wood sub-floor. We are ready to buy within the next 30 days from a dealer in the NY Tri-State area. July 29, Contact  

CN: e 8196 USA: We are a natural stone company with offices/shops located in many places in U.S.A. and Mexico. We have a requirement for pure black granite G635 in both tiles and slabs. Please quote for: 
1. 15,000 square feet of pure black granite 24" x 24" x 1 cm or 1.5 cm floor tiles.
2. 21 slabs approximately 111" x 60" x 3/4". Color should match tiles.
Please quote either f.o.b. China port or C&F Los Angeles, California. If your prices are competitive, we will require a 8" x 6" sample to show our customer. Our company will pay for the freight. July 29, Contact

e 8195 USA: Please quote per square foot price for Black Galaxy and your top 10 sellers of granite per container for my granite shop. I own 20000 s.f. of shop to produce high quality tops for the public. How many slabs per container and how many s.f. per slab. Include shipping fees if applicable. Send me your bottom dollar figures for five containers of granite. You will only get one shot at this, so make me one offer. July 29, Contact  

e 8193 USA: Please quotes for broken tiles for a mosaic project. Is there a minimum quantity? How is it shipped? Is is a mixed lot or can we select certain colors? I am in San Diego. July 29, Contact  

e 8190 USA: Looking for stones as displayed in 07-0015 and 07-0002 in smaller sizes than listed on the online store. We are jewelers looking for these stones in the 1 cm to 2 cm size. July 28, Contact  

e 8188 USA: Retail: I am renovating my shower stall, which is approximately 5 feet by 8 feet. I want an appropriate natural stone for my shower stall. I would say I'm in the final planning stage and need to order soon. I will probably place an order in September. My phone number is 847 85...... I live near north shore of Chicago. I will be buying stone from my area, the north shore or downtown Chicago. July 28, Contact  

e 8186 USA: Landscape: Retail: I want some stone/concrete garden pillars to provide a low wall at the edge of my patio. They need to be approx 400mm high with plinths spanning the tops. July 28, Contact 

e 8183 USA: Retail: I want granite to remodel their bathroom. I live in San Francisco, but I will be visiting southern California this Autumn. Looking for suppliers in Northern California. My work no. is 510/41..... July 28, Contact  

e 8180 USA: Retail: I am an engineer looking for an unusual solid surface for countertops and walls. I have read a little about fossil stone/slab and would like to know the comparison price between a high quality granite and the fossil stone delivered to Melbourne, Florida. I would probably require at least two 5’ X 6’ slabs for my present project and if the price is reasonable, perhaps more for tub surrounds and sinks. I know that the price depends on quality and I am interested in a very good quality product (not perfect but very good, with numerous imbedded fossils). I am primarily interested in the black stone/marble with ammonites and orthoceras fossils. I am also interested in how I would make my selection of slabs and how long it would take to arrive in Melbourne, Florida. July 27, Contact  

e 8179 USA:  Retail: We are looking for a marble we installed in 1987. I believe it came from Mexico or Spain called Rosa Simone. We are looking for three (3) 4' X 8' slabs of marble and (12) twelve 18" square tiles. Will buy from any area depending on shipping cost. We are ready to purchase today! We have a contractor just no marble that matches.
We have just spoken to the installer from 18 years ago, and he said to look for Chocorosa. I have a sample I can ship if necessary as well as pictures. Additionally, I have attached digital picture of the marble I took about 2 feet away...........2170 photo is the best color and closest. We are in Las Vegas, phone 702-69.....July 27, Contact  

e 8178 USA: Looking for 24x24 travertine chiseled edge and antique brushed old world looks preferably slightly yellow to light color variation in possibly tumbled 4000 sq ft to Scottsdale Arizona-order now and can wait. We are looking for about $3.50 sq ft range. Can you send samples or pictures. July 27, Contact  

e 8177 USA: Retail: I want Crocodile green, plain green, Fancy Forest or Emerald Green or Plain Verde or cristila green. I have seen the color before, but cannot seem to find it with any retail outlet available to me. I am in Georgetown, Texas outside of Austin. I need a small amount for a bathroom vanity and backsplash, approx. 40"X 26" and 6" x 66". I can have it cut and beveled here. No one will take the time to look, they just say "this is what we have". If I am going to spend the money to redo this bathroom, I want the color I want. 
The best description that I have for you is the color of Malachite. If you look on the internet, and put in Cristila Green Marble, you will pull up the site that I have visited, which shows all three of the marble's in the subject line. It is a true green marble, not the black green's shown in most showrooms. I need one 1 small slab, 40x38". I can have it installed and cut and beveled here, locally, or if someone in the Central Texas area is a distributor, I would like to have them do the whole job. The purpose is for a bathroom vanity top, side and backsplash. I need the marble asap. The only thing I need to verify is the color. The thickness of the marble, I need to be told what is appropriate for this bathroom application. My phone # is 512-86.....July 27, Contact

