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December 2004




 This is a list of all buyers' enquiries from USA. 

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Inquiries from July 2004 to December 2004  

e 16236 USA: Please quote for 70 bathroom vanity in 5 and 6 feet each, 140 tub surroundings sets 28"x6', 50 kitchen countertops 2'x8'; 30" x 6' island bow tops; 2000 sq ft. color tiles 12"x12"x1/8"; 10 2'x2' square medallion tiles; 10 4'x4' square medallion tiles; 10 6'x6' square medallion tiles; 10 2'x2' circle medallion tiles; 10 4'x4' circle medallion tiles; 10 6'x6' circle medallion tiles. Willing to buy from any geographic region with the best price. I am ready to buy and begin business with a good supplier. I am currently beginning a new company for placing granite in houses and will be needing more shipments of granite to the US . I will need an estimate for the above order and some pictures to make sure we are talking about the same styles and items. I expect to finalize and place an order within the next month or so.  My tel. no. is 252-49.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16234 USA : What would be the price for a 2 centemeter thick verde green marble slab delivered to Pipe Creek , Texas 78063 ? Dec 31, Contact

e 16233 USA : I want 1000 sq. ft 12 x 12 calibrated sandstone tiles. I am in Florida . My tel. no. is 407-90.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16232 USA : Interested in purchasing Yellow Sun granite from Bahia , Brazil for a home project. Can you help me find a good reputable supplier. I am located in San Francisco .  My tel. no. is 415-81.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16231 USA : We need about 40,000 Sq Ft of marble tiles in 18"x18"x5/8". Kindly indicate prices FOB/CIF and email me your details or send offer and samples. I am in New York . Cell: 646 77.....Dec 31, Contact

e 16221 USA : I am interested in approximately 200 square feet of pebble tile.... supplier 0027, items 0001 and 0003. I need the possible delivery time and cost to United States of America zip code 22046 ( Falls Church , Virginia ). Dec 30, Contact  

e 16219 USA: Where to find a quarry or rocks that are the colors of Africa, Arizona, Middle Eastern....that we can have shipped to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am designing a church and we are building a rock wall, waterfall that spills into a rock Baptismal. It is very important that the colors in the rocks are rich in reds, copper, orangish-yellows. This church is multi-cultural but has a large tie with Africa . It is very organic in its design. The stone should be flagstone and we are doing stone veneer work. Dec 30, Contact  

e 16213 USA : I have a client who is interested in a large block (2 1/2 to 3 feet square by 4 or 5 feet tall) of the reddest stone available. Preferably a calciferous stone - marble, onyx, calcite or whatever. I prefer not to work in Granite. My tel. no. is 972.67.....Dec 29, Contact  

e 16187 USA : I am interested in quote for polished kota stone delivered to Chicago or Milwaukee sea port. Quantity 15,000 sq. ft. My tel. no. is 608-26.....Dec 28, Contact  

e 16186 USA : I am interested in purchasing rose rocks for wholesale purposes. Various sizes from small to large. Dec 28, Contact  


e 16183 USA : We are looking for Silver Sea Green or Oriental Green Polished Granite Tiles  5,000 - 7,000 Square Feet. 16"x16" or 18"x18". Dec 28, Contact  

e 16179 USA : I am looking for rough sawn granite pavers in Hawaii . Do you know anybody who sells them here? Dec 27, Contact  

e 16177 USA : Quarrying Machine: We are looking for marble cutting machinery. We have a marble mountain, however we do not have any experience in this industry. Please contact me so that we can discuss our machinery needs.  Our tel. no. is 1-253-63.....Dec 27, Contact  

e 16177 USA : Quarrying Machine: We are looking for marble cutting machinery. We have a marble mountain, however we do not have any experience in this industry. Please contact me so that we can discuss our machinery needs.  Our tel. no. is 1-253-63.....Dec 27, Contact  

e 16170 USA : I am interested in a walk behind saw as displayed in FindStone.com. I am also looking for wet saw with 36-48" capacity. My tel. no. is 780-88..... Dec 25, Contact

e 16166 USA : I am interested in Pavers as flooring in my kitchen dining area. I am having a hell of a time getting info...Please send any catalogs etc... that you may have. I am in NV. Dec 24, Contact  

e 16161 USA : I am interested in purchasing Granite Slabs. The colors I am interested in are Black Absolute, Black Galaxy, Black Ubatuba, Emerald Pearl, Pocono Green or Seaweed Green, Giallo Vinciano, Giallo Vincenza, Peacock, Santa Cecilia or Juprano Gold, Ornamental, Labrador Green, Labrador Gold, Butterfly. I need polished slabs (Resin) 3cm 5ft X 9ft or larger - bundles of 6-8 slabs per color 1st quality. If the price is right, I am ready to order in January. Willing to buy from any geographical location. Before I could finalize a supplier, the first step will be to get samples of these colors. I expect to finalize/place an order by the end of January or early February. Dec 24, Contact 

e 16153 USA : I want Boca White marble. Please quote. Dec 23, Contact  

e 16150 USA : Please quote for Commercial Quantities Grey Tumbled Granite. Quantity is 500 M/2. Size range: 8" x 12" x 1-2". Application: Cladding. Willing to buy from North America, Central America, South America , and others. Currently in planning stage. Will finalize a supplier when the desired price is met. An order is expected to be placed in February 2005. I am in LA, phone no. is (626) 40..... Dec 23, Contact  

e 16143 USA : I need a quotation for 2 centimeters Brazilian granite slabs: dallas pink, amarelo venecia, dourado carioca, rosa iris, vermelho grena, butterfly, amarelo bangu and cinza nubia .  I need 8 of each quality mentioned. If you don't have any of the above, please send me a price list of the slabs that you have available right now. I also need a price list of the Chinese slabs that you have available right now. How long does it take to get to Longbeach , California ? How are the payment terms? Dec 22, Contact  

e 16142 USA : Monument: Would like information on staring a monument/tombstone business. Dec 22, Contact

e 16141 USA : I have a customer that would like to purchase jade for countertops and tub surrounds in his house. My tel. no. is 907-37..... Dec 22, Contact

e 16139 USA : Looking for a supplier for basalt stones used in massage. My tel. no. is 847 88.....Dec 22, Contact

e 16128 USA : What is the price for howlite? I am looking for natural or white howlite and appr. 25 to 30 tons per month. My phone number is 001 (213) 88.....Dec 21, Contact

e 16127 USA : Stone Processing Machinery: I am sourcing for heavy duty Saw to cut big stones weighs more than 6 tons. Please let me know if that is what you carry and how I can talk to you. My tel no. is 213 48.....Dec 21, Contact

e 16126 USA : I am interested in buying granite for my retail outlet. I am located in Detroit , MI. Dec 21, Contact  

e 16123 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Want a 980C excavator. I am in CA. My tel. no. is 800-82.....Dec 21, Contact  

e 16122 USA : I need about 12 polished marble columns 12 foot high and at least 12" in diameter. I am in Virginia Beach , VA. My tel. no. is 757-45.....I can either import or buy domestic. I can order based upon pictures, and can order ASAP. Wholesale prices only. Dec 21, Contact  

e 16117 USA : I am interested in purchasing Rustenberg and Bonacord impala medium granite blocks. Sizes ranging from 55"x60"x90" to 74"x160"x30". Must be free of color stripes. Possible up to 18,000 cubic feet annually. I am in MN. My tel. no. is 800-95.....Dec 20, Contact

e 16114 USA : I need about 2100 sqft of Esmeralda Green. I also will be needing 3000 sqft of Shivakshi and 2000 sqft of Jerusalem stone. Dec 20, Contact

e 16103 USA : I am interested in talking with someone directly from your company about importing large quantities of granite slab into the Port of Seattle . Could you please provide me with a contact name & number, or if you prefer call me at (208) 96......Dec 18, Contact  

e 16100 USA : Please quote a both 3cm and 2cm x 24.5" x 96" countertop, with full bullnose on one long and one short edge. The stone should be AFG49, G687, Maple Leaves, G634, Pearl Black, Verde UBATUBA, An Tiger Skin Yellow. I am in Louisiana . Dec 17, Contact

e 16087 USA : We have a project for which Mura marble has been selected. We are urgently seeking factories in Bulgaria who produces Mura marble. We are interested in blocks or rough or honed slabs in 2 & 3 cm thickness. Please advise the size of the blocks or slabs? We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 818.25.....Dec 17, Contact

e 16082 USA : I am also looking for Verde Fuoca. I am located in NJ. I want 1 container per month. Dec 17, Contact  

e 16076 USA : Is there a crossover name for pink leather slate? I am looking for this material. Dec 16, Contact

e 16070 USA : We are a manufacturer of special coated ceramic tiles. We are looking for the following products: 
12" x 12" untreated or bisque ceramic tiles. Thickness 3/8" or less or 30cm x 30cm untreated or bisque ceramic tiles. Thickness 8mm or less. The tiles will be used as a base product for our special coating process. Initial Quantities depending on price is 1 container. Estimated needed Quantities in one year: 500,000 sq. feet. Colors are irrelevant as the product will be coated. Sample tile must be submitted. We accept offers from the US AND all countries around the world. Once product has been tested and accepted, orders will be placed immediately. e expect a price range to be between US $ 0.20 and US $ 0.40 p. piece. Our tel. no. is 360-86.....Dec 16, Contact  

e 16069 USA : We are interested in black ametista. We think it is a rock with characteristics that some of ours best customers are wanting. Please quote FOB price of the cubic meter (block). To begin with we would like to buy 20 cubic meters. Dec 16, Contact  

e 16068 USA : Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for fabrication machine let us know if your company manufacture the machine. We are in Oregon . Our tel. no. is 503-84.....Dec 16, Contact

e 16066 USA : I need to buy 20,000 of slate and need shipping arrangements. I also need 68 Slabs of 3 cm. Ubatuba and 30 Slabs of 2 cm Ubatuba. Dec 16, Contact

e 16064 USA : I am looking for a bundle of Sierra Travertine slabs. Looking for a source in the United States .  Dec 16, Contact

e 16059 USA : We are an interior design firm and we are interested in using jade slab for a sink countertop. We are looking for a slab that is approximately 1 ½ - 2" thick and it would need to be approximately 5-6' wide. Would you please let me know what is available and whether we might be able to see photos or samples of the product? Our tel. no. is 209.52.....Dec 16, Contact

e 16057 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote  with images for Cat D8L and EX700. Our tel. no. is 602-55..... Dec 16, Contact  


e 16053 USA : I am most interested in the jasper stone. Dec 15, Contact  

e 16046 USA : I am interested in Marble Polishing pads. What is the quantity you have on hand, price, shipping cost?  My tel. no. is 916-51.....Dec 15, Contact  

e 16042 USA : Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a used bridge saw. If yes, can you provide more info. My tel no. is 703 82.....Dec 15, Contact

e 16041 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Do you have any 1998/1990 CAT 950E for sale? I am in CA. My cell no. is (408) 28.....Dec 15, Contact

e 16040 USA : I am looking for some Balinese Tile 4" x 4" in size and green in color. I have found it in Bali but have not been about to find a supplier in the USA . We need 2100 pieces of this tile to be shipped to Balize or Miami . Dec 15, Contact  

e 16032 USA : Please find below my request for quotation. The first two needs are immediate so I would like to use a domestic source. The last application is a few months out so I could consider importing however I would prefer to deal with a US company. I am most interested in finding a company I can work with on an ongoing basis, but since I don't know who these companies are could you please forward my request on to all? Will order immediately upon approval of samples and pricing. 
Have 2 immediate applications and one confirmed future application 
1. Granite Slabs 
Qty 4 - Polished Granite Slab 25.5" x 96" Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
Qty 1 - Polished Granite Slab 38" x 40" Bullnose 4 sides 
Looking for style similar to: 
http://www.findstone.com/BRAgran15.htm  - Ouro Bahia & Gialloitabela 
http://www.findstone.com/CHIgran4.htm  - Tiger Skin Yellow 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
I am a contractor and am looking for a regular supplier I can work with. 
1. Marble Tiles and Marble Slabs. Looking for style similar to: Chinese marble M003. 
2. Egyptian marble slabs and tiles of Absolute Beige, Brescia Sinai and Filetto Hassana, Fleto Hasanah 
Tiles 12" x 12" 3/8" Qty - 360 Sq ft. commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Slabs 21.5 x 96 Qty 2 Bullnose 1 side with backsplash 
commercial quality; needed earliest date 
Tiles Tiles 12" x 12" 3/8" (Qty - 2100 Sq ft. First Quality) 
I am in WA and my tel. no. is (425) 24.....Dec 14, Contact   


e 16030 USA : I am interested in buying and distributing large amounts of Travertine for our retail store in Southern California, USA . Please email me relevant information on your product. I would also be interested in one of your catalogues and sample of materials. My tel. no. is 714-50.....Dec 14, Contact

e 16028 USA : I am looking to work with a new overseas stone supplier. I import 2-3 containers a month. Mostly the material will be from Brazil . I am interested in 3/4 & 1 1/4 granite slabs. I am in MI. My tel. no. is 1 248 54.....Dec 13, Contact

e 16017 USA : I am searching for slabs of either onyx slabs in light blue or sfumatto quartz. Dec 13, Contact

e 16016 USA : I would like to have prices for granite sinks and delivery time. I am in Florida . My fax no. is 941 38.....Dec 13, Contact

e 16015 USA : Stone Processing Machinery: I would like to have more info on bridge saw: tip, price, delivery time, tech. spec. I am in Florida . My cell no. is 561 31.....Dec 13, Contact  

e 16012 USA : We are company located in Orlando Florida . We looking for is 2000-2500 sq.ft. 18x18 of Jerusalem Gold Tiles and 600-1000sq.ft 24x24 of Jerusalem Gold Tiles. I will appreciate if you could sent to me a price list and approximate time receiving the order. Our tel. no. is 321-43.....Dec 12, Contact  

e 16007 USA : Kitchen re-modeler looking for stone supplier in US to supply busy company on a per job basis. Possible resale situation. Everything within a 1000 miles of me is a custom shop. Price between $10-$25 sq. ft.
Looking for pre-fab granite countertop slabs for kitchen, also small quantities (1000 sqft) travertine tile. Two long slab 25"x84-96" one with straight sides, one with finished right edge, one island 76x42" finished all 4 sides. 2 backsplash 4" x 84-96" Edge profile is prefer 1" thick with double pencil edge, but will take 1 1/2" laminated bullnose if quality is very good and the edges book. Lengths can be changed +/- a few inches. Let me know what you got. As far as variety goes, what's popular here is what sells. Dark colors, something with depth. (black galaxy, emerald pearl, ubatuba, yada-yada.) nothing too figured. Must have ability to send samples or preferably digital pictures of actual slabs. Needs to be shipped to (NH). Can pick up at shipping station if cheaper. Will buy today. My phone no. is 60339......Dec 11, Contact

e 16004 USA : I am a retail outlet in Canada and I was wondering if you carried a line of tile from a manufacture called "Platinum Ceramics". Could you please tell me where I could source this tile in Canada ? Dec 11, Contact