IN: e 8175 USA: We are importers and distributors of granite slabs and tiles from all over the world. We buy 6 to 7 containers of granite slabs of all popular colors from India. We are now looking for some good exporters for supply for quality Indian granite slabs. We are looking for Indian granite slabs with sizes 9ft by 5ft and above. We are based in Michigan and out telephone number is 248 47.....Please send a price list and payment terms. July 27, Contact  

e 8173 USA: We want a supplier of Indiana limestone for our custom works shop in Detroit. July 27, Contact  

e 8168 USA: Retail: I am looking to install granite countertops. I like Juparana Taupe, Giallo Fiorito and Uba Tuba. I did the water test for porosity and the light ones absorbed it quickly. My husband does not like the dark colors so I don’t think I will be getting the Uba Tuba. I am totally in love with the Juparana Taupe. Is there anything that I can do to make it less porous or will I be stuck with sealing it my whole life. July 27, Contact  

e 8165 USA: I am a sales consultant and kitchen and bath designer. I work with a number of contractors and retail customers of my own. The bulk of my work is Kitchens but I do Bathrooms, Libraries/Studies, Bar Areas, and some Custom Closet Work as well.
I have my Cabinets Supply in place but I am always interested in new avenues of supply. However the one area that I find difficulty in maintaining a consistent relationship is Granite Supply Fabrication and Installation. Most of the people in the South East Florida area do not wish to supply contractors in the proper way. They are usually unreliable, their pricing is not consistent and their service has much to be desired as well.
I would love to find one company that can fill my needs as far as reasonable pricing, supply, fabrication and installation of Granite Tops. My area Boca Raton Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida and All Cities on the East Coast of Florida as far North as Jupiter Florida are very busy in renovation work and we do a minimum of ten jobs per month. I am a cabinet supplier who works with about a half dozen and more contractors. I need pricing for Granite counter tops a price sheet I am located in South East Florida and this is where we do our jobs. At present even though this is our slow season I have three jobs pending and I am in need of someone's services. July 26, Contact  

e 8158 USA: I am interested in importing pumice stone to the United States. I would like to develop a manufacturer-distributor relationship. July 26, Contact  

e 8152 USA: I'm doing some research on the Granite Industry and was wondering if there are courses offered for this trade in Canada and USA. Also, is this a recognized (apprenticed) trade in the United States. My contact no. is (403) 24..... July 25, Contact  

e 8148 USA: Retail: I am looking for stone tiles - 2x2 or 3x3 to surround fireplace. I want a stone with identifiable fossils in it -- have been looking all over, finally found your site. The best I see is the Portugal Limestone called "Bichos." Would like to know availability, cost and sizes available of this tile, also if it can come glossy. Also, what other types of stone can you recommend that I may not know about... I am in MI and my phone no. is 1-616-78.....July 25, Contact  

e 8146 USA: Artifacts: Retail: I want stone sinks as displayed in 0019-0001 thru 0019-0012. I want them for our house remodeling. July 25, Contact  

e 8138 USA: Landscape: I want round 1 inch small pebbles, soft round in mixed color, not black or red but mixed grey, tan and red colors. Also need marble stone chip 1 inch wide which glitters and is soft to touch. Need enough quantity to cover 4000 square feet 1 to 1.5 inches thick. I need it urgently. I would like to get clear digital picture of exact product or sample. I am in Connecticut. I am getting 22 tons for $1100 here. I am getting marble stone chips for $17 a ton delivered- crushed white marble stone chips. My phone no. is 20353..... July 25, Contact  

IR: e 8137 USA: Would like price for 12"x12" Orange Onyx. Would like a sample of it if possible. U.S. What quantity comes in each container. Our phone no. is 330-88..... July 25, Contact  

e 8136 USA: We are a chain of retail stories from the United States that buys container loads of marble sinks. If your company makes Marble sinks, Please send us pictures and prices of your products. We are in Tennessee 37412. Fax 1-423-89.... July 25, Contact  

e 8135 USA: Retail: We bought a table with an insert of granite (45X20"). As we were bringing the table through the door the granite broke into several pieces. I am trying to buy a slab of blue pearl granite 45x20" with smooth edges to insert into this table. Wondering what the replacement cost would be. We live in Waterloo. July 25, Contact  

e 8133 USA: I am a roofing contractor in the Nevada area. At present, I have been unable to locate a manufacturer / supplier for 2' x 2' concrete paving stones to be used on a patio deck on a custom home I am bidding on. Please call me at 775-74.....July 24, Contact  

e 8132 USA: Retail: Looking for granite fabricator/installers in the Sacramento, California area.  July 24, Contact

e 8131 USA: Artifacts: I am trying to find some floor tiling what has Egyptian designs such as heiroglyphics. IS there any company that makes such tiles? July 24, Contact  

e 8130 USA: I am inquiring about marble dust (powder), mineral sand, in the corn size of 0.005 mm to 0.35mm. 
The material composition should preferable be about: Na 0.5%, Mg 13%, Al 5%, Si 45%, K 0.3%, Ca 15%, Fe 21%, Ti 0.2%.
The powder is for a new project but quantities can not be predicted. However, we feel 300 LB per month may be a number we can use for pricing. I am in MI and my phone no. is (248) 82.....July 24, Contact  

e 8120 USA: Landscape: I am interested in buying stone for a floor in a 14 ft X 40 ft greenhouse and extending out into my garden paths and patio area. As a basic idea of what quantity I'll need, I have calculated that I would need ~22,000 average sized bricks. I would like to find a large dealer in Southeast New Hampshire or Northeast Massachusetts where I can actually go and see whatever stone I decide I like the best and purchase it. July 23, Contact  

e 8119 USA: Retail: I have a Carrara marble counter top in my kitchen. I am interested in purchasing some Carrara kitchen accessories to match the counter top, such as Carrara creamer pitchers, vases, flower pots, containers, salt & pepper shakers, etc. Where can I find a place that sells such items made of Carrara marble? July 23, Contact  

BR: e 8118 USA: We are Stone Crafters, fabricators of marble, granite and other natural stones here in California. We have been in the business for 15 years now. We are interested to get some more information on Granite slabs from Brazil like a catalogue with price list and a few samples of their stones. July 23, Contact  

e 8117 USA: Retail: We need Travertine for entry/ Dining / Living rooms. Brown Marble bath counter, around the tub rim and fireplace. Also a few accent pieces in the entry. 
"Granite" kitchen counters. Not sure of the name but it is a beige background with black, rust, brown, port wine and other colors intermixed. 
Limestone shower stall (but glass tile on the floor of the shower) and bath floor.
I need to know what we should seal and what to clean with. As I need products soon, please advise on the fastest method of ordering. July 23, Contact  

e 8115 USA: I am an architect who is interested in a block of honey onyx about 18"X54"X18". What would the cost and lead time be on a block of this size? I am in Salt Lake City, Utah 84102. Tel. no. is 801.57.....July 23, Contact  

e 8114 USA: Landscape: Retail: I have a black random slate pathway that I’d like to extend to a small courtyard. I can’t find anyone in the South Florida area that carries black slate. I don’t need a large amount either which is often a problem, probably 40-50 square feet. July 23, Contact  

e 8113 USA: I am a kitchen and bath dealer in Southern New Hampshire looking for 12"x12" brushed Durango Travertine tile. Please quote. July 23, Contact  

BR: e 8106 USA: We need 300 Sq Ft of Bahia Blue Granite Tile (12 x 12 preferred, but will consider larger sizes) for First Phase of a Hotel Renovation Project. Additional quantity will be required for a Second Phase beginning in the next few months. Ready to Place order immediately--need product delivered to Phoenix, Arizona within approximately one week. Expedited samples are required (we will pay shipping) as order will be placed within the next two days. Immediate Availability is required. Thereafter, vendor selection will be based on quality of material and price. Will place order if quality is satisfactory at a price between $35 and $42 per foot delivered in Phoenix. Time constraints require that product currently be on hand in the USA. Phone no. is  602.33..... July 23, Contact