e 16002 USA : I am with a countertop and cabinet a business located in the United States . I am currently looking for pricing on pre-fabricated countertops, slabs, and tile. Please send me a catalog of your products as well as a sample of your bull nose product. I am going to import 2-5 containers of pre-fabricated countertop, slab, and tile as soon as possible. Include in your pricing all domestic and imported granite with C.I.F to CA included. 
1. 98.5" X 25.5", 108" X 25.5" of prefabricated granite with bull nose on two sides alternating left and right sides on the 25.5 side. Include in your price 6" backsplash 
2. 4 size islands 76" X 36", 76" X 40", 100" X 36", and 100" X 40" with bull nose on 4 sides.
3. Tile in 12" X 12" and 18" X 18" 
Include in your information a list of the names of all your imported and domestic granite colors in English and Chinese. 
I would like to ensure the least amount of damage to the granite during shipping. What kind of packaging options do you provide? Dec 11, Contact

e 15995 USA : My company is one of the largest urn suppliers in the US selling only to wholesalers. Please quote. If you would like to explore business possibilities please contact me. Dec 10, Contact 

e 15994 USA : Belgium black marble block required, about 25-30" high x 15" x  15". I am in San Francisco . Tel. no. 415 44.....Dec 10, Contact 

e 15990 USA : I would like to know who I can contact in my area to purchase a marble fireplace surround. I am in Alabama . My tel. no. is 205-40.....Dec 10, Contact   

e 15989 USA : I am a contractor in Florida I am looking for a wholesale supplier in Canada or in the U.S.A. Dec 10, Contact   

e 15988 USA : Where can I find in NY, NJ area Mexican Beach pebbles in black or is Japanese a better product sauna floor to create a Zen feeling? I am using them to spread on a sauna floor - they would need to be smooth to walk on the area is approx 6 x 9. Dec 10, Contact  

e 15984 USA : I am looking for a small wall fountain with not much embellishment preferably for doing a mosaic or mosaics. Please see following picture. (Unfinished and economical for retailing mosaic). Dec 9, Contact  

e 15976 USA : I need a slab of grey marble approximately 6'-7" long x 5" wide x 3 1/4" thick. Do you deal in this type of marble slab? I am in  OK. My tel. no. is 580-35.....Dec 9, Contact

e 15975 USA : I am looking for a supplier for Bluestone pavers in all sizes and thickness. Dec 9, Contact  

e 15973 USA : I have a granite/stone company in Kansas , USA and I would be interested in selling your stone to residential and commercial contactors in all of our distributing areas. We also have territories in the Northwest and plan to expand all over the country in the next year or so. We plan on some major growth in the next couple of years and are looking to expand to regions all over the US . I am interested in developing a relationship with you and your company. I would like any information you can provide me with about your product line, pricing, finishing work/details and shipping. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your time. Dec 9, Contact

e 15970 USA : We are interested in the purchase of a large quantity of portland cement t 42.5 or ASTM C150. Quantity: 12,000 MT, please quote FOB. Dec 9, Contact

e 15965 USA : I am a designer in So Cal USA. Do you ever export fireplaces? If so, could you forward photos. I am interested in French reproductions in limestone. Dec 8, Contact  

e 15958 USA : Please email me your price list on Granite Tops and Culture Marble Tops. Our tel. no. is (210) 22.....Dec 8, Contact  

e 15957 USA : We are a granite distributor in the USA , and we're looking for a Brazilian granite supplier. I am interested in buying granite blocks and shipping them to our factory in China for fabrication. Could you please give me a list of the colors available and a price for each block. I am particularly interested in the Verde Uba Tuba and Verde Butterfly colors, but I would like to look at all the colors you can export. Dec 8, Contact  

15955 USA : We are in the process of restoring an old depot and are in need of a piece of black slate for the ticket counter. The original blueprints to this depot specified 1" thick Black Slate, 18 3/8" wide by 36 3/8" long. We will need the 18 3/8" ends polished (flat polished) and the 36 3/8" can be left unpolished. We would be willing to purchase from any geographic location. We are having a Christmas/Restoration Open House Celebration on December 14th, so we would need delivery no later than Monday December 13th. We are in KS. Our tel. no. is (800) 85..... Dec 8, Contact 

e 15954 USA : I own an existing granite fabrication business and I am interested in your products. Would you please send me information regarding your product and samples. I am in Mo. My tel. no. is (314) 50....Dec 8, Contact

e 15931 USA : I am looking for coquina shell stone. It can be in the form of columns or slabs. It can be used or recycled. I have (3) hollow columns to carve, approximately 12"-16" Dia. x 7'. Each column will be capped top and bottom with marble. I am interested in either bulk or slab, or even rubble if suitable size, for additive sculpture. A natural color...lighter shade is preferable. My tel. no. is 407 32....Dec 7, Contact

e 15927 USA : I need remnant of green moss marble. I need a piece 58"x6 1/2". Dec 6, Contact  

e 15919 USA : We are looking for marble slabs 'Bardiglio Bluette' for a project. The qty. is 200 sqm. Please send us 2 sample pieces and also mention the slab size. Our tel. no. is (852)-23......Dec 6, Contact

e 15916 USA : I am in New York and need limestone. I need 180 square feet in the lightest color possible-sand color/off white. My need is immediate and I was hoping to get costs pertaining to different sizes and shipping. Dec 6, Contact

e 15912 USA : I want crab orchard flagstone for my 1200 sq ft patio. Dec 6, Contact

e 15909 USA : I have a customer interested in a container of quartzite (guaged random and squares). Do you have quartzite? What colors? What prices? Quantity is approx. 2000 sq. ft. of random and 4000 sq. ft. of squares. My tel. no. is 707 37..... Dec 5, Contact

e 15903 USA : Need about 2500 sq ft of Ashlar pattern limestone. My tel. no. is 858 40.....Dec 5, Contact  

e 15902 USA : We require large blocks of beige/white cantera called " Riviera beige". We need these for for large carved fireplace surrounds, interior and exterior columns balustrades and cladding. We are ready to purchase now. We are trying to color match some existing samples
blocks will be field inspected in Mexico . We are in need of these blocks ASAP. We are looking for 1 truckload to start and a consistent supplier for the future. Quality needed is first to best quality in larger sizes needed also scraps and small pieces needed for veneers. Our tel. no. in Chicago is 847 92.....and in Mexico is 52 818 37......Dec 5, Contact

e 15894 USA : Please send Marble, Granite and Travertine prices. We are in FL. Our fax no. is 904.28......Dec 4, Contact  

e 15893 USA : Looking for old granite blocks - up to 5000 cf. size: 1' to 2' wide, 1' to 1 1/2' high, 1' deep. will buy from anywhere in the USA . We are in design phase of new construction. Will need stone to ship within 5 months. Application is residential, exterior walls. Please send description, quantity available and price, exclusive of shipping. Our phone no. is 917-45.....Dec 4, Contact  

e 15892 USA : I am looking for 16" x 16" travertine, approximately 2000-2500 square fit, ship to New Orleans area. What price?  Phone 504-83.....Dec 4, Contact  

e 15889 USA : I need 600 sq.ft. of 12X12 Perlato Sicilia marble. I have not been able to find this through the local marble stores. There is no rush. I am in FL, tel. no. is 305-88.....Dec 3, Contact  

e 15886 USA : Artifacts: We wish to purchase some of the vases. We are interested in medium green onyx vases, in the following sizes:
8" X 15" = $31.35; 8" x 18" = $37.50; and 9" X 18" = $47.45. We would like to see photos of these vases and any other information with respect to the physical qualities of these vases. Initially we will purchase a minimum quantity of these vases so that we may estimate future demand. Also, please provide us an estimate of the delivery time from the time of our confirmed order as well as shipping costs. Payment will be arranged to your satisfaction. We are in NJ. Our tel. no. is 201-82.....Dec 3, Contact

e 15885 USA : We need to buy a lot of granite slab 'A frames', carts and racks for our new 70,000 sq ft facility. We are trying to get this project done by the end of the year. Dec 3, Contact

e 15883 USA : I am an Artist and want to get started with stone carving. I need to buy a chunk of Marble to start my stone carving venture. My specs are as below, please give me a quote. I am in Newark & phone no. is (302)73.....Quantity estimated - one chunk/block for a starter. Let's say 2 feet wide x 6 feet deep x 6 feet high. Absolutely no crack line in the chunk. I am in no hurry but need to know the maximum delivery time frame. Dec 3, Contact  

e 15875 USA : Please send me your proce list for a grave monuments. Dec 2, Contact

e 15873 USA : I reside in So. California . I am having my home built right now. I am in the market for Beige Travertine or a light colored Limestone. Looking for 16"x16" or 18"x18. I don't want to spend over $3.00 a square foot. I need 1,000 square feet. Contact me if you have a deal. I have cash and ready to deal with the appropriate offer! My tel. no. is (714) 42.....Dec 2, Contact  

e 15872 USA : I need Juparana Mojave, Polished Granite. 2 slabs 70 inches x 107 inches. I am in Seattle , my tel. no. is 425-27.....Dec 2, Contact

e 15871 USA : My architect is considering specifying a quartz base tile or agglomerate for the outside of a building in NY. I have heard people against the use of agglomerates on the exterior because of discoloration. Because of the cold and hot weather here in the east, my concern is that it might not hold on the wall (the architect is specifying a thinset installation on dur-rock) and there may be change in the material characteristic. What do you think? Dec 2, Contact  

e 15868 USA : I need to purchase a Saturnia sample for a client that saw this stone in a friends home in Miami Fl. I work for an interior decorator in New York and Los Angeles . My tel. no. is 310-31.....Dec 2, Contact  

e 15867 USA : Stone Processing Machinery: I am interested in starting a business in monuments and other stone engraving work. I am looking for information of manufacturers of equipment such as lasers, sandblasting precision equipment, layout equipment and related required equipment for engraving soft and hard stone. Dec 2, Contact  

15865 USA : Please quote for a CAT 14G. I am in Texas . My contact no. is 713-78.....Dec 1, Contact

e 15864 USA : We are looking for a supplier for large quantity of Black Lava Stone. Please contact me with per ton Pricing and delivery cost to Santa Barbara CA . My tel. no. is 805 89.....Dec 1, Contact

e 15853 USA : Please quote for Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, Giallo Venziano, Tan Brown, Absolute Black, etc. prefab granite slabs. My tel. no. is 619-50.....I am in CA. Dec 1, Contact  

e 15852 USA : Looking for a reliable source for translucent Mexican onyx panels (+/- 12" x 12" square). My tel. no. is 323.63.....Dec 1, Contact

e 15849 USA : I am in Anaheim , CA . I am looking for a 24x24 white limestone. Qty. 5,000 sq ft. I need as white as it can get. Cell no. is 
714-71.....Dec 1, Contact

e 15843 USA : Looking to import the top ten colors of granite into the southeastern USA . We are a counter top materials supplier. My cell no. is 678-78.....Nov 30, Contact  

e 15842 USA : I am looking to put Jerusalem Gold - 16" x 16" Honed tile for my bathroom. The Sq. footage of bathroom is 17' X 20'. 
1. What price willI get on Jerusalem Gold - 16" x 16" Honed?  2. Can you send me a sample?  3. What's the shipping cost?  am in  MN 55422. Nov 30, Contact

e 15841 USA : Interested in prices on diamond blades from 18 inches to 54 inches. Nov 30, Contact  

e 15835 USA : I am interested in several slabs of the Marinace Green granite. Where in Texas can I obtain these? Finding this granite has delayed our project by several weeks, can you help? I'm located in south Texas , zip code 78539.  Nov 30, Contact  

e 15828 USA : I am looking for a Black Beach Pebble 2-3". Do you have this product? I am in TX. My tel. no. is 325-64.....Nov 30, Contac  

e 15827 USA : I am a sculptor from Ft. Worth , Texas . I am looking for a company that can supply me with Black Granite bases for my work. I know several sculptors that I can sell to as well. My phone number is 817-58.....Nov 30, Contac  

e 15816 USA : Need info about multicolor stones-pebbles. Nov 28, Contact

e 15810 USA : I would like to get prices on all used bridge saws. Nov 28, Contact  

e 15808 USA: Please quote for Pau Brazil & Azul. About 700 sq ft. Nov 27, Contact  

e 15806 USA : I am looking to purchase 36 to 38 2" granite balls. Do you have these balls and if so how much are they per ball and approximate shipping cost to zip code 72576. Nov 27, Contact

e 15803 USA : Please advise if you can supply Bianco Carrara excellent quality tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished - 300 pcs. Dark green marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished -1000 pcs. Medium green marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished-1000 pcs. Salome marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished- 500 pcs. White thassos extra marble tiles 12 x 12 3/8 well polished - 500 pcs. Also agglo simplex perlato royal marble tiles 30cmx65 1.2cm thickness 14000 Sq ft. per year. Please quote your best price, also need to know if you can e-mail to us photos of each item and payment methods you accept. My tel. no. is 1-812-39.....Nov 27, Contact  

e 15798 USA : Please quote for granite slabs. I am in RI. Nov 27, Contact

e 15794 USA : We wish to purchase in quantity, multi colored translucent onyx tiles in sizes: 12" X 12" X 3.8" or: 305mm X 305mm X 10mm. We will consider other sizes available for sale. The onyx tiles are to be polished on one (1) face and all four (4) edges. We will buy onyx from different regions in different colors as long as they are distinctly patterned and translucent. Our phone no. is 201-82.....Nov 26, Contact  

e 15788 USA : Earthmoving Machinery: Please quote with details for a CAT 14G excavator. Nov 26, Contact  

e 15782 USA : Please send me a price on a piece of black granite 30 inch X 30 inch by 6 feet shipped to Rochester , New York . Nov 26, Contact

e 15779 USA : Interested in Copper Multicolor slate, from Deoli , India I believe. I have found Copper and Copper Red but not sure if the same as the Multicolor; clarification would be helpful. Qty. is 2000 x 300x300x10/12 mm. Gauged slate. Recommendations on shipping consolidators would be helpful. I have used shipping consolidators in the past but not from India . Baltimore , MD would be the closest marine terminal. 
Can order immediately, flexible on delivery, delivery could be within the next 90 days. My tel. no. is 703-79.....Nov 26, Contact  

e 15772 USA : Do you have or can you help me find 3 to 4 slabs of Oubatub gold granite. My tel. no. is 1 800 42.....Nov 25, Contact

e 15771 USA : I am looking for specifications and samples of Crystallino polished tile. Nov 25, Contact  

e 15769 USA : We are seeking approximately 40-50 slabs of 2cm - "Fior Di Mare" Natural Marble. Final order quantities will be based on slabs size compared to project needs. The slabs must be polished on one face and be of typical marble slab size. The slabs must also be 2cm thick and within industry standard tolerances. The material must be sound quality as they will be used as wall panels. We are willing to buy from anywhere in the United States or from the country of origin, Italy . This project will most likely happen within the next 4-8 months. In order to finalize a supplier, we must receive a sample of the material to be supplied, pricing information, delivery lead times, payment terms and possibly a photo of the slabs if required buy the end user. We expect to finalize the order no later than the end of January, 2005. Phone: 214-38.....Nov 24, Contact  

e 15767 USA : We are looking to purchase CNC bridge saw, cnc machining center, and water recycling center for the fabrication of 3cm granite and marble counter tops. My mobile no. is 912-85.....Nov 24, Contact  

e 15764 USA : I am interested of buying a bridge saw ZDCQ item # 486 or 487. I am in CA. Please let me know the price. Nov 24, Contact

e 15761 USA : If you company offers any catalogs please send me. I am in Princeton . Nov 23, Contac  