US/ALL: e 8104 Hong Kong: One of our current project requires Bethel White Granite. Please also quote for other granites that is similar to Bethel White. 
Qty: 250m3 or 4000m2 (approx.)
Size: Blocks or 20mm thickness slabs
Price: FOB Hong Kong
Shipping time: As soon as possible. 
Our tel. no. is 852-23.....July 23, Contact  

ALL: e 8103 Saint Martin: Please quote for slate, honed finish:
- BLACK SLATE BLOCK 20CM THICKNESS: approximately 4m²
- GREEN SLATE BLOCK 20CM THICKNESS: approximately 4m²
Our tel. no. is 590.590.......July 23, Contact

TR: e 8102 USA: Please quote for Rosso Laguna, tiles, polished size: 40cm x 90cm x 1.5 or 2 cm (or longer, whatever free length size you can produce for a more competitive price). The amount is more than one standard size container. Please attached a picture of the material -- we are looking for a Rosso Laguna that is a dark red shade. Our tel: 305-82.....July 23, Contact

e 8101 USA: Landscape: I want cobblestones & tumbled cobblestones for a developer in Atlanta and require specifics inclusive of prices. See pricelist 928 & 1071. July 23, Contact

TR:  8100 USA: Need prices for medium Noce travertine in 18" x 18", 8" x 8", 6" x 6", 4" x 4", and liners as well as for cream Noce travertine in the same sizes. See pricelist 1110
I need to determine exactly how much Noce and Cream Travertine I require from the builder in Atlanta. Also, I am somewhat reticent about purchasing without previewing. Do you have samples ... or somewhere nearby (between Cincinnati, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia) where I could preview travertine? My home is being built by one of the foremost and largest developers in Georgia. If possible, I would like to connect the developers with your organization to see if they can warehouse travertine and limestone tile without having the subcontractors increase the costs on the developers. In that way, the developers will make more money while the homeowners save money. Would you be interested in connecting with this particular developer as well as another friend of mine who is one of the largest developers in Cincinnati? 
I am EXTREMELY interested but I must see the product ... preferably in Savannah some time in the next couple of weeks. Also, I may have a client who would purchase LARGE QUANTITIES of various travertine and limestone ... a developer in Atlanta.
Do you also have 12 x 12 Noce travertine (medium) and (cream) available? If so, what is the price? 
Lastly, have you ever heard of Old World travertine? If so, I need that in 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 honed and filled. How much would that cost be as well?
I will get back to you on the exact quantities of everything since I must check with my builder regarding same.
Lastly, do you have small slabs of the Noce travertine (medium and cream)? If so, what size and what cost? How would the slabs be transported to Atlanta? Shipping costs, etc. I could transport them through a contractor friend of mine if the slabs or smaller [no larger than 5 ft. x 6 ft.]. I would require a total of four slabs. July 23, Contact  

ALL: e 8099 USA: Artifacts: Looking to purchase marble, onyx, travertine, limestone under mount sinks, rimmed sinks & vessels. Stock items as well as custom needs. I am in Austin, TX 78732. My contact no. is 512.4...... I am open to all geographic areas for purchase-delivery to Austin, TX. Would like to place initial order ASAP then more to follow. Please provide quantity break pricing (including containers) and estimated shipping prices to Austin as well as photographs of the product and dimensions. Please provide pricing & availability (shipping to US) for all sinks from suppliers #14 & #19. July 23, Contact  

e 8097 USA: Retail: I am looking for 21 pcs. of Juparana Millenium granite tiles of 12" x 12". I am in WA 98227. My contact no. is (360) 67.....July 22, Contact  

e 8093 USA: Retail: I work for an interior design company and have a client which is interested in Red Paladio for her kitchen countertop. I have received several samples but all of them seem to have so much black & green in it. I am in Brooklyn, New York. July 22, Contact  

e 8090 : Retail: I want to know the price and size of code: 0019-0007 and code: 0014-0009 or similar sinks and fountains. in FindStone's online stores. July 22, Contact  

e 8084 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Uba Tuba or Tropical Brown granite for my new kitchen countertop. I am in Seattle. July 22, Contact  

e 8083 USA: Artifacts: Please send wholesale pricing info for Supplier #14 (sinks12) for granite sinks as well as Supplier #35 with onyx sinks. If there are quantity/container discounts please advise as well and delivery timeframe to Austin, TX. Looking for other sink suppliers also. July 22, Contact

DIE: 3-0X0-8X2-0 / BASE: 3-6X0-12X0-6. I CAN FAX THE DESIGN AND LETTERING AT A LATER DATE. July 22, Contact  

e 8072 USA: I am interested in purchase Chinese granite slabs and tiles. Please see price list 811. We need 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G682 (also known as golden sand, golden sun) from China. Please give price for light and dark versions of this stone. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm) and 2 containers (approx. 4600 sq ft) of 3cm thick polished slabs of G611 (also known as Almond Mauve) from China. Slab sizing MUST be a GUARANTEED size of 9' x 5' (approx 275cm x 150cm). We need lead time of no longer than 3-4 weeks. We must place this order within the next week. Please send a quote. I am a wholesaler in Ohio. My contact no. is 1 216 66...... July 21, Contact  

e 8070 USA: I have a client looking for 3000 Sq. Ft. 24" x 24" Vein Cut, Classico Travertine Filled & Honed. Please send a quote. July 21, Contact USD 100 (open)

ALL: e 8064 India: One of our counterpart in U.S. A. is interested to purchase annually 60000 sqm. of granites slabs and tiles in various sizes and shades depending upon their requirements from time to time. The current requirements are in sizes of 6x12, 12x12, 12x8 in various thickness for floor and wall in various shades. Tel. no. is +91 265 23......July 21, Contact  

ES: e 8056 USA: Seeking 5000-7000 sq ft of 24" select Crema Marfil w/ minimum veining, consistent color. Will need 5,000 to 7,000 sq ft. Willing to pay up to $4.00 sq. ft. My contact no. is 954-92.....I am in South Florida. July 20, Contact  

ALL: e 8050 USA: I have an architectural, interior design, and a general contracting business in Florida. We are beginning to incorporate granite sales in with our other companies. please send pricelists. July 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8049 USA: Landscape: I am a landscape pebble mosaic artist. I am looking for flagstone and granite for countertops for a new home I am building. I have a pretty good idea of what I want but am open to other suggestions. I am also interested in pebbles, codes 0022-0011, 0022-0014, 0022-0015, 0022-0012, 0022-0016. The colors I am interested in are Deep Reds, Reds, Ambers, Golds, Blacks, Whites, Greens, Grey, Variagated. Sizes: Various from 1" - 3". The applications will vary from mortar to sand application. Applications that are completed on backer board are done with epoxy as well as mortar.
I am willing to buy from any area that can supply me with consistent color and quantity at a reasonable price. The stones must be rich in color. If it is advertised as black I don't want a faded gray. I am at the pricing stage and will determine when and whom to buy from based on quality, availability, and price. I expect to place an order by September / October 2003. Can you please tell me what sizes they come in and give me prices. I am looking for a supplier who can provide me with consistent service and material when I need it. I am in CA, my contact no. is 559-68..... July 19, Contact  

e 8046; We want Belgian Black Petit Granite (Nero Belga, Granit de Flandre) first Quality. Size of tiles 1000 x 1000mm. Thickness 30mm. Qty: 1000 M2. July 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8044 USA: I want slate boards with wood frames apx. 8" X 10" for a pioneer school and foir selling also. The ones we have now were made in Portugal. I think that the name on them might be Raco. July 19, Contact  

ALL: e 8041 USA: We are a Sales & Marketing company of natural stone products. We represent various factories from different countries and sell by the container. If you provide finished stone tiles & stone products, we would like to hear from you regarding representing your factory. We would need specific pictures, prices and any available catalog materials to be able to promote your products to our customers. We do not warehouse or distribute, we only sell to our clients by the container. We would need to develop a working relationship that would be exciting for both companies. If you are interested in expanding your sales in this market, please contact us. Our Phone no. is 954-52..... July 19, Contact

e 8040 USA: Artifacts: I own a company that is interested in selling stone products listed in your online stores. We currently have two locations looking to open third in a few months in Orlando. You can reach me at 407-29...... I am looking for a table top stone with some pattern inlayed like #0021-0016 (from supplier 21). I am looking to purchase one to begin with. The geographical area does not concern me. I would make a purchase today if i like it. The steps needed to finalize with a supplier is I don't know what supplier and how much it would cost and what colors are available. I am looking for a finished size of 34" square. July 19, Contact  