e 15760 USA : We are a natural stone distributor in the United States . Our primary focus is the sale of sandstone that is quarried here in the US . However, we wish to expand our product offering, and we are looking to start a relationship with a reputable company in India . Currently, we wholesale between 4-5 containers per month of local sandstone. Our main warehouse is located in Miami , FL with additional yards throughout the state of Florida . Trade references from other countries can be provided in order to better understand the volume you might expect. My tel. no. is 1 305-24.....Nov 23, Contact

e 15757 USA : Do you have any travertine round table tops - what diameters? Nov 23, Contact

e 15756 USA: I would like to receive quotes for containers of polished slabs of marble and granite 2 and 3 cm, first quality only, with a minimum size of 5 ft. x 9 ft. I am looking to purchase approximately 2 containers per month if a relationship can be established with a supplier. The first container would be purchased within the next month. Please include shipping quotes with the material quotes. My tel. no. is 719 23..... Nov 23, Contac

e 15753 USA: I am looking for all manufacturers of Cutt off Abrasive A/O Rubber Bonded Wheels and Cutt off Abrasive A/O Resin Bonded Wheels. I am in NC. My tel. no. is 336.96.....Nov 23, Contact


e 15720 USA: We are interested in getting pricing on your tumbled marble and travertine. We are interested in the 4X4 & 12X12 sizes. We would like to receive some samples on these. We are a large distributor of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles in Connecticut. We are very interested in selling the tumbled marble and travertine as soon as possible. We would like to see a salesman next week if possible. Out tel. no. in Connecticut is  203-26.....Nov 20, Contact 

e 15713 USA: I am interested in matching existing marble in my home and the two that may be similar from the images in the stone library are 1) Mexican- Mayan or 2) Mexican-Mountain Rose. Nov 20, Contact

e 15710 USA: Please provide me with suppliers of granite. My tel. no. is 808 98.....Nov 19, Contact

e 15708 USA: We are planning stone flooring to replace carpet in a very large lobby of our apartment building. The area has heavy traffic, with only 1 elevator we have to use the front entrance for move ins and move outs, plus every day traffic. We were thinking of putting in a factory glazed terra cotta. We need a heavy duty stone flooring. What would you suggest? We are in Chicago.  Nov 19, Contact  

e 15707 USA: We are in need of 8 slabs of Green onyx. My tel. no. is 60266.....Nov 19, Contact  

e 15706 USA: I am looking for Greek Key Border #006-0010. Nov 19, Contact

e 15702 USA: Earthmoving Machine: Please quote for a CAT D9H excavator. I am in Texas. My fax no. is 713-69.....Nov 19, Contact  

e 15699 USA: I am an agent for stone tile & slab products and I would be interested in representing your firm for decorative mosaics and or medallions, etc. I am in Texas. My tel. no. is 817-27.....Nov 19, Contact

e 15695 USA: We presently operate a stone shop producing granite counters for the residential market. I am in need of a Stone Crusher to pulverize my waste material. The machine should be able to crush pieces no larger than 36" x 36" x 2" thick. Preferably electrically operated. My tel. no. is 603 92.....Nov 18, Contact

e 15692 USA: I want 2 slabs 70 inches x 107 inches of Juparana Mojave, Polished Granite. I need this for island countertop. I am ready to pay for the postage cost of samples. My tel. no. is (425) 27.....Nov 18, Contact  


15686 USA: I am an ASID designer, looking for 1200+ sq. ft. of 18 x 18 tiles - 3/8" or 1/2" Thick Aragon Gold limestone, honed or polished. My tel. no. is (800) 70.....Nov 18, Contact

e 15679 USA: I am designing a luxury residence in Orlando Florida. I would like to import the stone products for this project. The project calls for 900 square meters of flooring. Approximately 450 square meters polished and 450 square meters unpolished. I also require granites for external entrances and corinthian style columns. I will require at least 4 decorative mosaics and or medallions. Please send more information about your company and products. Please also send a price list. I will be visiting Europe during December. Nov 18, Contact

e 15676 USA: We specialize in etched rock, granite plaques, tile, and personal and pet memorials. We are looking primarily for a supplier of granite and marble headstones and markers, but we are very interested in seeing catalog and pricing for Medallions, Travertine Tumbled tiles, Mosaics, etc. Our tel. no. is 1-866-50.....Nov 17, Contact  

e 15665 USA: What is your price, including shipping to the address below in US, for 1000 sf of kappa-001, Versailles pattern? My tel. no. is 707-74.....I am in CA. Nov 17, Contact

e 15664 USA: I am looking to buy 200 granite countertops. The length of the countertops is 96 inches buy 25 inches with a thickness of ¾ inch. The metric length is 244x63.5x2cm. With a full bull-nose in the front. We are willing to buy from Shandong area. The places, which use Qingdao as a port. To finalize a supplier I need to have the lowest price after I have confirmed samples. I want to place an order before the end of the year 2004. My tel. no. in China is (0532) 27.....Nov 17, Contact  

e 15649 USA: Looking for countertops in granite need some one to contact me. Nov 17, Contact  

e 15648 USA: I need 2000 sq ft of white andromeda floor tiles in polished granite and 1200 sq ft of wall tiles in the same white andromeda granite. Delivery will be in Texas 78620. The need is now. Tel. no. is 512-78.....Nov 17, Contact  

e 15647 USA: Artifacts: Please email mail your catalogue and price list regarding Marble Chess set's, size 12"x12" size 16"x16" and if you sell 24"x24" chess sets. Also Onyx wine glass set from Pakistan. We have already place an order with a company two months ago however were looking for the best price for any up coming orders after the Holidays. Nov 17, Contact

e 15646 USA: I am very interested in importing large blocks of granite in three different unique colors. They are all from Brazil and their names are Golden Wave and Lapidus, Azul Bahia, Azul Macaubas, and Azul Barracuda Blue. I want to get a price quote per block and I would love the blocks to be big enough to make slabs that are minimum 260cmx160cm in size. These will be used for kitchen countertops so the quality must be excellent. My tel. no. is (480) 74.....Nov 17, Contact  

e 15643 USA: We are a floor covering contractor in S. Fla. We are looking for 2000 s/f of a 24" x 24" polished marble called royal oyster or pacific oyster. It is a gray green color marble. Please contact at Off. 561-84.....Nov 17, Contact

e 15625 USA: NEED scrap of BIANCO ROMANO 3 cm. (Prefer without any or much gold in order to match part of job already done). NEED: only 1/2 slab or so: fabricator sliced our slab in 1/2 by error. Please email or call asap. The other part is already installed and we were to have 25 family members for Thanksgiving! I am in Denver. Nov 16, Contact

e 15622 USA: Please let me know your availability of Mexican limestone products.  Nov 16, Contact

e 15611 USA: I am looking for black polished river stone, 5-9 cm, approx 1000 lbs. Do you have this available? Nov 15, Contact

e 15610 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I am looking bridge saw stone fabrication. Send me list of what you have with price range. My tel. no. is 301 35.....Nov 15, Contact

e 15596 USA: Interested in light beige Travertine slabs & 18x18 tiles filled & honed roughly 5000 sq ft. & 5 slabs. Nov 13, Contact  

e 15594 USA : We are looking for pumice slabs. My tel. no. is (210) 41.....Nov 12, Contact

e 15588 USA: Diamond powder prices please. Various grades and quantities please. Nov 12, Contact  

e 15585 USA: We are a large solid surface fabricator looking to offer Granite to our customers. We are interested in the best prices on slabs in our area and quality used tooling. Nov 12, Contact  

e 15584 USA: Do you sell transport / install granite kitchen countertops to homes in the US? Nov 12, Contact  

e 15581 USA: We are interesting in importing bulk quantities of marble and onyx for major, multi story construction projects, in the UAE. 
Please provide us with individual quotations per sqm for the following types, including cost & freight charges to Sharjah:
Verona Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Botticino (fancy) Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Gold Tiles 30x30x2cm
Black Gold Tiles 80x12x2cm, 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Deep Green Onyx Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Medium Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Light Green Tiles 30x30x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Green Uncut Onyx Block / ton
Note that the bulk quantity will be in excess of 30,000 sq. meters. Further details will be furnished based upon your positive response. Modes of transportation should be specified in your quotations. Tel. no. + 971 6 55......Nov 12, Contact 

e 15575 USA: I have a client that would like a chunk of Siberian jade that is 1.25" square by 4+ inches. It should be of high quality apple green to chrome green in color. My phone no. is 541-68..... Nov 12, Contact

e 15570 USA: Granite slab importers looking for 5,500 sq feet, 12x12x3/8 inch, granite tiles in giallo fiorito. Have a quickly approaching deadline and would probably need to communicate with one of you US distributors. Nov 11, Contact 

e 15569 USA: For a commercial Job in Kansas city we require Quartz of 12X12. thickness- 3/8", Quanitiy-14,584 sq ft. Can be purchased in or out of United States. Original material specked was Cambria Quartz. They are no longer making tile. I am trying to help the architects find a product that is similar in both looks and cost. No color has been specified. Tel. no. is 913-44.....Nov 11, Contact   

e 15564 USA: I am a real estate developer interested in obtaining some samples of random quartzite. Please e-mail me information regarding purchasing approx. 3000 sq. ft. of material that will be used for outside flooring along with cost and shipping to CA. Nov 11, Contact  

e 15547 USA: I am looking for 3 x 5" round/oval Mexican river rocks. Also similar in natural color ranges/varieties. The use is for body work, so size and shape are 'creatively' important. I work with many therapists + school and would like to know minimum purchase info as well as $ shipping to Kauai, Hawaii.  Nov 10, Contact

e 15544 USA: I am a contractor, please email me relevant information on red to chocolate sandstone. Nov 10, Contact

e 15535 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: We immediately need CAT 950B. Our tel no. is (248) 62.....We are in MI. Nov 10, Contact

 e 15530 USA: Do you carry New Portoro Marble in 18x18 tiles? 1500 square feet needed. Please quote price and delivery point. Nov 9, Contact

e 15529 USA: I am looking for a granite called Blue Galactica. Similar to Volga Blue. I need 1 slab of 5' X 9' finished size if possible or close. Our tel. no. is 920-84.....Nov 9, Contact

e 15516 USA: We are a large importer of Travertine. I am currently working on a large commercial project in need of 50,000 sf of Gascone Blue Honed 18x18 Limestone. I have found a few sources but am in need of the material in 90 days. I don't need all of the material at once but look to filter this in 2 containers per week if it is able to be produced in a timely manner and from the same Quarry. I am in need of an answer ASAP. I need to give my client the quote in the next 48 hours and need to order material within the next 7 business days as time is crucial.  My tel. no. is (714)86.....Nov 9, Contact  

e 15507 USA: Monuments: We do a large amount of our business in grass memorial markers. We have become very displeased with the time it takes for our current wholesaler to ship to Oregon. We buy large quantities at a time and need to make an order this week. We also do memorial plaques and garden stones using any and all types and size of granite and slate. Very interested in matte gray slate. We also need sandblast stencil, Lithco paint, and sandblast sand. Let us know what you have as we are looking for it all. 1-866-50.....Nov 8, Contact  


e 15499 USA: I am building a home in Scottsdale Arizona - it will be completed in late May or early June. Once it is closed - I wish to put in Versailles pattern travertine - removing the carpet the builder requires be put down for closing. I want to know more about whatever Versailles you have. What colors are available? How long does it take to get? I will be needing 2100 square feet. I will also be glad to take recommendation on a licensed installer in the Phoenix area. My tel. no. is 480-59.....Nov 8, Contact  

e 15487 USA: Email me relevant information regarding where I can buy hand made stone slabs in California. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15486 USA: Looking to find where I can buy a large chunk of Limestone, it would need to be 45"by 45" by 8in thick. Nov 6, Contact   

e 15483 USA: I would be interested in purchasing 1000 square feet of the 18" X 18" Turkish Travertine. I would like to pick this up the week of November 15th. y tel. no. is 209-65.....I am in CA. Nov 6, Contact 

e 15481 USA: We need 50 slabs of 3 cm rainforest brown. Minimum size should be 9 by 5. Please let quote best price and payment terms. My tel. no. is 610 90.....Nov 6, Contact 

e 15480 USA: Looking for 3 slabs of 3cm Rosso Laguna. I am in NJ. My tel. no. is 908-85..... Nov 6, Contact  

e 15475 USA: I would like more information about the honey onyx 16" vessel sink. Nov 5, Contact


e 15472 USA: Email me relevant information on finding alabaster and soapstone to buy for my work. Nov 4, Contact  

e 15471 USA: We are a San Francisco based architecture firm interested in samples of the Jura Beige Limestone material. Our tel. no. is 415 83.....Nov 4, Contact  

e 15470 USA: I looking to purchase some Blue Bahia. I will be looking for the best price and delivery. I am in VA. My phone no. is 540-26.....
I need four slabs, 3cm-Blue Bahia. I would like to buy from somewhere on the East coast, but I'm open to other areas as well. I would like to order within the next week or two. Nov 4, Contact  

e 15467 USA: I want to buy granite preferably in the Western Cape region. The relatively small amount of granite we need will be used as paper weights. How much is the cost? Can the granite be polished an engraved? How long to process? Nov 4, Contact   

e 15448 USA: I am looking for prefab granite - 9 foot (3) and 8 foot (2) of Giallo Veneziano, 8 foot Kings Gold (1) and Giallo Oriental 8 foot (1), either Mandura Gold or Kashmire Gold (1) 8 foot. Prefer a West Coast dealer. Nov 3, Contact  

e 15446 USA: We are interested in buying around 20000 sq ft of Quizhou Beige Marble. We need cut to size pieces. Delivery date no later then 30 Dec 2004. Please quote FOB price china for slabs and cut to size, sizes vary.. so no much wastage from slabs. We are in Atlanta. My cell no. is 416 41..... Nov 3, Contact  

e 15445 USA: I represent a small company which specializes in giving people something they can't readily find. Sawed & polished oxyx flooring in random pattern for example. The market for this type of thing is relatively unexplored & it is our intent to use this type of material to greatly enhance the value of property. If possible, please send me whatever you might have in information regarding shipping, pricing etc. Would also appreciate whatever you might have in pictures, etc. I am in WI. Nov 3, Contact

e 15443 USA: I am a sculptor. I am looking for 5 slabs of 2' 6" (tolerance 1/2") thick slabs of chocolate brown sandstone. The slabs need to measure 3' x 3' (tolerance 2"). I need the rock ASAP and would prefer it be somewhere in the Western US. I do not have much time for shipping as I am under a building deadline. If something were immediately available in the US and not too expensive for shipping, etc. I would purchase it now. My phone number is (208) 78..... Nov 3, Contact  

e 15441 USA: I am looking for some aggregate rich with silica and also some rich with calcium carbonate. I am trying to run some test to simulate aggregate-bituminous material interaction. I am in IL. Nov 3, Contact 

e 15440 USA: I am trying to replicate a limestone called "Suede" (see attached pictures) in slabs with a 3cm thickness with a honed finish. It is definitely from Spain and they are calling it a limestone but it looks more like a marble. Some companies have called it Gris Pulpis but it doesn't seem to match the pictures of Gris Pulpis that I have seen, anyway, I am not certain. I represent a stone company in WY 82834. My tel. no. is 307 68.....Nov 3, Contact   

e 15439 USA: I want the rates for Omani marble royal beige, opel pink light, desert rose. Please send the rates for lots of 200 sq ft to 3500 sq ft and what is the difference if we buy small lots and what is the import duty please give the CIF rates. Must be 16X16 or larger. 
Nov 3, Contact 