PH: e 8035 USA: Looking for a factory source for slabs & tiles for a project... only on material from Philippines. We are in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Our Phone no. is 954-52..... July 18, Contact  

AR: e 8027 USA: I need Azul Cielo marble from Argentina and Blue Bahia from Brazil. My warehouse is in Brazil. I live in Long Island, NY and my contact no. is 631.3.....I need only 20 sqm. July 18, Contact

e 8022 USA: Our company is interested to import Botticino marble in formats 12x12x3/8 inches and 16x16x3/8 inches into the New York and Connecticut markets. I will appreciate your information about availability, fob prices and packing details. Our contact details are 2034.....July 18, Contact

IN: e 8010 USA: I am looking to fill out a container shipping from Mumbai, India in about 30 days. The container is currently only 50% utilized and I would like to add approximately 600 square feet of 30mm granite slabs and 1800 square feet of slate tiles to the goods already scheduled. Would you please advise me if this order is of interest to you and if so, forward a price list and other particulars to my attention. 
We regularly receive goods from India and while they are high value they are not high volume. Because the shipments are typically “urgent”, the containers nearly always depart with significant unused space. As there is a ready market for Indian granite and slate in our local housing market, these materials are ideal for maximizing our current container loads. 
I really have my sights on granite slabs. Surprisingly enough, the slabs are more easily marketed locally than the tiles. At the present time, I am working to finalize our chemical order so that we can determine the room (weight really) available in the container for the granite goods. In any case, I will not just disappear but will bring closure to the inquiry before moving on. My contact no. is 509-92.....July 17, Contact  

e 8002 USA: I am looking for a material Juparana Jurado in 3 cm thickness. Please see attachment, and let me know where I can find it, or if it has another name…??? I am in Florida and contact no. is (727) 5......July 16, Contact

GR: e 7998 USA: Please quote for Thassos (pure white) 12x12x3/8. July 16, Contact  

e 7992: We want Azul Platino 1 (bluish gray coulor) (maybe from Spain). Qty. is one ctr. 600 x 600 mm tiles. July 16, Contact


e 7989 : Please quote for birjand green. See pricelist 320. July 16, Contact  

e 7987 USA: We would like to import the following travertines to Louisiana for our construction company. We usually import about 15,000 square feet every time. We want to buy it from Turkey as we need Turkish Travertine and they will be used for residential construction. After accepting offers and approving the samples we can place the orders immediately. I would like to get the prices for the below given travertine with the 
exact features mentioned below. Please send samples. 
All of them should be 5/8" thick and unfilled.
8"x16" Walnut, Chiseled Edge - Double Brushed Travertine Tile
16"x16" Walnut, Chiseled Edge - Double Brushed Travertine Tile
16"x16" Ivory Classic, Chiseled Edge - Double Brushed Travertine Tile
12"x24" Ivory Classic, Chiseled Edge - Double Brushed Travertine Tile
12"x24" Walnut, Chiseled Edge - Honed Travertine Tile
16"x16" Walnut, Chiseled Edge - Honed Travertine Tile
16"x16" Ivory Classic, Chiseled Edge - Honed Travertine Tile. Our contact no. is: 318 34.....I am in LA. July 16, Contact  

e 7982 USA: I am interested in volcanic rock, if possible in a powder form. I need this for an industrial application to use it as a buffer for a specific desiccant sachet. This is why we need it in a powder form. Depending on price and availability I will decide to either go with this product or use something else available to us that will provide us with the same results. Should I go ahead with this product I would require large volume. Call at 718-64..... July 15, Contact


BR: e 7967 USA: I am an American granite fabricator looking to import containers of Verde Ubatuba and/or Gallo Santa Cecelia in 3cm slab form. July 15, Contact

e 7966 USA: I want to find a distributor for Navona travertine, unfilled, cross cut, polished slab. We need two slabs 1’-6” x 8’-0” for a repair of a 1980 building. I can find plenty of the honed and filled grain cut but none of the polished unfilled cross cut. July 15, Contact  

e 7963 USA: I am looking all over for worry stones that are 2 and a half inches long by at least and inch and a half wide. These are for a product that goes under production in 2 weeks. My contact no. is 877-46.... 
July 15, Contact  

e 7957 USA: Looking for suppliers of bluestone. We need samples and quarry information. We architects and our contact info. is 212.67.....July 14, Contact  

e 7944 USA: Artifacts: We are a chain of retail stories from United States that would buy container loads of Marble Sinks, if your company makes hand made marble sinks, please email me back with container load pricing. We would like to see pictures and prices of your different types of sinks and other products your company offers. We are in Tennessee. July 14, Contact

e 7939 USA: Landscape: I am interested in 1400 sq ft of 6" x 12 " Travertine pavers for delivery in Miami, Florida. Please offer better prices as offered by local stores. I am willing to buy them for $ 2.10 a sq ft My contact no. is 305 8 ......July 14, Contact  

e 7933 USA: Artifacts: Interested in the inlay tables from supplier 21, table 009 and supplier 0036-0032. Would need a table 48” x 48” and 1” in thickness. Also interested on door pediment (architectural detail above doorway) for indoor use; semi circle with a 28”radius and 1” thickness, preferably from sandstone. Any other suppliers for planters and vases? I am in Orlando, FL. Closest port is Jacksonville 140miles; Miami 220 miles. July 14, Contact USD 200 (open)

e 7922 USA: I need GRANITE, not marble! Can you send me some granite tiles in the traditional gray color??. Please send samples in approximately 6" x 6" slice(s). I am in Florida 32935. July 11, Contact  

IL: e 7921 USA: I want nice dark Jerusalem Red. I now have the Jerusalem red mixed with a kind of beige. But I need the kind that is more all over dark red, with areas of lighter red. The red and beige is pretty but it won't work for what I need it for. My contact no. is 818-76.... July 11, Contact  

e 7919 Canada: Landscape: I want a full load of USED granite cobblestones in the light beige / black / white/ colour range. Prefer size about 8" x 8" x 4". I have a customer waiting for this. We prefer the used as the surface is smooth as opposed to snap edge surface. Purchase would be completed upon receipt of sample or good digital photo of product. I have a client who has my product on site and has asked me as a courtesy to source this product for him.. This is an ultra high end project and I have a definite need. We are in NS. Our tel. no. is (902) 63.....July 11, Contact  

ES: e 7918 USA: We are a Miami and wan to buy 10000m2 of Crema Marfil. My contact no. is 3512145...... We need the material urgently. July 11, Contact  

e 7911 USA: Need someone who does stone void ratio testing. Or, do you have documentation on stone void ratios for different types of stone? We are a company that uses stone in our installations. I need specification information for stone void ratio of 1 1/2 -2" clean washed broken stone (bankrun gravel, No. 57 stone). We sell throughout the US. Right now I am trying to find a supplier in the Woodhaven, MI area. Stone is used for drainage applications. 
Typically we use a stone void ratio of 40% and we need documentation that supports that industry standard. Limestone not acceptable because of silty properties. We are in the specification stage. My phone no. is 203-77.....July 11, Contact

e 7901 USA: I am a rep. looking for info on "Ocean Green" slate. July 11, Contact  

e 7900 USA: I have a customer looking for prairie green. None of the suppliers I have contacted have it, let alone heard of it. She said it looks like pokono green but with a lot less gold coloring. Please email pics and prices. I am in Massachusetts. July 11, Contact  

e 7899 USA: I am a custom home builder in Houston looking for granite slabs. Please forward info on your services. July 11, Contact  

ALSO INTERESTED IN THE DRAGON JADE, NEED 1000 SQ. FOOT 12X12. I AM IN FL. 32127. MY PHONE #386 76.....July 11, Contact

e 7870 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Marble, Limestone, Soapstone, Alabaster both sheets and blocks. I will purchase with in the next couple weeks. Our contact details are 248-61.....We are in MI. July 10, Contact  

e 7867 USA: I am an architect with a firm in Columbus, OH. We are working on a renovation project for the old Courthouse in OH. The stone that was used on the building in the late 1830"s was called "Dayton Limestone". We are looking for a source of replacement stone that could match as closely as possible for the portions of stone replacement work that will be done under this project. I have attached some photographs of the particular building that we are involved with so that you can see the limestone.
To my knowledge there is no source for the original stone. All of the quarries that once produced the stone are now closed. I have attempted to do some searching on the internet for a compatible stone but it is very difficult to determine color, texture etc. by photographs. I am wondering if any of your suppliers might have some ideas on finding and appropriate stone to match. July 10, Contact  