e 15434 USA: I am looking for supplier of Texas red granite tiles. Please call 703-69......  Nov 2, Contact  

e 15429 USA: I am looking for Perlato Botticino marble tile (need 12" x 12"). Nov 2, Contact 

e 15427 USA: I am a landscape architect and would like to use 2'x2' Jerusalem limestone pavers on a residential site on Brooklyn N.Y. Nov 2, Contact  

e 15424 USA: Will you please e-mail me your current price list for granite slabs. Nov 2, Contact

e 15421 USA: Our company is looking for Asian (Chinese, INDIA) OR EUROPEAN suppliers/manufacturers for the following: Ceramic FLOOR TILES 300 x 300 mm up to 400 x 400 mm like white colour with quantity 20000 sqm (FOB price should be around USD 1,-). We are ready to place immediate order after receipt of price-offer and pictures by email and samples. Our tel. no. is +218 91 37.....Nov 2, Contact

e 15418 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I want to speak to someone about the 980C CAT. My tel. no. is 503-93......Nov 1, Contact  

e 15415 USA: I am looking to import granite, slate and terracotta. Oct 31, Contact  


e 15411 USA: Please send info on large 10-13lb salt lamps to buy wholesale or discounted with applicable taxes also looking for salt bath crystals and large lamps 5-8 lb to order. Oct 31, Contact  

e 15404 USA: I am getting ready to build next month and need around 2,000 sq. ft. of travertine. Oct 31, Contact  

e 15401 USA: Diamond Tools: I am looking for used granite tools for edging and polishing.  Oct 30, Contact  

e 15397 USA: Inlay: We are interested in purchasing stone medallions for our properties. Please send us a catalog with the products that you manufacture. Oct 30, Contact 

e 15385 USA: Monuments: We do large amounts of custom grave markers and need a new distributor who can ship faster than our current one. We use mostly 12x24x3" granite makers in grey and morning rose colors, but also looking to open up on new choices and sizes as this part of our business is expanding greatly. I hope to get a complete price list and catalog A.S.A.P. As we are ready to order now. My tel. no. is 
1-866-50.....Oct 29, Contact  

e 15381 USA: Our company is interesting about the price of bulgarian limestone. We intend to use it in our future project. Please send a price list for limestone polish and matte face tiles with size 12" x 12" for approximately 100 t, including shipment to USA, Virginia. Oct 29, Contact  

e 15379 USA: Planning to build custom 1,700 sq. ft. English tudor house. Plan to use beige, brown stone. Have 4 pugs. What type of stone do you think I should use? Looking for easy care and cleaning because of the pugs. I am in Ohio 43160. Oct 28, Contact   

e 15360 USA: We are looking for polished slabs of fossil-bearing sedimentary rock that can be used to tile a backsplash in a kitchen. This seems to be something that is fairly common in Europe but not at an affordable price in the states. The area we are looking at tiling is approximately 6 inches high X 28 feet long X 1/2 inch. Needed as soon as possible. My tel. no. is (208) 45.....Oct 27, Contact  

e 15357 USA : We are looking for torreon travertine 18" x 18" (filled). Could you let us know if you found it and if so where and how much you paid for it. We are in California and need approximately 1500 sq feet.  Call 925-32.....Oct 27, Contact  

e 15355 USA: I am interested in a waterjet, I am wanting to cut grainte with one. My tel. no. is 916-62.....Oct 27, Contact  

e 15354 USA: I am working on a project that requires between 100 and 150 3''x5''x1/4'' pieces of limestone. Could you send a quote for 100 pieces and another for 150 pieces. My tel. no. is 206.38..... Oct 26, Contact

e 15347 USA: We need onyx slabs and tiles. Oct 26, Contact  

e 15346 USA: Please quote for 200 tons of black river wash pebbles [1cm-3cm] ... packed in 30 kg woven bags .... packed on pallets. My tel. no. is 1.805-30.....Oct 26, Contact  

e 15341 USA: I was wondering what your stock of the bianco sardo honed was and what the shipping time and cost would be to send to Vidor, TX USA. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can let my customer know lead time. Oct 25, Contact  

e 15340 USA: Please quote for 3000 sq ft, 18" x 18", 24" x 24" or larger flagstones, for a outside deck by the pool - either in pavers or to be mortared into deck. Want to buy in Atlanta, GA or to have a landed price to be delivered in NW Atlanta. Want to purchase in the next 4 - 6 weeks. Need to see sample of material before purchase. Best retail price in Atlanta is $3.50/sqft for mixed bluestone. My phone no. is (404) 24.....Oct 25, Contact  

e 15337 USA: Can I get a sample of the Granite from India called "Jet Black". I would be looking for 3,000 sq. ft. of 18 sq. in. x 18 sq. in. tiles to be delivered to Miami. Would you be able to sell this quantity, what would be the price and payment terms and by when could we expect delivery? Finally, what stone would you have in a glossy pure white? My tel. no. is 908-35.....Oct 25, Contact

e 15327 USA: Wanting to purchase slabs of Blue Renoir granite. Please advise of suppliers in my area of California, zip code 90802. Oct 25, Contact 

e 15323 USA: We are interested in honed orange, white onyx slabs, tiles, fireplace mantels. Oct 24, Contact   

e 15318 USA: I am looking for Giallo Renoir 3cm stone...I currently have Giallo Matisse, but don't have a source for the Renoir. I am a granite sales rep for a fabricator in Wisconsin that operates 5 retail locations as well as service additional retail cabinet showrooms...our company is always looking for unique stones. Oct 23, Contact

e 15313 USA: I am looking for travertine filler to fill the small space between the travertine tiles. Oct 23, Contact

e 15310 USA: Would like to purchase unfilled, honed 24x24 Navanno Travertine...need about 3000 sq. ft. for project to be completed spring 2005....am willing to purchase and store now. I am in NC. My tel. no. is 828-44..... Oct 23, Contact  

e 15292 USA: I am looking for approx. 12 ton of variegated Pa. blue stone, irregular pattern, approx. thickness one & one half inch. Louisville, Ky. Oct 21, Contact  

e 15290 USA: I am looking for 1500, possibly 2500 square feet of 24"x24" polished "Calacatta Gold", or "Calacatta Oro" marble tiles. They are going in a high end residence in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. I will need them as soon as possible. The project is under way and I will install as soon as i can get the material. My tel. no. is (413)57.....Oct 21, Contact

e 15280 USA : We are looking for a source and quote on Thailand marble in Peacock Green. Please let me know if you have such a product. Oct 20, Contact  

e 15265 USA: I am looking for 120 square feet of Blue Diamond granite tiles. 12"x12"x? I have been unable to find these in Spokane, WA. Oct 19, Contact  

e 15263 USA: Monuments: We are a new engraving company in search of granite grave markers of 24"x12" and 28"x16" in 3" and 4" thicknesses. We desire a variety of colors but will deal mostly in black. Please supply us with pricing to the Southern California area. We may deal with other sizes in the near future including 12"x8" x1" pieces that we can engrave for house numbers in an exclusive development. Please submit your pricing also for the above in black. Our tel. no. is 760-67..... Oct 19, Contact   

15262 USA: Need 10 slabs 9' X 5' X ¾" light green / bright green marble, veining and pattern preferred. I am in NYC. My tel. no. is  212 8.....Oct 19, Contact 

e 15260 USA: I am looking for 18x18 filled and honed traverine called stormy. I saw it in Phoenix. I need 4800 sf in 30 days. Oct 19, Contact

e 15258 USA: I have an opportunity to sell kitchen and bath granite surfaces to large housing projects. I am looking for suppliers on cut to template size countertops of granite. My customers have directed me to check on both China and Brazil as sources for this. Recommendations for suppliers that can handle orders for 200 to 500 kitchen counter surfaces and 300 to 800 bathroom counter surfaces would be helpful. M tel. no. is (323) 58.....Oct 19, Contact   

e 15253 USA: Stone Processing machine: We are looking for a Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine. Please call us at 407-28..... Oct 19, Contact  

e 15251 USA: Please quote for granite slabs. Oct 18, Contact  

e 15249 USA: I am looking for Rosso Laguna 12x12 tiles and 2cm slabs. I am in NH. My contact no. is 603 92......Suppliers should be from New England, New York, New Jersey areas. Oct 18, Contact  

e 15240 USA: Urgently need 61 sqm of white marble of 2 cm thickness. Oct 18, Contact

e 15239 USA: Getting ready to purchase granite tile for kitchen countertops. I'm concerned that with all the edges on the 12 inch tiles. I'm asking for issues with moisture penetrating the stone. Although granite is in my financial budget, I'm not at all sure the house is worthy of the special treatment. I thought that granite tile would give me a similar look at a fraction of the price....just don't want sleepless nights worrying about someone leaving a glass on the counter. Oct 18, Contact

e 15231 USA: I am currently a high importer of various products into the USA. I am currently establishing business partners to import Granite/Marble. Please let me know who I can contact to receive pricing and availability of your products. Oct 17, Contact 

e 15225 USA: I want granite cobblestones of size 8x4 - 4x4 otherwise open to other available. Surface should be chiseled - want a medium rough look perhaps cobblestone. Shade variation not important. Budgeted price is USD 2-3 / sf max. I would like to order immediately. Quantity is 3000sf +/-. I need it for a driveway. I am a custom home builder and developer in Florida and Maine. My tel. no. is 561 57.....Oct 16, Contact   

e 15217 USA: I'm searching for texas millsap 6" cut stone. Oct 16, Contact

e 15215 USA: Quarrying: I have several thousand acres that was let to me in a settlement. I own about 169,000 acres in Texas. I am thinking about rock mining, but don't know anything about it! Equipment needed, where to sale, etc? I do know the different types of rock, but should I surface mine? Excavate? actually dig? What equipment is needed? I know on most of the different leases I have more moss rock than I could every get out, sandstone, flagstone, etc. My tel. no. is 214-22.....Oct 16, Contact   

e 15213 USA: We are looking for 150 m2 of botticino classico or semi-classico for delivery to Norfolk, Virginia. Require in 4-5 months time. Oct 16, Contact 

e 15212 USA: I am interested in purchasing Code 021 - 0001 MARBLE ONYX-IMPERIAL-ROUGE DE ROI inlay. I have some questions. Is this cut stone or a mosaic? Can this inlay be used as a floor medallion inlay? If so, I would like this quoted as a 1.22 Meters diameter. Please quote me price and shipping to Arlington Heights, Illinois. Oct 15, Contact   

e 15190 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in a CAT 980C. Please email quotes with details. My tel. no. is 876-87.....Oct 14, Contact   

e 15187 USA: I am assisting a business colleague to locate step treads (granite and limestone) and smaller cuts of flagstone for his landscape business. He wants truckload quantities of each, but needs to get them at a very inexpensive price. He will consider closeouts if available, but he needs a regular supply. The specifications for the items are:
1. Step treads - in granite and limestone. Sizes are 3' x 16" x 7", 4' x 16" x 7", and 5' x 16" x 7". They should be guillotine cut or sawed or cut with hammer, and natural face. 
2. Flagstone - 1", 1.5", 2" thickness in irregular shapes and also pieces cut into rectangles and squares (i.e. 18" x 12", 1' x 1', 2' x 2', etc.) 
Where can I find them in large volume at low prices? I am in MI. My tel. no. is 248-25.....Oct 14, Contact

e 15183 USA : Email me relevant information regarding Basalt for use in countertops. I am in San Juan. My tel. no. is 787.72......Oct 14, Contact

e 15180 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Italian travertine similar to Country Rustic, Country Tuscan. We import containers from Italy, Turkey, Mexico, India, Spain & Brazil. We need a rustic, heavily veined Travertine tile to fit into our present line. Oct 14, Contact

e 15179 USA: I am looking of granite columns (ubatuba) 8" round by 58" high. Can you please let me know the approximate cost and how long it takes to get? Oct 14, Contact

e 15178 USA: I am trying to find where the stone quarry is that extracts the type of landscaping stone called "western sunrise". I live in Michigan and I would like to find out the name and location of the quarry itself. If the quarry is too far away, from Michigan, does the stone come in by train. If it does come in by train, where in Michigan does it come in? Oct 14, Contact  

e 15177 USA: I need 1600 sq ft California Autumn Slate in 18X18, we need them urgently. I'm based in Atlanta, GA. Looking to buy in the area. I need samples. My tel. no. is 770-45.....Oct 14, Contact  

e 15172 USA: I want BRECCIA ONICIATA TILES. Please, let me know the total amount in Dollars. Oct 13, Contact

e 15168 USA: How would a builder get in touch with you for prices/colors of granite for countertops? Oct 13, Contact

e 15167 USA: I need some New England Dark Antique Foundation Stone. Oct 13, Contact

e 15163 USA: I need white milky quartz of excellent quality, minimal impurities. I will be cutting them to 3 x 3 x 4 inch blocks. So pieces need to be big enough to yield this. I am in Arizona. My tel. no. is 480-1.....I can buy from anywhere. I want to place order ASAP. Oct 12, Contact   

e 15146 USA: I am looking for a wholesale bid on 2 cm verde butterfly 73" W X 31" D slab granite, with one 73" edge polished square. Shipping to Prairieville, LA 70769.  Oct 11, Contact   

e 15145 USA: I need about 1300 cobblestones for driveway use - I prefer used material. I live in Long Island and delivery would be immediate. 
Please quote me delivered to my home. Tel no is 516 90.....Oct 11, Contact 

e 15144 USA: I am building a brick oven for a customer in Altanta, GA and need an aggregate material that will take about 600 degrees (oven core under insulation about 1100 degrees F). Sand is OK, but better materials are either crushed fired terra cotta (grog) or crushed volcanic rock (pumice). Can you point me in the right direction to make such a purchase here in Atlanta? Oct 11, Contact   

e 15134 USA: We are interested in buying granite for outdoor floor use, quantity about 6,000-10,000 sq ft. Can you provide prices and more product information for delivery to Connecticut. My tel. no. is 718 31....Oct 11, Contact 

e 15133 USA: Please quote for 5000 sq ft of Perlato Sicilia-polished and finished 60x60x2 cm. Need delivery in 60 days FOB Baltimore. I will be visiting Palermo on October 16. Kindly contact right away with prices. Oct 11, Contact 

e 15124 USA: I am looking for concrete pavers. One of my clients has an existing driveway and needs to widen it. They cannot determine where to match the existing pavers. Can you suggest a way to find pre-cast cement pavers in different sizes and shapes? Oct 10, Contact   

e 15118 USA : Stone Processing Machinery: What would be a great floor machine to hone marble? I would like to invest in one that I can use for other aspects of restoration and polishing. I am in NC. My tel. no. is 828-24.....Oct 10, Contact

e 15116 USA: We are interested in importing various styles of Travertine and Creama Marfil to the USA. Please confirm your prices from the price list and also provide pictures if you have them. Here are some additional questions we have:
1. What is the thickness of the tile for the different sizes (18x18, 16x16, 12x12)?
2. We have never imported from Turkey before. Do you know an approximate shipping rate per container (20' or 40') to the port of Los Angeles?
3. What payment terms do you accept?
4. Please specify the quantity of tiles per container and explain the packaging of the tiles
5. Please confirm that these prices are for crosscut, honed & filled for the Travertine, and polished for the Creama Marfil
6. What is the lead time after an order is placed? Do you have any pictures of the multicolor travertine?
Also, please provide us with your contact information. We are ready to begin importing this immediately. Our tel. no. is 760-90.....Oct 9, Contact

e 15112 USA: Looking to buy purest cleanest of high quality white quartz, large quantities! If you have a good product, we can do the volume. My tel. no. is 480-81.....Oct 9, Contact

e 15110 USA: I need to purchase cappaccino beige marble. Where do I buy and how much? Oct 9, Contact  

e 15109 USA: Please quote for marble and granite. We would like to purchase on wholesale basis. I am in MI. My tel. no. is Ph: 906-77.....Oct 9, Contact

e 15107 USA: Please send me a price list of the granite slabs with the picture on it for kitchen countertops. We are traders in CA. Oct 9, Contact

e 15104 USA: I want to purchase honed, filled travertine for the entire downstairs of my home (bathrooms x2, kitchen, entry, dining room & family room; over 1400 sq feet). We are a family of four. I have received contradictory advice regarding which travertine is the best product; Mexican, Italian or Turkish. Can you explain the pros and cons for each region's stone. Does the region from which the stone originates matter at all, or are there other factors that are more important such as the density vs. porosity of the product? Oct 9, Contact 

e 15102 USA: I am looking to purchase roughly a half ton block of White Thassos marble (this is assuming you are using English and not metric tons). I would like the block to be as close to cubic as possible. A 2 foot cube should be around half a ton, and I would not like the piece significantly smaller than that. The block is to be used for sculpture, so there can't be any internal defects. I am in MA. My tel. no. is 617-86.....I would like to keep the shipping cost to a minimum, so purchasing within the US is preferred. If I cannot get Thassos within the US then I would be alright with Staturario. As soon as I get a quote including shipping I will be ready to buy, assuming the shipping cost is not exorbitant. Oct 8, Contact 

e 15095 USA: I would like to contact the supplier of Bonacord granite in South Africa. Oct 8, Contact  

e 15090 USA: Looking for black adoquin. Oct 8, Contact

e 15089 USA: Landscape: I am making inquiries on behalf of a friend who wants to set up a stone yard on some property I own (5 acres). We will need all kinds of natural flat stone, river rock , table tops, and boulders. For home building and landscape, we will sell to a retail and wholesale market. Can you offer any ideas of how you may supply us? We are doing quite a bit of research now and will open in a couple of months. My tel. no. is 251-70.....Oct 8, Contact

e 15080 USA: Could you offer a quote for 550 sq. ft. on each of the following Cappucino Onyx, Orange Onyx and Yellow Onyx. The order would be delivered to CT 06437 late this year. Also what are the thicknesses and what are the available sizes in each stone? My tel. no. is 516-43.....Oct 7, Contact

e 15078 USA: We are a granite and marble fabricating company in Alaska we are wanting to look the selection of stone you have to offer. I would like some pictures of the stones to do some selecting. Oct 7, Contact  

e 15076 USA: We are looking to establish a serious business relationship with a reliable supplier of granite slabs. Currently we are seeking quotes for the purchase of two full containers of Brazilian granite. We are prepared to visit your site to inspect your product and processes. 
Please include the following information in your quote:
Company name and point of contact
Type and grade of granite with associated pricing
Availability of bulk buy discounts
Duration of the quote
Shipping information with time frame to fill orders. Our tel. no. is (972) 26.....Oct 7, Contact 

e 15072 USA: Please provide to us your best prices for Brazilian Granite Tiles 12"x12", polished. We are in CA. Our tel. no. is 562 92.....Oct 6, Contact   

e 15071 USA: Looking for light travertine 1" hex mosaic tile. Oct 6, Contact    

e 15070 USA: Quarry Machine: We are looking for a  Pelegrini wire saw for quarry work. Please send more information. Our phone no. is 610-34.....Oct 6, Contact   

e 15064 USA: Email me relevant information regarding slabs of granite. Oct 6, Contact  

e 15061 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: We are looking for a big bridge saw for a hi productive fabricating shop. It can be new or used. It has to be in perfect shape and very strong. Oct 6, Contact  

e 15058 USA: My partner and I are building a commodities import company and are looking for current price lists for Brazilian Granite in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. It is our understanding that Brazilian slabs are commonly shipped in approximately 5 feet x 9 feet size, with custom sizes available - one side polished and resined. Pricing for tiles of varying sizes would be helpful, too. We'd like to start with 20 - 30 colors and grow from there. Our tel. no. is 770.90.....Oct 6, Contact    

e 15056 USA: I am looking for an importer in (to) the United States for Spanish "Oro" Travertine. It is yellow, and I need large tiles for exterior vertical surfaces and flooring of a residence project. Approximately 1000 square feet. Needed by March '05. Tile size is flexible, but would prefer rectangular, 2' x 4' tiles. There are no local dealers or distributors that import such a product that I can find. I am in San Francisco. My tel. no. is 415.24.....Oct 5, Contact  

e 15054 USA: Monuments: I would like to purchase several 4" think granite markers. I need 3 size 24"x12"x4" and 1 size 28"x16". Do you do the inscriptions like birthday, date of death, name? What about a couple of benches small enough for say two people to sit on? What would the price be on that also?   Oct 5, Contact    


e 15042 USA: Please quote for Weser Brownstone. I am in CT. My tel. no. is 203-46..... Oct 5, Contact  

e 15040 USA: Send me information on how to start a distributorship in of the city's of South Carolina. Oct 5, Contact   

e 15036 USA: I am looking to purchase engineered stone for countertops in large slabs approx 52" by 120". Please let me know if you are looking to distribute this type of product. I am in IL. My tel. no. is 847.54.....Oct 5, Contact   

e 15035 USA: I am looking for 30mm or preferably 40mm slabs on the West coast. Washington or Oregon state would be best. Oct 4, Contact   

e 15032 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: I want to get the quote for an edge polishing machines in India. Oct 4, Contact   

e 15029 USA: Please quote for Indian granite slabs and tiles. Oct 4, Contact 

e 15026 USA: Please send me a price list and pictures for the granite and marble slabs and also if you have for sell a stone saw to cut granite and marble slabs. I am in California. Oct 4, Contact

e 15015 USA: I need travertine alabastrino 12x12 polished 2000 sq ft. Oct 2, Contact 

e 15004 USA: Please contact us concerning marble or granite that you market. Our tel. no. is 888-32.....
Oct 1, Contact 

e 15001 USA : I am a stone and tile fabricator and installer. We are doing a big job and need Serpeggiante righina marble for one of the bathrooms. I am in need of 2cm or 3cm marble and 12x12 tiles or larger. I will take what I can get. I need a bundle of slabs and at least 300 square feet of tile. Looking for anyone in the United States that has any. If not who can ship me some immediately. We are in LA. Our tel. no. is 225-75.....Oct 1, Contact

e 15000 USA: Artifacts: We are buyers of stone statues. Agate stone statues are of great interest. Please quote. Oct 1, Contact  

e 14994 USA: Please send me information of your surplus for Carved pillars from India or China. We need to make several pillars that are 144" tall. I need additional details. We may be able to design with what you may have if the prices are reasonable. You can give me a call if you need 801-53.....Sept 30, Contact  

e 14991 USA: Stone processing Machine: I am looking for a bridge saw and tools to fabricate granite countertops, please call Mike at 314-36.....Sept 30, Contact

e 14990 USA: Searching for pink onyx approx 800 sq ft 12x12 polished. Sept 30, Contact  

e 14989 USA: I am searching for Quarry Tiles Specifications Used by Military in Dining Facilities. Where can I find them? Sept 30, Contact

e 14984 USA: We have started a building project where the 'jeruzalem cream' stone was going to be used in. The project has not been finished completely with half of the stone not even delivered. We know that the stone has been ordered in a quarry in Israel, and that it probably has even be made cut-to-size to our demands, but in the 'mess' that has been created after the bankruptcy, the delivery through them is impossible and also no one is able to give us the contact address of the specific quarry. We are now trying everything possible to get in contact with them so we can get our stones and finish our facade. Sept 30, Contact  

e 14983 USA: Looking for 60 square feet of honed beige antiqued travertine in 6" x 6" tiles. 8 pcs. of 6" x 6" deco tiles etched and stained like tile picture attached. Sept 30, Contact  

e 14980 USA: I need a price on 150,000 s.f. Rose Bahia Quartzite Flagstone. Sept 29, Contact  

e 14977 USA: Diamond Tools: I'm looking for a metal bonded diamond blade. Grit size 20/30. 
Diamensions are 70mm x 40mm x .129mm.  Qty- 100. Can you quote price? Sept 29, Contact

e 14970 USA: Quarry Machine: We would like to built a full automation plant and purchase all the necessary machines for excavating and processing limestone from the USA. Need to find suppliers of equipment and machines for mining limestone. The limestone site is in Bulgaria. Sept 29, Contact

e 14967 USA: Please quote for Agate stones.  Sept 28, Contact

e 14966 USA: We are a kitchen and bath company. Please send us your product catalog. Sept 28, Contact


e 14959 USA: We need between 600-800 sf. of absolute black or black galaxy in 24 x 24. Please advise. Our tel. no. is 469-56.....Sept 28, Contact  

e 14957 USA: We are a commercial contractor/ fabricator looking for Tunas Green (10 slabs 2 cm and 9 slabs 3 cm) OR (all 19 slabs 3 cm). All slabs to be polished. Needed by the 3rd week of October. Cleveland, Ohio Area. Typical Tunas, medium in darkness with minimal veining. Sept 28, Contact


e 14946 USA: I need to get some prices for some slabs of slate as well as delivery and placement of the slabs. We are going to repair our side porch. It is approx 4ft wide, 3ft deep and we need it to be 2" high
The steps need slabs as well they are 1ft wide and 3ft deep. If you need to contact me by phone I can be reached at 908-24.....I am in NJ. Sept 27, Contact  

e 14940 USA: Stone Processing Machine: Please quote with details for a Galeski 3000 cutting machine. I
own a fab shop in NH. Sept 27, Contact

e 14938 USA: We are seeking a gravestone / monument in green granite. We have not been able to find anyone who will certify that the green will not discolor. We have seen a couple of green stones which have taken on a yellow cast. Looking for suppliers who have a durable green granite for gravestone applications which will not discolor and will retain the same green color even if exposed to the elements. The stone we are seeking is 4ft. wide and 3 ft. high , the base is 5ft. wide and 10" high. Our tel. no. is (610) 26.....Sept 26, Contact

e 14937 USA: Products needed marble honed/filled antique and standard finish marble pavers in cream and taupe colored marbles and travertine needed for exterior residential and commercial applications
suppliers needed for year round sales to Chicago based company. Architectural stone carvings for exterior and interior all custom applications for residential and commercial applications and buildings. Carved limestone and marble honed and polished fireplaces. Needed companies to work with for standard and custom fireplaces we supply cad drawings and you supply finished product usually bought on container basis.
Looking for any and all suppliers interested working on a direct basis with retail store for supplied custom designs of fireplaces and architectural elements.
Looking for suppliers of marble and travertine exterior building elements columns/ pavers/ mosaic inlays/ bricks/ balustrades/ post/column/coping/and capping products including fountains and various structural interior building pieces. Constant needs for custom stone fabricators of described above.
Looking for marble or travertine pavers 1 5/16" currently paying 5.15 a square foot and would like to find a better price currently buy 3000 or more sq feet at a time.
We have opened new company and looking for manufacturers to develop a trade marked product for future distribution nationally.
Working on building a portfolio of stone designs for building that will change the way we build homes today
am trying to start a building foundation that is tied into not for profit companies to promote education and learning of stone building techniques and technology advancement in stone carving and cutting based on sacred geometry proportions any and all inquiries will be considered looking for help also in promoting the new ideas I have for the stone trade in general. My phone no. is 847 54......Sept 26, Contact

e 14930 USA: I am interested in the black slate 12"x12"x10mm that is listed for $1.50/s.f. in pricelist 707. I am interested in a sample.  Sept 25, Contact  

e 14921 USA: Quarry Machine: Please send marble cutting/excavation equipment info and or catalog. Sept 25, Contact 

e 14897 USA: Email me relevant information about calcite candles. I want to put them on a electric chandelier candles. I am in MT. My tel. no. is (406) 58.....Sept 24, Contact  

e 14896 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I am interested in the bulldozer cat d6h lgp. Where can I see a picture and some additional information for this machine? Sept 24, Contact  

e 14895 USA: Do you know of a granite called crimson cream? It is very close to the golden wave and the juparano lapadus. It is like a tiger that has leopard spots. Sept 24, Contact  

e 14893 USA: We want LIMESTONE, MINUS 200 mesh, min 90% CaCO3 100.000 Tons per plant. We are in MO. Sept 23, Contact

e 14890 USA: Artifacts: Please quote for granite columns. Send us pictures or samples. Sept 23, Contact  

e 14889 USA: I am a sculptor looking for 1/2 cubic foot of small stones. I need about 1300 stones, more or less... perhaps 1/2 cubic foot. i would like to know how they are delivered, the cost, ....I am a student at in  New York. I am in a bit of a rush, but of course cost will determine how I proceed. My contact no. is 1-917-81.....Sept 23, Contact  

e 14888 USA: I am interested in purchasing Durango Tile. Sept 23, Contact

e 14885 USA: Please quote for Zimbabwean granite with images. Sept 23, Contact

e 14874 USA: I want to know how I would start a monument and grave marker business. I want to know about wholesalers of materials to start the business. I also would like to know what machines do I need to engrave the rock. Sept 23, Contact   

e 14872 USA : I am looking for basalt massage stones. What are your minimums and costs? Sept 22, Contact  

e 14864 USA: I have inquiries from a marble manufacture in China to buy marble material from the US. They want to buy marble from US. I'll find out the spec. from them. Please quote shipping handling, payment terms, etc. Sept 22, Contact   

e 14859 USA: I am a designer looking for a granite called “Blue Spectrolyte”. It was mostly black, hint of grey, but some BEAUTIFUL cobalt blue “blobs”. I need a lot and for a kitchen countertops. I can provide specs to anyone that can supply this. I am ready to place an order now. I am in PA. My tel. no. is 610 - 95.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14858 USA: I am a sculptor/distributor and am going to market a sculpture I have made to many markets. I am in need of bases. They will need to be polished and have the edges rounded somewhat to avoid chipping.
The sculpture will be bronze but I am in need of bases for it. Black Marble will be preferred but other types of stone will be considered. It can not be so hard that I can not drill it. Unless you know for sure you can drill the holes in the right place with the sample or template I provide you.
I will need bases 5" x 5" by 3/4 " (13cm x 13 cm x 2cm) The thickness can be thinner if this is more practical, say for instance you are using tile that is cut form a 1/2" slab.
They will have to have two holes drilled in them for the screws studs to go through on the sculpture. I will either glue the studs in the hole or I will need a larger area on the bottom of the piece for a nut to seat into..
It is hard to know how many of these bases I will need but I am expecting 100 probably. I will need them shipped to Memphis, Tennessee,, I would prefer shipment prices to Mobile, Alabama as well.  My tel. no. is 
205- 6.....Sept 22, Contact 

e 14856 USA: I am interested in importing marble, granite, etc. Sept 22, Contact   

e 14841 USA: We are looking for granite for counters in kitchen about 100 sq feet. Sept 21, Contact

e 14840 USA: I want blue diamond, golden diamond, & Tibetan blue Granites. Sept 21, Contact  