e 7865 USA: Our construction company is planning the building of a new winery in California and we will require the purchase of approximately 25,000 to 3,000 sq.ft. of either limestone or travertine in slabs approximately 3 cm thick (1 1/4") to be mounted on the exterior surface of the building. We will need earth tone stone as the design of the building is that of a medieval castle. We will purchase the stone in slabs. We wish to purchase directly from a quarry to maximize value. Please provide the following information: 
1. Company information
2. Product description
3. Prices to be quoted CIF Los Angeles, California
4. Estimated weight
5. Estimated slab size
6. Delivery: October 2003. 
We are very serious buyers and have every intention to acquire the stone as construction of the project will commence next week. We do not have an existing supplier and therefore are dealing in complete good faith.
We are looking to purchase approximately 25,000 s.f. (+/- 2,800 m2) of limestone or travertine for the construction of a winery in California. Are are some details about our project:
1. We need slabs of approximate dimensions 6'X10' (1.8mX3m).
2. The slab thickness needs to be 3 cm.
3. The port of entry can be Los Angeles or San Francisco, whichever is less expensive.
4. We are looking for cream/beige colors, honed finish. 
5. We will require approximately 10,000 s.f. (1,150 m2) by the end of September and the balance by December 2003. 
6. Please let us know if we can receive a sample as soon as possible. We are looking at samples in the low $3.00/s.f. range CIF Los Angeles. Please quote us the cost of this stone to any of the ports I mentioned above including freight and insurance. July 10, Contact

e 7857 Canada: Landscape:  I want a variety of boulders, river pebbles, water falls rocks, flagstone for paths, and general landscape stones of a large and small variety. I am on a fixed budget. I am not too familiar with the names of many of the stones or their weight, but I have a large yard and I am going to get a large water feature (pond) and flower beds installed soon. Please give me some idea on pricing and the availability of the many stones that may be appropriate for my project. I am in Mississauga. July 9, Contact  

e 7856 USA: I am the Executive Director of a botanical garden and we are building a new facility. I am interested in granite counter tops in restrooms and kitchens. July 9, Contact  


e 7830 USA: We want Black Marble Base Pieces with White Grain/Polished for 500, 2500, 5000 & 10000 Pieces. 
Black Marble Base Pieces with White Grain and Laser Engraved Text/Polished for 500, 2500, 5000 & 10000 Pieces. 
Sizes are 3 1/2" Dia. X 1" H, 3/8 Dia hole through center. Rubber pad backing put on by you and pads supplied by us. Please see attachment - this shows where the hole is and the print. Give lead time, quote F.O.B. Tampa, Florida. I am at the final stage for buying. Will place an order with the best supplier to my needs NOW. 
I also sent a attachment with text, text may change when putting in order. Please let know if you can see this attachment OK. (If not I will fax print to you, let me know your fax number.)
If possible to get a sample of a piece of marble that you sent in the attachment with the text sand blasted so we can show our client the finished product from you.
At the same time can you give me a quote for the following of the Black Zebra Marble as shown from your attachment. This would be sent by sea to Tampa, Florida.
500pcs without text 500pcs with text
1,000pcs without text 1,000pcs with text
2,500pcs without text 2,500pcs with text. Contact no. is (941) 48.....July 8, Contact USD 200 (open) 
e 7829 USA: We want cut limestone used in contracting old chimney's. We are building a cabin using authentic materials. We have used all the local resources for rock, but we need more. Our contact no. is 1-276-64.....July 7, Contact  

e 7817 USA: I want Verde Fountain. Please quote for 18"x18", in 1st and 2nd grade material. July 5, Contact  

e 7793 USA: We are a stone sandblasting company. located in Phoenix. We are interested in your products. Please quote with images. July 3, Contact  

e 7792 USA: I am a retailer looking for a marble known as Corallo Gris from Italy. It has a swirl effect with a gray background mixed with white, black, and mustard/gold color. I am looking for another possible name for it or maybe I have the wrong country. I need 12x12 or 16x16 or 18x18, approx. 850 sq ft. I am in Pittsburgh, PA. July 3, Contact  

e 7777 Canada: I deal mainly in landscape stone but am open to expanding into other areas. I am a stone distributor in the Ottawa area and would be interested in your product and pricing. July 2, Contact  

e 7776 USA: Looking for a supplier for Azul Macaubas. July 2, Contact  

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