e 14839 USA: I am from Maui, Hawaii. I want raw pieces of verdite for carving. Sept 21, Contact  

e 14835 USA: I am a tile/stone retailer in New Jersey. I am looking for a supplier of herringbone onyx mosaics. Please contact me at 908-20..... Sept 20, Contact 

e 14825 USA: I am looking for 2x2 and 4x4 Rosa Peralino. Please contact ASAP. Sept 20, Contact

e 14818 USA: I am a building supply retailer in Los Angeles, California and am interested in importing Rainflower stones directly from China. I would be interested in pricing and availability of products by the container. Sept 19, Contact  

e 14817 USA: Stone Processing Machine: I am currently looking for an used Edging/polsih machine. My tel no. is 512-20.....Sept 19, Contact

e 14813 USA: We would like to sell Marble products  in the United States. Would you please send us your wholesale pricing list? My tel. no. is 610-85.....Sept 18, Contact

e 14810 USA: Monuments: I would like to have information, price lists and catalogs sent to me regarding blank funerary stone products. I am looking for suppliers for my small scale engraving business. I will be requiring between 20 and 50 pieces a month, I would prefer to have suppliers from within the USA or Mexico. Also please quote for used sand blasting and sublimation equipment. Sept 18, Contact  

e 14806 USA: We are looking for a marble distributor in our area carrying a dark brown marble with cherry colored veins referred to as 'gaudi marble'. We are architects in New York. Our tel. no. is 212.22.....Sept 18, Contact  

e 14805 USA: Please inform of US domestic inventory of 12” x 12” x 3/8” Giallo California honed or polished. Our tel. no. is 407-87.....Sept 17, Contact

e 14795 USA: I would like contact information for an English speaking stone inspector in Xiamen, China. Sept 17, Contact

e 14790 USA: I am in the Corpus Christi, TX area and looking for Cantera stone tiles. Sept 16, Contact

e 14782 USA: My company is in Portland, Oregon. We are interested in purchasing a container of Turkish Travertine. We are specifically interested in Denizli, Ivory and Mersin sizes 12x12 and 18x18. Please quote prices FOB Portland and delivery schedule. Sept 16, Contact  

e 14781 USA: Looking for White marble gazebo with angel colums iron dome top.  Sept 16, Contact

e 14771 USA: I am interested in your water jet machine please could you email me photos and info. Sept 15, Contact  

e 14770 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Please send me the price information on your D8R. Our tel. no. is 1-509-95.....Sept 14, Contact

e 14763 USA: Please email me relevant information for high-end architectural, design, and landscape stone setting. We tend to work on modern, rustic and Japanese style projects. We like to find interesting, unique and beautiful materials from around the globe. Budget and time permitting, we like to visit quarries to select the materials ourselves.  Sept 14, Contact

e 14758 USA: We are interested in wholesale supplier for grave stones. We can polish if necessary but need 24X12 and 28x16 pieces for San Diego area in Southern California. Sept 14, Contact

e 14753 USA: I currently import 10 to 12 containers of travertine to the Phoenix, Arizona market and would be interested in your pricing per container of ivory. Sept 14, Contact 

e 14747 USA: Our company is located in Miami, South Florida. We are fabricators and we are looking the possibilities of buying large amounts of slabs in order to undertake large projects. Please email quotes. Our tel. no. is 305-21.....Sept 13, Contact

e 14744 USA: I am looking for 2200 sq ft of tumbled jerusalem gold stone. Is this what this is? Can it be delivered to Los Angeles? Sept 13, Contact 

e 14743 USA: I need Verde Saltan 700 SF 12x12 for a commercial project in Tampa FL for 2 jobs. Sept 13, Contact 

e 14725 USA: I am an interior designer with a golf course clubhouse under construction. The clubhouse bar was originally scheduled to receive Ubatuba granite. This would be, I feel, a great choice for the bar top, but as things have developed we (the client and I) would prefer to use a lighter, warm neutral, stone in lieu of the dark Ubatuba. We are considering Ghibli granite and Jerusalem marble. I know that the marble is not preferable due to maintenance and spills/staining, but would you strongly recommend steering away from marble? I don’t want my client to have maintenance issues, I would be happy with the Ghibli but she is pushing for a marble top. My tel. no. is 334-88.....Sept 12, Contact  

e 14720 USA: I represent a construction company. I am looking for Luisa Blue Granite also known as Van Gough to import directly from Brazil. Sept 12, Contact

e 14719 USA: Looking for a manufacturer of bath tub as displayed in Online Stores of Findstone.com. Sept 12, Contact

e 14717 USA: I am looking for a granite company that can make and deliver stone counter tops and table tops to Loreto in Baja Sur. Sept 11, Contact

e 14713 USA: We area construction company looking for giallo veneziano floor tile. How much can you get it per sq. ft and what is your minimal order? Sept 11, Contact   

e 14711 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: Looking for CAT 980C LOADER. WHAT WOULD THE PRICE BE DELIVERED TO AZ 85621.  Sept 11, Contact 

e 14709 USA: I am an architect trying to find Spectrolite brown, or its equivalent. The job is in Dallas, Texas. I don't need much -- a 4' x 7' slab will do. My tel. no. is 214-82......Sept 11, Contact   

e 14707 USA: I am a sculptor that has sandblasted small stones. I am interested in information to expand my work towards sandblasting and handling much larger stones (1 ton+) in a shop and stones in the landscape. Sept 10, Contact   

e 14705 USA: We are building a log home in NY and would like to get some ideas/prices on some rock veneer products. We will be applying the rock veneer to the exterior of the foundation (just the walk out side) and the fireplace. We were thinking of maybe some type of river rock since our house is right on the Hudson River. Also, we would like to get a veneer that is light in weight. We are looking to purchase rock veneer within the next month in NJ, PA, or NY areas. Our tel. no. is 973 72.....Sept 10, Contact   

e 14702 USA: I am a landscape architect. I want to compare the absorption rates of granite, quartzite and slate for a client on their commercial exterior plaza application. Sept 10, Contact  

e 14701 USA: I am looking for some rossa verona 12x12 polished. We are one box short and all of our suppliers are out of stock with none on order. Sept 10, Contact 

e 14699 USA: I own a retail monument business. Seeking info on monument suppliers for Alabama. Sept 10, Contact   

e 14692 USA: I am looking for information on a Sweden material called "Bohas Gray", I would really appreciate if you can give me some information about this material, supplier name, phone numbers & fax numbers. My tel. no. is (604) 94.....Sept 10, Contact

e 14689 USA: I am looking to buy tumbled yellow marble tile about 2200 sq ft. delivered to Los Angeles. Prefer larger tiles (18x18, 24x24). What can you offer? Price (delivered)? Sept 10, Contact  

e 14688 USA: We are building 2 large luxury 4 ½ diamond hotels (approx 1200 rooms) in New York. The first one is opening August 2005. I am looking to purchase several containers of Granite and Granite products (vanity tops, tiles, table tops, bars etc). Our budget is very important to us, as is our timeline. We are in the middle of a hurry up design process. I am interested in Chinese, Brazilian, Mexican (or other South American) or Turkish Granite, something unique. I need about 10-12 types. Is there some where I go to look at all of the actual samples? Is there someone who will come here with samples? Sept 10, Contact

e 14685 USA: I am a developer that is interested in buying recycled brick for our loft development. Looking for the brick for 10000 sq. ft. How can I see brick that you have to choose from, pricing etc and where are you located? Our development is in Dallas, Texas. My tel. no. is 214.70.....Sept 9, Contact 

e 14684 USA: We are looking for a supplier of pumice stone. We are in MN. Our tel. no. is 952-97.....Sept 9, Contact   

e 14683 USA: We want granite countertops (Prefab), and tumbled Marble backsplash. We have a budget of $2800 firm. We have approximately 45 square ft (L x W) in several pieces. We want solid not tiles. Call 925-78.....We are in San Ramon, CA. Sept 9, Contact   

e 14678 USA: Please send me any information on Reliquia granite. We are builders in Oregon. Sept 9, Contact 

e 14672 USA: I am interested in buying Turkish marble in large quantity. Please quote. Sept 9, Contact  


e 14666 USA: I am looking for a source for Moroccan black fossil stone. Sept 8, Contact   

e 14664 USA: We need 300 s.f. Terrazzo Tile for flooring. We are in CA and our tel. no. is 650 34.....

Sept 8, Contact  

e 14663 USA: I would like to see photos of the Moss Rock. Sept 8, Contact 

e 14655 USA : I am interested in buying some Limestone. Where can I get it? Please call me at 204-32..... Sept 8, Contact 

e 14652 USA: I have a retail monument business in Alabama and am seeking suppliers of monuments and markers. My tel. no. is (205) 29......Sept 8, Contact 

e 14650 USA: We are a small company that installs granite countertops. We are looking for another supplier of pre-fabricated countertops. We are in Oregon. Sept 8, Contact   

e 14647 USA: We are agonizing over installing Travertine in our home. Everyone (who is selling the product) has given us different advice (and may I add not the same advice). We will be installing approx. 800 Sq. feet. Kitchen, Nook, Family Room, Entry, Dining Room, Hall, Bathroom and Laundry Room (The laundry room and kitchen are kind of an issue with me because of the possibility of water damage). We like the look of the Durango (Mexican) Crème Select (honed and filled, matte finish) and also the fact that we will not have any grout lines. What we need are the HONEST FACTS. We are both retired and do not want to become slaves to our floor. Even though it is basically my husband and I (plus 2 cats) in the house, we will be installing the Travertine in the high traffic rooms and yes, we do LIVE in our house. Sept 8, Contact   

e 14644 USA: Please quote for Granite or Blue stone pavers. Sept 7, Contact   

e 14642 USA: I need to find out if the pricing for Cream Marfil Honed. Is the same as polished Creama Marfil Classico @ $23.00 sq meter US dollars? I need this item in 12 X 12 X 1 cm honed finish. I am looking for 18,000 sq ft. Sept 7, Contact   

e 14640 USA: I am interested in purchasing Calacatta Oro in slabs 2cm for the price you show in the list or $7.15 for the Calacatta Golden extra. I need about 2000 sq.ft. Our contact # are 786 48.....Sept 7, Contact   

e 14634 USA: I need slabs and tiles (squares) of the Rose Tea marble and tiles only of the Persian Green. I am in Los Angeles, California. Sept 7, Contact 

e 14632 USA: We would like to request a price list of all your material, also need to know if it's first quality or commercial. Sept 7, Contact   

e 14630 USA: I am looking for a steady supplier of first quality tumbled Botticino Marble tiles. I use them in the manufacture of decorative tiles, coasters, and trivets. The surface needs to be unpolished and as unpitted as possible to accept the transfer process. Any light colored marble with very minimum veining and color variation that can accept heat applied up to 400 degrees and firm pressure would work. The sizes I am looking for are 2"x2," 4"x4", and 6"x6". Travertine is too delicate and cracks under the application of heat and pressure. I would be willing to buy pallets or single boxes. Quantities vary in my needs, but I would be willing to buy larger lots and store them for a better price. Currently I am buying 30 square feet of the 4"x4" every 2-3 weeks. I thought I had a good distributor, but they do not always stock this item and it takes 3 weeks to arrive from Italy. I would purchase immediately upon sample acceptance. I am in WA. My tel. no. is 1-206-78.....Sept 7, Contact   

e 14627 USA: Please give me a price quote for 3,200 sqf to Barrington, IL 60010 for 24 x 24 California gold guaged slate tiles. Sept 6, Contact 

e 14617 USA: Please quote for travertine slabs and tiles. Sept 6, Contact  

e 14616 USA: I am interested in travertine stone for a personal project that will require about 
1100 sq. ft. larger stone (8 x 16 is nice, but are there larger sizes?) 500 sq. ft. 8 x 16 (walls) 100 sq. ft. 2x2 (shower floors). Having said that, I would also consider simply taking all of the 4x4 tumbled stone and using it everywhere. As it is my own project, I am flexible in the sizes and the thickness, up to a point. The project includes all the flooring for the main living areas, two bathrooms including all the walls and ceilings. I have a minimalist design approach and prefer to use the same material everywhere. Note that I am also willing to purchase significantly larger quantities, if that would assist in the ordering process. 
To start, I am wondering 
A. Thicknesses of the above sizes
B. Other sizes available
C. Where this stone is located
D. Are samples available? My tel. no. is 978-54.....Sept 6, Contact   

e 14602 USA: We are interested in LARGE boulders for our natural garden in Georgia (30650). We would need 7 2-3 ton boulders and a smaller number of smaller boulders. Is there anyone within this area that can do a great price?? Mossy boulders would be beautiful. Sept 5, Contact 

e 14601 USA: We are looking for a good used Grove crane, rough terrain, 90 to 100 ton capacity. Do you have any for immediate delivery? We are in Miami. Our tel. no. is 305 62.....Sept 5, Contact   

e 14599 USA: I own a retail business here in New York City and I'm interesting in selling clocks set in stone that come from Israel. I have enclosed an image of the product. Sept 5, Contact

e 14596 USA: Please send price list / sample of hot stones for facials, pedicures & massage- also cold marble stones, if available. We are in FL. Our tel. no. is 305-94...... Sept 4, Contact  

e 14594 USA : I want to use Oyster White granite for a project. I am the architect, I have the option of different sizes and thickness. I note that there are many different granites from Brazil that I would consider using. I am also interested in slab stock, but understand that the lots may be different. My tel. no. is 978-54......Sept 4, Contact

e 14593 USA: Please quote for granite vanity tops for trading. I am interested in the absolute black and black galaxy slabs. Please confirm the prices and schedule of delivery. I am in IL. Sept 4, Contact  

e 14584 USA: Need availability and price for flagstones and crushed stones. Looking for 10-15 tons of either or both. Where is the supplier located? Sept 4, Contact 

e 14582 USA: I need approximately 5,000 sq. ft. of Volga Blue (select grade) granite in 24"x24" or 18"x18" floor tiles for a customer in Chicago. Order will be placed by September 20, 2004. My tel. no. is 773 50.....Sept 4, Contact   

e 14581 USA: Please quote for Blue Sodalite from Namibia. Sept 4, Contact   

e 14580 USA: We are a Monument company, located in Columbus Ohio. We are interested in purchasing 10-20 Jerusalem gold brushed 24x24x3/4 tiles. As soon as possible, from a supplier in the US. Our tel. no. is 1-800-5.......Sept 4, Contact   

e 14577 USA: I am on a desperate search for Mexican beach pebbles to be used as part of a set for a stage production of a theatre act at a Theatre in Pittsburgh. My phone no. is 412.43.....Sept 3, Contact  

e 14576 USA: We are a high-end exotic stone dealer in the United States. We currently are trading polished stones, beach pebbles, and unique basalt columns. We have a national distribution network of retailers and warehouse companies. Landscape supply, hardware supply, pet stores, Home and Garden centers are just to name a few of the industries we are in. We ship in 50lbs bags and tote (super) sacks. Would it be possible to get more information on the smaller products you can supply (under 8 inches)? Sept 3, Contact

e 14575 USA: Please quote for Blue Sodalite from Namibia. Sept 3, Contact

e 14572 USA: We are in the market to purchase "Travertine & Marbles" from Turkey, Israel, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, China, and other countries in large quantities. Our contact no. is 323-98......We are in CA. Sept 3, Contact   

e 14569 USA: I am interested in getting into the business of selling and installing stone countertops and showers. I would also like to design and build stone slab waterfalls for home and commercial applications. Please contact me regarding pricing, terms, and normal length of time to receive materials. I would also be interested if it goes this far, to get some samples of the different stones. My tel. no. is 217-20.....Sept 3, Contact  

e 14568 USA: Do you have the Arizona flagstone for sale? If so, do you have any photos? Sept 3, Contact  

e 14567 USA: Looking for either crema marfil marble or ivory travertine tile. Honed. 16 x16 inches or larger. Need 350 square feet. In Connecticut. Construction in November. Sept 3, Contact  

e 14566 USA: I am looking for a source of rock phospate. Where is this mined and how close to North Carolina would a source be? Sept 3, Contact  

e 14561 USA: We are interested in placing an order of five colors immediately (Five containers). However, we need more details and have a few questions. We are interested in the following colors: Black Galaxy, Black absolute, Kashmir Gold, Tan Brown, Sapphire Brown, Juparana Colombo Gold, Vyara Gold, Madura Gold, Puma Brown, Topaz, Mustard Flower. All material must be first quality. Minimum Slab Size 9 x5 3cm. Cell no. is 407 42...... Sept 2, Contact  

e 14560 USA: Please quote for Brazilian Granite slabs and tiles. Sept 2, Contact

e 14559 USA: Please quote for GIALLO REALE EXTRA GOLD. Also mention what type of stone it is. Sept 2, Contact


e 14546 USA: We are interested in the best quality of travertine. We are in TX. Our tel. no. is 281.33.....Sept 1, Contact

e 14543 USA: Quarry Machinery: I would be interested in purchasing a cable saw to cut boulders and slabs. Please send any info you may have to me as soon as possible. My tel. no. is 208 26.....Sept 1, Contact

e 14538 USA: Please quote for Jerusalem Limestones. Sept 1, Contact

e 14536 USA: I need a price list of all granite slabs that you have. Aug 31, Contact

e 14531 USA: I am interested in purchasing a container of travertine tiles. Aug 31, Contact

e 14526 USA: I wok with a construction company in Birmingham, Alabama. Please send me all of the information and prices on Granite and marble countertops. Aug 31, Contact

e 14525 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Pecos Red sandstone from a quarry near Barstow, TX. for a large sculpture commission. Aug 31, Contact

e 14523 USA: Earthmoving Machinery: I want a Cat 345B L. Could you send me more information on it, and perhaps some more pictures. I'm interested in buying loaders, trucks, and excavators, so any type of inventory list would be appreciated. Please keep me informed as other machines become available. Aug 31, Contact  

e 14522 USA: I am looking for Bruno Antico granite slabs made by Italy. I haven't been able to find this and would like to get more info/see photos of this type of granite. Please send me more info about this and let me know if this is a good surface for a kitchen countertop. Aug 31, Contact

e 14519 USA: I am looking for granite blocks of various sizes and shapes - primarily rectangular and most no larger than about 2' x 2' x 8" or squares about 1' to 1.5' on each side. Smaller or different shapes (e.g,, thin
rectangles or even a few triangular) would be OK as well). I am working on a granite wall and have been drilling and splitting off larger blocks, but I like the light gray granite block walls I saw around Blue Hill Maine and would like to switch over to this type. Also the season is getting on and I need to get some pallet-loads to speed things along. I'm doing a retaining wall about 60' long and 3' high, varying thickness but at least 3.5' at the base, so I need a lot of stone. I can be reached by phone on (617) 91.....Aug 30, Contact 

e 14517 USA: Please quote for Mexican marble & travertine slabs and tiles as displayed in pricelist 1525. Aug 30, Contact   

e 14515 USA: Can anyone give me a quotation for 380 sq meters of Indian marble in white, pink, beige shades for flooring for Accra, Ghana with CIF terms and send us information about the way of payment and quality of goods. Can you also email us a production catalogue? Any will do. My phone no. is 860 65.....Aug 30, Contact

e 14508 USA: We are a major distributor of Turkish marbles and granites. We are currently looking to buy directly from quarries in Turkey a minimum of two containers at a time. We will arrange all shipping to the ports we need material. Please contact us at 340-77.....Aug 30, Contact 

e 14502 USA: I am located in Tucson, Arizona and am interested in some travertine tile for kitchen flooring and bathrooms. I also saw a picture of a travertine floor with small diamond shaped insets stones. We are wondering how we can get into contact to discuss more about this. We would need approx. 600-1000 sq. feet. Aug 30, Contact   

e 14495 USA: I would like to know who supplies torches for carving stone (specifically NH fieldstone)? Aug 29, Contact     

e 14491 USA: I am searching for a price per sq. ft. for a tile called Royalty Michelangelo, Florence is the color. I need the 16 x 16 inch or 18 x 18 inch size tiles. I need approximately 620 sq. ft. I need the tile shipped to the following address in UT and would appreciate a detailed cost estimate. I need to take delivery on the tile in the next 14 days. My tel. no. is 
435-46.....Aug 28, Contact     

e 14486 USA: Interested in local vendors near Dallas, Texas for a granite block. Dimension 3 ft x 3 ft by 6" thick polished top and bottom to be used as a solid base for optical equipment. About what sort of price range might be expected?  Aug 28, Contact  

e 14480 USA: I want to buy 60 set of fireplace kits. Could you give me the price and pic? Aug 28, Contact  

e 14479 USA: Seeking creme/gold colored limestone rock faced veneer for residential house in Las Vegas, NV. Trying to duplicate a French chateau. Aug 28, Contact  

e 14478 USA: I am interested in the red polished river stones, 10mm-20mm and 20mm-60mm. Do you have these stones? I am in New Mexico. Aug 28, Contact   

e 14475 USA: Abrasives: Looking for 120mm and 130 mm polishing bricks for line polishers. Strait polishing and shaping. We need a constant supply to outfit three line polishers that run three shifts six days a week. Our tel. no. 732.90.....Aug 27, Contact 

e 14473 USA: I have roughly 1700 sqft. of tile to lay, 1300 is in a Versailles pattern containing 8x8, 12x12, 12x16, 16x24 and did I mention that the tiles are Chiseled no fill. The remaining 400 Sq. Ft. is my problem. I need 12x12 Chiseled Edge to match and no one seems to carry a 12x12, only 18x18. Now I know they make them because there in my pattern. So I need 500 sqft of 12x12 chiseled edge in Lotus Beige, just in case. And I haven't purchased the other 1300 so I'll need that also. Last thing is if I had the tile today I would be installing it, need to hurry before customer changes his mind and wants something that I'll never be able to get unless I cut it out of a slab myself. No really, there nice people. Will place that order today. Or after customer sees a sample of the color. Would like to deal with someone local if possible. My tel. no. is 714 42.....Aug 27, Contact 

e 14470 USA: We want to buy few slabs of white Carrara marble for reconstruction of missing ornamental details on the historic statue. Would give us some suggestions. We are located in Chicago, but the restoration project will take place in Louisville, KY. Aug 27, Contact   

e 14464 USA: I am in search of stone dealers in Mexico and Oklahoma. I am mainly interested in all natural stone products used for landscaping and building. 281- 39.....Aug 27, Contact   

e 14463 USA: Looking for Spanish Crema Marfil slabs and tiles on wholesale basis. I need an immediate price for 12 X 12 X 1 CM honed and filled. Quantity is 18,000 sq ft. Is this available in commercial quality as well as first grade. I also need samples shipped via air mail collect as soon as possible. Aug 27, Contact


e 14439 USA: I would like a price for Canadian stone called American Red per sq. ft. Aug 26, Contact

e 14437 USA: Need quote on 10 tons of silver mist veneer stone delivered to Huntersville, NC. Can arrange forklift to unload if necessary. My tel. no. is 704-87.....Aug 26, Contact   

e 14421 USA: Please quote for black marble balls, qty is 500 lbs.. Please send price for delivery to Prairieville, LA. Aug 25, Contact

e 14408 USA: Please send info on waterjet machines. My tel. no. is 509-92.....Aug 24, Contact

e 14406 USA: Where can I obtain info on the marble/stone and supplier from Jamaica? I am in New Jersey and my tel. no. is 973-38.....Aug 24, Contact

e 14403 USA: I am looking for GS013 which is a granite called golden leafage and Sodalite Blue marble, Tibetan Blue. Also please quote for other granites and marbles. I am in GA. Aug 24, Contact 

e 14401 USA: Looking for grave markers fabricators / sellers in the Raleigh area. We have a family cemetery in Clayton and need to post a marker there. Aug 23, Contact 

e 14393 USA: I am interested in marble blocks of Turkish origin, as follows:
* gold (with traces of golden color), white with gray traces. Aug 23, Contact

e 14389 USA : I am looking to buy crystal white tumbled marble. Contact me with info for purchase at 4.50 sq/ ft. Aug 23, Contact

e 14383 USA: I need a Rosa Del Monte marble slab  for a job in Florida (Sarasota). Need wholesale price from a wholesaler as close as possible to Florida. Also looking for Uba Tuba Green granite slab for same job and delivery. Order will be completed and shipped as soon as suitable slabs are found. Temporary phone number is 310 78.....Aug 23, Contact

e 14382 USA: I am looking for polished "spa" stones for a Spa line of retail beauty/spa products. Please advise if you might have something I can use and send photos and pricing. Aug 23, Contac 

e 14379 USA: We are interested in buying carved stone for both the landscape and Kitchen & Bath industries in full container loads. Aug 22, Contact 

e 14376 USA: I need 18"+ tiles of Kund Multi delivered to Atlanta GA. Aug 22, Contact 

e 14374 USA: I am interested in buying small quantities of PA sandstone blocks. The old ones. What is your price for 5 of them with shipping to San Francisco? My tel. no. is 415-55.....Aug 22, Contact

e 14371 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Please forward me more info on a router base to adapt a Porter Cable router for use on stone and a track saw. Aug 21, Contact 

e 14369 USA: We are a fabricator and installer looking to purchase Blue Stone in high volume. Inquiring on prices. Aug 21, Contact 

e 14368 USA: Please quote with samples for Jerusalem stone. Aug 21, Contact 

e 14362 USA: I am a wholesale buyer of blocks for both carving/sculpting and also landscape. I am ready to purchase immediately, and I make all decisions. Sizes can range up to 15 metric tonnes. I prefer better quality and next to no defects. More color is better. Unusual, albeit natural, shapes are preferred for landscaping applications. I need to take delivery to Portland, OR., USA or Seattle, WA. USA. Photo images , preferably compressed, to this email are preferred. Aug 21, Contact

e 14361 USA: Please quote for Indian limestone and sandstone. Aug 21, Contact

e 14360 USA: We need Iranian/Afghan Jade/boulders for making decorative products. We need 400 tons now, 200 tons per month right after the first shipment, sizes are 2.2-3 x 1.2-1.5 x 1.50x1.75. Delivery to China. Our tel. no. is +1-310-39......We are willing to buy from Iran. Aug 21, Contact

e 14359 USA: I am in the process of gathering materials to build a house. I am interested in a cut stone siding, sandstone or something similar, gray, large and small pieces. Aug 21, Contact

e 14357 USA: I would like to buy a marble sinks in bulk quantity of item 0014 - 0010, item 0014 - 0011, item
0019 - 0001, item 0034 - 0001, and 0035 - 0007. Could you please send me a price list and shipping charges. My tel. no. is 818.76.....Aug 21, Contact

e 14354 USA: I want to buy 1500 sq ft travertine tile 16" or 18" size. Aug 21, Contact  

e 14353 USA: Would like to see photo of Basalt and Granite bench's. How many bench's are there per pallet? Aug 21, Contact


e 14338 USA: Stone Processing machinery: Please send price and description of bridge saw and what thickness it can cut. I need it to cut 36 inches thick block. Aug 20, Contact

e 14337 USA: I am looking for a supplier for Peruvian travertine in container quantities. I would like to have a choice of 3 colors. The decision to purchase can be made within the week. The container order can be followed up with at least one container a month. The material has to be very clean, with little or no fill. Aug 20, Contact 

e 14335 USA: I need 1500 sq. ft of travertine honed/filled classico tan / light tan colored 16" or 18" tiles, and all required installation materials. I am also interested in buying a wet tile saw. My tel. no. is 530-67.....Aug 20, Contact 

e 14332 USA: I am looking for white alabaster. Does anyone carry this stone? Aug 20, Contact 

e 14331 USA: We are looking for Arizona granite gravels and creek stone. Aug 19, Contact

e 14330 USA: I am interested in purchasing 1500 sq/ft of 16 or 18 inch travertine tiles @ 1.50 sq/ft. My tel. no. is 530-67.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14329 USA: Looking for materials suppliers in the NY area for sanding, repair, and polishing marble + granite. Our tel. no. is (914) 72.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14317 USA: I am interested in purchasing some travertine for a bathroom, and I also live in Louisiana.  I am a retail purchaser and will need about 500 sq. ft. Aug 19, Contact

e 14313 USA: I am looking for some information on the Granite Juparana Ivory Gold, Madura Gold and Absolute Black (from Zimbabwe). I am in CA. My tel. no. is 213-62.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14309 USA: Where can we buy 3 cm Bianco Sardo granite from Italy, 15-30 slabs? We are in CA. My tel. no. is 1-626-28.....Aug 19, Contact

e 14308 USA: I am interested in your black random flagstone...please let me know how I go about getting info on this item. My tel. no. is 970  88.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14306 USA: I am looking for black and white granite, random sizes, approx. 2" thick. Can you send me any pictures of the stock you have? My tel. no. is 970  88.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14302 USA: We are importers, fabricators and installers of natural stone. We are looking for a French limestone product that in our area is called "Princess Yellow", which I believe is Cream Charmbei. I had purchased it a couple of years back from a company in California. Aug 18, Contact

e 14296 USA: I am currently trying to locate Azul Macubas 4x4 honed or antiqued tiles and honed Rosso Damasco slabs for a project in California. Aug 18, Contact

e 14293 USA: I am a sculptor and always interested in finding suitable sculpture quality stone at good prices. I purchase in the hundreds of pounds range. I am interested at this time in limestone, but I also work in marble and alabaster. Pretty much anything but granite. My tel. no. is 562.42.....Aug 18, Contact

e 14288 USA: Please quote for gray granite and sandstone blocks. Aug 17, Contact

e 14287 USA: I am in search for Connecticut fieldstone. My tel. no. is (401) 23.....Aug 17, Contact

e 14285 USA: We are looking for black pebbles 1-4 mm in size put can work with larger.  We are looking for a black pebble when wet is very dark and bright in appearance. Tons required per year. We are in AZ 85260.  Aug 17, Contact 

e 14268 USA: I am in need of 80 used granite cobble. Light red & gray to pink in color. You can reach me on my cell 816-91..... I work for a small remodeling company in the Kansas City area. Aug 17, Contact

e 14266 USA: I am looking for bluestone tile, for a deck application. Size, probably a ashlar pattern. Located in Mooresville, NC. Project is approx. 160 sf, potentially up to 2000 sf. Aug 17, Contact   

e 14263 USA: I need 6,000 Sq Ft. of commercial quality Mexican Cantera yellow color stone for wall veneer. Sizes are 18" x 36" x 1/2". Length and width may vary +/- 6" size does not matter. Will pay for postage cost of samples. I am in Houston, TX. My tel. no. is 713-49.....I will order the stone at US$.45-$.60 / sq ft. I am in urgent need, I can buy the material today. Aug 17, Contact   

e 14260 USA: I would like a price on a container of 18x18 light, medium and noce travertine. Please price it F.O.B. San Diego, Cal. If you could help me with the customs fees also I would appreciate that too. We are building a store and warehouse that should open in 6 months and I am looking for a company to be my travertine supplier. Aug 17, Contact   

e 14259 USA: Can you supply 300mm Dia. diamond blades for green concrete / asphalt sawing  applications (laser-welded)? Please quote best price. Aug 17, Contact

e 14244 USA: Please kindly send me the price details of granite tiles 300mm x 600mm. Aug 16, Contact

e 14242 USA: I am interested in buying a container of grey brazilian roof tiles. Aug 16, Contact

e 14239 USA: I am looking for slabs of alabaster and/or soapstone to sculpt. I am in Maui. Aug 15, Contact

e 14238 USA: Monuments: Please send us a wholesale package with pricelist for various monuments. We are in GA. Our tel. no. is 229.24..... Aug 15, Contact

e 14237 USA: We are interested in purchasing a 3"x3"x3" cube of green onyx. The stone doesn't need to be polished or finished it can even just be raw stone within those dimensions if you have it. If you can sell this or something equivalent what would be the price? How long would it take to get? My tel. no. is 208-28.....Aug 15, Contact

e 14235 USA: Stone processing machinery: I am located in NY and I am interested in purchasing a bridge saw and other machines. I am opening my own fabrication shop. I need all the tools. Aug 15, Contact   

e 14234 USA: Please send me pricing on your marble inlay table 0021 - 0002 & 0021 - 0003, with shipping to California. Aug 15, Contact 

e 14221 USA: Send me more info on Indian limestone and sandstone. Also send catalogs and samples. Aug 14, Contact 


e 14214 USA: We want 800 sq. ft. of Saturnia/Alabastrino travertine for kitchen/family room floor. We are in Orange County. Our tel. no. is (714) 83......Aug 14, Contact   

e 14210 USA: I am looking to buy a used or new bridge saw for cutting granite slabs, needs to cut at least 10', 3 cm thick, can be 3 phase would like something close to AZ. Aug 14, Contact   

e 14208 USA: Send me some information and pictures of the types of field stone available. I am in New York. My tel: 212.25.....Aug 14, Contact   

e 14205 USA: Looking to buy 750 sq.ft of 18"x18" New Venetian Gold Tiles (will also take 16"x16" or 24"x24") but I need it ASAP so it will need to be in stock for pickup. I am currently located in NY but this is for an apartment in New York City. I am willing to buy any where in the tri-state area. My phone number is (914) 43..... Aug 14, Contact 

e 14203 USA: I need pricing and availability on the largest Kund multi slate that you have 20” + 50,000+ sq ft annually. We are also looking for slate options in the Green, Brown, Orange ranges. 16x16 and 20”+. Same quantities. 20ft container loads at a time. ASAP please. My phone no. is 404-35.....Aug 14, Contact 

e 14202 USA: I am interested in purchasing a flat edged sink. Please let me know price. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14201 USA: Stone Processing Machinery: Looking for a stone sawing equipment as displayed in pricelist 822. Aug 14, Contact 

e 14199 USA: Requesting pricing for 100 tons, 500 tons, 1000 tons of pink or earth tone crushed granite
inc. shipping - delivery to TX. Please also indicate time schedule for the above order. My tel. no. is (936) 58.....Aug 13, Contact 

e 14198 USA: Looking for light green onyx in tiles: 1,000 square foot 12x12, 600 square foot 18x18. Do you have this? Aug 13, Contact 

e 14189 USA: I am a sculptor. Please quote for a waterjet machine. I am in CA. Aug 13, Contact

e 14187 USA: I am in OR. Looking for a waterjet machine. My tel. no. is 800 72.....Aug 13, Contact 


e 14178 USA: Looking for Irish fossil stone and Irish blue stone tiles. Preferably 18" square, no less then 16" square, natural surface, polished not required. Standards are flexible, top quality, shade matching not required. Quantity initially is 100 units, possible ongoing order. Please quote price for shipping as well. In lieu of samples, a picture of stone tiles would be accepted. Aug 13, Contact

e 14177 USA: Interested in receiving a catalog and listing of all your flamed granite tiles for outdoor use only. Much appreciated if you can include all sizing and prices. Aug 13, Contac

e 14175 USA: I am looking for a price for Carerra marble tile 16”x16”. I am an architect in Austin. Aug 12, Contact

e 14173 USA: I am trying to locate pumice slabs that are about 8"x15" and about 3-4" thick. Where I can find these? Aug 12, Contact

e 14172 USA: I am looking for granite countertop blanks to use in home construction........the 26" x 96" with bullnose edge. Need a small quantity to start out (around 30 lineal feet). If fabrication goes well with the first batch, I may be looking for larger quantities. I am located in central Florida near Orlando. I could pickup at any location in FL, or Ship to zip code 34711 business address. Very flexible on color. Aug 12, Contact

e 14170 USA: We specialize in selling and installing top quality natural Stone products. We purchase travertine tiles on a regular basis, and I am interested in finding more resources for purchasing. We are in Louisiana. Our tel. no. is 225.92.....Aug 12, Contact

e 14164 USA: Need the best price for a slab of Rainbow Teak Sandstone 34" x 76" x 1" thick delivered to the United States to central Texas zip code 78641 (near Austin, Texas). Aug 12, Contact 

e 14159 USA: I am currently interested in 4pcs. 4' x 8' x 6 " thick and 5pcs. 4' x 7' x 9" thick rough cut for use as stairs. Please contact me with price, and delivery to NJ. Aug 12, Contact   

e 14158 USA: Please contact me regarding availability and pricing for flamed porfido slabs. I am in Illinois 60610. Aug 12, Contact 

e 14157 USA: Please quote for a fireplace as in 008-0049. I am in CA 93940. Aug 12, Contact 

e 14155 USA: Please quote for monuments as explained in item 0044-0001 in online stores of Findstone.com. Aug 11, Contact   

e 14143 USA: I am an architect looking for availability and pricing for flamed porfido slabs. I am in Chicago. My contact no. is 312.70.....Aug 11, Contact

e 14140 USA : What is the costs of etching - engraving machines. Aug 11, Contact

e 14138 USA : Please send info. for etching - engraving machines. Our tel. no. is 949-36.....Aug 11, Contact   

e 14132 USA : I am interested in buying the 2+8 polishing machine for a client of mine. Send quotes with pics  for confirmation of the present condition. Aug 11, Contact 

e 14130 USA : We are also looking for a Caterpillar D5H P,A,T blade with cab and AC. Upto 4000 hours. Can you please send photo and any relevant information? Aug 11, Contact  

e 14126 USA: I am looking for a supplier of raw Rosso Laguna marble in boulder or block form; suitable for carving size could start around 1ft x 1ft x 3ft weight could be 1 ton or less. I'm willing to get it from anywhere geographically if the price is okay. Ready to purchase now. Aug 11, Contact

e 14125 USA: We are in the design phase of a large pool house & pool project that will be built on a first century Roman ruin theme. This is in the Ft. Worth, TX area. We will use limestone wall stone and veneer for walls and arches, columns, and paving materials, as well as pool coping. Please let us know if your company is interested in providing stone samples and availability information for the materials for this project.
We would be interested in any antique stones you might have available that would be a part of this project.
Our tel. no. is 817-59.....Aug 11, Contact

e 14123 USA: Stone processing machinery: I am looking for a saw to cut granite slabs. Aug 11, Contact

e 14121 USA : Looking for 18 inch by 18 inch Caliza Capri. I am in CA. Tel no. is 916-93......Aug 11, Contact   

e 14118 USA : I am looking for fireplace surround , flat, cream color , off white. Not a mantle just the flat pieces to replace the brick around fireplace. I am located in Huntsville Alabama . What would your pricing be? Aug 10, Contact

e 14115 USA : I am looking for four slabs of Ubatuba along with 4 slabs of Blue Pearl (3cm) shipped to USA zip code RI 02837. Aug 10, Contact

e 14105 USA : Please send me price list and picture for the fireplace mantle. I  am a small builder in San Jose . Aug 10, Contact 

e 14104 USA : I need to find some thick marble pavers for an entry way to a subdivision I am doing. Approx. 10,000 sq. ft. My tel. no. is (602) 52.....Aug 10, Contact 


e 14101 USA : Looking for 30 tons of CONNECTICUT FIELDSTONE as displayed in ready stock 480. Aug 10, Contact 

e 14099 USA : I am looking for some stone that is called Nevada flagstone, it's kind of maroonish red pink with a little gold in it. It also has the quartzite in it. I would be interested in buying a load, maybe more if it's what I'm looking for. My tel. no. is 817-27..... Aug 10, Contact  

e 14095 USA : We are a diamond blade wholesaler. We would like some pricing from you, on your products. Diamond blades 4” to 24” all types dry and wet. We are a new company and expect to turn between 10 and 12 million a year in blades. A good price is what we are looking for with a quality tool. My tel. no. is 1561-87.....Aug 9, Contact   

e 14092 USA : I own an marble and granite installation co. in Naples , FL. I have a client who is requesting a material called Blue Durato in a antique finish in random ashlars sizes. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14084 USA: I am interested in wholesale stone sales in S. Lousiana. Need a consignment supplier. Aug 9, Contact 

e 14027 USA: We are looking for a thick black granite (3"-6") so we can used to produce monuments, gravestones, headstones. We just recently open our business and are looking for a wholesaler where we can purchase black granite the size that we need at reasonable price. We are located in Salem, Oregon. Aug 5, Contact 

e 13889 USA: We are looking for the, GREEN PALADIUM AND RED PALLADIUM from Brazil. Can you please send us images of these? July 28, Contact

e 13888 USA: I am looking to order a 20 ft. container of first quality mixed granite slabs and finished countertops - 96"x26", 3/4" with 1 1/2" laminated bullnose on three sides with matching back splashes. I also need matching granite slabs to go with countertops - approx. 5' x 9'. Would prefer granite form China or India. Price range between 13,000 - 25,000 USD. Can order immediately. Must be insured shipment. My tel. no. is 715-42.....I am in Wisconsin.  Please make offers in ft./inches. July 28, Contact

e 13880 USA: Please send me your latest pricelist for 20mm granite slabs. My tel. no. is 858-39..... July 28, Contact 

e 13878 USA: Please send price list for granite slabs and 2" bluestone slabs. I am in PA 18901. July 28, Contact 

e 13873 USA: I am interested in marketing your stone product in the USA Southwest.  I would like to begin continuous ordering for upcoming building projects at latest by 9/1/2004. I prefer imported stones as to increase my selection; variants of Red, Green, Black and Yellow in the shapes of tiles, slabs and blocks without regard to size but quotes stated in inches please. To begin with, I require a selection of hard polished stones (tiles and slabs) and soft rough stones (blocks) for my different uses. In the future I also need hard unpolished blocks for further processing once they arrive at my location. Samples of your product are greatly appreciated. Please send your brochure and business terms. We are in NM. Our tel no. is (505) 23..... July 27, Contact 

e 13871 USA: I am considering various granite and commercial granite slabs, predominantly from Brazil. I would like a salesperson to be able to offer me imbibition coefficients or hardness Mohs for the stone they are showing me? Santa Monica. July 27, Contact 

e 13852 USA: I am interested in purchasing Brazilian and Indian granites. July 27, Contact  

e 13851 USA: We are interested in the purchase of 10 containers of the various colors listed below FOB Boston. Please send price lists or quotes on Indian granite Black Galaxy, Paradiso, Ghiblee, Raw Silk (Ivory), Hassan Green, Seaweed Green (Uba Tuba), Tan Brown, Saphire Brown, Black Pearl, Vizag Blue & Absolute Black. July 27, Contact  

e 13822 USA: I am a fabricator (kitchen counter tops). I am interested in a full container of slabs, but looking for rep. sales to close deal in USA, samples availability and ready to pay for materials asap. Materials: Brazilian granites giallos, juperanas. My telephone is 702 44.....July 26, Contact 

e 13808 USA: I need 1 container or 8 bundles (mixed colors) 3cm granite slab, 1st quality, clean, large as possible (no inclusions or damage). Need quote and info delivered to our slab yard in SW, MO. Must be absolutely # 1 quality. Our contact no. is 417 36.....The container must be a dry container or flatbed. Container must have 1 day to unload. Payment terms ???? (after delivery and inspection) in USD. All slabs usable area. The colors reqd. are Black Galaxy, Absolute Black (India), Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Giallo Veneziano, Baltic Brown, Tropic Brown, Tan Brown. Qty. is 1 bundle each color, 5 or 6 slabs each. Must be matching slab (back to back cuts from same block). Must have 50+ usable sq/ft per slab (large as possible) up to 126" x 78". July 25, Contact

e 13787 USA: I am looking for 2cm Namibian Sodalite with a lot of blue. We are located in CT. My questions are: 1) what are your price and sizes? 2) where are you located, and do you deliver? 3) do you have more than (6) slabs? My client has a fairly large bathroom where they would be using this material. July 24, Contact 


e 13711 USA: I am in need of 3000 sq. ft of pattern stock polychrome granite and I need it urgently. I have a deadline for this job and my current supplier is not coming through polycor. Please call 978-42..... July 20, Contact

e 13650 USA: I am looking for a supplier for granite slabs and fabricated vanities for large projects. July 18, Contact 

e 13635 USA: Please can you give me prices for granite slabs (various colors). I am in NY. My fax no. is 718 89.....July 17, Contact

e 13622 USA: Looking for container load of stone that is larger than 12" x 12" for delivery to Arizona. What are your largest sizes and lead time? See ready stock 379. July 16, Contact

e 13530 USA: I am a fabricator starting my own shop near the Clev. area would like to stock Brazilian granite slabs as displayed in ready stock 498 colors and some travertine tile. Please email me a price list and some brochure type information. July 11, Contact  

e 13487 USA: Looking for suppliers of granite from India and Brazil who guarantees safe delivery. I already have a connection in India. July 8, Contact

e 13467 USA: I would appreciate information on some of your surplus granite. Also interested in vases,  benched & the monument sets. Are any of the vases Mahogany & also Jet Black? Any info about the benches & Monument set...would also like info on "serpentine" tops. July 7, Contact 

e 13440 USA: I represent a company in North Hollywood, California. Our company name is a Granite & Marble trader. We have been in business for 18 years. I would like to contact sellers of granite slabs, tiles and countertops. Please contact me at 626-61.....July 5, Contact 

e 13439 USA: I would like to purchase 2 cm granite slabs. I am in CA. My tel. no. is (818) 84.....July 5, Contact 

e 13433 USA: We are just starting to build our first spec home and we are looking for a quality supplier for granite slabs, travertine tiles and marble. What is involved in importing these goods. Eventually we are looking 
to become a supplier in our area. July 4, Contact

e 13417 USA: We'd like a price on Juparana Persa, Juparana Fantatico, Giallo California, Champagne, Belorizonte, Ouro Brasil, Blue Pegaso, Verde Tropical, Cinza Nova Roma, Saffaire Blue, Black Galaxy, Green wave, Blue Pearl, Baltic brown, Tan Brown, Tropical Brown and Antique Brown. July 3, Contact

e 13394 USA: I am looking for sources for Labrador Granite - described as "black witt flecks of green, silver and grey". Please provide any information regarding this stone. I am in ME. July 1, Contact

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